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Jul 20 2003 01:00, Sun KimM   Link
Ali and Jun in the BY talking game (long)
Ali is again talking about Jack and David possibly having a strategy with Justin, Jee, Robert.

They're trying to figure out who to vote for. Al says they can't split their votes.

Jun says her gut says to stick with the original. Ali agrees, but they still keep takling.

Now they're saying how they'll feel bad if they vote Mich out...that she'll cry. Jun once again says she wants to stick with the original 7. She asks Ali if she's alright with that. Ali says yes.

They are very worried about the guys ll ganging up on them and think keeping things as they are gives them a better shot.

A: the more I get to know Rob, the less I like him and I don't want him here.

Now they're talking about the Dana/Justin stuff. Ali says she doen't care, she can have him. "He doesn't know, but I cheated on him the whole time with my new guy."

Jun : I'm all for the original 7.

Talking about keeping Dana in the dark...Jun calls her a dumb*ss. Then confirming that if one of their group gets HOH next week, Robert and Justin will go up.

Jun: I trust Nate for this week, but he'll sell us out in a minute. He went from not playing the game to being Mr. Cool master strategist.

Ali: It gets personal, but I think in a way it might even be better to make it personal.

Jun says Dana is going to hate her after this week.

Mich comes out and says she feels a little violated by Dave (ripping her bikini). She asks about the veto. Ali tells her she's safe.

Jul 20 2003 01:02, Sun Phantom   Link
Jun & Ali talk on the patio. Ali says that Nat's gut feeling it to vote to keep Michelle.
Jun says that her gut feeling is to stay with the original 8 (Jack & Dave). Ali says me too. Jun's logic is that the Rat Pack has no use for them, but Dave & Jack think they can manipulate them and therefore they will keep them around longer. Ali is becoming seriously anti-Ratbert. Jun agrees. Jun also says that for an alliance to work, you need a mix of male and female. They talk about Duh-na and her relationship with Justin that she denies. They agree that Dana is not to be told a thing till it's over, then they can tell her what to do. They say that they all agree to go after HOH and put up Justin against Ratbert. That way they will get rid of one of them and the other will be scared all week. Discussing which is a bigger threat: Jack, Erika or Dave. Ali thinks they will get rid of the Ex's and then come after them. Jun laughs like - well of course. They wonder how to best get them instead. Jun thinks that Duh-na will be OK this week after she sees the way it is going, but next week will be a problem. They agree that Duh-na is the first to go after the Ex's.

Michelle joins them and they discuss most of the same stuff, but twist it in Michelle's favour.

Jul 20 2003 01:08, Sun Phantom   Link
Hmmm. Dave is the authority on how to properly set up the chess board. It surprises me that Jack had to ask.
Queen always goes on it's own colour.

Jul 20 2003 01:09, Sun KimM   Link
Erica, Dave, and Ali in BY
E says she cant wait to see the look on thier face...especially Jee.

D asks A if she's okay with M going. She says yes.

A says she can't understand why Jee wouldn't listen when everyone comes to him like they did.

E calls him a moron. She and Dave say he's (Jee) not a good player. Dave says Mich isn't either.

Now they're saying that Scott screwed up thier numbers. Dave says they should have kept Amanda. E agrees.

All three agree Justin and Robert up. Even if the POV is used, one will still go.

Dave said that the boys (Jee, Rob, Jus) said they're going after the girls.

Jul 20 2003 01:22, Sun KimM   Link
Jun Dave and Erika in the BY
Jun: I think Dana is either going to be impossible to live with, or is going to come begging.

E asks if they can still get Dana back.

Jun says that Dana told her she'd never come back to them.

Dave tells them that they 3 stooges want Dana out next. Jun asks why if she's a vote for them. Dave says because they think they have his and Jack's vote. He laughs.

E: That sucks that Dana's gone off. She just another X. Why woudl she go to thier side? Is she stupid?

D: They don't always pick people who are good at this game. They pick people who are good for ratings.

Dana enters the backyard and announces that she's "so pissed off!" (ed. UGH) Someone purposfully threw the card game and she's ranting about it.

Dave is lauging.

Jul 20 2003 01:26, Sun KimM   Link
The boys are in the BY planning the throw the girls in the pool NT

Jul 20 2003 01:28, Sun Chunga   Link
Dana and Michelle hiding in the HOH room.
Jee's key won't work.

Jul 20 2003 01:31, Sun ktan   Link
David's filling up a condom and using it as a water balloon. Ali catches him in the act and the balloon misses her and splashes onto the floor. NT

Jul 20 2003 01:34, Sun KimM   Link
Boys vs. girls
the girls run out of one of the rooms with arms full of something (the boys' clothes?) The boys run in after them.

Dana and Mich have locked themselves in HOH.

Ali is hiding behind a plant.

Now they're out and running around.. the girls are outside with bottles of ketchup and mustard. (I guess they're planning on squirting the boys if they try to throw them into the pool.)

Now everyone's inside, chasing each other around.

Dave carries Mich out to the pool. Everyone is screaming about the microphone. They hold her up over the pool, but don't throw her in.

Jul 20 2003 01:43, Sun KimM ParentRootLink
Ali gets thrown in the pool. She runs inside and throws some of the boys' clothes in the bathtub. As she's putting water in, Justin (?) shoves her in. Mich comes up behind him and jerks his pants down.

Now people are walking around picking up the condoms that were used at water balloons.

Justin and Ali are arguing. He's mad that she got on his bed when she was wet. She says it's his fault. She's telling him to get over it "Quit being a little weiner. You're taking it too far."

Jee tells someone to stop...don't get that crazy.

Ali is holding something (Justin's's hard to see)over the toilet, threatening to drop it. She doesn't drop it.

It looks like things are over. David is cleaning up some water on teh bathroom floor.

(ed. Apologies for not getting everything. The feed is awful right now)

Jul 20 2003 01:46, Sun KimM   Link
Ali says she doesn't know where he mic is. She says that whoever took it off, went up her shirt and got a little feel. NT

Jul 20 2003 01:50, Sun KimM   Link
F4 is Erika in the DR, but the audio is from the backyard. NT

Jul 20 2003 01:51, Sun ktan   Link
F4 shows Erika in the DR but sounds coming from BY mics. E makes motions with right hand while talking. Finally FOTH. NT

Jul 20 2003 01:55, Sun Chunga   Link
Jee eating potato chips. Sound is loud and clear. :) NT

Jul 20 2003 01:55, Sun KimM   Link
Brief FOTH, now all 4 feeds on the BY. Justin washing his clothes.
Ali comes out and offers Justin her bed, he says that's okay, he can use Jee's while he's in HOH.

Chit chat about throwing people in the pool. Someone is loudly crunching chips or something. Dana comes out and says that if Jee hadn't been holding the door, they would have been able to get out and save Ali from the pool. jee starts to worry that they'll mess with his bed, but then remembers his door is locked.

Jul 20 2003 01:57, Sun KimM   Link
Rehasing the boys vs. girls battle and the bikinis. Jee swears he wasn't involved with throwing Ali in the pool. NT

Jul 20 2003 02:05, Sun KimM   Link
Mich suggests that the boys put on a show tommorrow.
She says they should use honey and peanut butter.

Just before that, Ali said that the day people must hate them, nothing happens during the day.

All feeds switch to Jee and Rob in HOH, talking game. Jee still on a power trip. Jee says that if Dave uses the POV, he'll put up Jack or Nate. Rob says that whoever Jee puts up against Mich will go. (ed. haha)

Jul 20 2003 02:11, Sun KimM   Link
Jee is telling Rob that he's going to talk to Dave
He's basically saying that he's going to threaten Dave into not using the POV...saying that he'll put Jack up and then go after Dave. Jee still thinks they have all the votes.

Now they're calling Ali weak. Say they need to get rid of her.

Jee once again whining about people not trusting his judgment and saying that he did what was necessary.

Jee saying that if he gets put up, he's going to "turn this house aroud"

Jul 20 2003 02:11, Sun jasbel   Link
Robert/Jee in the HOH
Rob is telling Jee that Dave wants to use the Veto. Jee wants to go to David and say if he uses the veto he will put up Jack. Jee wants to confront David before the veto meeting and tell him all deals will be off and no one will be safe.

Jul 20 2003 02:19, Sun KimM   Link
Justin has joined the other two stooges in the HOH
Jee once again saying he's going to "send a message" to David. Rob saying that they know for sure that Nate will go if they have to put him up against Mich.

Justin was saying eariler that it wouldn't be a big deal if Dave used the POV, they could put Nate up.

Jee still saying he might put Jack up if Dave does it.

They think they can win HOH. They don't think Nate can win it again because it won't be physical.

(ed. They're just repeating the same thing over and over.)

Jul 20 2003 02:28, Sun KimM   Link
All 4 feeds still on HOH
the stooges are talking about the need to win the next HOH.

Dana comes in to say goodnight. They tell her that they're gonna talk to Dave. They blame it all on Nate.

They want her to tell Dave to come in to see them.

There's brief pause in which they compliment her panties, she pulls down her pjs a by to show them to the boys.

Dana leaves and Jee tells them to not be telling Dana about Nate. (ed. Jee is paranoid)

Jul 20 2003 02:28, Sun Jokerette   Link
Jee sends Dana to bring David into Hoh>
TO straighten out the veto for once and for all. They're threatening to put up nathan if David uses the veto.

Jul 20 2003 02:30, Sun Jokerette   Link
Dang it, so Erika knocks and winds up in Hoh! NT

Jul 20 2003 02:32, Sun ktan ParentRootLink
Erika is actually in the Sand Box. NT

Jul 20 2003 02:30, Sun _WatchIt_   Link
Rob tells Jee what Nate and Ali said earlier
They decide that Nate is playing them, and want to go after Nate. But they work it out that if Erika is saved, that means the 3 alliance is still together of Dave, Nate, and Erika, so they have to put up Jack first. Jee decides that if Dave uses veto, Jack will go up, and he'll let Dave know that. (all said with many, many more words, with a lot of "no one is looking out for me" and "people don't respect my judgement" ad naseum)

On an amusing note, Robert assures Jee that "anyone you put up is going to f'ing go." They both tell each other that if they put up Jack, he'll go. Anyone will go over Michelle. Jee did consider putting up Nate for a minute there.

Justin arrives. They let him know that Nate is pushing for POV to be used. Rob thinks they need to say straight out that if he uses it Jack goes up, Just agrees "absolutely." Justin says "if he uses it, it's not to save Erika, it's to get rid of Dana."

