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Jul 09 2003 01:01, Wed LINDY   Link
Michelle gets in bed with Nathan...M-do you think I'm wild, I'm not wild, I just like to have fun. NT

Jul 09 2003 01:03, Wed KimM   Link
Nathan and Michele look for privacy
They were under pillows in one of the rooms, whispering. She giggled a lot. they decide the HOH room has more privacy and run there. LOTS of giggling.

Now they are under the covers talking. silly stuff. Complaining about the cameras watching.

Talking about her X - David.

Nathan wondering why Erika hates him (ed:???). They mention the age differnece and something about Jack. (ed: the feed keeps dropping out...trying to get what I can)

Nathan calls Michelle a "wild child."

Jul 09 2003 01:14, Wed KimM   Link
Erika does a decent Lisa (BB3) impression NT

Jul 09 2003 01:37, Wed AprilAnn   Link
Nate, Alison, Jun & Justin in HOH plotting, talking getting rid of Amanda this week, and either Scott or Erika next week! NT

Jul 09 2003 01:37, Wed ktan   Link
JS/JN/N/AL discussing plans in HOH
AL wants to N to put up AM vs. S for nominations. Erica also a possibility. JS wants to someone who isn't as likely to go. Discussing contingency plan if "their group" wins HOH next week (Erica/Jack/Scott/others?).

JS or N says worst-case scenario: put AM vs. JE. Knock on door, it's DN.


Jul 09 2003 01:40, Wed Jokerette   Link
Nathan's choice for noms!

Huge convo between Nathan, Allison, Justin, Jun. Definitely they want Amanda to go. They want to put Jee up against him as they know he won't go. Dana bangs on the door and enters. Lots of whispering, it's hard to hear.

They also are talking of not trusting Scott, Jack and someone else.. but they don't dare put these guys up, Nathan says.

Jul 09 2003 01:56, Wed Phantom   Link
What I got of the plotting
Almost the entire Nasty Nine meet in the HOH but get self conscious about it and several leave to cover up. Three, then four of the group (Nathan, Jun, Alison, Dana). They want Amanda first but someone wants their Ex first. Amanda vs Scott are proposed, but Nathan says no, don't put up 2 you both want out because one of them will stay. Have to have one that will stay and be OK (decoy). They say that "everyone" wants Amanda out. Keep referring to Amanda as a mole. Alison pushing for Scott vs Amanda but Nathan says that he can't put those 2 up together. Trying to count the votes and there is a ref to there being a girls alliance going on as well. Erica comes in and they include her in the talk of putting up Amanda. Jack arrives and is invited in. Talk becomes general. Jack comments that the HOH looks like the back end of a trailer home. Jun called to the DR.

Those who have met want Amanda this week for sure, and Scott next week. Alison speaks to Justin or Robert in the bathroom and says that she is still pushing for Scott vs Amanda, which he seems to agree with. Don't know why they so much car if Scott is put up if they all agree that Amanda is the one to go.

Erica, Scott, Amanda and Jack are not in the alliance.

Jul 09 2003 01:59, Wed ktan   Link
All feeds showing HOH room with AL, DN, JS, N, JC, and E. F1=F3 and F2=F4. Explaining 1st Food comp to JS. NT

Jul 09 2003 02:16, Wed Phantom   Link
The Alliance Programme. (Partial, I'm sure)
Nasty Nine: Alison, Dana, Jun, Michelle, David, Jee, Justin, Nathan, Robert seem to be the real alliance that is active at the moment.

Nasty Nine Targets: Erica, Jack, Scott, Amanda who think they are in another alliance that will protect them.

Original 8: Alison, Dana, Erica, Jun, David, Jack, Nathan, Scott who all swore to get out all the Ex's first.

The Ex's: Amanda, Michelle, Jee, Justin, Robert
Girl's Alliance: Don't know who is in it or if they assume all girls are together.

And it appears that Jun and Robert working together on the side.

Jul 09 2003 02:37, Wed AprilAnn   Link
Alison and Justin in HOH talking about an early alliance between Nate and Jack NT

Jul 09 2003 02:40, Wed Phantom   Link
Dana, Erica, Jack, and Jun had a meeting in the kitchen.
General stuff about who they don't like but it ended up with an agreement to get together from time to time to keep updated on their alliance. This must have been a partial meeting of the Original 8 alliance. {There is no shortage of plotting this year, except for plotting of the private variety. It seems by now that everyone can meet with anyone and refer to their agreement to work together.} On the down side, Erica has found her turtle and is now happy as a clam. Jack points out to the assembly (which now includes David) that there has never been an alliance as large as 8 (he doesn't know about the 9) in BB history and it collapsed (he is talking about last year). I think that he is counselling caution about trusting the alliance, but he may be boasting about how well they are working together.

Jul 09 2003 02:42, Wed AprilAnn   Link
Justin told Alison he will keep his word to all he has alliances with, Alison - strongest, then Rob, also Jee and Nate NT

Jul 09 2003 02:43, Wed Phantom   Link
Feeds change to just 2 rooms, both bedrooms
Michelle cuddling under the covers with Nathan in the back Bedroom (chill town). She is reassuring him that she will be 20 in a few months. She seems quite concerned about his view that she is too young, and he seems to agree that she is.

Alison in the HOH bed with Justin, but the lights are on and they are at opposite sides of the bed.
I don't have the sound on for that, but April Ann has it covered below.

Jul 09 2003 02:46, Wed AprilAnn   Link
Jun is now complaining about Erika and Amanda to Nate, Justin and Alison NT

Jul 09 2003 02:53, Wed AprilAnn   Link
Alison seems to think that Michelle believes the Girls Alliance NT

Jul 09 2003 02:57, Wed AprilAnn   Link
Amanda is telling Michelle she knows there is a non-ex alliance, says Jun and Erika spilled the beans. NT

Jul 09 2003 03:33, Wed Homard   Link
A lot of strategy talk all over for the past two hours. Everything is in a state of flux. NT

Jul 09 2003 03:34, Wed Devareux   Link
D,Ju,Al,Jus,& Nat trashing JULIE then...FOTH for brief moment
Saying that she should learn their names and did they ever have to tell the other houseguests to be nice to her?

Jul 09 2003 04:00, Wed Homard   Link
Accoriding to Jun (to Robert) it seems Rob and Amanda will be put up. I'm not sure that Jun is right or being truthful. NT

Jul 09 2003 04:22, Wed Homard ParentRootLink
More David bashing by these two, main argument is basically "he's goofy". Nat is leading the bashing, Alison "I know, I know"...
So far Alison has "first priority" alliances with both Justin, Nat the later being the most recent and less frequent topic of the feeds so far. In other words, I don't know where Alison's allegiance really stands, but right now I suspect that it is with Justin (or even more likely, neither), although she's been alone and with nat in the HoH for over an hour whispering about various contradictory battle plans. This group is particularly good at whispering, esp. Jun, so I pity the "real" updaters who develop insomnia as a result of the feeds and replace my sorry butt and have to transcribe actual sentences of dialog.

Jul 09 2003 04:09, Wed Homard   Link
Nat has said in no uncertain terms that he does NOT like David, Alsion agrees.(I know these are pathetic) NT

Jul 09 2003 04:21, Wed Devareux   Link
Update 2:50 -3:15

FEEDS 3 & 4 - Na & Al In HOH lots of whispering & stragedy. Na is undercovers, Al is laying on top of covers.
Al says it’s Jun, you and me and I’d throw her over for you anytime.
Na complaining that Dav drives him up the wall. Liked him the first night but not now. Both saying if they stick together they can make it to the end. Na says that Dana can’t stand S and he can’t stand her.

FEEDS 1 & 2 - Dana & Jun whispering about guys. And Dana asking if Je was good in bed. Jun says yes but could have been better. One of the guys (I think Dav) is trying to listen in and telling them they are nuts. (Dana & Jun are holding their mics and signing so very hard to follow , Switching back to other feed)

Jul 09 2003 04:32, Wed Homard   Link
For the whole night, the cameras and the camera men have been a primary topic of conversation...
Many different HGs have commented about being able to hear the camera men behind the walls. Some get in too close and actually hit the plexiglass mirrors they film through. This seems to make a bigger noise then we hear on the feeds. Alison calls the camera men "***** idiots" so expect to see only bad angles of her from now on. Alison and Nat continue their pow wow, typical bonding conversation topics now - think summer camp.

