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This is a response to: Do we care if Production manipulates the game if it makes for better television?
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This may be worthy of my 2800th post, but I hate to repeat myself so often in the same season.
09/14/11 08:36 AM

I think you might consider the opinions of others.

1st, learn to use the search box at the bottom of the page. Reposting the same tired whiney sound bites that have no gravitas is a burden to others here.

2nd, Iíll repeat for you, the only rigging in BB holds up lights and the competition devices in the backyard.

Your claims of ďscriptedĒ episodes is utter nonsense. There are writers, sure, who try to make the broadcast shows into some cohesive form, but that is far from scripting the show. You canít make the HGs do anything you want. You can entice them, you can challenge or threaten them, but you have no way to make them do what you say. They are all, allegedly, adults and can make decisions for themselves.

Even the DRs, where they edit together to make the commercials and the broadcast show seem to have twists and turns (read as making the viewer think a vote might be close or go another way than it will) to add dramatic tension are not proof of scripting or tampering or rigging. By the 13th season of any show the potential HG pool is usually educated to what theyíre going to be up against. Let me digress briefly to explain that I liked the 1st season of Survivor, but by the second it was more of the exposure of the castaways than the game and I stopped watching. Now they have the same three or four people on most seasons, it would seem from the commercials, and theyíre proud of it.

Iíve said, much earlier this season, that maybe Iím just not cynical enough for all this. I will admit I donít think Janelle got a fair shake at the end of AS, but other than that itís the choices the HGs make more than some production or outside force that steers the game. Maybe itís my history that makes me question things and not just accept anything and everything Iím told or I read (my paternal grandmother would add half of what I see).

Iíve always been a person who watched other people. I had to do that to survive when I was younger, but now I can size most people up immediately. And I read all the posts in In Depth to parse the comments and decide for myself if theyíre useful or hurtful. Iím still here after all these years becase there is meaningful dialog there. Itís my opinion that clams of rigging usually come from posters who donít feel things are going the way of the HG they most want to win.

And I have to stand behind Sizzle. If it truly is as bad as some of us make it seem, we should seek other avenues. Iíve been personally attacked twice this season (in 2 forums). I donít seek that out, but I understand at least theyíre listening. Like Frasier Crane, Iím listening.

Amanda: ďI feel like Iím back in high school.Ē Spencer: ďWere you a mega bitch in high school?Ē

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* Do we care if Production manipulates the game if it makes for better television?
09/13/11 05:39 PM
xx * care only when it isn't in favor of my favorites....LOL:) NT
09/17/11 09:22 AM
xx * Yes, I care more than I probably should care. For me, there's no escaping the competition for $500K. NT
09/14/11 05:18 PM
xx * Yes I do care. NT
09/14/11 11:13 AM
xx * Maybe they do maybe they don't. I just really don't care. I watch BB to be entertained and for nothing else. I like to see the
09/14/11 10:43 AM
xx * I wish more people watched it for that reason. It is what it is, right? NT
09/14/11 10:54 AM
xx * This may be worthy of my 2800th post, but I hate to repeat myself so often in the same season.
09/14/11 08:36 AM
xx * I think I have read all 2800 of them plus LOL. You always get me thinking and 99% of the time you are spot on. Keep posting my chat room friend NT
09/14/11 04:13 PM
xx * Regarding your 2800th post...
09/14/11 03:55 PM
xx * TV stopped being an artistic medium in the 50's. Who are you trying to kid. NT
09/14/11 04:11 PM
xx * Television stopped being artistic in the 50's...
09/14/11 04:32 PM
xx * Mikentosh, it's what makes your posts so interesting. You are observant of people which is important in watching a show like BB.
09/14/11 09:11 AM
xx * BBAnnie, it is an important quality in every day living IMO....... NT
09/14/11 04:15 PM
xx * You are absolutely right, Sizzle. And my gut instinct on people has rarely failed me. I am pretty observant of people. NT
09/14/11 06:05 PM
xx * Congrats on your 2800th post! NT
09/14/11 08:38 AM
xx * Thanks bunchs, Rayann! NT
09/14/11 02:57 PM
xx * Give them alcohol, give them more comps/punishment if they want ratings. Game manipulation for ratings is just plain stupid. NT
09/13/11 11:30 PM
xx * Unfortunately for us, the alcohol would only benefit the west coast viewers. They wait till 9 pm PT to give it to them NT
09/14/11 07:14 AM
xx * Well the west coast viewers are the important viewers, so that'll work :-) NT
09/14/11 11:17 AM
xx * that's what flashbacks are for :p NT
09/14/11 07:16 AM
xx * Got me there Bilbo NT
09/14/11 07:17 AM
xx * I don't like it, because Production favors "fan favorite" types, who are seldom my favorites. But even if Production favored my faves, I'd hate it. NT
09/13/11 09:40 PM
xx * Yes, I hate it. I watch it for the gameplay. The manipulation by HOUSEGUESTS. I enjoy the game. Not the "storylines" NT
09/13/11 09:38 PM
xx * I hate when TPTB make an obvious attempt to save someone NT
09/13/11 09:17 PM
xx * Actually, the twists and comps tilted to favor certain HGs are pretty harmless to me. What I hate most (and we don't see, thus it is even sneakier) is
09/13/11 07:26 PM
xx * I actually have less problem with DR manipulation, because the houseguests can always choose not to take the bait. NT
09/13/11 09:42 PM
xx * I know, don't you wish we could hear and see it all. I do. NT
09/13/11 07:31 PM
xx * I know that I do NT
09/13/11 08:34 PM
xx * So what? Who cares and if you do, don't watch. Simple solution, nothing to get a hissy fit over. NT
09/13/11 06:21 PM
xx * Who is throwing a hussy fit here...
09/13/11 06:40 PM
xx * Really did not mean you or your post. But I am so sick of people complaining this whole season ............
09/13/11 08:33 PM
xx * My suggestion to you...
09/13/11 11:03 PM
xx * It is almost impossible to do. They are in almost every thread in IN-Depth and BBD NT
09/14/11 07:16 AM
xx * You nailed it, Sizzle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NT
09/14/11 07:28 AM

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