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Jul 11 2003 01:14, Fri ktan   Link
All feeds in BY with Scott teaching Erika how to shoot hoops. Dave's joined them. NT

Jul 11 2003 01:22, Fri Phantom   Link
Still in the HOH. Everyone wants Amanda gone (except Scott).
Scott to be put up next week. Probably Michelle up against Amanda if POV saves her. Nat worrying about the speeches he has to give (like to explain Nominations). Chit chat and FOTFH.

It's going to get crazy, says Nat. They all giggle then get quiet. Apparently POV to be used on Sunday so they have to leave it till then to figure what to do, but of course, they can't leave it at all. Dana leaves and the camera leaves for the yard where Erica is letting Scott teach her how to shoot baskets. (Does she really not know?) Scott explains that you have to line up your crotch with the basket. It's all in the legs and the crotch it seems. Now explaining about the feel of the ball.

Thankfully, the camera goes back to the HOH where the lights are on and Nat is still in bed with Alison. It seems that Robert has joined them. He is talking fast about Erica and her saying that Robert is only there because of her. He knows that she cannot win the game so he isn't worried about that, he just doesn't want her to last longer than him. She is a psycho chick, he says. He seems hyper and fidgety and reminds me of Josh from last year when he was really working someone. He keeps looking up at a camera and says he doesn't want this shown because he never wants her to know that he is talking about her. Says that she bitched on Jee today about his not cleaning up the hair well enough. That's the real Erica, he says. He is very grateful that they agree to put her up. He will work full out to get her out. He wants it to be a lopsided vote against her. Scott had her have got to go, they all agree. Alison says that Scott is easy on the eyes and Nat says that she can go sleep with him then. She laughs and says that she is sleeping there and will vote against Scott anyway.

Robert leaves and turns out the lights. They giggle and flirt but don't discuss the Robert revelations. The camera moves to the kitchen where Jack is talking to Jun and consoling her that she is caught in there with Jee. Sound stays on Jack while the camera moves to the back bedrooms. Michelle talks to Jun and wants to know if she talked to Jack about something. It doesn't seem so, but is unclear.
Camera and sound to LR where Michelle suggests playing Spoons with the group assembled there. She has never played it as a drinking game but tries to explain the rules. Many seem to know it. Many are there but I didn't have time to catch them all before the camera moves back to they yard where the Bball lesson continues. They are now actually shooting baskets and no longer talking about crotches. David joins them and shoots baskets while wearing oven mitts. They say that Scott and David are sure Nominees but it doesn't matter because they have the numbers. David is confident and expects it because he is such a threat.

Jul 11 2003 01:26, Fri ktan   Link
F3/4: A game of spoons in progress in the LR with J/JS/M/AM/JN/RO playing (E/S watching) but only hearing N and AL in HOH. NT

Jul 11 2003 01:39, Fri Phantom   Link
F1 & 2 in HOH with Nat and Alison cuddling and giggling in the bed in the dark.
F3 & 4 in the LR where the spoons games continues. Seven are present, but one just wandered off toward the bath.

Alison has had 5 lovers and Nat jokes that he could never marry her because of that number. "Who's talking about marriage," says Alison. She asks Nat how many he has. He hesitates but puts the pillow over both their heads and tells her something. She doesn't believe that. She is little-girl whining because he won't tell her. He threatens her with Nomination for playing her games on him. He has suggested a couple of numbers but not given a clear answer. The lovey-dovey chit chat is getting thick.

TG that F1 & 2 go to the bathroom where Dana and David chat. She seems upset about how much time and attention that he seems to spend on Michelle I think (some other female). They discuss that it is good that Nat stuck with the plan, although they suspected that he was tempted to change things. They don't feel that they can fully trust him, but think he is OK for now. Dana wants to know if he will visit her when she gets HOH. He says that he will live in the HOH then. She likes that. They talk about his Honourable Discharge from the Army and he seems to down play the details. She is asking for details of types of discharge and he glosses over Dishonourable as an option. He just sums it up as time served but says that he can be recalled if the $hit hits the fan. Real Player crash.

Jul 11 2003 01:40, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
Dana was talking about her brothers leave from the army not Davids NT

Jul 11 2003 02:08, Fri Phantom ParentRootLink
OK, then he was using himself as the example for his explanation,
because he definitely talked of his time served and him possibly being called up in case of trouble.

Jul 11 2003 03:15, Fri LittleOldLady ParentRootLink
Also note, Alison kissed Nat on the shoulder, quite audible peck, as she was running fingers down his back. NT

Jul 11 2003 01:45, Fri ktan   Link
AL slowly caressing N's back with hand, talking randomly but nothing earth-shattering. NT

Jul 11 2003 02:05, Fri Phantom   Link
Back in the HOH. Alison is caressing Nat's bare back as they cuddle and talk.
She wants to know if they have asked about her in the DR. He says yes and that he told them something to the effect that he should bag her in 3 days. She takes exception to that in a happy way "I'm not that easy, you know"

Still F1 & 2 on the HOH and F3 & 4 on the LR with the card game. Amanda, Jack, Erica, Robert, Jun, Justin, Michelle, David, Dana. Jee comes in, David drifts out. F3 has the card game but sound from the HOH, where they are talking about people they like.

Now to Blue Grotto where Scott is in bed and talking to David. Scott wants to know if Nat would let him use the POV if he gets it and who he would put up if he does. They don't know but think that they can wait to see who gets it. Scott can't wait and gets up to go ask Nat.

Finally get to HOH where Scott is talking to Alison, Dana and Nat. Don't know what the answer to his question is. The sound is terrible, but it seems that the POV question being discussed now is who puts up the replacement and when. There is some agreement that a certain unnamed person would be the perfect substitute if it was used. Scott seems to say that he isn't worried about Amanda because she is a strong woman. The group seems to think that they don't want to get HOH next week. Let someone else do some dirty work.

Scott has left and the lights are out. The three are talking about the POV and the idea that Jee might be taken off. The sound is terrible and they are whispering. Dana says, "Why would I take off Jee?" From what I can gather, they are counting a lot of chickens here and planning a long way ahead. If Scott takes out Justin or David would end their deal with someone then they are home free. Talking about saving Michelle for some reason. This is pointless. I need earphones and better feeds. Sound improves enough to hear them all agree that this year, POV is the key. Hmmmmm

Jul 11 2003 02:11, Fri Phantom   Link
Erica remarked about, "now you can see why I wear my sunglasses in here, because it is so bright in here."
"And our room is very dark," she says. Not sure who she was talking to because the feeds are frozen. At the moment, Erica does not have on sunglasses.

Jul 11 2003 02:23, Fri buffalojill   Link
1:30 am and Dana is jogging inside the house? NT

Jul 11 2003 02:31, Fri Phantom   Link
Erica, David and Jack in the bath having a stimulating discussion of STD's.
David things that Syphilis is the most common STD and asks Jack to confirm; he will know that. David also thinks that Syphilis is called the Clap but isn't sure. Jack confirms that Syphilis is the most common and is called the Clap. However, he has no answer to Erica's question as to why it is called that. Jack wanders away and David commences to make strange and wonderful and annoying noises with his mouth and cheeks. They are as bored as me, but unlike me, they don't have the sense to go to bed.

Apparently they do. Erica, Jack and David go to bed in the Sand Box. They talk strategy and apparently agree on the same things and are speaking in terms of the original 8. They are trying to bring David up to date on the current alliances. He is lecturing them on strategy and they let him.

Dana was jogging around the house from the back bedroom to the bathroom carrying little barbells. Noting else is visible on the feeds.

Before I could get out of this, there was a mention of Nat being solid behind the 8, and that they don't want either Jee or Amanda to win POV because that will screw up things. Erica whispers some intelligence about who someone will put up for Nomination and they all agree that 'they' have to win HOH next.

Jul 11 2003 02:47, Fri ktan   Link
Feeds 3/4 have seemingly retired for the day. 3 focussed on water dispenser and BY door, 4 on HOH, SR, & DR doors.HGs pass by but cams don't move. NT

Jul 11 2003 03:51, Fri Devareux   Link
2:20 - 2:45 Convo between David,Jack, & Erika in (turtle ?) bedroom. The 3 desire to keep their alliance of 4 strong....David,Jack & Erika & Scott.
Exs gone first and then Erika says they need to knock the “king” off the throne, aka Nate. General Stategy talk and talk about sexual tension. Jack & Erika trying to sleep, David makes popping noises, they start to talk again. Jack says he almost got “Tweetie Bird” tattoo on his “behind” but daughters talked him out of it. David says he will have shark tattooed on his shoulder if brother does not return from Irac.Jack assures him he will return, David isn’t sure...(I get bumped from feeds)

Jul 11 2003 04:43, Fri TomGuy   Link
3:30 -5:00 a.m. CDT
3:30 a.m. CDT

Alliance: Erika, Jack, David, Scott.

Erika said she has warned Scott to tone down or he will be a target.

They think their major competition is 4 persons -- possible alliance there: Nate, maybe Alison, Justin, Robert. Justin bigger threat than Robert. Jack says the more he gets to know Nate the more impressed he is with him; that Nate has core beliefs.

Erika to Scott: "YOU NEED to chill out!"

Jack: Tomorrow is important, but not crucial. (POV ?)

Jack: One of the alliance will need to go on the block when they get ready (HOH) to take down Michelle.

Jack trying to figure whether the major competitive alliance is Nate and the other 3 women, or the other guys.

(This alliance seems to perceive 2 other alliances of about 4 each. Nate seems to be associated with both alliances, but more with the 3 women --Alison, Dana, Jun.)

Jack is cautioning Scott and Erika against the 4 of them (J, S, E, David) appearing to be "together" when they are out in the house/yard.

(David left the room when Scott came in, so he was not present during most of the above plotting. Per Jack, David is aware/part of the alliance, though.)

3:55 a.m. CDT. Scott leaves the room to go to his bed. David comes back into the bedroom. (David was apparently in the shower.)

David: His girlfriends think he is such a "girl" because he puts lotion on, etc. (David exits room again.)

David - outside the door - asks Jack & Erika to talk in normal voices to test whether they can be heard outside. (Apparently they can't be heard outside the room. RPlayer communicating--I missed some conversation. RP stalled.)

Other camera:
Justin, looks like Michelle or Alison (can't tell them apart) nearly on top of his back. He seems to be trying to igore her.


Looks like Jack, Erika, David settling

Erika "platituding" Jack and David, saying she is glad to be in with them; they are nice guys, yadayadayada.

Dana comes in, chitchats. David wants some "sugar" so Dana goes over and gives him a major smooching.

Dana saying she thinks that--to respect HOH--they (Dana, Erika, Jack, David) should not use POV is they win it.


Other camera:
Justin, looks like Michelle or Alison (I can't tell them apart on the nitevision) nearly on top of his back. He seems to be trying to igore her.

M /A sitting on other bed, looking alone and dejected.
(camera to difference scene)

E, J, Dv, Dn making smalltalk. Dana leaves about 4:20 a.m. CDT.


Jee on single cot/bed, alone, still awake.


M/A still awake, still on top of Justin (who appears to be asleep--or trying to be). It looks like she is holding him down, afraid he might get away from her. (It is kind of funny to watch.) M/A is whispering to someone in other bed (can only see sheet moving, no body/face, so no idea who.)


E, J, Dv still making smalltalk.

Jee still awake; wrapping his ankle/foot. (He hurt/twisted it yesterday while shooting hoops.)

M/A looking around the room; seems to be whispering to someone; still using Justin as a mattress (he hasn't moved; sleep--or trying to be).

Erika just gave BB/camera the finger--jokingly: "Take that, BB!"

David, making "water dripping" sounds with his finger in his mouth.

Erika wonders why Dana came into the room earlier.

