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Jul 24 2003 01:09, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Sleeping Arrangements
Allison: "Jun... are you sleeping with me tonight... or in your own bed?"

Jun: "Justins sleeping with Dana..."

Erika: "Justins sleeping with Dana?"

Jun: "Yeah."

Jul 24 2003 01:16, Thu Jokerette   Link
So Jack is off to find Dana. Er just told him she's almost sure Da will put up Ratbert and Jee, as putting up >
anyone else would get Da herself up next week.

Dana is getting a massage. Jun is outside, Jee and Jack also. Talking about washing towels.

Jul 24 2003 01:16, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Erika and Jack
Erika rehashing previous conversation regarding Dana and how she trusts both David and Jack. Advises Jack to speak to Nate, as Dana advised that she heard about the pact that Nate was attempting to make. Advised Jack to have Nate "chill out".

Erika feels that Dana is "not gonna be ballsy and put up one of us because she knows she'll be screwed."

Erika advises Jack to go in and talk to her as she wants to talk to everyone tonight. Jack wants to get her outside of the bedroom.

Jack goes to the kitchen and asks where Dana is, David says that she is giving Justin a massage a "sensual massage".

Jun: "yeah... it might take her another hour."

Jul 24 2003 01:20, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Al massaging Nate's feet in HOH NT

Jul 24 2003 01:22, Thu PsychoMike ParentRootLink
and Dana massaging Justin's back on HOH bed NT

Jul 24 2003 01:29, Thu Jokerette   Link
Justin busts the 8!!!
Jun is telling dana that Jack wants to talk to her. She's still massaging justin, and here we go.

Ju says there's not one person in this house that didn't want you on the block. Besides Erica and June, Jee and Robert. Ali was all gung ho. Jun says "She was scared of you:.

He tells her even Michelle said it.

Da said she heard it was used as bait, and Ju says BS. Believe what you want, I heard it. I'm sure Er would have, but I don't talk to her. Everyone came after me Jee and Ratbert because we wouldn't put you up. That's what happened. And I'm not messing with you.

Jul 24 2003 01:30, Thu Jokerette   Link
Justin offers to call EVERYONE out on the lies
Now Ju is saying he wants to call people out, like Ali, right in front of Dana who is totally delighted but Jun says everyone will hate her more.

Ju says I won't do it w/out your permission. OOOH I hope =this= happens!

Jul 24 2003 01:36, Thu Jokerette   Link
Dana: Ali is the fakest...
Justin still offering to bring everyone in and call them liars. He mentioned Alli. Jun says they all asked her (jUn) to talk to Dana. Justin said that they went to Jee and wanted them to put her up… afater Veto.. and she says Nat wanted it? Ju says Jack really wanted it.

You weren't thought of as being part of their team until we wouldn't put you up, Ju says. Just the dishonesty. Dana says I told you guys.. I knew it wouldn't go down like that.

Jun says Ali is the fakest. Justin agrees with this. He wants to call her right out. Now they want to open the door and sees who will come in… OH BOYO!

And Jun opens the door. Goes for her glasses, closes it.

Ju and Da alone now. He's still on a rant here.

Da: I don't plan on putting you up. Whole house coming after me. Whole house wants you out too. I won't do their dirty work. I told them they wouldn't talk to me last week.

I am still concerned.. they're in this together.. I was part of them. I was part of them before I got close to you. (Jun comes back in) but when I was with you, they didn't know where I stood. That's why they could say they were baiting you to see where you stood.

Jul 24 2003 01:43, Thu Devareux   Link
Nate is giving Ali a massage and they are talking strategy big time. He does ask her if she trusts Jun and Ali says NO NT

Jul 24 2003 01:44, Thu TwistedBrother   Link
alison just fed me a five course meal of *****. telling me they all got my back-dana NT

Jul 24 2003 01:44, Thu TwistedBrother   Link
u can call anyone u want in here. ill call em on it(the *****)-justin 2 dana in HoH NT

Jul 24 2003 01:46, Thu Jokerette   Link
Da and Justin want to call a round table and confront everyone >
Justin still ranting. Jun is grinning, Dana still sitting on Ju. Ju says he and Jee tried to figure out what they did wrong. Their alliance wasn't secret enough?

Dana says Ju is biggest threat and has to go. Me getting close with you, I wouldn't nominate you. That’s why they came in.. they wanted Dave to use veto to put her up. If Justin had said no, they'd have known the alliance. Ju says they came in here repeatedly. Rethink this, it's your last chance.. to put Dana up. Jee said I can't do that, he was worried about mich, he couldn't say he'd given you his word, they all said it's diff this week, she's paranoid, if she get's hoh she'll put you all up.

