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Jul 13 2003 01:04, Sun Phantom   Link
Scott is out.
Jack saying that Arnold and Alison are real quality people and they took the right action, the action that is best for Scott.

Jul 13 2003 01:05, Sun Jokerette   Link
Unconfimred: Scott is out...
<Jokerette> john said its the rght call to help scott
<Jokerette> he will get it now
<Jokerette> I think he's out

John: he seemed tormented beyond the fact that amanda.. elt bad for him

Jul 13 2003 01:07, Sun Anonymous   Link
Scott is gone...
Jack says he feels sorry for Scott and thinks BB did the right thing, and hopes that Scott can now can some help...

Jul 13 2003 01:10, Sun Phantom   Link
Interesting that everyone but Jee and Robert seem to be in the LR chatting quietly.
Jee is doing laundry in the yard and Robert is talking to him. Will they be accused of forming an alliance and being stand-offish now. Jee counselling patience to Robert that he hold out for the long haul. If HOH, Robert will go after them all, he says. In detail, he will put up Erica against Jack or Michelle. FOTFH

Jul 13 2003 01:22, Sun AmyFromCanaduh   Link
scotts weakness - flipping out and appologizing
jack, jun, erika, nathan, dave and justin are in the living room and they are talking about how scott does things and then appologizes. jack said that scott said he even put down on the paper that he will flip out and then go around and appologize. jack said he did just that when he kicked the chess piece and when he threw the chair.

Jul 13 2003 01:25, Sun Homard   Link
Jack: The turtle was pushing the rook. Michelle: No, it was the castle! NT

Jul 13 2003 01:26, Sun bluecaesar ParentRootLink
lol... i heard that too. classic. NT

Jul 13 2003 01:52, Sun Bert   Link
All the women except Erika were talking about choreographing a dance for them to do. Mich said they could practice in the yard tomorrow. NT

Jul 13 2003 01:58, Sun Bert   Link
Amanda talking to Rob about Scott. She said that Sc wanted to get back w/ her only because he didn't want to have to get close to another woman..
because of the HPV. She said Scott was never physically violent with her.

Jul 13 2003 02:05, Sun Bert   Link
Nat & Ali in HOH scheming. Ali says that Dav needs to go next week ...
Earlier she said Jack had to go first.

Alison and Nat are saying how paranoid Dana is. Ali saying that people are suspicious of Dana. They wonder if Dana is double-crossing them because she hangs out with Justin so much. Nat says Dana is shady.

They say that if Justin gets HOH, he'll put up Erika and Jack.

Again, talking about how they can't trust Dana. She's too concerned about everything in the house.

I can't keep up with their conversation.

Jul 13 2003 02:07, Sun Sloansect31 ParentRootLink
I think Dana just walked in on their conversation... but dont think she heard anything... NT

Jul 13 2003 02:08, Sun Bert   Link
Ali telling Nat what Dana said about him ...
Ali telling Nat that Dana said Nat has too many alliances. Nat says Dana better not screw him. Ali says she's probably f*cking with everybody. Nat asks if he should ask Dana about what she said. Ali said don't ask her. Guess who just came into the room?

Now Dana is talking about how she folded all of Nat's laundry.

Silly chit chat now.

Jul 13 2003 02:09, Sun Phantom   Link
Nat and Alison discussing new strategies.
They are not confident of Dana. Too much drama from her; too many wild suggestions about changes in strategy; always coming in to check on them. Talk of going after Jack/Erica/Dave too. Alison thinks that Erica will support voting against Dana (they probably want the other team to do the nomination too). Also talk of going after Justin, rather than using him to go after the other Ex's. And I thought things would quiet down after tonight's drama.

As if on que, Dana comes in and things go general.

Jul 13 2003 02:27, Sun Phantom   Link
Nat and Dana are left alone in HOH.
Dana is concerned about Jack and Erica because she can't figure out who they see as a threat. Nat says that "Justin and Robert influence your every move." He tries to tell her that she changes too often. She says she isn't. Everyone thinks that, I'm just the only one to say it. Whatever goes through my head comes out my mouth. Dan protests loyalty and will do whatever he says. Nat asks her if she will go after HOH and gets an unclear answer. He asks who she would put up if she was, and gets an unclear answer. Still confidence that Justin will put up Jack and Erica.

Nat plays what if and how could they (Jack, Erica, Dave) still win. What if they get HOH and put up Justin & Robert? Then we vote out Justin for sure, says Dana. And then they put up two more of us - do you see what I mean. Nat says that he doesn't think that they want to put up any of 'us'. More pressure about her being too affected by Justin and Robert. Now Dana says that she never wanted to use the veto to get Scott, it was just an idea that she presented to him.

Nat says that he would be happier if Jack or Erica got HOH because they are going after the people that they want to go after. He says that he has no alliance with them after this week. I think this is the deal from the HOH comp, not the original 8. This would seem to say that he wants to see Robert/Justin go next/soon. He repeats that the only alliances they have with anyone now is to themselves (Nat, Dana, Alison, Jun) and the original 8. Alison has joined for this part

Jul 13 2003 02:39, Sun Devareux ParentRootLink
So Dana says she will make her speech tomorrow...respecting the power of HOH....yadayada and Amanda will go. Robert knocks
knocks on the door and says that Justin just told him that Erika said that she feels at times like these she should talk to him (robert). they all laugh. Ali leaves HOH room. Robert asks Nathan about what he’s planning to do (ie; replacing Amanda w/erika) Nathan says he hasn’t decided that it’s a risk for him.

Jul 13 2003 02:42, Sun Phantom   Link
Nate, Alison and Dana talk about another alliance that concerns them.
Justin's the brain, Robert's the smooth talker and Jee's the decoy. He seems to be coming around to the idea that they may be the larger threat. Fortunately, they are all Ex's, so going after them is still part of the Original 8 goal and they can keep from exposing themselves too soon.

Robert (I think, I mistake his voice for Justin sometimes, and I can't see him) comes in to push the idea of putting up Jack next week and he would be gone in a heart beat. Nat asks against who and who would vote against him. Robert (I think) says against Jee and that everybody would vote against Jack. The implication her is that Nat and crew are working with Robert and Justin.

Alison and Jun were listening at the door for a bit before knocking and joining the group in the HOH. Interesting. Yes, it is Robert the smooth talker that is in there to do the plotting.

Robert presses for who is next. Obviously, says Robert, Erica is next - against Jack. He says that they don't have time for decoys.

Jul 13 2003 02:59, Sun Devareux   Link
Nathan is called to DR and Robert,Dana & Jun are left in HOH. Dana keeps saying that
Nathan has deals with evryone in the house. They also say that Nathan has no b&lls. They keep saying that Scott leaving is a blessing in disquise. They are then putting down Erika for crying when Scott was sent out. (ED; these people are a cold bunch) Feeds auto switch to Jack & Erika in Sand Box. Erika is discussing what a curve ball it would be if Jee left instead of Amanda.Dana gets called to the DR. Erika and Jack hope that Nathan will come to talk to them now that Dana is in the DR. Erika goes to WC and feeds auto change to HOH with Nathan,Jun,Dana & Robert

Jul 13 2003 03:07, Sun Anonymous   Link
stoners and pot heads - jee and justin eek
alli and jee talking-
alli says justin use to be major into drugs (4 to 5 times a day)
jee says he use to be a pot head

Jul 13 2003 03:11, Sun Liann ParentRootLink
LOL, the term Jee said was "I was a stoner, most ppl would never think I used to be like that" NT

Jul 13 2003 03:13, Sun Devareux   Link
Allison giving backrub to Robert with Jee hanging out (ed; the girl does know how to mingle) NT

Jul 13 2003 03:27, Sun Devareux   Link
Jun and Nate in HOH whispering (very hard to hear). I think Nate is dishing about Dana. Basically what

he told Dana to her face. Jun isn’t saying much. Nate is explaining his only alliance is with the original 8. That saying he wouldn’t put up Justin & Robert was a week deal. Doesn’t count for the following weeks.
Nate doesn’t feel in the long run he can’t trust Robert or Justin, not sure about Jee. Keeps saying that Dana scares him and she’s kissing up to him too much. Nathan realizes he doesn’t have any power next week. He’d like to see Jack,Erika or David get HOH next week so they will get rid of an EX (ie; Robert or Justin). they leave HOH and join Alison / Robert in the hall (?)

Jul 13 2003 04:02, Sun RMU   Link
Nate & Ali in HOH whispering strategy - hard to hear but discussing Dana
Ali likes her but Dana "blows as a player". Discussing if Justin was put up against Dana, who would vote to evict her (Robert, Jee) but they don't know how E, Jk & Dv would vote.

During the whole discussion Ali is lying face down with her face snuggled against Nate's neck and he's playing with her hair and rubbing her back...

Jul 13 2003 04:05, Sun Bert ParentRootLink
Nate said that maybe they should ally w/ Jack and Erica instead of Dana because Dan is flaky and Ja & Er are trustworthy NT

Jul 13 2003 04:11, Sun Anonymous   Link
David playing with himself on feed 2 justin giving massage to dana on 4 NT

Jul 13 2003 04:25, Sun Bert ParentRootLink
I saw the same thing. NT

Jul 13 2003 04:35, Sun RMU ParentRootLink
Dv was in the Sandbox - maybe it was Robert? NT

Jul 13 2003 04:17, Sun RMU   Link
Earlier in the sandbox, Jk, Dv & E were also discussing Dana - rethinking that they
would ask her where her aliances lie - I missed a lot, but Jk's language has gotten tougher, more macho (sorry, I can't remember all they said!)

E (mis)quotes the bard "Something doesn't smell right in Denmark"

While Jk goes to WC, Dave taking about eariler when Scott had his meltdown. Dv is going to talk to Amanda to find out why she was convinced she was going to be put up.

E telling Dv he has to get HOH next wk. Dv saying if he gets it E, Jk safe for sure, Ali and Nate probably also.

Jk comes back and is questioning why Dana would switch loyalities to Robert and Justin when she was in good with the others (Harem) that it doesn't make sense. In particular, going with Justin (an aliance of 2) vs the 7 she was in with.

E says Dn is "sneaky". Discussing how Dn flirts w/ Dv and underestimates him. Jk saying you can't assume that Dn is going to cross over and take -- (I think he said Jee) with her.

During this conversation, all 3 are each lying in their beds and there are long pauses....

E says there's something not right but she can't figure it out. More talk of how it doesn't make sense that Dn would abandon the aliance to go with Justin...

Repeating earlier conversation - switching feeds.

Jul 13 2003 04:19, Sun RMU   Link
F2 - has sound from Sandbox, but shows Justin giving Dana a massage NT

Jul 13 2003 04:29, Sun Bert   Link
Outside Jun is telling Dan what Nat said about her. That she's paranoid and is changing her mind too much. Dan is PO'd. NT

Jul 13 2003 04:31, Sun RMU   Link
(Paraphrased) N tells Ali that earlier when Dn was giving him a back rub it was "too much"
that she was "bouncing"...

