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Jul 14 2003 01:06, Mon Phantom   Link
After the game, F1 & 2 in yard with Dave, Jee, Michelle, Robert and Amanda.
F3 & 4 in bath with Justin, Dana, Alison and Jun.

The crew in the yard are replaying the game and may be having even more fun in the re-telling. Michelle is laughing and participating with abandon. Amanda asking if Michelle can put her legs behind herself. Alison comes out and Ananda gives her the same challenge. Erica arrives and Amanda says that she can do it. If you do it, I'll do it.

Alison goes back in and Erica is no where to be seen, but Jun has stayed with the original group and they continue to have fun with it. They promise to play again tomorrow. Michell says she has a game called Suck & Blow that will be fun. Jun challenges them to play that tomorrow but they will save it till then.

Jul 14 2003 01:10, Mon Phantom   Link
Nat and Dana are snuggling and swaying in the hammock.
Jun talks to them briefly then leaves.

F1 & 2 on the hammock, F 3 on Amanda at the table and F4 on the group now around the table. Someone is playing chess and they wonder how they can play that after the game in the LR.

Jul 14 2003 01:18, Mon Phantom   Link
There seems to be a demonstration of Suck & Blow going on at the table.
Nat and Dana say that someone is fine now that she has opened up - Michelle. Dana says that Michelle was on MTV for making out with some guy at Spring Break.

Things are quieting down now. Nat says that Jack is great for playing these games. He will do anything. Dana agrees and says he is wonderful for 58 years old.

Erica moves a chair out to watch Jack play chess with someone, but I can't see who. Nat leaves the hammock and is eventually replaced by Amanda. She asks if she could leave when Nat comes back into the yard but Dana says don't worry about it, he only likes little blondes.

Amanda says that she would never date a guy that is better looking than her, but for a hook up . . . Dana agrees.

Jul 14 2003 01:21, Mon ktan   Link
Jun, M, Am, Da, Ali all lay in the hammock together. Erika comes a little later and the hammock still holds up. NT

Jul 14 2003 01:28, Mon Phantom   Link
Amanda and Dana continue to bond and make sex talk in the hammock.
They call over all the girls to talk about the boys. They now have all but Erica in the hammock. Joking about the game some more, particularly about when Jack was groping Michelle - he's 4 times her age and was going for it. (a big difference from how the old guy was treated in past years). They are having so much fun now that they have even invited Erica over. All six are in the hammock and it is almost touching the ground.

4 of the boys are around the table and Jack is still playing chess with Justin, I guess. The guys are not having as much fun, but they might on another day when they play pass the potato in the HT as one of the girls just suggested. Hmmmmmmmm

Jul 14 2003 01:34, Mon Watch It ParentRootLink
Amanda said Nathan has "superman curls" NT

Jul 14 2003 01:44, Mon Phantom   Link
As a contrast to the wild time the girls are having in the hammock, the guys are quietly talking about relationships.
Now the question is if you had to, which of these girls would you want a relationship with: Nat = Dana, Jee = Ali, Rob = you know (that's what he said - from earlier, I'd guess he'd mean Amanda), Dave = Ali. OK, says Robert, which one for a good pounding: Dave = Ali, Nat = Ali, Jee = ?, Rob = ?

The girls all come over and they want to know something about what the boys were talking about them. The decline but say that they said something nice about all of them. The girls want to know what it would take to get them to tell. Then there is discussion of if this will be on the show and they thing no. Some talk about the Pass the Potato in the HT and some of the guys think that might be exciting too exciting. The guys want to know what the girls were talking about and they say nothing.

They are pressing Michelle to demonstrate Suck & Blow and she is suddenly shy. They say that she did it before, and she finally relents to demonstrate with Dave. Unfortunately she can't get it right - she keeps laughing. It looks like a kiss, but apparently, she keeps doing it wrong and the other girls keep telling her "You're supposed to blow" "I know," says Michelle, "but I just can't." I still don't get the game, but after 3 trys she either gets it right or gives up.

Things break up and all the girls but Amanda and Jun go in to go to bed. Apparently, Dave messed up Amanda's lighter so that it makes a huge flame. He leaves without saying anything or fixing it for her.

Jul 14 2003 01:55, Mon ktan ParentRootLink
A playing card was used and the idea is to pass on the card using the lips as the receiver sucks on the card. NT

Jul 14 2003 02:15, Mon Phantom ParentRootLink
Interesting. I didn't see a card. Should be easy enough. NT

Jul 14 2003 02:39, Mon ktan ParentRootLink
It was one of the see-through playing cards they had. NT

Jul 14 2003 01:56, Mon Phantom   Link
I switch to F1 in time to hear Michelle say, "Things have changed, David,"
in a coquettish way, then leave him in the kitchen as she goes to the bath. I have no idea what that was about, but it sounded interesting.

In the bath, she takes off her red top (she still has another one on underneath) and talks to Dana in the w/c. Then she returns to the yard where she says that she doesn't want to change in front of the camera, so she has to wait for Dana.

Dana comes out to brush her teeth and Michelle returns to finish changing in the w/c. Michelle comes out and does her nightly routine of brushing and playing with her hair. The cameras whirr and she looks over at it. She is wearing clunky heeled sandals that slap and thunk as she walks. Nice for the legs, but bad for the ears.

Jul 14 2003 01:59, Mon ktan   Link
Before she can sleep, BB orders Michelle to put on her mic. She has to retrieve it from the bathroom (along with some clothes). NT

Jul 14 2003 02:08, Mon GreenEyes   Link
Jee and Allison discuss relationships
Alison says her current bf has cheated on her at least 5 times. But she believes it's probably more.

Jul 14 2003 02:13, Mon GreenEyes   Link
Amanda , Erica and Dave are the only ones left outside playing cards. Everyone else is inside sleeping or getting ready for bed. NT

Jul 14 2003 02:14, Mon Phantom   Link
Michelle goes back into the kitchen and sticks her head out the yard door to ask if "you guys going to bed?"
The answer is apparently no, so she goes off to the back bedroom alone and crawls into her bed. She is in bed, but BB comes on to announce, "Michelle, please put on your microphone." "*****" she says and has to get up and go to the bath to retrieve her microphone from where she left it. she puts it away beside her bed and gets back in.

F1 & 2 is of Mich in bed. F 3 & 4 are cycling around the house where people aren't. They catch Nat going to the w/c and pass on. Finally, they end up on the mob in the yard. Nat wanders by the hall and Mich invites him to come keep her company. He hops right into bed with her and says that he is ready to get back into that room. They agree that tonight was fun and crazy. "Mrs. Jack is going to hate me," says Michelle. Nat takes the joke and says it is fine. Nat pats her firmly on the rump a couple of times and goes alone to the HOH. He takes off his shirt and goes to the door to turn out the lights. The night cameras take some time to come on and he comments to them that "You are following me". He pulls off his pants and stands looking out the window for a while before crawling into bed alone - for a change.

This feed changes to the kitchen where Jun, Robert and Dan are talking about Jee and his being so young. Jun comments on his not being able to handle her love for him. Robert says that he loved Jee to death, but he is on all the time and he just needs a rest from it sometimes. Dana says that if he ever needs a break from it to just get one of them and they will rescue him from Jee. Robert is complimenting Jun and working her. Various ppl pass through. Now Robert is harassing Ali for not knowing where Nat is at the moment. She says that he is just her friend and it is not his job to watch him. Nevertheless, she immediately goes in and hops on the bed with him. She is upset or pretend upset with him for being mean to her tonight. (calling her a whore in the rhyme game). Nat seems to want her to go and to go to sleep, but he falls short of actually saying it. She is being cutesy while caressing his hair. She decides that he is not mad at her anymore and kisses him on the forehead and snuggles beside him.

Jul 14 2003 02:20, Mon Phantom   Link
Dana comes into the HOH and snuggles on the other side of Nat.
Robert sticks his head in the door to throw him a condom and ask if he needs this. Robert leaves and all in the HOH react. Alison leaves (to brush the beer taste out of her mouth, I think). While left alone with Dana, she asks why he never locks his door. Something about not being able to make it work and then having to take his key with him.

On the way back to the HOH, Ali stops to talk to Robert in the LR and BB warns her to get her microphone. She enters the HOH and asks if she can come in. They decide that it smells in there and that there should be better ventilation in there.

Jul 14 2003 02:33, Mon Phantom   Link
Alison says that she is going to bed and curls up under the covers in the HOH bed.
She is not touching Nat, but Dana is lying beside him and caressing his back and hair. She is on the outside of the covers. She complains at one point that they give so much and get so little. Hmmmm

Alison suggests that Dana sleep there tonight. Dana asks, "are we all going to sleep in here?" Alisom murmurs, "Um hm" and sounds half asleep. Dana announces that she is getting up to go to bed. Ali asks her to stay several times. I don't think that she wants to leave, but realizes that she will have to if Dana leaves. They discuss using Nat for his bed. Dana lays back on her back and makes no further move to leave. Finally, she gets up and leaves. "You are a piece of work," says Nat to Ali. She wants to know why but gets no answer. She moves closer to him to snuggle for a bit, then rolls over to lay with her back against his side. She has rolled back over and Nat now has his arm across her and they lie face to face and snuggle under the covers.

Robert, Jun & Amanda are on the couch and someone (Justin I think) is wandering around looking for something to drink. He returns to the couch to sit beside Amanda.

Nat and Ali kiss. He still has his arm and part of his body across hers and they make the usual flirting talk. More short kisses. They are getting quite close and comfy now.

Jul 14 2003 02:33, Mon jangojango   Link
the HOH tango is back on
Looks like these two are teasing again! nothing willl happen im sure (=

Jul 14 2003 02:35, Mon GreenEyes   Link
In the HoH room........ Nate and Allison kissing....
Nate and alison are lying in the HoH room with the lights off, they are kissing. Alison playfully asking if Nate is using her. He says she could easily be using him. Alison is stroking his back. They are in an embrase lying in each others arms. Lots of kissing making out, tounge action. Meanwhile in the LR Justin is sitting with Dana all cosy. Justin is kissing the back of Dana's shoulder. I don't know what the convo is between those two since i'm watching on the quad feed. But Jun and Rob are in the room with them...

Jul 14 2003 02:40, Mon Phantom   Link
Some serious kissing going on now, not just the short pecks.
Someone should think to lock the door pretty soon now. Nat remarks that he will not have the room much longer. He also comments on her child-bearing hips.

Crap! Some whispering about Dana being unreliable. Nope, all is well. More snuggling and kissing and whispering that doesn't sound like strategy. Nat asks if she thinks that will be on TV. "What?" "That kiss" Some whispering about not knowing what is going on in here. "Good, lets keep it that way." Nat comments that Alison laughs like Justin. That boy really knows how to spoil a mood.

"You're the one with the b/f."
"No, he dropped me about 6 episodes ago, remember?"

Jul 14 2003 02:45, Mon GreenEyes   Link
Alison and Nate... Justin and Dana...
Nate says he's being careful for her cuz she's the one with the bf. She says "don't you rememeber I lost my bf about 6 episodes ago. And if I didn't then I sure as hell just did." Meanwhile justin and dana are cuddling and getting cozy on the LR couch. Jun and Rob and Jee are out there with them but it doesn't seem to phase them. Justin is stroking Dana's hair and touching her softly. Dana seems to be enjoying it. Justin from time to time laughs really loud. Nate comments to Alison that Justin and him have the exact same laugh. Alison doesn't seem to like that comment to much.

Jul 14 2003 02:46, Mon Phantom   Link
If anyone cares, Dana seems to be doing some snuggling of her own on the couch with Justin.
He was nuzzling her neck. Perhaps that explains why she hasn't interrupted the HOH recently. Robert and Jun are also still in the LR, along with Jee, and I think, and Amanda. The others seem to be alone. Robert has move over to the other side of Dana and is stroking her ankle .

