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Jul 22 2003 01:01, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
3 stooges discuss who would put up who as next HOH, including Michelle
Same stuff we've heard before, they pretty much decide everyone will go after Dana.

After that's cleared up, Jee the Philosopher emerges "if I stay, I stay, if I go, I go.. wasn't meant to be." A lot more along those lines (same stuff as always) until Rob interrupts to redirect convo back to the game. Jee talks about their ability to veto each other if they're up on the block, and to work deals with other people to stay strong and evict the people they choose. (As if it's obvious they will win every veto challenge they need to win) Rob recaps, "This HOH Is Important"
Jee, "it's so crucial"
They somehow decide everyone is stringing Nate along, Jack is shady because he's going around the house more now, and Rob says, "But you know what he told me? ... The key, Robert, is to move around." Rob adds it's true, that's what he does.
Godfather Jee agrees eventually he'll have to do that too.

A bit later in the conversation, they both agree they want Nate and Ali gone. Jee saying how shady Ali can be, how she will say of Dana, "I want to punch her face" and then go up and act like her friend. Jee talking about how strong a player Justin is and he (or they?) have to watch his back. Jee saying when Rob is HOH, he'll do just like Rob did, "I'll congratulate you last, and keep my f'ing smile inside."
Jee saying Rob must have had a sigh of relief.
Rob agreeing. Jee saying, "And Justin too. Justin too."
They're discussing if Justin made a mistake putting 80,000. Rob says "Oh, he just made a mistake." Jee says he'd worry about Justin if they weren't on the same side. Says he's not just a muscle bound kid, he thinks a lot, he thinks a lot. (Jee repeats a lot of points twice, like those are the ones he considers important).
More chat, and Rob cautions Jee. Telling him whatever he says about family or anything, to be cautious because they'll all use it against him. Jee saying that for him it works, maybe not for Rob, but for him. It's part of his strategy, Jee says. It shows he's a nice guy and misses his family. Talking about the others, Jee says, "They know I'm all about the family, I'm all about loving life, and they can count on me." He says something about carrying someone for a while, didn't catch who.
They both talk about Dana flipping out (apparently when she's nominated. It's hard to follow)
They talk about what the others are doing. They talk about Rob talking to Nate, that this is a good moment to talk. They say this is actually a good moment for them to talk, and Justin is smart for not coming out to join them.
Jee mentions something about Las Vegas, they can't do it but he can't talk about it. Rob actually understand this, apparently, as he says, "I gotcha."
Rob compliments Jee again on his "good job as HOH" and not being a "p*ssy" and if he hadn't won it he wouldn't have gotten respect, by the time he'd have gotten it, he'd have been out of the house.
Jee agreeing, modestly, that he showed a different side of himself, and everyone respects him now.
Rob talking about how he showed he has power. Saying that "they didn't use the power of veto, you got the person you wanted to out" (um, hasn't happened yet)
Jee agrees some more, and they go on to talk about Michelle and her love for Nate, and Nate's influence over her. Jee is afraid she's going to go farther in this game because she's not threatening any more.
They both agree she isn't pulling anything over on them. She just can't be.
And more of the same - this is too much self-congratulation for me over something that hasn't even happened yet, and nothing new.. posting..

Jul 22 2003 01:05, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Alison reading the bible to Dana, Jun, Jack, and Dave
at first she can't find Matthew, then does, reading about "don't swear by God or by the earth" verses.. Dana says that's not swearing it's swearing by something. Ali reads some more and announces, "See, I'm the good one, I hope they put this on. I'm reading the bible while you're touching guy's bodies" This to Jun who is straddling Dave's back giving him a massage.

Jul 22 2003 01:13, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Nate and Jun talk briefly, agree they are sticking with the plan
Jun says they were always sticking with it. Nate says Ali had a lot of doubts. Jun says they were just thinking through everything.

Jul 22 2003 01:27, Tue _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Nate wants Dave to talk to Dana before the vote, Jun says no
Michelle comes up and they don't get it resolved.

Jul 22 2003 02:07, Tue Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
I saw Jun agreeing that Dave would talk to Dana. Not disagreeing NT

Jul 22 2003 01:36, Tue _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Jun questions
Nate said Dave asked him what the girls were voting, and he said they were solid. Jun questioned why Dave didn't come ask himself? Nate said he spoke for the girls. Jun gave a kind of confusing (to me) answer about relying on the alliance with Dave.

Jul 22 2003 01:43, Tue rollo   Link
david & michelle in bed together as is robert & dana... heating up a bit... NT

Jul 22 2003 01:44, Tue rollo ParentRootLink
oh wait, that's nate and michelle... NT

Jul 22 2003 01:44, Tue Phantom   Link
Ali and Erika just conferred
Someone is to talk to Dana early tomorrow morning before she goes to vote so that she has no time to consult with the Stooges. They will give her a chance to repent her sins

Jul 22 2003 01:57, Tue Phantom   Link
Jack talks to Erika about what he is going to tell Jee after the vote.
That he has a mutual support deal from the beginning and had to support her, and, that it was Erika that talked them out of saving Amanda last week. So, they are both in the house and should try to give each other a break. Jack is trying to soothe the wounds and maybe prevent both of them being put up if the Stooges get HOH.

Jul 22 2003 02:06, Tue Phantom   Link
Jack seems like a serious student of the game.
He blames the kids who don't understand the history of the game for him getting a crucial question wrong. He is admitting all the things that went against them, and still thinking that they are in good shape. Losing the last HOH, losing Scott, not saving Amanda. He says that the current situation is tailor made for what they want to do and will never be repeated.

Jack speculates that the next competition may be different because they have removed the big camera from the roof. He thinks it will not be a mental thing like the booth they just faced. Of course, they say repeatedly that they have to get the next HOH. Erika wants to be put up next week if the Stooges get HOH as a return for what the guys have done for her this week and to distract the Stooges from going after Jack and Dave. Talk of approaching Dana tomorrow too late for her to tell the Stooges. Erika wonders if it is best to just ignore her vote and not risk the Stooges being forewarned of the vote results, even if she does vote with the Dark Side (the Good Guys). There is mixed emotions in the alliance to telling her at all, but Jun is the biggest mover behind giving Dana a second chance.

Jul 22 2003 02:13, Tue Phantom   Link
F1 & 2 are of Jack and Erika getting ready for bed.
Just chit chat. They decide that the room is a bit hot and try to set the thermostat down. The thermostat is right under a mobile camera and Erika says hello to us and hopes that we are enjoying the show they are providing. They are in bed now and talking about the reports of the room smelling bad. They don't smell it, but others do. Erika wonders it is them that smell, not the room.

F3 & 4 is musical beds and the usual futzing around in the back bedroom. At the moment, Michelle is alone in one bed while Nat is in the other with Jun and Dana. Ali left the room for a while.

Ali has returned and Mich is no longer alone. At last sighting, Dave was playing marbles in the dark in the living room with Ratbert or someone.

Jul 22 2003 02:22, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Dave explaining the camera angles in HOH to Jack & Erika,
and night vision, saying the pretty much saw everything when he sat up and moved the covers, and they certainly did when he (he throws the covers back here, dashes off the bed, and bends over in the corner making retching sounds) Jack and Erika laugh, and assure him they wouldn't show anything.

Jul 22 2003 02:27, Tue Phantom   Link
In the Sand Box, Dave is in bed now.
They go over house history things, like the colours of ducks had for the POV comp. Erika is trying to make up mnemonic associations to remember them. Just before Erika came back from the bathroom, Jack was talking to Dave about an upcoming competition being endurance. The house is seriously settling down now, but they just can't let it go and get to sleep.

Unless something comes up that I notice, I'm going to pack it in too. TTFN

Jul 22 2003 02:54, Tue Phantom   Link
Hmmmmm. Nat and Mich are now sharing one of the little beds in the Blue Grotto.
It is directly under a camera, and Mich looked up at it as she got into bed and later peeked out of the covers to look directly at it. They are in the far bed in the room, and at the moment there doesn't seem to be anyone else in the others beds in the room.

F1 & 2 still on the Sand Box, where there is some general talk.

F3 is on Nat and Mich in the Blue Grotto. Dana just ran in and attacked Nat and seems to have dragged him out of bed. Lots of laughing and accusations as to how he was dressed. Something about his boxers. Feeds are changing and there is a lot of laughter and I am having trouble following this. Now Jun has gone in and laid on top of them in the Grotto. Jun is now back in her bed and appears to be serious about it. Not sure where anyone else is.

Jul 22 2003 03:00, Tue tadpole ParentRootLink
It was Jun who was trying to pull the blanket from Nate then Dana joined in afterwards. NT

Jul 22 2003 03:06, Tue Minda ParentRootLink
Jun was checking to see if Nat had anything on because he had just thrown his shirt and shorts over the wall at her. NT

Jul 22 2003 03:12, Tue Devareux   Link
Awhile ago Mich shared w/ the other girls (Jun,Ali, Dana) that she wants a real kiss from Nate. They are egging her on & trying to give her tips, but
so far all she is getting is pecks on the cheek.

Jul 22 2003 03:12, Tue PeterD   Link
Before Michelle left the bed with Nate she spent a few seconds adjusting her top
Looked like it was up pretty far. Now she is sleeping in bed with Jun

Jul 22 2003 03:17, Tue Devareux ParentRootLink
Mich has been adjusting her "little" top all night long. NT

Jul 22 2003 03:19, Tue Devareux   Link
Everyone in bed but "The 3 Stooges". They are in WC doing their nightly routine, brushing teeth etc,& Ratbert put on deodorant to go to bed (why?) NT

Jul 22 2003 06:49, Tue frustratedposter   Link
for non-feed members: absolutely NOTHING happening in house but sleep NT

Jul 22 2003 07:46, Tue nojobny   Link
The HG are starting to stir
Ju & Dana have just gotten up. Ju plugged in her curling iron. They both went to the bathroom, then back to bed. Nothing significant said. Didn't see Ju unplug the iron. Hmmm.

