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Reality TV - Websites

American Inventor Spot    
      Fun website with daily blogs, active forum and gallery of inventions, as well as wacky products
      (153 hits) - Submitted on:  04/19/06 10:27 PM    Add To Favorites
Bachelor Girl Fan Blog    
      Blog for ABC's The Bachelor & The Bachelorette
      (261 hits) - Submitted on:  05/25/08 09:04 PM    Add To Favorites
      Deflating the non-celebrity. Your one-stop reality gossip blog.
      (254 hits) - Submitted on:  09/19/07 06:50 PM    Add To Favorites
Digital Spy Forums    
      Reality TV Discussion Forums
      (486 hits) - Submitted on:  09/17/04 01:00 PM    Add To Favorites
Do you have a question about reality TV?    
      Ask questions or leave feedback for BB and other reality shows
      (167 hits) - Submitted on:  11/17/06 09:28 AM    Add To Favorites
DWTS Penn & Kym Facebook Page    
      watch, vote, discuss
      (44 hits) - Submitted on:  02/19/08 08:48 AM    Add To Favorites
DWTS Penn & Kym MySpace Page    
      watch, vote, discuss
      (116 hits) - Submitted on:  02/19/08 08:49 AM    Add To Favorites
Graham Bunn Fansite from The Bachelorette 4    
      This is a fun and interactive new fansite dedicated to Graham Bunn. Please come and join! We would love to have you.
      (128 hits) - Submitted on:  07/06/08 01:22 AM    Add To Favorites
I Love Reality Television    
      Web site with links and information about most reality TV shows. Includes show details and links to official sites and casting info.
      (1036 hits) - Submitted on:  07/06/03 10:13 PM    Add To Favorites
I Want A Famous Face Yahoo Group    
      An email group for the MTV reality show, "I Want a Famous Face". Members can discuss the show, the participants, or the celebrities that were emulated on the show.
      (143 hits) - Submitted on:  07/01/04 12:19 AM    Add To Favorites
Jason Mesnik From the Bachelorette Season 4    
      Fans of Jason Mesnik from the Bachelorette season 4 with Deanna Pappas. Time to connect with Jason fans all over the world! Everyone is welcome to join! Any Bachelor/Bachelorette fans of the show & obviously, JASON &ty fans! =)
      (116 hits) - Submitted on:  07/03/08 04:02 PM    Add To Favorites
Let's Talk Reality Television    
      This blogs talks about reality television for the Bachelorette, Big Brother and everything in between.
      (172 hits) - Submitted on:  07/03/08 02:35 PM    Add To Favorites    
      We cover all things media but specialize in reality TV. Check out our recaps, interviews, messageboard & Big Brother Live Feeds. What do you Fiend?
      (512 hits) - Submitted on:  07/02/04 06:07 AM    Add To Favorites
Reality Check Radio    
      Reality Check is a new online radio show all about Reality TV! Get caught up on all the reality shows from both network and cable channels. Reality Check will have all the latest news, interviews, gossip and go in depth with all of the shows, plots, and twists and turns that make watching reality tv shows so much fun! Reality Check will be on the air every Monday and Thursday night from 11pm-midnight EST!
      (114 hits) - Submitted on:  07/03/08 11:26 AM    Add To Favorites
      *Updates on the most popular Reality Shows by Reality TV fans!
      (595 hits) - Submitted on:  08/26/03 12:53 PM    Add To Favorites
Reality Shack    
      Everything Reality TV
      (455 hits) - Submitted on:  07/24/05 09:56 PM    Add To Favorites
Reality TV Calendar    
      What's On When
      (235 hits) - Submitted on:  05/22/04 10:00 AM    Add To Favorites
Reality TV Fans    
      Offers news, commentary and recaps about reality televisions shows.
      (194 hits) - Submitted on:  05/15/08 10:17 AM    Add To Favorites
Reality TV Fans Refugess    
      We cover Big Brother,Survivor and many other reality shows.Plus we will cover many no reality shows.
