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Don't think Rachel should leave her fate in the hands of four girls who trashed her for hours every day last month. I trust Adam far more to vote on
09/10/11 03:17 PM

gameplay. He's always said he will. As such a big fan of the game, I think he respects it too much to vote personally. He even told Porsche yesterday that he will vote for whoever evicts him if he feels they played better. He said that in response to her saying she'd never vote for the person who evicted her.

He has also said in his private monologues that if Rachel makes it to F2, she will deserve to win and he'll vote for her. After Porsche won F4 POV, he told Jordan he might vote for her if she also wins F3 HOH, but if Rachel wins, that's more impressive than F4 POV, and would mean she saved Porsche at both F5 and F3 - more than countering Porsche saving her at F4. I can't see Adam voting for Porsche against Rachel under this scenario.

So I'm 99% sure Rachel gets at least 4 votes against Porsche if she wins F3. Much less confident in any of the "mean girls" not voting personally.

Of course, Rachel could easily lose F3 HOH. Part 3 is a crapshoot and an embarrassment to the game, imo.

As for big moves, Rachel's were saving herself and getting Keith, Dominic and Kalia evicted, as well as outplaying Shelly, playing a huge role in exposing her duplicity. She went from 5th wheel in JJ's alliance to 3rd, all due to Shelly trying to get Rachel booted from the alliance and failing miserably. Exhibit A being her confronting Rachel in HOH after Jeff won, trying to bait Rachel into a fight. Rachel just sat there calmly, not saying anything. Jeff was very impressed with Rachel after that and irritated with Shelly.

Also, Rachel winning 2 of those first 3 HOHs was critical for her and her alliance. The newbies had an 8-5 numbers advantage at the start, with Brenchel far and away their top target.

You can argue Porsche made a bigger pair of moves by being instrumental in getting JJ out, but Rachel collectively did a lot more to impact the game. She also gave Porsche the Golden Key safety.

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* Why Rachel Won't Win (long)
09/10/11 12:35 PM
xx * Just plain and simple, Rachel is going to win BB 13! NT
09/11/11 08:49 PM
xx * You have articulated most of what I've been thinking concerning possible outcomes; however, I really don't think that
09/11/11 12:59 AM
xx * I COMPLETELY agree. took the words out of my mouth. Some additionally thoughts:
09/10/11 10:54 PM
xx * You make a very compelling argument for sending Adam off to be a sure vote!
09/11/11 01:26 AM
xx * She has to win Part 3 of the HoH first, which I'm sure she will. But if she doesn't she will lose. I made this thread before anyone knew who won Pt. 2
09/11/11 01:14 PM
xx * Well said. Here's where I'm at: 99.99999% sure A gives R her 4th vote if she wins part 3. 80% confident R wins vs A. 55% R wins vs P if P wins P3 NT
09/10/11 11:45 PM
xx * I agree with you, especially when he said this morning that he will vote for whoever wind final HOH, Plus he told Rachel..........
09/11/11 10:50 AM
xx * IA. This won't be the first time someone loses because of bad GB messages, and won't be the last. NT
09/10/11 09:25 PM
xx * Very well thought out post. Thanks. I am really routing for Rachel to win. Her best bet, IMO, will be to take Adam. Dani or Kalia might vote
09/10/11 06:50 PM
xx * Rach is good either way. The ONLY thing that could screw her up is her mouth. If she says something really stupid to jury it could cost her. NT
09/10/11 03:51 PM
xx * Don't think Rachel should leave her fate in the hands of four girls who trashed her for hours every day last month. I trust Adam far more to vote on
09/10/11 03:17 PM
xx * No one on the Jury is going to consider Rachel getting rid of Keith and Dominic as big moves; getting rid of Dominic was actually a little
09/10/11 03:48 PM
xx * The newbies had an 8-5 advantage. Keith & Dominic were their leaders and strongest competitors, so getting them out and flipping the numbers was big
09/12/11 05:16 AM
xx * i think R wins if she gets there, heres why.....
09/10/11 12:43 PM
xx * IA and I hope this is the way it goes but there is still the chance that she'll lose & if she does I think it'll be for one of the reasons I listed NT
09/10/11 12:48 PM
xx * i think if Rachel is in the final 2 with adam, she'll get Porsche and Dani's vote. Dani LOATHES Adam. NT
09/10/11 12:38 PM
xx * I'm concerned about Rachel's chances despite what most others think. NT
09/10/11 12:38 PM

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