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Jul 12 2003 01:03, Sat Del   Link
My favorite quote of the night... Showing true guy behaviour...
The guys are chasing a spider in the back yard, whilst the girls scream, well, girlishly about it..

Justin: Hey, its all cool. I caught the spider.
Jee: Dude... I dare you to eat it!
Justin: Really?

Girls Scream NO!

Jul 12 2003 01:08, Sat avichaiyl   Link
(last post tonight; someone please take over if anything interesting happens)
Dana, Jun & Rob on the Back Porch.

Talking about reasons/excuses for nominations, Ali comes out says she has to pretend like she likes Spoons so she could be nice. Ali says she asks if Scott can get a penalty nom. Wants to put him up soon, doesn't think Nate will put him up if Dana uses veto.

Dana says she will talk to Na about it. Ali goes inside for icecream for her and Rob. Dn will tell Na that this is the opt. to be the hero, he'll make lots of ppl happy if he puts Scott up. When will he have this opt. again.

Ali says Na won't put up Scott cuz Scott gave him HOH. Robert says, he'll never have to see Scott again. Now watching ants..

Switches to Nate and Michelle & Jun.
Mi says she wants to get married and have babies and be a soccer mom. Jun is petting Mi's hair, continues to talk to Na, then walks away.

Na & Mi just laying there. Na comments about Mi's arches (feet). Mi says she's getting tired, Na looks tired as well. Mi says it's so weird that ppl are watching everything that she does.

Na says it's bedtime for him. Mi agrees. Na looking at camera asking if it's bedtime. It nods, Mi asks too, waiting for an answer.

Mi thinks the WC smells like smoking.. Na goes off to bed in HOH to bed. Mi comments on all the X's in the house... the ice..

Mi says she had a fiasco with Dv today, and that it is definetly on TV [refers to when she told him she hated him, he laughed, it made her mad]

Mi swishes peroxide to be like Ali, thinks it will make her teeth whiter.. that didn't last long...spits it out. Mi feels like her butt has been getting bigger. Mi's gum hurts. Ali shows Mi her canker sore, says it feels better.

Mi, Ali decide to go to bed, decide to get Jun too so they can giggle and fall asleep together.

Spider outside makes Jun & Dana scream.. can hear it on the WC feeds. Rob investigates.. Jstin jumps up behind Dana (searching for spider) and startles her, lots of laughter..

The spider and killing the spider seems to bring much entertainment to the HG's, they say it is a black widow. Dana says his momma is gonna come after them. Guys are teasing the girls who are scared of the spiders.. They think the whole thing will be on TV.

Justin called to DR

brief FOTH

Jun, Dana & Ali dancing outside .. being silly Running Man.. Roger Rabbit.. Now Jun is rapping/beatboxing

More talk of no black people. Jun says they had Curtis "f'in boring" on season 1 [okay, i no longer like her]

Rob gets into the dancing with the three girls.. Dave walks by... looks at them like they are crazy..
All go inside..

[and i go to bed]

Jul 12 2003 01:08, Sat KWren11   Link
Michelle... nightly face-washing ritual...
Wearing her pink sweatshirt and top, capri length gray stretch pants...
Hair in pony tail
Carefully takes two cotton swabs and dabs each eye, simultaneously to remove make-up. She winces, blinks, fans her eyes and then continues wiping them... then rinses off each eye with water.
Next, carefully mixes a handful of cleaning cream with water and gently massages her face while walking down hallway to see what commotion is about... she then goes back and ever so gently splashes water on her face to rinse it.
Next she goes into WC to get a tissue and returns to sink where she pours an aqua liquid onto it and then rubs her cheeks...
feed cuts to back yard where some loud chatter was happening.

Jul 12 2003 01:28, Sat Phantom   Link
Nat, Dana, Alison and Jun on the bed in the HOH conspiring.
The girls are pushing for him to put up Scott if Dana saves one of the nominees. He is reluctant for various reasons. They say that the idea is very popular and one suggests approaching Erica to get even more support. Nat says "Erica and Scott are on the same team." Nat cautions staying back and playing it cool. Dana presses and presses to put up Scott (she was suggesting saving Jee to do it but Nat said that then Amanda would stay. [well, duh, if Scott goes, everyone else stays.]). They have the numbers, they say, so why not do it now. They don't want to risk spending time in sequester with Scott, so they have to get him soon. Michelle wants to put Erica up and also hates Scott, says Nat. Dana questions her courage to actually do it if she had the chance. They are playing up that he will look like a god if he does this (Scott) because it is so popular. Robert comes in and says out loud, "you're not putting him up?" They all shush him. The monkey and the weasel continue around the mulberry bush and the sound switches to the yard.

Jul 12 2003 01:41, Sat mkemp ParentRootLink
justin is there w/ them not robert NT

Jul 12 2003 01:49, Sat Phantom ParentRootLink
I stand corrected. I only heard the voice and thought sure it was Robert that came in. NT

Jul 12 2003 01:30, Sat DedilyFlea   Link
Scott just told Amanda he would like another chance, but he was still the same person. He would like to work it out NT

Jul 12 2003 01:31, Sat samuraibulldog   Link
Amanda asks Scott why he called her before he left....
A bit confused about this. Does it mean she knew he would be on big brother? He says he called her as an excuse to contact her again.

Jul 12 2003 01:54, Sat Blondekel ParentRootLink
ya i heard on the feeds he called her & told her he'd be on BB & she figured it out & said she was takin a leave of absence NT

Jul 12 2003 01:33, Sat madman   Link
Erika to Jack : "Robert has the personality of a used car salesman. He will sell you any kind of sh*t and not care." NT

Jul 12 2003 01:35, Sat Phantom   Link
Erica and Jack in bed in the sand box talking strategy.
Erica concerned about what Robert is thinking/planning. She asks Jack what he gets out of him when they talk but apparently the two don't talk about her or the game. Both are mostly concerned about Justin, and he is their target for next week. For the first time that I have heard, Erica is trashing Robert's character to the level that he trashes hers. Nat asked me (Jack) if Scott was having second thoughts about getting rid of Amanda. Jack has confirmed no, it's just that he didn't like the language of the nomination.

Jul 12 2003 01:47, Sat Phantom   Link
Jack and Erica talk about Nat and why it is that she can't really talk to him.
Jack says that it's her confidence and age and intelligence. "I'm too much woman for him," she agrees (and has a point.) They agree on that and she makes the additional point that Nat doesn't know how to relate to a woman that isn't attracted to him. He doesn't see that they can still be friends. Jack still speaks well of Nat's character and seems to genuinely like him. They write his failings off to his youth. Jack says that ppl can't react and blow up so much over things in the house; that he hasn't been offended by anything that he has seen in the house. They seem to still be loyal to the original 8 and to Nat, and don't really see the signs that they are being plotted against by their supposed allies.
Erica is suppressed and concerned by all the bruises on her legs. Neither can quite figure out how she did it except for the jump rope. Jack says that this has been his worse day. He is really feeling run down. He doesn't seem to be able to nap in the day time. Conversation is winding down, both are tired, but neither will go to sleep. They want to keep an eye on which Nat is more attracted to, Michelle or Alison. Erica mentions that Dana let it slip today that she thinks she can control Michelle.

Jul 12 2003 02:01, Sat Phantom   Link
Dave comes into the Sand Box.
They agree that there is some plotting against them and that everyone is pretty fed up with Scott. They don't seem to think that is a good enough reason to go after him. The seem to know about the possible move against Scott and think it a big mistake because if they break the pact it will bring on anarchy all that much sooner. Talk about discussion of throwing the HOH comp to get Justin as HOH so he will put up Scott. they think that it is too difficult for them all to throw the comp (particularly some of the others) and look legitimate about it. They are still loyal to the idea of getting rid of the Ex's before starting anything new. Dave says that we need to convince the girls to bide their time and stay with the program. Scott talked to Nat the other day, but they agree that he has done almost nothing else to approach the other side of the house. He hangs with us and with the Ex's and is hurting himself.

Jul 12 2003 02:16, Sat Phantom   Link
Jun and Scott get into it about something.
"I need some time away from you," says Jun, but Scott wants to know when did they ever spend any time together. (I missed the start of it.) Now he is talking to Amanda, Alison and Dave in the yard about what is the problem. He says he doesn't want any problem and he will apologize in a second. He says that he has done nothing to her but try to be friendly. Alison says that she will talk to her and goes in. Dave ties a towel around his neck like a cape and runs around the yard like a crazy. He ends up back at the weight bench showing off picking up the bar. Scott and Amanda are amused.

A while later, I switch to the HOH where Alison has gone from the yard. Nat & Dana are in bed, Jun sits on the side of it. Alison and Robert are in chairs and Justin is on the floor. I missed any discussion of Scott's request to make up with Jun, so I don't know what Alison reported. Something must have come up, because there is some teasing about how she should go talk to him. Why, she asks. For the drama, says Dana (I think). Finally, Jun wants to know if Scott will go after her for this. They think yes. She threatens to use 5 syllable words against him. (I assume that this is an intelligence slur).

Robert leaves saying that he is going to go talk to him. Jun goes after him but it doesn't seem that any of them approach Scott. Nevertheless, Alison sits at the HOH window to watch.

Jul 12 2003 02:35, Sat Tano ParentRootLink
Jun's reaction to message from Scott Via Alison....Uhhh Not so good! LOL Basically....
Jun was having none of Scotts "apology" via Ali. She has had it with him. {Jun continues to spoon & eat ice cream through out} She said that she is "American Korean, before she is Korean American" and that he doesn't want to mess with her!{spoonful of ice cream...lick} She says (ALA Monica) that it's Awwnnnn (LOL) She has the room laughing. Jun also tells the room that she can keep her calm in verbal sparing whereas she doesn't think that Scott can So in this she seems to feel she has the upper hand. She further comments that all she wanted to do was get and eat her ice cream and didn't want to be bothered by him. After this brief (but thoroughly entertaining) mini rant by Jun the plotting/strategy session continues....

Jul 12 2003 02:19, Sat KimM   Link
Scott and Jun have a little spat
(I missed some of it and it was several minutes ago, but I'll do my best)

Scott tried to talk to Jun about the "coldness" he'd been sensing from her. He asked if he'd sone anything to offend. She said something about him being "too on" all the time and that she just had to spend time away from him.

He answers, "Time away? We never spend time together!"

Jun: "And whose fault is that?"

Scott sees the irony in that (as do I) and calls her pathetic.

They walk away from each other. Scott goes out and fills Amanda in on the fight. Ali joins them in the roll of peacemaker. Scott says he doesn't know why Jun is so cold. he dosn't know what he's done. Ali says she'll talk to Jun and leaves.

Then David ties a towel around his neck and runs around the yard like a lunatic while Amanda and Scott laugh.

After he calms down, there are severla minutes of small talk before Ali comes back and tells Scott that Jun doesn't want to talk. Scott says he still doesn't understand the hostility...maybe she's projecting. Ali says it will all blow over in the morning.

Feed switches to Robert and Justin in the kitchen.


Jul 12 2003 02:25, Sat KimM   Link
Dana and Nathan talk game in the HOH
Neither want to be the first to break the original alliance. Dana still wants Scott gone.

Nate is thinking ahead to next week's nom's and vetos.

Nate tells Dana to think back to next year..."who does Scott remind you of? Josh." He does on to talk abotu how Josh slipped by every week. He then says Ericks is like Danielle and Jack like Jason.

Nate says he's not worried about Jack.

Dana still pushing to get Scott out.

N: "Dana, it's all about strategy. If you play with your heart, you're out."

Nate is trying to talk her out of using the veto this week. It seems like she's coming around.

Jul 12 2003 02:25, Sat buffalojill   Link
dana and nathan in hoh
dana tells nathan she won't use pov unless nathan tells her to

Jul 12 2003 02:47, Sat Phantom   Link
Scott comes into the Sand Box with Erica and Jack.
They turn on the lights to talk seriously to him. The first point is that "they" have to get HOH next week. All agree. Then Scott is asked to explain what the problem was with Jun. Scott explains it very well, except that he thinks it is projection by Jun for something that someone else did to her and she is taking out on him. Erica is the voice of reason and counsels him approaching her gently tomorrow. She also says that he has to realize that other people don't necessarily see things as he doses and he has to be more tolerant. Jack suggests that Scott may be projecting on others. Jack also reminds them again that they have to be seen to spend less time with each other and more time with the other 4 (they are still writing off 5 ppl who may be critical down the road). As usual, Scott agrees with everything, but it will be interesting to see if he can do it. Jack suggests that he use this opportunity to practice the restraint that he lacks. Erica tells him to use the DR to vent and that he can go in there any time he wants. "Do it in there, not out here." They are giving good advice, he is agreeing. They are making their points more forcefully than I've heard from them before. I hope it sinks in this time.

