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Jul 08 2003 13:36, Tue Houseguest13   Link
FOTH!!!!!!!!! NT

Jul 08 2003 16:34, Tue Kimba ParentRootLink
Foth is back on feeds one and two instead of C-SPAN. NT

Jul 08 2003 13:39, Tue Jokerette   Link
Welcome to Joker's BB4 Updates!
We so appreciate all our live feeders, and are greatly glad to see you back!

For new feeders: please keep live feeds as free of commentary as you can. A small remark, noted as such, has always been OK.

Let the feeds begin!

PS: If you are looking for summaries, look into News and Rumors for daily summary updates posted by Kimba!

Jul 08 2003 17:39, Tue bruhe   Link
Still foth. beautiful foth... NT

Jul 08 2003 18:10, Tue strkaholic   Link
Quad Cam: FOTH NT

Jul 08 2003 18:34, Tue John_DK_   Link
FOTH... Came thru with BB season pass.

Jul 08 2003 18:53, Tue Darkbeer   Link
Music just was turned on, and just got a time out message, 30 minutes NT

Jul 08 2003 19:00, Tue Stratos   Link
Feeds are on!!! NT

Jul 08 2003 19:01, Tue bruhe   Link
feeds up spoiler for west coast.
Scott having an animated conversation with i believe Jun or Dana saying he refuses to talk to her for the rest of the f-ing time.

Jul 08 2003 19:02, Tue Numfar   Link
First view of Feed 1 - Scott and Amanda arguing. Amanda folding laundry Scott says
"See if I ever talk to you the rest of the time I'm in the house"


Jul 08 2003 19:15, Tue Kimba   Link
6:03-6:12pm: Feed 3: Alliance talk
Jun and Jack are talking about alliances while Jun is doing her nails in hte kitchen. Jack is saying that there was a six-person alliance last year, but it fell apart quickly.

Chatter about Nathan keeping alliance together. There is a lot of whispering, so it is difficult to hear.

Jack: Order, starting with Amanda, then Justin and Robert. (One of these guys p*sses Jun off because he is a player, pretending he is only there for the experience.)

Jun: First HOH is the best one. Not everyone will be frantic about this. It will be much tougher later. (mumbly)

Jack: has kids, one 19 and one 21. Has daughters, raising them is so much fun. Everyone should have a daughter, he says.

Jun: want a family sooner than later; people think she is a party-girl, but that is because she is single. It doesn't mean that she doesn't want to settle down.

Someone comes in. Jack tells this guy that as far as they know, the alliance is strong.

It is Nathan. Scott is there, too. They all feel "strong" about the alliance.

Scott: I thought we were all 8-strong.

Jun: It is hard because we are not all here (she gestures to outside). Erika walks in.

Jack: Just because we are in separate bedrooms it doesn't mean we can't check in with one another.

Scott: We're here to have a good time, but we are here to compete. If we stick to the plan, we can guarantee we get further (paraphrasing).

They scatter.

Jul 08 2003 19:19, Tue Stark   Link
Jack/Jun Talk...Alliance Meeting....Bathroom Talk (LONG)
Jun:How much of Scott do you think we can take hes too much

Ja: hes something

Jun: Hes just to much, I'm tired

Ja: Yeah we are low on energy, not enough sleep

Jun: Exactly they are going to wonder why we are so boring in a few days

(time passes)

Jun: I'll have girly drinks like daquiris or marquiritas, but I don't like the alchohol taste, l8ike you all like lite beer or something and its so hard for me to understand

Ja: yeah, I've never dranken more than two a day

Jun: yeah that's good

Ja; gives you a reason to go look up

Jun: I'm afraid to go anywhere near scott, he might instigate but I'm so afraid I might say something I regret

Ja: two low to hear

Jun; well Nathan said we just all have tostay down and get them

Ja: yeah its all set

Jun: I'm scared of that room because of the smell, the burlap hurts me...but I want to prove everyone wrong I can do that

Ja; they had a 6 alliance last year that went so fast

Jun: but no one remembers how quick

Ja: yeah it was last year I don't remember

Jun: I like sleeping with you guys but I'm a little scared (too low now)

Ja: your fine, we just have to go around and talk everyday. Its fine if it holds together, it will be something that has never happened in here

Jun: (too low)

Ja: that's a good point, I think Amanda is a heck of a player right now, the order if we could pull it out is starting with Amanda, then Justin then Robert

Jun: yeah Justin isn't well you know hes like I'm just here for experience with just pisses me off

Ja: would you rather him go first

Jun: I think best one to use is Jee then get rid of Amanda, but shes so sweet.

Jun: 1st HOH is best one as its less personal

Ja: definatally it only gets worse later

Ja: so you don't mind if he goes with Amanda

Jun: yeah, right just as long as we get rid of all the exes, if Jee goes this week or next one

Ja: so its ok

Jun: right

Ja; ok so we take Amanda, then next week we take out Justin or Robert

Jun: and michelle, yeah but shes so harmless, they are so cute together

Ja: yeah shes nice

Jun; I'm surprised they let her father let her on

Ja; yeah I couldn't do that with my daughter, but he oked it, I think he trust here, probably made sure she only had one pieces and no bikinis

Ja (missed something here about his family)

Ja: my son was smiling and laughing, and I have a daughter

Jun: (missed something)I want that sooner than later, I want a family, they think I'm high maintenance super party girl, but that's because I'm single what I want is a family

Jun: that hats been around

Male: yes

Ja; we were talking that the alliance is still strong

N: yes

N: how do you feel about alliance

S: yeah we are all good, exes go

N: (earing cowboy hat) well you know what they are trying to do

E (joins group)

Ja: just cause we are separated, doesn't mean we aren't together lets just check in each day

N: yeah just check in

Ja: yeah

N: we are guaranteed to be in final 8 sticking together

E: yeah

Ja that way you got something

Jun: well you have private room you can invite us in

N: well its not that private (Nathan is HOH)

(They break up all going different ways)

Nathan heads to bathroom, Michele is in there in only a towel, doing eyelashes

N: just cause we ain't sleeping together doesn't mean you have to be snobby

M: you think I'm snobby

N: yeah

M: i'll be less snobby then

N: oh good

Jul 08 2003 19:38, Tue Asiina   Link
Jack/Jun Kitchen...alliance
Jack and Jun in the Dining Room

