The big news for today is that Ronnie has been evicted and we have found out that Jeff is the "wizard." As of the time I am submitting this recap (Fri morning), Chima seems like she wants to nominate Russ, but that could change by nomination time Friday evening, since Nat/Jessie don't want Chima to nominate him. The HGs don't seem to have guessed the identity of the "wizard." The names that came up most often during the night were Michele or maybe Kevin. But, again, things change quickly in the BB house--especially on Fridays.



Overall, the morning is uneventful…..The HGs are woken up about 9:49 BBT….It appears to be a reggae song—one poster says it was Damian Marley “Welcome to Jamrock….Jordan and Russ appear to be the only ones up so far…Russell starts moving his stuff from HOH….Jeff is called to DR. He has to get out of bed and put on clothes…..The rest of the HGs are slow getting up….BB has to tell them twice that bedroom lights must stay on during the day.

Ronnie is up now, and brags to Russell in the kitchen about all the things that went down last night, and all the names he called Michele. Russ says he was asleep in HOH. He tells Ronnie, “Bravo, you bad boy.” Ronnie is very pleased with himself…Ronnie tells Russ he (Ronnie) is the star of the show.

In the pool room, J/J are kidding about kissing last night. Jordan says that she is going to have to do a lot of explaining to her Grandpa….Jeff says that since they’ve kissed, now they don’t have to hide it and can kiss all over the house….Both of them worry about whether BB will bring it up on the live show, and what they will say….Jordan hopes they won’t be edited like April/Ollie on BB10…Jeff tells Jordan to say the kiss was “magical.”

About 10:30, the HGs are called to the HOH room for the usual Thur morning lockdown….Very uneventful—most of the HGs try to sleep. Nat, chima, Ronnie on the bed—Ronnie is just sitting up in bed, but looks very nervous and fidgety…J/J on round chair…..Russ gets up to shower and shave his head, and asks Jordan if she wants to use the HOH bath to shave her legs….Jordan takes off her pants, and sits by the tub shaving her legs while Russ shaves his head…Jordan/Russ make idle chit chat. Jordan weighs herself and says the scale says 140 pounds—up 5 lbs from last week. From the HOH room, Ronnie says that he has so far lost 20-22 pounds….Lydia is sitting on a chair, looking upset, later she tries to nap.

The HOH lockdown ends at 11:50 am…The HGs scatter…Lydia/J/j/Michelle go to the pool room to sleep….Russ is packing his stuff from the HOH room, then goes down to WC to primp.


A little after noon, Russ is called to DR, but is only there for a few minutes…After primping a little more in the WC, Russ joins the sleepers in the pool room….But, Russ doesn’t sleep for very long and when he gets up, Jess follows him into the LR….Russ tells Jess that he knows Chima called him a terrorist. Russ isn’t happy, but will play nice….Jess tells Russ that he won’t turn on him. Jess says that Russ is going to get the “Ronnie treatment” next week, and that Jess and Russ have the same enemies…Feeds go to FOTH. (Note: This is very typical for Thursdays. The feeds frequently break into conversations for short periods….When the feeds come back up, Russ is in the kitchen, then he goes to lie down on the purple couch in the LR.

1:00 pm BBT-A little later, we see Russell in the WC blow-drying his pants. (Ed note: a little accident?)….Then Russ goes into the kitchen to cook…..Chima is in the kitchen eating…Lydia is sitting at the kitchen counter painting her face to look like a black mask….Nat/Jessie are awake in the Red Room talking game, but it’s hard to hear…BB tells Jessie not to obstruct his microphone…Jessie, Nat leave, Lydia comes in and talks to Kevin…Kevin tells Lydia about the time he stalked someone on the Internet…Ronni e is talking like he expects to go home, and says he will see them all on finale night unless there is a twist and he comes back earlier….Ronnie talks again about finding his hat and glasses that were hidden. Says he felt like a jedi and used “the force” to find them….Ronnie thinks Michele has a
social disorder. Lydia replies that they all have social disorders and Ronnie says, “Not me.”…Ronnie plans to call Michele out in his speech, say that PhD stands for piling (cr*p) higher and higher.