Justin keeps saying they straight up lied. Dana says they won't tell me the truth either.

Da says she was told Ju's pecking order Erica, Dana, Allison.

She says that's why I want you in here. You see what I'm dealing with. Ju can't believe the BS.. she says Allison fed me a 3 course meail of boulshit.

Jun says at least erika shuts up every now and then, justin heaves a big sigh. Dana calls Jun her consigleiere. Ju says if they want to use as bait, just get one person in here to ask. They all said she was paranoid and wins all the competitions. She says she and Justin biggest threats in house.. Ju says there's a lot of power on this bed. It's Hot.! Jun is sitting there laughing.

Ju offering to call people in, Jun says she would cry. They really want to confront somebody.

Da: the problem is, Jack wants to talk. He won't talk in front of you (to Ju). Why won't we call a roud table meeting? Say what you have to say.. Ju breaks in and says he'd run the show with Jee. He was HoH and everyone up on his nuts, feeding BS.

Dana wants everyone blindsided 'like you guys were".

Jul 24 2003 01:50, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Dana: "you think I want Erika in here? Hell no!" NT

Jul 24 2003 01:52, Thu Jokerette   Link
New alliance forming because of Justin's honesty..
Big heavy silence in Hoh, a few groans. Jun, Justin and Dana. Da tells Jun she's her right hand man. Justin was that for Jee, he says. Ali uncomfortabe around Ju, she had said. Aly wants to know Ju still finds her attractive. Ju says something about walking right out the door.

Jun suggests putting up Ju and Aly.. dana says no, don't have the vote. Now she says she wants to put two of THEM up. She didn't want to put Mich out. It bought her another week if she didn't get HoH. Do you think I want er here? Hell no! Amanda and Mich could be persuuaded. Jun says she said in DR that Erika is shady.

Ju: only threat is Nate. If you decide not to put nate up, you say I won't put you up, but if you get HoH you don't put us up. Da doesn' t trust Nate to keep word tho. Now it looks like Jun, Justin, Ratbert, Jee and Dana.

Jul 24 2003 01:58, Thu Jokerette   Link
More of the New 5 plotting...
Ju says he's never lied since he entered the house and he won't lie.

JunL: what do you consider a lie? Untrue or withholding?

DA: 5 of us act as 1. No sidedeals. Ju: me and ratbert and Jee are already like this. Da says this is it, Jun. This is where the game will split.

Justin says who will you put up from other side? Jun says erika would volunteer to go against one of the other 5. He says if we put up 2, we all have to agree on who to get out.

Dana says whoever HoH picks should go. Imagine if it were Er and Jack, one would be gone. Silence.

Ju: I can't wait to call out people this week. Ju doesn't think it's tomorrow, and dana says yes it is. Dana is sure it's tomorrow. Now she's going to the DR to ask.. her knees are dead. Out she goes.

Jun and Justin now alone. Jun says they didn't approach Jack and Dave? Yes they did. Jun says they said you approached them to take out girls. Ju says you guys don't vote us up, but all the turmoil, Jee thinks they coulda planted a seed… and Dana back. Noms are tomorrow. FOTH

Jul 24 2003 07:29, Thu Strange_Brewster ParentRootLink
I take it Ju = Jee?? And Jun is Ju??? NT

Jul 24 2003 07:38, Thu frustratedposter ParentRootLink
Ju=Justin NT

Jul 24 2003 02:09, Thu Jokerette   Link
Ally and Jack? Ally and Dave? Choices, choices..
New 5 still at it. Dana says if I call this meeting I lose them all. Jun says you won't, epople will defend selves. Ju says then can't. If you wanted to bait her, why did everyone in this house come in HoH to get rid of her?

Dana says then the house is divided. Jun says all will come to her and try to patch things up. She should take Justin's word. Dana asks Jun where she stands. Jun says Jus sounds good, but get rest of story. How to do this? Call them in one by one, or all together call them out?

Jus says call me in then call Jack. Jun says she'lll say Ali came in tried to get them to vote Dana. Dana knows she'll hear they were testing, wanted to know what side she was, etc.

Just says only reason you're here is Jee didn't go along. Dana says why do I listen to them? Just says for next week. Da says but YOU were next to go. Dana says Alli leading the parade against Justin.

Jun: put up Allie and Nathan. Da: then I go against their group. Jun says so do it. They won't win competitions. Dana wants to get allie on their side. Ju: allie is nobody. But I'd say same thing about Nathan. So can they get him?