Jun: we're just not sleeping

Jac: Do you wake up disoriented?

ju: yah, exactly. not sleeping at all

ju: they're gonna wonder why we are so boring in a few days

ju: I'll have girly fruity drinks marg, I don't like the taste of alcohol. it doesn't so aything fo me. You guys like the taste of beer, it's so hard for me to understand.

jack: I don't drink alot

ju: that's good it just turns into fat anyway

jack: gives you a reason to work out.

ju: lets just make sure everyone is on board

ju: I just want that to be, I'm really scared for myself.

ja: we don't know what happened. no, you're fine

ja: it's fine

ju: we can't do the thing to robert.

ja: that's a good point I think amanda is a tougher player. Starting with Amanda, justin, then robert.

ju: as much as I want to hear, he's harmless unless he's playing everybody. He's here for the experience.

ja: would you rather have hinm gone first?

ju: he'll be easier to use later. we should get rid of Amanda. but then again, the first HOH would be the best one.

ja: yah. Much tougher later. It's okay with you if we go witgh Amanda? I just told him that the alliance is strong

ju: yah, as lkong as we gget rid of all exs

ja: Amanda, then justin, the robert.

ju: Michelle Hanging on every word David says. She's harmless. They're so cute together. She's a funny one.

ja: apparently they're very close and he haxs faith in her

ja: talking about the alliance and how it's still strong. Scot and someone else came in.

Jul 08 2003 19:39, Tue Asiina   Link
Ali crying, Erika and Amanda consoling
Ali and Amanda and Erika in the WC

Ali: it just sucks that he's not going to see me for the next three months. That THIS is how he is going to find outy. His family accepted me, and my family acc him. I hate this...

Amanda: He just completely smoothed over my parents. He's gotta understand that this is how everyone feels

Erika: Exactly. It's already worn off on most of us. We are civil.

AmandA: Besides, they're selling it as "they didn't know"

Ali: This whole thing is still not cool. He never knew that I was part of a witness protection program

Aman: He knows now?

Ali: ayh

ek: but he has to understand that there is $ at stake.

ali: I hate hurting people, I hate hurting animals. this is tearing me apart.

amanda: I guess I don't ahve a bf at home, so I'm just like whatever

ali: yah, but my bf.

david bursts in!: DON'T CRY ALI! BE HAPPY!

Ali screams: I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. His ranger ***** almost took me out!

Ali finally stops crying and leaves the WC for outside

Jul 08 2003 19:56, Tue Kimba   Link
6:12-6:17pm: Feed 3: Nathan and Michelle chat
Michelle and Nathan talk in the bathroom.

Nathan: What is the deal? Just because we don't sleep together (in the same room) you have to be so snobby?

Michelle: I am not

snobby. You think I am snobby? Well, I guess I will try to be less so from now on.

Chatter as he takes a shower, but he can't really hear her (she is putting on make-up after a shower.

Jun is in there now, too. Nathan jokes that he cannot trust Jun b/c she is too high-maintenance for him. Michelle agrees that Jun is high-maintenance.

Jul 08 2003 19:56, Tue Kimba   Link
6:26-6:50pm: Feed 1: Allie want big, fake boobs.
Allison is holding something to her face--she was hit while boxing, she is holding something cold to her eye so she doesn't get a "shiner."

Four women are talking about their exes. Allison called her ex her bf and one commented that that was a freudian slip. Allison said "no way, I would never refer to him that way." Allison is balling again and all the women are comforting her. They are telling her it is not her fault, she didn't know, don't worry about it, etc.

Move into the bathroom: Erika and Allison.

A: I feel so guilty.

E: It is not your fault.

A: I know, but still...I don't like hurting people, etc.

E: I hope that BB makes it clear that NONE of us had ANY idea this was going to happen! (She talks to the camera.)

A: It just sucks that it is happening this way. I would still do it, but it sucks that that is how they (her bf at home and mom, etc) are finding out about it. I'm cool, I just hate...

E: It is the shock-value. It sucks. We all feel bad. We are all just trying to deal.

Amanda: You had no control over it, he will know it. They are selling this as a surprise. That is what is so great about it. And 500,000 dollars is at state. Your b/f will understand that. I don't want you to stress about it.

Allie: I'm not stressing. I just hate hurting people, I hate hurting animals. It was the way I was raised. Like, when my brother and I saw a dead bird we would cry...we are sentimental.

David comes in and makes a joke, tries to lighten things up. Leaves.

They all head outside. Allie says she doesn't want to cry (ed note: coulda fooled me).

Amanda and Allie are going to box (with the punching bag). Dana had a wedgie, couldn't get it with her gloves on; Allie was going to get it for her...but Dana then jumped away and said that was too much for the cameras.

Change to guys chatting (Justin, Jack, Robert, Nathan).


Justin: I don't like what she (Allie) is doing over there. She is picturing my face (while she is punching the bag).

Jack mentions the backyard is smaller than it appears on TV.

Chatter about "Barbie Doll girl," wishing that she had made it into the house. She had fake "boobs" and was hotter than any girl in the house now. (I think Justin is the one adamant about this, the others chime in and agree.) (ed note: *&^*@#%*%$)

Justin: Thing about Allie is she is always ready to learn. She is not too cocky. She is so damn smart. She passed her LSAT without studying. Her Dad is a lawyer and owns a firm. She is running for Miss Pennsylvannia.

J: I was faithful with her while we were going out. But during wrestling season, I was busy with that...and after the season, he'd want to hang out with his friends and not her. He told her this. But she would always find where he'd be and she'd get drunk and act like an idiot. He had to go incognito to get away from her.

Chatter about Michelle: She is cute, they all agree. She looks like a Southern girl.

Jack: She is fun to talk to.

...chatter; Justin dominates convo.