About 2:10 BBT, the feeds go to trivia…....At 4:07, the feeds come back for a short time…Ronnie/Chima/Nat talk about how BB has told them that they can’t say that someone is schizophrenic, psycho or bipolar…Ronnie tells them his revised speech, until the feeds cut away again…Afterwards they separate to study (presumably for the HOH comp)….In a separate conversation, Nat talks to Jeff about worrying about the wizard power. Jeff says he’s been stressed about it all week, but now he’s over it….A little later, Jeff tells Russ that he wishes they would hurry up and get it over with. He worries that Ronnie will walk back in and have the power….Russ and Jeff agree that tonight’s HOH questions will be about phone messages that BB played yesterday

In the Red Room, Jeff jokes to Jordan that if he gets “the power” he’ll say “Jordan out of here-Ronnie come cuddle with me.”….Earlier Jordan had told Jeff that she didn’t like his short boxers briefs because they remind her of what an ex-boyfriend used to wear. She doesn’t like the fact they’re short. Jeff asks if Jordan (or is it Nat?) has a problem with his underwear…Nat says her boyfriend wears boxers from Hanes, but not white..Jeff says that’s because Nat’s boyfriends think their gangsters with their boxers over their waistbands and their “Air Force Ones.”…Trivia comes back on a little after 4:20 BBT and the feeds don’t return until after the show.


Julie looks nice tonight in a yellow top over yellow pants….First they show the previously on BB segment.

Then Julie talks about the paranoia in the house, and shows the fight between Russell, Chima, and Michele…The fight ends with Chima getting upset that Russell is lying, and that he believes Michele and not her…Chima is yelling at the top of her voice and is face to face with Russell. (Ed. Note: They are about the same height.)…Finally Nat pulls Chima off Russell.

In another segment, Ronnie says he thinks he has three votes and can maybe play on Jordan to give him a sympathy vote….Unfortunately, Ronnie picks a time when Jeff and Jordan are in the pool room trying to make out, and they’re not much interested in listening….. Ronnie says he is a humble man and a good loser and continues to talk all the time that Jeff is trying to kiss Jordan….Jeff finally gives up. LOL

Julie talks to the HGs but gets very wishy washy answers….Julie asks Michele to describe mood in the house right now. Michele says it is very tense tonight, waiting to see what happens in the eviction and the HOH comp….Julie asks Jessie if America’s gift of squid and squash helped at all when he was on slop. Jessie said he only tried it for a couple of days and it didn’t really help. (Ed note: I wish Julie had asked Jessie why he acted like such a baby all week about being on slop, when Kevin barely said anything.)

Julie talks to Russ in HOH…Russ thanks Julie and compliments her on how nice she looks. Julie tells Russ that complimenting the host won’t help him, but thanks him anyway….. Russ admits that in his fight with Chima, he let his emotions get away with him. He says that emotions were getting ready to explode anyway, and he has since apologized to Chima… Russ says he’s loyal to both Jess and Jeff—and will see how far he can go in the game before he has to make a decision.

Julie announces that 12 million votes were cast for coup d’etat power. Jeff won. When Jeff is told, he is wearing a hat, and a grey tank top. Jeff thanks America.

Julie tells the HGs that one HG has coup d’etat but no but the coup d’etat holder knows that they have the power and exactly what it is. Julie asks the winner if he/she wants to use it tonight. The HGs look around at each other. Jeff doesn’t use the power tonight.

In good-bye speeches, Lydia says she appreciates being in the house, says to vote wisely, and hopes they keep her in the house…. Ronnie is in (fake) tears, and says that being in house is a dream come true. Ronnie says that there is so much good in all the HGs, except for Michele who is the worst human being he has ever met.

The HGs vote. Jessie, Nat, Chima vote to keep Ronnie. Jeff, Jordan, Michele, Kevin vote to keep Lydia. (BTW—Michele smiles as she votes, but does not bad mouth Ronnie.)

