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Jul 16 2003 01:14, Wed Watch It   Link
Wow, go Jack and Nathan -- political discussion
Jack and Nathan have been having an interesting discussion in the kitchen. They've been talking about problems with schools and industry in Nathan's home state, and politics in general, Nate's interests in that area. Jack is explaining the electoral college now.

(Ed: Jack's really interesting to listen to, and his voice is animated, he's clearly interested in what he's talking about, knowledgeable, a good talker.) Earlier, Jack told some of his career history, years in the field, being a writer. Nathan told him this experience should help him with that, and Jack said he hoped so.
Their conversation is flowing around different political subjects. Jack's discussing US Vice Presidents reading the results from the electoral college in the senate, and twice in history announcing their own defeats.
Talking about independents now and how that plays in.
People are coming and going in the kitchen, no one is joining in, but neither of them care. They are really enjoying their conversation, Nate is learning from Jack. (I'm amazed to hear an actual serious discussion, and BB must be just as amazed - they are carrying the sound on the quad feed, though the other house guests are in the LR chatting.)

Talking about Ross Perot now and that election.
BB calls Amanda and Jee to the DR. After a brief pause, Jack and Nate continue chatting about that election and Bush Sr losing.
Now comparing both Bush presidents - they both think the current is better than the older, now talking about Clinton's persuasiveness and his skills as a speaker.
Nate says he didn't agree with a lot of what Clinton said, but admired him as a speaker.
Jack now talking about presidential pardons.

(BB switches all the feeds to the group in the LR, and I'm so disappointed! F1&4 are the same, and 2&3 are the same - geez)

LR group is playing cards and chatting. Mostly chatting about their cards. (Sigh, posting)

Jul 16 2003 01:19, Wed ElBarto   Link
They are cleaning the windows again. NT

Jul 16 2003 01:25, Wed KWren11   Link
Erika, Jack, and Dave use Windex and cloth to clean the two-way mirrors...The rest of the gang gets up from the card game...
Jun joins in the cleaning fun. Jack says the Diary Room says they could use Windex.
A bit earlier Dave said he was in the Diary room and he could see through the two-way mirrors and he saw a guy in there eating Doritos holding the bag. Dave says it pi$$ed him off because he was in there talking serious and some guy was eating Doritos.

Jul 16 2003 01:27, Wed mkemp   Link
Jee and Am packing suitcases. NT

Jul 16 2003 01:42, Wed Phantom   Link
Jun says to Ali in a whisper, "I have a really, really, really good feeling that . . . "
(didn't catch it, but it was about Jee or Justin I think. Could she be thinking that Jee is going?). Later there was a reference to winning the HOH comp. and the fact that if it requires mental ability there is no chance that she could win (I presume she meant Michelle)

Dana joins them and after a while, she says that she is going to win every POV in this house. You can save yourself or change the noms. It can make you Superman. HOH is the worst position in the house (because it makes you a target). All said with Dana's typical bravado.

Jul 16 2003 01:59, Wed Watch It ParentRootLink
good feeling about who would be put up, though I couldn't hear if Justin was the one going up or HOH
another repeat about Jack being nervous in this convo too.
And the "she" I heard as "Jee" - Jun saying if it was mental Jee had no chance.

Jul 16 2003 01:47, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Amanda and her bears
Amanda is packing and gives three small teddy bears to Jun, Dave and Dana. All three bears have a shirt and a saying on the shirt. Not sure what Jun or Dave's say but Dana's bear says "I'm sorry" on them. Dana looks at Dave's bear then throws it back at him but it hits him in the upper thigh. He screams oww that hit my nuts. dana says that was no where near your nuts, Dave says it was close... about eight inches away... LOL

Jul 16 2003 01:51, Wed mkemp ParentRootLink
Jun's says Happy Birthday NT

Jul 16 2003 01:48, Wed mkemp   Link
Am gave Dav, Ju and Dn little teddy bears........Ju gave Am a pair of panties to take w/ her
it's a pair she hasn't worn though. Am is telling Nat not to feel bad that it's seriously no big deal, she knew she was going. Am is trying to decide what to wear for her exit, the dress she brought is "so not her".

Jul 16 2003 01:55, Wed Watch It   Link
Amanda packing, talking with Jun and Dave & others
Amanda giving Jun a bear, Jun says are you sure you want to give it to me after everything I said about you? Amanda says she didn't pay a lot, so she doesn't feel bad. They laugh. A also said she said in the diary room that Jun is "one of my favorite people, and she probably said all kinds of sh_t about me, but she's honest, and it'll probably be really funny." Jun tells her what she said in the DR, negative about Amanda being with Scott and a few other things I didn't catch, finishing up complimenting Amanda's breasts. Amanda laughs at that. Dana and Ali come in, and get bears. Amanda said she had an "I'm sorry" bear, but she didn't do anything against anyone, so doesn't have anyone to give it to.
Dave gets one and says it's his only stuffed animal. At first he'd said, "give it to someone who wants it," but when she threw it to him, he leaned back on the bed cuddling it. Not sure who got what kind of bear - Jun's is a Happy Birthday Bear. Dave said something about an I Love You bear.
Amanda is telling them to take them to the DR when they go, showing them off. Dana left the room, going to show off her bear.
Amanda says she feels bad that she didn't bring 12 bears, she said she could only think of so many different sayings to bring.
Nate doesn't get one. Nate looks upset as he watches Amanda pack.
Amanda tells him not to be upset, that it's just a suitcase, that she'll see him again in 3 months.
Nate says "they" were giving him crap in the other room, saying he has to give her a good explanation, because he ruined her chance at a half mil.
Amanda says everyone is more upset than she is, it's just a game, not a big deal, she tells him she knew what she was signing up for, she's not even bullsh*ing, that she's serious. Asks if they're cool, Nate says yeah.
Nate is laying in Michelle's bed, M is under the covers. Amanda asks M something, and M complains about Nate spraying her butt with lysol.
Amanda says they don't know her, that she's not serious about stuff, that it's just a suitcase and it's no big deal, even though this *is* her favorite show.
Nate starts laughing, and Amanda asks him why, and he says he just feels horrible.
A asks Michelle about her dress, and they're discussing what she should wear, what shoes she has, how dressy everyone will be. Alison came in at some point and is giving her opinion the loudest. (of course)

Re: the lysol comment - earlier they were all cleaning the mirrors, getting directions from BB. Dave was mugging for the camera, Nate apparently was spraying the girls jeans with Lysol. Michelle starts complaining that her butt is wet because Nate sprayed her with Lysol, and Alison, voice at full volume, says she knows, that he sprayed the crack of her (Alison's) #FOTH#.

(Ed: to watch it on the feeds every time Ali does something like that, immediately commenting that Nate did the same thing to her as someone else, especially M, comes off as so "one-upsmanship" to me, classic)

People come and go from Amanda's room and talk continues about what to wear. Dave votes for the mini jean skirt. Amanda holds each skirt out, Dave takes one from her hand and holds it up in front of her, moving it higher and lower, saying enthusiastically that he's picturing it. Amanda decides, but she has her back to the camera and I didn't see which outfit won. Amanda still talking about it later, how short it is, think it's a jean skirt, saying she doesn't want to look like a sl_t because it's so short.

Jul 16 2003 01:55, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Amanda and Dave (So cute)
Amanda was in her room packing, Dave comes in, they flirt with each other. Talk about what she will wear for the live show tomorrow. Just the two of them, then Jun comes in the room. She looks at both of them and says, oh am I interrupting you guys. Am asks what she's talking about. Jun says you know. Am is turning red and saying she's not sure what Jun is reffering too and what's up with all the little jokes. Jun says that "You guys are sooo cute together" Amanda quickly changes the subject to what Jun thinks is a good outfit for her to wear tomorrow. Dave stays quite through the whole interaction. Jun leaves and Amanda tells Dave to go ask Nate for a bottle of wine from his room for the two of them to share later. Nate then comes in and Amanda asks Nate directly. He says no problem. (Ed note: Things are looking up for later)

Jul 16 2003 02:04, Wed mkemp   Link
they think that "the little round camera's are the internet cams" only NT

Jul 16 2003 02:06, Wed KWren11   Link
Jun is sitting on the bed in the hallway between Robert and Justin eating from the big bag of Lays chips there... NT

Jul 16 2003 02:07, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Dave just finished taking a shower. He might be getting ready for a long evening with Amanda...
He just asked Erica if he should shave, she says yes. He is shaving now.

Jul 16 2003 02:10, Wed KWren11 ParentRootLink
David carefully lathers up his face and begins a very careful shaving ritual. He starts
at the bottom and then goes up the sides then does his upper lip; finishing with his chin. He is bare chested and wearing some kind of light pinkish towel on his bottom half... Feeds three and four are monitoring this.
After David does this once, he lathers up AGAIN and starts the whole thing over one more time. (unless BB is showing it twice?)

Jul 16 2003 02:07, Wed Phantom   Link
Jun was asking Erika (off camera) if a certain room had "a camera in it, an Internet camera"
Ya, sure she is told, then Erica brings her around the corner of the bathroom and points up to the camera on the wall above the shower and points to it. Jun looks surprised and they both wave to it. I took from that that at leas Jun thinks that there are only certain cameras that broadcast to the Internet. Some thought the same thing last year. Erika may believe the same thing since I noticed that she showers under that camera in her bikini.

Jul 16 2003 02:14, Wed KWren11   Link
Dave brushes his tongue with his toothbrush vigorously, then does his NOSE, grins and goes back to his tongue NT

Jul 16 2003 02:15, Wed Watch It   Link
trying on outfits
After FOTH, feeds come back showing Dana modeling a dress to the guys trying to decide what to wear. The girls are telling her a flowery one, the guys say the black. She's leaning toward the print, one of the guys comments it's more conservative, and she agrees "Isn't it?"
One of the girls asks about the lights being turned off, and is told no they won't do it (BB?), someone asks why, and Dana comes back with "because we're all getting naked in here"

Alison is holding up different outfits, Jee is commenting that one is too long, someone else says something is too short.
It's hard to see the outfits, a few people moving around, standing in front of each other.
Alison tries on the black skirt, Dana says it's "bangin' #FOTH#" and Alison thinks it makes her butt look big. She's told no it doesn't. Nate says he doesn't like the top. Jack is with them, and was giving opinion. Alison runs off to change her top.