They're hugging and stroking each other. N says he needs a girl who can "take care of him". A says he's "too needy". N says look who's talking. He's lying on his stomach and Ali is stoking his back. N says what's wrong with being needy. Ali stops for a second and N protests - grabs her hand and puts it back so she can continue stroking...

Ali says that whenever she takes a shower, ppl come up and want to talk - whispers that Robert always appears when she showers. N says ppl do that to him too.

N asks A if she'll come to visit him... says she looks like she's from Tx with her blonde hair & blue eyes...

N says he'd love to see what's going on (meaning the show) to see what Ali says about him behind his back. She protests that she doesn't say anything.

Feeds recycle - posting

Jul 13 2003 04:38, Sun Bert   Link
Dana wanted to go right into Nat's room to confront him in front of Ali. Jun told her she has to chill ...
Dan really wants to go talk to them. She said she'd get everybody against Nat and send his ass back to Oklahoma. She said, "Don't f*uck with the bull." Says Nat is such a f*ckin' f*ggot, hasn't the balls to play the game. Again she wants to go into HOH room. Jun said no, it'll be too confrontational. No confrontation from here on. Dan says she's not playing the game by Nat's rules.

Jul 13 2003 04:47, Sun Bert   Link
Dana and Jun did go into HOH. Ju, Dan, Nat & Ali on the bed. They're talking about how Nat has Mich wrapped around his little finger ...
Nat says it's just a joke with Mich. (Way too many conversations going on at the same time). He again says it's just a joke.

Nat saying Erika and Jack are scared to death. I think his point was that they aren't a threat.

Dan tells Nat not to take her so seriously. She says you don't know me, this is the real me, you think I'm crazy and emotional, I AM crazy and emotional. (I'm missing a lot - all talking at once).

Posting because so much crosstalk.

Jul 13 2003 04:53, Sun RMU   Link
Dn saying "he's not untouchable" and Jun agreeing
Jun saying they have to wait until he's not HOH. Jn telling Dn that N wanted her to come out and ask if she's OK - checking on her "emotional stablity". Dn is really pissed and incredulous "What a waste of a good looking guy".

They leave the patio still whispering and then head into the HOH, joining Ali & Nate. Very hard to hear, but part is how close Justin is to Michelle - she's so naive, she doesn't see she's being used... E & Jk aren't going to do anything cause they're running scared... Jee hangs around with Jun's brother and that she doesn't want "to go back to that"...

Discussing what they'll air on the show...topics are jumping all over the place - hard to follow (sorry!)

Now talking about E - how she's always wanted to be an actress - hence the boob job. N tells how she came in and talked about how everything happens for a reason. They trash her and say "what, now she reads the bible" and how she thinks she's better than they are. N says he could see her as an actress - in porn. Lots of laughter. If she's nominated, how they all have to vote her out. More whispering about what would happen if she or Jk got HOH...

Jul 13 2003 04:54, Sun kepp   Link
Nat,Al,Da,Jun in HOH on strategy...Ja,Er,David on strategy in sandbox...both groups don't trust each other... NT

Jul 13 2003 04:58, Sun RMU   Link
Back in the Sandbox, Jk, E and Dv still talking that if Dana has not betrayed them, then Amanda is irrelevant...
Dv speculating that Dn is "keeping her enemies closer" by being tight with Justin, but if it's more than that, they will be able to convince the others to boot Dn out...

Jul 13 2003 05:00, Sun RMU ParentRootLink
earlier they speculated that they should keep Amanda and vote Jee out NT

Jul 13 2003 05:01, Sun Bert   Link
Dave, Jack & Erika discussing Dana ...
They think she might be playing both sides, aligning with the original 8, but also making an alliance with Robert and Justin.

Dave is going to talk to Amanda to see how she feels, if she felt ganged up on, see if he can get some info from her without saying anything about any alliance. They think she might have overheard something.

They're kicking around the idea of aligning with Amanda if they find out Dana has betrayed them, but they don't know how to find out if Dana is betraying them.

Dave is suggesting that they scare Dana. He wants to make it clear to her that if she's planning on throwing an HOH or aligning with the other side, she's outta there. He wants to find a way to let her know that they're on to her.

Jack is suggesting that Dana might just be playing Justin, and that she might still be loyal to the 8.

They'll be watching to see if Dana throws the HOH. Erika is convinced that Dana will throw the HOH.

Jul 13 2003 05:07, Sun RMU   Link
All the HGs now in bed - N alone in the HOH NT

Jul 13 2003 10:59, Sun Bert   Link
Jack is up and in the water closet. NT

Jul 13 2003 11:09, Sun Bert ParentRootLink
Now he's back to bed. NT

Jul 13 2003 10:59, Sun Chick   Link
Jack's up, in Bathroom NT

Jul 13 2003 11:03, Sun Chick   Link
Now Jack's back in bed... NT

Jul 13 2003 11:59, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Jun is up and using the bathroom, sprays embarrassing. NT

Jul 13 2003 12:06, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Jun showers, others sleep
Jun steps in shower fully clothed and is undressing for her shower. All the other houseguests are sleeping.

Jul 13 2003 12:10, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Jack is awake now, uses restroom while Jun showers. NT

Jul 13 2003 12:10, Sun Anonymous   Link
Jack up uses bathroom, runs water on hands. No soap NT

Jul 13 2003 12:21, Sun valentine   Link
Jun & Dana
Jun is in the shower stall, drying and moisturizing.

Dana pads in wearing a gray robe and says Hey.

Dana: Are we on lock down?

June: No, I don't think so.

Dana goes in WC and Jun stands in front of the mirror with a brown towel wrapped around her.

Jul 13 2003 12:27, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Dana gets ready in bathroom and is talking to Robert
Dana and Robert are talking to eachother while they brush their teeth. Robert is sitting in the chair in the bathroom, brushing his teeth. He now moves to the sink to rinse now that Dana is done with the sink. They were discussing a potential lockdown.

Jul 13 2003 12:28, Sun valentine   Link
Robert is Up, Too
And now he's in the WC. Bossy Dana tells him "they're going to yell at you about your microphone", as he walks by.

Female BB Voice: HG, just so you know, lock down is over.

Dana brushes her horse teeth while Roberts sits in one of the BR corner chairs. Robert is shirtless and is wearing what looks like black Calvin Klein long underwear. Now he's brushing with his feet up on a stool.

Meanwhile Jun is in her darkened bedroom, rooting through piles of clothes, selecting the day's outfit. Seems indecisive, playing with her wet hair.

Robert is rinsing in the sink with some wicked bed hair.

Now Erica is up and about with pajama bottoms on and a large purple sweatshirt, mumbling about something with Dana. Lights on now in the kitchen as Erica and Robert ignore each other.

Jul 13 2003 12:28, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
One by one, the hgs wake up. NT

Jul 13 2003 12:32, Sun valentine   Link
Erica the Spy
Now Erica gets back in her bed and starts talking to Jack.

Erica: I went out there to see who was standing right outside the door. Its Dana.

Now they're talking about competitions.

David: Its all of us against Dana.

All three laugh. They want to scare Dana and let her know she has screwed up and that she will need to compete hard to survive.

Dave: We need to find a way to get everyone against her and get some sort of confirmation so we can confront her. Including Jun.

Jack: Yeah. We have to talk to Nathan and Allie.

David: So how do you like them apples?


(Ed Note: And all this with no coffee.)

David leaves the room to use the WC.

Jack: Dave needs to keep up the humor with Scctty gone. He had a very deep well of humor. Its going to hurt us now he's gone.

Erica: In more ways than one. What should we do Dad?


Feed timed out.

Jul 13 2003 12:34, Sun Quench   Link
Robert and Jun outside
Robert and Jun opening the blinds outside

R: Can you believe what happened last night

J: He is gone. What a loser

They go back into the house

R: Imagine spending all that time sequestered only to lose it and be kicked out after 10 days

Jul 13 2003 12:36, Sun bluecaesar   Link
Dav, Jack and Er in their bedroom
They plan on getting the house against Dana. This was Dave's idea, and the other 2 agree. They want to go to Nate and talk to him. They want to let everyone know she has deals with everyone. Dave leaves and they talk about how Dave will have to carry the humor with Scott gone. They say losing scott hurt them, in more ways than one. They then start talking about Nate. They both like him and how he's a good christian, not a "bible thumper"... they start talking about religion so i'm going to watch Jun put on makeup.


Jul 13 2003 12:39, Sun valentine   Link
Jack on Nate
Jack: He's very up front when you talk to him about his athletics and his acedemics. Also about his religious beliefs, but he's not a Bible thumper.

He and Erica discuss people that are very religious and say horrid things about people. They're glad Nathan's not like that.

David comes back.

Erica: That whole meeting last night was very un-Christ like.

David: Dana was in the WC scheming with Robert. She's manipulating the plan to work out for herself.

The cameras whirr.

Erica: The cameras only like David.

David: Are they on me? Get off me you f'in bastards. And pulls the covers over his head. Jun could be in on it. I don't want to talk to her first.

They think Allie is on the edge and can be worked with. They all keep saying they need to check with Nate (although it seems Nate's power is deteriorating fast).

DAvid: Do we still have the majority without Jun?

Jack: Yes, cause we still have Michelle. I think she will do whatever Nate asks her to do.

David: Nate says he thinks he has a shot. I'm going to work Michelle to and try to get her sided with me, without telling her what's going on. Then when we go to Nate he would have already heard and not think I'm just doing my own thing.

Erica: If all else fails, and they get HOH and put up an ex or a non-ex, we just have to convince them to use a decoy.

Jul 13 2003 12:45, Sun valentine   Link
Make Up
Jun is wearing her pink High Maintanence T-shirt with a short pink Hawaiian print skirt, putting make-up on in the hall.


David (to Erica and Jack): I'm going to start working on Michelle today. You guys need to start looking at everything inside and outside the house to get ready for the competition. Notice everything, what's on the walls, how many plants, how many window panes, etc.

They are trying to study for the HOH competition, guessing it will have something to do with their surroundings. Smart. All 3 of them are talking about each room and what's in it.

Erica: There's one rat named Erica.


Erica: Dave you were in love with her a couple of days ago.

Dave: I'm going to keep flirting with her.

Jack: Yeah go ahead.

Then Dana knocks and comes in. Shes's sitting on the bed in the dark with them, chit chatting. They are rehashing once again Dana's win in the veto comp.

Jun is still working on her eye makeup, and applying powder blush.

Dana: I didn't get my sugar last night Dave.

Jul 13 2003 12:58, Sun bruhe   Link
jack recalls SNL...
He talks of eddie murphy's skit as the prisoner/poet tyrone green.... and his poem Images..
dark and lonely on a summa nite... kill my land lawd kill my land lawd

Jul 13 2003 13:00, Sun valentine   Link
More Jack and Crowd
Right after Dana leaves the room, David says "f'in bitch"

They discuss how loud that was, and if she could have heard. David doesn't think so, but Jack wants to be careful.

