9:30 am Big Brother wake up call for the day.

Of course since the HG stayed up until 4:00am there is no movement in the house.

Big Brother calls for an outdoor lock down. Everyone files out the door & finds a place to lay down and go back to sleep. Russell gets in the pool and lays on a raft while other's are all over the backyard napping. Once the lock-down is over, everyone goes back inside to bed except Jordan & Russell. Jordan is sleeping in the hammock.

Big Brother calls for a indoor lock down.
It remains a very lazy boring day. There are several attempts from Jeff, Nat & Chima to bond with Jeff in case he has the Wizard power.

Jessie corners Jordan and asks her in a whisper if Jeff had told her what they (jeff & Jessie) had talked about. Jordan told him no. Jessie was surprised Jeff hadn't talked to her about him wanting to have a discussion with both of them.

Chima gets the HOH camera and the same pictures taken each week of the same house-guests begins. They do get a little creative this week using the timer on the camera and get some great group shots minus Russell, which makes Chima very happy.

Jessie is laying in the hammock with Nat. He's acting very moody & quiet. Nat asks him what is wrong. He tells her that he may not be here tomorrow. She gets angry and tells him to just shut up with the paranoia already because he will be here tomorrow.

Russell is back in the pool just floating on the raft. Jeff comes out and they just chat about anything other than big brother. Soon the conversation switches and Russell asks Jeff if he could talk to Jessie about making an alliance to try and ensure Jessie's vote. Jeff tells Russell to not count on Jessie's vote. He has been trying to hint to Russell for days about his Wizard powers to put Russell at east.

Jeff: Think about other options
Russell: Where Jeff?
Jeff: You talk to Michele?
Russ: Michele is with Chima, she has her wrapped. Chima's got this game.
Jeff: Don't be so sure. Don't give up hope
Russ: My only hope is the mystery power (ding ding)

The house-guests notice there is a tarp over the backyard. They speculate that tomorrows HOH could be an endurance.

Jessie comes to the pool where Jeff & Russell are shooting water basketball. Jessie tells Russell & Jeff that he can't stick his neck out for Russ to be that 4th vote. He said he doesn't control Natalie's vote so Russell doesn't have the votes to stay. He told Jeff that he has his back in the future.

Jessie to Russ: I don't control Natalie's vote and as of right now you don't have it so you don't have the votes to stay. You need to line up the other votes and then come to me and I'll think about it.

Jeff: Yea, I don't want to go against the house and get Jordan in trouble again because of me going against everyone.

Jessie: I won't go after you Jeff in the future weeks cuz if the girls want to take out the guys, then I can't take another guy out.

Jeff: That's only one person's opinion and not all the girls are on board

Jessie: Yea, yea, yea, no your right, not all the girls are on board.

Jessie tells Natalie about his conversation with Jeff & Russ at the pool and how he told Russ he didn't have the votes.

It's time for the Big Brother Half Way Mark Party!
What that means for us feed watchers is no feeds for a few hours.
The house-guests get to celebrate making it halfway through the game and into the jury house. They play music, dance & eat pizza. Even the have nots get to eat & drink (jeff, michele, lydia, kevin)

Feeds back. The house-guests are in an indoor lock-down, the party is over. Michele, Russell, Jeff & Jordan are all in the splish splash room. You can tell they are feeling pretty good from the alcohol drank. They joke about anatomy difference between and man & a woman. They are laughing and having a good time for a change.

Mean while up in the HOH room, Chima is going on & on about her favorite topic. Russell.

Back to the fun room and Jeff, Jordan & Russell are telling Michele about her moaning in her sleep. Michele tells them about talking in her sleep real bad when she lived in the college dorm and her talking bad about her room mates.

Chima is in the HOH room asking Kevin why Jeff is so stand-offish.

Chima: He doesn't want to sit with us, even Russ sat at the table during the party.

Kevin: He's always the first to leave. Maybe he genuinely doesn't like us.

Chima: We don't like each other all the time, but we try to be a cohesive unit. I think he genuinely doesn't' like people as a whole. He likes his immediate family and friends.

Kevin: Jeff thinks females are scumbags

Chima: He's defiantly a bros before hos kinda guy. He's a mystery hence the mystery power.

Kevin: I feel like Jessie is mysterious too. He's very sensitive

Chima: He's super sensitive

Kevin: He turns the littlest thing into you don't have his back or you don't like him.

Chima agrees.

The house-guests are all laying in beds. Half are sleeping after their party.

Russell and Michele are alone in the SS room talking game. Russell is campaigning for a vote. He tells Michele that Chima & Jessie are running the game. He tells her if he stays he will gun for them.

Jessie barges in the room where Russell & Michele were whispering game and looks like a crazy man. He asks Michele what happened to her just 4 days ago. Russell & Michele look confused because Jessie looks like he just woke up.

Jessie to Michele: I think it's really weird that just 4 days ago this man was in your face calling you crazy and now your talking game with him.

Russell: What about you Jessie. During my HOH Ronnie wanted to dump a bucket of water on Michele's head and you were egging him on telling him to go do it, how are you any different than me. She knows I said those things cuz I said them to her face. You go around acting all high & mighty while you bash them behind their backs.

They boys get real heated up and stand nose to nose. Pretty soon Russell starts laughing at Jessie which causes Jessie to go into a skit saying "can I get an amen". Both boys end up laughing. Russell tells Jessie his back is against the wall & he is fighting to stay in the house. He says you know exactly how I feel. Jessie does. He has been here before. Nat comes in and Jessie & Nat tell Russell that he screwed them when he put Ronnie on the block. They confirm that Ronnie wanted to backdoor Russell. I guess it's just their game Russell is suppose to protect. Jessie told Russell that Russ was a defeated man. Russell "oh hell no"

During the whole fight/non-fight between Jess & Russ, all the girls & Kevin ran into the HOH room to start a bash Russ feeding frenzy. Michele tells everyone what all Russell had said to while trying to get her vote. She tells the whole room that Russell is crazy and she is not voting for him.

Jessie goes up to the HOH to report that this is just a game and that Russell is just trying to stay in the game. Nothing more.

While this whole fight was going on, Jeff was in the green room just chilling out.

Jordan & Michele tell the hoh room that Russell was the one that voted for Casey to stay. Russell is being blamed for everything except the world economy.

Everyone in the HOH decide to try and out the real Wizard holder. They know the wizard can't tell you they have the power so each one says I have the power to show they are not the winner. Once they are done they come to the conclusion that Jeff has to be the one with the power but they are convinced he won't use it because they feel he will not go against the house ad put a bigger target on your back.

Russell is alone in the splish splash room talking to us. He's telling us that Michele in production is beautiful and sexy. He's not sure if is junk works any more cuz he's been there for so long then he says "Chima knows" and laughs. He tells us he's like a pregnant woman all depressed and eating too much pizza and too much candy. He discusses the pros & cons of fruit chews. Russell offers to take Michele from Big Brother production to Hawaii with the money he won.

All the group in the hoh room break up & head to their beds where some stay up most of the night just talking and wondering what tomorrow will bring. Will Russell get enough votes to stay, Will Jeff use his wizard powers, will Chima lose her mind if Jeff does use the power.