The big news today is that Casey was evicted, and Russ won HOH.


For once, Casey isn’t up early….BB wakes up the HG’s a little after 9 am BBT with a Michael Jackson song…Just the usual morning chit chat…Chima and Jeff want Casey to ask if he can take the banana suit off….Jeff wants some Bob Marley instead of Michael Jackson.

10:00 am…Jessie is still asleep in the HOH room…..A little after 10:30, there is the usual Thursday lockdown in the HOH room, so all the HGs make their way up there…The HGs are very quiet…The only “exciting” thing happening is Russell shaving his chest and stomach in the HOH bathroom….The lockdown continues through the 11:00 hour, and ends about noon.


After the lockdown is over, the HG’s scatter….Russell makes funny gestures, teasing the cameras until BB tells him to stop it. He finally stops after the third warning…Ronnie tries to nap until Casey takes pots and beats them next to the sleeping Ronnie. Casey tells Ronnie he wants to give him a soundtrack for his nap. Ronnie says, Now I know why you you don’t make music, you just play other people’s. Casey tells Ronnie he’ll be back in a few minutes…. Ronnie “brags” to Michele about what he told Casey about pot-banging, and that Casey will just look like a loser and go down as one of the worst players and sorest losers in BB history.

1:00 pm….Nat is in the shower and apparently gets called to the DR. Nat complains about constantly being called to the DR while she’s in the shower. (Note for those who are keeping track of Natalie’s hygiene, she WAS in the shower. LOL)…Lydia and Chima complain about Casey’s manners and say that when Casey leaves they will both stand up and sit right down again….The DR tells Nat that the HGs need not waste their time making plastic bag suits for the HOH comp…. Casey is still wearing the banana suit, but with a black dress shirt underneath….Apparently the DR told Kevin that if a HG wears contacts, they probably don’t want to wear them tonight (then FISH)….Ed note: As usual for Thursdays, we get a lot of short intervals of FISH.)…Then Nat comes in and (apparently quoting the DR about the plastic trash bag suits) says that “it’s not an audio issue, it’s a fairness issue.

Mostly just chit chat among the HGs, and some complaining about not being able to wear plastic trash bag suits….Some HGs are getting ready for the live show…Casey is packing…Russ acts Nat what her shirt says, Nat replies, “Everybody loves me.” Russell comments, “That’s debatable….Also, apparently the DR has told Jessie that he is a “fan favorite.” (Okaaay).

2:00 pm….Not much going on….Kevin and Casey are in the kitchen cooking…Michele and Russ are playing chess….Nat starts hollering because the DR has told her that she can’t wear Nat’s shower cap in HOH comp….About 2:40 pm, we go to FISH and then trivia

3:00 pm…The live feeds come back briefly about 3:40…Jordan and Casey talk about what they will wear…Ronnie is in the Red bedroom doing some strange looking “ballet” stretches…Then about 3:55 pm we briefly get FISH.

4:00 pm…The feeds come back briefly again…Several HGs are eating…Others are getting ready for the show…The FISH come on again, and then trivia until the live show comes on.


Julie begins the show by announcing that tonight is “graduation”—the cliques will be dissolved and everyone will be out for themselves…..First there is the usual recap of what has happened on BB in the past week…Julie is wearing a lilac top and white pants…In addition to her earlier announcement, Julie says that a new power will be given to America tonight.

We see some DR interviews with the HGs…Casey asks again “Where is the outrage?”… Ronnie is over the top with glee at Casey’s nomination….Jordan says the only reason Ronnie is in the house is because Ronnie is Jessie’s “bitch.”…They replay the veto ceremony where Jessie tells Casey, “Move your feet, get a new seat.” (That is, the nominee chair.)….Lydia tells the DR that she likes to watch Jessie sleep. Lydia says really hopes Jessie never makes her mad, because she could get revenge.

There is a segment of family reactions to the Jeff/Jordan showmance. Both of the families seem pleased with it.