Erica says that she can't talk to Robert and because he is always with Justin, she can't talk to him, but he has to make the effort to talk to others. There is some whispering that I missed. Something about Dana spending too much attention to [probably Justin] Dave comes in still wearing his cape and things get loud and nonsensical. Dave leaves and Scott follows him. All seem ready to go to bed - me included.

Jul 12 2003 03:35, Sat frustratedposter   Link
kitchen chat
F3 JU DN and DV

DV is picking at his stomach, and the others join in. they seem to be discussing if any of the guys have masturbated yet. wonder where they could have done it. in the WC?

DV explains that he has little imagination, so he can't just think about something and do it. DN says she has, and JU is surprised. she pushes, and they laugh.

DN is pushing for the when and the where. JU says she has, definitely. she has to. it starts as a little touch, and then it goes from there. it's natural. DN says that it's not natural to j/o while people at home watch and join in.

JU says she discovered it early. like kindergarden. DV says he's gonna take a shower, and DN asks if he's inspired now

JU now off to bed. JE is now in kitchen, having lost the game in the LR.

JE now is jonesing for Burger King, or even Wendy's. JE wants a nice whopper without pickels. je likes his whoppers

JE checking out the hot sauce. now reaches in to microwave and burns his hands on the bowl of pasta he just heated up. he scoops out a plate of pasta and is eating from his plate, then the serving bowl, then back to his plate. fills plate up pretty full, using the same fork he is eating with.

feed moves to LR, so.... post

Jul 12 2003 03:44, Sat frustratedposter   Link
DN saying there will be a competition tomorrow.

RO sitting back, hand to crotch, looking rired

DN complains she can't sleep with her shorts up her &ss

JU rubbing here eyes, we seem to have a big group of tired hamsters

RO asks JU if she's tired. JU wonders why she wasn't called in to DR tonite, that by tomorrow it will be all old news. RO says to someone off cam they can change in their room, he'll make sure it's ok

feed now back to JU in the kitchen, helping herself to some of the reheated pasta.

JE says he feels like he's living in the 60's (decor comment??)

JU now alone in the kitchn, not talking, just feeding herslf

feed now the mirror over the BR sink. JU washing his face. the hamsters seem to be washing up getting ready for bed

JU off to bed. RO says see ya

RO tells JU he has scratches on his back.

back to LR, JU tells the boys they need to fix the furniture or they will ge tin trouble.

AM and JA and ER in batchroom now. taking turns in WC and at the sink.

AM now at sink brushing teeth. DV looking for his sunglasses, cant find them.

feed switches back to LR, so....


Jul 12 2003 03:45, Sat jangojango   Link
MAd flirting update....nate and ali (possible hook up!) NT

Jul 12 2003 03:51, Sat frustratedposter   Link
F3 LR chat
DN talking about it's been days since they lost food. wonders how you have strength to wrestle after starving yourself. JE still talking about his burger.

Js talking about the camera searching him out. DN and RO watch

all saying they need to go to bed. off cam comment about how nice it is to remove the mic at night.

cam over Js sprawled out on bed, RO asks cam if DN should get in bed with him

she climbs in, she wonders if they can both sleep in the small bed. DN asks cam if she should sleep in bed with Js, waits for some reply, gets none, so she gets out of bed

goodnights going around, DN climbs back into the cot with Js, she on top of covers, he under

she gets up again, more goodnights all around, seems they are all settling in for sleep


Jul 12 2003 03:51, Sat jangojango   Link
keeps saying she wants to leave but she hasnt yet.........pillow talk NT

Jul 12 2003 03:54, Sat jangojango   Link
Ali is...still in bed with him (Nate)..and no sign of leaving. NT

Jul 12 2003 03:57, Sat jangojango   Link
Undercovers (guess she is single now?) NT
Nt nt

Jul 12 2003 04:01, Sat Devareux   Link
2:30 - 3:00 Nate and Allison wrestling and whispering in HOH room (LONG)
Nate says he wants to talk about somethin other than the game stuff. He gets around to asking her how many guys she's been with...she says 5, he then asks her how old she is, she says 23 next month, he laughs. Then they wrestle around a bit...Lots of talking noise from outside room. Nate says no one's getting to bed tonight. Then tells her they shouldn't let anyone think they are getting to close. She suggests he go out & mingle he says he wants to sleep. Then he calls her complicated. Noise outside the room is much quieter. General chit-chat, flirting, wrestling. He tells her to come over and give him some "lovin". Grabs her and pulls her close, more snuggling & wrestling. Tells her repeatedly that she better leave but he continues to wrestle and lay on bed with leg over hers. Talk about sleeping together and she says she's not a good cuddler. More teasing and general mental foreplay. He tells they could never work because she needs to be dominate in a relationship. He then laughs more and she calls Justin her "bi%ch". Then he says let's make them all mad and pulls the covers over them. Then he gets serious and says people are getting suspicous. (ED; she is hanging out hoping he'll ask her to stay, he is hoping she'll stay but wants her to go for the games sake.) They continue talking and cuddling in bed under the covers.

Jul 12 2003 04:07, Sat frustratedposter   Link
F1 HOH room N and Al
N tells her he has some jokes for her, but that he can't tell her.

N tells Al they could never work cause she's too dominant. says she controlled Js. she asks what is wrong with you? N says you have to be in power

Al asks N why he is so rotten to her? they climb under the covers.

N accuses her of grabbing him. she laughs, N makes fun of the laugh. Al asks why. N says cause it's retarted. Al says you're retarted, you're the one wearing a hat to bed.

N calls her a freak. she asks why, he corrects himself. YOu're a psychopath. there'a difference. She forces him to take it back, and she does. lots of chuckling

N picking at the HOH walls, Al accuses him of breaking the room so no one can use it. N says he's barely been anywhere else in the house. Al says they are gonna see the tapes and wonder where everyghing is.

Al mentions she has her mic between her boobs, so they can't yell at her. N reminds her she has a boyfriend as they cuddle up. She says she knows.

Al accused N of analyzing everything. says he thinks he knows everything, but he knows nothing. N says he should be a psychologist.

both now staring directly in to the over bed cam. talking to it. N says it smells like dirty socks in here. Al says it has to be his body odor.

Al says people are gonna ask him shy he ever let that "she-devil" in his bed, N says he'll just tell them.... then pauses. Al says you'll tell them what? N mumbles, Al threatens to cry again. N says quit it. they move around so now lying face to face, Al playing with N's fingers

N complaining about lack of protein. threatens to eat any birds that land in the yard. Al says she'd do anything for just once burger, just one cheeseburger

the two are staring in to each others eyes. silly grins all around.

talking has switched to very low whispers, as the two play with each other, Al picking at N's arms.

N reminds Al he's a southern gentleman. Al laughs. whispering now inaudible, so i'm off to another feed


Jul 12 2003 04:18, Sat frustratedposter   Link
QUAD but audio from HOH
N saying he's frustrated about the situatuon. Al wonders what situation. tghe whole house is a situation. N accuses Al of cussing a lot for a girl.

Al says that would be my ass you're grabbing.

she hears voices, wonders who's up, and gets out of bed to look. N asks her to turn off the light. she doesn't

she comes back in. decides she's not gonna stay. N says he's waiting for her to change her mind. she goes out the door, turns off the light.

N says to camera "sorry guys!"


Jul 12 2003 04:18, Sat jangojango   Link
That ends that..she left NT
Nt nt

Jul 12 2003 04:20, Sat Devareux   Link
3:00 - 3:20 Nate & Allison continue to talk & cuddle...N says he doesn't really like the attention from all the girls feels
uncomfortable especially with Justin & Robert in the room (they are whispering again so missing some of it). He claims to be actually a Southern gentleman. N says first week seems like a month. N describes Ali as someone like his 1st college EX; always wanting to be in control, needed constant attention, doesn't want to be without someone. (ED: yet he is still laying all over her). He asks her if it sounds familiar. He then tells her to see if evryone else has gone to bed, she leaves to check. She comes back in HOH and then he send her back out to her own bed. After she leaves he says..."sorry guys". LOL

Jul 12 2003 04:22, Sat frustratedposter   Link
all feeds FOTH. what could BB have to tell them at this hour? NT

Jul 12 2003 04:25, Sat frustratedposter   Link
Round the feeds
F1 jack on back, snoring
F2 N all alone in hoh room
F3 3 girls in a bed (Er, Mi and ??, i think)
F4 same as 3, but can't see Er

all quiet all around, except for snoring....

Jul 12 2003 07:20, Sat OreoKing   Link
All feeds: ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz NT

Jul 12 2003 07:59, Sat Quench   Link
7 am BB time
Michelle was up a bit ago to use the WC then back to bed

Now Jack is using the WC nice washing of the hands.- back to bed

Everyone else asleep

Jul 12 2003 09:28, Sat Scarlett   Link
8:30 BB time, Qfeed, all HGs sleeping. NT

Jul 12 2003 09:40, Sat bruhe   Link
Jun gets up, moving around the house... possibly going back to bed... NT

Jul 12 2003 10:29, Sat BB4_SC   Link
All HGs still snoring. NT

Jul 12 2003 10:40, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Jack up again for WC... NO washing of hands NT

Jul 12 2003 10:43, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Looks like Jack is going to stay up... Puts on Shoes NT

Jul 12 2003 10:46, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Robert up and Rob and Jack head outside. NT

Jul 12 2003 10:48, Sat BB4_SC   Link
R and J clean pool. NT

Jul 12 2003 10:53, Sat BB4_SC   Link
F3 - R&J still cleaning pool and discussing same. NT

Jul 12 2003 10:58, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Pool cleaning complete ... congratulate each other on great job. NT

Jul 12 2003 10:59, Sat BB4_SC   Link
F3 - Jack to storeroom ... battery change ... NT

Jul 12 2003 11:01, Sat BB4_SC   Link
F3 - Jack back to bed. NT

Jul 12 2003 11:02, Sat BB4_SC   Link
QC - All in bed.... NT

Jul 12 2003 11:20, Sat BB4_SC   Link
June up to SR for batteries.... NT

Jul 12 2003 11:27, Sat BB4_SC   Link
June to WC then other AM WC rituals.... NT

Jul 12 2003 11:27, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
June brushing teeth NT

Jul 12 2003 11:34, Sat BB4_SC   Link
BB Wake up call NT

Jul 12 2003 11:35, Sat BB4_SC   Link
BB Wake up call #2 and the folks awaken..... NT

Jul 12 2003 11:42, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Pool must be cleaned?
Heard a comment from Jack to June about him waking up at quarter to ten and only having 15 minutes to clean the pool, but that he did accomplish this...... Is there a rule? Are there clocks in the house this time?

Jul 12 2003 11:44, Sat BB4_SC   Link
June called to DR... NT

Jul 12 2003 11:47, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Jack called to DR .... NT

Jul 12 2003 11:49, Sat BB4_SC   Link
"Scott... Please put on your Microphone"... NT

Jul 12 2003 11:49, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Alison to DR.... NT

Jul 12 2003 11:53, Sat BB4_SC   Link
June and Alison having whispered convo. but I can hear it... NT

Jul 12 2003 11:55, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Erika to DR.... NT

Jul 12 2003 11:59, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Michelle to DR.... NT

Jul 12 2003 12:01, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Amanda to DR.... NT

Jul 12 2003 12:02, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Scott doing crunches, Michelle in WC w/ AM rituals.. Jee just getting out of bed complaining... NT

Jul 12 2003 12:06, Sat BB4_SC   Link
F3 - Jun giving Alison a manicure and complaining about quitting smoking just prior to entering BB house. NT

Jul 12 2003 12:13, Sat BB4_SC   Link
F4 - Alison saying Nate had his tongue pierced and that ruins his choir boy ness... NT

Jul 12 2003 12:16, Sat BB4_SC   Link
F4 - Rob saying he would have blown off BB4 if he had known about the ex's... NT

Jul 12 2003 12:18, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Nathan ... Please put on your microphone.... NT

Jul 12 2003 12:21, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Scott doing push ups in Dining Room.... NT

Jul 12 2003 12:25, Sat BB4_SC   Link
F3 - Alison, "What I wouldn't do for an egg... an omlet with cheese and onions..." NT

Jul 12 2003 12:29, Sat BB4_SC   Link
F3 - Alison and Dana plotting
Trying to determine who wants who out and that its "Us against them" and if they vote one way. It could split the house up into 3 groups.... Sorry, don't know exactly who they are putting into what groups....