Erica: She's paranoid, that's why she keeps coming in here.

They wonder if they can be heard while they're in the DR. Erica always whispers just to be sure. David says it sounds like "whaaa whaa whaa" (like the Peanuts parents)

Erica: Did you even notice the pictures on the wall? Our pictures and the order of them? (still practcing for the comp)

Jul 13 2003 13:06, Sun valentine   Link
Kitchen Action
Jun is pissed because "the boys" threw out the whole sack of potatoes, even though some of them were still usuable. She went to the DR to ask for more.

They decide to split the work--Jun will make hash browns, and Erica will make pancakes.

Justin is up, and Dana tells them about her dream last night. She dreamed the two of them were trying to find a place to kiss but there were cheerleaders everywhere. They all laugh and say that means Michelle and Allison are in her way.

Erica gets called to the DR while she is still in the BR plotting with Jack and David. "we have to get hoh" she keeps saying.

Robert is joking with the girls "what are we having, eggs, bacon, toast??"

David is doing his Jim Carrey retard routine with the camera in the BR. They shoot him from the front, and then from the behind.

Dave: How do you like that? Poltergeist cameras.

(Ed note: hard to take that so early in the morning)

Jul 13 2003 13:07, Sun Quench   Link
Dave changing feeds 1& 2 then poof shots of kitchen Dana washing and Robert drying NT

Jul 13 2003 13:21, Sun Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Because no one else posted this - Rob and Dana on patio- Dana said...
I don't know why he doesn't - with Scott gone we are now in a position of power - but Nathen likes to play it safe ( Think she was talking about putting Erika up for nom if she uses the veto ) She stress everyone has their stategy - Nathen's is playing it safe - hers is playing is safe and getting the people that need to go a$$es out of the house.

The interesting part is not what she said - but that she thinks of Rob as part of their group.

Jul 13 2003 13:22, Sun valentine   Link
Nate is Up
and brushing in the BR mirror, vigorously.

He has on a white T-shirt with the sleeves cut off, so we can see his deltoids and biceps on his right arm flex as he goes to town on his molars and front teeth.

Now he's putting a little deo, viewed courtesy of an overhead camera looking down on him. Now he's flushing in the WC.

Jee joins the group in the kitchen and is greated warmly. The tea kettle whistles for a long time before Amanda gets up to make her tea.

Now Nate is in the kitchen, with a hat or scarf or something on his head while he does something at the sink. Dishes??

We can hear something weird, I think it's Jun's potatoes simmering or sauteing, but she's on the couch with Dana and David, laughing it up.

Jul 13 2003 13:29, Sun valentine   Link
More Kitchen Stuff
Now Jun has taken the potatoes off the stove and is seasoning them after draining.

Nate is helping out--I think hes stirring the pancake batter with a wire whisk. (Dana announced she was going to make them, but I guess she changed her mind.)

If I've counted right, everyone but Michelle and Allie are accounted for. Michelle walked through the kitchen a little while ago, and everyone laughed that she was up so early, but she went back to bed.

Jack is eagerly awaiting his coffee to be ready.

Jun is scraping browned potato bits off the bottom of the silver pan. Nate is standing close, watching her, and they are saying something I can't hear, snickering.

Unbelievable that no discussion of Scott has taken place.

Now Michelle is up.

Dana is discussing a "awesome" concert she went to with Aerosmith and Kid Rock. She loves "Dream On". Justin asks if they sang "Jamie Got a Gun". That's his favorite Aerosmith song.

All 4 feeds switch to Jee and Michelle in the BR.

Jul 13 2003 13:31, Sun valentine   Link
Jun on the Move
Now Jun is sitting in one of the BR chairs, talking to Allie, who looks already made up today.

Michelle is brushing her teeth, with her hair in a messy blond pile on top of her head. Can't hear what Jun and Allie are saying.

Jul 13 2003 13:39, Sun Peachy720   Link
Alison is finally up.
All houseguests are now up.

Some eating pancakes, some eating cereal, some protein shakes.

No real talk, just general mumbling. Alison & Michelle are especially quiet.

Jul 13 2003 13:50, Sun valentine   Link
Chef Nate
is manning the stove, churning out fresh pancakes for the crowd. Everyone is raving about them and thanking him like crazy.

Michelle is back from her short DR visit and says she just wants one. Nate is checking with everyone to make sure they got one. I'm guessing he wants to make himself a big stack.

Dana has a friend that says "sizzup" instead of syrup and she misses him.

Michelle is pouring cereal for herself, using what Dana calls their "ghetto milk" made with dry creamer and water.

Several male HGs starting singing an old Foreigneer song, Feels Like the First Time, causing FOTH periodically. I think David is the ringleader there.

Erica seems to be having problems. She has already eaten, but is sitting at the dining table with a napkin folded over her face and head.

The cameraman is thoughtful enough to be sure we have a headless body shot of Michelle while she finishes preparing her cereal and throws something away.

Dana keeps yammering away about how they are going to have macaroni with red sauce for dinner, apparently not knowing that at least 50% of the HG say they hate her and her voice behind her back.

Jul 13 2003 13:59, Sun valentine   Link
Jee and Rob on the patio
finally discussing Scott. They think he was chosen for the house to stir things up, but they got more than they bargained for because he was out of control.

They are saying it has been only 1 week.

Jee: Were you worried that you would be the first one out of the house?

Robert: Kind of. I didn't want to be the first guy out. Just think, Scott spent more time at the finals then he spent in the house. It probably wasn't worth it.

Nate: He quit his job, too. Its going to kill him when he sees the first live show.

Robert: Funny how things work out.

They make fun of how he said he was going to win the $500K. Ha ha.

The reminisce about the slime competition that they thought was so much fun.

Nate: That was back in the day when we were eating and all getting along.

Now they discuss what it must have been like last year to be on day 50.

Robert, to Jee: Just think, bro, the amount of time that we've spent together is more than you've spent with your best friend in the past 5 years.

They say they can understand how people cry when HG leave--you get so emotionally attached.

Nate: I just want to hear one hour of news to see what is going on. Last year when Sheryl Crow came they were freaking out just to see a new face.

Robert: I really think something like that is going to happen this year. The budget is bigger, the ratings are better.

Nate is counting how close they are to being part of the sequestered jury. Scott down, Amanda down.

Robert: How did you apply for the show, man?

Nate: I just went on the internet.

Robert: Really?

Then we go to FOTH. I don't think that's an approved topic of conversation. Cameras move to kitchen feed.

Jul 13 2003 14:06, Sun valentine   Link
Robert on Auditions
Robert is talking to Nate about commercial auditions. He knows a lot of actors, some big name ones, that have done well. He says you have to be dedicated and go on auditions every day. You have to leave every afternoon free to go on appointments.

(Ed Note: I guess during the FOTH they discussed Nate going into show biz)

Jee and Robert had a great night's sleep with Scott gone. They didn't realize how much stress there was with him in the room.

Nate says its so quiet now. Robert knows the owner of Gold's Gym in Hollywood and a guy with a private gym with clients like Carmen Electra. He is trying to get Nate to come to LA and be a personal trainer.

They think Carmen is hot, of course.

Robert has a friend from Warner Bros that can take Nate's resume and get him some work.

Nate: What kind of work would I do?

Robert keeps going on and on, making himself seem like the Rainmaker or something. Why is he kissing up to Nate like this? Genuine or game playing?

We go to FOTH, wondering.

I think that Robert was going to name some big names, which I would have enjoyed.

Jul 13 2003 14:09, Sun valentine   Link
Nate Going to Holly wood
He wants to move out to LA "I'm young, I don't have any assets or debts or a girlfriend"

Jee: They all moved out here last year after the show. Jason is out here, driving around in a Mercedes.

Nate: Really, how's that?

Jee: He's speaking about the show at $2,000 a pop.

Nate: He seems like a really good guy.

Robert: You can stay with me man, its small, but I like to help people.

Jee: Now you're making me want to come out here now.

Nate: Seriously man, we all have to go out to Vegas after the show. That's part of doing it man.

Robert: People are going to stop us, its going to be a mob scene. We're just not used to that. We'll be calling ahead to get in the VIP rooms.

Nate: I just want to arrive in a limo.

Now chatting with Allie who is in the backyard.

Jul 13 2003 14:14, Sun valentine   Link
More Nate and Jee
Jee: You could really make it out here, man, being a personal trainer.

Nate: I love it out here. West Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills, that's my style.

(Ed Note: We Ho is a gay area.)

Robert: They need to get us some security. (all laugh)

Robert: You don't even need to go home. Just go to Vegas when we get out of here and then to LA.

Nate: I'd have no problem with that.

Jul 13 2003 14:19, Sun valentine   Link
Patio Lazing
Michelle comes out on the patio in a stunning turquoise bikini, never before seen. They all say, Oooooo, nice one.

Michelle: Thanks.

Robert: Nate, you have pictures, right? Headshots?

Nate: Yeah I've got em.

Robert: We need to get you an agent.

Nate: I wouldn't even know where to start.

Allie offers to put sunscreen on David.

David: Well, I need some on my ass.


Michelle is already stretched out on her stomach, on a lounge chair.

They discuss the camera work at night. Nate thinks the supervisors go home at night, impacting their work.

David: So how dark are you going to get Michelle?

(Ed Note: Earlier, David told Erica and Jack he is going to "work on" Michelle today, to bring her over to their side. Something to watch for today.)

Jul 13 2003 14:24, Sun Amfam   Link
David telling Michelle she is going to get skin cancer
David telling Michelle she is going to get skin cancer and her shoulder is going to fall off when she is 30.

Michelle retorts with a "by the time I am 30 they will have a cure for it"

Someone says, that is only 10 years I don't think they are going to get that crazy (think it was David).
Funny exchange.

She is unfazed and continues to lay out.

Jul 13 2003 14:24, Sun valentine   Link
Discussion of the "internet people"
Nate wonders what the feeds show of them while they are sleeping. They all agree that's creepy. He bets that most people will watch the feeds on Sunday, with nothing better to do.

Dave: Those internet people are some sick fu##ks.

Dave: Michelle, you are going to get skin cancer. You will be 30 and one of your arms will fall off.

Nate: No comment from Michelle.

Now Jun enters the picture.

Dave: Hello Miss High Maintanance. (that's what her T-shirt says) It looks like you curled your hair this morning.

Jun: I could do amazing things with that hair, referring to either Nate or Dave.

Jul 13 2003 14:44, Sun valentine   Link
The Courting of Nate
Jack has Nate cornered in the BR, talking about Allie. Jack thinks she is paranoid and is staying close to Justin, just in case he wins HOH so she won't get nominated.

David and Erica join the group.

Nate thinks Allie told Justin about the alliance because he let something slip yesterday. He says Allie is flakey and is all over him in his room, jumping around and is very insecure.

Nate says that he only had an agreement with Justin for one week. David says Allie doesn't need to win anything, she is working everyone else for safety when they are HOH. They are all worried about her flaking out within any alliance she is in.

