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*The Bachelor Juan Pablo chooses . . . . .
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*The Bachelor Pad/Bachelorette/Bachelor Spoiler Forum Policy
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*Reality Steve Live Video Chat 3/13
Dreamer221 0   03/20/14 12:23 AM
*Feel like I should check back here now and then to see when they break up. NT
susie841571 20   03/12/14 01:39 PM
x*You cheater... you dun good not slipping and spoiling me tho' LOL NT
ne14cookies03/12/14 06:59 PM
x*I didn't spoil either. I knew all along, cookies. NT
BBAnnie03/14/14 07:56 PM
x*Coulda fooled me :D NT
ne14cookies03/16/14 08:09 AM
x*That was the plan. I knew many didn't want to be spoiled. I wasn't going to be the one to do it. NT
BBAnnie03/17/14 04:58 PM
x*Spoiled by accident again when I read an article on Facebook. I must learn! NT
susie84103/14/14 07:52 AM
x*Would never mess it up for you, my Cookies. NT
susie84103/14/14 08:49 AM
x*Thank you both :) Until next time? I did see some pictures of d'boys and some nice looking men coming up for Andi. Not sure about her, but will try NT
ne14cookies03/15/14 07:09 AM
x*I plan on coming here, finding out who she picks, & go from there :-) NT
wyndycty03/15/14 07:39 AM
x*Exactly what I plan as well, Wyndy. Something s definitely going to have to peak my interest to get me to watch. NT
LibraLady03/15/14 06:27 PM
x*Same with me! NT
GazingEyes03/15/14 12:31 PM
x*You two must read the last few pages of the book first too? I just can't, I hate knowing the ending. But I will at least lurk a bit. NT
ne14cookies03/15/14 06:21 PM
x*Apples to Oranges cookies, I love a good murder mystery and would never read the end, but...
wyndycty03/16/14 06:17 AM
x*Oh Good. Yes I can see the apples/oranges difference. :) NT
ne14cookies03/16/14 08:11 AM
x*I prefer to know the ending. I do not like surprises. Just ask my hubby...he has to put someone else's name on my Christmas gifts so I will
vmaw03/15/14 06:34 PM
x*Now THAT's funny, vmaw. NT
onlymom03/18/14 11:09 AM
x*Would you tell him it's funny....he doesn't laugh. LOL!! NT
vmaw03/18/14 04:41 PM
x*I can't keep a secret of gifts I purchase. I usually give them to the person the minute I see them, even if it is a month early. (or 3):) NT
onlymom03/18/14 07:22 PM
x*Oh wow! I need someone like you in my life! Could you train my family? LOL!! NT
vmaw03/19/14 11:50 AM
x*It ends up being more expensive that way, but much more fun and spontaneous. And I might give something they totally don't need, but find funny NT
onlymom03/19/14 08:06 PM
ne14cookies03/16/14 08:11 AM
*Life & Style ~ EXPOSED
Dreamer1359 0   03/08/14 04:15 PM
*Bachelor Juan Pablo gets cold feet . . . .
Dreamer1943 0   03/01/14 01:30 AM
*Proposal Gone Wrong ~ Juan Pablo dumped!
Dreamer3972 18   02/27/14 04:27 PM
x*I don't think it will come to that BUT.. I am pretty sure he will only propose to continue dating and give the relationship time to grow. NT
Susanna03/05/14 03:37 PM
x*Reality Steve says...
DaveG03/07/14 09:23 PM
x*It looks from this Fleiss tweet that RS might be right
DaveG03/10/14 03:52 PM
x*If he's only proposing because of money, he's the sleaziest Bachelor yet. NT
HumblePie03/10/14 04:43 PM
x*Can see this happening! NT
Guppy03/10/14 05:20 PM
x*The claim is it's something we haven't seen before. Maybe he dumps Clare and chooses Nikki but Nikki tells him that they should just date? It still
BBAnnie03/06/14 05:16 PM
x*And what of the rumors that he is already in contact with his ex GFs in Miami? NT
DaveG03/05/14 09:22 PM
x*In contact or in bed with? NT
BigGirlPanties03/06/14 07:14 AM
x*I'll hold my tongue on that one, but I'm guessing JP hasn't... NT
DaveG03/06/14 04:31 PM
x*LMAO, Dave! NT
BigGirlPanties03/07/14 07:18 AM
x*There is no way Clare is going to walk off, Nikki maybe but not NT
flightsy03/05/14 07:12 AM
x*HA! Well she did walk off..LOL. But then I would have walked a long time ago :) NT
flightsy03/11/14 09:22 AM
x*Only after she got dumped. She was just pissed that he chose Nikki over her. Clare thinks sex = love. NT
BBAnnie03/12/14 03:23 PM
x*The pictured magazine is nothing but lies. But I do not see a marriage from this season or even a long relationship. NT
susie84103/04/14 11:46 AM
x*The magazine has a close relationship with ABC PR. Every lie serves a purpose for the Fleiss machine. NT
DaveG03/08/14 06:42 AM
x*I agree Susie. He doesn't seem interested in either of them. NT
Guppy03/04/14 08:27 PM
x*I think he's interested -- for now. I don't think he knows what forever love is. NT
susie84103/05/14 04:16 PM
x*This would be perfect! NT
BBAnnie03/03/14 03:41 PM
*TMZ says the next Bachelorette is..