Jul 22 2003 09:17, Tue Sunflake   Link
For those without feeds, all 4 feeds on sleeping HGs. Zzzzzzzzzzz NT

Jul 22 2003 09:55, Tue Sunflake   Link
Jack up in bathroom, now brushing teeth....morning routine stuff. NT

Jul 22 2003 09:55, Tue nojobny   Link
Jack just used the WC. Washed hands. Good boy! NT

Jul 22 2003 09:59, Tue Sunflake   Link
The morning excitement mounts as Jack prepares to shave-on 2 feeds! All other HGs asleep, but stirring. NT

Jul 22 2003 10:06, Tue Sunflake   Link
Jun up too, in supply room, gets food. Now in bathroom area. Jack straightens his bed an assumes "the mummy". NT

Jul 22 2003 10:14, Tue Sunflake   Link
There was a brief FOTH and now more HGs are getting up. NT

Jul 22 2003 10:20, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Dave?? on F4 dunking head in pool! NT

Jul 22 2003 10:21, Tue pixiegirl   Link
cave now beating his shirt on pole, then finally resting on hammock NT

Jul 22 2003 10:22, Tue pixiegirl ParentRootLink
*Dave NT

Jul 22 2003 10:22, Tue pixiegirl   Link
BB- This is a reminder you must cast your votes in the diary room NT

Jul 22 2003 10:26, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Brief on all feeds
Dave still in hammock on 2 feeds, Jack appears to be washing a coffee pot, Jun in bathroom washing her hands, Ericka walks in, Jun leaves

Jul 22 2003 10:28, Tue pixiegirl   Link
BB-HG please pull shades on back windows NT

Jul 22 2003 10:29, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Dave is still longing outside NT

Jul 22 2003 10:44, Tue nojobny   Link
Er outside following the cameras around, lounging on the chairs by herself. NT

Jul 22 2003 10:49, Tue Lola   Link
Dave is talking to Da
He is telling Da that they're going to give her a chance to come back but as he continues he also tells her that there is a plan by the stooges for her to go next week. She's mad. He says everyone thinks shes double dealing. They talk about how Mi is not playing at all and how can she expect to win. Da says theY (the alliance) will probably get HOH but if one of the others do then they will try to bring them over to their side because they've got the numbers

Jul 22 2003 10:50, Tue nojobny   Link
Dave is telling Dana the plan F3
Dave is telling her this is a chance for her to redeem herself. They weren't sure about her loyalties b/c she got friendly with Js so quickly in the beginning.

Jul 22 2003 10:56, Tue MsB0808 ParentRootLink
David is telling the plan F3
Does anyone know if Dana voted yet or not???

Jul 22 2003 11:04, Tue nojobny ParentRootLink
Don't think Dn voted yet
The plan was that Dv was to get to her early in the AM to let her know the plan B/4 she voted.

Jul 22 2003 10:50, Tue nojobny   Link
Dana: "I am so mad that everyone was playing me all week!" NT

Jul 22 2003 10:55, Tue Lola   Link
More Dave and Dana
Dave says right now without you we've got 5 to 3.
Dana says shes mad cause no one is telling her anything.
Dana says if I go up next week I'm gona knock someone ****ing head off.
They try to figure what will happen next week.
Dave says we've got to take them by surprize. No one wanted to tell you cause they don't know what you're going to do. They (stooges) don't have the numbers but they're trying to pull them over. MI doesn't belong here. Er is so much better. If Mi got HOH she wouldn't know waht to do.
Dana says If I go with this group and someone ***s me, I swear, bla...bla...bla...
Dave says that the surprize will shock the others before HOH competition and they won't know waht to do.

Jul 22 2003 10:55, Tue mrsb   Link
Dave talking to Dana...
Telling her that she has the chance to vote with the numbers. Telling her that they have the vote without her but this will make her look better to the group.

Dave telling Dana that the 3 stooges were going to nominate her next week.

Dana tells Dave that she hasn't been in any deals this whole week, she's just been hanging out.

Dave also tells Dana that she can confirm everything with Jun to prove that he isn't bullsh*tting.

Dana says that she is mad that she was left in the dark. She says she has just been waiting for someone to tell her what to do. (Feed times out so I'm missing conversation here.)

Dave says without Dana the vote is 5-3, 6-2 if she votes with them. Dana says that isn't the issue right now, it's more about everyone ignoring her. She says that everyone was testing her to feel out what she was going to do before they told her what they were doing.

Dave tells Dana that his first priority if he gets HOH is the 3 stooges and he he says the rest of the original 7 feels the same way.

Meanwhile, Erica, Jack, and Jun have been called to the DR.

Dave says that Erica has volunteered to go up because of all the trouble she has put them through this week.

Dave thinks that Michelle doesn't belong in the game. He says that it's dangerous because if she gets HOH she could fall under the wrong influence.

Dana says she will go with the group, but worns Dave that no one better back-stab here.

Discussing the 3 stooges reaction to Michelle being evicted. Dave also thinks is will preoccupy them during the HOH competition.


Jul 22 2003 10:59, Tue Lola   Link
both Dave and Dana are lying to each other
Dave swears that Dana is not a target of the alliance
Dana swears that she is not in with the stooges
Dana says "I'd have to be stupid to go aginst the 6. If you think I would then you're stupider"
He chuckles and says "You're stupider"

Jul 22 2003 11:16, Tue _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Actually, most of the entire convo was truth, even Dave admitted
that he *did* tell the stooges to nom Dana if he used veto.

Jul 22 2003 10:59, Tue Lola   Link
Dana tells David "If I go up next week, I'm coming back at YOU!" NT

Jul 22 2003 11:00, Tue Lola   Link
Dave labels the 3 stooges "The 3 Amigos" NT

Jul 22 2003 11:02, Tue mrsb   Link
Dana asks "Did you want to use the veto to put me up?"
Dave tells her that he threw that idea out there to see where she stood with the 3 stooges.

Jul 22 2003 11:02, Tue nojobny   Link
So the plan is...
.. let the 3 stooges continue to think they've got the house on thier side. Vote out Mic and keep Er b/c she's the stronger player.

Dn: Mic gonna die when she gets voted out

Dv: Well have the upper hand b/c they'll all be so bugged out b/c Mic got voted out. And then they'll have to go directly into an HOH Com and they'll be so out of sorts that they wont be able to concentrate

Dn: I swear to god that if I get screwed in this there's going to be hell! If one of that group gets HOH, and I go up

Dv: That wont happen!

Dn: But right now, it's like no one knows where I stand

Dv: But they will after this.

Dn: So while we're be honest, did you tell them you would put me up if you got veto?

Dv: Yes.
Dn: WHY?

Dv: To see where they stood. And they (3 stooges) were like -No, no, she's going up next week. And that's how I knew that they were using you.

Dn: I swear to god if I go up.
Dn: So everyone knows about it?

Dv: yes. So you just have to go out and act natural

Jul 22 2003 11:06, Tue mrsb   Link
Dana says Michelle told her that David is the only one she trusts...
Michelle said that David wouldn't vote against her. David and Dana laugh at this.

Rob pokes his head in to say hi!

Tell the 3 stooges that they were talking about how hard it will be to lose Erica. But Dana thinks Rob won't buy that. They agree to say that Dana was checking with Dave about trying to save Erica! They mention how confusing this is (Ed note: UH HUH!)

They leave the BR

Jul 22 2003 11:07, Tue Kat   Link
Dave finally tells Dana about the plan to vote out Mich not Erika
We didn't tell you because you went in with Rob & Justin so soon. We thought,like what the hell is she doing. This is a chance for you to come back with us. We already have the numbers.

Dana: That's all I've been asking.

Dave tells her they're gonna keep Erika & vote Michelle off. Robert & Justin think we have Jack & me coming over to them. But we're gonna put them up next week. (He is telling Dana that Robert, Jee & Justin told him that Dana is not with them & OUT next week.)

Dana is saying that makes her so mad. And she feels bad that she told Michelle she was staying.
Dave is saying Mich is not playing the game & can't expect to win the %500,00.
Dave is saying they can convince "someone" to come to our side.
Dana says waving her hands around says, whose side, theirs or ours.
Dave: Right now without you it's 5 to 3.
Dana: I can't tell you how mad I am that people have been playing me all week.
Dana: If you win HOH?
Dave: They'd go up. The same with everybody. They're phucked.
Dana: If I win HOH (something I didn't get)
Dave: It's like such a great move in the game, they're not gonna know what hit em'.
Dana says she will vote with the group, but she feels bad about Mich.
Dave says she doesn't belong here. Erika is so much better for our side. If Mich won HOH she wouldn't know what to do.
Dana says if she goes with this group & somebody in it phucks her all holy hell will break lose. Mark her words.
Dave says the boys are totally clueless right now. Such a great move.
Dana: Yeah, it has to go down that way, though.
Dave: Funny thing is, Jee & Robert are talking like they want to get out of here. Fine, we'll send them home.
Dana: this is it, nobody gonna's be friends with us.
Dave is saying after it's over they will appreciate the move.
Dana: Now that we're being honest, did you tell them you use the veto & put me up?
Dave is saying he did to find out where they stand. Saying they said they (Rob, Jee, Justin) would put her up next week.If I had used the veto, they would know I was against them...(I think he almost blew it here, about his intention to put up Dana, but he caught himself & she didn't seem to catch it.)
Now Dana is saying something about how Ali didn't tell her when she asked about the vote & Dave is covering for Ali saying she didn't know for sure yet.
Dana: Either way you would have it, but this way I can come back
But no one giving me an honest answer means no one trusts me.
Dave:This is where you gotta turn it around.
Dana: If they win HOH this week we're all a phucken target.
Dave: They're trying to offer us stuff, but they don't have anything.
Dave: Jee came to me & said if I can guarantee that she won't put you on the block next week, is that cool?
Dana: Oh my God. Poor Michelle. Oh well, if everyone else can do it to her, I suppose I can.
Dave: I used to go out with her. She totally trusts me.
Dave: It's a good test for everyone.
Dana: They're only 2 strong.
Dave: If they ask you what we are talking about, just tell them about how hard it will be to rid of Erka, she's a strong player.
Dana: Robert won't buy that shchit. He's smart.
Dave says then say something about Michelle.
Dana: This place is so da*n crazy.
Dave: Yeah, but you know what? Because of the ex thing it forced us to do it.

(Bit & pieces left out, but that's the jist of it.)

Leaving Dave instructed Dana to just act normal; she has been broadcasting to all how she "HATES THIS PLACE & EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.

Jul 22 2003 11:08, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Dave tells Dana!
Dave, "This might be a shock, but you have to vote michelle off"
Dana, "Is this a last minute thing?
Dave, "Kinda"
Dave, "I'll give you the low-down on the house and what's going on with you." He tells her that because she went with Justin so fast, they weren't sure of her. Now they're giving her a chance to vote with them.
Dana, "So thought if you told me I'd go back to.."
Dave, "Well, we didn't know for sure yet, so we didn't want to throw the idea out there..." Talks about the agreements, the votes they have, told her he brought her name up to the 3 stooges, and they said no, she's going up next week. He said it was news to him.
Dana, Regardless of that statement, I was just hanging out. Tells them nothing was going on.
Dave says Jun knows, and she can talk to her.
Dana, "That's shady to me." She says no one told her, everyone's been asking what she was going to do. Saying it makes her feel bad. Saying she feels bad she told Michelle she was safe.

Erika to DR.

Dave saying Michelle's not playing, does she expect to walk out with $500K. Dave talks about them not knowing what will happen, it not getting out yet.
Dana says, "It's going to get out when they see the votes."
Dave says, "That's when we want it to get out." Talking about the surprise.
Dana saying if they get it, she goes either way.
Dave says "I'm skeptical, because they keep" saying one thing, and when he leaves saying "we've gotta get dave"
Dana saying everyone thinks that way.
Dave says it doesn't matter, that we're still going to have the numbers even if one of them goes next week. He tells her with or without her, it's still 5-3.
Dana, "I'm so mad I can't even tell you how mad that people were trying to play me all week... it's almost like people were trying to ask me what I was doing before telling what they were doing"
Dana making the point about Dave going back on his word, asking if he got HOH
Dave, "They'd go up."
Dave tells her that Erika said she'd go up as a pawn next week because of everyone doing that for her.
Dana, "If they got it, she'd go up regardless... regardless... or they might go after you or Nate"
Dave saying exactly, also telling her some people didn't want to even tell her, Dana. Tells her he was one of the only guys going in there, kept talking with them, getting information on their plans, who was next, the numbers they had.
Dana, "This is f'ing crazy"
Dave, "I know."