Blah blah blah from Jee about everyone not looking out for him, and Robert says "we don't need to go over it again." (lol)

Justin, however, thinks that if Dave does use it, they should put f'ing Nate up and get rid of him. Jee, voice of reason, says that that would make that alliance stronger. Rob says, "maybe we're just jumping to conclusions." Rob says, "we'll keep it that way, we'll put up Jack."
Justin, "Nate."
Rob, "yeah, Nate."

Jee can't believe it, thought they finalized it last night. Greek chorus Rob and Justin tell him it's all Nate. Jee wants to know how he can be sure Nate would go if he puts him up. Rob says, "Against Michelle? C'mon." Jee asks for assurance to let Jack and Erika slide by, and Justin agrees, says "they haven't done sh*t." Jee says he's with them until the f'ing end, but you have to under they are f'ing with me now. Jee says he can't let Erika get stronger. He has to send a message. It's obvious Nathan is going with them.

Now discussing the odds of Nate getting HOH again, and Justin says they're not very good. They won't have many physical contests again. It can't be physical because it would take so long. The last HOH that Jee won took three minutes, says Justin. Even that took too long, says Rob. So they decide it won't be a physical comp next time.

Jee again, "He's f'ing with me now. He has to understand he's f'ing with me now." Justin, "Who is he to do that, he has nobody. He has nobody."
Jee saying "He didn't have the balls to put Erika up in the first place." Rob enthusiastically agrees, and Justin shushes him, reminding him to whisper. Justin says Nate reminds him of Dana. Rob wants to talk to Dave. Justin is going to talk to Jack. Jee tells him what to say, Rob says first he'll just ask if the veto will be used. Justin says he wants to talk to Jack and Dave with the three of them in HOH now. Rob says why not? It's a game. Everyone is going to talk anyway, and then it would be resolved.
Jee says Nate will knock on the door right away. Rob says he doesn't care what Nate thinks. Jee says but he'll be thinking "What is Jee doing." Rob says he's thinking that now. Jee says, "But for the time being we have to use people for our advantage." Saying they need him now. He just wants to put Jack and Dave in a tough position if the f with him. (Maybe he just likes saying that word.)

Justin takes a moment, now, to review the cassaroles. (Gotta prepare for that HOH). They aren't sure the order, Jee says, "You should ask Dave, he'll know." They can't remember the vegetables. Justin says there was a lot, "like 30 of them." Justin says every comp they have, they have a recap on it, he sits in his bed and thinks about it every night.

Jee tells them that the two of them have to come up with it this time, because Jee can't be up there with them this time. Rob and Justin both say they know they have to get it this week. Rob says he doesn't trust Ali, that she might put them up. Jee says she's acting very shady, that she's letting personal feelings get involved. Jee tells Justin that she just has too much personal feelings for him, and everyone knows it. Justin agrees. Jee says sticking with Nate was a stupid f'ing move on her part. Justin wants Jack and Dave in, Jee says make sure Nate isn't aware of it. Rob says he will be, he knows everything that goes on (or something to that effect.)

There's a knock on the door and it's..... Dana.
Rob asks Dana if they're still playing chess, Dana says Yes. Jack and Nate are out playing chess, Dave came in and is in the back room. Dana of course wants to know what's going on. My feed times out when they're explaining, and it comes back and Dana says she's going to bed. Jee tells her he's going to ask one of the guys to get Dave in there, and she says "Aw, I don't care, I'm going to bed." She really doesn't look like she cares one way or the other.

Dana says she had something, she was holding in her head all day. She says she loved that, that she didn't talk about this f'ing game all day. Everyone else agrees that they didn't either and loved it. They tell Dana to come back if she thinks of it. Dana leaves.
They talk a moment about Dana, and Justin says that he knows what Dana is thinking, that she tells her everything. Jee tells him he broke her trust, telling her that Jack was going up, when they just decided Nate was going up. (Apparently that's what they told her when feeds timed out).

Jee says "they f'ing sleep all together, do you think they don't talk about it?" Rob is still staring out the window, in f2,f3 we see Dave walk up to the door then walk off. Ali is close by and Nate walks by. They agree it was smart that Dave walked off and relax. Ali and Michelle knock and come in, saying they just wanted to hang out.

They asked Ali in the DR what food she would use, the lettuce was Jun's idea. Ali said she would use bread. Apparently Michelle was in the DR with her, or got asked the same questions. They're both discussing what they got asked, and it's confusing to follow.

Jul 20 2003 02:54, Sun Anonymous ParentRootLink
Jee makes various comments...
... it is clear he believes he is THE player in this game, that everything revolves around him, that every decision anyone makes is in defiance of him or in deference to him. What a loser!

Jul 20 2003 03:04, Sun _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
3 alliance of Dave, Jack and Erika rather NT

Jul 20 2003 02:32, Sun KimM   Link
Ali and Mich come into the HOH
they're telling the stooges about being questioned about the bikinis in teh DR. David joind the group.

All feeds switch to Jack and Erika talking game in the sandbox.

Jack is saying they really need to win HOH.

E: If we don't, then we don't deserve to lose.

Jul 20 2003 02:38, Sun KimM   Link
The stooges are talking to Dave in the HOH
Same stuff. Nate has deals, Jack will go up, etc...

Justin says he doesn't care what happens after next week. he just wants to go to cancun. He doesn't care about the $$ (ed. It seems they're all worried about being part of the sequestered jury...that they want to be on it...or at least that's what they're talling Dave.)

Jee is now trash talking Ali.

Ali knocks and brings them some food.

Dave leaves and the stooges give each otehr the thumbs up. (ed. hahaha)

Jul 20 2003 02:42, Sun KimM   Link
The stooges all agree that Erika wants to leave anyway and the HOH pow-wow breaks up. Feeds switch to Jun and Dana whisperin in bed. NT

Jul 20 2003 02:50, Sun KimM   Link
Jun and Dana whispering
Nate mentioned. Jun says she doesn't think Dave will use the POV.

It's VERY hard to hear what they're saying.

Jul 20 2003 02:52, Sun _WatchIt_   Link
feeds switch to sand room, Jack and Erika
Jack saying they thought they'd gang up on them, but that didn't happen. Nate does what he says he's going to do... But when the vote comes down 5-3 next week, they're going to know and will come after us. Jack going on about how they have to win these d*mn competitions.
Erika agrees, "We've got to win it... If we don't, we deserve to lose." She says they shouldn't be too hard on themselves, they've only lost the second HOH. Original players won all the other comps. They leave the room.

back to the action in the HOH with the trio talking to Dave. They're laying it out for him. Justin saying he wants to talk to Jack. Justin saying they know Jack and Nate have something going. Dave is vague, Justin says Nate's got something with everyone in the house. Rob seconded everything from the other two. They say they won't turn on him. Jee fills Dave in (whispering low with lots of interjections from Rob in the middle) that Nate came to Rob and said he heard Jack & Rob had a deal, and when Rob said he didn't, that it must be Justin. Dave asks something about Nate thinking he has a deal, or something? (They're talking way too fast, and back to the Greek chorus, they have this down to a science.)

Dave agreeing to everything, saying Michelle is a pawn, maybe he can work her. Jee tells him they're not asking for that, that they know he gave his word and they're cool with that. Rob interjects again that Nate and Ali are campaigning to get Dave to get veto. Dave says he was honest with Erika, told her he wasn't going to use it. Dave says they only talked recently and don't talk any more, so maybe that's why she's going to other people. They jump all over it and agree. There's some making fun of Nate by Dave, Dave tries to get out of there quick to bring things to a close, and before he can, Ali knocks at the door with PBJ food.

Amazingly enough, Jee notices that Dave did not give his final word (though Dave said he and Jack are not trying to screw with them). Justin wonders what possible good it could do for Dave to use the veto. They talk about Erika not wanting to go (I think - it's just not making a lot of sense, and they are rapidly changing who they talk about).

Fast switch to the whisper sisters, Dana and Jun. They're talking about the veto being used, Dana saying Jee is so funny. Dana making fun of what was said. Jun wonders why he wants Erika off the block (no idea who "he" she means). Someone is talking in the other room fairly loud making hearing Dana's whisper practically impossible. Funny joke or something, because they're both laughing, and Jun yells out, "Oh my god I'm gonna die." They're talking about Nate. Jun says he thinks he's so smart, that he has all the girls. Rustling bedsheets zap out more of the convo as Jun moves around. Dana still whispering. Jun wondering why they would decide to use the veto now. Dana saying someone is starting to piss them off, and Jun asks Dana to pass over Jun's microphone (smart girl! still can't hear Jun though). Dana counts through who is on which side, hearing a serious of names too fast to follow.

Dana says she doesn't even say anything any more, because when you don't say anything, it looks like you're not guilty. Dana, "But the funniest part is, Nate will get angry when he looks around...." (too low to hear)
Jun is saying very little, just asking occasional questions. Dana going on and on, way too low to hear. Somewhere in here she does say again that she had a great day, didn't talk game at all.

Dana saying they both knew they would be put up, but she's not going ahead of him. (Dave yells out VERY loud from the other room, as I have my ear like an *inch* from the speaker and I'm deaf now. Jack to DR.) Dana talks a little louder, saying everything was on the moment they got here. They're saying it was Nate and Scott's idea right from the start. Dana says she didn't want to be around Scott, right from the first that original alliance - sounds like she's saying she wanted out right from the start, didn't want to be around Scott.

(Dave does it again, when I'm stupid enough to lean close to the speaker. How did he know??) I can't hear but one word in 20, so I'm posting... oh, Dana is done and just stood up, brief FOTH as she mentions there was a new guy in the DR, Ralph. Dana goes to kitchen and Michelle says "I know!" to the news of the new guy, Michelle learns he's Ralph, and Alison leans over toward a camera and it sounds like she said hello to him. Ping pong game going in the room as well.

Jul 20 2003 03:01, Sun KimM   Link
Ping pong, Jack heading for bed
Dave and Robert are playing ping pong on all four feeds on the quad cam.
They're consulting Jee on the rules. Dave is accused (jokingly) of cheating. Now Jee is playing Rob.

(ed. It's late and this is boring. Unless something else exciting soon, I'm outta here for the night.)

Jul 20 2003 03:09, Sun KimM   Link
Jack and Erika talking game in the dark.
Jee's power trip is mentioned. Other than that, it's just rehashing the same old stuff.