stewart1363 4   02/27/14 06:28 AM
x*Wouldn't be surprise. I personally would have prefer to see a new face! The show should surprise us sometime! PLEASE! more of the same is boring! NT
Susanna03/05/14 03:42 PM
x*Did RS say that last fall? NT
BBAnnie03/03/14 03:42 PM
x*Why? NT
GazingEyes02/27/14 12:09 PM
x*Not surprised since they focused so much on her leaving...isn't that kind of what they did with Ali too? NT
SkyBluePink02/27/14 12:04 PM
*Besides the fantasy suite fiasco, on his next to last date with Andi, he chose to play soccer with the locals over getting to know HER. NT
susie841195 3   02/26/14 10:24 AM
x*Not with the locals...with the local children. That was awesome...and she also played. We only see a small part of their time together. NT
vmaw02/26/14 05:28 PM
x*She seemed to like him at that point...and how good he was with the kids :) NT
SkyBluePink02/27/14 12:05 PM
x*Yeah, that's true. NT
susie84103/01/14 11:28 AM
*WonPob is too woman crazy. I don't know how he could settle down to ONE woman! NT
ic2muchtv1008 2   02/26/14 08:29 AM
x*According to RS
HumblePie02/26/14 03:11 PM
x*Now that sounds just like Mike Fleiss, attempting once again to make something out of things gone casting JP. NT
DaveG03/03/14 02:10 PM
*On a spoiler side note.... "The Women Tell All" sounds like it could end up being *really* good this season. NT
shortcake330 2   02/25/14 02:54 PM
x*From spoilers of TWTA, most of the women think JP sucks so that should be interesting. NT
HumblePie02/26/14 02:52 AM
x*Is there a hidden message here? You put *really*, so I'm wondering. Sometimes I'm slow. LOL! NT
vmaw02/25/14 08:17 PM
*Here's another story about what will happen tonight. I wish they would all dump him tonight!!!
dwig2221717 5   02/25/14 01:00 PM
x*omg if this is true (& it sounds like it is).. what a tool! but.. finally something worth watching.. I hope she really lets him have it! NT
shortcake02/25/14 02:36 PM
x*Woa, I would spit in his face and left the fantasy suite as soon as he brought another woman into the room. How crass can you get? And then
Guppy02/25/14 02:28 PM
x*Fantasy Suite Nighmare - (US Weekly Cover)
Dreamer02/25/14 02:14 PM
x*lol dreamer... starting to understand why wonpob has said if he could go back... he wouldn't do the show again :/ NT
shortcake02/25/14 02:38 PM
x*At the end, I feel the show brought him down several pegs. I'd like to hear why Desiree sent him packing early. Did she see his lack of real? NT
susie84102/27/14 08:16 AM
*The next Bachelorette according to RS:
HumblePie1841 17   02/21/14 04:24 PM
x*rather have Renee NT
Vicki_Lynne02/26/14 01:01 PM
x*I think that would upset Renee's boyfriend. NT
BBAnnie02/26/14 05:56 PM
x*I was *meh* on her before... but after hearing how feisty she is & how she's gonna tell him off tonight... count me in.. go andi! NT
shortcake02/25/14 02:43 PM
x*She would be my pick. I don't think he has inside information, just speculation based on why the other girls wouldn't work. I hope he's right. NT
dwig22202/23/14 12:40 PM
x*YAY. Boring Renee is kicked to the curb. TYG. NT
LettucePray02/22/14 07:29 PM
x*I would have preferred Renee. Andi is OK, but Renee is super likeable. Someone you can really root for. Nothing boring about her. NT
procheervet02/25/14 09:57 AM
x*Me too, I think she has a lot to give, maturity, sweetness, etc. I think Andi is a "ballbuster" won't watch if it's her. NT
VintageViolet02/25/14 06:23 PM
x*I will watch because I'm addicted to this insipid show. I've been unhappy with quite a few of their choices. NT
susie84103/05/14 04:18 PM
