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Jul 17 2003 01:07, Thu Phantom   Link
Dana joins the group in the HOH and asks if Michelle is the best choice to put up.
They all agree that she is because one of them is going to stay. Dana backs off. Ratbert sticks his head in to say that they all have to go put the food away in the store room. Jee goes but Justin and Dana stay behind. Justin says that he knows Ali and knows when she is lying. He thinks that she is just playing Nat. Dana thinks that there is something going on there. Justin doesn't seem to think so or care. Jee comes back for them and they all go out to pack food - everything but the PB&J has to go. Nothing but food packing on all feeds.

Jul 17 2003 01:10, Thu Phantom   Link
Lockdown outside for some reason. Hmmmmm, at this hour? NT

Jul 17 2003 01:13, Thu Phantom   Link
They're back inside already. Went to the w/c and it's all over already?
Wasn't even worth pulling the shades for.

Jul 17 2003 01:16, Thu AprilAnn ParentRootLink
They just made them close the outside blinds. Lockdown is going on inside now. NT

Jul 17 2003 01:31, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Big Pow Wow going on in the HoH with Ro/Jus/Jee...
They are discussing strategy, talking about giving people deals about not putting them up this week but they have to promise not to nominate them three. Dave and Jack are names they mentioned to offer this deal too. Jus says to both of them that if they see him talking to Dana it's just for personel reasons and it has nothing to do with the game. He never talks game strategy with her. He mostly listens. Ro tells the two others that he knows for sure that Dana is out of Nates good graces. He also says that they should watch out for Dana cuz she could easily turn people in the house against each other. They all agree she is useful but she would go soon after they got rid of the "dark side".

Knock at the door and it's Dana. They discuss sleeping arrangements..

Jul 17 2003 01:32, Thu Phantom   Link
Jee, Ratbert and Justin in the HOH with the door locked.
Ratbert was worried that Dana would show up as soon as they got together. They swear to stick together till the end and to swear to use the POV if they win it to save one of their own. Ratbert started this talk with the suggestion to go to the end. After that, it is Justin that carries the ball and outlines the alliance. Jee's condition was to not ever put him up as a decoy. He suggests that they have to keep a low profile so each is authorized to make deals on behalf of the group (I won't put you up if you don't put any of the 3 of us up - just the 3 of us). The other group members don't have to be there for the deal. Justin says that he trusts Ali. Jee questions what is up between Ali and Nat. Justin glosses over that, but says that once they get rid of the rest, she is the first to go. Ratbert refers to those 4 (I don't know who the fourth is) and Jee suggests Nat as well.

Surprise, surprise. Dana knocks and is let in. Some discussion of someone in the room going to lose their bed. They don't know why it is that Justin and Ali don't just share a bed. Apparently she is a bed-hog. Talk of Jee's snoring and him moving on after Jun. Yadda yadda. They think that the Veto sucks. Dana, Please put on your microphone. F*** you.

Jul 17 2003 01:37, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Dana says"I love Nate but he's a PU**Y" NT

Jul 17 2003 01:51, Thu Phantom   Link
Jack didn't get the memo on food removal and goes into the HOH to ask what's up - he wanted some ice cream before bed.
Jee offers his to Jack and they fight over whether he will take it or not. Dana seems to make the final argument that he gets his food replenished all week, so it is OK. I wasn't looking at the screen at the time. I think he took it, but I'm not sure. Yes he did. He and Erika were sharing out some in the kitchen when Ali arrives to get some. Jack was on his way to return it to the HOH when she stops him in a panic. Ali fixes herself a bowl, and then yells to ask the girls in the back room if they want any. Jack returns the ice cream while Erika goes to get her mike. Dave arrives but doesn't want any. Before he can return and eat his, Jack is called to the DR. The others have to talk him into taking the ice cream with him. We see him briefly in the DR, where he hides his bowl and changes or removes the batteries from his mike. FOTFH.

Feeds change to the HOH where Dana is still ranting on while she stands with her hand on the doorknob. Jee tells her good night and she asks, "Are you kicking me out?" Jee doesn't disagree and she leaves. Ratbert suggests that it would be possible to get her out this week - not that I'm saying that we do it, but we could. They agree that she plays too hard and they know why she was in there. They think that Nat is a good guy but that he is making a mistake getting too close to Ali. He has a lot of alliances but they are weak.

Jul 17 2003 01:56, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Pow Wow cont...then another Pow Wow in the Sandbox
Dana finally leaves, and it's Jus/Rob and Jee, Rob says that Dana is really paranoid and that if they really wanted to they could easily get Dana out. Jus says that Nate is good on keeping her word and that Nate is in good with everyone in the house. That it would be shady if any of them three go up to someone and try to get info. It might be good to keep Nate around.

Feeds switch to the Sandbox with Dave Alison and Erica. Wow. Never seen this side of Dave. He says here is what will go down. Jee will put up 2 out of the remaining original 6. (He is excluding Dana cuz she is with them or that he can't trust her. Alison chimes in that she is a fuckin Double Agent and that's why her and Nate can't stand her) Worse case is one of them gets voted off. But that leaves 5 remaining HG's against Dana Rob and Jus for the next HoH. Dave says that if Jee puts 2 of them up then the next HoH if they win then he is definitley going up and getting evicted. Dave says he will threaten Jee with this. But if Jee goes along with what Dave suggests (He hasn't said what this is) then we can guarantee him.... Erica interrupts. Now they are worried someone will come in and see them talking so they breakup and say they will talk later.

Jul 17 2003 01:58, Thu Phantom   Link
Dave lectures Erika and Ali in the Sand Box on how they have the power and they can force Jee (them) to do their bidding
because they have enough numbers that even if they get one of theirs this week, he can't go for HOH next week and the rest will get him then. He is taking a very strong line and is talking of presenting it to Jee in that manner. Jack is not there to counsil caution.

Erika went outside the room for part of this and comes back to whisper urgently to Ali that the coast is clear. Dave says that he can tell her the rest tomorrow and she leaves. I guess she was worried about being seen talking to them. Ali immediately goes to the kitchen to tell it all to Nat, but that's OK because Erika is there and Dave comes over as well. They think that 'they' are probably watching them from the HOH. Others arrive and it becomes a chat fest.

Ali goes immediatly to the HOH to report that she thinks she is going up, but, she does not report any of the rest.

Jul 17 2003 02:08, Thu GreenEyes   Link
HoH room...
Rob/Jus/Jee continue to try to talk but keep getting interrupted. Dana comes in again and Jus says that "Didn't you already come in here and say goodnight already?" LOL

Rob tells Jus to keep an eye on Ali and keep her close. And that he will talk to Nate and work on him. Jee keeps saying he's tired of all the girls in this house and how fake they are.

Interrupted AGAIN by Dana!!! She comes in and says oh I have an idea, and proceeds to say something but it seems like it was a joke and everyone laughs. I didn't catch it. Jee just says don't worry and let's just stick with the game plan. now idle chit chat.... posting

Jul 17 2003 02:10, Thu Phantom   Link
Ali is pumping them for info in the HOH.
They don't really think that they have to go after Dana for the time being so they can drag it out for a month or so with her so that they can use her vote. I think that Ali is in with Nat, Jack, Dave and Erika. She is not giving up much info, but she is collecting a lot.

Ali leaves and Dana is in there now. Justin repeats that he doesn't trust Ali, but he always knows when she is lying. It sounds like Dana was suggesting that Ali be put up. Jee says to just stick with the plan and tells her to go and tell Michelle that she is the decoy. Jee suggests that Dana and someone go and share a bed. Dana says that is not an option and that someone (a she) would freak out if she did. Jee wants to know who has his bed.

Jul 17 2003 02:17, Thu Phantom   Link
Dana leaves and Jee craps all over her for exposing herself.
She thinks that she can trust us and she just betrayed us and them. That shows me her true colours. We can't trust her. Ratbert talking that they are liked enough and are feared enough that they can go far. Justin says that they can't do this again (the meeting in the HOH). Ratbert agrees and says that they are going crazy out there. He thinks that 'they' will forget all about it in 2 days. Now counting their chickens. They don't have anything for the competitions. Jee says that Dave is hiding under the radar. Justin repeats the idea of a direct offer of a deal with some from the other side that is only good if they get HOH. Both sides seem to think that they control Michelle and Ali for sure.

Jul 17 2003 02:24, Thu GreenEyes   Link
More HoH./Sandbox.. (long)
Dana finally leaves, Justin says to her that"good leave so we can talk ***** about you" lol. Jee says to rob and jus that they can't trust dana cuz she turned on "them" so she can turn on us. More talk about who to put up and what deals they can work out if they don't put up someone.

