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Jul 15 2003 01:01, Tue ktan   Link
HGs ask why Jack doesn't shave his chest hair. It's because someone in his past liked it, he says. NT

Jul 15 2003 01:30, Tue Phantom   Link
Cycling the feeds:
F1 & 2 is the patio with Amanda and Robert sitting together and talking to Dana.

F3 & 4 have Jack, Erica and Jun in the HT. Someone is playing Bball near by (or perhaps tearing down a wall - damn headset magnifies some things too much)

Jul 15 2003 01:39, Tue Phantom   Link
No change except that Dana is gone and Amanda and Robert are sitting across from each other now.
Oh, wait, excitement. F 3 & 4 switched to the HOH where Dana is staring at something while Nat watches.

Jul 15 2003 01:49, Tue Phantom   Link
Cycling the Feeds:
F1 & 2 is Robert still schmoozing Amanda, without much success. He leaves for some reason and Amanda goes over to the HT.

F3 & 4 is the HOH where it looks like Nat may be going to bed alone tonight.

Dave now has his feet in the HT with Jack, Jun and Erica. Amanda in the bathroom with Jee now and F 3 & 4 are now of Robert laying across the bed by the door in the back bedroom across Ali and Mich who are already in bed. Robert leaves and the girls talk to the effect that David really isn't even playing. Robert comes back. It seems that they told him that they were sleeping but now that he hears them talking he wants to talk too.

Still F1 & 2 of the four in the HT

Still F3 & 4 of the two in bed. (Robert is gone again)

Jul 15 2003 01:55, Tue Phantom   Link
Amanda joins the crew in the HT.
David wanders off then comes back and sits again with only his feet in the tub. Just general chit chat.
It looks like the girls in the back room are still chatting in bed. I'd listen in, but I just don't have the energy tonight.
David strips down and finally joins them in the HT.

Nothing to update on any of the others. They are MIA on the feeds.

Jul 15 2003 02:03, Tue Devareux   Link
Ali & Mich talk about "a Girl Thing" (alliance) Then Mich brings up Justin & how she thinks he still has feelings for Ali. Ali goes on about not
wanting to cheat on BF at home. She says that even a peck is cheating. Then she brings up who to put up next week if they win HOH. Ali says Erika , because she's mean, and who else. Ali is ho..humming and finally Mich says what about Robert since they are like the couple. Then she says she'd talk to him and tell him and if he had a problem she'd talk to David about being the other one. Then Mich starts saying they are alike, Ali breaks in and says she feels so dumb, like they don't know what going on. Then Ali brings up would anyone come after us, they decide no one would. Ali then asks her about David and Mich says she will have to talk w/ him tomorrow (ED;
way to go Ali use the EX getting info from the EX to gain info!).Then they talk about what they would do about different people. Basically Ali is picking Mich brain (clean) of who she (Mich) would vote against. Ali majorly influencing Mich.

Jul 15 2003 02:03, Tue jamiefan   Link
Did Ali and Michelle form an alliance or is Alison just playing Michelle bc some serious scheming is
taking place on feed 4. Ali is asking michelle who would she put up and Mi say Rob and Erica, and Erica is out. ALison said she would do the same and Ali says that is would be cool as ***** if one of them got hoh. Now she is asking Michelle who Nathan is after ( my opinion is to see if anyone knows about Ali and Nat alliance) another thing is that Alison says that if she even pecks the cheeck of another guy she considers that cheating and that she would never cheat on her bf. Just so you'll know Ali and Nat have already had a makeout session or two so she is just full of it tonite.

Jul 15 2003 02:18, Tue KimM   Link
Jee and Michelle in bed. Jee carressing her back as they talk. NT

Jul 15 2003 02:23, Tue Phantom   Link
Last cycle of the feeds tonight (for me):
F1 & 2 in HOH with Dana swearing to god to Nat that she can be trusted. Dana is panicked/upset that the plan keeps changing. Example: now he wants her to win HOH and he used to want her to not do so. Nat wants Justin gone and can't trust who he would put up if he got it. He's not sure that Justin wouldn't put him up. Nat is more than suspicious about Justin and Robert. Dana is not defending Justin but is telling him that Justin will for sure put up Erica and probably Jack. Nat wants Robert put up against Justin and wants Dana to do it (or any of his harem, but for some reason they only talk in terms of Dana doing it).

F 3 & 4 has Jee stroking Michelle's bare shoulders as she lays on her stomach in bed and he lies beside her. They are talking about the fact that it is not about the game all the time, even as he suggests to her that Jun is plotting against him.

Jul 15 2003 02:24, Tue Anonymous   Link
Na and Da in HOH plotting
Na is telling Da he wants to see Jus go soon b/c he's a strong player.
talk of everyone being suspicious of everyone. They are getting suspicious of Da with Jus. Na saying Jus has got to go. Da is worried if she puts him up, people aren't going to have her back and she'll be put up.

Jul 15 2003 02:30, Tue KimM   Link
Jee and Michelle
M says she doesn't bad mouth anyone in teh DR because she likes everyone Je agrees.

M says it's gonna be weird when we leave here.

M talks about how it's hard for her (in the house) because she's young.

Je being very supportive, still rubbing her bare shoulders.

More's really hard to hear Je. Game talk...Ali and Nate mentioned. M tells Je that after noms, Nate told her she *had* to vote for Amanda. Before that, she didn't know who to vote for becuase she liked both of them.

Jee talking about not trusting Amanda because of something that happened...somethig involving Bball (ed.???'s hard to understand Jee).

Jul 15 2003 02:31, Tue Devareux   Link
Jee is bed with Mich rubbing her back on Fds 3-4 and Dana woke up and is confronting Nate about him not trusting her and wants to know what the deal i
is, she feels he is suspicious of evrything she does. He asks her if she needs a chill pill. (ED;remember she just woke him up from sleeping). She asks why they now need to win HOH, he says that it would be best for all. He wants to stick to the original eight (now seven), says they need Erika & Jack. He really wants Justin up & gone and Robert up against. He's basically trying to get Dana to put up Js/R on the block, not to worry about Erika. He keeps saying the body language she is giving off makes him concerned about Dn & Justin. Keeps repeating Justin has to go, Dn worried that they will not have her back later down the road. Jun (i think) now joins them, comments that Jee is rubbing Mich back in bed. Dn doesn't understand why they keep changing plans. The 4 N,Ali,Dn & Jun are using Jus,Jee & R. Now they (Ali & N) want Jus or R gone. Dn hits it on the head and says you want them gone because they are a threat to you (N). She keeps saying if she gets f@#ked the s%it will hit the fan (I have no doubt). Jun so far has been pretty quiet.

Jul 15 2003 02:33, Tue KimM   Link
BB just dimmed the lights
M tells them that that means BB wants them to go sleep. She reminds them that Bb said they'd do that th night before competitions.

No one seems to pay much attention to her...I can still hear loud voices from other parts of the house.

Jee still talking low and rubbing M's shoulders.

Jul 15 2003 02:36, Tue KimM   Link
Jee calls Michelle the "wild virgin"
He adds that she adds spice to the house. She says, "Like, I'm a good girl, but I like to have fun."

Talk moves to ice cream. Jee still rubbin' away.

Jul 15 2003 02:39, Tue Devareux   Link
Jun now thinks that Dv, E & Jk might vote to keep A but I believe this is only speculation. N says he will talk to Dv tomorrow. NT

Jul 15 2003 02:41, Tue Devareux   Link
Mich now joins "the harem" in HOH (only Ali is missing) NT

Jul 15 2003 02:44, Tue KimM   Link
Late night in the BB house..........
Michelle quiet now...seems to be going to sleep. Jee's awake and still rubbing her shoulders.

I can hear voices from the other rooms

The feed switches to Erica and David in the sandbox. chit chat. It follows them to the bathrom. And now switches to Justin in the LR where Jack is talking about ants.

Justin says the 1st night in the house was the worst night of sleep ever. Others join in about how hard it was to sleep.

Ali is lying with her head in Robert's lap. He's playing with her hair.

Brief talk about Jee's girlfriend, Carem Electra. Someone says they're glad they have a comp tomorrow.

Not much going on.

Jul 15 2003 02:48, Tue Anonymous   Link
MI in HOH with NA, DN, and JU
she's telling them that they have her thinking about the game way more than she should be and they are corrupting her......Mi says if she gets HOH she'll put Ro and ER up against each other, using RO as a pawn.