Jul 09 2003 04:39, Wed Devareux   Link
3:15 - 3:35

FEEDS 3 & 4 - Na & Al in HOH. Na says that Jack is a good player, Erika is not good because she doesn’t kiss anyone’s a%$. Na also says that he believes that he & Al are the strongest players. Al is worried about Jus.(ed; conflicted loyalities?) Nat is saying the final four Al, Nat, Jun, Jack.(ed; little earlier for final 4 isn’t it?). Nat saying that others need to show JULIE some respect, he’s embarassed, something about 1st show.

Nat asking Al about what they ask her in DR, wants to know if they ask who she’s “hooking up” with. She says they don’t have to ask(giggle,giggle). Al says they ask her about Mich and Jus. They think they (BB) are looking for some steam. Nat says DR asks him about Al and Mich and what would he do IF Jun made a pass at him, he says “I’d have to pass on that.” But he says they ask a lot about her (Al). Nat then asks if Al would have come on the show if she would have known that Jus was coming on, she says F&*k ya. She explains the emotions of first night as just jitters and the shock of the whole thing. Now general silliness and giggling....

Jul 09 2003 04:46, Wed Homard   Link
Nathan and Alison agree that they are better than last years cast. NT

Jul 09 2003 05:01, Wed TomGuy   Link
6:00 a.m. CDT; they settle in for sleep. One [Justin} snoring...
Amanda (?) complaining/sleeping with Michelle (?) about the snoring.

All quiet now.

Nathan and Alison (?) were up late talking; went to sleep about 30 minutes earlier.

(?) = difficult to tell who is who -- screen turned green [nite vision].

Jul 09 2003 06:27, Wed Numfar   Link
Still sleeping...probably out for a while NT

Jul 09 2003 06:55, Wed TomGuy   Link
Scott's pic w/out hat

Late last nite on the Feeds, he was in the bathroom shaving his
head with electric hair clippers [shaver].

Jul 09 2003 07:34, Wed TomGuy   Link
Jack's awake. Feed 3 NT

Jul 09 2003 08:30, Wed reggie   Link
Sleeping Check: F1: Check. F2: Check. F3: Check. F4: Check. NT

Jul 09 2003 09:13, Wed reggie   Link
A hamster is moving! (Jack, I think. just got out of bed) NT

Jul 09 2003 09:17, Wed reggie   Link
F3: Jack wakes up. Jack uses restroom. Jack washes hands (good boy Jack!). Jack goes back to bed. NT

Jul 09 2003 09:55, Wed reggie   Link
F3: Erika in WC NT

Jul 09 2003 09:57, Wed reggie ParentRootLink
and she appears to be staying awake. in LR now NT

Jul 09 2003 09:58, Wed reggie ParentRootLink
never mind. All HGs asleep NT

Jul 09 2003 10:17, Wed Anonymous   Link
Still Sleeping :( NT

Jul 09 2003 10:25, Wed Stratos   Link
Robert in WC F3 and 4 NT

Jul 09 2003 10:25, Wed reggie ParentRootLink
Now in Kitchen/Lr F1, F2. First HG to stay awake? NT

Jul 09 2003 10:35, Wed Stratos ParentRootLink
All feeds on sleeping HG's...assuming R went back to bed. NT

Jul 09 2003 11:02, Wed TomGuy   Link
Gerbil Alert: Hamster on the move: Looks like Jun is awake...w/c. NT

Jul 09 2003 11:11, Wed DressageRider   Link
Jun is awake. Just came out of the wc and is now washing her face and picking her nose. Literally. NT

Jul 09 2003 11:23, Wed Lola   Link
Jun is sitting on a chair in front of the bath tub shaving her legs NT

Jul 09 2003 11:35, Wed ktan   Link
Jun emerges from WC and has a purple/white bikini on. Now called to DR. NT

Jul 09 2003 11:42, Wed Katherine   Link
Jun out of DR, now in backyard suntanning NT

Jul 09 2003 11:42, Wed ktan   Link
As Jun suntans in BY, all others still sleeping. NT

Jul 09 2003 11:50, Wed Numfar   Link
WELCOME LURKERS!!!! Sign up today for a summer of Big Brother Fun NT

Jul 09 2003 11:50, Wed Lola   Link
I plane flies over and Jun looks up NT

Jul 09 2003 11:53, Wed reggie   Link
F1 and F2: Jun scratches her face. Riveting. NT

Jul 09 2003 12:00, Wed Asiina   Link
Jun walking around the backyard NT

Jul 09 2003 12:01, Wed Asiina   Link
Amanda up and heading for WC NT

Jul 09 2003 12:02, Wed reggie   Link
Jun now in kitchen. Amanda in WC. Another female also awake, Dana maybe? NT

Jul 09 2003 12:07, Wed Lola   Link
Dana and Jun wispering in kitchen NT

Jul 09 2003 12:08, Wed Asiina   Link
Jun and Dana in the kitchen
Jun and Dana in the kitchen

Dana whispering. this is all I got out of it...

"I don't think it's the case now....that's what scares me, that's what scares me...y'know what I'm saying....It's better to hold on.

Whispering breaks up. Dana goes to WC, Jun pours juice

Jul 09 2003 12:10, Wed reggie   Link
Jun back oustide with some yellow-ish drink, Dana at WC sink, Amanda going to take shower. NT

Jul 09 2003 12:11, Wed Lola   Link
Amanda in shower. Earlier she said something to Jun about how the shower
looked like a war zone and that some people are disgusting. Jun played dum like she didn't know how that happened

Jul 09 2003 12:13, Wed coolz   Link
Amanda showing some flesh in shower NT

Jul 09 2003 12:16, Wed Lola   Link
Jun and Dana whispering in kitchen. Jun says the house looks like a getto
and that they need bleach to clean the place right. Their voices are getting louder as they say they need a vacume too. Voices lower again. They go out to the backyard

Jul 09 2003 12:18, Wed Lola   Link
Jun and Dana dissing other HG. Using F word alot NT

Jul 09 2003 12:23, Wed Asiina   Link
Jun and Dana, what I got from the whispering inside, then in the backyard
They were talking about how they don't like people (people in the house?) touching their "boobs".

Dn: Everyone is getting up late. I could have sleopt another five hours. Plus I need to vaccuum and I need bleach. This house looks like the ghetto, seriously!

jn: It's stained already.

Dn: And if we are going to be sitting around this table later, they're gonna want this place cleaned. I'm not going to clean if they don't give us anything. That shower is disgusting

Jn: I always wipe that down

They whisper incoherantly then go outside.

Jn: We're close to the house, you think they could hear?

Dn: No.

Jn: I was sitting here and Erika comes over and says "Oh my God, you guys are so much fun." Then (someone, I think Dave) sasys "well, yah!" I was like, yah. I just like, stared. Then he walked away.

dn: back in the house?

jn: why is he taking this approach. if he can't be that out of control

dn: he is, he is an animal. he's an animal

jn: and erika is such a f*cking idiot. she just came flying over and sat watching us. I'm, like "why do you have to be so f*cking stupid?" Did they think we would really think they were playing chess?

jn: He is not going to want to win that much.

dn: He started to hang out long as he's making an effort. he's got to be smart. people aren't going to think he's playing the game but he's playing the game. he's making an alliance.

(static then plane)

dn: He's playing so hard. I the first like, hour (so an original person. I'm going with Dave)

Sound went out!

