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Jul 18 2003 01:03, Fri Watch It   Link
Rob told Jee that Jun knows about the plan to evict Dana
Jee was in HOH recapping his convo with Jack, saying that he told Jack "I heard you talked with Justin, just stick with the plan," saying he told him the same stuff - you won't get nommed as long as you don't use it, maybe down the road we can't work something else out...
After, Robert tells him Jun came up to him, told him out of the blue that she knew about the plan to veto Michelle and put up Dana. Jee can't believe that Jun knows. Robert said he told her it wasn't likely, that Jee was honoring his word (to Dana). Jee is very upset, they both want to know where the leak came from. Jee thinks it might be Alison, who else could it be? He says Alison better stop doing that, and he's going to have to talk to Justin to see what he knows. He leaves the room.

Jul 18 2003 01:10, Fri Watch It ParentRootLink
Jee also said "that's why I told them all not to tell Jun!" NT

Jul 18 2003 01:08, Fri Watch It   Link
Jun told Dana she might be going up
Dana and Jun were in kitchen talking about how no one tells them much, and whispering over the sound of water running and Jun cleaning, so it's VERY hard to hear, but it sounds like Jun told Dana about her conversation with Robert. She said "he" asked, where'd you hear that, and she told him that Michelle mentioned something about not going up on the block and Dana going up instead. She said "he" told her it's not going to happen. She tells Dana that she doesn't know whether he agreed with it or not. Dana answered, too quiet to hear them, but Dana's look was priceless.

Jul 18 2003 01:08, Fri Phantom   Link
Jun tells Dana about hearing that there was a plot by some to veto one of the Nominees and put up Dana.
She says that she asked one of the HOH boys about that and was told absolutely not. Dana is not getting as angry about it as you might expect, so perhaps she is starting to get the message that she is in trouble and needs to cool it. I came in late, and I missed some more when the feeds rotated again. The convo started with some whispered warnings to Dana about how she was being perceived by some as intrusive and combative, so Jun may have set her up to take it well

Jul 18 2003 01:29, Fri Phantom   Link
Jack and Erika talk in the Sand Box.
Jack is updating her on the events and deals of the day. He tells her that both Dave and he have accepted the deal and she says "Of course" If they put me up with you or Dave, we would really have been screwed up. Jack is saying that he doesn't want to make Dana their Erika (that is, for them to concentrate on getting Dana to the exclusion of other goals). He says that of course, he will not vote against her. Nat has said that he has no deal with the Unholy Alliance, but that is unclear. Nat is the one that found out that Dana was the designated target in case of a veto. Nat, Ali & Jun are in on their deal, he says.

Nat has asked Jack to break his deal to not nominate if he gets HOH next week and put up 2 of the 3 in the Unholy Alliance. Jack says that he will have to think about that, but that that is exactly what they asked Nat to do last week and he wouldn't do it. "I'll be marked if I break my word, so I'll have to think about that." Erika sort of tries to say that he is off the hook with that because he already had a prior alliance with his group. Erika thinks that the girls really want to get rid of Dana, whereas she wants to break up Justin and Ratbert. Jack doesn't want to be the first one to put up one of the original 8. This sounds exactly like I thought: that the Jack, Erika & Dave alliance is really solid, and that Nat is almost a trusted member.

Erika turns to the camera and says "please don't make Duck Ball the veto challenge. I can't throw ducks."

Jul 18 2003 01:34, Fri Jokerette   Link
Dana, Jee, Robert... Dana mad
Da: I left all those guys and joined you, you better not phvck me (to Ro)
Ro: i would never.. because other people talk sh1t there's nothing..
Da: for some reason they feel the need to come after me
Ro: We need to get Er out. She's gone. Why are you worried?
Da is all worried, pissed. talking fast. "Nbody can speak for anyone else.." Ro tells her no one will touch the veto.

Jee and Ro say everyone together on this. Dana knows something is up, she's really tense. She tells Ro she doesn't think it's him, but she never lets things sit if she hears something. This is why she went to them. They are scared of her.

Jul 18 2003 01:39, Fri Jokerette   Link
Dana still going off...
Da says she'll always ask. Ro says he's heard stuff all day. She says she phvucked up their whole program.. and someone knocks on door. Justin in HoH now.

Ju saying he's had 4 beers and is good to go. Robert trying to mellow Dana out, she says she's gonna choke someone oever the veto. The other two say they're gonna get the veto. She says she's worried RObert will put her up in Veto.

Robert says he and Justin both heard they'd be up in veto. She says David's the one who will put her up, and she warns the other two. Ro says he can't control anyone else.

Dana wants Jack out, she says. Or Dave. She'd put them up if HoH. She says she's crazy right now, but would go to 'you guys'. She says "I'm the kind of thinker I'll get you before you get me."

Jul 18 2003 01:42, Fri Phantom   Link
Feeds switch to the HOH where Dana is confronting Ratbert and Jee about what is going on.
Ratbert tries to deflect things and ask her what she thinks is going on. Dana busts them on the story of her being the designated alternate. They say no, that is not and never was the plan from them. Someone is spreading stories. That Jun asked them about the rumour, but it didn't come from them. They want to know where she heard it from. Ratbert is the one doing all the talking and is getting twitchy. Dana says that she has cut her ties to the other alliances to come with them and will be very upset if they screw her around. She is calm and controlled.

The feeds rotate again and when I catch up to the HOH again, Justin is there agreeing with the others and is rubbing her back. Dana jumps up to look out the door and make small talk with Ali on the couch. Then back to the room and the merry-go-round continues. She says that she is hearing it from Dave. They start to talk about who each would want to put up if they got HOH. Dana wants Jack in the biggest way. Possibly Dave but especially Jack. Earlier she said that as long as she lasted longer than Jack she would be happy. Now that she has been reassured and calmed, she is starting to talk more aggressively.

They talk that their plan is almost complete: Scott, Amanda, Jack & Erika. They already have out Scott and Amanda. Erika goes this week and that only leaves one more week to go.

Jul 18 2003 01:59, Fri Phantom   Link
Ratbert is saying that putting up Erika has nothing to do with him.
If he hadn't been here she would be in exactly the same position. This after he just said that he told Erika that he was after her and wanted her out. Jee supports his story though. Dana talking about just wanting to have fun and not all this drama. She wants to get out the people who stand in the way of her fun, but that's it. Jee talks of how tired he is and the beers kicking in. Dana takes the hint and after a lot of chit chat, she leaves.

Ratbert doesn't care what she thinks of them. Jee & Justin seem to think that she trusts them. Ratbert saying that they can't be heard from outside, the door is too thick. They think that Nat told the story about Dana being the designated Nominee. Jee is PO'd and questioning his trust of Nat. Ratbert is up on his feet gesturing and scratching and twitching and sniffing. Jee is saying that if they had just stuck to his plan, this wouldn't have happened. Somebody talked and got her going. Ratbert believes that Dana bought the story and is taking the credit for calming her down. Dana is talking to Jun on the couch. Once again, the 3 are meeting in private in the HOH for an extended meeting. They say that they hope she does get HOH next week: she will stir ***** up.
Feed switches to the LR where Dana is telling Jun the same story that she just told about herself; that they just want to have fun and make it to the party in sequester and that's all. Jun isn't buying it all, but she is not pressing.

Jul 18 2003 02:48, Fri Watch It ParentRootLink
No, Dana was telling Jun what she (Dana) told the Xs
She was discussing strategy with Jun, they've been talking tonight about what Dana should say to others, and Jun was telling Dana exactly what to say. Dana's strategy from this point on tonight is straight from Jun's mouth. Jun told her that she should approach it, and say "no one's telling me anything, I don't know how to vote.."
I didn't hear how they worked out to give two different answers to where they heard it, but it's clever - Dana told the three that Dave is the one going around spreading tales, Jun told Jee that Dana overheard from something Michelle said. Earlier, Jun told Michelle that Dave was the one going around telling people to veto Michelle so that Dana would be put up.
Jee looks about ready to have a meltdown.

Jul 18 2003 02:21, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Ja, Js, Er, Al in kitchen
Al asks if they always get up this early?

Ja says at home he goes to bed at mid, up at 5. Er says they hear anyone walk around, and they get up. All are having Ice Cream.

Ju walks in, looks upset. Al asks what's wrong, Ju says nothing. Says they (DR?) asked what it was like for her name to come out of the box last

Js talking about how iron does the fighting in your immune system. Talking about vitamins, and that if he (Na?) is so dependent on meat, he needs a lot more iron.

Al says he's complaining about meat. Js says he's being a bit of a baby ( must be talking bout Na)

Jul 18 2003 02:25, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Dn joins the room, told she can have some tea
they are discussing that you can tell who is up by the sounds. They have distinctive sounds, so you can hear Ju in the BR and Al is a very fast walker, even barefoot, so you can tell.

Al worries that her mom is watching her up late nite eating ice cream.

Lovely closeup of Al washing her face

Je now up, asks if they can't sleep. Told they were asleep, but now they are up.

Al now pours big glass of milk.

Je and Js heat to the BY

Al asks Ja if he's watching. Ja says Oh yeah

Jul 18 2003 02:28, Fri Phantom   Link
Jun enters the HOH and is told "Don't you knock?" by Jee.
"What the F are you going to do?" asks Jun. There is a bit more.

"You don't ask me questions like that."

"Are you going to stick to Justin and Ratbert, or do you have some other plan."

Jun is questioned about Dana's knowledge of the plan, and Jun quickly blames Michelle for talking about that. Later on, I think that she said that Mich was talking to someone about it and someone was around the corner and heard it (Dana around the corner?) Further discussion of Dana's paranoia and how much she is disrupting things. BTW, it is not paranoia if people really are out to get you.

"Control the girls (that's your job)"

Jee says that he has Jack and Dave lined up and Jun says, matter-of -factly, they aren't going to do that. That angers Jee further because his plan is so tight. There is some discussion of what they will say to cover her being in there and never come to an agreement.

Jee says, "next time knock"

"Oh, f you." June leaves.