Julie talks to the HGs and asks Casey about banana suit. Casey says it makes it easy to figure out how to dress every day….Julia asks about the tension between Lydia and Nat, and was it really about beds, or was it something else…Lydia says says the tension really was about beds…Julie asks Nat if the tension really is about beds and Nat pleads the fifth..Lydia also refuses to admit to any other reason.

Julie talks to Jessie in the HOH room…Julie asks Jessie about his reaction to Lydia and Nat fighting over him. Jessie denies they are fighting over him and says both relationships are platonic. (Ed note: Jessie has apparently forgotten about the live feeds. Unfortunately, Julie doesn’t press Jessie further… Jessie does think that both women are likely playing him…Julie asks Jessie which woman he’d prefer to be stranded with on a desert island, and Jessie refuses to answer.

Casey and Jordan give their final speeches….Jordan gives the usual nice speech…Casey makes a very “pointed” speech in which he calls out Ronnie and Jessie for stabbing him in the back.

In the vote, all the HGs vote to evict Casey except Russell….For some reason Lydia wears a black “villain” mustache when she votes...Jeff is apologetic when he votes to evict Casey, Ronnie is ecstatic….Julie announces to the HGs that Casey is evicted by a vote of 7-1…Casey refuses to say good-bye to Jessie, because he says that Jessie broke his word to Casey that Casey was safe…Natalie jumps in to defend Jessie and shoots her mouth off so quickly it’s hard to understand what she said…After Casey leaves, some HGs are ecstatic, others are more quiet.

In his interview with Julie, Casey admits that, as a grown man, being in the house was hard to take….Casey admits that he made a mistake, was too confident in the veto competition…Casey admits he can be too trusting, and said he had trusted Jessie.

Julie tells the HG to gather in the LR immediately….Some say they expect an announcement of no more cliques and Julie does tell them that tonight is “graduation” and they will no longer be protected by their cliques after tonight….Julie also tells them that one of the HGs will be granted a “mystery” power that could the game….America will choose who will receive this power.

Away from the HGs, Julie explains the new power called “coup d’ etat”…During either of two live evictions next week or the week after, the mystery player will have power to overturn one or both of the HOH nominations…..America can vote by text or online…..The winner will be announced on next Thursday’s show.

While Julie has been talking, the HGs have gathered in the BY…Each one is sitting on a small seat, hanging onto a rope, in the shape of a carousel…All the HGs are wearing gloves…The last HG remaining after the others fall off will win HOH…However, the first five HGs eliminated get to choose a gift from the table…There are 5 numbered boxes on the table….Julie says that one of the boxes contains 5,000.

The carousel begins to rotate faster....Then each HG is hit by a big (rubber?) diploma as the HG passes by…Then as the show goes off the air, the HGs are hit by a heavy rainstorm, as well as the diploma.

6:00 pm….After the live show, the live feeds don’t come on until about 6:30…One HG—Kevin is lying on the ground…Then the feeds go back to trivia….Note: The feeds frequently go to FISH/TRIVA all during the comp. This appeared to be due to the fact that as each HG fell, production staff removed the HG’s seat from the carousel, so that it wouldn’t hit the other HGs… Lydia and Ronnie are out at 6:36….Soon after, we hear the sound of Michele, (and also Jordan) still on the carousel, throwing up…Throughout the comp, the carousel stops and starts, then spins faster, the diploma comes out and hits the HGs as they pass on the carousel, and a “rainstorm” starts. Each of these intervals lasts about 5 minutes, then the carousel slows down again…About 6:53 Natalie is down….So, as the hour ends, Jeff, Russell, Jordan, Michelle, and Chima are still up…..Kevin, Lydia, Ronnie, and Natalie are out. (As outgoing HOH, Jessie is not in this comp.)…From the sidelines, the fallen HGs are cheering on the others.