Jul 14 2003 02:50, Mon Phantom ParentRootLink
I guess that Amanda isn't there. I got a funny feed that seemed to have another brunette on the couch, but not Amanda.
Robert is full on working Dana's feen now in his lap. Dana is enjoying being in the Nat position and having her own harem.

Jul 14 2003 03:04, Mon Phantom   Link
Nat talks about getting together outside the house and no one finding out about this.
There was also something about being the first in BB. Lots of whispering now and only partial sentences. Ali has her face burried in his neck. Ali sits up and says that she has to be the pretty one in the relationship and be the blonde. She got over it and has laid back down no her stomach. Nat is all over her and they are now spooning quite close.

Ali seems to be talking like she is going to go, but makes no move to do so. They make a nice picture. "You might be an all right person outside of this game," says Ali. "I said all right, not good." They are still together, but not spooning or with their arms around each other anymore. I think this is winding down for the night. Maybe not. Now they are back together and Ali has pulled the covers over herself and most of Nat. There are suspicious kissing sounds coming from under the covers. The covers are off now and Ali says that it's time for him to go to bed. Something is not for national TV. Nat says that "I guess this is our last night together."

"I guess so," agrees Ali. She laying over him and is caressing his back.

Some other stuff is whispered and then, "I guess we have to stop it now, huh?" says Nat without conviction.
"Ya," says Ali with equal firmness.

Jul 14 2003 03:12, Mon ktan   Link
Nate now straddling on TOP of Ali, then pull sheets over their heads for more kissing. NT

Jul 14 2003 03:20, Mon Phantom   Link
"I just think that we have to stop making out" says Ali.
She rolls over with her back to him. I missed something that seemed to upset Ali, but then he says "I told you outside today" and she is now back in his arms. Nat is either on top of her or leaning over her to talk. There is certainly some occasional talking, but there is also al lot of kissing sounds that go of for quite a while. These mikes really emphasize certain sounds, and this is not an appealing sound show. Fortunately, the unaided human ear would probably make it a more appealing sound to them.

"Oh, my God, " says Ali when they take a break. Questions of trust and if the really feel things about each other. One of the standard statements about what he will learn when he hears the tapes. Then he will know that he can trust her and that she only has good things to say about him. More kissing. Nat says something about not wanting to take advantage of her because she is "emotionally unstable" She does not react well about that and remarks about the things he is doing "for a good Christian boy." Nat pulls the covers over them entirely and seems to be mostly on top of her. Muffled sounds are heard, only some of which are voices.

Jul 14 2003 03:21, Mon Devareux   Link
Robert is planning to make a move on Amanda tonight but she's playing BB w/ David.
he's planning on giving her a back rub and inviting her to stay in his bed. Sharing all this w/ Jee and saying he plans to get it on, doesn't care about the cameras and she will be gone next week anyway. (ED; EWWWWWW!)

Jul 14 2003 03:25, Mon Phantom   Link
This private session is going on for quite a while.
Nat makes a joke about BB warning "Alison, put on your microphone." They take a break and the covers come down. Nat is now on the other side of Ali from when they started. Laughing alternating with whispering. "You'll feel differently tomorrow." says Nat.

"Not even," replies Ali.

"I'll try to make it nonchalant."

Nat promises to not be mad at her. Nat says that she "needs to go sleep with Justin." Ali says Wow to that, and a few other things. They are obviously joking and teasing each other. Ali promises/threatens to slip into his bed from time to time in the future. Nat asks her what she wants to do. Hmmmmm.

Ali: "You're lucky I'm not out to hurt you"
Nat: "I don't play games like you"

Something is sais about some other female not getting to him. He insists that she hasn't. Nat says that we have to stop this now." "OK" and they kiss good bye. They kiss good bye very long and well, then settle down to snuggle some more. More insistence that she is not there to hurt him. More kissing. Recycle of Real.

Jul 14 2003 03:28, Mon ktan   Link
Yet again Nate and Ali head under the covers for a make out session until interrupted by a knock on the HOH door. NT

Jul 14 2003 03:31, Mon Devareux ParentRootLink
Justin knocked & ran...teasing them NT

Jul 14 2003 03:41, Mon Phantom ParentRootLink
When Ali later talked to her, he said that it was Erica that knocked. NT

Jul 14 2003 03:35, Mon ktan   Link
House lights have been shut off by BB. Left in the LR are a sleeping Jee, Rob, and Ali/Jus together talking. NT

Jul 14 2003 03:38, Mon Phantom   Link
Nat thinks that someone (Jee) is obsessed with her.
She agrees. We can use that to our advantage. "OK, tell me what to do," says Ali. More snuggling and kissing. Now the covers are completely over them again.

I went to let the cat in and get a drink and they are still at it. It seems that Ali went out to the LR for a while and talked to Justin, but she is back in the HOH and is on top of Nat now, outside of the covers. He is caressing the parts that are within reach and she says that she will go put the others to bed and come back and check on him. She eventually leaves, but comes back because she has the wrong mike. She turns on the light to look for it, nearly blinding Nat in the process. She decides that she may have her own mike after all and the Alison label may have fallen off. She gets organized and goes into the LR to talk to Justin and Robert. Amanda and David are playing cards in the yard, but mostly talking. Everyone else seems to have gone to bed.

Jul 14 2003 03:43, Mon Phantom   Link
Robert bitching that Dave is messing with his plan to bed Amanda by keeping her up
and forcing her to think about cards and making her sober. He is pissed. He thought he had her.

Jul 14 2003 03:49, Mon Phantom   Link
Sleeze-bag Robet is still bitching to Justin that David is messing with his plan.
She was drunk and vulnerable and it is now wasted. Three o'clock in the morning. "Damn." Both go to bed and Ali comes and crawls into bed with Justin to spoon. Ali asks Robert if he loves her (Amanda). "Ya, well, . . . " he replies. They all laugh. Jee comes in from somewhere and gets into bed himself.

Jul 14 2003 03:52, Mon Devareux   Link
Robert tells Jee, Justin & (I think) Ali that Amanda is hammered & David is sobering her up by playing cards with her. Robert is ticked
because he wants to make a play at her tonight. Robert & Justin go to bed & Robert keeps ranting that Amanda & David are only playing cards & how it is a waste of a woman. (ED; he is very frustrated). Ali climbs into bed with Justin (spooning). Says she can't believe she fell asleep in the HOH rm, keeps saying how wonderful the bed is & how you can't even touch the other person in the bed. She threatens to take over the bed if one of them gets HOH next week.(ED; time to shut up, damage control has worked for now). Now she's asking Justin why they broke up. Roberts says you guys makes me sick, your so f**king confusing.Now Amanda is whispering to Justin ...something about Amanda.

Jul 14 2003 04:01, Mon Devareux   Link
David spilling to Amanda about the guys rating the girls, teasing her with bits and pieces NT

Jul 14 2003 04:13, Mon Quench   Link
David and Amanda playing cards in the BY talking about women's body parts
Amanda - Erika's boobs, Erika's stomach

David - Hard isn't it

A- Face - Michelle

D - Aren't we playing cards

A- Just tell me. see now I am curious Just tell me Alison's Ass, Dana's Ass

D - Your turn

A -How was I the hilight of the conversation

D-There was other points but you were up there.

A- I am curious about yours. What is your perfect - you are distracting.

David continues to be evasive.

A - 4 guys talking about 6 girls on a hammock do you think they are not going to air that.

D - Maybe I just want to hide things. It's fun. You were close on all the parts. Body parts.

A- Just tell me what you said.

D - What I said Erikas's tits, Ali's ass, Ali's legs. It's like one of those Mr. Potato Head Dolls

Play a hand of cards. D still being evasive.

D - All seriousness - All talking about who we want to date who we want to f**k, You would be the coolest chick who you want to date. Because you aren't high strung or superficial and you actually joke around. And by far you are the most attractive girl in the house.

A - Oh that is so sweet.

Continue to banter play cards again.


Jul 14 2003 04:38, Mon Quench   Link
A and D talk strategy Nathan joins them.
Amanda talking about how she is going this week and if she didn't she want a recount

She feels that the 3 women - Jun, Ali and Dana need to be split up. Dana won't go to bed she needs to know everything that is going on. She is like Danielle last year needs to know everything.

She is telling David that he needs to put two of them up together to split them up.

Nate comes out and sits with them and they talk about the 3 other women. Nate reaffirms how much Dana is flaky.

They continue to talk stategy and beach about the women. Nate now feels bad for putting her up. Amanda knows she is going this week because Jee is not a threat.

They talk about the camera - Bobs. How the daytime Bobs are bored in the daytime.

Nate asks Does Alison snores? No she doesn't snore she breathes heavily. But Jun snores.

How many beds are open. Scott's - Amanda saying she can possibly take that bed that's just not right. I would rather sleep on the floor.


Jul 14 2003 04:40, Mon MsB0808   Link
David, Amanda and Nate talking in BY
Mostly just chatting...were talking about someone who had to constantly know where everyone was or what everyone was doing but couldnt' hear who they were talking about....kept saying "she" but that was all I could get. Now they are talking about everyone's sleeping habits. Nothing earthshattering going on and all the others are asleep.

Jul 14 2003 04:47, Mon Quench   Link
They decide to play BasketBall. David plays with the central camera.
They were discussing the cameras earlier. And asking the central camera questions watching it go up and down and side to side.

Jul 14 2003 05:12, Mon Quench   Link
David Nathan Amanda finish playing BasketBall. Decide to go get food and other pranks
Lets go wake up Jun. Let play some pranks. How about putting her hand in warm water. Lots of laughter. They go in and make pb sandwiches. Nate wanders off to the bedrooms but doesn't wake up anyone. Goes back to the kitchen. Nate goes back to the bedroom. Goes and wakes up Jun. Jun mumbles. I will get out of the way and make room for you and Ali. Then rolls over and strattles Alison.

Jun rolls ontop of Nathan and Nathan returns the favour. They talk about what time it is. Then the camera pans back to the kitchen where A and Dv are talking about the amount of cameras They play with the cameras move up and down behind the counter. Do you think there are Bobs for every camera or one central guy. Oh there can't be one for every camera that would be a waste of dudes.

Continues to play with cameras

Jul 14 2003 05:18, Mon Quench   Link
A and D after we finish eating want to have a big fight and wake everyone up.
Amanda cannot cry on demand (needs Alison lessons) So they figure that if she laughs hard enough until tears come that would be good.
They abandon this idea for now. Go about sideside to play cards some more

Now they wonder if Nathan is going to spill to the harem what they talked about earlier.


Jul 14 2003 05:42, Mon DishManTV   Link
David & Amanda playing Cards outside (4:43am BBT) NT

Jul 14 2003 05:48, Mon frustratedposter   Link
F3 Dv and Am in BY
playing cards

talking about some unknown 16y/o who is in a hospital, sounds like psych problems

Dv did i shuffle these
AM I saw you shuffle them, that doesn't mean the cards don't touch
Dv laughs
AM asks why are you laughing at me

AM yawning, looks very tired
Dv now saying he loves short hair cause you don't have to do anything with it. He doesn't do anything but push it in place
AM and it just stays that way?

Dv gets up and goes in to the house, says be right back

AM now alone in the BY, drinking coffee I think, waiting and looking at her cards

camera zooms in a little on her

the camera is shaking quite a bit as she sits and waits. (ED cause it's zoomed in so much??)she may just fall asleep waiting!

Cam pans to door and DV comes back out laughing. Says in case you're wondering I do have d*ck control, but I think the cameras shocked me. As he was washing hands, camera was playing with him, and he played back. Guess you had to be there. Chuckles

AM has a grin on her face

DV did you look at my cards
AM no i didn't even think about it, i would have i didn't think about it
DV i think you took one of my cards
AM what was it? I didn't look at em

AM i played the king
DV i put the king down
AM are you sure? I did
DV what did you pick up?
AM are you sure?

