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Jul 21 2003 01:00, Mon Phantom   Link
Ali has now come in and is sharing a bed with Michelle.
She doesn't seem to be participating. Nat comes in and observes that he doesn't seem to have a place to sleep tonight. He offers to sleep outside and Michelle/Ali say they will think about that. He lays across the bottom of Jun/Dana's bed and the possibility of him spooning between them tonight. Mich/Ali don't seem to like that idea. Jack comes in and sits on the floor. Some talk of his sexual experiences and he speaks of the joys of Italian women, and Korean women too, he adds. Not clear if he is speaking from experience or just complimenting Dana and Jun. Talk of how cold it is in the back bedroom. Dana still complaining of her sore boob.

Nat says that he couldn't sleep last night because it was too warm. They are talking of messing with the thermostat and disagreeing on the setting. Jack says that it is always in the 70's in his room because they have to keep it regulated for the tortoises. More general talk. Something about leaving the tortoises in that room and not wanting to move their cage. Must be anticipating closing that room in the future.

Jul 21 2003 01:07, Mon Phantom   Link
Jee and Ratbert are playing marbles on the carpet in the LR
while Nat and Dave are just wandering around watching and just wandering. Nat returns to the back bedroom with a drink. Justin is in there now and is getting in between Jun and Dana. He says "too bad" to Nat because he lost his place. Nat goes over to lie on the bottom of the other bed. They say Michelle has had a bad day and needs his attention. Jack still sits on the floor. Erika is now playing Ping-Pong with Dave, and Justin is giving Dana a back rub. More giggling and no substance. Topic moving too fast to catch it all. Michelle wants to know if they all enjoyed the game tonight. They agree they did.

Erika is laughing and having fun with Dave and Ping Pong. I'm going to go watch them for a while.

Jul 21 2003 01:33, Mon Jokerette   Link
Jee with a question for BB, tomorrow...
Jee and Ratbert.. Jee can't believe he won HoH. He says it would have been better if he'd waited … but people would have seen him as weak, else. Rat agrees totally. Jee says now they know not to mess with him. He can't be fake, implying they all are. David's the same, he says… even in the pool alone at night. He just wants to make money, Jee says, with his apt. by the beach.

This Tuesday their family will see them, but live nights are better for them Jee says. He thinks about them a lot. Tells Rat his daughter will hear HIM and be so proud one day too. Jee asks Rat if he wants to talk game. Rat says us 3 alliance are good: Justin good. None talk *****, none scared.. don't know if it'll last. We need a name.

Jee talks about the DR, knowing they're being discussed. Thinks they've been named already. It'll be funny to get out and find out what they were named.

Rat says I can't be in the room eating sh11t with those girls. Jee says yeah, having to flirt with them like the chair game and the hooking up question. He claims he hasn't ever thought of it. Now he says he's feeling a lot better, it comes and goes. If they tell him the right thing tomorrow he'll feel better. They won't say that or they'll lose 2 (??? I am lost, dangit.)

Jee says don't tell me I can't see my family/GF after we get out, I can't deal. I have to see them before they send us wherever… even Jack must be homesick (Ed: EVEN Jack?? You little turd.)


Jul 21 2003 01:38, Mon Phantom   Link
Dave and Erika aren't actually playing Ping-Pong,
they are standing opposite each other across the counter but are trying to bounce the ball back and forth between them without letting it hit anything. They are pretty good and have some long rallies. They get tired and split up. Dave washes his hands in the kitchen sink with soap and goes off to watch the marbles players. Erika goes into the bath and asks if anyone is in there. Dave thinks that she is talking to him, but she is actually speaking to someone she can't see in the bath. Dave begins to kibitz at marbles and tells them they are doing wrong. Jee is a bit abrupt with him and he wanders off singing "Head of Household, Head of Household," over and over. Erika emerges refreshed from the bathroom and goes out to the yard and stretches out in the hammock with a satisfied sigh. She gently sways and looks ready to fall asleep. As much as I enjoy watching her do that, I will go look for something more stimulating. I hear someone saying "Hurry up, hurry up." Erika hears it too and opens her eyes.

F1 & 2 still in the back Bedroom. Justin is still giving Dana a massage, while Nat has one-upped him by simultaneously massaging Ali and Mich.

F3 & 4 are of Erika on the hammock, but she gets up and goes into the house. She is now in the door of the back bedroom watching. Erika leaves, apparently to carry out instructions to get Dave for some reason that he is wanted in the bedroom. Nat is having difficulty undoing Michelle's bra and has to use both hands and still has trouble. The girls fine him 3 points for that. Dave comes in and is instructed to give Jun a massage. He leaps to straddle her and discovers that she is just in her underwear. He acts shocked but manages to persevere and give her what looks like a thorough massage up the full length of her back. It appears that she has undone her top to give full access. Erika did not return, but has gone to brush her teeth. Jack snuck out too, and is also in the vicinity of the Sand Box getting ready for bed (brushing his teeth). Erika sighs and thanks the ceiling for helping her get through this day.

Jul 21 2003 01:40, Mon Phantom   Link
Now the feed switches to Jee and Ratbert in they yard.
Jee is lecturing on how the women are lying and telling stories all day, but that is how they are in daily life, so it is probably not as bad for them. Jee congratulates him and Ratbert for always being straight with each other - the implication begin that men don't do that sort of thing. Ratbert agrees with everything Jee says and feeds his ego. Jee says that Dave is the same. He can't put up with that crap either and spends a lot of time alone. He says that Dave wants the money because all he has is his apartment on the beach. Yadda yadda. Jee asks if there is anything about the game that Ratbert wants to talk about. No, he says, he is pretty happy with things as they are. They are doing well.

Ratbert wants to give a name to their alliance to use in the DR. Jee sort of agrees but says that they out there (that's us folks) already have names for them and probably not nice ones. Talk about the shows and how nice it is for their families to see them. Jee talking something about the vote and how if they mess it up on him 'they' will lose 2 people. (Sorry, no idea). Talk of missing family. Jack misses his family.

Took a pause to edit this until I heard Jee congratulating himself on the unanimous vote against Amanda. That meant that people like him. Ratbert says that it proves that he should never have been up.

Jul 21 2003 02:06, Mon Phantom   Link
F1 & 2 are Dave, Erika and Jack all in bed.
They were talking and they continue to talk intermittently, but there is little game talk. Erika thought that her mom would be flown out for the show, but Jack corrected her and said that they will know the vote on Tuesday. Dave gets angry at himself for having a weakness for women and falling for Amanda. "Why did she have to be so cool at the end." They admit that they made a mistake there. Jack wants to go to Jee after the vote results and rub it in that Erika was the one that fought to save him and vote Amanda out when others wanted to save her.

F 3 appears to be in the back bedroom and shows Justin rubbing Dana's belly while Jun is under the covers sort of trying to sleep. Justin and Dana are head to toe. Still chit chatting about nonsense things. Pubic waxing and such. Dana is quite explicit about the process.

F 4 is Nathan between Ali and Michelle. He has his arms around both but is discussing going somewhere else to sleep tonight. No clear decision on that yet.

Things are winding down.

Jul 21 2003 02:54, Mon frustratedposter   Link
F4 Rb, Ju, Dn
Rb talking about if he wins, what he will do for his allies, but Ju reminds him they are not allowed to make agreeements

Rb reminds Ju/Dn that they can't be seen if they are under the covers. Ju/Dn say they figured that out, that is why they were under the covers. Rb surprised, and asked what they did under the covers. Dn says nothing came off!

Jee is also in the BY with the others, so the Stooges and friend are all accounted for

Er wanders out, before she makes it to the yard, Dn accuses her of wandering around the house to see wha tis going on.

