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* The Bachelorette 13 ~ Rachel Lindsay's Bachelors ~ Photos & Bios
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*The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay ~ episode descriptions
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*Rachel Lindsay Will Be the Next Star of ‘The Bachelorette’ When It Premieres for Its 13th Season, Monday, May 22, on ABC
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*Bachelorette Forum Rules/Guidelines
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*Emily Maynard Expecting Fourth Child
petite6519 2   08/29/17 01:29 PM
x*So fun to see her so happy! Exciting and wonderful news for them. NT
ne14cookies08/29/17 05:06 PM
x*Congratulations to the growing family. NT
BigGirlPanties08/29/17 03:18 PM
*Are JoJo and Jordan still together? Saw him on the SEC channel Saturday. NT
Guppy157 1   08/27/17 06:57 PM
x*To best of my knowledge they are. NT
ne14cookies08/27/17 07:27 PM
*Rejected Again? Why Bachelorette Runner-Up Peter Kraus as The Bachelor Is 'Never Gonna Happen'
petite6724 3   08/18/17 08:19 AM
x*According to Reddit Peter said no so now tptb are trying to spin it like they never really wanted him as Bachelor anyway. NT
CCee08/18/17 07:27 PM
x*this would not stop Fleiss, seems like this is more personal and Peter may have burned some bridges hmmm NT
petite608/18/17 08:20 AM
x*Peter was asking for too many concessions. NT
Brn2Wander09/16/17 06:49 PM
*I have liked Rachel since Nick's season - but the way she talks about Peter now sounds so bitter! It doesn't look good on her! :/ NT
FlyGirlJude700 4   08/16/17 01:13 AM
x*But its okay for Peter to tell her she would have a mediocre life without him. NT
confritter08/17/17 01:07 PM
x*IMO Peter showed his true colors with the "go ahead have a mediocre life with someone else you choose". There is more, why do you think Rachael....
aqua2girl08/18/17 10:59 AM
x*I agree. Every time she was with Bryan it was obvious to me who she fell for. And if you've watched their Instagram stories, they look like they are
hate2wait08/18/17 03:53 PM
x*They are definitely happy. No faking the fun they are having. NT
BigGirlPanties08/18/17 04:23 PM
*I saw a spoiler about 2 weeks in on who she picked, I didn't like it, he wasn't my pick but I watched to see. I think this is the first time in
MegsMom3161601 8   08/10/17 04:35 PM
x*Right there with ya, MegsMom NT
BigGirlPanties08/12/17 03:36 PM
x*Awwwww I really liked them in that interview Ivory posted below. Wish I had watched with you guys. NT
petite608/12/17 01:56 PM
x*It was fun to watch... just wish I wasn't tainted by the final show. NT
ne14cookies08/12/17 02:38 PM
x*what part were you tainted by? lol NT
petite608/12/17 02:42 PM
x*Attitude...towards Peter in particular...posted a lot about it. Saw her again and they seemed to slam him and just disrespectful. IMHO NT
ne14cookies08/12/17 02:47 PM
x*I wonder if she felt like she was doing it more for Bryan's sake and then it becomes over the top...I'm saying all of this not having watched the
petite608/12/17 02:58 PM
x*Someone posted that Bryan friends signed him up for The Bachelorette because he watched The Bachelor (Nick season), and he liked Rachel. NT
confritter08/12/17 01:45 PM
x*I agree that he is a dreamboat and so well mannered...and also so well spoken. NT
Ivory_mist08/10/17 04:40 PM
*Our reaction to the bachelorette finale
petite6440 0   08/10/17 03:32 PM
*Love this interview of Rachel and Bryan
Ivory_mist829 3   08/09/17 07:45 PM
x*Great interview. NT
BigGirlPanties08/13/17 04:30 AM
x*Bryan looks cute here. I'll watch it in full later but thanks for posting!! Rachel looks happy NT
petite608/10/17 03:35 PM
x*It was good... TY for sharing. NT
ne14cookies08/09/17 08:57 PM
*I lost respect for Rachel after doing the hand/head whip thing saying she was living a great life - after Peter apologized. No reason for that. NT
ready2retire332 2   08/09/17 06:51 PM
x*We are not alone. I immediately was turned off and find many feel the same. She had a similar attitude in an interview. Lost some points for me!!! NT
ne14cookies08/14/17 07:32 PM
x*ITA, ready2retire! I loved her until her BITTER response. SO unbecoming of her, sadly! :/ NT
FlyGirlJude08/14/17 07:27 PM
*Eric is making the rounds on TV. Today he was on Home and Family on the Hallmark channel. Also on was past Bachelorette Ali Fedikosky. Both felt
klmom3577 1   08/09/17 03:29 PM
x*Interesting NT
BigGirlPanties08/09/17 04:30 PM
*The proposal seemed a little strange to me. Not extremely romantic. When he proposed, Rachel jumped up and down and looked straight for the ring.