7:00 pm….The five on the carousel hang on during the various rotations of fast spinning, being hit by the diploma, and the rainstorm…Chima thows up…Natalie is still bitching about BB taking away her trash bags….All the guests have been given gloves, but Russell is not wearing his (he is wearing only shorts). Nat asks BB if she can give her gloves to Russ and BB refuses…The carousel continues through its intervals of spinning, the diploma, and water, and Chima and Michele look particularly uncomfortable…At 7:26, Chima says she’s almost dead. Jeff kids that he come down for a handjob…About 7:29 Jordan falls….We also hear Jessie say that Kevin won the $5,000, Nat tells Lydia that she called Casey a “bitter banana” when voting, and Lydia replies the Casey’s speech was stupid. Nat/Lydia want to go inside because they are freezing…As Chima rotates, the diploma seems to hit her particularly hard compared to the men, perhaps because she is so light….All the HGs on the carousel are miserable, say their limbs are going numb…Jeff particularly uses the quieter intervals to shake out his arms….About 7:45, Chima hits the diploma particularly hard and seems to do a flip, but doesn’t fall off….On the sidelines, Nat complains that her stomach hurts…The comp continues through the end of the hour.

8:00 pm….The comp continues…Michele is groaning in pain….Chima says “Ow” every time she hits the diploma…..Finally, about 8:11, Chima falls….The house has been opened, and we see Nat in the shower (Ed note: twice in one day!)….Michele, Jeff, Russ remain on the carousel…At about 8:29 Michele is down. It appears her pants were pulled off by the swing so her private parts showed (Ed note: not sure that’s exactly what happened, it was hard to hear)…Jeff and Russell start to talk…Jeff asks Russ if he wants to do rock, paper, scissors…..Jordan asks Jeff if he wants a pep talk, Jeff says yes, then Jordan says she has to think. (Ed: LOL)…The cycles continue….At 8:43, while the swing is stopped, Russ pees…About 10:50 Ronnie is on the sidelines sharing his wisdom about America’s choice….He says it will depend on the edit since no one watches the feeds…Kevin thinks Nat, Lydia, or Ronnie will win AC…Ronnie said that if they edited him as the underdog last week he could win…Ronnie also guesses that the special power will be the coup d’ etat. He explains it to the other HGs (it is exactly how Julie explained it)…Jessie gets called to the DR….BB gives the HGs pizza…At the end of the hour, Russ and Jeff are still hanging on…Jessie asks them if they want the HG to leave so they can talk.

9:00 pm….Jeff and Russ talk about an agreement…Jeff again suggests rock, paper, scissors…They tell each other that however it comes out, neither one is going…Russ tells Jeff that he was the vote to keep Casey, because he gave Casey his word in Week 1 that he wouldn’t vote him out…The spinning starts again…At about 9:12, Jeff suggests rock, paper, scissors again, and Russ says he can stay all night…Jordan tells them they did good. Russ says thanks, we figured that out by being the only two left…Jordan yells to Jeff, “Play it out.” Jeff yells back bitterly, “You play it out!”..Jeff tells Jordan to go inside….The cycle starts again….The HGs come back out to watch…..Russ kids, “Glad you’re enjoying the show.”…At 9:23. Jeff once again asks all the HGs to leave so they can talk…Jeff says he will give up for a guarantee that Ronnie goes home, Makes Russ swear on his father that Jeff is safe, Russ swears, and says Jordan is safe, too….About 9:25, Jeff drops….Russ waits until the HGs come out, then drops, his pants are tangled in the seat, and has to come out of them to get off (ed note: How did I miss that part? LOL)….Russ is limping and says he never wants to see water again.

Jordan has apparently won the right to pick the Have Nots for next week and says she is going to draw the names out of a hat....Jessie and Jordan are helping Russ who is shivering badly….Jessie pats Russell on the way to the WC for a hot shower…..10 seconds later, out of earshot, Jessie says to himself, “F*ck that sh*t.”….Jordan pulls names for the Have Nots—picks Nat, Kevin, and Jeff….Nat says she’s not going to shower for a week (because of the cold water)…Jordan doesn’t want Jeff as a Have Not, so she picks another name. Jessie’s name is pulled next, but he complains..Lydia says she will take Jessie’s place, and will sleep with Nat and Kevin, too...The old Brain clique were not included in the draw because they were on slop last week….Jessie wants to put Jeff back as a Have Not…They choose numbers and Jessie still loses….Jessie says he lost twice, and accepts it, so he will be a Have Not along with Kevin and Nat…Around 9:45 Nat and Jess are in the recycling room. Chima joins them….. Jessie complains about being on slop, but Nat has a slop pass…They are concerned Ronnie will get “the power”…Chima thinks the “hinky vote” (for Casey) was Jeff…..Nat later says once again that she won’t shower for a week. Kevin says he might do the “funktastic” too.