Jul 21 2003 02:59, Mon Hammock_Fall   Link
For the second time, Robert trying to make a deal to share part of the $500,000 with the losing 3 stooges
Again Robert says that he is going to give some $ to the others if he wins. This time he says it to Justin, but Justin doesn't take the bait and promise him some $ if he wins. Instead Justin says that there is a rule against making such deals. Robert still makes another attempt to promote the idea.

Jul 21 2003 03:02, Mon peteinvegas   Link
Dana tells the 3 idiots that the vote may be 4-4 NT

Jul 21 2003 03:04, Mon peteinvegas ParentRootLink
3 idiots tell dana she is reading to much into things...HAHA NT

Jul 21 2003 03:05, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Er seems to have wandered back inside
Dn asking them about the upcoming eviction

The boyz still are sure that all votes are going to evict Er. Dn asks if they are sure, that they have asked everyone and they all are voting Er out. The boyz say yes, they are sure. Not a single vote will be cast to evict Mi

Dn says she is worries. She thinks things may not go as they expect. She was asked today (yesterday really, i guess) how she was voting. So she's worried and wants them to check with everyone again.

the boyz are confident that Er gets all votes. Dn offers a vote. Rb tells her no way it will be anything but unamimous. Dn says she thinks Mi will get some votes. In face, she thinks it will wind up being 4-4 with Jee having to cast the tie-breaker. Rb offers to bet her. He knows that it will be unanimous, they have worked it all out, and they are sure. They bet a massage, with Rb saying unanimous, and Dn saying it will be 4-4. NO other combos count, it is either 4-4 or 8-0 for the bet

Dn saying she has to go to bed now. She only came out because she was worried about the votes. Rb says well, we got the bet going now

Db says that if it does go down 4-4 like that, we have to work like it's the last thing in the world to get the next HOH. Rb says don't worry about it, it will not happen that way.

Ju is certain that no one will vote for Mi unless they are sure she is going to leave. Dn wonders aloud then why everyone is her best friend today. Rb and Ju says she's overthinking it now. nothing to worry about, it is going to be 8-0.

Rb talks about how no one in this house is safe. Anyone can b nominated any time. You just don't know.

Dn repeats, she has to go to sleep, right now. Ju wants to go in with her. She says no way, not unless you rip that camera off that ceiling.

Jul 21 2003 03:11, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Dn claims Na accues her of avoiding him all week
says he told her last week she was always around, cause he was HOH, but now she only hangs out with the stooges. She tells them she hangs out with the guys, but they never talk about the game at all.

Dn asks who the other really wanted up. Je says he doesn't know what they wanted.

DN mic is low, so can't hear her. She babbling someting about Na/Al and all the whispering going around.

Rb tells Dn that they want Dn to get HOH. She asks why? Is she supposed to do all the dirty work. Je says that no, not just her, but one of them has to be HOH

BB "Justin, could you put your mic on." JU "ok, do you know where it is?"

The ones in the yard decide that BB can talk just to the BY, so no one inside heard

JU comes back, asks Dn to sleep in HOH room with him if he gets it. She says every night. Rb bets they are "hitting it" by the second day!

Jul 21 2003 03:13, Mon Phantom   Link
Cycling the Feeds - interesting stuff I didn't expect
F1 & 2 are of the Sand Box. Dave is lying on his back with something over his eyes. Jack and Erika are in bed and Erica is now rolled over and trying to sleep. Jack and Erika were talking about some city and park that they both know. The park was used in a movie with James Dean and Natalie Wood. Much rustling of covers as Dave tries to get comfortable and sleep. No further talk.

F 3 & 4 of the yard where Ratbert, Justin and Jee continue to talk. They stop talking as I tune in because Dana joins them. They joke and speculate about what Justin and Dana were doing in bed. Ratbert hastens to point out that they (us) can't see under the covers. Dana sees Erika walking through the house and wants to know where she is going, to the DR? What's she up to? She's just checking to see if anyone's talking. Erika comes out and it apparently has something to do with the tortoises. I hear someone running water. Dana says that Jee is worried about who is voting for who. They say they aren't worried, but ask who she is worried about. She says Dave and Jack for one, she says. No!! insists Ratbert. It will be unanimous. We had them lined up before we even put her up. Dana says that she is suspicious because now Ali is her best friend. Somehow it comes up that Nat may be considering voting against Mich because of the time he is spending with her. "Oh, ya, he is driving that car." They ultimately allow that it may happen with him (Nat). Dana insists that they confirm tomorrow. Dana bets them that it will be 4-4 and both Ratbert and Justin insist it will be unanimous. The payout is a massage but it has to be the exact vote they predict. Jee is back now, but he doesn't participate in this.

Dana is about to go, but they bring it up again and wonder why she asked. She is just suspicious, she says, and she wanted to confirm. They wouldn't do that because they would expose themselves, then we will know. She is suspicious because everyone is talking to her again. They thing she is to suspicious and why would they do that. To try to get my vote too. Have they asked you? No, but they wouldn't come right out and ask. They decide to stick together. OK, she says, but don't be surprised. Justin leaves and Jee presses Dana some more. She repeats that Nat and Ali have both come to her today after not talking to her all week. She relates that Nat says that she was only with him last week because he was HOH. Jee relates that he has heard from someone that they are now coming after him. More about Dana thinking that she would be put up in case of veto and Nat reassuring her. They say that they want her to get HOH next week. "Why, because you want me to do your ***** dirty work for you?" No, no, they insist, we will all go after it. They return to their confidence, but I want Dana to leave and find out what they say after she leaves. They make HOH chit chat and how they will get it next week and how much fun if Dana got it. Speculating on what Jun would do. She would want rid of Jack for sure, says Dana.

Jul 21 2003 03:15, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Now discussing who each HG would put up if HOH
missed most of it. they realize that anyone could win HOH, so they are going over the options.

Ju loves the competitions. They are so intense, and he loves the anticipation and wondering who will win.

Dn says they are awesome until you are nominated and sitting on the orange chair.

Rb says it will be cool if we win it. The all chime "obviously rob"

Dn thinks she will be up if the others win. Says except Ali, all the others want her up. Says only she, JU and Mi wouldn't nominate Ju, otherwise Ju is up.

Dn says tomorrow will be a very iteresting day

Ju says if he gets nominated, he's getting after Dn ass. No way he's getting outta this crib without some. Dn says they are just gonna spoon.

Rb heads in to brush teeth. Dn wants to go to bed. (ED so GO already)

Dn and Ju head inside

Jul 21 2003 03:16, Mon BB4Shel   Link
Dana and Justin did do something under the covers, she's talking about it with Rob and Justin
Rob: That's why I like you your a real woman, these other girls don't have the sexual feelings of a real woman.
Rob: So What you do?
Dana: Nothing he just tickled my stomach, then he wanted me to tickle his stomach, I did it for like thirty seconds.
Dana: I was about to lose my marbles under there could you tell (to Justin)

Dana spilling about the vote
Rob and Justin: The vote is going to be unanimous
DAna: You have confirmed this verbally with them.
Dana: I'm just concerned all of a sudden Ali is my best friend.
Dana: Just confirm tomorrow
Rob: Theres no way Michelle is going
Rob: Its gonna be unanimous
I'll bet you it'll be unanimous

Dana thinks it'll be 4-4 Jee making deciding vote the others think its unanimous they make a bet on it.