Feed switches to sandbox where Dav/Eric/ Jack talk about an offer to Jee. Dave's plan is to tell Jee to put up Erica and Dana with the ruse that Erica will be voted off. Jack says it's smart to promote Jee's dislike of Dana (this dude is smart) Ja says that if they have to lose someone that they should lose Dana. Dave is pretty sure that Dana told Jus and Rob about the original 8. Dave says that Ali overheard Dana tell Jus to leave his stuff in the Sandbox so he can always have access and an excuse to the sandbox and disrupt things. Erica warns that Dv is putting himself out there if he goes directly after Dana. He says he doesn't give a Fcuk. Jack says that they should talk to Jee but in a better way. Ja says that Da has put herself out there so everyone in the house sees how transparent she is. Dv says that it was so fake that Dn keeps bringing up that the only reason she lost the HoH comp was that she picked up the wrong paddle. Dv says "I dont care what dana does to me, what's the worst she could do, stop flirting with me?" (LOL) Ja continues to hash over what they should do... posting

Jul 17 2003 02:39, Thu GreenEyes   Link
More HoH... talking about Nate switching sides
Jus is pulling for Nate to come in. They think they need his vote. And he is the best player out there against them that might be open to swtiching sides. They are discussing talking to him tomorrow. But they have reservations. If they tell him too much he could turn around and screw them. They decide to not talk to nate yet but to keep an eye on him. Jus agrees to keep an eye on ali and dana and thereby keeping an eye on Jun and mich. and Rob will keep talking to nate. They agree not for all three of them to get together like this again. That if they need to talk then two of them would get together. Jus and Rob would smoke or work out or Jee and Rob would shoot hoops. Then the third person would catchup later. They agree to keep a low profile about talking to each other this next week unless it's really important. The meeting breaks up, Jee goes to sleep and Rob and Jus go to brush their teeth. (whew, lots of stuff!)

Jul 17 2003 02:40, Thu Phantom   Link
They still think that they can win over (through threat) Jack and Dave.
They think that they can and should approach Nat as well. But, says Justin, if we take him, we can't take Ali. They aren't sure if he might have given his word to Ali already. They think that Nat's word is important and that he won't break it to them if he gives it (bible-boy and all that), but they think that they can force him to break his word to Ali.

They talked earlier of Michelle begin a little unreliable because she is all wrapped up in the girl thing. Yet they seem to be planning on building a guys alliance without calling it that. They are now saying that Dana does trust them to an extent. They talked of the possibility of Dana and Ali being up together. Justin says that in that case he would have to vote for Alison (to go I think). Ratbert jumps in to agree that he would do the same, but not till Justin made his position clear. They go around in circles some more because they have to finalize the plan because they can't meet like this again.

They think that will approach Nat and demand his absolute word to them without telling him anything. Not sure where the plan to approach Jack and Dave is in this. Jee believes that Nat is important because he is tight with all the girls. Justin says that he is working Ali like no body's business. The safe bet is to go after Jack and Dave first and go for Nat later, say some (Jee and Ratbert). Stick with the numbers, says Justin (whatever that means) Justin will keep tabs on Ali and through her the other girls. Either Jee or Ratbert is assigned to keep an eye on Nat. Jee points out that they all know how tight this 3 are now and that is a danger. Justin and Ratbert agree that it is OK if they never meet like this again - "they' will all forget about it in no time. Ratbert thinks that 'they' have no idea how tight they are.

The meeting breaks up and Jee and Ratbert go to the bath to brush and chill. After a bit, Justin joins them and there is much whispering, but with all the water running, it is lost on me. They disperse for bed, and so do I.

Jul 17 2003 02:47, Thu JulieH   Link
A tidbit said about Jun in the HOH
They were talking about how quickly Dana flipped sides and showed her "True Colors". Jee brought up Jun and how she didn't change and that he respects that. Ja and Rob both agreed.

Jul 17 2003 08:29, Thu bb4inthehouse   Link
Nat up, went to WC, didn't wash hands.. back to bed. NT

Jul 17 2003 09:13, Thu Lola   Link
BB tells HG it's time to get up NT

Jul 17 2003 09:13, Thu TomGuy   Link
10:13 A. M. CDT. Prodding the hamsters. BB "Time to get up for the day." NT

Jul 17 2003 09:16, Thu Lola   Link
Hamsters are up and about, doing morning rituals NT

Jul 17 2003 09:42, Thu Lola   Link
Dave is rebellious about getting up, others are almost ready (must be a competition for food I think) NT

Jul 17 2003 09:50, Thu mkemp   Link
most hg's sitting in LR waiting for food comp NT

Jul 17 2003 10:01, Thu mkemp   Link
Al laying on sofa, Ju sitting up, Jk sitting on ottoman, Jus and Er sitting up,
Mi laying on floor in front of sofa, Dn and Na sitting up, Dav walking around. All waiting for food comp, looking very tired and out of it.

Jul 17 2003 10:04, Thu mkemp   Link
in yard, giant CASHIER sign, very large skillet hanging w/ large wire whisk in it.
another sign says "food shop". seems to be giant cooking utinsels hanging on BY wall.

Jul 17 2003 10:05, Thu mkemp ParentRootLink
there's also a sort of counter top kind of like last yrs. eatting competition w/ the twinkies and stuff NT

Jul 17 2003 10:07, Thu mkemp   Link
a big bowl of "french fries" and one with "spagetti O"s" , I think............. NT

Jul 17 2003 10:11, Thu mkemp   Link
FOTH, man and lady sitting on front step NT

Jul 17 2003 10:41, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
Amanda being interview at foth NT

Jul 17 2003 10:27, Thu mkemp   Link
ppl at FOTH, one kind of looks like amanda...... there's a camera man there too. NT

Jul 17 2003 10:30, Thu mkemp   Link
can hear Jee practicing speech for comp....... "clash of the ??????" NT

Jul 17 2003 10:31, Thu M3gabyt3   Link
Clash of the Cassaroles(?). Jee is rehersing the script someplace. NT

Jul 17 2003 10:32, Thu mkemp   Link
divide into teams of 5 , red and blue, not going to be a physical challenge NT

Jul 17 2003 10:35, Thu M3gabyt3   Link
Back to FOTH, looks liek the interview has wrapped up and they are about to leave. NT

Jul 17 2003 10:37, Thu M3gabyt3 ParentRootLink
Okay the crew moved onto the bridge instead looks like Amanda they are interviewing. NT

Jul 17 2003 10:41, Thu mkemp ParentRootLink
it's amanda. NT

Jul 17 2003 10:35, Thu mkemp   Link
FOTFH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NT

Jul 17 2003 10:49, Thu curyy4me2   Link
competition on all 4 feeds...
Looks like they have to dig around in some bowls, taste something and figure out what it is. Both Nat and Jus keep getting it wrong.

Jul 17 2003 10:50, Thu mkemp ParentRootLink
each dish has a meat and veggie, they have to guess the combination NT

Jul 17 2003 10:52, Thu curyy4me2 ParentRootLink
Michele and Ericka turn. Its veggies they have to identify, both getting some wrong. They ahve to take a bite after every time they get it wrong. NT

Jul 17 2003 10:52, Thu kathryn ParentRootLink
have to guess the meat and veg in each casserole, teams are
Blue team - Michelle, Nathan, Dana, Robert, David
Red team - Allie, Justin, Erika, Jun, Jack

Jul 17 2003 10:55, Thu kathryn ParentRootLink
How they're doing
Blue - Nat done, Mich working
Red - Allie done, Just done, Erika working
They must take another bite after every wrong answer

Jul 17 2003 10:54, Thu mkemp   Link
blue team has 1 combo right so far NT

Jul 17 2003 10:56, Thu mkemp ParentRootLink
red team has 2 combo's correct so far NT

Jul 17 2003 10:58, Thu mkemp ParentRootLink
red and blue each have 2 correct NT

Jul 17 2003 10:57, Thu kathryn   Link
Combo 1 was Ham and Cauliflower, Combo 2 was venison and artichoke NT

Jul 17 2003 10:58, Thu kathryn   Link
Michelle done: Both have 2 combos now NT

Jul 17 2003 10:59, Thu mkemp   Link
Er up for Red team, Dana up for Blue team NT

Jul 17 2003 11:00, Thu mkemp   Link
1st, combo - ham and cauliflower 2nd combo - venicen and artichoke NT

Jul 17 2003 11:01, Thu mkemp   Link

Jul 17 2003 11:01, Thu kathryn   Link
Red got meat right: oyster, still working on veg NT

Jul 17 2003 11:08, Thu kathryn   Link
Red (Jun) working on #5, Blue (Rob) on #4 NT

Jul 17 2003 11:09, Thu kathryn   Link
Red got veg right NT

Jul 17 2003 11:10, Thu kathryn   Link
Red Team Wins NT

Jul 17 2003 11:10, Thu Katfsh   Link
Red Team - Al, Jun, Erika, Jack, Justin - WIN NT

Jul 17 2003 11:11, Thu GreenEyes   Link
The red team won...
Allison, Erica, Jun, Justin and Jack won. Nate looks heart broken. He is pissed at Michele for taking her "sweet ass time staring at the board" He doesn't know how he will survive saying, "This will be the longest week of his life" He said that last week was horrible and that was with deserts and potatoes along with PB&J. They are all now talking about how weird the food tasted. Dana says she feels bad for Nate and Rob. She says she can do it but feels bad for the boy.

Jul 17 2003 11:12, Thu kathryn   Link
After red team won, David starting eating his NT

Jul 17 2003 11:18, Thu bidz_yo   Link
David's hilarious final word on losing the food comp:
"This F**ing SUCKS! Suck my white A$$, Food!"

He actually cursed out food in general! ROFL!