Jul 15 2003 02:52, Tue Devareux   Link
Mich tells "The harem" that she would put up Erika & Robert (repeat of her talk w/Ali) She says she feels out of the loop, N says so do I that's why I
have to check in with these 2 girls. They are all playing Mich taking info from her and not giving her anything in return (she has no idea). Speculation on the vote, talk of the "pawn" always the one to go in previous shows. N says he will ask around tomorrow(today) and try to figure out who's voting for whom. Talk is back to general chitchat, Dn giving head rub (? - Oh My) to N.

Jul 15 2003 02:55, Tue Devareux   Link
Mich and N left in HOH alone, they move around and Mich laughs and says her Boob just popped out of her shirt, thank goodness it's dark she says. NT

Jul 15 2003 02:55, Tue KimM   Link
HGs talk about how stupid former BB contestants have been
Justin talks about how silly it was that they kept saying they loved each other. One of the girls (Ali?) agrees. Robert points out that it is really different in here.

(ed. Why won't these people sleep?! They're keepin' me up all night.)

Jul 15 2003 02:59, Tue KimM   Link
Most HGs in the LR. Nate and Michelle are in the HOH bed, very close and whispering. NT

Jul 15 2003 03:03, Tue Devareux   Link
N is on his stomach, sprawled out on the bed, Mich is trying cuddle (stroking his back).She says tell me when you want to go to sleep
, you always tell me that Ali keeps you awake. N laughs to this comment. She is now very much in his face, asking if he's tired. He keeps saying yes, are you? (hint,hint) She then asks if A & Dv will have at it before she leaves. He asks her if she's jealous she says no she's happy for him. Meanwhile on other feed Amanda is taking a shower and Dv is talking to her & she's playing with her towel on the shower door. Lots of Close ups of Amanda in shower (cameraman must like her)

Jul 15 2003 03:05, Tue KimM   Link
Amanda talking a shower
The camera (F4) zooms in on her face.

David is in the room. She asks if he can see. He says just her outline.

The camera zooms out and boobage is almost visible.

Feed switches to Jack, Erica nad David in teh sandbox. Talking about Dana going to Nate to be reassured. Dave loudly says, "Oh no! We're in the room!" Making fun of Dana. Now they talk about how paranoid she is.

Jul 15 2003 03:21, Tue KimM   Link
Last scan of the feeds
Nate and Jun talk game in the HOH.

David in the kitchen with Dana. She's eating, he's acting silly.

Robert still playing with Ali's hair in the LR.

Jack and Erika in the sanbox.

Jun has now joined the main group in the LR.

Jul 15 2003 03:22, Tue Devareux   Link
As told by Jun to N - E,Jk,Dv told Jun they want the "original 8" to consider saving Amanda on the condition
A puts up Js/R if she gets HOH. Nate says he can't cause he made a promise to Jee. N plans on talking with them on tomorrow (today).(ED; funny how he thinks he has control over the vote)

Jul 15 2003 03:24, Tue TomGuy   Link
Trouble in Nat's Paradise...
4:19 a.m. CDT

Nat and Ali in HOH alone.

Ali tells Nat that Justin and Robert are wanting to keep Amanda in and vote Jee out. Nat is not happy; says he made a promise to Jee.

[Yesterday morning, Erika, Jack, and David were also talking about whether to vote out Amanda or Jee. Concensus seemed to be in favor of trying to keep Amanda in. Jack and Erika were supposed to "feel out" subtly how some of the others felt about going against Nat's wishes.]

Jul 15 2003 04:27, Tue Devareux   Link
Dana & Jun strategy talk in the hall...Dn very paranoid. Ranting about N sreading suspicious about her. Jun agreeing that N
thinks he is running the show and she thinks she should be in charge. Dn now saying she doesn’t trust anyone but she’s reharshing everythin with Jun she talked about w/N. She doesn’t trust N anymore and is pissed. (ed; missing alot cause these 2 really have the silent whisper down) Dn thinks N wants to be at the end w/ E because he can win more votes than her (wow what lg term planning).Jun now says she thinks N is f&#cking w/them. Now they are deciding that nothing he says is constant. Dn now counting votes for herself if she gets put up (can we say Paranoid!) And it continues....

Jul 15 2003 04:31, Tue bruhe   Link
dana confronts jun...
whispering and its hard to hear but.. dana is very animated about nathan trying to spin doctor everyone and everything. she doesnt want him controlling her game and is sick of his attitude and laying around in hoh sending people on fools errands. she wants jun to go with her in a 2 on 2 alliance.
jun is typically trying to cover for her boy nathan but dana is seeing right through all of it and doesnt trust him a bit.
Dana keeps saying "he's so bad"
one of them just either burped or farted...
jun starting to either turn around for real or faking agreeing with dana she says she agrees that nathan thinks hes controlling the women but he isnt.
They are going over the votes and stressing about the vote that apparently (i heard erika earlier say it happens at) 10 am.

Jul 15 2003 04:44, Tue Devareux   Link
All 4 Feeds on Hamsters sleeping (some trying to get to sleep). Moving blankets but no talking. NT

Jul 15 2003 09:11, Tue Katherine   Link
Jun up, went to WC, then back to bed. NT

Jul 15 2003 10:09, Tue house_guest   Link
BB wake up call comes early...
BB: "Good morning HG's. This is a reminder that today you must cast your eviction votes in the DR."

Jack gets up immediately and heads to the WC. BB comes back on.

BB: "HGs, you have one hour to cast your eviction votes in the DR."

Am and some of the women in the Orange BR wonder what BB will do if they don't vote on time.

Jul 15 2003 10:10, Tue Lola   Link
BB wakes up HG, thelling them they'll have to go to DR NT

Jul 15 2003 10:14, Tue house_guest   Link
BB corrects itself... eviction voting will BEGIN at 10:00...
Jun is up in the bathroom bushing her teeth and Dana wanders to the WC as BB makes the announcement correcting its previous one -- eviction voting will begin at 10am.

Otherwise, all's quiet in the bedrooms.

Jul 15 2003 10:25, Tue Stratos   Link
F2...shots of a task I believe...round blue circle with 6 rubber ducks. NT

Jul 15 2003 10:26, Tue curyy4me2 ParentRootLink
Also so rafts in the pool and a bucket near the ducks. NT

Jul 15 2003 10:25, Tue house_guest   Link
New game in the yard...
Dana & Jun head for the yard. In the middle of the in-ground chess board is a blue circular mat (about 10' diameter) with a large, plastic bucket in the middle, some rubber duckies and and a sheet of paper with instructions. We can't hear Jun read the sheet as a plane passes over totally downing otu the sound, but afterwards we hear Dana say "at least it's something fun to do while voting."

(I noticed there is now also a big inflatable ball, two rafts and an inner tube in the pool -- hadn't seen those before).

Back inside, Jun heads to the SR and Dana lays down on the couch. Jun comes out with a bag of syrofoam plates and some tabasco, complaining about how "unfair" it is that they have no food. In the Kitchen, Jun breaks out the coffee creamer and makes some of her milk substitute.

BB comes back on once again reminding the HGs that today they will cast their eviction votes.

Jul 15 2003 10:51, Tue house_guest   Link
Another BB wake up call...
At this point, only Jun and Dana are up and moving about. Jun has gotten dressed in the dark of the Orange room and has now started her morning preening ritual. She stops to help Dana tie her bikini top (which almost slips off to Dana's embarassement: "Did you see anything?" Jun replies, "Yea, but no nipple.").

As Jun curls her hair, Dana and Jun laugh at the "Toilet Flushing Procedures" sign which is in the WC and note that it's been stapled several times before and guess it's the same sign used from previous years. They joke that there's probably some BB employee assigned to the toilet sign.

Jul 15 2003 10:52, Tue curyy4me2   Link
Dana: "If I have a low rating on the interent, I'll be p*ssed" NT

Jul 15 2003 10:53, Tue Michelle_OR   Link
9:53 am FOH :( NT

Jul 15 2003 10:57, Tue Michelle_OR   Link
6 hg's in the bathroom at once..getting ready for the day NT

Jul 15 2003 11:02, Tue Michelle_OR   Link
feed 1 and 2, nathan reading the tasks of the day, feeds 3 and 4 jun and alison getting ready NT

Jul 15 2003 11:05, Tue house_guest   Link
Waking up and playing with duckies...
Still in the bathroom, Jun and Dana start pondering the Internet audience again...

Dana remarks that "if I have a low rating on the Internet, I'm going to be pissed." Jun wonders if it changes throughout the 3 months and Dana confirms that it does and says that she bets her friend writes down Dana's rating every day. Jun doubts her friends would be so diligent. The conversation is interrupted by FOTH on all feeds.

When the feeds return, Rob and Nate have joined the women in the WC and we see Jack wandering around outside the sandbox. As people wander into the WC, Dana tells each one about the new floats in the pool and the rubber duckie game outside (which apparently came from something done last year by the HGs?).