Michelle to DR

Dana, "Obviously I'll vote with the group"
Dave, Again talking about Michelle, not playing the game, how Erika is so much better on their side, and how Michelle can be influenced by the boys. Saying they could have used her, but... (regretfully) oh well.
Dana saying if anyone in this group f*cks her, holy h*ll will break lose, if she does this and they double cross her
Dave making the point again that one of them HAS to get HOH. The boys are totally clueless right now, and they stay clueless until the vote. But after that.. talking about how after finding out about the vote, they'll be rattled, still running it over in their minds, what just happened, but later will see it was a brilliant move.
Dana agrees.
Dave talks more, saying the funny thing about Jee and Robert is the two of them talking so much about going home. Dave saying he didn't like that.
Dana asking what he said. "Like, I want to go home?"
Dave, "Yeah, and I was trying to tell him the scenarios for him to stay longer."
Dana talking about how hard it is to trust them when no one trusted her.
Dave, "That's why I'm bringing this to you now, so you know before they do."
Dana saying "But you understand me. If anyone gets HOH and I go up..."
Dave reassuring she's not going up. She wouldn't be a threat.
Dana saying she's a threat because no one knows where she stands, she'd have to be a really stupid individual to go with the 2 instead of the others.
They talk about the stooges trusting Dave. About how he will tell them everything he needs to.
Dana asks, "Did you tell them to use the veto to put them up.
Dave, "Yeah, to see where you stand." Saying Jack suggested it, to see where she stands. Saying the guys told him they were sticking to the plan, no matter what happens, she's gone next week. Then he knew right there that she wasn't with them. That gave him the idea, saying "they don't trust her" and Jack saying "Use her as bait"
Dana threatens his life, "If I go up next week, I'll kill you David."
Dave saying that's fine.
Dana asking when she asked in front of Ali, and Ali saying she was sticking to the original 8.
Dave explaining.
Dana, "So everyone is doing this?"
Dave tells her yes. Tells her it has to stay secret, don't do anything else.
Dana comments what a shock it will be when the votes are read.
Dave, "That's why I'm glad you know now." Talking about it
Dana, "It's a chance for me to get back with the group." Dana talking about how it s*cks that no one trusts her, that people have been asking her vote and she thought if they trusted her.. something about giving an honest answer
Dana saying how it will s*ck next week.
Dave talking about having the numbers, talking about the 3 stooges offering them stuff, that it's sh*tty, they can't offer them anything good because they don't know anything else exists on this side of the house.
They discuss this, Dave talks about what they said they'd try to get Dana to do if she got HOH, how they'd try to convince her of whatever.
Dave talking about throwing out reasons to try to see what the stooges would react to, to find out why she was being thrown out, and they were like, "don't worry about it, she's gone next week"
Dana saying she has no problem keeping the numbers strong, obviously.
Dave telling her if any of them get it next week, it's those two boys (I have no idea WHICH two he means here)
Talking about everyone lying to Michelle, and Dana saying if everyone else has no problem with it, she guesses she can't either.
Dana talking about "These numbers aren't going any other way, 6-2... if they go 5-3"
Dave, "It means someone...."
They talk about it being a good test, to find out if anyone in the ranks is a traitor. Dana agreeing it is a good test. Jee just came in and said hello, Dana "That was scary" whispers about them only being 2 strong.
Dave suggests she talk about how hard it was to get rid of Erika, because of what a hard player she was.
Dana says she doesnt know if she'll do that
Dave suggests she say that she was trying to see if he'd get rid of Michelle, that no matter how much he wanted to keep her...
They discuss this fast, what she might say, can't catch it all.
Dave tells Dana to talk to Jun too, that she'll be like "Yeah" that he told her(Jun) to talk to her(Dana) too.
They talk about how crazy it is, Dave saying because of the X thing, it forced everything to be like this.
Someone else comes in - sounds like Justin? Dave leaves, convo has broken up.

(This was a VERY fast convo, and I missed a bit here and there, but think I got most of it - Dave and Dana can both do rapid fire discussion!)

Jul 22 2003 11:12, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Dana saying to someone about all the stuff that went on last night..
saying she thought she was going to be so f*cking smart, and now she's nothing.
Is it Nate she's talking to? Justin? Whoever it is asks her what's going on. It looks like Justin, sounds like Justin, and I have no idea who it just was in the sand bedroom talking to Dana before she walked out because whoever this is doesn't look like he's been out of bed yet this morning.
Dana doesn't really give him an answer.

(everyone must sound like Justin to me, kinda like chicken

Jul 22 2003 11:14, Tue Anonymous ParentRootLink
It was Justin :) NT

Jul 22 2003 11:15, Tue nojobny   Link
Dn: I hate waking up in this place.. Dana nearly spills the beans!!
Dana's in the BR, JS is in the next bed.

DN is sitting on the edge of the bed holding her hed

JS: is ever thing alright?

DN: No, yeah..never mind. Man, just when I thought I had this place figured out. Man this not a good week to be pre-menstral!! I hate BB

JS: What's going on?

DN: Nothing.

Dana changes clothes and leaves the BR

Jul 22 2003 11:19, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Jun and Dana whisper
Dave singing drowning them out.
Jun going over all of it, what the plan was, where the votes are, how she asked (sounded like Ali) but she already knew.
more whispering, Jun says she had a feeling they were up to something, but no one told her for sure, saying thanks for telling me for sure, to them.
Dana saying her whole problem with it is that no one told her this week. "It's irrelevant.. but, it's there"
Dana walks off

Jul 22 2003 11:19, Tue MsB0808   Link
Dana and Jun talking NT

Jul 23 2003 05:02, Wed Shadow46and2 ParentRootLink
Can you expand a little? About what? NT

Jul 22 2003 11:21, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Dana talking to Rob, saying everything is p*ssing her off right now
Rob saying, "Don't take it as any more than that" (just a game)

(Irony, gotta love it) They both are quiet, Rob in a chair on the patio, Dana in the hammock. Dana was surprised when she got in, asking if anyone moved it higher, she had some trouble getting in. (Anyone know if that's what Dave's been doing to the hammock? Making it higher?)

Jul 22 2003 11:27, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Erika joins Dana in hammock
Dana tells her she's livid. Says she doubts people will go to bat for her, since they didn't know what was going on with her.
Erika says, "We will."
Dana says regardless she's going to stay with the number. It would be A) stupid and B) against the original plan. That's what I've been with the entire time.
Dana talks about Dave telling her he'd use the veto to put her up, okay, that was just to see where everyone stood, but it still s*cks. It s*cks she could do this now, and next week be a f*cking target.
Erika says they wanted her to know from the very beginning, but they just thought...
Dana, "That I was already gone."
Erika, "yeah."
(brief talk about something else and I catch up typing)
Dana, "It's like.. you wanna just trust somebody.. and I don't have that person, it s*cks... I'm so premenstrual, it's not a good day for this."
Erika, "You have to understand from the very beginning, we all wanted you.. we were just afraid
Dana says she understand, it was a great move in the game, a power f*cking move
Erika says, "But we all have your back.. David did what he did so that" they could see where people stood.

Dana to DR!

Jul 22 2003 11:29, Tue henry   Link
Dana called to the DR NT

Jul 22 2003 11:35, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Erika talks to Nate and Ali
E, "She's just upset she wasn't told"
N, "Did you tell her why?"
E, says she did, tells her they weren't sure of her.
They agree, N asks how she's voting.
E says she said she's voting with the group, but you never know.
A and N again say it would have been perfect if she was going out this week.
Erika calls them together and tells them that she told Dave, in case it got back to Dana, to tell her the veto was to see where people stood. It did get back to her, E says. Erika walks off after this.
Nate and Ali laughing about it. N, "She didn't have a clue"
Ali says the best part about it was that just before dave pulled her into the room, Dana had just asked her in the storage room how she was voting.
Nate talks about telling her they have to go with the original alliance.
Nate, "She's just losing it though... (mimicks) 'Why didn't anybody tell me?'"
Ali laughing about her DR about Dana changing, going crazy, taking her "straightjacket off"
both laugh. Ali says it could have been a little better with her leaving, but they'd make do.
Nate says that would have been great to keep Michelle, but everything played out perfect the way it went down. Nate, "See the thing is, they're not going to know who to go after, and we're still strong."
Ali agrees.
More talk about how funny it is, Nate laughing about Dana "breaking down", asking what she said. Ali saying "she started f*cking bawling and ran out here" and Robert asked about it. Both agree Rob is worse, getting on their nerves, Nate wouldn't want to be sequestered with him.

(Luckily feed switches here, cuz I can't take any more of them) LR, Rob, Dave, Justin talking about Nate and Ali? Saying "those two are gone next week." Yep, Justin just said "he thinks he's got all the girls" clearly about Nate.
Dave laughing with them.
Erika walks up, and Dave jokes that it looks like it's something other than PB&J. Erika takes an exaggerated bite right in front of him, "Mmmmmmm"
More joking around between the two of them, right in front of Robert and Justin.

Jul 22 2003 11:40, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Jee, Justin, Rob on couches in LR, talking about Dana crying
Rob saying she's losing it, Jee saying something about them talking about it later. All seem to agree "she's" not strong (presumably Dana)

Jul 22 2003 11:44, Tue _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Dave came up, and Justin made a comment about everyone being in the DR
10 minutes, and how people seem f*cked up today. Dave says, "yeah" and walks off a little after that.
Not much convo, Rob or someone says "All we need is for Dana to trip the f*ck out"
Some general chat about sleeping, Justin teasing that he was sleeping until Jun woke him up with her orgasm.
Jun yells from the kitchen "Shut up Justin."
Justin called to DR

On his way, he says good morning to Dana and asks how she is. Says something about "you've seen better days" and goes to DR (couldn't tell if he gave her a hug in passing or anything, the camera was just at the angle)

Dave now going over in kitchen with Jun, "It wasn't known for sure"
Dana walks up.

Jul 22 2003 11:47, Tue _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Jun and Dana talking in kitchen about Jun's orgasms and the vote
Dana teasing her about the orgasm, Jun saying it was a dream, and apparently everyong heard it and mentioned it to her. Saying "I'm telling you I need sex"
Conversation switches to the vote, Jun asking if it's because her feelings are hurt. (feeds freeze and I missed the rest, when it came back Michelle was standing next to Dana)
Dana announces she's going back to bed.

Jul 22 2003 11:50, Tue calgal   Link
danas going back to bed.. digusted with having to eat peanut butter and jelly still... NT

Jul 22 2003 11:51, Tue Michelle_OR   Link
Dana is breaking down.
Dana: (about pb and j).. I am miserable, effing miserable, delirious....

Dana goes back to bed and sounds like she is crying.