(Ed Note: That's not what Jack said this morning.) Dave leaves the room to go back to his outdoor card game with Amanda.

Jack: Erica has been on to Dana the whole time. Nate, you're a man of your word, let me just throw something out there that David said in the dead of night last night.

He wants Dana to use the veto to put up Justin. Nate is worried he will be a dead man walking if that happens and Justin stays. Nate is saying that Jee and Robert, maybe Dana will vote for him. He's not sure.

Jack: This is the ballsy-est possible move we could make. If you think Dana will do what you tell her to do, Justin will leave.

Nate is worried that Dana has an alliance with Justin and this will hurt him.

Meanwhile Jun and Dana are in the BR, posing in bikinis, right outside the door.

Jack is almost whispering, and so is Nate.

Erica is breaking it down for Nate, too fast for me to type. Nate is agreeing to talk to Allie about it, but he doesn't want to slit his own wrists.

Nate asked Dana point blank who is she with? Just to let her know he was wondering.

Jack claims that Dana is planning to put Justin up, anyway. But Nate said that she says she would never do that. He doesn't trust her though.

Nate wants to wait until next week. The veto announcement meeting is today, and they don't have time to take this risk. He worries that everything he says to Dana is going to go straight to Justin.

Jack: Why does Dana think that she can get further with the other side instead of us?

Nate: Because she sees the house turning.

Jack: Allie is very very strong. With Erica and David and maybe Michelle. Amanda is a wild card, but she is going to be gone.

Nate: I see Amanda flirting with Scott and other guys.

Then Dana walks in!!!!!

Jack tells her that they are discussing losing Scott as a competitor and trying to figure out an equation.

Posting. This is going to be a juicy afternoon, no doubt. Dana is going to flip out.

Jul 13 2003 14:53, Sun valentine ParentRootLink
The group decides to break up. Jacks says they shouldn't be in their too long.

Just then, Justin comes in, holding a stack of clothes!!!!

Dana leaves, and Nate goes over to the turtle cage, busying himself with them. He tells Justin, real low, that they were talking about Scott.

(damn, Nate is smooth and sneaky)

Now Jack seconds that. Must be tough, juggling all those balls in the air.

Jul 13 2003 14:44, Sun buffalojill   Link
nat, erika, jack and david
discussing original 8... everyone agrees that ali is to paranoid for her own good. they all agree that justin is their biggest threat. nat is concerned if he can trust dana. jack runs an idea by nate. he wants nate to get dana to use the veto and put justin up. (they think dana maybe has an alliance with justin. if she agrees and does as nat asks, then justin is gone, if she runs and tells justin, then they will know she is in with justin

Jul 13 2003 14:50, Sun Stark   Link
Elite 7(?) plot future nominations and ponder implications of Scott being gone (Med)
(As I joined conversation Nathan was telling Jack, Dana, and Erika that they really have to try hard to win. Because losing Scott puts them at 7. They all agree and decide that they want to put up Justin and Robert against each other . They also agree that winning POV is even more important than HOH this year as it can change anything)

N: Once they find out about the 8 unless they already know, they will come after us

Dn: but they don't really have a leg to stand on unless they try to divide us

Ja: Js will try to divide us

Dn: If anyone is stupid enough to fall for that they deserve to go

Ja: just keep your ears open

N: but we are one down

Ja: and they will be one down by next week

Dn: and we were twice them to begin with

Dn: and he was a divisive force, this almost strengthens us

N: I think we are 8 with Michele, we should keep her around for a bit just as a 8th vote.

Ja: that might work

Dn: they can't win HOH, as much as I would like them to they can't

N: it only takes a little slip up, you know

Dn: an accident, you need to have more confidence in yourselves, this will last longer than you think

N: I mean that slips can occur, it just happens in conversations and we have to be careful

Dn: whats that powerder

E: its just glitter

Ja: hey we shouldn't be here to long

N: yeah (they break up, and Justin walks in)

Jul 13 2003 15:02, Sun Stark   Link
Js/R/Je talk about N's mulitple alliances
Dn: I don't know what went on in there

Js: That was such a shame, I didn't even get to talk

Dn: Nathan did

Je: Its going to come back and bit him in the a**, I don't know what hes doing

Js: hes trying to make an alliance with everyone

Js: obviously hes a player

R: well if that's true....

Je: well lets just find out, you know what I'm saying

R: I"ll ask him or you can

Je: I'll talk to him, I don't care, I'm up on the block. That way he don't think wrong thinga bout you, I'm already up on block

R: Its so shady

Js: The flip side though is why would he do that, hes not stupid, I mean you can make an alliance with everyone, but you better keep it discrete as possible

Js: scheister stuff going on

Je: yeah there is

Je: I overheard some stuff that was...well I didn't stick around long.. oh well

R: I'm all about keeping my word

Js: I am to

(feed is outside audio still inside, hard to keep whose saing what correct, R/Js order...Je is right though and they are only 3 there)

Js: she didn't want to play it up, she wanted me to...and she knows I'm the type that would say something

Je: your calm, your calm

Je: Nathan said (too low to hear it all)...I couldn't even see.....I don't believe....I just want to stand on....If I was in....hes doing it to early...4 or 5 steps ahead......hurt him I think....
Je: F***ing house is crazy

Jul 13 2003 15:03, Sun valentine   Link
Bug Eyed Dana
Standing silently in the kitchen, with a cup in front of her face, obviously stressing about the meeting she just attended.

Paranoid, no doubt, as well she should be.

Allie and Dana are wearing bikinis and towels, as usual. Everyone goes outside.

Even Jun is laying out.

Dana is called to DR.

Jee, Robert and Justing are lazing on the couch, talking about Nate burning bridges. They say that everyone has noticed his double-dealing and is talking about it.

(Ed Note: Dana must have said something to them about the meeting she just broke in on. She paused and spoke briefly to them on her way to the DR. I wasn't listening to that feed.)

They think that Nathan is double dealing.

Justin: There's some mother-f'in sheisty ***** going on around here.

Jee: I've overhead people turning against each other.

Robert: I don't give a ***** about telling lies. Dana is the type of person that admits that she will do anything to win. Nathan is not that type of guy, because he has a bible. (????)

Jee: Nate is starting things up too early in this house. I just don't understand it. This f'in house is crazy.

Justin: It is. It is.

Robert: If you want to talk about trust, I don't trust anybody other than you two. Allie a little, but really just you guys.

Justin: I trust her because I already know her, but that's all.

They agree not to involve Allie directly until they need her.

(Ed Note: This is getting very goooooood.)

Jee claims that Scott voluntarily left, "i'm out man". They think that will affect him the rest of his life.

Robert: Like dropping out of law school or something. (???)

Jul 13 2003 15:10, Sun valentine   Link
Jack's Toenails
Jee: Did you see Jack's toenails? I mean, what's up with that? I hope he's alright.

Justin: It looks like his foot is going to fall off.

(Ed note: Jack used to run competitive marathons and messed up his feet, he said earlier.)

Allie came inside and is now "laying out" on the LR carpet in her bikini.

Now Nate has joined the group and is trying hard to justify being in the room with Jack and Erica when Justin walked in. (ha ha ha) He's claiming that he was trapped in there with them.

Discussion about how long Dana has been in the DR. (I'll bet.)

Nate: They're just trying to suck up to me big time. They're saying I'm such a good guy. Whatever.

Robert: I said Good Morning to Erica this morning and she just looked at me like I was an *****.

I just looked at the feed again and saw Michelle has inserted her bikinied self on the couch between Justin and Robert. She never talks, so I didn't even know she was there.

Jul 13 2003 15:10, Sun Stark   Link
Living Room Conversations, Nathan a Target (Med)
Je: its not that its bad, its just that it puts him in a not good situation. It makes you think of all these scenarios right

Js: its so easy to f***-up right, if someone just walks in you might forget to stop talking about it.

R: right its better to just keep talking, don't' stop to explain or change as tahts very noticeable, just answer it with no explanation so that it flows

Js: right that so much better than when we walk in and they totally shut up, that's when you know you found them plotting

R (whispers something)

Js: right he doesn't like dave, he thinks something is wrong with dave

Je; but now that hes talking to Jack is he scheming

Js: but he can't have HOH so it don't matter

Js: he is only one that has a target now, as we don't know have any real reasons yet, and he is only one to give us one so he can be first to go (think this is still Nathan)

Js: look at my toenails, why are they purple

Js: looks purple right

Je: yeah and inside tan

Js: have you seen Jack's toenails

R: look like they are going to fall off

FOTH as Justin begins singing

FOTH over, Alison has joined the room laying in floor in a bikini, Js and R both staring at her now as her head faces the kitchen not the guys

Js: you done

Off screen girl: for now

(Nathan joins)

Al: I must be the whitest girl in California

N: (whispers something, all I hear is "scott")

Js; did he really

(michelle joins them, she is in a bikini and takes a seat between Justin and rob)

M: (sighs)

Js: what?

M: its just so hot out there I can't take it, I just want to nap all the time now

Je: wheres dana

Js: DR

Je: she still in there

M: yeah

Js: yeah

(something about suckup votes and saying someone is such a good guy, its not jee as he is in this conversation as is Nathan, Robert, Michele, Alison, and Justin)

N: (whispering) me the creeps....went in there for turtles when jack came in there....(trails off)

(30 seconds of silence)

Jul 13 2003 15:13, Sun Stark   Link
Je, N, R, Js, M, Al, Ju, all in LR to tired to talk, silence for over a minute as they just sit and look bored NT

Jul 13 2003 15:16, Sun valentine   Link
Jun's Power Trip
Jun: Nate, what time is the veto meeting?

Nate: I don't know. They don't tell me anything.

Jun: When I'm HOH, I'm going to call meetings left and right. I'm going to be on a f'in power trip.

Jun (pretending): Nate, give me a massage or I'll put you up. I want a clean towell right now.

Lots of laughes.

Nate: We can't let Jun get HOH, guys.

Jul 13 2003 15:21, Sun Stark   Link
Scattered talk...ownerless panties...advice for Scott (LONG)
N: is veto today

Ju: yes you should know

N: they don't tell me anything

Ju: when I'm HOH I'm going to have meetings and stuff, I'lll have fun

AL: I think I'm going to go wash towels right now

Ju: really, whose underwear is in that room, they are not mine, not yours, not micheles, must be amanda

Al: that purple stuff, I would never hve that, do we know its hers

Ju; no but we need to find out shes leaving and we don't want it stinking

Ju: we can see your balls

N: oh yeah is that what you were laughing about the other day

Ju: no

N: when I woke up and you were giggling

Ju: and you say you are shy

Al: omg

Ju: someone threw away potatos

N: they were so nasty

Ju: there were good ones on the bottom, unless they are completely nasty they are fine, potatos are different

Ju: wonder if they had to eat soy sauce last year

Ju: I can't wait till we have some real food, I'll do a cooking show for you guys

Al: that sounds good

Ju: I'll have an ulcer by the end of this

Ju: there are other people in this house that can cook, they are just waiting

Al: you are the best cook though

Ju: 3 course meal would be nice

Js: this is so much more peaceful, its unbelievable

Al: heshouldn't be wearing those boxers

Ju; yeah he shouldn't wear the boxers

Al: don't wear them at all

Ju: nah don't worry, he should wear briefs as he don't have thighs

Al: yeah hes just to worried about life

N: who are you talking about

Ju: Scott, he is so thin

Al: yeah needs to eat more

(Michele gets up and leaves in the direction of the bathroom)

Ju: we haven't had a competition for the last few days, they should give us a activity

AL: let us paint a room

N: or a gnome

R: david the gnome

Ju: she just don't like pink (?)

