9:00 AM
And BB wakes up the HGs. Frank is the first one up and he is in the kitchen upset about the sugar cookies being left out on counter all night. He said "we should have ants in our pants right now."

Frank and Shane are sitting on couches in backyard discussing Frank not being able to play HOH. Shane says, "Don't worry your good. I have to step up. I am in a hard spot and I have to win. One minute you're headed out the door, the next you're safe; it's crazy." Frank says, "It's beneficial for me to keep you here and I am willing to throw Veto to you if I am playing." Shane: "Same goes for me. I have been throwing the idea around could be game changer. Shane asks Frank who he wants up and asks if he's ready to go against Janelle. Frank says, "I am not sure it's the right time." Shane: "How about putting up Wil? If you save JoJo or Danielle they will have your back. Danielle is the obvious choice though to be put up." Frank: "Not sure I am ready to shake things up yet." Shane: "If you get put up I would keep you safe and pull you off if I win veto in the future. Thanks for letting me get stuff off my chest." Frank: "No problem. Glad we can work together." They both shook hands to seal the deal.

10:00 AM
Frank is telling Boogie about his discussion with Shane. Frank says that it seems Shane really wants to work together. They are discussing the coaches' competition. Boogie: "Depending on what it is I may dump the comp to Britney to save Shane." Joe came out and stopped game talk.

10:45 AM
Trivia is displayed because it's the POV ceremony.

11:45 AM
Feeds are back. Shane used the POV to save himself and Frank put Danielle up on the block next to JoJo.

Shane says he cannot stand Janelle and that she is two-faced. JoJo agrees. Shane says he's going to fight to keep her in the game. Jojo says she knows America loves her and Shane because they are so real, and good to look at. Shane tells JoJo his middle name is Michael, his last name is Meaney (pronounced meanie) and that he is Irish. Jojo tells Shane that it's way too soon for her to go and she wants to stay since she gives people in the world hope.

12:00 PM
Janelle whispering to Ashley that Jojo and Shane sucks, and that they are bland. Janelle tells Ashley she was nervous during the POV ceremony. She thought there was a 2% chance Wil would have gone on the block and she would have been pissed. Conversation changes and now Danielle, Janelle and Ashley are talking about Jessie, Natalie, Lydia and Michele. Janelle trash talks and says Natalie's hair was disgusting, greasy and vile.

1:00 PM
A little organic and inorganic chemistry anyone? Danielle and Ian talk about it in the hammock.

2:30 PM
Frank and Joe are in the HoH. Frank tells Joe that he originally believed that knocking out Dan by evicting Danielle was the best way to go, but now he thinks that JoJo might be a better choice because Dan and Britney are on the same level with only one player each. They talk about floaters (Jenn, Ashley and Ian) and eliminating them in final six.

4:15 PM
Janelle is talking about JoJo's outfit during the POV ceremony. She walks over to deck where Dan, Boogie, Frank, Danielle, and Wil are sitting and said, "Can you believe JoJo wore a silk robe and heels to the veto meeting. OMG." Everyone laughed. Then she said, "So JoJo is leaving this Thursday, right? Is that what everyone is voting?" Frank, Wil and Dan said yes. It then goes back to general conversation.

4:20 PM
Looks like Shane is using M&Ms to work through the timing of things.

6:00 PM
Boogie and Frank are in the HOH rehashing a discussion Frank had with Joe. Frank says that Joe told him Wil is Janelle's favorite and apparently Joe wants to work with Team Boogie. Frank says he told Joe not to tell anyone and Boogie says they can leave Joe in the game. Frank says Joe will vote out JoJo. Janelle comes in HOH and asks if Frank is ready to workout. Again, they talk about JoJo wearing a robe with heels to the veto meeting and Janelle and Frank leave the room. Dan joins Boogie in HOH and asks if it's okay that Danielle tells Janelle she'll put up Shane and Frank. Boogie says, "Yeah, that's cool." He tells Dan that Joe is on board to keep Danielle and Dan is pleased. Boogie asks if Dan has talked to Janelle and Dan says only a little bit. Dan leaves the HoH room to play chess with Danielle.

7:15 PM
All HGs sit down to dinner. Joe made burgers for the Haves and slop burgers for the Have-nots.

8:25 AM
Ashley, JoJo, Shane, Danielle, and Jenn are in the bathroom. Ashley is upset and crying saying that it was a mistake to vote Kara out. She also says that Frank will murder her in comps and thinks that Frank has a final 2 deal with Ian. They all console her.

The rest of the HGs are sitting outside in the backyard chatting.

9:00 PM
Libations arrive.

9:30 PM
Jenn and Ian are alone in the bathroom. Jenn whispered that she was told that he and Frank have an final 2 deal. Ian says that's BS and "don't believe the hype." He says that was said by Kara, like he'd make an F2 deal on day 4. They're briefly interrupted by JoJo. After she leaves, Ian tells Jenn that the other thing you have to keep in mind is that there's no way Ian could beat Frank if they got to that point. He says he thinks he knows where that came from (F2 with Frank). Jenn says she thinks he does, too, and hints it was someone so upset about Kara leaving. Ian says he feels much more comfortable with Shane running HoH next week rather than Wil or Joe because the alliance is getting too big to sustain itself. Then Jenn finally reveals that it was Ashley who said that while she was crying about Kara.

