The early bird Boogie gets up at 7:30 and heads to the kitchen to read his Bible. Since the house is on inside lockdown he gets creative to get his work out in. He uses various items around the house to work out with as the others snore away. At 8:15 Joe gets up and joins Boogie in the kitchen area. Boogie tells him that they are hard at work outside and Joe told him that he woke up around 5:30 and the house was already on lock down. Joe tells Boogie that the others are slobs, that they need to clean up or they will have ants again.

Joe starts to make breakfast. He makes two plates, with fruit, juice etc, puts them on a tray, puts a towel over his arm and heads up to the HOH. He goes in and serves Shane and Britney breakfast in bed (his nose had some brown on it too). When he served it he said “Good Morning Shane this is my apology and kiss ass for the week”

9:00 am BB woke the house up. Boogie was in the in Living room with Joe, Jenn, Dan, Ash, Wil :and said "I think today I'll introduce Britney to the sink." (About her never washing dishes). (lol good luck with that)

Will and Janelle discuss the coach’s competition. They think it might be endurance. Wil is scared but wants to try to refocus Shane to get pout a big player this week. Janelle said she would be devastated if he went home this week. Will also said that maybe the winner of the coaches competition gets to pick an evicted houseguest to return. He asked her who she would pick and she said Kara, and that she would be here a long time if she ever came back. They discuss Brit’s team and how they waved many olive branches to Shane and Jojo and neither took them. That they couldn’t work with Willie but they stayed with him. Janelle said that she hopes that Shane puts up one from each team (hers and Boogies) and not two from her team. Janelle then talked about Brit saying that she can’t be around for much longer, some people like her but she is really a B&^%h. She then said she missed her daughter Violet and the last time she saw her she rocked her to sleep>

Frank talks to Shane and Shane tells him that he wanted to give him a heads up, that the others are already throwing him under the bus. Shane kept telling him he does not trust Janelle. He tells him it was Joe who kept bringing his name up. He said he could ask Dan because Dan was in the bathroom and heard him say it. Brit then said that Frank was straight up last week and they appreciated that and a lot would be decided once the coaches comp was over but they will be straight with him too.

Once he leaves Brit tells Shane that he can’t tell too much information, that once Frank tells Boogie about what Joe said he will be all over it and pissed. Give as little information as possible. Brit also told him to get in good with Dan because they need Danielle’s vote this week.
Dan and Boogie discuss in the storage room that Bb really wants them to have a trade (in players) but the coaches don’t want to. Dan asked if he (Boogie ) won the coaches competition would he protect Frank, Boogie said either him or Ian.

3:09 – The feeds go to fish and trivia for the coach’s competition. At about 4:40 we did get a brief one second feed leak and we see Dan opening a locker and Janelle on a stage like structure, Dan was reading a card from the locker, they were all dressed in 80’s work out attire.

5:30 PM – Finally the feeds return and we see Boogie, Brit and Shane in the HOH talking about noms. Boogie really wants them to put up Danielle (Shane will never do that), he wants to put her up to get rid of Dan. Shane asked him how he would feel about getting rid of Joe. Boogie said that would be fine.
Janelle won the coach’s competition and saved Wil. So they are trying to figure out the best move now since Wil can longer be a target. Brit said that Shane would have gone home last week if he did not win POV. Boogie agreed.
While Dan and Danielle were in the HN room whispering Janelle came in and said something was up. She thinks that they are going to target Joe and Ashley. She asked Danielle if Shane has told her if she was safe yet? Danielle said no (a lie), he already told her she was safe this week. She said she has to talk to him next and tell him how stupid it is to keep Frank a power house in the game.