Ali and Justin are now up and in the WC as well -- quite a crowd assembled, most of them brushing their teeth. As Ali lays back in one of the WC chairs, Dana looks at her and comments "In everything you do do, do you have to be so sexy?" to which Ali replies "What, I'm not doing anything."

After lots of brushing, spitting and running of fingers thru hair, the bathroom crowd disperses. Mi and Jun work their makeup in the hall mirror and Erika finally wanders out of the sandbox.

Outside, Justin now reads the instructions for the rubber ducky game. Apparently the game is to attempt to throw the rubber ducks into the bucket. I think he said you get 3 points (plus a free toss) if the duck lands in the bucket and one point of it stays on the blue mat.

Nate, Justin and Rob immediately start trying the game out, with the first two throwing the duckies from about 20 feet away while Rob retrieves them and throws them back. BB calls the guys in to get their mics and replace batteries, and they leave the duckies scattered on the lawn.

Jul 15 2003 11:32, Tue Sandman488 ParentRootLink
It's called "Duck Ball", they used Marc. ducks from last year. NT

Jul 15 2003 11:12, Tue ktan   Link
Erica called to DR, says Hello, female BB responds "Hi there" before cutting away. NT

Jul 15 2003 11:26, Tue house_guest   Link
The last supper...
In the kit, Jun (is a whisper) recounts her conversation with Dana from the previous night. The convo ends with Nate mockingly imitatating Dana by waving his finger and saying, with attitude, "Don't mess with me."

In the WC, Dave and Erika share the mirror while Mi and Jun do the same using the hall mirror. Jee wanders into the dining room where Ron and Nate sit around talking about voting and the live show. Jee sits with them for a second, but after hearing about the new rafts and game outside, heads out to check them out.

Back in the WC, Erika has returned after being called to the DR first to vote. She apparently asked for some more time so she could get made up -- she think she's probably looked horrible every time she's been on TV. One of the guys (note sure who) wonders if they're being called in alphabetical order. He's then reminded that if that were the case that Al, Dana and David would all have been called before Erika.

In front of the WC mirror, Erika, wearing a purple, flowered sun dress, curls her lashes and applies blush. On her way back to the DR, she stops Nate and whispers. I think she says "It's still Amanda, right?" Whatever she said, Nate confirms she's correct and Erika heads into the DR.

Back in the WC, we're trated to the view of Dave first blowing his nose, picking out any stragglers with his fingers and then cocking his head backwards to inspect his now-clear nostrils.

In the dining room, several of the HGs sit around the table wondering/hoping that BB will give them something decent to eat when they go in to vote. Jun then promises that she'll make a great farewell dish for tonite. She says "I'll ask Amanda what her favorite dish is... and then not make it." The group laughs and Dana comments that she's "so bad."

Jul 15 2003 11:40, Tue house_guest   Link
Pimps & MILFs...
Back in the dining room, Jack is joking about how he won't let his daughter anywhere near the men in the house for her sake, especially at the wrap party. Dana comments that she hopes she meets Will at the party -- he's "soooooo my type". They then talk about the other guests from the previous year. One of the guys calls Tanya a "MILF" and Nate say he thinks she had double-D's. The guys seem to think Roddy was more attractive than Eric (either Nate or Dave calls him a "pimp") but the women thought Eric was better looking.

The guests now discuss why they vote today but the results aren't given until tomorrow. They realize that it's so they can work the clips into the live show and that they have to bring in the friends/family of the person being voted out. Jun jokes about how she's a pioneer -- "the first Korean woman on a reality show." Says that her achievements won't be realized "until later."

Amanda shares a dream she had: there are two teams for a food competition. The team she's no on wins and gets to eat McDonald's quater pounders. But instead of eating them, they chew them up and leave partially-eaten food around the house.

Outside, Erika, now in her usual polka-dot bikini, reads the duckball instructions. She heads to the green mats from which they have to throw the ducks (one near the weight-lifting equipment and near the farthest corner of the pool from the yard door) and gives it a try. Her first toss is way off course and she jokes that she "throws like a girl." After several tries, she's managed to throw most of the ducks completely off of the chess board. She does manage to hit the mat and buket a few times, but the ducks bounce off and scatter. She clearly needs to practice (a fact she evetually states herself).

Jul 15 2003 11:58, Tue house_guest   Link
Duckball practice...
Erika's joined in the yard by Jun and Nate who join in on the duckball practice session. Jun throws a few and leaves (we hear her in the background talking with someone else insulting Erika's stratetgy. Erika isn't trying to get it in the bucket -- she's basically bowling the duck in an attempt to stop it on the mat.)

Back inside, Jee makes a PBJ for breakfast as Dave invents a new game at the dining room table: spining the lazy susan to try to get the glass that's on it to stop as close to another person as possible. They pause to laugh at Erika, who's still outside and the girls ponder whether it's better to throw the duck underhand or overhand. The guys are definitely going to throw overhand.

Mi, Ali and Rob head out to practice duckball. Mi tries trowing overhand but only gets the ball halfway to the mat on the first attempt. After a few more tries, she's able to reach the mat. As the girls toss the ducks (and Ali manages to toss one into the bucket to cheers), the guys boast about how they're going for the bucket -- they're not going to "lay up" and just try for the mat.

Jul 15 2003 12:27, Tue Lola   Link
Al thinks it's lame, a bucket and ducks to have "Fun", others tell her it might be a competition. Sarcastically, Great, I'd better go practice NT

Jul 15 2003 12:30, Tue Lola   Link
Ju and Al whispering (are we going for it or not, HOH) NT

Jul 15 2003 12:31, Tue house_guest   Link
Duckball tourney...
The HGs play duckball against each other...

Justin vs. Jee: Jee pulls out to a lead but Justin comes back after putting one in the bucket and wins 15-13.

Dana vs. Ali: Ali wins easily 15-4 since Dana can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn.

Nate vs. Jack: After Jack jumps out to an 8-3 lead, Nate finds his range and wins 15-10.

Jun vs. Dave: Jun tries underhand and overhand but can't seem to get the hang of it (as Jee watches and laughs). Dave makes a short game of it and wins 15-4.

Inside, Dana and Ali talk about how stupid they think duckball is, but that they need to practice since they figure it will be part of a future challenge. They then propose playing either kickball or dodgeball with their new beachball.

Moving to the LR, Dana, Mi, Nate and Rob relax on the couch. They're quiet except for the ocassional gripe about the lack of meat and what BB will show on tonite's show.

In the WC, whispering, are Ali and Jun. The sound of running water keeps us from hearing what they're saying but the bits and pieces sound like they're talking about Dana and her paranoia. Ali wants to know if they're going for HoH this week. Apparently they are not, but are going to tell Dana that they are and that they'll put up Justin and Robert. Jun says that if Dana wins (or another from the Group of 8), that's exactly what they'll do.

Jul 15 2003 12:50, Tue house_guest   Link
Duck fight...
Justin's come out of the DR after voting and discusses what was asked of him with 6 of the HGs sitting on the couch. The conversation shifts to Am and Dave -- Rob thinks they probably had sex the night they were up until 7:30. Nate doubts it but Rob thinks it happened.

They reminisce about Scott and recall how he told Am that he had more brains in his little finger than she had in her whole head. They all laugh about how screwed up Scott was (and at the way he played basketball) and agree they'll never forget him.

Out in the pool, all alone, Amanda lays on one of the new floats and plays with the beach ball. She hasn't really interacted with anyone much today. She accidently loses the ball just as Dave comes outside. Am asks if he can fetch the ball for her. When he says "no" jokingly and she throws a rubber duckie at him that had been floating in the pool.

Finally, he grabs the ball and tosses it to her but follows it up by cannonballing into the pool right next to her. Dave & Am play around in the pool and he knocks her off her float. They climb out of the pool and, while running around the yard going for the ducks to throw at each other, Am slips and falls hard on her back. Laying on the ground, she laughs with embarassment as Dave makes sure she's OK (she is). But she's sure they'll show that on TV.

With Dave in the pool using the duckball bucket as a shield and Am running around the yard, they pelt each other (and the walls/windows/etc.) with ducks.

Jul 15 2003 12:51, Tue KimM   Link
Amanda and Dave play in the pool
throwing ducks at each other. He takes the bucket into the pool and hides under it. She's running around the yeard, throwing ducks and hitting the bucket.

Now she's back in the pool on a float. Dave is in a purple inner-tube, squirting water on her.

They seem to be having a good time.