Some of the anger was real and some was the playful anger of Ex's who know each other too well. It's not clear to me how much of an allignment they had going on, but I get the feeling that Jun left the room as much less of a supporter than when she entered. She seemed disgusted at his naiveté

Jul 18 2003 03:04, Fri Watch It ParentRootLink
Jun and Jee
Yes, Jun did say that Michelle was talking and Dana came around the corner and overheard. She also said that Michelle was saying something about Justin and Robert at that point - didn't quite catch it.

Also, Jun was about to leave early on in the conversation, and Jee pointed to the ground in front of him and said, "Get over here."

Jul 18 2003 03:08, Fri JulieH ParentRootLink
Jee's tone with Jun was entirely different than any has used with anyone else in the house. Much more to the point, quite hostle and no BS. NT

Jul 18 2003 07:37, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
Re: Jun and Jee

Yes, Jun did say that Michelle was talking and Dana came around the corner and overheard. She also said that Michelle was saying something about Justin and Robert at that point - didn't quite catch it.

Also, Jun was about to leave early on in the conversation, and Jee pointed to the ground in front of him and said, "Get over here."

I don't recall that being said. He was basically offering her some candy he had in the room.

Jul 18 2003 02:31, Fri Watch It   Link
Erika and Jack discuss strategy before Dana goes into HOH...
Jack recaps with Erika his convo with Jee. They are both relieved that two of them didn&#8217;t go up, and express amazement the others are so stupid not to do that. Erika again saying how enraged robert is about going after her they&#8217;ve lost sight of all the other players.

Jack says Nate will exercise veto, Erika says she figures Dave would use it, if Alison or Michelle get it they&#8217;d take Michelle off.. they figure there are 6 who might use veto. Jack isn&#8217;t sure of it, doesnt want to screw things with Dana, and they&#8217;re so focused on getting Erika out that they&#8217;ve lost sight of everyone else.

Jack catches her up, says Jee told him he hadn&#8217;t approached Nate with a deal, though he knows Nate had talked with them about it. Nate doesn&#8217;t have any deals with them at all. Jack doesn&#8217;t think he committed to anything, but they can just...

Erika, I guess they just assumed he would vote me out.

Jack, he might have nodded his head or something, just blew them off ... I have to get with him tomorrow and tell him about my convo with Jee. Jee said it can&#8217;t go beyond them.

Erika, how would Justin and Robert feel if it happens?

Jack was talking with Nate who picked it up from living over there, Nate told him Robert did not want to keep Dana in the house. "It seemed on pure observation alone that it seemed not to be right. They do want Dana out but not as much as Robert wants YOU out, so that&#8217;s the reason for the order." Names some names.. "you have the votes, but we have to get the veto. Nate&#8217;s asking me to break my word on the nom&#8217;s if I get HOH next week, to nom them. That&#8217;s going to take some.. he asked me point blank, and I said I&#8217;d have to think about it, like he did. "

Erika, but still your alliance trusts you, the 8 trusts you. I guess I&#8217;m just trying to justify

Jack, If I get it, I have to put up or shut up, I have to do what I asked Nathan to do and he didn&#8217;t want to do.

Erika, it&#8217;s very machiavellian

Er, it&#8217;s a game

Jack, It is, if I break my word and nom Justin and Robert and one of the three gets veto&#8217;d they&#8217;ll take Justin off and I&#8217;ll have to nom someone else and that&#8217;s a pain in the a**, because by then Michelle will be gone.

Erika, what are th odds of jee getting it, that&#8217;s 1 in 7

Jack, right

E, well, they could all go for the veto, but he could only take one of them off. jee has to get it, one person has to get it (so jee wasn&#8217;t eligible for nom)

J, I&#8217;ll be marked if I break my word, it&#8217;ll be a tough decision but I&#8217;ll have to break it if the time comes.. that&#8217;s the biggest promise in this house, that you can&#8217;t nom someone.

Er, but you can&#8217;t promise to not nom three people you aren&#8217;t aligned against.

J, yeah, I&#8217;m already committed.

J, have you talked to Jun today, so she&#8217;s fine with it?

Er, I think so.. my focus is still.. Justin / Robert, breaking up that.

J, me too, and if Nathan gets HOH next week he&#8217;ll put them both up.

J, you know we&#8217;re quickly running out of bodies. I don&#8217;t want to be the first one in the alliance to have to nom one of us. It could happen... it won&#8217;t happen cuz there&#8217;s still three of them left and I&#8217;ll put the other one up, but it&#8217;ll happen before too long, we&#8217;ll have to make an agreement between ourselves on a decoy, and you know the history of decoys.

(Ed: Erika can&#8217;t add! she keeps saying the vote would be 3-4 if Dana voted with Justin / Robert - there are 8 people voting)

J thinks she&#8217;s not getting enough support to justify voting with them, she&#8217;s probably pretty scared right now

Er says she&#8217;s so thankful they didn&#8217;t put J or Dave up.. she can&#8217;t believe they didn&#8217;t, they really screwed up

J, they thought they could make a deal, and they did .. as Jee said, we&#8217;ll turn this thing around, become strong in the house

Er, they really underestimated the power of the original alliance.. says it&#8217;s good she and Nate don&#8217;t really interact.. Dave and Nate don&#8217;t interact... whenever she shows up (Nate? Dave) says I&#8217;m leaving, don&#8217;t take it personal.... I much prefer he does

Er, interesting game

Ja, yeah

They discuss whether duckball will be the veto and don&#8217;t think so. It&#8217;s too frivolous, thought Jack says they&#8217;re all getting good at it. They say it started last year with Marcellas who brought the three ducks.

Jack says he keeps saying he&#8217;ll go to dormitory and camp out for hours, but he just can&#8217;t do it any more. Erika agrees, it&#8217;s too frivolous (or something) They say they think Nate and Michelle are sleeping now anyway. Camera follows Jack as he walks to WC.

Jul 18 2003 02:36, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Er asks who's outside
Al says Js, Je, Dn. Er says funny how Dn never consoled her for being nominated. They talk about how they don't like Dn.

Ja wonders why Je is talking to Dn like he is. Al says Ju told her she might be up if Er gets veto. Al would never do that (ED HAH)

Dn walks back in. Others let out a little sigh. Dn says she doens't think she will be able to sleep. Al recommends an Advil, Dn says she doesn't take pills unless it's a dire emergency. Er asks if she's a scientologist, then says, no i mean Christ Science? Dn says no

Feed switches to outside

Je says that water feels good, huh? DV i think says it's warm, like the ocean. Je mentions Fl has warm water. Dv discusses Laguna Beach. Mentions that CA water is cold.

feed back in kitchen

Dn and Er say they like their homes. Say the house is dreadful. Er says esp when you're living here with your ex. They are saying it wouldn't be so bad to leave. Er says it wouldn't be so bad, she has no control.

Ja says we can all go home to better things. That this is a chance to do something you'd never do, but if you go, you wind up in a better situation.

Dn and Er thinking better to go now, than to wind up being sequestered.

Er now talking about feeling bad for Mi being a pawn. But it's part of the game. Dn and Er feel that she's way too young for this game. Say it's more difficult for her, not having as much experience.

Wonder now if Ju went back to bed. Ja thinks she's on the couch, doesn't see her. Think she's back in bed.

Dn now examining her breasts, since the ice cream is making her gain weight. Er says they have Lite Ice Cream, Ja says lite ice cream is like Jumbo shrimp, an oxymoron.

Er talking bout food comp, and she knew she was eating liver, she's eaten it before, and she wasn't eating oyster.

back to the BY, so post

Jul 18 2003 02:41, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Seems Rb is also outside
threatens to throw Ali in pool. Ali saves herself by saying it's bad for the mid. "didn't you read the rules??"

Rb thanks Je for being the last key. They tell him Ju was last, and ask Je if he did it on purpose. Je says "of course"

Je singing some kiddie song. Rb tells him what the song is. They discuss the lyrics (something like Rabbit Rabbit where are you going)

Je joking Ali is threatening her, and he thinks she needs to go. They all laugh about it, then


return quickly. Ja outside now. Says to Dv nice to see ya in the pool. Dv jokes he's catching rays. They say they all slept too much yesterday, so they are awake.

Al now practicing DuckBall.

Lots of people talking at once now.

Dv wants the pool filled with ice. Je says he hates cold.

Ali starts to sing "you are my sunshine" and catches herself. Hates that she isn't allowed to sing.

Jul 18 2003 02:44, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Questions about why they have all the windows they can't even open.
Je says cause this is not a real house. the windows are so they can look in on them

Feed switches to Dn creeping around a dark bedroom, not sure what she is looking for. She walks out.

Back to the BY, al asks "am i a boy?" Je says he can't tell about her. Someone starts singing.

al back to DuckBall practice, wonders if the point is where it hits or where it stops. they explain it can bounce, as long as it hits the blue.

Jul 18 2003 02:51, Fri frustratedposter   Link
All awake HG now in the BY
talk about sleeping arrangements. Ali says she's not comfortable sleeping with a boy. Dn says she's not comf sleeping with an angry boy

Al is complimented on her DuckBall, she says it's ok, needs to be better

Dn says she smells something. Ali asks if it's poo. they think it's their tiedye shirts.

Dn heads to bed. Al says she can share Scotts bed with Ali if she wants. Er says if all going to bed, it's her cue. She heads in.

Al back to DuckBall. Dv heads to shower, says second he's in the shower, they will call him to DR

Ja and Dv watch ali practice. Dv sings Yankee Doodle.

Ja walks in house, says "don't forget your brown shirt" to Dv. Dv now playing with cams, calls them suckers

Dv joins Ali in DuckBall practice. Dv asks what's up. Al tells him Dn knows. (ed: i assume that she will be replacement nom if veto used.)

Dv syas Dn is nervous cause Er isn't scared being nominated

Dv and Al talking as they move back to duckball throw spot, but can only hear the cams moving. they are whispering.

Al says she didn't say anything to anyone. Al thinks they don't have the numbers to keep Er. (More talk i can't hear.)

Jul 18 2003 02:52, Fri frustratedposter   Link
the are wondering if girls and guys throw from same spot
and then FOTH

Jul 18 2003 02:57, Fri frustratedposter   Link
All but Dv and Al in house now. Js makes appearance, then goes back in
Dv and Al still practicing. says the game is hard

Al mumbles "don't f***ing trust me.

Rb comes out, asks if Ali is whooping Dvs ass. Al says Dv thinks girls are gonna shoot from over there.