10:45 PM
Ashley is up in the HoH with Frank. Frank tells Ashley anytime she has questions to come talk to him, he is an open book. He says again, he does NOT have a final 2 with Ian or anyone else. Ashley says JoJo told her it's gonna be a guy's game and it got into her head. Ashley says now she feels bad she ever said anything about the Ian/Frank final 2 rumor.

Wil comes in HoH where Frank and Ashley are talking along with Janelle who comes in bringing cookie dough. They rehash the Ian/Frank final 2 rumor and they all agree it was all blown out of proportion. Janelle asks Ashley why she was crying in the bathroom and Frank says not to be hard on her; it's not a big deal. Ashley tells Wil and Frank that no one talks game with her, but they instead make 'digs' at her like she's stupid. Conversation changes to talking about other houseguests. About Jenn, they're saying she's a little like JoJo always talking about herself. About Ian, Frank says he's just a kid but he acts like he's 16. Frank says he loves Ian, but doesn't trust him in the game because of maturity. Frank says, "I'm not saying final 3, but I trust you guys over Ian or Jenn." Frank tells them they are thinking of getting JoJo out. Ashley agrees. Wil says he'll do whatever Frank wants. Frank says he loves Janelle and Boogie but they can't tell them everything. Ashley says Joe stays up late to make sure Janelle's not talking to anybody. They all agree Joe tells too much to Janelle. Wil saying when Danielle goes, Dan goes and that is attractive. Will and Frank agree Dan has thrown every comp. Wil says Dan will play nice and come on hard at the end. Ashley says she can see through Dan'e BS. Wil and Frank both say they can beat Dan at comps, but maybe not Shane.

11:50 PM
Ashley, Britney, JoJo and Shane in Have-not room talking game.

Ashley says all Janelle cares about is keeping Wil. Britney says she feels sorry for what Ashley has to go through. Ashley says Janelle acts like it's a sin to cry. Shane tells her she can come and cry to them anytime; they won't judge her. JoJo says if Ashley had voted to keep Kara, her team would've turned on her, but Britney's team still loves her and talks to her even though she voted against them. Shane says, "Keep me in the game and I can take you girls far." Britney says Joe is going to get caught in his lies. Shane says they should tell Frank that Joe was going through his bag. Shane says Joe went through Frank's bag on week one trying to find evidence that Frank had a job. Ashley and Britney leave the Have-Not room and JoJo and Shane start talking about it's a good time to bring Ashley in. They're discussing getting Danielle out so JoJo stays; Shane says see what can change in one day. They talk about convincing others. JoJo gets called to DR and they're conversation ends.

1:05 AM
Britney, Ian and Boogie are in the HoH. Britney says to Ian, "If I tell you something, do you promise not to tell anyone else? Ian: "Yeah." Britney: "You're my favorite person in the house." Britney asks Ian what he thinks of this cast and he says he likes them. Britney says, "Oh Ian, if you were home, you would hate half the cast." Ian says, "Really?" Then he looks to Boogie and Boogie says, "Well he thinks it is half dimwits." Ian, "Me?" Boogie, "No, people that don't know the game." They thought Shane would hook up with one of the hotties and they thought JoJo would mix things up but she hasn't.

Talk turns to silliness with Britney saying to Ian, "Do you think someone can have an attractive butt crack?" Camera cuts to Boogie who looks amused. Ian does and thinks Ashley had an attractive ass crack. He thinks Kara was totally attractive. Boogie says, "Awesome, I love your honesty." Britney, "Is Kara the hottest woman you've ever seen?" Ian says, "Yeah, over Ashley." Ian ranks the girls in the house in terms of hotness: Kara, Ashley, Janelle, Danielle, JoJo, Jenn, and Jodi.

1:30 AM
Ashley is talking to Danielle in bed about Janelle again. She says she wishes she had went against Janelle last week and kept Kara. She says that Janelle always said Kara was Dan's top racehorse and Dan was protecting Kara, not Danielle. Ashley saying Janelle plays dirty and is mean. She doesn't like it so that's why she got emotional today. Danielle wants to know the details of what Janelle thinks of her but Ashley says Janelle hasn't said much. Danielle asks Ashley to promise she won't vote her out and Ashley says she isn't voting her out.

2:00 AM
Janelle, Frank, Joe, Dan, Ian, and Wil are all outside in the backyard talking about the incident with Willie. Ian tells them how hard Willie tried to get Ian to vote with him. Janelle says she was irritated at how Willie hounded Ashley and says they need Boston Rob to come visit the BB house to make Willie mad. She explains that Boston Rob beat Willie's brother on Survivor, so Willie probably hates him. They talk about a possible showmance between Shane and Danielle, but Ian says he sleeps in Have-Not room with them and says they flirt and play, but he guarantees nothing's going on. He says Shane flirts more with Danielle.

3:10 AM
Backyard crew breaks up and heads for bed.

3:45 AM
All houseguests asleep.

Is it possible that the house will change their minds and vote out Danielle instead? Will Ashley go off on Janelle telling her how she really feels? And will Britney's secret that Ian is her favorite get out to the other houseguests? Stay tuned . . .

Thanks so much to the Joker’s Updaters for your wonderful updates; this couldn't get done without you guys!