Jul 09 2003 12:26, Wed Asiina ParentRootLink
Okay, maybe they were talking about Scott instead. It's hard to tell NT

Jul 09 2003 12:25, Wed Asiina   Link
Dn and Jn still in yard talking, Am in shower. There is no sound! NT

Jul 09 2003 12:27, Wed reggie   Link
Am out of shower. Jack in WC. Jun and D still in BY NT

Jul 09 2003 12:32, Wed reggie   Link
Erika now in BY with Jun and Dana NT

Jul 09 2003 12:32, Wed Asiina   Link
Erika awake and in the yard with Jn and Dn NT

Jul 09 2003 12:34, Wed Asiina   Link
Jack now inside as well. Jun went back to sunbathing...oh wait, he's going inside. Amanda still in WC NT

Jul 09 2003 12:38, Wed reggie   Link
Alison awake and in WC. Other than Jack, all guys still asleep. NT

Jul 09 2003 12:44, Wed reggie   Link
Justin awake. Scott awake (no hat!). Convention in bathroom. NT

Jul 09 2003 12:48, Wed reggie   Link
Rb awake. Dn, Jn, Jk and Js in kitchen. Still no sound. NT

Jul 09 2003 12:49, Wed reggie   Link
Dn doing some strange 'fall over onto kithcen island' type routine. NT

Jul 09 2003 12:55, Wed reggie   Link
JS:"Are we making pancakes?" Dn:"Nate's supposed to make pancakes." JS:"Ok, I'll make the hash browns." NT

Jul 09 2003 13:03, Wed Anonymous   Link
mmmm bikinis
nice shot of Danas tattoo. talking about the camera nodding and following her around. Allison wears a bikini nicely Justin doin a sad attempt of slaughtering hashbrowns. General whining about lack of food items (milk etc). A dinosaur lived 50 to 60 years. Hehe leaning about dinosaurs off of a cereal box er sumthing.

Jul 09 2003 13:20, Wed reggie   Link
Erika and Robert catching up on some stuff by the pool
Talking about some place they used to go to, and some blonde girl that got married.

Jul 09 2003 13:22, Wed reggie   Link
Robert talking to Erika, he appears to have a drinking problem, to the point where he thought he would become a bum on the streets.
Appears he has quite drinking as a result.

Jul 09 2003 13:24, Wed reggie ParentRootLink
As of July 5, it's been 1 year and 8 months since Robert has had a drink.
His drinking problem was just beginning when he was with Erika, it appears, but wasn't really in full swing at that point.

Erika: "Is it part of your 12 step program to make ammends with people?"
Robert:"It is. I said sorry to you."
Erika: "You did? I don't remember that"

Jul 09 2003 13:25, Wed reggie ParentRootLink
Robert has a daughter, who is of school age. NT

Jul 09 2003 13:34, Wed Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Nathan tell Jee that he is putting him up for nom - but Amanda will go. NT

Jul 09 2003 13:36, Wed Phantom ParentRootLink
Jee & Nath talk in the HOH. Nathan has Jee's back, he says. NT

Jul 09 2003 14:03, Wed reggie   Link
Scott is on anti-anxeity medicine. NT

Jul 09 2003 14:18, Wed Phantom   Link
David talks to a group in the yard while doing his laundry.
He speaks of giving a ring to Michelle just to shut her up about whether or not he was serious about her. He feels he was serious in the sense that he wasn't interested in any other women, but he was not really thinking about marriage. That's why he never considered it an engagement, but she apparently did. This happened while he was in Georgia doing the early training to become a Ranger.

Jul 09 2003 14:24, Wed DressageRider   Link
Scott just took off his hat while laying in the hammock. NT

Jul 09 2003 14:28, Wed TomGuy   Link
FOTH on all 4 feeds NT

Jul 09 2003 14:28, Wed Phantom   Link
David likes to throw out the line, "something I can't talk about" re his Ranger service. Nice touch or mystery, David. NT

Jul 09 2003 14:29, Wed TomGuy   Link
FOTH over, all 4 Feeds back to live hamsters. NT

Jul 09 2003 14:34, Wed ktan   Link
Nathan assembles HGs in LR to explain nomination procedures. Appears to be same ritual as previous years. NT

Jul 09 2003 14:36, Wed Phantom   Link
Nathan has called a meeting to explain the Nomination box and the procedures they are to follow in a few hours.
Some don't seem to understand what to do with their key when they take it out, so this is taking longer than it should.

Jul 09 2003 15:07, Wed Lola   Link
Jack and Erica are in kitchen preparing food and small talk about what their day
was like before BB. They laugh about how she found the turtle in Jee's bed by accident. They're talking loud and joking cause they're the only one's in the house. Erica calls them the mom and pop of the BB house. feed switches

Jul 09 2003 15:15, Wed shakazulu   Link
Michelle Bikini Alert!!! NT

Jul 09 2003 15:17, Wed Lola   Link
Al, Am & M are on patio. Al is telling about how her heart was broken when
her ex was cheating on her. She said his buddies were always looking out for her telling her to watch her back. It took her a while to put it together that they were hinting that he was cheating. One of the guys comes over but I can't tell who, so the girls change the subject

Jul 09 2003 15:19, Wed Lola   Link

Jul 09 2003 15:24, Wed Lola   Link
Feeds back, lot of movement in back yard. M says it's great how everyone
gets along (basicly) then Al says "yeah but this was something I wanted to do on my own and now Ju comes along and F's it up" M says "yeah but he seems like a nice guy"

Jul 09 2003 15:27, Wed bouvluvr   Link
Great new catch phrase the "the X's will do it"
David needed sun screen on his back, came over to the group of girls hanging out outside and asked for someone to put it on... and walks towards MI's seat, one of them said "the X's will do it". (I think it was amanda or alli)

Jul 09 2003 15:39, Wed curyy4me2   Link
Jack and Scott, then Jack and Ericka confirming allainces! NT

Jul 09 2003 15:39, Wed Lola   Link
Ja and E are in the desert room. They're talking about the turtle. E says she'll probabley be called the
Turtle Lady of BB4 but that's ok cause she could be called worse. I think they're going to form an alliance. They're whispering but I can't make it out. They spend a lot of time together. Feeds change

Jul 09 2003 15:41, Wed Phantom ParentRootLink
Jack just told Erica that they have to be careful about spending too much time together.
"We spent much too much time alone last night." Erica agrees. He refers to the 4 of them, but then says that he will tell the other 4.

Jul 09 2003 15:40, Wed curyy4me2   Link
6 of them around the pool, talking about what they like in opp sex. NT

Jul 09 2003 15:46, Wed curyy4me2   Link
Alison to DR. NT

Jul 09 2003 15:47, Wed curyy4me2   Link
Girls are worried about DR questions conserning last nights Truth or Dare Stuff. NT

Jul 09 2003 15:48, Wed Lola   Link
Am is saying that she's nervous about going to the DR cause they'll ask
about the lap dance and stuff like how did you feel about it. BB calls Al to Dr. The girls are giggeling like school girls about truth or dare and the lap dance. They're speculating what they'll show on TV about the questions they ask about sex during truth or dare. One of them thinks they might as long as they don't show the cussing part

Jul 09 2003 15:50, Wed madman   Link
Michelle says, "do you think they would put that question on TV or anything? It was really like graphic, like who would you have sex with? Do you
think they'd use that?" then later.....,"I'm really like wishing I hadn't said that"

Jul 09 2003 15:52, Wed FuggyBootnling   Link
Michelle: "The producers probably love us asfter last night"...
M, Jun, and others are discussing the Truth or Dare game last night, discussing what it will look like on TV. Michelle figures the lap dance will be shown, but is wondering whether the producers would show the lead up to it...or just the dance itself.

Jul 09 2003 15:54, Wed FuggyBootnling   Link
Jun mentioned they will be getting a vacuum cleaner "soon"...
No word on bleach though, which they also requested to sanitize the shower.

Jul 09 2003 16:01, Wed DressageRider   Link
Scott and Amanda are talking about their break-up which according to Scott happened on April 8th. NT

Jul 09 2003 16:03, Wed DressageRider ParentRootLink
Scott is explaining how his high anxiety got in the way of their relationship. NT

Jul 09 2003 16:03, Wed DressageRider ParentRootLink
Scott is telling Amanda how he thinks about her everyday when he wakes up. NT

Jul 09 2003 16:04, Wed DressageRider ParentRootLink
Scott finally admitts that there is part of him that would like to get back together with Amanda and make things right. NT

Jul 09 2003 16:02, Wed Anonymous   Link
scott is talkin bout his and amandas relationship NT

Jul 09 2003 16:03, Wed curyy4me2 ParentRootLink
Says he thinks about her "EVERY SINGLE DAY" NT

Jul 09 2003 16:04, Wed curyy4me2 ParentRootLink
Says that he would consider getting back with her. NT

Jul 09 2003 16:04, Wed Anonymous   Link
scott still has feelings for amanda and wants to get back with her NT

Jul 09 2003 16:04, Wed Lola   Link
Sc admits that he would like to get back and make things right with Am NT

Jul 09 2003 16:05, Wed bruhe   Link
outside convo...
Scott is talking to Amanda and Rob and I think Michelle.
He is talking about his anxiety and how it affected his relationship with Amanda and he says repeatedly "I think about you every day when I wake up" He is making it sound like he wants to fix... he said if i have to be honest, I have to say I think i want to get back together with Amanda
then he screams oh god im the biggest looser in the house.. and then says he is getting aroused from what he was just saying. he goes to work out.