Jul 20 2003 03:27, Sun _WatchIt_   Link
Awwww, Jack's back hurts and when he was playing ping pong earlier, Jack said that
Dave would come over to get the ball every time it went off the table, so Jack didn't have to bend over to get it.

Jack and Erika also discuss how bad they feel for Michelle. Jack saying he wouldn't let his daughter go through something like this, but his daughter is very savvy. Jack says Michelle seems a very kind person, very well mannered. Chuckling that when Michelle gets mad at him she calls him David. Jack thinks they would be a good couple, wonders what happened, thinks he's probably too old for her. Erika says Dave's an old soul... best way to be, wise and carefree.

Earlier, Erika did say that the Robert she knew is different from the one in the house. She doesn't know who that is. Robert was very timid, not competitive when they were together, not loud and cursing.

Erika now saying "They must not have watched this game very well. The decoy always goes. Why is that?" feed time out, and I missed her answer, posting...

Jul 20 2003 03:32, Sun _WatchIt_   Link
Erika and Jack discuss what fans think
Erika thinks the true BB fans are so particular about the cast and are going nuts.
Jack thinks the fans think "we'll all crazy as he**." Erika laughs. Jack says he just likes to sit back and watch the others, see what they're going to do next.

Jul 20 2003 03:38, Sun frustratedposter   Link
F1 F2 Sand Box
Jack and Erica, laying in bed, not really talking

Er then says house will be very dif next week

Ja hopes they can forget about the game a little, but that you can't completely forget about it. everything you do affects the game

Ja is amazed he's there. Er agrees she is also

Er says Ja is there because they needed to put someone that is smarter and cool, like me

Er asks why Ja applied. Ja tells her he just likes the show. Says when Molly taped his audition tape, she was laughing. He tried to use some humor.

Er asks when he got a call. Ja says it was in May. Ja went to his interview on his way to a nephews wedding. Perfect timing. He says Ju is the spitting image of him nephew. Says it cracks him up to watch him cuase of his nephew, who signed a release by the way. He is an artist, but couldn't make much money. So he switched to a dif job (that i missed)

Ju has his demeanor too.

Da comes in and says so here's my turtle sanctuary. Er says this is where you belong, dear. He agrees

Jul 20 2003 03:41, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Ja opens the door to give Dv some light since they turned the lights off
Da says Ju bit his ass

Er: that's too much information

Dv: well it was her b-day

Dv seems to be looking for Am hat. Ja says he had it covering his eyes yesterday. he goes looking for it

Jul 20 2003 03:41, Sun _WatchIt_   Link
Erika and Jack discussing why they're in there
Jack saying he's surprised he's there, and Erika laughs and agrees. He says she's there because she was set up, but he's not sure why he's there. Erika says because they needed to put someone in as smart as her.
Jack says Molly taped his audition video, that she was laughing at his dry humor. He said stuff like "I'm 58 and I don't drool. You won't have to dab my mouth."
Erika laughs. She asks him when he got his call.
Jack says in May, he went for interview in Atlanta on his way to a nephew's wedding. Justin is the spitting image and demeanor of his brother's son, his nephew. It cracks Jack up watching Justin, thinking of the nephew. Jack says nephew signed the release (which is apparently why we're listening to the life story of the nephew with no FOTH:) The nephew is an artist, making a lot of money, doing well. Justin has his demeanor.

Dave comes back in then. Dave announces that Jun bit his a**. They're surprisingly not surprised at all. Jack says "well, it *was* her birthday." Dave leaves again.

Erika now referring to duckball as suckball. Jack asking if she's heard of a duck with horns, a "horny duck." Saying maybe they were in duck hell and didn't know it. Jack saying it was very clever, that they went to a lot of trouble. Erika agreeing.

Jul 20 2003 03:43, Sun frustratedposter   Link
F3, Dv in room with Al and Da in a bed
still looking for hat

he says, I'm out

Dn asks if he heard what Al said, he doesn't seem to care

Al is now calling Ju shorty. Said if he had six inches on him, she'd be fine with it. TAlking about Ju ear. Al sleepily saying it didn't bother her really. Doesn't feel weird.

JU seems to be in the background. someone says this room never sleeps

Jul 20 2003 03:52, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Back to F1
Dv saying Na and Ali asked if he was talking to Ja/Er.

Seems the Stooges were talking to Dv about recruiting Dv and Ja, saying they don't have the numbers now but after they add Ja and Dv they will. Dv calls them stupid. They were telling him about how Na and Ali are next if the STooges get the HOH

Ja says "we just have to win these contests! Wories about how loud he's talking. Dv tells them that there's a pingpong game going on outside

they are now whispering and there is constant flushing in background, so hard to hear.

Now talking about the vote, and how they will be worried then (Stooges). they won't know if Dn turned, or Ali turned. the will know someone voted with them. They can't wait for the 5-3 vote, and Mi goes

Ja says he feels bad for Mi. Dv says he "don't" because its a game and she doesn't belong here.

They all are discussing making it to the sequester. Dv says that will be great, and it's like 9 grand before taxes.

DV mentions that the Stooges are happy cause he won't use his veto. "you're gonna stick to your word man, and that's cool"

Jul 20 2003 03:58, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Dv saying Ali think that Er hates all of them now
Er mentions going out to the WC, and Ali just looked at her, and she tells Ali she was just venting. Dv says make sure they think it is all about RatBert. She says she did. Said she was venting about her ex

They are talking about BB mistakes coming over the intercom. Ja tells a story about how his wife went to a doctor appt, and it's the kind of doc who after the patient leaves, he dictates his notes about the appt. And he must have hit some wrong button, cause it was coming over the PA system "this is Patricia Owens, a white female...." and his wife realized it was her! SAid when she got to the desk, the nurses saved it by making up a fake name for her, so that the other patients wouldn't know it was her. They all laughed about it

Jul 20 2003 03:59, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Ja comments that now that he knows Er
he can't imaging her with Rb

Erika says she can't either. and wonders if maybe she was doing crack and doesn't remember it

Jul 20 2003 04:00, Sun _WatchIt_   Link
(lol) When Erika went in DR earlier after all the water was spilled, Rob
said "See, she has to have the remote lined up.. you can't trust her." Dave chimes in with "And she'll kill your family."
Rob says, "Yeah, and she'll eat your children."

*lol* as Dave relays this to Jack and Erika.

Erika says she's still bothered about that comment "she'll kill your family." Erika says she hasn't talked about Rob's past in the DR. Dave says he tore Michelle apart in the DR, "What are you guys doing putting her in here? She says the same things when she was 16... Get her out of here"

Apparently there was a mixup, and "she just wants to vent" came over the PA.

Jack tells a funny story about his wife's doctor mistakenly dictating his report to the waiting room, instead of into the note machine, as his wife was leaving the office. All the nurses were laughing and made up a fake name saying bye to her.

Erika finally realizes what Dave said, and asks about the remote control line. Dave says, "He says unless the remote controls on your tv are all lined up, you'll go crazy." Erika says she can't remember a time she had remote controls with him (huh?). She says she's pretty average clean, but not anal about it. She says wouldn't she be bugging about everything in this house if so? They agree. She admits to making comments about the knives in the sink "How do they get into the strainer, it must be magic." Erika wonders if maybe she just didn't go out with him at all. Erika jokes she was on crack! Talks about saying it in the DR, when asked what you ever saw in him, "I think I was on crack." Dave and Jack laughing. Funny image.

Jul 20 2003 04:01, Sun frustratedposter   Link
DV syas BB asked him too how Ro wound up with ER
he said he didn't know either. maybe he's hung like a horse?

Ja says he wanted to say when he was asked that quest that Ro must have been smoking some really bad sh*t not to keep a woman like Er.

Er says "oh, you guys!"

Jul 20 2003 04:03, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Je and Ro in the By
Je having a smoke. they are chatting

Ro telling Je not to worry too much about next month or what ever. if we go we go. says he knows Je misses her (must mean current GF) and says he has cried in the DR

Feeds are freezing up now.

Jul 20 2003 04:18, Sun _WatchIt_   Link
Jack said earlier that it was a mistake not to keep Amanda (which he's said
several times). He says they didn't even think why the ex's were so happy about it. Everyone made a mistake but Erika (who tried to convince them to keep Amanda). Jack said they really made a mistake not using POV. Erika then turned to Dave and said she hopes he's not saying that Wednesday when she's gone.

Jul 20 2003 04:21, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Feed is back for me
Je is talking about how tough it is getting and it's only 12 days. Rb agrees, but tells him not to think about it

Rb: i'm going crazy, but I try not to think about it

Je: I have something great at home, and at this point i need to see the shrink, but i don't believe in that, no matter what they say it won't help. I want them to let me sneak in a call, i swear i won't tell anything, i want to just hear her voice for 5 seconds. Oh man, it's grueling, oh man, it's so much easier when you're in the hotel and looking forward to the game

RO : I know, i felt the same

JE: now that i'm here, it's so FOTH tough, i don't know how they did it before. i keep thinking that the money isn't that important, maybe i should just walk out and work for a living. this game makes me realize how important real life is. I'm not even thinking about that $500K, i'm not thinking about that 750/week. you don't even know how much i miss home. these people in here don't even have anything out of here, they don't have anyone at home. i have something great, and she's alone, we live together and she's alone

Rb: you said her sis is there with her. she knows you're here. but i know how you feel

Je: but it's only gonna get tougher

Rb: so you cry, you cry, i'll help you. i thought about walking out the door, asking you to vote me out.

Je: you know i think i'm too weak for this, i'm too soft for this game.

Rb: its not that, it's just that you have something great outside this game, just like i do. dn dones'nt. the others don't. thank god if have you. i have you in here

Je: sometimes i don't think i can bear it anymore

Rb: i know, and nothing helps, the BB don't help, the pool don't he;p

JE: i don't want to be sequestered

Rb: i know. i don't want to not see my kid. i told them i have to see my kid.

Je goes on and on the same stuff. how he can't bear it, he can't take it. he has his girl, rb has his daughter

Je says if it wasn't so bad in this house, he wouldn't have been the way he had been. being in the house made him feel bad, then they all kept going off on him and thinking about his girl. made him act the way he was

RB: but it's a short time, it will go real quick

JE; it don't fee that way

RB; dude, the month is almost over, it's almost august. i'm like you tho, i don't think about the money anymore

JE: thinking about the good things don't even help

RB: i know, i can't even think about the money anymore. If i win, i'm gonna give you money, and justin money.