x*Well, Renee has a man now. NT
BBAnnie02/25/14 06:29 PM
x*she's a great person... hope she finds someone really awesome to share her life with. NT
shortcake02/25/14 02:40 PM
x*Apparently she has a bf now. NT
HumblePie02/25/14 02:44 PM
x*awww... good! NT
shortcake02/25/14 02:52 PM
x*Renee is a real lady. I do like Andi though. I think her exit tonight will possibly make people pull for her even more. NT
HumblePie02/25/14 10:11 AM
x*Renee isn't boring. She's normal. NT
susie84102/25/14 09:39 AM
x*And not particularly attractive... so there is now way Fleiss would pick her for The Bachelorette. He's too shallow. NT
DaveG02/26/14 02:44 PM
x*not particularly attractive even though she looks a lot like Jennifer Anniston.....LOL tell it to Jennifer. NT
Brn2Wander03/12/14 10:44 AM
x*I like I'm OK with that :) NT
SkyBluePink02/22/14 12:27 PM
*So what's the spoiler on the overnight dates that is supposedly so shocking? NT
shesgg3110 14   02/18/14 05:06 AM
x*Found a link with information about what is going to be happening with Andi… link inside
Susanna02/19/14 04:48 PM
x*That Fleiss allows them to admit they don't actually fornicate like bunnies all night? lol NT
BBAnnie02/18/14 05:57 PM
x*I think Andi walks. NT
HumblePie02/18/14 04:51 PM
x*Andi's my fav right now. If he was a jerk, I'm glad she walked. Maybe he and Clare really belong together. NT
shesgg02/18/14 07:10 PM
x*If? ABC has apparently warned him to stay away from the past GFs in Miami until the show is over. NT
DaveG02/22/14 01:15 PM
x*How does not finding "the one" on a tv show make him a jerk? I just don't get it. Personally,I have not seen him come across as a jerk. NT
vmaw02/22/14 03:36 PM
x*Nor me, just people taking things too seriously. His English (lack of?) really does seem an issue. Too bad, too. :( NT
VintageViolet02/25/14 06:25 PM
x*I think it's something that wasn't on camera. NT
BBAnnie02/25/14 06:29 PM
x*He supposedly said very hurtful things to Andi. That's what makes him a jerk. NT
susie84102/25/14 12:12 PM
x*I wouldn't know. I'm not watching... NT
DaveG02/22/14 07:32 PM
x*Maybe Clare busts in on JP and Andi, spills about the "late night swimming" she did with JP. I'm thinking Clare does something for sure... NT
VintageViolet02/18/14 01:48 PM
x*I've been thinking about it. Maybe he is HIV pos. or has herpes. They said it was the most shocking overnight ever. NT
shesgg02/18/14 03:14 PM
x*According to RS
HumblePie02/18/14 06:59 PM
x*LOL What a surprise! NT
TrinaE02/19/14 11:22 AM
*The Bachelor spoilers: Which girls eliminated themselves from the competition this season?.
wyndycty1316 6   02/10/14 06:02 AM
x*I ADORE Andi, but I would rather see Renee as the next 'ette. NT
procheervet02/12/14 09:22 AM
x*agree with Renee NT
Vicki_Lynne02/26/14 01:02 PM
x*I think Renee would make an excellent 'bette NT
coastal02/16/14 09:30 PM
x*Makes sense to me that Andi is on course to be the next Bachelorette, I'd watch it for sure. :) NT
VintageViolet02/11/14 12:43 PM
x*I don't think she'd do it, but I'd love to see Renee as the next b'ette. NT
BigGirlPanties02/11/14 01:27 PM
x*I'd love to see Renee too. To me, she'd be there for the right reasons and would do a great show too. NT
coastal02/11/14 07:03 PM
*I think that when we are spoiled AND we don't like that final girl, it gets hard to enjoy the show. Nikki is suppose to be the "winner" and if she is
Susanna3173 25   01/29/14 03:51 PM
x*I agree with RS. We have seen more of the women complain about Nikki's negativity. With Clare, they complain about attention seeking.
