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Jul 23 2003 01:47, Wed Devareux   Link
quickie convo between Nate & Jack regarding their story to the "3 stooges"
They both plan to try & tell the 3 stooges that they both had a previous promise to Erika and couldn't vote to evict her but will not put them up for Nom next week.( ED; Trying to through them a curve before HOH comp)

Jul 23 2003 02:20, Wed Phantom   Link
Dave, Erika & Jack in the Sand Box.
Jack whispers to Erika and Dave that the Stooges were planning to put up Dana and Ali and get rid of Dana. They think that Nat is playing a stupid game and is not a threat. But, tomorrow they will know that they (Jack and Dave) are not with them. The cover story that J & D can use is that they had a one time commitment to not vote for Erika and that they are still with the Stooges. They only need the cover story it one of the Stooges gets HOH tomorrow. The flaw is that the won't have time before the HOH comp to tell them this, and it will be suspicious after they win. Now rethinking the original Nom of Amanda and that they should have gone after someone else or have changed things to get rid of Jee. The Stooges are very suspicious of Ali because she has been lying to them.

Dave pipes in for the first time to say that he doesn't think there is anything they can say to the Stooges to get off the hook with them (right on, and Jack should have realized that). Dave suggests that they say that they believed that Erika would go unanimously and that their 2 votes out of loyalty wouldn't matter. Dave is planning to take the lead on that story with them. Jack repeats the story he will spread that Erika saved his ass so that they will stop concentrating on her. They seem to be getting overconfident that the other side lacks motivation (Jee just wants to go home, Justin wants to go to sequester, and Robert misses his daughter). Jack says that he has passed this story by Nat and he is fine with it. Nat will tell the same story that he had a deal with Erika. Erika points out that they are going to say, gee, Erika has a lot of deals. They laugh that she must be trading sexual favours and don't realize that they are pointing to her as a serious player who has made quiet deals with the whole house.

Jul 23 2003 02:21, Wed Phantom   Link
More in the Sand Box
Some talk of possibly bringing Justin over to their side. Jack says that one thing that they accomplished by bringing over Dana is that now she will compete like crazy for HOH and give them an edge. Erika congratulates Dave on telling Dana about them wanting to put her up for Nom and confirms that she believed it. They all agree that was best because she had already heard it and he confirmed it. More talk of knowledge for the competition; this time reviewing jobs each have in the house for chores. Chit chat. Dave is getting restless to go out into the house on surveillance. Erika makes fun of him going ut all the time and plays the role of the angry mother trying to guilt her wayward son. Talk of hunger and food. Jack was out to the bathroom and comes back to say something about Justin being out there. He asks Dave is the Stooges had said anything to him about Ali and putting her up (missed some of this) but Dave says no.

Brief time of the feed out to the bath where Justin is brushing and Dave goes out. Back to the room and Jack whispering about Justin and his thoughts tonight at the HT. More about their story that they voted for Mich to go because they thought theirs would be the only 2 votes. There is concern about them trying to stay close to the Stooges after the vote, but think it will probably fall apart. He reports that the Stooges don't think that Nat has any following or organization, and that is why he is harmless.

Jul 23 2003 02:25, Wed FeedAddict   Link
Erika telling Jack how to explain the surprise eviction of Michelle
Erika: For one thing, you can tell Jee that he made deals with other people in the house under false pretenses because he (Jee) knew that he was going to nominate me, and guaranteed other people he wouldn't nominate them if they would promise him things, when he knew he wasn't going to nominate them anyway. It was always me.

Jul 23 2003 02:28, Wed Phantom   Link
Jack says that Justin agrees with them that Erika was a stupid nomination in they first place,
and that it is all because of Ratbert's personal feelings. Ratbert lead Jee astray and wasn't playing in the best interests of the team. Long periods of silence intersperse the chat. Jack pipes in to say that it turned out to be a good thing that Amanda is gone because Dave would be distracted. Erika agrees fully and says that even Dave says that women are his weakness. More rambling about future options and who they might pull into the alliance. They even talk of Dana being the swing vote if she stays a bit longer. Basically, they agree that everyone but Ratbert and Jee may turn out to be useful for them. Erika comments that at least they are getting rid of the Ex's, even if it wasn't in the right order. They miss Scotty but realize that he would have brought too much attention to the Sand Box alliance. Sound going in and out, and still long pauses in conversation. Jack leaves for some reason.

Jul 23 2003 02:43, Wed Phantom   Link
Dave returns to loudly announce that it is 1:30.
Jack returns and they talk about the time. Dave slept a lot and that's why he is so awake. He will go for a swim and sleep later. Jack asks if he considered the SEAL's. Dave says that he considered it but was PO'd with the military bureaucracy. If he ever goes back in it will be to fly helicopters. Talk about Special Oos and the Little Bird helicopters that he used to work with.

F1 is the Blue Grotto with what appears to be 3 people in bed sleeping. All appear to be singles tonight.

F2 is some dark haired female head on a striped bed. It seems to be alone, but is in sufficient close-up that it is hard to tell. A sniffle is heard in the background, so Ratbert may be nearby.

F3 & 4 are still on the Sand Box. All 3 are still there and are showing no sign of winding down completely. Dave reports that Michelle took of her bra tonight and he clapped. He refers to it as the permanent bra. They talk of how entertaining Dave and Mich are together and how cute she is when she gets mad. Erika says that she doesn't get mad that way and imitates Michelle's exasperated sigh. More trivia practice: what do the tortoises eat? Dave thinks that the comp will be physical. Jack says that it will be either damned fast or something that they only have to start during the show. Concern about Dana blowing their cover and Dave is assigned to talk to her again to keep her quiet. Dave says that he can talk to anyone and he can use his looks on her (the latter comment being said as a joke). Dave is talking to the camera and offering to take the operator out for a few beers after the show. Dave is finally going to go out for a while. "Don't mess around. Don't be home too late," says Erika. Talk about Amanda and how attractive and in control and enigmatic she was.

Jul 23 2003 02:50, Wed Devareux   Link
Dave out romping and playing w/cameras, finally ends up in Ali & Mich bed, making squeaky noises,teasing Mich. (Dave slept from 7pm - 1am) NT

Jul 23 2003 03:02, Wed Phantom   Link
Dave visits the back bedroom and it turns out that they are not all asleep.
Sounds like Ali and maybe Dana kibitzing with him. He stands on the bed by the door and bounces and squeaks the bed continually. Mich flirts with him that he just wants to be in bed with the girls. I think that he made some joke about this being the closest he got to bouncing the bed with Michelle. Dave is just being funny and endearing with the girls and they don't seem to mind the interruption. They discuss behinds and their sized. Mich says that she knows he likes big booties because he is always trying to grab her ass. He says that there's nothing wrong with a little booty now and then. Dave keeps asking if Mich is asleep yet. She seems to finally have learned to not answer the question. Now he is ragging on her full time. She is laughing but I don't think she's happy. She threatens to leave to sleep elsewhere and actually gets up, but soon gets back into bed. Comon guys, entertain me. Tell me a joke. "What's Bruce Lee's favourite drink?" Sorry, missed the punch line, but is seemed to be a groaner. Still, if anyone heard it, please post it here. Dave is accusing Mich of being Jewish, but she protests that she is only ¼ Jewish because her dad is Catholic and her mother is only ½ Jewish. Ali tells a guy-in-a-bar joke and Dave counters with a blonde joke. Ali relates a priest on the way to heaven joke. Please don't PM me asking for them, they were cute and forgettable at best. Dave tells a Michelle Blow-Job joke. Michelle doesn't laugh but Ali does. OK, OK, that one is probably relevant to the show, so here goes. "What's the difference between a bonus and a boner?" (answer poste below)

They are finding Dave less amusing and it looks like he may be getting tired. Time to post and go to bed so that I can watch them get up in the morning.