Jul 09 2003 16:06, Wed DressageRider   Link
Scott is now in the bathroom telling Jun the same stuff he just told everyone outside. NT

Jul 09 2003 16:07, Wed bruhe   Link
scott called to DR apparently...
he has been talking over and over and over about his anxiety
me thinks he doth protest to much?
he mutters... "scott to the dr.. scott to the dr, you crazy"

Jul 09 2003 16:07, Wed Lola   Link
S admits that he used to have anxiety attacks about leaving the house. He perfect to stay for the duration of BB if they can stand him NT

Jul 09 2003 16:08, Wed bruhe   Link
talking about pre show stuff
ali said she was afraid of a terrorist attack on july fourth when she was sequestered in her hotel room waiting to go on the show.

Jul 09 2003 16:15, Wed Phantom   Link
Alison says that there are a couple of people in the house that she would be afraid to nominate because of how they would react.
"I mean, you have to get them out, but I would be afraid." Speaking to Nathan and Dana in the bathroom. No one asks who and she doesn't volunteer.

Jul 09 2003 16:17, Wed bruhe   Link
scott called amanda to tell her he was going to be on the show...
wow he just admitted that he called amanda that he was going to be on the show but she didnt admit that she was going to be on. she didnt know he was on and she just kept quiet and was "weird on the phone"
she thought he found out and was messing with him and she thought he was maybe not a HG but a video of him or something.
he said she told him she was going on a leave of absence and at one point thought with his spider sense that she might have applied.
they admitted they were both addicted to the show and mention chill town and will (they love will - michelle has no idea who will was lol)
then with the twists idea.. they both came into the house expecting to see each other.

Jul 09 2003 16:23, Wed madman   Link
Nathan says when he was changing out of his wet bathing suit, the camera kept trying to catch him naked. Allison says, just wait you'll be a
screensaver soon. Nathan says, "You'll all be screensavers"

Jul 09 2003 16:24, Wed bruhe   Link
they talk of us
"dude no one's watching" says scott. they laugh.
they wonder (like all before them) if this is the worst ratings ever..
they compare BB to realworld meets survivor.
amanda thinks BB expected more (lol they are all getting along and they think BB wanted tension - and they did).

Jul 09 2003 16:28, Wed bruhe   Link
they talk of bb now
scott hated bb1 said it sucks. said he found bb2 and became addicted and sucked in amanda.. talked of will ( who he is trying to be)
he thought bb3 was bad until he got sucked in by it. calls chiara a whore... they like marcellas. scott says they pegged him as josh. he took it as an insult.. because hes better looking than josh and because josh cried. (imitates josh crying). they say josh cried in the 3rd week. that they were going to keep josh until the end.. they compliment danielles playing of the game.
now he goes back to talking about "amander"

Jul 09 2003 16:32, Wed Anonymous   Link
nathan in shower...jee outside talkin to am bout his and juns relationship...scott in kitchen talkin to michelle and robert bout michelles hair NT

Jul 09 2003 16:35, Wed curyy4me2   Link
Scott says:
"So do you think Amanda bought all that stuff out there?" "Man I just pulled a Will." "I'm having the time of my life here"

Jul 09 2003 16:43, Wed bruhe   Link
more evidence that the hgs saw each other before the show started...
scott, jack, and justin talk wrestling and then scott says to jack "i knew you were going to be here man"
jack says thanks. then they talk about others they saw who they swore would have been here (brandon??) but they dont say names. they say "they would have to want you and your ex"
ed note: this is odd. odd because they saw each other and because it came off almost like they were all aware of the x factor ahead of time???

Jul 09 2003 16:44, Wed Lola   Link
E in shower washing her hair (has her bikini on, smart) NT

Jul 09 2003 16:45, Wed Anonymous   Link
michelle and david talkin bout past experiences NT

Jul 09 2003 16:48, Wed bruhe   Link
michelle and david .. a prank
david and michelle were dating.. she was 14 and they were out one nite with people and had to go somewhere. so they say lets go to rocco's house. so shes like...
we have to walk like all the way to rocco's house
who is rocco?
his friend
it takes a good half hour.. we get to the house and the guys are peeking in the house and they say they have to go around back... and the girls sit on the porch and wait. 20 minutes later the guys show up in a car . they had left the girls sitting on the porch of a complete stranger for 20 minutes.

Jul 09 2003 16:49, Wed Anonymous   Link
call scott to diaryroom NT

Jul 09 2003 16:51, Wed Anonymous   Link
jun cutting davids hair...michele and david getting along well NT

Jul 09 2003 16:52, Wed Anonymous ParentRootLink
sorry juncuttin justins hair NT

Jul 09 2003 16:54, Wed Anonymous   Link
justin doing dirty stuff in shower NT

Jul 09 2003 16:59, Wed Anonymous   Link
alliance talk outside...alison, jee, robert and nathan NT

Jul 09 2003 17:06, Wed Asiina   Link
random outside talk, Am, Al, N, R, Je
J: You can look back and say "What you did for the summer 2003"

R:You know how many people, they're not going to understand...they're not going to understand how much fun we had.

Ali: they are going to be like, how could you

N: no-one else could understand. I mean it's BS, they won't get it

J: In a way I kinda like that

N: I'm just sitting here imagining...

A: What some steak would taste like? If I had some shrimp right now, I would be in heaven.

J: I would like some sushi

A: Yah, like a real Cal. girl

R; I'll teach you how to eat it.

J: I have like real sushi

A: How do you have it?

R; I'll teach you how. Like Wasabi

A; yah, wasabi. (talking about Justin suddenly) Then same time I was pissed, but that he would pretend to throw up in my lap in the middle of the movie theatre. He was so fun that way

J: I'd like an instant replay slow motion of last night

Al: There's an instant replay of your toungue circling her.

N: At least my ass wasn't...

Am: that WAS good.

R; She can move!

N: Robert doesn't even histitate. There's no hesitation

Am: The shorts were off and I was just like...

J: I thought you guys would be a wild bunch, but in that game...

N: I'm connservative, I'm so conservative.

A; I don't th&#8204;ink she is, I just think her parents. She will get in trouble. She's very concerned. My dad's like "Do whatever you want to do"

N: Jun was wild and I'm like, I gotta pass.

Al: she's so funny

R: she's one of the funniest persons.

Am: everything she says, I just laugh out loud. That's why I was sitting with her in the room.

Jul 09 2003 17:16, Wed bruhe   Link
first urban myth...
scott talks about the false story about the port authority employee who supposedly "rode down the wreckage" of the WTC collapse.
now 911 talk

Jul 09 2003 17:19, Wed Anonymous   Link
nathan tells everyone to look nice for nominations NT

Jul 09 2003 17:37, Wed Anonymous   Link
everyone is getting ready and looking nice for nominations NT

Jul 09 2003 17:39, Wed Anonymous   Link
michelle is gettin dressed in HOH room wih nathan watching NT

Jul 09 2003 17:43, Wed mkemp ParentRootLink
Not HOH room NT

Jul 09 2003 17:44, Wed Empress   Link
Nathan looks like a peice of eye candy from an Anne Rice novel......hummmmmm....talking to M about credibility while she purs self into jeans NT

Jul 09 2003 17:45, Wed bruhe   Link
impending noms... and some spoilers
nathan and michelle are talking about noms. apparently they are putting "amander" up and considering, from what i am gathering, putting michelle up as a decoy?? its low and they keep cutting to foth with no music. trying to mess us up. nathan is saying "dont go for it" which might be power of veto? the camera people are totally screwing this up... i think on total purpose.

Jul 09 2003 17:47, Wed avichaiyl ParentRootLink
And the audio keeps cutting to the back yard. N & Mi must be talking about something important NT

Jul 09 2003 17:50, Wed avichaiyl ParentRootLink
I think N is putting up
Amanda for sure, and N is talking to Michelle about either being a decoy (maybe) or Michelle conflicted about voting out Amanda over someone else b/c of the girls alliance?

Hard to tell because of the choppy feeds..