Jul 08 2003 19:57, Tue Stark   Link
Michele?Nathan....Girls Console Alison and discuss X Factor (LONG)
M: what is that

N: is that a shiner

M: did he hit you

Girl(offscreen, sounds like dana): yeah

M: I slept well, how about you

N: yeah me too

M: I didn't know anyone slept with me last night, I didn't even know Alison came back

N: yeah, you have a little tan line going there

M: do you listen do your music and fall asleep

N: what are you talking to me

M: no I was talking to myself

N: I can't hear you

M: I said do you listen to music to fall asleep, you know listen to music

N: oh yeah, it puts me to sleep

N: Joshua Tree

M (couldn't hear over shower)

M: you miss that to, I said you know you miss that to

N: what

M: Jun

N; no, you know jun you well sure do

N: can't believe you only worked out 15 min today

M: you can't just start out all hard

N: I thought you were an athlete

M: I am but haven't played soccer in a long time

(she got dressed somehow, but BB didn't show, so that's first evidence that BB will be panning away from all lewdness)

N: that's going to look pretty on tv

(scotts in there now helped her tie straps in back of dress

Girl: yeah I know

S: you can do that

N: she has a good cross

Girl: yeah yeah
(I think its dana, but I just can't get a good angle on this feed)

(missing a lot as I'm trying to post last updated which didn't work)

Al: I feel so bad

E: we know we know, we all hate this, its so not you

Al: I feel so bad

AL (crying)

(basketball bouncing loud)

E: hate this game

Al: l feel like its out of context and I just feel so guilty,

E: You didn't know this was going on

AL: but he won't believe that would you believe we didn't know

E: well I just hope BB makes it clear we don't know

Al: I feel bad that they found out this way, I would still have done it, but I just sucks that they find out this way. We had problems before and I was just now accepted again by their family and he was finally accepted by my family. And this could ruin it all. Now I'm cool but...

E: its just the shock value

Am: they are going to know

E: they will explain

Am: They will play it up as the "x factor" it won't know

AM;they are billing it as a surprise, it would be boring otherwise

E: yeah your fine

Al: yeah but the whole thing is just not cool, this is bad

Al: he never knew till he signed the waiver

Am: he understood then

Al: I think he understood because I was there

E: He would do it now

Al: in a heartbeat

E: then theres nothing to say, I just don't want you to stress about it

Al: I'm not stressing, its just my heart

E: I know

Al: I'm cool, I really appreciate you guys

E: we all feel the same way

D: (runs in) Alison BE happy, be happy (runs out)

(they all laugh)
E: you have to stop talking at least an hour

AL: I'm so hoarse

Al: lets go outside and play, I don't want to cry anymore

Jul 08 2003 19:59, Tue Asiina   Link
Jun & Amanda outside
A: Everything we say about Scott she (M) goes and tells him

A: And she's ridiculusly obvious. like let's make a joke about me.

J: I don't want to be the only girl not working out. (as she checks her nails)

J: I'm not going to do my french tip for Dave. Mic iss like to Scott "we'll talk later"

j: David David, look they're trying

a: They're shady.

M returns for a second then goes back inside

J: You can see the lights from the parking lot outside. Then you are like, this is not really a house.

J; What did you say Ali?

Guy: What's up JUUN!

J: (loud)You're lucky I'm not sensitive. (whisper)f-ing bastard anyway.

J: It's a crock of ***** because she's all like "I can make her cry about it."

(Feed follows Erika to the DR)

Jul 08 2003 19:59, Tue Del   Link
brief overview - nothing exciting.
Dana and Justin were discussing their sparring match earlier. Evidently, there was some kickboxing, and the guys have decided that the kicking is just... wrong. (Must have been the impetus for the preceding getting-kicked-in-the-nuts-hurts speech).

Alison and Justin are chattering about how, when they were sparring earlier, there was an accidental clocking in the face -- evidently Alison got smacked, and now they are talking about how that’s all they are going to show on TV, which will make her boyfriend fly over the house, and bomb it.

In a whisper, they were discussing that one of the female houseguests has gotten naked about five times already...

Jul 08 2003 20:02, Tue Stark   Link
Girl Talk...Then guy talk (LONG)

Ju: but I would never come her with boyfriend, they would totally edit it to make us look like total horndogs

M: yeah I had that little pillow fight with Nathan and went under covers

Ju: you did

M: yeah but they could take that innocent thing and make it look really bad

Ju; I didn't know you went under covers

M: yeah we made it look like I was only one in there

Ju: dana, I thought you were going to shower and make dinner

Dana: oh yeah, I'll do that in a minute

(missed something)
Ju; yeah I gotmugged

Al: you did?

AL: what were they

Ju: two Hispanic guys they followed me, and got my bag running out of my apartment, but they didn't know you have to push in then pull to open my door so they got hung up and I ran and punched one because that was just my reaction and I broke a nail

(lost feed, darn that was getting interesting)

(they are talking about feeds and wondering how it works, thinking you can just click on a room and here that room and Erika says why would anyone want to watch us that they are boring. Jun says if you are a sloppy pig why wouldn't you watch a lot of beautiful women where it gives you a sense of control)

(now talking about how to stop biting nails)

(sorry about this being just synopsis, trying to get posts to work at moment)

(Now a ton of guys are sitting around all talking how cool michle is and one of them is saying she would give it up to Nathan, but Nathan says he is to innocent.)

N: isn't jun the funnies person

Ja: yeah she cracked me up

N: I just an't stop laughing around her

Ja: I picked her up, shes a lot lighter than her weight.

N: she lost a lot of weight, she was 190 she said

D: wonder if she was lik that when she was 190

N: has to be, now has personality and looks

Jus: she flaunts it around now, she knows sh ain't 190

(missed something)

N: she had those cowboy boots, and bam she got me, I was rolling around and I couldn't move

Ja; sterilized you

(missed some more, checking on jokers)

Jus: all the athletes in pitt go to this one formall

Ja: was it downtown

Jus: yeah well this one girl came up and pushed the other girl out of the way

N: you kidding me
Jus: so I was like ok I'll dance then I said I'm not going home with you and she said yes you are and I said no and I said yes you are. I tried to leave and a football player walked up and told me are you giving her a hard time and she said no no hes fine. And I was like who does that so I hit him.