In questions after the eviction, Julie asks Ronnie why turned on Michele. Ronnie doesn’t have a good answer and say ultimately he had loyalty to Jessie, Nat, Chima. ….Julie asks Ronnie if he was trying to intimidate Michele…Ronnie admits he was, saying it was a last-ditch effort…. Ronnie” cries” at Chima’s message. Michele says some negative things to Ronnie, but Ronnie just smiles….Ronnie says he would have put Russell up for nomination because Russell put him up.

In the backyard, the HGs are in place for a question comp about the phone messages from last night….Julie quotes various messages, and the HGs have to say if the message is true or false. In the end, Chima wins HOH—Jessie and Nat give her big hugs.


The live feeds return a little after 6 pm BBT, soon after the East Coast showing of the live show….We hear Jess saying, “America hates my *ss, I’m f*cken worried about the mystery power….A group (Jordan, Jeff, Jesse, Chima, Nat, Kevin) gathers in the kitchen, while Lydia unpacks in the splash room..Kevin says, “We’re all jury now!...Jess thanks everyone for helping him out this year…Jeff is upset that he didn’t even get “my own question” right in the HOH contest….Jeff is doing dishes, then stops and says, “Whoever is the wizard can do dishes.”…Jessie says to Jeff, “I’m short, you’re tall. You’re hot, I’m not.”…Jeff replies, “Now that we’ve got that straight….Chima and Nat tell everyone how Ronnie helped them try to remember all the calls from the night before for the HOH comp….Chima jokes about picking noms by eeny meeny miney mo….Jessie chimes in that it’s fine if Chima puts everyone’s name in a hat, as long as his and someone else’s aren’t in it. (Making fun of how Jordan picked the have nots last week)…Chima says if she nominated Natalie, she (Natalie) wuld cut her in her sleep. Nat says she would, plus she would burn all Chima’s clothes. They kid that if the two of them ever got in a real fight it would be epic!...Jess asks Jeff if “s*** is fair in this house. Jeff replies, “No, not unless you guys are on top, it’s never fair.” Jessie doesn’t seem to understand the sarcasm….Nat tells Kevin that her boyfriend would have popped Kevin in the mouth when Kevin said Nat needed a makeover….Jordan and Lydia have been very quiet and haven’t said a word since the feeds came back on.

Lydia tells Jordan in the WC that she thinks it will be Lydia, Jeff, or Jordan nominated…..Chima asks Russ what Julie asked him…He says Julie asked him about their fight and that he apologized to Chima…Feeds go to BRB for a minute….Michele hugs Jordan in the bathroom. Jordan says she is tired and going to lie down. In the Red Room Jordan asks “Jeffro” if he is sleeping.
Jeff/Jordan talk game…Both of them are upset that they missed “their” question in the HOH contest….Jeff assures Jordan they are not going up for nomination, but Jordan says she has prepared himself….Jordan said Russ looked sad when Ronnie went home….Jeff calls Russ a scumbag…Jordan says she wishes she was HOH, that Jessie would be up in a minute….Jordan thinks Michele has the mystery power, and that she’ll put one of them up….Jeff again tells Jordan they are safe…Jordan thinks that since one of them didn’t get the mystery power that American hates them…Jeff says maybe America thinks they are stupid…Jeff says he doesn’t even know what the mystery power is, so they should wait until noms…If Jessie is against Nat, Jessie needs to go hom….Jeff is pissed at Lydia because they went to bat for her but she is still in love with Jessie.

Lydia has now colored her hair black…Lydia is called to the DR, and she thinks the DR is going to tell her to wash it out….Then Kevin/Michele/Jeff/Jordan are in the red room….Kevin wants Russ to go next. Jeff agrees…Kev says he told Lydia to make nice with Chima. Jeff says Lydia is in love with Jessie. Kevin doesn’t get it—that kind of thing gets you nominated….While they’re talking, Nat walks in (probably trying to hear), grabs something, and walks off. (Ed. Note: is Nat the new Ronnie? LOL

7:00 pm…Lydia comes back from DR. Says they gave her a slap on the hand. Lydia has half black/half blonde hair…Lydia says they have opened the BY and Jeff gets up….Elsewhere, Chima and Nat say they will miss Ronnie. Russ says he was okay with Ronnie toward the end.