Al decides to go brush her teeth.

Now just Dv and Rb outside. Dv still throwing.
Dv farts, says so what i fart, so does everyone else

feed switches to Sand Room

Ja and Er in there

Er wwonders if Dn will be the swing vote for her. Ja thinks that a terrifying thought. Dn always agrees with him when they talk.

Ja says Dv better vote the way she's supposed to, assuming she doesn't wind up on the block

Jul 18 2003 02:58, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Ja in mummy position.
Dv comes in the room. grabs a shirt, asks if he should leave the light off while he showers. Ja says whatever you want dave

Dv walks out

Jul 18 2003 02:59, Fri frustratedposter   Link
scan the feeds
F1 outside, far view
F2 closeup of duckball bucket
F3 Sand Room overview
F4 closeup of Ja

Jul 18 2003 03:06, Fri frustratedposter   Link
F3 bathroom shot
Dv in shower, can see Rb filling up condoms with water. Feeds are freezing up now... waiting

feed comes back to shot of Dv in shower, from the lower angle.

Js and Al in BR watching Dv shower. Dv calls for Rb. Seems Rb threw watercondom at Dv. Dv throws it back out. They tell Rb to put the thing on the sink. Instead he puts it in the trash.

Rb and Js now walk to BY, and asks Je why he is up. Say he's the one that said he would go to sleep.

They wonder what tomorrow will be. Think luxury, and wonder what they could get? Washing machine?

The Stooges now discussing sleeping arrangements. Wondering who is sleeping in who's bed with whom?

Je practicing DuckBall, says he's not accurate.

More bed talk. They think Na has his own bed. Dn and Mi in a bed, Ju and Al in a bed together.

All now say going to bed. and go inside

Jul 18 2003 03:06, Fri frustratedposter   Link
3 cams now on empty BY, one in kitchen, follows Je out to head to bed NT

Jul 18 2003 03:09, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Dn is up again, wandering around. Rb and Js in cot room
Rb getting his pillows set up

Je heads in to HOH room, which is still bright lit

two cams still on empty BY (F1 and F2)

f3 is Je in HOH, F4 has Dn sitting on Rb bed, chatting.

F3F4 trade

no audio, so gonna look for some

Jul 18 2003 03:13, Fri frustratedposter   Link
F3 Dn sitting on Rb bed talking to him
he looks thrilled

Js comes in and hugs Dn

whispering, hard to hear,

Dn falls off bed onto her ass. All laugh, Dn says she's fine

Js asks if Rb pushed her, he whines "NOOOO" Dn explains she slipped

Dn nows lays head to foot on Rb bed.

Dn points to cam, says this cam got me falling on my ass!

Js talking bout how he never considered Al a gf til they got in this house. says he told her didn't want a gf, she was cool with that. implies they were more F*** buds

Jul 18 2003 03:14, Fri frustratedposter   Link
back to quad, still F1F2 on empty BY, F3F4 in cot room, with long shot of DnRbJs and closeup of Dn NT

Jul 18 2003 03:17, Fri frustratedposter   Link
I'm forced back to F3 and have to listen to Dn
Al climbs in to far bed. Js accuses her of being BiPolar. Al says when i give you permission, you can speak to me.

Currently, it's Rb under covers, Dn on top of covers, head to toe in near bed, Js in mid bed, Al in far bed

Talking about the DR folx, how they can tell who is who by voices. Say big john is very distinct. they can tell kenny. Js wan't to talk to Robin

Jul 18 2003 03:24, Fri Watch It   Link
Jee and Alison
I didn't see Jee's conversation with Alison mentioned, I caught part of it when the feeds switched on me, so going to recap fast..
Jee was already talking when it started, telling Alison that Dana knows, that Jun is not stupid.. he was going on about how they were in the clear, he had it all planned out, that's why everyone should have done what they were told

Alison put her head face down in her hands like she can't believe it, and obviously was putting two and two together that Jun talked to Dana.

My feed broke up a bit, and Jee was still talking about how they have to be careful when it came back, he says whoever is HOH next week has to go after Dana.

Alison hopes Justin would do that, expressing concern (apparently over their relationship, as Jee tells her that Dana isn't pretty at all)

Alison, are you serious? Justin thinks she's gorgeous

Jee says Justin just thinks she's got a great personality
they talk about Dana turning them all against each other

Ali gets up to leave and says she'll take care of it,

Jee says no don't take care of anything, leave it to me.. just keep doing what you're doing, stick to the plan... just make sure we're in the clear, the dark side is going to be out and Dana is first up after that... I can do a lot of strong-willed on her.. just stick to the plan

Alison left, going to get some food, and they said good night to each other all pleasant and cheerful.

Jul 18 2003 03:30, Fri frustratedposter   Link
F1 F2 sand room. Dv Ja and Er in there
they are discussing who is talking to who.

Ja says Je should have put Na and Er up, if they were smart. Er says as long as she's in game, Rb will be after her. This is good cause as long as he's after her, you guys can go after him. Ja says we can't go after Dn, we need to get rid of Js

Dv says his main concern is all stay with the plan to save Er.

Rb told him that Dn came to her (Al??) and he asked Rb what he wants him to tell her. She's sleeping around.

Can see pillow fight between Al and Js in F3, still on quad

Ja talking bout how Dn is trusted by the stooges on this vote. they are worried now about Ju. Dv says that's the main concern. They think Ju is ok. Dn is causeing all the commotion.

Ja says we have Na, Ju Al Dv Ja and suggest they scare Dn at last second. They don't know what Rb is telling Dn. Dv doens't want to tell Dn they are saving Er. Says stoogies pulled Al aside telling her it's a given that Er will go. Ali is worried about Ju. Dv thinks they need to talk to Ju alone. Says he wants to tell Al that Dn says Ali is working both sides, and everyone else is concerned about that, and she needs to watch what she says to Dn

Dv is confident they will get Jn. Says that means that they could convince Dn at last second to go with them by threatening her. Dv and Ja think it's going to be fine. They are sure Dn is starting the rumors.

Dv says Ju is intellectual, and the smart move would be for Ju to be with them. Er says she thinks folx are just getting nervous. talks about how many time with first noms they had to confirm what it would be wiht Am and Je up.

Er says they did a dumb move by not putting 2 of us together. Dv says that's good, they think they got us played.

Ja agrees. And thinks now that he's still hungry. Dv says his stomach makes noises all the time. Er confirms Ja is still hungry? Ja says yah, but he's not getting up, brushed his teeth 3 times already.

Er says Dn came up to console her. She said she's like "oh my god." they think she's so easy, thought she was smarter than this.

Er gets up, DV recommends she take the comforter with her so he doesn't steal it.

Ja says it's going to be an interesting week. Dv agrees

Ja says Rb is paranoid too. Dv says he told him he won't BS him, you like me, i like you. Rb wants them both to make it past 4 weeks, Dv told him that's cool. but that's going to get blown out of the water the second Mi is gone. At that point, cover will be blown

Er comes back from WC, asks if they are going to sleep, are they tired. Ja and Dv say yah


Jul 18 2003 03:35, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Dv heads out to BR to remove contacts
Er says he's having fun playing this game.

Ja agrees it's fun, unless you get voted off, then it's no fun at all. Er agrees

Dv on F3 brushing teeth after taking out contacts.

F3 is the cost room, with all quiet

F1 is sand room, closeup of Er

F2 is Jee, all alone in HOH, sleeping on back, no worries about his snoring since he's alone

Strange rumbling noise now. Dv heads back to Sand room, all ready for bed.

F3 now shows Al and Dn in a bed.

Er mentions that the Stooges underestimated the original 8 alliance. and wonders why.

Dv climbs in near bed, Ja in middle, Er in far

they quiet down, maybe off to sleep

Jul 18 2003 03:36, Fri frustratedposter   Link
all 4 feeds now quiet, everyone seems to be going to sleep now NT

Jul 18 2003 03:45, Fri frustratedposter   Link
someone, Ja i think, snoring loudly NT

Jul 18 2003 06:28, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
All is still quiet as the hampsters sleep. NT

Jul 18 2003 11:16, Fri ktan   Link
Jun is up, walks to bathroom. House lights turned on with empty LR and kitchen island filled with food. NT

Jul 18 2003 11:21, Fri ktan   Link
BB tells everyone to get up. NT

Jul 18 2003 11:30, Fri ktan   Link
BB once again orders HGs who aren't up already to GET UP. NT

Jul 18 2003 11:39, Fri GreenEyes   Link
Jee in the W/C brushing his teeth for what seemed like 15 minutes. NT

Jul 18 2003 11:48, Fri ktan   Link
BB announces there are new batteries for mics in storage room. NT

Jul 18 2003 12:06, Fri GreenEyes   Link

Jul 18 2003 12:06, Fri GreenEyes ParentRootLink
and were back live NT

Jul 18 2003 12:33, Fri bruhe   Link
as i log in this morning i see robert and jee on f4
reiterating the idea of getting the pov and putting up dana in the place of erika. robert says that if ER gets it, then its a sign from god that Dana has to go. Robert is definitely steering the boat right now. '
feeds poop out.. grr

Jul 18 2003 12:33, Fri bruhe   Link
jee points out that justin is always in the running in comps but never quite wins... hmmm NT

Jul 18 2003 12:37, Fri Peachy720   Link
Js to Dana: "Wanna come keep me warm?" NT

Jul 18 2003 12:37, Fri bruhe   Link
robert and justin blue room...
talking about how either ER or MI were restless last nite and nervous about the game. Dana walks in and they cleverly switch modes talking about how they cannot let either one get the veto. and joke about how ER sucks at throwing ducks which is in their favor. Dana just listens, folds some clothes, and leaves (or moves off camera). they go into general chit chat as dana is still in the room.

Jul 18 2003 12:43, Fri Phantom   Link
Ratbert & Justin talk in the blue Grotto.
Ratbert thinks that Mimc wouldn't use the veto if she won it. Justin isn't so sure. Justin asked, if Mich does use it, then what? Ratbert gives no answer. Dana comes in and is asked for her opinion. "I don't know, no one tells me anything." Sound breaks up and screen freezes. I can't believe that anyone would think that a nominee would not veto themselves, these people are not Marcellas.

