As with every other day Shelly is the first one awake this morning at 8:40 am. At 9:20 BB wakes the other houseguests. Rachel, Jeff and Adam head to the kitchen and make breakfast. Shelly was out back and Brendon joined her and she started telling him how she talked Kalia into putting up either Porsche or Lawon. Shelly then tells him that no one in here does anything during the competitions. Nobody ever seem like they want to win (Well Shelly what have you done or won this season… a big 0).

Meanwhile Dani and Kalia make fun of Jeff, Jordon, Shelly and Adam saying they probably wants to kill themselves that they suck and her (Dani) winning HOH is such a shockkkkerrrrrrr! (Here we go again with the bigger then life HOH) . Dani then tells Porsche that Adam has played a terrible game and anyone would win that was sitting next to him at F2.

11:22 am – Rachel and Brendon head to the hammock. Brendon tells her that they have to make a truce with Dani. He said they have to play this game for themselves. He wants to work with Dani, ditch Jeff and Jordon and play for them. He believed that he is the target because Jeff isn’t. That the deal he wants to cut with her is that they do it is in silence, she will not nominate either of them, and can tell people she wants to back door him, then not use the VETO and all will be good. He will not protect anyone either like Jeff and Jordon. Rachel said to tell her she will not have the votes this week, that they control the votes (so you’re going to play both sides now right). She said that Jeff and Jordon threw her under the bus and never helped her last week (now, Jordon had more patience and spent so much time with Rachel last week explaining things and calming her down) so this week with her BFF(Best friend Fiancé) back she throws them both under the bus. This just might have cost you the game Brenchal! Rachel is convinced that J & J would have nominated her if Brendon did not come back in the house. She said she heard Shelly and Jordon talking the other night and Shelly wanted to put her up, Jordon didn’t say that but she just knows that is what Jordon wanted to do! (She is so delusional). Kalia goes up to the HOH and tells Dani that Porsche told her that Shelly said she (Kalia) told her all the people in the house are racists.

1:45 pm Shelly enters the HOH to talk to Dani. Dani asked her why she voted to keep Rachel in the house. Shelly explained that Kalia told her the votes were changing and that she was suppose to do it or be left out to dry. Dani didn’t believe her so Shelly told her to call Kalia in and ask her. Dani got Kalia and asked her and Kalia denied it she said she told her the votes were changing and to let her know how she was voting. Shelly then said Lawon was a liar, Dani responded that Lawon was no threat, that he couldn’t even swallow milk (lol). She said she takes it personal when she is lied to. Shelly said she is lonely that she only talks to Jordon, that she is playing the game alone. She said she has no deal with Jordon. Shelly then goes into her compliment stage complimenting Dani telling her how smart she is etc. Once Kalia leaves Shelly starts talking bad about her saying nobody in the house likes her and that she lies about everything, She told Dani that she likes talking to her 1 on 1 but if Kalia is around she will go and tell someone else. Said she cannot stand her head bopping and finger swaying, that she won one competition and all of a sudden she told her she couldn’t talk to Dani that she had to go through her first. Dani said it really is not what she said it is how she said it. Shelly said she was sorry and will eat crow for the way she handled herself when Kalia was HOH. Before she leaves she hugs Dani and tells her she loves her sista!

Sooo Shelly then goes right to Jordon and tells her that Dani reamed her out for keeping Rachel in the game and she thinks she might be shaking things up with the noms and she or Adam might be up. Jordon then tells Jeff who assumes that means he is going up. She then said Dani was nicer then Kalia that Kalia treated her like she was 10 years old.

Dani finally gets to exit the HOH room and Jeff pulls her aside. She tells Jeff he is not he is not her target this week. Let bygones be bygones she said. He thanked her.