Jul 17 2003 11:23, Thu bidz_yo   Link
Nate is pi$$ed off at Michelle for going so slow during food comp NT

Jul 17 2003 11:44, Thu Lola   Link
Da sneezes twice, manages to stop the third one, then after thinking a second looks at his hand to see if he got anything on it NT

Jul 17 2003 11:46, Thu Lola   Link
LOL, Dave in other room mimes like boo-hoo crying and then laughs NT

Jul 17 2003 11:51, Thu Lola   Link
Half the house goes back to bed, Ja, Js, Er are in LR, Je goes to HOH NT

Jul 17 2003 11:55, Thu Lola   Link
Dana comes into LR, they're talking about where they first loose weight,
Er says it starts in her face and works down, why can't it start at here (she touches her hips) and work up?
Ja says he's just the opposite, he looses in his legs first
Da says "I'm going to look like a ****ing Ethopian

Jul 17 2003 12:04, Thu Phantom   Link
Erika and Jack go back to bed in the Sand Box after sitting up to chat for a while after all others have gone to bed.
Erika says, "I hear dead people" refering to the rest of the house.. Erika reports that Dana said she could eat all she wants this week. Dave wakes up to confirm the story. Jack apparently hurt his back yesterday somehow. He has taken Advil, but says he can hardly move.

We hear stomachs growling, first Jack's then Erika's

Jul 17 2003 12:07, Thu Lola   Link
Er, Ja (David or Js???) in their SandBox, it's dark and they start to talk about one of the girls
saying repeating something they heard her say, (sorry didn't get it all)
Ja says he hurt his back
Er tells him to do leg lifts to strengthen his back
Ja says they could be on PB&J next week
(long silence, boring)

Jul 17 2003 12:20, Thu Lola   Link
Quad Cam: All hamsters sleeping NT

Jul 17 2003 12:36, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Lockdown while BB cleans up the BY from the Food Comp. All HG's are sleeping NT

Jul 17 2003 12:38, Thu Phantom   Link
All feeds switch to the yard where the Bball court is set up for Duck Ball. NT

Jul 17 2003 12:40, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Jun and Mich are up. Storage room and bathroom, nothing interesting NT

Jul 17 2003 12:41, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Mich changes into her bikini and heads outside, Jun is making a PB&J and says she will join her shortly NT

Jul 17 2003 12:55, Thu Phantom   Link
Jun goes to the yard to talk with Mich about the PB&J results.
"The guys wouldn't have sympathy for us, so f*** them' says Jun about the guys suffering with PB&J.

Jun and Mich talking about Jee wanting to talk to Mich. She will give him another 15 minutes and then go talk to him. Jun says that he doesn't even want to talk to her. Jun forced herself to puke after the food comp. Mich tried but failed. She says, "I ate deer," like that was the most disgusting concept imaginable.

Jul 17 2003 12:59, Thu Phantom   Link
Mich goes into the pool after observing that the next competition will involve Duck Ball.
Jun agrees and goes to throw a few ducks in practice. No further chatter since both of these activities demand total concentration. Jun can't seem to hit the bucket, but she is pretty good at keeping them on the blue mat. She scored 5 points on one round. On her next round, she discovers that overhand is not the way to play Duck Ball.

Jul 17 2003 13:00, Thu Phantom   Link
FOTFH, but no one is there, so I won't even bother to report it. NT

Jul 17 2003 13:15, Thu GreenEyes   Link
All Hg's are up. I'm assuming there was an announcement that Noms are soon cuz they are all talking about it NT

Jul 17 2003 13:17, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Jee is in the DR getting instructions. Nate asks Robert if the plan is still on with Jee...
Rob says yes he is nom Erica and Mich. He thinks Mich will flip out when she finds out. Nate says that Jee wanted to talk to Mich yesterday night but never got the chance.

Jul 17 2003 13:21, Thu Phantom   Link
Noms coming up soon. Erika just came into the kitchen after primping and putting on her face, and said, "I want to look good to be nominated." NT

Jul 17 2003 13:27, Thu mrsb   Link
Rob, Nat, & Jee in HOH
Saying that they want to alert Mi to the possibility of being nominated so she doesn't "freak out". Jee believes the vote against Er will be unanimous.

Jee is going to try to work something out so that he doesn't have to worry about the veto.

Nat is asking about Jee's feelings towards Dn. Jee thinks that no one trusts her but that it would be chaotic to put her up now.

Jee wants to get the "dark side out first", then Dn goes.

Jul 17 2003 13:28, Thu Bert   Link
Jee, Rat, Nate in HOH saying that Mich has to be put up against Erica ...
Jee says he wants to tell her he's considering it. They think she'll flip out. Noms will be in 4 hours. Michelle is the pawn. Nate stating how the pawn gets lost sometimes. Jee says he wants Mich to stay. Rat seems to believe Erika will go out unanimously.

Oops real crashed so I'm posting.

Jul 17 2003 13:28, Thu GreenEyes   Link
Jee comes out of the DR...
Mentions to Ja that they have to keep the lights on when they are napping during the day. Ja says he knows and he just forgot. Jee asks Nate how he's doing. Nate says he's lookin fwd to a PB&J. He's going to suck it up. Jee is glad he's a trooper. Jee goes to the HoH and Nate, and Rob follow him. Jee says he is going to tell Mich that he is "considering her" so she is prepared. Of course Dana comes in. posting...

Jul 17 2003 13:29, Thu mrsb   Link
Dana comes in to HOH
Dana goes to get Mi so that Jee can talk to her before the noms

Jee & Rob talking about talking to Jack and Dv

Jul 17 2003 13:31, Thu mrsb   Link
Jee talking to Mi in HOH
Jee guarantee's that Mi won't go. Jee will talk to Jack and Dv about not using the veto to save Er. Jee thinks that Er has no other alliances to save her.

Jee tells Mi that this isn't definite but it's a possibility. He doesn't want her to be upset at the noms. She wants to know if there is any other decoy that he could use, but he thinks that she is a safe bet

Feed timed out... posting...

Jul 17 2003 13:32, Thu Bert   Link
Jee telling Michelle he is considering putting her up ...
He's guaranteeing she won't go. He told her everybody agrees that putting up Michelle is a safe bet. She asks if there isn't anybody else he can put up.

Dang, Real crashed again ... posting.

Jul 17 2003 13:33, Thu Bert   Link
Michelle is crying NT

Jul 17 2003 13:36, Thu mrsb   Link
Mi crying
She says that she understands his position

Jee assures her that she is safe. Says there is nothing to worry about. Dn, Jus, Rob already know this is what could happen and they all agree that Er is the one that has to go. This was the plan from the begining

Jee says it's part of the game to be used as a pawn. You have to be prepared for that. Jee tells her that he knows how it feels to be the pawn

Mi thinks that something will happen to her because she has bad luck.

Jee wanted to tell her first because he respects her. He doesn't want her to think anything.

Jee chose her because everyone thinks she is the safest bet. She is the sweetest girl in the house and she's so nice. Those are the same reasons he was nominated last week.

The only problem would be if Er would win the veto. But Jee doesn't think that will happen. Jee is going to work with Dv and Ja to insure that the veto doesn't get used to save Er.

If Er does win veto then Jee will choose someone else from the dark side.


Jul 17 2003 13:39, Thu mrsb   Link
Jee tells Mi that putting her up was a lot of people's suggestion
She is very upset and thinks that he should take her advice and use someone else.

She doesn't like that she has been chosen because she is nice and naive.

Sound switched to BY... posting...

Jul 17 2003 13:44, Thu mrsb   Link
Jus & Ja talking
Jee won't put up Dv or Ja if next week Ju, Jee, & Rob won't be put up.

That will guarantee Ja and Dv's safety this week...

Now they are suddenly playing cards?!?

Whispering VERY low... Jac takes the deal

Jul 17 2003 13:46, Thu Phantom   Link
Ratbert says, "I want to get this done."
Jee says that he has to tell Mich, but he won't tell her straight up. He doesn't want her to freak out. "You know how she can be. Nat has joined Jee and Ratbert in the HOH for this but is not contributing at all. Ratbert is sure that the vote will be 8-0 against Erika.

FOTFH for a while. The same 3 in the HOH. They have to keep the others from getting POV. Nat speaks. He asks how they feel about Dana. They don't think much about her and swear that they are in no way in her alliance. They don't want to go after her right now, if that is what Nat means, but she is soon on the list after that. Dana comes in to ask what's up. They are going to talk to Mich. Actually, Jee is going to do it himself now. Michelle is to be called into the HOH for the meeting. Dana goes to tell her and Nat leaves. Ratbert and Jee talk and Jee wants one of them to be with him when he tells her. Justin comes in briefly, but they all leave as Mich arrives and he tells her directly that he is putting her up as a decoy and that she is totally safe. If one of them wins veto none of them will save Erica. Not clear who he would put up if Erika is vetoed. Mich takes it well but asks if there was no one else that he could have put up. He repeats that he chose her because she is the safest. My sound goes dead at this point, of course. Sound back to Mich being a little upset but still taking it well. She may be crying. Yes, she is. She says that she understands. Jee reassures her that he is working every single loop-hole to make sure that she is safe. He lists all that are behind the plan, implying that Jack and Dave are in on it. He does still allow that things might not work out the way he wants (that he might not Nom Mich). He says that she was chosen because everyone likes her, she is sweet and innocent, . . . Lays it on thick. He says that there are 11 of them in on it. The only flaw is if Erika gets veto. If she does get it and use it, he will have to put up someone from the Dark Side, but he doesn't say who. He says that he was the Decoy last week and didn't even get that much assurance. "Why can't you take my suggestions," Mich whines (I didn't hear any of her suggestions). "It will be extremely unanimous," says Jee. Mich is upset that everyone else has had a say in this but her. Sound switches to the yard.