JE: sometimes I just can't bear it

Mi comes out, discusses sleep arrangements. Rb offers her the bed next to him

Je: you know, i don't cry. i'm not the kind of person that does that. but i wonder if the money is worth it. i want to go back to her.

Rb: how was she about it. was she like go for it?

Je: she was supportive. was like go, but don't go. when they came for the promo, she was like go baby, go for it. i told her it was once in a lifetime thing, and what if i didn't go for it? would i regret not taking the chance? it's not even the money, i'm realistic. after all is said and done, strategy is part of it but it's also so much luck. i think if i make it to the end, i might break down on national tv. i'm tough, but i don't know if i'm that tough.

Rb: think about this. if you were in her position, you would be supporting her. she's not mad at you, she supports you. if you didn't do it. you would be like i missed out on it.

Je; what i want her to know is how much i'm suffering. cause there's no outside communication (ED then what am i watching and typing about??) and on tv all she sees is us having fun.

RB; so show her in the DR. they want people to be emotional.

JE: i don't know, i don't know.

Rb; think about it. we havn'g even been her a full month. lets do the month and see how it goes

Je: i don't know, i don't know

(ED can't take this anymore, so switching feeds)

Jul 20 2003 04:22, Sun frustratedposter   Link
around the feeds
F1 Er and mummy JA
F2 Dv with Am hat on face
F3 ratbert
F3 Je

Jul 20 2003 04:26, Sun frustratedposter   Link
back to the BY
RB: these people hang out by the pool, and say they can't believe they are getting paid to hang out by the pool. i don't wanna hang out by the pool.

JE: i dunno. i mean, i'm the same age as them, but i can't think that way. i thought i was strong. but i feel like, i dunno. my girl is so important to me

RB: i though about it. i wasn't gonna do the show. cause i knew about this stuff. i have never been away from my daugh for 3 months. i talk to her 5 times a day.

JE: and it's only the 2nd week. makes me appreciate her so much more

RB: yah, you'll appreciate everything so much more. if they told me, if I knew how i feel now, i wouldn't do it

JE: i know, if i had a phone call a day, i could do it. you see me at night, i look at her picture, and it's tough

RB: i can't really understand how you are. cuase it's different.

JE: you knw, you have a daughter. that's such a bond

RB: i know, but i know she's being taken care of. i don't have a woman at home.

(feeds freezing up on my again)

Jul 20 2003 04:29, Sun frustratedposter   Link
summaries of what i see now since feeds are freezing up
Je is worried about his woman. left her family and money to take care of her. but misses her and worries about her and is not strong and wouldn't be here if he knew how hard it was and it's hard that she has no idea how he feels and how hard it is on him cause there is no communication to outside except what they show on tv

Rb feels similar, knows his daugh is ok, being taken care of. but thinks it's harder on Je cause he has a woman outside and that's dif than a kid

Rb is trying to convince Je it's all ok and they can stick it out. Rb heads of to WC

Jul 20 2003 05:16, Sun frustratedposter   Link
all quiet, cept the sleeping snores, snorts and silly sounds NT

Jul 20 2003 07:40, Sun ilsa   Link
HG's still sleeping, all four feeds NT

Jul 20 2003 08:44, Sun ilsa   Link
all still snoozing NT

Jul 20 2003 11:11, Sun lacycatherine   Link
HG get 1st wake up call of the day NT

Jul 20 2003 11:16, Sun DishManTV   Link
Jun is Awake NT

Jul 20 2003 11:18, Sun Quench   Link
Jun just finished her teeth when"Jun please go to the DR" Erika and Jack are slowly waking up
They feel like they just fell asleep

Jul 20 2003 11:22, Sun Quench   Link
Jun in and out of the DR very quickly Goes gets a pill by her bed.
Into the kitchen she goes. Takes her pill. Now into the SR with the garbage and choosing food for Breakfast.

Jul 20 2003 11:26, Sun Quench   Link
Jack now asked to go to the DR. puts on his glasses and heads there.
Dana now emerges from the bedroom talks to Jun about how the room was freezing and she can't feel her bones. Jun says she turned it up to 72 Dana says it is now 62. Jun says I bet it was Nathan. Dana heads for the WC. Others start to emerge from their beds.

Jul 20 2003 11:32, Sun Quench   Link
There is some kind of bug on the cupboard. Jack says he is making coffee
And Jun says that "they" will be taking care of it. Oh look there is another one there. It's discusting.

Jul 20 2003 11:38, Sun Quench ParentRootLink
Correction Jun talking about it's not a bug on the cupboard but a glob of jam and the sink is a mess NT

Jul 20 2003 11:36, Sun Quench   Link
Jun Robert and Dana in the bath area. Talking about how cold it was in their room.
Camera 1 on the whistling kettle on the stove.

Jul 20 2003 11:42, Sun Quench   Link
Jun: This isn't f**cking Romper Room We are not at mom and pops.
Jun Yells "GET THE F*CK UP" Heads to the bed room to yell at the guys.

Heads back to the kitchen and says. I don't care if I have a f**king target on my back"

I am not a f**kcing den mother. She is really ranting. Robert washing dishes and egging her on

They are the last ones up every f**cking day. Leaving the dishes in the sink every F**cking day

Robert completes agree with her.

The guys in the bedroom still under the covers but awake

Jul 20 2003 11:45, Sun valentine   Link
Jun is All Cranked Up
Jun: We're not home with Mommy and Daddy.

She is really upset that the kitchen is a mess, and they have bugs. Someone has left a knife covered in peanut butter in the sink, and there is jelly on one of the cabinets. Most, if not all, of the Non-Eaters are still in bed.


Jun: This isn't fu*kin FSU and fu*kin Oklahoma State. I'm going to ban them from the this area. I'm going to throw the peanut butter, bread and jelly in the middle of the living room and they can fix that sh*t in there.

Dana and Robert are lauging at her.

Dana: Did you just yell at everybody?

Jun: Yes. Put that fu*kin target on my back, I don't care.

Robert points out that Allison does all of Nate's laundry.

Jun: Well, let the husband and wife team fu*kin figure out who is going to get some work done. They're the last ones (including Michelle) to get up every day and they leave this sh*t like that.

Jun: Maybe they should have brought their mommy and daddy with them. I'm going to have a word with their parents when we all get out of here. Like, raise your fu*kin children right or they're going to go out in the world and get eaten the fu*k up.

Everyone is chuckling. Its really funny.

Jun: Just give me a reason today. I'm sick of your sh*t.

Robert has rubber gloves on and his helping her do the dishes. Smart move, Robert, cause she is pissed.

Jul 20 2003 11:47, Sun Quench   Link
Dana goes into the bedroom to grab her glass Justin says
What is with Jun Did she wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Haven't seen her like this

Nathan takes offence to the Oklahoma reference (part of Jun's rant) and how he only used one knife and a glass all day.

Dana just murmurs I don't know. and heads back out to the kitchen

Jul 20 2003 11:50, Sun valentine   Link
More Mad Jun
Apparently Dana went back in the BR and Justin asked if Jun's yelling was about him? Dana reports the following, wearing her gray robe.

Justin: I hope that isn't about me, I always try to do some dishes every day.

Allie: Oh, I don't think its directed to you, Justin.

Jun (after hearing this report from Dana): Fu*king A, bit*h. She can get here blond Raggedy Ann ass in here and say it to my face.

(Ed Note: This is hilarious. Some of the best stuff I've seen to date on the feeds.)

Jack comes out of the DR.

Jun: Look at Jack running back in his room because he's scared now.

Now Dana is doing some dishes.

Jun is making herself a cup of tea and pouring in plenty of sugar.

Jul 20 2003 11:52, Sun Quench   Link
Nathan brushing teeth can hear the commotion in the kitchen hears the word

Nathan comes out of the Bathroom

Nathan: Are you talking to me

Jun: Are you blonde

Nate: Yeah

Jun:Well then I am talking to you... Goes on about the dishes and cleaning up after them

Jul 20 2003 11:57, Sun valentine   Link
Jun is Really Up and At Em
Jun: (still ranting) I'm going to kick some blondie ass around here today.

Nathan is in the BR brushing his teeth. When he heres this, he walks down the hall, looking good with just his PJ's on.

Nathan, to Jun: Are you talking about me?

Jun: Are you blond??

Nathan: Yes.

Jun: Then I'm talking to you, bit*h!!

Nathan: Well, I used one knife and one glass yesterday.. blah blah blah.

Jun: Its about chipping in and doing your part. We didn't mess up all these dishes,and we're doing them.

She continues to slam things around.

Jun: Did you clean up the jelly on the cabinets? What did they have in here last night, a fu*king jelly party? (under her breath: fuc*ing 32 inch bi*ch)

Jun: Now around the house, its going to be "I've had just about enough of Jun."

Dana: That's OK. (yeah, I'll bet its okay with Dana)

Now Nate is in the kitchen, drinking something and looking over Jun's shoulder while she cooks something. (maybe french toast or eggs)

Jul 20 2003 11:58, Sun Quench   Link
Jun beating eggs into a froth. Nathan passes by and heads to the bedroom to get some clothing.
She is working those eggs like there is no tomorrow. She asked who cleaned off the cupboards Dana says she did.

Robert comes into the bathroom area. Talks about how he cleans up after himself after dinner

Justin brushing teeth Dana says I had a dream about you last night. We were watching The Hours in the backyard and a whole bunch of your friends were there (she has none). He asked if it was good she says yeah.

BB: Nathan please put on your microphone.

Jack saunters by. Justin grooming infront of the mirror. Robert now out of the kitchen stays with the guys

Jul 20 2003 12:02, Sun Quench   Link
Nathan and Robert outside talking about how they do up there dishes.
Nathan: Friggin PMSing.That is what it is.

Robert: Yeah

Nathan: And it happens to them at the same time What is up with that. Hoses the clothes in the bucket

BB: says something however cannot hear it due to the hose running. Can hear Nathan singing in falsetto. Now singing low. Don't hear the words tho.

Jul 20 2003 12:06, Sun valentine   Link
Looks Like Mushroom Omelets
Jun is chopping up mushrooms and seems to be feeling a little happier.

Jun: (to Erica) Do you refrigerate ketchup at home?

Erica: Yes, I do.

Jun: Well, some people don't.

Justin comes in the kitchen and says to Jun: "Take it easy there girl, calm down.)

(Ed Note: Talking to her like you would talk to a horse is not the way to go, Justin.)