Dana: It was getting hot and heavy in that bed (she's saying this in front of Jee, Jus, and Rob)

Justin: There not going to all vote for Michelle
Dana: I just don't know why everyone is all of sudden my best friend
Rob to Dana: I think you are over reading that
Jee: Jun is the only safe one in this house

Dana: I have to go to sleep right now
Justin: Lets go
Dana: Your're not going in my bed unless you rip that camera out of the ceiling

Dana: Nates trying to play me like he plays all these other b**ches
Jee to Dana: What are you gonna do if you get HOH
Dana: I want it but its gonna be crazy, I will definitely do Nathan first

Dana to Rob: I'll creep in your bed when the lights go down
Rob: You'll be hittin it
Jee: Who do you think Jun will pick if she gets it
Dana: I know Jack for sure, not you Jee,
Jee: Juns not stupid I know Jun
Dana: I'll tell you right now Nathan or Ali win two of us are going up
Justin: If I get nominated I'm sleeping with your ass
Dana: We'll just spoon
Justin: And rub tummies
Dana: That was awesome I couldn't even give you back what you deserved in return.

All go inside

Jul 21 2003 03:16, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Js tells Je that he and Dn are stealing the room for the night NT

Jul 21 2003 03:26, Mon BB4Shel   Link
Justin and Dana went to thier own beds NT

Jul 21 2003 03:26, Mon frustratedposter   Link
both f3 and f4 are on Jee brushing his enamel off
Dv and Er are awake on F1, seems Jack snoring is loud tonige. Dv gets up to fix it, winds up waking up Ja

Dv tells him he is snoring. Er laughs

They settle back in, and we have sleeping and brushing, so


Jul 21 2003 03:31, Mon frustratedposter   Link
around the feeds
F1 sand room
F2 Na and Ali
F3/F4 Je alone in HOH rooms

all quiet, can't see where Dn and Ju wound up

Jul 21 2003 03:32, Mon Phantom   Link
Ratbert insists that they will be fine if they get the HOH. All laugh and say "Obviously, Rob."
More speculation on who others would put up but they decide that they don't want to find out who they all would put up. The group in the yard break up and goes in. Switching to Quad to find out where the Stooges go. {Note: Dana didn't fully spill the beans about what Nat said to her, if she picked up on the subtleties that people here did. She just asked for clarification from them and injected a note of caution. Either she doesn't fully suspect, or she is rethinking her options and doesn't want to give too much away}

Ratbert and Justin brushing their teeth and Rat wants to talk. Justin points out that they can't talk here (beside the Sand Box). Jee comes in as well, but goes to the w/c. Justin says he is making sure of it, but he's not worried. They seem surprised by what they've learned from Dana and think that tomorrow will be an interesting day. More tooth brushing and flushing. Jee is the last one out of the bathroom. Man, that boy can really brush teeth.

From what I can see, everyone has gone to bed and Jee just entered the HOH alone. He is getting ready for bed and no one has come in. They can't be too worried. Sleep well, Stooges, in your blissful ignorance. You will lose your innocence soon enough. Jee lies on his stomach to listen to his CD, and all remains quiet.

Jul 21 2003 06:02, Mon frustratedposter   Link
still all quiet, F2 showing the LR all the rest in various BRs NT

Jul 21 2003 11:46, Mon Lola   Link
Jun is up, she's finished her moring routine, then changed clothes under a blanket NT

Jul 21 2003 11:47, Mon Lola   Link
F3 Jun goes to storage room; F1 Ja and Er are stirring, talking about carrots NT

Jul 21 2003 11:52, Mon Phantom   Link
Jack & Erika are up and looking at the tortoises, Jun is up and puttering around the SR and kitchen.
BB: Good morning Houseguests, it's time to get up for the day.

Currently: F 1 & 2 has Jack and Erika puttering around in the kitchen making themselves breakfast. F3 & 4 has Jun putting on makeup in the hall mirror. No other activity seen as yet.

Jul 21 2003 11:56, Mon bidz_yo   Link
LOL at Erika.....
BB: "Erika, please go to the Diary Room."

Erika: "okay"

Erika: "The dishes are done, dude!"

(clearly she saw "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead")


Jul 21 2003 11:59, Mon Lola   Link
Ja in bathroom, combs hair (that doesn't take long); BB tells HG to get up
Jun is putting on makeup in hall mirror, she has on a red top and black bottom
Er is doing dishes, she has on a large blue T-shirt and PJ bottoms with a black and white cow print
Ja goes in kitchen and begins to help but Er tells him she's already got it
Ja appears to be doing some work (maybe trash, not sure)
Jun shaving her legs
Ja is drying dishes
Er comments that she hates using the sponges cause they look dirtier than the dishes
Ja says the dish lotion is about out and that he forget to ask for a new sponge
Some one gets called to DR, (maybe Er)
Er says the dishes are done
As Er wipes the kitchen table she announces that she's coming, she just wants to wipe the table
Ja comments to Er about the cleaning, how she won't even eat breakfast untils she done cleaning
Er says to Ja "You know me too well"
BB "Ja please come to the DR"
Er still cleaning

Jul 21 2003 12:25, Mon Lola   Link
Er still cleaning, Dana brushing teeth (BB tells her to put on her microphone) ,
Someone ask if Je is still sleeping and someone else says "well, wake his *ss up)
Ja and Er discussing how to clean the coffee pot (should not be under running water)
(Note: last post for 1 1/2 hours, Phantom... Tag you're it)

Jul 21 2003 12:30, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Kitchen talk
they think they are def getting food tomorrow. Dave seems sure there will be a luxury comp today. "Gotta be today"

also making a list of the other things they need


Ja saying gotta have new sponges. the ones they have are multiplying. "They are alive!"

Jul 21 2003 12:33, Mon bidz_yo ParentRootLink
Dave was being sarcastic and making a Dave face while saying that
I think they've been hoping for the "lux comp" every day...

Jul 21 2003 12:32, Mon bidz_yo   Link
Around the feeds
F1,F2: Jun, Jack, Erika, Dana, and Dave having a generally amusing interaction around the Kitchen

F3,F4: Comatose RatBastard in the backyard

Everyone else still sleeping I think despite wake up calls

Jul 21 2003 12:38, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Jun in DR.
they seem to be needing cooking advice in the kitchen, but she's not there for them

Jul 21 2003 12:42, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Rob is in BY, all alone. looking really sad
Dave just said "there's the ping pong champ, you SOB"

keeps asking if anyone is in the DR. he's been told Jun is in there at least 4 times

Jul 21 2003 12:45, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Not sure what they are making in the kitchen
but they really seem to need Jun cause they sound destined to failure

Dana is glad they are on the last PBJ day (as far as they believe) cause her body is starting to seriously ache

Dv wonders if Dana is one of those people that don't like food touching on the plate

Dana says she's not like that, but has a friend who is, and in fact eats his food one thing at a time. first all the steak, then the corn

Dana says she likes to mix it up, and at the end have a little bit of everything on the plate

Jul 21 2003 12:50, Mon txbluefirefly4 ParentRootLink
Pancakes NT

Jul 21 2003 12:50, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Dana and Justin arguing about the proper temp for the house
Dana says she could handle as low as 70

Justing says it was 65 the other day

Dave is making flapjacks. Dana says Jun started them but was called to the DR

Jee is up and washing up in the BR

Dana is sore. perhaps from a massage, or from sleeping or from a cold coming on

Jee is now also complaining that he is sore. they are starting to think it might be the temp in the house. they say there is no real circulation in the house, esp the HOH room

Jul 21 2003 12:52, Mon txbluefirefly4   Link
Dana and her food
Dana says if anyone messes up her getting food next week she will seriously mess them up.

Jul 21 2003 12:55, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Dana and Er searching
for syrup

Dana says it would be a shame to have all those pancakes w/out syrup

Jee says there should be honey in the SR, but they aren't sure they can get in there

Jee is happy that he slept more last nite than he usually does

Jul 21 2003 12:58, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Dave done with the pancakes.
getting complimented on how nice they turned out. Dave tells them Jun made the batter, not him. He prefers them thicker than this, but the others think they are perfect

Thanks all around from the eaters to Dave for cooking. Jun finally out of DR, and they can't believe they kept her in there so long

Mich and Jee in the SR now

Dana says she doesn't do pancakes in the morning anyhow

Ali (i think) points at the syrup and says "the syrup is right there, you crackheads"

Jul 21 2003 13:00, Mon frustratedposter   Link
discussing cooking turkey bacon
saying the microwave is the only way to do it. there's not enough fat to do it otherwise

trying to figure out how long to cook it. doing it a min at a time.

they are suprised Jun was called in to the DR so early, then realize that it is noon, so not so early actually

Jul 21 2003 13:08, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Rob now in LR, asks Nate about the competition they expected today
wonders what happened to it.

