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Jul 10 2003 01:02, Thu Jokerette   Link
Scott tells Amanda he still loves her, cares for her and wants to be with her. Amanda is outside smoking and grinning at this. NT

Jul 10 2003 01:03, Thu ktan   Link
F3/4 8 HGs in LR snacking on popcorn but audio is lost. NT

Jul 10 2003 01:05, Thu Phantom   Link
Scott has joined the whiners in the yard and is being supportive, but,
I'm tired of this crap and there is still no sign of Erica in the bath, so, I am going to gamble on F4 and the group in the LR. Stand by.

Jack, Michelle, Dana, Rob, Justin, David, Nat, and Alison are talking about getting some fictitious $500,000,000 (or maybe it's $100,000,000, the number keeps changing). The sound cuts in and out and I came in late, but even though this discussion is loud, it doesn't seem very interesting. Michelle is supposed to do something then go to the DR, but she doesn't move for a long time.

Back to Quad and the sound from the whiners in the yard. Jee is now playing the race card in that he was brought in to be the token Korean and help them with their demographic targets. He ignores Jun, and when called on it says that he means because he didn't apply but was sought out for the show. Amanda disagrees, but thinks that there may still be a gay person in the house. Talk turns to BB3 personalities and how they could never bring in another outsider at this point. But, says Scott, they could bring back an expelled HG. Scott talking about his audition and how he did and said what he had to do control the process and get himself into the house.

There is now a pic of Michelle in the DR sitting quietly. I switch to F4 and the DR just in case they forget I'm here. Sound is from the yard but she isn't talking anyway, so her sound may be on. Nothing yet, she is just sitting there. The sound tells me that someone (Scott?) is playing Bball, and his noise drowns out the whining.

Caught! The feed switched back to the yard and I lost the DR. Very difficult to sneak up on BB.

Jul 10 2003 01:13, Thu ktan   Link
Audio finally back on and a live BB reminds the HGs about the position of their mics and not to obstruct them. Left on the LR seats are JE, N, & AL.NT

Jul 10 2003 01:25, Thu Phantom   Link
BB comes on to warn them about the proper care and handling of their mikes.
He is very low key about it and talks of swinging them around (not suggested) and laying on them in bed. They are delicate and expensive, so please look after them. They all say OK. Erica seems to have taken her bath in peace and without my help because she is curled up on the couch now. Nothing much being said and Erica leaves the LR. I also leave the Quad for the yard and F2.

Robert doesn't know who is worse, Jun or ??? (sounds like he said "or you", meaning Dana, but I just got here and don't know the context). Whatever, Dana agrees. They are on the Bball court with probably David. Dana is waiting to get her Black Belt so she can open her own studio. Justin has great contacts in LA and can get her anything that she wants if she moves there, he says. Dana asks about Erica and how he got together with her and why did she get a boob job - "Like, did she have extremely small boobs?" Apparently so. They just got together - one of those things. Jun joins them and Justin repeats that he meant he doesn't know which is worse, Jun or Dana. I still don't know worse about what, but neither of them seems upset by it. FOTFH

Jul 10 2003 01:30, Thu cami ParentRootLink
what rob meant by who's worse jun or dana
i think they are talking about Scott??

Jul 10 2003 01:41, Thu Phantom ParentRootLink
So, who hates Scott worse? Sonds possible. Thanks. NT

Jul 10 2003 01:35, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Dana whispering to Jun that she wants to put up Scott next NT

Jul 10 2003 01:42, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Amanda asking Nate what she did that made him nominate her.
He says that he didn't really have enough time to make a real decesion he just went with his gut. Amanda says she knew that she was going to be nominated. Nathan says it's just the game and his strategy and that he felt threatened by her. But as a person he really likes her, and he still wants to hang out with her and be friends. She is asking if there was a conspiracy to get her nominated and get her out. He says that is so not the case. Looks like she wanted to get a straight answer out of him and he's just feeding her lines. Amanda says that she wanted more of an answer than the one he gave her at Noms, which was that he didn't trust her. He does tell her that a couple of people came up to him and told him to keep an eye on amanda. He keeps telling her that it's not too late and she is not out of the house yet.

Jul 10 2003 01:42, Thu Phantom   Link
Now we have Rob, Dana, Jun, Jee and Alison on the Bball court.
Garbled sound and several convos going on. Nothing serious or interesting.

Back to the Quad. F1 & 2 on the Bball court while F3 & 4 are in the bath watching Michelle brush her teeth. David arrives to bush his. Michelle has to sit down to concentrate on her brushing. David seems fine on his feet. No sound feed for the bath but they seem to be comparing hygiene notes. Michelle takes down her hair and admires it in a bored sort of way. David checks the watch that he isn't wearing and moves off toward the shower. Michelle puts her hair up again and does something with her face (creams and girl stuff) David escapes, Michelle carries on alone.

F1 & 2 and sound switches to the LR where Jun and Dana are whispering about Amanda. Dana is repeating things she learned about Amanda's feelings while in the yard. They count votes and come to 5 for sure. Just getting into whisper mode to follow it when the feeds and sound go to Amanda talking to Nat in the dining room then to Erica in they yard then to Nat and Amanda in the dining room. Nat seems to have explained his reasoning for her Nom and she seems satisfied. He talks about how hard it is to do the first Noms. His answer is game strategy. He thinks she is great and is taking all the responsibility. "You're not off yet," he says. "I wouldn't say it's a conspiracy," says Nat. He apologizes for using the wrong words in his speech. She asks directly what is it about her that threatens him. He says just a gut feeling and maybe a few things that a few people may have said.

Jul 10 2003 01:57, Thu KimM   Link
Jun, Dana, and Michelle discuss the guys; Scott joins them...
Dana is doing most of the talking...says they all have titles. Nate is the southern gentleman, David is the officer and a gentleman. Michelle interrupts to say several times how nice David is.

Scott asks what his title is and they all say..."you're the funny guy!" (ed. <groan> poor Scott)

Jul 10 2003 02:01, Thu KimM   Link
Nathan and Allison in the HOH giggling and flirting. He keeps pinching her with his toes. NT

Jul 10 2003 02:02, Thu Phantom   Link
Alison and Jun are in the HRD (Sahara Room?) whispering.
Dana joins them and they all sit on the floor and whisper. Impossible to make out what they are saying and the camera man is playing with the focus so it is hard to even tell who is speaking. They have to win HOH next week and agree on what to do to make their plan work. [not clear if they are talking for themselves or a larger group] Dana is quite outspoken about what she wants to happen (Scott out) but realizes that she may have to wait for an extra week depending on how things go. They are very good whisperers.

Scott invites himself in and they all laugh at his entrance and allow him to come in and sit on the bed. Nat is catalogue cute and like a southern gentleman sort of way. Some other guy is also described but I missed what and who (see post below, it was David). Scott asks what he is and is told that he is the funny guy. Scott talks about being able to make 6 figures working as a waiter. He disses Canadians and old people as poor tippers. A female enters and ppl move around. I think that it was Erica but can't see her on the screen. Feed changes to HOH where Nat and Alison are whispering. Can't make out a thing.


Back to F1 & 2 in HOH with Nat and Alison speaking louder and in a flirty laughing way. Nothing important. F3 & 4 are Amanda and Jee, I think, in the yard. F3& 4 to HRD, then FOTFH again. Back to the HOH where the voices alternate between meaningless flirting and laughing, and inaudible whispering. "They are going to go after her" says Alison, but I don't know who. I don't think that she means Amanda this week, but I'm not sure.