DV joking about some song

AM smiling, plays a card

DV thinking and singing

DV picking his ear and says he hates talking

DV what? you think I talk all the time and i love to hear myself talk?
AM i think it's a cop out sometimes when a guy says he hates to talk
DV whatever you say, i'm going to be the exact opposite
AM what do you mean?
DV you said it's a cop out. and starts to babble
AM i can't believe you took my most embarassing moment and brought it back to life
AM you ask me a question, and you start laughing at it

DV i just picture.... i just slobbered on my face.... i picture you LALALALA and hitting, face fist, and going out cold. when you told me that story (ED don't know what story) I laughed, and that's what I pictured

DV what?
AM hmmm?
DV what?

DV now looks at hand, mumbles five.. five.. five.. i can't discard... yep...

they continue the card game

DV i just don't get, how is that your most embarrasing moment? why is it embarassing?
AM i don't have any embarassing moments

AM i don't understand? how would you like it if people laughed at you all the time
DV they do... they do... every day of my f&&&ing life

DV talks about a couple of years ago, he was getting drunk, and got totally depressed, and it all came out
AM did you cry?
DV i don't know, i might have. the whole situation i was depressed about, i got mad, instead of sad, cause it's a better feeling
AM yah
DV it's not a cure all, but it's still better

(this is long enough, so post)

Jul 14 2003 05:56, Mon frustratedposter   Link
F3 still DV and AM
DV i'm going up next week, and it's totally your fault
AM it's my fault? i'm sorry, don't blame me. i was only telling you that cause i rather you'd know than not know
DV why you think i think i'm untouchable?
AM ya
DV here's my take on it, i've accepted it. if.... justin.... i think justin or robert get it, i'll go up most definitely... most def... so... and.... seeing the group, and seeing him... are you going to go up and talk strategy with someone you think.... i think... DN is always around him. it's always they are not jsut talking, they talk and (makes looking around motion) so it's my gut that DN is feeding them BS, stuff they want or don't want to hear, i don't know which, in order to better herself. then she goes over to Nate playing both sides. and neither JU or RO approach me, neither does Nate, they've got theri mind made up... so i think if they got it i'm up
AM i think if they put you up it would be against ER
DV she plays the game hard, i'm a goofy guy, but i'm not trying to hide myself. i think she's a strong player. she's smart. it was gonna be scott and me. but now i think it's gonna be her and me
AM talking about how she can't trust anyone.
DV I think DN is the fuel of the fire.
AM i'll be honest, i thought Er was shady, i don't know. i thought she was the one that told nate not to trust me. the reason is cause i thought her and scott had something going, and she wanted me out. she plays the game good, but she alienates herself and no one knows how to read her

AM then she goes around, and she starts crying. you're not making enemies, but they think they know where you're out. you're an honest person, so they don't approach you
DV i don't know who to talk to. a lot of us are on the same level, but its still early.

(phone, so post)

Jul 14 2003 06:05, Mon frustratedposter   Link
F3 still,
talking about Erika and her crying over scott. then later she is playing chess and laughing hysterically. isn't that weird?

Am saying the night Sc and she were fighting she went in to the HOH room to tell Nate. She is sure Er and DN are the ones that suggester her to be put up to Nate.

AM I guarantee you that it was coming from more than one side
DV did the Scott thing happen before that?
AM when I saw Er go in the HOH room and Scott said you're instigating people to fight with me. I don't know. I want to think she's a good girl, cause Jack is amazing, and a good judge of character. but i think she's playing a lot of games, almost like DN. She'll be hanging out, watching then she'll be HI ladies! and she'll talk, and fix your hair, then all of a sudden she'll start crying!

AM i went to her and asked if she's ok. and she's like i don't know. maybe i'm too old for this sh*t. she asked if you were to stay, what would you say about the game. I knew I was going, so i told here there's little groups in here and something has to break them all up.

AM i can see her being super shady. in all the mirrors. i'm like dude, this isn't cops and robbers..... but if she's sincere i feel bad, but..

DV i think with DN too she might be saying something, or starting or saying things to get things going
AM i know robert wants me out. she's saying things. then Rob is out here focused on the pool thing, and i asked are you all right, and he's like i'm thinking about my daughter, and i say it's admirable that you're a good dad. and how he doesn't want to talk about it cause it will be seen as a weekness. and i'm like you have something outside of this house, and if they think it's a weakness, too bad

DV i wonder if she's just saying that, or if she's making it up

AM well, he said the person who's said it to me didn't even know i had a daughter.

(ED i might be a little confused on who is talking about who... was on phone... sorry)

Jul 14 2003 06:16, Mon frustratedposter   Link
3F# again
DV if i go donw next week, whatever, but she (DN i think) can't have everything all wrapped up. esp since she's so schizo.

AM before i thought Nate wasn't enjoying all the attention... but he's smart
DV everyone here, cept Michelle, is here cause we're smart and coniving
AM how are you smart?
DV i don't trust anyone!
AM you don't trust me
DV no... let me put it this way... who here would you 100% confide in?
AM wierd look on face
DV no one! right?
AM maybe you. but not anyone else
DV i jsut know everyone came in here saying i'll hook up with anyoine i need to or stab anyone in the back just to get on the show. but now we're here. no one is stabbing anyone in the back, cause if you do, you're gone. no one is hooking up, cause if you do you are gone. you can't confide 100% in anyone...
AM smirks
DV what?
AM what?
DV what's going on in your head. it's nothing personal... i've made a lot of friends, and tehre's only a few people in my life i really trust, so why would i come in here and be crying about these people?
AM i came in to this hosue, not to make friends
DV but you'll make friends
AM yeah, but that isn't why i'm here. i see people hugging, and crying and all. i'm not gonna cry the first week when someone goes, cause i don't know these people

DV wonders why she's smirking. if it's cause she agrees with him or if its she thinks he's a dickhead

AM says to be honest, it's both.

lots of semi statements follow. they don't really finish any more thoughts for a while

DV thinks he's prob the only one who will contact scott. he says he never laughed like he did with him around for a long time. that gut laugh where you almost cry. and Scott did that to me. and they're all asking how do you feel about scott. and like i think it's kinda more dull in here, but i'll get in touch with him later. and if i knew that sh*t was gonna happen, i would have stopped him from doing it

AM agrees

DV thinks scott would have made his game stronger. he even thought they could be the final two. and now he's gone. and he's sorry he didn't stop it

AM didn't see it coming, or people reacing the way they did

now discussing how everyone else overreacted. it's not like anyone was running for their life!

(ED gotta go, so post and ciao!)

Jul 14 2003 06:55, Mon mattborn   Link
Dave and Amanda still up and talking. Daylight Breaking. NT

Jul 14 2003 07:24, Mon mattborn   Link
Dave tells Amanda this is the weirdest conversation ever NT

Jul 14 2003 07:25, Mon mattborn ParentRootLink
I don't know what they were talking about though NT

Jul 14 2003 07:34, Mon mattborn   Link
Dava tells Amanda that she is psycho
Dave: Remember how I told you about how I think all girls are psycho
Amanda: yeah
Dave: Well I'm beginning to think that about you.

Jul 14 2003 08:22, Mon DishManTV   Link
David & Amanda finally come in from outside (720am BBT) NT

Jul 14 2003 08:29, Mon DishManTV   Link
David goes to sleep, Amada too ( At 730am BBT) NT

Jul 14 2003 08:42, Mon Gildera   Link
David is talking with Erika in the bedroom. Talk of ousting Dana
David is telling Erika about his all night talk with Amanda. He is now strategizing a way to get everyone to turn against Dana. Amanda is laying in bed and just listening.

Jul 14 2003 09:04, Mon mattborn   Link
David talking to Jack and Erika
David says they should stick to the original plan of getting the ex's out first.

Jack says we need to see who gets HOH next before any decisions are made.

Jul 14 2003 09:13, Mon mattborn   Link
Dave thinks he's in trouble...
Dave talking to Erika and Jack in bed...

Dave thinks his head is on the chopping block because he's been hanging out with Amanda so much.
He says there is nothing couple wise going on between them two, but the other girls are so immature that they probably think Dave and Amanda have been working together.

Jul 14 2003 09:18, Mon mattborn   Link
Non-HG's walking around back yard, can't tell what they're doing NT

Jul 14 2003 09:19, Mon mattborn ParentRootLink
One guy has got a ladder under the basketball hoop NT

Jul 14 2003 09:22, Mon mattborn   Link
Ericka now up and about NT

Jul 14 2003 09:23, Mon mattborn ParentRootLink
gets a drink and lays back down in bed NT

Jul 14 2003 09:46, Mon house_guest   Link
Erika & Jack
Erika's restless and bed and evetually sits up. Jack, now awake, talks to her while laying in his bed. They whisper and she says something about "sweet-talking" someone (perhaps Mi?). Jack wishes her luck as she leaves the BR. Ericka wanders to the other BR but the lights are out and no one's moving, so she heads back. She tells Jack they're all out and says she'll talk to her tomorrow or perhaps later today.

Ericka crawls back into bed and wraps the blankets around her. Jack, in his usually mummy pose, looks to go back to sleep as well.

Jul 14 2003 09:57, Mon missellie ParentRootLink
she went to try and talk to Robert I think

Jul 14 2003 10:06, Mon house_guest   Link
Jack to WC...
Jack went to the WC and, as usual, neglected the sink prior to returning to bed. He now appears to be laying in the face-down version of the mummy position.

Otherwise, all's quiet.

Jul 14 2003 11:58, Mon Sunflake   Link
All 4 feeds, Houseguests still sleeping, some occasional snoring. NT

Jul 14 2003 12:07, Mon Katherine   Link
Jun is up, in the SR getting her mic NT

Jul 14 2003 12:15, Mon Katherine   Link
Jack is now up as well, both in bathroom NT

Jul 14 2003 12:34, Mon house_guest   Link
Jun gets made up for the day... BB gives wakeup call
While everyone else sleeps, Jun puts on what appears to be putting on eyeliner using the mirror in the hallway to the WC (she's found the one spot where the cameras can't really show what's she's doing).

Finished with the eyeliner, she proceeds to curl her eyelashes and then applies blush to her entire face. After applying some lipstick with a brush, she finishes it off with some kind of balm.

BB comes on with the wak up call.

Jul 14 2003 12:34, Mon Katherine   Link
BB wake up call NT

Jul 14 2003 12:40, Mon house_guest   Link
Waking up...
First up from the wakeup call (other than Jun who was already up) is Jack, who was already awake but still in bed. In the bathroom, shirtless, he washes his face and prepares to shave. Dana wanders into the WC, greets Jack and goes into the stall. Upon exiting, Jack slides over to make room for her at the sink, where she puts in her contacts and brushes her teeth.

In the kitchen, Jun washes dishes by herself. No signs of any other life in the house...

Jul 14 2003 12:58, Mon house_guest   Link
Everyone's getting up...
Next up is Erika, show emerges from the Sand Box in white dalmation-spotted pants (or pajamas?), an oversized royal blue shirt and her sunglasses already perched on her head. Joining Jack and Dana at the sink, she brushes her teeth as Jack inspects his face and shaves off a few hairs he missed.

Dana and Erick join Jun in the kitchen and they discuss the possibility of a competition today (to which Dana says "God I hope so" in obvious frustration with the boredom). Dana and Erick hear to the SR to replace their mic batteries. On their way out, Dana grabs the vacuum cleaner and brings it into the LR.

Back in the kitchen, Jun is complaining about the number of dirty glasses she's having to clean. She says she's going to etch her name in one so she doesn't have to clean everyone else's. She then notes with disgust that someone's been scraping the chocolate off the chocolate-covered almonds and putting the almonds back in the bowl.

Dana, Er and Jun now clean the kitchen and LR in reletive quiet, with Jun remarking "I wonder what these people's homes look like."

At 11:50 AM, BB gives a second wake-up call.

The cleaning crew, now joined by Jack, continue to wipe down the counters and dinig room table while marveling at how the other HGs can stand to live in such filthy conditions. Dana then asks "BB, are we on lock down?" It appears the blinds are all pulled and Erika responds that she thinks they are. BB does not respond.