Jul 18 2003 12:46, Fri bruhe   Link
david ....
puts a glass bowl on his head and it looks like a pith helmet.. he asks, ever see "big trouble in little china"? he is pretending to be (forgive me.. im just the messenger) a chinaman... making faces and stuff.. now we get Foth.
I guess that is just a bit in bad form? Esp with jee and jun in the house.

Jul 18 2003 12:46, Fri bidz_yo   Link
Dave and Michelle on all 4 feeds
Mich looks like someone killed her dog.
All attemots by Dave to initiate a convo get shot down.
He mouths to her quietly, "You gotta try really hard to win it"

Jul 18 2003 13:04, Fri Katfsh   Link
FOTH past 15 min. NT

Jul 18 2003 13:06, Fri Michelle_OR ParentRootLink
foth far too long! NT

Jul 18 2003 13:18, Fri Sunflake   Link
FOTH, POSSIBLE Veto competition. NT

Jul 18 2003 13:31, Fri bruhe   Link
David Lee Foth NT

Jul 18 2003 13:45, Fri HitmanJuggalo   Link
FOTH - Possible Revealing Of Tonights Twist to HG? NT

Jul 18 2003 13:49, Fri ktan   Link
Feeds return to Jun in kitchen. NT

Jul 18 2003 13:50, Fri ktan   Link
Outside with Justin and Jack and a bridge in the BY. HGs playing duckball and the veto sign is in the center of a pond. nt

Jul 18 2003 13:51, Fri Sunflake   Link
There is a pond and bridge set up in the backyard. Guys throwing ducks into it and fishing them out (or catching them) with a net. NT

Jul 18 2003 13:53, Fri MsB0808   Link
NOT looking happy on the feeds...wonder whats up with that??

Jul 18 2003 13:57, Fri Jokerette   Link
David won veto
allison and mi talking... michelle upset.

Jul 18 2003 13:57, Fri ktan   Link
David has veto. NT

Jul 18 2003 13:57, Fri KimM   Link
POV spoiler! Ali, Jun and Michelle talking in the kitchen. It seems that.....
David won POV

Jul 18 2003 13:59, Fri CuddleVixen ParentRootLink
you mean POV? NT

Jul 18 2003 13:59, Fri Sunflake ParentRootLink
ummm Hi Kim, you meant VETO, right? ;-) NT

Jul 18 2003 14:05, Fri KimM ParentRootLink
Yes, POV! Sorry! NT

Jul 18 2003 14:00, Fri HitmanJuggalo ParentRootLink
and by HOH you mean veto?

David won HOH

Jul 18 2003 14:00, Fri Hammock_Fall ParentRootLink
David won POV, not HOH... and forget the "spoiler" stuff NT

Jul 18 2003 13:58, Fri Hammock_Fall   Link
It appears that David won POV NT

Jul 18 2003 13:58, Fri Bert   Link
I heard Ali say that David won. Mich thinks David will take her off the block if she asks. NT

Jul 18 2003 14:02, Fri HitmanJuggalo   Link
Jee: Just Stick With The Plan, Everyone is Going To Vote Erika Out NT

Jul 18 2003 14:10, Fri Phantom   Link
Mich & Dave in the HOH work on Jee to permit the POV use and save Erika to put up Dana.
Dana is the larger threat and it would be more uncomfortable for another week to live with Dana. Dave says that Erika is isolated and doesn't have his support for next week, or Jack's. Mich argues strongly for Erika and against Dana. Dave supports her but remains in the background. Jee just wants to stick with the original plan. Mich points out that putting up Dana if POV is used was also part of the original plan. I'm surprised at the strength of Michelle's advocacy in vetoing to put up Dana. This is the most animated and vocal I have seen her.

Jul 18 2003 14:11, Fri Bert   Link
Ali & Dana were whispering. Ali said Dana won't be put up on the block...
(Ali is such a good fibber)

Jee is trying to convince Michelle why they should just stick with the plan. Michelle is saying Dana should go up because she'll go for sure. Mi says they don't know what kind of surprises BB might throw at them. Dan could win HOH or POV next week. David is also in the HOH room. Jee isn't budging.

Jul 18 2003 14:14, Fri KimM   Link
David and Michele in HOH talking to Jee...
It seems like they really want the veto used so Dana will go up.

They're talking about how paranoid Dana is, how she runs around telling everyone everything, and M mentions that she's a tough girl who can win future comps.

(ed. It's very heard to hear with the whispering and bad feed quality right now)

Jul 18 2003 14:18, Fri Bert   Link
Jack and Ericka talking in desert room. They hope they can convince Jee ...
to agree to let David put up Dana. David made some kind of deal with Jee which is why everybody is trying to convince Jee to let David save Erika and nom Dana. Jack said he didn't want to use this card so early, but he will tell Jee that Erika is the one who saved Jee the first week. Jack said it's not true, but he'll tell him that. Jack and Erika laugh.

Jul 18 2003 14:24, Fri Phantom   Link
The campaign against Dana continues in the HOH.
They press Jee with the story that Dana has said that if she was HOH she would put up 2 of Jee's group. Jee is hanging tough, but Michelle is pressing her case very strongly. Dave is playing the loyal pawn and waiting for direction. Michelle is promising to be good in the house. Jee says that Dana is safe to leave because she has no alliance. We're all safe from Dana. Dave repeats that Dana insisted that she would put up Justin and Ratbert. Jee is saying that she doesn't think that way and is telling everyone what they want to hear. Mich accepts that Jee's mind is made up, but urges him to think about it between now and Sunday. She says that that is all she is going to say, but she keeps talking and making good arguments. She also talks about her own feelings and how hard it will be to go out there and make-believe that she is Dana's best friend in order to keep things smooth.

Ratbert comes in and my feed freezes. He sits to join the plotting. Naturally, he supports sticking with the plan. Jee ends the discussion, or tries to by saying, "I don't mean to sound selfish, but I am HOH," meaning that his word is the final word. Dave leaves. Mich says that "this is so f***g unbelievable" that I have tried to be so supportive and go along. They reassure her that she is safe. She agrees to stick with the plan and to go after Dana next week. Ratbert insists that there is no question that Erika will go and they have the numbers to probably get HOH next week and get Dana.

Jul 18 2003 14:35, Fri Phantom   Link
Alison enters the HOH. She is prepared to go along with the plan, but generally supports Mich's position.
They now discuss damage control stories for Dana's benefit. The sound is cutting in and out again. Switching feeds to refresh.

Mich and Ali are going to do a joint DR session. Nat enters. Dana enters. Ratbert leaves. Dana expresses that it's never done till it's done. Jee says that's why he insisted that Dave would say it in front of Michelle. Dana says that was good. Michelle says that, as much as he likes her, Dave would never chose Erika over her.

Jee thinks it's too early to pull a bold move. That Dave couldn't betray them or he would have a target on his back for the rest of the game. Dana says that she only wants to get as far as the jury so that they can all be together again on a beach somewhere and get paid for it. They think that next week it is time for a woman to be HOH. Jee wonders where he will go once he leaves HOH.

Jul 18 2003 14:37, Fri kekejet   Link
David talking to Jee!
David, Nathan and Jee talking in the living room. David said to Jee,you gotta do it this week. If Dana stays, and she gets put up next week,she could save herself with the veto! Jee says oh I never thought of that. You are right!!

Jul 18 2003 14:54, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
it was Robert, Not Jee NT

Jul 18 2003 15:17, Fri kekejet ParentRootLink
I am right!
I was watching the feeds and David was shuffling cards, Nathan was sitting by him, and JEE was sitting by Nathan. Thats when David brought the point up to Jee if they didn't take Dana out this week and waited until next week, Dana would have a chance to win the veto!!! I saw it! You must have been thinking when they were in the HOH room. This was after that!!!!

Jul 18 2003 14:49, Fri Sarah   Link
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Jul 18 2003 15:10, Fri Bert   Link
June just made the non-eaters a plate of grilled, PB&J w/cinnamon ...
Nate and Michelle think it tastes great. Dana said there's too much jelly. Now they're holding their first BB chore meeting. The idea is to divvy up the chores. Jee is taking suggestions.

Jul 18 2003 15:16, Fri Bert   Link
Chores ...
Jee will clean the bathroom all week.
Alison will inventory and clean the storage area.
Michelle will water the plants.
Nate said he'll help Jee with the bathroom.
Dave does the vacuuming and trash.
Robert does the pool.
My feed went away for a moment so I missed some of the chores.
I think Nathan will do windows.
They're discussing towels. They'll (don't know who) will wash all the towels, and everybody will get two towels to use, and they should only use their own towels.
The men need to wash their dirty feet stains off the shower floor and the women need to clean their hair out of the shower.

Jul 18 2003 15:22, Fri Bert   Link
All feeds in bathroom with Nate & Jee cleaning, Jack flossing, Robert watching NT

Jul 18 2003 15:23, Fri Lola   Link
Na & Je in bathroom cleaning, they say the girls make the most mess in the bathroom NT

Jul 18 2003 15:31, Fri Bert   Link
Boring couch chit chat ...
Robert's says he doesn't let his daughter meet his girlfriends. The last one she met was Erika at 3 years old. She's now 7.

Dana saying she works with kids all day in the karate school.

Dana said she thinks she did well with the POV considering that she didn't practice.

Jun said BB made her put on a bra for the POV.

Michelle says that if she wears those bib shorts like Jun is wearing, she looks pregnant.

Dana said BB took her mike and made her get another one.

Robert says it felt like it was 8am when they were woken up.

David is in the DR.

Michelle is asking Jun to tell her how to make that grilled PB&J. June said she's show her.

Some discussion by Jun about how strict Korean parents are.

Nate says Ali has the two good pillows from the couch.

Posting before I lose consciousness.

Jul 18 2003 15:40, Fri Bert   Link
F1 - Erika and Jack talking.
F1 - Erika and Jack talking.

Ja says Jee is tied to Robert.

Ja says David should say to Jee that Dav has the veto and Jee doesn't have the votes.

Ja said if they leave it the way it is (with Erika and Mich nominated), that will accomplish nothing.

The deal Jack and David made with Jee was that they would not exercise the veto, but they didn't agree to who they'd vote for.

Erika says that they are playing too passive. Playing passive makes her nervous. Erika knows that she's the target.