Jul 13 2003 15:25, Sun Amfam   Link
Dana giving instructions
Dana giving instructions, I believe for the Veto meeting.

Jul 13 2003 15:25, Sun buffalojill   Link
pov ?
uh oh, they are arranging the 2 orange chairs, time for veto? then FOTH

Jul 13 2003 15:36, Sun Amfam   Link
Dana did not use the veto NT

Jul 13 2003 15:40, Sun JoJo   Link
Jun making fun of Scott and Amanda and how little money they will have
Apparently Amanda is going. Jun says they will have enought to go to disney world and thats it.

Jul 13 2003 15:41, Sun JoJO   Link
Robert says
His ex's mother is a b*tch just like his ex.

Jul 13 2003 15:42, Sun valentine   Link
Robert on Erica
He said she was worried during the veto meeting.

He said they dated for about one year and that she was very possessive, getting upset if he went out to lunch with his dad. She moved in with him and he booted her out. Her Mom came over and they were talking about decorating idea and he said, please stop it.

Jee: I didn't know I had to make a speech. I didn't know what to say.

Jun: I think we should all think about making our speeches sound more convincing. (as she puts on lipgloss, looks like Lancome Juicy Tubes)

Jul 13 2003 15:43, Sun Amfam   Link
June ragging Jee
Apparently he didn't realize he needed to make a speech at the Veto meeting and June is telling him in front of everyone that if he has to make a speech he needs to do it better to make it more "convincing".
She repeats this again and he says I meant what I meant........she says "you meant what you meant?" in a snotty way.

Jul 13 2003 15:43, Sun Stark   Link
Post Veto Talk (LONG)
Dn: I think what I said is true you know

Al: In other circumstances had Scott not left, maybe then...

Ju: that was so anti-climatic

Al: I like that read

Ju: hes turing into such a grab-a**

Al: your so moody

N: I'm not moody

E: I'd rather you eat them than me so...

R: I've never heard of someone not campaigning at all, she sleeps with you all has she asked you to come on girls

Ju: No she hasn't asked once

R: well I guess that makes it easier

R: so she doesn't get anything

N: no, she gets 2 weeks worth

Ju; right


(feeds now outside)

Dv: holy s*** I have to say something

Dv: just play it, your going to lose anyways

Am: ok

Je: don't fall for those words

Dv: it doesn't matter

(feed back inside now)

R: she did have a second thought in her head

M: how long did you two go out for

R: only for about a year

R: theres only so much time before you know

Ju; yeah

M: was she like this when you were with her

R: yeah shes always a b****, she would get mad if I went and ate lunch with your dad

N: wow

R: I put up with so much, I kicked her out

N: she lived with you

R: yeah moved in till she could get an apartment but like 2 weeks in she was like oh we should put these flowers up here and I was like no and I kicked her out

(FOTH, jee has now joined them during it)

Je: I think shes trying to see the negative in everything

Ju: Seriously if we are goin to set up stuff like this we have to make it convincing, yours wasn't that convincing

Je: sorry I didn't know I had to do a speech, but anyways I meant what I meant

Dn: It wasn't convincing but you meant what you meant

N: it was sincere

Je: yes it was sincere, well let me go get my drink

(dana walks through as the group is silent again)

(currently in LR is N, M, Al, R, Js)

Js: are they going to come out

Dn: its so hot out

Jul 13 2003 15:49, Sun Amfam   Link
Dana telling Nat she wasn't ever going to use the veto....
Nate was saying, well I didn't know, because you came to me saying you wanted to use it. She persists saying "I wasn't going to use that s#@t". He sounds doubtful because she approached him about using the veto to put up Scott.

Jul 13 2003 16:00, Sun Amfam   Link
More Erica bashing
More Erica bashing in the living room. Dana seems to have instigated it this time. Jee again (for the third time today I think) brings up how she was crying last night for Scott and then went right out and went to play chess.

Robert loves the Erica bashing and moves on to her implants. He talks about how she had a "shi&***" A cup before the implants.

Michelle says that after this week she will be gone.

Jul 13 2003 16:01, Sun valentine   Link
Erica's Fake Boobs
Dana: Robert, how much did the buoys cost?

Rob: 6 grand

Dana: Well they're horrible.

Rob: No, they're not that bad.

Laughs all around. Robert said the scar is under her breasts and that they look good, better than her previous A cup. He was with her before and after.

(Ed Note: what a jerk to say that about her.)

Jul 13 2003 16:02, Sun Stark   Link
LR Talk pointing at Erika this time...(Short)
I heard them talking about Erika and saying she will be next to go, I think this is being said for the purposes of Justin and Robert the group in LR is Mi, Al, Jee, R, Js, Dn. They wanted to know how much her boobs cost. Then Dana is talking about a friend who was bald and was waiting for hair to grow back.

Jul 13 2003 16:05, Sun Amfam   Link
Talk about danas mom having breast cancer
The implant discussion (Erica), prompted Dana to talk about how her mom got breast cancer. Her mother apparently had implants and got breast cancer.

Talk about parents dying and how they would cope.

Back to the cancer and how her mom lost all her hair.

Talk about how the game means nothing compared to losing a parent.

Jul 13 2003 16:10, Sun valentine   Link
Dana's Mom
had cancer and chemo for 8 months. It was really bad for Dana to visit her because she felt helpless and started getting angry.

Her mom lost all her hair, even eyelashes and would fall down a lot.

Jee's dad died of cancer, too, and had a very hard time dealing with it. His mother has to work now for the first time in her life. She is in love now and Jee is happy for her and doesn't want her to be alone. He doesn't want her to get married, though, just live with him and be happy.

Her new boyfriend takes care of her and Jee likes that.

Dana's glad her stepfather helped her deal with the situation. She is an only child, with only a step brother now.

Michelle's parents are still married. Everyone reacts like that is as rare as winning the lottery.

Jee: Its all about the family, man, all about the family. Jun's view of all that was a little different than mine. She was more fortunate with money and stuff and didn't have to worry. She thought our parents had lived their lives and now it was time for them to live theirs

(Ed Note: I think the weirdest thing about the X factor is hearing info about the x'es like this. It's a huge disadvantage for them, because the other HG can reinvent themselves however they want.)

Jee: My family didn't really agree with what Jun was doing with her life. They accepted her, but they didn't agree with her.

Jee: I just learned what hummus was, when I came here. Its pretty tasty.

Jul 13 2003 16:12, Sun valentine   Link
Erica Clears the Room
when she walks into the house, and into the kitchen. This happened earlier, when she went outside and all the "cool kids" came in the house.

It is morphing into clear cruelty at this point.

Jack is attached to her hip, of course.

Jul 13 2003 16:16, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Dana in hammock gossiping
Dana: why is he pissing me off? Does he not know what I can do to him? Don't make this not make this ugly"


"I honestly think that we have to keep doing what "he" says.... just for next week."

Jul 13 2003 16:17, Sun Amfam ParentRootLink
It is dana and Jun in the hammock NT

Jul 13 2003 16:21, Sun Michelle_OR ParentRootLink
thanks.. i see june with dana now. I haven't memorized all the names yet either..been gone a few days. NT

Jul 13 2003 21:29, Sun Shadow46and2 ParentRootLink
Do we know who "he" is? NT

Jul 13 2003 16:17, Sun valentine   Link
Everyone Loves Hummus
Allison declare this "way better than PB &J" as she dips pieces of pita bread into the hummus.

Erica and Jack are milling around her, looking nervous.

Now Jack is whispering to her.

Allie: "i just wish they could both walk out of here together"

I think they're talking about Dana and Justin.

Jack: I think she's going over to the other side to save her ass.

Allie: do you think she would vote for him to stay?

Allie is wondering about Jun. Jack says Jun is with him. He mentions a meeting this morning. Allie says, I know I heard but didn't want to walk in on it.

(Ed Note: It is getting hard to keep track of all of these alliance convos, and all of the lies)

Allie: She is just sneaky as hell.

Jul 13 2003 16:18, Sun AmyFromCanaduh   Link
dana saying she can hurt nate as far as the game goes
dana: "like seriously does he not know what i can do to him? seriously like don't make this ugly"

too late dana, i think you've done it yourself

Jul 13 2003 16:21, Sun valentine   Link
Einstein Allison
Allison (sighs): You can't even live in this house and not be stressed out.

Jack: Yeah, that's kind of the point.

More whispering between the three of them. Allie tells Erica Robert is gunning for her, and thinks Dana will put up Jee and Michelle if she wins HOH.

(Ed Note: Clearly Allie is lying to them. She wants Erica out.)

Jul 13 2003 16:23, Sun valentine ParentRootLink
Now Jack is checking up on Nate, asking Allie if Nate knew that Dana wouldn't use the veto on Justin.

Allie says yes, Nate was sitting right there. I think she just said that she thinks Dana and Justin are sleeping together!!

(Ed Note: oooo hhooo The x idea was a good one.)

Continued talk of Erica hate. Jack thinks her lying in front of Nate is going to hurt her big time. Allie thinks Dana will throw HOH on purpose to avoid doing the dirty work.

Jul 13 2003 16:22, Sun Stark   Link
Kitchen Plotting (Al/E/Ja) (Short)
Alison, Erika, and Jack are in kitchen plotting. Alison says that if Robert gets HOH he will go after Erica, and that if Justin gets it he will go after david...Jack says he might also go for Nathan but Alison says she don' see that, that justin would put michele vs david to try to reinforce david going. Jack asks Alison if Dana says she wouldn't put up Justin, Alison says yes and that she said it in front of nathan.

Jul 13 2003 16:29, Sun valentine   Link
Allie and Jun in the HOH
Allie runs in and grabs Nate's pillow, saying it smells like him.

Now she is recounting the conversation with Erica and Jack word for word.

For a second, Erica's mic went live and we hear her say "Dana really thinks we're dumb".

Allie: They are so after Justin and Robert.

Jul 13 2003 16:29, Sun Amfam   Link
Jun and Allison
Jun and Allison in the HOH....Allison just got done talking strategy with Erica and Jack in the kitchen and Jun walked Allison is whispering to Jun that "they" are going to put up Justin.