Jul 22 2003 11:54, Tue calgal   Link
Dana's tired and Home sick.... jun is in bed with her NT

Jul 22 2003 12:07, Tue _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Jun is the one who said Dana was tired and homesick, when Michelle
came in asking what was wrong. Dana said she was pre-menstrual. Both covering for Dana being upset over the vote.
They pull the covers over them and whisper.
Jun whisper, whisper
Dana "Absolutely, but you.."
whisper whisper
Dana, "My (something) is how (something) it would be to (something).. talk to Justin next week, if they tell me I'm safe, know what I mean? how am I supposed to believe them?"
Jun whisper whisper.. "they... strategy-wise.. for a reason"
Dana agrees it makes sense

Obviously Jun soothing Dana and telling her the rest of the house had to keep her in the dark for strategy reasons, and Dana understands that but is still upset over it. (Yeah, that's a guess)

Justin comes in, wants to know what's wrong. Dana saying she's not leaving the bed all day, she's moody and doesn't want to be crying all day in the house and acting moody. He leaves, and Dana whispers to Jun that she has to stay away from them all day, talking about them not leaving her alone, saying if Justin asks her, she (something) tell him.
whisper whisper, Dana "it's a line"
Dana talking about telling Dave to tell her the truth, did you ask them to put her up? Dave told her yes. Dave told her what they said about Erika goes this week, Dana next week. Dana says Dave told her they were using her. Who knows who to believe? "It could be true? And I'm going to look like an a**hole either way, but whatever gets me through next week.. is important to me"
Jun mostly just listening now as Dana talks, trying to gain back Dana's trust.
Michelle back in the room, asking if Dana is okay. Dana says there's one day of her cycle where she just cries all day, just one day, and this just happens to be the day.
Dana talking about wanting to be back home with her friends and family, that it's such a good thing to be able to trust people like she can them.
Michelle talking about her own crying day, and how hard it is in the house.
Dana says she hasn't had a day like this, that she hasn't shed a tear, and this could be her day.
Jun asking, "you didn't cry before?"
Dana telling her it was all an act before, to get people to feel sorry for her. (Sounds like this morning)
Jun talking about someone said Erika was out there with her, what's the matter with you?
Michelle still there with them, talking about Erika, about wanting to believe her because she seems so nice.
And Dana saying she second guesses herself because she never really gave Erika a chance, all agreeing. Someone says she'll hate her after she (Erika) hears the DRs. Think it might be Michelle. Dana saying part of her doesn't even want to watch what people said about her. Others agree.
Michelle told David she hopes he doesn't make her a f*cking idiot in the DR, and Dave told her she does that to herself.
More chat. Someone else paged to DR. Jun leaves, and Michelle and Dana talk about food.

Jul 22 2003 12:01, Tue Lola   Link
Dana says
I don't like havin the ****ing rug pulled out from me
Jun is crunching some kind of chips and it's loud
Mi comes in to get some clothes
Dana says she probably had a nightmare cause of it
They start whispering, can't hear most of it but Dana is wondering how she's supposed to trust them next week
Mi shows them her outfit and says that it's white and purple (they're not sure because of the light)
Mi says they're not comfortable cause they're tight but if they don't stretch out she'll change
one of the guys ask if Dana's getting up and Dana says she's staying in bed all day. That she not always cool and happy... that one day a month she turns into a girl

Jul 22 2003 12:04, Tue Lola ParentRootLink
Dana also says
I'm going to look like an *sshole either way but if they want to pull rugs, we'll pull rugs.
I get one day a month when I just cry all day and I can get into a fight wiht anyone, my family and my friends. I miss my family so much. It's so important to trust people.
Jun says I had a crying day.
Dana says Yeah that's right you did. So I'm just going to stay in bed all day.

Jul 22 2003 12:16, Tue Lola   Link
Al is telling Dana
that Da & Ja has an alliance with others. She trying to reasure Dana that no one is coming after her. Dana says she's not stupid and they both laugh. Dana thinks Jus is really going to be going for HOH cause the alliance is after him. Dana says when the vote is 6-2 they're going to know how she voted and she understands that this is a test and she don't like it. "Dont't ****in test me... They did and it was sucessful and that's OK but I'll have my day.. cause don't test me"

Jul 22 2003 12:17, Tue Lola   Link
Dana says "I'm going to look like a ****in Bi-polar pscyopath" NT

Jul 22 2003 12:21, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Dana asks Ali how she votes, both say they voted with the original alliance
Ali comes over to join Dana, Michelle has left.
Dana says, "I can't say I'm not p*ssed off. I had the f*cking rug pulled out from under me.. it's not that I can't say the reason why... I understand... it was a great move.. every single one of you, looking me in the face all week.. I feel like I can't trust you"
Ali, "You have to believe me, even though you might not.. it was in your best interest to do it like that"
Dana agreeing, saying she understands, saying it will be hard for her to trust anyone, though it might not be her and Jun she has a problem with (Ed: sigh)
Ali assuring her that Dave isn't coming after her. Going over it yet again.
Again they talk about how crazy it will be when the votes are read.
(missed part here)
Dana saying Justin's fighting for his life and he knows it.

(sorry, missing a lot of this, real life interruptions)

Dana saying "Don't f*cking test me" Saying they did, and they got away with it, but she'll have her day.
Ali, "He really said that to you?"
Dana, "Yeah, he said this is a test, for you to prove.."
Dana says she can understand, but nobody has that power over her, nobody.
Dana telling Dave admitted to telling them to use the veto, goes over his reasons. Asks Ali if they really said she (Dana) was up next. Ali says they did, she says she "pinkie promises" they did. She heard it.

(more quiet whispers and I'm missing a lot here, feeds time out - I hope someone else caught this!)

More talk, Dana saying it really makes sense, but now more than ever it has to be Ali, Jun, Dana. Dana confirming with Ali that no one else knows about that, right? Ali says yes. Dana says it's perfect because as soon as robert and Justin leave, they have to go after Dave and Jack. Dana saying all of a sudden Dave because the best player in the game, f*cking Colombo. Ali laughing, how did that happen? Dana saying because Nate wasn't "man enough to take the reins" and saying he made too many deals with everyone. Dana talking about all the deals people were making, and saying if the power turned, one of them would go with it, especially Nate (meaning he'd go with the deals he made with J/R/J) Ali agrees.
They talk about the 3 of them (girls) against three of the others (J/D/E) and who will get Nate, saying it would be stupid for Nate to go against them. Dana saying maybe they could present Erika with an option? They'll have to wait it out, but it could be four girls and three guys.

Jun comes in and says BB wanted them to remind her that they can't talk about how they voted. Dana asks if she stuck with the original alliance, and Jun says she can't talk about that! Dana says "they asked you to tell us specifically not to talk about how we voted" Jun says they said to tell everyone, but yeah, them.
(more talk her that I missed, and I'm giving up)

Jul 22 2003 12:22, Tue Lola   Link
Dana says to Al "We could present Er with an option...
then it would be 4 girls and 3 guys.
Al says Yeah we could do that but we would have to wait
Dana says at some point it will be everyone for themself. When it's down to the oringial 7, then theres 4 grils and 3 guys
They agree that even then the guys would probably still go after each other

Jul 22 2003 12:36, Tue nojobny   Link
Dn & Ro were talking and Js just jumped into the bed and whacked his shin.
Mic is there adjusting her swim suit

Dn: I don't know you can wear each other's swimsuits
Mic: why not?
Dn: Here, I'll let you wear my underwear

Jul 22 2003 12:39, Tue nojobny   Link
Dn & Jus talking in bed
Dn; I'm not getting out of bed today
Ju: What wrong

Dn: If you're using me I'm going to kill you!
Ju: I would never do that.

Jul 22 2003 13:00, Tue canadiansweetheart   Link
dana eating pb&j that justin brought her NT

Jul 22 2003 13:04, Tue calgal   Link
Jun and Dana are lying in bed counting votes and planning strategy NT

Jul 22 2003 13:14, Tue canadiansweetheart   Link
Jack and David talking strategy - feed 2 - both say they've been lying to everyone NT

Jul 22 2003 13:17, Tue Phantom   Link
Nice camera work to be switching between a shot of Michelle sunning on a lounger and a pawn sunning on the Bball court. NT

Jul 22 2003 13:18, Tue canadiansweetheart   Link
Michelle called to DR NT

Jul 22 2003 13:31, Tue nojobny   Link
Dv-Er-Ja in BR
David, Erica & Jack are in the Sandbox laughing about how shocked the Jee Stooges are going to be at the vote.

Ja: How is Dana holding up
Er: She so unstable that her reaction to all this is not suspicious
Er: Dana said it was a good powerplay not to tell her until the very end
Ja: No kidding

Er: We're getting pizza after the vote. I asked for pizza. I really wanted lobster. I said, can everyone else have steak & I have lobster. And Er said that BB said "This is not a lux com, Erica". So couldn't think, so I just said pizza.

Dv: That going to be interesting sitting around that table eating, staring at everyone's faces.

Jul 22 2003 13:32, Tue nojobny   Link
Nate is shaving his stomach. Nice tight camera shots of his pecs. :-) NT

Jul 22 2003 13:39, Tue Phantom   Link
Erika goes to the hammock to sit and watch the tortoises in their pen.
Is it just a coincidence that both come over to the fence at her feet and try to get through it? I didn't see her with any food for them. Erika just sits and ponders the meaning of life; them in their little pen, her in her little house - both dependent on the whims of others for their continued existence. Perhaps not.

Jul 22 2003 14:08, Tue Lola   Link
The house is quiet all over; most sleeping either in BR or while sunning in BY;Er appears to be only one awake NT

Jul 22 2003 14:18, Tue nojobny   Link
The house is awake again. Mic: Jee what time is it? Jee: Time is 1:17 NT

Jul 22 2003 14:21, Tue Lola   Link
Na, Ja, Mi and Er are playing cards in LR NT

Jul 22 2003 15:30, Tue Phantom   Link
More of nothing happening. At the moment,
F1 has Ratbert alone on the hammock

F2 is a wide shot of the yard with someone sitting in a chair at the far side of the pool, probably talking to Ratbert (can't make out the voices on the feeds, but probably Justin).

F3 is switching between close-ups of card players in the LR, and

F4 is a wide shot of the card players: Erika, Nat, Jack and Michelle

Jul 22 2003 15:30, Tue Lola   Link
Jee is in the hammock making small talk with Robert who sitting near the pool, sound is bad NT

Jul 22 2003 15:35, Tue lilindy   Link
Jee says Ali is next to go
Sitting by the hammock with Robert.
Robert says Ali is worthless. They agree that they can't trust her. Robert says she lied to him in the hottub. Jee says Dana for sure won't put us up right? (asking justin) Justin says now after last night he is not sure. He says he has no had a chance to talk to her.

Jul 22 2003 15:36, Tue lilindy   Link
Justin says ideally they would put up Ali and Nate NT

Jul 22 2003 15:40, Tue lilindy   Link
Robert says that Dave is not going to mess with them. He would feel
most comfortable if Robert, Dave, Jack or Justin got HOH.