Dana is droning on at the dining table about her dreams to Jack. And some stories about her ex to Jack. Jack is doing a good job of being polite and pretending to listen, asking her some probing questions.

Now Justin dries a dish and askes Jun, "See this? I feel like I need to do this?

Jun: No, I'm over it. When I get really upset about something, there's a reason for it.

Jack: It was serious this morning. (Ed Note: Wuss, keep your mouth shut.)

Dana: Well, we haven't heard a peep out of you in about 2 weeks.

Brief FOTH.

Jul 20 2003 12:21, Sun valentine   Link
9-11 Conversation
Feeds switch mid-conversation. They were asking Justign about 9-11. At first, the news reports said that a plane was crashed in Pittsburgh.

Dana: That's why we were fuc*ing running out of Manhattan. We thought there were planes hitting every city in America.

Jack: It's every cop's dream to be on a plane with a loaded 9mm when its being hijacked. Just cock it and kill every one of them. You could have done it that day, too, because they were really sloppy, letting people congregate and talk amongst themselves.

Now Jun is talking about Peter Luger's steakhouse in NY. (Ed Note: Its in Brooklyn.) Saying its incredible, but very expensive.

She's telling Nate that eveything there is so expensive.

Robert: You need at least $100K to live there.

Jun: Yeah, 100K needs to be your base, cause you need bonus to make it work.

Dana: I was halfway there in my early 20's, and it was nothing.

Jul 20 2003 12:32, Sun sage   Link
HG's told 30 minutes to veto. NT

Jul 20 2003 12:33, Sun MsB0808   Link
Veto Meeting
Robert just said Veto meeting in 30 minutes.....

Jul 20 2003 12:55, Sun Numfar ParentRootLink
thx to mods =)

Jul 20 2003 12:54, Sun bruhe   Link
erika jokes and offers david sexual favors if he vetos her out
david doesn't seem to be ready to use it... he justifies this by suggesting that erika may have enough votes to stay.
They are in the dark in the sandlot and david is being very serious and feeling torn (based on his body language - covering face with hands).
He say's again we really don't know what's going to happen (re: the vote)
he says they want michelle to stay too... not sure who he means as far as which alliance. He asks do you think I should? and there is no answer that I can tell. Then he start's whacking the bed with hi/amanda's hat.

Jul 20 2003 13:01, Sun MsB0808   Link
David and Nate
David and Nate talking...sounds like David won't use the POV for Erika and they are going to depend on the voting to go 5-3 to evict Michelle on Wednesday.

Jul 20 2003 13:05, Sun Quench   Link
David telling Nathan about the conversation he had in the HOH last night.
How if David uses the Veto then Jee will put up Nathan or Jack. Wednesday will be interesting because Erika will be a more valuable at getting out the Stooges than Michelle would be.

Now talking about to Jun about the bite/pinch she gave him last night. You bit me No I pinched you.

David is wearing the TieDye shirt he created. Jun is in pink. Nathan is shirtless. They are all sitting in the LR waiting for the Veto meeting to be called.

Nathan saying to Jun : They think they have it all figured out.

Now David Dancing around.... moves off to the bathroom area.

Nathan telling Jun that the stooges are trying to get David and Jack to join them.

And Jee is thinking about putting me up. Jun replies that you are a bigger threat than Jack is.

Jul 20 2003 13:20, Sun Quench   Link
Most are in the living room Jee comes into the BR to fix his hair.
Alison says she is Pissed just as Jee comes up the hallway.

Nathan who is in the chairs ask how Jee is doing. You look liked you are stressed out.

Jee talking about home and was interupted by banging on his door/walls.

David now comes in the BR and is immediately called into the DR to get the veto medallion

Jul 20 2003 13:22, Sun Quench   Link
FOTH now during Veto meeting. NT

Jul 20 2003 13:24, Sun Quench   Link
It's over? Robert and Jee outside Talking strategy. Garbled audio. NT

Jul 20 2003 13:26, Sun highheels ParentRootLink
dont think so Jee just said to R "Veto is today: NT

Jul 20 2003 13:27, Sun Quench   Link
No hasn't happened yet. Jee talking about how the whole house wants Dana out
But he says that they are forgetting that Erika is a bigger threat than Dana.

Talking about it's the Veto meeting today and voting for eviction is on Tues.

Jee talking about Nathan. How he has to go because they were going to put Dana out next week after Erika.

Now Alison is going too because she is with Nathan.

Jul 20 2003 13:33, Sun Quench   Link
Jee saying that if David uses the Veto he is putting up Nathan or Jack up
And Robert says it doesn't matter who you put up because we are behind you 100 percent

Jul 20 2003 13:33, Sun HitmanJuggalo   Link
Veto Meeting Begins NT

Jul 20 2003 13:34, Sun HitmanJuggalo   Link

Jul 20 2003 13:35, Sun HitmanJuggalo   Link
Veto Is Used On Nobody NT

Jul 20 2003 13:35, Sun bruhe   Link
david and the veto....
he uses veto on nobody

Jul 20 2003 13:35, Sun Jokerette   Link
He didn't use the veto. Michelle and Erika said do as you wish. NT

Jul 20 2003 13:37, Sun _WatchIt_   Link
Dave, as he'd planned last night, says "I choose to use the veto on... nobody." Jee looks like he can't stand up. NT

Jul 20 2003 13:37, Sun Quench   Link
Veto meeting.
you 2 slide beside michelle and erika

Michelle and Erika in hot seats

David starts

Veto meeting. I can take one of you guys off

Before that M and E can say why I should save them

E David I trust in whatever decision you make
M David I also trust in whatever decision you make

David I was hoping for some personal

Choose to use the veto on Nobody. I did it for personal reasons for the game

Meeting is ajourned

Alison got scared. Michelle is stunned. Dana is sitting there and can't believe her luck.

Jul 20 2003 13:39, Sun Quench   Link
Michelle talks about how she wanted to say she didn't trust in whatever his decision is because she is his ex NT

Jul 20 2003 13:40, Sun Quench   Link
David says BB wanted him to make it dramatic. Jee is weak in the knees. NT

Jul 20 2003 13:42, Sun _WatchIt_   Link
Dave to Erika, "You're not going to kill my family are you?" Erika "Just your dog" NT

Jul 20 2003 14:10, Sun Anonymous   Link
Jack and Erika are in the backyard.
Jack washes towels as Erika lounges in an innertube in the pool.

Jul 20 2003 14:36, Sun strkaholic   Link
Alison says that BB asked her what she thinks changed Dana since she was so cool and fun at first..Alison told them they let her out of her straight
jacket which was a big

Jul 20 2003 14:38, Sun antonio2025bk   Link
Erika wisely sitcking close to Aly
talking in BY Er reassuring Aly she is ok

Jul 20 2003 14:43, Sun strkaholic   Link
Ali says she does not trust Jun and would not be surprised at all if they get out of there and find out that she had a secret alliance with Jee. NT

Jul 20 2003 14:55, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Erika and Alison, Erika: I want HOH so bad I can taste it
Alison: Dana is not going to get HOH over my dead body
I have Michelle spying on Jun and Dana for me until she goes.
Erika: The diary room is going to be The Bash on Dana Show. I tell them she is a paranoid schizo.
Alison: I told them we let her out of her straight jacket and that was a big no no.
Erika: Dana is not taking to this game very well, but she'll be dealt with and Jun too if she knows whats good for her she'll stick to the right side.
Alison: Nathans pouting is digging him in a hole.
My only concern is JAck and David that I'm not a target of theirs.
Erika: Not even close I swear on my family.
Alison: They are not a target of mine.
I can't wait for Dana to go
Erika: She thinks she knows it all.
Alison: I can't believe they are that stupid to do Girls versus guys
Nate is like Roddy he tries to use his charm on all the girls it cracks me up.

Dave joins the discussion
Dave: Talking about our victory on Wednesday?
Erika: Will you please reassure this child that you are not after her.
Dave What not at all

Plane flying can't hear

Alison: I just don't want to go home.
Dave: Ali its all going to work out great.
Erika: It's going to be a long few days
Alison: The way Dana talks it like she already knows about all this.
I don't trust Jun Not at all
She's just as bad as Dana only a little more quiet about it I wouldn't be surprised if when we get out of here that JUn had a secret alliance with Jee.
Dave: Don't worry you have nothing to worry about (to Alison)
Alison: I know I believe you.
Dave I'm finding out alot from them (3 stooges) They think all the girls are stupid,
Alison: Their going to get theirs
Alison: He(Jee) just sat their and said he doesn't care if he goes home. Are you kidding me?
Dave: Me not using the veto today was golden for keeping the trust with them.

Plane again

Alison: If Jun does not I will be gunning for her
Alison: I think we should all act shocked it'll be so funny
That'll make some good TV
Erika: Their counting on it
Alison: What is their thing with Dana? It's all fake?
Dave: It's all fake they can't stand her

Another plane

Alison: Justin is not very smart, physically hes good mentally he's a stupid ass
Erika: Neither is Robert

Alison goes in for a second

All three trying to remmember specifics of duck game for possible HOH comp

Jul 20 2003 14:57, Sun mrsb   Link
Ali, Dave, and Erika in BY (long)
Ali saying that she does not trust Jun at all. Saying that she wouldn't be surprised to find that Jun & Jee have a secret alliance.

All 3 agree that Jun will stick with the numbers for now.

Dave says that he is finding out information because Justin, Jee, and Rob are approaching him about an alliance. He says they think that all the girls are stupid and that the UnHoly alliance is going to attack them first.

Now talking about Michelle... Saying that she isn't playing the game well, she is just having a good time. They say that Jee is the same way. Saying that Jee said yesterday that he wouldn't mind going home as long as he is in the final 7 (jury).

Dave says that by not using the veto was a golden way to solidify the trust they have in him.

Dave says that Jee, Justin, and Rob will go after Dana (Michelle as a decoy again) next week if they get HOH.

Jun has told Ali that she is 100% for voting Michelle out.

Erika, Dave, and Ali are all excited about seeing Jee, Rob, and Justin when Michelle gets voted off. They joke about how funny it will be and how good the ratings for that will be.

Erika says the producers have said that they are the most creative cast to date. She also thinks that this whole ex situation has sped up the game and make the first 3 weeks more interesting.

They say that Dana believes that she is 100% in with Justin, Jee, and Rob.