Jul 10 2003 02:30, Thu Phantom   Link
All 4 feeds on HOH and Nat flirting and laughing with Alison.
Now all 4 to HRD where Scott talks of meeting Amanda. Only Jun seems to be there, but I can hear whispering from somewhere. The story is that Amanda sort of hit on him at a restaurant while he was with another girl and she was with a friend of his. He went over to talk to him and got introduced to Amanda. Amanda kept asking him his name and he was abrupt with her because of it. It seems that the girl Scott was with was just a friend and he tells her that the girl he met was totally hitting on him. So, he goes to a phone and calls back to the restaurant and asks to speak to the hot dark skinned girl sitting with his friend. He introduces himself on the phone and the sound freezes so I can't finish this fascinating story.

When the viewer unfreezes, Scott is in the yard talking to Erica and Jack. Erica thinks that Nat is a bigger threat to Justin (who may be the next HOH) for some guy-competition reason. Scott takes exception and thinks that he is as big a threat. He thinks that Erica and he would be put up by Justin. Erica says that Nat is the biggest threat in the house right now because everyone likes him. Erica says that Scott's saving grace is that he pisses ppl off and may be ignored. The 3 of them don't think that the others are smart enough to realize all that. They are talking as an alliance and as if the 3 of them are smarter than any of the others. Not sure if they are thinking for themselves or on behalf of a larger alliance. They are now exchanging personal info in prep for a competition that will involve that kind of info. Scott thinks that the POV twist is that the POV user has to pick the replacement Nominee.

Jack repeating that the 4 last night made a strategic mistake by staying so long out there together. I'm not clear on this, but Erica and Jack seem to think that they have only made 4 enemies out of it and Jack suggests trying to bring Dana over to their side. Dana has apparently accepted a date with Scott on the outside but says that she will not kiss anyone in the house. So, they think that Scott's appeal may help bring Dana over to them. (Scott has left at this point, so he has no comment) Now all they have to do is save Amanda and turn Dana, and they will have 5 to the 3 that they think are against them (Dana is part of the 4).

Jul 10 2003 02:34, Thu Knowledge_Seeker   Link
"Keep your enemies close & your exes closer!" Scott (telling Erika & Jack what he said he DR) NT

Jul 10 2003 02:38, Thu Phantom   Link
Final Update for me of the night, and a short one too, so relax.
All feeds on the HOH with Jun, Alison, Nat, Dana, Robert. Just having fun, it seems. F1 & 2 change to the kitchen where Amanda and Scott and Jee chit chat about clothing and such. Scott repeats the story of his meeting Amanda. It is the same story and Amanda is backing it up. As the story gets to the new part for me, FOTFH. Night night

Jul 10 2003 02:52, Thu ktan   Link
No audio from feeds 3 and 4. Can't hear S/AM/JE talking nor Nathan at bathroom sink. NT

Jul 10 2003 03:09, Thu Homard   Link
1:44 AM BB time ---> 2:00 Relationships rehashed, jun gets punched in the face and cries.
Hosemates are moving all over the place but for most of the night have been in alliance friendly groups - Jun, Nat, Justin, Alison, Dana v.s. Jack, Erica, Scott and Robert - the nommed are floating. Whenever Erica or Scott enter a group it seems to quickly breakup and then reassemble elsewhere without the undesireable additons.

In the HoH there is some sort of tiff between Alison and Justin. She seems to be accusing him of being unsanitary "And I think you should have a shirt on too!" and Justin is saying it's none of her bussiness in a joking way.

Jun just checks with Robert to make sure that Jee knows he's safe. She feels kinda sorry for him.

Robert's hanging out in the HoH for the first night and seems to be meshing well - he may be trying to jump alliances. Jun says Scott's voice makes her sick! Robert agrees, says Scott was annoying in the Jucuzi earlier. Jun to Robert: "I was like, You're the man (Robert) for staying out here the whole time liostening to him." Robert: "I wasn't listening."

Cam switches to end of a conversation between Nat and Alison - Nat leaves a obviously sleepy Alison in her bed and returns to his occupied HoH where he gives away his candy. Nat says he's lost 12 ponds since he's been there - he's not a candy fan.

Cam switrches to Scott and his Ex talking about their dead relationship, Erica is there too.
Amanda: You were a jerk even after we broke up.
Scott: I was hurt. "I was a total *****."
Amanda: "You were always picking fights with me. Constant fighting for two month."
Scott: I was devastated! And you thought I didn't care about you. You were insecure about our relationship.

Topic suddenly tansitions to Scott talking about giving Jee a haircut (?) "If you want me to do it for you I will but don't be pissed if I mess it up."
Jee: "If you mess up I'll shave my head and look like a little budda boy."

Jun is crying. Someone hit her in the face by accident while they were under the covers. They almost broke her glasses. She seems really mad. Scott offers to run into a wall to make her feel better (I don't think he was the one that hit her though...didn't see it happen). Jun: They're my only glasses, if they break I'm *****." A minute later she seems fine.

More about the relationships "There were a lot of reasons we broke up scott." Scott to Erica "She doesn't know what she's talking about." Scotyt has repeatedly expressed interest in getting back together with his ex but his love seems unrequited (although she hasn't refused him outright yet).

Scott to Camera "You want a piece of me?" (bad Dinero impersonation - Raging Bull) He repeats it at least fifteen times - ed: it's a bit creepy. Erica: "You've lost your mind."

Posting and resting.

Jul 10 2003 03:17, Thu Tano ParentRootLink
Jun was hit accidently by a teasing Nathan with the pillow when she was under the covers on his bed. That was how she got "hurt" NT

Jul 10 2003 03:32, Thu Homard   Link
Dana and David agreed to date outside of the house but not inside. (?)
Dana, Michelle, Nathan and Jun are all in one of the queen sized beds:

There is much talk of breasts, more specificly nipples. Jun says Dana has raised aureoles and Dana says only sometimes. It goes on and on, they can barely talk for laughing.

Dana says she'd sooner hook up with David then Justin (she's been flirting with Justin all night and hasn't said boo to Dave.), but she's not hooking up with anyone.

Topic changed to Jun almost making Nathan laugh during the nomination ceremony as a result of some head movement thing (look for it on the show, I guess). Nathan find Jun hilarious, every time she opens her mouth he laughs, he says.

They consider all sleeping in the same bed. Only Dana seems to think it's a good idea.

Melissa: I'm always having fun when I'm in the room with Nathan and Jun. They wonder if her humor will come across on TV and think it might not.

They are talking about sexual topics now, very flirty - getting rid of that sexual tension. Nothing important, but cute. They are bonding.

With that, as Marcellas would say, I'm spent.

Jul 10 2003 03:41, Thu Homard ParentRootLink
Nathan has been playing footsie with Michelle for a while now. They are all still in bed. NT

Jul 10 2003 03:58, Thu Tano   Link
Three girls in a bed and Nathan
In Nathan's original room & bed, in order are Dana, Jun, Nathan and Michelle

Dana is feigning upset about Jun commenting on to someone about her nipples... Jun said that she noticed earlier that they were erect. and that she meant to tell her Dana about it but she went into the D/R before she could say anything.

Nathan says that he can't keep a straight face when he is talking to Jun, because she is soo funny. He says that she should be a standup comic. Because her delivery is so serious but she is so funny! Dana especially agrees with this assessment.

Jun flirts with him for his own and the other girls entertainment some highlights of Jun's comments were....

She asks him if he's ever had "Asian aureola rubbed all up in his face?" She continues "and the sad thing about it is that she would be serious and he would be laughing at her." (all of this conversation is with great humor)

Jun asks Michelle if Nathan is very "healthy" in the morning...LOL

Jun runs her hands thru his hair then she stops...and Nathan says rub my head. (pause) they all crack up! Nathan screams No!!! I didn't mean it like that!!!