Out of the DB and into the Kitchen comes Alison, dressed in black, calf-length pants and a gray halter top. Back in the bedroom, Justin has climbed out of bed, straps on his mic and heads to the Kitchen.

In the Kitchen, the girls laugh about Nathan jumping into Dana's bed at 4:30 AM after losing a basketball game to David. Apparently this woke up Jun as well who thought it was Justin who had done it.

Mi has now wandered out and into the bathroom and Jee has risen and makes his bed.

Jul 14 2003 13:13, Mon house_guest   Link
More morning activities...
In the kitchen, Dana complains that she doesn't like the apple juice even though she said it's what she put down on the form as her favorite. She tries Jack's cranberry juice but doesn't like that either. Dana asks Al to ask for more juice when she goes into the DR for her "meds". Al says that sometimes there's no one there, just her medication. Jee shares that he had a dream that more exes were brought into the house.

In the orange BR, Am and Rob lay in bed and talk. Am tells him that she was up to 7:30 AM and they speculate that a competition is coming (due to the current lock-down). Am and Rob get up and go to the SR to replace their batteries.

In the kitchen, the group laughs about the late-night basketball game from the nigh before (Nate vs David). Dana comments that they needed to do it to release some sexual frustration, which gets a laugh from the other HGs.

In the bathroom, Jee brushes his teeth and washes his face and Dana and Justis put their feet up at the dinig room table and discuss Justin's inability to move any of his toes except his big toe.

Meanwhile, Mi fixe herself a bowl of cornflakes and dumps two of the sugar packets meant for the coffee on top. The HGs then realize that the outside door isn't locked and a few head outside to find, with disappointment, no competition in the making.

Jul 14 2003 13:14, Mon Anonymous   Link
Alison was called to the diary room NT

Jul 14 2003 13:16, Mon mattborn   Link
Erika & Robert fighting about when they were together NT

Jul 14 2003 13:29, Mon Phantom   Link
Erica makes an approach to Robert to try to bury the hatchet and make things a little easier between them.
(I came in late so I don't know how it started) Robert says, "What do you want? Don't b/s me. We aren't friends, we never were." They talk about the break-up and how bitter it was. Apparently she called his condo board about him. Neither are going to forget a lot of things they did to each other. Robert is very bitter and Erica is trying to smooth things over. He keeps asking "what do you want to do?" and she has nothing to say to his bitterness. He says that neither of them is going to the end, so what does it matter. They are never going to see each other on the outside.

She says that things were sort of OK for the first day and that she has tried to talk to him. He says that she hasn't and she gives an example of trying to talk to him at the pool about his alcoholism and he has to admit that she did, but he continues to be bitter and to say that she can do whatever she wants. Long periods of uncomfortable silence. "We are not going to fake it and be best friends". Erica agrees and says that she isn't saying that. "I'm trying to be the better person I guess." says Erica. "No, that's great" Rob says that he doesn't hate her and that he can understand that she doesn't like him and that he doesn't like him. "I'd like to be not High School about it" "I know, I know," replies Robert.

"We're different from the other Ex's, says Rob. We're older and more mature. They don't know what it is all about (marriage, divorce, alcoholism)"

Erica says, "This has been very emotional for me."
"Tell me why."
"I was very affected by Scotty. I don't condone it or anything but I'm more compassionate than others. I felt bad for him"

Jul 14 2003 13:33, Mon mattborn   Link
Erika tells Allison she thinks she is going to go home...
All she really says is that it's not about the game.

Jul 14 2003 13:35, Mon house_guest   Link
Rob & Erika hash it out
In the yard, Rob & Erika start diving into their history. Rob basically tells her he hasn't forgiven her for something she did (sounds like he took a job and didn't tell her about it -- perhaps he had to move away). Rob says that he's looking at BB as if they were on the outside world where they aren't friend. Rob is very hostile and agnry telling her over and over that she doesn't give a crap about him or his life and he has no interest in being friends.

Erika tries to diffuse the situation saying she just wants to talk about it, but Rob's not really interested.

Rob: "What do you want? We didn't talk on the outside, we didn't get along, it was no good. Outside this house, we're not going to be friends. Inside the house, both of us can't make it to the end. Once we leave, we'll never talk to each other again."

Erika says she knows that he doesn't want her there and Er agrees that she would prefer he not be there. He keeps telling her not to "bullsh*t" him. She says that she tried to talk to him the first day (about his alcoholism) and be friendly, but he wouldn't let it happen.

Er: "I just don't want, in a group situation, that I can't hang out..."
Rob: "No, of course you can, you know that... I would never do that... I would never say 'Oh my god, don't hang out with her.' You'll see in the tapes. I wouldn't do that".

Rob is basically set that he doesn't want to pretend that they're friends when they know they can't stand each other. Erika doesn't want it to be awkward. Rob recounts how he told Am that it's crap she has to go because she's a great person, but that's the game.

Rob: "Deep in my heart, I don't hate you... I can't. If, because of the past, you hate I can't blame you. I'd hate me too. But I've changed and I don't have to prove that to you because we're nto dating."
Er: "Of course you don't -- it was three years ago."

Erika again says that she doesn't want to be "high shool" about the situation -- they obviously both prefer that the other wasn't there. She says, out of the exes, she thinks they're the most "not affected" by the situation. Rob goes on a rant about how all the rest of the exes are really young -- "high school loves" -- and he's tired of hearing they're petty, childish relationship.

Rob: "I don't think they had what we had -- a real relationship with real problems. They don't even know what that is."

Erika starts crying.

Er: "This whole experience has been emotional for me." She recounts how upset she was about Scott being kicked out. She says she saw his behavior as a cry for help. "I done condone his behavior or the way he treated people ... he clearly needed help. But I'm not 23... it's not funny anymore... I feel sorry for these people."

On this point, they're in agreement... they both feel their relationship and maturity is far above their younger housemates.

Er: "I wanted to come into the game to learn something about myself and a shot to win the money but I'm really learning that... I'm not finding anything."

Rob agrees that there's really nothing to learn from all the 20-somethings in the house with their petty problems. He comments that he has nothing in common with the rest of them and knows that when he gets out he'll probably not talk with them again.

Rob: "You were exceited to come in here, right?"
Er: "I was scared... a little nervous"
Rob: "I wasn't. I knew I would be bored. It's not the experience of a lifetime... it's not like the best thing that ever happened to me. That's why I'm so concerned how long this will take."

They agree that the money is not the motivating factor for either of them and that they need to put up with each other for 3 months. (An aside: apparently Erika won money on some game show at some point). They also agree that when the game is over, they both will have lives to go back to unlike the younger floks in the house (and Rob says he will "never, ever" wish to come back to the BB house).

Finally, Al comes out and Rob heads in. She starts by telling her "I think I might go home." With some residual tears still present, Er tells Al that she needed to talk to Rob because she's been uncomfortable. She then says she's been miserable in the house because of the discomfort.

Jul 14 2003 14:18, Mon Phantom ParentRootLink
I think the game show referrence was a future reference to if one of them won the money
on BB and it wouldn't make any difference to their lives on the outside. That it wouldn't be a life highlight.

Jul 14 2003 13:41, Mon Phantom   Link
"You were excited to come in here, weren't you?" asks Robert.
She admits that she was, but he says that he wasn't. He knew that he was going to be bored. He says that he doesn't care about the money.

"No, we'll be cool." he says. Amanda and Jee were saying yesterday that they didn't plead for their lives. I feel the same way. I know that there is a life out there. Robert stands and sort of indicates that the meeting is over. Erica stays behind on they lounge and Ali comes over to sit and eat beside her. She says that she did t to keep them from fighting. Erica seems OK. I think that she feels that she accomplished what she wanted to in clearing the air. Ali thinks that it is good that they can talk now. There is much noise from moving of furniture in the background. Jack comes over to ask if Erica needs anything. Jack refers to something that Dana said out loud in the house about nominating Justin (I think). Jack asks Ali if anyone told Nat about it. The problem seems to be that she was indiscreet and said it in front of others. Erica gets up to go in. She seems to be happy that she cleared the air with Robert and can feel comfortable about going to sit anywhere now.

Jack and Ali alone. Jack says that she (Dana) won't put Justin up. No, agrees Ali. They hate people that lie like that. She is so unreliable. Ali says that she wishes that she could put her up, but she can't. Jack agrees that they need her for the time being. Ali says, "We have to get HOH, because the one we want to put up wants to put up Erica and we can't lose Erica," says Ali. Jack agrees but not with too much enthusiasm.

Jul 14 2003 13:48, Mon mattborn   Link
More Erika trashing...
Robert, Allison and Dana bashing Erika for telling Robert that it's not all about the game.

Dana: If it's not about the game then why is she still here?

Jul 14 2003 13:50, Mon house_guest   Link
Erika & Rob aftermath
Al, Er and Jack now sit outside. Apparently someone (Dana) inside made a big deal about Er and Rob's conversation, and Er laughs because she says it wasn't even "about the game." Er heads in and Jack and Al discuss Dana and the fact that they think she won't put Justin up for nomination if HoH. They think she's been lying to them by saying she would, but are sure she won't. Al also comments on Dana's nosiness -- apparently she barged in on a conversation between Ericka and someone (Nate?). Al says that the Group of 8 needs to win HoH because otherwise Erika will be gone, and they need her. They both head inside.

(FYI -- the lockdown this morning was apparently to spray paint some brown patches of the lawn green.)

Al goes to the bedroom to wake up David, who's still in bed. Her attempts are unsuccessful, although she leaves the light on to keep him from sleeping (note that he's wearing his sunglasses in bed).

In the orange bedroom, Dana,, Jun, Rob, Al and Mi talk about Rob's discussion with Erika. Dana is ranting that Erika told her that "not everything's about the game." Dana feels if Erika's not 100% about the game she should get out of the house. Rob tells them that he said that if he's HoH, he'll try to get rid of her and he's sure the opposite is true. Rob says he knows Erika's crying her outs out in the DR.

They then discuss who needs to go next... I couldn't hear who they said with the whispering, but it sounds like Erika's first on the list followed by one of the males (who, Dana said, "is not the brains" behind the other alliance). (Ed: I don't know if Al was still there for this bit of plotting).

Jul 14 2003 13:53, Mon Phantom   Link
Robert telling Dana that Erica came to him looking for him to break down and be her friend.
Dana says that it's all manipulation and for the game. "Of course it is," says Robert. "She wants me because I'm so tight with you all." Jun and Ali come in and agree that Erica was playing him.

"What did she think, that they would meet on the street and be all huggy kissy? Of course it's all about the game." says Jun or Dana.

They miss the point that she wanted to make things easier in the house. As he warms to the subject, Robert gets stronger in his statements about how strong he was with Erica.

Dana explains to the others that Robert came to her and asked her to go into the bedroom to talk about things. Dana says that "nothing in the house is about anything other than the game. That's not possible." This in reaction to Ali trying to suggest that Erica might just be tryint to clear the air. Robert talks brave about what he told her and how he handled it. She's in the DR all crying about it now," he says.

Talk about getting Dave out (because he is after Amanda?). Dana says that, "The other 2 have to go first. He's not the brains." "Of course," agrees Robert.

Jul 14 2003 13:54, Mon bidz_yo   Link
Jack makes a funny...
Jack: "I feel like I dropped out of a cow's ass."

This inexplicably cracks up Jun, who says it's the funniest thing she ever heard.

Jul 14 2003 13:55, Mon mattborn   Link
Jun scrapes every last bit of food from the pot with her spoon NT

Jul 14 2003 14:04, Mon integrity   Link
Robert is running his hands up and down Amanda's back under her shirt. He really looks like he is into it and she looks just amused. NT

Jul 14 2003 14:04, Mon mattborn   Link
Ericka has been in DR for a very long time.. Is something going on? NT

Jul 14 2003 14:10, Mon Lola   Link
Ja and Da are leaning over the kitchen counter discussing the chemistry between all the X's
they agree that the chemistry between each couple is so different, far ends of the spectrum. How different Er and Ro are from Da and Mi. Ja says BB did this to complicate the game. Ja says if you're like a pinball game, if you try to cover too many bases you're all over the place. He also says never before has a situation for so many alliances. Da says he doesn't have a X so it's different for him. They discuss that they originally the X's might form alliances but realize they haven't.