F1 - Jun, Justin, Robert sitting in the hall looking at the outfits - Jun has potato chips. Robert says yes to Ali's next outfit. Light color top (looks like black lace around the neck?) with the black skirt.
F2 shows a wider angle view of F1 with the bed in the background where Dana and Jack are standing looking at the outfits.
F3&F4 show Dave shaving. Erika in and out of the bathroom area doing her hair.

Funny looks from Nate. Jun is commenting about guys not picturing their best friend and their girl and the camera switches over to Nate who looks like he just started picturing it - a real blank "uh...." look. Dana comes by saying she's getting a pair of (never worn) underwear to give to Amanda, and again the camera switches to Nate who looks like he thinks it's disgusting. One of the guys says "gross!"

Jul 16 2003 02:21, Wed KWren11   Link
Jack is taking a shower. Amanda just walked through the bathroom area and gathered her things NT

Jul 16 2003 02:22, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Memory Wall
Scott's pic and key are gone.

Jul 16 2003 02:24, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Amanda shyly asks Dave to come outside with her. They both have full glasses of wine NT

Jul 16 2003 02:31, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Robert just came out and told Dave and Amanda that Nate has given up the HoH room to both of them for the night.
They both said that's sweet and awesome and thanked Robert

Jul 16 2003 02:35, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Nate just came outside and made it official by putting the HoH room key around Dave's neck NT

Jul 16 2003 02:45, Wed Watch It   Link
Lot of laughing, Dana lost her bear already, Jun wants a game
Looks like most of them are in the blue circle bedroom/hall. Jun, Nate, Erika on one of the beds, Dana on the floor, Justin and Robert on another, looks like Alison and Jee on the back bed. Not sure where Michelle is, though a quick shot seemed to show someone else on the floor.

Jack is in the shower, Dave is wandering the kitchen. Amanda walks through. Dana goes to the kitchen and hugs Dave, apparently still looking for her bear. Amanda says she's going to announce no one can steal the bears.

Dana climbs on top of Justin and starts hitting him, apparently he was teasing her? She manages to get his shirt off in the process.

Amanda and Dave now in kitchen. Amanda's wearing a hat. She gets something to drink and goes outside. Lot of smiling. Dave follows her out.

My feeds freeze up trying to switch to Dave and Amanda outside! When they come back, they're talking about Jee. Amanda says she talked to Jee, and "he was like, 'I'm so sad'" and she says she had to console him, and that was, like, annoying. And, like, what don't you get, be happy. And everyone's like, acting sad, and it's such a, like, fake show. (Yep, A not M) Amanda's giving presents and everyone's sad.
Dave said the bear makes him more sad.
Amanda says she can't believe he won't look at that every night and laugh. "It says "thinking of you" it's such a cute bear." She tells him it has to be on him at all times. He's telling her to look for the bulge. Asks her if he can get it wet. She says don't take it in the pool.
Am: How funny is that, I gave Dana a bear that said, "I'm sorry" and she gave you to me. Amanda says if she knew that was all it took, she'd have given it to her long ago.
Am says she wants to go in DR and talk to everyone, Dave says, "Do it!" She asks if he'll go with her, and he says he will. Jee comes out and tells them they are giving them their own room, if they want it they've got it. They laugh, saying that's great. Amanda, "See, all you needed was bears. I'm telling you, you all should have bought bears." She says she bought a bunch of stuff before she got kidnapped, and they confiscated most of it, even the bears, but eventually put them in the SR.
Erika says something, and Amanda says, "I gave you socks" Erika says, "Aww, okay"
Amanda continues her story, that they were in walgreens and her roommate (bf?) says they have to pick out these bears. The pick out these bears - Amanda wanted pink, but he wanted blue, said she had to pick non-sexual ones. Amanda asks Erika if they are really giving them the HOH room, and she says yes, that they all took a vote. Amanda says she wants to hear it from Nate. She says it could be really bad for Dave, she doesn't care cuz she's leaving.
Amanda says Dave's a little scared, Dave denies it. Tells Amanda to tell her why she's scared. Amanda says she's not. Says she doesn't want to take Nate's bed. Erika says she'll send Nate out, but doesn't leave.
Dave says if he does go on the block, his nom speech will be "thanks Amanda"
Amanda says he doesn't have her number, and he says he'll get it from (missed the name) and he tells her to say on camera for him to get it, and he'll get it.
Nate leans out the door, says yeah, they have the room, Erika has gone inside. Amanda tells him he can't put up Dave next time now.
Amanda says Dana is walking around showing off the bear.
Amanda is saying they are so going to be paged now.
Nate comes out and puts the key around Dave's shoulders then goes back in. Dave is saying he was planning to share a bed with her, and she says that's bold, and he's kidding around saying whether she liked it or not. Amanda is telling him for the 10th time or something that he's scared, she's saying he's on the fence. He's being sarcastic, pretending not to know what "on the fence" means.
Amanda says her friends are going to make so much fun of her, that she's the first one out. She requests that her friends be sent out, not her parents. She says she loves 'em to death, but they'll lecture her, saying, why did you quit your job. She says she'd rather have her friends say, "You're a loser, let's go party."
Amanda asks how the HOH key feels, and he says it's giving him a rash. She says she's not going to touch him, just relax, tells him to breath. He asks why she won't touch him, "can I touch you?"
More talk about Dave being scared. Amanda thinks there should be no cameras in that room. Dave says "If that room rocks, I'm out" Amanda asks, "If that room rocks" and he says "If we rock the room" and Dave laughs. She says it's a wall, it's a bed in the middle of the room.
Amanda's laughing, saying "that's your concern?" she's saying he can sleep in his room and she'll sleep alone, saying again that he's so nervous.
Amanda asks about her accent. Comments how "out there" midwestern accents are, and asks what kind of accent she has.
Dave starts laughing, and she asks what he's laughing about.. he won't tell her, she says who was in the window? and he finally says Robert.
More teasing about it's so bad, about Dave being evicted.

this is very long, posting...

Jul 16 2003 03:09, Wed Watch It ParentRootLink
Robert and Jee come out, Amanda tells them ...
it's like peer pressure now. They're laughing, teasing about being put up, R and J go back inside. Amanda is asking what Dave did to the hammock, as it looks different. Then complains he tells her she's anorexic, has told her "like, 8 times." She says, "have you seen me exercise since I've been here?" he says it doesn't matter, and they keep teasing each other. She says they'll go into DR and have this out. She says she'll have to go home now and have to explain an eating disorder.
Dave is laughing. She says he's laughing cuz he's uncomfortable, Dave says he's laughing because Robert came up and held up a card, then took it to the room.
Amanda is asking what's going on. They're talking AGAIN about Dave being nervous, she insists he is, he says he isn't. He says he is buzzed.
Now they tease about his drinking, Amanda saying, "so you're drinking heavily so you can perform some kind of deed instigated by Robert?"
Dave tells her she better come visit him.
Dave again looks at the house, and Amanda wants to know what he's looking at, Dana is back there. She tells him to take Dana in HOH. Then she tells Dana to come out, and tells her he's scared, that she says he should take Dana into HOH. Dana says "ME?" Amanda asks if Dave is going up next week. A asks, "can you promise me?" D says, If I'm HOH I can promise you. Dana says everyone is very jealous, they're all sexually frustrated.
Dana says she'll get every single person in the house out here and they'll all tell him the same thing. Alison comes out, and Dana asks her, "Dave's worried he'll be put on the block next week," and Alison says "huh?"
Amanda says, "No, I'm worried." Dana clarifies, and Ali says, "Why would he be put up?"
Dana says everyone won't think anything other than, "I wish it was me"
Dana says, "seriously, I might come in and cuddle up with you" and they laugh and tell her to do it.
It's a wonder Dave isn't blushing by now. He says, "put me on the spot"
Amanda says, "that was a great move, are you telling me that wasn't a great move, to put it out there?" and he agrees it was a great move.
Now Amanda is asking if he's giving her anything, and Dave is saying no, he doesn't have anything. She says he does, he has a hat. Dave says he's giving the hat to his first born child. Amanda says he's not sleeping with his first born in the HOH, so you better rethink. She's saying she can't believe he's not giving her a present, is he serious?

Talking about visiting. Amanda comments, "And I just gave away a #FOTH# dress to the girl who hates me the most. How fake is that? How fake am I being?" Says she gave out presents, they agree she's santa claus.

They pause and take a breath, and Amanda wraps her ankles around the back of her head! She stays like that a moment until BB tells her not to obstruct her microphone. Robert has come out and she was laughing that he saw her, he tells them he left wine or champagne or something for them.
Dave asks if she wants to go to the DR, and she agrees. He asks her to help him up, and he leans up, she asks him if he's drunk and he says he just wanted her to touch him. She tells him the legs around her head made him want to touch her now? or something like that.

Dave admits she's totally onto him, and it s_cks. Amanda is demanding he tell her the story. He says he can't, that he has the HOH now and he can't stop smiling, so he can't do the face. She says it will mean more coming from him, he says Erika can describe his face and tell her what he looked like. (I have no idea what they're talking about, I really missed something) He's laughing, saying he can't tell her. She says she wants to know the feelings behind it, why he made the face. He said he was walking in there, E says, "Dave, better get some sleep, noms are tomorrow" and he said everything changed, normally he can hide it but he couldn't, and he said she totally knew, and he tried to say funny things to hide it, but she said, "I'm so sad for you. Aww, Amanda's leaving" and he said, "no, that's good," but she totally knew. Dave tried to make more conversation but couldn't think of anything to say.
Amanda thinks it's so cute, and he says it wasn't cute, he's a tough guy.
Objects to her calling it a story, "It wasn't a story" and she says "aww, tough guy's back" Now they're going to DR, and they say the first thing they're going to ask about is telling her not to obscure her microphone when it wasn't obscured.