When Boogie came down from Hoh he told Jenn and Frank that he thinks that Joe will be the target. That Frank might go up but not the target. Frank said he is OK going up so he can play for VETO.
Janelle and Joe went upstairs and asked Shane if he was targeting Joe. Shane said no he had 7 to people chose from. Joe said for him to remember that Frank was gunning for him last week. Janelle asked if he was going to nominate two from one team or one from each team. Shane again said he did not know. Brit kept interrupting saying it is useless to make deals before VETO. That even talking about working together is not worth it until after the VETO. Once Joe left Brit told Janelle that the DR told Joe to make breakfast for them for the show.
Once Janelle leaves Brit tells Shane that he can’t trust either Janelle or Boogie, but to keep safe the team he can work with and win comps. Frank walked in and Shane told him that they others can’t know he is keeping him safe and wants to work with him. Frank said he was nervous going up. Shane said Joe was the target. Frank asks who he would put up if Joe won POV, Shane replied Ashley because he wants one of Janelle’s team to go. Brit asks him to protect Shane next week. Frank agrees. Shane said if he wins POV he would keep noms the same and promise to keep him. (Another HOH who thinks that he can tell people how to vote, guess he did not learn anything from Willie’s HOH)
Danielle enters the room and tells them that Frank was downstairs being all cocky. Brit then said that they have to put up Frank and Joe. Dan enters and they tell him that they want to keep Frank safe. That they want one of Janelle’s team t go. Dan then said that he can’t nominate both Ashley and Joe because if one wins POV then they come down and the other one from Boogies team could go. Also, if he did that he would have burnt both bridges, Boogies and Janelle’s and they won’t work with him later. So the only way to play the game is to put up one from each team. And after VETO decide who will go. Brit said that Frank defiantly has to go up, that it sucks but he has to. Dan said make a deal a small one with Janelle’s team, and Brit said no she does not want to work with Janelle because she already broke her deal with them on week 1. Brit said that once they make the decision on who goes that they will have to work quietly together so each side can work the house to get rid of someone.

Right before the feeds cut for nominations, Ashley entered and tried to plead her case, that she likes them etc. Brit said she voted against them the last two weeks. That they were not promising anything until after POV. Brit tried to get Ashley to tell her if Janelle was talking behind her back. Ashley said no, not that she heard. Ashley leaves and Ian enters. They congratulate him on wining 3K. Shane asks him if he is putting him up next week, Ian said no they are good next week that he wants him to stay around. Brit tells him options are open. Shane reminds Ian that he almost beat him last week in the POV. Again they said they are not loking at deals until after POV. Ian leaves and Shane said he like that kid he is smart and Brit agreed.

In walks Jen and they say the same thing, they want safety for Shane next week. Jenn said she will offer them her vote and be loyal to them with her vote. They hustle her out saying that after POV they will talk about who they want out. She agrees. Shane tells her he is a man of his word so she can trust him.. She agrees. Boogie and Frank come in for one more last pitch. Brit tells Boogie that Janelle hates Shane because he is America’s sweetheart. Boogie laughs and said that it is actually Janelle and she is just desperate. They said they will never vote Ashley out over Joe, that Joe was OK for a bit with his cooking but he has to go. Boogie tells them not to be intimidated by Janelle that they should put up two of her players. Brit is scared to put up two of her players. She said that she is worried that Boogie will jump ship and work with Janelle because deals are broken all the time. Frank said he is worried about being voted out. Frank said that if he and Joe is on block and Ashley wins POV (Ya right) and pulls down Joe then Janelle will control the house. Brit asks if there is someone else on there team they want up. They said no we just don’t want Janelle to control the house. (However, if they send Joe home this week Boogie will control the house). Janelle pokes her head in and asks to talk again, they said in a few. Then Shane gets called to the DR and we get trivia. Looks like Janelle couldn’t be the last one to talk to him!

When the feeds returned we found out that Ashley and Joe are nominated. (Good Job Boogie), we see Danielle and Dan talking and are pissed at Shane’s choice. We also see Janelle talking to Brit and telling her that twist is going to happen and that is the reason why they need Frank out.
Then Janelle talks to Joe and tells him that he has to convince Shane that he will be safe next week and is safe.