Jus: good thing is Nate has weak alliances w/everyone. Nathan and Alliason are wildcards, Dana says. Jus says Nate dumb as bag of rocks but Alli smart. Get her out. Veto? Get Nate out. Da: Get ally out, Nate comes to us.

Ju: If ally's in the house, nate won't go against her.

Jun: ally and Jack, to see where Nate stands. Ally and Dave: nate vote against Dave. Ally and Jack, vote against Ally. Strong alliance with Jack.

Jus; ally will screw you in end. She takes things personal. She doesn't appreciate the game, Jun says.

Jul 24 2003 02:23, Thu Jokerette   Link
Dana confronts Nate, Ally..
Dana wants to open the door and hope someone comes in for a confrontation. Jun walks out to do hands. Justn wants someone to come in so badly, like Jack. Jun says he won't, he's scared.

Out to Jack and Dana. Continue marching through exes, he says. You have time to make decision, it's tough. He doesn't want to bother her, just tell her what he's thinking (which I missed. ARG!)

Dana walks back to HoH. Jack, Ratbert in kitchen munching down. Changing feeds..

Dana back in facing nate and ally. He said the time everyone in that room.. it was ally saying I hate dana. Along those lines. And alli is there!

Dana says I haven't fallen for this… Alli breaks in and says erika wasn't even in there. Nate says I could tell you were mad at me. Da goes silent here.

I'm not compagining against all players, Na says. Dana says I'm not imagining david told him to use the veto. I don't doubt it. Ally says no decision has been made.

Nate says I thought we were to the end. Ally says Justin spilled everything. We told you.. Dana interrupts and says not until and hour before voting. Da says everyone came and baited. The whole group.

Er says they wanted to know for themselve, not just a group. Nate says I don't have alliances with a group.. I told you to watch out. Take my word or not.

All: I vouch for nate, he kept his word to Justin.

Rob and Just told Dana everything. Da said I knew about your convo, and now its hotting up!

Nate: I'm not gonna rat on anybody. People are gonna say what you want to hear. If you put me up I won't be mad, but.. whatever. I'm gonna say you got to be cafeful.. ally said they know we're after.. Dana blasts them. I'm a LOT smarter than you think I am!

Er says they were telling her the entire week… Da says they think you guys were coming after me… Ali laughs here. Nate says you didn't come to me once and ask why you wanted me up.

Da says she went to David.. Nate says you thought… Dana says seven of you wanted me up. What was THAT about? Nate says we didn't you were with us. Da: why didn't you come to me? Nate: I did. Dana: well, YOU did. I didn't say what side were you on.


Nate: I'm not gnna gampain aganst anyone in house. You have big decicion.

Nate trying to tell Dana "You're still with us.." Dana BUSTS out of the room.

Jul 24 2003 02:29, Thu Jokerette   Link
Jun: you cant trust Justin or them. If we make a decision, we have to be together (she and Dana alone now)

Dana really wants to call them out yet again. They talk to her like she's an idiot. Jun says they didn't know all this time you've been told. Who would you trust? (And around we go,)

Now hearing yelling!

Allison is yelling. Jun grinning at Dana. Justin has more to lose, Jun says.

BIG yelling. Ally saying don't make it look like I'm kissing her ass! Nomore than Jee. I went in Jee's room twice last wek. Don't make me out like I was all in that sh1t… Dana has her door open to we can hear.

More yelling. Justin yelling at her: You're telling lies. Ally: shut up!

Ju you're lying you lie to my face. Ally: that is bs I never lied to you. Ju: that's why I was so shocked I was a target. JU YELLS this is a game. Ally fights back: what are you talking about? You're making it like it's something it's not.

Jul 24 2003 02:35, Thu Jokerette   Link
Justin: I know I'm outta here..
Jee: she didn't have to come after you. Justin grinning. Jee repeating it is a game. You handled her well.

Jee: Let it drop. Jus: I am out of here, it's obvious. Jun comes out. Just says ally said she ddn't appreciate him calling her out like that. Jun laughs and says this is good ratings.

Jee says if we go out, with a bang. Ally said something to Justin about "the rest of your time here", I missed that part.

Dana: we shouldn’t be fighting this late: Jun I didn't finish with you… Jun laughs and says I'm scared of you. On the bed b1tch, Da says!

Dana is telling them what all she said to ally and nate, re telling her nothing. Justin and Jun back in there. Werika in there too. Justin says he has nothing against erika.

Changing feeds to find Dana

Jul 24 2003 02:36, Thu Phantom   Link
Jack talks to Dana in the bath.
He tells her to continue after the Ex's and maintain solidarity. That is the greatest strength - now 7 with Erika. Dana just gives noncommittal Um hm's and Ya's and right's. Jack keeps it short and sweet and leaves her alone. (Jack was able to get her outside of the HOH as he wanted).