Speculation about what HOH will be. Talking about what tie-breaker questions could be because last week Erika had figure out the total weight question. They start talking about what color ducks everyone had during the veto competition

Michelle - purple
Erika- gold
Dana- red
Jack- Pink
Dave- yellow
Jun- black and silver
Ali- green
Nate- camoflage
Jee- blue
Rob- firebolt
Justin- white, clear

Now they are counting up the total points that everyone had at the end of the game. Total was .... 41. With the tiebreaker... 56.

Nate joins conversation.... posting

Jul 20 2003 15:15, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Ali and Nate in BY
Alison: I think Jun is Telling Dana about us switching our votes because of what Dana said to me

Alison: If I get Hoh or Veto you are safe with me
Nate: And I will do the same for you
Alison: You better or I'll kill your whole family
bothe laughing

Jul 20 2003 15:19, Sun HitmanJuggalo   Link

Jul 20 2003 15:23, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Robert: It's such a waste of my life to hear these people fight over something so stupid It's kid games NT

Jul 20 2003 15:41, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Robert and Jack in BY
Rob: I can't have a conversation with 90% of the people in this house. I have a daughter and a family just like you.
I can't sit here and listen to them talk about such ridiculous stuff
Jack: I thought I was the only one who felt like that.
Rob: The only one on our level is Jun she actually has to pay bills
These kids look at it like a slumber party This is really a struggle for me.
Jack: Sometime I just have to get up and move to another part of the house
Rob: Your're doing great though given the age difference
I was telling Jun if everyone were over 25 it would be more interesting, these people are too young
Rob: We had a convo about Erika, its better that's she's leaving she doesn't fit in here
JAck: She's more mature than most people in here
Rob: I know that
Jack: I think she's like you and I Moving around from place to place you can't get involved in this stuff
Rob: I mean does Michelle really think she can come in here and win 500,000 dollars I don't understand
From Nominations to when she gets evicted that's going to be crying 24/7

Dave and Rob:
Rob complaining how Michelle is going to go crazy when she's nomed for real
Rob: I don't deal well with these immature people My daughter is seven and she is more mature than 90% of the people in this house I'm not bull****ing you.

Dave says nothing and starts talking about the pool raft
Rob walks away LOL

Jul 20 2003 15:41, Sun mosiegirl4   Link
Robert is saying to Jack about Michelle....
Robert and Jack are outside.. Rob says "whats this with Michelle, does she really think she can walk in this house and win 500,000?, thats f$cking nuts!, she can't seriously think she had any chance at winning it.. what is she going to do up to eviction? she cries every day as it is, she's making herself go nuts."

Jul 20 2003 16:28, Sun Hammock_Fall   Link
Dv Ja Na R in BY discuss BB3
They say that Danielle played well and didn't think Lisa deserved to win. Nat thinks that Roddy was the best BB3 player.

Jul 20 2003 16:45, Sun Hammock_Fall   Link
Ali, Jun talk strategy re voting out Erica or Michelle
After going through many scenarios, both agree to stick with voting Michelle out

Jul 20 2003 16:45, Sun Lola   Link
Al & Ju in orange room
Al is talking about someone hating her (not sure but I think she means Dana).

Jun is standing with her back to the cam. Her bathing suit bottom is stuck high in her crack, she reaches back and pulls it into place.

They whisper something to do with Robert before leaving the room.

Jul 20 2003 16:51, Sun Lola   Link
Jun goes to Dana and ask
Al wants to know if you hate her because of Justin?

Jun is making a lot of noise at kitchen sink (can't make out what they're saying)

Da comes in then

Ju tells David that Dan wants to know about Mi and she said she told her that not even Na knew.
missed some then David says that's the way the cookie crumbles

I see Mi coming close and the conversation changes to PB&J

Jul 20 2003 16:53, Sun Lola   Link
Jun reads an ingredient label "99 percent fat free... GOOD LORD, you need some fat" NT

Jul 20 2003 17:13, Sun ManTroll   Link
Nathan's neanderthal opinions on being gay....
"I am big on moral values, and I don't think God would make you born gay. I think it's a choice that people make"

Jul 20 2003 17:20, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Robert just cannonballed in the pool soaking Michelle while Justin tipped her out of the hammock onto the ground NT

Jul 20 2003 17:21, Sun ManTroll ParentRootLink
Michelle PO'ed NT

Jul 20 2003 17:34, Sun ManTroll   Link
Michelle and Allison talk in living room
Allison wants to know if Dana said anyting about her. Michelle said she didn't hear anything.

Michelle says she's sick of David's teasing. Allison tells her to just stay away from him because that's what she tries to do with Justin.

Justin walks in and then leaves.......Allison says that he only came in to see if they were talking.

Allison says that Nathan hates Dana and has tried to avoid her for several days. She then jokingly says that Nathan wants Allison to beat up Dana (the karate instructor....LOL right)

Michelle and Allison both wanna see Nate get HOH next week and then Michelle says "or it would be be cool if I got it" and Allison says "oh yeah for sure" (knowing full well that Michelle is leaving this week)

Jul 20 2003 17:42, Sun lacycatherine   Link
Alison walks into the DR and asks if she can vent NT

Jul 20 2003 17:42, Sun Amfam   Link
Al to diary room to vent.... NT

Jul 20 2003 17:44, Sun ManTroll   Link
Erika defending her honor....
She says she's stressed about the things Robert is making up and saying behind her back. Justin says that Robert really hasn't said anything about her.

Erika defensively interrupts him and says "I just wanna let you know that I was a really good girlfriend. I got him jobs and supported him and stuff and I didn't get much thanks from him for it."

Justin says "I know. I'm a pretty good judge of character, I can see you're a good person."

Jul 20 2003 17:47, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Erika to Justin: It kills me that Robert is saying crap about me
Justin: Robert not really talking about you at all(liar)
ERika: I'm not a she-devil
Justin: I'd date Erika

Talk about being sequestered

Jul 20 2003 17:48, Sun Anonymous   Link
dana starts singing "somewhere over the rainbow" and we get FOTH. thanks a lot.
god i hate her.

Jul 20 2003 17:54, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Justin didn't knock Michelle off the hammock, He was on it and stood up and it tipped NT

Jul 20 2003 18:16, Sun AmyFromCanaduh   Link
ali & dana talking in bathroom area
ali pulled dana aside to tell her she's not mad at her and she knows dana doesn't like her anymore and that she heard that if dana got hoh shes gunna put up ali. alis saying that she's not mad about dana and justin getting a bit close or whatever she said "you can have babies or whatever"

Jul 20 2003 18:20, Sun AmyFromCanaduh   Link
ali & dana more talking..
ali says nate is ***** either way he votes and that he wanted dave to use the veto and put him up and dana is saying he wants to piss her (dana) off. and danas saying like - yah thats what he wanted to do - get me up, go head to head with me (etc...)

dana: im sick of asking i have to like go up to people and beg them for *****

ali says nate kinda feels betrayed because dana hangs out with the 3 guys (justin, jee, rob)

dana: you and nathan were in that room the other night for 2 hours what am i suppose to think (when they were in the hoh with justin, jee and rob)

danas saying she doesnt care anymore and that she isnt and will never be a kissass (she'll never kiss anyones ass)

ali: i can't talk about anything without feeling like someone else thinks im talking about them

dana: everything that is said in this house gets around in five minutes
ali: or less
dana: or less

Jul 20 2003 18:28, Sun AmyFromCanaduh   Link
more dana & ali talk
dana says she won't "say a fuckin word to anybody" and that anything that anyone sees even if someones just painting their nails, it gets around and there's a drama session.

dana: people are going out of their way to piss me off

dana says she let go of some her paranoia and she's taking everything with/like(?) a grain of salt.

ali: the reason me and nate are sad today is because we heard that we are next to go up
ali: i heard that if you get HOH you are putting us up.

they are talking about alliances and the 3 guys (jee, rob, justin) and since dana isn't with them or nate and ally etc. she feels like she is "on an island by myself" and ali said "i thought you were with them 3"

dana: i was even confronted about that "would you put up nathan and alison" and i said no i couldn't put them i couldn't even do that

more whispering... i can't understand
dana: but i can't kiss his ass anymore
ali: then i'll do it
dana: ...for the whole week when he was hoh i kissed his ass like a ***** puppet "what am i doing wrong, what should i do"

...more talk..

Jul 20 2003 18:32, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Ali and Dana in Bathroom
Ali: I heard your planning on putting me up on the block
Dana: Do you have a reliable source for that Thats not part of the plan here
Ali: i'm in an alliance with you and Jun
Dana: I've heard so many things about you
Ali: Please don't think I would go against what you and Jun and said because of him
Dana: I haven't done anything against the original group
NAte hates Jee, Justin and Rob
Ali: You know why they are going to put him up
I'm not sticking up for Nathan but either way he votes hes going to get screwed
Dana: He doesn't even talk to me He doesn't even acknowledge my existence Instead of having me on his side he wants to piss me off.
Ali: I've heard things about you and your alliance with the three boys.
Dana: No one is talking to me I have to beg to get anyone to talk to me
Ali: But you spend all your time with those threee guys
Dana: You and Nate spent 2 hrs with those guys the other day what am I supposed to think Every time people are talking I think its about me I'm sick of it
Dana: Everything i say in this house gets around in like 5 min. So I've been hanging out with those guys alot anyone would think the same thing about you.
Ali: I don't want to have to walk around this house watching what I say and do Please don't accuse me of things like if I'm just painting my nails
Ali: Dana I'm telling you you're not going anywhere
Dana: People are going out of their way to make me uncomfortable
Ali: Don't lose your composure. The reason I was so mad because I heard we are next to go up if you got HOH
Dana: Who in christs name knows who's getting HOH, I feel like I'm on an island all by myself. I'll go with whoever is going to go to bat for me
Dana: I was confronted about putting you up and I said I could not put you up.
Ali: Are they trying to go after me?

couldn't hear the answer

Ali: Dana I'm telling you right now I'm not going after you
Dana: I can't kiss his ass anymore I can't live like that. These guys don't tell me anything, I'm serious

Ali: When I heard about the guys going against the girls is really pissing me off
Dana: Who said that
Erika comes in: I heard that too
Dana: I'm glad you had the nerve to ask me to talk.
Erika: There's two girls up right now
Ali: I swear I won't put you up if I get HOH next week
Dana: I swear that to you too, but I'm not making any other promises I gotta look out for myself
Dana: I'm basing everything at this point on peoples actions nnot their words
Erika: Thats all you really can do

Jul 20 2003 18:38, Sun AmyFromCanaduh ParentRootLink
thanks! ..
thanks so much you really got that better then i did lol i couldn't really get word for word or anything you did an awesome job thanks so much! do you know why they just cut to foth?