Jul 09 2003 17:53, Wed cutiecat ParentRootLink
I don't think Michelle's the decoy. Michelle just feels bad that Amanda won't get any votes.

Jul 09 2003 17:48, Wed FujiApple ParentRootLink
No Nathan is trying to convince Michelle not to vote to keep Amanda. Jee is the decoy, not Michelle. NT

Jul 09 2003 17:50, Wed Empress ParentRootLink
way frustrating back and forth ...........ya cant tell if M is really listening to ns advice or just UmHummin him NT

Jul 09 2003 17:54, Wed Stark   Link
Nathan "comforts" Michele whlie making sure she votes against Amanda (Long)
N: This stuff just kinda sucks you know

M: I'm not to one to backstab ones I become friends with you know

(sound switched outside, now back in)

M: I just know what I have to do and it sucsks really bad

N: If I get evicted, or I get put up or you do, the true colors come out and you see the real person comes out

M: uh huh

N: and when she goes up you will see if she takes it well then shes a good person if not you will see that

M: uh huh

N: I'm going to go out now

N: You're a little freaky out there

M: (laughs)

(sound is switching in and outside, hard to keep up due to the confusion)

N: I could hang over ______.. Fabulous

N: feeling tired or weak

M: no just kinda feel sick

N: well

M: its because the game has begun

BB: Robert please put on your microphone

M: I'm surprised they haven't told me that yet

N: obviously Michele if it will obther you that bad....I'm just trying to help you for the future

M: I know

N: stay back stay calm, stay cool, you're her friend but don't play it up

N: I don't really have any problems with anyone in house

M: right

N: but this is something that has to happen

M: but I'm closer with her than most people in the house

N: its inevitable though, there can only be one winner

M: I know

BB __________come to the DR

M: oh god

N: I'm tired and when we get up early (early?)

M: I know its killing me

N: its killing me

N: I can sit here and go to sleep

M: what did you guys do last night

N: we just set around and we talked and played t&d but I'm really embarrassed

M: DR has been asking all about it

(missed some)

N: miss me

M: whatever

N: ummm...I need a nap

M: you should start sleeping like I do

N: I tried to but your legs on top of mine and mine on yours was all driving me nuts

M (laughs)

Jul 09 2003 17:56, Wed Anonymous   Link
About nominations..
Atleast what I'm getting out of it, Nathan wants to put up Amanda and then someone else as the decoy. Michelle is upset because she would feel bad if Amanda doesn't get any votes. Nathan is telling her it would be better if she voted with the group but he said she should make her own decision and she has 7 days to decide.

Jul 09 2003 18:00, Wed avichaiyl   Link
Justin gave himself a tatoo when he was in sixth grade
It's a J in his ankle and he did it by dipping a needle in India(n) Ink and making holes. Apparently it doesn't look as good now, but he still likes it cuz he gave it to himself and it took 3 hours.

Jul 09 2003 18:05, Wed Stark   Link
Scars and Fashion (Long)
Al: I want the people from Passions to be there as theres one I want to hook up with.

R: that's going to be so good

Al: got to be strong

Js: got juicy conversation going on

Al: that looks nice

Js: I got that tat in 6th grade

Al: wow I can't believe I ever saw it

Js: yeah I gave it to myself when I was 6th grade, heated up a wire and diped in ink and did it myself

R: let me see that

Js: yeah it meant a lot as I did it myself

AL: I just can't help to look at them

R: you have a lot of

Js: I have scars all over my body

Js: she can cook her a** off

Al: yeah she can

R: when we lost our competition she was so pissed

R: what would we do without one of them in the house

Js: I can cook it if came down to it

R: me to, but not like her

(missed something)

D: we are like 20 years older than her

Al: I know

(lot of feedback garbling speech)

Js: I have to redo mine

Dn: did you pick at it or messit up

Js: no I didn't

Dn; basketball then

Al: mine are so long right now

Background guy: water all over the place

Sc: I"ll vacuum the entire place

Js: thanks

R: Scotty- do

S (yells)

AL: I got this at Jc penny

D: bongo jeans, I got 2 shirts and these jeans

Al: nice

Js: I got a black belt

Al: I'm not a big fan of belts

Js: I can't wear an outfit without a belt

Al: cause your waist is tiny

Js: I just don't like it

Dn; that looks very nice (pointing at something on Al)

Al: I just wanted to try it, its what they gave us

Js; something generic

Al: no I had seen it before

Dn: I have to clean this up

Js: what do you have to clean up

Dn; I have to clean up these cuticles

Js: I never let anyone clean up my cuticles

Dn: no we need to do it tonight

(someone comes in and has them taste soysauce and water)

AL: I love soy sauce

Al: he likes to rip on me

(very loud background noise overpowering conversation)

Js: this one felt like that one (back to scars)

Jul 09 2003 18:10, Wed avichaiyl   Link
Lockdown just called.. Houseguests have to go outside NT

Jul 09 2003 18:17, Wed ktan ParentRootLink
BB called for an indoor lockdown. NT

Jul 09 2003 18:20, Wed Stark   Link
Nomination Preparation....The Calvin Klein model (LONG)
N: hey you know just don't sweat it

M: I know

N: just do your thing

M: I just don't want to talk about it

N: (something very low, then hits her leg as he jumps up)

M: ooh that hurt, didn't think I was sore till you just did that

N: Ok I'm going out

M: I jus thave to put on these different shoes

N: are these yours

M: no, they are juns, omg look at my hair right now

N: (something low)

M: what, what did you say

(they have walked to kitchen now, where jun and Amanda are cooking, feed changes back to BR where Jee is dressing, he already has blue jeans on and a dark blue ball cap with white letter (can't make out whats on it), and picks a white long sleeve shirt on and begins buttoning it up. He leaves it untucked and buttons the sleeve cuffs. In the background we hear Michele thanking someone)

Sc: look at you, your pimping it out, look at you

Je: I just want to look decent for this you know

Sc: All good in the hood, its all good in the hood

(Sc leaves and Je again alone sitting on bed, feed changes to bathroom with Sc, M, E, Al, Dv, Dn)

Sc: Going to f*** something up

DN: do you know how long it would take me to do my hair

E: I'll do it

Dn: it takes a very long time to do

Al: we have nothing else to do

Al: there we go

Dv: that's what I was doing
Al: very nice

E: I'm using this

(hair dryer on I can't hear)

Dv: f*** you scott

Sc: no f*** you I'm goin to shove a rubber duck up you're a**

(both have exaggerated face expressions and all others laught at this interchange)

M: oh I did that then permed it, it looked so good

Al: oh yeah

(camera is now on Erika already dressed sitting in orange chair in bathroom doing her nails, she looks calm with a small curve to her lips, that now opens in a big smile as she says)

E: you look horrible

Al: I look horrible

M: you have the best hair, I love your hair

Al: thinks

BB: Nathan please go to DR

E: who did he say

Al; I think Nathan

BB: Nathan please go to DR

(Erika leaves, and camera focuses on duck then pulls back so that Michele drying her hair and Dn sitting in orange chair is visible, very hard to hear over dryer, but basically they are talking about doing each others hair (Dn, M, Al)

Dv: who will do my hair

Dn: I think we can do some curls for you

Dv: curls that would be good

(Scott and jack walk through

Dn: you walked by and I said wow

Sc: can you say calvin klein model...YEAH BABY (does several poses)

(lot of simultaneous talking and hair drying, very hard to hear)

Jul 09 2003 18:25, Wed Empress   Link
In the kitchen talking fashion , cologne , and makeup.......... NT

Jul 09 2003 18:30, Wed Anonymous   Link
Lockdown is over..
The HGs go outside and nothing has changed.