Jordan asks Kevin how he feels about winning $5,000. Kevin says he would rather have stayed up longer…Russ gives props to Jordan and Michelle…Russ is still shivering, and says he tore up his hands badly…Michele says she was thinking of her husband the whole time. (Note: It was not clear at the point I wrote this recap what the five “prize envelopes” contained. Beyond Kevin winning $5,000 and Jordan winning the right to pick the Haves/Have Nots, Lydia may have won a 42 inch plasma TV (not sure), and the other two HGs may not have won anything.)

In the shower, Jeff asks Chima how many times she threw up. She says 10! They say that Michele, Jordan and Nat also threw up….Jeff says he didn’t, but that they are going to be so sick tomorrow, and he can’t get out of the shower…Russ and Jeff say that not having gloves made it worse....Russ and Jeff both say they were waiting for BB to offer prizes….Jessie tells Jeff that he owes him because Jessie is on slop this week instead of Jeff.

In other conversations, Kevin thinks his wife is setting up a campaign for him to win the mystery power…Nat is still complaining about not being able to wear trash bags…More misc. comp talk…Jeff is still in the shower, but says he wants to go get in the hot tub.

10:00 pm….More misc talk…Nat/Jessie say they will stay up all night to avoid the Doom Room, and would nap in the recycle room. (Ed note: I wonder if that’s allowed. We’ll see, I guess.)…Jordan calls everyone to the kitchen to announce the Have Nots…Apparently BB has told her that the Have Nots starts right now….Nat is upset (Ed note: Hard to believe, I know. LOL)….Ronnie is just walking around listening to conversations….In the red room, Nat and Jessie tell Russ they want the noms to be Lydia and Kevin….Russ called to the DR. The others say that Russ should have the BB doctor look at his knee….More talk about vomiting, and (from Nat) about BB being unfair about trash bags and the Have Nots….Nat asks if Kevin has a problem sleeping with Jessie. Kevin says “No” because Jessie is hot. (LOL!)…Nat says she is not going to risk her relationship with her bf by sleeping with Kevin.

It’s now after 10:30..In the kitchen Michele laughs about how she flashed her Va-Jay when her clothes got caught in the swinging rope…Jordan comments it’s good it didn’t happen on live TV…Ronnie tells Chima that Jordan not putting their names in the Have Not Hat is a truce…Chima and Ronnie agree that the way Jordan picked the Have Nots.

At the same time, Jessie is extremely upset over being a Have Not and is VERY mad at Jordan…Nat is complaining too..Chima tells Ronnie that Jeff and Russell may have made a deal that includes putting Ronnie on the block
In the kitchen, Jeff/Jordan are alone talking—she gives him a little kiss on the cheek…Jeff drops trou to examine his legs…Jeff tells Jordan about the deal he made with Russ..Jeff wants to lie down. Jordan says they should go in the pool room because it is cool in there.

Jessie tells Nat that Julie asked him whether he’d rather be stranded on a desert island with Nat or Lydia…Nat beams and asks if he named her…Jessie says he chose not to answer…BB tells them not to talk about production…Both complain that it’s not production, it’s the TV show….Jessie wants Jeff out….Jessie and Nat are both glad that Russ won it over Jeff, because Jeff would put up Ronnie and Jessie.

11:00…In the WC Ronnie says once again that America will vote according to the CBS edit…Chima said that if she were at home, she’d give it to Jordan.