Ja said if he were them (Jee, Robert and Justin, I guess), he'd have put up Erika and Jack.

Jack told Erika he has to get with Nate to talk as soon as he can.

Jack went to take a shower. Jun wants to shower. Ja will let her shower first.

Jee still cleaning the bathroom. He's cleaning where Nathan just cleaned.

Jul 18 2003 15:40, Fri Lola   Link
Ja & Er strategy
Ja tells Er that Dave is going to tell Je that they don't have the votes to get Er out. Also said that there was no deal from them to vote Er out, the only deal was not to use the veto. Er says that she's the target and that if anyone else was up it wouldn't do them anygood cause Mi would go. Ja says that Dave needs to talk to Je. Er says they think Je's side)they have power but they don't. She says we've been playing passive and we shouldn't make the same mistake we made last time with the veto. Ja agrees that not using the veto before was a mistake. He says he'd better get backto the rest and leaves

Jul 18 2003 15:42, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Strategy acording to Jack
Speaking with Erica in the Desert room
Jack says they will tell Jee that the three in the Desert room had made an agreement with each other that they would not vote out each other. This agreement was a one shot deal for the very first time one of them were put up for nomination (this is not actually the case). Jack thinks that this will make Jee think he doesn't have the votes to get Erica out and that it would be in his own best interest to let David use the Veto and get Dana out.

Jul 18 2003 15:46, Fri Lola   Link
Refelcting back, a few minutes ago Robert said that his daughter does not meet any of the girls he dates and
that she hasn't seen any since she was 3 (she's now 7) I guess that should be a clue to any future women that they're not important

Jul 18 2003 15:47, Fri Lola   Link
Dana says the guys did a great job cleaning the bathroom NT

Jul 18 2003 15:50, Fri Bert   Link
Dana whispering to Jun in the shower ...
F1 - Jun in the shower. Dana walks up to talk to Jun. Jun whispers and I can't hear her. Dana said that Jee made David promise (Dana was in the room) that he wouldn't use the POV.

Dana said everybody went crazy after POV. Everybody was whispering.

Now Dana again confirming with Jee that David said he wouldn't use the POV. Jee still cleaning the bathroom.

Jul 18 2003 15:52, Fri MsB0808   Link
did not wash her hands after going to the it isn't just the guys that forget lol

Jul 18 2003 16:03, Fri Phantom   Link
Jun & Jee confer in the SR.
Jee seems to be thinking about allowing the veto and putting up Dana, but that Dana must never find out because she will freak and cause trouble.

Jee and Jun called to DR and told to stop singing a Korean song about a rabbit. It is either because of the no singing ban, or because no foreign language can be used.

Jul 18 2003 16:08, Fri kathryn   Link
Dave & Mich playing cards, he says "if I win you can't wear a bra anymore in the house", she says
"no, pick something else". He says "I don't know, that's the only thing, you pick then". She says "why?" He says "cause you wear that thing 24/7, and you're so much sexier without it, you should just let it be natural" Then we cut to dana diving onto Rob who's lying in bed. Then they look at a pic of his daughter and we find out that his ex-wife is beautiful and Cuban and the daughter can't speak Spanish.

Jul 18 2003 16:13, Fri kathryn   Link
Jus tells Dn he heard that if she got HoH she would put up him and Rob
she says she may have said that to people, but it was a lie.

Jul 18 2003 16:17, Fri kathryn ParentRootLink
he tells her to guess 3 people and he'll say if it was 1 of them
she says Nat, Dav, and Al. He says yes, but won't tell which one. She says "you know what's crazy, I'm still holding trump cards in my hands" Feed switches to Rob and Jee in HoH. Rob seems to be trying to convince Jee to let Dav use the veto and put up Dana.

Jul 18 2003 16:29, Fri mosiegirl4   Link
Robert, Justin and Jee talking stradigy in the HOH....
they are saying they want the girls out... dana, jun, erika.. they are going to string david along as they think he sympathizes with the girls.. they they want Nathan, David and Michelle out as they are a threat.. Justin is saying that Michelle wouldn't put David up and that it would mess them up if they put David up and Michelle got Veto.. they are setting the alliance between the three of them - justin, jee, robert.. jee is saying he talked to michelle and told her point blank, that he put her up for HER SAKE.. cause he wants erika gone..

Jul 18 2003 16:37, Fri Phantom   Link
Jee and Ratbert talking in the HOH.
They are saying that either way they're screwed. If Erika stays she will nominate 2 of them because she know about them. I came in late so I am unclear on the other way they are screwed - Something to do with Dana being put up.

Justin enters and locks the door. Justin relates confronting Dana about saying that she would put up Justin and Rob. He accepts that Dana will not put up 2 of them. Ratbert thinks they can pick whoever they want out in 3 days. Justin says that Nat is scared of their 3 and they can control him because of that. His only alliances are with women who are half-wits. The strongest alliance is Jack, Erika and Dave. More talk about the Dana option. Jee says that if they had told him in the beginning to put up Dana, he probably would have done it, but now he is committed to the Erika eviction. He says that he sacrificed himself to get one of them out and they have to respect that. Jee is worried that there is a bunch that desperately want Dana out, but the others think that they don't have the power. Now talk of Dana gets HOH and who she would put up. Justin says that he would save Dave against anyone because they need him and/or Jack.

Whatever you do, when you talk to David, you have to tell him to stick to the plan. They all agree. They think that there is a very good chance that Nat will be put up next week. They don't have to worry about Nat because he is powerless. Justin comments that if they get Dana out now, Nat is more powerless, because he doesn't have any reason to . . .

Guess what, Dana knocks and comes in. She immediately repeats that she would never put them up and she is totally loyal to them. Talking about Nat's HOH reign and how it was a wasted week. He put up the 2 weakest players in the house, at the time, she amends. They all agree that he is weak and is in an agreement with everyone in the house but them.

This stuff is confusing because they switch back and forth so often and speak as if they have a totally different plan, they switch gears again. I think that Dana going up is still an idea that is supported by Ratbert and Justin, but they are playing to reassure Jee that he is in charge.

Jul 18 2003 16:41, Fri Lola   Link
Da goes into HOH
She says if I got rid of you guys who the **** would I be sitting with? Ro says yeah we know now. She says she just had to hear from them. They discuss that Na was a waste of HOH cause he played the weakest move. They all talk over each other but it's sounds like it's mostly about Nate. They ask Dana who she would put up if she could and she says she hasn't got that far cause she doesn't know what support she would have but that if she had support then Na. I think she also mentions Ja but I'm not absolutely certain. Da mentions that it's absolutely crucial that Er goes. Then if next week she gets HOH and puts up Na & Ja, they'd have the votes because Mi wants to keep the girls and she might vote Ja but probably not Na. They start counting votes on different strategies. They seem to think they've got the control as long as one of them get HOH next week. Da says Na knows he's going cause I'm after his a**. They ask how he knows and she says cause the doesn't talk to her, etc. Je thinks next week is really important because after that there's sequestering.

Jul 18 2003 16:42, Fri mosiegirl4   Link
Dana comes into convo in the HOH....
she still thinks justin, jee and robert are going to take HER with them to the end of the game....she's busted in their conversation in the HOH room.. she is saying that nathan is campaigning to put her up.

Jul 18 2003 16:44, Fri Lola   Link
Da says they should all just do whatever HOH sa;ys from now on, then everything will go smoother and it gives them a scapegoat on how they vote NT

Jul 18 2003 17:41, Fri GreenEyes   Link
HG's are using the Kitchen Island as a Ping Pong table. placed a couple of towels across as a makeshift net and are using a acutal ping pong ball NT

Jul 18 2003 17:44, Fri GreenEyes   Link
Jus and Nate play ping pong, Jus loses to nat and flings his "padd;e" across the room and it hits Jee in the head. Everyone laughs NT

Jul 18 2003 17:46, Fri valentine   Link
Re: Ping Pong
First, SuperBoy beat the crap out of Jee. Then Robert stepped up and got beat, big-time. Now Nate is taking it to Justin.

The guys are making lots of noise and laughing. Trash-talking and high fiving when the occasion calls for it.

In short, they are having a great time and acting just like "real guys". It's nice to see.

They have also been playing marbles. I think they were on a lock down when all of this started, trapped inside. But the lockdown ended at least 30 minutes ago, and none of them have gone outside.

So, I think we'll be seeing these games for a while.

Jul 18 2003 17:54, Fri ktan   Link
More innovation in action: Plastic wrap is set up as the net held by silverware. NT

Jul 18 2003 19:14, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Jee, Rob, Nat and Jus play BBall while Jun eats. Shocker. NT

Jul 18 2003 19:14, Fri sqrl   Link
Je, Na, Js & Ro playing Bball NT

Jul 18 2003 19:17, Fri sqrl   Link
Jun & Dana doing ab workout in LR NT

Jul 18 2003 19:18, Fri sqrl   Link
Lockdown outside NT

Jul 18 2003 19:18, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
David outside with Mich telling her he wants to use Veto and put Dana up
He says the whole house is for it.

Jul 18 2003 19:18, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Lockdown NT

Jul 18 2003 19:18, Fri Sunflake   Link
Quiet Day with Basketball in the Backyard, Dana & Jun do Abs.
Justin, Robert, Nate, & Jee shooting baskets.

Dana lifting weights. Jun sitting on a lounger.

Not a lot going on. Plane flies overhead.

F3: Erika comes out and sits next to Jun who is eating something. Jun does a BB impersonation, "Nathan, put on your microphone."

Another plane flies over.

I can hear someone using a hose.

BB: Nathan, Robert, please put on your microphone.

June chuckles, Alison (I think) says, "They should just crazy glue it to your back".

Real quiet. Jun says she has 15 min, do you want to do abs to Dana. Dana checks and sees she has 18 min. on the dryer so they go into the LR to chit chat.

Jun says she feels like she hasn't talked to Dana in days. Dana asks Jun if Jun needs to be caught up on anything. Jun says no.
She says she's done with the original 8. Dana tells of someone talking crap on her, couldn't hear.

Someone comes through and they start doing abs.

BB announces a lockdown and to go to the back yard.


Jul 18 2003 19:22, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Mich asks David if he thinks Jee will change his mind and
he says yes. Mich asked then I will be put up with Dana and David say yeah, but tha's no contest.

