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A good laugh for our girl
02/14/06 08:21 PM

I don't know what I did wrong. I wrote a LONG entry for Beej's guestbook. They censored it (wouldn't post it.) ROFL Beej would so LOVE that! She'd say it was poetic justice for all the times SHE got censored in CA... it's perfect, perfect that they nailed me. (I reposted, hope this one goes through!)

As always, Beej had the last laugh on me

There's always a Joker, in the pack...

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* A good laugh for our girl
Jokerette Administrator
02/14/06 08:21 PM
xx * Another laugh... Every time I try to go to the Newspaper site to read the guestbook my firewall blocks me...
02/15/06 10:44 PM
xx * Wrennie, CA is so sort of *empty* without her
Jokerette Administrator
02/15/06 11:02 PM
xx * I reported it to the mods. One more and you're going on vacation :-) NT
02/15/06 11:28 AM
xx * roflmao! How she'd LOVE this! NT
Jokerette Administrator
02/15/06 12:01 PM
xx * LOL! NT
02/14/06 08:28 PM
xx * When did you write it, Ette? It might take a while to go through. Or maybe they have a size limit? (((Ette))). :O) NT
02/14/06 08:28 PM
xx * ROFL I saw one there longer'n mine hehehehe
Jokerette Administrator
02/14/06 08:35 PM
xx * Ah...I mentioned the forum but not the name. I was actually thinking of a link back here but forgot! LOL! Good thing my memory is so bad. :O} NT
02/14/06 08:38 PM
xx * That was what I thought maybe too long. But I liked Ette's take on it. :-) NT
02/14/06 08:29 PM
xx * too! LOL!:::waving upward toward our BJ!::: :O) NT
02/14/06 08:35 PM
xx * No man, they censored me ROFL
Jokerette Administrator
02/14/06 08:34 PM
xx * LOL! Karma for you! :-) NT
02/15/06 01:55 AM
xx * Good Grief! I am so sorry that happened. I can't imagine you said anything that was censorable!! ((Ette))! :O[ NT
02/14/06 08:37 PM
xx * smoooooch DW it's all good...
Jokerette Administrator
02/14/06 08:41 PM
xx * LOL! **Smooches** back to you Ette! I agree. :O) NT
02/14/06 08:43 PM
xx * Sorry to break it to ya Ette. But we have taken over;) NT
02/14/06 08:34 PM

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