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I also would have given up all the vets, even Daniele, for 6 new players. Daniele was the only one who played a new game.
09/20/11 02:02 PM

Rachel was still "a huge target from Day 1 who had to fight every day to stay in the house".
Brendon was still a possessive, clueless dork/douche with ZERO social game.
Jeff was still an egotistical prick who thought everyone should be playing for him to win, who again shot himself in the foot by evicting the one person he thought he couldn't trust (Russell, Daniele) and just put a bigger target on himself in the process.
Jordan was still a blank-staring baby doll who was perceived as nonthreatening and weak.
Dick was still a dickish manipulator, for what little time he stuck around.

So yeah, only Daniele really departed from her previous season's formula. She had an all-female alliance! BB8 Daniele didn't know anyone's names besides her Dad and Nick, her social game was crap. But BB13 had people fighting in her name even after she was evicted. But awesome as Daniele was, I would have given up watching her redemption in order to meet six new players. Maybe Shelly and Adam would have played differently if Jeff and Jordan hadn't walked in like royalty and recruited them to be their furniture alliance. Would 6 strangers have steamrolled the early part of the game the way the Veteran's Alliance did? No. In all likelihood the Brigade 2.0, i.e., the Regulators, would have had a fighting chance, rather than all of them being booted before Jury. It sucks that the newbies went into the game thinking they had a shot at winning, they had no idea how heavily the deck was stacked against them. But them's the breaks in Big Brother, and it sucks, but that's how the game is played.

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* BB13: Retrospective
09/17/11 10:08 AM
xx * regarding #1 in your list.... to quote Rachel, "Oh, are there sides?" (more inside)
10/13/11 07:52 PM
xx * Well said. "The new kids may have had the numbers, but EXPERIENCE is a much more important factor in this game." That was my problem from Day 1 of
09/19/11 10:56 AM
xx * Exactly, the vets had devoted life partners! The noobies got hooked up with a stranger who was tempted to backstab them for weeks of safety! Who
09/20/11 04:04 PM
xx * One major issue comes out quickly: competitors vs. social gamers ... >
09/19/11 10:28 AM
xx * Good post. I'd call BB13 "Fans vs. Faves + Production" though. EVERY twist benefitted the vets. NT
09/20/11 01:47 PM
xx * except Porsches golden ride on the golden key... cant forget that one. NT
09/21/11 08:16 AM
xx * Yeah, yeah, it helped her outlast Cassi, Dominic, and Lawon. Whoop-dee-freakin'-doo. She wasn't a target those weeks anyway. NT
09/21/11 01:18 PM
xx * Jordan/Jeff wanted to target her week 2 and couldn't. NT
09/22/11 12:52 AM
xx * Being safe in Week 2 is meaningless. There's a whole herd of people, and who's to say they would have even had the votes to get her out. NT
09/22/11 09:40 PM
xx * Being safe in week 2 would have meant a lot to Cassi, I think. And it'd be no prob getting votes. No one liked Porsche in week 2 but Rach & Adam. NT
09/23/11 07:24 AM
xx * Cassi wouldn't have made it that far anyway. She didn't know how to play the social game. Porsche at least knew to lay low at first. NT
09/23/11 03:44 PM
xx * THE ONLY reason Cassi was targeted was her looks plus her friendship with Dominic NT
09/24/11 06:17 AM
xx * pretty, pretty Cassi and her inability to talk to and make connection with women until she was on the block. :S NT
09/24/11 02:37 PM
xx * I agree with most...
09/18/11 09:07 AM
xx * I also would have given up all the vets, even Daniele, for 6 new players. Daniele was the only one who played a new game.
09/20/11 02:02 PM
xx * I disagree. I think Daniele wasn't used to being out of control, so she rebelled on the Vets WAY too fast
09/28/11 08:56 AM
xx * Agreed - on all points. NT
09/22/11 09:48 AM
xx * Danielle only played differently because her replacement for Nick (Dominick) was evicted early..
09/21/11 10:43 AM
xx * Yes and no...
09/22/11 09:52 AM
xx * Then why was she the 7th person voted out? Plus she had a free ride for the first four weeks NT
09/24/11 06:19 AM
xx * I didn't say that it was good enough - just that it was better :) NT
09/24/11 09:08 PM
xx * Dani's week 1 & 2 gameplay was different. From week 3 onward, she slowly became BB8 Dani. Sorry. NT
09/21/11 11:02 AM
xx * Funny, I didn't see Daniele ignoring everyone and letting her Dad do all the social game, while she won comps. NT
09/21/11 01:23 PM
xx * lol @ me not even saying anything specific and conclusions being jumped to. NT
09/22/11 12:53 AM
xx * considering dick wasnt on the feeds i dont think it would be possible for you to see that NT
09/21/11 03:53 PM
xx * Yeah. EXACTLY. Good eye. NT
09/21/11 05:15 PM
xx * :) NT
09/21/11 04:40 PM
xx * So true and it got her evicted and in 8th place. Great game play...NOT NT
09/21/11 10:17 AM
xx * Oh, Daniele's no strategic genius, I'm not saying that. NT
09/21/11 01:23 PM
xx * Good read. I disliked that BB "stacked the deck" with JeJo fans Adam and Shelly. That killed the Newbies chances more than anything. NT
09/17/11 08:15 PM
xx * Adam wasn't a JJ fan. He just chose to work with them AFTER the newbies started to crumble. NT
09/18/11 08:33 PM
xx * Dr Will's IS history & Dick & Dani have out lived their welcome. J/J are America's Couple #1 & #3 on Twitter, combined getting 75% in most polls. NT
09/18/11 08:06 PM
xx * No matter what you do, most new HG will be J/J fans. NT
09/18/11 08:10 PM
xx * So I guess the solution is to keep Jeff and Jordan out of the Big Brother house. Watching them being idolized is crap TV. NT
09/19/11 01:18 PM
xx * Jeff for All-Stars 2. NT
09/19/11 08:01 PM
xx * And AG just needs to stop all the posturing and give him a Golden Key that's good up to the Final 2. Why pretend, Grodner, why pretend? NT
09/20/11 10:25 AM
xx * I think that would be great, everyone play to beat Jeff in F 2 LOL NT
09/21/11 10:19 AM
xx * And you're not even kidding, I bet. NT
09/21/11 10:49 AM
xx * Yea, I am :-) ... NT
09/21/11 04:49 PM
xx * I know wasn't that the best -:) .. NT
09/17/11 09:02 PM
xx * Not really. I don't care for stacked decks no matter whom they favour. NT
09/18/11 07:55 PM

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