David talking about the time his brother accidentally ran over him with a boat, prop nicked his head, left scar.

Jack talking about TweetyBird tatoo on rear. (Not sure if he meant he had one or knew someone who did.)

David has a brother in military who is in Iraq.


4:43 a.m. CDT M/A finally gets up off Justin, walks out; to w/c.

She gets under cover with Justin.

She get up after 10 minutes. Looks like she got in another (bigger) bed (can't tell who with). (Justin seemed to keep ignoring her presence.)


4:50 a.m. CDT Jack and David still chitchatting.

Camera on Nate in HOH--sleeping, alone.

Jack to w/c. Out of w/c; stops to wash hands.


All the little rats, uh, hamsters, appear to be nestled in for the nite. Not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse, except maybe the cameraman.

No major snoring. Silence. No motion in any of the beds on the quadscreen.


Jul 11 2003 05:07, Fri Shadow46and2 ParentRootLink
Clarification: Jack was going to get Tweety on his butt, daughter talked him out of it. NT

Jul 11 2003 10:14, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
It was Alison on top of Ju, then she got in bed with Michelle NT

Jul 11 2003 05:01, Fri Quench   Link
4am BB time - All 4 Feeds on sleeping HGs. NT

Jul 11 2003 08:40, Fri Houseguest13   Link
Jun is up and back to bed 7:38 AM BB time NT

Jul 11 2003 09:06, Fri Houseguest13   Link
We have Jack up on Feed 1 in the WC NT

Jul 11 2003 09:11, Fri valentine   Link
OK. That was gross. Jack got up and went straight to the WC. He was in there a long time and flushed TWICE. When he came out he walked right past the sink, barely glancing at it and returning to the bedroom without washing.

Maybe men over a certain age are just dirty slobs.

Jul 11 2003 09:34, Fri valentine   Link
Waking Up
Jack was laying in his patented coffin pose. I think he does this when he is pretending to be sleeping, because all of a sudden he sits upright, with his hands still crossed on his chest. Whisper, whisper, I can't hear. He still has on David's Pittsburgh T-shirt from last night. He must have some major insecurities with his hair, because he starts smoothing it while he whispers.

Maybe he's talking in his sleep.

And then, someone else stirs in the room and gets out of bed. Its Erica, in her pink sweatpants, walking in the direction of the kitchen. And, of course, the lazy cameramen don't follow her.

So all we see is the sleeping HG.

Wake up camera people.

Jul 11 2003 10:06, Fri valentine   Link
Still No Sign of Erica
All 4 feeds are still locked on the non-HOH bedrooms. Camoflage-blanket David has his own camera.

We know Erica has been up and about for over 30 minutes, but no sign of her on the feeds.

Jack is still laying in coffin pose.

Jul 11 2003 10:56, Fri Lola   Link
Jun is up, she dressed in a burgundy top and slacks, walking through house NT

Jul 11 2003 10:57, Fri Ginger   Link
one of the firls up to the kitchen and then the bathroom- not sure who- long dark hair NT

Jul 11 2003 10:58, Fri mkemp   Link
Jun just got out of bed , walked into LR, the shades are all pulled down,
she tried to peek out, walked away, walked back to the door, tried to peek through shades again then went to WC.

Jul 11 2003 10:58, Fri valentine   Link
Jun is Up
She is walking around in her jammies. She seems to be looking for someone or something. She walked into the BR area and looked around, then walked into the kitchen and to the back door, but didn't open it.

Then she walked back into the BR and into the WC.

Was she looking for Erica??? Where is Erica?

I know this is boring, but that's all there is to see.

Jul 11 2003 11:03, Fri valentine   Link
Scheming Jack
Jack still has his arms folded coffin-style, but one knee is up and he is making awake-type sounds. Appears to be thinking deeply, planning his day.

Yep, now he's getting up, headed for the WC.

Jun is walking around and going into the storage room.

Jul 11 2003 11:04, Fri mkemp   Link
Jun in SR, Jack just woke up. and my feeds timed out NT

Jul 11 2003 11:06, Fri mkemp   Link
JU gets juice from SR and walks back to kitchen, Jack in WC then back to BR NT

Jul 11 2003 11:07, Fri valentine   Link
Alison is Up, Too
And Dana is stirring. Jun got a gallon jug of juice, I think, from storage and is putting it in the fridge.

Jack came out of the WC, and did he wash his hands? I don't think so. Unbelievably, he went back to bed and got in coffin pose. I think he is making sure no one in that room chats or whispers.

Jun is in the shower stall now, taking her top off and running the water.

Jul 11 2003 11:08, Fri Lola   Link
Jun is showering NT

Jul 11 2003 11:11, Fri curyy4me2 ParentRootLink
camera Sloooooooowly paning in and out. NT

Jul 11 2003 11:11, Fri mkemp   Link
JU taking a shower. I only see 7 HG on quadcam. 1 in shower, 6 sleeping
don't know where the rest are at.

Jul 11 2003 11:12, Fri valentine   Link
Jun's Shower
Jun is short, and only the top 3 inches or so of her head are visible over the top of the door.

She's washing her hair and seems very relaxed. The water is probably very hot since she's the first to go. She bends over at the waist frequently--I wonder if she's avoiding the camera.

Tall Amanda has not been so lucky-and gives a semi-show while standing up straight in the stall.

Jul 11 2003 11:16, Fri valentine   Link
Yep, BB Just Gave the Wake Up Call NT

Jul 11 2003 11:18, Fri valentine ParentRootLink
Up and At Em
It was obvious that Jack and Dana were already awake because they jumped up at the sound of BB's voice.

Dana headed to the WC. Jack is now brushing his teeth, without washing his grubby pays, BTW.

Amanda was up, but just got back in bed. Jun is still lurking in the shower stall, apparently drying off and moisturizing.

Jul 11 2003 11:21, Fri valentine ParentRootLink
I guess she got under the covers to change clothes. Smart. She put on some sweatpants and is in the WC now.

Jul 11 2003 11:16, Fri mkemp   Link
BB: good morning HG;s time to get up. NT

Jul 11 2003 11:18, Fri curyy4me2 ParentRootLink
Several houseguest roll over and pull the covers up tighter, Jack brushing teeth. NT

Jul 11 2003 11:19, Fri curyy4me2   Link
"Why are the waking us up so early?" (LOL its 10:17am HGT) NT

Jul 11 2003 11:21, Fri curyy4me2   Link
Nat and Robert still in bed, Dana brushing teeth, Jack in SR NT

Jul 11 2003 11:29, Fri curyy4me2   Link
Scott is yelling at the cameras again..."Get of my face you *Bleep*" NT

Jul 11 2003 11:30, Fri valentine   Link
2nd Wake Up Call
While Alison is folding clothes in a dark bedroom and talking to David about copping an Army Rangers T-shirt. David only has 2 with him, and everybody wants them. "I'll hook you up", he tells her, "don't worry".

Someone calls BB a "piece of sh**" after the wakeup call. Could be David, but history tells up it must be Scott.

Jack is wrestling with the coffemaker and washing some pots and pans.

Jul 11 2003 11:34, Fri valentine   Link
Lock Down?
"Are we in a lock down?" Amanda asks Jack.

"I think so", Jack says.

Must be in preparation for the veto competition. Even Michelle is up and walking around. "This is the earliest I've been up all week," she says to Jack after apologizing for not saying hi to him in the hall.

Jack is making a triple decker PB&J to enjoy with his coffee. Justin has his head down on the kitchen counter while Jack makes the brew.

Jul 11 2003 11:39, Fri valentine   Link
Scott is Up
and peering at himself in the hallway mirror. A good long close up of himself. It's too early for his hat, apparently, just his shiny dome.

Robert is now shirtless in the kitchen, leaning against the counter like he has no energy. Jason has lifed his head just in time to see ex-Allison prance into the room in a humoungous hoodie sweatshirt. Now she's in the BR, lurking behing Michelle in the sink mirror.

Erica has planted herself in one of the BR corner chairs. Is she waiting on the sink? Or just lurking?

Michelle is moisturizing her face while Allison flosses in one of the chairs facing Erica.

Now, Foth.

Jul 11 2003 11:42, Fri Lola   Link
Sc called to DR NT

Jul 11 2003 11:46, Fri valentine ParentRootLink
Scott isn't in the DR, I think that was a mic call. In the WC now. NT

Jul 11 2003 11:43, Fri valentine   Link
FOTH Over, Must Have Been a Brief Announcement
Now Nathan is in the kitchen, putting his mic around his neck, wearing a white T-shirt. Gorgeous bed hair.

Robert has mercifully put on a drab gray tank top and is pouring himself a cup of java.

Dana is using a hair straightener in the BR--is this a daily task? Is her hair wavy? Every one wants to look good for the televised competition.

Jee is in the storage room with Amanda, talking about their bug bites. Both appear relaxed and unworried about the week's events. Jee is still complaining about his sore ankle.

David is leaned all the way over the bathtub, wetting his hair in a suggestive pose. Only blue sweatpants on him. Its been a few minutes now.

Jul 11 2003 11:46, Fri Lola   Link
Ja is called to the DR NT

Jul 11 2003 11:48, Fri curyy4me2   Link
Jun called to diary room.
David was finishing putting his contacts in. Jack making coffee, Dana, Michelle and Ali still primping. Justin, Amanad and Nat all stilling at the table.

Jul 11 2003 11:50, Fri Lola   Link
Er called to DR NT

Jul 11 2003 11:50, Fri curyy4me2   Link
Ericka's turn in DR. Scott out of WC and washing hands, Ali is in the shower. NT

Jul 11 2003 11:54, Fri valentine   Link
Now Allie is in the stall, throwing her sweatshirt and lingerie over the top.

The shower door is kind of revealing, but she didn't turn on the water, just changed her clothes and came out.

The boys are sitting around the dining table, cutting up and laughing. David is saying "Scott--if that is your real name, and not part of your strategy, in a funny voice". They are joking that there are 14 people in their backyard.

The HG keep getting called to the DR, one after the other in 5 minute intervals. Must be getting quickie soundbites for the show.

Jun and Michelle are putting on makeup in the hall mirror--the competition must be coming up soon.

Jul 11 2003 11:54, Fri Lola   Link
Ja just mentioned that it's Friday the 11th, one of the other guys says tomorrow will be a week NT

Jul 11 2003 11:54, Fri jordan3   Link
Jack stated that tomorrow it will be a week in the house NT

Jul 11 2003 11:59, Fri Lola   Link
Most of the HG are at the kitchen table, small talk
all saying what time they went to bed. Am gets called to DR and leaves. Feed switches to BR where Mi & Al are getting ready. Al tells M that she loves her top. M says thanks, you can borrow it. Al swines that she feels like she won't get rid of the bags under her eyes cause they won't let get any sleep

Jul 11 2003 12:00, Fri valentine   Link
DR Calls
Amanda is sitting at the dining table with the guys when she is called to the DR. All the guys laugh and say she is getting called in to take her birth control pill--maybe that's why they all get called in, to take their medications.

BB shows Amanda entering the DR, plopping down, and asking "is today the 11th?". BB says yes and we quickly go to FOTH for a minute.

Allison has on a cute strapless flowered top that Dana is complimenting her on in the BR. Allison complains about the bags under her eyes and discusses her bronzer with Dana. Erica is lounging in her lavendar robe, watching her with her legs stretched out on the floor.

All 4 feed show Allie focusing on her eye makeup.