The convo works it's way back to Dana' s nipples and Jun says OK see I can even do this right how'd we get back to your Body again!! They all crack up Jun is on a roll...

Jun also talks a bout looking at her self in the mirror before coming into the house (at the hotel I think) to see what she looked like in various sexual positions. again they crack up and she very seriouly says and I look damn good LOL

She suddenly comments that she needs to know where everyone "bodyparts" are right now because it's making her nervous...durring all of this she is cuddled next to Nathan LOL

Over all they all agree that they hope that the outside public gets to see what they see in Jun and in her humor.

Dana says You know It would be soo cool if you won...Jun agrees that it would be Yeah...(Pause)...That's not gonna happen says Nathan in is country boy drawl...They all crack up again.

Jul 10 2003 04:36, Thu Quench   Link
F1 HOH room
N heads to the HOH to go to bed gets comfortable. Doesn't lock the door.

Ali comes in. I'm not tired. Crawls into bed with Nathan. She lays her head on his chest and talks about the patch he missed shaving.

N : you just find me irrestistable.

They talk randomly about high school.

They talk about how their bodies are going to pot. Ali mentions that it's making her grumpy.

They talk about how Justin is annoying and how David does the dumb laugh with everything Justin says.

N mentions that he likes playing chess it gives him a chance to use his brain. He played Jack earlier but lost his queen because he wasn't paying attention and was checking out Ali.

Ali discussing the difference between the a sofa and a couch. A sofa is cool but a couch is a big square with arms.

N talks about how ppl see the ppl in OK. Like we stand around all day and watch cows fall over.


Jul 10 2003 04:57, Thu TomGuy   Link
5:25 a.m. to 5:55 a.m. CDT (Mostly in HOH room)
5:25 a.m. CDT

Guys all go to bed (Nate, Justin, Robert). Michelle's voice heard in background.

Nate goes in HOH alone. Goes to bed.

Door heard. Nate looks toward it. Hears Michelle.

Michelle comes in, gets in bed. She's carrying her stuffed elephant. They hug, giggle. They "smalltalk."

Nate: Jack made Nate lose at chess, because Nate was talking to Michelle.

They talk about Justin and the knife incident from BB2. Michelle says "pulling a knife on camera isn't normal."

Nate talking about Jun wanting to get in bed with him the first nite. He's laughing about it--how forward Jun was.

Michelle "feeling" around under the sheet. Nate says for her to say to the camera that he has boxers on.

Michelle: You're from Okla. Do you have a chicken?

Nate: No.

Nate goes on to say Okla is more civilized than most people thing.

Nate: Doing "this kind of stuff" [BB4] because he didn't excel in divisional football.

Michelle: "I LOVE football."

Both talk about regrets in high school--not studying more, not applying themselves, etc. Nate missed out on scholarship to OSU because of poor ACT test scores.

Nate fondling Michelle's stuffed elephant; says it is the "ugliest"... both giggling.

Nate and Michelle pull the sheet up over them (completely); lasted about 30 seconds. Nate throws sheet off upper body.

5:52 a.m. CDT Michelle says she's falling asleep, can't keep Nate company any more; gets up and leaves.

All appear to be nitey nite now.

Corrected post. Previously, said "Alison"; I think it should have been "Michelle" (they sort of look alike on nightvision; anyway, it's the one that's been obvious in flirting with Nate. ) ((Am still working on connecting new faces and names.))

Jul 10 2003 16:32, Thu Quench ParentRootLink
It was Alison with Nathan. The voice gave it away. Also there are screen caps in Pics NT

Jul 10 2003 08:49, Thu Lola   Link
All feeds HG sleeping. Jack sleeps on back with arms folded across chest, looks like he's laying in a coffin NT

Jul 10 2003 11:00, Thu reggie   Link
F1: Erika awake. Erika walks to LR. Erika goes back to BR. NT

Jul 10 2003 11:16, Thu sqrl   Link
Jack is awake...brushing teeth NT

Jul 10 2003 11:16, Thu pixiegirl   Link
jack is up and is brushing teeth in bathroom NT

Jul 10 2003 11:17, Thu sqrl   Link
Erika left WC and walked past Jack at sink to wash Hands in Kitchen NT

Jul 10 2003 11:18, Thu pixiegirl   Link
erika goes in kitchen, now walks to bathroom and washes her face NT

Jul 10 2003 11:18, Thu sqrl   Link
E - brushing teeth in BR...Jack fixing coffee in Kitchen NT

Jul 10 2003 11:24, Thu sqrl   Link
Erika applying eye makeup in Bathroom --- Jack washing dishes NT

Jul 10 2003 11:27, Thu pixiegirl   Link
Erica and Jack are still the only 2 up...kind of boring, nothing is happening NT

Jul 10 2003 11:34, Thu sqrl   Link
E - Storage changing Batteries..Ja showering NT

Jul 10 2003 11:35, Thu Lola   Link
Jack getting in shower, hangs towel on door before underware come off NT

Jul 10 2003 11:40, Thu pixiegirl   Link
E called to diary room, announcer made mistake and called her Amanda NT

Jul 10 2003 11:42, Thu pixiegirl   Link
E back, that was quick, now goes to bedroom NT

Jul 10 2003 11:44, Thu Lola   Link
Erica has on red bikini (lookin good) NT

Jul 10 2003 11:45, Thu Lola   Link
E & Ja talk about cameras following. Jack says "I'm trying to be boring so they'll leave me alone" NT

Jul 10 2003 11:47, Thu sqrl   Link
e is tidying the LR -- Ja using hair dryer (heh) NT

Jul 10 2003 11:48, Thu sqrl   Link
Cam 4 keeps offering a close up of Jacks's chest area NT

Jul 10 2003 11:49, Thu pixiegirl   Link
ja trying hard to brush his hair over his bald spot NT

Jul 10 2003 11:52, Thu pixiegirl   Link
E is cleaning the kitchen, straighting up, washing dishes NT

Jul 10 2003 12:24, Thu Lola   Link
Ja & E (small talk in kitchen)
E misses TV. Ja wants to know what she wants to watch and she says she just misses having it around. Ja agrees and says he usually leaves on CNN. Ja is eating at kitchen table. E starts tidying up the place

Jul 10 2003 12:32, Thu reggie   Link
E now cleaning the bathroom NT

Jul 10 2003 12:48, Thu Asiina   Link
BB just told them all to get up NT

Jul 10 2003 12:49, Thu ktan   Link
BB orders HGs to get up from their beds. NT

Jul 10 2003 13:19, Thu reggie   Link
JE and AL talking about 'will there be a luxury challenge today'. They think there may be.
The talk about the oliptical that was one last year, and AL mentions how Danielle won it.

AL would like a treadmill.

Jul 10 2003 13:23, Thu Mellee   Link
BB tells Sc to put on Mic...
Sc responds "I will put on mic only after you get us some toilet paper"..."that's it someone has to take a stand"

Jul 10 2003 13:30, Thu Lola   Link
BB just called D to DR NT

Jul 10 2003 13:52, Thu bidz_yo   Link
Amanda and Dave playing Horse
And they really stink

Scott sitting nearby with occasional humorous commentary.

Dana and Alison sunbathing by pool.

Jul 10 2003 13:57, Thu ktan   Link
One of the turtles is roaming freely on the patio. NT

Jul 10 2003 13:57, Thu Lola   Link
Na lifting weights on F3 with Ja spotting NT

Jul 10 2003 14:09, Thu Phantom   Link
Erica is still cleaning up a storm in the kitchen, while listening to Dana whine
about how she will only clean when it needs to be done or for herself, not just because someone else needs a clean glass. Erica carries on as if not really listening and adds a non-committal, "Um hm" without even looking up.