Justin in kitchen cleaning up. Thanks dave for the pancakes,

general cleanup going on in kitchen

Dave on F4 leaning over the orange cubes, talking to nate and rob but i can't hear, as i'm on the quad feed for now

Jul 21 2003 13:12, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Jack complains they took the chin bar from them
says they are FOTHing with them, says he asked for it in the DR last nite, but must have asked the wrong person

Er wants a treadmill

Justin and Dana cuddled up under a blanket on F1/F2. Justin wants a competition today. Asks her if she was up early. She says no, not til 11:15. Justin feels like the last one to get up every day.

Jul 21 2003 13:13, Mon BB4Shel   Link
Dana and Justin back in bed spooning NT

Jul 21 2003 13:15, Mon BB4Shel   Link
Dana: I can't sleep like this
Justin: I'm already asleep
Justin: It just looks like we are humping
Dana: Go Get out of here

Dana kicks Justin out of her bed

Jul 21 2003 13:17, Mon kathryn ParentRootLink
how did you do that, it's happening right now on my computer? NT

Jul 21 2003 13:21, Mon Eddie ParentRootLink
After he left, Dana .....
...held her hands to her head, like a pair of guns, and pulled the trigger. Presumably thinking that "hooking up" with Justin is a bad game move.

Jul 21 2003 13:16, Mon Phantom   Link
F1 & 2 has 2 someones (one male, one female) cuddled up under a blanket in bed.
I'm guessing Justin and someone (likely Dana, from the voice), but am not sure who is unaccounted for. They are thinking about getting up at some time in the future and that there is a competition later today. The female is unging the male that he has to go. Yes, it is Justin and Dana.

F3 is the LR with a couple of guys (Nat & Ratbert) flaked out on the couches

F4 is of a blue chair in the LR. No one is in it.

Jul 21 2003 13:18, Mon Peachy720 ParentRootLink
Yup, was Justin and Dana. As he got up, Dana told him, "Thanks for that."
For details on what happened, Shel put up a detailed account in the PX forum.

Jul 21 2003 13:34, Mon Phantom   Link
Dana still in bed and appears to have been joined by Jun.
Dana is whispering up a storm, but is very good at it. I will post what I can catch. Dana says that she is unaligned at the moment and will go her own way. Jun asked about who she would put up as HOH and Dana seems to list just about everyone from what I can hear. Jun wants to start thinking about something to do with the future Noms. Dana has a gut feeling that . . . Jun belches - that came through clear enough. Dana talking about who she can't nominate. Jun isn't contributing much to this. I think I heard Dana say that she knew she was going to be put up in event of veto. David is putting a big *** target on his back. Jun is agreeing but not offering much info. Dana has discovered that someone in the house will just say what they need to save their own ass. Dana says that everyone is playing the game, but none of them is playing to win. Dana talking the advantage of a unanimous vote. Then they can go after the others in sequence. Jun outlined that something will be 5, including her and Jun. Then they talk about having 7 (if they go over to the Dark Side?). Ali is being mentioned. 'They' don't have numbers, says Dana, but it is unclear who she is referring to. Two more healthy belches from Jun. Feed silence for me. Posting while refreshing.

Jul 21 2003 13:36, Mon BB4Shel   Link
Messed with the Equalizer a bit and can hear Jun and Dana better
Dana: This vote is going to determine everything. If it goes 4-4
Jun: If you me rob and just vote out michelle then its us five, ..... what would you rather do?
Dana: They need numbers they have three votes thats all they are
Jun burping
Dana: They got to make up there minds, I don't have an alliance with anybody I'm not stupid I'm not going to align myself with three as opposed to six.
Dave comes in

Jul 21 2003 13:41, Mon Phantom   Link
Temporary respite in plotting.
Dana gets up and Nat and Mich still snuggle across the room. Jack & Erika seem to be doing tortoise food in the kitchen while Jee gets a drink. Now Jun and someone (Dave?) in the SR. Whoever it is talks about nice and dark and cold. Yes, it's Dave, and he is talking to Jun, but I have no sound from that feed at the moment. Dave back in the kitchen to supervise tortoise food prep. Back to Quad feed.

Ratbert taking to probably Justin and Jee about some chick in the Blue Grotto. Erika tending to the tortoise cage on F3 & 4 Brief FOTFH

Jul 21 2003 13:50, Mon txbluefirefly4   Link
Dana is frustrated
Nate tells Dana that she is just frustrated. She says you think so? Nate said I know how to fix that. Dana laughs.

Jul 21 2003 14:04, Mon Lola   Link
Mi & Nat laying in bed together
They're very quiet. Agree that the day goes very slow. Can hear Dana come in, she's looking for a pillow or something.
Nat says he's going to get up soon.
Danas' making a lot of noise but telling them to ignore her but keeps talking about how she can't sleep when someone else is sleeping ???....
After Dana leaves Nat says "That is so weird"
silence again

Jul 21 2003 14:19, Mon Anonymous ParentRootLink
Mi & Nat laying in bed together
Dana told Michelle (who was laying with nate) that she was going to get Michelle another pillow. She said she wouldn't be able to go to sleep tonight knowing that someone else was laying on her pillow. She said it was an OCD thing. And after she left, Nate told Michelle that "that is so wierd"

Jul 21 2003 14:10, Mon Michelle_OR   Link
Robert and Dana in the pool chatting. NT

Jul 21 2003 14:35, Mon Lola   Link
F1 Er & Al floating in pool;F2 BY shot of HG sunbathing;F3 & 4 Rob making lunch NT

Jul 21 2003 14:55, Mon Lola   Link
Around the feeds
F1: Jun goes into storage, retrieves some things and is now in kitchen, humming and fixing lunch
F2: Close up of Jun dicing onions
F3:Close up of Dana AL and Mi sun bathing
F4: Distance shot of Dana Al and Mi sun bathing

Jul 21 2003 14:58, Mon Bert   Link
BY Playboy chat ... Erika said she'd do it for $100k, Dana said she'd maybe do topless for $500k NT

Jul 21 2003 15:24, Mon Anonymous   Link
Robert telling Justin "Me and Erika could do it twice in one day."
Justin: Yeah, I heard all about that.

Robert: You DID?

Jul 21 2003 15:27, Mon Anonymous   Link
Robert telling Justin about his ex-wife.
"You're gonna LOVE her. She's my best friend! You should meet her sister!"

Jul 21 2003 15:34, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Rob and Justin
in back yard
they have agreed if one of them wins, they will give each of the others $50K

(which is basically against the rules)

Jul 21 2003 15:48, Mon Eddie   Link
Major development: Robert and Justin just agree to split the prize money....
If one of them wins, they have agreed to give the other $50,000. They will talk to Jee and include him in the deal.

Jul 21 2003 15:54, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Jun used to be a sunday school teacher
Dana is from a born-again family

Jun was involved with the choir

Justin had a hard time believing it, Jun said to ask Jee

Dana said she stopped going to church for a while

Justing said why? one night stand?