Jus: giant giant

D: (missed it)
Jus: oh man man, I hate you dana, what are you doing to me dana

(plane flys overhead)

Jul 08 2003 20:20, Tue Stark   Link
Girls talk in Kitchen about cooking and about Michele's naivity (med)
Dn: I can't believe you bastards can you hear me

Al: that smells so good

Dn: can you smell it

E: that smells so good

Dn: jun we have some major problems

Ju: we will be alright

Dn: we need this and we need this

Ju: need goats cheese that would work

Dn: ok heres what I'll try some vinegar to give it some (moves fingers)

DN: then I'll try to make some pasta, one of these will be hot one cold

Ju: but nothing to put on them, oh French frys

All: yeah yeah

E: that would work good idea jun

D: oh we have a bunch of this, potatos nice and crispy

E: yeah that will be good

Am: these windows are weird
Dn: what

Dn: oh she was dancing in panties and the camera was following here I had to tell her they will make her look like porn star

Ju: knowing she is so naïve, how did her father send her out here

E: I know

D: they will say shes a c-u-n-t and spelling out every other bad or nasty word

D: hey we are going to make French fries

All: Nathan!

(timed out)

Jul 08 2003 20:23, Tue TomGuy ParentRootLink
Guys were chatting a few minutes ago about them only having pasta and that the other food was taken away. [No reason stated.]

Girls a bit later were questioning why the salad dressing was taken. Implied that all they had left was pasta, that BB had taken all the other food [no reason stated]. One girl questioned whether salad dressing could be considered a snack.

Apparently, BB is "punishing" them for some reason by taking back most of the food [that they won in the televised food competition].

Jul 08 2003 20:28, Tue Stark ParentRootLink
Clarification: there has been another food competition, they have mentioned categories NT

Jul 09 2003 08:46, Wed Katherine ParentRootLink
But in last nights show when the ex's entered they were told that food had been won for them for the week. Or at least thats what i thought. NT

Jul 08 2003 20:21, Tue Stark   Link
Update Abbrev Guid for Starks' Post: Dn-Dana Dv-David Ja-Jack Je-Jee Jn-Jun Js-Justin Al-Alison Am-Amanda NT

Jul 08 2003 20:22, Tue bruhe   Link
first noticed call to diary room... don't know who it was for (chatter) but the BB voice is the same old familliar one lol NT

Jul 08 2003 20:23, Tue strkaholic ParentRootLink
Jun was called to the Diary Room. NT

Jul 08 2003 20:27, Tue ktan ParentRootLink
She came out and told HGs in kitchen that they were not going to run out of food (feed then cut to bathroom) NT

Jul 08 2003 20:27, Tue Stark   Link
Trying to make Something out of Nothing
D: these are whole tomatos, how do I crush them with my hand, they are all whole

E: I'm just couchy

AL: I'm not fighting with any of them

S: if we had a blender we could make protein shakes

Guy : something smells good what are you all making

Dn:: we could mash them

E: do we have a wisk

Am: maybe we have a fork or something

guy: are we adding olives

D: we have nothing

Guy: they gave us nothing, what was my category, oh yeah snacks but they only gave us like 2 days

(Guy I think is scott, looks like him but doesn't sound like him)

AL: wheres jun

Am: DR

Sc: wahts good for throat, I feel like I'm loosing my voice

E: tea with honey

Sc: guess I'll try tea, can someone make me tea, just kidding, I'll get it, what kind is it, lipton

D: I like the whole feel of thwhistle on the stove

D: did you ask about food

Ju: they said we will not run out of food, we won't starve so I don't think we have to worry about running out of pasta, but...

(feed changed to Jack in bathroom, who leaves and camera is on empty room though shower is running in background noise)

Jul 08 2003 20:38, Tue Anonymous   Link

Jul 08 2003 20:38, Tue ktan   Link
1st official FOTH NT

Jul 08 2003 20:38, Tue TomGuy   Link
FOTH & Music - all 4 feeds and Quad NT

Jul 08 2003 20:44, Tue mkemp   Link
E filling up the tub?????????? first bath? NT

Jul 08 2003 20:45, Tue RMU   Link
In the kitchen a female HG says she was recently arrested - the others cut her off and feed switches
I think it was Alison but can't say for sure

Jul 08 2003 20:46, Tue Numfar ParentRootLink
Alison and Michelle are only 2 that young, no? I think it may have been M NT

Jul 08 2003 20:55, Tue Stark ParentRootLink
Alison was outside on my update so wasn't her NT

Jul 08 2003 20:47, Tue mkemp ParentRootLink
that was M...............arrested for underage drinking NT

Jul 08 2003 20:48, Tue PosterChild ParentRootLink
It was Michelle, arrested for underage drinking NT

Jul 08 2003 20:53, Tue Stark   Link
Pitt Sports....Intenert and Going away Email Present....Future of Cell Phones (LONG)
Al: My grandparents loved it

AL: Justin was a wrestler and my grandfather loved that he would coach him

Ja: I think you told me that

Al: justing told you earlier this week

Ja: yeah and all those coaches always know each other, football coaches to

Al: yeah we would run into old people who would say its familiar

Je: (to low at first) you know?

Al: my family has only met him a few times

Ja: sounds like great grandparents and family

AL: yes my family is very welcoming, if I brought home a stranger they would not be lackin

Je; you were close by I am from ny

Al: where

Je: queens

Al: oh yeah

Ja: you all have good sports at pitt and you have good football

Al: but our basketball coach went to ucla and football left

Al: yeah it really sucked one of the players wanted to go with him but ...