Jul 15 2003 13:20, Tue house_guest   Link
More Dave & Amanda...
In the pool, Amanda teases Dave over his tough-guy facade. Dave says it should be obvious to anyone watching that he's not doing anything for the benefit of the cameras. But Am keeps teasing him because she thinks he's really mushy inside. I think she says she knows he was upset about the accusations that he and Am got it on the night they stayed up and played cards. Dave plays it off as if he doesn't care.

Da: "You think I'm a tough guy?"
Am: "You attempt to be one. But I can tell you're sentitive. Don't try to be a tough guy."

They continue to laugh and joke around with each other in the pool. She calls him a "crybaby" and a "pouter" and says he doesn't match his Army Ranger facade. The convo drifts into wondering what it would be like if BB applied "pop-ups" to the show a la Blind Date. Amanda proposes one for Dave: "Dave is dork."

The teasing goes back and forth from there, with the two clearly having a good time. Dave makes a comment that he has the "thickest skin in the house" which just invites more harassment from Am, including the comment "I could destroy you on some many levels".

Am, who seems resigned to being evicted, says she hopes that BB brought in her friends for when she's brought out -- her parents would be a "buzz kill." At least with her friends she can hang out in LA for a while and have fun. She says she can't remember who she put on her form as the person she'd want to have at the eviction.

Jul 15 2003 13:31, Tue house_guest   Link
Am & Dave on marriage and children...
Da and Am discuss their futures after the show. Am thinks she may go back to bartending, build up some cash and then do fun stuff. Dave encourages her to do it while she's still young and before she gets married and settles down.

Da: "Get married and settle down... and life's over."
Am: "I wouldn't want to get married if it meant I couldn't do the things I want to do."
Da: "But you'll start popping out the kids..."
Am: "I don't want to do that, but I don't want to be an old mom. I want to be a young, cool mom. I'm 25 now -- I want to be knocking them out in my 30s."

Am talks about how she was a nanny for a while and it was "f*cking horrible." She also reveals that she wants a girl and a boy and she'll be pissed if she doesn't get one of each. In fact, if she doesn't she says she won't "feel complete." Da says he wants a boy and would keep trying until het got one. Am teases him that "every guy wants a boy." Da says boys are easier to raise:

Da: "They easier to raise. They're so much less moody."
Am (after a pause): "You sure you want to go there, Dave?"

Dave explains his philosophy about how boys are calmer and easier to deal with than girls. Am laughs at his naivite.

Jul 15 2003 14:24, Tue house_guest   Link
Nate gives announcement re: food...
In a meeting in the LR, Nate announces that regular food will arrive today. Food competion will be on Thursday and they'll be split up -- some will get food and some will be stuck with PBJ for a week.

Jul 15 2003 14:24, Tue Lola   Link
Na announces that the next competition will be "Have & Have-Not", loosers go on PB&J NT

Jul 15 2003 14:27, Tue bidz_yo   Link
Nathan reads info from BB to assembled HG's .....
It says they will all get regular food starting with dinner tonight. They will continue getting regular food through Wednesday and Thursday morning, and then there will be a food competition Thursday where half the house will win and half the house will LOSE and be on PB+J for the week.

That was it. They scatter...

Jul 15 2003 14:41, Tue Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Jun, Jack and Ericka talk about Dana - no one really knows what she would do if she got HOH. NT

Jul 15 2003 14:43, Tue Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Ericka eating cearel with non dairy creamer as milk. David makes gagging sounds and Erika gets him to taste it.
He says it is awful and she laughs and says it is mind over matter. Says David would not do well in food competition. David says if it would mean having meat for the week - he would snarf down the entire bowl.

Jul 15 2003 14:50, Tue sqrl   Link
Dana almost went a$$ over tea kettle in the pool while trying to adjust in the floatie NT

Jul 15 2003 14:54, Tue sqrl   Link
Jee called to DR NT

Jul 15 2003 15:21, Tue house_guest   Link
Jun's farewell to Jee...
In the kitchen, Nate (eating PB&J), Mi (with usual blank expression on her face) and Jun talk about the farewell speech Jun gave in the DR to Jee (they had to record one for both Am and Jee). Jun says that she was mean, telling him that she hopes they go back to the way it's been for the last three years, i.e. they never see each other. She says he's been "piggy backing" off of her long enough and that he piggy backed off her to get on the show. Nate comments: "I'm glad I'm on your good side."

Outside, Erika and Jack stand watch over the turtles who walk around in a shaded area of the yard. Erika decides to head in for a nap, leaving Jack to watch them alone. When the turtles wander into the sun, Jack picks them up and puts them back in the shade (this process is repeated several times).

In the pool, Rob, Justin, Al and Dana lounge and talk about cuddling in bed. Rob's not a cuddler... Justin can take if for 10 minutes but that's it. Ali, on the other hand, loves to cuddle (surprise!)

After more incosequential chit-chat, the pool group breaks up with Ali and Dana heading for the kitchen. Jun has finished her potato dish and Jee and Nate sit at the DR table eating away. Am and Dana serve themselves and join the others at the table. Jee leaves and Jun repeats her statement about Jun riding "piggy back" on her. Ali jokes that she voted to eliminate Justin and BB had to tell her that wasn't an option.

Jul 15 2003 15:40, Tue Phantom   Link
"It's gonna make or break us, she is," says Nat to Ali in the LR.
Ali agrees that Dana is the most untrustworthy. Nat jokes that Dana is like his daughter and mimics her complaining about being out of the loop. They think that she might put up Justin if she gets HOH and Ali thinks it would be wonderful if someone got POV and took him off and she was stuck with him in the house. Talking about the obligatory trip to Vegas after the show. Now Ali is questioning him about what places he has been. He laments that he hasn't travelled much, but he's been to South Padre Island 3 times. Ali has traveled more and lives close to the Great Lakes and goes there a lot. The talk about the relative warmth of the lakes and the relative colour of the oceans and the relative saltiness of the oceans. Who complained that there were no serious discussion topics on BB?

Jul 15 2003 15:54, Tue Numfar ParentRootLink
Mega-minor correction - He's been to San Padre 5 times, not 3. =) NT

Jul 15 2003 15:50, Tue house_guest   Link
Nate & Ali scheming...
After complaining about how fat she's getting from all the carbs, Ali goes from the WC to the LR where Nate lies on the couch. She lies on top of him and he tells her that his stomach is hurting. He says he gets shaky and weak if he doesn't eat 5 times a day and that the lack of food is killing him. Ali kisses his back once as she hoops off of him and lays facing him on the couch.

Nate and Am start talking about Dana and how everyone's talked to her about backing off and being less agressive, but she's just getting worse. Everyone's getting frustrated with her and afraid she'll blow it for the group. They agree that the best case scenario is for the other group to get HoH and knock Dana out.

Ali talks about a convo she had with Jun about how much she hates Justin but tries not to show it. Dana came barging in and told them that she thinks people are plotting against her. Jun and Ali both had to bite their tongues. Nate relates a similar story of Dana coming into the HoH bedroom and complaining that she feels people are conspiring against them.

Nate says that he really wants Dana to win HoH to test her loyalties. He also says that he wants Rob out of the house and that no one likes him. Ali's suprised... "even Jee?" Nate responds, "You've seen me talking with Jee haven't you?"

Ali says she's been working on Dave hard to get in with him to which Nate laughs and says he's noticed.

The conversation shift to what beaches they like most. Nate's never been on the East Coast and asks "what's the difference between the Atlantic and the Pacific." Ali misunderstands and starts into a geography lesson about where the two oceans are located (at one point saying the Atlantic is "like, goes near France and Spain"). Once Nate stops her, she realizes her mistake and explains that the Atlantic is colder, more polluted and has more silt.

Dave wanders in eating potatoes. Nate is amazed at the energy at the amount of energy Dave has and says he's on his "death bed." Ali asks Dave why he makes so much fun of her. he says it's because she's a "good girl." He also says he loves making fun of Amanda because she's got a great sense of humor -- he can call her a "slut" and she won't be offended.

Jul 15 2003 15:54, Tue bidz_yo   Link
Alison with frozen vegetables duct taped to her nose
I swear to God, she was in the LR chatting with Nate, and she was telling him a story about when she had surgery on her septum to realign something or whatever. Her boyfriend duct taped frozen carrots to her nose (for the swelling I guess) and then left her there and went out with his friends. LOL! Nate was like, "That's mean" while laughing his ass off.

Jul 15 2003 15:59, Tue Watch It   Link
Justin to Alison joking on couch
"I told you when we were together I didn't want a gf. I never considered you my gf until we got in this #FOTH# house."

Jul 15 2003 16:10, Tue house_guest   Link
Talking about relationships...
Mi, Nate, Ali and Justin talk about past relationships on the couch and crazy ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends.

Nate: "Michelle, you seem like the psycho type."