Jul 12 2003 12:31, Sat BB4_SC   Link
F3-Dana comments again about Jun's "boobies" hanging out of her shirt... She did this once inside the house and now outside, always as Jun walk by. NT

Jul 12 2003 12:40, Sat Phantom   Link
Dave and Jack leave the Sand Box and Dave is talking about his hat.
"It hasn't gotten wet since Costa Rica," says Dave. "I'll forget you said that" (ref, to ranger secrecy that Dave frequently mentions), jokes Jack. "Ya, OK", says Dave.

Jul 12 2003 12:47, Sat BB4_SC   Link
F3 - Scott in WC
Scott doing Howard Cossel imitation about what is going on in WC... someone doing number one then number two....

Jul 12 2003 12:47, Sat BB4_SC   Link
F3 - Robert and Nate working out lifting weights..... NT

Jul 12 2003 13:40, Sat reggie   Link
Jun called to DR. Replies, "I have to put my DR face on" NT

Jul 12 2003 13:44, Sat ktan   Link
Scott claims his strategy is to annoy everyone to get to the end: "Do you want to go up against sweet Alison or a total PRICK?" NT

Jul 12 2003 13:55, Sat angel   Link
Scott telling Amanda he wants to get back together with her....but he won't bug her outside the house. If she wants to talk she can call him NT

Jul 12 2003 14:14, Sat valentine   Link
Pow Wow
Nate goes in the BR to talk to Jack, Erica and Allison about using the veto on Scott. He is asking permission from Jack if its okay for Dana to use it tomorrow for Scott.

He isn't really asking the girls, just Jack.

Nate is shirtless and is striking some model-like poses with his foot on the bed, resting an elbow on his knee. Erica has on a lavender bathrobe, and Allie is dressed in her usual outfit of a bikini and a towel.

Jack and Erica seem to want to go along with it. Allie is worried that the exes will come after them.

Nate says "i can control Michelle. Don't worry about Michelle."

Jul 12 2003 14:17, Sat valentine ParentRootLink
Pow Wow, con't
Nate is saying that Dana and Jee are the strongest advocates to boot Scott.

Allie doesn't like Scott, but doesn't want him out of the house. She thinks they should grin and bear it for another week or two so that the trust of the Elite 8 is not broken.

They agree that Dana is playing with her emotions, not her head. Jack thinks its a NY ego thing between them. Nate thinks Scott has a chemical imbalance and would have already had a fight with him if they were out of the house.

Jul 12 2003 14:14, Sat MOtree   Link
Nathan is talking to Ek, and Jk about Scott
and how do they feel about Dn using the veto and putting Scott up because he is irritating everyone so much. (more coming)

Jul 12 2003 14:22, Sat valentine   Link
Sly Nate
Nate breaks up the bedroom powwow. He is sly, making a HUGE point of saying he didn't want to go behind Erica and Jack's back without checking with them first.

He must be counting the votes for the final.

Now Erica and Jack remain in the BR. "Dana is a problem", Jack says and Erica agrees. They think Nate did the right thing about checking with them.

Allison is on another feed, dabbing at Justin's chest with rubbing alcohol?? Looks intimate, but I can't hear cause I'm listening to Erica whisper to Jack.

Erica thinks Dana is just as bad as Scott. Jack is worried about Dana as well. There was some talk about Jun being smart, but being as emotional as Scott.

Jack: "Jun just kind of sits in the corner and puts lotion on herself. She can handle anything."

Allie comes in and is whispering about Dana. She doesn't like the situation.

Jul 12 2003 14:25, Sat Sunflake   Link
Nathan confronts Erika & Jack about getting rid of Scott...
Nathan went into the Desert Room to talk to Erkia & Jack about how he knows they have the original 8 alliance, but he is doing all he can to prevent Dana from using the Veto to put Scott in. Alison is there too. Nathan is feeling them out. He doesn't want to go against the original 8, but the girls feel threatened by Scott. Jack says he's tried to talk to Scott about his behavior. Nathan feels Scott's apologies aren't genuine and that people are stressing about his behavior. Erika suggests waiting until next week's HOH and letting someone else (an ex) put Scott up. Nathan stresses them being unanimous about it if Scott gets put up, he doesn't want to go against what he promised. Nathan claims control of Michelle. Jack wants to give Scott more time after he talks to him again. Erika is worried that if Scott is put up he won't get voted out and will stay. Nate reassures her that won't happen.
They keep discussing pros and cons. Alison votes for doing nothing and letting things ride as they are. Everyone is worried about losing credibility by going against Scott. Nate complains Dana is breathing down his back but he wanted to be honest with them and didn't want to do anything behind anyone's back. They leave the room having agreed not to do anything this week and Nate getting advice on how to handle Dana.

Feed stays with Erika & Jack.....they see this as a problem and so is Dana's agressiveness. Jack gives Nate props for doing the right thing and keeping his word. Erika is surprised at how emotional Dana is and feels she is just as bad as Scott by letting her emotions get the best of her. There is serious tension between Scott & Dana. Alison returns to the Desert Room. She is unhappy with Dana's insistance to get rid of Scott. Jack tells Alison how loyal Scott has been - in comparison to Dana wanting to break the original 8 to get rid of Scott. Erika says everyone feels Dana can't be trusted and if she used the Veto, she's done. Jack is happy about Alison's attitude.

Gonna switch over to Jun and Dana in HOH.....

Jul 12 2003 14:27, Sat valentine   Link
Bedroom Whispers
Allie is still whispering to Erica and Jack.

She tells them that Nate has already told Dana that the house perception is that she is way too close to David and Justin. (We already know that Allie is very upset about Dana's relationship with Justin.)

Erica: "she's done. its over for her."

Jack is saying that Justin is too strong a player. They need Scott just for the sheer numbers when voting. Jack thinks he's very intuitive and necessary for the game.

Now Dana came in the tension is so thick. She said she wants to know what is going on and she is very nervous. She wants to do what's best for the group and seems to be losing her cool. I think she can feel that she is out of the loop on this.

More to come...

Jul 12 2003 14:28, Sat Del   Link
Well, the original 8 starts to shatter
Not a word-for-word transcription.

Nathan enters a room with Ericka, Jack and Michelle.

Nathan claims to be true to the plan of the original 8 -- but some of the girls are having problems with Scott. They feel physically intimidated by him, and are scared of his actions.

Dana has said that she wants Scott out badly, because of his actions, and he's been calling her a bitch and things to her face.

Jack asks for examples.

Nathan gives him a few -- his fight with Jun, his antics, etc.

Jack says he didn't know a few of those things. He says he's tried to calm Scott down, but Scott doesn't listen.

They discuss the Original 8 theory, but Nate says that some tension -- huge tension -- has been generated because of the guy.

Nate says that he used to have a problem with anger and temper, but he's learned to control it. Scott doesn't seem to have learned that lesson.

Either Alison or Ericka brings up the point that, perhaps, they don't have to deal with this, depending on how POV goes or the HOH election goes. They say its a whole day-and-a-half away, which is like forever in BB time.

brief FOTH.

They continue the discussion, and they sort of agree that if Scott gets elected by one of the Exes, that they just don't do anything to save him.

They discuss voting strategy, and nathan says that even though they'd only be 7, they don't have to worry about Michelle, because he has her in his pocket.

Jack then volunteers to talk to Scott again, to try and get him to control his actions.

They then go over the machinations of the vote.

Jack asks Nathan that if Dana and Jun weren't so enthusiastic about getting Scott out, would this be a factor? Nathan says no, not really, he could stand him -- but maybe not stand him in a few weeks.

Alison says she's not too comfortable with breaking their pact, and that they should just wait a week to see who wins HOH, and see if the situation takes care of itself.

Nathan says perhaps they are right, because who knows what will happen.

The girls then bring up that perhaps its Jun that has the problem, because she's not acting logically, only emotionally.

They then discuss that perhaps Scott has a chemical imbalance.

A lot of cross-conversation goes on, with jack saying that their biggest threat is Justin, and that he's the one that really has to go, because he's the biggest threat.

Nathan sums it up by saying he just wanted to discuss this, because everyone has an issue with it, and that he wanted to get it out in the open. They agree to leave things as they are, and see how things happpen. "everything happens for a reason"

Jack says -- hey, we've got to be cool. Its only been a week, and already we're trying to eat our young. We need to relax and see how things go.

Nathan leaves.

Jack and Ericka converses.

Jack expounds that its just Dana and Jun pressuring Nathan, and that they are way too emotional about the whole scott issue.

jack says that he doesn't care that Dana is giving him orders -- he doesn't care and it furthers the game.

Ericka says that she is a very strong player, and that something something in whispers.

lots of whispering
E - Dana just has got to go. She's just as bad as Scottie in her actions, but not as manic.
J - well, Scott pisses Jun off, and she just goes away and sits in the corner, and puts lotion on herself. That kind of hurts her game position.

Alison comes in... And my feeds reload! Dammit!

OK. Back.

A: I don't want to break my work on this, but its Jun and Dana...

J - But its just Scott, when he says "***** you" to her face, and she can't handle a guy doing that.


J - I do want to say that in the conversations I've had with Scott, he's just so damn funny I'd like to keep him around...

whisper whisper...

J - and he's such a physical presence that in competitions, he's great to have.....

whisper whisper...

A or E - I'm just not comfortable having him around when nomiations happen...

whisper whisper...

A - scotts antics.... you know I've been asked about it in the diary room...

E - Dana.. is not to be trusted... whisper...

whisper whisper.......

Something about someone not being trusted -- one of the females, I think.

Jack - Nate is a guy that has worth. He's got core beliefs, and is crucial in competition. he's the only one that could beat Justin in competition..

girls - We need scott there to beat Justin too... otherwise, Justin will win....

Something about Scott being very intuitive, and picking the winner of HOH right after the rules were announced.

Dana comes in -- Says everything that has been said before, and says how uncomfortable she is around scott.

J - Who gives a rat's ass about who gets on who's nerves? We need him for competitions. He's very intuitive, and figures stuff out.

D - I would be embarrased to go on with him... He's got this vile thing going on-- some times he can be great, but he's vile all the time.

whisper whisper whisper...

D - the poor girl is miserable -- just miserable...

whisper whisper...

I'm done. Its circular logic now.

Jul 12 2003 14:29, Sat Sunflake   Link
Dana arrives in the Desert Room to give her side...
..and says she wants to honor the original 8. Jack says it doesn't matter how Scott acts, they need him. He isn't bothered by Scott. Dana feels he is vile. She says she wouldn't use the veto unless someone told her to use it. Jack says they have to be 8 strong to beat Justin.
They change to talk of turtles....

Jul 12 2003 14:31, Sat Phantom   Link
Nat talks strategy to Alison, Jack and Erica in the Sand Box.
(I came in late.) Talk of Scott being put up through POV and him being gone without question. Nat says that Scott has already gone off on Dana today. Jack asks for Alison's opinion (she hasn't spoken) She wants him out but she is uncomfortable with breaking the original alliance and what that will do to them all. She can live with him for another week or so. They sort of agree to leave it all for now and to let others (Justin) do it for them. Jack and Erica both quickly agree that they think they can trust Scott (Nat asked directly). They think that he might be able to contribute to their (the 8) victory. Jack advises that it's only been a week and we're already eating our young. If we just stick together, we will be OK.

They (E&J) thank Nat for coming to them, then privately think that it will work out. Dana is an early target once the Ex's are gone because she is unstable. They think that others in the harem will support that. Alison comes back in alone and says she wants to stay with the plan. She speaks against Dana's unreliability and instability. They agree that Justin is the most important target and that Scott will help/support that goal. Now concern about Dana getting too close to Justin. Dana is too aggressive, says Erica, and they agree. Repeat that we need Scott to beat Justin at the critical competitions coming up. Dana arrives and things get quiet. Dana agrees that they have to honour the original plan, but Scott makes her so uncomfortable. Erica suggests that her going after Scott could make her a target. Dana says no. Jack repeats that they need to tolerate Scott because they need him - plus, he is funny and very intuitive about people and competitions. Erica breaks it up by saying to Jack, "Shall we turtle?" All leave the room.