Jul 20 2003 18:39, Sun BB4Shel ParentRootLink
Dana mentioned a brand name I think NT

Jul 20 2003 18:41, Sun AmyFromCanaduh ParentRootLink
ohh okay thanks yah i think it was like a pill brand? lol

Jul 20 2003 18:33, Sun AmyFromCanaduh   Link
dana&ali more talk..
ali: the guys going against the girls is really getting me pissed off.
ali: but if that's what they're gunna do that's fuckin stupid
ali: ..that the guys are going after the girls.. you didn't hear that?
dana: yah i heard that last night

ali: okay that made me feel better

now they got up and left and they both seem releaved.
talking about volentary exits because even after 2 weeks it's "enough to make you leave"

dana: one of us has to win hoh next week
ali: im telling you dana if i get it you are not going up
dana: and you can sure bet i wouldnt put you up either

ali saying she doesn't want dana to think she'd put her up.

dana: i'm basing things on everyones actions not words because words don't even mean ***** anymore

now they are going to go work out with the other girls

Jul 20 2003 18:36, Sun AmyFromCanaduh   Link
period cycle talk
talking about their periods

ali says her ovaries jet out

dana: if im on my period and im not talking my pill i could get hospitalized thats how bad it is

ali says she started talking pills when she was 14 and dana said 15

ali: i had a 52 day long period

dana said she had ovarian sis' or something?

Jul 20 2003 18:50, Sun annie367 ParentRootLink
It's ovarian cysts. NT

Jul 20 2003 18:42, Sun AmyFromCanaduh   Link
jee: i like girls with firm breasts
he says he likes girls who can flex their boobs and its a big turn on or something?! (oh god) lol

Jul 20 2003 18:44, Sun AmyFromCanaduh   Link
jun tells jee he should go outside
jee says: what do u think im a fuckin dog or something? i need to go out side for walk?


Jul 20 2003 18:50, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Michelle, Ali, Jun working out on living room floor, Jun making sex noises, Jee & Justin playing cards on all 4 feeds NT

Jul 20 2003 18:53, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Jee: smells like feet
Michelle: I think your hallucinating
Rob: It smells like piss, rat piss or something
Jee to Jun: Don't freaking bang on my door tonight
Jun: It wasn't me
Jee: Liar you freaking admitted to it

Jul 20 2003 18:55, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Dana using an Abroller type thing and jee says: Your going to have some firm breastses NT

Jul 20 2003 19:10, Sun BB4Shel   Link
JAck, Nat, Erika in BY
Nate: They are gonna campaign against each other when their up
Nate: Rob doesn't want to be sequestered if he can't talk to his daughter.
Erika: He might get his wish
Nate: Its crazy like even last year the pawn always left, how does that happen
Jack: People resent being told what to do The people that are pushy get voted oout first.
Nate I hope they are so frustrated they can't even concentrate for the HOH
Jack: That a good stradegy
Erika: That was Jack plan
Jack: I want to drivew a wedge between Jee and Robert
Nate: When that vote comes in thats going to be such a good thing for big brother I hope its not physical really because those guys are more physical not really Robert though, I think Ali is really intelligent
Nate: I don't if its me but Robert is really annoying me he can't act very good at all
Erika: He acts very cocky its a cover for insecurity
Nate: This is so crucial this week
Erika: We'll get it
NAte: Got to

Nate goes to eat

Erika: He's very cool Nathan is Hes got a good head on his shoulders
Jack: His only mistake is he underestimates Justins intelligence
Jack: Jee is real homesick

Jul 20 2003 19:31, Sun AmyFromCanaduh   Link
they are just eating.. nothing exciting..

Jul 20 2003 19:50, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Dana says to Jun
I wash my ass everyday you could your freaking LoMein off my ass
Jun says: What is that a ****ing chinese joke.

Jul 20 2003 19:51, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Dana asks Justin
Are you wearing anything under those shorts
Justin: No
Ali: He never does Hes so dirty

Jul 20 2003 20:01, Sun BB4Shel   Link
Ali to Dana: So you want HOH really bad
Dana: I do and I don't I don't want to be the one to put anyone up I just want to know that I am safe.

Both laugh
Ali: Me too
Ali: The elite 8's original plan is to vote out all the X's right now we have an x on the block and Erika
Dana: I'm just waiting for someone to tell me what to do
Whispering can't hear

Something about Nate

Dana: Thats why I wasn't surprised when I heard he wanted me up with the Veto
Ali: What are we gonna do if Erika stays
Dana: EVery one of knows that original alliance is bull****
Dana: We need to know how the others are voting
Ali: I don't know
Ali: I don't want Michelle to leave
Dana: The only way I'll feel safe is if I win HOH

Jul 20 2003 20:28, Sun BB4Shel   Link
After Ali and Dana talked Ali went and reported all Dana said to ERika and Jun and Dana reporting back to Rob now NT

Jul 20 2003 21:19, Sun missellie   Link
Erika and Jack in bedroom with Jun and
Allie.Jack and Erika were talking about the lamps and Nate told them to go look at the strange one's in that bedroom.Allie and Jun were already in there.So they are now making small talk.Dana is now in the Hot Tub with the 3 stooges but are not talking about anything good as Nate was playing basketball.Dana went to restroom and Nate left so the guys started to talk.Now Dana back and reporting her conversation in the hammock with Allie.And Dana told the guys about everyone in the bedroom they are convinced they are talking about the game.They decided Nate has to go next.They think he has an alliance with everyone.She/they are really perinoid as there is no game talk in B/R that I can see. Posting

Jul 20 2003 21:24, Sun missellie   Link
Switched back to hot tub but the talk
or game talk anyway has ended as Jack Allie and Nate are outside.Michelle Jun and David were/are still in the bedroom.I think the three stooges maybe realizing Erika going out is not a sure thing.Could not catch all from hottub noise but think they asked Dana how Jun and Allie might be voting.

Jul 20 2003 21:29, Sun missellie ParentRootLink
Dana may have said something about Allie bluffing her but justin? said she was not smart enough for that NT

Jul 20 2003 21:32, Sun FrodoLass ParentRootLink
Dana says, "I know I'm not the most feminine of the girls." NT

Jul 20 2003 21:40, Sun Eddie ParentRootLink
I heard most of the hot tub conversation....
Dana reported her conversation with Alison, pretty much verbatim.

The main topic of discussion was Alison's comment that she and Nate would be targeted. The 3 Stooges discuss whether somebody really told Alison that or whether it was a bluff. Since they HAVE targeted Nate and Ali, the Stooges are concerned about a leak. They finally reach two contradictory conclusions: that Ali was probably bluffing and that she is too stupid to be bluffing.

They just got around to the topic of the upcoming vote with Dana reporting that Erika had approached Alison seeking her vote. But, Alison came outside and interrupted the game talk at that point.

Jul 20 2003 21:34, Sun missellie   Link
they are talking about shaving and as usual it turnes to sex and body parts
Dana gets waxed down there.She is now having to shave down below and has a landing strip.And Dana mentions Jee like's A$$ Justin just like's everthing to be in proper perportion.Jack standing there not really talking but being a fly so they cant talk to freely.Nate and Allie playing basketball.My feed switched to Erika getting out of tub in her bathing suit.Posting

Jul 20 2003 21:47, Sun missellie   Link
Erika and David watching fish on plasma screen David want's to see a diver
come and speer a few fish.Then Erika ask's if they ? were atracted to each other from the time she came in.I think she ment Amanda Big Brother tells Erika to put on her mic and now Jack is in they are going to play cards.David admits he told amanda she was the hottest chick.Posting

Jul 20 2003 22:09, Sun missellie   Link
Allie and Justin in hot tub
he ask's her whats up and she say's sh!t is going down in a few days.She tells him she hears she is going up next with Nate even if he Justin gets HOH.Robert now out there Justin says it is not true.Allie now says they need to keep what she tells them quiet as Someone is repeating things.Allie is telling them she believes Nate and Jack have secreat alliance Justin say's they knew that.Allie tells them she heard the three stooges want to get with Jack and David and do a guy thing.She tells them no one in the house trusts Dana and they deny the guy thing .Allie tells them if she got HOH she would probably put up Dana and Jun and Dana would go.They talk about possibly putting up Jack and David.But Justin said he has promised everyone he will put up Dana and he will not break his word.They seem more worried about Nate.She is letting them believe she is voting Erika out and she is telling them they are not on anyone's hit list.Now B!tching about Erika.Sorry this is crazy trying to follow everything and they jump around alot. Posting

Jul 20 2003 22:46, Sun _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Ali basically spilled that she heard about the Jack/Dave/Justin alliance, that Erika told her
She basically repeated what JACK told her about Justin/Rob approaching them with a deal, only told them it was Erika.

Jul 20 2003 22:20, Sun kathryn   Link
Ali just said the saddest day of her life might have been
when she found out Milli Vanilli was lip synching.

Jul 20 2003 22:22, Sun kathryn   Link
Pubic shaving
Ali, Jun, and Dana have landing strips. Michelle shaves completely. Ali said someone (Justin maybe) shaves it all. Jun doesn't like her guys shavede.

Jul 20 2003 22:23, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
June just peeked under the towels "Nathan?" had over the shower door as he showers. NT

Jul 20 2003 22:28, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Allison is shaving Nathan NT

Jul 20 2003 22:43, Sun missellie ParentRootLink
durring the shave she told Nate some of her hot tub conversation with Rob and Justin NT

Jul 20 2003 22:55, Sun missellie   Link
Justin covering his butt with Nate they are talking in HOH
Justin telling Nate he is not going to put Nate up if he get's HOH.Telling Nate he went to bat for him when he upset Jee.Nate tells Justin he was mad at Jun this am cus she yelled at him.Jee come's in.Nate tells them Jun can be one that goes to the end cus she is under everyones radar.They now discuse putting out Dana next.Nate leave's Justin explains to Jee what the talked about before he came in.Justin say's he gave his word last week to put Dana up and will keep it.Jee says thats good he will have everyone on his side it's a smart move.Justin believes who ever wins HOH the stooges are safe.They are going to tell Rob to watch his step as Nate reported people think he (Rob)is acting shady.posting

Jul 20 2003 23:03, Sun missellie   Link
Jee called Rob in HOH
He told Rob about Justins conversation with Nate.He assured Rob that the three of them were safe for awhile told Rob to be nicer to Nate.They then talked about Dana and Rob said that B had to go he does not trust her.