She gets defensive and denies that it's true. Ali asks if she's the jealous type and she says she is, but that the real problem is her psycho ex-boyfriends. They call and leave messages on her answering machine over and over. She says she would be an "amazing" girlfriend and would let her bf go out on his own and she would go out on her own -- not the clingy type.

Na (to Mi): "Are you trustworth?"
Mi (smiling sheeplishly): "Yes."

The group points out that she cheated on Dave and they all laugh. One of them says "Once a cheater, always a cheater" but Ali disagrees. Mi points out that Dave also cheated and Justin chimes in that it was probably because he was sexually frustrated (since Mi wouldn't have sex with him). Mi says that if sex was so important to Dave, he should have broken up with her. Mi goes on to say that she told Dave when he was in the military that if he had a chance to have sex with another woman he should take it. "What kind of girlfriend was I to say that?"

Justin then says that he never really thought of Ali as his girlfriend, "I never considered you my girlfriend until we got in this f*cking house."

Mi says that because of psycho ex-boyfriends she never answers the phone from numbers she doesn't know. The only reason she answered the phoen when BB called her was because she thought that it might be a valet she gave her phone number to the day before.

They then talk about picking up girls. Nate says he couldn't pick up a girl in a bar or club -- at church would be OK. He goes on to say that he likes tennis players. Someone points out that Amanda's a tennis player, to which Nate clarifies he'd like to meet a woman on a tennis court.

Ali says that she wouldn't ever want to take her boyfriend to a club -- she'd rather take a friend with her. Nate says he would never trust Ali as his girlfriend since she's obviously can't be trusted since she never would want to take her bf to places like clubs and bars. Ali says she's not doing anything wrong, she just wants to have fun with her friends.

They then turn to cheerleading. Nate says that if his son came to him and said he wanted to do cheerleading, he'd probably kill him. Justin says that if his son is big enough to be a cheerleader, he better be a "f*cking footbal player." Nate says he'd be embarassed to have his son come up to him and talk about cheerleading. Apparently this was a topic of contention with a former girlfriend. (He expresses the same contempt for "band geeks" and "drummer dweebs".)

Jul 15 2003 16:13, Tue Watch It   Link
LR conversation
All feeds on the LR convo of Nathan, Alison, Justin, Michelle .. here's a sample:
They're talking about if their kids wanted to be cheerleaders, N finding it impossible to imaging having a son who would want to be a cheerleader, A thinking the male cheerleaders at her school are "ridiculous" (I think this was a compliment from the way she said it, but hard to tell). Alison tells him "everything has to be like perfect for you"
N: I'm a perfectionist?
A: Yeah, you seem like the kind of guy who would go out with his guy friends and want his gf to stay at home.
M chiming in with agreement.
N asks, "Did I not say I wouldn't mind if she slept with a few people"

And it just goes on and on.
N apparently untied M's bathing suit with his foot? He sits up to retie it, and the conversation switches to the type of websites they'll have.
A asks if N has ever cheated on his gf's "Don't lie"
Everyone talks at once over his answer, can only make out parts of it and my feed times out.

Jul 15 2003 16:22, Tue house_guest   Link
More small talk in the living room...
Still in the LR with Mi, Nate, Ali and Justin...

Ali tells Nate that she think he'd be a bad boyfriend -- he'd want to be able to go out with his friends but his gf would have to stay at home. Ali and Mi agree that Nate is a control freak. Nate then reveals that he wouldn't sleep with a girl if they slept with more than a couple of other guys. Ali responds, "Then you're going to have some crappy sex."

After probing from Ali, Nate admits that he also cheated on several gfs while in high school, "In high school I was a jerk -- who wasn't in high school?" But in college he says never cheated on either of his two girlfriends. Mi feels vindicated since she's taken so much heat for cheating on David.

Justin and Nate reminisce about their glory years (their freshman/soph years in college) when they were free and single. Ali recounts that her junior year in college she lived with 12 (??) "whores" and that there was an "abortion a week" while she was there.

The convo wanders off to the food challenge, how bad it will suck to eat PB&J for a week, how much they wish it would rain, what the various seasons are like where they live, what they'd like for a luxury competition (Ali wants a hairdresser, Nate and Jus want to have TRL hosted in their yard). The group doubts BB would bring TRL in, but notes that the group in the house is pretty young -- probably to attract a younger audience.

Jul 15 2003 16:22, Tue Watch It   Link
more LR
Michelle, Alison, Justin (J) , Nathan conversation

M and A talking about sorority houses, and A talking about someone who moved into the room she moved out of, a guy, trying to top M's story after she says how many guys are in her sorority.
(Ed: TGFF - thank God for FOTH:)

Back from FOTH
They're talking about steak, and Alison said something about eating hers from Nathan's FACE?? There was a lot of laughing.

They talk about how many days of sun. N says they have 4 seasons.
J says fall and spring where he is last really really short.
A wants a hair dresser to cut the girls' hair, M agrees.
J wants a movie
A agrees.

One of the guys just asked if they were that intersting.
This reminds Ali of being in high school and she had to dissect pigs and was carrying a bucket of pigs and someone tripped her and pigs went shooting across the room.

Can't take any more, posting...

Jul 15 2003 16:34, Tue Anonymous ParentRootLink
allie's comment about the steak was in reference to the next food challenge.
If her team got food, and Nate's team was on pb&j all week, she said she was going to eat steak right in front of his face

Jul 15 2003 16:33, Tue Lola   Link
BB anounces to the HG that the back windows need to be washed NT

Jul 15 2003 16:35, Tue Lola   Link
BB now says the storage room is unavailable so they wonder how they're going to do the windows NT

Jul 15 2003 16:36, Tue Lola   Link
F3: Da & Am in the hammock. She's got her legs across his lap NT

Jul 15 2003 16:49, Tue Lola   Link
HG are checking out their food supply
Al is announcing what they got, tomatoes, cucumbers, motzerella, roast beef, turkey, bacon (I probably missed a few) grapes, albacore tuna. They're in the kitchen preparing some food. They decide to save the bacon for breakfast.

Jul 15 2003 17:31, Tue pixiegirl   Link
for the last 15 mins or so all feeds on ali and michelle excerizing and dancing NT

Jul 15 2003 17:42, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Finally, feeds in kit and dinner is being served? NT

Jul 15 2003 17:42, Tue GreenEyes   Link
Michele " Do we have silverware that is paper?" said this to everyone in the kitchen NT

Jul 15 2003 17:43, Tue pixiegirl   Link
michelle not paying attention as always, finds out justin is still in dr NT

Jul 15 2003 17:53, Tue valentine   Link
Michelle and Allie
Allie and Michelle spent some quality time in the backyard, with all 4 feeds riveted to them as they exercised and danced.

Michelle has on bright yellow shorts that say "FSU" on the rear end. Kind of cute. At one point during the workout the camera was fixated on her bottom, and apparently the way her little top was flying up when she bent over.

Allie was calling the shots, combining jogging in place with some standard aerobic moves. They both moved in unison, very sharp and synchronized. Allie appears to enjoy taking the lead, and Michelle does what she is told and doesn't talk back.

They did some cheerleading jumps, with Allie observing the techniques Michelle was taught and ordering her to do it the Pennsylvania way. Michelle seemed happy to oblige. Allie then decided to teach Michelle a dance (Allie was part of a dance team and danced in her pageants for talent.)

Allie decided to teach a funk routine, and walked Michelle through it slowly, using a lot of jargon dance terms that I was not fortunate enough to understand. Michelle did, though, and seemed to pick up on it pretty easily.

When they headed inside for a drink, all 4 feeds switched to the kitchen to give the other HG their on-screen time before going back to Lolita Cam.

(Ed Note: Guys, don't worry. The dancing and the shorts were obviously made-for-TV moments that we will see commemorated on the CBS show. If they show the shorts Michelle will ensure her place as an FSU legend. My alma mater--I'm going to get a pair of those shorts.)

Jul 15 2003 17:55, Tue valentine   Link
Hick Nathan
just held up an avocado and said "what the heck is this?".

Note that Nate is from cattle country and was recently overheard saying that he craved a steak "with A-1 sauce".

Not a foodie, apparently.

Jul 15 2003 18:03, Tue pixiegirl   Link
BB just announced lock down NT

Jul 15 2003 18:07, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Jee is begging for someone to play spades with him and teach him NT

Jul 15 2003 18:09, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Jee has admitted he dreamt about meat, nate laughing at him NT

Jul 15 2003 18:17, Tue pixiegirl   Link
All talking about how good the salmon is NT

Jul 15 2003 19:13, Tue valentine   Link
Michelle and Allie
lying in one of the bedrooms worrying about tomorrow night's live show. They don't know when the show is, so they worry about having time to get ready for it.

