Tribes Merge, and Matt Gets a Brief Repreive From Redemption Island

Sorry for this blog getting entered late folks.........between the wind storms last night, cable problems then internet problems it finally is.

So last night’s epi began with the usual intro and look back at last week’s epi. We are told of how Matt has defeated 5 straight opponents, how the Zapatera tribe has lost 3 straight immunity challenges. Zapatera voted out Sarita and she was sent packing to RI.

Back at Zapatera, the tribe arrived back after the immunity and are talking themselves........they discussed how Sarita took the vote out like a champ. The tribe discussed how they had to win the next two challenges to get back on top with the numbers.

Meanwhile after Sarita arrived at RI, she and Matt got to talking about the Zapa tribe and the horror stories that Matt has heard from others that have come to RI previously from that tribe. Sarita went into discussions about how that tribe isn’t that bad, that the group seems to be good to be with........yada, yada and onward. In a PI, Matt admits that up until now, he had thought of jumping back on the train with the Ometepe tribe, but is now having second thoughts about that and is wanting to consider the Zapa tribe possibilities.

The next morning brings tree mail to Ometepe beach and they discover that everyone goes to watch the duel today.....maybe a merge possibility is about to happen?? Immediately Rob suggests that they bring all of their stuff to the challenge in case of a merge.......Phill doesn’t seem to be on board with this plan as I assume he is resenting Rob taking control of things again, but later admits in a PI of how much he has learned from Rob so right now is feeling that he will remain loyal to we think this is possible?? As everyone gathers their belongings and also the camp belongings, they pack up and head to RI.

Over at Zapa, they too are getting their mail and realizing that it is a merge possibility. As they too pack up their beach, they are conteplating the possibilities of a merge.....

After both tribes enter the arena of Redemption Island...........Matt and Sarita are brought into the arena. Everyone is told that the winner of today’s challenge will go back into the game and then Matt and Sarita are told of what their duel is today. Both of them are to climb up onto wooden slats that are attached to the sides of the boxes....the idea is that they have to stay on the differing thickness of slats for 15 min, then go down to the next size for the following 15 min. After they get to the bottom size.......they hang onto there for as long as they can. Matt knows that this will be very difficult for him to do considering the cut on his foot.

Matt does win the duel and is given a new buff by Jeff as the tribes are now merged and are heading off to a different beach. At this time, Probst tells the group that RI begins again..........meaning if you are voted off, you do come back to Redemption for another chance at the game at a further date.

As everyone arrives on their new beach, it is day 19 and there is a whole feast awaiting them all. Rob comes up with the brilliant idea of naming the new tribe.......Murlonio(SP?) which doesn’t mean anything of course, just an inside joke between himself and Amber relating to the stuffed animals and a ring leader or some crap shoot like that. Anyways, everyone seemed good with the name and Rob’s interpretation of the meaning being from the sea, united............way to go Rob.........more from the crap shoot.......LOL. After they have their snack and get a game plan going, they all get into building a new shelter and getting their camp set up once again.

While the tribe is building the shelter, Mike is the first one to take Matt aside to talk to him about the possibility of Matt and Andrea joining their crew and Mike promises to take them to the final 4........That night, it is pouring rain and storming.......Steve describes how the shelter wasn’t finished so they are all getting soaked except for Ometepe as they are under the tarp and are cozy for the night.........LOL. Matt and Andrea are up late talking and they are trying to figure out a game plan. Matt is saying how he wants to take out Ometepe tribe......They are discussing how they could take out Steve.

It is obvious as Rob states, there is a Christian coalition brewing and it appears that Matt, Mike, Ashley, and Andrea are a part of it. Rob states that he has nothing against god, but when it comes down to a group of people getting together and liking one thing........that means that the group could be strong.........whether that is a Christian view or oreo cookies.....makes no difference.

Up next.............Immunity is up for grabs

The tribal immunity idol is retrieved by Probst and he unveils the individual immunity necklace. The tribemembers are then told that today’s challenge is that you are balancing on a log that is imbedded on the beach, with a wooden platform in one hand, you place a ball on the platform.........balance the ball. At certain time intervals, more balls will be added.......the last person standing with all their balls on the wooden platform wins immunity. Julie is the first one out and then two balls are added. The next ones out are Ashley and David. Now the third ball is added......the next ones out are: Andrea, Grant, Matt, Rob, Phillip, Ralph, Steve, Mike.........Natalie is the first immunity winner.

Soooo, after they get back to camp, Matt in all his wisdom(yes, I am being sarcastic here) takes Rob aside to tell him that he was contemplating switching to the other tribe.....that Mike has an idol that he can get his hands on and would give to Matt to keep him safe, and then he brought Andrea into the conversation........(is it just me or does this guy deserve to go back to redemption?) Anyways, the three of them decided that Steve would be the one to be voted out. Then Rob leaves the two of them and finds Natalie and tells her what just happened and how Matt needs to have a one way ticket back to redemption...... So before they all head to tribal, Mike writes up a note........stay with us, you will get to the final 3, vote out Grant. So Matt and Andrea head off for a walk to talk things out. Now Andrea is left with not knowing what to do as she knows the last time they voted out Matt, she was left with no one and if she votes out Matt this time, she will probably be the next one to go.

Up next..............tribal council

As everyone enters the forum, Probst is trying to figure out who to pick on first. He asks Ralph what it’s like living in one camp.......Ralph explains how it is like living with two teams still. Rob expresses how odd it one is talking there at all and he’s seen nothing like it before. David pipes in with how Ometepe is under their tarp and Zapatera are on the bad side of the shelter with only palm fronds protecting them from the rain. Then of course the mouthpiece Phillip has to get in on things.......talking about how there is deceit on that tribe and it is leaving a stench. Oh lordy, here we go again......LOL. Then Matt is brought into the conversation and how Matt described redemption as being pretty wild tribal councils like this. Probst approaches Ralph once again and says how do you try to convince him to switch and go with their side.........and Ralph answers rightly.......they can take him further in the game......there are less tribe members on their side, which is the truth. When all the votes were in, Matt is sent back to Redemption. Grant got one vote from Matt as that is what he thought the Ometepe were voting for because that is what Rob told him. The five zapa’s voted for Grant, the rest of the Ometepe’s including Andrea voted for Matt. Matt’s PI at the end of the epi said that he put his trust in God, but this time, god’s views and his weren’t exactly the same.......maybe he’s not a good player at the game of survivor...........What do you all say??

Well that is it for this blog.........hopefully it was better to have late than not at all........not much you can do when mother nature and modern conveniences are at odds.........LOL. Have a great week everyone and I’ll be back next week for another instalment.