Dana said yeah, only one tho

Jul 21 2003 15:55, Mon kathryn ParentRootLink
she said she met Jee at church NT

Jul 21 2003 16:07, Mon Jovian   Link
Ali squeezing lemon juice into Michelle's hair. To try and get it blonde again I suppose. NT

Jul 21 2003 16:26, Mon frustratedposter   Link
Jun has removed potatoes from one of the casseroles
and is refrying them for the PBJ crew

Mi is thanking her, saying how nice that is and how good it will be

Jul 21 2003 16:36, Mon frustratedposter   Link
the PBJ crew is bowwing down in awe of Jun
and wolfing down the re-french-fried (or is that re-freedom-fried) potatoes she made for them

Jul 21 2003 16:38, Mon frustratedposter   Link
BB: dana, please put on your microphone
she replies she's taking a FOTHing shower

Rob says what would you do if BB said "dana, stop being so paranoid"

Jul 21 2003 16:39, Mon Lola   Link
Ju has been cooking a lot. F1 shows all the food on the counter (long)
She took 2 large pans of bread out of the over and fried another pan of potatoes. Then she stacked some lunch meat on a plate. She put some of the food on the table. Then she washed a pan and is pouring the last of some oil into it. she added butter because they are out of cooking oil. There's some hotdogs or sausages in another pan on the stove.
Mi comes in and asks if the oil is all gone.
Jun tells her she can start eating.
Mi acts surprized "That's for us.... That's really nice of you"
Ju is cooking hamburgers (they're sizzeling nicely)
Ju decides to nuke the fries in the microwave (I guess to reheat them)
(Jun is dressed in a short black and white top, a black bathing suit bottom and is covered with a knee length red apron. It actually looks kind of cute.)
Mi ask Ju if she should call them in and Ju says yes.
Ja comes in and says "Thank you Jun", she says "Your welcome"
Ja says "Hot-doggies and hamburgers" in a playful tone of voice.
Al confidently strolls in wearing a black front zip top and a bathing suit bottom. She pours herself some diet coke.
Er does the same.
Rob fixes himself a plate and is saying "OH my God, these look great, thank-you Ju"
Na fixes his plate, he's wearing his yellow bathing suit.
Mi is wrapped in a huge red and pink striped towel.
Some one ask how is it? Al says "Good, well as good as it's going to get"
Dav is milling around the background.
Dana aproaches Mi and Mi offers her a bite.
(I'm hungry)
Someone suggest waking up Je.
Someone else thanks Jun.
BB tells Dana to put on her microphone.
Mi is eating silently. Someone mocks "Mi stop *itching" She nonchantly rests her middle finger against the side of her forehead as she takes another bite.

Jul 21 2003 16:45, Mon Lola   Link
Ja comments "Jun worked on this for 2 hours and we eat in in 7 minutes" NT

Jul 21 2003 16:49, Mon frustratedposter   Link
quiet around the house
as all are eathing

burgers and dogs for the eaters, refried taters for the PBJers

someone (Erika?) says they haven't been calling us to the DR today. Giving us a break

Ja figures it will be busy tomorrow (forgetting noms, perhaps?)

Jul 21 2003 16:49, Mon Quench   Link
F4: Robert and Michelle in the BY.
Michelle is lying out in the sun and Robert sitting beside her.

Robert telling Michelle that all the votes are to get Erika out on Wed and he needs for her to leave in order for him to stay in the game.

That he doesn't hate Erika it's just that on the outside he has no contact with her and doesn't want any.

David comes and sits with them. Robert tells them he arrived late at the hotel and didn't even spend the whole ten days sequestered.

Jul 21 2003 16:52, Mon Lola   Link
Ju is throwing away a large pan of food. Apparently it didn't turn out right but she expected it. NT

Jul 21 2003 16:59, Mon JulieH ParentRootLink
I'm not sure if it's the food she cooked because everyone is still thanking her. NT

Jul 21 2003 16:55, Mon Lola   Link
The HG that have finished eating are doing clean-up. Jus is actually washing dishes (I'm impressed) NT

Jul 21 2003 16:56, Mon Quench   Link
Robert asking Michelle then Nathan why is BB feeding them tomorrow. & pre-show talk
He doesn't know the reason why. Both Michelle and Nathan have stated it may be to make sure they look good for the live show.

David and Robert talking on how they saw each other in the elevator during the finals

Nobody from Michelle's group got this far.

Jack and Justin and Nathan together in the finals.

Michelle just said we're you guys at the Hilton "Shhhhh" off camera. then "yeah"

David saying they cut it down the line at the casting.

Nathan Jack, Erika, Scott, Jun and Dana actually applied

Some of them just did it for a laugh.

Splashing in the pool

Switching feeds


Jul 21 2003 16:59, Mon Quench   Link
Robert saying Exes or No Exes
I would vote Erika out. She would still be second one out. David just hmmhmmm

Jul 21 2003 17:09, Mon Sunflake   Link
Jun asks Jee in kitchen, "Did BB ask you about me?" Jee: Yes, did they ask you about me? Jun: Yes, we have to keep things quiet so no one suspects. NT

Jul 21 2003 17:09, Mon Kat   Link
Jun & Jee in conspiracy after all.
Jee near Jun alone in kitchen while Jun washes dishes.

Jun: So did they ask you about us in the diary room?

Jee: Yea. Did they ask you about me?

Jun: Yea, of course, they did.

Then Jun said something about we just better keep it to ourselves so nobody knows about us.

Or something to that effect.

Jul 21 2003 17:11, Mon Quench   Link
Michelle on her pre-show stint
She was only in the hotel for 2 days

She said that they processed her in one day and the next day she never left her room

Then she was in the house.

Robert talking about driving himself to the hotel and missed 2 days of the sequestered time. So Michelle asked whether his car was still there. He said no it wasn't

Jul 21 2003 17:21, Mon Sunflake   Link
Justin to Dana, "In the DR I told them Alison WASN"T my girlfriend, We agreed we were f*ck-buddies, that's what Ali and I came up with." NT

Jul 21 2003 17:44, Mon Sunflake   Link
Getting ready to work out....
Dana and Justin talking in bed. She can't get this blue sh*t off her feet.
Michelle comes in to get ready to exercise outside. She sprays herself with perfume. Dana says she shouldn't.
Jun comes in to get ready too. They chit chat. Justin says Dana called Jun Jee earlier. Dana denies it. Justin says she did. Dana wants some of the watermelon, it smells so good. Michele does too. Jun complains that her hair never stays in a ponytail. Says she feels like the girl at fat camp. They laugh and Jun says she went to cheerleader camp and was pretty much told, who are you kidding, you'll never be a cheerleader.

Female BB Voice: Houseguests, there will be a lockdown where you can't go into the backyard in 1/2 hour. The voice sounds very nice and she gets cut off to FOTH as she was saying more to the HGs.

Back to girls deciding they need to work out now before the lockdown. Speculation that maybe BB has something planned for them tonite. Dana hopes it's the luxary competition. (Ed. Note: I have heard her ask about Luxary Competition 6 times, seriously 6 frickin times!).

They're all guessing. Dana complains about the watermelon and puts it in the fridge, says she has to smell it, so she shouldn't have to look at it. Jun comes through kitchen and wants to know what happend to the watermelon. Laughter. Michele & Jun go outside to work out.

Not much really going on.


Jul 21 2003 17:51, Mon bidz_yo   Link
OMG LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave laying on bed chatting with Dana...
BB: "David, please do not obstruct your microphone."

He adjusts it, then says, "Why don't you guys just surgically insert one in my A$$?"


Jul 21 2003 17:53, Mon Sunflake   Link
Dave tells Dana the group plan...
Dana complains again about the blue sh*t on her feet. David is jumping up and down on the bed. He calls her a freak of nature, and makes up a song about it while he is jumping. It's silly, he's singing about her like a 4 year old would. "Dana is a Freak of Nature". They laugh.

She sits down next to where he is laying on the bed.
The whispering starts...Dave tells Dana they are voting out Erika. [It is really hard to make out what they are whispering. If anyone got more, please post.] Dana wants to know if it was a group decision, he says yes.