Jul 16 2003 02:59, Wed Liann   Link
Amanda just said the sequestered evictees get to vote at the end for the winner. NT

Jul 16 2003 03:05, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Amanda just put both her legs behind her head at Dave's request. Some of the other hg's were lucky enough to walk by...
Robert came outside and stared. AM asked him to stop. He just said that he put a bottle of wine next to the table in the HoH. She was holding the pose for a long time. Dave got a great look at what he can expect later. BB voice came on and said "amanda please do not obstruct your microphone" She took her legs down.... Damn BB!!!

Jul 16 2003 03:10, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Amanda and Dave just went to the Diary room together to talk ***** about everybody and everything. NT

Jul 16 2003 03:26, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Amanda and Dave are back from the Diary Room...
Amanda says the diary room guy was mean. said that they were in there just too fool around and that the diary room was a "sacred place" and that they should go to bed cuz of the live show tomorrow and other mean things. (Ed note: I'm not sure if she was playin around with everyone or if she was serious we might find out tomorrow)

Jul 16 2003 03:34, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Feed 4 was showing Nate and Michelle in bed....
They were lying down. Everyone was talking around them. Nate takes the covers and puts it over Michelle and his head. 5 seconds later Jun yells what are you two doing and yanks the covers off to reveal Nate very close to Michelle. Nate says it's not what you think and that he was just trying to whisper something to her. She calls ***** on him. Nate grabs Jun and pulls her into bed in the middle. Everyone is laughing histerically.

Feed switches to follow Dave going to the WC. he is going to bruch his teeth. After he finishes he walks past the camera and gives a big smiles and a big thumbs up. Each Camera he walks past he gives the same look and thumbs up. Its' so funny.

Jul 16 2003 03:47, Wed Phantom   Link
Dave and Amanda go into the Sand Box so that Amanda can ask Erika about 'the story.'
She needs some light so that she can see 'the face'. Why don't you get some sleep because it's nominations tomorrow and we have to get up early. (I think that she meant evictions) Apparently his face told the whole story that he was disappointed that he couldn't stay up with Amanda all night. This was before they knew about the HOH.

Amanda repeats that the DR guy was mean to them and goes on to repeat what she told them in the back bedroom. She is starting to sound a little pissed off by it. Amanda insists that Erika/Jack just have to get HOH tomorrow. Dave shows Amanda his monkey. They seem to be dragging their feet with the story telling. Amanda tells the legs behind the head story, including the part about "do not obstruct your mike" As Amanda and Dave finally look ready to leave, Amanda and Erika just have to discuss what Erica is going to wear tomorrow night. Women!!

The two go to the bathroom where Amanda brushes her teeth. Dave is wearing a goofy, bright red wig and says that he is going to wear it all night. Dave is drinking Amanda's wine. Amanda grunts and points for Dave to pick up and examine a bottle of makeup for some inexplicable reason. Jack passes through on the way to the w/c and Erica sticks her head around the corner to again discuss clothing with Amanda. Off they go, hopefully to the HOH.

Jul 16 2003 03:50, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Dave and Am settling in to the HOH room, DV being goofy, both seem to be having fun NT

Jul 16 2003 03:51, Wed Watch It   Link
Nate ended up in bed with a blond, looks like Michelle (more A & D)
Hard to tell who is where in the dark. One of the guys says, "We never sleep" All of them seem to still be up, Dave and Amanda walking through the dark bedrooms, lots of hg laughing and teasing each other.
Very hard to tell who is where.
Nate propping up pillows block himself and Michelle off from the others. Sounds like Jun is with them, she's been in the bed with them a few times in the last several minutes.
Jack and Erika are talking quietly in the other bedroom. Dave is now wandering around looking for Amanda. He went to brush his teeth and now doesn't know where she is. He finds her and she goes back to the room Dave just left, where Jack and Erika are. Amanda asks Erika about the story Dave told her earlier.
Amanda is saying she can't see her face, they can't get the lights on.
Dave is leaving, saying he doesn't want to be there for the story, saying he's super tough guy. Erika is repeating the story, with additions from Jack, taking about Dave getting sad reminded of nominations, Erika does an exaggerated look, lowering her head, almost able to see in the night vision.
Amanda says Dave has to win, she'll be rooting for the three of them.
Amanda talking about the guy not being nice in the DR, and they said he's like "What's up guys? you guys in here for a reason?"
She tells them not to go in after midnight, that they were going in there with Dave wearing the head of household key, that she was sitting earlier with her legs behind her head, and all that's no reason?
She's asking if he was the guy who said that earlier, and he said, "Yeah, that was me" and then the DR guy says, "Okay, Dave, why are you wearing the key?"
And Amanda asks his name, and he says "I'm the night guy." And she says, do you have a name, mr night guy?
They tell him they kind of wanted to talk sh*t about people, and the phone rang and he put them on hold. He told them "The diary room is a sacred place, and you guys are pretty much in here just to goof around." A says he pretty much just kicked them out, and she was like, "tomorrow's my last day, don't you want to know?" and he reminds them tomorrow is the last day, and Dave was saying he could go without sleep and all kinds of things. Dave says, "Before you leave, I need to show you my monkey."
He pulls out a blowup monkey? "This is my monkey, he has a whole in it somewhere." She says "Why don't you blow him up? There's so much medical tape." She says "That's so cute."
They tell Dave, "You brought a monkey and a wig? That's pretty much it?"
He says, yes, that's true.
Amanda goes back to the DR, she can't believe he didn't say anything when they walked in like "Dave, why are you wearing the HOH?" and aren't they even watching what's going on? She doesn't believe he said "Amanda, you're obstructing your microphone" - that couldn't wait two minutes until I put them down? (Referring to her legs she'd put behind her head earlier)
Amanda has apparently had quite a bit of wine.
Amazing, now she's talking about what Erika is wearing tomorrow, and the cameras move to focus on her down on the floor looking at boots. They hear the camera move, and she looks up, "Okay, can you please just give me a moment?" They walk out and to the bathroom.
Dave has a clown wig, HOH key, pants and flops, Amanda still has her hat on from earlier, and sleeveless top/sleep short type outfit.
A's brushing her teeth, D is mugging for the camera. Jack comes through on his way to the toilet.
Now Erika comes out, Dave puts the wig on her a moment. They tell him to wear it tomorrow. Dave tells Jack "I'm like the crazy son you never had." Jack says, "Yes, you are. And you're just the right age, you could be my son." Dave says, "Alright"
They finally make their way to the HOH, with much joking around, trying on the robe, trying Nate's hat, the camera is following Amanda as she moves around. She requests them to stop moving, that her grandmother is going to kill her.

Jul 16 2003 03:52, Wed ktan   Link
Amanda holds up a condom in the HOH. NT

Jul 16 2003 03:55, Wed Watch It ParentRootLink
she said she thought it was a condom at first, but that it was some kind of bath thing NT

Jul 16 2003 03:54, Wed Watch It   Link
Amanda and Dave
Amanda is wondering if there's just the one camera, saying they can dodge it. They hang the robe back up and turn the lights back off. Dave starts playing, turning the lights off and on, commenting on infra-red to normal, saying the camera guys are saying "which shot do we use?"
Both in bed, kissing, tucked under the covers.

Jul 16 2003 03:55, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Am and Dv are making out in the HoH room.. (about time) NT

Jul 16 2003 03:55, Wed phusion   Link
& more smooching

Jul 16 2003 03:55, Wed frustratedposter   Link
HOH room F3
DV and Am are inspecting the room
Am says she can't find the wine RB mentioned

They both decide to try on the HOH robe

Dave then lays back on the bed in short-shorts

Am finds a condom in the room and wonders if they left it for them

they notice the cameras following them around. it's focusing on am and she recommends it point to dv in his little shorts

am tells the camera she's not stealing the HOH robe, so relax

they turn off the lights, and night vision blinks before kicking in correctly

DV jumps into the bed with AM and they cover up

dv leans in to kiss am, but can't find her face in the dark

DV: where's your face? where's your lips?

obviously, even though covered, from the sounds, dv found her lips. they are kissing gently, and you can hear movement under the blanket

a little moan escapes AM mouth

Jul 16 2003 03:55, Wed jamiefan   Link
Amanda and Dave kissing, sounds like a lot of tongue action on feed 3 NT

Jul 16 2003 03:56, Wed Quench   Link
Dave and Amanda
David and Amanda are in the HOH

Dave goofing for the camera and Amanda in bed. Joking with Dave about grabbing her boob. David saya I so did not. Yes you did it's on TV

Dave puts on the HOH robe then Amanda puts it on.

They are talking to the cameras asking them to stop following her laughing all the way.

She takes off the robe and hangs it up

Dave jokes about the infared cameras

Both get into bed. covrer them selves up.

There is some major kissing going on. Where is your face where is your lips

Jul 16 2003 03:56, Wed frustratedposter   Link
dv comments "i can't see you at all. it sucks" NT

Jul 16 2003 03:57, Wed Watch It   Link
2 cams on A&D in HOH, 2 on Jack and Erika (sound on quad feeds is Jack) NT

Jul 16 2003 03:58, Wed Quench   Link
Between the kissing
D: Are you going to come visit me

A: why where do you live

D: by the beach

D: I'll come visit you

A: no you won't I live in Chicago

D: I'll come and keep you warm

More kissing and heavy breathing going on

D: This sucks I can't see you

Jul 16 2003 03:58, Wed Phantom   Link
They do go to the HOH, but a nervous Dave tries on Nat's cowboy hat and plays cowboy a bit.
Amanda gets into bed and makes observations about where there are cameras. She's only been in there once, but didn't notice that one, or that one. Amanda is up now and wearing the HOH bathrobe. Dave is in bed in his boxers. Now they are both up and examining everything in the room. I guess they are not sleepy.