Jul 14 2003 14:12, Mon Phantom   Link
Amanda sitting in the LR playing with the cards.
Robert has positioned himself on the couch behind her where he can stroke her back. She is allowing it but sort of ignoring him. Justin is sprawled on the couch. Ali is stroking Jee's hair on the couch beside her. Michelle is lying on the floor in front of the table. Nat seems to be there with a watch cap and muscle shirt on.

"They're giving us too much alcohol," says Ali. Some others seem to agree. "Like, every other day would be good" (I think that was Robert that said that, and you know that he doesn't mean it)

Robert now has both hands up under the back of Amanda's top and is massaging her back, sort of. She is not reacting. Jun joins them as they continue to raze Ali about her snoring. She sits beside Ali. They are trying to get Ali to demonstrate how Justin dances and she says that she will do it when he isn't around. Amanda has gotten up to sit on the couch beside Robert (sort of at his lap as he lays stretched out)

Jack talks to Dana in the kitchen on F 3 & 4.

The LR crew argue about the cold in the house and what to set the a/c to. People start to drift off to go to the yard.

Jun goes into the HOH to tell Nat that Ali is smarter than she lets on, but not to worry because she is watching her. Jun also says that women don't let things go, even if they pretend to be OK. They are waiting for Erica to come out of the DR and see what she will be like. She has been in there for a long time, they think. They think that something is about to blow, probably between Erica and Robert, judging by the way that Robert is talking.

Jul 14 2003 14:12, Mon integrity   Link
Nathan tells Jun he's going to give her a BIG KISS at the wrap party, so be prepared. She tells him it will be sticky - she has very sticky lip gloss.
He says "I'll give the viewers what they want to see!" Jun says, "Yeah, three months too late?"

Jul 14 2003 14:13, Mon Lola   Link
more on Ja and DA
jack says if you keep going on in this conversation you'll be biting your ass going in circles. Ja says if you try to cover too many bases you get yourself exhausted and forget what going on. He thinks they need to rely on theirselves and not worry too much about what the others are doing

Jul 14 2003 14:18, Mon ktan   Link
Erika checks her face in the mirror before exiting the DR. NT

Jul 14 2003 14:20, Mon misspixistix   Link
Nathan to Jun in the HOH room
Ali thinks I'm all about her but I'm not. She told me "I've got you." I was like, you've met your match.

Jul 14 2003 14:23, Mon Phantom   Link
Dana is in the yard talking to Erica.
Jun and Ali crawl on hands and knees behind the couch to listen and peek out the window. They are giggling all the time and can be seen by others in the room. They are trying to hear the convo between Dana and Erica. Cute.

Jul 14 2003 14:29, Mon integrity   Link
Dana comments that they spray painted their grass green to make it look better on tv. Erika has been crying, but this makes her laugh. Michelle says
she will listen if Erika wants to vent her anger (about Robert). Dana, Erika and Michelle all admit they get emotional because of PMS.

Jul 14 2003 14:29, Mon house_guest   Link
Erika & Dana confront each other...
In the dining room, Rob talks more trash about his conversation with Erika and says how "awesome" it was that Dana reamed Er after Er said that "not everything is about the game."

Jee now lays on the couch with Al running her fingers thru his hair. Also on the couch, Ron massages Am's shoulders as Am shuffles a deck of cards. At the kitchen island, Jack, Dana, Nate (wearing a tight hat a la Scott) and Jun chitchat about nothing of consequence.

Nate: "Has anyone noticed that Al is at the center of every conflict?" Then, mocking Al with a valley-girl accent: "That is NOT true... whatever."

After a long silence, Nate and Jun head to the couch to join the others (Jee, Al, Am, Rob and Juston). Mi lays, face down, in front of the couch on the floor in her red bikini. The group teases Al for snoring loudly the previous night and then tries to convinve her to do "the Justin dance," apparently an imitation of Justin's dancing style. She says that she doesn't want to do it with Justin there.

After Mi complains of how cold it is (recall: she's in a bikini), the other HGs aree the temp is fine. Mi gets up and heads outside to warm in the sun.

Now in the HoH room, Jun and Nate talk.

Jun: "You know how girls get crazy? They say they forgive and forget, but they don't. Alison is a lot smater than she lets on."

They start talking about Er and Rob. Jun wants to see when Er comes out of the DR. They laugh about how Dana asked Er what she and Rob were talking about and laugh about how direct and agressive she is. They laugh about the general craziness in th house and how "it's hit the fan".

Jun comments that everyone's pretending to like everyone. Nate says that's whay they need to get the exes and Er out of the house. Nate says that Jun is handling the situation well.

Jun: "It's a game. Stick with the f**king basics. Don't get too involved."

They laugh more about Dana and how she's "in everyone's grill." Nate says she's going to be kicked out quickly if she keeps being so agressive.

Whispering now, Jun says she thinks Jee has a crush on Al and that Al's "eating it up", to which Nate agrees. Nate then talks about how he has Al eating out of the palm of his hands -- that he let's her think he's into her but he's just using her and doesn't trust her at all. After a last laugh at Alison's expense, the head out of the HoH bedroom.

Jun immediately goes and lays on the LR floor next to Alison and starts whispering. Can't hear most of what they're saying, but it sounds like they're bad-mouthing Dana.

Now we see in the DR as Erika fixes up her makeup in front of the door mirror before leaving (in the background we hear Jun telling Al about the Dana-Erika incident of earlier). In the DR, Erika continues to fight back tears but finally exits into the house and then directly outside.

Jun and Al giggle afer she heads out the door and try to listen for what's going on outside...

Outside, Erika confronts Dana. The conversation is quite civil... Dana admits she was nosy and overly suspicious and says she "feels bad" that she questioned what Erika was doing. Dana says she "felt really bad. I told Jack I feel f**king horrible." Dana says that she now understands that not everything is about the game for the exes -- something she's not having to deal with.

Er: "You know, you're playing the game and you're playing a great game."
D: "Well, I should have pulled you aside later or kept it to myself instead of doing it in public."
Er (crying now): "I feel so bad... I've been having nightmares, and then Scotty..."
D: "I feel really bad that I hurt you." As Erika cries, Dana asks half-jokingly, "Are you premenstual??"
Erick laughs...

Dana continues to apologize as she says that she knows she doesn't have to deal with the burden of havin an ex in the game and that she needs to not jump to conclusions and stereotype and judge... "all the signs of a true New Yorker." Dana says that Rob pulled her aside to tell her how bad Erika felt and that made Dana feel really bad.

Dana asks if there're anything she can do and says that she would have been pissed off if an ex has been in the house, "I don't know how the hell I would be handling this." She then says that if they did it to some of the people, they should have brought in exes for everyone.

Er tries to compose herself as Dana continues to console her. Mi comes out and asks Er is she's OK and pulls up in the chair next to her. Dana jokes that the house better be careful when she's premenstrual. Mi asks if Er wants to let out any agner because she's willing to listen, which solicits a big laugh from Er and Dana who see Mi as completely naive.

After a laugh about BB spray-painting the lawn green, Ericka heads inside to the bathroom to clean herself up.

Jul 14 2003 14:29, Mon Lola   Link
Da & Er in patio, Er is crying
Da is apoliziging to Er for being supisious about Er talking to Ro. She says its just her nature to be supisious thinking everything is the game. She says she forgets cause she doesn't have an X here and she just thought the natural alliance would be X's and she should control herself and not think everything is about the game. Er says she doesnt' know why she's crying and Da chuckles and asks if she premenstral, Er gives small laugh and says no. She thinks it was nice for Er to try to get along with Ro. Dana goes on and on syaing how sorry she is and if there's anything she can do .... Da says it's unfair to have some have X's and the others not. They should have done it to all. Da repeats the conversation she had with Ja about all the X's being at different ends of the spectrum. M comes out and tries to cheer Er up. M says if you want to let out any anger that what I'm here for. All the girls laugh and Da says "oh to be 19 again"

Jul 14 2003 14:35, Mon Phantom   Link
Coming in late on the Dana - Erica conversation in the yard.
Dana is offering "if there is anything I can do." Erica is sniffling and saying that she just wants it to be easier. She asks if she is like her and believes that everything in life is for a reason and that this (Robert) will lead to something. Dana thinks it isn't fair that not everyone has an Ex and that there is a full spectrum of Ex's in there. Some, like Amanda and Scott were at each other and (Ali and Justin, I think) are all friendly. Michelle comes out and Dana brings up her menstrual cycle and how emotional she gets. Michelle agrees. Michelle offers support to Erica and seems genuine. Dana questions how Michelle is handling things and she says that she is OK.

Erica has gone in to change to sunbathe. She goes to the bath to blow her nose and check her face in the mirror, then does a little freshening up. Off to the Sand Box for her suit, and the feed switches to the HOH where Nat, Ali and Jun are giggling on the bed. Gentle trashing of Dana and how she tries to be friends with everyone. Dana comes in and repeats that she genuinely felt bad for Erica because having an Ex in the house really f**ks with your emotions. that it's not fair that she has to put up with that and that she is glad that she doesn't have to put up with it.

Jul 14 2003 14:38, Mon misspixistix   Link
Jun, Ali, Nat & Dana in HOH
Talking about who they talk about in the diary room. Dana says she talks about Nathan so much it will be the Dana and Nathan show. She tells them Nathan is the hottest guy in the house... no Nathan is the hottest guy in America.

Nathan pumps his fist (yes!) and squeezes Dana who is lying on his chest.

Jul 14 2003 14:56, Mon ktan   Link
Jun, Ali, Dana, and Mich were all in bathroom getting ready to suntan. Jun oiled up under her bikini. Now they're in the BY. NT

Jul 14 2003 15:01, Mon house_guest   Link
Gathering in HoH Bedroom...
Back in the HoH bedroom, Nate, Al and Mi lay in the bed together. Dana walks in and the others tease her about digging herself into and out of holes. They all ask for more details of what happened. Dana says she spologized and that she did genuinely feel bad. She says she knows she can't completely understand because she doesn't have an ex in the house. She laughs about how she feels like she like she's having to apologize to anyone. Al asks if Er accepted her apology. Dana says that Er apoligized to her for snapping at her, but Dana says she desevered it and would have done the same thing.

The conversation turns to Amanda... They all agree that she's "soooo nice" and Nate says he feels "like an ass" for getting rid of her. They then start talking about what men the women are finding hot and vice versa. Nate says all the guys are talking about Mi and Dana, now laying on top of Nate, says that all the girls like Nate. She says he's not only the hottest man in the house, he's "the hottest man in America."

They all get a laugh about Al's snoring... Nate calls it "unattractive" which causes Al to call him "mean." They then tease Jun about the incident when Nate crawled into bed with Dana and Jun thought it was Justin -- Nate says she must've been dreaming about Justin. Am asks her "Are you going after my ex?" and laughs. Al then teases Nate about his alligator-skin shoes ("you're nice, you're good looking, but what are THESE?").

Eventually, everyone leaves but Dana who's still layin on Nate. Now whispering, Nate tells Dana she needs to chill out or she'll be walking out of the house in two weeks. Dana agrees and promises to tone her attitude down.

Jul 14 2003 15:08, Mon house_guest   Link
Michelle & the Judge...
In the yard, Jack and Rob discuss bartending jobs and waiter/waitressing jobs. Jack says he doesn't want his daughter bartending because of the way men paw at women in bars. Rob says that bartending is better than waitressing because at least the bartender has the bar between them and the customers.