melrose02/23/14 03:43 PM
x*And isn't it interesting that several of the ladies are in touch with Nikki via twitter and no one is in contact with Claire? NT
BBAnnie02/24/14 03:08 PM
x*IMO Clare is more of a bitch than Nikki. I am liking Nikki. NT
procheervet02/12/14 09:23 AM
x*I don't see Clare as a "bitchy" type but do see that coming out in Nikki. NT
coastal02/16/14 09:31 PM
x*Really? I see Clare as being completely bitchy. What else explains no contact with any of the other women via twitter? NT
BBAnnie02/17/14 04:20 PM
x*RealitySteve warned that they may edit her to look better. He said none of the women really liked her. NT
HumblePie02/12/14 11:44 AM
x*Just remember that RS isn't always right about everything. Go check out some of the twitter accounts and see who communicates with others from the
BBAnnie02/12/14 04:36 PM
x*You got that right. At miniumum, RS got this part wrong, again! NT
JaneJane02/17/14 12:50 PM
x* really points to who his sources could be this year. Elise and Clare do not like Nikki so... NT
BBAnnie02/17/14 04:19 PM
x*I think she is hilarious and is the most entertaining in her interviews. Maybe it's just me but I find sarcastic humor to be the funniest. NT
ihavsomthin2do02/04/14 01:01 PM
x*And me!! I've never NOT liked her, love sarcasm! I also think she's well-liked by the others (see their Twitter feeds). NT
VintageViolet02/11/14 12:44 PM
x*I'm warming up to her because of her sarcasm, too. NT
BigGirlPanties02/04/14 01:07 PM
x*agree with you NC friend! She's very real....... NT
ready2retire02/04/14 04:47 PM
x*I liked what she told JP about her work so… she might not be as sour as I thought! NT
Susanna02/04/14 02:23 PM
x*i don't think he's really looking for a wife anyway... she's definitely a lot different than expected, but i watch for the drama, not the fairytale NT
shortcake02/01/14 08:44 PM
x*Well, if you watch for the drama, then you're going to enjoy it lot more than me!. I like happy endings and all the cheese romance! Can't help it! NT
Susanna02/02/14 02:59 PM
x*She hasn't left a bad impression on me. She reminds me of BB Britney Haynes with her snark. Clare on the other hand... NT
BBAnnie01/30/14 06:27 PM
x*Don't worry. He isn't going to marry her anyway. NT
susie84101/30/14 09:30 AM
x*He has no interest in marrying any of does it really matter who he picks? NT
SkyBluePink02/03/14 12:47 PM
x*Yup...we have a winner! NT
BBAnnie02/03/14 04:29 PM
x*Yes, and it would be very surprising if he does! In fact VERY surprising! NT
Susanna02/02/14 03:02 PM
x*Didn't people say that about Catherine and Sean? NT
BBAnnie02/02/14 03:36 PM
x*I thought Sean was sincerely looking for a wife. Won Pobs is not. NT
susie84102/06/14 12:55 PM
x*Only because some people hated Sean, and still do. NT
TrinaE02/03/14 09:52 AM
x*Didn't watch his season. So I guess he doesn't really bother me except that he was on DWTS. NT
BBAnnie02/03/14 04:29 PM
*'Bachelor' Finale Spoilers: Who Does Juan Pablo REALLY End Up With? ..
wyndycty4399 26   01/19/14 06:33 AM
x*I've thought all along they would have gotten better viewership had they chosen Drew as Bachelor...and better chance of proposal, looks like. NT
blueeyes8302/15/14 05:08 PM
x*I think it should have been Zac. He was funny and had a personality. No big ego there. NT
TrinaE02/15/14 05:58 PM
x*Yeah, either one, really, would have done more for me than JP. I've kept up w/ this season halfheartedly..haven't planned my mon. nights around TB NT
blueeyes8302/18/14 10:35 PM
x*I would have liked Drew or Zac. I absolutely LOVED Zac and feel that he would have entertained.