Ja; yeah all kinda of rules against that. My son in law played them once a long time ago as a kicker for NC,

Al: our WR died, Billy Gaines, should have been one of the best in nation this year but he was restoring a chapel and was sleeping up top and at 2:30 in morning walked across catwalk and fell off and hit pew and died

Ja: OMG what a waster

Je: wow

A: and in a church

Ja: God must have been on vacation or something

Ja: that's so horrible

AL: so very horrible

Ja; _______(Missed the name) had a friend die at florida and it was so horrible

Girl: turtle is gone

Al: oven, cushions

E: why do I even ask, I walked right in that

Al: yeah I know I don't ask about my elephant, anyone seen my elephanat

E: yeah I think I saw an elephant

Dv: with the zebra right

Ja: I took a shower

Al: I need a shower

Dv: I need a shower, I think it needs hotter, not hotter but more more

Ja: more pressure

Dv: yeah that's it

Al: they said it would all be generic but I'm very happy with the herbal essence and stuff, I was getting so annoyed with the videos we wer watching with all the commercial s with AOL

Dv: yeah it was all about AOL

Al: they asked my screenanem in one of the interviews

Ja: I've never gotten into that

Al: I used to be very addicted, its great being able to talk to so many at one time

Dv: yeah and you can walk away then come back and they will have said everything so you can check up

Ja: when I retired I wasn't a big computer guy so I never r3ead email so as a joke when I left they printed out over 600 emails and bound them and gave me.

Dv: you didn't miss anything

Ja: no if its important my supervisor brings it down and tells me and hands me the paper, the email was all the stuff you just didn't' need

AL: I was off a while and they shut all mine down, it just all went away, they do that

Ja: I heard that

Al Hotmail does that

Ja; yeah that's what happened to one of my daughters

Ja: my daughters, well lets see I needed to put a tv personality onto one of my stories,so I had her pull all the stuff on this lady that was on MPR and she gave me a dossier this thick (inch) and even photos so I used it all in my story

AL: you know whats scary with just a name on internet you can get address phone number and you can look up anyone its ridiculous

Ja: yeah yeah

Je: one in 5 people use their cell phone as their cell phone, it won't be long before that's all you have

Ja: look at pay phones, its very hard to fine one now

AL: the worst thing is come somewhere that doesn't have service, like when my car died, its in right now getting a new fuel pump, what if it had been nigh or I had been alone it would have been bad

(conversation changing so updating)

Jul 08 2003 20:53, Tue Sunflake   Link
HOH Spoiler....
...seems like Nathan is HOH, or at least living in that room. He also mentioned listening to Joshua Tree (by U2)....a reward perhaps???

Jul 08 2003 20:55, Tue Stark ParentRootLink
Yes, he is HOH NT

Jul 08 2003 20:59, Tue reggie   Link
F3: Scott took off his hat!!! NT

Jul 08 2003 21:03, Tue Stark   Link
Shower and dirty singing (Short)
Feed 4 is Allison taking a shower, high angle shot, but shows only head and shoulder

Dave is talking to her waiting for shower, but hard to make it out

Al: the poun thing

Dv: the pound thing, yeah


Dv: yeah that's ok plenty of meat to go around

Al: what...meat?

Dv: willy wonker and the sausage factory, umpa umpa umpa dippity do, there is a woman who is a ho, spread her legs for the nuts

Offscreen girl: shut up, that's bad

Another girl: stop that, don't do that

(Lot of chatter offscreen, all mixing together)

Jul 08 2003 21:10, Tue Stark   Link
BB bursts Erika's bubble....Scott's dirty talk (medium)
E: at least this room is off limits

Dv: they can see it

E: they can see us but not in the bathroom or shower area (as I look at the shower on feed 4)

Dv: no I think internet sees all

E: no they can't

BB: HG please open shower curtains

Ju: haha, yeah they want to see

Dv: Erika is busted, yep they watch here

(Erika in bathtub but in bikini, Allison out os shower with towel on)

AL: I think a bug bit me on the damn face

E: (in BB voice) please open bath curtains (cmera zooms on erikas bust line then back out)

E: I don't know where my turtle is

Al: I haven't seen your turtle honestly

(missed something)

Al: I'm not that talented

(Erica is shaving her underarms in bathtub, water has now almost drained out, maybe ½-1 inch left, so she draws more water)

(E gets out)

offscreen guy: give me the keys you cocksucking mfer

(scott walk in, Alison opens towel but away from scott then puts it back on)

S: give me the keys you cocksucking mfer

S: its like campe wehre you come back with curse words and your mom kills you

Jul 08 2003 21:25, Tue ktan   Link
Most HGs now sitting around dinner table for a pasta dinner. NT

Jul 08 2003 21:38, Tue bruhe   Link
WC chat...
allison and robert talking about how noms havent happened yet and that there is something about chores that nathan (hoh) will talk to them tomorrow about.

Jul 08 2003 21:44, Tue bruhe   Link
more wc chit chat....
allison and amanda comment on michelle who came in to tinkle.. when she left, (shakin her stuff ...ed comment) the girls comment about how she is lost and how she needs to be led around. allison says i feel like i should take her hand and lead her around.

Jul 08 2003 21:47, Tue Stark   Link
Nominations tommorrow...Competition speculation....Michelle is so nice talk (medium)
R: where are all the clean towels

Am: there are no clean towels, we have to do them ourselves

R: oh maybe we should have our own towels then

Am: that's what I'm doing

R: you sound hoars

Al: I've tried everything, but its common I go through this like once a month

R: that often

Al: yeah for a long time

R: theres no competitions for a while now

Al he said no comps tomorrow, but I think noms is to mmmorrow

R:that's tommmorrow

Am; tomorrow

Al: I know we have a something to do every day

R: what about choirs

Al: I'll talk to N to have a meeting we need that divded up

(missed some as they talked about shaving hair)

R: I had a full head of hair then

R: this is shortest

Al: that's funny

Al: temperature in this house is hot then freezing then hot then cold, then I'm freezing

R: yeah I keep waking up and having to take stuff off or add stuff on

Al: Justin snores like automatically when he lays down, he will twitch like 5 times then go to sleep fast. I hate that some of us know each other really well then Its just scary

(missed some stuff due to phone call)

AL : we will see what happens
Am: Jesus Christ


Al: I'd like to have ice cream tonight but I'll probably forget to eat it

R: I haven't had any yet either

Al: I'd love to have some

M: can you stick this on me (mic)

Al: sure

M; thank you

Al: of course (m leaves)

Al; shes so nice Amanda

Am: huh

Al:shes so nice, I love her

Am: oh I know me to

(As I got ready to post they had a talk withbetween girls how they lament having to change in bathroom wher eyou can change anywehre at home, and they are glad the WC is a safe place to change)

Jul 08 2003 21:49, Tue bruhe   Link
amanda? i think.. and allison (the Vox) in WC talking
about how they thought and worried that we (posters!!! yay) might see them peeing or using the wc (ocky!!) feed times out.. it comes back to whispering... we need more microphones in that house!