Jul 23 2003 03:02, Wed Phantom ParentRootLink
Read the post above before opening.
Michelle will blow your bonus. `- )

Jul 23 2003 04:15, Wed Quench ParentRootLink
Answer to "What's Bruce Lee's Favourite Drink?"


Jul 23 2003 08:15, Wed ilsa   Link
all feeds still sleeping hamsters NT

Jul 23 2003 09:05, Wed nojobny   Link
11:00am Eastern, 8:00am Pacific -All feeds show slumber. Zzzzz NT

Jul 23 2003 09:15, Wed nojobny   Link
Jun gets up for the call of nature then goes back to bed. NT

Jul 23 2003 10:16, Wed nojobny   Link
Ali got up to use the loo & then back to bed. All HG are still in bed NT

Jul 23 2003 11:35, Wed Sunflake   Link
For those without feeds, HG's all still sleeping on Quad feed. Sorry. NT

Jul 23 2003 11:54, Wed Sunflake   Link
BB must be letting the HGs sleep in. A plane flew over, but all still sleeping. Some stirring. Zzzzzz NT

Jul 23 2003 12:37, Wed Anonymous   Link
Erica and Jack awake
Erica is putting on makeup while Jack looks like he is washing dishes.

Jul 23 2003 12:39, Wed Sunflake   Link
F1: Jack making coffee. Erika is up too, other HGs asleep. BB told them about new batteries, but nothing about getting up. NT

Jul 23 2003 12:53, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Dana whispers to Erika
"You know the satisfaction I'm gonna get out of this is gonna be ridiculous, ya know what I mean?"

Erika chuckles

Jul 23 2003 12:55, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Erika gets out the Windex
Er: "Here comes the Windex Lady!"

Jack: "Uh oh, minus the bikini"

(note: she is NOT naked for those of you scrambling for the feeds)


Jack: "Ah that's always a welcome sight, Jun entering the kitchen"

Jul 23 2003 12:57, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Good Morning HGs
BB (very pleasant male voice): "Good morning, houseguests. It's time to get up for the day."

Jun: "...get up so you can have stimulating conversations with your fellow houseguests."

The sarcasm-o-meter must have redlined, because we immediately get FOTH

Jul 23 2003 13:29, Wed mrsb   Link
HG's sitting around kitchen table waiting for BB to call them into the BY! NT

Jul 23 2003 13:32, Wed mrsb   Link
Dana in WC complaining about the condom wrappers...
Jun says that they are all David's, that he uses all the condoms in the house! (Ed... if they only knew!)

Jul 23 2003 13:39, Wed mrsb   Link
Jee and Rob in the HOH room...
Rob asking Jee if he will hate giving up HOH. Jee saying that it doesn't matter because he has too (duh!)

Jee telling Rob about a conversation with Dana last night. Talking about whether or not the sequestered people will get to see or talk to their families.

Now talking about the HOH competition practice. Telling Rob to be on point, he already knows that Justin will be. Keeps saying that you just have to be on point.

Jee thinks that people on the internet are taking snap-shots of him. He keeps hearing a clicking noise and he thinks that the internet people control cameras to take snap-shots.

Talking about internet people taking stills when the girls are naked. Saying that even if it's only a split second.


Jul 23 2003 13:42, Wed mrsb   Link
Talking about dressing for the live show...
Jee says that he is not dressing up because he is HOH. Saying that the only time you have to look good is when you are nominated. He says that is why he dressed up last week because you have to look good going out.

Jee says it would be a trip if Michelle left, but that just isn't possible. Robert agrees. He says that it's Erica's time and she knows it. (Ed note: I just love his confidence)

Talking about how it's not fun hosting and giving directions when you are HOH.

Jee says that he put up two strong players (what?!?) but Nathan put up two weak players (Jee was being weak then) so he is the worse HOH...

Jul 23 2003 13:50, Wed mrsb   Link
Jee rambling about how hard it is to be HOH
Rob yawning and saying yeah, right.

Jee "It all depends on who they put up"

Rob thinks that they should go after Nate and Ali. Rob saying that Nate and Ali have told him "stright up" that they are going after Jee, Justin, and Rob. Jee says that they were stupid to say that and now he is going after them.

He compliments Jun for not talking about her game. Jee thinks that no one would vote her out. Rob says that none of that makes her smart, that it's bs. Jee thinks that Jun will go far because she listens more than she talks and she isn't a threat to anyone at this point. He says that you have to give it up to her for doing things right. Says that her stradegy is to cook and clean so people appreciate her.

Lull in coversation... posting...

Jul 23 2003 13:52, Wed mrsb   Link
Jee talking about the internet cameras again...
Saying that there is one above his head that is a camera above a camera. "That could definitely be the intenet camera."

Jul 23 2003 13:57, Wed mrsb   Link
Jee is just not able to sit quietly...
He rambles about the population size of LA, his school schedule, and how many days are left in the BB house.

Rob seems to be bored, only contributing Yeah's and Right's to the conversation.

Now talking about which bed he'll take after HOH. Saying that he doesn't like sleeping with everyone else still awake. He says that it is very hard to fall asleep.

Lots of yawning...

Jul 23 2003 13:59, Wed mrsb   Link
Jee called to the DR! NT

Jul 23 2003 14:01, Wed mrsb   Link

Jul 23 2003 14:01, Wed nojobny   Link
HG just called to a mtg by BB. FOTH NT

Jul 23 2003 14:36, Wed nojobny   Link
Dv & Er in the sand box. No one talking yet. All feeds NT

Jul 23 2003 14:41, Wed mrsb   Link
Feeds on Michelle working out in LR and Someone (Dana) drying their hair! NT

Jul 23 2003 14:47, Wed mrsb   Link
Lots of HG's in and out of the kitchen making breakfast but no conversation! NT

Jul 23 2003 14:48, Wed Lola   Link
Ja Na Mi in kitchen making lunch, Da & Al walking around, Dana & Rob in bathroom NT

Jul 23 2003 14:49, Wed Lola ParentRootLink
correction that was Jun in Bath room, Er is at kitchen table eating NT

Jul 23 2003 14:55, Wed Lola   Link
Er volunteers to vacum, says she enjoys cleaning and it takes her mind off stuff that it's
a great stress reliever (that or sex, and kind of laughs)
Da (I think) says I've been with older women
Er is now vacuming
(note in previous years they could not vacum with other around so that they could not cover talk with noise. On BB1 they only had a non-electric carpet sweeper)

Jul 23 2003 14:56, Wed Lola   Link
Je is back in the blue room, he putting his clothes away next to the middle bed, Mi called to DR NT

Jul 23 2003 15:00, Wed joannie   Link
"Jun, please go to the Diary Room"
Jun :"What'd I do now? Oh, my medicine."