Jul 20 2003 23:22, Sun ManTroll ParentRootLink
Who is B???? I'm confused. Help! NT

Jul 20 2003 23:41, Sun pamelama ParentRootLink
Who is 'B' -- meaning 'Bitch' instead of Dana, I believe (n/t) NT

Jul 20 2003 23:14, Sun calgal   Link
house guests are arranging chairs for "musical chairs" NT

Jul 20 2003 23:16, Sun missellie   Link
They are getting ready to play a game in the
Backyard on the chess board.It is Jun's idea but Michelle knows how to play.It is called never have I ever.Jun and Michelle say it will give them some thing to do.Now they are trying to decide how they play.So they do not both play by the same rule's.Posting

Jul 20 2003 23:24, Sun missellie   Link
Rules for game
one person in middle asks question anyone who it applies to has to get up and change places ala musical chairs.Jun first anyone lost virginity before 20 michelle does not move Robert losses he asks anyone jacked off in house no one moves.he askes anyone think of hooking up with anyone in the house everyone moves Michelle losses.She asks anyone been with 2 people even a kiss rob losses.
posting can not keep up

Jul 20 2003 23:26, Sun calgal   Link
Jun says "Anyone who took a sh*t today". No one took a sh*t today? you fing liars" NT

Jul 20 2003 23:30, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
David.. anyone who has effed a goat! lol NT

Jul 20 2003 23:44, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Justin is in the middle... takes his shirt off.. drum roll please! NT

Jul 21 2003 00:27, Mon Bert   Link
Chair game from (bad) memory. Adult content ...
Hopefully someone will come along and post more details. This is just what I can remember, and it's in no particular order.

The chair game went something like this. They dragged chairs out onto the basketball court. There were chairs for everyone, except one person. The game was that the person standing would comment or ask a question, and if anybody sitting had done that particular thing, they had to switch chairs with someone else. They couldn't take the chair next to them. It had to at least be one chair away. If someone lost the round (wound up without a chair) they were to do a punishment. The punishment was originally spinning around 10 times bent over doing an elephant gesture. It seems that people were getting too dizzy from that, so the punishment was changed to removing an article of clothing or doing truth or dare. I don't recall anyone being given a dare, only asked truths. After the punishment, then that person would make a comment or ask a question, etc.

Jack lost the last round and he was asked as truth - if he ever wanted to have sex with any of his daughters' girlfriends. He said yes. Jack said - I didn't mention any names, though. One of my daughters is 26.

Erika asked if anyone had ever gotten a pearl necklace. Michelle lost that round. She thought Erika literally meant a pearl necklace (LOL!). Since Michelle didn't really lose that round, Ali took her place. She was asked if she ever swallowed. She didn't say yes verbally, but gestured in the affirmative.

Ever had boob sex? Dana lost that one.

Ever kissed someone's bunghole (their term not mine). Erika lost that one. Asked her favorite position which she just stated in a previous round and she said woman on top.

Jack was asked if when he was single if he ever had sex with a married woman - yes.

Jack was asked if he ever had sex in a moving automobile - yes. He said it was some of the best sex he ever had.

Jack was asked how many women he's slept with, ballpark figure - he said a couple dozen.

David lost a round when Jack asked if anyone had ever masturbated in public.

Then David was asked what he and Amanda really did. David said they only kissed. "I only kissed her tongue."

Jun lost rounds for having sex at the office and for having anal sex. She lost more, but I can't recall others.

Once when Erika lost a round, David asked her if she'd eat his children (reference to Rob's claims that she'd kill your family, eat your young, etc.).

I'll post more if I recall more.

Anybody else who remembers more details, please contribute to this thread. Thanks!

Jul 21 2003 00:35, Mon Liann ParentRootLink
"ballpark, how many different sex partners Jack? 2000" NT

Jul 21 2003 00:39, Mon livefeedwhore ParentRootLink
it was 2 dozen NT

Jul 21 2003 00:42, Mon Phantom ParentRootLink
Correct NT

Jul 21 2003 00:29, Mon babyblue   Link
1120pm: Dana & Nathan having heart to heart, Nathan tells Dana
the way he sees Dana is that she is the type who "Cuddles up to the man in power, and as soon as he's out of power, she's GONE". He's trying to convince her to stay w/original alliance's plan, to vote Michelle out, as she is an ex. "Do we want the ex'es dictating our moves for us?" and Dana replies, " I don't want NObody dictating my moves, and nobody evah will,b uddy!"

Jul 21 2003 00:30, Mon Jokerette   Link
Nate and Dana talking >
Dana and Nate talking. dana said its who does she trust more, erika or michelle

Dana says to him, he knows they think she's telling secrets. He says he won't be pissed no matter who she votes for, but who will be strongest alliance once HoH is over? Us or them? I haven't assumed you're with them.. she says she wants to assure her ass isn't going anywhere.

She feels left out, and doesn't want to feel like she's begging people to talk to her. Nate tells her he's moody over the food, but loved her when she first came in. He says he's calm. If she votes either one out, it's ok. She wants to do same as everyone else. Jack and Dave will keep Eri, she asks? He sees Erika staying, and tells her if she votes out Mich she'll look bad.

Jul 21 2003 00:31, Mon Anonymous   Link
Dave's response to questions during chair game
(some of these responses may be off, as it was hard to keep track of who was changing chairs)


Dave has had sex in a public place
Dave has had sex with one of his girlfriend's best friends
Dave has had sex in a car

Dave has...
Masturbated during week they were sequestered
Gotten together with best buddy's girlfriend
Never had sex with someone 10 yrs older
Never Fantasized about having sex with someone of same gender (Jun has - and Dana, but Dana won't admit it)
Has watched a porn
Has made out at the movies
Has NOT given someone oral pleasure in last 3 months
Never used a dildo on someone
Never gone to a sex shop
Never had sex in a uniform or with someone in one
Has gotten head in a movie theater
Had sex in the ocean and in a lake
Ali said if she could hook up with anyone in the house it would be David
Has had sex with two different people in one day
He was 16 when he had his first blow job
Had sex while someone else watched them
Dave has been cum on
Videotaped himself having sex
Had sex doggy style
Has masturbated in a public place
Michelle asked Dave, "What did you do with Amanda?" - Dave: "We just kissed...I just kissed her tongue."
Has bit somebody's back
His favorite position is NOT girl on top
Never kissed a butthole
Has NOT had more than 4 one night stands

Jul 21 2003 00:32, Mon Bert   Link
Nate and Dana talking, Nate told about Erika staying ...
Nate just said to Dana that he thinks Erika will stay (NO!). He talks about how much he loved her when they first got in the house, and that he hasn't been taking to her much because he's cranky from lack of food.

Justin came into the room, Nate left.

Jul 21 2003 00:35, Mon Anonymous   Link
Robert's father spent 8 months in Federal (prison) NT

Jul 21 2003 00:38, Mon Jokerette   Link
More bedroom talk >
Dana calls to someone and tells him she doesn't like that he's eating ass. Now Nate is off to play ping pong. Changing to C3

Erika and Jack playing cards. Bah! Back to Dana, who is lying in bed, awake. She does this huge sigh. Talks to the camera "Are you zooming in on my belly?" (LOL!)

Robat is out next to pool. Michelle and Jun are in the canů Mich picked up her shirt and I missed getting a cap. Shoot me.

It's hot tub city. David's already in there.

Dana now has the turtle in bed with her, in the dark. Now someone takes the turtle to hide it. Eeeek. Dana is still nauseus, and Michelle ain't feeling so hot either.

Jul 21 2003 00:38, Mon Phantom   Link
Dan a & Nat in bedroom.
Dana pumping Nat for info by saying that she said she wouldn't vote Michelle but now she doesn't know what to do. Nat says it's up to her, but that he doesn't like to see the Ex's running the house. Dana sort of defends the 3 Stooges and says that they've only had HOH one week. Nat says that he hasn't made up his mind yet ether. Dana says that no one is telling her anything and she wants to know who everyone is voting for so that she knows what to do. Nat acts hurt and says "you didn't come to me." Ali and someone else where there for a while, but are gone now. Nat asks at one point, "Who will is the stronger player." Dana answers tentatively, "Erika?" "Who will have the stronger alliance when this is over?" Not sure I heard an answer. Dana asks directly if Dave and Jack will vote to support Erika. Nat says that he doesn't know. Dana says again that she just wants to know how everybody is voting so that she knows what to do. She says that she has spent the week with the 3 Stooges because no one else will talk to her. Nat keeps almost giving it away, like when he said that she doesn't want to be there next week having everyone know that she voted for Michelle when the others didn't. "I know, she says, "I just want someone to tell me how to vote." Justin comes in to change and Nat is challenged to a Ping-Pong game, so Nat leaves and the talk is over. Dana stays behind and sighs.

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Best BB ever and Dana under the sheets
Dana says this is the best BB ever. Allison in there laughs. Michelle discussing clothes for Wed, and asking about black dresses. (Such drama!)

C3: Hottub. David whistling. He can't carry a tune. He sounds like a drunk hootie owl. All by himself, whistling in and out. OK this is spooky.

C2: Dana again saying that every time she sees 2 people talking, she thinks it's about her. Then remarks on the card players. She's still sick. She should not have had 2 PBJs. She wonders, with Mich, when next lux comp is and they both are dying for America's Choice.

Michelle talks about Lisa and Dani, and how they made it 3 months. Da says she's miserable. They think it's her kids.. Dana says she just needs to pay her bills as she's in debt up the yin yang.

Da says that Nathan came in, she told him shw wasn't wearing pants and he lifted the sheet. Gwaaalllleeee.

Changing feeds.. Posting

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Michelle is not on the pill and doesn't seem to know how the cycle of active pills and placebos works.
Dana explains it to her. "Oh, OK," she says. Dana stays in bed and doesn't run to report to anyone about her chat with Nat. Michelle is in bed and Jun is getting ready for bed (she is sharing with Dana tonight). Talk of biological clocks, periods, having babies, poop, stretch marks, and all manner of other fascinating topics. No game talk at all, probably because Mich is there.

Black friends. Dana has lots of Black male friends but not many female ones. Jun doesn't and seems to say it as if turning up her nose. Now on to Jewish boyfriends and how well they treat their women. Jun agrees with this one.