klmom3758 3   08/08/17 06:16 PM
x*If Peter would have proposed would she have picked him? NT
bunnielebowski08/09/17 01:54 AM
x*I thought so too...liked her every episode until last night's. NT
Ivory_mist08/08/17 07:45 PM
x*TY for saying that. ITA... jumping up and down and reaction to ring seemed so off to me...liked her all season but thinking much we don't know NT
ne14cookies08/08/17 06:39 PM
whimzeegal1714 9   08/08/17 02:53 PM
x*It was a great season. Ranks in my top 4. NT
BigGirlPanties08/08/17 03:24 PM
x*Overall a good season, regardless of last nights performances, she wants what Bryan offers ... wish them well. NT
ne14cookies08/08/17 03:42 PM
x*Hey, at least the finale sparked conversation here. That's a great thing. Wish bella2 had made it back to join us. NT
BigGirlPanties08/08/17 03:44 PM
x*Hey BGP and friends sorry neighbor came over with bottle of wine to watchshow and the rest is history. Missed yall. I feel she settled for Brian she
bella208/09/17 06:49 AM
x*Drinking wine and watching with friends is the best! On another note, I hate you felt the need to somewhat apologize for your opinion. I disagree
BigGirlPanties08/09/17 02:44 PM
x*Well, I really do hope your right and I am wrong about feelings on them..... I hope maybe Dean cause of his dad or Eric. I choose Eric because he sure
bella208/09/17 03:00 PM
x*Eric is my top choice, too, for the same reason. I'd love to see Dean, as well, but it's probably not going to happen due to BIP. Both are dolls,
BigGirlPanties08/09/17 03:05 PM
x*LOL, yes, more than all season combined I think... and yes bella2, were are you? Sorry you didn't make it back. Until next time :) NT
ne14cookies08/08/17 03:48 PM
x*For me, Rachel was my favorite batchelorette EVER! I don't know if I'll be able to watch another season because I'll just be missing her NT
jube08/08/17 03:17 PM
*Just watched GMA (link inside) and Rachel says Peter WAS ready to propose but she knew he wasn't the one for her? I interpreted their last time
ready2retire3614 21   08/08/17 11:20 AM
x*Bryan didn't have nice words for Peter. NT
Guppy08/08/17 08:57 PM
x*I know the Peter type too well. Intelligent, can't commit, stubborn, self-centered, argues a lot, very mental. Trust me, Rachel dodged a bullet! NT
jube08/08/17 02:49 PM
x*He told her he would propose for HER but that he didn't really want to. Who wants a forced proposal???? He was too afraid to commit. NT
susie84108/08/17 01:56 PM
x*Not wanting to commit after this show is a smart move. It's DUMB that one gets engaged so quickly. She wanted the ring more than the man. *SMH* NT
Brn2Wander08/11/17 03:58 AM
x*Of course, there's a ton of backlash, she is back peddling big time. With her attitude last night, won't believe her now if my life depended on it. NT
ne14cookies08/08/17 12:54 PM
x*And, And, now getting upset again. IF Bryan all along, why the H E Hockey Sticks did she put Peter through all that ... B word comes to mind. NT
ne14cookies08/08/17 12:56 PM
x*But her life not mine. Here is to wishing them well and much happiness. My opinions really don't count in this matter LOL NT
ne14cookies08/08/17 01:11 PM
x*Lol cookies, there seems to be a deep reaction But Susie made a good point below...but I don't think you should make moves based on fear
petite608/08/17 01:08 PM
x*My issue being if Bryan her one... and she says she wanted to not keep #2 there on final day and send him home, why didn't she just say that? There
ne14cookies08/08/17 02:07 PM
x*I am a Bryan fan. I did worry he was too good to be true. But I guess Rachel has gotten to know him even better in the 3 months since the show ended
susie84108/08/17 01:55 PM
x*I'm a total Bryan fan, as well as a Peter fan. Bryan, however, was the best man for her, I do believe. They had something undeniable right out of
BigGirlPanties08/08/17 03:10 PM
x*I understand your analysis. But, :) Peter's issue had been out there for
ne14cookies08/08/17 02:26 PM
x*I always love your analysis Susie. I hope they've found happiness too NT
petite608/08/17 02:00 PM
x*Peter was a hottie. I would have given that a chance regardless. NT
petite608/08/17 12:03 PM
x*Me too. So sincere and open. NT
ready2retire08/08/17 12:29 PM
x*do you think she was really into him or Bryan was always the one? NT
petite608/08/17 12:51 PM
x*I always thought it as Peter, got spoiled and knew Bryan... still thought it was Peter. Don't see it at all. NT
ne14cookies08/08/17 12:55 PM
x*Like she said -- she did love the last 3. But she wasn't "in love" with anyone but Bryan. NT
susie84108/08/17 02:02 PM
x*and he said they'll both regret it if they walk away from each other? hmmmmm NT
petite608/08/17 01:05 PM
x*I don't think it won any points when he said she'd regret it and she'd have a mediocre life if she didn't choose him because he'd give her the BEST.