Jul 10 2003 14:10, Thu shakazulu   Link
Three of the Girls Are Sunning Themselves By the Pool NT

Jul 10 2003 14:17, Thu ktan   Link
Scott just dropped his mic in the pool. He's holding it by the wire. NT

Jul 10 2003 14:21, Thu Lola   Link
Ja was just doing pushups...and looking pretty good for his age NT

Jul 10 2003 14:26, Thu Phantom   Link
Erica and Dana by the pool. Erica asks,
"Don't you think that it's sort of sexually slanted in this yard?" Dana agrees. They are talking about the facilities available and seem to think that a treadmill would help restore the balance.

Jul 10 2003 14:38, Thu Lola   Link
HG are talking about what oral sex is like, Sc says that one girl
tasted like battery acid. Now the guys are talking about girls that douche too much. Sc ask Jun if she tastes good and Jun says Yeah. He ask "You tasted yourself" She says no but she knows she tastes good

Jul 10 2003 14:42, Thu integrity   Link
Uh...David and Scott are having a rather detailed discussion about performing oral sex on women and what it tastes like. They are in the kitchen and
Jun is preparing potatos. Scott said one girl in college tasted like battery acid. (comment: the whole conversation was generally disgusting and unnecessary)

Jul 10 2003 14:50, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jun just told Michelle she hates Scott

Jul 10 2003 14:57, Thu Phantom   Link
Nat is trying to keep Michelle on the hook of his charm.
He is telling her in the dining room that Alison just wouldn't leave him alone last night. Says that she was in the HOH with him but that nothing happened. Michelle doesn't seem to like it, but she says nothing about it. She just looks sad, as usual.

Jul 10 2003 14:58, Thu Lola   Link
Sc giving Da a hard time about the earlier comment she made about guys saying stupid sh*t and
Sc mocks her "Guys say stupid sh*t and guys think it's funny" She says "You're not going to let me live that down but it's true. It started in second grade. Guys would do stupid things and think they're funny but the girls would just think they're stupid"

Jul 10 2003 14:59, Thu integrity   Link
Michelle says her family is not rich - not as rich as most of the people in Boca. Then she says she drives an Acura and her dad drives a BMW. Her dad
sells jewelry - she specifically says watches. Nathan asks if he sells Rolexes and she says yeah.

Jul 10 2003 15:05, Thu Phantom   Link
Scott is tweaking Michelle about having money and coming from a rich family.
She drives an Accura. "I'll bet you do," says Scott. "not that there's anything wrong with coming from money." I don't have as much money as some people in Boca," like ~she~ has any money at all. Scott leaves after taste testing what Jun has cooked and declaring it a bit spicy, but OK. Mich goes over to look over Jun's shoulder as she cooks. "Is this like dinner, or something," she asks. "NO, it's only like 2 o'clock," replies Jun. "Oh, OK." Dana and Jun sit to eat. Erica comes in and gets herself a bowl of the stuff. Mich helps herself to some and others drift in to eat.

Jul 10 2003 15:08, Thu madman ParentRootLink
He pushed even further by insisting he knew her father drove a Mercedes or a BMW. She admitted that he drove a Mercedes, but they were not rich. NT

Jul 10 2003 15:10, Thu Lola   Link
HG are talking about prior years competitions. Sc remember one where they had to go into the house blindfolded and find things. He said he'd be in
there forever. Ju, M Am and D are sitting at kitchen table eating. So are Sc and Ja. Sc says he can cook if everything is prepared and laid out cause he doesn't do manual labor very well. Then the conversation goes to out-let malls and want white wine wiht lunch. BB says David please put on your microphone. Sc laughs and says everyday it's the same thing wiht that guy.

Jul 10 2003 15:23, Thu Lola   Link
The camera zooms in on the turtle next to a bed pass... anyone know who's bed he took? NT

Jul 10 2003 15:26, Thu reggie   Link
N and AL talking about what the perfect dinner would be.
They seem to both like corn on the cob. N wants steak. Peppered steak. Al wants a glass of milk. N drinks milk all the time. N eats cereal. Al does not. N eats breakfast. Al only eats breakfast sometimes. Cottage cheese. Cottage cheese would be so good right now. Do you eat cottage cheese, N? No? Guys never eat cottage cheese. Al likes eggs. So does N. Al would like a sausage patty with her eggs.

Hungry people should not talk about food.

Jul 10 2003 15:26, Thu bruhe   Link
ali says to nat
I can't believe they are making a tv show and making tons of money of us just doing this (they are laying down on benches and deck chairs).

Jul 10 2003 15:27, Thu Lola   Link
Eric is feeding the turtle. She stoops beside the tank and watches him eat NT

Jul 10 2003 15:28, Thu bruhe   Link
feed four has turtle cam and hes lookin around at his big ole pile of veggies and food and starts eatin :) NT

Jul 10 2003 15:29, Thu bruhe   Link
Camera pans back from turtles and shows a quiet erika watching intently (in though) and sunglasses on inside NT

Jul 10 2003 15:30, Thu Lola   Link
Ja joins Er at the turtle tank. Small talk about feeding and cleaning cages NT

Jul 10 2003 15:35, Thu Phantom   Link
Another Alaska fan.
David wants to go to Alaska to work for a friend's fathers commercial/charter fishing company. Shades of Roddy. Meanwhile, Nat is again talking tough about how he could break someone in half (on of the HG's, but I don't know who).

Jul 10 2003 15:36, Thu reggie   Link
F1 back to N/Ali.
N can't picture eating rice all day. Al may make one of those protein shakes later. N says that until they get meat, he can't do much. N may punch the punching bag later.

N/Al agreeing that someone is rude. I would figure Sc but they didn't say.

Al: "Maybe a sniper will come in a shoot him"

whispers (stop whispering!)

N flicks a bug off of his arm.

Ja comes and tells N that they fed the turtles

N says that he forgot his good swimming trunks.

A plane flies over again.

Jul 10 2003 15:36, Thu curyy4me2   Link
Ali and Nat talking about how much they hate Scott...
Nat says he wants to work on the punching bag and pretend its Scotts face.

They then talk about *female* (didnt hear who) is being sneaky.

Jul 10 2003 15:41, Thu reggie   Link
N: "The funnest part of going to a club is getting ready to go" NT

Jul 10 2003 15:47, Thu curyy4me2   Link
Dana talking to Dave...
She said all her friends knew she was coming to the house. They bought her a puzzle and books to read while she was waiting in hotel.

Jul 10 2003 15:50, Thu reggie   Link
Several HGs just commented "10 minutes" May be something occurring at 3pm HGT NT

Jul 10 2003 15:58, Thu reggie   Link
Jack is retired, but is writing something. His wife is a retired teacher, was the head of a Highschool Science department. She now sells Chanel at
a local mall.

Ja and his wife live in a townhouse on top of Red Mountain(?) overlooking Birmingham.

Jul 10 2003 15:59, Thu RavenLaRue ParentRootLink
what is Chinelle, please? NT

Jul 10 2003 16:00, Thu reggie ParentRootLink
I may not have spelled it correctly, but it is a brand of make-up NT

Jul 10 2003 16:01, Thu RavenLaRue ParentRootLink
Thanks. You prolly spelled it just right. I don't wear make up-it doesn't ring a bell with me. :) NT

Jul 10 2003 16:01, Thu Phantom ParentRootLink
Chanel (may still not be spelled right, but like Chanel #5) NT

Jul 10 2003 16:01, Thu Kimmy ParentRootLink
It's spelled "CHANEL" A cosmetics/perfume company based in Paris, France NT

Jul 10 2003 16:03, Thu RavenLaRue ParentRootLink
The fashion house? as in coco? as in pink and grey? I didn't know Chanel did make up. perfume, yes. Chanel No. 5 :) NT

Jul 10 2003 16:01, Thu Phantom ParentRootLink
Jack again refers to his wife while talking to Nat and Michelle.
She is a retired teacher. He talks about spending the day alone with his writing and doesn't drink until she comes home at 5. Then he rushes downstairs to have a beer. He keeps referring to "we" when he talks of his home situation, and it appears that his kids are not at home. Something is fishy here.