Amanda hangs up the robe and continues to talk to the camera. She thinks that only the movable one is real and thinks that they can avoid it. Both get into bed and once Dave manages to find her face, the sounds make it apparent that the chit chat has stopped for the moment. Amanda makes sounds that seem to suggest that Dave should proceed with whatever it is that he is doing under the covers. There was on brief conversation, and now another about "are you going to come visit me" Back to non-verbal communication now. By my interpretation, it contains signs of approval and encouragement. Now there is some more nervous chatter.

Jul 16 2003 04:02, Wed frustratedposter   Link
HOH room, F3
AM this is nice, i'm glad we did this
DV yeah

AM it sucks for you (ED still worried she's condemning him to eviction)

AM i feel bad
DV why
AM you're gonna hate me if you get voted off
DV i am
AM are you
DV yeah, true

more kissing, so guess she's not too worried

AM if you do get voted off, it's not my fault, i promise
DV i'm gonna call ya tho, is that cool
AM you'll get my number
DV you sure it's cool. i am a white army boy

Jul 16 2003 04:06, Wed Watch It   Link
Amanda says she wants him to win, asks who he'd vote for - he says Michelle
LOL, Amanda tells him "I can't believe you brought up Michelle. Who does that? Bring up your ex-gf?"
He says, "#FOTH# you"

Jul 16 2003 04:08, Wed Phantom   Link
Dave asks, "Are you sure this is cool. I am a white Army boy."
"Awe," she replies. Smooth Dave, real smooth.

"If it wasn't you, who do you want to make the money," asks Amanda. "Michelle, if she can remain invisible all that time, she deserves it." Amanda jokes about how could he bring up her name. She giggles and says that now she is pissed.

They do a lot of this banter and it is normally cute and funny. Not at the moment. Now Dave is extolling the virtues of Jack as a player. I think they may be camera shy, or something.

Jul 16 2003 04:10, Wed frustratedposter   Link
discussing JA and how smart he is, and how well he plays this game. they both like him a lot

more kissing

AM talking, but with her mouth full of DVs lips, it's hard to hear her

DV kissing AMs arm, running his hands over her arm and shoulders

DV says that she'll forget him when she's gone. it will be like, "That guy?" and you'll say that when you're stuck in the house it's amazing what you'll do

AM wants to know why he thinks she'd fell that way about him. Says she's only been here a week, and she could hold off, ya know. If it was 3 months, i could understand you thinking it's the house, because of desperation, but i've been here a week

DV you're like 100% cool. and goes on telling her how cool and awesome she is

AM talking about some test line that DV failed. (don't know what she means) and says he lost 10 points for it. he laughs

back to kissing

dv is holding AM head, and they seems really in to it

feed is trying to reload, so meanwhile, post

Jul 16 2003 04:17, Wed Watch It   Link
another A&D moment
(Ed: they are totally messing with everyone, and each other, and having a blast doing it) Now they're both telling each other how they don't need to do this.
Dave says the best thing he's heard since he's been here is that she enjoys him.
Amanda tells him she was hoping to get more from him, that was the test line he failed totally.
Some more teasing, Amanda telling him right after that he tells her she's "totally full of sh_t"
More kissing, more talking, tonight she's been bringing up every single thing he's said that ever even slightly offended her, or that she can pretend she got offended about, now onto the anorexia again.

Jul 16 2003 04:18, Wed frustratedposter   Link
covers slipping down, AM throws back head and moans a little as DV continues his kiss and fondle

they pull the covers back up and move closer together

they are both shy of the camera. Dv says that it really does suck (that it's there)

(ED this reminds me of Soap Opera sex, with the blanket over them)

Jul 16 2003 04:19, Wed Quench   Link
F1 - Nathan lying on the large couch outside in BY
He is by himself looking like he is waiting for the sock to be removed from the doorknob.

Jul 16 2003 04:19, Wed frustratedposter   Link
dv accused AM or corrupting him, AM "like this is my fault" DV "mm hmm" NT

Jul 16 2003 04:23, Wed Phantom   Link
Dave says, "From now on all I'm going to be doing in this house is thinking about you and not the game."
"Oh, god, the game," replies Amanda. She thinks that he can win it she says, but she doesn't seem to care much about the game itself.

Jul 16 2003 04:24, Wed frustratedposter   Link
AM discusses how much DV made her laugh when everyone was in the LR playing cards. says it's not just the funny jokes, you're just funny

DV keeps alternating between his left hand back and sighing in frustration, and what appears to be sliding his left hand down his own body as he holds AM with the right

they recover and move together again, with more kissy kissy

they are spooning now, and AM keeps letting out little sighs, while DV seems to be more and more frustrated, not really sure what he can get away with i think

Jul 16 2003 04:25, Wed Watch It   Link
Dave says he wishes this was under other circumstances, but if it was he'd never have met her NT

Jul 16 2003 04:27, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Am asks Dv what he's doing, and he says he's adjusting his... his... uh... feet!

Jul 16 2003 04:29, Wed Quench   Link
More F3 HOH
Amanda rolls away says God. and then I am sorry

Dave spoons with her. lots of hand action under the covers

D: It's just the circumstances

A: Would it be different if the circumstance were different

D: Yah but then I would never have met you

They talk about how the sheets will be changed in the morning.

A:Nate won't have to sleep on the sheets.because HOH is tomorrow after I am gone

A: What are you doing

D: I am just adjusting my ah ... my ah

A: giggles - Feet

A: I need to take a cold shower

Jul 16 2003 04:35, Wed max1204   Link
Amanda: You need a massage; Dave: You got any lotion? NT

Jul 16 2003 04:39, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Am seriously moaning now, Dv's hands are doing something

another frustrated sigh from dave before he dives back in

dv lays back, big sigh and am says aren't you gonna wait for me? dv just grunts huh?

am says dv owes her a massage

more kissing the am asks if he's gonna give her a massage, dv says something about the best he can get, and she says you don't have to

they move in for some more lip play, and dave grunts yet again

dv is now saying he's sorry she's leaving, says it should be him. am explains it's not a big deal to her, that's what no one understands. she thinks it's sweet that Jee felt so bad, but it's a f&&&ing game, so don't worry, i'll see ya in a couple of months. and it's just the first week, so it's so not a big deal, cause it couldn't be personal

dv says "you're an awesome person"

dv wonders if his arms is hurting her neck, she says no, and moves in closer

am has her face on dv's shoulder, and starts kissing his chest and arm, which recharges dv to move in for more liplock

Jul 16 2003 04:40, Wed frustratedposter   Link
am thinks dv is embarrassed, and he didn't want to take the HOH room NT

Jul 16 2003 04:45, Wed Quench   Link
Amanda definitely has her hand lying actively in Daves lap NT

Jul 16 2003 04:46, Wed max1204 ParentRootLink
It's more like she's rubbing what's in his lap NT

Jul 16 2003 04:51, Wed Hammock_Fall ParentRootLink
Yeah, thats what that continuous up and down motion was, or...
maybe she was rubbing his feet... real long arms that girl has ya know.

Jul 16 2003 04:48, Wed frustratedposter   Link
they are def heating up, covers slipping, but still hiding too much NT

Jul 16 2003 04:52, Wed frustratedposter   Link
dv moves in for some mouth to chest action. (ed too bad my cap program doesn't get the moans and sighs!) NT

Jul 16 2003 04:54, Wed Quench   Link
Missonary position under the covers NT

Jul 16 2003 04:55, Wed frustratedposter   Link
dv now climbing on top of am, full tilt boogey action now NT
but under covers

Jul 16 2003 04:55, Wed Numfar   Link
omg - Yep, Dave on top, missionary, definate sex happening (feed 3) NT

Jul 16 2003 04:56, Wed Numfar ParentRootLink
Bed starts banging against the wall, and FOTH. NT

Jul 16 2003 04:56, Wed frustratedposter   Link
bed starts to squeak, and then we get FOTH! *GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR* NT

Jul 16 2003 04:57, Wed max1204 ParentRootLink
Major thrusts...but no nudity or anything (FOTH?!!!!) NT

Jul 16 2003 04:56, Wed Quench   Link
FOTFH. just before the Climax A BB US first NT

Jul 16 2003 05:22, Wed ktan   Link
Still going with FOTH...we can only wonder what's happening in HOH... NT

Jul 16 2003 05:40, Wed ktan   Link
Feeds return, but none in HOH. NT

Jul 16 2003 05:40, Wed RMU   Link
Predictably when we return from FOTH - everyone is sleeping NT

Jul 16 2003 05:41, Wed frustratedposter   Link
feeds back, but all sleeping now NT

Jul 16 2003 05:42, Wed max1204 ParentRootLink
However, you can hear talking or something in the background on F1 NT

Jul 16 2003 06:15, Wed frustratedposter   Link
dv and am in the well lit br now, but far apart (F3 and F4) NT

Jul 16 2003 06:23, Wed davidmichelle   Link
David and Amanda are in the bathroom. It seems David threw up while or after coitus in the HOH room.
I think either he had too much wine or bad food. He is complaining of a stomach ache.

Amanda is asking him what would make him feel better? As in sleeping arrangement, perhaps. David says he would rather sleep near the bathroom. He says she can either squeeze in with him on his small Desert room bed or sleep elsewhere.