Good whisperers, I can't hear well. hopefully someone else will get this conversation

Jul 13 2003 16:32, Sun AmyFromCanaduh   Link
jun and allie in HOH
one of them said: justin is so f*ckin smart he can really pick out things

jun: i think the origonal 8 is out the window but the original 7 is better
allie: i agree

they said they had to pee and left HOH

Jul 13 2003 16:43, Sun valentine   Link
Tall high shot of the tiny pool. Three of the guys are at one side, leaning face forward over the edge. Michelle is leaning on the other side, back on her elbows with her shades on.

Michelle: Its so boring around here without Scott.

Dave: Thanks Michelle, thanks.

Jul 13 2003 16:49, Sun valentine   Link
Catty Comments
Jun is sitting in the shade on a chaise lounge, crunching on some chips (she is a big snacker).

Erica is laying next to her.

Jun, watching the HG in the yard: Dana is tanner than anyone right now.

Erica: That's because she fake bakes.

Silence from Jun, except for the crunching.

Jul 13 2003 17:04, Sun valentine   Link
Dana's Education
She just said she got her GED in high school. She quit because she had trouble getting along with people. She moved a lot and didn't have friends at school.

She went to college and majored in Business Mgmt, with a minor in Finance.

Dana: I was, like, the most popular girl in college. I loved it.

She dropped out of high school after finishing 11th grade. She worked in Pathmark (supermarket) and in a pool hall at night during senior hear. She was independant, with her own benefits, making "mad cash" at night. Then she went away to college and had a blast freshman year.

(Ed Note: This explains a lot for me about Dana.)

Jul 13 2003 17:15, Sun Watch It   Link
Jun and Erika
Comments about Dana not using veto. Erika says she should have used it. Jun says "we told her not to" and Erika said something about talking to Dave and being not swift enough. Erika comments Dana is playing both sides, and you can't play both sides. Erika: Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Jun tells her that she thinks someone (didn't hear the names) would put Erika and Michelle up next. Erika is surprised, thinks it's "interesting."

J: Jee is going to do whatever Robert and Justin tell him to do.

Erika thinks it's interesting that they'd put her up (I can't tell which "they" she means, but I think the R/J/J trio). She says a few times she thinks it's interesting, and something about "they don't even have a vote."

Jun says she didn't expect the loose cannon to turn into a loose cannon this quickly. Erika says she did. Jun says she was "like chill out."

Erika says "we missed our chance today"
Jun asks if she realized they missed it before it happened or after.
Erika says she talked to Jack today, and seems to be repeating some of what was said, and their bid to have veto used.

J: Why didn't he want to?
E: Because he didn't want to be the target, he thought he could get the veto
(this apparently referring to Nathan)

Jul 13 2003 17:26, Sun Watch It   Link
Amanda, Erika, Jack & Dave
Amanda is saying she wasn't shocked to be put up, but was shocked him saying he didn't trust her. Saying it was extreme for the first week, kind of shady. "Do I think I'll leave? Absolutely" She assumes she'll be leaving, Jee is a great guy, she couldn't be up against anyone better (nicer? missed the word)

Someone (Erika?) asks if she was going to stay, what she would do?

A saying she'd go after at least one strong player, "that whole group could get a little too clicquey"

Dave comes up. "Do you guys want me to leave? "
Erika saying she was just "asking her how she feels about the game"

A saying she definitely felt like "you three and Scott were definitely connected" and then "all of them" and saying "for you three to break up certain groups" would be a good idea. Saying that's her take on the game.

Pause in conversation, then Dave says someone is stealing his underwear (?) and the response from Erika is "Justin"

Talk switches to how to play the card game.

Jul 13 2003 17:28, Sun valentine   Link
Amanda, talking
to Erica and Jack outside at the card table. While she shuffles, she explains that she was expecting to get nominated. She know about the ex'es getting sent out first, and she knew that Nate struck a deal with Justin and Robert during the competition, and that Michelle was part of the cool kids. That just left her and someone else, but she expected that a decoy would be nommed with her, rather than another ex.

Erica asks what she would do. She is diplomatic about saying that she thinks one of the stronger players needs to go. That would break up the Elite 8 and cause some mayhem.

She knew from kicking back and watching that it was Erica, Jack, David and Scott against everyone else. She doesn't think it would be a bad thing to have the larger group splinter off.

Now David is explaining some boring card game to them, that he learned from his time inside with the Elite 8.

(Ed Note: I think there may be a quick little twist coming up that the HGs aren't expecting. BB has to respond to the way the game changed after Scott left.)

Jul 13 2003 17:59, Sun Watch It   Link
card games
There's a card game going outside with Jack, Erika, David, and Amanda. Another one was going inside earlier. David has been inside at least twice getting help with how to play. The game is either spades or hearts. After he leaves this last time, Alison announces that she's never seen anyone so confused over a card game.

The dynamic of the two groups is interesting to watch, without a single comment on BB strategy. The inside conversation descends back to Erika bashing, it sounds like, and generally negative comments.

Michelle asks for comments about how she looks.

Outside, the group is still trying to work out how to play, Amanda seems to know the most, especially about betting. Jack was wondering what the strategy to it was, that it seemed more like luck. A lot of strategy talk of the card game, the best way to play, revealing a lot about how their minds work.

Jul 13 2003 18:01, Sun bruhe   Link
mudslinging and women throwing themselves at nathan again
allison, michelle, nathan, jun, and dana are in the LR talking about scott. beating the proverbial horse.
They were placating him and being nice to him while scott was (truthfully) playing the polite card.
Michelle admits she was truthfully scared of him
Allison says "I cant wait to watch this on tv and see jun running in here with a handfull of knives"
the point is they thought they should hide the knives because of scott being a threat. they all laugh
Talk of Amanda now and how she is gone. they question David and how he hangs out with him. Jun slings mud at david's motivations and how he treats people at times.
They laugh that they dont have to share a bed with Amanda any more and say they will have to wash the sheets first.
They act as if scotts and amandas beds are infected or something. very high school.
nathan is reminded that the hoh bed is not "his" bed.
Now they start talking about him moving into the "general population" and they are talking about sharing nights with nathan in beds... all four ladies saying that nathan has to give them all equal bed time. i will post this now, as i think i need to go vomit.

Jul 13 2003 18:12, Sun phusion   Link
Dana, Michelle, Alison & Jun -- Talking about BB3
They were talking about BB3 how Lisa was under the radar

Dana to Michelle : I better watch you.. and they all laughed.

They were saying Eric was hot and stuff.

Jul 13 2003 18:53, Sun missellie   Link
amanda Jack Erika and David playing cards in
backyard Jee just got up from his nap in hammock Rob is taking a shower Dana is in chatting about Karate and waiting to be next.Nat napping or trying to on couch with Michelle playing with his hair he put her hand on his head and then rested his hand on her knee. Sounds like Jun just got out of DR.

Jul 13 2003 18:56, Sun missellie ParentRootLink
earlier Erika filled Jack in on her conversation with Jun and that she Erika could be the next up NT

Jul 13 2003 19:04, Sun missellie   Link
Rob dishing Erika to Dana and Jun yet again in the Bathroom hinting he has lots of stuff he could tell them NT

Jul 13 2003 19:09, Sun buffalojill   Link
allison in hoh with nat, told him.. if we had babies they would have blonde curly hair NT

Jul 13 2003 19:11, Sun buffalojill   Link
jun now in hoh in bed with nate and alli, trashing other hg NT

Jul 13 2003 19:13, Sun missellie   Link
Michelle gets changed for working out she is in bedroom with
Allie who is resting Jun comes in to change and asked the camera if they want to see her TaTas and Allie makes a crack about her wording.Allie has now gone into HOH with Nat and then Jun comes in they are now making fun of Dana.She is so paranoid they think.

Jul 13 2003 19:14, Sun missellie ParentRootLink
Jun also told them she told Erika she would probably get put up next NT

Jul 13 2003 19:17, Sun missellie   Link
Nat admits Dana is wearing him out he can not keep up with her plotting NT

Jul 13 2003 19:23, Sun missellie   Link
Justin sleeping and now Jee joins Dana and Rob in the Bathroom not much going on with them for now NT

Jul 13 2003 19:27, Sun missellie   Link
Dana preening for the 2 guys looks like fishing for complements
and now Rob asking for confermation that nothing has changed.Making sure Nat is still with them and wanting to know about this afternoons confab between Nat and Jack that she walked in on.She really does not know anything so can not answer him.

Jul 13 2003 19:28, Sun bruhe   Link
the pots are calling the kettels black...
nathan (how will he survive without the hoh bed) is again in the bed with ali and jun.. and they are accusing others of over thinking and plotting and never not talking about the game. they laugh at how it is so obvious how much time others spend with their alliances and how its like they dont know that "they" (N Ju and Ali) know. (hello, kettel? this is the pot calling...).
They also rip on dana a lot.
jun at one point does suggest not over talking it. but not with each other but with jack and erika and others like them. They don't seem to realize how obvious their harem alliance is.

Jul 13 2003 19:31, Sun missellie   Link
HOH room they are still talking about Dana and
trying to decide who she would put up if she got next HOH.The 3 of them think Justin should be next up.Then talking about what to tell Michelle to do.They do not trust Dana and she might have to go.Nat sounds afraid of what Justin might do maybe put him up.

Jul 13 2003 19:33, Sun missellie   Link
Allie cautions Nat to sit back no promises to anyone and stay out of things see what happens NT

Jul 13 2003 19:34, Sun bruhe   Link
ali once again says....
to nathan that justin is not gunning for him (she is wrong).
nathan wants to tell dana not to go for hoh. but ali says no. that would be obvious. and says if dana gets hoh and doesnt put up justin, then the rest will decend upon her as a target.
nathan admits he is still working it with erika and jack... and talking.... whispering too low..
ali claims that jack and erika want justin and robert out.
nathan thinks jack and erika feel their backs are against the wall.
nathan himself admits (maybe with out knowing it) that he is definitely a target. feed poops out on me.. posting.

Jul 13 2003 19:36, Sun bruhe   Link
feeds come back.. ali and nat...
are in the ho and apparently (i didnt know this) the hoh room has a reverse window where the hoh can see out but no one can see in. interesting. they were looking through it and laughing at what the other hgs were doing.

Jul 13 2003 19:40, Sun Denise   Link
HOH Room
Nat sandwiched between Allison and Jun, making fun of Dana being hyper and paranoid.

Nat talking about Justin coming in the room while he was talking to Jack.

Nat said dana is wearing him out.

Jun thinks Robert doesn't like her (Jun whispering very low)

Nat telling Allison and Jun about telling Dana to put Justin and Robert up to test her loyalty to the alliance.

Jun wondering if Nat can get Jee away from Justin and Robert.

LOL Nat saying that Dana has to calm down and while saying this talks very fast (imitating Dana)

Everyone thinks that Dana is flaking

Dana talking to Robert on cam 3 and 4 (very animated, not sure what's going on though)

Jun not sure if Dana is being honest with her about Justin

(whispering is going on so it's hard to hear everything)

Nat revealing a lot of his conversation with Jack and Erika today, not sure if it's on purpose because he's trying to test Allison and Juns loyalty?