Jul 10 2003 16:01, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
I think they mean Chanel. NT

Jul 10 2003 16:04, Thu curyy4me2   Link
Several of them are talking about ratings and also if interent people can see diary room. NT

Jul 10 2003 16:22, Thu reggie   Link
Jee has a girlfriend, she is Ecuadorian. NT

Jul 10 2003 16:33, Thu sqrl   Link
Jee thinks Nat will hand out "chores soon" NT

Jul 10 2003 16:35, Thu sqrl   Link
HG are spectulating on "America's Choice" NT

Jul 10 2003 16:56, Thu bruhe   Link
david starts singing "who are you" by the who... foth. even tho cbs already pays for this songs use in its top show CSI NT

Jul 10 2003 17:04, Thu madman   Link
Scott:" I would love my son if he was gay, as long as he was the pitcher and not the catcher"...
David, "I don't want to think that far ahead."

Jul 10 2003 17:25, Thu ClueLiss   Link
quad cam - ali and justin in hammock
ali moaning over not picking up on signals from friends who had been asking her how she felt about him. Then talk about old times. Something about him bleeding from nose or mouth sometime.

Jul 10 2003 17:25, Thu ClueLiss   Link
Nathan and part of his haram are in the HOH all in the bed then FOTH NT

Jul 10 2003 17:29, Thu ClueLiss   Link
Back from FOTH - Nathan and the girls still in HOH bed.
Michelle to the right. Jun and Dana to the right.

Nathan asked what they had for lunch. Rice and potatoes. Dinner will be pasta and potatoes.

Jun babbles about what she'll get if she gets HOH.

Dana tells her not if when.

Michelle talks about what music she put down.

Jul 10 2003 17:32, Thu ClueLiss   Link
Back to Ali and Justin.
Ali says that they have to get hoh next time. Or Jun. Justin mentions or Jee. Ali mumbles something.

Justin babbles about how messed up his room is at home. Couldn't leave his roommate a note. Ali says she'll have to redo all the vines at home.

Justin left his car light on the day before he left. The battery died. He had to leave the keys for someone. He worries that it's still sitting there.

Ali laughes about how he lied to her about his car when they first dated.

Jul 10 2003 17:33, Thu ClueLiss   Link
Brief shot of Robert - alone in a chair. NT

Jul 10 2003 17:35, Thu ClueLiss   Link
Back inside to the LR
Jee - wearing sunglasses in the house. Shuffling cards.

Erika in the pink hat.


Scott joins them. Erika gets up and leaves.

Jee tosses cards at a hat. Scott says he throws like him. They talk about being cocky when they do it. (Pure excitement here)

David sighting - he's laying on the floor or something.

Jul 10 2003 17:36, Thu ClueLiss   Link
Back to the HOH with Nathan and the Harem.
Jun is trying to fix something. Looks like her sunglasses. Michelle has her sunglasses on. Says she is cursing more. Nathan says him too. mIchelle says that Jun was trying to get her to curse. Dana says no it was me. They agree it was Dana.

Jul 10 2003 17:38, Thu ClueLiss   Link
They ask Nathan where the scar on his chin came from
answer - from a ball.

Michelle says she cheered in high shcool one year. Dana admits that she too cheered. Jun says she was class president and they voted her class clown.

Michelle was voted biggest Boca Babe. Her parents were proud.

Jun now has sunglasses on too.

Nathan got most handsome.

They say of course he did.

Jul 10 2003 17:43, Thu ClueLiss   Link
Ali and Justin in the hammock again (sorta long)
Ali babbling about someone saying "you wanna f'ck with me" that's scary.

Justin laughes.

Ali says nope - he needs to go. She's gonna do everything she can to win that "f'cking" hoh next week. She hopes its' not gonna use her brain.

Justin doesn't think so.

Ali - I've been trying to ask so stupid around Scott and them too. They think I'm stup8id.

She says she asked what the power of veto was.

Justin thinks that something is the reason Nate put "her" up.

Ali says something about a 6 karat diamond.

Ali says she is tyring to not get close to anyone.

Ali tells Justing that Dana was all about getting rid of Justin. A lot of people were. She says that phsyically him and David are unbeatable.

Justin says yeah there isn't a physical competition we couldhn't win.

Ali babbles more about everyone wanting him gone. But she knew that Amanda would go first because that is what they promised.

She is worried about Erica or Jack or someone might put one of them up. They talk and decide that if Erika gets it she is putting up Robert and Dana. Ali says that E hates Dana. And that Dana is a good competitor.

Jul 10 2003 17:45, Thu curyy4me2   Link
Justin and Ali on the Hammock..
"Sh*t is about to get ugly" says Ali "is anyone after me?"

They are discussing who should go. Ali tells Justin that he was supposed to go first. Justin says he thinks Jee "isnt with them". They are talking about Veto and what will the rules be. Ali thinks Dana is a strong competitor and should go earlier then later.

Jul 10 2003 17:46, Thu ClueLiss   Link
Ali and Justin - continued
Still talking about what they've heard and getting hoh.

Justin - Jee is just starting to break through to the other side and getting them to talk to him. They don't think he's with them.

Ali - Jee is so nice. I like him. ... She wants to know what the rules are on the POV "sh't"

Justin - you can guarantee that it something totally different. He thinks it is that the person who gets it has the power to nominate. He thinks that would be great.

Ali - that would be awful. She reasons that the pOV person would go up next. she says if she got it under those circumstances she wouldn't use it.

Justin questions this.

Low flying jet obliteratses all sound.

Jul 10 2003 17:48, Thu Stark   Link
HOH chatter...Al/Jn Strategizing and Veto Twist Speculation (LONG)
Sc: Davster Davenator

Je: Davenator

Sc: dirty dave

Je: I think he likes dirty dave best

(switches to HOH with Nathan shirtless in bed with Jun, Dana, and Michele)

Jn: I'm going to have the biggest bruise

(missed some)

Dn: hes so stupid though

M: (to low)

N: I didn't like him either

Jn: Dn is trying to get me to curse

Dn: I am not

N: your such a bad influence

Jn; (something about a girl)

Dn; is she white

Jn: equadorian

Dn: equadorian

Jn: we broke up (???)

(they say something to Nathan that they all laugh)

N: I bet you cheered

M: I did one year

Dn: I cheered

Jn: you did?

Dn: yeah

M: biggest boca babe

N: biggest boca babe

M: that was my senior superlative, my parents were proud

Dn; what did you get

N: most handsome

Dn: you did?

Jn: of course he did

(Feed changes to hammock outside)

Al: I can't stand Scott much longer, I want to go to DR and ask them to give him a penalty nomination, he took out that knife last night and said do you want to f*** with me

Jn: hes not goin to do anything

Al: hes scary, you know I'm going to do everything I can to win Head of Household next week, and I mean everything. I hope its something to do with brains

Jn: I'm sure it is

Al: I'm always trying to act dumb around scott, he thinks I'm so stupid, were you in there when I was acting stupid.