Jul 16 2003 06:48, Wed LittleOldLady   Link
David says he threw up in the HOH; both sleeping in his old bed squeezed together. NT

Jul 16 2003 11:16, Wed Katfsh   Link
Jack is up and shaving. All others asleep NT

Jul 16 2003 11:20, Wed ktan   Link
Jack promptly heads back to bed. NT

Jul 16 2003 11:35, Wed n2deep   Link
David up using wc and putting in contacts NT

Jul 16 2003 11:49, Wed angelofmusic27   Link
David goes back to bed and talks to Amanda about last night.
He says the cameras were following him around like crazy.
Dv: *sarcastic tone* They're probably oh the big tough ranger got sick last night and puked all over the place. What a tough guy.
Amanda: I told you, you were nervous.
*tired laughter from Dv after the comment*

*Dave also talked about last night being the most incredible and bizarre or crazy night of his life*

Jul 16 2003 12:14, Wed Anonymous   Link
Michelle awake, washing up. NT

Jul 16 2003 12:20, Wed angelofmusic27   Link
Dana now up along with Nathan. Dana is using the facilities while Nate wait on
his turn.
Dana comes out: I have a hard time peeing when there's a boy in the room.
*Nate laughs and does his business*
*Dana doing her morning ritual in BR*

Jul 16 2003 12:20, Wed sqrl   Link
Dana brushing teeth. NT

Jul 16 2003 12:23, Wed angelofmusic27   Link
*The rest of the hamsters still tucked in their beds
with visions of tonight's eviction throbbing in their heads*

Jul 16 2003 12:25, Wed sqrl   Link
Troll Man washing dishes in the Kitchen NT

Jul 16 2003 12:34, Wed bruhe   Link
dana wasting about 20 to 30 gallons of water washing dishes on feeds 1+2 NT

Jul 16 2003 12:44, Wed sqrl   Link
Jun is whining the storage room is closed, "we can't get our eggs" NT

Jul 16 2003 12:47, Wed Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Dave said after he threw up last night - he went into DR and ask them....
did not hear exactly what he ask them (probably what to with the mess) he said they were very cool about it.

Jul 16 2003 12:49, Wed Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Dave says oh well - you can't cry over spilled mild ..but you sure can be embarassed by it. NT

Jul 16 2003 12:50, Wed bruhe   Link
david and amanda in bed.. waking up talking of last nite...
david says he feels like sh-t. they are curious if the show will put on david puking last nite from chugging wine..
jack suggests they will show the more romantic side.
jack says this is probably the last time nathan lends you the HoH room. they all laugh.
talk gets indistinct now dave wonders how they will portray his throwing up. and says he really doesnt care
jack says what's done is done.
dave: cant cry over spilt milk... but you sure as hell can be embarassed by it.. laughing.
they wonder what cameras show them.. they point out a hole in the wall above them..
talk about lots of dust and where it comes from. (perhaps shaking off the roof/ceiling from crew walking around above them).

Jul 16 2003 12:50, Wed bruhe   Link
david on his throwing up... "and thats why there will be a trash can from now on in the hoh room..." NT

Jul 16 2003 12:51, Wed angelofmusic27   Link
David and Amanda talking to Erika and Jack in the bedroom
Amanda is saying she aches all over. She said her back feels like it's going to fall off.
Erika: I thought you were a tough girl Amanda. *teasing her about her back pain*
Jack: We love this room. We are really comfortable in it. We're weird.
Dv: I feel like sh*t. *repeats it yelling it*

Dv is talking about how he's worried they'll show his puking on television. BB told him they couldn't promise that they wouldn't show it but that it probably won't be shown.

Jack: I'm sure they'll show your more romantic side.

*more talk about the puking*

Dv: I just wish I had puked on you. *joking about it and they are all laughing. That dispels the thought that he did it "during" their tryst together*

Jul 16 2003 12:53, Wed bruhe   Link
david says this is kind of cool.. now i have a new most embarassing story...
how better can you get than doing that on national television.
he says its awesome. they laugh
now its quiet as he looks over at amanda for a bit and smiles.. they both giggle.

Jul 16 2003 12:53, Wed Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Dave states that now he has a new "most embarassing moment" - puking on national TV. NT

Jul 16 2003 12:55, Wed bruhe   Link
dave comparing his blanket to amandas...
they talk about how soft and nice amanda's is and then he says... mine is like the kind of blanket you put fires out with.
they all laugh again.
he cuddles with her for a bit.
general chit chat that is indistinct as the feeds crash on me

Jul 16 2003 12:59, Wed bruhe   Link
switching to feeds 1 and 2...
i hear dana say dont look at me .. im pissed owf...
they are puttering around the kitchen after cleaning and talking about breakfast. in the background i can hear the FOTH music playing for them perhaps.
dana is not in a good mood. commenting on the "stoopid tv screen being messed up" (plasma screen).
ed note: i think shes a bit bothered by Dv and Am hooking up. allison and her chit chatting about nothing really important.
apparently they are on lock down as dana says maybe it will be a few minutes and not a long time.. lets be optimistic.
jun and dana talking about bagels and engl. muffins.
this is boring.. switching back to bedroom feeds..

Jul 16 2003 13:00, Wed mrsb   Link
HG's complain about their lack of food...
They are currently on lockdown and cannot get into the storage room. They have bacon and no eggs, milk and no cereal. The girls, Da, Ali, and Jun have decided to eat plain english muffins while they wait to get to the storage room.

Jul 16 2003 13:01, Wed mrsb ParentRootLink
BB has also locked the HOH room! NT

Jul 16 2003 13:01, Wed angelofmusic27   Link
Dave talking about last night some more.
Dv: The best part is that I locked us out of the HOH room.

Amanda: I said I would go in there and clean and he said no he or BB will take care of it. (I'm guessing BB will take care of it)

Dv: Then what do I do, I lock us out of the f*king room.

Amanda: I have never laughed like I did last night. I just laughed and laughed for two hours about it.

(Ed note: She is rather calm and cool about last night. It is rather cute.)

Jul 16 2003 13:05, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Dave and Amanda the next morning...
Convo in the Sandbox: Dave says "I could have done a whole lot more if I didn't get sick" Amanda wonders if they really know what was going on. Dave says "OH YEAH they know" Amanda still wonders if they can "show it" Dave says no way not on Primetime.

Jul 16 2003 13:10, Wed GreenEyes   Link
More Amanda and Dave
Amanda and Dave say that there was one point where the covers came off cuz it was so dark and they forgot about the night vision cameras. (Ed note: This must have happened during the FOTH

Dave also says he is going to take the "guy" out for a beer for blocking out the internet viewers from seeing everything. Looks like they know we didn't get to see everything

Jul 16 2003 13:11, Wed angelofmusic27   Link
Dv and Am still talking about last night
They are wondering how much will be shown.
Dv: They can't show that on primetime tv.

Am: They'll probably show we're saying in here and f*ck it all up.

Dv: We better stop talking about it then. I'll ask John and see what's
up. I can ask him to not show it. They can piece together and show it.

Am: Which they will. Everyone is like. Man, they make it so much worse than it is.

Dv: Is there one behind the bed? (talking about the cameras)

Am: They're not making it loveshack. (she's talking about where the cameras are located.) I don't think we were all that concerned about covering up at one point. When it's so dark, you're not thinking about the night vision.

Dv: I'm taking you out for a beer dude after that. (I guess they told them that they put on FOTH during the actual sex itself.)

Dv: There's still night vision. It's great.

(I guess they both want a copy of the tape from last night. I'm not completely sure, but I'm wondering if they are kissing once in a while. I swear I hear it but not sure.)

Jul 16 2003 13:12, Wed mrsb   Link
Constant BB theme song plays from BY
Where HG's assume the live show and HOH competition are being set up. Ali, Jun, and Dan say they have been told there will be a rehearsal this afternoon for the HOH competition.

Jul 16 2003 13:14, Wed angelofmusic27   Link
Dave being a gentleman about last night.
*Jack comes in the room*
Dv: Jack I'm not going to tell the rest of the house about what happened.
Jack: That's fine. I won't say anything. (He is really nice about it too)

(He's not really saying anything per say that's romantic, but I don't think he is really like that as a person. Amanda doesn't seem to be upset by it.)

Jul 16 2003 13:17, Wed bluecaesar ParentRootLink
They were talking about the puking, i believe. No one else knows what happened yet. NT

Jul 16 2003 13:23, Wed angelofmusic27 ParentRootLink
No, you are wrong. Jack knows. He talked about it earlier. At least, that's what I gathered
from the feeds. Jack said something about his romantic side, and they then talked about being locked out of HOH because he puked. Jack and Erika heard them talking about last night and not just the puking. It was more insinuated than anything, but they definitely were talking about their time together before he got sick.

Jul 16 2003 13:41, Wed bluecaesar ParentRootLink
Everyone in the house knows they were in HOH together
but nobody but Dave and Amanda know they had sex last night, not even Jack or Erica. When Jack said "they'll just show the romantic stuff" he meant, instead of the puking. I don't think anyone knows for sure they had sex, but some may assume that it did happen. Unless I missed Dave telling Jack and Erica this morning, but I was listening pretty much the whole time.


Jul 16 2003 14:15, Wed angelofmusic27 ParentRootLink
He said a lot of stuff to Am when Erika was right next to them. If that's the case, then why
would he ask Jack not to say anything? He didn't say don't say anything about the puke to him either. I could be wrong. You could be wrong. All I know is that it was definitely insinuated. Either way it doesn't matter to me. I am saying what he said to Jack. Everyone interprets things differently, but I know they were talking very openly about everything with Erika in the room in the bed next to them.

Jul 16 2003 13:15, Wed GreenEyes   Link
Dave and amanda..
Amanda says to Dave, "I can't believe in the middle of it you said, Scott I hope your getting all this" (WOW)

Jul 16 2003 13:17, Wed mrsb   Link
Ja is eating a PB & Mayo sandwich for breakfast
Er comments that she thinks Dv would enjoy one of those right now. Ja & Er laugh and Ali, Jun, and Da look around trying to figure out what they missed. LOL!

Jul 16 2003 13:24, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
Dave is washing up after his big event of last night. NT

Jul 16 2003 13:25, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
Dave to Amanda "I am just sitting here cause... I am feeling nautious". NT

Jul 16 2003 13:34, Wed Phantom   Link
Erika reports to the group that Dave and Amanda got kicked out of the HOH because they had to fix it up for the next HOH.
She says that they took out all of Nat's stuff. She doesn't say anything about what happened. She doesn't seem to be a gossiper.

Jul 16 2003 13:53, Wed ktan   Link
All feeds transfixed on Dana's nailpolishing by Jun at dinner table. NT

Jul 16 2003 13:55, Wed mrsb   Link
Da & Jun guess that Dv/Am just fooled around last night
Saying that there isn't really any point because that's just a tease!

