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This is a response to: I got this from my sister and had to post it. I'm sure it hit us harder recognizing most of the places (and even some of the people!)

Boss Lady
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YOU are a bad, bad girl.
10/19/05 04:50 PM

I just got off the phone with you. Wilma is headed right for you. Your parents are evacuating and you are threatening me with staying on the BEACH. OK, so I'm telling the whole world on you! So there! pbbbbbbbt

There's always a Joker, in the pack...

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* I got this from my sister and had to post it. I'm sure it hit us harder recognizing most of the places (and even some of the people!)
Wildcard Administrator
10/19/05 10:13 AM
xx * Thanks for all the hugs and well wishes. My main reason for posting this was because so many in the deep south, in 4 different states, were affected
Wildcard Administrator
10/20/05 11:07 AM
xx * My heart goes out to all in my beloved New Orleans, I hope you and your famlies find peace soon.Planning on returning next year.Love to all ! NT
10/20/05 08:40 AM
xx * Lyrics to the Coldplay song that plays while you watch... "Fix You"
10/19/05 07:05 PM
xx * Thanks for posting the lyrics and for being such a great friend! NT
Wildcard Administrator
10/20/05 10:56 AM
xx * ::hugs:: NT
10/20/05 03:52 PM
xx * Thanks for that Indie.
10/19/05 08:04 PM
xx * It really is. NT
10/19/05 08:09 PM
xx * Wildcard...thanks for posting this...perhaps I'll watch it later but right now
10/19/05 06:49 PM
xx * I totally understand and I too wish we could have arranged a meeting while we could but who could have known what Katrina would do to our city.
Wildcard Administrator
10/20/05 10:54 AM
xx * {{Wildcard}} NT
10/20/05 10:55 AM
xx * (((((Kitty))))) My heart is breaking for all of you. NT
10/20/05 07:28 AM
xx * Mine too Dee. And now we might have to add Wilma. Is hurricane season ever going to end? NT
10/20/05 07:32 AM
xx * They said there was 6 more weeks left in the season on tv this morning
10/20/05 07:34 AM
xx * Me too... headed right towards my wife's elderly grandparents
10/20/05 08:07 AM
xx * Oh no Bidz :-( Do they have anyone to help them get prepared?
10/20/05 08:18 AM
xx * They somehow managed to get through Charlie
10/20/05 08:35 AM
xx * I know. We have gone through the whole alphabet now. Next one is Alpha :-( NT
10/20/05 07:36 AM
xx * ::tears::
10/19/05 06:39 PM
xx * Indie...Bless You!
10/19/05 06:45 PM
xx * ((((KittyKitty)))) My heart goes out to you. I think of Jokers southern residents that have been affected by this on a daily basis.
10/20/05 08:10 AM
xx * I think of you daily, sweetie. ::HUGS:: NT
10/19/05 06:49 PM
xx * YOU are a bad, bad girl.
Jokerette Administrator
10/19/05 04:50 PM
xx * I'm not a bad girl. I posted a link to a memorial cause I'm so good and sad at what happened. As far as "threatening" I believe that was in reply to
Wildcard Administrator
10/19/05 05:23 PM
xx * Come to Nevada. Our weather forecast is highs around 75 and lows around 40 (which happens at about 6:00 am)
10/20/05 08:08 AM
xx * the memorial was really well done :) But you're still baaaad
Jokerette Administrator
10/19/05 08:36 PM
xx * I still say I'm not baaaaad :p Might might might. When it says its coming for me then I'll leave ; )
Wildcard Administrator
10/20/05 10:57 AM
xx * hold onto that reservation, Wild. no matter what....
10/20/05 11:45 AM
xx * The memorial was beautiful Wild NT
10/19/05 06:43 PM
xx * Oh Wild, don't stay on the beach
10/19/05 05:16 PM
xx * This made me cry. Heartbreaking. {{{Wild}}} NT
10/19/05 10:56 AM
xx * (((((Wild))))) NT
10/19/05 10:19 AM

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