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Dreamer21951 0   Sticky Post
*Why is it that we hear rumors that JoJo has broken up with Jorden supposedly because she had some validation of his 'cheating past, etc., that no one
MARIAZANGEL113 1   07/28/16 01:16 PM
x*It's as good a reason as any to call it quits to the fakery of the relationship. NT
TrinaE07/28/16 02:30 PM
*'The Bachelorette' Spoilers — JoJo Fletcher's Fantasy Suite Nightmare!
Dreamer656 0   07/24/16 02:38 AM
*Bachelorette BTS SCOOP With Jordan Rodgers' Brother! Luke Rodgers
Dreamer531 0   07/21/16 01:24 AM
*Major 'Bachelorette' Bombshells! With Reality Steve
Dreamer937 0   07/20/16 04:03 AM
*I finally came over to the dark side ~ ha! Couldn't stand it any longer. I didn't go to RS b/c afraid of his site with all the issues.
debbiedu221089 5   07/19/16 06:12 PM
x*Welcome to the dark side. I too was shocked that Luke is not F2. Even moreso with that F1 edit hometown Monday. and, yes, it was my hard drive that
BBAnnie07/20/16 03:24 PM
x*Thanks, Annie. Yeah, I thought it was a given that Luke would be F2 b/c everything had gone so red flags or anything. Sorry about all
debbiedu2207/20/16 08:12 PM
x*Yay! Glad to have your company on the dark side! I think Luke would make the best husband of all, but clearly JoJo likes a more Metro type dude.
BigGirlPanties07/20/16 12:40 PM
x*I honestly didn't know she had chosen Jordan. The sites I went to only showed me F2. I'm really not surprised she's not still with Jordan though.
debbiedu2207/20/16 08:09 PM
x*I thought it would be Jordan and Luke in the final 2 as well. Kinda glad Luke goes soon though so he doesn't have to go through more heartbreak NT
sweetpea07/20/16 11:02 AM
*Be careful visiting RS website. My new laptop now has a bug and wont reboot right after visiting that site. NT
BBAnnie239 4   07/04/16 04:54 PM
x*get Adblock. perfect for blocking ads everywhere. Free (even tho it has a place with $ on it....ignore that. more like trying for donations) NT
ready2retire07/08/16 04:11 PM
x*My OS crashing had nothing to do with pop up ads. NT
BBAnnie07/10/16 10:12 AM
x*Thanks for the info. NT
Guppy07/04/16 05:28 PM
x*You're welcome. Have to reinstall my 10. NT
BBAnnie07/04/16 06:24 PM
*3 Possible BIP engagements
PinaColada101934 6   06/28/16 06:35 AM
x*I'll believe it...when I see it NT
SkyBluePink06/28/16 08:59 PM
BigGirlPanties06/28/16 09:14 AM
x*Do you think that Evan was cast on JoJo's season specifically for Carly?? They both live in Nashville. Odd. NT
enter_a_name07/01/16 05:01 PM
x*Also, allegedly he's a millionaire. NT
enter_a_name07/01/16 05:01 PM
x*Grant was the black guy and you're right about Evan. NT
Guppy06/28/16 10:02 AM
x*Right! Thanks Guppy! NT
BigGirlPanties06/28/16 01:11 PM
*Tweet From Mike Fleiss (BIP NEWS??)