Jul 23 2003 15:01, Wed mrsb   Link
Jun, Dana, and Nate talking in the Orange BR...
Jun accusing Nate of "wh*ring " around with Michelle and he says that he has not touched her that way. Jun jokingly saying that Nate can't come back to her now.

It looks as though there is bed swaping because Jee is moving back in.

Michelle called to the DR.

Total coincidence... but someone has the same elephant that i have posted as my picture, Nathan just moved it off the bed! LOL... I swear that is NOT why I have it there!

Back on topic... Nathan asks what it up with all the Fubu stuff (their bedding) and they think that the house is partly sponsored by Fubu

Jun to the DR.

Nathan is searching for his "beanie".

Nathan asks Dana if she is "cool" with everything. She says that she's fine and he says that he glad to hear it.

Nathan says that it's going to get crazy, that the sh*t is going to hit the fan. Nate saying they have the numbers, the smarts, the athletic ability.

Dana whispering and it's totally inaudible! Ugh!

Now dicussing the food competition. Saying that they think the teams will be split up by the days of the week.

Erica called to the DR.

Jul 23 2003 15:02, Wed mrsb   Link
Dana saying that she wants to steal Michelle's drawers....
But she obviously can't!

Jul 23 2003 15:05, Wed nojobny   Link
Dn, Jun & Nate in the BR talking about FUBU
So what's up with that FUBU deal?

I don't know. I guess we're going to be sponsored by FUBU.

Nate: whats up that, there not even any black people in the house
Dn&Jun (laughing): Oh my god that's the same thing we said

(Ed: for the unitiated, FUBU is a clothing line created by a couple of black guys. The acryonym FUBU stands for For Us, By Us. It was a protest against wearing clothes by white designers.)

Jul 23 2003 15:48, Wed Bert ParentRootLink
From last night's convo between Jee and Dana, some blankets in the orange room are FUBU NT

Jul 23 2003 15:10, Wed Lola   Link
Na Jun and Dana are in orange room, they laughing about there not even a black person
in the house (came in on middle of conversation) and then Nate says I've never even seen a white person wear a Foogoo (spelling?) and the girls say that they have.
Jun is called to DR, she says must be for her medicine
Then Nate ask Dana if she is OK and she says she is
They mention tonight and wondering who will get HOH and think that they're probably going to be alright
Dana mentions the food comp and hopes they don't have to eat PB&J
Nate looks alarmed and says not way they can do that to them for 3 weeks, that it must be a group competition
(missed some, got interupted, sorry)
Na says he's missing a shirt and he thinks Al must have taken it
feed switches to HOH room and Jee taking his things out
feed swithes to blue room and Je is there now (he's moving fast) now Je is back in HOH
(I'm getting dizzy) now he's back in blue room

I'm switching feeds
Al Ju and Mi are exercising in living room
Al is counting "right leg up 1,2,3,4,5,6,,......14"
tells them to switch legs and counting starts again
some one laughs at their bone creaking
now open your legs and more counting
now they going outside to finish their cardio as Mi called it

Jul 23 2003 15:15, Wed angel   Link
Nath just told June that he caught Dana & Jus making out....she said yuck...don't tell Ali... NT

Jul 23 2003 15:15, Wed bruhe   Link
nathan just whispered to jun that he caught justin making out with dana. she was like ewww no. he swears he did catch them NT

Jul 23 2003 15:16, Wed mrsb   Link
Jun saying that someone wanted to worn Michelle...
Jun and Nathan in the Orange bedroom talking about someone specific (Dana?) saying that they have to go after the 3 stooges, Nate thinks this person will throw the HOH comp.

It's SOOO hard to hear when Jun whispers.

Nate and Justin saying that Justin and Dana have been making out. Jun says "no way" and makes puking noises. Also tells Nate not to tell Ali because they (Dana or Justin???) hate each other enough already.

Now we just hear Ali YELLING through the house

BB- Jun to not obstruct your microphone! (Ed note.... YES PLEASE DON'T!)

Jul 23 2003 15:20, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ro says "This week will be crazy" Dn says, "Yeah, more than you know!" NT

Jul 23 2003 16:12, Wed TwistedBrother   Link
justin talkin bout jun finger poppin herself NT

Jul 23 2003 16:22, Wed nojobny   Link
Michelle is taking a shower NT

Jul 23 2003 16:55, Wed Lola   Link
Ja Da and a few others are sitting in the living room. Na says I can't believe she hasn't
got her *ass wupped. Some one says who and he replies Al, Dana, both of them then FOTH

Jul 23 2003 17:00, Wed nojobny   Link
7:00pm Eastern. FOTH. Guess that's it until after the live show NT

Jul 23 2003 17:44, Wed Mikkie   Link
Uniformed person, possibly female, rushed up to door, appeared to try to open door, walked away after about 1 min. Happened earlier today as well NT

Jul 23 2003 18:20, Wed calgal   Link
It's 5 19 pst... oh how i love watching the foth.. how the water moves.. mmmm NT

Jul 23 2003 18:29, Wed bruhe   Link
OMG michelle is putting makupe on nathan lol NT

Jul 23 2003 18:35, Wed Grins ParentRootLink
It's bronzer powder. Makes your skin look tan, not like it has makeup. NT

Jul 23 2003 18:50, Wed LINDY ParentRootLink
The fist time the feed opened she was in the bathroom w/ David. Siad this is gonna be so great! The cou is still on! NT

Jul 23 2003 18:30, Wed bruhe   Link
the feeds cut on.. michelle and nathan.. he looks very upset.. talking quietly.. i think he told her.. then back to foth NT

Jul 23 2003 18:47, Wed Mikkie   Link
Someone just walked into the front door.. a guy w/Jee's hair cut w/black shirt and white pants. NT

Jul 23 2003 18:48, Wed Mikkie ParentRootLink
shorts, white shorts; sorry NT

Jul 23 2003 18:52, Wed calgal ParentRootLink
yup i just saw that too... skin is too light to be jee though NT

Jul 23 2003 19:39, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Julie: blah blah blah lblah.. get on with it NT

Jul 23 2003 19:55, Wed Anonymous   Link
DANA Is hoh NT

Jul 23 2003 20:17, Wed Lawyerman   Link
Dave sings, "Psycho bi+ch got it. Physcho bi+ch got HoH" to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland. NT

Jul 23 2003 20:22, Wed Sunflake   Link
The Stooges in Shock after the show....

3 stooges out on back patio, saying how they were so duped and laughing about it. Justin and Rob mostly. Jee is quieter. They keep telling the other HGs how they were fooled. The other HGs don't really acknowledge these statements, they just ask questions about the HOH comp. questions.

Ali is wearing Michelle's dress. They figure she'll have to put it in the DR for BB to give to Michelle.

Rob and Justin laugh again about how they were fooled. Justin says if anyone acts differently toward him, he'll be mad. He's not taking anything personal, it's just the game. Quiet. Robert and Justin seem to think they will be the next two nominated.