Jul 12 2003 14:31, Sat valentine   Link
Nervous Dana
Dana is nearly bug-eyed in her bikini and towel as she discusses the situation with Jack, Erica and Allie. She says she knows she curses a lot (!) and is not the best person, but she wouldn't go back to NY if she didn't get him out of there.

They go out to the kitchen, where David is standing in shorts and a hat, eating chips. Allie comes up behind him and embraces him, saying please let me touch your abs, as she strokes his stomach from behind.

David says, "I'll trade them for your tits." (yes, he said that).

Allie laughs and makes him repeat it a few times. Daddy's Little Girl.

Jul 12 2003 14:35, Sat Sunflake   Link
Dana returns to Jun in HOH....
but is whispering so softly I can't hear much.

Dana senses something is up and after whispering, says she's going to go confront that "muthaf8cka". She goes out to the kitchen and then over to Nathan who is lying on the floor behind the couch on his back. They talk of "doing abs". She stands over him whispering, and whispers back about what he said to Erika & Jack. He tells her to come down and sit, she does. He says to her it's all good. Jee and some others are sitting on the couch, just a few feet away, they're in this big room with everyone, whispering strategy behind the couch. A little obvious?

Jul 12 2003 14:45, Sat valentine   Link
Dana on the Warpath
Dana talks to Nate on the floor while he is doing situps behind the couch. I can't hear what he said, but she got the scoop about his conversation with Jack and Erica.

She went outside and is talking to Erica, who is wearing her tiny polka dot bikini with white platform flip flops. Erica is saying she's sorry Dana hates Scott, but he needs to stay in the house to honor the original agreement.

David came over and barged in the conversation. He commented on Erica's shoes, "you're already nine feet tall, why do you need those?"

He reiterated what everyone else is telling Dana, to calm down and not to rock the boat.

Scott comes out and all coversation stops. He says he's going to take a nap and heads in the direction of the hammock.

Dana: "Another nap? Are you sure you're not sick?"
Scott: as he walks away "I'm mentally sick."

Jul 12 2003 14:48, Sat valentine   Link
David and FOTH
David can't seem to help himself from singing. A little song that went something like this:

"my friends got a girlfriend and he hate's that bitch"

Over and over until we get FOTH, which actually sounds a lot better.

Jul 12 2003 14:53, Sat valentine   Link
Nate and Jun in HOH Room
Jun is bundled up on the round bed, laying on her tummy and talking in a dull monotone.

Nate is laying on his stomach, eating something, and filling her in all the recent conversations.

Now Dana, who just can't stand being part of every conversation, runs in and jumps on the bed, practically on June.

Dana: "Girl, you smell so pretty"

Jun is bummed that Scott won't be going. "he's so f'in unbearable and he knows it."

Nathan is saying he would like to get rid of Erica next week.

Dana whispers, "i think we're fine."

Nate says he would never trust Erica or Scott and wants them out of the house.

So Nate has been telling some tall tales to everyone.

Lying, good-looking country boy.

Jul 12 2003 14:57, Sat valentine ParentRootLink
Nate and Dana say they need to start spending time with Jack and Erica to keep their enemies close.

Jun: "Do I have to talk to Erica??"

Dana: "you don't have to overkill it"

Nate to Jun: "I'm sorry to wake you up honey"

Dana: "are you kidding? you made her life."

Jul 12 2003 15:06, Sat Anonymous   Link
Dana, June, Jee, Alison, Scot telling "most embarrassing" stories. NT

Jul 12 2003 15:06, Sat Anonymous ParentRootLink
Sorry, Amanda not Dana NT

Jul 12 2003 15:08, Sat valentine   Link
Oh Boy Its Getting Good
A bunch of HG are lazing around the kitchen and living room.

David starts to tell his most embarassing moment. He says he was with some chick and couldn't get it up. He says he was tired and taking some medication.

Jee: "hey man what were you taking? I need to know so that never happens to me." lots of laughter.

Allie: "Robert, what was your most embarassing moment?"

Robert: I hope you're all up for this. I went out and got hammered and hooked up with some older lady. We went home and fu**ked, everything was cool. In the morning, I called her the wrong name, no big deal, but then I started looking at her. I think she may have been a man before.

Lots of laughter.

Robert: I don't know, she just looked like it, and she had an adopted child.

No one really knew what to say to that.

Amanda: I peed my pants when I was in grade school.

David: I was eating a McDonalds Bacon, Egg and Cheese biscuit and I dropped it and slipped, falling and landing right on it.

They are having fun now.

Allie: I was on a vacation and me and a friend went parasailing. At some point, the boat turns off the engine so that you dip down into the water and then the boat cranks up again and you go back up. Well when the engine went off I was so scared I started peeing all over myself and my best friend.

Jul 12 2003 15:19, Sat valentine   Link
Its Just all Too Much for Young Nate
He goes into his HOH room and plops down, wearing only shorts, laying on this back on the groovy round bed.

And yes, he's reading his trusy Bible and probably thinking about all the lies he told in the last hour. Jesus help me.

There's a little table next to the bed, behind him, that holds a bright blue coffee mug, and a silver martini shaker.

I guess the cameramen can't take it, and the feed changes.

Jul 12 2003 15:22, Sat valentine   Link
Lots of Caressing in the Living Room
Amanda is cuddling Justin and stroking him idly.

David is sitting straight and stroking Allies, head. She's slumped against him, looking like she's sleeping.

Now she's sitting up, eating chips.

Erica is washing dishes in the kitchen.

Oh, and people, all of them are half naked in swimsuits.

Jul 12 2003 16:53, Sat talcman ParentRootLink
wearing swimsuits
they keep wearing their swimsuits so they don't have to do laundry.

Jul 12 2003 15:32, Sat KimM   Link
David and Dana lie together in the hammock. He's slowing caressing her bare stomach as they talk. She looks quite happy. NT

Jul 12 2003 15:35, Sat KimM   Link
Nate and Ali lie on the HOH bed. He reads the bible with one leg over hers.
Now he reads a bit out loud to her "two will become of one flesh..."

(ed. LOL)

Jul 12 2003 15:35, Sat BB4_SC   Link
Nate in HOH rm reading bible to Michelle NT

Jul 12 2003 15:38, Sat Peachy720 ParentRootLink
It's Alison NT

Jul 12 2003 15:38, Sat valentine   Link
Allie bounces from one man to another,
as she gets up from snuggling with David on the couch, to going in to Bible Boy Nathan, who still lays there with his Bible open on his lap. He says he is enjoying reading and using his brain.

She is pouting and trying to get his attention.

Nate: What's on your mind.

Allie: Nothing, just thinking. (Huhhhh. Heavy breathing.)I'm sorry, I'm leaving a wet spot on your bed.

(Its a good thing I can type while I'm rolling my eyes.)

Allie: I hate this house. Everyone keeps running into the HOH room, up in your face.

Nathan laughs. "not everybody"

Allie: What about me? Am I special?

Nate: No

Allie: That's what I thought.

Now she's trashing Dana and all her drama again. She thinks that if they can wait until Erica and Scott are gone they are in the clear. Nathan thinks Dana hates him and that he is stabbing her in the back.

Allison: I want some meat.

Nathan: What is your favorite book in the Bible?

Allie: Welllll.....I can't say that I have one.

Nathan: Mine is Revelations. I've read it twice. I just like it, I don't know why.

Nathan: We just have to stick together, and not turn on each other.

Allie: How many alliances do you have?

Nathan: Too Many. Then laughs. No, really just one, and I'm sticking to it. How about you?

Allie: Just one.

Nathan: Let's just stick to the plan and I guarantee everything will work out. (Lets' remember that you guys.)

Nathan, after a long quiet moment: I don't know too much about Corinthians.

Allie: I thought you read the whole thing twice. (sarcastically--obviously she wanted more attention from him)

Nathan: No, just the book of Revelations, twice.

Now he is reading a Bible passage about having sex with a prostitute. Allison makes him repeat it. Now she looks up and at the page, interested for the first time in this book called the Bible.

He tells her she needs to read verse #18 and she tells him to shut up.

Now he is laying on his stomach reading. She takes off the towell and throws it on the floor, getting under the covers with him.

Allie: Read me more.


Nathan: Have you ever been baptized before?

Allie: Yes, and you? (with sarcasm)

Nathan: Yes

Allie: Have you ever been confirmed?

Nathan: Uh huh.

Allie: Why are you trying to make me feel bad?

Nathan: I'm not.

Now she's playing with his underarms, trying desparately to get him to pay her some attention.

(Ed note: she is such a psycho.)

Jul 12 2003 15:45, Sat KimM   Link
The view from the quad cam.....
F1: Nate and ali in bed, very close
F2: another view of N &A
F3: Close-up of David's hand on Dana's stomach as they lie in the hammock.
F4: A roaming view of D & D. At one point hre camera has is almost looking up her skirt. Lots of focusing on her feet.

Audio is N & A. Not very interesting.

Jul 12 2003 15:46, Sat valentine   Link
Nathan Laying it On Thick
Still in the HOH bed with Allie nuzzling up to him, begging for attention.

He's still reading the Good Book, and the room is silent.

Nathan: I think it would be neat to be related to Jesus.

Allie: Oh, I think we're all related to Jesus somehow.

Nathan: No, I mean really related.

Allie: You mean like immediate family.

With that, Nathan says he's tired and puts his head down.

Allie: This is so, like, the most comfortable bed in the house. Do you mind?

Nathan: No.

Allie: I can leave if you want me to.

Nathan: I'm so ready to get out of the HOH room. Its too stressful and I don't want to be in the middle of everything.

Nathan: (whispering) I'll just let Justin think he's running the show.

Allie: He's always the dictator.

(Ed Note: They seem to think that Justin will get HOH just because they want him to.)

Jul 12 2003 15:57, Sat Quench   Link
What would you do if you won the money
Nathan I am a giver not a taker - I would retire with the $500,000. Buy my parents new cars. Or I could get my real estate licsence and go into real estate with my dad or maybe start my own business

Alison would give some of her money to a woman's shelter.

June and Michelle come in..

Nathan now reads the Money is the root of all evil from the bible to the captive audience.

Jun makes a comment about how the money won't plop down infront of them. Oh I better stop this is bringing out the Sunday school teacher in me. She gets up does a dance and sings "I'm going to let it shine" and no FOTH. (Church songs are allowed!?! )

Jul 12 2003 16:16, Sat Phantom   Link
Dana and Michele in the HOH plot.
"If one of us gets HOH, we put up Erica and Scott and make sure that we get one of them". They both really don't like Erica and think that she is false.

Jul 12 2003 16:21, Sat Phantom   Link
Strange that Jun and Dana were in the bath plotting and whispering.
Jun made a point of holding up her mike and whispering directly into it. I still couldn't hear her very well. Dana was sort of doing the same. They must have been spoken to about mike etiquette. All I caught was that someone (a he) wouldn't have told them anything if they hadn't asked him directly.

Jul 12 2003 16:53, Sat Bert   Link
Mi jogging around yard, Ja, Na and Rob shooting hoops. Sc & Justin sleeping. Dana & Erika getting ready to hit punching bag. NT

Jul 12 2003 16:57, Sat Bert   Link
Dana teaching Erika how to box. Jee joined basketball game. NT

Jul 12 2003 17:09, Sat Bert   Link
Ja appears to be preparing to do laundry. Da & Erika stopped boxing - too hot. Mich working out wi/ weights. Na, Jee & Rob still shooting hoops. NT

Jul 12 2003 17:15, Sat Bert   Link
Ali Da & Mich scheming at kitchen table. Saying they want Erika & Scott to go up next ...
Dana & Ali complaining that BB wakes them up early when there's nothing to do. Whispering & FOTH, then outside. Then see Na in DR. Jee appears to be the only one left shooting hoops.

Jul 12 2003 17:21, Sat Bert   Link
All 4 feeds on Da & Na at kitchen table. General chit chat. Ali in DR. Na asked DR about his laundry ...
He won't get it back until Monday. Says that's too long for two loads. Now Mich in kitchen with them saying how she wishes her face was this tan (as her stomach I believe). Ali out of DR.