PinaColada101133 4   06/28/16 06:32 AM
PinaColada1006/28/16 08:09 AM
x*Hahaha @ the extra $. You're probably right. Thanks PC! NT
BigGirlPanties06/28/16 09:13 AM
x*I was thinking the same thing! NT
enter_a_name07/01/16 05:01 PM
x*Hmmmm NT
BigGirlPanties06/28/16 06:33 AM
*Just hurry and be over...We all know how it's going to turn out....we All know it is not going to last. A very superficial, fake season NT
ready2retire678 7   06/21/16 08:27 PM
x*I stopped watching - didn't see this week's episode. Did Chad really go nuts back at the house or was it another misleading scene? TIA NT
bunnielebowski06/24/16 12:26 AM
x*Not really "nuts," but he was still being Chad. Wasted scene, IMO. Then again, all scenes with Chad were wasted. Not my idea of entertainment. NT
BigGirlPanties06/24/16 05:53 AM
x*I'm sick, I never want it to be over! NT
jusimgn06/22/16 09:14 AM
x*Those days are it's just about getting TV time :( NT
SkyBluePink06/22/16 08:45 PM
x*Love your avatar :) NT
Dreamer06/23/16 02:17 AM
x*Thank you:) NT
SkyBluePink06/23/16 05:04 AM
x*Blame it on Jake, Brad NT
Dreamer06/22/16 12:52 AM
*ex's of grant and jordan write to reality steve
Mishanb1872 11   06/20/16 08:32 AM
x*With all the ads, I couldn't read it. What did they say? NT
fearlessdiva06/21/16 07:30 AM
x*Didn't have a problem except for a block he has questions that I couldn't get off until I answered. You need adblock. NT
Guppy06/21/16 04:20 PM
x*Grant just keeps multiple women on the hook at a time, apparently. Verified by multiple women and family members of the women; Jordan is a bigger
BigGirlPanties06/21/16 09:12 AM
x*As far as doesn't really matter now..,since he's already gone NT
SkyBluePink06/21/16 06:47 PM
x*Yep, but he's still a sleezebag. NT
BigGirlPanties06/22/16 04:57 AM
x*Thanks for sharing! NT
fearlessdiva06/21/16 10:12 AM
x*You're welcome! The ads were horrible. NT
BigGirlPanties06/21/16 11:10 AM
x*Egads! So many ads NT
Dreamer06/20/16 05:34 PM
x*i have adblock NT
Mishanb06/21/16 11:05 AM
x*Yeah, it was a nightmare on my computer. NT
Gamecock06/20/16 05:36 PM
x*Holy Smokes. These guys are real douches. NT
BigGirlPanties06/20/16 11:26 AM
*realchadjohnson: Livin on Tulsa time
Dreamer452 0   06/11/16 05:40 PM
*Uh oh! Chad is being Chad-ish... #BachelorInParadise
Dreamer435 0   06/11/16 05:37 PM
*Amanda at the airport on her way to BIP...
Dreamer813 0   06/06/16 01:12 AM
*(SPOILER): No surprise here. Chad at Houston airport headed to Puerto Vallarta for BIP filming
Dreamer764 1   06/06/16 01:10 AM
x*He's TV gold for a show like BIP NT
BBAnnie06/10/16 07:25 PM
*(SPOILER): JoJo’s Final Four Breakdown and Is She Engaged?
Dreamer7654 12   05/22/16 03:41 PM
x*Well, I Decided to come check out the Final 4 & me shocked, I tell you shocked! Ummmmm Not...
wyndycty06/08/16 01:43 PM
x*Interesting that Reality Steve...
krh503805/23/16 09:06 PM
x*Jordan's ex has been very opinionated on twitter -- dumped just before filming starter. Apparently she may be closer to Olivia Wilde and Aaron
DaveG06/08/16 11:48 PM
x*I thought they broke up 2 years ago, not before the show. NT
redheadmiss06/09/16 07:24 AM
x**Olivia Munn :) NT
FurlessBat06/08/16 11:50 PM
x*Oops... that definitely was Freudian on my part... NT
DaveG06/09/16 09:57 AM
x*RS website is a headache to visit lately. Pop ups and ads and being redirected to another page full of crap. NT
BBAnnie05/30/16 05:42 PM
x*I think every season multiple people put relationships "on hold" or breakup right before filming, they just use it as a story line sometimes.
palabrajot05/29/16 12:26 PM
x*I think IRL there are girl issues with both Robby and Jordan. Robby's come up on the show. NT
treefrog05/26/16 12:05 PM
x*if he's the winner
Mishanb05/25/16 12:14 PM
x*Their stupid promos are ALWAYS fake/deceptive! :/ NT
FlyGirlJude05/25/16 10:59 AM
x*I figured based on first hour that
CougarSpy05/23/16 07:12 PM
*Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher *teasers*
Dreamer867 0   05/16/16 06:17 PM
*Is Chris Harrison Dating AshLee Frazier?