Jul 08 2003 21:49, Tue hakishiroom   Link
Amanda and Dana caught whispering not only by BB but a fellow HG! NT

Jul 08 2003 21:50, Tue Asiina   Link
WC convos: Ali, Amanda, Robert in WC. Dana in the shower.
Ali, Amanda, Robert in WC. Dana in the shower.

Ali: Justin snores almost immediately after his head goes down. I hate how some of us know each other so well, and others down. it makes me feel queazy.

r: It makes me feel something. It's getting better, day after day. It was bad the first day.

Michelle comes in

Ali talks about curling her hair for a while (nothing coherant)

Ali: I'd like to have ice cream tonight but I'll probably forget

R: Me too, I haven't had any yet.

Ali: Me neither

R leaves

M leave

Ali: She's so nice Amanda but she's so naive. She's so sweet

Am: you jsut want to take her by the hand and direct her

Ali: I know.

Amanda spilt something and is cleaning it up.

Jun comes in

Am: Are we having this fashion show tonight?

Am: No, I don't know. They were figuring it out last night. they want to where boxer-breifs. It was starting to get a little...

Ali: Racy

Nathan enters.

They talk about the thing Amanda spilt (hair lotion or something)

Am: I thought if you were in the bathroom, they saw it on the cameras. I guess not

Ali: That would be terrible. I know.

Am and Dana whispering: That was a really fake conversation. She went outside, then inside. I know!

Jun comes in and they stop talking

Jul 08 2003 21:57, Tue Stark   Link
Michele beats Nathan at Horse (LONG)
M: you have an H

N: so do you

M: no I don't

M: my goodness she can play

M: oh yeah (shakes herself)

N(misses) light was in my eye

M: was in my eye to (Misses) its ok

N (makes it)

M (misses) I have an H

N (Makes it)

M: Look away (makes it

N: man shes clutch

N: (makes) what are you

M: Ho

N: wahts that

M: your same I ain't saying it

N: jesus A this thing is to short

N: you get the luckiest bounces (she made it)

N: (makes it) Oh yeah

M: its ok

M: whats going on with you and ally

N: nothing, why do you say that, why do you say that

M: I don't know

N: what do you thinks going on

M: I don't know

N: so your shady

M: I'm not shady, you don't know me

N: you won't let me, talk to me

M: I'll talk tonight

N: talk to me now

M: I'll talk to you now, you know all the massages and your rooms I think somethings going on, I'm curious

N: she has a girlfriend

M: that's a hard throw did you make it, I wasn't even watching

N: you were in deep though

M: I was thinking, why are you smiling

N: I'm smiling at you, is that ok

M yeah fine (misses)

M: I hope this works trying it on bounce (misses0

BB: David move your microphone higher

N: david

BB: david move your microphone higher

M: we are playing horse

N: you are so lucky, HOR

M: we are tied at HOR

Am: girls make that so much more often

M: I'm so talented

Am: I love the shoes

N: that's S, this will be final one (think M got S but not sure)

N (Misses) Not again (she trys backwards and gets it again)

N you have to be kidding me (misses)

M what is it HORS

N: yeah

M we are tied

N: oh no

M: nah I won't do that again

M: OMG (made it

N: (misses)

M: you just lost you know

N: lets play again, I'll try this again

M: oh your such a liar

M: lets play again

Jul 08 2003 22:22, Tue Jokerette   Link
Erika is missing something...
Ji and Scott talking in the LR. Scott sings, we get the FOTH. Arg!

Erika is there and she's missing something. They tell her to get Jack on the case and she says "I'm going to do that" and walks out.

Changing feeds

Jul 08 2003 22:41, Tue bouvluvr ParentRootLink
her stuffed turtle NT

Jul 08 2003 22:23, Tue Asiina   Link
everyone outside talking about noms and nail clipping and junk like that NT

Jul 08 2003 22:28, Tue Jokerette   Link
Allison & Dana stressing over the exes...
Now outside. I hear "Nominations tomorrow".

Someone else is talking about all the ants around. The girls go inside… to do their toes.

Dana and Allison are talking outside. The camaraman nearly dropped the cam.. hehee. Allison is sounding hoarse. Allsion says I can't wait for him to leave. It drives me insane, I have to share a house with him it just sucks that soemthing like this happens. Dana says and there's no way to explain it. I was surprised. If there's an issue.. and as much as they asked us "Was he abusive to you?" But say you didn't say something… if you don't want to bad mouth someone, worse things happens.. maybe you didn't tell CBS!"

Allison says somethings you don't want shared about you. D agrees. It becomes "Let's just talk about our relationship over and over". D says do I say nothing? Do I try to shut him up?

Jul 08 2003 22:33, Tue Jokerette   Link
Dana, Allison & Davd: coming back as a bug?
Allison and Dana still stressing. Dana, talking about someone's shoes, says those are nice except for the big piece of sh1t on them.

David is now sitting with them. The girls are cracking up. He says he misses … the nights in Florida, the beach at night. Here, you have to wear warm stuff. There you go skinny dipping and not be too cold. Allison then says he seems familiar to her. He says in another life? Do y'all belive in reincarnation?

Allison says it's hard coming back as a bug. Dana says it must happen. David says he died in a dream he had: he knew that's how it felt. He got shot. He felt the nervousness, getting colder, and Allison says it happened to her too. He doesn't believe her.

He says there was so much pain. He says he's only told a few people about that dream.

Jul 08 2003 22:34, Tue mkemp   Link
Ju is giving Na a french pedicure................... NT

Jul 08 2003 22:37, Tue Asiina   Link
They are talking about the comp. It was a temptation comp. "I'll give you $10,000 if you do this.." or something NT

Jul 08 2003 22:38, Tue avichaiyl   Link
Amanda & Dave talking about BB3
Marcelles' being voted off (and being in shock)
and the cell phone thing Amy won and how much money the offered them, and how they will hold out for more money.