Jul 11 2003 12:00, Fri Lola   Link
all feeds Al putting on her makeup NT

Jul 11 2003 12:06, Fri Lola   Link
Al is whispering to Er about Ju .... Then Na walks in (small talk)
the girls tell him his hair is getting long. He says it grows fast and he'll probably need a trim. Al says " Are you going to let me do it" He exclaims "ATHER JEE'S". She says "I did a good job on Jee's" Da agrees and they both said "Da messed it up". The talk more about hair types. Er putting on make-up in hand mirrow. Feeds switch to M, she's looking real pretty in a black top. Feeds back to BR and M and Er, still primping

Jul 11 2003 12:06, Fri reggie   Link
Al, M, E all putting makeup on in WC. NT

Jul 11 2003 12:07, Fri reggie   Link
Now 4 feeds of N brushing teeth NT

Jul 11 2003 12:08, Fri valentine   Link
Primping and Blow Drying
Michelle had changed into a miniskirt and is blow drying her hair to make it straighter.

June has on a little black sundress and is putting lotion on her legs. Let me point out she is still the only one to shower so far today.

Erica has apparently given up on getting time at the BR mirror, so she's sitting in one of the BR chairs applying makeup with a handheld mirror. Nate is slumped in other chair, watching Lolita Michelle fiddle with the blow dryer.

Nate discusses coffee preferences with Erica while she applies eyeliner. Now he's watching her put on lip liner.

Now Allies back in the mirror, putting on mascara.

Not a lot of girlie conversation this morning. Everyone must need coffee.

Nate gets up out of the chair and takes his turn in front of the mirror to brush his pearly whites.

Jul 11 2003 12:11, Fri Lola   Link
Da was telling story about past when him and friends put Man of War fish on arms to see who could hold out longest NT

Jul 11 2003 12:13, Fri Lola   Link
HG deciding what they're going to eat, then Na comes up and asks M girls if they're talking about sex again NT

Jul 11 2003 12:16, Fri valentine   Link
Everyone is in the common areas, yet all 4 feeds have been following Michelle as she prepares her coffee and sits down to drink it.

Dana sat next to her, so she's in 2 feeds now. Camera-hog Allison needs to figure this out and position herself nearby.

A near-porno close up of M's lips as she chews, smacks and swallows.

Jul 11 2003 12:24, Fri Lola   Link
Da is teasing Mi saying something about was he does rubs off from M then he changes it
and says "Actually nothing rubs off from Mi" She replys "Thats not funny, no ones laughing but you. You're the only one laughing at your own joke, you realize that" He says "yeah and gives her his best little boy being scolded look

Jul 11 2003 12:29, Fri Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
She also called him obnoxious NT

Jul 11 2003 12:27, Fri Lola   Link
Sc asks if anyone has had Vodka and Minute Maid punch, with a little Gator Aid so you don't get dehydrated, (sounds yummy?) NT

Jul 11 2003 12:27, Fri valentine   Link
Kitchen Table Banter
Loose talking and lauging by Dana, David, Scott, Robert and whoever else is sitting there.

They are talking about Mr Hanky (South Park??) and imitating some high pitched voice and we go to FOTH.

Cameras still lingering on Michelle's face. She's not a big talker, just sipping and pouting and eyeballing everyone. Is she really smart and hiding it?

Amanda is talking about her DR conversation. They told her she can give shout outs in the DR, but if she does it out of the DR it will get blocked from the live feeds. I guess they can't directly address the folks at home?

Someone is imitating the Afflac duck, and we get a quick FOTH until it stops.

Scott has covered his dome with a knit cap. Everyone is just waiting for something to happen, and probably stressing about what the veto will mean.

Michelle has just spoken "i like grapefruit juice better. i'm not a big apple juice fan."

Scott is dispensing his wise waiter knowledge now, advising everyone to take vitamins, and discussing his diet of cantalopes and other fruits.

David tells a story about an army nurse taking 5 vials of blood from him and making a mess with his veins. He wasn't happy with the experience.

Jul 11 2003 12:33, Fri reggie   Link
4 feeds of Je shaving NT

Jul 11 2003 12:33, Fri Lola   Link
Je is shaving and Na ask him if he always shaves dry. Je says Yeah that how he started out NT

Jul 11 2003 12:34, Fri valentine   Link
Jun and Nate
Jun is using a curling iron on her hair while she talks to Nathan who is lounging in one of the BR chairs.

They are whispering a little, talking about Scott still loving Amanda and his behaviour in general. Jun is not a fan of Scott.

I missed some of this, but they were saying they need to be careful because they were talking too loud last night.

This makes sense, because earlier Allison was whispering something to Erica about some sort of test she gave someone the night before, and that now she was "absolutely positive" about it.

Jee is shaving now and telling Nate he has been having a lot of fun in the house. He wouldn't want to be in Nate's shoes because Nate has the pressure of reading all the cue cards. (??)

Ironic that the best looking person doesn't feel the need to primp before the comp.

Nate's says he used to watch Sesame Street all the time and his favorite was The Count. Jee says the Count was all pimped out with his accent and cape.

Jul 11 2003 12:38, Fri ktan ParentRootLink
Jee's referring to the instructions for the comps and any BB annoucements to be read by HOH NT

Jul 11 2003 12:36, Fri Lola   Link
Na & Je are talking about POV, say they can't let Sc or Am get it. Na says
either way though "You're safe, everyone's got you back"

Jul 11 2003 12:37, Fri valentine   Link
Nate and Jee Discuss Michelle
Nate says he likes that she is so innocent. Jee likes that in a woman, its what he looks for. Jee says the only thing that bothers him is that she's a virgin.

Nate says "yeah. And she's a Democrat and a sophomore in college--all the way in Florida. I just can't do that."

Jee: "oh, have you been considering that?"

They discuss the veto and Jee's session in the DR after his haircut. He was grilled about that in the DR.

Jul 11 2003 12:41, Fri Lola   Link
More about POV
Na says no one would use the POV, Je says he thinks Sc might cause he's just the kind of guy that doesn't give a $hit. Je says one of the girls (I'm not sure who) is not exactly a *itch but taht comes across kind of course and that it's coming out more and more (anyone get who the girl is?)

Jul 11 2003 16:46, Fri ReaderGrrl ParentRootLink
I would guess Ericka, she only seems to be bonding with her alliance of 4 NT

Jul 11 2003 12:41, Fri Arc   Link
N and Jee discuss veto
Jee asks what he will do if Amanda or Scott win the veto. Who will he put up?

N says Michelle.

N tells Jee that no matter what everyone has his back.

They agree that no matter what, they can't let Scott or Amanda win the veto.

Talk turns away from POV, but comes back and N says that if Sc uses it he would lose a lot of credibility in the house.

Jee says that Amanda told her that Scott likes to cause trouble.

Jee says Erika has been acting shady.

N asks who Jee would put up if he won HOH next week.

Jee says definitely Erika, but he hasn't really been thinking about it.

N says it'll work out.

Jul 11 2003 12:42, Fri valentine   Link
Strategy Talk
Nathan and Jee talking real low, about preventing Scott from getting the veto.

They have apparently bonded and are being very careful about who is around. They are talking about Erica and how her true colors are coming out. They think she is a major bit** and she will be on the block next week.

Erica and Amanda walk by and they quickly switch topics to Jee's haircut while Nathan chugs the rest of his juice. Smart and sneaky.

Nate says he was never interested in wrestling and wearing that tight outfit with his package hanging out. Jee says you get to wear a cup so you look alright. Nate says he's still not comfortable rolling around with men.

Jul 11 2003 12:54, Fri valentine   Link
Discussion about Krista and Mike Boogie from BB2
Dana and Jack are telling the group about the proposal on live tv. David proclaims Mike a "dumbass" for doing that on tv and putting her on the spot. They can't believe he met Krista in the house and hooked up so quick.

Robert says he goes to Belly (Mikes bar) and that a lot of industry types hang out there. He says Mikes strategy was good for his business.

I'm sure his wheels are turning on that note.

Jul 11 2003 12:59, Fri valentine   Link
Prep for Competition
BB just came on and told them to dress in comfortable clothing for the competition. BB told Nathan to get dressed first because they need him in the DR.

Dana called out to BB "what does that mean?" "Shorts, swimsuits, what"

BB said shorts are fine.

Someone, a guy, I don't know who, started mocking Dana in their microphone. Calling her a stupid dumbass and mocking her accent. Do we know who that was??? Could it have been BB??

Someone is not a Dana fan, big time.

Jul 11 2003 13:01, Fri Arc ParentRootLink
That was Scott NT

Jul 11 2003 13:03, Fri valentine   Link
FOTH!! And....
we have a pool skimmer in front of the house!!! This may be the long FOTH during the comp.


Jul 11 2003 13:04, Fri Phantom   Link
Action Alert!! There is a woman skimming the crud out of the pool at the FOTFH. NT

Jul 11 2003 13:09, Fri reggie   Link
Sc talking to Am, saying that he will put up Justin, becuase he is a major threat. SC thinks Justin would put him up. NT

Jul 11 2003 13:13, Fri Phantom   Link
Scott working Amanda to win POV and save herself and it is implied that she can then align herself with him and his group.
Didn't get it all and some was whispered. Dana came into the room next door and interrupted.

Jul 11 2003 13:16, Fri reggie   Link
HGs were told to dress for 'mobility and flexibility' for the competition. Scott already has decided that he will not win. NT

Jul 11 2003 13:16, Fri house_guest   Link
Preparing for competition
BB has aked all the HGs to change into "comfortable clothes". Dana seeks a claraification if shorts and T-shirt are Ok to which BB says OK. Someone (can't tell who) is speaking softly into the mic mocking Dana and calling her a dumb ass.

In the Kitchen, Jun grates potatoes in preparation to make potato pancakes... jump to FOH where a guy with a pool skimmer is walking aroung cleaning out the pools in front of the house... back to the kitchen...

As Jun scrubs, HGs discuss what to wear. One of the wonders if they need to be wearing shoes... back to FOTH and pool guy skimming the pool... we go back and forth several times...

Back to the house... Scott lays in bed with eyes closed as Robert, laying on another bed, talks to him about appropriate footwear. Scott mocks BB telling them to dress for "maximum flexibility". Scott gets up and leaves, leaving David alone until feeds cut to bathroom where everyone's primping up. They decide that sneakers would be the most appropriate shoes to wear.

Scott departs bedroom and finds Am alone and starts whispering. He tells her he's rooting for her and thinks he's going to be going next week. Scotts says he wants Justin to go because he's the biggest competitive threat. Whispering softly, Am says she thinks Dana needs to go.

They start talking more loudly and Scott jokingly asks Am if she thinks Dana is attracted to her (he says it knowing Dana can overhear him outside the bedroom). No longer alone in the bedroom, talk turns back to footwear... they want to wear sneakers but take sandals with them in case they can wear them.

In the living room, Scott tells the group he's not going to win the challenge because it requires "mobility and felxibility," neither of which he possesses. Talk turns to college backetball coaching. Scott and Justin discuss Pitt's coach going to UCLA (sounds like Justin played basketball at Pitt).

Sitting in the LR, most of them sit around waiting for BB to tell them what's next...

Jul 11 2003 13:27, Fri ImJenn   Link
FOTH... Veto Challege is ON! NT

Jul 11 2003 13:37, Fri Anonymous   Link
Scott yelling saying "I'm not over her, I've never been over her"
Seems very happy about something. I'm thinking possibley he won the POV?

Jul 11 2003 13:38, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
Waiting for the POV to happen. Sorry. NT

Jul 11 2003 13:39, Fri reggie ParentRootLink
Someone (Scott?) just said something like 'make us get ready and then make us wait' as if the competition has not occurred yet. NT

Jul 11 2003 13:39, Fri Anonymous   Link
Scott referes to Brittany Spears as a f-ing Dwarf...
He said that she (brittany) could call him if she wants to hook-up at 1-800IMADICK.

Jul 11 2003 13:44, Fri Anonymous   Link
Still waiting...
In the bathroom, Am and Jun sit in chairs while Scott talks to them about how he's never been over Am. Erika walks in as Scott's talking.