Dreamer1279 1   04/06/16 03:27 AM
x*Isn't she the one who was hung up on Graham on BiP? NT
fearlessdiva04/20/16 12:51 PM
*Mike Fleiss: Looks to me like a beautiful woman falling in love... The Bachelorette
Dreamer1089 1   04/06/16 03:25 AM
x*Looks to me like a posed promo pic - LOL NT
procheervet04/07/16 09:27 AM
*Mike Fleiss: Here ya go!!! #TheBachelorette
Dreamer2934 14   04/06/16 03:22 AM
x*Nope. Not for me. Not into downward turning nipples. NT
LibraLady05/14/16 10:19 PM
x*Is that some new kind of yoga move?? NT
Jokerette06/08/16 06:46 PM
x*too veiny NT
Mishanb05/14/16 07:25 PM
x*Wolverine! NT
underheight05/03/16 08:24 AM
x*Ladies, but can he count beyond 20 without using his toes and fingers? NT
DaveG04/06/16 10:32 AM
x*Yeah, have to admit I would not be terribly concerned with him having any verbal skills either :P NT
procheervet05/03/16 09:08 AM
x*Hmmm, apparently Chad has few verbal skills, and you know he has no oral skills ;) It would be all about pleasing him, and not a woman in need... NT
DaveG06/08/16 11:50 PM
x*Oh, Dave, call me shallow, but I'm thinking that wouldn't be a prerequisite. Knowing how to count is overrated, anyway. NT
BigGirlPanties04/06/16 10:52 AM
x*Day-um! NT
BigGirlPanties04/06/16 05:41 AM
x*BGP, who is that gorgeous hunk??? I second your day-um! Yummy! :) NT
debbiedu2204/06/16 05:47 AM
x*I don't know, debbie, but we likey, don't we?!?!?!?! NT
BigGirlPanties04/06/16 06:48 AM
x*Oh yes, we do ~ vavavavoom! NT
debbiedu2204/06/16 07:26 AM
x*And how do you all feel now that you've seen him in action?
DaveG06/08/16 11:52 PM
x*I feel much differently about him. 'Roid rage is spot-on. NT
BigGirlPanties06/09/16 06:08 AM
*JoJo’s 1-on-1 Last Night, Locations for This Season, More Confirmed Guys
Dreamer793 0   03/30/16 10:19 PM
*Fleiss trying to scoop RS
Pbrez1298 3   03/23/16 07:08 AM
x*Fleiss' tweets are a bunch of hot air. NT
treefrog03/31/16 03:09 PM
x*yes she's already had a few dates including a one on one NT
Pbrez03/25/16 12:54 PM
x*They already started filming? NT
Gamecock03/25/16 11:46 AM
*That has now changed to Jo JO. According to RS. NT
ihavsomthin2do467 1   03/14/16 11:03 AM
x*Jo Jo? More like Yawn Yawn! I won't be watching if she's the Bachelorette. NT
Nedsdag03/14/16 02:55 PM
*Major shocker news from Reality Steve: See below
DaveG2981 7   03/14/16 08:57 AM
x*He was late to the table on this one. NT
BigGirlPanties03/14/16 12:57 PM
x*Did you read his comments or just decide he is "late." Perhaps he was being responsible? That itself would be a shock to some... NT
DaveG03/14/16 01:51 PM
x*Are you saying that with a straight face Dave? I posted the rumor and links a rouse on the 9th, 2 days before RS tweet. Did I scoop RS? ROFL NT
ne14cookies03/14/16 03:50 PM
x*No, my face is a morass of intersecting lines, none of which are straight. BTW, perhaps I should introduce you to RS. He's always
DaveG03/19/16 05:17 PM
x*LOL..thx but no thx NT
ne14cookies03/20/16 06:24 PM
x*Woo Hoo Dave. we did it again. some have reported wedding tonight for a while now. Twice we beat out RS? We are rockin' it with sleuthing again NT
ne14cookies03/14/16 05:12 PM
x*Rumors were out before he tweeted. NT
BigGirlPanties03/14/16 02:57 PM
*Does anyone know the order of the meet the parents, last chance dates, etc.? NT
kcrom53287 0   03/08/16 07:43 PM
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