She says she was worried cus she talked to Nate last night and he told her he didn't know what the plan was. That worried her. Dana said she didn't know she had an individual vote yet, she thought they were still voting as a group.( she says this sarcastically about Nate. )
She asks if he's talked to Erika yet. Dave says he probably will. Back to chit chat.

On F3 & 4: Michele, Alison & Jun doing jumping jacks in by. Justin, Rob & Jee playing Basketball.

Just hanging out unitil lockdown which should be soon.

Jul 21 2003 17:54, Mon bidz_yo   Link
Dave in rare crazy form today...
"Slippers are for the F***ING WEAK" yelled at Dana.

She leaves and he repeats it over and over.

Now, "Gonna watchie watchie watchie, the girly girly girlies, workin' out their tummies..."

Jul 21 2003 17:59, Mon bidz_yo   Link
The comedy keeps on coming...
BB announces an indoor lockdown. Much anticipation that there will be a competition (lux?) outside. Girls' workout moves to LR floor. Dave is on sofa with sunglasses watching them and making jokes as usual.

Dave: "Wanna hear something funny. Dana got mad at me for jumping on her bed, then she went and put her A$$ on someone's pillow. What's wrong with that?!"

Jul 21 2003 18:13, Mon bruhe   Link
justin shaves his monobrow on bathroom mirror cam NT

Jul 21 2003 18:27, Mon bruhe   Link
we are almost 10 minutes into a foth here... NT

Jul 21 2003 18:46, Mon bruhe   Link
for those without feeds... foth continues.... NT

Jul 21 2003 18:59, Mon bruhe   Link
foth finally ends... jack and mi are in kitchen on feeds 1 and 2. feeds 3 and 4 show justin and otheres with lights off in blue room... NT

Jul 21 2003 19:00, Mon bruhe   Link
bb says the lockdown is over and they are free to move about the house... NT

Jul 21 2003 19:00, Mon sqrl   Link
F1 : Mi making sandwich; F2: Ja using nuker...
F3 & 4 Dana & Ratbert in bed together. They appeared to be snuggling until the door opened. They seemed to quickly seperate. (barf)

Jul 21 2003 19:01, Mon sqrl   Link
Js just jumped into bed with Dana..pulling blanket over them NT

Jul 21 2003 19:12, Mon Phantom   Link
Culled from the PX:
Peachy720 Reports: They were talking about doing Playboy/Girl, and Dave said he would rather do porno. Michelle is totally disgusted, and says that "it's the trashiest thing ever to have sex on camera and have it broadcast nationally."

Oh, just wait until she gets out of the House and sees what we have seen!;Þ

Jul 21 2003 19:12, Mon Sunflake   Link
Dana complaining cus no food for PBJers before Wednesday nite show....
Michele compains that PBJ doesn't fill her up. Dana complains about not having food. Jee says she can have anything in his fridge.....but she has to accept the consequences (from BB). Dana says on Wednesday night's live show she's gonna say "big brother sucks". Someone says it's cus BB wants everyone to see how they suffered. She says she won't dress up, then, "oh, who am I kidding, I'll dress up",

One of the guys says Michele broke a record in the house for wearing a towel for 3 hours. Robert and Jee laying in one bed, Dana & Justin in another. Michelle is in the room, but off camera. Quiet. Rob & Jee talk of working out. Dana complaining about food to Justin.

Jun comes through and complains the room (sandbox) smells like feet. Dana agrees. Jun sprays it with lysol. Robert & Jee leave. Dana goes back to her bed. She sprayed herself with "warm vanilla sugar" which prompts a whole conversation about sugar not having a smell.


Jul 21 2003 19:13, Mon sqrl   Link
Ja & Nat in BY...
Talking about being active people. Ja said previous years hamsters just sat around. Nat complains that he hates to just sit around the house. Ja doing push-ups. Nat using free weights. (zzzzz)

Jul 21 2003 19:15, Mon ElBarto   Link
Dana is horny...
She keeps jumping into bed with Justin and they jumping out frustrated.
She made a comment earlier to the extent that a woman's body has needs.

Jul 21 2003 19:16, Mon sqrl   Link
Ratbert & jee Plotting to make it to the end...
In HOH Ratbert seems to be doing strange calculations to make it seem that he & jee have a 40% chance of winning. "the more people that leave the better chance we have of winning" (no $hit!)

I can't follow too well his voice makes me cringe.

Jul 21 2003 19:24, Mon Phantom   Link
Jee & Ratbert in the HOH. Guess what they're talking about?
Jee says in disgust, "If they start fooling with the vote, I'm going to know." "It won't happen," says Ratbert. "If it's like 4-4, I'm going to know that they have an alliance with Jack and Dave, and I'll still have Erika out." They decide that Dana is just panicking and they can't trust her anyway. Maybe she's a bit more loyal to Justin, but not us. They think the idea of sharing the prize money is a good idea. Jee says that $50,000 is a down payment on a house. Meeting ends with Ratbert's exit.

Jul 21 2003 19:26, Mon Phantom   Link
Jun is being a tad PO'd with Erika because she doesn't want red meat.
Ratbert asks why she is doing it then. "Because I'm being nice." Ratbert has no comment to that. Perhaps he doesn't understand the concept.

4 feeds of Jee munching alone in the HOH.

Jul 21 2003 19:27, Mon bruhe   Link
touching camera work.. jee eating snacks in hoh, looking at his gf picture... all 4 feeds.. feeds 1 and 4 zoom in on her pic as he munches. NT

Jul 21 2003 19:52, Mon Sunflake   Link
Alison to Nate: I sooo don't think my boyfriend is my boyfriend anymore, just as well as I won't be living there after this. NT

Jul 21 2003 20:00, Mon Sunflake   Link
Allison is talking about her parents "affairs".... her mom's high school sweetheart got in touch with her and they had an affair and her dad was having an affair with her mom's friend. (Her and Nate are on the hammock talking about their moms & dads.) Alison said both her parents were having trouble and they both went to her about it. She says she got rid of her mom's boyfriend by looking up her mom's sweetheart's number and there were two listings for Gary Martin, she called one and spilled the beans, "your husband is having an affair with my mother and ruining my family....". It was the wrong number. (Nate laughs) She then called the other number and told this guys wife the whole thing and put an end to it. She went on to talk to this sweetheart saying, you're only a manager at CVS, you don't make any money, my dad makes way more than that.

Her parents must be soooo proud of her.

Jul 21 2003 20:00, Mon _WatchIt_   Link
Alison tells about her parents' affairs and how she called her Mom's BF
and told him he didn't make enough money to support her mother, and suggested he call them back when he got a better job! She's telling all this to Nate in the hammock.

Jul 21 2003 20:05, Mon kathryn   Link
For those who asked: Ali's story to Nat about her parents
She was talking to her mom like 3 times a day and her dad 1-2 times a day, but it wasn't always like that, they were having problems. Nat asked if they were still married. Yes. The story is that at a game at Ali's school, her mom's high school sweetheart recognized her mom and emailed her later. They started an affair that lasted three months. Nat said something about her dad and we find out that he cheated with the mom's best friend for 5 years. Anyway, to end the affair, Ali called the guy. Here she says his name. She knew he lived in Virginia, and there were two people listed with his name. She called the wrong one first and told the guy's wife that her husband was cheating on her with her mom and was ruining their family. They figured out that it wasn't him, and she called the correct one. She told his wife, got him in trouble. She also said, what do you do, you're a CVS manager, you probably make like $65,000. You COULD NOT support my mom. He said she is not materialistic. Ali said, you don't know her, I've known her 25 years, and she is.