Jul 17 2003 13:48, Thu Phantom   Link
Ratbert was in the Sand Box working on Dave about the "new order".
I missed most of it, but when Dave says OK, I'll tell Jack, Ratbert says that's been taken care of - Justin. Feed switches to the LR where Justin is working on Jack. He says that they don't want to put up Jack or Dave and they are safe if they agree to not put up any of the 3 if he gets HOH. Justin says that Dave has already agreed. (I don't know how he would know that, but Ratbert just returned to the HOH to report in, and he may have passed a sign to Justin on the way by - or, Justin just assumes). Jack asks and Justin tells him that Mich is the other Nominee. Jack says that he agrees to that.

Ratbert stops by to tell Justin that Dave wants to talk to Jack about things. Justin says it's not in his best interests to get the veto, or to not use it because they would have to put up Dave if it was used.

Jul 17 2003 13:48, Thu mrsb   Link
Jus & Jac about veto
Telling ja that it would be in his best interest not to get it at all.

Ja tells him that it won't be used.

Ja & Jus playing cards as a cover for the coversation

Jul 17 2003 13:50, Thu ManTroll   Link
Na tries to console Mich about possible nomination. Michelle sobbing NT

Jul 17 2003 13:59, Thu Phantom   Link
Jack and Justin play cards on F1 & 2.
Ratbert with his hands behind his head looking very satisfied with himself on F 3. Ali is beside him on another lounge and may have had her hand on the back of his chair. F 4 was Mich sunning in they yard, but she left and it is now just a group shot of the yard showing Rat, Ali, Nat and someone else.

Jack goes to the DR for pill time, he says. F1 & 2 now shows Erika sitting at one end of the couch with Justin waiting for Jack's return. He does return and sits back to play cards. Erika did not look happy.

Dan and someone were updating the status board on the SR door. Dana whines about why do we need to note who is on PB&J. The other one says it's not for us, it's for the cameras.

Jul 17 2003 13:59, Thu Lola   Link
Je & Na in HOH, Je tells Na of the plan and that nobody will veto Er so they must keep her from saving herself NT

Jul 17 2003 14:01, Thu mrsb   Link
Jee tells Nat that ensured Da safety
But if Er is vetoed he will have to put her up.

Jee is sure that Ja and Dv won't use the veto because they only have a three person alliance

Jul 17 2003 14:03, Thu kathryn   Link
Alison's pills
They are calling people to the diary room for their meds. Nate asks Al if she takes birth control pills. She says "no, i don't have sex". He tells her that some girls "take it for cramps or something". She tells him that when she was little, then interrupts herself to announce that her parents have a beach house, then goes on to say that her forehead got burnt so many times that the skin grew back orange. Her pills have some special vitamin B to make her skin not orange.
Ed: Does this sound plausible to you guys?

Jul 17 2003 14:03, Thu mrsb   Link
Jee tells Nat to be careful so that Dn doesn't find out that she would go up
if the veto was used.

Jee especially doesn't want Jun to find out. Jee tells Nat to tell Jus, Rob, and Ali that they have to keep quiet

Jul 17 2003 14:07, Thu mrsb   Link
Jee discusses the plan with Rob
They both think that if Dn goes up then she will definitely go. A benefit to that is that she would not be on the jury at the end.

Jee is emphatic that Dn not find out because that puts his life in the house on the line because he would have to break his word.

Rob loves this plan! But he does not want to tell Ali about the plan. He says to wait and see what happens.

Jee doesn't want Mi to get the veto becasue then Mi would be up against Er. He tells Rob to tell Mi NOT to go for the veto because everyone has her back. His reason is because they really want Er to go and they would need her as a pawn.

Jul 17 2003 14:10, Thu Phantom   Link
My feeds are very choppy and unreliable today, but . . .
Jee is in the HOH talking strategy with Nat and telling him that they have to stop Erika from getting POV. If she does, he will have to put up someone from the DS, but he doesn't want to do that.

Feeds back and Nat says that he will pretty much agree with anything that the HOH says. Jee tells him to not tell Ali and Nat says that he is not telling anyone anything. Nat leaves and Ratbert returns. They might not be meeting as a group of 3, but Ratbert treats the HOH as his and is not subtle about it at all. Jee says that if he has to put someone else up, it will be Dana - she has to go, and the benefit is that she will be out and she will not be on the jury. Jee wants total agreement on this because his life is on the line here. Ratbert is a big supporter and will ensure that everyone supports the plan. This is Jee's plan and only Ratbert and Nat know it at the moment. Ratbert says to not tell anyone else (does he mean Justin too?) Jee thinks that Ali has to know, but don't tell Jun. Fear either Mich or Erica using veto on themselves. He wants to call Mich in again. Ratbert suggests that all 3 of them meet with Mich because she will respect the numbers (I think they want to tell her not to use veto). Now Jee doesn't want Ali to know - yet. Ratbert is loving every minute of this.

Jul 17 2003 14:11, Thu mrsb   Link
They decide that everyone will tell Mi later, not to go for the veto.
They have to wait till later or else they will alert Mi that she is definitely going on the block.

They again agree that Dn would definitely go that if she was on the block. They say that they could bribe Jun to vote Dn off if they say they won't put her up.

Jee is really worried about putting Dn up (worse case senario) and then her surviving. He thinks he would be the next to go.

Rob calms him down and tells him that they (Nat, Ali, Jus) have his back.

Jul 17 2003 14:14, Thu Phantom   Link
Jee talking to himself in the HOH. "Oh, god, it's got to work, it's got to work." NT

Jul 17 2003 14:21, Thu mrsb   Link
Ali questions Rob about her being on the block
Rob tells Jee and Jus about the conversation. Saying that Er told Ali this would happen if Er or Mi got the veto.

Jul 17 2003 14:21, Thu Lola   Link
Je & Js in HOH, game plan is explained to Js NT

Jul 17 2003 14:28, Thu Lola   Link
Ja tells Js & Al not to take the deal from Je, yet he has already accepted NT

Jul 17 2003 14:28, Thu Lola ParentRootLink
Correction; that was Dv not Js NT

Jul 17 2003 14:28, Thu Phantom   Link
Jack and Dave talk.
They seem to have shared all info. Jack says that he's already agreed to the deal, so Dave can back out. Not sure what their plan is. They practice Duck Ball while talking. Dave says that they didn't ask to vote for Erika, do they want to get rid of Mich that bad. (Is it possible that they have misunderstood?). Jack repeats that he has agreed so Dave doesn't have to. Dave wants to know if they really want Mich out and who else are they approaching. Jack goes to Ali to ask if she has been approached and she says yes but that she hasn't agreed to anything. She says that she is not voting Erika out. Jack and Dave are doing a much better job at keeping things casual than the others, even thought the others expect them to talk about this.

Jul 17 2003 14:30, Thu Phantom   Link
Ali tells Dana that Ratbert approached Jack and Dave with some kind of a deal.
"No" says Dana. She repeats variations on that and really doesn't seem to believe it. They go quiet and eventually, Dana gets up to go in. She asks when the Noms are going to be.

Jul 17 2003 14:36, Thu kathryn ParentRootLink
Dana asked Rob and he said "that's totally not true" NT

Jul 17 2003 14:36, Thu Phantom   Link
Dana in bath with Ratbert telling him what Ali said, that he offered Jack a deal.
Ratbert says that is totally not true and acts insulted and as if 'they' have been exposed in their plotting. Dana says that she agrees and that she didn't believe it. They wander off seperately.

Jul 17 2003 14:38, Thu Lola   Link
Dv is consoling Al, He says I know I never talk strategy with you but don't worry about it, I'm working on it NT

Jul 17 2003 14:39, Thu bb4inthehouse ParentRootLink
correction - that was Michelle not Ali NT

Jul 17 2003 14:42, Thu Lola ParentRootLink
That's right, thanks for catching that NT

Jul 17 2003 14:38, Thu kathryn   Link
Dav consoles Mich who is still crying NT

Jul 17 2003 14:48, Thu Phantom   Link
Dave verifies with Mich what she was told (that she was going up and that Erika was being voted off).
She says ya and is sniffling.

Dave talks to Jee and says that he is not in on the deal. Jee sort of threatens him because he is now an outsider. Dave said something to the effect that he was not getting any guarantee. He goes back in the HOH and repeats that he doesn't want to risk it. Ratbert and Jee want to know why he went to make a deal with Ali. He says that he didn't say anything to Ali. Jee asks if Dave got the veto would he save Erika. He says no, he wasn't going to do that anyway, that's why he doesn't need the deal. Ratbert agrees that he would not do that. Dave says he just wanted to be straight with them, and that he will talk to Jack again. Dave says that since Dana isn't on the protected list, that makes him more comfortable with the deal.
He is acting like he is still thinking about it. He confirms that it is just for one week, but Jee says that it could be progressive. Don't tell Ali anything because she told Dana that Jack made a deal. Dave is covering well and saying that Dana is so paranoid that she sees Jack talking to Justin and jumps to a conclusion. Dave says that he will confirm before Noms. He agrees that he and Jack stand out because they all share a room together. Like he is not with them, it's just because they sleep in the same room. Dave is doing well at dissembling. He is assigned to get with Jack and confirm things.

Jul 17 2003 14:48, Thu Lola   Link
Mi is still crying at pool "I just don't think it's fair at all" NT

Jul 17 2003 14:56, Thu Phantom   Link
Ratbert and Jee continue to talk.
Jee thinks that if they had stuck with his original plan and not gone with what Justin wanted, this wouldn't have happened. Feed switch.

Breif shot of Mich in the yard complaining that "it isn't fair", then to the bathroom. Dave, Jack and Nat meet in the bath and plot. Dave passing on his story that no one spoke to Ali, it was just Dana's paranoia. They agree that Erika is with them to the end and they should back her. Erika comes in and they continue to talk the same way in front of her. Sound to HOH where Ratbert and Jee think of the consequences of Dave not agreeing. If they put up Dave, Erika would go, for sure. Sound off again.