Jul 22 2003 15:41, Tue lilindy   Link
Ro thinks that the three stooges are safe this week NT

Jul 22 2003 15:50, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Justin and Robert talk game
Both still talking about Ali being next, Robert also makes the point that when Ali says, "Someone is coming after you" that it says to him "Ali and Nate are coming after you" announcing she herself is the one. They both agree, "Who else is left? It's not f*ing Michelle.. not Jun.. she might be talking about Dana, but we know where her head is at"

Making the point that Ali and Nate playing basketball was suspicious because she wouldn't do that unless they were in an alliance (sorry, I can't explain this logic to you, because I don't understand it, I'm just repeating it)

Rob saying he trusts Dave more than Ali, they both think Dave is cool, in a game sense. They both like Dana as a person, but in a game sense can't trust her.

Justin saying that if someone puts him up as a pawn, he's going after that person, that there's no more pawn sh*t at this point in the house. Rob agrees, says they need to make sure they get a strong player out, a little more talk about putting up Nate and Ali. They seem to both be in agreement that Alison is at the center of all the plots going on in the house, Justin saying the other night in the hottub she looked right into his face and lied to him. Rob agrees, saying he doesn't even know her that well, and he also saw that.

Eventually conversation breaks up and they head inside.

Jul 22 2003 15:50, Tue Lola   Link
Card game is over, Je, Jun, Mi & Jack making a snack. Er goes to backyard. Mi is called to DR NT

Jul 22 2003 15:52, Tue nojobny   Link
BB: HG, the back windows need to be washed. Michelle, please go to the DR. Ju is cooking. HoHum NT

Jul 22 2003 16:31, Tue Michelle_OR   Link
David is weirding out!
David keeps taking his microphone and sniffing and snorting very loudly into the mic. He is now humming a song too as if to drive the viewers nuts. He is humming the song "The candy man" and Erika says: "you like that song don't you?" David says: "no, I really don't."

Jul 22 2003 16:35, Tue Michelle_OR   Link
David is so bored! Sings "Scooby doobie dooo" and the feeds cut out.
He continuing to play with a stuffed bear and a rubber ducky with horns. Making the bear ride the ducky. Then says.. "no muff too tough."

Jul 22 2003 16:52, Tue funpaul   Link
Robert said it looked like Michelle and Nathan were hooking up...
But when Jun questioned him, he said they were just cudling in the dark bedroom and it looked like they might have been. Jun said she saw that too and it just looked like cuddling.

Jul 22 2003 16:54, Tue funpaul   Link
Erika and Dana are lying on seperate beds in Desert room joking around...
very bored.

For the last 15 minutes David has been whistling or singing little tunes which result in FOTH. Finally a slightly bemused Erika warns David he will get a penalty nomination if he doesn't stop it.

Jul 22 2003 16:56, Tue Bilbo   Link
geez...poor Dav can't even whistle or hum without FOTH NT

Jul 22 2003 17:12, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Dave tells Nate, "There are people, on the internet, who type out everything we say"
Nate, "Oh really"
Dave, "Yeah, there are sites you can go to, a guy was telling me, and ask what happened on Big Brother today" and it'll show whole conversations (he mimicks typing) saying 'it'll be like, "Nate, 'Oh really?'" "Yeah"

(Ed: got a chuckle out of that one

Jul 22 2003 17:13, Tue _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Nate thought that was cool to find out everything that happened, Dave's comment was "Who does that?" NT

Jul 22 2003 17:13, Tue Anonymous   Link
David speaks to Nathan about the internet feeds...
David: You know there's people on the internet who write down all our diaglog.
Nathan: What do you mean?
David: I mean there this place on the internet you can go and its all typed out, there's somebody typing out what we are saying right now [ed: roughly]
Nathan: Really? That's cool.

BB: David go to Diary Room

David: They're on to my tricks. (then singing: Rolling, rolling rolling...from some pop song maybe Kid Rock?)

[Ed: BB is probably going to ward David he has sung or whistled 25 copywrited songs in the last half hour]

Jul 22 2003 17:16, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Nate to Jun: "You love to cook don't you?" She does. Ali chimes in, "You know what I love to do?"
Nate, "What?"
Ali, "Nothing!"

Jul 22 2003 17:20, Tue Bilbo   Link
we're being thrilled on 2 cams with the sight/sound of jee snoring NT

Jul 22 2003 17:48, Tue nojobny   Link
Ali & Dv on the hammock talking various stuff not game related
Dave's talking about a friend of his in Punxsutawney, PA. Said he might go to visit him on Groundhog's Day.

He's had hypothermia, he's given himself an I.V. He's also adminstered an I.V. in the dark under night vision.

Jul 22 2003 17:52, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Dave is singing "I've got to pee* I've got to pee* NT

Jul 22 2003 18:09, Tue pixiegirl   Link
HG were told they are in lockdown
Dana thinks they are setting up a competition for tomorrow, they are asked to pull the shades, they are telling the "winning" team to stay seated and EAT! their food as Dave put it, and now Dave keeps singing "Get out of my way get into my car, or get out of my dreams and get into my pants, Nate, Dave and Dana are playing cards, can't figure out want game though.

Jul 22 2003 18:33, Tue RMU   Link
F1 & F2 Ratbert & Michelle in kitchen, F3 & F4 on card game in the LR - N, Dv, Dn play rummy while Jun, Er, Ja & Js watch NT

Jul 22 2003 18:37, Tue RMU   Link
Ali, Mi & Jun now sitting watching cards - discussing what they're asked in the DR
Mi wants to know if they asked Jun about her dream, she says no, they asked about her massaging Dv

Jul 22 2003 18:40, Tue RMU   Link
Earlier Dv ranted (jokingly) at the internet - telling us to go outside and look at the sun NT

Jul 22 2003 18:43, Tue RMU   Link
Justin describing how Jun talked in her sleep last nite - moaning, yelling "Oh God" & how it must have been a wet dream NT

Jul 22 2003 18:46, Tue RMU   Link
Everyone teasing Jun about her dream. She said it was a very good dream. Nate wants to have a dream like that.
Jun briefly says her dream was about sex cause "it's on her mind" but says she won't answer any questions about sex.

Jul 22 2003 18:58, Tue RMU   Link
Ali, Jun & Mi get up and head for the "Love Room"
Ali taking about how she used to date an Asian - her brother hated him. Everytime he'd come over her brother would go "neenu neenu" (she makes a gesture I can't see as her back is to the camera) and says they would fight.

Her brother does impressions of "retards" which Ali then mimics - all 3 laughing hard.

Jun says she babies her bro - he's 16.

Mi talking about her brother - her parents were away, and they had a party (he & his friends are 15-16) and they were drinking and puking on the front yard. She called their siblings and tell them to pick up his friends. When her parents come home from a wedding, they're wasted and party with the kids and don't notice that the kids drank her dad's favorite booze.

Ali's bro JR is 6'1" - she tells how he was so drunk and they had to haul him up some stairs. The next a.m. (Christmas) she goes to wake him up and steps in urine at his bedside.

Feed switches back to LR - posting

Jul 22 2003 18:59, Tue RMU   Link
F1 - kitchen (empty) F2, 3 & 4 - on the card game. Very little talking. Dv humming and now FOTH NT

Jul 22 2003 19:04, Tue RMU   Link
F3 now on Ratbert in the HOH - talking with Justin
saying it's "Gonna be great" when they put her up (Dana?).

Jee comes in - says the girls are chilling in the Love Room, Dana is in the DR and Er is in the bathroom he thinks.

They speculate that the whole house is gonna come after them after next week. Smirking. They still believe Er is going this week. Jee is sure they'll make money (meaning 1 wins big and splits the pot).

Justin leaves and returns to the card game and the feed switches with him.

Jul 22 2003 19:05, Tue RMU   Link
Dn out of the DR - says she asked about food - they only get 1 meal b/f they compete for food on Thurs. am NT

Jul 22 2003 19:07, Tue RMU   Link
Quad feeds continue to show card game and empty rooms NT

Jul 22 2003 19:13, Tue RMU   Link
Dana pops into the Love room to get her slippers - Justin helps her put them on and they head to the bathroom area
Justin wants to know if they asked her about him in the DR.

Mi comes in - has to pee real bad, but Ratbert is in the WC - she sits and waits w/ Js. Ratbert comes out and (surprizingly) Mi doesn't rush to the WC after Ratbert says his stomach is sore - gets up and eventually goes.

Dana talking about how quickly the food comp will come - they'll only get 1 meal before they might be without food again.

Mi out washes her hands (leaves saying "she likes to kiss and tell), then Ratbert does and sits down.

Dana starts to tell a story about when her bro was kidnapped (I think she said) and then the feed switches back to the card game (grr)

Jul 22 2003 19:15, Tue I_Should_Be_Working ParentRootLink
I thought she said "When I was kidnapped, my brother" and then strange whistling drowned her out. NT

Jul 22 2003 19:18, Tue Anonymous ParentRootLink
I believe she was referring to being kidnapped for Big Brother NT

Jul 22 2003 19:24, Tue bb4inthehouse ParentRootLink
No, she did say "when my brother was kidnapped". NT

Jul 22 2003 20:19, Tue talcman ParentRootLink
yes, she said "when I was kidnapped" refering to big brother NT

Jul 22 2003 19:15, Tue RMU   Link
Brief FOTH, then back to the Bathroom, but no sound NT

Jul 22 2003 19:32, Tue Sunflake   Link
Checking the feeds during lockdown......
F1: Justin & Robert are sitting outside the bathroom talking. Justin remarks how scared everyone is of the 3 of them. Pretty quiet. Robert asks Justin if he can keep Dana secure for another week. Justin says sure he can. Discussion turns to trusting Jack & David.

On feeds 3 & 4 I can see David, Dana, Jee & Nate playing cards.

Robert asks Justin about other games they had on BB3. Justin mentions something about faces on cards and HGs having to hold them up. Robert mentions the modeling comp. with Amy last year where HGs had to balance something on their heads. Justin liked the one where they had the circles on the ground and they had to not break infra red laser beam or they got pentaly time added.

F3 & 4 have switched to Erika, Michelle, Alison & Jun laying in a bed. Michelle is telling stories about being "written up" at work. I am in time to hear her talk about a manager leaving and him trying to get Michelle to take off her clothes on a video. (Feed switches to card game, but audio still Michelle's story.) She wouldn't do it but some other waitress comes in and her and the manager start fooling around. FOTH

Feed switched to Card game. Just chitter chatter. Jee asking how David does his hair, it's done in a sort of Flock of Seagulls do. (does he use gel or water) David uses water. Dana doing her nails while playing.

Really not much going on. They are still on lockdown.

Jul 22 2003 19:35, Tue RMU   Link
We get sound back just in time to hear Jack ask Dana if she wants her hand back - she says yes and joins the card game
While Jack uses the WC, Ratbert & Justin say they still have to talk to Ali tonite...

Dana comes back in to get some lotion, and they they both leave.

Justin says he'd love to get F*cking Ali outta here. (someone else too but I missed who) and Ratbert agrees.

Long silence.

Then Ratbert whispers all the girls eventually. Then it'd be up to the HOH - depending on who won that week.

