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America's Choice - What say you???
09/10/11 07:24 AM

I say:

Who I'd like to see win in order:

1. Rachel, In addition to being a competitor, her transformation was interesting in and of itself, becoming a genuinely more rounded and personable presence, while retaining her competitive and brash, honest, edge. By far the most vivid and complex personality of the season -- going beyond simple TV stereotype, like she had been last year.

2. Dani, shattering the VETS alliance, which, face it, was bound to happen all along -- if not by Dani by someone else -- too many strong characters in that alliance. Dani also had a nice complex persona -- like Rachel, transcending her previous stereotype, in Dani's case as a whiny and complaining, better-than-everybody-else young princess. She became a strong-willed, gutsy competitor with steely determination, while retaining a certain air of mystery.

3. Dominic, with a super-friendly personality, a real "people person", engaging and honest, although naive.

4. Cassi, in her brief appearance displaying an extraordinary allure -- the camera loves her. She's like BB11's Laura -- gone WAAAAAAY too soon.

5. Adam, and I know I'm in a minority here, but I liked both his honesty, and ability to remain true to his word, and friendliness.

Who I think will get the award (again) but I would not like to see this at all is: Jeff. He came across as so entitled and bullying. I just hate his using the F word every other word when he speaks angrily to people who dare disagree with him, or when he's trying to get his way, even when he speaks to women. Not cool and not deserving of AC.

Non Contendors:
Jordan (who also may win the AC, if Jeff doesn't), - often seemed disengaged this season. Sweet, some nice personable conversations with people -- but sometimes she just seemed sort of absent.
Lawon - tried too hard in his DRs, and instead of being funny was sort of annoying.
Shelly - although it was fun watching her keeping us guessing as to what the Hell she was really thinking or doing, she really ended up being an unpleasant person (to say the least), and I was cheering when Jordan got right back in her face, screaming back just as loud post DE evening. The boundaries between being so sincere in a motherly way to Jordan, made her betrayal jarring and ugly. Not good gameplay.
Brendon - has got to learn how to not be a control-freak with his woman. It's distasteful, and his constant lecturing can be unbearable to listen to sometimes.
Porsche - Often seems emotionless, although in the first week her moments with Keith did indeed show some strong hurt and anger. But after that week, she became and remained a surprisingly cool and detached presence.
Keith - well......there's a reason HGs never want to be the first evicted. Who remembers them?
Kalia - her annoying rapid and endless speech made most of us want to throw the TV out the window. She appears really neurotic -- although when she was crying after Jeff lectured the Hell out of her in her HOH room, and when she was sobbing in the bathroom after losing the crucial POV, my heart just broke for her. She's a complex person, too -- and I don't think quite as bad as people are making her out to be.

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* America's Choice - What say you???
09/10/11 07:24 AM
xx * The only HG I will always remember that went out first is Brayden from BB11, Such a shame he was voted out so soon NT
09/12/11 12:52 PM
xx * OMG, he was hiliariously dumb. Calling Kevin a "beaner" was classic. Kevin's response "I'm not even Mexican". I lol'd. NT
09/12/11 07:04 PM
xx * I say...CBS won't let me vote. NT
09/12/11 07:52 AM
xx * Why Dani deserves AC win (kinda long)...
09/11/11 12:47 AM
xx * Go right ahead and vote for Daniele. You’ll be in the vast minority.
09/11/11 05:27 AM
xx * We haven't seen eye-to-eye on most things this season, so your finding Adam entertaining doesn't surprise me...
09/11/11 07:41 AM
xx * Jeff or Jordan will win! Dani played a horrible game NT
09/10/11 06:18 PM
xx * I love the Jeff & Jordon duo, but I actually followed my head & not my heart for once & voted for Rachel to win AC. NT
09/10/11 08:03 PM
xx * It'll be Jeff. He'll get another $25K for the tan, the biceps, and the big blue eyes. That's how we roll in America. :/ NT
09/10/11 02:32 PM
xx * Cat-ladies FTW! NT
09/11/11 08:11 AM
xx * sad, but true. despite his assholeryishness NT
09/10/11 02:35 PM
xx * Who I Think Has A Shot:
09/10/11 09:17 AM
xx * Thanks for saving me to write all that (not as eloquent as you :-) ). I agree with you 100% NT
09/10/11 04:41 PM
xx * the Jeff/Jordon/Brendon/Rachel will split the votes and send it Dani or Shelly's way..Dani actually has a lot of fans and she got a decent edit for
09/10/11 11:41 AM
xx * Brendon was sent back in (by America) to piss off Daniele. I don’t think either of them is well-liked.
09/10/11 12:44 PM
xx * I think the majority voted B back in because of the whole love story edit...face it america loves a good love story...also this board may have voted b
09/10/11 03:29 PM
xx * Those would be the show only people. The feed watchers, at least a lot of them,
09/10/11 04:19 PM
xx * How short our memories!
09/10/11 04:41 PM

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