I move to the bath where Erika stands in the door to watch and the discussion continues. Everyone agrees to talk to everyone, it seems and the meeting breaks up.

Jul 17 2003 15:01, Thu Lola   Link
Je tells Robert that they should have just stuck with the plan
now they have revealed that they have an alliance within an alliance and now they're going to be a target. They know they've made a serious mistake. Je says next week any of the 3 of them could go up (Je, Ro & Ju)

Jul 17 2003 15:19, Thu Lola   Link
Dave & Je cut a deal
Dave agrees to MI & Er plan, not to veto Er but that if Er saves herself that Je should put up Dana.

Jul 17 2003 15:51, Thu TomGuy ParentRootLink
Deal continued...
That if Dana did get put up, Dana would be the one voted out.

Jul 17 2003 15:20, Thu Phantom   Link
Ratbert, Justin & Dana in the kitchen talking trash about the other side and the fact that they will be going around telling stories
to try to break the good guy alliance up and make them question their loyalty. Jun is just puttering about and not contributing.

Dave and Jee go into the HOH to chat. Dave says that Ali only asked Dana if they had an alliance based on seeing them talking to others. Dave is in the deal he says, but on the condition that if Erika gets veto and takes herself off, Jee has to put up Dana. Jee agrees but says that they all have to vote out Dana in that case. Mich and Erika are still the nominees.

Sond cutting our and alternating with silent FOTFH. The brief shots of the HOH confirm that things continue as they were. Jee remains confident and doesn't see that he is in trouble.

Jul 17 2003 15:23, Thu Lola   Link
Er goes to HOH room
She tells Je that she understands that he has to put her up and know it's not personal. She says to understand that she will not come after him later. She leaves and Je gives a big sigh of relief

Jul 17 2003 15:25, Thu Phantom   Link
Erika goes to the HOH to tell Jee that she understands if he feels that he has to put her up and that it's all right.
She says that she won't go after him. "That's very big of you," says Jee in a somewhat snarky manner. Erika goes out into the kitchen area and says that she feels so sorry for Jee and the postion he is in. Feeds cut out.

Jul 17 2003 15:36, Thu Lola   Link
Al ask Je to talk to him
They go into HOH and Al immediately tells Je that Ja said he was going to vote Mi and that Da said that too. Al wants to know if she is a target. Je assures her no. Je begins explaining his plan (it hasn't changed) Al says if Dn goes up she'll go out over Er. Al says she thought Dn was with them cause she was always in there. Je says **** no, she was always in there cause she butts in. Al says Dn is making her really upset. Al ask Je if he thinks Dn is after her. He says he don't know but she could be. Ro is in the HOH also. Lost my feed

Jul 17 2003 15:37, Thu Phantom   Link
Ali goes to the HOH to report to Jee.
She confirms that Dana says that Justin and Ratbert have gone around and made deals with Dave and Jack and "I didn't get a deal, so does that mean that you are after me?" No, no, says Jee, you're fine, don't pay any attention to Dana, she's paranoid. Ratbert comes in. Ali had been asking if Dana is in the group and Jee repeats to Ratbert that she wants to know if they have Dana's back. No, are you kidding.

Damned feeds keep cutting out and to the FOTFH, but it doesn't really matter because they aren't saying anything new. Ali seems to be doing a good job of supporting the good guys while collecting information from the Unholy Alliance.

Jul 17 2003 15:55, Thu Lola   Link
Ro to Je "You're like the Godfather, you wait for people to come and see you" NT

Jul 17 2003 15:56, Thu JulieH   Link
I just want to clarify that Alison is lying
She did start the whole thing by saying to Dana while Alison was laying in the hammock. Alison did tell Dana that "they" (meaning jee and the boys) made a deal with Jack. Dana turned right around and asked Rob in the bathroom about it. Now Alison is doing a great job in the HOH sandbagging Dana with the whole deal. She's saying it was all Dana stirring things up.

I just thought that needed to be clarified

Jul 17 2003 16:06, Thu Phantom   Link
Ratbert has bought Ali's story that Dana is bluffing people about deals being made with Jack and is trying to stir people up.
Ali did a great cover job on that, and they are turning even more against Dana. They think that because several have said that Jee needs to put up Dana in case of a veto, that everyone is on the same page with them. This is beautiful.

The unholy alliance is meeting in the HOH, just like they said that they could never do again.

Jul 17 2003 16:17, Thu curyy4me2   Link
Dana : "This isnt a game of sit around and let everyone else do the dirty work" (paraphrase) NT

Jul 17 2003 16:38, Thu Lola   Link
Al tells Je that Dana told Mi that she should go to Je and say that she will
hold a grudge. Mi comes in HOH and wants to talk. Je, Ro, Al and Justin are also there. Je explains the whole plan again. He says he understands if someone saves themself but if she can't save herself that she still doesn't need to worry. NOW Dana comes in (it's almost the whole house). They all insure Mi that everyone in the house is going to vote Er out. Dana says "you've got to have a back-up plan just in case" ROFLMAO

Jul 17 2003 16:41, Thu Lola   Link
Everyone in HOH room agree that it's fair game to take yourself off the block if you get the VETO, Ro says remember Marcellas last year NT

Jul 17 2003 16:48, Thu Kimba   Link
Looking for the day's feeds summary? Or episode transcripts?
Daily recaps and transcripts can be found in the Recaps forum here:

Jul 17 2003 16:48, Thu Lola   Link
Je, Ro and Js
Je says it's been a extreme day. They talk about how bad the food tasted during the food comp.
Then they mention Jun being so quiet. Js thinks she's probably a little jealous of Je being HOH.
Je compliments Jun for being highly intelligent. He says he remembers when they were together that he said she was smarter than his professors.
Js says it's better for her to be passive than agressive. Je says she's being really smart. They comment that no body has been going after her.

Jul 17 2003 16:56, Thu Lola   Link
Mi, Da & Na in orange room, Mi is in a towel
she finds a pair of underware and tries to put them on with out the "internet camera" seeing anything. Na says "This is the only room that has an internet camera" (LOL) Da helps Mi put on her bra, she manages to get her shorts and top on without showing too much

Jul 17 2003 16:58, Thu Lola ParentRootLink
Ro is also in the room, Mi leaves and Je comes in, then feeds switch NT

Jul 17 2003 17:21, Thu ElBarto   Link
Da & Na in Orange Room
Feed was really choppy but from what I got from it Da said that he would put up Rob and Justin if he wins HOH next week. Na agreed he would do the same and that they both should be gone.

They also talked about Dana but I missed it. She they walked by to go to the DR and they (Da & Na) started talking about tupperware.

Rob walked in so strategy talk has ended.

Jul 17 2003 17:23, Thu ElBarto   Link
Da tells Na & Rob
that his relationship with Mi was all physical and since they weren't doing it it got too frustrating to continue.

Jul 17 2003 17:26, Thu ElBarto   Link
Ju doing Mi's nails NT

Jul 17 2003 17:26, Thu Stark   Link
Noms and HOH stress (LONG)
(R, N, Dv are in LS talking about how parents are the best indicatioin of how their son or daughter will be in the future. Jee one walks in briefly and they ask him about noms and he says they haven&#8217;t called him in yet

R: they dumped it, of course they dumped it

N: that was just part of the show, they said we could keep it

R: yeah we will use that against them, they took our meat, tell them we just won&#8217;t the meat back

Je: its going to be sometime later they didn&#8217;t really say anything

R: oh alright

Je: when I asked about noms they said they would call me later this afternoon

Dv: how many people do you think are watching us right now

N; a dozen

R: theres probably a camera right now

N: yeah you can hear them walking in walls

Je: Yeah its really loud in HOH room when they are walking through and I saw through that window to

N: yeah I noticed that when I was in there

N: HOH is a stresser ain&#8217;t it

Je: yeah man

R: like godfather

N: yeah its stressful

Je: yeah man its really stressful

Je: but its kinda over after this

Dv: there will be more situations

R: you handled the game well

Je: I was just glad I didn&#8217;t have to do double takes, I was so scared I would have to do it 3 or 4 times. I don&#8217;t like being the host, I would much rather play

N: yeah I know

(video is messing up, posting)
(while I was posting this up they carried on about how hot Mi was)

Jul 17 2003 17:33, Thu Stark   Link
Desired Women and Sequestering (Short)
(They are talking about what kinda women they like and both Jee and Nathan like a intelligent independent woman, but they both prefer to have a slight dominance)

Je: I really like my girl, I don't like girls that are to whiny

Dv: better give me the 30 min rule

R: that's right

(video is stuck, reloading)
(It came up and they were all talking about how bored they were the last few days of the sequestering and they talk about the dvds they were watching in hotel)

(feeds have crashed twice, rebooting computer)

Jul 17 2003 17:33, Thu ElBarto   Link
Je talks about Ju
He says Ju is intelligent, very smart but too independant for him. His father told him that a woman should be below the man. He holds up his hand with one hand above the other to illustrate his dad's point.

Jul 17 2003 17:39, Thu valentine   Link
Guy Talk
Nate and Dave were talking about the Bible and the differences between different religions, with Robert standing leaning against the bedroom door frame. (I think the two of them were talking about the game but when Robert came in Dave immediately started talking about borrowing Nate's Bible.)