Ratbert says Jee asked him what he thinks will happen and Rat said that he & Js think they'll be targets.

They think this coming week will be very exciting.

(Long pause)

Ratbert says they can keep Dana if she wins it (I think surviving being nominated) they can keep her another week.

Ratbert gestures and says we have to break those 2 up sometime (not clear who he means) and Js thinks it's too soon.

Talking about the competitions in BB3 - guessing who said what, the veto comp (that Amy won) and the infrared beam game - Ratbert doesn't remember it, but Js liked it and describes it.

Asking if everyone from last year won HOH - Roddy? Jus says no (but he did) and Eric didn't either (he didn't).

Jee comes in - apparently they're still on lockdown cause they can't wait to go outside. Jee says he's playing Solitaire (he's out of the camera range so I think he left).

Ratbert asks if Js has finished all his beers - he says no.

Justin says it's funny how only 1 guy must be in charge of the cameras - you can tell cause the cameras follow you around as you walk through the house (no argument here!)

Another longish silence.

Ratbert says he wouldn't mind her outta here. Ju says Ali? Rat agrees.

Ali walks by to use the WC without saying anything.

Js says he's bored outta his mind. He could fall asleep right there. He gets up and heads to the LR - Rat whispers "who's in there, Dana?" Js says yeah and leaves.

Ratbert waits for Ali to come out of the WC and whispers to her "Justin needs to talk to you tonite".

They both leave and join the others in the LR.

Jul 22 2003 19:47, Tue RMU   Link
Er and Mi lying down on the bed - Er says she's going to pack - that they both have to pack tonite
Mi complaining about the PB&J diet - that it's making her swear all the time.

Er says in a situation like this - they take on each other's traits - if one person swears, then they all do.

Er says it's a group mentality. Mi says the way she freaked on David is unlike her - that she's changing for the worse.

Er "it's all so boring - the mind plays tricks". Er saying that because Mi is so young, she's really affected by it. Mi agrees, saying she's the youngest person ever on this kind of show. She's trying not to think of her parents - that she trying to be independent, but it's, like, difficult.

Jul 22 2003 19:53, Tue RMU   Link
Mi says she usually complains about not having enough time to relax, now it's the opposite.
Nate comes in to get his hat. Mi asks him about the card game and he mumbles something (I didn't catch it).

He leaves and Mi says "he's the only guy in the house..." (but we don't know what she means?).

She asks Er what's she's going to wear tomorrow. They both hate to pack.

Mi asks Er if she bartends as well - she says yes, on the weekend and (I think she says teaches) twice a week.

Er says she makes betwen $800 - 1000 a week. The lounge she works at is on Sunset and that Mi should come when she's of age.

Mi says she needs Ali's I.D., cause her fake one is really bad. She had a good one, but it was pick-pocketed when she was at Mardi Gras.

Now discussing how cold the room is.

Jul 22 2003 19:53, Tue Sunflake   Link
Michelle's random thoughts...
F1: HGs in living room.
Jee can't wait for lock down to be over. Ali thinks it stinks, no one knows how long it will be.. Dana, David & Nate are playing cards. Justin & Jun are there too. Jee asks about David Blaine.
Feed keeps going back and forth to FOTH.

F3: Michelle laying in bed. She is too weak to do anything. Jun has come in to get changed. Michelle admires Jun's shorts, wants to know where she got them, Jun checks. Old Navy. Oh my god, they are soo comfortable. Jun leaves. Heavy sigh from Michelle. !!!A voice from the lump on the bed, it's Erika, she says she needs to pack, BB suggests they do it tonite. She can't believe it's 6:45, feels like midnight. Michele can't even begin to explain how horrible this diet is. (but she finds the strength anyway) She doesn't like that it's all bread. Michelle is worried about the way she's been talking (i think she means cursing) and how much it has come out in the house. Erika says it's because they develop a group mentality being such a small enclosed group. Michelle doesn't like how she's changing. Erika gives her advice to step back a little and think first. Michelle mentions being the youngest BB person, and when she saw David, she knew why she was chosen. (Ed note:People, this is short attention span theater tonite, she's changing topics faster than I can type) Michelle says she tries really hard to not thing about her family, but then goes on to talk and think about them. Now she says she used to say she never had time to relax and that's all they have now.

Nate comes in and they ask about the game. He puts on a shirt and looks for his hat. The girls agree he needs a haircut. He wants to let it grow out, that it's at the nasty stage right now. Erika thinks he couldn't have a nasty stage.

Michelle asks if BB told them they were off lockdown. Erika mentions the hot tub.

F1 & 2: Robert playing marbles with Dave who is helping him out. Jack stands by watching. The card game continues in the background in the living room.

Jul 22 2003 19:58, Tue RMU   Link
Er asking what Mi knew about BB before - she thought it was a scam, so she brought her dad
Because she didn't apply, they thought someone she knew had entered her "Little did I know".

Mi says David knows her so well, knows how to press her buttons and they fought all the time. She gets so mad and frustrated and blows up on him. She said in the DR he's like her brother - sometimes she could kill him and the next minute she loves him to death.

Jul 22 2003 20:03, Tue Sunflake   Link
Still on Lockdown. F1: Ali & Nate playing ping pong. F3 & 4: Erika feeding turtles. NT

Jul 22 2003 20:04, Tue RMU   Link
Er gets up to pack, Mi says she's going to get bread (after saying ealier she hates f*cking bread). F1 & 2 show ping pong (Ali & N) F3 & 4 on LR NT

Jul 22 2003 20:14, Tue Sunflake   Link
F3:Inside house games...Michelle's too tired to pack...
F3: Michelle is up, wearing a towel. Jun is on the couch doing Dana's nails. Jee is laying on the couch too. Jack, Justin playing marbles. Dave watching the marbles.

Dana is famished. She mentions it all the time in the DR. That it wasn't just one week that the week before she had nothing but starches. (she neglects to mention the 2 days of food BB gave them between comps.)

Jun, Dana & Jee mention the sounds in the walls. Dana wants to make garlic bread. Michelle made some earlier. can hear the ping pong and marbles games in the background. Jun cuts Dana's cuticles. Alison is loud in background, Dana silent, but glaring in that direction. Michelle hates how she just ate and she still feels sick. Dana forgot to put baby oil on her cuticles before she went to sleep.

Jee doesn't want Justin to win the marbles game, cus he'll have to hear about it all week. He roots for Jack. Jee says he needs a haircut (lol). Michele has to pack but doesn't have the energy. Jun says that Ali says she would help her and Dana offers help too.

Dana says they made up a lot of games. Michelle wants to know how they made up the games. They talk about whose idea it was to use the paddles. Michelle has a headache. Jun is whispering something...can't make it out. Dana says there is no comp. tonite, that it's for tomorrows HOH and they'll have to stare at it. Jee says he won't be able to sleep.

Michelle says she got steak for tomorrow night, that BB won't do lobster or surf & turf unless it's a luxary.

The games in the house continue.

Jul 22 2003 20:25, Tue Sunflake   Link
Jun tells the guys to "get a ruler, measure their d*cks and get it over with".....
Jun makes a comment, why don't you just get out a ruler and measure your d*cks and get it over with. Jee says, we don't do that, do you girls go around measuring your cl*ts? Jun says ewww, we don't do that. Jee says they measure their t*ts and compare those. They bicker.

Michelle is so weak she can barely lift her arm, she is able to demonstrate this to the group.

Jee says he feels like the tortoises, being let in and out of the house with lockdowns. "We're CBS's pets, we're their tortoises." He repeats this several times.

Nate says if they had a piece of paper they could play Chinese football.

Chat turns to everyone's pronounciation of the word "water". Fascinating. Dana and Jun giggle on the couch. Dana thanks Jun for the laugh, didn't think she'd laugh all day. Sings a line from CCR " Doo, Doo, Doo, looking out my back door...Sorry"

They talk of movies (Snatch), getting rid Justin's socks (they're dirty), Nate's dirty feet, to which he responds "I don't even give a hoot", someone (I think Justin?) teases, "I was fixin to clean them today". "Golleee".

Room gets quiet.

Jul 23 2003 11:52, Wed Sunflake ParentRootLink
She says this cus the guys are trying to find another game to *compete* against each other in. NT

Jul 22 2003 20:47, Tue RMU   Link
In the bathroom they're blowing up condoms like balloons NT

Jul 22 2003 20:50, Tue RMU   Link
Justin says Nate looks like a non-lubricated man - Nate replies he doesn't use them cuz he doesn't have sex NT

Jul 22 2003 20:51, Tue RMU   Link
Lockdown is over - everyone heads outside except Jun (doing toenails) and Dv (trying to put condom over his head) NT

Jul 22 2003 20:53, Tue Sunflake   Link
Making toys out of condoms....
Jun & Ali with feet in the tub. Jun doing her own toenails. They whisper about Dana. They don't like the way she is handling the food competition.

Jun says there is no way she could hang out with Dana in New York with her tough guy attitude. Ali says she can see that. Ali wants to know if Jun talks sh*t in her DR, Jun says she does, she has too, everyone else does. Quiet. Dana comes though, looks in mirror, says something, leaves. Jun ponders whether she heard them. Nate comes in and tosses a condom to Ali. She says she doesn't use them, she doesn' have sex, she makes luuuuuuuv. They all laugh. Ali flirting with Nate, wanting to run her fingers through his curls. They talk of vericose veins. Ali wants to have a war with Nate. Jun whispers "I was so pissed this morning" Nate and Ali ignore her and continue giggling.

They're just being silly. They open the condoms and Ali asks if its lubricated. Jun says yes. Ali says she like that kind. They both comment how small it is and Ali says her guys needs magnums. Nate is blowing his up into a ballon. Ali has filled hers with water. Nate is looking for lipstick to make a face on his. Ali doesn't want to put her lips on hers and wants someone else to blow it up.

Ali blows hers up. She feels light headed and messed up. She knots off the end. Jee is called to the DR. Jun says they're sending Jee again. David pops Ali's condom balloon. David comes in and looks at the condoms. He asks about them breaking.
Dana is heard in the background yelling about someone in the kitchen.
David asks again about anyone having an experience where they broke on them? David says he thinks Nate is the Non-lubricated kind of guy.

Lockdown is over, they all go out. They don't notice a change. Feed switches to David trying to put a condom over his head (a la Howie Mandell). He's close, but it keeps slipping off. He leaves Jun alone in tub.


Jul 22 2003 21:16, Tue Sunflake   Link
Hot tub talk...Ali and Michele..
F4: Dana and Erika in bathroom talk about going in the hot tub. Dana says she likes it when there are fewer people and she can spread out. If she could have a beer she wouldn't mind.

Feed switches back to Alison & Michele in the hot tub. It is very difficult to make out anything they are saying, guys (Jee, Nate, Justin, playing BBall in foreground too. I think it's about tomorrow night. Michelle wants to go home, but she doesn't, Ali finds it hard to believe this is a tv show. Michele says they edit it to make it so much different than it really is. Quiet Michele says if she goes, she will be able to eat. She goes on again about food. Thinks she's gained 10 pounds. Can't make much out. Guys playing BBall are loud.