Al: he told me when he gets out of here hes buying her a 6 karat diamond

Jn: I don't believe that

Al: trying not to get to close to anyone so I don't get stabbed in back

Jn: you think they are just (missed it)

Al: definatally I already talked to you about this she said she was all about getting rid of you, well it's not now it was the second night

Jn: oh yeah

Al: I thought you were going first, but now Amanda is going first cause that's what we promised. I'm worried if someone like Erika or Jack gets it next they will likely put us up or maybe you vs. Dana. She hates dana in all honesty she is a strong competitor sho would likely put her up

Jn: I don't know

Al: you think Erica would put R up

Jn: yeah

Al: who would you vote for

Jn: I'd would vote against Erica, cause I have an alliance with Robert

Al: I think I would have to to

Al: we can't lose HOH

Al: have you heard if anyone is after me

Jn: we haven't plotted much, jee just has broken trhough and been able to talk to people

Al: I like Jee, hes so nice

Al: I want to know what the rules are going to be on the veto

Jn: you can guarantee something is going to be totally different


Jn: i think the person who has veto can use it and replace them with soemoen theirselves

Al: that would be great, thats awesome

Jn: thats horrible,, you like that

Al: yeah it lets you get people out

Al: if i get veto I will not use it at all, not a chance

Jn: never

Al: well you of course

Jn: i'd use it for sure if I could put someone in the place

(plane overhead now)

Jul 10 2003 17:49, Thu ClueLiss   Link
More Ali and Justin in hammock
talking about "them" thinking that at first they figures the exes would talk to each other then they wouldn't be able to stand each other. Ali agrees and says and that's basically what has happened.

Justin says he's been single for a while. Ali babbles about if she had a boyfriend for 10 years she wolnd't want to date again. She hates dating. The whole chivalry thing. And that's not the way it works. Justin says that guys like to look girls don't.

Ali babbles about talking to guys and I time out.

Jul 10 2003 18:06, Thu ClueLiss   Link
Convention in the bathroom
Ali is cutting Jee's hair while Scott, Erika and ?? look on. Jee is paniced. per chat Ali is fixing what Scott did. Jee yells at Scott who is messing with his hair. Jun laughes from the sidelines.

Jul 10 2003 18:19, Thu ClueLiss   Link
The attempt to cut Jee's hair continues
Ali clipping. So far I've spotted Jun, Scott, Amanda, Robert and Justin watching this.

Jee has hair clippings all over his back and shoulders.

Jul 10 2003 18:30, Thu ClueLiss   Link
Still Cutting Jee's hair. Michelle running circles in the back yard. NT

Jul 10 2003 18:39, Thu bruhe   Link
scanning the feeds...
F1 - F2 outside with workouts and manicures
F3 - F4 the world's longest haircut (or "covering alison's mistakes) continues

Jul 10 2003 18:46, Thu bruhe   Link
F1 and 2 switch to plasma then all 4 switch to the never ending hair mutilation NT

Jul 10 2003 18:47, Thu bbfreak   Link
fd2 is just the tv now talking NT

Jul 10 2003 18:48, Thu bruhe   Link
fishtank video on Plasma Screen (feed 1 and 2).. .. hmmmmm NT

Jul 10 2003 18:48, Thu bruhe   Link
fishtank video gone on plsma.. first mention of VETO! NT

Jul 10 2003 18:48, Thu bbfreak   Link
f2 something on screen cant see what it says but think it pov NT

Jul 10 2003 18:49, Thu Jana_aka_ioksco ParentRootLink
It says expect the unexpected. NT

Jul 10 2003 18:49, Thu Maverick   Link
"Expect the unexpected"
It's on the big screen right now.

Jul 10 2003 18:49, Thu bruhe   Link
Expect the unexpected with circle slash icon.. camera 1 zooms in and out on it lol NT

Jul 10 2003 18:52, Thu bbfreak   Link
fd2 situp fd34 hair cut NT

Jul 10 2003 18:54, Thu bruhe   Link
amanda walks right by the plasma screen and doesnt notice.. NT

Jul 10 2003 18:55, Thu bruhe   Link
POV screen finally discovered
amanda sees the video and just poitns and says did you see that. this is just after allison just walked by the screen and didnt see it..
nothing much made of it but f3 has amanda without sound obviously talking about jees haircut.. no real reaction yet she lights up a smoke.

Jul 10 2003 18:59, Thu bruhe   Link
feed scan: expect the unexpected (or expect the excruciatingly boring...)
allison inside putting on work out shoes.. tells camera not to follow her... why are you following me... she still hasnt seen the freaking pov on the screen yet.
apparently amanda didnt tell anyone what she saw. audio is garbled.. Jee is cleaning his hair all over the floor.. ew.. others are outside working out.. david doing one armed pushups (er... just one) Jee now studying himself in the mirror. He looks restless and also uncomfortable with all the hair on him.
brushes off little hairs.. adjusts mic... He is on F1 and F2... others outside on F3 and F4.
now jee is attempting to trim the hair on the back of his head with the clippers without a mirror and is letting the hair just fall where it may...

Jul 10 2003 19:01, Thu bruhe   Link
more on haircut
dave surprises jee in the bathroom (unintentionally) as jee is clipping away and david says "jee i can give ya a high n tight like they do in the rangers" and then he describes it to jee.
now jee says he wants to cut it like that and maybe cut it all off. Allison's skills are not really appreciated lol

Jul 10 2003 19:03, Thu bruhe   Link
Poor lonely plasma screen has yet to really be noticed.. but...
allison walks in and sees it and just ignores it. is it me or do they just not care or realize??

Jul 10 2003 19:05, Thu bruhe   Link
allison makes pass four bye the plasma screen... then scott makes pass one.. no notice yet NT

Jul 10 2003 19:09, Thu Zyoung   Link
They saw the plasma screen
A little while ago

Jul 10 2003 19:11, Thu bruhe   Link
scanning feeds... or "that's not a 'do.. that's a don't"
feed 1 and 2 are on the bathroom with jee having his hair fixed by david. Amanda, scott, and ericka look on.
outside, I see a manicure and working out/sitting around with allison jumping rope badly, jun giving michelle the manicure, jack sitting looking on... dana milling about... and no sign of justin or nathan (perhaps playing basketball)

Jul 10 2003 19:12, Thu sqrl   Link
Eric from BB3 just refered to as "dumb as a box of rocks" from someone in WC NT

Jul 10 2003 19:43, Thu Zyoung   Link
Front of the house

Jul 10 2003 20:07, Thu shakazulu   Link
Allison exercising in short jeans on Feed 1 NT

Jul 10 2003 20:11, Thu Denise   Link
Sex talk continues (more)
Allison made a motion with her fingers insinuating that Justin was "not big"

Jun said Jee was a freak in bed, Jee came out (excuse the pun) and interrupted the conversation.

Dana (@@) apologizes to her dad for the sex talk

Robert kissing up bigtime to Allison, Allison said Justin was ok in bed and Robert said that Justin said that Allison was good, Allison perks up at this news.

Allison thinks Nathan is the most perfect guy she's ever seen in her life.

Jee is vacuuming the bathroom, I guess he had a lot of hair cut off.


Jul 10 2003 20:13, Thu mop4life ParentRootLink
I thought Allison said her bf now was the most perfect guy ever...then she said he even has a better body then Nate. NT

Jul 10 2003 20:57, Thu Denise   Link
Dana, Robert, Allison, Justin and I think Jack are by the pool
talking, nothing important being discussed.

Nate on feeds 3 and 4 reading (I think the Bible?)

Now Nate is meditating? his head is back in the chair with the Bible on his lap.

Restaurant talk going on.

Llison wants to go to law school, Dana chiming in (@@) about where she could go.