Nat and Jess are outside playing pool…Nat says to Jess, if America didn’t give the power to you, then they didn’t give it to me because we are friends….Nat plans to sleep in HOH with Chima…Nat says to Jess that it would have been so cool if Ron was the wizard….Russ joins Jess/Nat…Both Russ and Nat say they want Chima to nominate Michele/Lydia…Nat thinks Michele has the power…..Jess says he isn’t sure who Chima will put up….Jess says Ron leaving did nothing but hurt the other side, but Russ says he would have regretted not getting Ronnie out….Nat admits to Russ that Nat/Jess/Chima don’t have the power. Russ says he doesn’t have it, either….Russ tells them they have to try and tell Chima not to put Russ up.

Jeff is called to the DR…(I think) Chima is in the Red Room with Nat….Chima says she is not putting up Nat, Jeff, or Jordan, Jess, Kevin….Nat is completely sure that Jeff does not have CDT….Chima says that Jordan may have the power, but Nat thinks its Kevin or Michele…..Nat says that if Chima thinks Russ will put her up for nom, then she should put Russ up. Chima says she will have a heart-to-heart with Russ…Chima tells Nat she won the HOH for Jess/Nat….Michelle called to the DR….Jess has joined them, says that if he were HOH, he’d put up Jeff/Jordan. He thinks Jeff/Jordan are coasting…Chima jokes that maybe she’ll put up Nat/Jess and the power won’t be used.

9:00 pm—Chima is called to the DR. First puts on lip gloss…..Nat is talking to Jeff/Jordan pressing them not to use wizard power because it creates enemies…Jeff is playing along…Then Jeff says, “If I had it, I would start some sh*t and stir up the house.”….Jeff tells Nat she has that sh*tty grin on her face.

Michele/Lydia are waiting for Chima to come out of the DR. Both think they are on Lydia’s list…They hope Chima sticks with her plan to nominate Russ…At the kitchen counter, Kevin says he is starting to feel like the game is not fun and more like work…Michele admits to going a bit bonkers dealing with Ronnie…Both are happy that Ron is not in the jury house….They hope that “the power” is not to bring back a HG.

Outside, Nat asks Jeff if he would still hang outside if he were HOH…Jeff says, “Yeah, I feel like I’m trapped in the rooms.”…Chit chat about the live show, what sequester will be like…..Lydia is now washing the black out of her hair….Jeff leaves….Jordan tells Nat, I think you like him (Jessie)…Nat says she has a boyfriend, and was stuck with Jessie because of the cliques. (Kevin, Michele are also there)…Nat says she hasn’t crossed the line with Jessie, but thinks her boyfriend will be a little upset…Elsewhere, Michele says to Jeff that Nat must think he has the wizard power because Nat has said Jeff is cute the last two days.

About 9:30, Chima is out of DR, and invites everyone up to see her HOH room….Chima reads the letter from her mom. Apparently Chima’s mom is sick, but Chima’s mom assures Chima that everyone is taking care of her and not to worry…Chima wasn’t expecting a letter from her mom because she doesn’t have much energy…Letter also talks about family 4th of July picnic…Chima shows her baby picture as proof that she was born with big lips…Apparently all the women in Chima’s family speak their mind, and the men take a back seat…However, Chima is upset that her letter is old.

10:00 pm…The group is still in Chima’s HOH room…Chima says that some of the things must be from her apartment. Jessie bursts her bubble and says they just get copies of things and put them up….Chima is excited she gets to blog and twitter and asks Russ and Jessie about it.