Dave only wants to get to the sequestering house, cuz stippend will cover his rent. His rent is $950 and he figures he'd get $6,000 if he makes it that far.

Jul 08 2003 22:39, Tue Jokerette   Link
Talk of Marcellas and Amy!
Basketball still happening. David yawning. Dana says everyone is over the X factor, and that it's going to be weird. Then she wonders if they make you go over your nom speeches.. and wonders if Marcellas was forced to repeat his. They loved Marcellas, they say… Dana and Allison.

Jul 08 2003 22:40, Tue Asiina   Link
Ali and Amanda outside: Drinking, X factor, past lives
Ali and Amanda outside

Am: They (BB) should have used baseball field grass.

Al: I'm going to be made fun of for the rest of my life for drinking a can of (this)

Am: Why?

Al: I don't like to get messed up. I just sit there and people are like, you want a beer? and I'm like no.


Al: When this happens to you. They can't just find out the hard way.

am: and there's no way to explain it

am: I'm very surprise they did. Say there was an issue, and you didn't say anything because you didn't think it as important. Say it was violent but you never thought this would happen so you didn't say anything you have had worse things happen that your not saying. you think you are in a house with 12 strangers so you lie.

am: It's like airing your dirty laundry. it becomes like oh...

al: If that happens with me, I'll flip

Am: shopuld I say nothing? I mean...

Al: I think that in your case

Am: It sucks

dave: comes in

Al: what are you drinking?

dave: Vodka straihgt

dave: how come you lost your voice?

am: have you tried the honey thing?

dave: apple cider and honey?

al: it's never this bad.

am: It happens to me a lot but it comes back the next day. (to dave), those are nice shoes except for the big piece of crap on it.

dave: it's chocolate.

am: why don't you eat it

dave: it's like candy. Just before I came here, this was the only thing I bought. I really like it here compared to living in florida.

am: they are sitting back there going "My god this group"

dave: I have to use names all the time like "actually Ali"


dave: I miss...I miss...I miss the beach at night. To go to the beach out here, you have to wear shoes, Down there you can walk barefoot and go skinny dipping

alo: you seem so familiar to me.

dave: really? you think we met in another life.

am: I think people have past lives, there are just too much behind it.

dave: so many feelings

am: why you feel or think a certain way

dave: I died in a dream once, and I knew, I mean I KNEW that's how you die. The nervousness, and darkness

ali: I've had that too, I swear to God.

dave: I mean, how would I know. it wasn't so much pain as scared. I've on;y told a few people about that dream.

am: if it can happen once, it can happen again.

They pay attention to the basketballgame

Jul 08 2003 22:41, Tue Asiina ParentRootLink
Darn, Amanda = Dana. sorry, still getting used to people NT

Jul 08 2003 22:45, Tue Asiina ParentRootLink
Or Maybe it was Amanda after all. I don't know anymore NT

Jul 08 2003 22:41, Tue avichaiyl   Link
It seems they lost a turtle..
Female looking for it .. (Erika?)

Ama & Dave:
Talking about noms and people giving stupid reasons for why they picked who.

Dave thinks Jack is cool, in pretty good shape. Ama agrees. Thought he was in his 40's, but E confirms he's 58

feeds switch

Jul 08 2003 22:48, Tue avichaiyl   Link
Close up of Nathan's pedicure now, (from Jun) and Michelle is watching
Ali comes in with scratchy voice, took medicine but doesn't like it..

Sounds like the basketball people came in.. talk of O'dools (non alcholic beer).. boring talk..

Ali calls some song a "faggot" song ("Shiny Disco Balls"? not familiar) Nathan disagrees.

Nathan asks Ali to grab her another tacada (beverage), she gets up to find him one, but their arn't any though he swears there are three in there. Ali tries to get in storage, but BB won't let him in. Ali offers N a Miller Lite instead, but Dana comes out of DR so Ali can get his tacada.

Dana says she is missing her family.

Jul 08 2003 22:54, Tue avichaiyl   Link
Mi & Da always have their toenails painted.
Talking about face scrubs and other things..

Feed switches to outside camera

Scott, Jack.. Dave, Amanda, Erika

Scott is rhyming

Talking about the use of the hottub, and the hottub incident four days ago (Jack says it feels like weeks ago)

Amanda goes to Bsktball court to dribble and shoot by herself. Scott & Dave talking but Scott not audable

Ama stops playing to go inside.

Dave thinks it would be cool to have instruments. Used to mess around on drums. Hopes it will be a luxery item to win. But would like a ping pong table better. Would never get bored with ping pong.

Scott loves PP, is a defensive pp player.


Jul 08 2003 23:09, Tue Del   Link
Update - on the back porch
Strategizing are Jack, David, Ericka and Scott.

My typing skills aren't what they used to be --

Basically, they discussed "hanging tough" with the original plan of the 8 nominees voting out the "exes" as soon as they can. They acknowledged that they can't meet all at the same time, because they are always being spied upon. David gave an example of how one guy was hanging around the doorway when they were strategizing, and then pretended to be "walking by" when he got noticed.

They agreed to have small meetings, and then spread the word about when they could -- and people shouldn't get worried if they aren't in a group. They all agreed to hang tough.

Then they started picking on the cleaning rules...

Jul 08 2003 23:15, Tue LINDY   Link
David, Erica, Scott and Jack firm up alliance of 8 on the porch.
There may be a sub-alliance of these 4. Jack thinks that Nathan is well read on politics, talked the other night late. David went into the army when he was 17. David born in Michigan. hung out in Huntington Beach after the army. Likes to surf.

Jul 08 2003 23:21, Tue LINDY   Link
Erica-we are the nasty nine. NT

Jul 08 2003 23:24, Tue GreenEyes   Link
Jun was dared to suck on Nathan's big toe after she had given him a peticure.
She kept laughing and couldn't actually do it. Came really close. but eventually backed out.

Jul 08 2003 23:27, Tue LINDY   Link
Scott dose a great Cosell impresion. Has always wanted to surf. Jack has a son. NT

Jul 08 2003 23:32, Tue GreenEyes   Link
Michelle dared Amanda to make out with one of the 4 boys in the room....
Everyone didn't seem to want to go for that so she changed the dare to suck on one of the guys ears. She picked Jee and finished the dare.