They can't wait to go to Las Vegas, they're gonna tear up the town, she tells Michelle to promise she'll go. Michelle promises. Nate comes over and reads the temp on the hot tub. It's 95. Ali wants it to go up to 102. Nate plays with the controls. He walks away. Jack makes a comment about the hot tub, he'll be in after he works out.
All 4 feeds on Hot Tub now. They talk of first impresions of each other. Ali didn't think she'd like Michele, but she does. Ali says she hated Nathan at first. Michelle thinks she gives off a bad first impression. Somone off camera nods in agreement. Michelle saw them nod. Plane flies overhead. Ali can't believe they're here. More inaudible chatter. Loud bouncing. Michell can't wait to watch the shows. Ali says, "oh, I can". She can't wait to see the episode of the two of them crying. (about Scott). How they were one big mess. They laugh.
Michelle hollars, "Dana, are you ok?"
She notices gross stuff on her rings, and takes them off. Ali thinks it feels like it is getting warmer. BBall game continues. Quiet. Michele sneezes. Ali blesses her. Michele thanks her.


Jul 22 2003 21:22, Tue Sunflake   Link
All 4 feeds: Nate, Ali, Michele & Erika in hot tub..inaudible chitter chatter. NT

Jul 22 2003 21:29, Tue Sunflake   Link
All 4 feeds have been on Robert & Jun (doing her nails) sitting on lounge chairs in BY. Quiet except for BBall. NT

Jul 22 2003 21:31, Tue Sunflake ParentRootLink
Robert asking Jun about previous BB seasons. Jun says BB3 was the best. She doesn't think they are the best cast. FOTH. NT

Jul 22 2003 21:32, Tue kathryn   Link
Jun telling Rob about the different casts, she says this year's isn't that good. She would be disappointed if she was at home watching. NT

Jul 22 2003 21:33, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Jun insults BB4 cast, and BB goes to FOTH -
Jun was talking about BB2 cast being fake, and relating more to BB3 cast. That they were mostly late 20, early 30s and figuring out what they wanted to do with their lives. She says she doesn't think their cast is all that great, that if she were watching at home, she'd "be like WTF, all these high school kids" and FOTH. (snicker)

Jul 22 2003 21:33, Tue bruhe   Link
jun and robert talk about past bb..
jun didnt know will's name but mentions him as a smart good player in season 2. then they both agree that this year's cast is boring and wonder if people are asking "WTF is with these highschoolers" robert agrees and starts to say...
then FOTH.
They agree that the x factor seems to have had a less than desirable factor so far in the game (tho jun has her secret jee alliance). no fighting, no hooking up, no "alliances"... and they agree that it drives a wedge between people and kills the mood of the house.. less interaction.

Jul 22 2003 21:35, Tue nojobny   Link
Rob & Jun talking outside
Talking about Nathan. Sitting the back yard, Ju's doing her toenails.

Missed the beginning but they were talking about a girl in the house who thinks she's safe. Conversation turns to Nate.

Rob: He thinks he's safe.


Talking about BB2.

Ro: Which do you think was better
Ju: In BB2 there was a guy who was totally upfront about the fact that he's was going to manipulate everyone.
Ro: Will
Ju: Right and he won
Ju: I liked last years better. I think I related tothe people better

Jul 22 2003 21:35, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Rob and Jun continue through cast members, insulting them all
Rob also thinks the X Factor twist was a dud, saying that if BB thought ex's would hook up, it didn't happen. Or they thought ex's would vote each other off, and that didn't happen. Well, except in his case, and he thinks about it a minute and says, "Well, there may be more."


Jul 22 2003 21:36, Tue nojobny   Link
Jun: Why is Mic even here, she doesn't even know how to play the game? NT

Jul 22 2003 21:38, Tue bruhe   Link
lol they talk about the mom issue from last year...
robert itemizes the moms from last year... "the stripper, danielle, and lori." lol

Jul 22 2003 21:45, Tue kathryn   Link
Dana: If I hear the word 'like' one more time, I'm gonna effing kill her NT

Jul 22 2003 21:46, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Rob showing knowledge of BB3 cast, and compliments Jun and Dave
BB3 cast: Jun said there were complaints because there were 2 moms, not enough single women. And Rob corrects her that there were 3: Lori, Tonya, and Dani. Jun questions it, not remembering Lori had kids. A little more talk about BB3 cast and then it's back to their own cast.

Rob says Jun is smart, fun, good casting. They agree Dave is cool, and Jack. Rob saying, "Before you come in here, you think they casted the best" (I'm pretty sure he said casted, but I could be wrong) "Then you get in here, and you're like "come on, how could it have slipped through so many people?"

Jun applied because she considers herself a people person, and thought she would have the game down, but says she can't relate to f*ing high school kids. Rob agrees, saying he thought it was just him.
Rob asks her how she thought it was going to be?
Jun says she thought it would be a bunch of people in late 20s, early 30s, who were attractive and had good personalities. That at least in the beginning, it would be about getting to know cool people and not cut-throat. Jun gets in a stab at Erika adding nothing, floating from room to room.
Rob of course agrees, saying even if he wasn't there, Erika would get herself voted out.
Jun makes fun of prior casts saying "we're a family" but she says she thought it *would* be more like that. Says she didn't know she's have to deal with 10 yr olds, waking them up and making them wash their dishes.
Rob laughing. Says he thinks it's all luck. Being the smartest or the best, doesn't mean you'll win. You can just rub someone the wrong way.
Jun saying it doesn't matter that they're older and wiser because the others are so young and spoiled, so let them trust in each other.
Rob agrees. Dana comes out and joins them.

And they're off, more Nate-bashing. Dave comes out with food and sits at a nearby table, pretty much ending that topic of conversation.

Jul 22 2003 21:46, Tue nojobny   Link
Ju: ER is great looking, but she just floats around from room to room & adds no value
Ju: I though that everyone coming in would be in their late 20' or early30's. People who would be good looking and smart.

I didn't think I'd have to be around a bunch of 10 year olds. Having to tell them to pick up their clothes and do their dishes. I mean Mic w/ here clothes all over the place. She's driving me crazy.

Ro: Yeah, that's right

Ju: Those people (everyone else in the BY who's in the hot tub or B-Ball) are to immature.

Dana joins them

Ju: The only thing they talk about is HS b/c that was like 5 years ago for them. You're 24, you should be thinking about getting your resume together, getting a career.

Ro: Exactly

Jul 22 2003 21:50, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
hot tub crowd also talking BB3, Amy's sequester and if they get sent out of the country
In hottub: Jack, Erika, Nate, Ali, Michelle

Jul 22 2003 21:54, Tue nojobny   Link
Jus just cannonballed into the pool and soaked Dv on the hammock NT

Jul 22 2003 21:55, Tue kathryn ParentRootLink
Now Jee did it too NT

Jul 22 2003 21:54, Tue nojobny   Link
Je just tried to cannonball and almost missed the pool. NT

Jul 22 2003 21:56, Tue nojobny   Link
LOL Ju's reaction to Jee's pool dive
Ju: "Julie would have said; HG as you know, Jee had to be hospitalized for severe head trama"

Jul 22 2003 21:56, Tue bruhe   Link
dana teases dave that he can't raise one eyebrow and he says...
yeah well you can't grab your nuts like this...
they all laugh
dana: what do u do i mean why do u do that
he says for comfort.. and u gotta move them... its "the shift"

Jul 22 2003 22:01, Tue _WatchIt_   Link
Dave in hammock gets splashed! Justin jumps into pool, drenching Dave
Dave laughs about it, telling him it was a good one and he got him good, that he's drenched.
Jee tries jumping in, almost falling. Jun makes fun of him saying, "Houseguests as you know, Jee had to be hospitalized" and there's laughter from Rob, Dana, and Dave (he walked over and the camera/sound followed him).

Not much happening tonight, all hg's in BY chatting and passing time in the hottub, pool, or chairs chatting.

Jul 22 2003 22:05, Tue Jovian   Link
Jun asks if she looks like the chinese f***ing cleaning lady?! NT

Jul 22 2003 22:08, Tue bruhe   Link
david says "yeah ALI, does jun look like the F-ING CHINESE CLEANING LADY?!" lol NT

Jul 22 2003 22:33, Tue Bert   Link
Throwing drinks at the cast party ...
I came in on a conversation between Jun and Dana. Jun was saying she was gonna starting calling them "Children of the Corn." Since she has been complaining about the young'uns, I assume that's who she's referring to. Then she mimics someone, "Hi Jun, how are you doing. Jun are you OK?" Then she brings up an example with Ali. She said Ali told Jun that she's the most beautiful Asian woman she's ever seen. Rob had joined the conversation before this comment. They talked about how racist Ali's comment was and how because she's so young, she wasn't even aware that it was a racist comment.

Then Rob and Dana were talking about the cast meeting in Vegas. Dana talked about gambling, and how beautiful the casinos are. More chitchat and Jun says, "I don't want to hang out with these people. I don't even want to go to the cast party. I'll be throwing drinks in people's faces."

Jul 22 2003 22:39, Tue nojobny   Link
tie-dye & toys
Ali & Mic just pick up a basket of toys from the SR. More tie-dye and origami papers.

Dv: They gave us PAPERS?

Ali: They're small

Ali: We got alot of shirts. We got wifebeaters!

Rob: Running over... Oh, I want a wife beater. Oh, they may be for the girls

Jul 22 2003 22:43, Tue nojobny   Link
HG are thinking about making a homemade version of Twister with the paper BB gave them.

Jee: I've never played twister. I looks easy

Jus: It's not easy

Jul 22 2003 22:44, Tue nojobny   Link
Rob, Jus & Jee are horny and talkin' sex in the hot tub NT

Jul 22 2003 22:49, Tue nojobny   Link
The Jee Stooges talk sex
Ro: i've had over 100 women
Jus: I've had about 30
Ro: Yeah, but i'm older than you

Jus: Alot the girls in HS didnt' want to do it in HS b/c they didnt want people to talk. You could tell they wanted you, but they didnt want to do it b/c they didnt want it go around school

I had about 15 different girls call me after HS for booty calls. They would just call and ask how you're doing. I'm getting out of class @ 3:00 and they come over and be all horny

Jul 22 2003 22:53, Tue nojobny   Link
Dv joins the sex conversation
Dv:: You know I joined the Army after HS, but now I know what that always happend.Everytime I went home & ran into someone they wanted to hook up

Jus: Those Army guys have tons of testosterone. They're going out every weekend

Jul 22 2003 23:01, Tue nojobny   Link
Mic is packing her bags and she just gave Nate a pic of her.
He's staring at it for long time.

Jul 22 2003 23:07, Tue Bert   Link
Michelle packing and other chit chat ...(long)
Jun complaining to Nate about what a pain Dana has been. Dana said she could do the PB&J, no problem, and now all she does it bitch about it. Then Jun does a Dana impression, "GET THAT F*CKIN' WATERMELON OUT OF MY FACE!!! (I heard that conversation maybe yesterday. After Jun cut up pieces of watermelon, Dana came by all angry because she had to see and smell the watermelon all cut up in a bowl. She did say what Jun quoted above, then angrily put the watermelon in the fridge. Dana went outside and Jun took it right back out).