They will have food in about 2 hours. Dana says she isn't Hungry. Nate has the shakes from lack of food.

Jul 23 2003 20:22, Wed mrsb   Link
HG's all hanging out in the BY! Mood is surprisingly upbeat...
Robert and Justin joke around about thinking there was a problem with the vote! Both say that they were completely shocked! Justin even says that he feels bad because his good-bye message to Michelle was crappy.

Justin tells the others that they better not act different now, because this is just a game. Jee agrees and says that a strong message was sent.

All spend time rehashing the questions, what they got wrong, what the right answers were. Much talk about dinner and when they get food. Most think it won't be for another two hours.

Lull in coversation... posting...

Jul 23 2003 20:28, Wed Kimba   Link
Reactions as the feeds come back for us......
Outside on the patio as feeds come back...

Robert and Justin are laughing about how well the others "got them." They are taking it very well. Justin said that he thought it was a mistake; Robert thought that people had made a mistake in the DR.

Dana is sorry for Michelle. Robert thinks it was good that she went out that way without freaking out about it beforehand, but Dana says it sucks: she was hit in the face with a brick.

Chatter about the HoH competition questions.

Justin regrets that he gave Michelle a cheap goodbye speech--he just didn't think that she was going to go. Shock crosses Robert's face when he realises that he never left her one.

Dana laughs that she didn't even "win" the HoH--the others lost it and won if for her. They all laugh. They are all really taking this well

Alison is impressed at how well Michelle took the eviction; they all agree. Ali mentions that Michelle said she wanted to go home a few days ago--maybe they are trying to make themselves feel better?

7:10 BB time

Robert: There is...ten of us left, right?

Jack: We're down to ten.


Dana points out that Alison is wearing Michelle's dress. She thinks that BB will ask her to put it in the DR.


Dana: I cna't believe I have to do all the announcements for the competitions.

Chatter about food (Jun is eating some "low-fat *****"); chatter about it being a nice night.

BB wants the HGs to lift the outside blinds.

Robert: I will never forget this day. Justin laughs out loud. THey talk about how they thought it would be unanimous. Robert says, "Good for you guys, you got us good." When everyone is silent, he adds, "You don't have to act like it is so personal! It is just a game." They all agree. The only one who really looks upset is Jee who doesn't join in Justin and Robert's laughter.

Feeds cut out...7:16...back now but inside. David is walking around inside saying "Mother *****" over and over again...joking around, juggling...

Erika comes in and David says, "At least we know everything went right...6-2. That's good to know." Then, about Dana, "Do you think she'd swing if I ***** her?" They talk about how she needs to stick with the numbers. Jun comes in and agrees and talks about how Dana needs to stick with "them."

Dana comes in: "All right, so who was in on getting me up for nomination with the veto this week? Come on, I am asking everyone in front of everyone until someone cracks."

Dave: "Everything I have told you is the truth. They (the Stooges) were going to put you up and go after Alison and Nathan next...Don't you reaise that I'd leave the HoH everytime you'd come in and as soon as you'd leave, they'd call me right back in?"

Jun is saying the same...and she mentions getting Justin out.

Dana: "I am this game's worst nightmare. Everyone is about whispering, but I am going to have everything out in the open." "We're gonna play a game tonight...and if you don't want to, that's fine, you are on the list." (I think she means sitting around and talking frankly about things.) "I had to win this HoH." Punctuating her words with taps on the counter in the kitchen.

Dave: "We had to do what we had to do for strategy reasons, but eventually we told you and brought you in. It did go 6-2, and that sort of surprised me...I wasn't sure about Alison and Nathan...but this showed that the original alliance is still together."

(They talk so loudly--completely not caring who hears them.)

Dana wants to eat, but they can't until after midnight.

Jun: You've won two ***** competitions already!

Dana: I'm a threat!

Jun: I'm ***** useless.

Dana mentions that Alison wearing Michelle's dress (knowing she'd be evicted) was "***** up."

7:25pm BB time

Jul 23 2003 20:33, Wed mrsb   Link
Dana seems ansy to get into the HOH room and Jun tells her that they are just trying to get it ready...
Jun points out that Dana has not won two competitions. To which Dana replies, "That's right, I'm a big ole threat."

Dana just told Justin that she might have a spot for him! They are talking in the blue room.

Dana tells Justin that she was trying to tell him.

Dana says there is a new B*tch in town and she doesn't play all the secret games. Dana knows that she will get sequestered if she goes now, and that was her first goal.

Jun leaves.

Dana whispering telling Justin that she had to do it. She says that now there is no majority in the house now, there can be, but there isn't. She says they will "talk" later. Then they day they will talk while they massage and Justin tells Dana that she owes him.

Jee comes in and disrupts that conversation.

Dana again says that she doesn't care now because she'll get sequestered.

Justin asks when this decision was made and Dana tells him it was right before the vote.

Jee saying that he gave it his best to secure Michelle.

Now lots of loud joking about how surprised they all were at the vote. Rob, Jee, Jun all in the coversation.

Jul 23 2003 20:36, Wed mrsb   Link
Rob thought that everyone got their wording wrong....
That they were saying I vote to keep Michelle and BB took that to mean evict Michelle. (Ed note.... I'm sure they are that stupid! LOL)

Jul 23 2003 20:38, Wed Quench   Link
F3 outside right after feeds came back and F1 inside
F3: Robert: Shock the sheet out of me that's for sure
Robert thought ppl voted the wrong way

Justin: You got us ! You f*cking got us.

Robert: I am not even sweating it. Hopping up and down can't sit still.

Robert: Shock the sheet out of us.

Michelle was devastated. Justin mentioned he did make a goodbye speech for Michelle just in case

The 6-2 vote completely through them.

They are all talking about their answers they gave for the HOH competition.

Dana: I didn't even win. You guys lost. And I am now HOH.

Robert: Michelle must be going crazy out there right now. Robert has no clue what to do with his hands.

Everyone is outside now. Dana is quiet listening mostly. Jun sitting off to the side silent. Erika is also silent. Jee sitting hanging his head. Jack the Stoic one standing and surveying.

Robert is priceless Can't sit still and going crazy with his hands.

Robert: Did Michelle pack everything. Yes. Dana says Alison is wearing her dress. Robert says Oh *****. (like it's something major)

Jun got up and is now EATING. They are talking about how they don't get to eat for a few more hours.

F1: Erika and David talking in the house. Do you think she will save me if I f*ck her. Jun comes in. They want Dana to believe them about the fact that the Stooges

Dana comes in and asks who was the one who wanted to get me out.
The stooges want you out. And if you still put up 2 of us then that's what they want and then they will get you next week.

Dana wants to ask everybody at the table out in the open. Those who don't answer are out. She says that it's going to be an interesting night because she has enough of the whispering that has been going on.

Dave talking about how everytime you went into the HOH I left and they talked about stuff to you. And then as soon as you left they called me back in. And said everything we just said to Dana is bullsh*t. She is going next week.

Jun: You have won 2 competitions already.

Dana: Yup I am a big ole threat.

The PB&J folks can't eat reg food until midnight.

She follows Justin in the blue bedroom. She says where are you sleeping tonight to Justin. Justin can sleep with Jun. Jun comes in "Who is going to sleep with me. Dana he can if he doesn't sleep with me.