Allison revealing some of her convo with Justin last night, Allison telling him to chill.

Nat doesn't trust Robert or Justin.

Nat says if Justin puts him on the block he try hard to win the POV.

Jun said don't tell any of this to Dana because she'll get more paranoid.

Jun is going to the kitchen because she doesn't want Dana to get suspicious, Jun says she told her today to calm the f*** down.

Jun tells Nat that if Dana wins HOH she'll put up Robert and Erika, but Dana told Nat today that she'd put up Justin and Robert.

Allison said that Justin needs to go.

Jun wonders why Justin wants Erika to go.

Jun tells Nat that if Michelle wins HOH you have to tell her what to do.

Allison thinks that Dana has a secret alliance with Justin then Allison said the b**** has got to go no matter how much I love her (@@-rolling eyes)

Allison says that Justin has got to be the 2nd one to leave.

Nat tells Allison that Jack and Erika would be their best alliance.

Nat saying she's gonna break I know she is (Dana?)

Nat and Allison are looking out the HOH window (looking for Dana?) and laughing (LOL) Nat says to Allison: don't let me pull a Dana on you.

Nat and Allison are looking out the window of the HOH room still and whispering.

Nat leaves the HOH room and comes back because he forgot the d*** microphone.


Jul 13 2003 19:52, Sun missellie   Link
Rob Justin jee Jack Dav and Nat in B/Y working out Alli with them Dana cooking NT

Jul 13 2003 19:59, Sun missellie   Link
Dana must be worried she is now trying to talk stratagy sp with michelle NT

Jul 13 2003 20:03, Sun missellie ParentRootLink
she says I think girls need to stick together then goes on about looking out for yourself and that is what she is going to do.Also says maybe she should be more like michelle and not worry about things so much.But then how people talking to to many people.She is jumping from one thing to anouther.She is desperate for someone to talk to about anything it seems.Now she is talking to herself about dinner prep.

Jul 13 2003 20:01, Sun fishinlady   Link
Dana cooking. Burned the oil because she was thinking about so many things. Talking to Michelle and said that while you are doing what everybody else
wants, you always need to think about yourself. Says she should be more like Michelle and not worry about everybody talking to everybody else.

Jul 13 2003 20:12, Sun missellie   Link
Jun just told Dana about conversation In HOH with Allie and Nat NT

Jul 13 2003 20:17, Sun Phantom   Link
Jun says "That's why I have such a great personality; because I used to be fat. I peaked at 192" NT

Jul 13 2003 20:19, Sun valentine   Link
Stoned Jun
Jun said she was stoned with BB came to get her. She was really paranoid and her lip was sticking to her teeth.

Jul 13 2003 20:19, Sun Sunflake   Link
Jun just admidted she was high on pot when BB came and kidnapped her...
she said she was so paranoid and her tongue kept sticking to the roof of her mouth.


It was her one last "Hurah".


Jul 13 2003 20:41, Sun Sunflake   Link
Dana cooked dinner for everyone tonite...
...all the girls (-Amanda) are eating at the table, David is eating too, all the other guys are outside working out.

They talk of dinner times when they lived at home, Jun couldn't watch tv after 8:00, so she read like crazy. Justin joins them. Pretty quiet, lots of eating. Apparently the bread was good, Dana had 4 pieces and hopes there is enough for others. Jack and Amanda join the group. Jack's abs hurt from working out.

BB: Amanda, Justin, please put on your microphone.

The HG's compliment Dana on dinner. (not as much as they did Jun last night) Jun offers the guys beers with their dinners. (They got "Natty Lites"). Talk turns to which drinking game they should play.


Jul 13 2003 20:50, Sun Sunflake   Link
All guests discussing a drinking card game, Michelle says,"Last time I played that I got arrested"....
the talbe gets quiet, she goes on to say that she was playing that game and her 2 guy friends had to do a dare in the dorms in their boxer shorts and campus police got called and brought them all down to the lobby full of people at 3 am. One of the boxer guys had already been booted from campus and got TWO citations. (Ed note: doesn't sound like really being arrested to me.)

They discuss table manners; elbows on the talbe and wearing shirts. (Nathan and Justin aren't wearing shirts).

Just keep talking about food and meat.

Jul 13 2003 20:59, Sun Sunflake   Link
F1&2: Jee, Robert & Dave playing BB, Amanda watching, Justin & Jack working out. F3 & 4: Erika drying Dana's hair. NT

Jul 13 2003 21:02, Sun Sunflake ParentRootLink
Sorry, that was Nate working out, not Jack. NT

Jul 13 2003 21:15, Sun Sunflake   Link
Jee joins Amanda watching BB game, says he just can't play BBall after lifting weights..
Robert & Dave decide to play another game of BB. Michelle watches from a lounge chair. Amanda sitting next to Jee yawning. One of the guys says he's getting himself a beer and heading for the hot tub.
Nate sitting on Jun's lounger. The girls comment on the guys spitting on the grass.

F3 & 4: Erika still playing with Dana's hair. Alison is out of the shower. (Guys, I am sooo sick of Dana's strategizing, I just can't switch over..)

Staying on F1: Backyard on the patio, the girls (Jun, Amanda & Michelle) are talking about whether they are playing drinking games or going in the hot tub. Jun thinks it'll look gay if the only ones in the hot tub are guys. She then complains that the guys need to shower after they work out and before they get in the hot tub.
They make plans to straighten Amanda's hair tomorrow. She says she looks very different because of her high cheek bones. More talk of hairstyles. Michelle asks David if they are playing horse. Jun decides she's going to go in the hot tub, she can't resist. She get up to go get changed and says she has to go and be the only girl. Michelle says maybe she'll go in and Jun says, "Nooooo!". She obviously wants to be the only one with the guys in the hot tub. Michelle asks Amanda if she wants to go over and put her feet in.
Feed switches to Hot Tub: Jack, Nathan, Justin, (Robert standing next to it with one foot one it. Michelle comes over. They start talking about the rules for playing Cups.

Jul 13 2003 21:31, Sun Sunflake   Link
Nate, Jack, Justin in hot tub (Robert sitting on edge) talking about the publicity they are going to get...
They're just hanging out, drinking beer, talking.
BB: Amanda, please go to the diary room.

The guys talk about what it's been like being in the house, sounds they hear. David has walked over to the hot tub. Jee is standing by and joins the chat. They talk about how wierd it will be to have to dress up for Wednesday's live show. (all they've been wearing is bathing suits).
Things get pretty quiet. Dave is asked what he is thinking about. He says he's thinking about passing out under water. (??) A pool horror story is told by Jee, who says he can't play chess if he's been drinking.
They agree BB has been fair about the amount of alcohol they have been getting.
Jun is outside now in an itty bitty black string bikini, she showers outside before getting in the hot tub between Jack & Nathan. Just chitter chatter. Jack wonders if his face looks red. David and Jee leave the area. Robert gets a chair and places it up on the ledge of the hot tub. Justin jumps in the pool and then back in the hot tub. Nothing really interesting.


Jul 13 2003 21:53, Sun Sunflake   Link
Dana has joined the hot tub group....
...she's sitting on the ledge with her feet in. In the hot tub are Justin, Nathan, Jack, Jun and Robert on a chair. Michelle gets a cushion and comes over and sits next to Dana on the ledge. One of the guys remarks how tight her jeans are when she bends over to sit down.

BB: Dana, please come to the Diary Room.
She gets up and leaves, it's her second DR today. Some haven't even had one today yet is heard by a male HG.

The group talks about the amount of time people spend in the DR.
They agree they HAVE to play a drinking game, but which one???

This has been on all four feeds for a while. Things get quiet for a minute. The tub itself is loud. Amanda comes out and joins the group. Someone asks her if everything is cool. She says yes and nods. Michelle wants protien and is sick of eating "this sh*t food". She asks the guys how their beers are and is offered a sip by a male HG, she says no.

Camera was focused on Michelle, when it panned out, everyone was magically out of the hot tub except Justin sitting on the side, and her on the ledge. They talk about towns in Florida near Michelle. Michelle tells a story, again.

All 4 Feeds switch to bathroom area. Nathan is in the shower. Erika is now blowing Alison's hair dry. Jee is in and out. All you can hear is the hairdryer.
Pretty average stuff here, compared to last night!
Jack says he made coffee. They also got wine. Erika stops the dryer long enough to ask Jack to bring her a glass of wine.

All 4 Feeds switch to basketball court. Posting.

Jul 13 2003 22:16, Sun Sunflake   Link
Robert is really turned on by Amanda....
....he is talking with David about her and how exotic she is and how bad all the other girls look now compared to Amanda. David agrees. Robert talks about how "different she is, man, I love that f*ckin' sh*t!".

Jack (I think) gets called to the DR)

Dana comes out, "I just had the best diary room -EVER- WHU!"

Robert is spotting David on the bench. They are quiet. David then tries to use a large round weight as a steering wheel, so he drives, maneuvering curves for Robert's amusement.

All 4 feeds switch to Bathroom area. Nathan is at the sink shirtless in jeans. Michelle walks through and smacks his butt. Alison is primping nearby. Nate asks how she's doing, she says all right. He prepares to shave. They chit chat. Michelle would do anything for a haircut right now. It's getting too long. She goes into the kitchen gets a beer for herself and offers him a beer, he says no thanks. She returns to brushing her hair in the mirror. Alison says she can hear people back there. She leaves. Just Nathan shaving, that's all, nothing else, on all four feeds. Hoping for feed change soon.

Nope, nothing, just Nathan treating his skin.

Oh, wait, Justin comes in and compains about being asked movie lines, it's not why he came in the house! Feed follows Nathan, who went to Jun for a hug. He's in HOH. It's Nathan Cam tonight.

All 4 Feeds switch to Jun and Dana in the bathroom area. I think Justin is in the shower. He does a "pressed ham" (sticking his butt against the shower glass) for Jun, Dana misses it. He tells Dana if he were a girl, he'd be her. Camera now follows Dana, who goes outside (mugging to the cameras) to ask Jun if she's going to do her nails outside? Looked like a drinking game was starting to get underway. Camera follows Dana & Jun inside where Jun is going to do Dana's nails. Robert wants something and the girls tell him that he has to go to the diary room to request anything, they (BB) don't respond to any "shouting sh*t". Alison joins them and is complimented on her hair by Dana. (she did spend A LOT of time on it!)

BB just called someone to the diary room. (sorry, I couldn't make it out)

Alison wants marshmallows. They talk of nail polish colors.

NOTE: Not much variety on the feeds tonite, they've been showing the same stuff on all four feeds, just 2 different views of the same shot, twice.

Jun's birthday is coming up and she's worried she'll be sad without her family and presents. Alison got to decorate her room last year for her birthday.


Jul 13 2003 22:28, Sun bluecaesar   Link
Brief moment with Er and Am
Erica says "when it's my turn to go it's my turn to go." She says she's kind of ready to get back to her real life, anyway. She doesn't know how much more of the boredom she can take.