They're worried about the HOH competition. Michelle says if their crowd wins for the next couple of weeks it will be "awesome". Yeah, totally.

They're worried about the food competition, since one half of the house will lose and eat only PB&J for the week. Michelles says that it will "suck". Yeah, totally.

Meanwhile, Nate, Dana and Jack are on the other side of the BR having a loud conversation about something else.

Nate: Hey Michelle, from now on that's going to be your phrase, "Once a cheater, always a cheater." (referring to the fact she cheated on her ex-boyfriend, even though she is a virgin)

Michelle protests and calls Nate a cheater as well. Lots of loud laughs.

As if on cue, while they are discussing food, Nate once again mentions that he wants to pour A-1 steak sauce on his crispy well done steak. Dana also likes hers "killed", and is "a little crazy about meat and chicken and bacteria and *****". Jee believes that medium-rare juicy meat is better for you, with more minerals and vitamens. However Nate and Dana believe that you have more "organisms" with non-well done meat.

There is a noticeable change in the HG energy level, now that they have eaten some real food. They are talking excitedly, and over each other.

(Ed Note: This the first time I can remember Jack engaging in a conversation that is not a strategy conversation. Mix with those young-ens, Jack.)

They are on lock-down and something is being constructed in the backyard. They think that there is some sort of luxery competition coming up, not realizing that it is probably for the HOH live comp tomorrow night.

As mentioned, lots of chatting and topic changing.

Allie: Dave, you think you're going to get lots of ass from this show.

Nate: I dunno, I like jealous girls.

Justin: But not too jealous.

And so on, and somehow they have all moved to the circular couch.

Jul 15 2003 19:29, Tue valentine   Link
Jun's B-Day
is this Saturday. She is cooking up something, I think its sauteed salmon, and Nate is pestering her, calling her "Junie" and hugging her from behind. He is also playing with her hair, as the fish sizzles in the pan.

Nate: That looks like patties.

Jun: It's not.

Nate: You know what would be good? A big ole cake with icing.

Jun is droll as always and deadpan with her responses. She has on a bikini with a rather short shirt over it, a rather regrettable choice for her figure-type.

The HG start talking about their DR sessions, and we go to FOTH.

Jul 15 2003 19:42, Tue valentine   Link
Manicure Time (and Bad Mouthing)
Allie, Nate, and Erica sit around the dining table, while Allie alternates filing her own nails with filing Nate's. Erica is painting her own.

Nate: What if Michelle won it all? Wouldn't we all be pissed off? I'd be pissed off.

Allie: I know. The other day she was saying, "what if this happens? what if that happens?, and I was going, "Oh! Michelle you're thinking!"

Nathan discusses how he feels more cultured in the house.

Allie: Its not like were eating grits up in here.

They begin discussing Michelle again and her valley girl accent.

Erica: Everything is "like". Like we went out, like we did this.

Allie: And, "ok".


Erica: Dana says whatever is in her head.

Nate: Yes, that's a typical New Yorker, they speak without thinking. In Oklahoma, we are taught to speak with respect.

Erica: Nate you are very laid back.

Nate: This girl (indicating Allie), is not laid back. I grew up in a country town (Fort Gibson, oldest town in OK, pop. 3-4,000) but I moved to the big city for college and have been there 5 years.

They once again discuss the movie Varsity Blues and how much Nate can relate to it.

(Ed Note: Lock downs are good for Jack and Erica, since it forces them to be in somewhat normal hang out situations with the other HG.)

Jul 15 2003 19:44, Tue valentine   Link
Cheater Nathan
Nathan says he is a big cheater at cards. When he plays Go Fish he always denies that he has a card, claiming later that he just didn't see it.

(Ed Note: That was a very revealing comment. Don't get too comfortable Nate, making comments like that.)

Jul 15 2003 20:26, Tue Sunflake   Link
Nate, Robert Alison & Jun talk about at what point Alison's relationship with her boyfriend ended...
..was it when she found out Justin was there? No, they decide it was the lap dance she did the other night. Robert is very animated when he talks. Neither Alison or Nathan mentions it might have been when she made out with Nathan in his room Sunday night on the internet.

Alison is laughing about it, she thinks the whole thing is pretty funny. She's making it clear she is single. (Ed. note: I feel so bad for her "ex" boyfriend. This is a horrible way to break up.)

More kitchen chit chat. Jun is doing Alison's nails. Nathan & Robert are picking things up off the floor with their feet. They ask Jun to give them more challenging stuff to pick up with their toes. She gives them a bottle. They try a plate. Nate is able to pick it up off the floor and put it on the table. Robert does same, he thinks they are so great for doing this. "We're awesome". Alison thinks it's gross. Jun thinks it's hysterical. They need something with weight. Now they've moved onto a gallon milk container. (Don't know how full it is) Both successful. Amazing. Nate tries a 2 liter coke bottle. Jun gives advice on how to pick it up. Nathan finally does it, it's awesome. They hope BB got it on camera. Robert is not as successful. Dave comes over and is cracking jokes. Robert tells him he's stealing the show. They challenge Dave to do it. A card game in the LR has just broken up, so all the HG's have wandered into the kitchen to watch. Dave tries it and to everyone's amazement is successful. They try to think of harder things to lift.

Obviously there isn't any alcohol in the house tonite.

Jul 15 2003 20:51, Tue Kelly   Link
Michelle getting mad at david for joking around so much with her..
and not joking arond the same way with the other houseguests. David says he does that because he knows her.

Jul 15 2003 20:53, Tue Sunflake   Link
What will happen when you play with knives......
The lifting with toes competition has ended.

Michelle just wants to eat all the healthy food they have now that they have it.
Ranger Dave is playing with a knife, his hand spread on the island, moving the knife between his fingers, getting faster & faster. He tells of how they did it in the Rangers. He's getting faster and scaring Michelle who says, "David, NO!" He laughs and says she treats him like a dog and pantomimes being her dog, "Here David, No David, Fetch Davie, Good Boy!" Michelle doesn't like this.
He goes back to the island with his back to them and starts doing it again really fast (I think he was just ramming the knife into the table) And Michelle gets up and some HG's rush the island, No, David, No, Don't. He laughs, and says he was teasing. Too funny.

Jack discuss doing abs. Most HG's are standing around the island just idle chatter. Alison and Nathan are moving toward the living room joking with each other, he says he'll never trust her. She is pretending to beat him up. He is being really goofy, standing on the table. Alison is just laughing sooo much, she finds Nathan sooo entertaining. She wants to play a game, but hates cards.They decide on pitching cards into targets. Erika comes over to watch.

Switching feeds to F1 & 2: David is working Michelle's nerves. She says he is pissing her off. FOTH

Camera follows Michelle to confront David in the bathroom area. She is really ticked at him. She doesn't like him being serious in a joking way. He says everyone knows he's joking. She gets mad and that's what matters. They are laughing as they are "fighting" . She apparently poured salt on his head, she said she was serious, but in a joking way. He says he is totally about joking in BB. She's mad cus he's never serious with her. He says it's cus he already knows her and they already went out, and they can't talk about certain stuff. She wants him to say "nice" things to her, like just say hi and ask her how she is.

He goes into the Desert Room and invites her in, she stands in the doorway. She thinks someone is sleeping on the bed, he says, yeah, that's Chuck. He says it's just the comforter. She comes in and lays down on the bed where he is sitting.
Basically she feels that everytime he talks to her he's making fun of her. Again he says it's a big joke and some of the exes can't even talk to one another, like Erika & Robert. She thought it might be cool to have him here at first b/c they knew each other, but it's turned out to be a bad situation for her after 8 days.
She says she is speaking up because she doesn't want to end up getting madder and madder at him and hating him. David says he won't joke with her anymore. She says, no, don't stop.
They just rehash everything all over again.

Robert comes in to look at the turtles. Michelle & David continue fighting in front of Robert. She doesn't want to do this in front of the cameras.
More rehashing.


Jul 15 2003 20:57, Tue Sunflake ParentRootLink
They giggle and laugh as the "fight" subsides....
She says she feels better and bounces off to the kitchen. David looks at the camera and says to us, "What was THAT? What the f@ck was THAT?" several times. He laughs.

Jul 15 2003 21:06, Tue Sunflake ParentRootLink
David goes into kitchen and says with a smile, "Hi, Michelle, how are you? How ya doin?" NT

Jul 15 2003 20:59, Tue FuggyBootnling   Link
After the talk with Michelle, Dave is alone, looks right into a camera...
and says "ARGH!!! Did anybody just see that?? Man!!!"

LMAO Yes we did...

He had just had such a high school conversation with Michelle...even at the age of 21 he knew it. Michelle said at the end "Ok, now that all of America just saw that argument..."