Chima tells Russ the group doesn’t know where he stands because Russ put Ronnie up…Russ says he had a personal “beef” with Ronnie, but Jess and Chima say that Russ’ personal issues have hurt the groups’s numbers…..Jess/Chima/Nat say that Kevin has the coup d’etat…They also don’t believe that the person with the “power” has the ability to pull down two noms and name two others….They don’t feel that Nat/Jeff are the immediate target/threat.

Elsewhere, Jordan and Jeff are bummed because Nat was going to sleep with Chima, but since she stays up late Nat may sleep in their room…Jordan says whatever happens will happen, but Jeff says he has a plan…Jordan feels like everyone likes them…Jeff replies that at some point they will try to get us out.

Chima tells Russ she is having a hard time trusting him…Russ emphasizes that he has apologized and even apologized in the HOH interview with Julie. Russ says that his deal with Jeff was only for one week, and that he thinks Jeff wants to get rid of him…Chima says, “All I know is that our numbers are diminished.”…Chima tells Russ that her original noms were Russ/Michele….Kevin knocks on the HOH door and Chima/Nat tell Jessie to be cordial.

Kevin got back from seeing the doctor (he has a skin rash)…It’s possible that it is an allergy to something in the Have Not room…Jessie says Michele also had an issue when she was in there….Kevin has a meeting with a dermatologist tomorrow, and in the meantime, they gave him an antihistamine.

11:00 pm…Jessie lays into Kevin for voting to evict Ronnie…Kevin says everyone knows I would vote to keep Lydia because she’s my firend…Jessie says that Kevin was strutting and that is a slap in the face to the group….Jessie continues to browbeat Kevin.

Lydia/Michele/jeff/Jordan are in the BY…Jeff says that once he gets out of the BB house, he is going to get a hotel room with Jordan.

Back in HOH, Kevin is still getting hassled…He says he knows there is tension because of the triangle between Nat/Jess and Lydia, but just because he and Lydia are friends, don’t lump them together…Nat is shocked and stern looking…Kevin says that Lydia is vying for Jessie’s attention…Nat asks why Lydia needs Jessie’s attention…Kevin says that he doesn’t know—he’s not Lydia’s mouthpiece….Nat gets called to the DR just before midnight.


Now Chima and Russ have gone back to arguing….It’s the same old stuff—Russ is upset that Chima didn’t tell him about plans to backdoor him…Chima is upset that Russ talked to Michele…But the argument ends fairly amicably, and that Russ said he bonded with Chima because he went through a near-death experience, and went through three years of surgeries…Then Chima and Russ say they admire Kevin for how he handled Jesse and that Jesse wnt to far with Kevin…Russ says Jessie is mad at him because he didn’t take Jessie’s side in the argument…Russ said he is cool with Kevin, and Chima agrees…..Chima is called to the DR. Note: Chima locks the HOH door when she is called to the DR.

Nat just told Jeff she knows he doesn’t have the coup d’etat.....Jeff is called to the DR… Lydia and Jess are in the green room. Jess is on top of Lydia hugging her…Lydia tells Jess to say to Nat, “She cornered me to rape me.”…..With that, Nat come and and forces Jessie away from Lydia and to go outside with her.

Lydia and Michele talk and both say that Jeff is “hot” and think he has the wizard power….Russ is now called to the DR…Michele says she would vote Jeff the power because he is “hot.”….Now Chima and Michele are talking in the red room, and Lydia asks to come talk to Chima in HOH before she goes to bed.

1:00 am….For some reason we have the control room, but you can see Lydia and Chima in HOH on the control room screen…Then the production screen shows Nat coming in and interrupting Chima/Michele convo. (Ed note: If Nat keeps barging in, she will win the crown as the new “Ronnie.”)….Feeds to to Chima/Nat/Michele talking about lotions….Chima talks about her mom, and the feeds go off and on.

