has no intention of verifying whether RealitySteve's claims are for real or not. You are to make up your own mind as to his veracity. We have no way of knowing, until the show airs....
- Jokerette

Quartz: rachelle, he did address it and no is not related
leisuresuit: Gotta go. But everyone listen carefully. Steve says "believe" based on being "led to believe" he never says "I know."
Ivory_mist: and all the rain will make her sad...she will have to get a sun lamp...ll
petite6: There is just no way that Molly and Jason can survive this train wreck
Tlee: ITA
bbmommaof: petite6 that is what I thought, but after reading that I was confused.
JustMe: LMAO jax!!!!
rachelle33: Thanks!
+RealitySteve: leisuresuit - Any chance false info was passed on to me? Nope. It's what happened at the taping. Can't be any clearer than that.
nick: why was Melissa chosen as the one to be proposed to? why not jillian or naomi? is it because she resembles DeAnna?
mkp0: I hope the show will not survive this train wreck
petite6: Jax - LOL that's not nice about Molly
Me: Fleiss is soooo slimy.
leisuresuit: But you were not at the taping and as you have said, much of this is scripted and/or edited heavily.. right?
+RealitySteve: Sunnyd - Is it possible? Sure, it's possible. Do I believe that to be the story? No, I don't.
JustMe: I agree way that relationship will last if this info is true.
mkp0: But she WINS
mkp0: lol look at what she wins, a cheater
jax_1: and as her dad said, he's not supprised becauses she is a winner
sunnyd: thank you for answering. :-) I just don't see why they played it this way if it was the original plan. If they wanted us to care what happens to Molly and Jason after this they should have planned it better.
Texaslady62: Texaslady here .Steve do you think ABC choose Melissa as one to propose to after reading the boards love of her or before ?
JustMe: Unless Steve was at the taping he is taking someone's word for it. And people do lie. I'm not saying Steve is wrong, he is probably right....but I don't think anyone who wasn't there can say they know 100%.
Ivory_mist: let Molly win...she deserves Jason
+RealitySteve: Ivory Mist - Yes, Matt's season was completely a joke. Shayne was the fall back girl. She was always going to be in the final 2. If Matt didn't truly fall for anyone, then he was to go with Shayne. And that's what happened. Joe Francis had a hand in that season.
leisuresuit: You guys really need to relax on Molly. She is a really nice person and got played in this too. Why so much hate?
guest: I think Jason & Molly will stay together they have to Justify all of their bad actions and save face
Valen: RealitySteve-I am assuming your info is coming from someone who witnessed the ATFR taping, did this same person also state that Jason was in on it from the beginning, or did you get that info from a different source when you made some calls?
petite6: You know what...Joe Francis porno acid King Fleiss...they do hang in the same circles
mkp0: Why? Because who would go out to see a man who was exgaged?
Dahlia: Steve, I thought you made a good point that the January taping shows Melissa was not in on it. Otherwise, why not just tape at the usual time, later on. Pretty fast bounce-back by her though if she's with ex or new guy now, don't you think?
tmpray: Anyone who dates an engaged man deserves what she gets.
+RealitySteve: Jkay - Yes, true. They can make it look any way they want. And the only people that really truly know what happened are the parties involved. But what they can't change is that Jason dumped Melissa at the ATFR 1 taping and starts dating Molly.
Jandles: How very very sad for a beautiful little boy, to be subjected to this kind of stuff, Ty has never done anything to deserve this,more shame on his father!
lulu: I think Melissa is seeking comfort from those who know her best....
Me: I think Ty is a spoiled brat