Jul 18 2003 19:23, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Dana comes over and breaks up conversation between David and Mich NT

Jul 18 2003 19:24, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Jun takes a break from eating as she and Erica sit at a table not talking NT

Jul 18 2003 19:25, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Jack now joins Erica and Jun as Jun starts eating once again. NT

Jul 18 2003 19:27, Fri valentine   Link
BB Announces a Lock Down
outside the house. The HG have to pull down the shades and stay outside.

David and Michelle are lying in the hammock. David's posture towards her is cozy, but she is staring off in the opposite direction. David says the only good thing about Scott leaving is that they are all one step closer to being the last seven sequestered.

Dana, of course, is unable to let the two of them speak by themselves, so she comes over and sits on the edge of the hammock. Now, as usual, she has started bitching about the lack of food, and the insects.

Jun and Erica are sitting at the patio table, and don't even appear to be speaking. Erica has on her "Fruits and Vegetables" T-Shirt.

Michelle believes that BB is putting the dressers back in their bedroom. (??)

She watches the guys play basketball. The non-eaters are not very exciting tonight.

David is playing with his rubber duck. He places it on Michelle's crotch and she leaves it there for a few seconds before she moves it up to her stomach. "He's not cute enough for me," she says, laughing. Yeah, David says, you don't like them to be that small.

Jul 18 2003 19:27, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Erica now sitting on side of HT with feet in. All watch boys play BBall. NT

Jul 18 2003 19:30, Fri sqrl   Link

Jul 18 2003 19:39, Fri valentine   Link
Fastest Lock Down Ever
And now they can "feel free to move about the house."

David: We're all the stage of a big set.

Dana: It's like Scream 3, when they all went to the set of that girl's house. (?)

Now Allie gets called to the DR.

Dana: I want to try on a pair of your shorts. I want to see if they look that cute on me.

David is commenting on how small Michelle is--he says that her feet are so tiny they look out of proportion.

Michelle: My hands are tiny, too. I'm like, petite.

Dana: Amanda came in here and missed everything up. I should have beat her ass for you.

Dana, backtracking: But I know you really love her. I think you'll be together soon.

(Ed Note: A Freudian slip if I ever heard one.)

Now he and Dana are having a thumb war. Dana has his frog on her left shoulder. Michelle got off the hammock and is now applying make-up in the hall mirror.

All feeds back to Dana and David in the hammock.

Dana: Should I even ask?

David: The other guys are calling the shots right now.

Dana: Oh, is that how it is?? Do people really want me out of the house?

David: stammers. I don't know.

Dana: I feel like I'm just catching a bad rap.

David: No ones really talked to me about you. It's the boys over there that you need to talk to and get straight with.

Dana: No, I'm not really worried about them. I know they have a plan and they're sticking to it.

(Ed Note: Ha ha. I hope not.)

Jul 18 2003 19:42, Fri valentine   Link
More Dave and Dana
Dana is singing under her breath, "Someday.....(we'll be together)"

David: So, are we going on a date when we get out of here?

Dana: Yeah, that's a fuk'in plan that I'll stick to.

Then she starts to say stuff about how she needs to wait until he is old enough for her.

Now Michelle is back, but doesn't stay by the hammock. Probably because Horse Face Dana is there.

Jul 18 2003 20:02, Fri valentine   Link
Jun is cooking again
Jack: What are you making?

Jun: Oh, fried rice, stir fry, stuff like that.

Jack leaves the area without speaking. Already, Jun is the unappreciated housewife of the group. She has on one of the red aprons that they wore in the food competition.

Even the cameras blow her off, as 2 feeds jump to Michelle playing Horse with David. She is at H-O-R.

And the other 2 cameras show the empty bathroom area. What a slam to Jun.

Jul 18 2003 20:13, Fri valentine   Link
Dinner is Ready, and Justin
isn't feeling polite. He's sitting alone at the dining table, spooning up a bit plateful of Jun's Special.

Jack is getting water from the cooler and taking a seat two chairs down from Justin. Nice close-up of Jack using the spoon. Looks like chicken strips or some other meat is in the dish.

Now Erica is filling up her plate, and the camera shoots the angle showing her only from the waist down.

Jee joins the group sitting at the table with his shirt off.

Dana, of course, can't bear to let a group gather without her, so she stomps through the room carrying her towels (which finally must be dry, despite all her bitching about the drying not working because it is "too hot".)

I switched feeds so I could hear the action, and missed what Dana said as she barreled through. I'm sure it was some complaining about she hasn't had meat and has to win HOH this week.

(Ed Note: I wonder if she will ever realize that no one comes to her anymore, she's always stalking everyone else.)

Allie, the last of the eaters, joins the group in a tight pink T-shirt, with some blub hanging over the top of her tight denim shorts.

Silence while they eat. Only Jee does not have food in front of him, perhaps waiting to see if anyone becomes ill after eating Jun's latest creation.

Jul 18 2003 20:22, Fri valentine   Link
Nice Dinnertime Conversation
Finally Jee starts plating up and eating with the rest of them.

He discusses his recent knee surgery--he had othroscopy on his left knee and didn't exercise for a while. He then feels compelled to tell the group he had hernia surgery.

Jee: Hernia surgery is no joke, man. It is so painful.

Jack: I know, I've had it, too.

Self-centered Allie doesn't even seem to hear this exchange, and uses her brother's hernia surgery to validate the pain to the group.

Jack: Hernia surgery isn't as bad as passing a kidney stone. It feels like pissing a knife.

Allie: You had that, too?

Jack: Yes, two of them.

The feed audio stutters, and I miss part of the conversation. When it comes back, Allie is talking to Jun about Emily from Road Rules 2. Whatever she is saying, it sounds like she knows her, or has met her.

Jul 18 2003 20:31, Fri valentine   Link
The Sh** May Hit the Fan
David, Nate, and Robert talk on the Basketball court. Michelle, another non-eater, is also there, bouncing the ball but not talking.

Dave is discussing using his POV. Because Dana isn't there at the moment, they are all piling on and saying they want her out immediately.

Even Robert wants Dana out. His only stipulation is that Erica goes next, because he "doesn't want to get sequestered with the bitch".

Dave plans to talk to Jee about it. They are discussing POV'ing Erica instead of Michelle.

Now Justin joins the group and says Jee is worried that if things don't go right, both Erica and Dana will come after him. Jee wants to keep things as they are. Jee wants to keep the HG that will be most likely not to nominate him if they win next week.

They all think that if Dana is on the block, she is out of there.

Nate says he didn't even speak 5 words to her today, so he doesn't know what she is thinking.

Robert tells them that Erica is pure evil and she will "kill your fuc'in family, I swear".

Nate doesn't think Erica will ever win HOH, since Dana is more agile and athletic.

And now Dana the conversation-killer returns after her shower, ready to rumble.

Jul 18 2003 20:41, Fri valentine   Link
OMG! Dave blows up a condom
while sitting on the patio with Justin, Dana, Robert and Jun. It gets so big, as big as a fire extinguisher (and the same shape), that everyone scatters and ducks, waiting for it to pop.

He finishes blowing, and ties the end into a knot. It ends up exploding, and everyone screams.

The girls are upset because they feel that the lubricant is all over the place (Trojan Enz). Dave heads inside to wash his hands.

Jun: I hate the way that ***** tastes.

Justin: Why would you put it in your mouth?

Jun: Well, sometimes afterwards, if I feel like giving, I can't do it because of the taste.

(Ed Note: I wonder if the condoms have always been there, or if BB put them there recently.)

Jul 18 2003 20:44, Fri valentine   Link
Now, In the HOH Room, Total Biatch Robert
is recounting the earlier basketball POV conversation to Jee, but making it sound like it was all Nate's doing.

Robert said that Nathan said, "Dave, its all up to you."

Jee: No, its not all up to Dave.

(Ed Note: But Jee, that is the Power of the Veto, man!!)

They are saying that if Dave uses it, especially to save Erica, that he is done in this game. No one will believe him from here out.

Now they summon Dave to the HOH room to have it out.....

Jul 18 2003 20:49, Fri valentine   Link
Dave is Having Trouble Talking Around His PB&J Sandwich
and is basically just breaking it down for an upset Jee.

Blah, blah blah, says Dave, telling him that Dana is a bigger threat.

They tell him to whisper.

Dave: Dana is much more likely to get HOH, she tries a lot harder.

Jee: The next competition may not be physical and she could easily lose. Its way too early to make this type of mistake. I thought you made this deal with me, you and Jack. I'm not threatening you, I'm just saying....

Dave: What if Michelle is POV'ed, then will Dana go up?

Jee: I've said some brutal things to Erica, thinking that she would go out so I don't want her here.

(Ed Note: But Jee, that is the Power of the Veto, Man!)

Blah blah blah. We can expect this same conversation over and over until Sunday's veto meeting. Dana is expected to knock on the door at any time now.

Jul 18 2003 20:55, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Wow, Jee finally has some good points...
Jee is asking David why he would put up Dana if the Veto is udes? He said the whole house is screwing him, so in return he will screw the whole house and put someone else up and not Dana.

Jul 18 2003 21:04, Fri valentine   Link
And Of Course, Dana Knocks and Comes In
Not even noticing that their "hi's" are very unenthusiastic.

Dana: It smells like peanut butter in here.

Dave: Yeah, how many are you up to?

Dana: What, Me? What are you up to???

Dave: No, Dana, how many PB&Js are you up to?

Now Jee continues the conversation in front of Dana, but not mentioning her name. Dana says that from here on out, it is whatever the HOH wants, and every man (and man troll) for themselves.

Dave leaves, and Robert and Jee tell Dana that Dave is freaking out.

Dana: When people act so hard about one person, and worry so much about one person, there is a reason why they are so threatened.

(Ed Note: They are all so worried about who Dana MAY put up next week, if MAYBE she wins HOH. This is ridulous. Get real, wussies.)

Jul 18 2003 21:04, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Jee is still not wanting to use Veto...
David is doing his best and telling Jee that he may want to do what the rest of the house wants him to do so they don't go against him later. Jee is very firm about sticking to the plan. David is still going after him. Then..suprise..BUZZ KILL Dana comes into HOH. Dav. leaves.