Mi tells a story about when she was a waitress and a 75-year old judge, who was out to dinner with his wife, slipped Mi his card and winked at her. She says she was disgusted, but apparently her parents thought it was funny.

Jack talks about his fear that his daughter will run out of gas or be stuck at a gas station where all the "sexual predators" hang out. Dana mentions that in NY all stations must have a full service pump, which Jack likes because that means there's someone there to watch over the women who pull up at night.

Jul 14 2003 15:47, Mon ktan   Link
Not much going on as we check the feeds..
1/2 - Jun in hammock, Ali, Mich, Am, Ju, Ro(?) near or in the pool.
3/4 Jack/Erika feeding the turtles

Jul 14 2003 15:48, Mon house_guest   Link
Out by the pool and the size of Jee's manhood...
Rob brags to Al and Dana about his hollywood connections. He says his father is a well-respected doctor and he knows the VP at Warner Bros. and a number of other big-wigs. Al comments that she would love to get into acting. They talk about how to get into show biz you have to live either in LA or NYC.

Mi, joining Rob and Dana in the pool, asks Dana about how long she's been tanning. Dana's been a sun worshipper since age 9. As she says: "I don't look like an alligator now, but I'm sure I will soon." Dana talks about her mom that was also extremely tan and looked "gorgeous" with the dark skin.

Inside, Erika, all alone, washes dishes and cleans the kitchen. In the LR, Jee and Justin sleep on the couch.

Back outside, the group (which mow includes Nate and Amanda) celebrates their last night of pasta and potatos. Out of the blue, Jun, laying on the hammock, looks at one of the cameras and says "What's up Scott? How you doing today?" The other HGs laugh.

The conversation turns to what will happen outside the house and how they suspect random people from their past will call them. Dana jokes "Hello, this is so-and-so from high school. I'm bumped into you in the hallway one time, remember?"

BB comes on to tell Jun she has Nathan's microphone and vice versa. She jokes that she just wanted something of Nathan's and then swaps with him. Justin, awake from the couch, wanders outside to "Good morning, Justin."

In the hammock, we catch a small piece of a conversation between Jun and Al. We hear Jun say "She said people are playing the game differently. I said, 'Yeah,' whatever that means." (Don't know who "she" is).

The conversation turns to Erika and Rob again. Dana says that Erika is upset because she feel that Rob's presence has ruined her experience. Her tone is not nearly as conciliatory as it was when talking with Erika before. Apparently someone told Al that Erika was packing to leave, so Al wanted to check it out and pretended to go to check the turtles. Apparently, she wasn't packing.

Now discussing bathing suits, Rob admits he's brought a Speedo with him. Al remarks that there are some guys there she wouldn't want to see in a Speedo. Jun says she'd like to see Dave in one and the other girls agree. Jun says that if the girls saw Jee in a Speedo they would know the "myth" isn't true (by the silence that follows, it's clear that no one knows what she's talking about). Finally, one of the girls asks Jun, "Does he have a large penis?"

Rob: "He said he is 9 inches."
Jun: "What, did he multiply by 3? I'll give him the hardness factor, but..."

Jul 14 2003 15:49, Mon Phantom ParentRootLink
Jun talking about Jee's equipment.
The stereotype about Asian men (being small) is true, she says. Someone, Ali I think asked, "you mean like 9 inches?" "Only if he is multiplying by 3," says Jun. On the other hand, she gives him good points on hardness. This is an open convo by the pool with many people nearby - male and female.

Jul 14 2003 16:04, Mon house_guest   Link
Hamster reference... and email/screen names
Erika, Jack and Dave whisper in the sand box. Jack and Dave tell Erika that people are talking about her. Dave says that Dana's also been talking about him and Amanda staying up all night as if they must've had sex. Jack says he's told Dana that her making accusations like that is going to get her kicked out. Jack says he need to talk to Nate ASAP "about a Bible reference" (don't know what he's referring to). The group breaks up and Jack heads outside.

Laying on the hammock, Jun looks at the cameras and says "They look down on us like hamsters."

They now all share their screen names/emails for instant messaging. I didn't catch them all and some may be icorrect but, this is close: (Rob's e-mail) (??) (Michelle's school e-mail)
soccerdana (Dana's screen name)
AlisonKimber (??) (Al's screen name)

BB doesn't like all this, so we get FOTH. Back to the yard, BB has obviously warned them against giving out this personal info since they are now al wondering what kind of people would be watching them in the middle of the day on the Internet. Rob says his dad keeps it up in his office and others bet that their relatives are watching.

Jul 14 2003 16:08, Mon jmtoad22 ParentRootLink
michelle's mail
the michelle e-mail doesn't seem right. i have a school e-mail (LSU and not FSU though) and they usually do something like a 1st letter of 1st name and the 1st few letters of the last name and then possibly a number... for example (made up but thats what the LSU ones look like)

Jul 14 2003 16:10, Mon ktan ParentRootLink
In a previous convo, I heard "michellefsu" as her IM screen name NT

Jul 14 2003 16:32, Mon house_guest ParentRootLink
They cut to FOTH just as she was saying it, so I didn't catch the whole thing. NT

Jul 14 2003 16:08, Mon Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erica says vote is tomorrow (may be a guess) also, if she got HOH she would nom Justin and Robert
if one of those two got off through POV she would put up Dana

Jul 14 2003 16:15, Mon Sunflake   Link
David just asked Alison, Jun, Michelle & Dana if any of them were having sex or getting it on in the house....
...they all said no and Alison just stood there and said, yeah, this group isn't into that this year. I give her credit cus she pulls it off, and no one suspects she is lying.

(Liar Liar Pants on Fire- we know what you & Nate did last night!)

Jul 14 2003 16:20, Mon Sunflake ParentRootLink
Because they are all insinuating that he & Amanda were up to something last night....
..which Alison is STILL talking about.

Just noticed that Scotts picture and key are gone from the Nom wall.

David says he heard that "psycho" went off today (Dana) and wants details from Jun, she says she wasn't there.

Jul 14 2003 16:28, Mon Lola   Link
Ja ask Na to look up a bible reference (just a cover to talk)
Ja then said dana let it slip that she wouldn't put Ju up. They think she's a flake and no one trusts her. Ja said he tried to warn her about bouncing around and being in every conversation. They are going to encourage her to get HOH to see "what camp she's in" Na says he was talking to Am and they agree that Da is playing the game on everyside. Dave is pinning her at the pool so that they can talk. Mi is in with them. Na thinks that if he approached Da the right way he can persuade her not to throw it. They think Ju is in the middle and trying to play cool. Ro is a smooth talker. They believe Ju picked up about the X's and they think they should go after Ju next.

Jul 14 2003 16:31, Mon house_guest   Link
Nate & Jack strategize...
Er and Dave are alone in the Sand box whispering. Er tells Da about the incident with Dana and that everyone came up to her and said Dana is freaking out. Da's happy that everyone got to see it since it's confirmation that it happened. Erika wonders how Scott is and waves at the camers: "Hi Scotty, we miss you..." We immediately cut to FOTH. Erika says that she really wants to get HoH so she can put up Dana and "get her ass out." They laugh and then head out into the hallway with turtles in hand, headed for the yard.

Outside, Erika laments she can't put the turtles in the grass, fearing the green spray paint that was applied this morning will hurt them. Instead, they set up a boxed-in area in the yard and put the turtles in it.

The group from the pool heads inside to get some lunch. They discuss how sexually charged the house has been, but Dana says that if all they do is some massaging and touching, that's not much. Smalltalk ensures, with Dave discussing the benfits of having a green, concrete lawn ("no mowing, no feeding, no petting") while Dana critiques Jack's and Nate's pugilistic skills with the punching bag.

Mi and Al ask him what he and Am were doing up to 7:30. "We played HORSE, bullsh*t, played HORSE again, bullsh*t some more." He responds to the questioning by saying it's like they think he had Am "bent over the weight bench" to which Al responds "I'd be fine with that." He also says Am told him that associating with her would get him knocked out of the game. Finally, they all agree that Am's a really nice person.

Now alone in the kitchen, David and Jun are now alone. Dv asks Jun about the Dana incident with Erika. Jun says she talked with Dana but that Al told Jun that Jun "can't play the game" for Dana. Jun assures Dv that Dana was really sorry.

Jack wanders into the LR where Nate is sitting and asks him to look up a bible reference that's on his t-shirt. Once in the HoH bedroom, Jack tells Nate that Dana has admitted she will not put Justin up for nom and may throw HoH.

Nate: "Everyoen thinks she's a flake. Her credibility's gone in this house."
Jack: "You know what she did this morning with Erika?"
N: "Yea -- no one trusts her. She's lost all credibility."

Jack recounts Dana's nosiness in several occasions. Nate wants to know what Jack wants to do. He decides that he's going to talk to Dana but not scare her... that it would be "in her best interest is she wins HoH." Jack says that Dana's claiming that she's just trying to stay "close to her enemies" but he doesn't believe her.

Nate recounts a convo with Am and Da who asked him what he thinks of Dana. None of them trust her. Nate enumerates the people he trusts: Al, Jack, Erika, Dave. He says he has Michelle in his pocket but doesn't discuss strategy for her.

Nate reiterates that he'll talk to Dana about winning the HoH. Jack recommends Nate butter her up with flattery... tell her she's so strong, she's so smart, etc. Jack says that he's going to try to win HoH, but if not they need Dana to win.

They discuss Rob and Justin, both of which they believe know that the original 8 are up against the exes, which explains why neitehr of them have ever discussed strategy with them. They say that they want to put Robert and Justin up next. Nate and Justin both feel that Dana's atraction to Justin is jeopardizing her loyalty. They also think Justin's working on Michelle, but they're confident she'll stay loyal. That said, Nate doesn't trust her enough to tell her anything about strategy.

Their strategizing over, Jack asks Nate to look up the Bible passage to which Nate responds, "Oh, you really want me to look it up?" They do... the passage has to do with competition and winning.

Jul 14 2003 16:32, Mon Lola   Link
Ja really wanted a scripture 1 Corth 9:24 it says:
Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one get the prize? Run the race in such a way as to get the prize

Jul 14 2003 16:43, Mon house_guest   Link
Penile implants...
In the kitchen, Nate talks with Jun about Dana and how she's flaking out. He tells her he doesn't trust her believes that Dana's now on Justin's side.

Al wanders in and they start re-enacting Dana's freak-out episode over Erika's and Rob's conversation. Apparently, she was at the window watching saying "I don't trust that at all" and freaking out. They all laugh at how insane Dana went and joke that the BB house is "not her ideal environment."

The convo turns to Am and Scott. Nate jokes that perhaps they'll be flying home together. Apparently, they live only a couple of blocks apart in Chicago. On a more serious tone, Nate says he hopes that Am never gets back together with Scott.

Al talks about how she hates hearing the BB elves running above her when she walks around the house -- she's afraid they're going to fall thru the roof on top of her. "If you're going to watch me, please be inconspicuous about it." They then laugh about how BB told them not to reveal their e-mail addresses and wonder if they'll have tons of e-mail when they get out. Al says she's addicted to IM and can just gab and gab on it. Jun and Dana, who just wandered in, mention they hate getting spam for penile implants -- "Don't they know I'm a woman?"

Jul 14 2003 17:30, Mon house_guest   Link
Hot or not...
In the yard, Nate & Rob lay on the hammock and discuss Ali quitely.

Nate asks Rob is he thinks Ali is attractive. He says he likes her body, but "she needs a lot of makeup". Nate agrees with a laugh. They also laugh at how needy she is saying that she would require constant attention. Nate says that BB has asked him what he would think of the women outside the house. Rob says he wouldn't look twice at Ali and Nate agrees, laughing.

Rob, now in the pool, discusses his work and the clothes he wears. He mentions that he will sometime spend $100 for a tie, but says that you can wear the same suit 4 times a week but if you switch is up with a new tie/shirt, no one will ever notice.