BigGirlPanties02/17/14 10:04 AM
x*Zac really did seem to be a sweetie. Drew was very handsome, but they never showed him as having much of a personality. NT
TrinaE02/17/14 12:20 PM
x*To each their own, I never thought Zac was the least bit attractive and Drew, while sweet and adorable, was almost childlike. I can't picture either
procheervet02/18/14 09:44 AM
x*I, for one, wouldn't have watched had they chosen Zac. He had his sweet moments, but mostly he just came across as awkward and creepy to me. NT
vmaw02/16/14 06:20 PM
x*A opposed to being a horn dog? LOL NT
TrinaE02/16/14 06:39 PM
x*Well, I haven't seen Juan Pablo as a "horn dog"...but, that's just me. I am enjoying this season.
vmaw02/16/14 06:46 PM
x*Nope, not just you. I don't JP as a horn dog either, and I am enjoying his season as well. I too was not a Zac fan or a Drew fan. NT
procheervet02/17/14 09:13 AM
x*Juan Pablo is the stereotypical dumb jock IMHO. I guess having working in professional sports, I see how the Latino players behave. NT
BBAnnie02/17/14 04:21 PM
x*I have been around baseball since I was a teen and I think that Latino players get some flack they do not deserve. We can't impose American norms on
procheervet02/18/14 09:42 AM
x*And I worked in professional sports for a decade. I got to really know some of these guys quite well. Not implying that all Latino players are
BBAnnie02/18/14 05:56 PM
x* raging bitch & no proposal.... sounds good. NT
shortcake01/26/14 08:59 AM
x*I do not see her as a bitch. She seems to be the most real person there. Clare is the bitch. NT
ready2retire02/04/14 08:50 AM
x*Seems to me that Clare is the raging bitch that no one in the house likes. NT
BBAnnie02/03/14 05:43 PM
x*I am liking Nikki so far, his prediction seems "off" to me--it's Claire who is seeming like a brat if anyone. Should be interesting!! ;) NT
VintageViolet01/21/14 04:58 PM
x*To me Claire reminds me of those annoying candies that stick badly to your teeth! NT
Susanna02/02/14 03:03 PM
x*I's Clare that seems to have the issues...and is the one that nobody likes? NT
SkyBluePink01/28/14 07:35 AM
x*That is certainly how I see it. Ali vs Vienna redux. NT
BBAnnie01/28/14 08:56 AM
x*I'm just now watching them dancing in Korea & I see Nikki is turning into a whiner NT
wyndycty01/29/14 02:39 PM
x*But give her credit...she whined in her interview but tried to put on a happy face with the group date. I read that Danielle was pretty uncomfortable
BBAnnie01/30/14 06:29 PM
x*Ditto Violet. And Sharleen is really starting to bug me. NT
BBAnnie01/23/14 05:39 PM
x*Most of this is not new except for the fact that he wants to get back with his ex? hahahaaa NT
wyndycty01/19/14 06:34 AM
x*awww... little camila's parents getting married would be sweet. NT
shortcake01/26/14 09:01 AM
x*No wonder ABC did their best to ensure none of the tabloids covered the "deadbeat dad" court records from Florida. NT
DaveG01/26/14 08:48 AM
*Found this & that regarding Spoilers for this season..
wyndycty3729 10   01/09/14 03:12 PM
x*The results are in:
DaveG01/28/14 09:04 AM
x*This sounds like Desiree's season. Andi is the new Brooks? NT
cindebugg01/22/14 04:27 PM
x*I would be very sorry, Andi is my favorite at this time. NT
Susanna01/27/14 07:53 PM
x*I actually wouldn't mind seeing Andi as the next Bachelorette. NT
BBAnnie01/28/14 06:11 AM
x*Yes...Andi does seem like she would make a great "Bachelorette" :) NT
SkyBluePink01/28/14 07:37 AM
x*My thoughts exactly. NT
HumblePie01/28/14 09:32 PM
x*Wouldn't it be hilarious of RS got it all wrong, again? The F1 is probably correct, but not the reputation or ending. Just a gut feeling ... NT
JaneJane01/16/14 08:33 PM
x*My thoughts exactly. I think we will find Sharleen to be the raging bitch who bails because things aren't going her way. NT
BBAnnie01/21/14 03:52 PM
x*wow... I would've easily predicted her as the winner this season... but not the bitch. NT
shortcake01/09/14 04:03 PM
x*And the season preview shows those women a lot, at the exotic locales, etc. So I assume RS, etc. are right, except the F1, maybe. Can't wait! NT
VintageViolet01/09/14 04:00 PM
*LMAO @ Juan Pablo's picture at the top of this page!! NT
shortcake1160 11   01/07/14 02:27 PM
x*Looks like DeAnna has some pretty mind blowing news!!! LOL NT
Dreamer01/09/14 12:32 AM
x*Oh goodness please tell us the news??? Did she have her daughter early?? NT
bella201/09/14 02:54 PM
x*Did she have her baby yet? NT
aqua2girl01/09/14 08:37 AM
x*What's the news? NT
mtnlvr5301/09/14 08:02 AM
x*DeAnna is whispering to Juan Pablo, look above :D NT
Dreamer01/12/14 05:50 PM
x*omg dreamer lol :D NT
shortcake01/26/14 09:02 AM
x*So what..who really cares about Deanna anyway? NT
SkyBluePink01/10/14 06:44 PM
x*not me! NT
shortcake01/26/14 09:02 AM
x*I find myself with far more affinity for DeAnna than I'll ever have for JP. At least Deanna has found her happy place in life. NT
DaveG01/13/14 02:01 PM
x*Maybe JP has also found his happy place in life....... NT
vmaw01/13/14 02:43 PM
x*It could be. I just don't care enough to find out... NT
DaveG01/14/14 04:17 AM
*Is anyone else here, lol?! I accidentally read a spoiler and after seeing the preview video for the series I started reading...