S (to Am): "If you don't take me back, Erika will take me"
(silent pause)
Am: "No comment from Erika on that"
Er: "No way."

Scott says he's not afraid to bear his heart on national TV be he's talking in a semi-sarcastic tone. Next, Scott starts baching Britney Spears but then recants jokingly: "Britney, if you want to hook up after the show, call me." He also seems annoyed at BB for "making them wait".

Am and Erika sit silently in the BR chair while Alison audibly swishes some kind of mouthwash around. The 3 girls start talking about hair and how tiring it is to blow dry it. Scott wanders in and starts shaving with an electric razor and laments the bad job he did cutting Jee's hair...

Cut to FOTH.

Jul 11 2003 13:48, Fri Anonymous   Link
Front of the house continues

Jul 11 2003 14:04, Fri reggie   Link
FOTH is over. The challenge had something to do with knots. NT

Jul 11 2003 14:06, Fri house_guest   Link
Dana wins POV competition
Back from FOTH...

Most of group in dining room, sounds like they're discussing the POV competition. Something about having to "slip through knots". Dana WON!

Jul 11 2003 14:06, Fri Eykis   Link
Dana won POV NT

Jul 11 2003 14:07, Fri valentine   Link
Who Won?
We can't tell from the conversation yet who won. Was Nate eligible to play? Cause that's what it sounds like.

Amanda doesn't look happy, sitting at the dining room table holding her knees.

Can't tell how Jee feels, just from looking at him. He thought it was a cool competition, like the Matrix.

Jul 11 2003 14:08, Fri reggie   Link
HGs discussing POV meeting, say it is Sunday NT

Jul 11 2003 14:08, Fri valentine   Link
Dana Won it NT

Jul 11 2003 14:17, Fri reggie   Link
Ja and E in kitchen getting turtle food ready. D at kitchen table eating. 10 HGs off-cam NT

Jul 11 2003 14:21, Fri valentine   Link
Turtle TLC
Erica and Jack, the Turtle Caretakers, are slicing up lettuce and carrots for their little shelled friends. They seem a lot more comfortable with each other and Jack is standing very close to her.

They talk about the competition and Jack tells her she did well.

She is making what looks like a very chic little salad, piling it up like a fancy restaurant.

Jack says he was watching Nate out of the corner of his eye during the Comp and he was flying.
Jack is carrying the plate of Turtle Salad out of the kitchen.

Jul 11 2003 14:25, Fri valentine ParentRootLink
Turtle TLC
All 4 feeds on Jack and Erica alone in the BR, watching the torti. They haven't started eating yet, but the HG are waiting.

I guess no one else in the house cares about the torti.

Erica looks natural today, with her hair in a pony tail with sunglasses on her head, with a very tight light blue T-shirt on.

No talk about the veto, or anything meaningful. They wonder what will happen to the turtles when the show is over.

Jul 11 2003 14:28, Fri house_guest   Link
Post Competition events
Sitting around the dining room table, Dana discusses her winning strategy in the knot/rope game -- she has a purple ribbon around her neck (presumably the POV medal).

The group jokingly discusses going to the mall or going to see Terminator 3. Dana mentions on BB2 that Krista and Bunky was able to go to the screening of American Pie. They all start talking about Bunky... how he was really nice but cried a lot. They start taking about other former BB HG's (callign Josh a "fag" and saying Marcellas also creid a lot).

More discussion of the competition... Am and Dana said that Nate was going really fast, but apparently stalled out allowing Dana to win. The competition was apparently over pretty quickly (not a shock since the FOTH wasn't up that long). Am says that she thought the competition would be more drawn out so she took her time. Jun says she hopes that she at least wins some competition before she's kicked out, otherwise people will just think all se could so is cook.

The group disperses around the house. Erika cuts veggies in the kithen in prep for lunch. Discussion ensues on the difference between subs, hoagies, heros and gyros. Talk of gyros leads to discussion of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," which they all agree they loved. David makes a sexist joke about women cooking, cleaning and bringing a man his slippers, which Erika ignores and Jack just smirks at.

Erika and Jack are now alone in the kichen discussing the competition quietly. Apparently Jack did poorly (no knots untied... in fact he says he tied a new one somehow). Erika got one undone. They continue to cut carrots and lettuce together (for the pet turtles ?!?)...

They starting discussing what's required to take care of the pool... 2 scoops of the chlorine and skimming. Apparently Robert knows all about pools and pool maintenance (Jack says "Isn't it amazing that 13 people get together and one of them knows all about pools.")

Now whispering, Erika tells Jack she didn't want Dana to win. Jack agrees. He said he saw Nate had an early lead and didn't see Dana coming up.

J & E take the food to the bedroom with the aquarium and feed the turtle. They sit alone in the room on a bed and watch, but the turtle doesn't go for the food. They discuss the difficulty in regulating the temperature in the tank and continue to watch with great interest, sometimes completely silently. Jack says he heard the turtle during the previous night "more than I usually do." Apparently the turtle is a specieis that grows very large (third largest in the world). E & J wonder who will take care of it when it grows bigger.

Cut to living room where 6 of the HGs sit on the sofa lounging and Am sits on the floor nearby repeatedly suffling a deck of cards. They complain of the heat and ask Jun to turn the A/C to 68 degrees. They discuss the importance of keeping track what day it is, especially for food purposes.

Jul 11 2003 14:29, Fri Lola   Link
Je, Ro, Mi, Na, Da, Am, Da and Ju are making small talk on sofa, Ju comes in and sits on Na's, Sc is nearby NT

Jul 11 2003 14:34, Fri Lola   Link
Er and Ja talking about POV in Turtle room
Er thinks they may give POV to Sc or Ju. Er thinks they may be able to Al on their side. Da comes in so they start talking about the turtls

Jul 11 2003 14:37, Fri reggie   Link
Ja, E, D in turtle room, discussing 'they' (not sure who 'they' is/are) want R or Js to get 'it' (HOH?) so they can get Sc out. NT

Jul 11 2003 14:39, Fri house_guest   Link
Turtle watching
Several of the HGs are now reclining on the couch as Am continues to play with the cards. Al got her legs across Robert's lap and he slowly caresses them. Discussion turns to foot size with one of the women stating that she's noticed that "Scott's feet are pretty big". Giggling ensues.

Back to the bedroom with the turtle... Scott has joined E and Jack who sontinue to watch the turtle in silence. Scott then leaves. E & J are now whispering. E thinks that Justin and Nate want to get rid of Scott... says it's just a gut feeling she has.

E: "There's a very distinct possibility we might be able to get Allison... she's not too happy with Dana."

The whispering is cut short when David enters the room. Silence ensues as they watch the turtles who are now chowing down on the veggies and "turtle food". David asks if it's possible for a turtle to come out of it's shell: "They're attached to it, right?" Jack responds affirmitively.

Whispering ensues again. E tells David that two of the HGs are planning to throw the next HOH competition so Justin will win and put up Scott. D says that it would be unwise for the other 4 non-exes to turn on them by getting rid of Scott. "It would throw the whole thing into turmoil".

Michele walks into the bedroom and calls the three to the living room for some "annoucements".

Jul 11 2003 14:42, Fri valentine ParentRootLink
David couldn't even understand Erica's strategy talk. It was beyond him and he kind of argued with her, saying it didn't make sense.

Erica stated earlier that Allie is unhappy with Dana due to her "relationship" with Justin. Erica said "it bothers her a lot, a lot, for her to come and confide in me. and i'm not cool"

Jul 11 2003 14:39, Fri reggie   Link
M just informed Ja, E, D that everyone needs to go to LR for announcements (from BB) NT

Jul 11 2003 14:39, Fri Lola   Link
Er, Da and Ja talk about how others will throw HOH to Ju, then
Ju can get Sc out. Others want him out but they gave their word so Ju can do their work. Da doesn't think they should throw it, that would be stupid cause it might not work. M comes in to make an announcement and Da says we don't want your stinkin announcement, she retorts, IT'S NOT MY ANNOUNCEMENT. feed switches

Jul 11 2003 14:40, Fri house_guest   Link
FOTH ...
Looks like they don't want us to hear the announcements BB is about to make.

Jul 11 2003 14:42, Fri reggie   Link
FOTH is over. It appears that BB told them to open the shades and that they can go outside.
One HG notes that the crew cleaned up the yard.

Jul 11 2003 14:42, Fri reggie ParentRootLink
Once again, they walk outside and comment that it is hot out there. NT

Jul 11 2003 14:42, Fri Lola   Link
Lock down is over, they can go out now, the yard has been cleaned up NT

Jul 11 2003 14:43, Fri Lola   Link
Ca is having a heat wave and they're talking about how hot it it NT

Jul 11 2003 14:45, Fri reggie   Link
Ja/E by pool talking about concern about JS/Dn
Ja:"I know they were talking last night"
lots of whisphering
E:"I don't think Dv go what I meant"
Ja:"Yeah. _____ spend time with Nathan too"

Jul 11 2003 14:45, Fri Lola   Link
Er & Ja saying that they talked to Da and Na, they split up, Er goes in pool, Ja goes away NT

Jul 11 2003 14:47, Fri valentine   Link
Amanda's Education
Amanda is disappointed in her comp performance because she took a class in school called Knot Theory, which she said was required for her major. (what kind of major is that???)

Erica and Jack just stood in the pool and discussed again what they said feeding the turtles, including the fact that it all went over David's head.

I can't wait to hear Jack's DRs tonight on tv.

Jul 11 2003 14:54, Fri ktan ParentRootLink
Knot theory has to do with mathematics and science. NT

Jul 11 2003 14:47, Fri reggie   Link
Am is lamenting that she took knot theory in college (required course) and that is why she was analyzing the knots in the competition rather than just
'following her line'.

Now commenting that it is hot out.

Scott laying out on beach chair apparently sunbathing.

Am to E about pool: "It could be a baby pool and everyone would still be like cool" E:"yeah" Am:"you could still jump into it, but Dv would probably kill himself".

plane flies over

Jul 11 2003 14:49, Fri Lotus   Link
Scott: "Wouldn't it have been great if they put a bisexual couple in here?" NT

Jul 11 2003 14:50, Fri valentine   Link
Scott Mouthing Off
He is mocking Dana big time, mimicking her talkinga about getting ready for the competition.

He doesn't seem to mind who hears. She could use the POV on him?

Jul 11 2003 14:52, Fri valentine ParentRootLink
Scott is calling Dana the Man Troll and singing a little annoying song about wondering where she is, to the tune of Candyman.

Jee misunderstood and thought he was talking about the Man Show.

Jul 11 2003 14:55, Fri Lola   Link
Ro calls Er a *itch because she went to the fridge to see if he took something, says he doesn't want to be near her NT

Jul 11 2003 14:56, Fri house_guest   Link
David tries to kill himself
Looks like lockdown is over and the guests can go back in the yard. Allison goes out and opens the blinds, noting that BB has cleaned up the yard from the POV competition. Other HGs start straggling outside... Erika, David, Amanda then Jack. Am says that she took "Knot Theory" in college and that's why she was analyzing the knot competition so much.

E and Ja now talk quietly in yard about their conversation with david earlier. Ja says he needs to spend time with Nathan and heads back in.

Scott goes outside (not wearing his usual cap) and pulls a chaise into the sun, while Am lights up a cigarette in the shade and puts her feet up. BB tells Sc to put his mic back on. Am and Sc talk about how funny it would have been if a gay or bisexual couple had been put in the house.

Scott jokes that a banner went over saying "Scott and Am have an alliance." Am jokes "Yeah, I'm in a position to make alliances."

Scott breaks out into a song (about Dana presumably) called "Man Troll". He's joking about he "oiling up" before the competition and then imitates a New York accent "I got all oiled up so I'd be as loose and slippery as possible."