Ali has now pulled up near Rob in the pool and the convo turns to dressing up for the live show. Ali talks about a black dress that's waiting for her when she gets out of the house (for the wrap party) that's very low cut and tight. Rob tells her how hot she'll look in that.

Dana and Ali tease Nate about his alligator shoes, to which Nate responds by telling Ali that the shoes are "worth more that you". Nate then explains that the term "sneakers" isn't used in Oklahoma and you'd be laughed out of the show store if you asked for sneakers.

Convo turns again to the wrap party and they wonder if Scott will be invited. Rob guesses not since he was kicked off.

Jul 14 2003 17:36, Mon bruhe   Link
F3 shows jun going to change...
has her bikini top undone and holding it over her chest. the cameraperson follows her briefly perhaps considering nudity and then suddenly, with senses regained, the feed switches again.

Jul 14 2003 17:57, Mon bruhe   Link
funny moment.. amanda and robert begin to speak spanish...
bb lady voice says ... "attention house guests, we are speaking english in the big brother house. we are speaking english only"

Jul 14 2003 18:01, Mon bruhe   Link
dana basically admits...
there is an alliance against the exes... dunno if this has been said before but she just said it.
she goes on to say, if u have a question come to me..
justin says he understand but dana i mean if you have a question about anyone else . she admits her mouth will be her downfall and that she has no problem telling the truth.

Jul 14 2003 18:10, Mon bruhe   Link
jack is talking about us..
and also says his wife watches and reads updates. they think its weird. i bet a jillion bucks they've all watched the feeds before. they talk about why people make a web site devoted to a hg. david thinks its weird (ed note.. me too). then the convo drifts off...

Jul 14 2003 18:14, Mon bruhe   Link
the houseguests get a good laugh (good natured not mean) as...
david watches michelle jogging around the yard. He starts making the call like the people at the horse track "and shes coming around the back stretch, here comes michelle... " they all laugh and there's a moment they all have fun together. this afternoon has been somewhat light.. interspersed with some plotting and scheming but they seem to all be getting more comfortable with each other after last night.

Jul 14 2003 18:17, Mon bruhe   Link
michelle showers in the back yard...
nathan asks the cameras to move to catch her backside... they say omg shes actually getting her hair wet. more fun and good natured joking.
then dana and june kind of start in with some kind of slams on mi and her makeup and nathan nudges them and is like "hey now.." (they are in the hammock.. nat, dana, and jun..)

Jul 14 2003 18:28, Mon bruhe   Link
david and the towels...
he first "accosts" michelle about the towel.. GIVE ME THAT TOWEL... MICHELLE! GIVE ... ME...THE.... TOWEL (he is being silly). YOU STOLE THE TOWEL.... GIVE IT. BRING IT HERE.
Then the convo drizzles on about deoderant and nonsuch..
then again, this time to Jun.... JUN.... GIVE ME THAT TOWEL. NOW.
David is hysterical.

Jul 14 2003 18:30, Mon frustratedposter   Link
RO on feed one telling JS about the conversation with ER over and over and over and..... NT

Jul 14 2003 18:35, Mon bruhe   Link
BB promo on cbs just showed a brief clip of scotts tantrum....
i had the sound down but it sounded like, when i hit the volume, that they are pushing the tension angle (not hard after the last few days)

Jul 14 2003 18:39, Mon bruhe   Link
nathan on hammock says... come on up here, baby..
unfortunately for ali he's talking to his baked potato.

Jul 14 2003 18:43, Mon bruhe   Link
ali on jee...
says jee freaked in the kitchen about "are things changing?"
she says no. he said but she (amanda) was campaigning against me all night last nite.. ali says she consoled him and said you are not going anywhere.
they like jee they said.
ali is afraid of going to the DR today. nathan is too. he says he thinks they are playing it off well (feed cuts... but anyway, their secret is suspected). they claim jee is staying and amanda is gone. we will see about that too

Jul 14 2003 18:44, Mon valentine   Link
Baked Potatoes
Robert got a baked potato out of the oven and ripped into it, blowing as he chewed so he wouldn't burn his mouth.

Jee took one, too, and then Allie came in to get one for herself, and one for Nathan, who is sitting in the hammock.

Jee: Allie, take this big one for Nate, since he's the pimp daddy.

Allie: Yeah right. At least he thinks he is.

(Justing is still standing in the kitchen while she says this, pouring himeself a drink before he goes outside to "get his lift on".)

Robert tries a little ketchup on his potatoe, and says it is awesome. Allie decides to put soy sauce on hers, while Jee enjoys his with salt and hot sauce. Jee calls out to the rest of the HG to grab the last two, and that they won't last long.

One feed now shows Nate sitting in the middle of the hammock, enjoying his spud and holding the plate on his lap, while Allie sits down at his feet, posing and eating hers with the plate resting on the ground.

Jul 14 2003 18:44, Mon misspixistix   Link
Ali is afraid to go to the diary room today
she tells Nate.

He says he's been thinking about that too, but they're playing it off well. Then he tells her she's met her match.

Ali says we'll see. Don't make me get sneaky on your a$$.

Jul 14 2003 18:46, Mon misspixistix ParentRootLink
They are refering to their makeout session last night. NT

Jul 14 2003 18:47, Mon misspixistix   Link
Ali to Nate
don't underestimate me. I'm a female version of you.

Jul 14 2003 18:50, Mon bruhe   Link
nathan says i swear to god if ja or Er put me up, their ass is grass...
ali doesnt think they will.. and nathan still posturing says ill bust my ass and git that veto.....
they think dana is the next target.
nathan wont tell dana anything anymore he says... ali agress.
he still wants dana to win hoh to see her true colors.
ali says dana is so greedy.
nathan says shes such a competitor and she freaks out.
ali says what are we going to do with michelle.
nathan says sweet talker
ali says shes just going to ride this to the end
nathan says as long as you dont get jealous.
ali: of her? please im not a fool.. you are just soo underestimating me... i think im a female version of you.
nat: that would be bad.. we might not work out (together i think)
ali says im cuter and says i see what you are doing. im not blind.. do what you do.
nate plays coy
ali says you are totally manipulative and think you can totally blow over any chick in this house.
jet goes overhead and drowns out things
nate says hes not trying to be a hypocrite (doing a great job of it) hes just hanging out.
feed poops out....
he tells her remember we are not against each other.. this is not a competition.
she says she knows... but that he reads into things
he says i had you figured out since i met you. youre so easy to figure out.
she asks him to explain
he says ive told you time and time again why
ali: you are crazy.
nate: its okay you got me figgered out.. so its even.
they both agree they are a team
nate says you wont go 1 up on me and i wont go 1 up on you.
she agrees
she says she cant look him in the eye because she would laugh.
he asks again why she wouldnt look at him...she said because of hysterical laughter
she hopes he wont kiss and tell.
interruped in the form of potato talking by robert.

Jul 14 2003 19:25, Mon Sunflake   Link
F1: Dana admits it takes a lot to make her cry, and that she had to "turn it on" for Scott the other night.She had to "help herself" to cry. NT

Jul 14 2003 19:54, Mon Sunflake   Link
Happenings....(nothing major)....
F1 & 2: Dana is in the kitchen with Justin & Michelle. She keeps making sarcastic remarks about how Michelle stole Justin away from her. She is trying to sound like she is kidding.

Justin says he's never seen a bottle of hot sauce go so quickly.

Jee enters and sits at the table.

Jun shows up, then Michelle.

(F3 is Alison cutting Roberts hair in the backyard)

They discuss how insane everything is in the house and there hasn't even been one eviction yet. Dana & Jun tell Michelle she is in the same boat as Jee cus, "they never know what's f*ckin going on."

Talk of the nutritional value of potatoes. Things get quiet. Dana is eating. Jee is rearranging the stuff in the fridge to make room, he wonders aloud, "Who puts peanut butter in the fridge?" and notes that the ice tea container is leaking. Jee makes it all work in the fridge.

Nathan joins them. Dana, Jun, Justin, Jee are having tea. They thank Nathan for requesting it. Michelle says "I need to find another way to eat this." ??? (I think she's talking about her baked potato.) She is told to just put it in her mouth. "I can't eat this whole thing, does someone want half?" Dana suggests Nathan might. She put honey on hers.

They talk about Alison cutting hair. Nathan thinks there's too much power in your hair, and someone cutting it, nope, he's not having any of THAT.

BB: Robert, please put on your microphone.

Switch to F3 and see that Jun and Nate have gone outside to talk with Alison & Robert. Nathan is watching the haircut.

BB tells Robert a second time to put on his microphone.

This is a long haircut. Nathan bouncing a basketball. The chess pieces are set up in a circle on the board. (a turtle pen, perhaps?)

Switch to F1 & 2: Living Room couch where Dana admiting she had to quit pot when she quit cigarettes (to Jun, Justin & Michelle) Justin asks her if she still does, she says no.

Jun is bored and wants BB to give them something to do. Justin says that's the point, they're bored and hungry. It's what BB wants. They are having trouble putting the M & M's away, Justin & Dana take one last handful, and but Jun finds the strength to put the jar away.

Michelle wants to play suck & blow again tonite. Justin says wait till tomorrow when we have more alcohol. He is remembering the food competitions from BB3 and hoping the next one is a group food challenge. He & Dana swap stories of competitions past.

Michelle is tired, so is Dana, Michelle thinks the sun drained her. Someone mentions "hammy time" (hammock), but Dana balks cus her skirt is too short and the hammy will make her butt itch.

The haircut is FINALLY done. Robert comes in and recieves compliments from the group. Justin doesn't trust Alison cutting his hair.


Jul 14 2003 20:02, Mon Sunflake   Link
F1: Talk about things "Arnie" told them to do....
Dana, Justin & Michelle in Living Room. They talk about things Arnie told them to do in the house, "get close, cuddle".
Dana admits to watching the monitors in the CBS studio to see who was getting which room when they first went in.

Dana would LOVE to see how she is being portrayed. ROTFLMAO

Justin & Dana tell Michelle how the camera doesn't leave her body when she is sunbathing. Michelle wishes the cameras wouldn't.

Robert comes through again (to the bathroom mirror to look at his hair), Dana calls him "Alfalfa" (haircut ref??) Justin says, "She's f*ckin' killing him."

He goes through yet again, and says his haircut is perfect.

They all decide to go outside.

Allison is STILL touching up the haircut. Very quiet.

Jul 14 2003 20:17, Mon Sunflake   Link
Alison FINALLY (no, really) finishes the haircut.....Michelle has a butterfly on her thong.....
Alison standing behind Robert, she stands back and says, there, I'm done go see if you like it. She sounds kinda sarcastic to Robert when she says something about wanting him to be happy with it.
He says he is happy with it and thanks her.

F1 & 2: Jack, Erika, David & Amanda playing cards.

F3 & 4: Jee and Nate talking. How things in the house are so crazy and it's only week one. Jee says, it's wierd because right now here they (Nate & Jee) are just talking innocently, but you know someone over there thinks we're scheming. LOL, then he starts talking strategy, tries to give Nate a "heads up" on Alison.
Jee gets up to play BBall. Justin comes over and sits next to Nate, Nate tells him what Jee just said about people being paranoid over innocent converstations. Justin can't wait to get out of here and get some butt, and goes on to say (to Nate, LOL) that no one's gonna hook up with these girls in this house.
They wonder what to do tonight. Justin now understands how things can turn on a dime with all the time the HG's have to kill.
Nate tells of how he couldn't sleep and got up and saw David & Amanda talking last night. Guy talk. Justin tells how he had to refrain Robert from coming out and getting Amanda and telling her to come in his bed.

What to do tonite? No food, no alcohol, no booty (from Justin).

BB tells Jee to put some protective thing up, (he's playing BBall)

Jee says, then I don't want to play, HG's laugh, no one wants to put the protective thing up.

Talk of how the girls are turning on each other. Justin rehashing Dana & Erika's fight. Nathan laughs at Justin's impersonation of Dana.