Jul 09 2003 18:31, Wed Stark   Link
General Talk....Girls "suggestion" for David.....Lockdown over (medium)
Jn: whys everyone dressing up, its not even live night

N: but they tape it, you might as well dress up for evictions and noms

Js: yeah you know they will show this

N: they ragged on Josh last year cause of the way he dressed

Js: oh yeah

Dn: they are putting on makeup

N: makeup

Dn: I never wear makeup

N: you don't need it

Jn: yeah you don't

Dv: so you never wear it

Dn: never well if I do I put on some mascara and glitter, just a touch cause if I put to much I look so Hispanic

Dv: oh

N: You can cook so good I should take you with me

Jn; theres are plenty of blue eyed blonds that can cook just like me so you can get one of those

Js; he said not to wear cutoffs and ts and stuff

N: yeah yeah, don't

Ju: Dave I don't even think you should dress, don't dress

Dn: dave all you need to do is put on some jeans and no shirt

Ju: no, not even that, just baby oil, sit there and we will put baby oil all over you

Dn: I only had to go through 10 ....(missed it)

(lots of simultaneous talking again, all the girls ssaying they don't'like guys that do something but can't hear what the something is)

Dn; I have a tweezer

R: you havea tweezers

Dn: I do, do you know what that is

R: yeah I do I heard it to, I have a bit of it I say "I got" (drawl), see "I got",

N: I pick up accents wherever I go, I was doing the Pittsburgh one and I was only there for two weeks

DN: I swear I just want to say golly, instead of curse words in here I should just say Golly

Al: Golllleeeey

Dn: where did he go

Dn; yo jun

Jn: what

Dn; oh here it is never mind

(Jack walks in all dressed up, his shower finished)

Ju: oh I need the bowl of seasoning so we can shake this up,

Al: are you guys going to do anything with yourselves (Js sits there shirtless but with oven mits to his elbows)

BB: Lockdown is over you may now go outside

Al: now we all go to see what they did

Js: I don't see anything

Al: maybe they fixed a camera or something

Jul 09 2003 18:31, Wed bruhe   Link
Dana: we still havent played a single F'ing cawd game NT

Jul 09 2003 18:50, Wed Stark   Link
Dinner Time Chatter and Enough Thank you Juns to choke a horse
(This update is of the evening meal, all HGs are around the table so they are all talking and with 13 a transcript is impossible so this entire update will be a general summary of the topics discussed)

Several HGs are looking up from meal to complete Jun on the cooking

Some stray comments on card games

Again another round of thinking Jun for cooking and all saying its really good

Someone did Chewie (star wars) impression and they all laugh

Surprisingly little talking as they all eat, though a few are now saying its sad they only have potatos and rice but say its good

They are talking about how hard it was to sleep with all the racket going on

Nathan comments that the camermen were messing with them last night with all that banging

One of the guys couldn't see who was talking said I told the camera are you checking me out and a girl that sounded like Alison but couldn't see as it's a wide angle shot said yeah and then it moved up and down, I coulding believe they were bold enough to answer you that way.

Another round of thank you juns

One of the girls (sounds like Al) says this thing (mic) keeps pulling down her skirt

(Sound switches to outside for 1 min)

Now they are talking about snoring and waking others up

(Half of the HGs have finished and gotten up, 6 remain at table and now Dn gets up as well, remaining at table are Je, Ja, E, Am, Sc)

Jul 09 2003 18:59, Wed Stark   Link
I know you...Sound Problems (Short)
Dv: you don't know what I'm gong to say

M: I know you, I know what you were going to say, I know you

Dv: 4 and a half minutes my a**

(lost sounds, DV is talking)
(its back I hear DV askin M why something is dirty, she looks annoyed and now looks happier moving hands around, but can't hear)

Ju: how many jeans did you bring

M: one

Ju: me too

Dn: oh I brought a lot I wear jeans

Offscreen guy: shes so playboy, you know it,you know it

(can't hear M or Dv though they are the ones the feeds are on, sound is jack and someone telling him to use his fbi tactics)

M: like a mile

Dv: not a mile, its half a mile if that

(sound backoutside)

(ok, posting, off to see the show, be back afterwards)

Jul 09 2003 19:24, Wed bruhe   Link
funny interaction
David and scott were playing with the camera and sneaking up on it and playing jokes.
then scott or david says "im just pissin in your cheerios" (a phrase for "messing with you"
Michelle asks "we have cheerios?"
scott and dave laughing
she says "... we don't have cheerios, do we..."
hehehe lol

Jul 09 2003 20:00, Wed bruhe   Link
jack is working nathan ...
complimenting how a "person your age" knows as much as he does of politics. asks if he thought about ever going into politics... nathan says he thought about it "hard"
jack brings up how about when he was an agent and the feed sound switches...

Jul 09 2003 20:20, Wed Stark   Link
Guys going Girlish then Long FOTH (Short)
DN: we need them to say ready set go or 1,2,3 or something

DN: rubber ducky, these are adorable

M: thank you

DN: rubbery ducky, you make bath time so much fun

Ja: he taught Russian for __ years but he loved football

N: oh yeah

Ja: he didn't only teach Russian he also taught history of the Alabama football and he retrired in norman (OK)

N: oh yeah

Dn: (to N) you don't have to worry about the French medicure, Robert is getting toe polish now

Ja: I would like to try it to as I have two nails that get dark and then fall off then grow again

Dn: Oh its like a cycle

Ja; Yeah it just keeps happening

Dn: well we can do something about that

FOTH (long foth, going on 4 min now, so possibly noms starting)

Jul 09 2003 20:31, Wed rvwinkle   Link
back from FOTH to a chess game in progress
Al says she can't play chess...can't think 4 moves ahead except in pool.
Ju and Robert sitting on bench outside...not tallking...working on something...can't see
Others are sitting around chatting about nothing...going to college, feet,etc.

Jul 09 2003 20:34, Wed rvwinkle   Link
jack telling stories to Amanda Feed1
says that people in jail don't like being a liar (or called a liar) but they have no problem with being (or called) a murderer.

Jul 09 2003 20:36, Wed Stark   Link
Brand Names ...Jack talks to Amanada about FBI
DN: I would have been fine

Al: One of my little brothers stole my convertible so I would have to check the mileage cause he would take it. I was so pissed

Dn: caught you, you little f***er

N: Hot tub will be nice tonight

M: my friend wears wear __________

Dn: oh that's same as Abercrombie

Al: we have _________ it's the same thing, in fact my checks say Abercrombie but that's not the store name

Sc: so it's the same thing

Al: same type of store

Sc: why would they do that

Al: I don't know

(Feed has changed over to Robert and Jun playing cards and talking, but they are hard to hear over background noise of a plane)

R: If I'm like HOH we are allowed to like last year...I mean..I mean that I won't put you on the block, we are allowed to do that

Jn: uh huh

R: if you agree not to vote me, boom next person, I"d go through all of them

(back to jack)

Ja: I'm a murderer but I didn't lie, (not jack personally, hes telling a story) so you see they say they want the people in the court to say they won't take it cause they would lie, but other side means murderer so its kinda a no -win story (sorry this is tail end)

Am: did you always want to do it

Ja: no I had no idea, I majored in history and then went into law then joined fbi, I did street crime though I never worked in Chicago

Am: whats street crime

Ja: bank robbing, extortion expecially stuff that crosses state lines. Then went into counterterrorism then finally ended up in recrutigin. I really loved it..

(feed changed again to jee watching chess, but audio is a bunch of girls not on screen, and now that's gone and audio is gone, one of the girls had said shes saving all her good clothes only for the live show)

Jul 09 2003 20:38, Wed ktan   Link
F3 Camera now doing close-up shots of each HG photo and key on memory wall NT

Jul 09 2003 20:39, Wed Empress   Link
camera 3 is boob shot of Amanda NT

Jul 09 2003 20:40, Wed rvwinkle   Link
cam 3 - closeups of pictures and keys of houseguests NT

Jul 09 2003 20:41, Wed ktan   Link
F4 inside house with nom box and drawstring pouch for keys. NT

Jul 09 2003 20:49, Wed Anonymous   Link
it appears they are in locdownall green sades are down)nathan doin nom box maybe? NT

Jul 09 2003 20:53, Wed Denise   Link
HGs milling around in the yard, Jun might be playing I think Robert, they're talking

Cameraman having fun on Cam 3 showing everyones pictures and keys

Lord they're talking about the cast party already

Jun is polishing her toe nails and Robert is still sitting there with her, I hear Danas voice in the background (who could miss it)

Now Allison and Dana have joined Jun and Robert, Allison is filing her nails, Dana again swears as she's speaking about doing her nails, Robert walks away from the conversation, nail talk continues (@@ rolling my eyes)

Robert is over with Jee now and somehow Dana pops in or at least her voice does, I think Nathan must be in the HOH room getting ready for noms?

Jee talking to Dana about chess and she's asking questions (@@) it looks like David and Justin are playing chess, David is flipping the big chess piece, Dana still talking.