Kevin/Russ have a heart-to-heart in the Red Room. No game talk. Russ asks Kevin about his lifestyle and if he has to hide it in public….The feeds switch and we hear Jordan asking Jeff if he would do a threesome…Jeff says he wouldn’t, and Jordan says that was an unconvincing “No.” Lydia said that means yes…Jessie says some (presumably in a threesome) always feels left out…Jeff says two Jordan that she would do a threesome, but Jordan says that she would want two guys.

Then the feeds go back to the Kevin/Russ convo….The feeds continue to cut to the control room and we can still see Chima/Nat/Michele in the HOH on the control room screen.

2:00 am--In the BY, Jordan/Jeff tell Lydia about making out while Ronnie was begging for their vote. Jordan says she told Ronnie she couldn’t trust him….Once again we go to the control room screen.

Chima/Nat/Michele break out of HOH…Jess/Lydia/Jordan are in the BY….Then get FOTH again…Chima tells Nat are back in the HOH room talking game. Chima tells Natthat the things Russ said were out of anger. Chima said she wouldn’t believe Michele, but Russ told her to her face. Chima then says “Why keep Russell when he just talks cr*p and you can’t trust him….Chima says she’s not sure but she might believe Michele because she doesn’t trust Russ…Chima says she wants Russ to go home. …Nat keeps trying to talk Chima out of putting up Russ because of the numbers. …Nat says if you put Russ up to put him up with Lydia or Jordia….Lydia asks “What about Michele?”…But they’re not sure whether Michele has the wizard power….Jessie comes into the HOH room. He tells Chima that if she puts up Russ it will make them (the alliance) weaker…Chima doesn’t think Russ has the power….Continue to talk about the various implications of putting up Russ….Jess feels Russ f*cked them last week getting Ronnie evicted…BTW, as the talk continues, the feeds continue to cut in and out of the control room….Chima doesn’t think the wizard power would be used if Russ was on the block….Jess says that if Russ is nominated and comes off the block he will come after Chima….As of 3:00 am, Russ and Lydia are Chima’s choice for nominations. Note: With Jess/Nat continue to push to save Russ, Chima’s feelings at 3:00 am are far from set in stone.

3:00 am—Chima wonders if Jeff/Jordan will come to talk to her…Jess thinks they won’t come up but might take her aside downstairs…Chima also wonders about putting up Michele and Russ, and telling Michele she is a pawn….Talk about who has the power. They go through all the various names, but still have no idea who has the power….Jessie tells Chima to play HOH as if there is no “power.”

Jess starts to talk about his tough situation with Nat hating Lydia….Nat starts in with Jessie about why Ly is so bad, and is going to put Nat up….Jess tries to say that if Lydia is his enemy, then Kevin is, too…Jessie tells Nat she has to play the game and get rid of these small grudges….Nat says her grudge isn’t small and that Lyida is a liar and coming after her…Note: It seems like Jessie is looking for permission to hang out with Lydia, and Nat is having none of it! LOL…More talk about Jess wanting to be friends with Lydia, and Nat being mad about it.

Conversation is much lighter in the Pool Room with Lydia/Jeff/Jordan/Michele…They are tickling Jeff and Jeff kids that he has half a “boner.”…Lydia wants to have a “splish, splash sandwich” with Jeff/Jordan…Then Lydia wants to play strip poker, but Jeff says he only has “one chance” since all he is wearing is boxer briefs…Then they talk about going streaking…Jordan doesn’t mind being naked, Michele worries about her job…Jordan wonders if anyone has slept naked…Lydia hasn’t but wants to…Jordan thinks Jeff wants to be in the middle of them, but Jeff says he’ll just watch…..Lydia/Jordan/Michele are hyper…jeff seems tired….They keep playing with Jeff.

But, as it gets toward the 4:00 am hour, it seems that all the HGs are sleeping….Around 6:30 am, Lydia gets up and moves to join Jessie in the Red Room…They make a tent and there is some movement, but nothing “definitive.”…..Now that night has become morning, I’ll leave the HGs to their big day on Friday.
Once again, thanks to the updaters for following all the long conversations tonight. You’re the ones who REALLY wrote this recap.