Jul 08 2003 23:37, Tue GreenEyes   Link
Truth or Dare continued...
Ali was just dared to give Nathan a lap dance for 5 seconds. Everyone is mimicking "porn music" Ali is apologizing to her mom for what she's about to do. Nathan says he's "never ever had a lap dance and never been in a strip club" As far as I can tell in the game are, Nathan, Ali, Dana, Amanda, Jun, Jee, Michelle, Robert and Justin. Ali does a really good 5 second lap dance. She got into it.

Jul 08 2003 23:44, Tue GreenEyes   Link
More Truth or Dare...
Robert was dared to lick the inside of Jun's thigh. He did a really good job, kept going up and down her leg. Jun seemed to enjoy it. She is panting. Michelle has accepted the next dare. Robert tells her to go outside and tell Erica that she's next to be on the chopping block. Everyone laughs but looks like he wasn't serious about her doing it. Robert now tells Michelle to massage Justin's bare ass while Justin is laying on the kitchen counter. She does this for 5 seconds while everyone counts out loud.

Jul 08 2003 23:47, Tue Lotus   Link
Dana to Nathan "I would marry you in a minute, your such a southern gentlemen" hehehe. NT

Jul 08 2003 23:51, Tue GreenEyes   Link
Truth or Dare more...
Dana accepts a truth from Michelle. She asks who Dana would marry if she had to choose a guy from the house. She chooses Nathan cuz he is such the southern gentlemen. Next Dana asks Jun a truth question. Have you ever had a sexual encounter with more than one person. Jun says no.

Jul 08 2003 23:54, Tue GreenEyes   Link
More Truth or Dare...(good one)
Scott comes in the room and starts to watch, everyone tells him he has to play if he wants to watch. He leaves the room to everyone's groans. Jun asks Nathan a truth question. Which girl would he want to have a one night stand with in the house? Nathan says Michelle and he also adds that he would like the position to be her on top. LOL

Jul 08 2003 23:54, Tue Jokerette   Link
Outside.. random convo
Scott saying that Jun, Amanda and Michelle are insecure. He's outside with David, who is saying someone is booksmart (Michelle) and not a threat. Erika says and at the end you'll be saying she isn't a threat.

They are discussing 'the plan'. 8 of them in an alliance, etc.

They are still looking for Mr. Turtle.

Scott is pacing near the hammock, hands in pockets… Jack is standing, looking down. All are quiet. Erika paces by Jack, saying nothing. Jack is humming to himself, I sure hope that doesn't continue : )

Scott sits and bobs his foot. Looks nervous. The drier peeeps, and Scott whistles along with it.

Jack says "Sometimes I stand here and forget what color I am", and Erika agrees. (ed: I must be missing something here.) They're mostly standing, looking down.

(Missed some here)

Jul 09 2003 00:01, Wed LINDY ParentRootLink
They are playing giant chess on the bbcourt. NT

Jul 08 2003 23:55, Tue Lotus   Link
Nathan was asked during TorD if he had to chose a HM to have sex with: "If I had to chose, I would have sex with Michelle with her on top" NT

Jul 08 2003 23:55, Tue GreenEyes   Link
More Truth or Dare...(even better)
Nathan asks Ali a truth question. If she could have one more chance to have sex with Justin would she? She says yes.

Jul 08 2003 23:59, Tue GreenEyes   Link
More Truth or Dare... Ali & Jee
Ali asks Jee a truth question. She starts to ask him "if he won the $500,000" but everyone cuts her off and says No game questions. (ed note:I guess this is a rule that was established at the beginning of the game.)She ends up asking him how many girls total has he slept with. He says 2 1/2. Everyone is confused, he says he just barely penetrated but didn't complete the act. He says ok it's been 3.

Jul 09 2003 00:03, Wed GreenEyes   Link
More Truth or Dare... Jee & Michelle w/Ali & Robert n Amanda
Jee dares Michelle to lick Ali's chest and then give her a peck on the lips. Michelle licks her clevage but no kiss on the lips. Michelle dares Robert to give Amanda a lap dance. He jumps off takes off his shorts and shakes his ass on her. Everyone laughs and claps. (He still had his boxers on)

Jul 09 2003 00:07, Wed M3gabyt3   Link
Jeopardy humming = FOTH for split second. NT

Jul 09 2003 00:10, Wed GreenEyes   Link
More Truth or Dare (last one)... Robert n Nathan
Robert dares Nathan to lick and suck on the two girls who have belly rings. The two are Ali and Dana. But everyone suggest only Dana. Everyone scoots in for a closer look. He goes for it. Everyone claps. Dana can't get up. Looks like she really enjoyed it. The game is over.

Jul 09 2003 00:12, Wed LINDY   Link
Erica, Jack, Scott -Should we be in there? (the house) E-well lets see; my ex fiance is giving a lap dance to his (scott) ex girlfriend.....
Scott- I dont care.
Erica- I did crack with him! Yells: "Crack kills" (as if it's is bad and she doesn't do it anymore.)
Erica-Where is the turtle?
Asian guy comes out. I was in there and they sucked me in. I couldn't watch.

Jul 09 2003 00:19, Wed LINDY   Link
Jun on patio with Scotts g/f and Erica- Jee is so attracted to Michelle, she is his type, he is in trouble with his g/f now. NT

Jul 09 2003 00:20, Wed ktan   Link
Dana has brought more beer from SR for the T&Ders, plus a bottle of wine. NT

Jul 09 2003 00:35, Wed KWren11   Link
Scott and Amanda have a brief conversation, then brief FOTH
when we come back, Scott looks MAD and makes some kind of hand gesture.

Jul 09 2003 00:40, Wed KWren11   Link
David has a headache, looks in cupboard in toilet room for some meds..
he says he's tried tylenol and something else
Jun says, "why don't you try two packs of tylenol, you're a big boy, you can handle it."
He takes two packs of something and leaves toilet room.

Jul 09 2003 00:59, Wed ktan   Link
f2: M and N are on same bed together in Love Room covering themselves with pillows, then both run off to HOH bed. NT