Jul 09 2003 20:59, Wed bluecaesar ParentRootLink
Jun and Robert
R tells Ju that Dv says he's on his own (not in an alliance). Jun says "you can't believe anybody" in so many words, and continues her pedicure. My feeling was she was kind of annoyed with his presence, but she filed that little piece away.

Jul 09 2003 20:56, Wed strkaholic   Link
FOTH all cams. NT

Jul 09 2003 20:57, Wed Anonymous   Link
FOTH...must be nom time! NT

Jul 09 2003 21:01, Wed Stark   Link
Chess and Charm Bracelet
(Before this conversation, all 4 feeds were on the end of the chess match where Robert (edit:no longer sure about this, cause I swore I saw him, but I know he was playing cards with Jun so now unsure who beat david) beat David, David the whole wihle explaining moves and such to Erika)

Am: I'm really tired, is the M for Michelse

M: Michelle and Brady and these are various things, things you love

AM: you put that together

M: whats that lips

Am: yeah I need more

Am: are they expensive,

M; Yeah

AM: who got them

M: Brady, these are lets see1,2,3,5,...about 169 dolalrs

Am: wow

M: yeah I have to get more though,

Am: I hadn't seen those

M: yeah they are very popular where I'm from

Am: boca?

M: yeah thats where I'm from

M: I have to pee again

(my feeds are jumping bad on picture and now audio is jumping to, reloading)


Jul 09 2003 21:32, Wed TomGuy   Link
Feeds are back live NT

Jul 09 2003 21:37, Wed DishManTV   Link
No Nom Yet... Nathan is deciding in the HOH room NT

Jul 09 2003 21:39, Wed Phantom   Link
Nat sits alone and despondent looking in the HOH with the Nomination box.
Ali, Mich, Dana, Jack, Rob, David and Erica hang out in kitchen snacking. Someone comments on how quiet it is, "No one died, It's going to get worse."

Jul 09 2003 21:42, Wed Phantom ParentRootLink
Group in kitchen talking about how the keys are all on the wall and how 'they' will probably made Nat take down the keys, "all dramatic like." NT

Jul 09 2003 21:46, Wed wrat1010 ParentRootLink
I think it already happened. spoiler inside
Dana said she was so glad hers (her key I assume) was pulled out first. And Jack was complimenting Nathan on how he handled the nomination speeches.

Jul 09 2003 21:40, Wed Stark   Link
Somber Reflection....Idle Talk
(FOTH over, but no tearful speeches as all feeds are all on chess game)

(they sit there silently thinking jee vs. dave)

(feed 2 is now on Nathan sitting alone in his room, he looks very downcast, glances up a camera as it begins to zoom out, then remains sitting there looking at empty nomination box, feed changes to dining area)

Dn: This is very good

Al: looking fun for hot tub

M: is it working

R: 102, it working

Dn: I wonder what it was

R: I don't know but its working, the pump and everything

E: its such a chill now

R (sighs)

Jn: God, you think someone dies

3 at once: It will get worse

Js: Two sandwiches is to much

Dn: what do you think

Al: its good

Jn: cookies are good

Dn: anything with cookies in it is good

Al: I just love those girlscout cookies

(Erika walk out of room, dana turns to watch her leave, david walks through and goes outside)

Dv: I'll be right out there man

Je: you moved yet

Dv: no I haven't moved yet

R: its pretty heavy (about Jn's sandwhich)

Jn: oh yeah

(feed switches to a lone N who has come out of HOH but not joined the others yet)


Jul 09 2003 21:50, Wed Phantom   Link
Noms are over and Amanda is Nominated.
Judging from Jee's somber look, he is too.

Jul 09 2003 21:51, Wed Anonymous   Link
CONFIRMED - Jee and Amanda nominated NT

Jul 09 2003 21:51, Wed Qcoatl   Link
It's Amanda & Jee NT

Jul 09 2003 21:51, Wed Stark   Link
Nathan joins the group...Talk about Nomination Process
N: I thought Jun was going to make me laugh, looked like she was going to laugh. I was so serious to

Jn: I couldn't do it man

N: its hard

Al: oh I'm so proud of you, your not double dipping

N: yeah I can't double dip

Dn: I'd start crying, the words would come out but not make any sense

N: yeah I'm not a very good speaker,

Dn: I'm even that way in DR

Al: I go in there with so much rage and then I can't even say it all and they say what do you want Allison

Dn: man every single one of us will be cold tonight

(missed some, pm hit my box)

N: I had to narrate myself, cause they let everything flow, no real editing

N: everyone wants to be serious

Jn: been living on chips today

Dn: we have 3 of those super big bags

Dn: the key got stuck under table when I went to stand up I got puolled back down

(they laugh)

Ju: he wanted to make her sweat

M: shoot I was last

Jn: You can't plan, you can only plan first

Dn: no we did it in order

M: did you plan me to go last

N: no

Al: why are you putting that on the plate

N: she is stressed out

Ja (missed it)

Dn: yeah that is one of the biggest things

N: what is

Dn: hoh, nomination eviction

N: Power of veto

Dn: yeah that, but we don't know what that is this year

Ja; we had a good serious discussion

Al: I'm going

N: you getting in

Dn: we haven't got any practice in

Jul 09 2003 21:55, Wed Asiina   Link
Amanda sitting outside looking kinda upset. Jack and Dana also outside (different part) talking about the life purpose of turtles! NT

Jul 09 2003 21:56, Wed AmyGee   Link
Feed 4...Amanda talking to Scott. She said she knew it was going to be her and Jee.
She tells Scott that she feels Nathan has made it clear who he wants out.

Jul 09 2003 22:00, Wed Phantom   Link
Scott offers to talk with Amanda if she needs it.
She says that she knew she was going up and that it's just a game. Scott advises her to fight and she says that from the way he gave his reasons it's clear who he wants out and that there are a lot of others that want her out as well. Scott doesn't really press the issue and they fall quiet. Amanda is clearly sad, but seems to be handling it well. Scott leaves her alone and one of the guys comes by to hug her for encouragement, then leaves for the BB court. Amanda sits alone and smiles bravely from time to time at things that are said.

Can't see Jee on this feed and have no idea how he is handling it. He was standing in the yard alone with his arms folded and looking sad. Jun comes to join Amanda as does Robert, but as both of them sit at her table, neither of them acknowledge Amanda. Finally, Jun talks to Amanda about someone who is worried about what she eats.

Jul 09 2003 22:13, Wed ktan   Link
The hot tub has been fixed and a few of the HGs are in it. (can't see who) NT

Jul 09 2003 22:24, Wed ktan ParentRootLink
They are AM, AL, DN, and Rob NT

Jul 09 2003 22:22, Wed Sunflake   Link
Whaaaa? Just heard Jack say something about Nathan being "in my group, .....
...I knew they were gonna pick you, I went home and told my daughters.." FOTH

Jul 09 2003 22:35, Wed Phantom   Link
Alison is in the HT with Robert.
Michelle & Amanda are sitting on the edge dangling their feet in it. The feed switches to Nathan and Dana in the hammock with Jun. There was some babbling from Jun or Dana about "if I get the chance to nominate, I guarantee I'll . . ." but I didn't catch the rest. Jun leaves and Nat talks tough about breaking someone's face if they give him a hard time in the game/about his noms. He says that this game is all about mental toughness. Nat wants a round bed for his apartment. They discuss size of the bed and Dana reassures him that there are probably Queen sized versions.

Brief FOTFH when he was talking about his roommate. When it returns, he is talking about going where life takes him. Topic switches to Michelle and her feelings/intent, and he is going to be gentle with her. Alison comes and jumps in the pool and the conversation sort of breaks up. Dana compliments Alison's ass and Nat agrees. She also says that Ali is "so Briteny Spears"

Jul 09 2003 23:00, Wed Phantom   Link
F4 is Nat in the hammock flanked by Dana and Erica discussing some competition involving weights of the HG's vs. the weight of food.
Revising how they should have played it. Chess must be over because the Bball is bouncing loudly in the b/g. There is also a lot of noise from the HT and they all get up to investigate something. The feed switches and it turns out that there is no Bball going on, just someone bouncing the ball (dribbling would be to positive a description of the bouncing). Turns out that someone is in the middle of a chess game and that the HTers have been splashing the board (court). The game has ended but I don't know who won (or care) since I don't know who was playing (or care). The HTers want more company and some go over to talk and rehash the chess game, but they don't actually join them.