Jul 16 2003 13:58, Wed Phantom   Link
Amanda talking with the girls (Ali, Dana & Jun) about whether or not they will show what happened.
Alison, ever the sensitive one, comments that they may show it later if he does it with someone else. To show a pattern. Amanda has no comment to that.

Jul 16 2003 13:59, Wed Anonymous   Link
Erika and David discuss events of last night.
David: "I am not gonna say anything."
Erika: I think Scotty's coming after you.
David: It's aight

Erika talks about plucking her eyebrows and how much fun it is in the house.. "this makes good tv.. plucking her eyebrows."

Jul 16 2003 13:59, Wed Watch It   Link
Talking about what they'll show, Amanda, Dana, Alison, Jun at the table..
They think not much will be shown, but Dana says, "They might show it later, if David does it with someone else and be like, this is a pattern"

Can't even describe the look on Amanda's face after that. Wow.

Jul 16 2003 14:03, Wed mrsb   Link
Am denies that anything big happened, tells the other girls that...
They didn't make it to second base.

While Am was not at the table, Dn says that Dv is the only guy she would have hooked up with but now she doesn't want anyone's leftovers.

Jul 16 2003 14:05, Wed Phantom   Link
They (Ali, Dana & Jun) press Amanda for details.
Some bet on third base, others on 2 . Dana is the biggest at pressing. "If you can't tell us, who can you tell?" Amanda stays mum. She admits that he may have touched her breast. Amanda is embarrassed and on the verge of either laughing out loud or crying. "Is he well endowed, in your experience. You might have seen it, like sticking out - protruding." Amanda is quiet as she plays with her food. "Now we know that he's not gay."

Dana thinks that she should fool around with someone else's Ex so that they will know.

Jul 16 2003 14:06, Wed Watch It   Link
girls want to know what to know details from Amanda
The girls want to know if Dave is well-endowed.
Amanda says, "how would I know?"
Dana says "you could have felt it"
Jun says "or seen it..."
They're pressing for details, and Amanda is eating and not telling anything.
Jun is saying "the only thing that s_cks is you won't tell us more"
Dana comments Amanda is having a breakdown over her bagel.
They finally stop pressing her, for the moment, and I have to switch feeds to get away from the foth music, sorry!

Jul 16 2003 14:16, Wed txbluefirefly4   Link
DV/AM talking about what will be shown
DV/AM wondering what will shown on TV and also wondering what was on the net. They are worried what their families will think. To late for that now.

Jul 16 2003 14:19, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
BB is calling people one by one to the diary room NT

Jul 16 2003 14:22, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
Erika is still tweezing her eyebrows... Dave says his pants are outside..and erika wants to why his pants are outside... .
Dave talks about throwing up.. "it was all red"

Jul 16 2003 14:24, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
Dave talks about gross things on the net.. lol
Erika: people are twisted.
Dave: gotta decide what should be blocked.

Erika: the internet is definately not a place for kids.

Dave asks Jack if any of his kids have kids and then tells Jack that the internet it not a place for kids.

Jul 16 2003 14:25, Wed Phantom   Link
F1 & 2 has HG's laying around the LR sleeping and eating and generally looking listless.
They are being called to the DR in sequence. Michelle and Alison have gone so far that I noticed.

F3 & 4 has Erika in bed plucking her eyebrows. Dave has just come in from his shower and changes. Switched to hear what they were saying and got a brief FOTFH. Dave is telling a humorous story to Erica about something entirely different. It had something to do with some kids being exposed to something on the Internet. Jack comes in and is asked if his kids have kids. More in the context of blocking the Internet and Cable TV

Jul 16 2003 14:26, Wed txbluefirefly4   Link
Cam 3 just showed a fan airing out the HOH room NT

Jul 16 2003 14:27, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
BB Erika, please go to the diary room.
Erika: but i was having so much fun plucking my eyebrows and talking to David about Puke.

Jul 16 2003 14:28, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
David the Pig!
David: Jack..what do you think of my strategy? Mess around with a girl that is gonna leave.

Jul 16 2003 14:45, Wed curyy4me2   Link
David and Jee talking : "how long has that music been playing?" "2 Hrs" "If I had to listen to that for 3 mons I'd quit" NT

Jul 16 2003 14:45, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
HGs are all totally bored during their lockdown.
Jack: you all set to wear your pink shoes tonight?
Erika: I ammmm
Jack: That'll be stunning, a tv first.
Erika: hehehehe


Jul 16 2003 14:49, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
Lockdown is over! NT

Jul 16 2003 14:49, Wed ktan   Link
Lockdown has finally ended. NT

Jul 16 2003 14:53, Wed sqrl   Link
It seems the turtles have a "fenced-in area" now - Cannot see it yet. NT

Jul 16 2003 14:58, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
Michelle flirts with Nat.. changes her top in front of him.. he basically ignores it.. she talks about her pile of dirty clothes on the floor.
Nat talks about how Michelle is basically taking over the room. Michelle says that she needs to do laundry.. talks about her pile of dirty clothes.. mentions her pink underwear that Nat is stepping on...

Jul 16 2003 15:27, Wed John_DK_ ParentRootLink
And BB is avoiding her changing, useless zoom in on Nat :( NT

Jul 16 2003 15:06, Wed calgal   Link
feed one breakfast
close up of french toast.. making me hungry.. i havent eaten yet....

Jul 16 2003 15:07, Wed Sunflake   Link
F3: Nate moving back into the green & orange room.....
Michelle is there, he says she has taken over (it's a mess). She skillfully changes from bra to bathing suit top under a shirt. Camera stays on her the whole time. She says she needs to clean up her stuff and do laundry, she's out of work out clothes, it is not a good thing. Nate says maybe she'll get HOH and can take over that room.

Quiet as Nate continues folding and Michelle straightening. He sings a bit from Journey's "Lights" (When the lights go down in the city..) and then ZZTop (everybody's crazy bout a sharp dressed man), No FOTH, tho. Someone calls for Michelle to work out and she says she has to wear PJ's to work out cus she's out of work out clothes. Camera angle changes, Amanda is packing for tonight. Very quiet.
Switching feeds....

F1 & 2: Kitchen
Jee says, what happened to our hammock?
Dana is cooking bacon, Jun & Justin doing something at the island. Jack & Erika cooking too. They're making a breakfast. Dana prefers cooking with gas, "you have total control". (LOL)

Not much talking going on. Everyone seems task orientated.
Dana fears the grease will dull up her manicure (she just got from Jun.) They don't have enough pans to cook and Jun is waiting for Dana to finish with one.
Feels tense in the house.


Jul 16 2003 15:10, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
Robert to the other guys.. discussing that Dana trips on everything!
The guys are talking about how Dana trips on everthing, even down to the way the cards are cut...

Jul 16 2003 15:19, Wed calgal ParentRootLink
Re: Robert to the other guys.. discussing that Dana trips on everything!
Nathan, Robert, Jee and Justin are sitting in the back yard talking about Dana being paranoid
Robert: "...I mean you guys are playing cards, anybody, nathan can walk by talking to jee, and she'll f*ng trip"

Nathan: "she is very paranoid" ( dana)

Robert: "no, im talking about everything that goes on in the house"

nathan: "... did you notice this morning i had the cards, i was cuttin the cards and she came up and she goes.. we're not using these cards.."

Robert: "this morning?" thats' right that's another thing that happend.. i was sitting next to you"

the guys continue to talk in animated tones... and start talking over each other so i can't make out clearly what else was said.... sorry

Jul 16 2003 15:17, Wed Jokerette   Link
Amanda talking David F3..
She says she's worried about her aunt. Told her not to watch. "How much can they show?" HAH

DA says remember Shannon (we do, and there was no humpty hump, sawwy.) muahhhhah!

She remembers shannon/will and says they did more than last season. She says she'll deny it to family, then says what can they say? Her mom will be embarassed. DA says they'll ask her about it in house... FOTH dangit

Jul 16 2003 15:17, Wed Michelle_OR   Link
Dana and David discussing what they did and how it will affect their friends and families.
They wonder how much will actually be shown. Seems a bit odd that they are dwelling on the sex now.. sheesh.

Jul 16 2003 15:22, Wed cyberaz ParentRootLink
Amanda, not Dana NT

Jul 16 2003 15:56, Wed Michelle_OR ParentRootLink
I stand corrected.. I meant Amanda...NOT Dana ;) ty NT

Jul 16 2003 15:18, Wed ElBarto   Link
Da to Am: My uncle's going to love it
Da & Am are wondering out loud what everyone (their family mostly) is going to think.

Jul 16 2003 15:19, Wed Jokerette   Link
FOTH on all cams (turkeys) NT

Jul 16 2003 15:50, Wed Sunflake   Link
Feed update: (short)
F1: Alison and Michelle eating, saying how much they want HOH.
F2: Erika in a pink binkini laying out, hat over her face.
F3: Dana laying on couch.
F4: Nathan doing exercises on floor of LR, Robert, Justin & Dana on couch.

F1 just switched to Erika too.

F3: They've eaten and decided to wait for tonite to to cardio. BB took jumpropes and other stuff. (in order to set up for HOH comp.) Dana is talking about their practice for the comp. something about boxes next to their names and a team A and team B. They talk more of cardio exercises.

HG's are just waitin for big nite, eviction & HOH.

Pretty quiet day so far. Posting

Jul 16 2003 16:11, Wed Sunflake   Link
HG's talk about interviews before they came in the house....
F1: Dinner over, Jee doing dishes. (as he promised after he has his cigarette).
Michelle decides to shower now, Jack says he'll go after her.

BB: Attention HG this is a lockdown. Pull down the shades and stay inside until further notice.

Jack worries about the turtle being left outside. Someone brought it in.

F3: Earlier Justin was showing Nathan card tricks. They are in the LR. Nate says that he knew Dana was going to get in (to BB4) cus he saw her when they went to meet "the big guy". Someone asks who the Big Guy was and Nate says it was the head of CBS. He and Dana mention something about text messaging, then FOTFH.