Jul 12 2003 17:30, Sat Bert   Link
All feeds outside, Da jumping robe, Ali doing laundry, Erika in pool. NT

Jul 12 2003 17:41, Sat reggie   Link
Mundane time: Ali doing laundry, Jee sitting in hammock, Dv jumping rope, Ja shaving, Na please put on your microphone. NT

Jul 12 2003 17:41, Sat Bert   Link
Da & Ali talking about Na. Da complaining that he took her towel for his shower. Took it right from under ...
her folded clothes. She said he doesn't know who he's f*cking with. Na comes out and she asks him about it. He said he thought they were sharing. She told him maybe Jun doesn't mind that sh*t, but it's not OK with her. BB says Na please put on your microphone. Ali doing laundry.

Jul 12 2003 17:42, Sat ClueLiss   Link
brief shot of erika in tub with bikini top on. Laundry, and Dave jumping rope. NT

Jul 12 2003 17:42, Sat reggie   Link
Na to DR NT

Jul 12 2003 17:52, Sat Bert   Link
Dan & Ali complaining about Na while washing laundry. Dan seems PO'd that Na talked about her in the desert room with Ja, Er & Ali. NT

Jul 12 2003 17:54, Sat Bert   Link
All feeds in kitchen where Jun is giving Am a pedicure. NT

Jul 12 2003 18:04, Sat Bert   Link
Am just said she can't imagine getting back with Sc, unless he dragged her into a cave like a caveman. She said she doesn't want to be a b*tch on ...
national TV and embarrass him.

Jul 12 2003 18:26, Sat Bert   Link
Da & Jun whispering in one of the bedrooms. I think Da is complaining more about Nat. She was threatening to expose him to Erika and Jack. Now ...
Da is complaining again that Nat took her folded, clean towel out from under her folded clothing to use for his shower. She says he thinks he's hot sh*t. Now she's saying that they have to let Jus know that Nat is big time competition. I missing lots of what's being said.

Jul 12 2003 18:26, Sat Quench   Link
Dana and Jun whispering
Basic gist is about Dana not using the Veto because it would make her look like the bad guy

But she is pissed off at Scott( I believe) but she doesn't want to use it at this time. can't see Jun's face to read her lips

Jul 12 2003 18:27, Sat bruhe   Link
is the harem crumbling?
dana and jun whispering very well... but im picking up snippets about the veto and how dana didnt even think about the veto this morning until nathan came to her to try to order her. words said like "i dont care how freakin hot he is..." "hes too cocky"... they get up... it was hard to follow these people... but i think it was about nathan trying to manuever the veto decision.

Jul 12 2003 18:28, Sat Bert   Link
Just heard Dan suggest to Jun that Ali is worried about boys vs. girls. That maybe they should get rid of Jee instead of Am NT

Jul 12 2003 18:29, Sat bruhe   Link
robert and david were rating the girls... and dana heard them lol. they denied it NT

Jul 12 2003 18:31, Sat Bert   Link
Mi & Just playing cards on the couch. Ali, Am & Jun on the couch too. Mi is explaing the card game to Justin. Ro & Dv outside. NT

Jul 12 2003 18:34, Sat Bert   Link
Rob to Dv, on the outside world would you date any of these girls? Dv says no. Maybe just some booty calls. NT

Jul 12 2003 18:36, Sat Bert   Link
Dv said all the cool chicks are in Fla. Most of the women he meets in CA only want to get coked up. NT

Jul 12 2003 18:42, Sat Bert   Link
Dv said he's like to be a firefighter. The pay and schedule would allow him to do his own thing. He's now talking about how the Air Nat'l Guard ...
pays tuition. How some units pay more than others, and how they pay for good schools.

Rob just said his parents are millionaires. Dv says he wants to race cars eventually.

Jul 12 2003 18:47, Sat Quench   Link
Erika taking the turtle out for a walk. NT

Jul 12 2003 18:50, Sat Quench   Link
For those not on Quad. David Singing bam all four feeds FOTH NT

Jul 12 2003 18:55, Sat Quench   Link
Talking about us. Alison saying are they just watching us do this?
Justin saying yes they are also doing other things. Like watching the girls and j**king o**

Alison - Oh thanks for the visualization

Now talking about each other's buttocks

Jul 12 2003 18:58, Sat valentine   Link
Shooting the Breeze
Jack, Robert,Erica and David sitting around shooting the breeze.

Jack likes Bruce Springsteen--he just saw him play in Birmingham in November. He would love to see Paul McCartney someday--he was a big Beatles fan and grew up listening to Elvis.

A few minutes ago, Robert and David were talking nasty about the women in the house. I don't remember it word for word, but basically:

1. They ranked the women in the house for beauty. David ranked Michelle low because she is "all about makeup". He said she "wears a gallon of it."
2. They ranked the women according to who they would "like to just pound". This was Robert's idea and his #1 was Dana, then Michelle, Allison, June and Amanda.
3. Robert then asked David if he would date any of the women outside the house. They both said no.
4. Robert then asked David to pick pieces of each woman in the house to put together a new one. Then Erica walked up and put an end to that conversation.

Jack's oldest son is 37 and is a surfer. He lives on the beach in Mexico with his wife and 2 kids. Travels all over the world to surf. One time two banditos held a gun to his son's head but all his son had was his surfboard. He talked his way out of it. Good Spanish speaker.

Jack used to have an old VW van--his son drove up and down the East Coast in it, living in it and working as a chef. He worked summers as a chef in a resort in Kill Devil, NC.

(Ed Note: Jack sounds like a cool dad that let his son follow his heart.)

Jul 12 2003 19:07, Sat Quench   Link
Justin explanation for the socks
He says he puts his socks on first right after a shower because if he puts on this undershorts before putting on socks he can contract bacteria on his feet that would be past onto the inside of his shorts and he could get jock-itch.

And since he has been showering in locker rooms for the past 4 years that it has become habit.

Alison laughs along with Jun, Amanda, and Michelle

Jul 12 2003 19:14, Sat valentine   Link
Jack Breaking it Down for Scott
Scott has been sleeping most of the afternoon, just like yesterday. (It must be getting to him.) He says he feels bored and weak.

Jack is encouraging him--telling him that he is fun to be around and that he is a valuable part of the team. Jack is paraphrasing the morning's strategy sessions with Nate, and Nate's concerns about Scott's solidarity.

Scott is explaining his little fight with Jun (I didn't see it.) He thinks Jun is projecting her feelings about other people in the house on him. Scott says he is sticking with the initial program and no one should worry.

He is sitting outside shaving the hair on his arms with an electric clipper. (Earlier, Nathan told Allie he shaves his legs and arms every 2 to 3 days--where do they get these people??)

Scott also said he threw his feelings about Amanda out there for the world to hear, and that's a little upsetting. (Amanda talked about this with Jun during a pedicure about an hour ago. Basically, she has moved on and is entertained by Scott's professions of love, but isn't interested. She doesn't want to hurt him on camera, and will wait to tell him after this is over. Hey Amanda: You are on camera, babe.)

Scott thinks Jack will be the next HOH. Why he thinks that, he didn't say.

Jack has done his laundry and is waiting for it to dry. Scott, wearing one of his trademark skullcaps, is really going to town on his left forearm with the shaver.

Scott doesn't have a computer, but is planning to get one. He just uses his money for other things. He goes to Kinko's to use a computer--that's how he applied for the show. He went to the website and printed out the application form.

Jack suggested he go to the library to use the computer, but Scott didn't seem to be inspired by that idea.

Jack is asking a lot of questions. Kind of a father-son type conversation.

(Ed Note: I hope these kids don't forget that Jack is a G-Man. I bet he has a mind like a steel trap.)

Jul 12 2003 19:22, Sat valentine   Link
Jack and Scott on Dana
Jack continues his interrogation session with Scott by bringing up his issues with Dana.

Jack told him that Erica walked in on Dana and Justin having a whispered talk.

Scott: Oh fu** yeah. The two of them are in cahoots big time. That doesn't surprise me.

Jack circles back around and says that solidary and shoring each other up would be best right now. They discuss the way Scott keeps calling Dana the Man Troll and how disrespectful he is to her.

Scott says that once Amanda is gone, he will feel better in the house. Jack asked him if he thinks he will cross paths with her. Scott says I don't think so. He says that people think Chicago is a big town, but its really a small community. She is a manager at one of the three Whiskey Blues bars in Chicago, and he goes to a different location then the one she works at.

Scott waits tables at the Chicago Chop House, and Amanda never comes in.

Jack asks if she dresses nice. Scott says yes, she always looks beautiful and is so classy. The Whiskey Blues people like her type--smart, funny, beautiful. Scott says the man that gets her will be a lucky guy.

(Jack is so smart to give Scott an outlet to discuss this sort of thing. You can see his FBI and parental training coming into play. I expect Scott to spill his guts and confess to a crime any minute.)

Jul 12 2003 19:29, Sat Peachy720   Link
Robert tells Justin to talk to Ali about not getting so "tight" with the girls!! NT

Jul 12 2003 19:31, Sat Quench   Link
Robert, Jee, Justin
Talking about why Nathan didn't put Scott up they don't understand why he didn't do it. And Dana should use or it's a waste of time.

Robert telling Justin to talk to Ali and not for her to get close to the girls like in a couple of weeks. Because it would make Rob and Justin stronger if she was with them.

Jee silently laying in the hammock taking it all in.

Guys doing laundry as this chat happening

Jee to the DR


Jul 12 2003 19:31, Sat valentine   Link
Oh Boy. Justin and Jee in the Yard.
Justin is wringing out his wash with his hands, standing in the yard. I can hear Jee, but I can't see him. I think he just woke up on the hammock.

Justin: I wonder what Jack and Scott were talking about over there. They were talking to each other for a loooooonnnng time.

Jee: Oh, I don't know. I just woke up.

Now Robert came over and is pacing around near Justing, dropping the F-Bomb every third word. Jee asked Robert if it ever rains in LA and there is a general discussion about why people live in bad weather cities.

Jee: Erica and Jack are plotting big time. They are definitely up to something. I think Nate should step the fu** up and put an end to this.

Justin: Yeah, there has to be a reason why Nate doesn't want to use the veto. There is something going on big time. I think he has way too many alliances.

Jee: That is going to backfire on him.

Justin: Oh it will! It will! That is the worst thing that you can do coming into this house.

Robert thinks that Erica and Jack will get stronger by pulling Allie over to their side in the coming weeks. They are very suspicious about the whole Jack-Scott conversation, and about Nate.

(Ed Note: This is ironic, because Jack was asking Scott questions about his life and the way he feels, and how he should conduct himself with people in the house. Not game stuff at all, people stuff.)

Jul 12 2003 19:40, Sat valentine   Link
All Cameras in the House. Michelle-Cam on 2 Feeds.
She's sitting on the couch, with her arms crossed, pouting and watching the adults in the kitchen. She has on Allies denim mini-skirt and heels. (Earlier, Jun kind of made fun of her for the way she was dressed. You could tell that if she wasn't in the house, Jun would have ripped her apart.)

You could hear, but not see, Jack talking to Dana about Nate. It sounded like he was giving her a pep talk about sticking to the original alliance.

Scott has now moved to the BR and is performing his shaving ritual on his shoulders and back. Allie was finishing up after her shower and it looked like she was trying to hurry and get her things out of his way, away from the sink, before he got hair all over everything.

Now he's using a Bic razor on his stomach and inside his shorts. Gross.

Nate just walked in to get something off the shelf area and Scott grabs him and starts mumbling to him. Unfortunately Allie is blowdrying and I can't hear very well.

All I heard was "Nate, never doubt me buddy." And Nate gave one of his patented yeah sure okay type responses. Not too sincere.

(Ed Note: Sorry girls, but I don't think Nate will be in the house by the time August comes around. Just a hunch.)

Scott: I need a Starbucks Mochachinno.

Allie: Oh man, that sounds good.

Back to the blowdryer.

Jul 12 2003 19:46, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
More of Rob and Justin
Rob and Justin having a heart to heart on f#. Robert is really quextioning why they are voting Amanda out "What is the reason...she's nice...diplomatic...and so hot!" He then talked about how Dave and him bot agreed earlier she was the hottest one in the house.

Rob: I told her, I felt so, so bad for her. She doesn't deserve this!

Rob likes Jee too..."he's got our back 100%"

Rob: (also on Jee) He's playing it right...when I'm talking to someone he walks away.