      (251 hits) - Submitted on:  09/06/05 11:04 AM    Add To Favorites
Reality TV Magazine    
      A magazine about reality tv shows and reality tv stars.
      (258 hits) - Submitted on:  03/21/05 09:29 PM    Add To Favorites
Reality TV Planet    
      Weekly Challenge games, message boards, show news, polls and more.
      (446 hits) - Submitted on:  06/17/03 09:38 PM    Add To Favorites
Reality TV Pools    
      Reality TV Pools (RTP) is a site dedicated to reality TV shows.
      (195 hits) - Submitted on:  07/11/04 10:30 AM    Add To Favorites
Reality TV Tickets    
      Offers updates on reality tv related concerts and other events.
      (107 hits) - Submitted on:  11/04/08 01:14 PM    Add To Favorites    
      Your one stop source for news and info on your favorite RealityTV shows. Stop by the message boards and discuss it all!
      (675 hits) - Submitted on:  08/12/03 10:14 AM    Add To Favorites
      Message board,news updates,chats,games
      (396 hits) - Submitted on:  02/19/04 06:23 PM    Add To Favorites
      reality fans united to enjoy pleasant convos and make friends
      (148 hits) - Submitted on:  11/14/07 05:41 PM    Add To Favorites    
      Links to all sorts of Reality TV websites.
      (1178 hits) - Submitted on:  06/17/03 09:25 PM    Add To Favorites - The Online Resource Portal for Reality Television Shows  provides a very large collection of useful links and resources regarding reality television. This inclues survivor, big brother, millionaire, the mole, american idol and much more.
      (240 hits) - Submitted on:  03/14/06 02:35 PM    Add To Favorites
RealityWanted :: Reality TV Casting Calls    
      Post your profile and search reality tv casting calls.
      (159 hits) - Submitted on:  12/27/05 11:54 AM    Add To Favorites
      a french website on reality tv show, come on to share your reality tv show in others countries
      (164 hits) - Submitted on:  07/21/06 10:45 AM    Add To Favorites
      Bios, photos, and a forum on this New TV Sensation, from ROCKBAND.COM.
      (143 hits) - Submitted on:  06/29/05 04:48 AM    Add To Favorites
SirLinksalot: Reality Television Links    
      Offers news links and a directory to reality television websites.
      (3287 hits) - Submitted on:  06/24/03 04:20 PM    Add To Favorites
      SpeakReality was created mainly for fans of reality TV to discuss their favorite shows and castmembers and play online games. Since its creation, it has clearly turned into so much more than 'just a reality TV messageboard'! With over 600 members and over thousands of threads on a wide range of topics including music, movies, hobbies, fan fics, etc.. there is something for everyone here at SpeakReality. Come check us out!
      (230 hits) - Submitted on:  07/23/05 06:53 PM    Add To Favorites
Starting Over - Andy Pages website    
      a site devoted to fashion/makeup tips from one of the original Starting Over women
      (219 hits) - Submitted on:  04/17/05 04:10 AM    Add To Favorites
The only TV website for Intelligent TV viewers!  is the internet community for all things TV. Come visit and explore the website to find out about the latest plot twists, read reviews of new shows and interact with TV experts and fans just like you!
      (165 hits) - Submitted on:  06/27/06 01:37 PM    Add To Favorites    
      Trashwire covers entertainment, pop culture, reality tv and more.
      (180 hits) - Submitted on:  07/18/07 12:32 AM    Add To Favorites
TV Updates    
      Reality TV mega-site featuring News Flashes, Chat, Live Feed Updates and Screencaps!
      (662 hits) - Submitted on:  06/25/04 06:07 PM    Add To Favorites and  and one of the very best established and quality reality sites on the internet. check out our site on the lower left menu under recommended sites.
      (493 hits) - Submitted on:  10/11/05 05:47 AM    Add To Favorites

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