Jul 15 2003 21:02, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Foth, think they would of changed the music this year... NT

Not an update. Moved to PX.

Jul 15 2003 21:12, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Jee upping the weight on bench press, he succeeds and Rob tries and fails NT

Jul 15 2003 21:13, Tue pixiegirl   Link
E, Jun, Ali Dana admiring the men weight lifting, and giggling at them NT

Jul 15 2003 21:21, Tue valentine   Link
The Girls Stare At and Critique the Men
Jun, Dana, Allie and Erica sit outside and stare at the guys while they work out. They are talking really low, not moving their mouths, because the guys are standing right there.

Everyone is talking except mutie Erica, of course.

Allie: None of these guys work on their f'in abs, you know what I mean? And they need to. (note that David is not lifting with Nate, Justin, Robert and Jee, non-ab boys).

Jun is snickering about watching Jee and seeing "what he can do". She says that he shouldn't be working out with those other guys, right there on tv. That's why she doesn't want to work out with the other girls on tv.

Allie is commenting that outside of the house, they have "lots of options", but in the house, they are severely limited to what guys are there.

(Ed Note: Allie, Robert and your boy Nate were saying just yesterday that neither of them would give you a second glance outside of the house. So don't get so full of yourself. Robert: "Allie's body is hot, but, damn, she needs A LOT of make up.")

Jun and Allie have been crunching up toast with their hands during this whole conversation. I assume they need toasted bread crumbs for some sort of Chef Jun concoction. I watched Michelle make toast over and over a few minutes ago and had no idea that she was doing it for a reason, or to help out the others. Just goes to show you.....

Jul 15 2003 21:24, Tue valentine ParentRootLink
More on the Breadcrumbs
Jun: I'm going to ask for some breadcrumbs so I don't have to do this f'in sh** again, ever.

Amanda is just sitting, silent, taking it all in. I guess she knows the votes happened already, so there's nothing she can do.

Dana starts saying, imagine if some car pulled up in the parking lot and people just started screaming stuff at us?

That sends us to FOTH. Thanks Dana.

Jul 15 2003 21:25, Tue bruhe   Link
dana i think... says imagine if people pull up in the parking lot and just scream at us... then and immediate foth because
this happened in season 2 after 9/11 when will, nicole, and monya thought they heard mike boogie yelling about the towers (being gone).

Jul 15 2003 21:34, Tue valentine   Link
Next HOH Competition
There is A LOT of discussion here and there regarding tomorrow night's HOH competition at the end of the live show.

There is speculation that it will involve questions about the HG and stuff in the house, as in prior year's. Jack, David and Erica discussed this Sunday morning, telling each other to notice every thing in the house. They then quizzed each other about stuff like the number of paintings on the walls, and the order they are arranged in, and so forth.

Dana and Michelle were briefly whispering to each other about this while Michelle was propped up on the kitchen counter, making toast (see posts below). Dana was worried about Erica, saying, "All that f'in girl does is listen and look, you know what I'm sayin?"

Now Dana is mumbling in the yard, "so, you think it's going to be questions?"

She is scared as hell, because all she does is run her mouth and talk about herself, spelling ruin for any competition that involves noticing the outside world.

(Ed Note: I think Michelle listens and looks a lot, too, but we don't know yet if she is hearing and seeing as well. I would love it if Erica or Michelle won HOH, just to see Dana spaz out.)

Jul 15 2003 21:39, Tue valentine   Link
Trying On Outfits
Now Michelle repeats for at least the 3rd time that the girls need to pick out outfits tonight for the live show.

She mentioned earlier that she wanted to try on one of Jun's dresses, so I'm guessing she is repeating this in front of Jun to get her to offer it up.

Dana wants them to try on different clothes and decide tonight. The live show starts at 5:00 (according to Jun----WRONG its 6:00 Calif. time) and they think they need to be ready at 4:30, so they think they don't have time to do anything tomorrow except to eat and get ready. Dana doesn't even have time to lay out. (what??? lazy.)

Meanwhile, on the patio Amanda is resigned to leaving tomorrow. She is telling Dave that she may stay up all night.

(Ed Note: I am going to bed now. I need to get up early. The two items listed above should give someone reason to stay up and log. Please do that for us all. Thanks.)

Jul 15 2003 21:44, Tue bruhe   Link
all four feeds showing the motorheads working out... and the jibber jabber of spotting and pushing and gimme one more...
and there are comments about how they should all join the same LA gym (by robert) and nathan says hes all about moving out "heah" (in his pronunciation). the feeds drizzle out to talks of what workouts to do next, grunts.. and nothing really interesting for now.

Jul 15 2003 21:48, Tue bruhe   Link
all feeds now cut to the kitchen area.....
dana and jun are going at it with the food with michelle helping out
the comments again about how often they swear and the girls agree michelle says the "EF" word a lot more. general food prep. comments about ingredients and what to do... erika was called into DR and then told no,, they want to talk to jack first before her.
before this i believe it was erika pretends rage saying why doesnt anyone want to f-ing talk to me in this house.
erika is asked about her dating ... she says yes... then foth.... posting

Jul 15 2003 21:51, Tue valentine   Link
Erika Dating?
Michelle just asked Erika if she had a boyfriend back home.

Erica paused and said, "I'm dating somebody."

Meanwhile, Dana the Man Troll had turned her neck all the way around and was bug-eyed, staring in Erica's direction.

Dana: Is that J.A.?

Then we went immediately to FOTH.

(Ed Note: Hmmmmm. Could that be a celebrity? I am immediately reminded of the Chiara/Roger Silverstein situation from last year. I think Erica has something going on.)

When we come back from FOTH, Erica is saying that she wasn't born in the US.

Dana: Well that makes two of the people in here, you and Robert, that weren't born in the US.

Jul 15 2003 21:55, Tue Sunflake   Link
The HG's are reciting personal information (questions they remember from the BB survey they took) in case it's a competition. NT

Jul 15 2003 21:55, Tue ElBarto   Link
The women are counting the tatoos again. NT

Jul 15 2003 22:16, Tue mrsb   Link
HG's singing and discussing not being aloud to sing...
Da has been singing Pink FLoyd's "You better run" for the past few hours and she thinks that it may be subconcious.

Da continues to sing and hum and comments that if she can't stop she is going to get into trouble.

Jul 15 2003 22:16, Tue ElBarto   Link
Robert, Jus and Dave are asking Amanda how to approach a woman to ask to do a 3-some
She says to act like you haven't done it before and approach it as, "wouldn't it be cool if...".

Jul 15 2003 22:23, Tue ElBarto   Link
Michelle told David to "cut it off with the knives"
He asks if that is a third time.
The reply was it was a half one.

Jul 15 2003 22:34, Tue ElBarto   Link
Na and Dave are cleaning the inside windows
Nathan almost knocked over one of the lamps near the dining table.

Jul 15 2003 22:34, Tue mrsb   Link
Michelle's first salad
The HG joke because Michelle put together the salad under constant instructions from Jun. However, when she added the lettuce, she did not break the pieces up at all. The guys laugh as they serve themselves huge leaves of lettuce.

Jul 15 2003 22:45, Tue ElBarto   Link
Dinner Time
Looks like it is steak and potatoes along with Michelle's salad.

Jul 15 2003 23:11, Tue ElBarto   Link
Dana is checking out Justin's a$$
Justin is in a towel and she tells Jun, Mi, and Ali that he has a "black booty"
He tells her to stop looking at his booty.
Although he looked like he was enjoying the attention.

Jul 15 2003 23:14, Tue ElBarto ParentRootLink
More on his booty
Dana: It must be comfortable sitting on that booty. Do you have a pillow down there?

Justin covers up his booty.

Jul 15 2003 23:21, Tue ElBarto   Link
Michelle checking out David?
Michelle was sitting in the corner chairs near the bathroom with Jun, Dana and Ali and every so often she would stare down the hall toward the kitchen. One camara angle showed that David was alone in the kitchen.

Could she be checking him out from afar???

Jul 15 2003 23:31, Tue GreenEyes   Link
Feed 3 and 4 was Dave and Amanda chatting outside away from the main group...
They were having a cute convo but then the feeds switched to the main groups boring convo.

Jul 15 2003 23:32, Tue ElBarto   Link
Erica sits alone on the hammock
Mi, Dana & Ali are in LR eating ice cream.
Dav & Ama are talking outside.
Jee, Jun, Jack, Rob and Na are talking in a group.
Justin is getting dressed and Erica is sitting on the hammock facing the corner with her back to everyone.