Jun and David in the BR talking, David talking about a girl (not sure if it's Michelle) talking about writing a girl when he was deployed overseas, Jun looking at her nails again, Jee asking why there's an orange towel on the floor.

Back to the yard, Dana talking....again she's on the hammock with Robert, Dana tells Dave when she leaves (hopefully soon, sorry) she wants a Ranger shirt, Dana got bit by a bug and says when she gets one bite the bugs go to tell their friends, not sure where the bug bit her, I think on the arm and not the mouth. FOTH


Jul 10 2003 21:09, Thu Sunflake   Link
Ok, Last I saw, Nathan reading Bible. People outside pool talking. BB says put up shades on windows. FOTH (bout 10 min now) NT

Jul 10 2003 21:14, Thu Anonymous   Link
All 4 feeds FOTH NT

Jul 10 2003 21:24, Thu bruhe   Link
back from Veto meeting...
word from the hgs is that the veto goes this way... to be verified tho... from what i gathered, the winner of the veto has to, if they use it, put someone else up in the saved person's place... if a nom wins, the hoh does the new nom. but if anyone else wins, they do the noms.
another no veto year it sounds like...

Jul 10 2003 21:25, Thu reggie ParentRootLink
I think I heard that as well, but deleted my update because I'm still confused....prefer your update version :) NT

Jul 10 2003 21:37, Thu avichaiyl ParentRootLink
This could be the HG's own speculation though.. not clear.. NT

Jul 10 2003 21:34, Thu reggie   Link
HGs have discovered alcohol in the SR. They are very happy now. They are going to the hot tub to drink. NT

Jul 10 2003 21:45, Thu las0127   Link
scott just claimed he is 6 inches long "not that bad" NT

Jul 10 2003 21:52, Thu Sunflake   Link
F4: Nathan Big Pimpin' Heffner in the Hot Tub with Michelle, Alison & Amanda. NT

Jul 10 2003 22:01, Thu Carminkri   Link
Real is doing Erika's nails. NT

Jul 10 2003 22:11, Thu Nerghan   Link
Around the patio table...this and that tid bits.
F3: Lonely bathtub and WC door is ajar.
F1: Scott stating he is better than being a waiter. Jack says that Scott sounds like Howard Stern...Scott loves Howard Stern...Erika and Jun sitting with these two as well....plane flying over...Jack says all of Tommy Lees movies are alike...character wise.
Jack: I'm wondering if another brew is in order...two is my daily limit.

Scott has on a dark sleeveless tshirt with a taboggan and sunglasses. Jack has on white long sleeve Pittsburg shirt. Erika is in blue tshirt. Jun in whith strapped top.
Scott is explaining the b ball game today and the factor everyone played in the outcome....stats....
Scott: Sports is all mental.
Jack: you had an interesting pass passed it over...blah blah blah...and then it came over his head like this and...blah blah blah...I didn't watch the whole match.
Scott to Jun: Do you want to do my nails?

Scott: So what is on your mind about the game?
Jack: Dana said Robert has been sniffing around.
Scott: O.k. get em out.

Obvious Scott and Jack alliance talk..just the two of them.

talking about how they like everybody pretty much....didn't plan on making friends but kind of do....eventually you will be picking them off though...blah blah blah...this experience that we are getting to experience.

Jul 10 2003 22:14, Thu Phantom ParentRootLink
Re strategy talk
Jack said, "If we tie him up we can neutralize him." (Not sure who he was talking about) They think that Justin must win HOH, "then we have them in numbers."

Jul 10 2003 22:17, Thu las0127 ParentRootLink
What I heard was that they said "Justin cannot win HOH" because he is strong enough to win but they can't let that happen because right now they "have them in numbers" (talking about the original 8).

Jul 10 2003 22:20, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
talking about keeping the x's occupied so they wont have an opp. to plot NT

Jul 10 2003 22:13, Thu las0127   Link
jack and scott talking....
They both agree that the original 8 are still strong and they can go ahead and hang out with the others so no one gets suspicious. They both say they really like everyone there but they can be buddy-buddy after the show is over. Right now they are sticking to the strategy of the game. They both like Jee alot he is a really nice guy, so is Justin but he is a strong mother f***er and a strong contender of the game. - Now they're talking baseball....posting.

Jul 10 2003 22:20, Thu Nerghan   Link
Constant rumble of extreme chatter around hot tub...Jack has migrated to hot tub sucking back his "cold one"
Michelle wants Ali's I.D. Michelle says her fake I.D. doesn't look like her and Alison says "well my real one doesn't look like mine." The tub crowd roars at this. Hottub count: 7 bodies and Jack's legs. Various chit chat.

Nathan: Think I have had about enough of the hottub.

Jul 10 2003 22:48, Thu GreenEyes   Link
All Feeds FOTH NT

Jul 10 2003 22:49, Thu bohawkins   Link
Jack in hot tub.. says "I so many times wanted to call your dad."
Was he talking to Scott? Or who? In any event.. they went to the FOTH instantly.. Evidently, Jack was friends previously with Scott (or whomever he was talking to).

Jul 10 2003 22:51, Thu Sandman4888 ParentRootLink
I think it may have been Scott saying that to Amanda, which makes sense. NT

Jul 10 2003 22:56, Thu bohawkins ParentRootLink
Re: I think it may have been Scott saying that to Amanda, which makes sense.
Yes, you are most likely correct Scott obviously knew her Dad. It did seem to trigger the FOTH for some reason.

Jul 11 2003 04:28, Fri bruhe ParentRootLink
From a post I made...
Jack and scott DID talk at one point about how they saw each other before the final hgs were selected.

Jul 10 2003 23:01, Thu Phantom   Link
Scott's reason for Amanda not liking him.
She thinks, "You are boring, you don't want to do anything, you don't want to go anywhere, all you want to do is get high. Amanda does not disagree.

Jul 10 2003 23:08, Thu Phantom   Link
Erica works in a restaurant/lounge.
A very classy place, she says. This in response to Scott's direct question about it. He extends an invitation to come visit him any time. "Mi cassa, sous cassa" he says and offers his hand to her to seal the deal.

Jul 10 2003 23:19, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Nate/Jack/Jun/Michele/Justin/Dana hanging out in a bedroom, nothing interesting being said NT

Jul 10 2003 23:21, Thu Phantom   Link
Robert and Jee talk privately in the HT.
Men are all about the game because there is nothing at all to talk about, says Robert. They seem to be saying that it's different for the girls for some reason. I think I heard Jee say that the women (or women in general) weren't very smart. I got here late and may have this wrong, but it certainly sounded like they were confident that the men could/would outplay the women.

Jul 10 2003 23:23, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Michelle dropped some ice cream she was eating on her shirt...
She went to go change her shirt in the other bedroom. When she came back Dana and Jun were surprised she didn't go to the bathroom. Michelle said she had a bra on so it was no big deal. They all said it was cuz she is so young.

Jul 10 2003 23:23, Thu Sunflake   Link
F3: Jun doing Dana's nails, Nathan, Jack, Justin, Jack & Michelle all hanging out...
...Dana and Jun are being very protective of Michelle. Dana noted that Michelle changed her shirt. Jun asked if she went in the bathroom to do it, Michelle said no, she was wearing a bra. Jun remarks something about having to watch over Michelle (I don't remember exactly what, but making sure she didn't expose herself).

A few minutes earlier Dana & Jun kept telling Michelle how pretty she looked with just Mascara on and that she didn't need a lot of make -up. They said something like people who wear a lot of make up are ugly people who need it.

They sounded just like mother hens.
Michelle was very quiet and kept eating her ice cream a la granola.