Scott now dare David to try to jump over the pool and they all laugh as the courtyard cameras move onto him in anticipation of the jump. Da doesn't do it but instead attempts to jump onto the punching bag upside down. Instead he crashes into the wall behind the bag... CRUNCH!

He looks hurt be he's laughing. After a minute and some concern from the other roomates, he gets back up to try it again....

Again he misses, which pisses him off. He tries again and... DOES IT! He does a flip in the air and catches himself on the bag. Mock cheering is heard.

Jul 11 2003 14:59, Fri Lola   Link
Ja & Na whispering about Sc wanting Am out next NT

Jul 11 2003 15:04, Fri valentine   Link
Lolita Cam
The camera man has locked onto Michelle again, who is wearing a different jungle print string bikini and fixing herself something in the kitchen.

Whoops, the view changed to a whispered conversation between Nate and Jack, discussing the situation. Jack told Nate that Scott indeed wants Amanda gone (is that true?). Something is cooking between these two.

Nate strolls around in yellow swim trunks and cowboy hat. He was pissed because BB hasn't done his laundry yet, even thought he's HOH. Dana says they just do it once.

He was checking his back out in the mirror. Now hes outside talking to Allie.

Now we're back to a shot of Lolita eating cereal, now she's gone.

Dana is showing and explaining her tats to Jee. One means family and friendship. Jee says he is impressed.

Jul 11 2003 15:04, Fri Lola   Link
Na & Al are sitting beside each other on the side of the pool NT

Jul 11 2003 15:13, Fri house_guest   Link
In the yard
Still in the yard, Jee smokes a cigarette. He puts it out, complains of the heat and heads back inside. David relaxes in the pool and wonders if his "bag jumping" attempts will make the show.

Discussion turns to dinner. One of the women asks Jun to cook the rice and potato dish she made the previous night again but Jun says they're out of spices. Allison and Erika are now in the pool as Michele eats ceral wi fake milk (creamer and water that Erika mixed together) out of a bowl (she says she can't tell it's not milk). David walks up to the side of the pool and asks Er to run suntan lotion on him -- she obliges.

Na, Sc and Al now sit on the pool edge... Al, sporting a black bikini, rubs lotion all over her body. Nathan sits right up next to her. Jee is called to the DR as the group by the pool discusses food they'd love to have right now. Chicken Wings... Chicken fried chicken, hamburgers...

Back inside, Dana, also sporting a bikini, makes a PB&J. She wanders to the "key wall" and starts whispering with Jun, who has come inside. I think they say they want Scott to stay in the house because he's loyal. Dana also says something about Jack (I think it was that he doesn't do anything).

The whispering ends and we're back outside where Jack and Nate(?), wearing a cowboy hat, are punching the punching bag.

Jul 11 2003 15:14, Fri valentine   Link
Dana and Jun
just had a low conversation about Scott. Dana is dying to get him out of there and said that Justin has to win HOH so Scott will get nominated.

Jun fixed her hair in a bun wearing a tiny orange bikini while she told Dana that the producers probably don't want Scott to leave because he is controversial and they want to see fights.

Dana: "well , they're not getting a fight. they can kiss my big fat booty." and struts outside.

Prediction: Scott/Dana conflict, loud and very soon.

Jul 11 2003 15:18, Fri valentine   Link
Allie and Michelle laying in the hammock,
both lying in the same direction, having a conversation worthy of Einstein.

Allie: Have you seen, like, those treadmills that can, like, hold two people?

Mich: Oh, that would be really awesome.

Mich: What are you going to do about your boyfriend at home. (after Allie talks about like Nate like a little brother ?)

Allie: Maybe this is like a test for us, to see if we can make it.

The camera pans out and we can see Erica in her pink hat, standing in the pool where she can evesdrop on their conversation.

Jul 11 2003 15:21, Fri valentine ParentRootLink
Allie drives 4.5 hours each weekend in EACH Direction to see her boyfriend, who is in school somewhere.

Michelle lets that soak in, and asks, "does he do the same for you?"

Allie says, well, he doesn't have a car right now. Its screwed up.

Sounds like a prince charming.

Jul 11 2003 15:20, Fri Lola   Link
M ask Al if she thinks her bf will still be there when she gets out
Al says either he is or he isn't but he should be cause I haven't done anything and I'm not going to. If we make it past these next three months then I could marry him but if we don't make it through the next 3 months than I don' think I could. I just don't want him to be out there and hurting. It was bad timing for me coming here. M says she only see's her bf 2 days aweek, and she has to drive 4 hours each way to see him cause his car is broke. He busy with classes so she doesn't feel so bad about being here (feeds switch)

Jul 11 2003 15:27, Fri Lola   Link
Jee is stretched out bed in blue room, mumbeling about What is the deal with this woman, she itelligent, can I trust her, Dad what would you do NT

Jul 11 2003 15:29, Fri house_guest   Link
Michelle & Allison
Al and Mi lay on the hammock together sunning themselves. Al says she feels like Nate is her older brother. Mi asks her what she's going to do about her boyfriend when the show's over. Al says she hasn't done anything wrong and doesn't plan to. Mi tells her this is a "once in a lifetime experience" and she shouldn't "hold back" during her time here. Al says she won't and see this as a test. She thinks that if she leaves the house and she and her boyfriend stay together that they'll get married. "I just don't want him sitting around watching and being hurt by what I'm doing," Al remarks.

Dana is called to the DR. Jack has left te puching bacg and is now doing curls using the weight-lifting bar (with no weights attached).

Back to Al and Mi. Mi says it would be hard to start thing up in the house because she knows she has to go back to college (Florida State). Al says that she drives 4 1/2 hours each way to see her boyfriend every week. He can't drive to see her because "his car broke down." Apparently Al's boyfriend is a football player since he has to start camp at some point.

Feeds move to Jun who is washing some clothes and wringing them out. She complains: "Dude, all of f**king Jee's hairs are in this one."

Mi agree that they're both too trusting. They're apparently pissed at someone for stabbing them in the back. Al and Mi decide to go into the pool. Mi says that only her face needs to tan... her stomach's so tan it's "f**king black" she says.

Jul 11 2003 15:42, Fri house_guest   Link
Small talk
Seven of the HGs are gather in and around the pool discussing how long David can hold his breath. This starts David into a discussion of long humans can go without oxygen before becoming brain dead. They all trade stories about people drowning, but David dominates the conversation... he launches into an exposition about rip tides and the shape of beaches and so one. By the time he's done, Scott and Nate have left the pool area.

David goes underwater to test his stamina. He stays under a long time (minute or more) -- long enough for Erika to start to get worried. After coming up, Da and Ja discuss survival skills, the effects of sunburn on people, beachs of the Sun Coast, sea turtles and other similarly exciting topics.

Jul 11 2003 15:46, Fri bruhe ParentRootLink
i timed it. he was under water for exactly 1:34 seconds NT

Jul 11 2003 16:01, Fri FuggyBootnling   Link
Rob and Jee chat in the Blue Room...
Jee commented on Dave, saying he's a thinker. Jee was playing chess with him, and could see "he knows how to think" and said he's "thinking weeks ahead." Jee also feels he's had to focus so much on just sticking around this week he's not been able to focus on the rest of the game.

Rob once again assured him he's in no danger this week (still five days 'til the vote Rob! You never know) and then left the room.

Jul 11 2003 16:03, Fri Phantom   Link
Michelle says to Dave that every relationship she has had she has cheated on them.
Dave seems unconcerned. She also said that she now avoids relationships so that she won't be tempted to cheat. (interesting girl).

Jul 11 2003 16:06, Fri Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
They tell each other they think they are thru cheating
minutes earlier Dave was rubbing her legs underwater with his toes

Jul 11 2003 16:04, Fri house_guest   Link
Outside chitchat
Mi and Al continue to sunbathe by the side of the pool. The camera likes to pan up and down their bodies in profile. On the opposite side, Dana and Erika sunbathe as well. One the outdoor sofa, Am lays with he feet on Juston's lap.

Jun goes inside to the DR. For a few seconds, we see her mic'ing up in the DR and exchanging pleasantries with BB.

Back outside, all's quiet. Camera jumps from one sunbathing girl to another, getting different angles on each (although Alison and Mi seem to be the main HGs of focus). It's completely silent for a long time.. Da sit in the pool staring at his own hand.

Finally, Mi gets up and sits in the pool. Da asks her what she would do with the cash if she won. New car (BMW)... school... take care of her parents. After an extended pause, she thinks to ask him what he would do with the money. He'd buy a really old pickup (50's era). I think he said something about making the truck a drag racing machine. He'd also buy a boat (Mi agreed and say she'd get one too) and pay off his mom's credit cards. he'd buy her a house, but feels the money isn't enough to do that.

Suddenly, Da remembers he's on camera and say he hopes this isn't on TV. Being constantly watched is the one thing he says he doesn't like about BB.

Cut to the blue bedroom where Robert and Jee are discussing the future. Jee says he hopes he's staying, R says it's "guaranteed" but Jee's nervous. R says that the "six of us" need to have a meeting to get things straight so they are on the same page. Jee thinks he's on Erika's hit list and that he and R need to stick together.

Jee says he's intimidated by David's smarts -- says he's thinking "weeks ahead" about how to play the game. R gets up to go to the WC and leaves Jee alone in the dark.

Cut to the dining room where Am snacks on some chips of some kind while wearing her rainbow-colored bikini. She wishes she had some cream cheese.

Back outside to the pool, David talks about racing cars and skate boarding. "I wish I could skateboard for the rest of my life." The conversation turns to Mi and D's past:

Mi: "I can't believe you cheated on me more than once."
D: "You did it too."
Mi: "I know, but..."
D: "I think I'm don cheating"
Mi: "Yea, me too... I think."

Mi says that she never wants to settle with any guys she's ever sated before because she knows she'll just cheat on him. When she cheated on the boyfriend after Da, he found out and it was "bad."

Now cut to Jack and Justin sitting outside in the shade. Jack was saying something about his "senior year" but we just missed it. After a long silence, Jack asks what Justin ate for lunch. "A bowl of ice cream... I'm horrible." Another long silence.

Jul 11 2003 16:18, Fri curyy4me2   Link
HG (including Dave) are making fun of Michelle. She says she "hates" him. NT

Jul 11 2003 16:21, Fri curyy4me2 ParentRootLink
Should have said "mocking". They change the subject and talk about a bee but Michelle says
that its all a joke to him. He says he has changed and he is sorry its such a struggle for her. She said he doesnt understand her and he says hes heard some many times that he hates her and hes tired of it.

Jul 11 2003 16:22, Fri curyy4me2 ParentRootLink
She now says that everything he did was to just try and have sex with her but that is not how she remembers the relationship.
Dave cant keep a straight face. Robert joins them at the pool.

Jul 11 2003 16:21, Fri Lola   Link
FIGHT -M tells D that she loves him and hates him. It's a love-hate relationship
He says he really torn. She says this is the only love-hate relationship she's had and she didn't feel this way until now because of the way he's been treating her. He's looking amused. She's not. He says he takes all life as a joke cause he's been through so much. She's getting madder and madder.

Jul 11 2003 16:23, Fri house_guest   Link
David & Michelle have a spat
Sitting together in the hammock, Nate (in his cowboy hat) and Dana munch on Tostitos and talk to Rob and Allison (both in the pool) about airports and their trips out to LA. Nate notes that there's always a camera on Michelle: "That's a nice shot right there" (referring to Mi in her bikini).

Dana talks about a trip to Vegas where it 114 degrees outside. Stayed at the Ventian, rented a Thunderbird, went to MGM, Belagio, Mandalay Bay (which Nate has problems prnouncing and Dana has to correct several times), saw the Blue Man Group, .... Al wanders off from the conversation.