Jul 18 2003 21:06, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Dav is now outside talking to Ali as she washes closes, but
Mich is standing next to him, so he has to act like they all are still voting to evict Erica if Vet is not used. He said Jee flipped out and won't let him use Veto.

Jul 18 2003 21:09, Fri Phantom   Link
Jee says, I know that everyone wants this, why should he put his life on the line. I've done things for them.
I just came in on a meeting in the HOH between Dave, Michelle and Ratbert. . Jee says that he (Dave) can do what he wants. They're thinking about themselves and not me. Ratbert gets angry and says that if Dave veto's, Jee can put up Nat or someone else and totally f*** things up. Jee agrees that he can really mess things up, just like Dana. The tone is intense. Someone calls for Mich and Jee tells her to go outside. Jee repeating that everyone wanted to go after Erika and he did, now they are changing things and not thinking about him. He says that he can just screw things up and go home to his girl. Dave says his attitude is bad, that he should be trying to stay in the house.

Ratbert and Jee are getting intense, and Dave is remaining calm. He presses that Dana is a risk but that Erika is a potential ally: she sucks at the challenges, she sucks at the mental. Jee confirms that Dave is free to do what he wants, but there is no alliance and it will turn the house upside-down. There is more than an implied threat. Jee repeats that he has done favours for people . . . Sound break. I'm at a loss as to what favours he has done. Dave is saying that Erika has strong support and can probably win the vote. Jee repeats that he is not threatening Dave, but, . . . . Dana comes in and they talk about food. Jee says in front of Dana, so Dave, we just go ahead and get Erika out. Dave says Ya. Now Jee is speaking almost normally and is sounding conciliatory and friendly in front of Dana. Ratbert picks up the tone and agrees. Dave makes an excuse and leaves.

Ratbert suggests that Dave has some thing with Erika. No one agrees or disagrees. Jee says that he kinda threatened him. They are telling Dana that Dave wants to take Erika off, but they are not telling her who he wants to pt up. Dana has her own reasons. Dana peaks out the window and reports that Dave is freaking out (I don't know if that refers to the convo or what she sees). Dana questions why he would want to use the veto and Ratbert says that he didn't say why.

Jul 18 2003 21:09, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Dav says to Mich that Jee doesn't care about what anyone else wants..
he will do what he wants and if he gets evicted he will just go home and spend time with his girl. Dave says he needs to go talk to the rest of the house and that the rest of the house needs to go tell Jee that want Dana out and that may help.

Jul 18 2003 21:11, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Nat again looking for him mic NT

Jul 18 2003 21:13, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Dave now outside explaining everything to Jack and how he thinks whole house needs to talk to Jee about Dana, Erica is there now too NT

Jul 18 2003 21:16, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Dave now back in talking to Jee by himself NT

Jul 18 2003 21:20, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Justin now in HOH with Jee and Dav...
Dave was explaining how if the whole house wanted Erica at first and that is why Jee put her up, then he should understand the whole house now wanting Dana out and going that way. Jee asked Dave if he would belive Dana if she said she wouldn't put someone up. Dave said he does not believe anything Dana says now.

Jul 18 2003 21:26, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Outside Rob tells Dana they need to say that Jack will go if Dave uses Veto..
How does he figure things out looking like he does??? LOL

Jul 18 2003 21:27, Fri Strange_Brewster ParentRootLink
Go on the block I mean NT

Jul 18 2003 21:32, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Jack talked to Nat outside and explained what Dav said. He goes to HOH..
Dave, Justin, Nat and Jee in HOH. Jee is once again saying how he wants to stick to the plan and how he has worked like a horse to get things done for the house (he has said this at least 10 times now). He says he is not going to make threats, but he will only look out for himself after this if veto is used. Again Jee said I did what I had to do for everyone. Wasn't it Justin that wanted to put Erica up in the first place???

Jul 18 2003 21:35, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Jee just said that he doesn't let anyone Influence him. NT

Jul 18 2003 21:36, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Jee again said he has worked like a horse and he has risked his life???? NT

Jul 18 2003 21:40, Fri Phantom   Link
Dave goes back to the HOH to try again after talking to Jack and Erika.
There is a knock at the door and Dave says if it's Dana just tell her to go away. It is Justin. He listens for a while then presents a calm argument in favour of staying with the plan. Jee offers to talk to Dana to get him a deal to protect Dave next week and Dave says no - he can't believe a word out of her mouth. Jee seems to be arguing that Nat stirred this all up because he did something to piss Dana off and is now scared of her. Jee pitches the idea of a deal from Dana again and tries to argue that it is better than nothing. Dave is holding a very good line like he is caught between and wants to support the 3 Stooges but is finding that the entire house is pressuring him to use the veto to get rid of Dana. Jee is repeating that he is not threatening Dave, but, if things don't go his way he will just mess up the house and sacrifice himself to do it.

Feed switch to Nat talking to Jack on the chess board. They want to emphasize to Jee that Erika is not a threat to him. Feed freeze. Jack repeats that they have to stop playing passively. The plan is to veto Erika and it doesn't matter who he puts up, they will vote out Mich. Jet overhead. Something about Dana being with them. Someone yells out something about the coffee or coffee maker. Jack thinks that is great. Sounds like Nat is going in to talk to Jee next after Dave to continue hammering the point. They are trying to get what they want with Jee's agreement and holding off the strong stance till later (very smart).

Nat leaves, but sound changes to Ratbert. Now Nat into the HOH where Justin, Dave and Jee are still talking. Jee starts off with his whole spiel of how much he has done and how he is being put at risk. Nat mostly just listens but does tell him that Jee was in no danger last week so he can't play that card - it wasn't the same. Nat says that he will go with the plan, but that he doesn't think that Erika is a threat to them. He has never heard he say a thing against him. (Jee's ego is far to involved here. Mostly, he doesn't want his plan destroyed. He is HOH and what is the point of having the power if he can't get his way?) More of the same. Nat shocks them by saying that he just heard that he (Nat) was being put up. He doesn't want to say who said it, but he has heard it around. (Nice ploy to stir things up against Dana) Ratbert joins the group. They press him to tell who told him, but he declines.

Dave pitches that he can still convince Erika that Dave and Jack are on her side and keep her under control and have her not even bother to go after HOH. Dana on the other hand is always a threat and is unpredictable. Dave argues that if Jee doesn't do what the house wants now, it doesn't only mess him up as HOH, but is messes up the trust of HOH for everyone in the future. (I know now what the big sacrifice is that Jee did for them all - he permitted himself to be put up as decoy last week. That is the favour he did to them all)

Jul 18 2003 21:40, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Nat is now playing Jee hard...
saying how Erica is just not a threat to him and how Dana can turn everyone against each other and he can't trust her. UGGGGGG Jee again says I have put up my life for this house and Dav and Justin laugh at him. Robert is also in room now.

Jul 18 2003 21:44, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Jack comes to HOH..
Jee is saying that he is not going to threaten people but he will not put Dana up if Veto is used, it will be someone else. Jee says if veto is used then people just don't care about him, blah, blah, blah.

Correct me if I am wrong, but, if Jack, Nat, Dave, Ali and Jun vote to keep Erica they don't need Veto?

Jul 18 2003 21:48, Fri Phantom   Link
Jack joins the group in the HOH.
Jee says that if Dave pulls off either Nom, that he will not put Dana up. This is not a threat, but I have done enough for this house. Ratbert pitches in to point out that the first 4 out don't vote on the final 2. Jack agrees that Erika would go out unanimous, but, he points out in a very calm way that this is a fool proof way to get rid of Dana, a big disruption (because Dana can't get the benefit of veto). Jee restates his position and says that he is tired of saying it (not as tired as I am of your stubborn self-delusion).

Jack says something about "Jee, do you trust . . ." but the sound messes up. Now a time out.

Come back to Jack relating that Erika is no threat to win anything - she's never come close. Dana is a competitor and has already won POV once.

Jul 18 2003 21:50, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
LOL Nat is now working it by saying he doesn't think the girls will put Dana up next week if they get HOH NT

Jul 18 2003 21:52, Fri Phantom   Link
Justin craps on the emotional girls. Do you see one man in this room losing their heads? It's all them messing things up.
Nat says that the flaw in the argument that Dana will go next week is that he doesn't believe that the girls will put her up next week if they get HOH. Others disagree, but he has sown the seeds of doubt. Jack hammers at the competative nature of Dana, and she has just been messing around so far. Now she is motivated. Jee repeats his shiel and Jack says that the best way to protect his back is to get rid of the biggest threat.

Jul 18 2003 21:52, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Justin makes a good point...if Erica is not talking to us, then she is talking about us. NT

Jul 18 2003 21:56, Fri Mindcrime   Link
Jee is sticking his feet in the sand.
Jee: (Paraphrase) If you trust me. If you have my back, then let this go. If you use it (David) then that says you don't trust me, and I can cause a ruckus in this house.

Jul 18 2003 22:01, Fri Phantom   Link
Jee says solidly that his mind is made up. He is not threatening them, but he is sticking with his plan. That's it.
Justin, I think, presses Dave to say whether he will use the veto. Dave says the only reason he came in is to protect himself by protecting Jee. Dana is a big threat and the whole house wants her out and that seems the best thing to do.

Once again, Jee says that his mind is set. Ratbert says that they want Erika out because they don't want her to have a jury vote, she will say things about them to the others.

Nat and Dave leave and the rest remain. They think that Dave will not use the veto. Justin says that the only reason that Jack fought so hard for Erika is because he doesn't know that they want him in their alliance. He couldn't say that because Nat was there. Justin says that he believes every word out of Dave's mouth. The others agree that Dave is solidly on their side. Interesting - Dave is going to be forced to play hardball after all

Jul 18 2003 22:07, Fri valentine   Link
Michelle is Getting voted Out
Nate and crew just had a meeting in the sand box.

She is going--they think it will be 5 -3. Nate says she is the weakest player on their side, so she needs to go.

Then they are going to go "balls out" and win HOH next week and get Dana out, and keep their numbers strong.

Jack: We've got to stop fuk'in around and win.

Nate just told Erica that she is staying. She just had a quiet little celebration with her fists up over her mouth, and recovered.

This all happened since Jee threatened them if they use the veto. Jee didn't guarantee that he would put up Dana if Dave used it.

