What did Ronnie hope to achieve by his malicious attack on Michele? And do you think it did any good?

I won’t speak for any of you (unless specifically asked), but I think a majority have come to distrust anything that comes from Ronnie’s mouth. So who was his intended audience when he said those things? Was it reinforcement for the Turd Herd to fight on? Those jokers are clueless — last night in Chima’s HoH room Jessie claimed he/his side holds the advantage in numbers 6-to-3 — I can only assume he counts Lydia and Kevin on his side. I don’t. And they were talking about the power at the time so if it’s used, and used well, he has a possible one vote (3 if Lydia and Kevin do as Jessie demands). At best they get a tie and Chima (or Jeff) will break a tie and either Jessie or Natalie is gone to the Jury House. If that happens Russell storms the castle, you can bet the house on that. Russell will be a universal target the next week. We can only assume what or how Natalie will react. Chima is a lame duck. My guess is, if he hadn’t by then, Kevin follows Jeff anywhere for killing one of the wicked witches. Lydia heard by a vote of 4-to-3 and knows it was Jessie, Natalie and Chima. I hope that was enough to keep her away from the dork side.

I’d love to believe Russell was doing recon, but I still think the Kool-Aid has him. Right now he’s on the dork side. I think he should be the target after Jessie. Natalie is a great Plan B any week until she becomes Plan A. One thing’s for sure, when Jessie goes, so goes any tie with Lydia to the dork side.

I’ve digressed. Ronnie lives in a fantasy land and he justifies all that he did in the house by his exit line “and scene.” I’d use the homonym seen though. Like he’s been seen for the true horse’s ass he is. I doubt seriously he can ever hold a job. And if he is actually trained to teach God help whomever gets assigned him as a teacher.

I have no idea what that salvo at Michele was intended to achieve. Someone (are you listening Shell, if you are really his wife) should explain we didn’t drink the Kool-Aid and we know the difference between what goes on inside his head and what happens in the real world outside his delusion.

I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Next up is the boil on our collective bum – Jessie. AG, you can have him. We don’t want him. We thought you got that message last year.