We go back inside to Dana and Robert whispering. I think she's telling him that he needs to take care of his business and win HOH... kind of hinting that he'll be going up soon. He understands. She was whispering very softly. They head back out to the dining room table to join in Jun's manicure group.


Jul 13 2003 23:06, Sun Watch It   Link
they want someone to go to DR to request more beer
Amanda, I think: "Someone should go who's respectful that they like."

Jul 13 2003 23:36, Sun KimM   Link
The HGs have been playing a confusing drinking game for quite a while.
Lots of rules, but they seemed to be having a lot of fun. Ale keeps having to drink.

Right now, the game is taking a break, some people wanting to keep playing, lots of chit chat.

Ali is drunk and blames Justin for making her drink (durin the game). he says it was Nate. Nate denies it (this is all joking around).


Jul 13 2003 23:39, Sun AmyFromCanaduh ParentRootLink
back from foth
they just called jack to the DR

Jul 13 2003 23:40, Sun KimM   Link
F1: briefly video is FOTH, but audio is the HGs....
Nate says: We have beer people. People just in charge of our beer.

Video back ont the HGS.

Dave shoveling food down. Dana comes over and rubs his back for a moment.

Jack called to DR.

Feed switches to Ali talking to Justin about old drunk times.

(ed. I think they got more alcohol.)

Jul 13 2003 23:43, Sun AmyFromCanaduh   Link
virginity talk
allie said she was voting age
jee i think said he was 14
nate was in high school

Jul 13 2003 23:45, Sun max1204 ParentRootLink
Nate sounded like he was lying when he said he lost his virginity in high school. Ali said the first guy she had sex with was also a virgin, and they had been together for 3 years.

Jul 13 2003 23:47, Sun AmyFromCanaduh ParentRootLink
justin and allie (when they met)
then justin and allie said he walked over and they kissed then allie said she kissed him because her ex's best friend was watching and she wanted to piss him off

Jul 13 2003 23:44, Sun KimM   Link
Ali, Jee, Justin, Nate talk about when they lost their virginity
Ali was old enough to vote, but not registered. (I guess she means 18)

Jee was 14.

Nate says he doesn't remember.

Discussing old relationships now, sex.

Jul 13 2003 23:53, Sun AmyFromCanaduh ParentRootLink
was it jee or justin who was 14?

Jul 13 2003 23:56, Sun KimM ParentRootLink
I'm pretty sure it was Jee
but I have seen someone on another board say Justin. <shrug>

Jul 13 2003 23:56, Sun Nerghan ParentRootLink
Jee stated earlier that he was 14 and Jun was 19 and it was technically like stat. rape. NT

Jul 13 2003 23:48, Sun KimM   Link
How Justin and Ali met
(ed. I'm trying to quote as accuratly as I can, but it's difficult to keep up. Doin' my best.)

J: "I picked her up (ed.:went up to her, maybe)at the bar and she grabbed my face and kissed me."

A says she only did it because her ex-boyfriend's best friend was right there.

Jee and Nate scream and sday that makes it worse! Jee says, "You're one of those girls." Nate says he hates girls who do that.

Jul 13 2003 23:55, Sun KimM   Link
Talking about Exes during the casting process
Justin says they asked him so many questions about his Ex.

Naye says he's glad his X isn't there, it would be so much drama.

Erika mention that Robert is there because she's there and he's not speaking to her. Ali asks if she told Robery she should have thanked her. (Robert said she did a couple days ago.)

I didn't catch Erika's answer, but I'm pretty sure I heard Ali says she didn't fill out an application.

Jul 14 2003 00:06, Mon Phantom   Link
Robert kissing up to Amanda in the yard.
Amanda is being very nice and supportive to him. Go Amanda. Jee comes out. Amanda makes a joke about them both making bad speeches today. She says that she totally forgot that she had to make a speech. Jee says that the HT today really helped his neck out. Robert has stopped talking and does not look happy that Jee is there and is taking over the conversation. Jee wanders off toward the HT and off camera for some reason, but he and Amanda maintain the chit chat and Robert remains quite.

All feeds on the 3 in the yard

Jul 14 2003 00:10, Mon Watch It ParentRootLink
R on A: "She's a perfect woman" NT

Jul 14 2003 00:10, Mon KimM ParentRootLink
Robert says Amanda is "the perfect woman" NT

Jul 14 2003 00:15, Mon Nerghan   Link
Amanda, Robert, and Jee at patio table
Amanda can't picture Robert and Erika together...says she can picture her destroying him...he says that she (Amanda)hasn't seen his bad side. She says that he seems so sweet that she can't imagine him having a nasty side. He says that everyone has a nasty side. Amanda says that Robert is so hard to figure out. Jee is sitting at the patio table with them as well. Robert is trying an earth moving type strategy with Amanda or he is just smitten. Jee talking about how nice his girlfriend his and that she is paying his bills while he is gone. That everybody prob. thinks he is crazy because he talks about her so feed briefly switches to Ali and Dana inside and then back to the outside trio. Amanda says she is going to go inside so she won't smoke...and Robert says yeah you probably are a little liquored up. She says that she can usually hold her liquor but after not drinking it is different...Jee says how he and Robert need to keep the bond strong...Robert is gazing and Jee asks what Robert is thinking about...he says nothing game related that it is about his family...and then he goes into game related talk and what HGs think when they are talking right now....they both say "F-it" Jee tells Robert that he is blessed and he has a family at home taking care of his daughter and that they have to focus on the game and keep it tight.

Jul 14 2003 00:15, Mon Watch It   Link
Jee and Robert
J to R: What's the deal, Rob, what's the deal?
J: since day one, I've felt something. I've trusted you from day one. .. the game starts at the hotel. I've felt the connection kid, I felt the connection.. we have to keep it strong. You alright there Rob, what you thinking about?
R: Nothing about the game...
J: You can always talk to me about it
R: I think the girls are trippin'... we've just got to keep ourselves tight... these two girls looked at me while I was talking... I know it's a game..
J: What 2 girls?
R: Who do you think? ... Jun and Dana
J: Those two are tight... that's just how the game works dude... us two just being alone right now, they're probably going to think something else.
R: Yeah, but I don't care #FOTH# it
J talks about R's daughter, about R loves his daughter, telling him to think about it, the game, and stick together.

(sorry, not the most coherent convo)
They get interrupted and go back inside

Jul 14 2003 00:16, Mon Phantom   Link
Amanda excuses herself to go in.
If she stays there she will be tempted to smoke. She is feeling woosy from the booze and no food.

Jee talks pep about him and Rob staying together, but Rob says nothing for a while. He doesn't confirm his alliance with Jee, but continues on to talk about others. (Just wishful thinking on my part, but I think he is torn about Amanda and Jee). Jee continues to press that they stay together. All Rob says is "I know".

Jee goes in and Rob follows a while later. All the cameras stay out in the yard for a while, then switch into the LR with Jack, Erica and Dave.

Jul 14 2003 00:24, Mon Phantom   Link
F1 & 2 in LR with Jack, Jun, Dav & Erica
F3 & 4 on kitchen with just about everyone else. There is more booze of some kind and the kitchen group are going to continue to party. Erica says that she got a bit of a buzz before and will stop drinking. The LR group talking about the unreliability of Dana and Dave is concerned about her throwing HOH. He thinks that she is onboard for the next week and Jun confirms that she is OK for one more week but that she is not sure of her after that. Jun says that she was mugged just before coming out there and she broke a nail that has had to be repaired. Dave says that he can't see it, but Jun says that if he was a girl he would have seen it immediately. Dan has joined them and is eating a sandwich from a napkin. Naturally, the conversation becomes more general.

Jul 14 2003 00:27, Mon Watch It   Link
Jun in LR to Dave, Jack, and Erika
"I'm the only sane one" motioning to the noisy group in the kitchen.

Also saying she got a buzz on Odouls, saying "it's so sad."

Convo switches to game talk, Dave is talking about someone (Dana?) throwing HOH competition. Jun saying "she" won't do anything without talking with others. Dave saying he believes "she's" with them totally. Consensus is "she's" unpredictible.

Convo switches to talk of nails. Dana comes over to join them, and talk switches to types of competition briefly, then bounces to the next topic. Dave is demanding Dana's sandwich. Later when Erika comes back with a hummus wrap, Dave demands that. Dana says she'll give it to him if he takes his sweats off, they laugh.

Jul 14 2003 00:44, Mon Phantom   Link
Jun had feeds Nathan on the couch.
Now she does the same for Dana. Nine of them are in the LR now and all is still light and fun {Damn}. Erica is participating and is flanked by Alison and Amanda. It seems to be lining up with the girls on one side and the boys on the other (except for Nat who is in the middle on the girls side). Everyone is there now. No conflict or strategy talk - peace is highly overrated.

Jun continues to spoon feed Nat and Dana and there is vague sexual talk. Michelle excuses herself to get up from the floor and go sit beside Dana, one step away from Nat. It is now officially Boys opposite girls, except for Nat. BB warns Dave to not obstruct his mike and all burst out in laughter.

Jun jumps up on the table to get out, and spills some red wine on the couch and on Erica and Amanda. Erica cleans up for the two of them and Jun goes to the kitchen.

Jun requests that they switch to boy/girl/boy/girl seating and they will play pass the potato or something. Whoever drops the potato, Jun has a punishment ready for them. Don't worry, she says, it's not sexual

Jul 14 2003 00:56, Mon ktan   Link
Now the partying HGs are in a circle spinning Dav and Ali around and trying to avoid knocking into others and staying put in the middle. A succeeds.NT

Jul 14 2003 00:57, Mon Phantom   Link
Taking a long time to get organized for the game.
Jun has to go back for a smaller potato. The trick is that the potato has to be passed without use of hands, but you already knew that, didn't you? Naturally, this is much fun and comments from all. Jack may have dropped it passing to Michelle, but he gets a second chance. Robert is next and he lifts Mich up into his lap to get the potato. Justin takes it from Amanda and all of the positions look like they are making out. Jee takes it from Erica and Ali straddles him to pick it up. She has to walk to the other side to start over and ends up on the floor in a very compromising position with Dave for an extended period before he gets it from her.. Dave passes to Jun and make believe humps her in the process. People are falling on the ground with laughter. Jack again gets to pass to Michelle, and is getting a lot of advise on how to do it from everyone. This really is the love connection tonight. They are half way through the second cycle now and still going strong. Nat is having trouble passing to Amanda, but Justin picks it up easily from her. This time, Dave goes over to Alison to take it from her and somehow, she ends up with it in her mouth instead of tucked under his chin.

The decision is that Alison and Dave failed and they have to bend over and spin 10 times in the middle of the circle of bodies. Dave first and he is dizzy and falling into everyone. He ends up on the floor with at least one other. Now Alison. She ties up her hair and bends low to spin. She is not as fast as him, but finishes and stands erect smoothly.

They start to disperse after the game but all agree that it was a great game and a lot of fun.