Jeff opens his drawer and discovers that Casey left Jeff his shorts….Jeff says he needs to represent Casey’s Nation…Jordan finds it sad…..They lie down and Jordan scratches Jeff’s back.

In the WC, Chima, Ronnie, Michele, Kevin talk about Casey’s speech..Michele says “Dorkopotomus” is the word of the week…Ronnie calls it a bunch of nonsense bullcrap and it failed…Kevin says Casey was trying to get Nat and Jessie riled up…Chima says Casey did.

In the recycle room, Nat, Jessie and now Ronnie talk game…Lots of complaining from Jessie and Natalie. Same old stuff. Lots of speculation about “the power” and who will win it….They want Jordan to win it because she can’t keep a secret and then couldn’t use it…Ronnie says that if he were voting it would be on how the HG would use it. He says that’s his only hope that it’s him….Ronnie says that Jordan is being nicer to him, but Jess/Nat say Jordan still hates Ronnie…More complaining about Have Nots, etc…Jess/Nat say that if Ronnie is put up they will keep him…Jessie tells Ronnie, “You have the masses behind you.” (Okaaay.)…..Jessie gets upset with Nat….Jessie tells Nat that Julie asked if both women were playing him….Nat says Jessie should have said “Not Natalie.”…Natalie pouts, “You really think I wouldn’t support you.” She turns her back to Jessie..Jessie says, “Whatever. I’ve had it.”

Ronnie wanders out to the LR where Lydia is sitting on one of the couches…Ronnie tells her that we already know who is going to occupy those chairs…Lydia says, “You and me”…Ronnie says “Yup.” Then Ronnie wanders off again, this time to talk game with Chima in the WC….Kevin joins Lydia in the LR, then Ronnie shows up again…We hear BB: Jessie/Natalie/HGs—Sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms…Lydia says she is considering shaving her head. She heads to WC…BB voice says: Lydia, HGs, then nothing…BB again reminds Nat/Jessie that sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms. Jessie snaps back, “No it isn’t” and threatens once again to stay up all night.
Jeff/Jordan are still cuddling and talking…Jeff tells Jordan she shouldn’t have included his name in the Have Not drawing…Jordan says she was just trying to be fair….Jeff tries to kiss her…They giggle and play.

About 11:54 Nat goes to the Doom Room to sleep, complaining loudly all the way….Just then Russell bursts out of the DR saying, “Who wants to see my HOH room?”


All the HGs go up to the HOH room…He has family photos and a letter from his mother and a note from his brother, sister, and father…..Russ’s father’s note reads, “Are you having fun? I hope you are. I'm doing well on my end. Surgery has taught me a lesson. We live a very fragile life, with respect to how successful we are. We are moral, Russ. I am gracious when I lose. Be sure to remember the lessons I taught you in middle schools I'm thankful for having you as a son. I am proud of you and your accomplishment, love Dad”…Russ’s mom also sent him a blanket, a pillow, and some PJ’s….Kevin accidentally eats one of Russ’s chips. Jessie makes a loud deal out of it and says maybe he’ll “forget” and go eat pizza…..Jeff is called to the DR….Chima says that Lydia is going to be all over Russell now….Russ tells Ronnie that he is okay, that they need to talk…Ronnie tells Jessie that Russ said he is safe.

More HG talk in kitchen…Kevin rants on Jessie for complaining about being on slop.

1:00 am..As it goes to 1:00 am, Jessie, Chima and Nat are talking…Jessie is afraid that Russ will put one of the three of them up with Ronnie…In the doom room, Jess complains that he doesn’t want to sleep with Kevin…They can hear the camera guys inside the walls laughing. Jessie says he wants to strangle them…Then he apologizes….Ronnie comes into the room (LOL—that guy is EVERYWHERE)…Kevin comes in, too…Just same old talk.

In the HOH room, Lydia and Russ are in the bed, Jordan is in the round chair…Jordan goes off to shave her legs in the HOH bathroom tub (she asks Russ first).…Lydia tells Russ that she thinks she and Ronnie are going up…She tells Russ that Jess and Nat said that Russ wants Lydia out.

