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Post Finale thoughts on the BB13 season.
09/15/11 07:05 PM

1. This was the most exerciseified (thanks, Lawon) BB house ever. ANNNNND, who exercised the most? Rachel! When Jordan and Rachel were paired at the end the two of them were both exercising up a storm. So pay attention, future BB contestants.

2. This was also the most smokified BB house ever. If Evel Dick, or as he pondered, on one of his RTV interviews, using "Big Jeff's moniker, "Big Dick", had remained in the house with HIS smoking habit, the BB house in and of itself would have created the most hazardous smoke-filled fog LA has ever seen. With Adam and Shelly, except on the lockdowns or when Shelly was cleaning, you had virtually 24 hour live smoke feeds. ANNNNNND who were not the most stellar of performers in any competition that had the slightest hint of physical exertion? Nuff Said.

3. Surprised by Adams vote? It was kind of a Hinky-type vote. He's said in two of his interviews that he saw Shelly's key, voting FOR Rachel, so he knew that Rachel would win, regardless who he voted for. He sort of implied that that made a difference so he gave Porsche a .....what?.....sympathy vote? A vote 'cause he was annoyed at Rachel for not taking him? Whatever......it sort of stinks, especially after so completely saying to Rachel that he would vote for her if she won the final part of the last HOH. Adam is quite the narcissist, and attention-getter (well, so are ALL BB HGs), but I was surprised by that!

4. Why was Jeff asked about Dumbledore twice in Post-BB interviews, but Kalia not asked about her thoughts on the proper treatment of pet dogs?

5. Was anyone annoyed as heck at ED (BD) for the sort of hurtful things he said to his daughter on the Finale? And yet, in his interview of her on his RTV show, the two of them together seemed to be really in sync, and she seemed not to be upset at all until.......and I sort of found that revelatory, the second the interview ended, the way they both parted without even a hint of affection or father/daughter understanding was sort of sad! One of the strangest of the many strange personal dynamics between HGs we've seen over the years.

6. Did you feel for the newbies who were not asked any questions, Dominic, Lawon, Keith--all nice, affable guys? Especially Keith, spending a solid month waiting in the sequester house for a chance at returning to the game, only to be let go after appearing on the screen again for -- 25 seconds and on the Finale for another 25 seconds? You barely saw that Big flower boutonniere he was wearing!!

7. Cassi! Simply that. Cassi!!! Wow.

8. Shelly seemed quite subdued and understated in her interviews, compared to that ball of fire saleslady with a phenomenol gift of gab that she displayed so spectacularly all season long. She probably got the word about the popularity of the "America Hates Shelly Moore" facebook page et al.

9. Kalia still talks way too fast and way too much. I have never written this in a post before, but I've seen it a lot with regard to many HGs over the years. But now comes my turn: STFU Kalia. Ooooooh, that felt good!!

10. Brendan's glee at HIS fiancée little by little getting closer and closer to her goals was great. When he practically jumped out of his skin when Jordan appeared at the final jury gathering with a resounding "Yes", but then immediately apologizing his ass off to Jordan -- that was kind of funny and cute.

11. One of the Best Post-BB Finale interview comments was ED waxing rhapsodic to Brenchel how he thoroughly enjoyed Brendan's gameplay in BB12, after Rachel left, and thoroughly enjoyed Rachel's gameplay in B13 after Brendan left, but when they were playing together....he wanted to shoot himself.

12. Porsche still remains an enigma. Beautiful, quiet, a powerhouse, clueless, formidable, good game player, weak game player, loyal, mean girl, sweet girl, out of her league, coming on strong.......who is this gal??? Could hardly tell from the feeds or the TV shows--and the Finale and interviews didn't help much.

13. Jordan came across like a ball of fire in the deliberations and interviews with strong feelings, clearly delineated thoughts on the players and the game, on her own emotions -- Smart lady!

14. Rachel -- for all her controversy and the love her/hate her reactions she elicits...there is one basic bottom line to the way she played Big Brother. Matt commented early on in in the season in one of his Jokers or RTV segments that Rachel was very loyal. The way she was loyal and devoted to Jordan, and the way she was equally loyal and devoted to Porsche at the end, even risking a sure thing by taking Porsche to F2 instead of Adam, was another big point in her favor, certainly displaying a "social game" equally as sincere and notable and genuine as the "social games" of those that derided her so often behind her back, praising their OWN social games which, in all honesty, were not all that social! In one of her interviews on BBAD2 (the Erika and Lorraine Blogtalkradio show), when asked what was the biggest obstacle she had to overcome.....Rachel said: Herself!!! And so, she consciously changed.....grew....became friendlier, perhaps more honest (or as honest as one can be in the BB game). No wonder audiences love the bad guys who become good guys. Nothing better than seeing a flower blossom.

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* Post Finale thoughts on the BB13 season.
09/15/11 07:05 PM
xx * Excellent post! And #14...spot on! So happy for Rachel...glad all her dreams are coming true!! :) NT
09/17/11 03:51 PM
xx * Wonderful Post BB, a great way to end the season. NT
09/17/11 07:12 AM
xx * Hi BBenthusiast. I don't post here but read your post and just wanted to compliment you on a very nice and accurate analysis. Great post! NT
09/17/11 03:57 AM
xx * I love this. What a great post. :) NT
09/16/11 04:59 PM
xx * Past-Post Finale Folly
09/16/11 03:10 PM
xx * Another nice post! NT
09/17/11 09:06 PM
xx * Hugs to you, Mikentosh (slightly inappropriate hugs though, because it's coming from me) >:D NT
09/16/11 08:00 PM
xx * Mikentosh, great post and I really agree with the final paragraph. However, there is something people seem to forget about Shelly...
09/16/11 06:15 PM
xx * Ok, now I'm curious. Where can I read what you wrote about Evel Dick ? NT
09/16/11 03:29 PM
xx * I cut and pasted. It’s in Louise’s Shelly Beginning to End thread, a reply to her Part 1 (near the top)
09/16/11 04:46 PM
xx * Hey there BBenthusiast ! Our girl won ! But I didn't get to see it as it happened because...
09/16/11 02:02 PM
xx * so sorry starry that you missed it the other night it was so intense
09/16/11 02:04 PM
xx * I know the first part that I saw live was very intense & my heart was pounding. It brought tears when Rachel won Pt 3 of the final HOH. It's...
09/16/11 02:44 PM
xx * Hey, Starrynite and Belle!! Let's all raise our glasses in a toast to OUR winner! Seeing so many rooting for her made it all the more fun!! NT
09/16/11 02:36 PM
xx * Sounds good to me ! Tequila shots or red wine with frozen grapes ? NT
09/16/11 02:46 PM
xx * How about Sangria for you? I was pleased for Rachel that she won. Quite the story of redemption. NT
09/16/11 06:17 PM
xx * *** ((( Mikentosh strolls by the table to deliver a round of Vodka Collins - on him - and is outtie ))) *** NT
09/17/11 08:34 AM
xx * What?? No Rum for old Sizzle?? Shame on you Mikentosh NT
09/17/11 09:04 PM
xx * BRB Anyone else need something special while I'm up? <(8-O (sorry, Sizzle) NT
09/18/11 05:35 AM
xx * Now we can all hope that Rachel with her new wealth and financial independence, will see the light about Brendon and leave for greener pastures NT
09/17/11 07:07 AM
xx * A toast to Rachel :) she deserved it man that girl worked hard for that win :) NT
09/16/11 02:49 PM

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