9:05 PM - Britney and Shane were talking in HoH. Shane told Britney he didn't mean to go against her. Britney said it was fine, he had to do what was best for his game. Britney said she was thinking to herself, it would be fine either way. They both said a backdoor was still an option if Shane wins PoV. Shane asked what Janelle talked about with Britney. Britney told Shane Janelle had been nice and was still open to working with Shane next week. Shane noted Janelle's players were mad though, especially Joe. Britney said she'd explained to Janelle that Shane felt burned by Janelle. She'd pointed out to Janelle that Janelle's team didn't even give JoJo any votes. Janelle had said the split in their alliance the first week had been because of Willie. Britney had pointed out Willie was gone but Janelle still didn't save JoJo. Britney told Shane Danielle seemed upset. Shane was worried about that too. Britney felt it was because Danielle couldn't be a swing vote anymore and make a deal with one side or the other. Shane hadn't thought of that swing vote issue. Britney mentioned she'd talked to Ashley briefly and explained Ashley was a pawn. Shane said he'd talked to Ian and Ian had understood Ashley was a pawn. Britney was confused about Ian and Shane reminded her that Ian doesn't want Ashley to go home. Britney told Shane she would bring up Danielle to HoH so Shane could explain why he hadn't put up Frank like he'd said, and explain that it would still be fine for Danielle. Shane talked to Frank earlier and Frank had said he would not go after Danielle next week.

When Britney went downstairs, Danielle was not immediately available. Britney went over to the living room couches, where Frank and Boogie were.

Frank said he and Boogie were loving Britney right now and it went a long way with him. Frank said he would remember the next week and joked even if Boogie tried to get him to do otherwise. Frank asked what Britney had talked about with Janelle. Britney said Janelle had been nice. Britney said she'd explained that Shane had to choose who to trust and Janelle's team had already been in an alliance with him and burned him week 1. They didn't even give JoJo any pity votes week 2. Britney felt it was tense downstairs.

Janelle talked to Joe and Ashley and told them that they had to lie through their teeth and be really nice this week and try to get Frank out of the house. Ashley went up to HOH to talk to Shane. Shane told her she was the pawn that Joe was the target. Ashley was very emotional and said she is being treated like she has skeevies or something. That she was going to fight for the POV. Joe went up and told him that he understood and would have done the same thing That he was going to fight for POV and he wanted Frank up if he won it. Brit chimed in and said it was all because Janelle and her team went against their team on week 1. Joe said he wants to work with Shane once he is saved this week. That Shane is the most powerful person in the house (more brown nose stuff there Joe)!

Danielle and Shane flirted and cuddled a lot during the night hours. Danielle also told Joe and Ashley that if she won POV she would 99.9% use it to save one of them. She then went back to cuddling with Joe and asked him if he would back door Frank. Shane’s response was that he kept his word by not nominating him.

Janelle spent some time coaching her team on facts for future competitions. She kept stressing how much she hated Frank and Brit and how they have to get Frank nominated. Wil said that they show is going to end three weeks early, Janelle said she thinks the coaches are going to enter the game. Maybe only three coaches and it is an American choice type competition. She said she and Dan will be fan favorites and Boogie will be hated by America. Wil said he would be fine with the coaches entering the game. Janelle said it will be really hard to get rid of Boogie. She was surprised he took the money ($6000) in the competition and gave Ian the $3000. She said he is a millionaire and does not need the money. Janelle then said that there is a twist coming Thursday that she knows it. Janelle said that if Frank wins HOH next week he will defiantly put up Shane and that is how Boogie works, F*&k the deal win the game attitude. Wil wonders if Shane has a deal with Frank. Janelle believes he does. She then starts to complain about Brit and how she never cleans up after herself, she has not even washed a dish since she came into the house!

As they get ready for bed Janelle tells them that they can and will turn this around tomorrow. Joe complains about sleeping on the have not beds. Wil said it was his birthday so it will be a great birthday present to win POV and just chill out.

Here is a brief summary of what the coach’s won during the coach’s competition
Brit – Had to pick have nots – Joe, Ian – Cereal and Salmon were the Americas Choice selection won
Janelle – Keep a player safe – Wil
Boogie - $6000, and $3000 to one of his players
Dan – Ability to trade a player (which he declined)
As they head to bed Joe flips off Shane’s picture, Janelle told him not to do that they could be watching from the spy cam. Joe said he believes the spy cam was broken. The house is all quiet at 3:30 am

What will happen tomorrow? Will Wil get his birthday present of a POV? Will Shane back door Frank? How into Shane is Danielle? Is all game? Swill she too throw Ashley or Joe under the bus? Who will win the POV? Will the coaches get a clue that if they enter the game they might need each other and start mending bridges? Who knows? Thanks Joker’s updaters you’re the best!