Dana : We are so having a round table tonight.

Justin: says do what ever is best for you.

Dana: I have been thinking about this for a few days.

Justin: you can't trust anything they say to you. As I found out tonight they all lied to me.

Justin should honour that fact this is her day and will give her a massage.

Jee comes in. Justin where are you going to sleep. Justin says either with your ex or in the HOH.

Jul 23 2003 20:40, Wed Goddess200xxx   Link
Jee just admitted it. "I am F**C*** Retarded. I dont know nothing" NT

Jul 23 2003 20:41, Wed mrsb   Link
Jee says that he is playing dumb, because he thinks he is....
The 3 stooges are talking in the blue room....

Saying that at this point they know that everyone is coming after them. Justin says that he would have been screwed if Ali got HOH. Rob and Jee think that no matter what they are screwed.

They think that Dave and Jack got them good, but they aren't taking this personally. Jee says that Jack apologized, but at least Jack kept the original deal.

They think this was the best strategic move made in BB history.

Dave joins the convo....

Dave says that he doesn't feel bad, it was great!

Jul 23 2003 20:44, Wed mrsb   Link
Justin does a replay on his reaction to the vote...
Totally hilarious! He says that he was sitting across from Dave and when Julie read the vote, Dave looked surprised. Justing says he thought that he and Dave where the two votes and then he was thinking... What the FOTH Rob?!?

Jul 23 2003 20:53, Wed mrsb   Link
Jun says that Nate pulled a Dave with Michelle last night!
Rob agrees and says that he heard them!

Justin later says that he heard "spit swaping". Very loud animated converstaion about what noises were heard. Michelle said that Nate was good, saying that it lasted about 15 seconds.

Nate admits that he genuinely like Michelle.

Now they are accusing Justin of being a voyeur because he watch Jun's dream and then watched the kissing.

Jul 23 2003 20:54, Wed kekejet ParentRootLink
She also said " are you and Dave the phuckin farewell party!!! NT

Jul 23 2003 20:53, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Nate swears there was "no tongue" in his goodbye kissing of Michelle last night
Justin yells playfully, "And I'm supposed to believe you after what just went down in here?!?" Complete laughter in the room!

(Everyone there but Al and Jack at that moment)

Jul 23 2003 20:54, Wed Phantom   Link
Bits and pieces from when the board was down.
Damn, the power is already going to Dana's head. Dave and others were telling her how the Stooges talked and plotted behind her back. All that whispering behind backs is over now, she says. We're going to all sit down and play a 'game' tonight. Jun asks what happens if someone doesn't want to play? Then they go up," she says. Seems that Dan still can't eat till after midnight because her reign doesn't start till then.

Dana goes into the Blue Grotto and talks to Justin. For some reason he doesn't know where he will sleep tonight. She says that she might be able to find some place for him. They discuss that she tried to warn them and he agrees that he now understands that. Justin says that nothing between them should affect her playing of the game. She promises that she will not put him up. He doesn't want to talk game. She wants a massage from him tonight and he says that no, it should be him that gets the massage. He wonders if he has to honour her day and give her a massage, but she agrees that she will give him one - and then he can give her one. Ya, he says, yours will be a 10 minute one and then I will do all the work. No, she insists that she will hook him up.

In the yard, they decide that Dana has to put up Justin and Robert (she has already volunteered that she won't put up Justin). They are talking tough that they can threaten her to comply if she wants to survive the following week. Dave is counting the relative numbers. They think that there may be 5 on each side if Jun goes over. They don't think that Jun will switch. Jack councils that they will protect her and make things easy for her (if she co-operates). Jack says that he has talked to Jee and told him that Erika was the one that saved her and he needs them all to back him on the story. Nat, Ali and Jack remain and Nat says that they can only expect her to put up Ratbert and Jee. She will never put up Justin, agree Nat and Ali. Jack seems surprised by that. Dana comes out and repeats again that she wants some real booze now that the kid is gone.

Back to the Blue Grotto where Jee, Justin, Ratbert and Dave talk. The Stooges seem to be taking it well and appreciating the beauty of the move. They say that they respect him for keeping his word to them (re the veto?). Justin has said this before, and I tend to accept it from him, but I'm not sure of the other 2. Jee says now that he saw it coming but ignored it. Ratbert says it was the greatest move in BB history. Jun has joined them. Dave is bragging a bit too much about his role in setting them up. Of course, Dana knows that it was him that told her, so it may be best to tell the truth, but he is taking too much credit. He even tells them of trying to tell Dana that the Stooges were plotting against her and she wouldn't believe it. She still doesn't believe it, he says. (Take your satisfaction a bit quieter, Dave.) "Nathan pulled a Dave and had a little piece of Michelle last night", says Jun.

Jul 23 2003 20:54, Wed mrsb   Link
Dana to the DR.... to get her key? NT

Jul 23 2003 21:34, Wed Shadow46and2 ParentRootLink
What key? If you mean the HOH, Jee placed it around Dana's neck after she won it. NT

Jul 23 2003 20:57, Wed mrsb   Link
Jun, Ali, and Nate talking in the Orange BR
Jun telling them about Dana's round table idea. Dana has said that no one is allowed in her room, people have to say things out in the open.

Jun thinks that Dana will go after Dave.

Jun calls Ali a moron for not getting the HOH. Nate thinks that Dana is going to drive everyone nuts and Jun thinks that things will be ugly.

Jul 23 2003 21:11, Wed Phantom   Link
Jun, Ali in the back bedroom.
Jun is under the covers and they are talking about how bad it's going to be all week with her as HOH. "Don't say anything to make her mad," says Jun, "or you will be the one to go up." Nat leaves and Dave wanders in. Ali and Jun talk about shoes and Dave leaves. She's going to piss a lot of people off, they agree. Erika wanders in and they repeat how crazy it will be. Erika says that they have to put pressure on her. Erika thinks that she must trust them because she voted with them. Jun says "not necessarily." Jun is speculating that Jee may go up because she doesn't like him. Ali leaves but they can hear the boys laughing next door about what they thought and how they felt when they heard the eviction. Jun and Erika are laughing along with them. Dave comes in and makes a bug-eyed imitation of Dana and they all laugh. Dave gets on the bed and says to Jun (abut dealing with Dana), "In order for you to believe what really happened (re the Stooges wanting to put up Dana) you have to hear it direct from the horses mouth, right?." Jun whispers successfully (she may not even be wearing her mike in bed). Dave realizes that there will be no confirmation of the truth from the Stooges and he may never be able to convince her. Jun says that she may put up Jee and Ratbert. They all agree yet again that she is going to make life hell all week.

Jul 23 2003 21:23, Wed mrsb   Link
Dana just spilled the beans to Rob about the Original 8 alliance!
She is telling him that she told him not to trust any of them and now he knows that she was right.

Jul 23 2003 21:23, Wed kekejet   Link
Dana just embarrssed Nathan by saying You just peed and didn't wash! NT

Jul 23 2003 21:30, Wed Phantom   Link
More snippets.
Back in the Blue Grotto, all are standing around agreeing that it was best for Michelle to go like that, without warning. She would have been miserable all week if she had known. She was too young and didn't belong there, they agree. They also agree that Dana takes everything too personally and needs to calm down. Ratbert looked at Ali for the eviction announcement and says that her expression told him that it was all planned. Jee says that he was just looking at Michelle.