Jul 15 2003 23:46, Tue Watch It ParentRootLink
Erika was watching over the turtles in the hammock. NT

Jul 15 2003 23:47, Tue Watch It ParentRootLink
The turtles apparently have a new closed off area down on the grass...
in that back corner. They showed them briefly on the feeds. They look kind of cute.

Jul 15 2003 23:50, Tue house_guest   Link
Guy talk... NT

Jul 15 2003 23:52, Tue Phantom   Link
Just came in to a discussion in the LR of stress related weight issues.
Michelle says that she "doesn't like really get, you know, stressed out, because you know, I'm . . . " ". . too young?" offers Erika (I think). Ya, she agrees. In spite of the language deficiency, that was actually a rather insightful statement. Now they wonder about the schedule of events for nominations and stuff. They are fairly certain that Eviction/HOH will always be on Wed. They agree that there will still be an eviction and no replacement for Scott. Dana actually seems to be sympathetic to Scott's situation. Dana, Erika, Michelle and Alison are there. Alison doesn't say much, and she is the one to get up and clear the dishes. Then she goes to the bath to talk to Jun who is putting something on her legs in preparation for shaving. They talk about cheating on their b/f's and Ali asks Jun if she has ever cheated. Jun says that she won't answer that, which tells Ali that she has cheated.

Jul 15 2003 23:57, Tue Anonymous   Link
AL is crouching by a sofa thinking it's one place the camera can't see her
but, there she is with a camera aimed at her back

Jul 15 2003 23:59, Tue house_guest   Link
Guy talk...
Rob, Justin, Nate, Jack and Jee sit around outside drinking beer and talking about their exes. Jee talks about how Jun was his first love and he tried to make it work. He admits that he has a dark side (which he attributes to being from NYC) but says Jun was a different person when they date than what the guys are seeing. He doesn't say anything mean about Jun -- just that he had a lot of doubts during their relationship and that's what ended it. He's been dating a different girl for three years and says he has no doubts about her.

Next, Justin starts ripping into Ali. He refers to a convo earlier in the day in which Ali said she wasn't the kind of girl to track her bf down when he goes clubbing without her and find him. Justin says that this is totally untrue, that she would always try to find out where he was going out and then show up and want to hang on him. He claims this happened 8 or 9 times over their 10 month relationship. He says that he didn't rebut what she said earlier in the day because he didn't want the "drama" and Ali is all about drama. The guys laugh and agree that she seems needy and over dramatic and Justin did the right thing by being the "bigger person".

All of the guys then agree that if they had known their exes would be in the house they would have said "f*ck you" to BB and never come in. Justin reveals he was at one point told he was being kicked off the show because he told his girlfriend at the time he was going to be on the show. Apparently, he convinced his "handler" to keep him (we cut to FOTH and don't hear the full story of how he managed to stay on the show).

Jul 16 2003 00:03, Wed Watch It   Link
girl talk
Jun and Alison talking in BR. Ali asks "Have you ever cheated Jun." Jun says "I'm not gonna answer that" then says she never has, then repeats again, "I'm not gonna answer that."
F3&4 show most of the guys out back still chatting.
Alison goes into the toilet, comes out and washes her hands. Jun asks who's in the living room and Ali tells her. Ali comments on the people who just watched her go to the bathroom.
Whispering begins.. Jun is saying someone seems normal today. Ali says, "I know."
Alison says something I didn't catch.
Jun: my take is that it's true, unless something happens to make her paranoid again, and then she'll go wishy washy again.. cuz Jack said the same thing.. she was better.. on track with us.
Alison agrees.
Conversation changes, bounces around. Alison starts joking about how she's gone crazy the past 2 days. Asks if Jun has noticed. Jun says no.

Return to LR, where Alison has joined the others. Michelle asks what Jun is doing. There's joking around, Alison is running around the room playing with the cameras, trying to "hide" - she crawls under something and disappears, pops back up and runs over to the couch.
Dana is talking about her parents, saying she would rather be like that, with them divorced and seeing her at different times, than if they had been fighting. Dana gives more detail about her family - she talks way too fast for me to follow, sorry!
She's talking about her parents remarriages and her step family.
BB tells her not to obstruct her microphone.
By this point, Jun has also joined the rest of them in the LR.
Ali is hiding under the LR table, talking about the camera following her. The others tease her, "he obviously likes you"
Ali asks, "Are you looking at my boobs"
Dana says that happened to her the other night, they tell her to ask the question, she says, "It's not following me"
D asks why it started following her, she says she doesn't know, didn't do anything. They tell her it's because she looks cute.

They're talking about themselves again giving out email and different information, Ali saying that would be a crappy job, to sit and listen to them all day.

(Another fun night in the BB house!)

Jul 16 2003 00:09, Wed house_guest   Link
Watering the lawn...
The lawn sprinklers have come on and the turtles are still in the yard. Jak gets up and fetches them and carries them to safety. He figures they'd be OK but was afraid they'd get sprayed directly in the face.

The group of guys breaks up when Amanda comes outside. Rob stays and Am sits and they start talking about what they'll do after the show. Am says that she doesn't have a job and has credit card debt ($12K) so she needs to find a job when she gets out. She confesses that she's irresponsible with money and has no money saved.

Rob asks her what she wants to do and Am admits she doesn't know. She's considered law school and various other paths, but can't afford to go back to school.

Now in the WC, Justin and Ali are now talking quietly. We came in in the middle of the convo, but it sounded like Justin was telling Ali that people were saying bad things about her. She says they should be sticking up for each other and he appears to agree. Ali then says something about Jack (referring to "the dark side") and Justin says that Jack is sweating more than anyone right now.

Back to FOTH.

Jul 16 2003 00:13, Wed Watch It   Link
The guy discussion breaks up, but the girls are still going strong
F3&F4 is now showing Amanda talking with Robert outside
She's talking about her credit habits and maxing out her cards.
Robert asks what does she want to do?
Amanda said she doesn't know, she was thinking about law school, psychology, there's so much she wants to study and know about, if she had the million that's what she would do, study and learn and improve herself.

Feed switches to Justin and Alison in the bathroom area. Alison tells Justin she talked good about him today.
Jee walks in, they say hello, he asks how they are.
Alison is tired, she wants to be rested for tomorrow, isn't getting up early. She thinks the whole thing will be all about brains tomorrow. She's talking at the SAME time as she's brushing her teeth with water running (Ed: ARGH). She asks Justin if there's anyone from the dark side over here.
Justin tells her no, says someone is sweating more than anyone he's ever seen in this house. Did anyone catch WHO?


Jul 16 2003 12:21, Wed bruhe ParentRootLink
jack NT

Jul 16 2003 00:13, Wed Phantom   Link
As she shaves her pits, Jun makes the revelation that "they have a camera behind here."
FOTFH for some reason.

When we return, Ali is running around the house in a crouch as if trying to hide from the cameras. She attacks Dana on the couch then runs at low level into the dining room where she crouches almost on the floor. Someone wonders if there is any where in the house where they can't see you. They pretty much agree not. Most of the girls are in the LR now and have observed that the camera was following Michelle as she walked. Someone else comments that she was talking to the camera the other day and it was answering her. Alison asks the camera, "Are you looking at my boobs?". No answer, but whoever it was insists again that she was answered before.

Justin comes in and is making up his bed in the hall. He was invited into one of the girl's beds for the night, but declined. They raze him about the refusal and suggest that he sleep with Michelle then. He says that he's getting eaten alive in his usual bed, so the one in the hall might not be his regular bed. The girls continue to raze him and he leaves. The raze him some more for not being able to take it.

Dan is complaining about not having gone to the bathroom when someone was outside. Now she will have to wait until like 4 in the morning. (who is she worried about when she is in the w/c?). Michelle is concerned that she has sooooooo much laundry to do. Some talk about always being dressed up and Mich says that Dana is just like her, always with heels on; in her PJ's, just getting out of the shower, . . .

Alison in the bath with Justin. She asks if there is anyone from the darkside (Jack, Erika, Dave) out there (in the hall). She thinks it would be just like Jack to be sleuthing around in the hall. Justin says no, but that Jack is sweating it out just as bad as the rest. Really, she asks with real surprise. (Justin is sitting in the bath corner - there is no way for anyone to sneak up on the bathroom)

Jul 16 2003 00:14, Wed Muse   Link
Ali in the bathroom talking to Justin, said is anyone from the "darkside" around, Justin asked you mean Jack? She said yes, he is the one to beat in
this game, this is what he is trained to do. Justin said are you kidding? He is sweating more bullets now than anyone. Ali said, really (like she is buying it) oh..good.

Jul 16 2003 00:24, Wed mkemp   Link
all 4 fds. on LR. Al, Mi, Jus, Jun, Jee don't know where the rest are.... NT