Jeff leaves the DR, Jessie is called. Ronnie tells Jeff about “the power.” Ronnie says that if Jeff doesn’t hear by tomorrow night, he probably didn’t get it. (Ed note: Voting is until Tuesday.)

Chima goes to HOH and says she has to talk with Russ w/o Jordan and Lydia. Nat asks to stay and Russ says “Yes.”…Game talk…Lydia says those girls will be up Russ’ butt now….Nat says that Lydia and Jordan were encouraging Jeff in the comp…Chima says that Ronnie asked her what the deal is and she didn’t say anything..Russ says he will keep his word to Jeff or he will feel like Ronnie. He wants to play it fair and truthful and will talk to everyone…..Nat and Chima want Ronnie, Michele, Lydia and Kevin up—as long as it is not them….Russ says Chima and Nat are safe, they are on his team. Russ says he will not nominate Jordan, Jeff, Natalie, Chima, or Jessie….Russ says Ronnie lies to everyone….Talk about comp and how much it hurt…Russ says he will honor Jeff’s deal and put up Ronnie with someone else.

2:00 Into the 2:00 hour the talking continues….J/J talk game in bed, Jordan misses Casey and says Casey left all his cigs in the splash room….In the HOH, the game talk continues…The women say Jessie will be up later…Russ wants to sleep….Nat walks out and Ronnie walks in and wants to talk….Russ says he will talk to everyone tomorrow…..Chima/Russ remain in HOH, Russ talks about his dad…Michele comes into HOH to ask Russ about the pain in her legs

Ronnie now walks into the recycle room where Nat/Jess are talking…Jessie says he will go talk to Russ..Nat and Ronnie go to bed..Russ apologizes to Jessie about Jessie being on slop..Chima tells Jessie that Lydia will give him a “happy ending” if he wants. Jessie says no. Russ says that’s because Jessie is not a slut. Chima says if Jessie were willing Lydia would..Jessie/Russ/Chima talk game..Jessie doesn’t think he will get “the power” because America hates him, but loves Jordan…Nat comes into HOH room…Russ tells the group that is deal with Jeff is that Jeff and Jordan are safe and Ronnie goes up. Russ wants Ronnie gone..The group thinks Jeff voted to save Casey. Russ agrees with them (LOL).

3:00 am…..The HGs keep moving around with more of the same game talk and reliving the comp—nothing new….Long talk between Lydia and Kevin about how the worst person for HOH was Russ, and she expects to go up. She knows Chima thinks she is golden with Russ as HOH.

Jeff and Jordan are in Jeff’s bed whispering. Jordan wants to go to her old bed in the splash room, Jeff says no, and they briefly kiss…Jeff is in Nat’s old bed, and Jordan is in Kev’s old bed.

4:00 am…Nat/Jessie are still talking about the vote, “the power”. Nat tells America to vote for her. Jess says he can’t even guess how America will vote….Ronnie, who had been in the DR, comes in and once again starts talking about how “the power” works. Ronnie asked the DR if he had the power, the DR said no…Ronnie says the winner is guaranteed the next two weeks if it is a “super power.”…Nat is called to the DR….Ronnie goes on and on, says he had to show the DR how he vomited in the comp. (Ed. Note: Geez, I can hardly wait to see that on TV.)…Kevin has joined them and is taking a shower….Lydia says it was good that Kev got pizza earlier….Kevin and Lydia go to the kitchen…It is almost 5:00 am, and Kevin says this is the longest he has ever stayed up.

5:00 am…..After 5:00 am, Kevin is called to the DR…Nat and Jessie are still talking game in the doom room....As it gets toward 6:00 am, Kevin is lying on his stomach in the LR…Nat/Jessie try to go to sleep in the doom room….Jessie is hungry and Nat tells him he can have weenies. Jessie is upset and wants them with pickles….Kevin gets up and crawls into bed in the doom room…Nat/Jess are quiet…..FINALLY, by 6:00 am, all the HG’s are asleep. Whew!