Apparently, Jun has hidden a picture of someone in her pillow (Michelle?). She just heard someone next door tell that she has it. "F***, he just told them where I hid it," she says. She fumbles inside of her pillowcase for it and may have moved it. Nat comes in to ask her about the picture and Jun lies to say that she doesn't know what happened to the picture. Ali and Jun razz him about making out with Mich and he insists that they just kissed. More on that subject as they talk about there having to be some lounge action. Dave comes in to insist that with Michelle, there . . . FOTFH

Upon return, Dave is explaining that Michelle does not use lounge at all, ever. He later acmits that she may have changed since he dated her. The more Nat says that did nothing, the more they give him a hard time. When she insists that it was just a peck, Ali accuses him of being one of the ones that just talks.

Dana in the kitchen explaining to Ratbert the details of the Original 8's plot to get rid of the Ex's. Ratbert is slow on the uptake, but that's why they wanted Michelle out - because she was an Ex, not to save Erika. Dana insists that from now on, they can repeat nothing that she says to them. Others come in and Dana jumps on Nat for not washing his hands after peeing. The other girls jump on that as well, but with much more good humour than can be heard, say, on the PX.

Jee, Dave and Jack in the Blue Grotto replaying the coup. Dave says that he (and later used "we") considered blitzing him with the veto. He asks who would he have put up, "did you already make up your mind?" Jee says, "You'll never know." Jee laughs about it and seems to be taking it well, but there is a tone in his voice when he says repeatedly,
You got us good." The tones suggests that next time will be my turn. Jee seems to admire how well they hid it.

Jul 23 2003 21:40, Wed bidz_yo   Link
Dave: "Hey Nate, did she touch yer WANG?"
Yelled from LR where he sits with Al, Dn, Er, Rat, Js, Jun to Bedroom where Nate Jack and Jee are.


Jul 23 2003 21:44, Wed ktan   Link
HOH room and basket (with green slippers) ready for Dana on F2 NT

Jul 23 2003 22:12, Wed TIGRESS_1108   Link
Jee talking to robert in by ..they f***ed with the worng ppl NT

Jul 23 2003 22:12, Wed Jokerette   Link
Jee going off: That sh1t hit me in my heart.. mich not ready for this game..
He tells robert if ANY of the 3 of them go, to avenge. Because it's wrong what the others did. Jee wants HoH again. Thinks it would be awesome

Jul 23 2003 22:14, Wed Anonymous   Link
Jee telling Ratbert,,,
Jee: if I go... f***ing avenge me, man... you and Justin. They're f***ing with the wrong person now.

It'd be f***ing awesome if I could survive and get HOH again. That'd be sweet.

Rat: S**t... I'm f***in' hungry (snort).

Jee: Lets go in, man... I wanna go in. There's nothing I can do about s**t now.

Jul 23 2003 22:14, Wed ohclancy   Link
Jee and Rob talking outside...
Jee, smoking a cig, says he just had to get out of there (HOH room, watching Dana go through her stuff). Tells Robert that "They just don't understand, they are messing with the wrong people...If I'm out of here, I want it to be for a reason. If I'm out of guys have to avenge me. I'm happy for Dana, but I just had to get out of there. Hopefully I can stay and get a chance to be HOH again..."

Rob still commenting about how shocked Michelle was. Jee concurs that there was no way she was going to win $500K - or even $50K for that matter.

Silence as they both pace, obviously still in disbelief.

Jee finally breaks the silence with "I'm going in".

Jul 23 2003 22:14, Wed Jokerette   Link
Jee now wants to go in.. says he can't do anything now.. he and Rob were outside
he says "That was a shocker" and enters the house.

Rest of them discussing Foster. Jee says he's so truly happy for Dana.

Jul 23 2003 22:19, Wed TIGRESS_1108   Link
justin saying that shes on a damn power trip (dana) more then she was before...guess he nailed thta one NT

Jul 23 2003 22:21, Wed Peachy720   Link
Nate and Ali conversation outside
Ali says "Oh God, she's listening to music already."
Dave says, "That's a good CD too."
Ali says, "Hell Yeah!"

Justin says his stomach is the size of a friggin marble.
He and Jee talk about protein shakes, and call each other "slim."

Dave and Jee talk about a surfing movie. They think Kelly Slater was from "Saved by the Bell" (ed: Bwah!)

Robert and Nathan out in BY checking on hot tub under the cover. They say it feels hot, and will definitely get in tonight.

Ali comes to join them, and Nathan says he has the "friggin shakes." He then says, "She has the power trip, so she's going to be worse." Robert says he won't even worry about it. Nathan says she wants everyone to "kiss her friggin ass."

Ali says she's(Ali) "friggin dust." Nathan says she's not. Ali says, yes she is, she wants my boyfriend. Nathan says, I thought you guys cleared things up. Ali says she thought so to. Nate asks if she really likes him. Ali says no, she just wants to use him. Nate says sarcastically, "Nice! See, that's not how I what I did with Michelle." He is disgusted.

Food's here. Dana's using power to call everyone over.


Jul 23 2003 22:23, Wed ohclancy   Link
Dana explains that in addition to the food...
there are clipboards in the storage room. Each HG has to fill out their food preference for things that they will be playing for tomororw.

Food is coming out. They got beer.

As they are getting the food, the agree to coordinate their lists so that there are no duplicates.

Jul 23 2003 22:25, Wed Anonymous   Link
HGs bring food out and who is helping himself to each container?
... Ratbert (snort). He was going from container to container with the same fork he was putting into his mouth (talk about double-dipping).

Jul 23 2003 22:25, Wed Peachy720   Link
Storarge room info...
The gang heads into storage room.

Erika's suitcase is there along with lots of beer.

The hampsters have to fill out a wish list of the foods they like. Everyone gets 7 slots for each day. They want to try and avoid doubling up. Everyone is helping bring it out except Robert, who is going to town like there is no tomorrow.

Jee is telling Dana (ed: for the 1000 time) he's genuinely happy for her.

Nate is loading up his plate.

There is whispering, but I can't really hear over clatters from storage room.

Justin teases Nate. "Hey, Nate, look CAULIFLOWER." (ed: remember, Nate took FOREVER getting cauliflower in the food comp.)

Everyone aggrivated that they weren't given coke.


Jul 23 2003 22:25, Wed ohclancy   Link
Further explanation on their "lists" for the food comp - they each have to fill out seven things NT

Jul 23 2003 22:31, Wed ohclancy   Link
HGs wolfing down chicken, potatoes, squash, cauliflower, pita bread....just chit-chat about how good food is. Jee not at the table (DR? not sure) NT

Jul 23 2003 22:36, Wed ohclancy   Link
Dana talking about her note in the HOH basket...
She explains that it was a matter of getting in touch with people - that her cousin Lisa probably had things ready. Commented that Jee felt bad (he didn't get a note). Dana says she explained to him that it was a matter of getting a hold of whomever they put on their contact list and that they couldn't get a hold of whomever it was that Jee had on his list.