3:34 pm Rachel and Brendon finally get to talk to Dani. Dani asked them why she should not put them up. Brendon tells her he is 100% not going to put her up. Rachel said she kept her secret they made before eviction (she didn’t completely). Rachel asks for a secret truce. She said she heard Adam and Shelly making F3 and F5 deals with Jordon. (So here we go she throws them under the bus again) She called them dumb players, and said that she wants a secret truce and they will assure her that she will not go up, and if she had to go up, they would save her. They wouldn’t want anyone knowing they are working together. Brendon was practically begging her not to put them up and to say she was going to backdoor them. Brendon then tells Dani that J & J have the house wrapped up, that everyone has a deal with them. Dani said she told them that week 2. Dani said that she heard them talking last night that if they got HOH they were putting up Kalia and her. She said she could not trust them. Dani actually replied that this would be really big. Brenchal keep reminding her that J & J will skate through and that they need to stop them. Brendon said Jeff wants to backdoor her. Dani said she does not want to put Shelly up because she would lose her jury vote. Brendon told her not to think about jury votes because they have to play in the moment. Rachel then said she heard Kalia say she did not want to win HOH again. Brendon said he is OK if she backdoors Jeff. Dani said she had something to think about now that she was 100% sure before that she was going to put them up. They finally leave. Dani then talks briefly to Adam and she suggests that he might have to be the pawn this week. He assures her that he is trying real hard to win a HOH so she can see how loyal he is.

At the same time Shelly was trying to take a nap she overheard Kalia telling Porsche about the conversation they had up in the HOH. Here is a piece of their conversation:
Shelly is very angry/was taking a nap in the next room & overheard their entire gossip session with Kalia telling Porsche what happened up in HOH with Dani

Shelly gets so angry & goes outside to smoke. She tells Adam & Jeff what happened & they casually smack talk about Kalia & then Kalia comes outside & asks Shelly if she wants to talk about it. Shelly says she doesn't want to but Kalia pursues it & Adam & Jeff leave with Jeff saying this is private & he doesn't want to get involved.

Kalia & Shelly really start getting into it & Kalia keeps trying to defend her actions & Shelly is not having it. Shelly continues bringing up that Kalia was gossiping about her & Kalia keeps trying to justify her actions. They were screaming at each other. Kalia asked her why she was here, was she just pushing J & J forward, she said she likes helping people that she sees two young people and the money would help them. Shelly keeps slamming Porsche, saying she is lazy and she takes parts of people’s conversations and twists it making into lies etc. She said she feels betrayed by Kalia because what she said in the HOH was in confidence and she shouldn’t be telling Porsche. They finally hugged and departed. Kalia pulls Dani into the storage room and tells her all about the fight she had with Shelly. Dani then tells her she wants to put Adam and Shelly on the block and backdoor Brendon. Told her they have a 1 week deal with Brendon and Rachel to keep them both safe.

5:00 pm We get trivia on the feeds meaning they are having the nomination ceremony. 2 hours later (very long for feed outage for nominations) the feeds come back and we see that Dani did take the offer and put up Shelly and Adam.

Jordon approaches Rachel and asked her if she is telling people that she has deals. Rachel denies it and asked her who told her that, she said Porsche. Rachel again denies saying that so Jordon wanted them both to confront Porsche. Rachel, Jordon, Brendon, Shelly and Kalia are all together. Rachel starts calling Shelly out on her trash talking. Of course Porsche enters the room and Rachel starts calling her out too. Porsche asks if they should get Dani. Porsche said that Rachel said that if Jordon got voted out Shelly wanted a F3 deal with them. Jordon said she has made no deals and if anyone wants to know anything to ask her, not talk smack behind her back. Rachel then tries to turn it around on Shelly. She calls her out and asks her why she was making fun of her behind her back, Shelly said she won’t get into it with her, she is too upset. Brendon tries to get Rachel away from Shelly telling her it is not worth it. Adam and Dani were standing outside the room listening to it all go down. Jeff said that no sense talking about anyone, it always gets back to them in this house. The group breaks up. Porsche immediately heads to talk to Dani. Dani responded that if Brendon didn’t come back nobody would have figured out Shelly playing both sides.
Brendon tried to calm down Rachel. He asked her if she told Porsche about the F3 deal and Rachel said she had done it when he was gone. Brendon said that she was not honest with him. Jordon comes in and tells Rachel that she is not upset with her she just needed to know where the information was coming from, Rachel still upset tells her that it was Shelly and Porsche. She kept talking saying Shelly is playing both sides and that she is finally caught. Rachel is all upset and goes on and on in her ever so nice style, never even coming up for a breath!

