Big Brother Recap September 3, 2010
Trashing of the house, 10K and Predictable Noms

Lane was the first one up this morning at 11:00 am. Everyone was awake and outside by 11:30 am for an outdoor lock down. When lock down was over they see they switched the table out to the tiny table that seats 4.

12:00 Noon – The house guests get an inside competition. When the feeds return at 1:54 we see the house guests searching the house for something. They are searching everything, the drawers, the cabinets, the trash, in food items and really trashing the kitchen. Enzo found the first one which is a coin. We soon figure out that each of them had to hide a coin and someone else has to find it. The last person’s coin that is not found will be the winner of $10,000. Once the coin the house guest hid is found, they are eliminated and can’t continue to hunt for the coins. Enzo found the first coin (believe it or not!) and eliminated Hayden. Big brother gave them hints as they searched. Brittney finds Enzo’s coin and eliminated him. Finally after 3.5 hours Brittney finds Lane’s coin in the recycle bin and wins the $10,000. She is happy because she has not won anything in the house.

After the competition, BB took turns calling them in to the DR and they cleaned. Well Hayden, Brit and Lane cleaned, Enzo moved stuff around and complained about how tired he was and how he needed a nap.

They finally talk about nominations while Brit is in the DR. Lane said he will go up against Brit that he trusts that they will vote out Brit. Enzo replied, well if she wins POV you will go home. (Why because he will be on the block next to you and Brit would send Lane home??). Hayden told Lane that Brit told him the same thing to put Lane and her up. This really makes Lane mad because he felt she threw him under the bus and wants him to leave that week. Enzo then said that he hoped that Brit used up all her luck today winning the competition because he wants her to lose POV and get the F%^@ out of there this week.

Brittney got to see a “real” person after the comp because she cut her finger.

At 7:00 pm we got the famous trivia on the feeds. When the feeds returned we find out that Lane and Brittney are nominated.

The most exciting conversation of the night was with the brigade. Lane pointed out to Enzo that if Brittney won POV that he would be put on the block and Brit would vote him out. Enzo got all upset saying Yo she won 10K get her out, she is engaged get her out etc. Hayden told him that he can win POV that he has done it before and will do it again.

Later Brittney visits Hayden in the HOH and tells him that she has enemies in the jury house and can’t win this game. That it would be best to bring her to the end. They all went to bed by midnight. Nothing else to do I guess .

Will Brittney win POV? Will Lane win and take Brittney off? Are Enzo’s days numbered? Will these guys ever wake up and actually do or say something interesting? Thanks Recappers for hanging in there and posting through this not so exciting day!