Season Two - Episode 8 - Timebomb

In the church basement, Gabe says to the man squeezing his neck “Godric, it’s me.” Godric looks at him in disgust and breaks Gabe’s neck. Screams can be heard coming from upstairs and Eric appears. At the sight of Godric, Eric bows his head and kneels before his maker. Godric orders Eric to get Sookie to safety and to not spill any of the humans’ blood. At the hotel, Lorena is trying to tempt Bill with Barry. She goes in for a taste and discovers that he doesn’t taste like the others. Distracted by this, Bill take the opportunity to smash a plasma TV over her head and knocks her bleeding and unconscious to the floor. Bill rushes to Jessica’s room to warn her and interrupts her and Hoyt “deflowering” each other. Jessica is absolutely mortified. Bill is shocked and embarrassed but has the sense of mind to tell Hoyt to get Jessica back to Bon Temps before dawn.

Eric and Sookie are able to make their way upstairs undetected. They come upon some of the guards and Eric approaches them and easily takes them down without killing them. Unfortunately, a mob is waiting outside the entrance so Eric and Sookie must retreat to find another exit. Steve Newlin and his “army” quickly surrounds them. Steve chains Eric to an altar. Sookie tries to talk to Newlin but he thinks she should be chained up with Eric. He says she’d make a toasty marshmallow. Bill arrives screaming Sookie’s name and is immediately surrounded by Steve’s men with Steve pointing a gun at Sookie’s head.

After being shot by Sara, Jason realizes it was a paint ball gun. She continues her tirade and says he is a wolf among the flock sent there to make her break her vows against her husband. She proceeds to shoot him in the nether regions. Sarah explains that they have his sister and know that they are all a bunch of vampire f***ers. Jason gets pissed about all the talk about his sister and jumps up and takes the gun from Sarah, knocking her down in the process. He says that if anything happened to his sister he’ll come back and it won’t be with a paint ball gun. He takes off in her jeep to rescue Sookie, a man on a mission.

Once inside the church, Jason knocks one of the guards unconscious and hides the body. In the sanctuary, he sees Steve pointing the gun at Sookie and takes the opportunity to shoot the gun out of his hand. A guard sneaks up behind Jason and grabs him but not before Jason shoots Steve in the forehead. Bill takes the opportunity to knock the guards onto the floor and away from Sookie. Sookie leaves Bill’s side to rush to Eric and remove the chains binding him. As Eric gets up, he reaches for Steve and throws him to the ground. Sookie begs him not to kill him. Suddenly, activity can be heard in the out chambers and in walks Stan with the entire Dallas vampire clan. Just as they start to attack, Godric appears at the balcony and tells them to stop. He says that the humans did not harm him and he believes they can all co-exist. Godric asks Newlin if they can come to an agreement but Newlin decides to play the martyr and tells Eric to kill him. Godric flashes to Newlin’s side and ask all the other humans if they are willing to die for the man. No one replies and he tells them to stand down and leave. Though somewhat relunctantly, the vampires follow Godric’s order to leave. As Jason rushes to Sookie’s side, Steve starts spouting about a day of reckoning. Jason retorts back to him, “I reckon I’ve already seen Heaven. . . inside your wife!” and punches him in the face. (The look on Steve’s face is priceless.)

Back at the vampire lair, Sookie questions Bill about him leaving her at the church for two days and not coming to her rescue. She accuses him avoiding her while at the lair. Before he can explain, Jason comes over and takes Bill aside to apologize to him for not treating him better in the past. Bill accepts his apology and Jason hugs him rather awkwardly. Bill returns to Sookie and tells her that he was held against his will and could not come to her. Sookie accuses Eric of the deed and Bill doesn’t deny it. Meanwhile, Eric has a revealing talk with Godric. As Eric disparages the Fellowship, Godric basically tells him that the humans have every right to be fearful of vampires. He says that even after thousands of years, the vampires refuse to change and have only become more brutal and frightening. Having left Sookie alone again, Bill is unaware that Lorena has arrived and is approaching Sookie. Lorena confronts her about Bill and wonders what the fuss is all about. Sookie realizes that Lorena is Bill’s maker and Lorena confirms that she spent the last two nights with him. Bill sees what’s going on and tries to intervene. Lorena reaches out to touch him and Sookie loses it. She smacks Lorena’s hand away and tells her Bill doesn’t want her and never has. Lorena knocks Sookie for a loop and is about to bite her when Godric comes to the rescue. He tells Lorena that it is vampires like her that make it impossible for them to co-exist peacefully with the humans. He orders her to never return to his territory again.

Meanwhile, back in Bon Temps, Tara and Lafayette are sitting around after closing time reading Tarot cards. As Lafayette turns the cards over, a concerned look crosses his face but the moment is interrupted by Eggs bursting in to see Tara. Lafayette leaves them alone and Eggs tells Tara that he has blacked out again for several hours. He is very worried about the “missing time” and afraid he has done something. Both of them are freaked out and decide to go home where Maryann is busy cooking and chopping up Daphne’s heart. When they get home, they tell her about their black outs and she tells them not to worry. She offers them some dinner, a “hunter’s soufflé”. They thoroughly enjoy it. The meal makes them act very strange and they start to hit each other and knock each other around. Maryann just stands by and laughs. Their antics soon turn sexual in nature and they are taken over by their demon/zombie states.

Sam is hiding out in his car when he gets a mysterious phone call from Merlotte’s. He answers but no one is on the other line. Worried, he heads over to the bar to investigate and finds a dead and mutilated Daphne in the fridge. At first he attempts to hide the body but then has second thoughts. As he dials the police, he hears that they are already there and pounding on the door. Bud and Kenya question him and he claims that he is being set up, probably by the anonymous tipster. Then a drunken Andy comes in and says they have the wrong man. He starts talking about wild orgies, pigs, and a bull wearing a dress. Bud thinks he’s out of his mind but Sam says something along the lines of “Would it make a difference if I said it was true?” It doesn’t and they take him to jail where other Bon Temps citizens are being held for strange crimes. (They are strange too! Mike Spencer, the coroner, is in for having sex with a tree. He doesn’t remember doing it but says, “It must be true cuz I have splinters all over my pecker.” Too funny!) Meanwhile, Hoyt and Jessica get to Bill’s house and resume where they left off in Dallas. Unfortunately, Jessica discovers that she has healed. As she worries about being a virgin forever, Hoyt tells her that it’s okay, they can do other things.

Back in Dallas, Bill has been ordered by Godric to escort Lorena off the premises. As they are walking away from the lair, Lorena is crying and asks Bill when she will see him again. He replies, “Never.” Inside, Luke has shown up and says that he has a message from Steve Newlin. He opens his jacket and reveals a bomb strapped to his body.