Jack makes a comment about Jun leaning over to say something earlier and somehow her boob wound up in Jack's hand.

More chit chat about how good the food is ("The squash kicks a$$")

Jul 23 2003 22:39, Wed nojobny   Link
Jack: Jun, on the couch, you leaned over to talk to..
Justin, and you put your boob right into my hand.


Ja: I was sitting there and I was saying 'I can't focus, I can't focus"

Jul 23 2003 22:40, Wed nojobny   Link
Jee is still in the diary room..
He's been there for the entire time they've been eating, nearly twenty minutes.

Jul 23 2003 22:42, Wed ohclancy   Link
Dave tells story of when he was in school....
In between each phase (Ed: assuming this is his military training) - they would get care packages. The rule was, anything they recieved in their care packages had to be eaten within two hours. Dave said it was always a "bingefest" - he once ate 12 hot dogs in one of those sessions.

Talk turns to food comp tomorrow. Jack speculates "They need a lot of room for it"
Jun says that they'll get woken up and be all groggy
Jack believes it's going to be an obstacle course.
More talk about not being morning people, being clumsy first thing in the morning (Ed: HA! No kidding)

More talk about things they should ask for...prepared meals, or more generic things? Should they ask for BBQ chicken, corn on the cob? What about salad? Should they ask for each component. They decide that they should each take a category and they think that BB will pick one thing from each list (??)

Jul 23 2003 22:42, Wed KimM   Link
The HGs have gotten their food and are gorging themsleves NT

Jul 23 2003 22:43, Wed canadiansweetheart   Link
Jee returns - Erika called to DR NT

Jul 23 2003 22:56, Wed nojobny   Link
Everyone has left the table and are doing dishes or cleaning and Jun is STILL eating NT

Jul 23 2003 23:23, Wed Peachy720   Link
Dana/Erika talk on couch
feeds cut to Dana and Erika talking.

I like to go by my can't let you heart and emotions lead you in this gut.

At the end of the day, my family is all at home. my friends are all at home.

Erika says "and they all love you."

Dana talks about not getting any feedback, and this is the real world to her.

Erika says she told herself, "don't lose yourself in this house. how would erika react to this situation."

Dana says, "I don't care who you are. You will be small and lose yourself. On the outside, I don't care what you think of me. I don't want you to like me. That's what my friends are for. They love me regardless. Here I've caught myself freaking out."

Erika agrees "You will go nuts. A big part of me was like, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to go home. I swear. I loe my family. I love my friends. It's really hard to be away from them. To see that stuff for You, makes me sad. It makes me envious."

Dana tells her she's sure her family was cheering her on.

Erika says she said in DR she said she will not stoop to Rob's level. He was a bad bf. He's said things about me that I swear Dana, I would never say about him. Tells her about how he said she would kill him and his family."

Dana says it's immature. He, or anyone else, can go around saying those things, and not knowing who to believe.

Erika tells how charming he is. She is NOT going to stoop to that level. It's not right what he said about me.

Dana agreeing.

Erika saying it is a game, and hopefully people watching will know I won't go around killing people's family.

Ali comes in to read the wish list. They start freaking out that Jack asked for peanut butter.


Jul 23 2003 23:36, Wed bidz_yo   Link
N, Js, Je playing hoops

Jul 23 2003 23:38, Wed countrygal   Link
Jun & Dana whisper in HOH...can barely make out what Jun Says NT

Jul 23 2003 23:50, Wed _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
I actually heard most of this...
Jun and Dana were discussing whether to stick with the 5 original alliance members, or change to Jee, Justin, Rob. Dana making the point that J/R/J know they're done, unless she changes things right now. Jun urged her to just think strategy, that they'd have a better chance winning comps against the 5 than the 3. Dana says that both groups would come after the two of them before going after the others in the group, but Jun told her that if they went with the 3 (J/R/J), the other 5 (A/N/J/D/E) would come after the two of them (Jun/Dana) just as hard as the 3 (J/R/J). Dana said that strategy would have been getting rid of Erika, but Jun said no, that Michelle would have never joined them, she would listen to Ali first. Dana said Erika would not either, that there was no way she'd leave Jack and Dave, none. Dana also said that she knew that the trio told Dave that Dana was up this week if one of them was HOH, but she believes the only reason they said that was to tell Dave what he wanted to hear so he would not use the veto. Jun questioned it, and Dana said she'd find out more tonight. (Not sure what she meant by that, didn't hear Jun's response).
Erika walked in on the convo, and earlier, Erika commented that the girls should have a meeting just like the guys were doing, and there was talk about there being only 4 girls left.

Jul 23 2003 23:45, Wed ktan   Link
Dana rests in HOH by playing CD -- can hear the music so BB cuts outside to the BBall court NT

Jul 23 2003 23:47, Wed Phantom   Link
Dana and Jun in the HOH.
I came in late. Dana believes that the Stooges told Dave that Dana would go next week to get him off their backs. When asked, she said that she trusted Ratbert and Justin more than the 5 (the others in the Original 8). Jun seems to be trying to talk Dana into staying with the Original 8. Go after the Stooges now and let the 5 continue the trend next week. They will continue after each other and leave us alone. They are still stronger than the Stooges (they keep talking about 5 vs. 3 but if they go with the 3 it is 5-5 and if they stay with the Original 8, it is 7-3). Dana seems simultaneously certain and confused.

Jun made referrence to the meeting that Dana said she would hold later tonight to flush out the truth. She asked if that was when/how Dana would find out if Ratbert and Jee could be trusted. Dana didn't say one way or another.

Jul 24 2003 00:01, Thu Anonymous   Link
Robert said "I can't believe they're all that stupid to try and fuc* with us." NT

Jul 24 2003 00:05, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
He also said...
Those fuc*ing people are pussie*. Ali is such a shady motherfuc*er....Dave's a piece of shi* too.

Jul 24 2003 00:12, Thu Jokerette   Link
Dana talking to Erika: gives a hint on who she might nom >
Dana thinks the numbers could have gone against her, she tells Er. Er tells her the whole problem was her getting to close to ___ (I missed this) and she says she isnt going to walk on egg shells.

Er says she did say she'd put Justin and Robert up! She told Justin that, she says to Erika.

Jul 24 2003 00:14, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Dana Holding Female Court
Similar to Jee holding court with the Three Stooges, Dana is in the HOH advising Erika and Allison.

Jul 24 2003 00:15, Thu PsychoMike ParentRootLink
Jun is there, also NT

Jul 24 2003 00:19, Thu Jokerette   Link
Da speaks with Ali and Erika.. how she will nom?
Er tells Da she felt awkaward haning out with Justin. Da says but they act friendly. Ali is in there too: she doesn't see the point in fighting, so for her and Rob, just don’t do it. Er says he doesn't even look at her.

Er says it's weird as Da is neutral. She feels at a disadvantage cause of her ex, she can't hang with who she wants to hang with. But she's in Dana's corner. Da says she believes that of 'certain people' then says she won't sleep.

Ali says they planned on getting rid of Rob first but would understand if Da cant put him up: Da says she enjoys his company, and would like to hang out with him at home. He's that type. But she's there for herself. She's concerned that not everyone thinks same way. Why should she get rid of soemone for everyone else?

