As usual for Thursdays, the live feeds were pretty quiet. The only unusual event was that they picked players this morning for the POV competition. (Russell is the only HG who will not be playing.)

There was very little game talk today. Nat checked in with Jordan/Jeff/Michele to make sure that she (Nat) was still with them. The others assured Nat that she is still with them. The main plan today still seems to be to evict Lydia, but Jordan seems confused by all the the various possibilities, since the POV hasn't been played yet.

The other "news" was that BB told the HGs to wear athletic wear tonight, which the HGs agreed suggests that tonight's HOH comp will be endurance.

It promises to be an interesting show, and possibly a very interesting night.


BB wakes up the HGs a little after 9:00 am BBT….There is the usual puttering around the house, taking showers, having breakfast etc….As usual, the feeds go in and out a lot for short periods (which goes on all day)…BB yells at Russ to wake up at about 9:30.. About 9:40, BB calls the HGs into the HOH room for the usual Thursday morning lockdown….Mostly chit chat….Then, about 9:50, the HGs are surprised when Jordan is called to the DR and the feeds change to the control room…Through the control room monitors, some eagle-eyed updaters can see that the HGs are picking names for the POV….The HOH lockdown continues.

11:00 am…The feeds come back about 11:35…..As it turns out, Russ is the only HG not playing for the veto, so he is the host….The HOH room lockdown is over soon after that…Jordan/Jeff head for the bed in the SS room, as does Michele...Kevin/Nat/Lydia are in the bathroom, talking about cleaning, etc.

Then Nat comes into the SS and asks Jordan/Jeff/Michele if she is straight with them today. They all nod, “Yes.”….Nat asks if she is still okay if Lydia takes herself off the block, and they once again say, “Yes.” Jordan tells Nat she has their back….Just before noon, Jeff/Michele/Jordan talk game…Jeff says that if Kevin or Lydia win the POV, we send Russell home. Jordan isn’t so sure. Then Jeff says, If Lydia wins, we put up Kevin and Kevin goes home. Jordan is all right with that at first. But then Jordan says she hates sending Kevin home. She says she might just put Russell up and make everyone else decide. Jeff says that now they stay with the final four (Jeff/Jor/Mich/Nat) because all of them want Russell out, and it takes the target off them.


As noon arrives, Jeff/Jordan/Michele are still in the SS. After going around in circles, Jeff tells Jordan that the plan is to get rid of Lydia and they should stick with it. Jordan says okay because they’re worried that Lydia will go after them and they think they can trust Nat…There is a little Jeff/Jordan spat for a minute, because Jeff says that if he goes home and Jordan “skates by” because she’s playing the nice girl he’s going to be p*ssed, because he is having to do the dirty work for her.

As of 12:15, Jordan/Michele/Jeff are in the kitchen, Russ is playing solitaire at the table, Nat/Lydia are in the WC. No game talk…Russ says that production does not let him wear his glasses in the DR ….Michele is called to the DR, and when she gets out about 12:15, she tells Jordan that she wants Russell to stay. Jordan says that Russell has already won $10,000, but Michele feels that Russell is ultimately on their side…..Through the noon hour and into the 1:00 pm hour, there is a lot of puttering going on in the house, but not much game talk….Lydia rebraids Nat’s hair, but with bigger braids this time.

About 1:35, the production goes on over the intercom. Although it is cut off by FISH, we learn that it is production telling the HGs to wear athletic clothes for the show this evening…The HGs talk about the fact that the HOH is probably endurance…The feeds go back to the production room, and when they return, Natalie is packing, Kevin is napping in the RR, and Michelle/Russell/Jeff are getting ready for tonight’s show.

2:00 pm BBT-- As we move into the 2:00 hour, more of the HGs are napping, although for awhile, Jeff/Jordan play a little game where she has to guess what Jeff is drawing on his back….By 2:35 pm all the HGs appear to be napping, with Russ joining Jeff/Jordan/Michele in the SS room and the other HGs in the Red Room….A little after 2:30 the feeds go to trivia...As of 2:55 BBT, the feeds are still trivia, so I'm going to go ahead and post this.