Michelle comes over. Justin says how she wants to get in the loop, She says she hates that she's out of it. Then she says - out of nowhere - "I have a butterfly on my thong". The guys want to see it. She shows them (it's on her back, she is laying on her stomach, so they're looking down her butt.

Talk of how guys will be all over her after she leave the house & how her dad will hate it.

Jul 14 2003 20:24, Mon bruhe   Link
erika and jun are called to the dr while...
dana ali and jun were conspiring and the whispering is very low... and very very fast... bottom line, these ladies think they are absolutely immune but they are not.
but there erupts a brief Oh My God thing as to why jun and erika would be called into the dr together.

Jul 14 2003 20:26, Mon bruhe   Link
erika has a bucket, tshirts, and hula hoops now....
apparently they are either being given an activity for the heck of it... or, like other years, they are given items to practice for an upcoming challenge.
robert emerges with a new hair "dont" and jee says that ali really knows what shes doing when she does hair. lol

Jul 14 2003 20:34, Mon Sunflake   Link
BB just called Erika AND Jun to the Diary Room.....
...Dana flips out. What ???? Was that right?? BB repeats request. Jun wants to know why Erika gets to look good and she looks funky as they go in. Other HG's are questioning this double DR.

One of the guys comes through and asks what's up with the duo Diary Room. Dana says they're closet lesbians and get to make out in there, Alison says it's not fair!

Turns out Jun and Erika were called in there to bring out tye dye stuff and hula hoops. They bring it to the backyard. No one gets up to go see. (Jee, Nathan, Dana, Justin) They all just sit there. Robert comes in and stands around. Alison comes in and complains that the shirts are really tiny. Dana goes to check it out.
The speculate that this is stuff for a competiton. Jee is stressing, he can't hula hoop. He feels the girls will have an advantage there. Got to focus on getting meat. They talk about upcoming competitions, food, HOH. Jee wonders if Erika will cry if he leaves. Robert says 3 months is too long, 2 would be better. He thinks people are taking this way too seriously. They talk of tye dying. Dana is back, apparently the girls shirts are small. Jun thinks it's a fun project to do.

Feeds switching around. Posting.

Jul 14 2003 20:36, Mon Phantom   Link
Dave says he wants to touch Michelle's ass
(who doesn't) and she wants to know why he wants to touch it now more than ever before. He comments that it is enough to drive a normal man insane. Michelle doesn't react too much, but she does smile with approval. This has to be the best revenge for her. She is busily drying her hair and doesn't miss a beat during this.

Jul 14 2003 20:37, Mon Sunflake   Link
Michell is SOOO out of the loop....she just came out of the bathroom and was told what they got from the DR. (YOU knew before SHE did.) NT

Jul 14 2003 20:40, Mon bruhe   Link
dana teaching jee how to play spades card game...
nathan says.. its spades.. why wouldnt the Ace of spades be the highest card... dana says .. just because thats the way it is.
nathan should know the "lady" (queen) is the top card because you always default to a lady. but then again....

Jul 14 2003 21:17, Mon Anonymous   Link
lights flutter in house
Lights are dimming off and on in the BB house. Jun laughing in the kitchen because allie is in the shower. allie yells "did the lights just dim or is it just me?"

Jul 14 2003 21:20, Mon Anonymous   Link
houseguests asked to pull the shades on the back windows.
Nate and Jun in kitchen. Houseguests are assuming there is going to be a lockdown and a nighttime competition.

Dana is worried the lockdown will last all night.

Jul 14 2003 21:41, Mon Phantom   Link
F1 & 2 of Erica, Jack, Amanda and Dave playing cards in the yard.
F3 & 4 have views of Nat and Dana in the kitchen. Don't know where anyone else is. Probably there is still a card game in the LR.

Sound it F1 where the group are taking a break and replacing the table where it is supposed to be. Erica off to the shower and Jack will wait till she is done. Erica sees lots of dead bees on the ground and wonders where they are coming from. She thinks that she has found the nest up in the eaves and that they are dying and falling out. Erica now in the kitchen while Dave and Amanda continue the search for the source of bees. Jack is now in the kitchen but Erica has disappeared. He is getting a drink and probably something to eat. (Aren't you sorry now that you didn't pay for the feeds?).

F1 & 2 now on the LR where the card game is over now. Michelle lounges on the couch while others try to lift each other from behind to crack their backs. That didn't amuse them for long and they have all abandoned the LR for the kitchen. F1 had gone to the bath where Erica is showering, so, just for the heck of it I will wander over there.

Sadly, by the time I got there, the feed switched to the back bedroom where someone I care not about is rummaging in a drawer. Back to the Quad to find Erica, I instead fine Jee and Justin playing with the hoola-hoops. Robert has come out now to supervise. Jee is good at it, but Justin is working very hard at it. Lots of fun being had and they speculate that the comp will be the longest to keep it going. Jee's doesn't have the wood in it and he is complaining that it has water in it. Robert states several times that it is easier with the water in it. He does not find the need to demonstrate.

F3 & 4 continue to be on the kitchen, but that looks boringer than this.

Jul 14 2003 21:52, Mon Phantom   Link
Jack is now in the yard trying to make the hoola-hoop work without much success
(I sympathize, I always seemed to get defective ones too). He says that he has never done it or never tried it before. It shows.

Jack gives up, as do the others. Jee has a fascinating conversation with someone on what the date is.

I never did find a feed of Erica's shower. I think it is a teasing conspiracy to only show the short women in the overhead cam

Jul 14 2003 22:03, Mon kathryn   Link
Nathan: "I KNOW I'm gonna marry a virgin!" NT

Jul 14 2003 23:37, Mon Jokerette   Link
BB just told them they don't need to do the tie-dye tonight..
Which is good, as they're saying they're ready for bed in a few hours.

Jul 14 2003 23:43, Mon Jokerette   Link
Still just general chit chat.. some are playing b-ball NT

Jul 14 2003 23:46, Mon Jokerette   Link
David just squirted Windex in his eye and whimpered.. they're all laughing..
Standing around in kitchen considering ice cream. David now pounding on a cutting board. For no real reason... but they're howling.

JESUS now he's playing the knife game.. stabbing between his fingers on the cutting board, and yelping every now and then.

Jul 14 2003 23:52, Mon Jokerette   Link
Jun kinda pissed.. saying that Justin calls her "jee" and that it's an ethnic thing...
David backs up, comically, calls it his defense mode.

They wander out to the BB court.

Jul 14 2003 23:55, Mon Jokerette   Link
David wonders why he wasn't called to the DR today..
He says he doesn't know why they didn't. ??

he's talking to Am. She says they won't show the clip, it's booooring. He says it's f'n wierd.

Am asks him why he's worried, just cause he was apologising and crying.. then he was laughing.

He says he was saying the stupidest shhit.. she calls him a tough guy.

And out come the cards.

Jul 15 2003 00:00, Tue Jokerette   Link
Nate and Jun in hammock..
He's saying there's no way she'll tell you.

She is, surprisingly, eating.

He asks about allison and where she is.

Jun says they're telling mi to stick with him. (I can't hear over the spoon in her bowl LOL)

Jun calls her stupid. it's not like she's coming to us and saying ok.. so she could get info.

Now Jun says she's nauseous and leaves the hammock.

Jul 15 2003 00:09, Tue Jokerette   Link
F4: robert, dana, ally, in kitchen...
Er also and Dana is singing Nobody loves me. She shows her tanline to robert and continues singing. It's so bad we don't even go to FOTH.

Dana says she's getting tired, Ro agrees. THey think it's because they're not eating. Jun says she hasn't gone to the DR either, they must have enough material.

They remark that "somone" took their new cards.

Dana whispers, all I hear is "I'm done! I said my piece" (to Robert and Jun.) As Jii walks by, she quickly talks about her tan. He passes. She says "I'm just saying.."

And Jun says she doesn't feel like playing games tonight. Then a dry lip discussion.

Jul 15 2003 00:16, Tue Jokerette   Link
yikes! Michelle is plotting..
..."It could work to our atvantage."

Da says she trusts no one anymore. Second you think you can, you can;t. She's easily disappointed.

she's asked which boys she trusts. She says no one in particular. "I don't want to get dissapointed."

she, jun, alli and michelle are trying to figure out which guys they 'have'. "Do you have Nathan?"

Michelle and the others say the guys think they're helpless. Dana says never underestimate the Dana power.

Jun: you think they suspect us?

Jun: off David, I would take the smile. Da would take David's legs. Ali: his legs and Justins' body. Mi: Justins chest. Mix and Match, they're playing.

Jul 15 2003 00:21, Tue Jokerette   Link
Mi says we shouldn't be discussing this now... then speaks of Chiara..
We have 2 weeks. Da says they might think Justin too demanding. They all say they're confused and so am I. They're wondering about the nom ceremony. Da was happy she was firt. The others say it's gonna get worse.

Da says if you look back.. secret alliances were the best w/in the big groups. Bigger ones had peeps jump back and forth. Until a few leave you can't see.

Michelle says shiara turned on the girls. She didn't like her at all, and the others agree.

Jul 15 2003 00:22, Tue phusion   Link
Dana, Michelle, Alison & Jun -- Talking about BB3 again
They said that they hated Chiara from BB3 .. she was backstabby. lol

Jul 15 2003 00:29, Tue Jokerette   Link
DA says Eviction is Wed.. and she wants to win something..
They talk about HoH and that one of them needs to get it. They worry they'll be all dressed for the HoH and have to do something stupid. They all say they were trying not to laugh during noms.

Jun saying she can't work out as she's too weak right now. She worries they'll wind up on PBJ tomorrow, and says she'll cry. Dana and Michelle agree. Then they say nathan, Justin and Jee and someone else have an alliance also.. 3 groups of four.

They wonder who is voting who. Mi says Nathan tried to force her to 'vote him'. She said she can't as she likes him so much. SHe distances herself, she likes the girl but doesn't know her that well.

Allie says she can't read her (am). Somehow now they are smelling the cards and freaking.

Jun says what if Nathan lied because he wanted a girl out. The others crack up, astounded. Mi: he reads the Bible. He's a good guy. Jason wanna be, Jun says.

Jul 15 2003 00:41, Tue Jokerette   Link
Mi says it's hard, they want to trust everyone and not think they're lying..
DA says the walls have ears and stuff gets around. Mi says how awesome would it be if we're the last 4 standing.

Da says it would be hard. Jun says to stay in good with guys.. Mi says flirt.. someone gags noisily.

Jun says Jee is so dead. He said something about a girl having a hot body, RObert warned him that 'his girlfriend would be pissed."

Jun says she cut out all the common friends she and Jee had, as they were uncomfortable.

They all talk about circles of friends.

Jul 15 2003 00:41, Tue KimM   Link
Jun, Dana, Ali, Michelle in LR... Michelle makes a play at an alliance...
Chit chat, talking about the boys, some game talk.

Michelle says, "Wouldn't it be great if it was the four of us at th end?" All agree it would be great. Michelle says they'd have to figure out how to do it. Dana says it's nearly impossible. The conversation shifts to fooling the guys and Jun saying it would be easier if there were more attractive guys. This leads to more Jee bashing.

Jul 15 2003 00:48, Tue KimM   Link
Dana and Ali talk game while fixing their hair
The don't understand why they need HOH next week. they say they'll be safe Justin/Robert wil go after Jack adn Erica. They don't understand why Nate is so set on it.

Ali tells Dana that "their guys" have been asking her about Dana's relationship with Justin. Dana (as usual) gets upset. She says she's not going to stick her head up Nate's a**. More game talk...lots of whispering.

Jack walks in the the conversation comes to an abrupt halt.

Jul 15 2003 00:51, Tue Devareux   Link
Dn & Ali have convo in BR about keeping their alliance solid. "The Harem" alliance of N,Jun,Dn & Ali
Ali is questioning (again) whether Dn would actually put up Js. Dn says she would unless it was a threat to her. Going back & forth about whether they should win HOH next week or not. Now they are in hall looking at BB pics with David.