Dana then discusses a skydiving trip she went on. Rob and Nate are very impressed. She says she loved it although she was scared to death.

Audio cuts to Dav & Mi in the pool. Mi is chewing Da out.

Mi: "Sometimes I really want to ring your neck."
D: (Mockingly imitates her).
Mi: "I don't want to hate you, but you're really making it hard. I love you to death, bu then again I hate you. I think you're the only love-hate relationship I've ever had. I didn't feel this way until we got here. i mean I really... just... HATE you. I hate to do this on national TV, but..."
D: "Michelle..."
Mi: "I need to get away"

Mi is clearly very mad at David. She gets up to leave but find a bee "humping" her towel. Da has a big smile on his face which annoys her.

Mi: "You don't take things seriously."
D: "I'm a different person than in high school. If I don't have someone's life or death in my hands, I don't take it too seriously."
Mi: "I'm sick of this. it's funny the first few times, but I'm sick of it."
D: "We've beaten this horse to f**king death."
Mi: "I'm tired of hearing you say that everything you did for me was just to have sex with me. That's not how I remember it and I don't like that you protray it that way."
D: "I don't remember it that although i do say things sometimes..." (laughs)
Mi: "See... you're laughing again."
D: "I can't help it... I have to get outta here."

David gets up and go to the shade with Jack and Justin. Michelle gets out of the pool as well and heads inside to get a drink of water.

Jul 11 2003 16:24, Fri Phantom   Link
Michelle bitches David out for not having paid enough attention to her or taking her seriously.
"I don't care, you need to hear this. I've wanted to say this for so long." I love you to death but I hate you too. I never felt this way till I got in here and saw how you treated me." "I need to get away", she says, but stays since there is a bug humping her towel and David "needs to get it off." David effectively says that he just doesn't care but he will try to be better in the house. David admits that he can't keep a straight face about it and giggles to her. Mich gets madder and David does nothing to cool her out. She calls him on still laughing at her and not taking her seriously, but it is David that has to leave finally - laughing and shaking his head.

Mich never really raised her voice, but her anger was clear.

Jul 11 2003 16:29, Fri Phantom   Link
Later, Michelle calls across the yard to David,
"I didn't make you mad with what I said, did I?" Apparently he answered no, and she says "OK."

Jul 11 2003 16:38, Fri bruhe   Link
feeds 2 and 3 showing the turtle literally as the most active HG at the moment. NT

Jul 11 2003 16:39, Fri bruhe   Link
hamsters on hamsters...
dana talking about she hates hamsters because one ate or killed the other so her uncle took the surviving one and threw it into the sewer (nice)

Jul 11 2003 16:41, Fri house_guest   Link
Pool talk
Michelle returns to the pool. Dave is now on a towel sunbathing.

Mi: "Dave, you're not mad at me now are you?"
D: (smiling) "I could never be mad at you Michelle."

Michelle talks with Allison and Rob in the pool (loudly enough for Dave to hear):

Mi: "I tried to hold it in, but I just couldn't anymore."

Al proposes a limbo contest while they're all in their bathing suits, but no one's taking. Al and Mi talk about making sure not to expose themselves because they know it's being broadcast on the Internet.

The conversation turns to where Mi likes to go to the beach. She says she likes to go to Del Ray for drinking because of the bars (she's 19, right?).

Now to Nate and Dana on the hammock. Nate, speaking softly, says he's concerned because people are going to think they're allied (I think that's what's said -- it's pretty muffled). Both say they've been confronted about the possibility. Dana says when she was confronted she responded with "Keep your friend close and your enemies closer."

The turtle has now been brought outside and is wandering around. Dana talks about her pet hamsters she once had -- one killed the other. She freaked out and her uncle threw out both the live one and the dead one. One of the other women had a pet mouse that slept with her (couldn't tell who was talking). Nate had a pet squirrel once for a few weeks. Another HG had a retarded cat that would hump anything.

Jul 11 2003 17:32, Fri deVinePoet   Link
Al, Justin, Dana convo...
They are talking about how Erika told them she doesn't trust Scott or David. Then Ali said 'too bad for her'...

Ali also said she doesn't trust Jack and he has to go after David...

Jul 11 2003 17:37, Fri house_guest   Link
Turtles and the Real World
In the kitchen several of the HGs hover around the island as Jee eats a sandwhich and Jun prepares dinner for the HGs. They have cooked a large pot of pasta and discuss what sort of sauce they can put on it. The tension is still high between Jee and Jun -- Jun tells Al that she's avoiding him "like the plague."

Outside, Dana, Erika and Jack watch the turtle as it walks on the patio. The talk turns to strategy. Dana tells them that she's waiting for Nate to tells her what to do and does it. She says he must have a reason for doing what he's doing.

They talk about working out and their lack of food. Jack says he's lost 5 pounds already. Apparently BB has asked Erika in the DR how she likes the pasta diet. Dana says BB knows better than to ask her because she go crazy on them. Erika says she "vented" while she was in the DR -- she's apparently upset that there are people in the house who don't have to deal with the X-factor and is upset for them digging into her past.

Looking up, they notice one of the turtles is eating a piece of paper, but it's too late to get it from him. Jack and Erika grab the two turtles and take them back inside.

Back out at the pool, Dave is talking about racing again with Jee, Am and Mi. He says he really wants to work on a racing team, even if it's under the hood. He loves reading about cars and wants to know everthing about them.

Am and Mi talk about soccer -- Mi plays forward, Am used to play defense and wing. Mi asks David (in a challenging tone) if he ever went to see her play. He says he did -- once -- but can't remember who won. He then counters by asking her if she ever watched him surf. She's quick to respond that she did -- once as well. So they're even.

The conversation changes to the Real World and which seasons they liked best. They talk about Trischelle from the Vegas season. Mi says that she was in Cancun when she was and people called her "Trashelle". (As we hear this conversation, we get to see Erika and Jack watching the two turtles romp around in a small plastic tak with water in it). Jee tells Dave that he needs to be careful about the "bag jumping" he did earlier in the day -- that he could seriously break his neck.

Dave says he does "weird, crazy sh*t" and always goes "with his gut." Mi tells him it's because he thinks he's "invincible" which Dave objects to.
"When my gut tells me to call it quits, I stop."

Jul 11 2003 17:53, Fri house_guest   Link
Jee flirts with Michelle and Dana looses her panties
In the LR, Justin and Al sit on the couch. Dana wanders by complaining that she's lost a pair of her underwear and doesn't want them floating around the house. After some searching, she finally finds them. She's relieved because she says she could imagine "one of these dumbasses wearing them on their head."

Dana heads to the shower leaving Al and Justin alone. They talk about the process of getting on BB -- he didn't tell anyone he was trying out because he didn't want to be embarassed if he didn't make it. And once he made it, he was told he couldn't tell anyone, so none of his friends knew. The conversation's cut short by FOTH on all feeds.

Feeds return to find Jun alone in teh kitchen cooking dinner. Outside, David plays basketball, Rob naps in the hammock and Jee, Mi and Am talk in the pool. The pool crowd is talking about Mi's relationship with David. Mi says she still loves Da, but it's love-hate. Jee says she lucky they can still talk, because she and Jun have nothing but bitterness now. He knows he was in love with her once, but know he wasn't at the end.

Jee asks Mi if she has a current boyfriend. She says no, but starts to say that she has men lined up, but stops short. Jee asks what ethnicities she finds attractive (not so subtle) and if she notices any differences in various ethnicities. She says she likes all types, but never dated a black or asian -- she dated on hispanic and he was very cool. Jee says he's never dated a white girl -- only asians and hispanics. he tends to have an eye for hispanics, but does like white girls.

Jee says some women give the white race a bad name -- come on as stuck up. Mi asks what Jee's first impression was of her. He says it was OK -- better than what he though of Ali. But now he thinks they're both cool. he asks what she thought of him at first. She says she thought he was quiet and took a while to come out of his shell. He blames that on Jun's presence.

In the background, Rob (I think) tells Jee that he won't have to wait long for the "b*tch" (presumably Jun) to be out of there. Mi says "that's why the next HOH competition is so important." Jee agrees.

Jul 11 2003 18:11, Fri house_guest   Link
Dinner time
Back inside, dinner is served. Pasta with peanut sauce (made with the PB for the PB&Js -- it's pretty much all they had) and potatoes with rice (perhaps the same thing they ate the previous night?). Justin is first to step up to the island where the food is served buffet style. He is followed by Ali and Erika.

At the dinig room table, there's some whispering about the veto but I couldn't make it out. The only people there were Ali, Erika and Jun. They discuss the next food challenge and guess that it will be done in groups and only one group will get food.

Jack wanders in and serves himself some food. Whispering, Ali asks Erika "If Scott wins HOH, who do you think he'll put up." I couldn't make out Erika's answer, but it might have been "Us."

The group by the pool finally straggles inside to eat. Everyone thanks Jun for the meal as they serve themselves. Jee, Justin and Rob take their food outside to eat while the rest of the group eats inside.

Jee says that Nate has asked him what he would do if he won HOH to which Jee responded he's just trying to survive this first nomination. Jee thinks Nate is trying to ensure Jee is in his corner.

The three now talk about the fact that Rob told everyone that Erika is a b*tch. He says she f*cked with his life and his family. "We cannot let her get HOH. Oh my god, I can't even imagine." He says he doesn't talk to her at all anymore and that, ignorning the game, she is completely evil.

The group also expresses concern about Scott. They agree that, if any of them had veto, they'd take each other out of the nominations. Rob continues to bad-mouth Erika. They all agree she's making no effort to get to know people. Rob says he's surprised that they all see through Erika's facade -- he thought she'd be able to fool them into thinking she's a good person.

They now talk about the fact they don't trust Jack because he's too close to Erika. Justin thinks that if Jack gets HOH he'll put Justin up. Rob agrees that he too could go because Erika has so much influence on him.

Rob: "You can't trust that woman."
Justin: "Everyone knows that except Scott."
Rob: "What's he thinking?"
Justin: "He just needs a friend."

They then realize that they're currently on the air on the east coast and wonder what's being shown.

Jul 11 2003 18:28, Fri bidz_yo   Link
Robert and Alison in tub together NT

Jul 11 2003 18:44, Fri ktan   Link
Justin presses his buttocks against the shower door. NT

Jul 11 2003 19:14, Fri Anonymous   Link
Jack Jee Amanda and Justin Making Various Noises...
Jee can make a "water drip", Jack does various "grandpa" sounds (loud clicks with his mouth, etc.)

Jul 11 2003 19:42, Fri bruhe   Link
mellissa notes.... "once you get in the hot tub it gets really hot." NT

Jul 11 2003 19:49, Fri sqrl ParentRootLink
Michelle NT

Jul 11 2003 19:53, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Michelle and Dave in the hottub
Snippets include...

Dave said she would always be special to him and she replied that she never thought she would hear him say that

Dave asked her to smooth things out for him with her Father
She said she would do her best and with several other family members as well. She says she comes from a VERY close family.

She again apologises for her outburst earlier
(personal comment; since they are alone I believe her this time)
She says he forced her to say those things. She is sorry also because she thought they would be the only couple to not create a lot of drama. She hates drama.
Dave acknowledges that this is true and says There are no dramas

Jul 11 2003 19:58, Fri sqrl   Link
Mi running laps in BY while Je, Ro & Ja watch...
Na, Dn asleep on sofa in LR. Da sitting staring into space in Bathroom chair. Ju exits WC and notices pink panties on floor. (MI had dropped them when she pulled a bundle of clothes out earlier) Ju suspects they must be Mi's as "she's the baby". Ju leave screen and soon returns to tell Da that she (Mi) said they were "probably" hers. Al is called into DR. FOTH...posting

Jul 11 2003 20:27, Fri Phantom   Link
A little 3-way action on F2.
Jun strokes the hair of Dana's head in her lap while Dana strokes Alison's bare back beside her. The harem master is absent.