Looks like it is Rob who is bouncing the ball, and David is now resetting the chess board. Jack and probably Justin begin a new game while Scott and Erica supervise. Someone is still bouncing the ball, but not on the chess board.

Jul 09 2003 23:21, Wed Kat   Link
Oh my. Justin telling Jee they can't "be" someone they're not here, cause their exes will bust them. Justin says Allison is a sincere person & if she
says she will vote one way, you can count on her doing that.

Boy, is he being played.

Jul 09 2003 23:24, Wed Phantom   Link
Dana and Justin in hammock talking about the POV and whether or not it will be used.
They want Amanda out but Justin wants to know who votes for who. He uses the example of it being 8 to 4 but wanting to know who were the 4. They joke about new HG's coming in that are Ex's of those remaining when someone is evicted. They get quite a horrified laugh out of that possibility. Dan a has a n EX that she still has issues with (surprise there) and it would be much to distracting for her to play the game if he came in. The call over Jee to repeat the speculation that after the first 2 are evicted they will bring in new Ex's. Jee doesn't seem to think it too outlandish an idea. Dan a talking about a particular Ex of hers and Jee asks if she mentioned his name to BB. She says yes and he presses the point that it is her Ex coming in. She is laughing but not happy by the prospect.

Dana leaves and Jee tells Justin that he got off easy on the Ex that he is in with. They talk about Jee's strategy to fight to stay: looking like he is not aligned and not a threat to anyone. They trash Scott and Amanda a bit, particularly Scott. Talk of Jee going out for the POV and he says that he will but that he won't use it. Justin reassures him that he is safe but is surprised that he wouldn't use POV on himself. Justin also points out that Jee can't start 'fronting' because Jun knows him too well and will call him on it in front of everyone. They discuss voted and Michelle feeling bad that Amanda might not get a single vote. They count the votes and think that Jee will come out on top but that if it becomes a tie, Nat will back him. Justin thinks that he has sway over Michelle's vote and can change it. They think that Michelle believes that it is boys against girls and she is stupid for believing that is on at all.

Jul 09 2003 23:27, Wed Phantom ParentRootLink
They are looking around the yard now and counting people.
They are speculating on who is missing and what they are doing. They don't seem concerned, just wanting to know what is going on. Justin goes off to change and leaves Jee alone in the hammock. He stays. He said earlier that he wasn't interested in the HT because it was too crouded.

Jul 09 2003 23:46, Wed Phantom   Link
Scott has a yard chair up on top of the HT to supervise (he must be the lifeguard).
Only Amanda, David, Michelle, and one or 2 I can't see are left in the HT. Erica is watching the chess game played between Jack and Robert, but is also keeping an eye on the HT. The HTers talk about the questions from the first comp and when they mention the virgin Q, Michelle comments about of course that is her. They say no, that the answer was no, there were no virgins in the house. The sound changed and I couldn't hear what Michelle said to that but she looked quite upset and then fell silent. She left the tube without saying anything shortly thereafter. I'm thinking that they didn't put it together that the Q was only about the HG's in the house at that time (Michelle wasn't yet), so, she is upset because the world thinks she is not a virgin and she is, or she is upset that BB broke her confidence in the interviews. Not sure, but she did not look happy about it.

The HT has gone quiet and eventually they all drift off. Someone is still playing chess with Jack, and Michelle comes out and gets in the HT. She does not turn it back on and no one follows her. Jee comes out to sit on the side of the tub and someone (David?) in a towel comes out and asks her if she wants the tub back on. "Yes please" she says. He turns it on and leaves. Rob comes out and joins her in the tub. Jee wanders off. No important chit chat happening here, however, I see that Erica may be drawing a bath, so I will wander over there and see what is happening.

Jul 09 2003 23:53, Wed Phantom ParentRootLink
It seems that the tub in the bath is not functioning right.
I think that the plug is not holding water properly. Some guy tried to help but had no success. Erica wanders off, perhaps to change for her bath, perhaps in disgust. Dana is vacuuming the hall and "can't wait to do the bathroom rugs" Justin goes into the bath to rub some gunk on his lips while Dana explains how to operate a vacuum cleaner to someone off camera.

The feed changes back to the HT where it looks like Jun has joined Michelle and Rob in the tub. A general protection fault shuts down my Real viewer and this fascinating account is cut mercifully short.

Jul 10 2003 00:09, Thu ktan   Link
Scott laying in Circle Room bed. Mumbling something about Dana, compulsive, making dog sounds, some other nonsense. NT

Jul 10 2003 00:20, Thu Phantom   Link
Scott is in his bed mumbling to his mike.
I don't know if he is losing it more than usual or is just trying to communicate privately with BB. He says, "Sweet home" and we get a brief FOTFH while they figure out if that qualifies as singing. He is now listing negative attributes about some woman. "She's compulsive, anal, she's a dude, a dude-man, a dude-man, it just amazes me how we can breath the same air, how someone can be put on this earth to torment me." Amanda walks by and speaks to him. "That was Amanda" he says. "Amanda's a good girl." He goes back to his quiet rant, but the feed goes to the HOH where Nat and Alison aren't talking to each other because there is no sound. However, he is examining what looks like a beer bottle very intently. The sound returns to Alison's laugh, but the picture goes to the FOTFH. The sound, however, stays on some couple talking about the car she wants and her parents won't let her have. She doesn't know if they will let her have a convertible.

The pic and sound meet up in the HOH where Alison and Nat are whispering. No time to figure out what that was before they decide to leave and enter the kitchen. Someone asks them on the way what they are doing and if they have a bottle of wine. Alison says she's just putting back her top. They do indeed want wine, and they find it in the kitchen. Nat has no idea how to open it and Alison says that he needs a girl to do it. It turns out to be beyond her as well, and Justin saves the day by extracting the cork while telling Alison gently that she is an idiot for putting the corkscrew down the side of the cork.

Jul 10 2003 00:25, Thu Phantom   Link
Jee and Amanda talk in the yard about the coming voting .
Amanda says that sometimes you have to vote with the group regardless of what you want to do. Jee says that his problem is that he has no group. Amanda is convinced that she is a goner. Jee agrees that he predicted that she would go up and had a gut feeling that he was going up as well. Michelle wanders by on the way in. She was in the HT with someone, but now she isn't. FOTFH

Jul 10 2003 00:45, Thu Phantom   Link
Alison is bitching about someone and saying that she doesn't care about the contract she signed.
There was some reference to violence, but I don't know to who (whom?). She is part of a group in the LR. Scott has just joined her and Nat and several others, but because they might say something interesting or at least funny, all the feeds switch to the yard where Jee is still sitting with Amanda and Jack is talking to Erica while they both stare into the quiet HT.

Jack is called to the storage room, and 2 different feeds follow him to get new batteries and go to the DR. We get some actual DR chat, but by the time that I change to that feed, BB catches on and switches the feed back to Jee and Amanda. Erica has joined them now to listen to Jee whine about being weak and being targeted for that reason. Erica says that if it had been her she would have put up 2 strong persons, so he shouldn't see it as an insult. Jee whines on regardless. Erica continues to sympathize and the conversation turns to the first Noms last year. Jee is holding out hope for a twist, or maybe the POV, or something to save him. Of course, Amanda is right there and realizes that for him to be saved, she might have to be sacrificed. Since she expects to go anyway, she doesn't comment on this. Erica leaves to have a bath and escape it all. I will stand by for that eventuality, since I know that she didn't mean that she wanted to escape from me. While waiting for bath time, Amanda and Jee continue to whine (well, mostly Jee). He thinks that it is all Jun's fault and he applauds her for playing it so well (right). Amanda says that the Ex's thing is all over now, so that isn't really a factor anymore. Jee talks of mystical what is mean to be is meant to be. There are several FOTFH's interspersed in here, but still no sign of bath time. I will hang in a little longer. Amanda wants to confront Nat on why she was put up because she has never done anything to him. Jee believes that it is because neither of them will kiss his (or anyone's) ass. The game is totally predictable, he says. It all comes down to strategy and luck. [I didn't follow that logic either, so don't be alarmed] Dana is this year's Danielle, says Amanda.

Jul 10 2003 00:59, Thu ktan   Link
F4: Michelle sitting in DR but only BY sounds heard. NT