Now they are setting up again for ping pong. Like all others, these guys love to play sports.

Jul 18 2003 22:13, Fri valentine ParentRootLink
Nate just told Jun. She agreed to vote Michelle.

Nate: So its me, you, Jack, Dana and Dave. And it won't matter what Dana does.

Jun: Ok. I think Dana will vote Michelle out.

Nate: And after this, its over.

Jun: Yes. The Exes Deal is over.

Jul 18 2003 22:13, Fri mrsb   Link
Jun tells Nat that she will vote with them
Saying that they have the numbers so why would she side with Jus, Jee and Rob when they only have three.

With Jun the vote would be 5-3 for voting Mi out.

Jul 18 2003 22:16, Fri Phantom   Link
Nat talks to Jun and explains the situation, that Dave will not use the veto.
He asks what side she is on and she says that she isn't staying with the 3 Stooges because they are only 3. She will vote to evict Michelle. She says that Ali will vote for whoever they tell her to vote for. (so that's Nat, Jack, Dave, Jun, Ali) Dana is the wild-card, and they can go after her next week. Next week it is on. They move on.

Jul 18 2003 22:22, Fri Phantom   Link
Ratbert and Dana play Bball in the yard while others play with their tie-dye shirts.
I came in late. "So, he was really begging for an alliance," says Dana with delight. Ya, says Ratbert, you'd think that he would be smarter with a job like he has. I'm assuming they are talking about Jack. They continue to play Bball and Dana says that she wants to hear all about it later.

Ratbert says something about not understanding why Jack would defend Erika. "Because they have a deal and without her he has nothing," replies Dana. Ratbert says some stuff about him being better off because of all the vile things Erika will do to him.

Jul 18 2003 22:53, Fri bidz_yo   Link
Jun had been taking a shower...
BB: "Jun, please put on your microphone."

Dave: "Jun, please put on some clothes." (lol)

Jul 18 2003 23:00, Fri bidz_yo   Link
Nate and Mich in hammock alone
The look on Nate's face is a combination of "I need some freakin' meat" and "How can I vote out this hottie before 'pounding' her"

He tells her he just wishes that Dave would use veto on either her OR Erika and Jee would put up Dana, since he can't STAYEND ("stand" in Oklahomese) her.

Jul 18 2003 23:27, Fri davidmichelle   Link
Alison calls out Justin about his alliance with Jee and Robert.
Nathan, Jun, Michelle and Alison were sitting at the mirror counter and Justin walked by. Nathan said he was fed up with the meetings and crap.

Alison asked Justin point blank, "what are they talking about?" Justin mumbled nothing. Alison than came back with, "well, you're the head honcho over there, you should know what they're talking about." Justin tried to laugh it off and said, "why don't you just put a big f-ing target on my back?" Justin walked away, Jun and Alison burst into laughter.

Jul 18 2003 23:51, Fri Phantom   Link
Jee, Ratbert and Dana meet in the HOH.
They tell her that Dave will not use the POV. Dana explains that she is totally in with them and will tell them anything they want to ask. She is in it with them to the end. She is trashing Nat for trashing her. Says that Nat is totally after Justin. Jee says, "That's enough, I've heard enough from you." (meaning that she is being repetitive, but also meaning that he is tired of talking about it. Also he is probably tired of talking to her). She continues to make Nat out as the manipulation king. Jee says, "I had to tell David that . . ." Justin comes in. "I had to tell David that if he wouldn't use the veto that you wouldn't put him up next week." Dana is incredulous, "You mean like a deal?" Ratbert jumps in to say that Dave will not use the veto so that's that. Justin changes the convo to how others stop talking when he comes by. Now they are wondering how to explain her being in the HOH. Partly they think that they need no excuse, and partly she was in to find out about the rumour she heard that she was being put up. FOTFH

Ratbert tells her to calm down in the house till they get done what they have to do. Dana threatens to hold a meeting in the house and blow them out of the water. But she won't, she says. Jee is getting tired and wants her to leave so that the others that need to talk to him can come in and get their issues off their chests and he can go to bed. Again, Justin talks of conversation talking and Ali referring to him as the Head Honcho of the outfit. Again, Jee tells Dana to calm down and get out so that he can find out what others want to say to him and get the night over with. Dana leaves. A little chit chat and then it seems that Jee has summoned Ali to court. Ali yells back that she'll be about 10 min. Michelle comes in and lays on the bed. They tell their cover story about Dana being in there. Mich says that she is just there waiting for Ali. They ask Mich about some commotion in they yard. Nothing much went on, it seems. Justin suggests that if anyone in the house lies to him, he will find out. He is quick to say that he doesn't mean her, but she starts to defend herself and is insulted that they don't trust her (isn't it her that has to trust them). Mich insists that if there is any whispered conversation in the house, she guarantees that it is about Dana.

Jul 18 2003 23:53, Fri Phantom   Link
Ali arrives and Mich wants confirmation from her of what they were talking about earlier.
That goes no where because Justin jumps her about her remarks about Head Honcho. Ali says that it is looking like he and someone are a couple (Dana maybe because he starts a spirited defence of Dana coming in to find out about the rumour. Justin is hard on Ali to stop talking about him being Head Honcho. Ali is very upset in her defence. Ali says the main concern in the house is that the 3 of them and Dana are an alliance. They insist that is not true and she says that she knows that, but that is what people think and don't shoot the messenger. Sound problems.

Nat is called in and told that there is no alliance between them and Dana. There was some other stuff but I had sound problems. They are on Nat about some stories that he has apparently believed from Dana. The all agree that Dana is a disruption, and Nat defends himself by saying if that's the case, why not evict Dana now? More sound problems. Ali tries to clear things up, but they all say it doesn't matter because you can't trust Dana. The cycle continues and Mich jumps in to say that's why Dana should go. Ali jumps on that too. Jee starts his spiel again. You've never been HOH. Only Nat and I understand. Ali shuts them all up and asks Jee who he is afraid of. He is apparently afraid of no one. The plan will protect him.

Jul 18 2003 23:53, Fri davidmichelle   Link
Justin and Alison burst out at each other with Jee, Nathan, Robert and Michelle in the HOH.
Justin came into the HOH and immediately told Robert, Dana and Jee about the incident where Alison called him out. A few minutes after Dana finally exits, they call Alison in. Michelle and Nathan also enter in there.

Alison comes in and instantly Justin rips into her as to why she would make comments like "you're the head honcho of the group (in the hoh)." Justin is emotional about the game for the time I can see. Alison says it's obvious that Justin is with Robert and Jee.

Alison claims other people are talking about Dana joining the threesome of Justin's. Alison says the fact that Justin hangs with Dana so much makes people nervous.

Alison and Justin are at each other telling each other why Erika needs to go, why Dana needs to go. Jee is the one who tells the two to chill down.

Jul 18 2003 23:53, Fri Qcoatl   Link
Ali, Jee, Justin, Robert in HOH room
Once again he says how he's "done what he needed to do for the house". And everyone says that Dana should go next week.

Jul 18 2003 23:59, Fri AmyFromCanaduh ParentRootLink
justin says dana has really really good ears lol
perhaps sonic ears he says lol

Jul 18 2003 23:58, Fri Phantom   Link
"When you see me with her, it is strictly personal and has nothing to do with the game," says Justin about Dana. "
She's a terrible player, but she's actually a pretty cool girl." Ali is incredulous about that, but Justin defends her and accuses Ali of being too caught up in her emotional reaction to Dana. Justin says that Dana has applied for BB every year and has had a game plan since year one. This is her dream and she is just playing it too hard. Hmmmmmmmm, interesting.

Jul 18 2003 23:58, Fri RMU   Link
Dv, Er and Jun outside saying Dana needs to go
While in the HOH Ratbert, Justin, Nate, Allison, Jee and Michelle say the same thing.

Dana not visible on the feeds.

Jul 19 2003 00:06, Sat Qcoatl   Link
More in HOH room
Michelle comes in and gives Jee a big kiss on the cheek. Jee tells everyone AGAIN how he's done everything "for the house" or "for you guys". Then he tells Ali that people have been coming to him and he's been saying this (how he's done things for them)over and over and no one really listens to him. Obviously he doesn't think so because he repeats himself ad nauseum. He also says that if people turn on him he'll say to himself, "***** it. I can go home next week and it won't really hurt me that much". Then FOH

Jul 19 2003 00:12, Sat Qcoatl   Link
BB4 is more intense more quickly than other BBs
Dana says that she asked BB if the other versions of the show have been this intense this quickly. They said no, they obviously speeded up that process.

Then FOTH because they were talking about people they shouldn't have been talking about.

Jul 19 2003 00:16, Sat Qcoatl   Link
Erika says that the BB shrink told her when they were in the hotel before the game to keep her eye on a specific goal she sets for herself. It's nice that they didn't cut to FOTH while they're talking about this. Dana even says she asked to see a shrink. Erika says that she has issues about not being in control and the shrink told her she'd have to just roll with it.

Dana also said twice that the lack of food is getting to her.

Jul 19 2003 00:17, Sat Qcoatl   Link
David & Nate in hammock saying how Erika will be gone. NT

Jul 19 2003 00:24, Sat Qcoatl   Link
In HOH room, Michelle "not worried" about challenges
She says that she beat Dana once, she'll beat her again. Robert brings up that Erika is "just as smart as she (Dana) is. They're as smart as each other, so they both have to go". A little bit of ex back stabbing from Rob.

Ewwww. Ali tells how she once threw up on Justin and he brings it up all the time to her.

Jul 19 2003 00:27, Sat mkemp   Link
Jee says Dn has applied for BB all four yrs.................this is her life~ NT

Jul 19 2003 00:30, Sat Qcoatl   Link
Robert left HOH room and went straight to Dave and Nate
Jack is also outside now. Robert tells them that Ali thought all the guys had an alliance together to evict all the girls. Rob doesn't seem to have a lot of respect for Ali. He also says that Justin is suffering.

Jee comes out to tell everyone not to think anything when Dana comes into his room. "She's going to come in because I'm HOH", but it doesn't mean anything.

Jul 19 2003 00:31, Sat Qcoatl   Link
Sorry, it was Dana who thought the guys had an alliance. NT