After Jeff and Jordon had this confrontation: Jeff scolding Jordan for calling that meeting and didn't accomplish anything nor got anything out of it. Just put them on everyone’s radar. He told her to just shut up. Said I told you don't talk! Says how many times he has to keep telling her that. (Goes on for a little bit). Then he walks into the kitchen and says you’re just so dumb!

Rachel then goes up to HOH and asks Kalia to trim her bangs, She immediately goes into the whole Shelly situation and how she has been saying it for like 3 weeks and nobody is listening and how she is playing both sides blah, blah blah.

At the same time Jordon was talking to Dani, She was telling her that she just wanted to know who is talking behind her back that someone is singing. That in her season everyone knew what the HOH was going to do but things are so different. Dani said the lies and issues are someone’s game play, and that is how they chose to play the game. They talk about the twist and how things are missing in the house. Rachel joined their conversation about the twist. Dani then throws in that it would be sad next week if she had to play POV on her birthday to save her life in this house and hopes she is not on the block next week.

While all this was going on Shelly was crying, Dani stumbled across her crying. Shelly is all a upset saying that Rachel is spurting so many lies and that she wanted to walk out of the game right now. Shelly said she does not want someone like Rachel tearing her apart so her husband and daughter can see. That she just wants to choke Rachel. Shelly then said that Porsche is the last thing she needs making fun of her. Shelly asked her why she put her up. Dani told her she was the pawn that she wants to backdoor Brendon. Shelly said she was going to win the VETO and Dani said she hopes she does. Shelly then said she knew Dani was not lying to her because of the look in her eyes.(lol if she only knew).

Shelly heads out back to see Jeff and Adam. Jeff tells Shelly she is good with them. Adam said that they have to fight for POV and Shelly said she hopes he wins it, and that she does not want to play the game with people like Rachel. That she only really trusts Adam in there. She said she is ready to go and that she is considering walking out the door and Jeff tells her not to. It is only a game. Jordon joins them and again tells Shelly not to worry about it that wait to next week when Rachel is alone. Jeff said he knows Brenchel has cut some deals and that Rachel will hang anyone out to dry.
After everyone was heading to bed Adam was outside talking to himself. Here is the conversation he had:
Adam: Having a target in front of me, rather than an ally behind me... not a good move. It was so hard getting Brendon out the first time. Even if we get him out a 2nd time, Rachel is still here.
If it works out and we get Brendon out, Rachel turns into a basket case, then it's all smooth sailing.
I f*cked up. I f*cked up. I f*cked up.
"Hey, Adam, Big brother 13, what was your best move?" F*cking up...

Shelly comes outside. She was just in the spaceship room and noticed Rachel and Brendon took the bed right next to hers.

Shelly: She and her boyfriend (Rachel/Brendon) are right between us.
Adam: I'll say something when I go in.
Shelly: It's bullsh*t.
Adam: Kalia and Porsche should share a bed.
Shelly: Don't create anymore turmoil. This is a joke. Of all the places she could sleep... when she knows I am not happy with her. Now I have to sleep there with her. GOD I swear to GOD I am going to punch a wall! They are the two rudest people I have ever met in my entire life.
Unbelievable. Maybe they can have sex there right by us. Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam...
Everyone was in bed at 3:00 am with pictures of the VETO dancing in their head!

Will Shelly DOR? Will Jeff get a clue that he is the actual target? Will Dani regret her decision on not nominating Brenchal? Will Adam finally play the game? Will Kalia ever shut up? Whose side is Shelly on now? Tomorrow will tell! Thanks updaters!