The Tension and Paranoia is Palpable!

Everyone in the house is spinning in circles. Mostly caused by the spinmeister Ronnie, who continues to lie as he breaths. Half the house realizes he just cant stay in the game because of his lies, the other half is confused with his lies.

Jeff and Jordan are the couple to watch. Jeff seems to coach (and sometime scold) Jordan on her game moves, and Jordan feeds Jeff information and makes him think. They are a nice partnership to watch. And they are now aligning with Russ and Michele, who it seems solidified their new partnership late Saturday night. This new foursome continues to work together and are trying to trust each other. They seem like the honesty clique, since they are just attempting sort the truth from the lines, and not actively planning and planting lies.

Whereas Jessie and Natalie came up with a lie about Michele wanting to keep Ronnie (stupid) and told Russ, who didnt believe it at all. (Because unbeknown to Jess/Nat, Russ and Michele are now a team.) As Jess gets more paranoid (because his side is losing this week), his moves get more desperate. Other HGs seem to think he is slowly imploding. And Natalie continues to follow him around like a lap dog.

Chima and Russ are fighting and aggravating each other. I am not sure exactly why, but I think it is cuz Chima has been campaigning for Ronnie to stay, and Russ wants no part of that. But emotions are bubbling, and a blow up soon seems to be expected.

Kevin, I haven't seen a lot of Kevin. I think he has been keeping his head down, criticizing Ronnie when possible (ensuring Lydia stays) and hoping not to piss anyone off until the "wizard" is known. (I think that Ronnie coined the name.)

Speaking of, Ronnie, who is nearly always sequestered in the splash room, is trying hard to spin like he is the wizard. It is really his last desperate shot, but most HGs seem to think Jordan will get it. (I do too.) I have heard probably all of the HGs do shoutouts to America asking for the wizard power, and Michelle, Jess and Jeff openly request that Ronnie doesn't win it.

The house clearly has 2 sides. The Ronnie-Haters (Michele, Russ, Jeff, Jordan, Kev and Lydia) and the Ronnie-Loyalists (Chima, Nat, Jessie). Michele, the swing this week, sounds as tho she is a lock to not use the veto and to send Ronnie home. If that doesn't happen, it will be a big surprise.

(Editors note: this is a compilations of what I have pieced together from very frequent feed-viewing in the last 24-48 hours. I dont claim it is 100% accurate, as there are a lot of misinformation flying around that house and sometimes it is challenging to see the truth thru the lies. But I am convinced Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Russ are the new power team and that Ronnie is going home.)