Dana and Ali joined the conversation, and Nate left (coinciding with Dana's arrival). Apparently BB put some shirts and some paper (not sure exactly) in the SR. Ali brought the container out. Dana came up with an idea to use the paper to make a Twister board, so they could play Twister. She walked outside for a minute and Jun said to Ali, "If we don't play Twister now, we'll get our heads kicked in."

At some point in the conversation, Michelle walks up and says that she wants to go on the Atkin's diet when they get food again. She asked if they thought she could go on it. Jun said probably not. Just their luck they'll win only carbohydrates in the food competition.

Then Dana flipped out because no one did the dishes. Lot of f*cking comments very loud. Had to take off my headphones.

I switched feeds to Feed 3 and Michelle is in the orange room with Nate and Ali, packing. She's trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow. She comments how they need to win HOH next week (no, not tomorrow but next week for some reason). Mich then comments that Dana said she's going to bed early and will be in that room soon. Nate says he just blocks her out.

Michelle just asked Nate and Ali, "Like what am I supposed to do with my dirty clothes, just put them in with my clean clothes?" Ali suggested she put her dirty clothes in a garbage bag. Mich said packing is depressing. Mich appears to have a tremendous amount of clothes, shoes and bikinis.

Ali asked Mich how she fit all those clothes into her luggage. Dana is now in the room. She asked Mich how she fit all those clothes in her luggage. Jun came into the room, asked how Michelle fit all those clothes into her luggage then left. Mich said her mother and aunt did the packing. They packed a picture of Michelle in the luggage. Michelle said, "Like why would I want a picture of myself in here?" Nate said the picture looked hot. Michelle said it was senior prom or something.

Posting ... lest I go mad.

Jul 22 2003 23:09, Tue nojobny   Link
Michelle just gave Nate a pair of her earrings and she's putting them on him. NT

Jul 22 2003 23:10, Tue Bert   Link
Michelle putting a pair of her earrings on Nate's ears. NT

Jul 22 2003 23:12, Tue Michelle_OR   Link
Some of the hgs are doing oragami. NT

Jul 22 2003 23:22, Tue livefeedwhore   Link
Jee to Robert: "As the weeks go by I am getting tougher and tougher in this house"
Sitting outside, Jee is talking to Robert
Jee: "If Dana pulls a fast one on us, I will f***ing attack"
Robert listens
Jee "Can't f*** with the dream team right?"
Robert still listening
Jee: "It was meant to be kid, you me and Justin hooking up like this in this house"
Robert agrees

Jul 22 2003 23:25, Tue Michelle_OR   Link
Jee is rambling! How dry I am... hickup... Robert is just sitting there nodding and listening to Jee talk in a drunken stupor. NT

Jul 22 2003 23:26, Tue Phantom   Link
Jack joins the boys at the HT to drink and chat.
Justin says that if by chance Michelle went tomorrow, he would put up a couple of the guys; otherwise it wouldn't be necessary. He was afraid that Nat was pushing for the veto to be used and Dana put up because he wanted 2 of the Dream Team to be put up. Jack just agrees and chills like one of the boys and mostly lets them talk. Justin says that Dana is going after Nat and Ali, and because they aren't at risk, they can let her be for now because she is no threat. He says that he is the only one that has any reason to nominate her, because he is the one that she lied to. Jack is about to excuse himself when the subject of the live show comes up. Jack advises that every time Julie asks a question to take a deep breath and use up all the time. I missed that start of that but it might have been in response to Jee worrying about having to do his private interview on the show.

Jack leaves and Jee dreams to just rotating the HOH between members of the Dream Team. Justin goes in to take a shower. Jee will follow in a bit. Ratbert is standing by and sniffing as Jee gets out. He hopes they win it. Jee says that they have to get it, but they are still safe if Dana or Nat get it. We can do it, he repeats. They're not playing the game right - we are. Jee is feeling motivated, he says. He said something that sounded like him and Ratbert to the end. Talking about Julie. She is Chinese, says Jee. She is hot, says Rat. She's from Queens NY, like Jee. He seems to take some pride in that accomplishment, and then goes on to talk about all the hot women of various ethnic backgrounds there are in Queens. Ratbert leaves after saying that he too is getting motivated. Jee finally gets out and dries off in prep to go in. Rat has already left.

Feed switches to the Sand Box where Erika says "it'll take me about 10 min though." She is packing and no one else is there. I think that she was talking to Jack outside the room. Feed back to the patio where Jee is talking to Rat again. Jee is getting tougher and tougher each week, he estimated. Rat laughs and says "I like the way you think." They has apparently been talking about letting others do their work for them. Jee wanders off to the HT then returns to ask if Rat is going to test the water. He says no and Jee says that he will finish his cigarette and close it up then.

Jul 22 2003 23:29, Tue Michelle_OR   Link
Jee.. more druken talk with Robert.
Jee: It would be effin awesome if one of you guys would get it.
Jee: We should get together in myroom and think about all the previous competitions we have had..and think about all the possibilities. Justin is a thinker..he is a effin' thinker.
Robert: yeah.. uh huh... ( shut up

Jul 22 2003 23:30, Tue Phantom   Link
Ratbert and Jee talking about how sweet it will be for one of them to win the $500,000.
Jee has a gut feeling that Justin won't make it that far. Ratbert agrees that 'they' will go after him. Jee thinks that all Justin wants is to make it to the sequester. Some other stuff. then they talk about how proud their families are of them. They will be chanting, "The Dream Team, the Dream Team." Ratbert is going to put that on his shirt he says. Jee suggests that the 3 of them meet in his room tonight and think of all the scenarios for competitions from past shows. Jee goes in to shower and leaves Rat to pass the summons Justin to the HOH.

Jul 22 2003 23:45, Tue Phantom   Link
Jee passes Erika in the bath and very nicely tells her that there is some sour cream and onion dip in the kitchen if she wants some.
She thanks him and carries on with her packing. It's easy for both of them to be polite to each other now that the vote is over, although for entirely different reasons. Erika packs and zips, packs and zips, then zips and zips. "And that's all she wrote," she says to herself. Apparently that indicates that she is all done packing, but she still has a lot of zipping and lugging to do. That was quick, easy, fast and relatively painless, " she says. Now she goes off to search the bath and see what she forgot. Ali sits in the chair and supervises. Ali is eating sour cream and chips but says that she is starting the PB&J diet tomorrow. "Why????", asks Erika. "So Nat will shut up," says Ali with a smirk. Erika whispers to Ali in the dining room something about Robert doesn't know and the alliance. Jee comes by munching and complains about the origami kit. Jun tells him to find something he likes and stop complaining. Sounds like Ali saying "Owe," several times, but she is not on the feed and no one asks for an explanation. A new card game starts up in the LR (Jack, Erika, Mich & probably Nat), and I'm out of here for a while.

Jul 22 2003 23:53, Tue Bert   Link
Justin giving Dana a bare-backed, oily back massage. He said he can't wait to see her outside the house. NT

Jul 22 2003 23:55, Tue Dallas ParentRootLink
It's Justin not Nathan giving the backrub. NT

Jul 23 2003 00:01, Wed nojobny   Link
Ali gets a shock!!
Ali (laughing): in the past 20 minutes I've seen Jee's peeter and Dana's breasteses

(Unknown) Breasteses??

And they've both been on the PB diet.

Jul 23 2003 00:07, Wed nojobny   Link
Conversations in the BR- people walking in & out
Ali (screaming): Ju, what are you doing?
Ju: I'm going to bed
Ali: thats what I'm going to do as soon as they stop 'lovemaking' in my room
Ro: You're not jealous?
Ali: Jus is a nice guy, I dont' get jealous. If I did, I would have been a while ago. Been there, done that

Ju: Are you going to bed
Ali: I would but I don't want to see my ex-boyfriend makeout
Jee: just dont' look
Ali: I dont' care, I just don't want to be around. I wouldn't do that. Never

Jul 23 2003 00:24, Wed nojobny   Link
It's getting hot in herre! Jus is massaging Dn, Rob is working on Ali, Jun is lying in btw
Dana & Jus agree not put each other up.

Ok, then, it's mutual.

Mic walks in: What mutual?
Jus: That we're going to F**k each other and we need you to leave the room

Dn: You can stop if you want, I know your legs must hurt.
Jus: It's okay, You just have to return the favor
Dn: Jun, where's jee?
Jun: in the Head of Homo room

Ali comes in w/ Jee

Jun: Tell them how big it was (Jee flashed Ali)
Ali: It was so big, he put his leg up and it hit the floor. It was a kickstand (laughing hysterically)

Jee walks tothe side of the bed. "Whoa, you can see everything" (looking at Dana)

Now Robert is massaging Ali
Ali: Oooh Robert, harder
jun: Deeper is better

They're all teasing Jun about her sex dream

Jus: this is why that happened, you guys fall asleep getting massages.
Rob: Dude, you better make sure you wake me up if it happens again
Jun: If you get into my bed if it' happens again, I will not be responsible
Jus: I wanted to wake someone up last night b/c I thought I was going to forget to tell someone

(they're all talking and laughing over each other!!)

Jee wants a massage too
Jun shout to Mic: Michelle, Jee wants a massage
Jee: Why you going to call her?
Jun: there aren't too many women in here. Who do you want me to ask Er?
Jun: unless you want me to ask Nat
Dn; That's close enough to a woman
(laughter by all)
Jun: One day he'll find his balls

jee:What your favorite position?
Ali: sideways
Robert: Girl on top
jus: I kinda like to be in control

Jul 23 2003 09:18, Wed nojobny ParentRootLink
..and a 'new' alliance is made between Jus & Dn NT

Jul 23 2003 00:32, Wed nojobny   Link
The BR talk continues
Jee: Mic is a virgin
jun: She gone down many, many times. And she's owns a dildo
(Jun imitate Mic performing the act)

Everyone laughing

Dn: A massage is a very sensual thing. It's step 3 in the 'get in my bed' process

Someone just said "Iove sex' (Ali or Dn?)

Jun: Once in a while it' fun to do it' while you're drunk. Not all the time.

Jul 23 2003 01:28, Wed LittleOldLady ParentRootLink
Also needs mentioning, making fun of Jee pleasuring himself; as in the
hand motions and all chanting 1-2-3-4-5 1-2-3-4-5 and loud giggling, and Jee snaps at them "What are you talking about!!!" and Jun mumbles something like "Oh nothing" but the fun is made and it's hilarious! Jee sounded really angry.

Jul 23 2003 00:49, Wed Del   Link
Reality Impairment confirmed -- Jee, Justin and Dana are regular partakers of herbage...
Through their conversations, Jee bong-loads about four times a week, or more if he is with friends.

Dana smokes out often.

Justin prefers to roll his own, and goes through about an ounce in three weeks sometimes, with the help of his friends.


(dude.. look at all the pretty colors....)

Jul 23 2003 00:50, Wed Kaz ParentRootLink
Justin can make a 'zip' last a month (zip=1 ounce) NT