Michelle comes in with a light blue T-shirt on and Nate tells her that that is her color, along with black. She leaves and they all agree that she looked hot as hell last night, dressed in black for the live show.

Allie walks in and out to get something, and Nate says "I still say that she has the best ass in the house.". Robert agrees, but says, "Yeah, but you can tell that it won't look like that in about 3 years." They all laugh. (It seems like they aren't worried about being overheard at all.)

Robert: She has reached maximum density already.

Big laughs at that one. Could be a new catch phrase for the boys.

Nate has already had 2 peanut butter sandwiches and says he has to pace himself or he'll go nuts. Robert is going to keep a tally of all the PB &Js he eats this week.

Meanwhile, Jee and Jack are eating fruit salad in the kitchen, and Jee has a can of Coke.

Jul 17 2003 17:39, Thu ElBarto   Link
Mi says she is worried even though she shouldn't be. NT

Jul 17 2003 17:47, Thu valentine   Link
Nate and Michelle
are laying in bed feeling sorry for themselves while the eating continues in the kitchen.

They hear Dana's loud horsemouth.

Nate: I'm so sick of her.

Mich: Yeah. When she was doing my nails I couldn't even look at her. She pretends to be my best friend.

Nate: If I have to be around her a lot and I'm not eating, I'm going to blow up at her. She's going to try and be the boss like she always does and I'm not going to take it.

Michelle hopes that BB gives them food on Tuesday so she has some energy on Wednesday.

Nate is leaning back in bed, wrapped in striped sheets with his head against the headboard. Michelle is laying down on top of the covers with her head on his shoulder, staring up at the ceiling.

Michelle feels sick to her stomach. She wishes that everything didn't happen at once, after nothing for so long. (she means losing food and finding out she will be nommed today)

Allie came in and is acting cocky about having food priviledges. She tells Michelle she is over reacting. (Right, Drama Queen Allie.)

Allie looks up at the camera: "Hi Scott!". They all get a laugh about that one.

Nate: What is cooking out there? I just want to know.

Allie: Laughing, Tacos, potatoes, fruit salad, blah blah blah.

Mich: I can smell the tacos.

Allie: I reek, but I don't want to take a shower until I work out.

Jul 17 2003 17:57, Thu valentine   Link
Nate, Michelle, and Allie still in the BR
In the middle of their conversation, Dana barges in and says Hey.

Allie: We're just talking about how they're bitching about not having food.

Nate: So what's the deal?

Dana: (very aggressively) What do you mean, whats the deal? (making it into a game issue.)

They explain that it is just an expression. The feeds go in and out (must be a shift change for the crew), and apparently Dana left.

Nate: under his breath. I can't stand that girl. I wish you would take her out (to Allie).

Now Dana is back in the LR, complaining about the way she was treated in the BR. "All I did was say hello to them..."

(Ed Note: She needs to start shutting her yap, and right now. She has no idea that everyone hates her.)

Lots of FOTH as they get ready for noms. Jee just got called to the DR.

Jul 17 2003 18:09, Thu Phantom   Link
Michelle and Erika on the hammock.
Erika refers to Michelle as her fellow Nominee and invites her over. She sympathizes with Michelle and tells her to not take it seriously or personally. They are after her and it is a personal attack on her. Erika understands how she is feeling and invites her to come and talk anytime she wants. About strategy or whatever. Michelle thanks her and seems sincere.

Finally, Erika does what she should have done a week ago. She offers to be a big sister and friend to Michelle.


Jul 17 2003 18:31, Thu GreenEyes   Link
All feeds FOTH. Nominations are happening right now NT

Jul 17 2003 18:32, Thu ImJenn   Link
Been FOTHing for at least 25 mins now! NT

Jul 17 2003 18:46, Thu Phantom   Link
Now about 45 min of straight FOTFH, with occasional flickers just make you hopeful. NT

Jul 17 2003 19:01, Thu Phantom   Link
Now 1 hour of FOTFH. NT

Jul 17 2003 19:17, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
Someone hit the camera I think...the view wavered until it went back to the original position
*Note: This is the most pathetic update ever.*

Jul 17 2003 19:30, Thu ktan   Link
Very long nomination meeting, still FOTH at 6:30PM PT. NT

Jul 17 2003 19:41, Thu GeorgeinDallas   Link
MY turn to post in Update its still Foth.... non court reporter I am NT

Jul 17 2003 19:46, Thu bruhe   Link
feeds back on NT

Jul 17 2003 19:48, Thu bruhe   Link
jee sitting alone outside in back yard with his head held down... seems upset. NT

Jul 17 2003 19:49, Thu ktan   Link
Jun is making dinner. Erika also in kitchen. NT

Jul 17 2003 19:50, Thu Phantom   Link
Erika says "I'm sorry if I made any of you guys uncomfortable."
"Being thrown in this house with my Ex has just made me . . ." Nothing much going on. The girls are getting something to eat in the kitchen. Jun takes a pan of something from the oven.

Jul 17 2003 19:52, Thu Stark   Link
Jee confirmed: Erika vs Michelle for noms NT

Jul 17 2003 19:53, Thu bruhe   Link
jee now in the hoh room looking visibly upset.. michelle audio saying it was hard and i know your reasons... shes talking to him..
i feel taken advantage of... says michelle
jee says i dont blame you for feelign that but i am telling you the truth.. i thought out all possiblities that you will stay in the house.. its up to you to believe it or not.. that a lot of people will say things in this house... say things about me.. hes saying he did all he could to protect her.
he says he assured with david and jack not to "pull out you.. er. i mean.. save erika".. hes fumbling here.
feeds cut out

Jul 17 2003 19:55, Thu Phantom   Link
Ratbert has snuggled up beside Michelle, to offer comfort, no doubt.
Having been comforted enough, Michelle goes into the HOH to talk to Jee and get some different comfort. Jee is very reassuring, but he is just repeating what he has said before. He says that Dana will be up and out if Erika uses POV, but that she has to keep that quiet. (Who doesn't know about that yet?) Jee has thought of ~all~ possibilities, he says. Mich is upset at being used as a pawn, but Jee is clear that that is part of the game.

Jul 17 2003 19:58, Thu ktan   Link
Jee says if Mich wins and uses veto, Dana will go up. NT

Jul 17 2003 20:01, Thu Phantom   Link
Jee trashes Dana to Michelle.
"Did she say anything about me?" "She has talked about everybody." A whole bunch of likes, you knows from Michelle, and Jee finds an opportunity to carry on with the same spiel. She continues to re-think what is already done and want to know why it couldn't have been done with one of the boys. Jee says that it was worse for him (to be put up) because he had no guarantees or help. He has done everything to protect her. Yadda yadda. It hurts him to do it but he has to and she must be strong.

Jul 17 2003 20:02, Thu Stark   Link
Jee consols Michelle
Jee is talking to Michele in HOH room working her hard to convince her that he believes her to be 100% safe, he tells her how despised Erika is by all in the house and tells her that if Erika gets POV that he will put up dana and dan will go. He repeats himself frequently telling him hes sorry to have had to do it but that it had to be done to ensure Erika leaves. Michele says she was crying before it because she knew it was coming (maybe long foth was to calm her before noms since crying would have given away results before the keys came out)

Jul 17 2003 20:02, Thu Jokerette   Link
Jee tells Michelle she will be stronger, now that she's up..
And that Jack and (someone) guarenteeed they would not use Veto to take Erika off. So, Michelle, Erika up I think.

Jul 17 2003 20:02, Thu Knowledge_Seeker   Link
(Worried) Michele (after Jee methodically explains his detailed strategy to her) says to him: "This will make me stronger." NT

Jul 17 2003 20:05, Thu Phantom   Link
Jee insists that the vote against Erika will be unanimous.
He laid his life down for her to help her through this, he says. Mich actually apologizes to him. Everyone has her back. She was just the best fit to go up against Erika. He repeats that it was maybe worse for him to be put up. Ratbert comes in and lies on the bed beside Michelle so that he can better offer comfort.

Jul 17 2003 20:11, Thu bruhe   Link
switched feeds to see dana comfort michelle.. but dana is only talking about food. NT

Jul 17 2003 20:12, Thu Phantom   Link
Mich says that Erika knows she is going and has already said so to her.
The rest of the house sits down to eat, at least the rest that are allowed to eat. The PB&J crew are keeping a low profile, it seems. Ratbert leaves the HOH, but Mich lingers to talk to Jee some more. Dana is there, resting her arms on the nomination box. All seems calm, and Erika seems as friendly and outgoing as I've seen her. I don't know if she has been kept informed on the progress, but either way, she is handling things with class. Mich and Dana leave the HOH to sit in the hall and talk. Mich is still not recovered. Ratbert & Nat talk in the yard about not being able to eat. They trash Dana.