susie84108/08/17 02:00 PM
x*There is a type of guy who says stuff like that--out of touch with emotions, has to be right all the time. Not good relationship material! NT
jube08/08/17 02:54 PM
*Was just wondering...would Rachel have chosen Peter if he was willing to propose and get on one knee...and
Ivory_mist363 1   08/08/17 11:11 AM
x*True, see above for how I really feel, ivory.. :p NT
ne14cookies08/08/17 12:57 PM
*If I may be bold enough to summarize, Rachel is ready. Rachel is a very determined person. Rachel wanted someone who is also ready. She had
susie841532 2   08/08/17 07:53 AM
x*I've only been watching clips but bachelor twitter is angry. Awww the days NT
petite608/08/17 12:05 PM
x*You know what? I don't think Rachel cares what we fans think. She's a happy girl right now. Hope nothing spoils it. NT
susie84108/08/17 02:03 PM
*Bryan's message to Rachel ~
Dreamer994 3   08/08/17 01:28 AM
x*Peter was too reserved and Bryan is too talky. I do believe she was confused. If Bryan said I love you one more time last night I was going
susie84108/08/17 07:03 AM
x*LOL does Bryan have any fans? NT
petite608/08/17 12:09 PM
x*Me. NT
susie84108/08/17 02:02 PM
*9 Reasons Peter Kraus is Most Likely Our Next 'Bachelor' (And We're Pretty Stoked About It)
Dreamer530 1   08/08/17 01:24 AM
x*I can't see him being the next Bachelor... if he can't commit to a proposal at the end...isn't that what this show is all about? NT
SkyBluePink08/08/17 10:16 AM
*'The Bachelorette': Rachel Lindsay and Fiancé Bryan Abasolo Dish on Their Relationship & Wedding Plans
Dreamer369 0   08/08/17 01:22 AM
*When Rachel and Peter talked about her crying her false eyelashes off I had to laugh. Every time I saw her with them I would think who taught her
Guppy464 0   08/07/17 07:44 PM
*This season reminds me of the song 'If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with' *smh* NT
Jammie1281 6   08/07/17 07:39 PM
x*Absolutely. It really seemed as though she wanted Peter, but wanted a proposal more. And, since Brian was willing to propose...don't see the love NT
NSGirl08/08/17 07:33 AM
x*I'm sorry, if she knew at her parents defending Bryan he was the one, why the (blank) did she put Peter through all that??? NT
ne14cookies08/07/17 07:50 PM
x*I think she loved both of them and it was a good "out" for her that she had a reason to let go of Peter. Did you see her reaction when he asked her
susie84108/08/17 06:55 AM
x*The Peter scenes wrecked the whole finale for me/ made it seem that she would have picked Peter if
Ivory_mist08/07/17 08:05 PM
x*I agree...don't understand why Bryan is alright with that? NT
SkyBluePink08/08/17 10:18 AM
x*left me feeling skeptical of this engagement for real... NT
ne14cookies08/07/17 08:15 PM
*My thoughts on this season -
Candy_Caity666 1   08/07/17 07:31 PM
x*LOL....funny. NT
ne14cookies08/07/17 07:32 PM
*She just lost me...He was apologizing, for something he didn't remember saying until he saw it played back, she did the brush off with the hand and
ne14cookies2093 10   08/07/17 07:10 PM
x*I actually disagree.
coltrocks1208/07/17 09:01 PM
x*Most of time with Peter was spent crying. NT
susie84108/08/17 06:56 AM
x*I totally agree. Been on the phone w/Mom, and she said so much for a "love" story. I feel sorry for Bryan and family. She obviously wanted Peter,
LibraLady08/07/17 08:16 PM
x*I totally agree. How insecure can you be that it was IMPORTANT to get engaged after being on this show. NT
Brn2Wander08/08/17 02:45 AM
x*I am so glad you are pi$$ed... me too. Not alone, people over on Twitter are questioning things too. NT
ne14cookies08/07/17 08:27 PM
x*Peter is so mature and realistic. He is not ready to be pushed into engagement even if he loved her. She was wrong to DEMAND an engagement. NT
klmom308/07/17 08:27 PM
x*That is exactly what I thought. Of course he felt attacked after that! So very rude and spoiled. NT
blueeyes8308/07/17 07:54 PM
x*How she just acted was not called for and was very rude. Peter was being so genuine and she did that whole badass girl is fine thing. RUDE RACHEL NT
ready2retire08/07/17 07:38 PM
x*I felt that, too. NT
BigGirlPanties08/07/17 07:20 PM
x*TY, was starting to second guess myself. NT
ne14cookies08/07/17 07:21 PM
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