QUAD FEED: FOTH on F 1 & 2, but you can make out audio from their conversation (in the background of F3 & 4) HG's still talking about their meetings and interviews before they came in the house. Hard to make out what they are saying and who is saying it. Sorry guys.

F3 & 4 : Switches to Michelle in shower with towel on the door.
F1 & 2: Still FOTH

Jul 16 2003 16:17, Wed kathryn   Link
Dave's Nose
Jack asks Dave if he's taking a shower now, Dave responds "No, I'm just picking my nose right now, that's all I'm doing" as he picks his nose.

Jul 16 2003 16:34, Wed kathryn   Link
Dave and Amanda talking game in bed in orange room F1&F4
Jee lying on his back in bed in blue room on F2&F3
Dana loudly talking off camera with other HGs

Jul 16 2003 16:40, Wed kathryn   Link
*LOL* Jun just asked what if the turtles find a way to climb the fence? NT

Jul 16 2003 17:03, Wed Sunflake   Link
Jun just said they practice HOH in 20 minutes. NT

Jul 16 2003 18:15, Wed ktan   Link
Three crew members were at FOTH for a brief time. NT

Jul 16 2003 18:17, Wed jordan3   Link
Three people out front of the house... family members? NT

Jul 16 2003 18:46, Wed jordan3   Link
One of the crew just walked in the front door.... NT

Jul 16 2003 19:49, Wed RMU   Link
Amanda evicted by vote of 9-0

Jul 16 2003 19:58, Wed Muse   Link
Spoiler: HOH
is Jee.

Jul 16 2003 20:08, Wed sqrl   Link
Jee is unpacking toiletries from his bag. NT

Jul 16 2003 20:12, Wed Stark   Link
Post HOH talk---Noms:Erica vs. Jack ?? (LONG)
(They are currently all in kitchen congratulating jee and talking about whats for dinner. They are rehashing what some of them answered for various questions. )

Dv: You can do some serious sh** talking now

Je: I'm not much of a sh** talker

Dn: you can have all the girls in your room now

Je: This does feel good

Ja: You know what was crazy, was the drag question

Dn: that was fun

(all laughing at this)

Jn: only one more person between us on that one question

Ja: have to hand it to michelle to

Dn: she stepped it up

Ja: yes she did

Dn: your folks are going to be so proud of you

Jn: I was that close to putting 701, but then I didn't

Dn: you would have had it then

Mi: I put 673, 6 people all over 100 pounds

Al: I think this is amandas, she left her hat, I'll wear it in her memory

Al: this is amandas

Dn: is it

Al: yeah she left her hat

(Feed is now on a Jun in LS by herself, she doesn't look all that happy.)

Dn: Justin has a comfy bed and a quiet room now that you don't have to sleep with 3 people)

(Camera stays on Jun by herself, subdued...puts bra over clothes then pulls clothes off from underneath, feed changes back out to LR)


Ja: FB-one

N: are we ready to eat

Ja: he said it could be a couple of hours

Js: oh they are doing that dinner tonight

N: steak is that what they said

Ja: yeah

(changes to BR)

Al (wearing am's hat): yeah

R:: its crazy now

(whispering very low between al and R, then they get up and do high 5s)

R: the bag is back Jee, the bag is back (got his eviction bag from Storage room)

R: oh and I didn't know that Erica picked herself for the smile question, oh that was great, Alison got to see her face after that too

R: its going to be Jack and Erica, straight up, no pawn stuff, and what better person to do it

Jul 16 2003 20:13, Wed sqrl   Link
Lockdown NT

Jul 16 2003 20:16, Wed sqrl   Link
Erica & Jack on HOH comp....
Jack said it was a long walk after you missed a question. Erica asked which questione did you miss?
Ja: "toothbrush....gawdammit...*****....Jun would come up with it, Dana would do it."

Jul 16 2003 20:18, Wed sqrl   Link
Ali, "When is our steak coming? I have to pee" This is said...
in one breath. Ali moves toward WC. Plays with Amanda's hat that she is wearing (Ed note BAD look) Ali just told Robert she was "told" to vote for Amanda.

Jul 16 2003 20:21, Wed bb4crazy ParentRootLink
I thought R asked why Dv voted for Am and Al said cuz he was told to NT

Jul 16 2003 20:24, Wed sqrl ParentRootLink
Not sure now....:( NT

Jul 16 2003 20:19, Wed sqrl   Link
Jun says everytime that Erica gets nervous she sets out a bottle of wine. NT

Jul 16 2003 20:21, Wed Stark   Link
Rehashing HOH...The door is open, we are going to slam it (LONG)
BB: Attention HG its now a lockdown, please remain inside

Ja: that was a long walk when you missed the question

Al: which one did you miss

Ja: the toothbrush one

Dv: I wonder what kinda questions that they are drilling Amanda with

Ja: oh she was doing fine

Dv: shes real cool under pressure

Ja: the way she handled scott, was very indictive, shes wonderfull

Dv: Julie:

Ja: no mandy, you know her parents and friends call her mandy, she likes that

Dv: cool

N: what was exact question on that, what was amandas age

Ja: amandas age in days

N: and what was the answer

Al: 23 I think

Ja: which was like 8000 something

Ja; you were doing terrific out there

M: thanks

E: what did you guess

M: 670 something

Ja: you ahvea bullfighters nerve up there

Al: when are the steaks coming

Ja: I couldn't have gotten the age question it was to fast I would have frozen

Js: yeah come on guys right now guys

(feed switches to bathroom)

R: are you serious?

Al: she was just like ok, she knows she knows, (sorry feed just cut in, don't know context)

Al: It wwon't after that

Al: I just wanted to tell you, the only thing we have to do is the next week we just keep continuing taking them out

Al: are you happy

R: oh I'm very very happy

R: (goes to kitchen and whispers to Jun)

R: she says its going to be me or dave or Erica or jack

jU: its so funny that you notice that

R: oh its easy any time she goes like this (scratches left chin) shes lying

Ju: I have to watch for that

(sorry still don't understand what they are talking about)

R: the door is open we are going to slam it

Jul 16 2003 20:24, Wed bb4crazy   Link
Dv said BB made him retape his good bye to AM this morning!! LOL NT

Jul 16 2003 20:29, Wed Stark   Link
Js/R in rapture over the new HOH (Long)
Js: I'm runner up third competition in a row

Jn: don't complain your at least you know your safe

Js: huh?

Jn: You know you are safe.

Js: pretty happy about that outcome, couldn't have been better could it

R: no not at all, would have been same if I had won

Js: yeah as soon as she said 80,000 I was like what, what the hell am I thinking, but its just hard to stay on it when you get it right

R: I was so over the weight, what did you put

Js: 700, same as Jee, I almost put 701, what did you put

R: 1300

Js: oh way over, yeah I knew it was only 6 people

R: oh yeah

Dn: wow wow

R: he deserved it, for putting up with that this week

Dn: yeah he took one for the team

R: there are some good actions, jack v Erika, or maybe Alison Nathan

Js: HOH means your in for two more weeks

R: why two weeks

Js: well if you get HOH your good that week then even if you get nominated the next week it's a week till evictions

R: oh yeah I never thought of that

R: do you all get HOH

Dn: you can get it moultiple times that one guy Hardy or whatever his name was the year before last year had it like 3 times

Js: yeah and last year lets see Jason had it twice and I think marcellas had it twice

R: I'm so shocked its jee dude

Js: i'm more relieved

R: its true, anything can hapen in this game

(timed out, so posting)

Jul 16 2003 20:38, Wed Stark   Link
LR crowd just playing cards,very little conversation NT

Jul 16 2003 20:40, Wed Sunflake   Link
Stuff I haven't seen posted....
Just some interesting tidbits no one has posted:

The HGs are on the couch talking about the competition tonite. They talk about Amanda and David giving her a kiss good bye. Someone jokes about what they did last night. David says, "Wait till you guys get out of here and see it". Silence, David, "Just kidding" He is further grilled and stands by his statement that the just kissed a lot, but it was "better in there."

They talk about Julie asking Alison about her boyfriend. She says, "If I still have one, he probably didn't watch tonite." The HGs say, oh yes he did...sure he loves you, yadda yadda. She still hasn't told anyone about her make out session with Nate,

Jun asks Jee if she has to be nice to him now, He says, "No, just be yourself." Jun says good.

Jee says his HOH door is always open, but unlike with Nate, they have to knock. He asks Nate about his "hosting" duties as HOH, and asks advice. Nate tells him to be sure he reads everything clearly, just the way they want. The girls joke about the harem, Jee says he's been sleeping on his stomach so his snoring won't bother the other HGs, now he can't wait to sleep on his back!

Jun then asks if she can have Jee's room on her birthday (Sat.) He says sure.

