As I always try to do on Thursdays, to help those of you who have to be away from feeds all day, this is a mini-recap of what has happened so far today on the HG Live Feeds. This recap is more "mini" than usual, because the HGs feeds were turned off about 10 am BBT today.

Two important pieces of news:

--CBS has announced that the HG live feeds will not return until 9 pm Eastern/8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific time.

--As of the time of posting this (about 3:30 BBT) we have had a few (conflicting) rumors about the outcome of the BB show. However, this week the live audience members were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, so this recap doesn't address any of the rumors. I'm going to wait for the show.



When BB says that the HGs are going to get up early, they mean early…..The HGs are woken up at 6:18 BBT…We get feeds, and by 6:45 the HGs are in their usual HOH Thursday morning lockdown….The guests are wondering what is happening, so the feeds go in and out. There is a lot of talk about the show not being alive…The feeds continue to go in and out…Chima gets up and starts packing her HOH stuff, then takes a shower in the HOH shower.

8:00 am The HOH lockdown ends sometime after 8:00….It appears that all (or most) of the HGs have been asked to pack…Russ packs his stuff in the Red Room…It’s taking some of the HGs longer to get up—Jess goes back to his bed in the Red Room. Jeff, too….Apparently the HGs got Starbucks coffee and tea, Michelle and Jordan are in the kitchen. Jordan is trying to make an iced chocolate drink…They also got origami paper and a jewelry kit. Lydia plays with the jewelry kit and Kevin makes origami….Russ asks Michele if she has any Tums. (She does.)

In the WC Chi/Nat/Lydia gather and talk while Kevin showers….They guess that maybe BB is taping instead of live because they are afraid that Lydia will flip out….Lydia says she will be good. Nat kids that Lydia has her fingers crossed while she says that…Note: Anytime there is game talk we go to FISH—so we go to FISH a LOT….Now the group wonders if something really bad has happened in the world, such as Obama being assassinated. They mention BB2 when 9/11 happened…Lydia tells Chima that BB know something is going to happen with the wizard power, thus the reason they are taping….Important Note: Natalie is in the shower!!! (And it turns out to be a very long shower—more than half an hour!)

In the kitchen Michele is vacuuming, Jordan is cleaning up the kitchen.

9:00 am Not much is going on in the house….The HGs don’t seem to know what to do with themselves (except that Jessie is still sleeping)….Several iron their clothes, but they don’t want to get dressed yet…Nat asks Chima if her extensions are sewn in. Chima says “Yes” and that it took a long time….In the pool room Russ is lying on his bed. He throws a few punches in the air. Then he gets up and joins Lydia in making origami…..They laugh about Jess having to unclog the toilet for Nat…A little before 10, Jeff is up, putting in contacts, and shaving. Just as he is shaving they call him to the DR. (They have called other HGs to the DR as well, all for very short periods.)

Jordan tells Chima and Michele that she is PMSing and is aggravated. She talks about Russ asking for votes. Chima says, “He (Russ) HAS to go!”

10:00 am….Shortly after 10:00 am BBT, the feeds go to trivia and stay there….Later in the day, CBS posts on the feeds that the live feeds will not return until 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Central time

On Feed 1, Real Player has an extended “talk show” marathon, hosted by Chelsia from BB9 and a BB fan named Missy. Most of the calls cover the same questions that Jokers’ posters have discussing all week, and neither Chelsia nor Missy seems to be an expert on the show. (Note: Since my recap (as always) only covers the live HG feeds, and the “talk show” gives us no new information, I am not covering the “talk show” in this recap.) The talk show ends a little before 1 pm BBT…. After the “talk show” RealPlayer plays some reruns of “Jon and Kate Plus Eight.”

Chelsia and Missy return about 2:00 BBT, but with no sound for awhile, with lots of sound problems afterwards.

Bottom line: You didn't miss much today, but tonight's feeds should be VERY interesting, and I'll include them in my longer (official) recap tomorrow.