Jul 21 2003 20:09, Mon kathryn   Link
Dana to Mich: Are you wearing underwear?
She says "no, why?"
Dana says "well, you better put some on, you can see straight through that"

Jul 21 2003 20:11, Mon Goddess200xxx   Link
Mich called to DR. Jun or Dana yelled out "Shes putting on underwear" lol NT

Jul 21 2003 20:11, Mon _WatchIt_   Link
Jun suggests keeping Erika to Dana
Dana says she is voting out Erika, that Erika would vote her out a minute. She also says that it would just be the two of them. Jun says, "it wouldn't be." Dana says that it would, that Jack and Dave are voting out Erika.
Conversation got started by Jun saying she'd rather keep both Michelle and Erika over "Evette"?? Something like that, some name for Alison?

Michelle comes in and there's brief talk of her not wearing panties, and that it's obvious, telling her to go put some on.

Back to Jun-whispering. Dana saying someone is too unsteady, unstable. Seemed to be talk of who they'd put up next if they were HOH. Dana is cooking a pb&j concoction, and Dave comes in. She tells him he has to be the first to try it.

Jul 21 2003 20:14, Mon _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Jun looked like she really wanted to tell Dana why "it wouldn't" be just 2 votes for Erika, but didn't NT

Jul 21 2003 20:17, Mon _WatchIt_   Link
Non-eaters experiment with PB&J and honey, frying sandwiches in a pan with cinnamon NT

Jul 21 2003 20:22, Mon talcman ParentRootLink
Jun cooked that for them over the weekend. NT

Jul 21 2003 20:31, Mon kathryn   Link
Justin: Michelle, someday you're gonna be a great mother, just make sure you hire a cook NT

Jul 21 2003 20:36, Mon kathryn   Link
Dav turned the memory wall pics sidways, upside-down and slanted, then walked away NT

Jul 21 2003 20:41, Mon _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Dave looking through gift bags with pictures of the HGs faces on them, he paused
for a while at what looked like b/w pic of Amanda?

Jul 21 2003 20:39, Mon kathryn   Link
Dav is looking at little paper bags with pics of the houseguests on them, keeps going back to Amanda's NT

Jul 21 2003 20:42, Mon babyblue   Link
Dave has been called to DR; probably for a little wrist-slap re: changing the pix on the wall NT

Jul 21 2003 20:43, Mon babyblue   Link
Dana states: "I hate Boys...i f**ing hate boys . . .i hate everybody" they know not to piss me off! NT

Jul 21 2003 20:46, Mon kathryn   Link
Rob asks about a vodka martini: "ain't there more than just vodka in there?" NT

Jul 21 2003 20:47, Mon pixiegirl   Link
Girls picking out what to wear on Wednsday NT

Jul 21 2003 20:49, Mon pixiegirl   Link
Jack, Justin,Jee, Robert in BY talking, not very good audio, can't hear them NT

Jul 21 2003 20:52, Mon pixiegirl   Link
Robert please go to the diary room NT

Jul 21 2003 20:53, Mon pixiegirl   Link
Michelle wearing a pink? dress that is way to short Ali mentions her a$$ will fall out NT

Jul 21 2003 20:55, Mon pixiegirl   Link
Justin to DR NT

Jul 21 2003 20:56, Mon Jovian ParentRootLink
Rob to Justin, you'll find out what its about. (sounds like they are getting scolded for trying to split money) NT

Jul 21 2003 20:59, Mon kathryn   Link
We got a quick view of Ali's butt as the feeds changed, & she said "oops, they got my butt" NT

Jul 21 2003 20:59, Mon pixiegirl   Link
Ali prancing around like a model, trying on dresses to get approval NT

Jul 21 2003 21:00, Mon pixiegirl   Link
Jee's turn in DR NT

Jul 21 2003 21:00, Mon pixiegirl   Link
David is staring at spider making a web in BY NT

Jul 21 2003 21:02, Mon pixiegirl   Link
Robert knows his circles, pointing out the web NT

Jul 21 2003 21:24, Mon Phantom   Link
Jun proposing a betrayal of the group to Ali.
She says that if they go with the 3 Stooges they are 6, but if they stay with the Dark Side they have 7. Jun asks Ali about it and she says that she doesn't trust Ratbert. The conclude that they should stay with the plan to evict Michelle.

Adendum: Jun thinks that the Stooges will be so preoccupied with getting Erika that they can except for a while. Says that if this plan fails on them, they will never try anything like that again.

Jul 21 2003 21:26, Mon mrsb   Link
Rob, Justin, and Dave in BY
Discussing crazy girls that they have dated. Rob worns the other two to stay away from women that love cats too much or women that sleep with their dogs.

Rob makes fun of Erika for having four dogs and living in an apartment. He says that she used to not let him move the dogs out of the bed so he could sleep with her.

Rob says that his daughter is less of a responsibility than a pet (???).

Jul 21 2003 21:29, Mon Asiina   Link
Rob talking about how he used to be an alcoholic. NT

Jul 21 2003 21:40, Mon mrsb ParentRootLink
Saying that he lost his car and his job all because of drinking. NT

Jul 21 2003 21:31, Mon Arc   Link
Jun & Ali talk strategy in WC
Jun says that someone (didn't catch who) would tell Dana tomorrow morning to vote Michelle out. Then Jun and Alison could vote Erika out, making it a 4-4 tie, broken by Jee with Erika leaving. That would put Jee/Robert/Justin/Jun/Ali/Michelle together against Nathan/Jack/David. Jun says that Justin and Robert will pull Dana back over after the vote.

She then discusses what will happen if they vote out Michelle. It would put All of the original 7 against Jee/Robert/Justin. Jun says it's a matter of who they trust more. Alison says she doesn't trust Robert, nor the fact that they offered a deal to Jack & David to come aboard with them. Ali says she trusts the fact that Jack & David told them about the deal.

Alison offers that if they keep Erika it could keep Rob/Jus/Jee preoccupied later, but Jun says that if they see they didn't get her this time, they won't try it again. Jun says that if they keep Michelle they'll be able to use her later.

Jun says so we're just sticking with the original plan? Alison says okay, but we'll talk again before the vote.

Jul 21 2003 21:42, Mon Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
I recorded and just reviewed this convo. Very accurate update. Thanks NT

Jul 21 2003 21:32, Mon Phantom   Link
Thought that a simple card game would be free of the usual sex talk in the house? Think again.
Jack describes a player's move as, "Another pulsating thrust." Go for it Jack.

Jul 21 2003 21:54, Mon Phantom   Link
Justin, Dave, Ali and Erika sitting in the patio. Ratbert comes out and joins them.
Erika stays put and actually participates in the conversation. I haven't seen Ratbert contribute yet. Just rehashing old competitions from other shows. Erika is drinking beer, some variant of Carona. She reports that there is plenty of beer back there - including Labatte Blue (see, this show does have some class). Erika finds it cold out there but Justin thinks it is beautiful. Someone, probably Dave, makes sucking noises. Dave is asked about night surffing. Ali has gone in (presumably for beer) and now Ratbert leaves as well. Justin is staying for a week after the show and can't wait to learn to surf. Ali comes back with some beer and is asked by Justin if there is any more and insults her choice of Miller light. Ali goes back for more. Talk of fat women and Erika says that she thinks Dave has a think for fat women. Justin is OK with fat women, but Dave says not. He is not attracted to fat people. "Is there anything wrong with that?," he asks. "No, of course not," replies Erika. Ali has returned and Jack comes out for a breather. Apparently the card players are tied and there is a playoff going on. The score is currently tight, they're both in the 100's, whatever that means. Talk of clips for the show of people hurting themselves and repaying some of the goof ups. Jack brings up Dana's bruised boob from last night.