She has to decide who she trusts from the original 8: she has doubts. They ask her who, she won't respond. She says she doesn't want to bag original plan… but knows what would have happened if veto had been used. She will do what's best for her.

Er: Justin is best. He could win every competition.. dana says he hasn't won one and he won't put me up if he wins. They say they don't know about that.

Da knows she's not safe with Justin "forever"

Er says david told her the list" girls then guys. Me you ali, keep someone around to cook. Da says her feelings were hurt this week, and she told Ju it doesn't matter how much she likes him as to how she plays. She says I had such a bad week I want to put the fear of god into everyone. The other 2 tell her she has, but to put up a guy.

Da doesn't want to do something that will get her later.

Jul 24 2003 00:20, Thu Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Dana to Erika & Ali: "I want to put the fear of God into everyone in the house." NT

Jul 24 2003 00:21, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Women analyzing
Erika mentions that Justin has been real close at winning a few competitions.

Dana is not afraid of Justin because she feels that he won't put her up because he has "bigger fish to fry".

Overall... general chit chat regarding the best way to make the selections.

All girls agree that "Amanda was a wasted eviction". Dana mentions that so was Michelle, and the others do not respond.

Jul 24 2003 00:24, Thu KimM   Link
All the girls are in HOH talking to Dana
Dana says she wants to put the fear of god in everyone in the houser. Ali says "you have! you win!" They laugh.

Erika says, "Just let it be a guy." Everyone agreees. It would "suck" for another girl to leave. Ali says they're the only hot things in the house.

Jun tells Dana to follow her brain, not her gut...that teh gut is too much about emotions.

Now tlaking about Amanda and Michelle being wasted evictions...that they should have stayed.

Erika suggests that Robert doesn't want to be sequestered. She says it's not abouthim being an X. She overheard him talking abotu it. Ali agrees.
Ali says that Justin does want to be sequestered.

Dana saying they have to think about who will vote, who'll be there next week, who'll get HOH, etc...

Ali says she'd put up Robert and Jee. Dana says that doesn't sound bad. Jun says, "Why not Justin and Robert?" They would rip Jee apart for his vote and that would break them up. (ed. I like Jun >:-) )

Jul 24 2003 00:26, Thu KimM   Link
Ali in the DR
she said the guy in there asked her if she threw HOH. She said, "No, I'm just a stupid girl!" (Laughing)

She wasn't thinking about HOH because it wasn't a bedroom you could choose.

Jul 24 2003 00:28, Thu KimM   Link
Dana: God I just wish someone on the outside could just tell me something. NT

Jul 24 2003 00:35, Thu KimM   Link
More girl talk in HOH
Dana said she overheard Nate say: "This is the worst case senario for us." After she won HOH. She said Justin and others were around. She thinks Nate has alliances with everyone.

She says she feels like doing someinthing crazy.

Jun and Ali warn her against doing something that would come back to haunt her.

Dana says she's not scared. "I can win HOH. I can win POV. I can take care of myself."

Now talking about Dave. Erika is saying how much you can trust him and Jack. She says she trusts Nate and Jack too. Ali saying she was worried about Dave before the vote.

Now Erika is telling Dana that they wanted her back in the group, that's why Dave told her. Ali trying to explain why they worried about her (Dana)because she spent so much time in HOH last week.

(ed.: lost feed...and what is up with the updates forum tonight?!)

Jul 24 2003 00:35, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Dana says there was a pact to get her out this week, all the girls deny it. NT

Jul 24 2003 00:36, Thu Jokerette   Link
More from Dana...
She won't put up Justin for fear he wins next HoH, and she's sure he's gonna win. Ali agrees Justin is so smart. In DR they asked Ali if Justin was superhero.. she said he hadn't won sh1t. lol

Funny! Dana shows them a piece of tape on the wall. She was told to look at that tape when talking to Julie, and the camaraman zooms in on it.

Da feels like Nate has an alliance with everyone in the house. Da heard Nate say "this is the worst case scenario for us".. she walked outside and heard him say it. Then Da says "I'm gonna do some crazy sh1t in here!"

Ali warns her she won't be HoH forever. Da says she's not afraid. She can win things. She won't let her fear of people stop her. She keeps saying the week that went by wasn't good.. if anyone of you guys won HoH you'd put me and Justin up (to ali, Jun, Er, she's talking.)

Er saying she trusts Nate, and everyone from tonight's vote. Ali tells Dana she's impressed that she changed her vote, and how much they wanted her on their side. Dana comes right back and says I heard deals with you and Nathan in here.. she's doggin these girls. HAH!

Ali is trying so hard to get in good.. Dana says I heard there was a pact to get me out. Nobody told me that. Er says cause it wasn't real.

Jul 24 2003 00:42, Thu Jokerette   Link
Latest: Dana says she'll probably nominate Robert and Jee..
They are saying they wanted Justin to put Dana up so they'd know she wasn't in an alliance with him. Like it was a test. This is how they're passing off the "Dana was going up thing."

There ain't one happy chick in the HoH. Everyone frowning. They're thinking that the guys want all the women out.

This is the last hamster out who will not be sequestered, they are saying. They're trying to talk her into getting rid of Justin, hard. Da says she's talking to everyone before she goes to sleep.

Da says one of the Stooges IS going this week, there will be only 2. Jun's eyes get large when she says this, as she's carefully not said =who= she's gonna nominate until now.

Jun says what are you thinking? Robert and Jee? Dana says probably. And he won't hold it against me. They say he doesn't want to be sequestered.

Jul 24 2003 00:42, Thu KimM   Link
"Either way, one of them is going next week"
Dana talking about the stooges.

She goes on to say they can't win back to back HOH for the rest of the game and that she's not worried about them.

All 4 feeds still on the girl power meeting.

Jul 24 2003 00:45, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Ratbert Showering
Rat (getting into shower): "they got every ho in that room."

Justin (brushing teeth): "pardon?"

Rat: "they got every c**t (at least thats what it sounded like) in that room... isn't that funny?"

Justin: "heh."

Jul 24 2003 00:50, Thu PsychoMike ParentRootLink
Still touching his nose in the shower... does this guy EVER stop? NT

Jul 24 2003 00:54, Thu KimM   Link
Jack: Eatin' and drinkin' is better than not eatin' and drinkin'
And you guys can quote me on that.

Justin says, "good one, Jack."

Justin then asks about Jack saying he could be FBI. Jack talking about how much fun trianing is, says he wanted to be a street agent (and was for the whole time), but you get paid more at a desk job.

Jul 24 2003 00:57, Thu KimM   Link
Dave (wearing Am's hat) walks through the bathroom and pinches ALi's butt. No reaction from Ali. NT

Jul 24 2003 00:58, Thu PsychoMike   Link
David is up
He just went to the bathroom area where Dana, Allison and Jee are cleaning up. He took some mouthwash and walked by Allison and pinched her butt... she didn't even flinch.

Jul 24 2003 00:59, Thu Jokerette   Link
Jack, Justin Nate in HoH... (get this)...
They ask Justin if he's going to sleep in there. He mumbles "I don't know, but I'm sure I will one night this week."