Jul 17 2003 20:21, Thu bruhe   Link
FOTH explanation from earlier...
jee said that the nomination box wasnt working right.. the keys were not going in correctly or something (user error?) and the BB people said they had technical difficulties... and the other HGs had to wait outside forever .
that is pretty rich lol

Jul 17 2003 20:24, Thu bruhe   Link
the food comp. winners are eating (all 4 feeds) and talking about the comp and food. nothing interesting really... NT

Jul 17 2003 20:26, Thu bruhe   Link
justin critiques michelles food comp technique... others are more PC about it. NT

Jul 17 2003 20:27, Thu bruhe   Link
talk now of how gross the casseroles were and, previously, laughing that nathan would eat it after they handled, chewed, drooled, etc NT

Jul 17 2003 20:33, Thu bruhe   Link
jee, again, says its so hard being hoh.....
justin says yeah it was a hard day for us all. its hard not to be hoh.
then he offers to clean dishes, telling jun he will clean. jack offers to help too
jee asks if he should have a meeting about cleaing and chores and keeping the house cleaner.
now talk about the shower and bathroom and how gross it is. justin freaks about the hair in the drain.
jun says, wipe it down after you wash your hair and jee says "well i dont have much hair anymore" lol
more shedding talk.
jack asks if jee runs a tight ship at home. jee says he tries his best. justin asks jun for clarification. she of course laying low denys comment. she says i really dont remember and jee says dont B.S. lol they all laugh
now justin asks about beer lol meaning do they get the same ammt of beer they got for the whole house now that half of them only get pbj and water, tea and coffee.

Jul 17 2003 20:38, Thu bruhe   Link
dinner finishes up and theres the clatter of plates and small talk....
and then the feeds switch (all four) to outside where we see robert in the orange chair in the grass and nathan in the hammock (same places they were in about 30 minutes ago)
very little talking. quite a lot of thinking. i smell wood burning, so i know nathan is busy figuring things out.

Jul 17 2003 20:40, Thu bruhe   Link
by the way... as i watch the updates, i see ZERO sign of david at all. NT

Jul 17 2003 20:46, Thu bruhe   Link
keeping it clean here, ali, jun and dana talk about sharing "cycles" eww lol poor men NT

Jul 17 2003 21:01, Thu Peachy720   Link
Jun just told Robert about the "POV plan!!"
Sorry guys, still trying to figure out how you guys can remember whole conversations.

Jun was giving RatBastard a manicure. He was actually praising his ex, Erika on taking the nomination well. Jun replies "That's because she's pretty confident that she's not leaving." "Who?!" RatBastard asked in disbelief. Jun confides that the plan is for one of the Original 8 to win the POV and make Jee put someone else up.

**trying best to leave any personal comments on this one**

Jul 17 2003 21:11, Thu bruhe   Link
all 4 feeds on michelle and dana in the sandlot. D whines about food, and M looks at her with the evil eye NT

Jul 17 2003 21:20, Thu bruhe   Link
jun doing nathans manacure saying...
i cant believe dana going from so cool to so..... like scott. getting in everyone's faces..
talk about how dana seems to need to chill and not barge into every situation in the house.
audio goes to hot tub with robert and michelle. shes working the bod as Jee is called to the DR
audio at HT bad.. switching feed..

Jul 17 2003 21:27, Thu mrsb   Link
Dv, Rob, Mi hanging out in the hot tub! Little/No conversation NT

Jul 17 2003 21:31, Thu mrsb   Link
Feeds switch to Ali, Nat, Jun in BY
Mocking and joking about Mi's conversation in the hot tub

Talking about their positions (keys) in the nomination box. Jun was last and didn't like having to sweat. Ali was first and Nat was third.

Ali is bored and they decide to tye-dye the shirts they were given a few days ago.

Jul 17 2003 21:35, Thu mrsb   Link
All feeds on Jun giving Nat a manicure NT

Jul 17 2003 21:40, Thu bb4crazy   Link
HG getting ready to tye dye tshirts...Al and Er setting the whole thing up for everyone NT

Jul 17 2003 21:40, Thu mrsb   Link
Ali, Jun, Er, Jus, Dv & Jac are tye-dyeing in the BY. NT

Jul 17 2003 21:42, Thu Phantom   Link
Ali reads the directions on how to tie-dye and sends Erika off to get 2 gal of hot water.
Then it seems like Ali changed her mind and wanted to take a little HT. Jun finishes Nat's nails (foot nails) and tells him he has to let them dry before going into the HT. Nat goes to his room to change and finds Dana in bed. She is not feeling well and says that she "passed out a little bit there." Nat carries on regardless of his shared pain. Back in the yard, Ali has returned and a bunch are sorting boys and girls T-shirts to tie-dye. Jun, Erika, Jack, Ali, Dave and maybe some others. They are having trouble with the sizes. "Try it on, put it on your body," says Erica to Dave after his whining about not being sure about the size of his. More fun ensues, but I will post this so that you have something to tide you over.

Jul 17 2003 21:54, Thu Phantom   Link
Erika is actually more animated and talkative than I've ever seen her.
She goes over to the wringer to wring out some of the water in her T and talks to Justin. She says to him, "See, you nominated me and I'm still talking to you." "What?!", says he. "I'm just joking with you," she replies. Erica then observes that the wringer works quite well.

Michelle, Nat and someone that might be Ratbert are in the HT, but the one view is not close enough to tell.

Tie-dye continues and seems to require a lot of concentration. They have 2 buckets of water with stuff in them and they have to soak their shirt-balls for 20 minutes. There is discussion of whether to put the dye in yet, and they seem to agree that the process requires the soda ash soak first. They also discuss how to twist the shirt-balls in order to get different designs. Who said that they never talk about anything but the game? Shirts are pre-soaking now, and everyone thinks it is safe to go inside while they wait. Actually, they go to the kitchen to mix the dyes and have a lively discussion about colours. Dana is apparently over her attack of the vapours and is now able to participate and help read the instructions. What a trooper.

Jul 17 2003 21:58, Thu mrsb   Link
Jun tells Da that Nat (?) said he's had about enough of her
Da is really p*ssed off about this and she goes on and on about how it takes nerve to say that and how she'll get him next week. She asks Jun to tell her why he would say that.

Jun tries to calm Da by saying that Nat is just tired and hungry

Da is tired of everyone kissing up to Nat and she thinks it takes balls for Nat to say that and it was even worse to say it to Jun.

Da thinks it's because she asked him what his problem was earlier in the BR

Jus comes in and convo stops... posting...

Jul 17 2003 22:01, Thu mrsb   Link
Ali asked Jun if Da hates her, Jun tells Da
Da says no, but says you shouldn't ask questions like that if you don't really care about the answer

Ali comes inside

Jul 17 2003 22:05, Thu Phantom   Link
It is Ratbert in the tub, sitting across from Nat and Michelle.
Ali comes over to give Nat the direction sheet and apparently ask him for his interpretation. I don't have sound for that feed, so I can't be sure of that, so, please forgive my if I have misled you on that critical matter.

Jun and Dana talk in the kitchen. Jun shares with Dana that someone, Nat I think, has said that he's fed up and has had enough of Dana. She is not amused. "He's got balls the size of elephant nuts." "Haven't I done enough for that kid." God, he's making my skin crawl." She will get HOH next week and show him. Justin comes in and Dana eats quietly. Apparently, Ali asked Dana if she hated her. She shouldn't ask if she doesn't want to know that answer. (I admit that I didn't follow that part, so I may have it wrong). Dana is still upset about Nat's comments and my not be making her usual logical sense.

Erika reads the instructions, Jack sits and waits for his shirt, Ali washes up and people hang out in the kitchen. F1 & 2 switch to the HOH where Justin and Jee crack a beer to celebrate their hopped for victory. Nothing much to relate here. They are relaxed, dumb and happy tonight.

Jul 17 2003 22:05, Thu mrsb   Link
Jus and Jee in HOH
Drinking (beer) in congratulations to Jee's win.

"From the ghetto to the penthouse" says Jee.

Jee says he could see out the window through one of the curtains and he saw the outside and people milling around.

Jus talks about cameramen coming in when he was ironing.

Jus and Jee suggest making the HOH room soundproof. Saying that it would be such a great perk.

Jee and Jus comparing stories of cool rooms they have stayed in.


Jul 17 2003 22:08, Thu ElBarto   Link
Er called Jee a puppet in the DR NT

Jul 17 2003 22:10, Thu mrsb   Link
Feed switches to Ja and Er whispering in BY
Er thinks that it's a flaw for them to go after her because it ignores the threat that Ja and Dv pose. She thinks that even if she doesn't go, they will still focus on her.

Ali comes out with a tye-dye update

Er understands if Ja has to turn on her in order to help his own game. She says she won't have any hard feelings and Jack says he really appreciates her saying that. He still says he and Dv will have her back no matter what.

Ja would really like to see Er get the veto. Ja thinks that if Er or Mi use the veto then Jee will put up Da.

Lull in coversation... posting...

Jul 17 2003 22:16, Thu mrsb   Link
Er thinks there was a mix-up with the food comp
She thinks that the bowls were in the wrong order and that's why she struggled so badly. Says that they the game was still fair because the bowls were wrong for both teams.

Jul 17 2003 22:17, Thu Phantom   Link
Erika and Jack talk in the yard. Erika seems happy.
Jack is updating her on the events of the day and the deals. Jack still thinks that he did not technically make a deal to actually vote against Erika; only to not put them up next week. Erika says that she made fun of Jee in the DR and called him a puppet. Jun comes out to announce "7 and minutes" All are excited that it is almost Tie-dye time.

"I will understand if you have to do what you have to do" says Erika to Jack. "I appreciate that," says Jack. He insists that he and Dave will cover her back, but falls short of saying that they will vote against Michelle. Erika asks who will go up if she gets veto. Jack reports that Dave is pretty certain that it will be Dana. Quiet time.

"Nathan is a very good player" says Erika out of nowhere. Jack agrees. He says that Nat is sticking with the original plan (and the original alliance). Erika says that she might not be physically challenging, but she knows this game. She is trashing the stupidity of the Unholy Alliance's plan to go after her. It is bad game play she thinks.