VintageViolet2530 11   01/07/14 09:48 AM
x*VV--hate to be in your court because I'm a hopeless romantic, but I think you speak the truth. Oy vey. NT
rebpow1201/08/14 08:14 PM
x*I was at work...I will keep an open mind, I have been hurt in the past *throws myself over the rail *waaahhhhh* :-) NT
wyndycty01/07/14 02:39 PM
x*And Mike Fleiss thanks you for that... NT
DaveG01/13/14 02:03 PM
x*Yeah, we can hope that the spoilers are wrong, & the previews misleading (they usually are, lol). ;) NT
VintageViolet01/07/14 07:14 PM
x*lol @ him being a big horn dog! what man isn't? :) nikki seems sooo sweet, she doesn't seem like the type to not get along with other girls... hmmn NT
shortcake01/07/14 02:26 PM
x*I "like" Nikki too, maybe it's all a setup (as in ABC making someone a villain each year for entertainment). :P NT
VintageViolet01/07/14 07:15 PM
x*gosh.. is she really the villian this season? the sweet pediatric nurse??? wow. NT
shortcake01/07/14 09:45 PM
x*The spoiler I read
HumblePie01/07/14 11:54 PM
x*She seems sweet and level-headed so far. Maybe there is nothing to show!? Hope they aren't going to "use" her to concoct a "villain." :( NT
VintageViolet01/14/14 03:48 PM
x*Ugh, sorry to hear that. Makes me think of BB Aaryn. Before the season I thought she would be the sweet little Texan. Boy was I wrong. NT
BBAnnie01/08/14 05:32 PM
x*wow... I'm so surprised by this... but it's still early i guess :| NT
shortcake01/08/14 12:09 AM
*He knew the final 3 in the very first episode and has already given them a rose NT
Anonymous371 0   01/06/14 06:46 PM
*RS already has the season mapped out and the "winner" identified....all I can say is, no thanks this season....shaking head, sigh. NT
aqua2girl1032 3   12/01/13 11:25 AM
x*Why should we be surprised. I'd of thought after last season he would just go away. NT
Betsy12/09/13 09:53 PM
x*His success average is better than the NFL line in Vegas, spoilers by anyone on record except the late "SDL" in TX, the best batting average in the
DaveG01/02/14 09:47 AM
x*He's never going away, his website makes him too much money for that. His spoilers this season make me not want to watch at all, a worthless seaon. NT
aqua2girl12/13/13 09:16 AM
*Doesn't seem like anyone is too excited about this new season NT
mtnlvr53465 5   10/18/13 09:46 PM
x*I am, but considering it's still months away, I'm not getting too worked up over it quite yet. NT
vmaw10/19/13 08:32 AM
x*I am too.. hope it's good! haven't seen you in the games forum in a while vmaw. come back & play with us sometime :) NT
shortcake10/19/13 12:53 PM
x*Thank you....I will definitely do that. NT
vmaw10/19/13 06:16 PM
x*When does the new season start? NT
mtnlvr5310/19/13 12:20 PM
x*i believe it's right after new years. NT
shortcake10/19/13 12:44 PM
*Clermont model to appear on The Bachelor
Dreamer1006 1   10/01/13 05:27 AM
x*More people looking for 15 minutes? NT
TrinaE10/01/13 06:13 AM
*They really played up the Brooks drama...
SuePer1060 0   08/12/13 03:37 PM
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