Jul 11 2003 20:33, Fri Denise   Link
LR talk going on
Erika just got up and the girls inform her that her "turkey is done" translation her nipples are not soft )not sure if I can use the word h*rd.

Jun running her hands through Danas hair, talk goes back to nate again (he's cute), Jun telling the girls she's said some bad things about everyone, Dana says she hasn't said anything bad about anyone, Dana just said something but I really didn't understand what she said, something about guys and lower something, Dana still talking (@@-rolling eyes) nothing important though, Jack, Justin and Amanda join the conversation.


Jul 11 2003 20:47, Fri strkaholic   Link
Michelle just told Scott that her and David just admitted to each other that each of them cheated on each other more than once. NT

Jul 11 2003 20:54, Fri Scarlett   Link
Abs class in the BY lead by David, Ali, Jack and Erika participate...there are ants in the BY NT

Jul 11 2003 21:47, Fri Nerghan   Link
This and that from who can be seen right now...
Erika doing Michelle's hair. David comes thru and the three exchange semi-sarcastic "hellos"...Erika grins. David then begins to chant "Hey Miceky you're so fine.....hey mickey..." FOTH Back to Erika doin Michelle's hair with the blow dryer.
Talking about their washing and drying of their hair routines normally...

Off to Feed 4...Beauty Parlor going on but from a different angle. Scott standing with horizontal striped towel around waste...Scott is shaving what hair he has left...Erika and Michelle talking about highlights for hair and cost of...blah blah blah

Off to Feed 1...can see Nathan in a blue bed, Jack sitting on a blue bed beside talking about...sports and divisions of football...

Feed 2 you can also see Dana opposite of Nathan and Jack with Robert beside her. Now it switches to kitchen scene Michelle enters...Amanda and David sitting talking about fast trucks...David telling a story of how he got into being interested in trucks and knowing how it all worked in racing and the like. Would like his to be like primer gray so no one would know it was fast. Now talking about card tricks and David seeing David Copperfield live one time. Amanda says she used to know so many card tricks...but has forgotten....David saying "Scooby!" "Scooby, Scooby..."

Jul 11 2003 22:05, Fri Nerghan   Link
It's Tea Time...Cream or Sugar?
Jee and Amanda playing Black Jack. David comes in and asks if they know how to play Egyptian something and Spit....they have forgotten how to play everything they used to know how to play...

Migration to the kitchen...Nathan, Dana, Jun, Justin, Jack then Ali enters...they are having tea..."Cream or Sugar" Dana asks.

Jul 11 2003 22:06, Fri avichaiyl   Link
HG's playing cards
Someone wants to play spoons..
Scott wants to play "Girls get naked and spread their legs" Jee says he's going to get psycho girls wanting him.
Amanda and Jee play a little blackjack.

Discussing other card games SPIT, Egypting something. Amanda, Jee and Dave trying to figure out the rules of SPIT.. Scott remembers playing at camp but can't remember the rules either, HG's slowly piecing together the rules and remembering..

(rather boring, feed switches itself !)

Now in WC with Erika doing Michelle's hair. Hair blower running so hard to hear. Dana wants Erika to do her hair sometime too. Erika likes doing hair.. "it's fun" Dana says Erika can definitely do it for the live show.

(this feed is pretty uneventful too, not much talking)


Jul 11 2003 22:11, Fri Robnoxious ParentRootLink
Egyptian War NT

Jul 11 2003 22:15, Fri avichaiyl   Link
Dana & Jun talking on Back Porch
Just tuned in.. Dana saying if one of them don't get it (HOH?) they are screwed. Talking about how someone might be making an alliance with someone else.

Everytime I say, lets put up Scott, they say lets put up Erika b/c she is the brains behind it. Say that ppl that don't like her need to go first so they arn't sequestered. Dana says Justin likes her..

Alison joins Dn & Jn
Ali reports Ek told Mi that her hair is horrible and dry.
Now talking about Nathan and how cute he is, and how he is or isn't their type. Dana loves the lead singer of Incubus, skinny surfer/skater boy, scruffy (my note: he is more cleaned up nowadays)

FOTH cuz Alison starts to talk about specific person..

Jul 11 2003 22:19, Fri Nerghan   Link
Bird? Plane? the FOTH!!
Erika is still drying Michelle's hair in the bathroom...she says that she is bored out of her mind...Ali looks on...talking about costs of cuts and colors again.

Jun and Dana conversating about the game on the patio over tea. Ali interrupts. The three are now cooing over Nathan...Dana says he is very Ambercrombie-ish...Dana likes the lead of AC/DC. Someone starts to talk about a friend of theirs and FOTH.

Jul 11 2003 22:19, Fri Arc   Link
Dana and Jun chat outside
Jun comments that she feels bad for Dana when she sees Justin flirting with her because she knows that Dana doesn't like him.

Dana says don't feel bad for her that she'll flirt with people she's not attracted to if it means that they won't vote her out.

She says she's been flirting triple time, with Nathan, David and Justin. Says if they're stupid enough to let it happen, then it's their fault.

Dana says she hasn't flirted with Scott, Jee or Jack. Jun says she likes Jack. Dana says Alison is nervous about him, and feels he is silent but dangerous. Jun says she's probably right.

Dana says she gets a little nervous about Alison, but then keeps getting reassured.

Alison joins them outside.

Jul 11 2003 22:26, Fri avichaiyl   Link
Talking about Champagne vs. Sparkling wine, apparently Scott tripped in the LR
or fell backwards on the couch? Wasn't on camera.. He's alright.

Talking about wine tasting, Rob says you don't need to swish it in your mouth.
Jee says five S's in Wine tasting..
(This is generally boring me, so i'm switching feeds to outside)

Jul 11 2003 22:34, Fri Arc   Link
Dana, Scott, Erika, & Alison outside
E asks Dn if she thinks R would nominate her if he won HOH. Dn says yes because E would nominate him if she won.

Al comes and sits down and E asks her the same question. Al says she thinks R would nominate E as well. E seems a bit surprised that both of them feel R would nominate her.

Sc comes outside and they talk about who should be voted off. They all agree that at this point they should just do what the HOH says. Dn says she'll vote for whoever N tells her. Sc says that he would like Am to stay, but that he'll honor the original agreement and vote however he is told.

They all agree that next week's HOH is really important. They say if someone like Js wins they're all fair game.

Jul 11 2003 22:37, Fri avichaiyl   Link
Out on the Back Porch, Dana, Jun, Scott, Erika & Ali
Came in on conversation, Scott talking about regretting not being with Amanda, Girls giving him reassurance that something might happen after they get out.

Scott and Dn agree next HOH is most crucial. Want Justin to go next, but if Justin wins everyone is free game. Dn doesn't know the guys strategy... doesn't know how guys think. Sc see's him as a threat (Nathan? Justin?)

Talking about how they have changed the rules on them, and how this year it is forcing them to compete. Ek thinks that we think this is not Big Brother it is "As the World F'in Turns"..

Talking about what they said on their promos and how corny they sounded. Dying to see what the opening of the show looks like and such.

Scott talks about how when you spend 24/7 with each other 6 days really feels like 3 months..

Talk about how their biggest goal at this point is to be sequestered and how much fun it will be, like Club Med..

short FOTH (calls Scott to DR)

Ali and other comment on how Scott is acting nice.
Erika says all Scott's badassness is a cover cuz his ex is here. Dana says she understands, agrees.. everyone handles it different.

Dn says if she were a guy she would put guys up first. Dana repeats that she is only getting close to Justin for a reason. Erika says she was taken out of her game with the whole X-factor thing. Dana says seeing an ex would drive her crazy.. not that they would care, it would just make it hard.

Ali hasn't had sex with her new boyfriend, her and Justin were each others "last", so it makes it harder on them.

Justin comes out with Wine.

Jul 11 2003 22:46, Fri avichaiyl   Link
Talking about pre-show
Dana rode with Nate, a black girl, Robert and some other people for final interviews.

Thought it was curious there was another hotel full of people.

Alison talks about going down to a pool with Amanda and Jee & someone..

Lots of recognizing from preshows.. They weren't allowed to talk to each other, but seems they were together in different groups alot.

Note that there are now black people and no gay ppl on this season's cast. Erika figures the gay people arn't happy.

Dana is happy cuz she has a friend in all the states the other HG's live in. Never thought she'd have a freind in Oklahoma. Hope that's what all the boys look like.

Dana tells Ek she doesn't know if anyone would put her up, and they should get rid of the guy first. Figures that each person's ex is their first target.

Dana reassures that if Rob won HOH, he'd have to take advantage of getting rid of Justin or Nate cuz he wouldn't have another opportunity to get them out another time (since he is not as strong?).

Jul 11 2003 22:51, Fri FuggyBootnling   Link
Talk on the porch about auditions with Alison, Dana, and Erika
Over what seems to be martinis (or wine) they discuss seeing each other during the final auditioning process. Dana mentioned that she knew something was up because she could see they had finalists at two seperate hotels, and they picked up different people at the two locations.

They talked a bit about contestants who didn't make it, especially one person they all figured would - a tall black woman with hair extentions. Dana and Ali recognized Nathan from the finals, and Dana talked about how Dave was warned a number of times to not try to talk to other finalists during break sessions.

Speaking of the black woman finalist, they wonder at the fact that no black people were chosen for the show, nor any gay men. They all agree that it would be great to have a gay man in the house.

Surprisingly, no FOTHs during this exchange - AS let them talk.

Jul 11 2003 22:51, Fri avichaiyl   Link
Just Dn & Ek now..
Feel bad for Amanda cuz she didn't have a chance since she came on as an ex.

Ek: Michelle's biggest threat is that she may not be perceived as a threat.

Talk about a challenge with ropes, and how they are going to be sore tomorrow (Veto challenge?). Dana & Erika agrees that the Ex thing is making it less likely for the sex thing to happen.

The grill they gave them is weird. Wonder what would happen if it rained, if they put a tarp on the back yard. Looking forward to luxery comps, the one where they get to leave like the hot air balloon. Dn says it feels like 6 years (that they've been there). Dn & Ek go inside..

Jul 11 2003 22:54, Fri FuggyBootnling   Link
Jun and Dana looking at pictures of HGs pictures on what look like small shopping bags NT

Jul 11 2003 23:18, Fri Phantom ParentRootLink
Thos seem to be the bags that their suits came in for the competition. NT

Jul 11 2003 23:04, Fri strkaholic   Link
Nate asks Michelle want kind of girl she is and she says she is a fun girl..a nice girl.. NT

Jul 11 2003 23:06, Fri strkaholic ParentRootLink
she follows with she is close to her family and is a good girl..Nate asks what kind of personality she is and she tells him that he should be able to
figure it out and then answers that she is outgoing and sweet and wonderful.

Jul 11 2003 23:07, Fri avichaiyl   Link
Nate & Mich talking (flirting)
Nate likes outgoing girls who are a little jealous and usually attracted to psycho girls (missed beginning of this conversation)
Michelle says "interesting" seems bored.

Nathan says the first thing he looks at on a girl is teeth. Michelle says she's really picky but she's gotten better. N asks who she dates. M says at FL state the Frat guys are.. she would rather not date a frat guy, which she realizes is weird cuz she is a sorority girl, she likes athletes. N says he can date a sor. girl bt she has to be an athlete.

M says most girls play sports, but their are the occas. girly girl. Na says she's a girly girl, Mi says she is, but she plays sports, Mi apparently plays soccer, some high division.. won an award of soem sort. Mi was in the top 10, he coach would take her out when she was doing good to give other ppl opportunities.