They rehash the food challenge and Erika is convinced that BB made a mistake and that they each had the food that BB said the other had. Some one comes out to mock attack Erika but I missed who. They go off camera and then Ali announces that it is TIE-DYE TIME.

Jul 17 2003 22:19, Thu mrsb   Link
Ali, Er, Ja, Jee, and Jus back to tye-dyeing NT

Jul 17 2003 22:21, Thu ElBarto   Link
Ju says it is too much work, now he is called to DR NT

Jul 17 2003 22:24, Thu ElBarto   Link
Jee asked if red & blue makes green and Ali (?) said yes, LOL NT

Jul 17 2003 22:26, Thu ElBarto   Link
More close ups of Mi in the hot tub NT

Jul 17 2003 22:47, Thu Phantom   Link
After a potty break, mine, not theirs, I come back to find that
nothing much has changed. Jun is working on a green blob on a plastic sheet on the lawn, and Ali is working on a green and purple blob. Nat and Mich leave the HT and look on briefly, but the blobs fail to hold their interests, not even Michelle's. Jee is also working on a blob of some sort that looks like it has black and white stripes. Erika, Jack and Dana must have already finished their blobs and put them away in their protective bags. Jun's blob looks totally purple at the moment. Erika dumps the residue of her worksheet on the grass and cleans it off with a paper towel. Ali has managed to cover much of her legs in dye. She seems upset and amused by that. They are all joking around, even with Jee. Erika now seems to be cleaning another plastic worksheet. Overwhelmed with the excitement, Dana excuses herself to go make a cup of tea. Jee's blob now looks like a purple sausage. I am at a loss to explain where his lines went to. They discuss whether or not Ratbert is going to make one. "He wants a shirt but he doesn't want to make one. It doesn't work like that," says Ali Jee offers to make one for him.

"NATHAN, PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE" says BB. Wow, that was not a recording says someone. A bit later I hear Nat say, "can I get a please?"

Jul 17 2003 22:48, Thu Peachy720   Link
Js asked Je if he wanted to knock back some beers before HT time, and Je said, "hell YEAH!" Dn gave MAJOR dagger eyes! Bwah! NT

Jul 17 2003 23:00, Thu Peachy720   Link
Alison leading Jun through abs class on all 4 feeds... NT

Jul 18 2003 00:03, Fri Phantom   Link
Jee and Justin get ready to get in the HT, but Justin says to wait because he wants to make a shirt for him'.
(I presume for Ratbert, although Jee said he would do it) Ratbert & Dana lay on the hammock. She says for him not to tell Justin something. "I tell you a lot that I don't tell anyone else," she says. Dana says that she gets most of her ***** from someone because everyone talks to her (Alison?). All feeds are on 2 views of Dana and Ratbert. Tie-dying is looking pretty good now, isn't it? There is yelling back and forth between the hammock and the group making the T-shirt. Ali and Justin are apparently boxing. I see Justin come into frame from time to time with gloves on, and the comments suggest that they want Ali to imitate Rocky. Ali says that she is good at talking until she figures out what her strategy is. She IS talking a good fight.
Feeds switch to the kitchen where Jun is talking to Michelle. All 4 feeds. Michelle says that Jee let it slip that the guys have an alliance because he said that he can't let them down. Michelle relates that Dana is upset with someone, We can't trust her. Jun isn't saying much, just letting Mich talk. Jun agrees that the house plan is to get veto to save Mich and put Dana up. Mich seems half surprised, but happy, to have this confirmed. Mich doesn't think it would be so bad to keep Erika another week. She is not a threat to us. Jun is quietly pumping Mich for info. She asks "what does Nat think" and just lets Mich talk. Mostly trashing Dana. Jun is not really being sympathetic, just chatting. Jun is preparing food throughout all this. I think she is putting stuff away for later. Bitching about Dana seems to have soothed Mich and she is sounding a little less pouty. Jack passes through and Mich asks him about the team name on his shirt. Jun goes to the bathroom and tells Mich to stay there, she'll be right back. Defiant little girl that she is, Michelle gets up to put on some lipstick and is back in her chair before Jun returns. Even with the fresh coat of lipstick, she does not look like a happy hamster.

Jul 18 2003 00:04, Fri Phantom   Link
Back to the yard. Nat has on the gloves and is fighting Ali.
Ali takes a break to have Dana adjust her hair for her. Ali lands a good kick to Nat's side, but is otherwise acting defencive. Nat says that this is boxing, no kicking allowed. Ali says what and puts her hands down and Nat nails her. There is a flurry of swings from Ali, but nothing much lands. Later, Ali lands another kick or 2 and explains to Nat that she can kick but he can't. They quit the fight finally and Ali goes in briefly to blow her nose and speak to Jun (who is now painting her nails).

F1 & 2 are still Dana and Ratbert in the hammock, while F3 & 4 are of the dining room with Jun, Michelle, and Ali pacing back and forth. Ali is patting her cheek with a Kleenex, but when questioned by Nat, it turns out that it is because she popped a pimple, not because of a hit by him. Jun says, "every girl will probably be on her period 6 or 7 times while we're here." I don't know the context of that statement, but it is a very scary thought. Jun is not going to go to Vegas with them after the show. Ali and Mich are in, and one other girl, but even the promise of shopping doesn't tempt Jun.

Jul 18 2003 00:04, Fri Phantom   Link
Justin takes a cold shower in the yard then gets back in the HT
(or maybe he took a shower before getting in. I just got here with the feeds). Jee is in the tub and Ratbert sits on a chair on the side of the tub like Scott used to do. The blondes practice a dance routine in the kitchen and Erika passes through to visit. Somewhere in the yard, Jack can be heard talking and laughing with someone. They seem to be having much more fun than me.

There is discussion in the HT of passports and what is needed. Someone, they say, will take care of that. They yell to Nat and ask if he has his passport. He replies that he brought the stuff for one, but doesn't have one. The suggestion to me is that BB wants them to have passports for the sequester period, and that BB is taking care of getting them the passports if they don't already have them. Sequestration may not be too bad. Ratbert guarantees that they will get laid there, and you know how reliable he is.

Ali and Erika join the boys in the HT. Ali pops a tab and settles in for a good soak. Michelle cleans her face in the bathroom, and is supervised by 2 cameras. The other 6 hamsters do not require supervision at this time. Wait, I was wrong. Most of the rest are in the patio, and are now under surveillance by BB and us. This is getting very long, but the board she is broke, so I will just keep typing. I must remember to break this up into bite sized pieces to make it more digestible and to pad my post count.

Jul 18 2003 00:09, Fri Phantom   Link
Harmless chat about travel going on in the HT.
There might be a wonderful debate going on in the patio, but Ratbert and Dana are there, and the wet bikinis are here, so, No-Brainer. Erika talks of how beautiful the Caribbean is. Justin agrees and continues the gorgeous description. Jee cautions about the dangers of the coral reefs. Buzz kill.
Erika lives literally about 5 minutes from either the house or the hotel where she was sequestered. They talk of wanting a phone call for reassurance from loved ones back home.

Sudden quiet as all feeds go into the house to look at an empty dining room and Nat in the bathroom. "So," Jun says to Nat, Michelle knows a lot." He asks what and she says about Jee and Ratbert and Justin putting up Dana in case of a POV. "Oh, ya, they told her." Jun seems disappointed by that and wonders why. Nat says that they all want Dana gone this week and he will work to get Mich off the block.

Nat goes into the back bedroom and acts angry with Mich for going to bed without him. They kibitz a bit and get under the covers together. They talk of being bored and hungry and of how being bored makes the being hungry worse. Misery loves company, it is said. Nat and Michelle are in love. The PB&J is taking it's toll. They conclude that things would be so much more fun if they weren't hungry and bored. What really sucks is that the others will be drinking and up late all night. That is just so unfair.

Jul 18 2003 00:13, Fri Phantom   Link
Ali has a blue elephant. She came into the bathroom to find it hanging from the ceiling over the bathtub by one of her bras.
I think it was Nat who did it, at least Ali seems to think so. She takes the elephant into the back bedroom and tells him to keep it.

Jul 18 2003 00:20, Fri ktan   Link
In LR, Jun reads from rulebook: "Under no circumstances is the HOH to inform who will be nominated." before feed cuts to HT. She informs Jee. NT

Jul 18 2003 00:22, Fri Phantom   Link
Ali must have realized that it was Justin who hanged her elephant.
While he is taking a shower, she sneaks in and dumps a pitcher of ice water on him. Erika comes out of the w/c and is caught in the cross fire as Justin throws ice cubes and the pitcher across the room. Ali goes in, and after insisting that he hold up both hands, she retrieves the pitcher and some cubes and returns to the kitchen. I guess when she gave Nat the elephant, it was for safe keeping.

Jun is in the LR reading the BB rules. She reads that "under no circumstances is the HOH to inform a HG that they are to be nominated." She questions what that is about, and all feeds switch to the HT where Jack is talking to Jee. After a while, Jun comes out to ask Jee about that and says that she didn't want him to get into trouble. He says that he just said he was thinking about nominating Michelle.

Jul 18 2003 00:29, Fri Phantom   Link
Jun finds a section in the rules about baiting and asks Ratbert about that.
He says it's like "cumon mofo, hit me, cumon." She says, just like that, what about what you were doing with Scott? The feeds all switch to the bathroom. There is a brief scuffle between Justin and Ali as he tries to get even with her and we hear Jun being called to the DR. Coincidence, or is she going to be asked to stop questioning the rules? Ali cleans up the bathroom after the scuffle.