The gist is they seem to know as the Exs they are targets. But Rob says to Justin "right now, the X factor is working your way" - that Justin has a good relationship with Alison.

Basically, I think Rob is trying to feel out Justin to see if there is a movement to veto Amanda and put up Scott.

And then Alison comes out Justin: "Did you ever feel he has too many alliances?" Alison: "Yes!! With all but two people here."

Lots going on all of a sudden!

Jul 12 2003 19:51, Sat valentine   Link
Shallow Time
Michelle and Nate both stand in the hallway and stare at themselves in the reflection.

Both are messing with their hair and striking little poses, talking about their tans and future tanning plans.

Jun is making dinner, as usual, and looks dressed up in a short khaki skirt with a white peasant shirt and low kitten heels. (She said earlier that she put them on to compete/keep up with Michelle, who put on heels before she did.)

Michelle is lurking around, and getting in Jun's way I think. Still talking about how much sun she got.

Michelle: Heat is, like, exfoliating from my body right now.

Jun: Exfoliating??? Really?

Jack: We're with you Michelle. What about heat radiating?

Michelle: Oh, yeah. I'm sorry, I just felt like saying something like that.

(Ed Note: Ha ha ha ha. Jun is just holding it in. Her DR's may be better than Will's if she really lets go in there.)

Michelle: You know what's really good?? Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

Jun: I know. Thanks for reminding us.

Jul 12 2003 19:52, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Dave and Rob earlier rating the women...
Around 5:00 PST. They were reating from 1-6 who they thought was hottest, who they would date outside the show, who they would just bang. Dave's #1 was Michelle "just 'cause...the buildup!" They both actually agreed that the most attractive woman in the house is Amanda.

At one point in the convo Dana came out and clued into the rating game they were playing. They played innocent, but she said "I heard one of you guys say 'Number 6' " She went in the house and both the guys just laughed.

Rob came off rather slimy here with his question "No, who would you just bend over and f**k?" (Michelle was #2 on his list of the six in this catagory...perv!)

Jul 12 2003 20:03, Sat valentine   Link
Jun and Michelle are in the kitchen.
Jun is stirring up two pots of what looks like red sauce.

Michelle is just standing there, watching, and the two of them are whispering real low, talking about one of the women in the house.

They are saying that they now don't trust someone, and they were naive and trusting. They might be friends with her outside the house, but they can't now.

Who??? Who??? I know they aren't crazy about Erica to begin with, so I don't think its her.

Its either Dana or Allison, or maybe Amanda. Did Amanda do something to offend?

Tension feels very high in the house. The honeymoon is over.

Jul 12 2003 20:12, Sat valentine ParentRootLink
OK. Its Amanda.
She has apparently upset Dana and Jun somehow. I think by talking about them behind their backs.

Dana said that she said she looked like a Man. ???

I don't know why Jun is mad at her.

And I don't know how Dana found this out. I think its a ploy so that Dana isn't tempted to use her veto.

Because they are saying, don't worry about her, she's gone. Its over.

Jul 12 2003 21:02, Sat Watch It ParentRootLink
what Amanda did
I heard a small part of this, when Jack was in the conversation. Dana said that Amanda told her that Scott is talking about people behind their backs, and saying Scott called Dana a man or a man troll. Dana and Jack seemed to both agree that Amanda only said it because she was getting desperate, being up this week. Dana said she didn't know whether to believe it or not, and she said something to effect of letting it go.

Jul 12 2003 20:03, Sat valentine   Link
OK. Dinner is tomato soup and baked potatoes with cheese sauce. NT

Jul 12 2003 20:08, Sat Bert   Link
Mich says, "Like I didn't work out before I came in here and now I'm working out so it's like, a good thing." NT

Jul 12 2003 20:13, Sat Sunflake   Link
F1 : Michelle is bored to tap dancing in the kitchen....
she is just standing around watching Jun cook. Eventually she offers to actually stir something. The girl just doesn't know what to do with herself.
Robert comes in and Michelle expresses her concern over his lack of protein and proceeds to feed him two peanuts. He goes outside.

Jun continues cooking.
F2: David playing cards with Amanda on couches. Switches to a long shot of girls cooking
F3 & F4: shots of Jack, Erika & Robert talking outside.

Dana comes in the kitchen and starts whispering with the girls, she is still ticked off about Scott calling her a "man troll", she wants to confront the person who they heard it from. (Amanda??) She notices Jun and Michelle's disinterest and says, "i'm over was so 5 minutes ago."

Jun continues cooking, Dana walks away, Michelle gets stuck in the carpet with her shoe.


Jul 12 2003 20:21, Sat Sunflake   Link
F1 & 2: Amanda & Erika playing cards on couches. F3 & 4: everyone else outside talking, working out. NT

Jul 12 2003 20:31, Sat Sunflake   Link
Jun & Michelle still inside cooking, on patio...
Nate, Robert, Dana talk about how amazing Jun is throwing these dinners together. Some have never had a peanut sauce on pasta.

Jack, Alison and David are there too, conversation changes to the commercials they made for BB4 and what they had to say. Dana had to say she was from Cuba. So they talk about Cuba for a while. Alison lifts weights.

BB: "Houseguests, please raise the outside door shades" David gets up and does this.

More talk of cooking and food. David walks over and lifts weights. Jee comes out and joins the group. more food talk.

BB: "Amanda, please go to the diary room"


Jul 12 2003 20:44, Sat Sunflake   Link
F1: Jun cooking in kitchen, Scott is there too, TOTAL silence....
She's cooking pasta, can't see what he is doing. He puts silverware in a drawer and leaves. Jun continues cooking alone, very quiet.

F1 switches to group talking about avacadoes in the backyard. All 4 feeds on that now. Robert has a huge avacodo tree. Jee never knew they grew on trees, he's glad he now knows that. ;-) Dana loves them and guacamole.

Cameras switche over to Michelle, Jack & Scott talking. He has been relatively quiet since his nap and talk with Jack.Michelle talks about what she was trained to say when she worked in a restaurant. "Would you like an appetizer (4 syllables, go girl!)" and the like. They all agree they like garlic.
Michelle has her dad's eating habits, she eats all the time, she doesn't stop when she's full. Michelle likes the mugs and silverware in the house.

Jun comes out and announces that dinner is ready.

Jul 12 2003 20:58, Sat seezall   Link
Dinner has started
"Thanks " to Jun said all around. Talk about how creative for her to come up with a meal with limited ingredients. Your future husb. is going to be so lucky someone says.

Jul 12 2003 20:58, Sat Sunflake   Link
F1: Dana goes inside to eat, says to Scott, "You gonna eat?...
He says no thank you, he just had ice cream.
She goes in asking if dinner is ready and it is the best smelling food she has ever smelled.

Jee has daydreams about meat. Nate Robert & Jee agree they never thought it would be this bad without certain foods. Jee wants meat to be the first thing they go for in the next food competition. Nathan hopes it's not a team thing.

They all go in and compliment Jun on her cooking. Everyone is making up a plate and settling down to eat at the table inside. Jee says it's delicious. Jack says Jun is very inventive, by making tomato sauce out of tomato paste (ed note: Where does Jack think it comes from?)

Things quiet down as they eat, Alison has something green in her food, Jun says it's part of a potato. Amanda finally comes out of the DR and makes a plate. It's like the Waltons as they all say their "Thank you's" to Jun for cooking. Very quiet. Scott is off to the DR. Dana suggest Jun write a book about ways to cook potatoes. A female HG thinks the ice tastes funny since BB gave them some new creative trays. They figure they have 2 more days left of this.
Jee compliments Jun again and thanks her, as he clears his plate from the table.

Just your average dinner conversation, not much really, posting.

Jul 12 2003 21:06, Sat valentine   Link
Dana Complaina
Dana continues to bitch and moan about the HG's food situation. She is planning to go into the DR and demand a list of items.

*Oatmeal Cookies--she asked for these 3 days ago and has been waiting ever since. She wants to make ice creams sandwiches.
*Winning snacks and desserts does not mean a bag of chips and ice cream. She wants some dips, some cookies.

Michelle wants Baked Lays BBQ chips and a blender so she can make milkshakes. (but, they have no milk)

In the past, I have watched Dana scarf down a big bowl of Raisin Bran and then 5 minutes later complain about how hungry she is.

Jul 12 2003 21:06, Sat seezall   Link
we want our snacks!
Dana is complaining - we won snacks and dessert; that doesn't mean a bag of chips and some ice cream, What's up with that ! Talk about going into the diary room to complain to get more snacks. She his getting encouragement from the others.

Jul 12 2003 21:12, Sat Sunflake   Link
Apparently the HGs were sniffed by drug and bomb sniffing dogs before they came into the house. NT

Jul 12 2003 21:12, Sat valentine   Link
Jee's Story
Jee is sitting outside with Amanda while she smokes her after dinner cigarette. He is telling her about how he had a really bad temper growing up. He came over on a boat and didn't know much English. When he would try to speak, the other kids would make fun of him. He got in a lot of fights because he would stand up for himself and wouldn't back down.

As his language skills improved and he went to college, he learned not to be violent, and is a lot calmer now.

He said that he and Jun would have horrible fights and call each other names. "F You" "Oh yeah?? F You!!"

Then he said that she was a super giving person and very intelligent, so intelligent.

Amanda: What does she do?

Jee: Oh now? I have no idea. But back then, she was a Citibank and she was an analyst or something like that. That was when we weren't really relating very well.

(Ed Note: I have done a big turnaround on Jee. I thought he was a total zero at first, but now he has come out of his shell and seems to have a relationship with each HG. And to his credit, has not been campaigning to stay in the house.)

Jul 12 2003 21:23, Sat valentine   Link
Two of the feeds are focused on Scott, lying alone in a dark bedroom, curled up on one side.

He slept all day, and is sleeping again now.

Skipped dinner, too.

BB needs to call the shrink in to talk to him. Maybe his meds are wearing off.

Jul 12 2003 21:26, Sat valentine ParentRootLink
I guess he can hear the cameras whirr, cause he just shot double-handed birds at the camera.

Dana and Robert are talking about Three's Company and trying to remember all the names of the charactors. Robert called out to Scott to help him remember the name of the bartender at the Legal Beagle, and Scott yelled something down the hall.

Well that got Scott out of bed, and he comes into the LR to join the group.

He's telling the group in the kitchen that he's "bored, really bored" when they ask how he is.

I think they are genuinely interested and worried about him.

Jul 12 2003 21:30, Sat ktan   Link
F4 has a nice shot of the full moon. NT

Jul 12 2003 21:32, Sat valentine   Link
Full Moon
Camera 4 treats us to a beautiful shot of a full moon over the house, while in the house we hear David cursing like a sailor, apparently for no reason.

David tells Dana that he is sexually frustrated, and Scott tells him to just "go rub one out".

David says he needs someone to talk dirty to him if he is going to do that.


Jul 12 2003 21:33, Sat Sunflake   Link
Oh Scott is baaaaack....
He came into the living room after laying on the bed. They are trying to think of Tina Yother's name on Family Ties. (It's Jennifer) He make obnoxious comments about her, how she was anorexic. Then he suggests playing spin the bottle, everyone balks and he says, "aw c'mon doesn't anyone have any b#lls?"
Someone chimes in from the kitchen that Tina Yother's name was Jennifer, the FOTH.

They come back to the HG's talking about Three's Company again. Dana and Robert have been asking each other trivia questions about old tv shows. They both know waaaay too much about Three's Company.

F1- Scott, David & Amanda in living room
F2- Robert, Justin & Dana in Kitchen
F3- Jack and Erika playing chess
F4- Beautiful shot of a full moon over BB4

Jul 12 2003 21:36, Sat Aurorah   Link
Scott's telling Amanda...
that he's heard lots of stories about her after they broke up. She asks what the stories were about, and he refuses to answer. Finally, he walks away, and she asks, "Who does that?"

David is humming, and I'm now deaf by FOTH music.

Jul 12 2003 21:39, Sat Aurorah   Link
Dana and Justin and Allison in the bathroom..
..discussing about how someone wants to be the good guy. Sounds like somebody is upset about lying on this show, and Dana is talking about how lying on this show is basically required for this gig. Whomever it is that won't lie is the bible reader.

Jee joins them and tells them that Jack's playing chess outside.
Dana, "oh, that's stimulating."