Jul 10 2003 23:28, Thu Sunflake   Link
F3: Alison says her ex (Justin) did drugs...
Erika & Alison discuss exes outside the bathroom. Alison remarks how during their history Justin did drugs and she never did. It really bothered her, she'd go to class and he'd go get high.
They hope that their exes will go before they do.

Jul 10 2003 23:28, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Allison and Erica talking in bathroom...
Allison tells erica that she told Dana that she is getting to close to Justiand she doesn't like it. Al says dana said she is just friends nothing more. Al also says that Nate told her that he thinks Dana just likes the companionship that Justin provides. Al says she doesn't like it in front of her face.

Jul 10 2003 23:30, Thu MOtree   Link
F1 Snott is bragging about his sex life
and brings up Sara's name, we cut to FOTFH

Jul 10 2003 23:37, Thu Sunflake   Link
F1: Scott & David discuss stipend for sequestering...$750/week each week after they leave the house. NT

Jul 10 2003 23:38, Thu MOtree   Link
F1: Rob is asking about how they get paid
if they get paid for the time they were sequestered before the show. David said he asked them specifically and they get paid from the time they leave their home until they return. FOTFH

Jul 10 2003 23:39, Thu Asiina   Link
Ali and Erika in the Bathroom, (pretty long)
erika and Ali

A: It's awkward for me.

E: I know and with justin...I don't think I'd be able to hang with that...

a: It was jsut because of a lack of honesty. It's because of our time conflicts, and I wanted to be wild and crazy.

e: Who decided to break up?

a: It was kinda mutual. I mean, he did drugs and stuff, I did not. It was kinda awkward I don't really understnd it because I never did it. It's really awkward to see it going on in front of your face. Even though he's not mine anymore, it still bugs me.

e: they do this on perpose to us.

a: Oh, watching a girl break down on Tv, sounds really fun. like give me a break. it couldn't even be anymore in front of my face. I pray to god I'm not gone before then, that I have to get home and watch it on TV

e: Well, we stick to the plan. I think we all are, just to get rid of that whole aspect.

a: I think to get rid of them for that reason, if it gets more...

e: Well, we'll have to go for that, if it gets more...

a: if you got it next week, would you stick to the original plan?

e: I think I would nominate...

a: It's hard. Would you nominate her?

e: I don't know if I would feel comfortable nominating my own. Maybe I would nominate yours.

a: Yah, I think I'd be...yah...*whispering*


a: David or Scott, and I don't really know where they are.

e: Y'know, they're both very open guys. Scott, as much as he has his operas, he's a good person. He's just passionate. He's just an emotional person, and as much as people didn't understand that, get that...

*Ali whispering*

a: It's his ex-fiancee

e: I know, and he still loves her. She doesn't have anybody here. They want to emotionally torment us. They told us that. they said it would be emotionally hard.

a: Like, 2 hours after we got into here. As soon as we were in as 8, I knew something was up

e: I knew it when I saw the champaigne and chocolate covered strawberries, I'm like "something is up"


e: Whatever happens, you can count on me. It's really difficuly for me to get to know everyone because (robert)he's around. I don't want to be by him. I feel totally slated because I don't want to be around him. You have a little easier time...

a: Yah, it's still fresh...

e: He reminds me of all the things I don't like about him. When I came on the show, I told the producers that. When people leave the BB house, they learn so many things that they didn't even know they had to learn...

FOTH for talking about audition process....

e: It just makes you feel like *****. It doesn't make me want to rise to any occation, it just makes me feel crappy.

a: Could it be any worse?

e: No, I don't think it could. It just sucks. We should just ignore the whole situation

e: It takes a lot more than charm to get me

a: I honestly think that....*whisper*

e: I know that Jacks a man of his word. I know that David, and I know that SCott, even though he doesn't talk as much. But I know. Before they came in we were like "f*ck that* I don't know. I'm going to start drying your hair.

ED: Then they go on about hair for a while.

Jul 10 2003 23:40, Thu Asiina   Link
F4: Ali: I never noticed how much I just sing until I'm told not to. NT

Jul 10 2003 23:43, Thu Asiina   Link
F4: Erika talks about how she sucks at Math and moved around a lot. NT

Jul 10 2003 23:44, Thu Asiina   Link
F4: Erika, Ali, and Jack talk about upbringings.
Erika moved around a lot and her mom was a single mom raising 2 kids. She said she envies Ali, who lives in the house she grew up in.

Ali says she doesn't really like it so much because she hasn't really experienced a lot because of it.

Jul 10 2003 23:45, Thu Phantom   Link
Alison and Erica have a heart to heart in the bathroom alcove.
Erica advises to stick to the plan to get rid of the Ex's. Alison was concerned about going out before them (him). Erica says that she would stick to the plan if she was HOH next week. She says that she might not feel comfortable about nominating her Ex but could nominate hers. FOTFH.
Scott is a free spirit and emotional but has his good side too, says Erica. She is acting to calm and reassure Alison, but always watch your back. Goes on to wax philosophical about what they will learn about themselves in the house. FOTFH

Erica feels crappy about something (Ex in the house?) Jack is a stand-up guy and a man of his word. Scott is too, she says. David probably is, although she hasn't had the chance to talk to him much. Erica goes for a glass of water then returns. Alison wants to know where the cameras are - I mean all of them. Jack comes in and there is some banter about how hard it is to believe they are on a TV show and how hard it is to believe that people watch this stuff. Jee passes through while Alison leaves for a while. Erica expresses concern for his ankle and offers to wrap it for him. He thanks her but thinks it will be OK. (She may not be seen to talk to people much, but she makes contact with them all and shows interest)

Erica comments that she doesn't sing much but now that she isn't allowed to she keeps wanting to. Alison asks Erica's age and says that she thinks that is her sister's age, maybe 34. Erica talks about her astrological sign as if she actually believes that crap. Alison talks of the law school she will be going to next year. She wants to go to the NE, but doesn't know. Jack says that he went to U of Alabama on a recommendation from a friend and after looking at the campus. Says it changed his life.

Erica was dragged across the country all of her youth by her mother. Seven grammar schools, I think she said. Says that she missed the fundamentals of math because of that and still has trouble with it. Her mom is her hero (Awwe) for raising 2 kids and trying to have a relationship (the reason she moved a lot- following a b/f).

Jul 10 2003 23:53, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Erica tells Alison that Jack told her something about Dana but she will have to tell her later NT

Jul 11 2003 00:50, Fri littlePP   Link
nathan says he "cant stand" david.....he acts goofy, is a "free spirit" etc. NT

Jul 11 2003 00:55, Fri littlePP ParentRootLink
now he says david is a "frekin idiot" ..."dont know how michelle put up with him" NT

Jul 11 2003 00:53, Fri Phantom   Link
Nat & Alison talk in the HOH with the lights out.
She reports that Jack has said stuff to Erica about Dana getting too close with the Ex's. Tells Nat that Erica would put up Justin next week if she gets HOH. Repeating most all of what she and Erica talked about in the bath. Erica played dumb about what Jack might do. Nat doesn't trust Justin and Robert.

Dana comes in and the story gets repeated. Nat fears that their strategy is down the drain because of Ex's getting too close to each other. Fear Scott will vote to keep Amanda and may tell of the plot. (is there a similar fear from Robert?). Nat questions Dana because of her interest in an EX. Dana brushes that off with a don't worry about it. They are really worried about Scott and can't figure him. Particular afraid of him getting the POV and saving Amanda. Questioning and discussing who to put up if Amanda is saved. Nat insists that Jee is safe, so that's a problem of who to put up. Jun comes in and whines about Jee, I think then leaves. They think that Erica and Jack will vote against Scott next week. They want Justin to get HOH next week, it seems. Hope he will understand to put up Scott and Erica and Erica stays. Time out.