Mi likes getting drunk off wine cuz it's a happy drunk. Mi realizes the camera is on them. Mi rubbing N's feet. Mi says she can tell Na is going to be drunk, Na says he hasn't eaten anything all day. Mi's foot is asleep so she moves around, and puts her feet NEAR N's goind, wiggling her toes.

Na talks about having a conservative family, always wanted to be an actor, to be in movies, on television... Doesn't think his family will get mad at him. Mi says this is a once in a lifetime op.

Na comments on Mi's "hairy nasty toes", Mi tells Na to shutup, Mi moves her feet off of Na..

Mi tells Na that he has a low tolerance.. she can tell he's tipsy. Na says he always smiles. Mi says he doesn't that he's moody sometimes.. Mi retracts, not moody, oblivious.. Na asks for an explanation.. Mi says nothing inparticular.. says Na called her snobby and moody so.. that he's taking it too personal.

Na is looking at Mi's feet and making her self-conscious. Na is facing the kitchen and Mi asks what's going on in there. Na says Mi is an alcoholic, wild and will never get married. Says Mi wants to drink. Mi says if she was drunk right now .. doesn't finish sentence.. laughs.. Says she'd probably be making out right now, Na asks with who, Mi says "I don't know," but in a flirty way, Na says Dave? and Mi says yah.. Na asks Mi to get him more wine, she says she can't cuz they might think it's for her, Na tells BB it is for him, Mi still doesn't move, Na calls her shady.

Na asks Mi what kinda girl she is . Mi says she is a fun girl, she likes to have fun, she's the nice girl, Na gives her a look, Mi gets defensive.

Na wants to know more about Mi.. She's close with her family, a good girl, Na asks her to repeat that, asks her personality.. She says she outgoing, sweet and wonderful. She says she's not used to explaining her personality. Na says she's used to getting what she wants. Mi says not all of the time most of the time. Mi says she's joking.

Jul 11 2003 23:10, Fri Nerghan   Link
Michell and Nathan side by side
they are sitting in side by side chairs sitting sideways with their legs intertwined together going from various flirting postions to others. Big time obvious flirting. Nathan Drinking win. Michelle has her feet on top of Nathan's bent knees and he has each of his feet propped on the rear side of each of Michelle's thighs. They are completely to themselves. Nathan says he wants to know more about her...She says,"I'm fun, I'm nice....I'm a good girl, um,..."
Nathan says,"What kind of personality are you?"
Michelle"I'm outgoing....wonderful...I'm not good at this...I'm not used to explaining my personality."
Nat:"You are just used to getting what you want."
Michelle: "Right."
Nat: "Is there anymore wine in there? Justin, is there anymore wine in there...ha ha ha...I'm feeling it...all I need is one more glass...I haven't eaten anything all day."

Now the rest of the houseguests are noticing Nat and Michelle....passerbyers.

Jul 11 2003 23:14, Fri avichaiyl   Link
Mi & Na continued..
Mi has never been in a fight in her life, but a girl tried to fight her, but after Mi pushed her, she walked away.

Mi has her feet in Na's croch again. Lots of looks and not talking.

Na calls Mi gullible, Mi says she is naive, not gullible.

Mi asks Mi if he is the relationship type. Dana brings Na white wine. He prefers Red.

Mi tells Na she is trying to get him drunk so she can take advantage of him. Now that he is drunk, the truth will come out. She doesn' tknow why, but it happens to her all the time.

Na tells Mi she is so young and has alot of college partying to do, and he is kinda past that. Yells to Ek that she did an awsome job on Mi hair.

Mi says she beat Na in the first game of Horse, Na says he let her win, he's only been really beaten twice. Mi says she is just good and denys he let her win.

Na asks what else he should know about her, tells her she would do good in pagents. Mi says she doesn't do that. Na gets up to go to the bathroom. Mi says that's a sign (of drunkeness) Na asks if she'll be there when he gets back. Mi says off course.

Na notices the cameras follwoing him to the WC.

Jul 11 2003 23:19, Fri avichaiyl   Link
Na goes to the kitchen after the WC trip.. grabs a bite of the cooking food..
Meets Ali in the hall for a hug. Asks for more wine.

Returns to a waiting Mi for more flirting.

Na & Dn talk about accents .. Na never says "ya'll"
Saying white and wait..

Na says he's feeling this (drunk) like no other. Says he isn't drunk, he's just feeling okay. Na accuses Jst of being drunk too. Dn & Jst sitting across from Mi & Na now.

Mi takes a potty break..


Jul 12 2003 05:51, Sat Wooly ParentRootLink
It appeared to me that Na did not wash his hands after WC trip...
Mind you, he did seem to have a nice buzz going.

Jul 11 2003 23:20, Fri avichaiyl   Link
Justin, Dana & Nathan quoting from Austin Powers.. general drunkin sillyness NT

Jul 11 2003 23:25, Fri PeterD   Link
One of the girls said Michelle was nipply
and made her cover up with her jacket.

Jul 12 2003 00:04, Sat Shadow46and2 ParentRootLink
I think Jun said it but Dana dressed her. NT

Jul 11 2003 23:29, Fri avichaiyl   Link
Dana is momma-henning Michelle making her put her jacket on cuz it's a bit cold in there
if you know what i mean.

Dana says black socks are funny looking. That they remind her of old men wearing them.

Mi is back in her chair to flirt with Na. Dn delivers potato pancakes to Na & Mi.

Na tells Mi she has pretty eyes. Mi says thank you.

Na says he'd give anything for McDonalds, says he'd pay $30 for a burger and fries. Says tomorrow probably he'd give $40 or $50.. Don't want Subway, they want Quiznos.

Mi wonders if there will be a lux comp. tomorrow. Na says yes, but they quotes more A.P. cuz he's "wasted" acording to Mi.

Mi ask Jus how he's doing, Jus wishes for more alky. Mi asks if hes feeling it like Na. Na makes a comment about her hairy toes again.

Feed changes to outside.. Ali, Jee & Rob

Ali looks paranoid.. in the DR she had to talk about all the guys, and couldn't think of anything nice to say about Scott. Jee says S was f'in up with the girls.

Ali is scared of Sct with a knife .. apparently Sct threatened the camera with a knife..

feed swtiches to ppl playing cards at living room table.. switching back to Ali & the guys...

Jul 11 2003 23:39, Fri avichaiyl   Link
Ali, Dana, Rob, & Jee outside..
Talking about strategy with the Veto, now they ahve to put up two ppl they want out, but then they have to have the whole group agree.

Ali says whoever HOH is, he should tell her who to vote for cuz they should respect the HOH position. Ali wants help from Rob & Jee, Dana, Nate and Justin if she gets HOH on who to put up - those are the ppl she trusts. Jee says Jun is a strong player, a cool person and wouldn't put her up.

They want to break up the other alliance (Scott, Erika, Jack & Dave?) Jee says not to wait too long on Jack cuz he is good. Jee see's something different in Dave, they like him as a person. Ali feels like the only one who could find out info from the other alliance. Jee says Jack will not speak and he doesn't trust him.

Rob says he'd ask Jack he's not scared of him. Ali doesn't want them (Jee/Rob) questioning her turst, when she hangs with Erika. Jee says she rubbed her the wrong way, and he is a nice person. Rob says that E wouldn't be nice to anyone in the house if she won the money.

Jee thought she'd blend in more, but Rob says that's the way she is, she can't help it. Rob says his heart wasn't in it when they were dating. Ek had told Rob she didn't know if she could get used to Rb's daughter after a year of dating, and Rob got made. Rb said he was half drunk most of the time he was with her.

Jee tells Ali if he was single, he could fall for a girl like her. Ali wants to marry a guy like Justin.

Dinner time..

Jul 12 2003 00:00, Sat avichaiyl   Link
After dinner, Mi tries to gather support for playing Charades
Mi tries to talk Dave into giving hr a piggy back ride. Dave says he isn't catching.. He isn't holding onto her but runs into the LR.. She jumps off when her pants almost fall off.

Jul 12 2003 00:02, Sat avichaiyl   Link
Brief glimpse of Ek in the DR.. "I'm just stalling cuz i don't want to go back out there" then cuts to Back door. NT

Jul 12 2003 00:13, Sat avichaiyl   Link
Random Talk in the WC
Ali, Jun, Nate & Dana watching Justin brush his teeth.

Girls tease Na about Mi needing attention tonight. Na flirts with Dana for a moment.

HG's trying to figure out a game to play, no one wanted to play charades, Mi suggests just "Truth, no Dare" or "Never have I ever" Mi starts to sing "lets get it on" and doesn't know why it's in her head.

Someone (female) says that Mi is a virgin and lets keep it that way.

Ali wishes she could nominate one person twice instead of two people. "I nom. you b/c I dont' like you, and I nom you cuz i hate you even more"

Everyone brushing teeth...

Michelle getting tired, wants to go to bed soon..

Na tucks his feet under Mi's butt cuz they are cold "Plenty of warmth there" he says.

Na is teasing Ali...

Na says he isn't tired cuz he took a nap.. Just sang "lets get it on" [guess we know what's on their minds *wink*]

Ali swishes peroxide to get her teeth white..

Erika is running a bath.

Justin kids Allison and says he hates her, Ali asks really, he's says No, you know I love you, Ali goes over a pecks him.

Jul 12 2003 00:24, Sat avichaiyl   Link
Group sits down to play spoons
Scott, Erika, Amanda, Dave

Dave using spoons as an instrment while Amanda is shuffling cards.

Jack joins game before it starts.

Scott says he accuses the DR of not liking him anymore, never calling him in.

Spoons is now in motion.. Amanda won first hand.

Scott singing song (that he's making up) hard to hear his "lyrics"

Pretty uneventful, switching feeds to other group..

Jul 12 2003 00:33, Sat avichaiyl   Link
Other group going thru clothes in Blue Bedroom
Jun & Dana showing all their clothes to Rob, Ali , Nate & I think Mi.

Ooohing and Ahhing and Ali asks to borrow a dress. Rob is digging some of the dresses as well.

Jun undresses to put on something else.

More general talk about clothes.

Jee comes back with strapless black dress on. Na says she is "looking good baby"

Ali says she was anarexic and had bigger boobs at once point.

Jun & Ali are feeling each others boobs. This excites Rob & Nate.

Back to more clothes folding..

Na called to DR

Dn & Ali tell Rob about their nice outfit they brought..

Jul 12 2003 00:40, Sat avichaiyl   Link
Scott fake cries and says he is being like Josh "I'm on the block (crying noises)"
Calls Josh a "p*ssy"...

Scott, Erika, Amanda, Dave & Jack still playing spoons.

Justin & Jee outside playing chess.

Girls, Dana, Michelle, Ali, Jun (and Rob) look like they are getting ready for bed

Na still in the DR

Jul 12 2003 00:46, Sat Homard   Link
Dana talking about vetoing Jee and putting Scott in his place hoping to get rid of "annoying" Scott. (I'll do a better update on this later if no one
else is already doing it.)

Jul 12 2003 01:03, Sat Homard ParentRootLink
9 of the hamsters are agreeing with Dana's plan (not Jack, Dave, or Erica). Nat is the problem:
Nat would have to nominate Scott and Nat has some sort of deal with him. They are trying to figure out how to approach Nat. Dana decides that she'll go and talk to him in the HoH later and she'll "wear her sexy short shorts" when she does it. Everyone is thrilled with the idea of getting rid of scott. Robert seems esp. keen in the idea (wonder what's in it for him?).
They also metion having to get rid of "the other four (Scott, Dave, Jack, Erica) before the ex's. The reason is that they are just tired of these people and feel that they bring a certain negative energy to the house.

Now there is a spider and the girls are freaking out "It's a black widow AHHHH!" Jee is playing with it. Justin is teasing them. End of post.