Jul 16 2003 20:46, Wed Stark   Link
Some talk about Scott and Jun breaks down and starts crying
N: I wonder if how they brought up Scott

AL: they probably said because he has HPV that they thought it would be best for house for him to leave

Dn: No, there is no way they mentioned HPV on the air

(F4 now had Jun crying alone in bed, looks like M and R coming to consol her switching feeds to hear it)

(ok got the feed its R and Al, not M consoling a crying Jun)

(a closeup show she has stopped crying)

R: isn't it crazy how this game works you can be ready to leave the house then walk straight into that room, anything can happen, it can be anyone

Ju: (talking, but no mic on so can't hear her)

Al: get up and get some alchohol, can we get in SR please

(they let her in)

Jul 16 2003 21:05, Wed Stark   Link
BR Talk-Alison confirms she will not date her boyfriend after show (LONG)
R: Are you searching for a bed

Al: no, wahts going on

R: something wrong

Al: nothing (says something else under breath)

N: why did you jus tlook at me when you said that

Al: I didn't look at you

N: she has the evilest looks sometimes when she looks at me

Al: I don't even know that I do that, I'm not looking at you like that

N: you look at everyone

R: yeah I saw her do that she looked around like

Al: like oh sh**, yeah and everyone was looking at me

R: at least you say you loved him, you only said that cause you ran out of things to say though

N: yeah I saw that to

Al: yeah I said I hope I wasn't single

N: she said she hoped she wasn't single

R: so you don't think he saw that

Al: there is no way he saw that (and then goes off on bf a lot very quickly worded)

N; why are you still with him

R: I have been asking her the same question

N: it is not a healthy relationship, she asked me about my ex-girlfriend and how I would feel if she was here and I said that we ended on bad terms so I'm very glad she isn't here, she catches you off guard so quickly in there (DR apparently)

N: we all will do just fine

R: that's right

Al (hard to hear her, shes off screen, this is all still in BR)

R: so you ccan get a new boyfriend

Al: no I don't know

N: what would you do if you get evicted, would you go back to him

Al: I don't know, I would probably call him and try to talk to him

N: you wouldn't date him again


BB: HG lockdown is now over, please raise the shades

N: if they want to play ball lets do it

Jul 16 2003 21:21, Wed Stark   Link
N/Ja/Al sulking
Jack, Nathan, and Alison are talking, Jack tells them that Erica had guessed the tiebreaker and they had answer 740 ready to go but neither of them made it there so both lost. Jack thinks Justin calls the shot this week and Alison says they must win veto if one of the 8 is going up. Nathan said of course they will be and both noms will be from 8. Nathan says it hurts as the 8 could have picked them apart. Jack says Justin is a really strong player and he has robert helping him. Nathan said he couldn't take him out last week and Jack says that he understands as he gave his word. Nathan comments that Dana is already in kissing his a**

Jul 16 2003 21:22, Wed Stark   Link
Jack:" What can we offer jee to get him to put me up?" (said in context of wanting to ensure Jun is one to leave) NT

Jul 16 2003 21:23, Wed bruhe ParentRootLink
i think they mean dana. ali said it wasnt jun that was a target NT

Jul 16 2003 21:25, Wed Stark ParentRootLink
jack was talking about jun, ali followed this up with saying he wasn't going after jun, but probably david and erika NT

Jul 16 2003 21:30, Wed Stark ParentRootLink
I now have two Pms saying my update is questionable on whether its Jun or Dana as the other person NT

Jul 16 2003 21:40, Wed Sunflake ParentRootLink
It WAS Dana. That's who the whole conver. was about. Alison felt he wouldn't put Jun up at all. NT

Jul 16 2003 21:25, Wed bruhe   Link
nathan: physically i can hang in and beat anyone in here. but mentally i dont think i could.. (re: pov comp) NT

Jul 16 2003 21:34, Wed Sunflake   Link
F1: Jack, to Nate & Alison, "What can we offer Jee to get him to nominate Dana"...
because he'll most likely nominate 2 of the original 8. Jack is sooooo FBI with his strategy. Dana scares the sh*t out of Nate. They note her sucking up to Jee. They start to discuss nomination scenarios. Nate says if he's nomed and voted, he'll go down quiet and not rat on everyone. That's what scares him about Dana too, that if she gets nominated, she'll do anything and rat out everybody.
Nate still can't get over how they blew it tonite. They were proud of Michelle.

More Dana trashing. She yelled at Alison. She said something to Nate he didn't like. Nate suggests him talking to Jee and warning him about not getting close to Dana.

They agree the bright side is that Jee is better than Robert or Justin. Jack says they have to figure out a way to get it to work for them.

Alison goes to bed, Nate goes over to talk with David & Robert at hot tub. David is in it. Robert, hanging around side. He asks them what they think about everything. Jack comes over too.

Chit chat.
LOOOng silence.
More chit chat.

Jul 16 2003 21:39, Wed bb4crazy   Link
Na said he was kicked off the show for a week...
he said he mentioned something to an ex? about a RR productions and then when BB called her she mentioned that her boyfriend had been talking to them....guess Na got in trouble for talking about getting on BB...he said that it got blown all out of proportion.

Jul 16 2003 21:47, Wed bb4crazy   Link
All feeds on Dv Er and Ja talking at HT about how to get Jee to put Dn up NT

Jul 16 2003 22:37, Wed kathryn   Link
Jee tells R and Dana they are safe...
so is Jus and Nat. He is putting up Er and a pawn, most likely Mi, he says. If one of them gets vetoed, then Jack goes up. Either way Erica or Jack must go.

Jul 16 2003 22:40, Wed ElBarto   Link
Jee, Rob & Dana strategize...
The plan they are coming up with is putting Erica and Michelle up with the intent that no one will vote Michelle out and they get rid of Erica. If Erica is saved by veto, he would put Jack up.

Jul 16 2003 22:48, Wed wrat1010 ParentRootLink
Later Justin comes in and suggests using David not Michelle as the decoy but Jee didn't seem convinced NT

Jul 16 2003 22:43, Wed Phantom   Link
Jun in the Sand Box talking to Jack.
"I think we should take the night to think about it.'

"Ya," says Jack, "don't rush it."

"I know Jee very, very well and he's all about honour, so he won't put up Justin or Robert."

The rest is in Jun's patented whisper and I can't hear it - then my Real froze. In any case, I think that Jun is worried and is sincerely working with/on Jack.

Jul 16 2003 22:44, Wed ElBarto   Link
Dave alone in hot tub NT

Jul 16 2003 22:47, Wed ElBarto   Link
Dana claims Dave was outside watching her change through the window NT

Jul 16 2003 23:31, Wed Jovian   Link
Nate told Rob that he thinks Dana is a flake. (feeds change before we get his reaction) NT

Jul 16 2003 23:44, Wed Phantom   Link
Michelle has been called into the HOH for later tonight.
I think that Jee is about to tell her that she is the decoy. Michelle talks about being in the shower and having to shave "down there" and feeling really uncomfortable about it. "Do you really think that they don't watch?" Ali and Dana seem to agree that they don't (they must have been told that), but they might have meant that they don't send it out over the Internet. The feed changes for a while to nothing with valuable sound.

Jul 16 2003 23:50, Wed Phantom   Link
Ali and Mich on the hammock.
Following some other switches or feed and sound and a brief FOTFH, "What are you thinking Michelle," asks Ali. "I think we're safe for another week" Ali agrees. They agree to stay on their best flirty behaviour to remain safe. They think that the guys will go after each other before the girls, and will go after Dana before them. Ali is drawing out Mich by asking her several times what else she is thinking about. Surprisingly, she actually is and she has some good points.

Dave joins them and they talk fondly of Amanda. He says that he told Amanda that he will see her soon because he is a marked man. Michelle wants to know what that means, and once he explains that he has a target on his back in the house, Mich says very firmly "No you don't."

Jul 17 2003 00:06, Thu ktan   Link
Dave is wearing Amanda's hat. NT

Jul 17 2003 00:22, Thu Phantom   Link
Jee is alone with Ratbert in the HOH while he unpacks.
Ratbert seems very happy sitting in the chair in the corner smacking his lips on something he is drinking and sniffing like a coke addict. Jee says, "I have to be the freaking host. I don't like doing that kind of stuff." Ratbert says that he has Jee's back and thinks things are good, but they have little else to say for a while. (Ratbert is strangely calm and is sadly being restrained and not overplaying his hand) Jee is concerned about making enemies (with his Noms), but Ratbert reassures him that he is in a good position because "once they're gone, they're gone" (conveniently forgetting that they can only evict one person a week) He seems to think that it is better to do it now than like in week 5, because it's more serious then. He says that they will have to hold a meeting later in the week (I assume with Justin and him to plan the campaign) Feeds and sound change again.

Jul 17 2003 00:45, Thu Phantom   Link
Erica and Jack plot in the Sand Box.
Jack wants her to spend more time with someone to get on their good side. They think that Erika will likely be put up but that the other might go only because she is not seen as a real threat by most. "If they put me (Erika) up against David or Nat, do you think that the boy would go?" No answer to that one. Jack says that he has a feeling that they're going to win this thing (the Noms this week) He feels that they have good relations with everyone in the house except Dana, and that they haven't been seen as plotters because they keep it to themselves. They wonder why Dana hasn't been around to talk strategy - they think that she is too confident. We can't be so focused on how to get Dana that we forget to get Justin. Still talking in terms of the 7. Naturally, the feed changes, and to nothing of importance (Justin brushing his teeth).

Jul 17 2003 00:57, Thu FeedAddict   Link
Jee says he thinks he'll put up Erica (definitely) and Michelle (Maybe) NT

Jul 17 2003 00:59, Thu Phantom   Link
Jee in HOH with Justin.
Apparently he has been told by BB that he can't turn up the volume on his CD because the Internet people can hear it. "What's up with that?" He closes the door and they talk about Erika and Michelle being put up. Justin wants to talk to Jack and Dave and say that they're having a hard time figuring who to nominate and that they won't put up either of them if they agree to not use the POV or put up any of them (Jee, Justin and Ratbert). Justin says that this is the plan he had for if he was HOH. He thinks that Erika wants to leave and that getting Erika out is huge. They think that the other side doesn't actually have the numbers and that they just followed the HOH in order to not stand out. So don't be surprised if they (Jack and Dave) vote against Erika. Essentially saying that the other side is weak and followers. They think that Erica is alone.

Alison invites herself in and asks what's going on. They say that they were just talking about Erika throwing up her dinner. She is worried and has every reason to do so. Jee tells of the plan to put up Mich against Erica and he has told someone (Dana) to tell her that she is going up but safe. He says that it is against the rules for him to tell her that she is up (but apparently not for him to tell someone else to do it) Alison says that Jee is putting a huge target on his back from Jack and David. Jee says that it's part of the game to put a target on your back. Talking about who's next. Jee says Jack, but Justin says David would be the best to go for next because he could fit in with the survivors better than Jack (so that getting rid of Dave isolates Jack even more than David would be) Alison says that she will vote for whoever they tell her to vote for.

Jee is suspicious of Nat's behaviour, but Ali says that he is just working Jack to make the plan go smoother. Hmmmmmm. Justin also says that Nat is OK because he heard them talking and it was just politics, nothing important.