Jul 12 2003 21:40, Sat Aurorah   Link
Scott gets called to the DR...
He says, "No, I don't wanna go to the Diary Room. I don't feel like going to the Diary Room. Come and get me! Can't fuckin' handle..."

Dana and someone else are jumping up and down screaming and laughing.


Jul 12 2003 21:40, Sat valentine   Link
Here We Go Again
Dana is in the BR talking to a shirtless Justin, while Allie towels off and moisturizes in the background.

She is basically trashing Nate. Saying that he is trying to play each end and that it is "cute and all to sit there and read your Bible, but this isn't f'in Oklahoma up in here".

But then she says she's not trashing him, after all.

Jul 12 2003 21:41, Sat Sunflake   Link
Scott sits down and tells Amanda he's heard "stories" about her since.....
they broke up. She continues to play cards with David and says she doesn't know what he's talking about. He gets irritated and loud and gets up and goes to the kitchen.

Feed switches to Dana b*tching to Justin & Alison in the shower area about Nate. She says she's not bashing him, and that eventually he will have to lie.
Jee comes in and they joke about some "tickey tack toe" thing.
BB: "Scott, please come to DR."
Scott: "I don't want to go. you come in and get me, you can't f*ckin handle me"....FOTH.

Jul 12 2003 22:25, Sat Phantom   Link
Scott is in ka ka.
He was throwing the yellow chairs around in the dining room and has been called to the DR. He has refused the call. "Come and get me" he says. Dana is jumping for joy at the development. I have no idea why he was doing that. I was watching the convo in the bath room when Dana heard something and went down the hall to investigate. I saw him throw the last chair and start toward the DR when called. The camera went back to Dana in excitement at the development and I could hear Scott railing at BB. "You can't handle me". All of the yellow chairs in the dinning room are tipped and spread around the area. Very interesting.

Naturally, it is now an extended FOTFH

After FOTFH, the feeds have Scott in the yard talking relatively calmly to Amanda and saying that he still wants to try it with her and thinks it could be even better. He blew up because he realizes that he can't have that.

Dana is in the kitchen explaining to anyone who will listen that it was like WW III in there and she didn't know what was going on. That he is crazy and if he and she can sit in the yard and laugh about it, then they both need to go. He broke the rules of obeying BB and of throwing stuff around, . . .

Jul 12 2003 22:26, Sat Phantom   Link
Dana continues to lecture the girls on how serious it is and they all jump on the opportunity to trash both Amanda and Scott.
From what Dana says, Scott never did go to the DR and she thinks that they are going to have to put them all on lock-down to send someone in for him. Dana is going to go to the DR and complain that she feels physical fear and wants him out. Of course, there is also that standard "it's for his own good" arguments coming out now. "This is not a healthy environment for him."

Jack and Erica in the Sand Box talking calmly about the situation and how hard it can be on some people. , but once again, when something happens, they are not there to share in it, they isolate themselves. Now they go out to the yard to talk to Amanda while Scott is in the bathroom talking to the mirror saying "do this, do that" as a complaint against BB. Amanda seems to be taking things calmly. He just can't handle himself. He feels that the show f**d him. Jack asks if she thinks that too, and she sort of does because of the surprise of the Ex factor. Jack once again sympathizes with Amanda (as he just did for Erica in the Sand Box) and says that he understands that it is hard for her and she is handling it well.

Scott did not return to the yard after the bath, but went to the LR to chat with Michelle and Dave. Now he is to the kitchen to talk about some snack food with Nat, and finally to they yard. He doesn't go over to Amanda but to the dryer area where he talks with Jack. Erica comes over to give support and to give him a hug. Erica leaves and Scott continues to chat with Jack. Finally, back to Scott and Amanda alone at the table.

Jul 12 2003 22:26, Sat Phantom   Link
Michelle talks to Dave about it all in the LR.
She is saying much the same things as the others, but she seems calm about it. "This is only day 7, imagine by day 14 or something." The rest seem to have hidden out in the bath. Jack and Erica are there now, along with Alison, Justin & Nat and others. Some come and go, but they seem to return to the bath after checking on events in they yard and LR area. Now Jack and Erica and Dave are congregated in the kitchen. Justin is primping in the bathroom mirror. Jack and Erica resume their chess game in the yard and Dana is chatting with Dave in the hammock.. I don't know where Amanda and Scott are at the moment. I sort of think that they must have gone in (perhaps to the DR together) or the others wouldn't have gone out. Yes, the camera pans the yard and Scott and Amanda are no where to be seen.

Jul 12 2003 22:27, Sat Sunflake   Link
Scott curses at BB, won't go to DR...
Scott sits down and tells Amanda he's heard "stories" about her since they broke up. She continues to play cards with David and says she doesn't know what he's talking about. He gets irritated and loud and gets up and goes to the kitchen.

Feed switches to Dana b*tching to Justin & Alison in the shower area about Nate. She says she's not bashing him, and that eventually he will have to lie.
Jee comes in and they joke about some "tickey tack toe" thing.
BB: "Scott, please come to DR."
Scott: "I don't want to go. you come in and get me, you can't f*ckin handle me"....FOTH.

During FOTH someone comes out to the front door and is hiding behind a plant.

Back from FOTH Scott is outside talking with Amanda, he's smoking now too.

They start bickering and fighting about their relationship. He claims that what he said about the stories he heard was a joke and that he was only kidding around. He was upset that his ex was in the house and he knows he acted like an a$$hole.

He says admits their relationship is a love/hate thing. FOTH

On F1 & F2 the other HGs are in the kitchen talking about what just happened with Scott & BB. Apparently he was only kidding around about not wanting to go to the DR, but the HG's got scared and thought he was serious. They don't understand why he was acting like that. Dana is pushing the point strongly.
It scared the $hit out of her. Jun laughs cus it's only day 7. The group slowly breaks up. Nate says Scott was hitting the walls and he was glad they are recording all of this.

F1: Dana continues to complain to Michelle & Jun about Scott. Dana says her heart is still beating out of her chest, that it sounded like the house was falling apart (the noise that Scott made). Dana says BB HAS to do something about this, do a lockdown and get him out. (I guess he still hasn't been to the DR??)
Dana doesn't put it past Scott not to hit her. Jun says "I got to go take a piss,(walks by camera) internet people, hello!"
Dana waiting to go in the DR. She goes in.

According to Jun, Scott said he wasn't a piece of meat and didn't have to go to the DR. Jee, Michelle, Jun, a

F4: Jack in Erika in the Desert Room. Erkia has sunglasses on, sniffling (maybe she was crying). Jack is consoling her about emotions about having exes in the house. Erika suggests they go out to finish playing chess. She thanks Jack & they leave.

F1: Someone suggests playing truth or dare, Scott walks through and says, "what do you want me to do, throw some furniture?" He goes into the Blue Circle Room and lies on the bed.
Scott gets up and goes back into the living room.
SOmeone comes out of the store/diary room with food & Jun & Nate jump up to get the food.

Scott continues going off about how he's not their (BB) pet, that they can tell him what to do, f*ck BB. Everyone has left the room except David & Michelle (who is strangely silent). Scott moves into the kitchen raving about the M&M's they just got, peanut & almond. He then goes outside and is talking with Jee.
The feed stays on David & Michelle, she is upset about what just happened, seeing as it's only day 7. She agrees with Scott's statement about himself that he is emotionally unstable.

F3 & 4: Outside with Amanda & Scott talking at the table. He refers to something that he's been going through since before he met her. She says she thought he was done with that, he said, no, you can have it for life (whatever "it" is??)

F1 & 2: Jun, Dana, & Robert eating M&M's then it switches to Michelle still talking about Scott to David. "Something's just not right with him". David then says that all this is on tv. Feed switches AGAIN to Erika, Dana, Nate, Justin & Jun watching Alison straighten her hair in the bathroom. I hear Jack too. Feed follows Erika & Jack into kitchen.

F3 & F4: Justin getting ready to shave at the mirror talking with Nate & Alison.

F1 & F2: Erika, David & Jack head out to play chess in the backyard. David on the hammock while Jack & Erika play. Quiet. Dana comes over and joins David on the hammock. They discuss how David doesn't really have a uni-brow. He doesn't want to be considered a prettyboy.


Jul 12 2003 22:33, Sat Del ParentRootLink
"It" refers to HPV, a sexually transmitted disease. NT

Jul 12 2003 22:27, Sat Del   Link
Scott threw a chair. The women are freaked.
Scott and Amanda talk it over in the back yard. Basically, if you've ever heard a breakup story, you heard this one.

He can't get over her. He still loves her. He hasn't dated anyone for a year and a half.

She says she doesnt' feel towards him that way anymore.

He wanders through the house, and then goes back outside.

He says he hasn't dated because of the HPV he has (I don't know if he gave it to her or not. HPV is gential warts).

They talk in the backyard some more.

They come inside.

The rest of the hamsters go outside.

Discuss... discuss discusss...

Jul 12 2003 22:36, Sat Phantom   Link
Amanda is now in the LR talking calmly to Jee and Michelle about Scott and what he needs.
Scott is not visible on any of the feeds and I still speculate that he has finally gone to the DR. Actually, she has remained almost too calm throughout all of this with Scott. People seem to have calmed down all around. They are still talking about the incident, but noting seems as immediate at the moment. (another reason to think that Scott is safely in the DR)

Jul 12 2003 22:46, Sat Phantom   Link
Jun is worried that Scott will hear all the things that she has said about him in the house and track her down outside.
She is half joking, but it is indicative that she thinks of everything as centred around her. This was Dana, Jun and Dave in the hammock.

Jee is siting with Amanda at the table in they yard consoling her and telling her it is not her fault. He takes the opportunity to gently trash Erica for her ability to just cry and move on as if nothing had happened. If she was his friend, she should have supported him, not just gone back to her game of chess.

Jul 12 2003 22:51, Sat Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Scott came into house and went to WC where most of the HG - the "cool kiddos" were hanging out - He said he apoligized for his behavior. - No one said
anything back to him - he left.

Jul 12 2003 22:51, Sat Sunflake   Link
Scott just went up to a group of people an apologized....
Robert, Dana, Justin, Alison & Jun were in the bathroom and Scott came in and apologized. No one said anything, he said, "Didn't anybody hear me?" and then he walked out.

Jun remarks to us internet people that she's glad we're watching. Talk now is that Dana will use the Veto. The HG's seem to think that Scott would be removed by BB tonite. They are sick of his apologies. Justin (I think) is afraid he will go crazy if they put him up for nomination, Jun remarks that they'll take Jee off and put Scott on.
FOTH, but no music, I can hear voices.

Jul 12 2003 22:54, Sat Phantom   Link
Jee excuses himself to wander off somewhere and Amanda is left alone at the table.
There is still a large group in the bathroom and Jack and Erica continue to play chess. Someone (Robert and David, I think) was seen briefly talking to them, but Robert is now sitting in a chair in the Bath with Dana, Nat, Justin, Michelle and Jun. There may be others out of sight. No others are visible on any of the other feeds. Jun loudly demands to know "what the f**k they're standing in the yard talking about" I'm sure that this will turn out to be the fault of Jack and Erica too.

Jul 12 2003 22:57, Sat Sunflake   Link
Jack came into the bathroom group to say Scott wants to talk to the whole group...
...he wants the HGs to hear what he has to say.
Nathan defends the women in the house and their safety. Dana says fine, we'll listen, but don't anyone instigate him. Nathan doesn't like the brown M&Ms. They agree to hear Scott out. Jack is playing the go-between, they leave the bathroom.

All 4 feeds are up, but there is no one on any of the cameras. Sounds like the HGs are in the kitchen.


Jul 12 2003 22:58, Sat ktan   Link
For a few minutes no one is visible on the feeds. Now everyone congregating in the LR for an emergency meeting. NT

Jul 12 2003 23:03, Sat Jokerette   Link
Scott -- i wasn't trying to physically hurt anyone .. i care about each and every one of you.. the reason i did hit overload is because i've been carrying this thing around with me for a year and a half.. i haven't had to deal with it because i've isolated myself off from the world.. i have hpv the human papilloma virus that causes genital warts.. i don't have any now, i haven't had it for a year

every morning i would wake up and say i'd miss amanda, but 15 things woul dremind me why we broke up .. the thing is amanda has gone on with her life, but i haven't gone on with my life.. every date i go on, the girl asks if i have a condom, but i'm not going to have sex with a girl with the hpv, i'd rather get to know her for a long time before we do that..