Jul 21 2003 23:15, Mon JulieH   Link
Haven't seen a post for a while so... here's basicly what's been goin on
Jun made dinner for all the "eaters" including homemade apple sauce. Jee was a bit impressed by that and they all raved about the apple sauce. Jee asked how she made it and Jun said it was easy and explained the process. Then after dinner Jack and Erica washed dishes while everyone else went out side. Michelle gets the bright idea to make garlic bread using regular sandwich bread for the "pb&Jer's". I think Jun went in to help her but I think Michelle shooed her away. 3 or 4 of the guys were playing Basketball.... Nate, Alison, Jun, and Dana were in the patio chairs. General chit chat and goofing around. I think something about Ali yelling too loud and Jun said something about having swollen breasts because she's ovulating. I think she told Nate to feel them now and compare them to how the feel next week.
Later Nate and Alison disappeared into the house and June and Dana stood near each other barely moving their mouths and pretending to preen in the nearby glass while plotting a little. Couldn't hear what they said but it wasn't much. Then they went inside and while Jun was changing they said a bit more. I missed it again, dang! All I heard was Jun saying that they have to be patient.

Now the whole house is gathered in the living room while 4 people play cards. I'm not sure why....kinda boring. Oh now Dave is challenging Robert in ping pong.

If anything more happens I'll try to write a better post than this one LOL!

Jul 21 2003 23:35, Mon lilindy   Link
Ping pong and cards that's about it NT

Jul 22 2003 00:12, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Dana, Ali, Dave talk in bathroom chairs
I missed it, came in at the end (was watching the card game). Dana left, and after she did, Dave asked Ali, "We're just d*cking with her, right?"
Ali said, "Yeah."

Dave comments that the boys have no clue.
Ali talking about how Dana came up to her last night and was asking about the vote, and Ali said she told her, "I guess they're sticking to the original plan,' and she was like, 'oh, okay.'"
Dave tells Ali that he thinks Dana was hearing about "people getting saved" from Dana. About the 4-4 vote. Dave tells Ali he was wondering if he should wake her up in the middle of the night and tell her what's going on.
Ali says no.
Dave reviews, "Nate's good right?"
Ali "Yeah."
Dave "You're good?"
Ali "Yeah"
Dave "Jun's good?"
Ali "Yeah."
Ali tells him she wouldn't do it, wouldn't say anything to Dana.
Dave says this will be the test for them all, if they can stick together.
Ali says they're going after her next week. Dave says not when they find out what's going on. Talk about who the guys would go after. Then talk about Jee wanting to go home. They agree, "No problem, we'll send you home then."
Ali saying it will be funny to see all their faces.
Ali says, "I love it"
Dave saying Dana will be f*cked up the most. "I wouldn't be surprised if she walks right out of here."
Ali, "Good, cuz she's not very reliable." (geeeeez, this from Ali)
Dave, "Not at all."
Dave talks about putting both boys up, and Dana wouldn't. If you don't put both and one gets veto... Dave thinks, and says, "Well, I guess we could just put the other guy up." Ali agrees.
They talk about Dana going back and forth.
Dave, "But at least she'll get to the house, or whatever"
(Lots of shouting from the ping pong game making it sometimes hard to hear) They both look over in that direction to see what's going on.
Both of them amused by the ping pong game (Dana against Jun).

Dave, "It's so funny because the 3 stooges think that they can offer us things, because what we have, it doesn't exist. So they're giving us offers for alliances and stuff, but we already have the numbers, alliances that are stronger than them. They don't realize it."
Ali, "Really?"
Dave, "No."
Ali starts to tell something Justin told her and they get interrupted by the game. They start talking again, going over the ducks and duck colors.

Dave mentions that Justin telling him not to say anything to Jack about Nate being next after Dana. Ali asking who told her that, if Dave told her that (not surprising she can't remember any more who said what!) and Dave agrees he told her.

Dave says that Dana is getting on his nerves too. Ali asks why? Dave says "Just her presence." Ali says she tries to avoid her at all costs. She says she goes in every room she's not in, she'll go inside if she's outside.

Jul 22 2003 00:15, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
end of Ali / Dave conversation (nothing new)
Dave, "I think Erika's really nervous."
Ali, "Why?"
Dave, "Just cuz she's up there."
Ali, "I would be too."

They get interrupted by Robert who comes in to get a towel or something and walks off again. Their conversation breaks up after that.

Jul 22 2003 00:29, Tue JulieH   Link
Converstations in the Bathroom
Jack, Erica, and Michelle playing cards

Jun, Allison and Dana sitting in them bathroom area. I think Jun is messing with her own nails. She went to the bathroom and then washed her hands. Allison and Dana talking about having stuffed up noses. Jun asked them what they want to drink. Dave squeaking a duck annoyingly
Allison asks if they are sticking with the plan

Dana asks "which is?"

Allison: Erica
a short pause and then... I'm doing what I'm f*cking told. I don't care one way or the other.

Jun yells from the kitchen "Dana are you playing me next" (in ping pong)
Dana: Yeah
Dana:I'm tired
Allison: Yeah I'm going to bed soon.

Dave sitting there the whole time near the bathroom sink squeaking a giant duck.

Dana leaves to go play ping pong. Dave sits down next to Allison.

Dave: We're just f*cking with her right

Allison: uh huh! Dude you better not be d%cking me over

Dave: They have know Idea the boys

Allison: I know they have no clue

(more about Dana but didn't catch it)

Dave: They think it's going to be 4 to 4 You me jack and Nate

Allison: better not be that way

Dave: I wonder if I should wake Dana up in the middle of the night and set things straight with her.

Allison: I don't know. I don't think that's a good idea

Dave: Yeah she'll tell the boys

Allison: yeah I wouldn't worry about it. Jun's fine I talked to her earlier.

Dave: The boys won't know what's going on and then we can mess with their heads. Then we'll get rid of Dana.

Dave: Jee's not playing the game.

Allison: He want's to go home

Dave: Fine then go home then

Allison: Yeah

Dave: It's going to be so f*cking....(great?) to see their faces

Dave: Dana...laughing...I wouldn't be surprised if she walks right out of here

Allison: good because she is so unreliable

Dave is messing with his Microphone (stop it!!!)

More but I missed it with the ping pong yelling in the back ground and Dave touching his mike.

Allison: She's out of breath playing ping pong

Dave: It's so funny because the 3 stooges think they can offer us things that don't exist. They offer us the numbers that we already have.

Robert using the bathroom and washing his hands now

Something about the 3 stooges saying that "Nate can't know" so tell Jack to keep it quiet and that Dave didn't understand why they said that.???

Something about Dana annoys Dave... He say's just her presence

Allison adds "I'm trying to avoid her at all cost. I go into the rooms where she isn't"

Dave: I think Erica's nervous

Allison: why

Dave: Just because she's up there

Allison: Yeah I would be too.

Allison gets up to go put her feet in the hot tub I think with Jee. Allison tells Dave to come outside and he says ok.


Jul 22 2003 00:32, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Dana and Jun whisper, Jack makes noise in background drowning them out. NT

Jul 22 2003 00:58, Tue JulieH   Link
Dave's antics
Dana and Michelle made PB&J sandwiches but I can't see them on the feeds now. There is a group of people in the living room but I can't see who. Robert and Jee in the hot tub but I didn't feel like listening to them. Feeds 1 and 2 are on Dave Bringing garbage bags from outside into the storage room singing "I'm going insane!" Now he's juggling oranges (didn't wash his hands and he's dropping the oranges left and right...I wouldn't want to eat them) Allison is eating ice cream and just brought her bowl back into the kitchen. Dave ran into Dana in the bathroom. Now Justin is juggling the oranges.

Now Dave is flipping the big duck around saying "Go duck go duck It's your birthday. It's your birthday" Now dave and Dana are singing to the tune of the candy man "If you think I'm crazy...I'll punch you in the eye...."

Jun now is going to give a massage to dave I think

Dave says "no touching the twig and berries"