Jul 12 2003 23:05, Sat Jokerette ParentRootLink
but then i see amanda and see that she's gone on with her life and i haven't gone on with mine.. i see her and i think i can get back with her and i'll never have to tell another girl on a date again

the rason i had the outburst is because i don't know how to deal with or express my feelings, it's been the worst 1.5 year of my life. i respect each of you .. we might get into an argument and i might say something that offends you .. i'm sorry about htat.. in no way shape or form do i want to leave here..

a lot of us right now think this is the worst place for you to be righ tnow.. it's hard for us with our ex'es in here. a lot of us feel threatened, possibly .. a lot of us feel this is the worst environemnt.. i'm not saying to walk, but this will affect how you treat other people, physically..

Scott: i haven't touched anyone here i haven't put my hands on anyone here

jun: what if it had bounced off the wall and hit someone in the head

Scott: dana, the first night your bed was taken you were ready to kill someone

Scott's talking to Jun about what happened in the kitchen yesterday.. Jun is nodding her head incessantly.. Dana is now coaching Jun to keep her mouth shut.
Dana: It's pointless if we're going to sit here and have a pissing match.

Jun: " i just want to talk about what happened tonight.. what happened last night doesn't need to be dragged in.. we're talking about what happened tonight"

Nathan: Everybody cool?

Jul 12 2003 23:06, Sat Sunflake   Link
Scott's Big Apology Meeting (short)
Scott apologizes to the group. He wasn't throwing the chair at anyone and he wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone, he cares for all of them.

He admits he has HPV and that he has had genital warts. Basically because he didn't go on with his life because of the HPV, and because he didn't have any relationships to get over her. He thinks it might be easier to get back with Amanda because she already knows, but it's a love/hate thing. He says this is where the outburst came from.
He apologizes again to Jun for fighting with her yesterday. He's sorry and he wanted everyone to know that.
Nathan speaks up that many of the HGs feel this isn't where Scott should be right now and that if his behavior is going to effect the HG's physically they are concerned.
Things are escallating. Scott says he would never hurt anyone physically, Jun questions him, what if the chair bounced off the wall and hurt some one? Scott says it didn't. They bicker, it could have, but it didn't, it could have, but it didn't.
Dana calls the meeting pointless.
Justin explains how hard the apology is to accept because this is his 3rd or 4th one.
Jun doesn't want to talk about her previous fight with Scott, only what happened tonite. Everyone agrees to just let everything go. The meeting breaks up.

Jul 12 2003 23:22, Sat Phantom   Link
There is a camera on the Blue Grotto and someone may be bundled under the covers of one of the beds, or perhaps not.
The group in the bath start to disperse. All of the feeds are currently on empty rooms and there is garbled sound from somewhere of a lot of people talking about nothing important.

All feeds now switch to the LR where everyone is assembled to hear Scott's apology/explanation. He is sorry. He was not throwing anything at anyone. He would never hurt anyone in the house. He has HPV a sexually transmitted disease that is not generally contagious and not active at the moment. He has trouble telling other women that he has the disease, and has isolated himself for a year and a half. Seeing Amanda here every day brought all that back. She knows and he was thinking that if he should get back together with her he wouldn't have to tell anyone else.
Nat speaks up to say that many in the house feel that this is not a healthy place for him to be and although he is not suggesting that he leave, he should think about what is best for him.

Some others jump in to crap on him. Dana (I think) wants to know what if the chair had hit someone else. But it didn't and I wouldn't hurt anyone. But what if it did? But it didn't. . . . There is discussion about his outbursts and Scott brings up some other outbursts by others. Dana, you were about to kill someone because they took your bed. We all have outbursts from time to time.

Other crap gets dragged in and they decide to let it go for now. Nat brings up that they hear his apologies over and over and he should understand when some question his sincerity. The meeting breaks up and they try to not talk about it. Jee gets jumped for saying something vaguely supportive of Scott's pain and they agree to not talk about it. When almost everyone else left the LR, Erica stayed being looking very sad. Michelle stayed and looked stunned as well.

I don't particularly like Nat, but he showed a lot of poise and courage to speak up on behalf of the others on 2 occasions. He also spoke clearly and well. Impressive.

Jul 12 2003 23:22, Sat Anonymous   Link
Ally Crying Out Loud -- NT
Ally Crying Out Loud -- NT

Jul 12 2003 23:26, Sat Jokerette ParentRootLink
And blowing chunks... and Michelle goes hysterical NT

Jul 12 2003 23:26, Sat Anonymous   Link
Now Michelle is Crying - NT
Now Michelle is Crying - NT

Jul 12 2003 23:27, Sat Phantom   Link
Robert and Dana chat in the bath.
There is some concern about Scott's HPV in the house. Robert thinks that it is good that the pool has chlorine in it to kill the bug Scott has. Dana is worried about Scott going after her once out because of her campaign to get him out. Somehow, Jack is in crap with them over this because he isn't as outraged as the rest. Scott is in more trouble because he outed Amanda on national TV because she slept with a man with genital warts.

Alison is crying over something about this. She doesn't want to be near him she says, and it sounds like she may even be throwing up in the w/c Dana is consoling her. Dana is doing a good job of helping her, but Alison is going on and on.

Jul 12 2003 23:30, Sat Sunflake   Link
Scott's Big Apology Meeting (short) and Alison's breakdown...

Scott apologizes to the group. He wasn't throwing the chair at anyone and he wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone, he cares for all of them.

He admits he has HPV and that he has had genital warts. Basically because he didn't go on with his life because of the HPV, and because he didn't have any relationships to get over her. He thinks it might be easier to get back with Amanda because she already knows, but it's a love/hate thing. He says this is where the outburst came from.
He apologizes again to Jun for fighting with her yesterday. He's sorry and he wanted everyone to know that.
Nathan speaks up that many of the HGs feel this isn't where Scott should be right now and that if his behavior is going to effect the HG's physically they are concerned.
Things are escallating. Scott says he would never hurt anyone physically, Jun questions him, what if the chair bounced off the wall and hurt some one? Scott says it didn't. They bicker, it could have, but it didn't, it could have, but it didn't.
Dana calls the meeting pointless.
Justin explains how hard the apology is to accept because this is his 3rd or 4th one.
Jun doesn't want to talk about her previous fight with Scott, only what happened tonite. Everyone agrees to just let everything go. The meeting breaks up.

(ED note: I'm waiting to post on jokers, the site is still down, it says for maintence, so I'm half watching as I get ready for bed...)

Jack, Nate, Erika, Amanda & Justin have been talking in the living room about the whole Scott thing when all of a sudden they hear Alison sobbing, uncontrolably from another room. Everyone sits up and asks her what's wrong, someone rushes into see her. Robert comes out and says Alison just worked herself up into this panic and started crying, she's making things up in her head. Over what Scott said & did earlier.

I can't see, but someone (I think David) is reassuring Alison that they are safe and that BB is on it. She won't stop crying, it's sobbing, really.
She goes into the bathroom with paper towels and is cleaning everything for fear of getting HPV. She is sobbing and cleaning and crying and cleaning. Dana and Amanda come in and tell her you can't get it from a toilet seat.

Jul 12 2003 23:33, Sat Sunflake ParentRootLink
Sorry about the partially repeated posts....Jokers went down and I never knew the first halves posted. NT

Jul 13 2003 01:50, Sun Sloansect31 ParentRootLink
All good!!! Thx for updating anyways!!! :) NT

Jul 12 2003 23:35, Sat Phantom   Link
Alison is continuing to carry on and is getting worse, if possible.
She is stomping around getting paper towels and taking them back to the w/c to clean up. It's not clear to me whether that is to clean up after being sick or to sanitize the area. Amanda comes in and does a great job of reassuring her about the disease and that there is no danger to Alison. She can't get it from a toilet seat. btw, Alison was alone for much of the intervening period. Her friends didn't want to stick with her and support her, it seems. Amanda has done the trick. Alison seems calmer now and has gone back into the house.

Jul 13 2003 00:22, Sun Phantom   Link
All feeds on empty rooms.
Sound of nothing in particular, just a very distant hint that there may still be someone in the house somewhere. F1 is a nice pic of the bath tub, while F2 is of the w/c door. ACTIVITY. Alison comes in to take a pee. Dana waits her turn while Alison pees and says that she's not sitting on it even if she did scrub it. Alison straightens up in the mirror. Dana comes out to do the same. They bitch about that unfairness of being in a house with disease and BB knew it all along. F1 and 2 return to blissful peace.
F3 is the hall leading away from the bath and F4 is the Sand Box. No humans, no sound of humans. Occasional thumps and muffled yells. Well, we asked for less FOTFH. See, Arnold listens to us after all.

Some female in red pants getting something crinkly out of a kitchen cupboard and going away. Then solitude once more.

A couple of big muted cheers from the yard, I think. And some applause. It doesn't look like anyone in the Sand Box made their bed today, but all 3 other feeds look neat and tidy. Perhaps that's why they keep the door to the Sand Box closed at all times.

An idle thought just occurred to me while I have this time of quiet contemplation. The old saying about keeping your head is not true. If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, they will not applaud you for your strength and maturity, they will accuse you of being callous. Jack is in ka ka for not panicking and not joining the witch hunt against Scott. Wonderful bunch of kids we have here.

I hear soft thumps from time to time from somewhere. Occasionally there are sounds of what seems from here to be fun. This is serious business here tonight. I'm glad that I can't share in the fun.

Jul 13 2003 00:48, Sun Phantom   Link
F3 & 4 switch to the HOH where Erica, Alison, Dana, Michelle and Jun are having a munch fest sitting cross-legged on the floor.
Dana entertains the others by folding laundry. I don't switch to one of those feeds where there might be sound because I want to check on the activities of those in the bathroom. I am rewarded for my patience by Dave coming in to relieve himself. He washes his hands. Justin also comes in to P P (I assume) and tells Dave that he put something on his bed for him. That was nice of him and Dave thinks so too. It doesn't seem that Justin washed his hands. Now Nathan is in the w/c and I can hear other male voices off camera. One sounds like Jack saying something about "getting the help he needs." Nathan is taking a very long time in there. He finishes and looks briefly at the mirror and sink, but declines to wash his hand. Alison and Michelle come in to go into the w/c. They do something together in the w/c together without closing the door. Then each takes their turns in the little room. Both wash their hands upon leaving (Alison actually uses soap). Now it's Jee's turn in the throne room. He washes up with soap and checks his smile at the same time. Jack arrives for his turn. Upon exit, he checks his hair and rinses his hands. A female voice asks what's going on and he answers, "just a little Basketball."

Cameras are moving around on the other 2 feeds, but I'm staying with the 2 in the bathroom cams because they seem the most reliable tonight. Also, not much conversation to try to record.

I broke down to check F3 in case there was confirmation that Scott was still in the house, or not. The girls in the back 2 bedrooms are bitching him out, but no confirmation of his status.

Jul 13 2003 00:52, Sun Phantom   Link
I got distracted with doing a post during a brief window of Up-time opportunity.
Sorry if I missed any potty breaks, hand wash failures or important confirmation info on the feeds. We are now being treated to FOTFH on all 4 feeds and I must say, it is not as peaceful as it was before. I don't think I care for this elevator music, and I long for the quiet pace of my bathroom surveillance. I also miss the trees in the front yard that told you if it was actually live or a frozen picture. There is rarely enough breeze in the compound to ripple the water, and the scene is surprisingly boring, even with the musical accompaniment. I wonder why anyone would compose a piece of music this short, let alone bother to record it with strings, piano. and percussion. TV people are strange.

We're back from FOTFH and I don't see Scott anywhere. F1 & 2 are Jack, Erica, Dave and Amanda playing cards in the yard. I think there was someone else there a moment ago, but not now. F 3 & 4 are different shots of the back bedrooms showing Jun, Dana, Michelle and Alison. I think I know what they are talking about, but I'll go listen anyway. I was wrong, but it is still boring anyway. Alison is stroking Dana's hair. Jun comes back to report that the 4 are outside playing cards. Dana is upset that they are probably out there saying that "we have to get HOH, " like that is a bad thing when anyone else does it. "OK, Jack is the first one out," she says.

Oh, ya, there might have been a statement by Dana to the effect that they switched him out without anyone seeing (refering to Scott I presume). I have no other indication that Scott is no longer in the house.

Jee is chatting with the girls. We had a FOTFH for the song "Jimmy crack corn," then back, now FOTFH again.