Dana finishes playing with her hair and goes back to the back bedroom to chat briefly with Nat and Ali. Erika comes in and Jun is already on the bed beside Nat and Ali. Dana confronts them about all going to Jee to get her out. Nat acts hurt and says that he was afraid that he was going to be put up in a veto and heard that Dana was PO'd at him. Jun pipes up to say that Justin has spilled everything that went on in the HOH during Jee's reign. Dana seems most concerned that it was everyone from the Original 8 that asked for her eviction (says that she could understand it if it was just one or two of them). Jun again tells them that Justin has spilled the beans about everything. Nat is throwing it back at her saying that people (Justin) are going to tell her what she wants to hear. Sound out. Refreshing.

Nat hits back that Dana didn't go to him once to ask him what he was trying to do about trying to put her up. Dana admits that Nat did go to him once to speak to her about her vote and future. Nat repeats that he is not going to campaign against anyone in the house or name names. Jun reminds Dana that Erika would have stayed even without Dana's vote, so they didn't have to bring her back in.

Jul 24 2003 02:37, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Allison Yelling at Justin
Both are in the main room - Justin setting down, Allison just got out of conversation with Dana. Allison is yelling at Justin saying things like "why are you trying to call me out and make me look like the bad person here?". Various rants, mostly by Allison regarding what was said about Dana and by whom it was said. Missed most of the yelling as I was on F1 in HOH with Jun and Dana. The muffled yelling was heard by Jun and Dana and by the time I had switched to F3, the shouting match had pretty much finished.

Allison told Justin to not talk to her anymore the rest of the time he is in the house. Justin was agreeing with Allison with sarcastic overtones.

Jul 24 2003 02:43, Thu Phantom   Link
Dan goes back to the HOH and calls Jun behind her.
She attacks Jun about why did you go in there so fast? Jun says that she heard that the were talking racist s*** and wanted to hear it for herself. (missed something here about that story). Dana says "Don't make me not trust you." over to the bed. Jun gives calm advice that whoever 'they' pick, it has to be someone that they all agree on. Something is going on outside that they can hear.

They stop to listen then break out laughing. They go out and it is apparently Justin confronting Ali about sucking up to Dana and sucking up to Jee last week. Ali handles herself well and counters some of what he said and he has no response to it. Ali insists that she has not lied to him and he gives no details to support his charge. Justin says that he is on the way out so he doesn't care, but she needs to straighten out. They are loud and at each other's throats. It all dies out when Ali storms off, and we get a shot of Ratbert's smiling face saying "This is great".

Feeds move around a bit through empty rooms and end with Ali alone in the Sand Box. Erika comes in but says nothing as Ali says that "He's going down." Dana comes in to ask what started it. She says, nothing, that all she did is come out of the room. She says that wasn't just for her, he did it for every body. Ali says that she doesn't want a word from him at all this week, not a word. Erika says that it is just because he got screwed over this week. Ali doesn't care and says, "F*** him and the little midget ass pony that he rode in on." Dave has come in and asks for her to explain how that works about the pony. Justin comes in and gets a shirt out of his bag and leaves amid very uncomfortable silence. Dave is working overtime to make fun of it all and defuse the situation. Dave goes into the LR and continues about all of the couples getting into it first Scott and Amanda, then him fighting with Michelle and now Justin and Ali, . . . Ali comes out to the kitchen to find Nat at the sink. Nat repeats that he is not going to campaign against anyone, then goes over to the LR to repeat that. Ali goes to her bed and lies down, sadly clutching her blue elephant. Life goes on behind her in the LR where Jee and others are playing cards and chatting.

Jul 24 2003 02:47, Thu Phantom   Link
Ali goes to the HOH and asks if she can come in.
Dana says ya. "Can I shut the door?" Sure. the feed stays on the LR where Jun says that she doesn't want to go in there but that Dana wants her in on every conversation. Eventually, Jun goes in, but on the way she says, "I'm just going to listen. The boys in the LR chat about "Get Smart" and other meaningless stuff. Jack reminds them about last week when they were all in the HOH and all the girls were out there. All the boys seem to be there. Erika is apparently in the HOH already.

Jul 24 2003 02:51, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Jun wants to go to sleep...
Jun: "we have to go to sleep... we have to be up for a competition in 6 hours."

Dana: "your not going anywhere! We're staying up all night."

Erika: "we need something to drink... vodka."

Jul 24 2003 03:16, Thu Phantom   Link
The girls in the HOH.
I went to let the cat in, so I missed the start of the conversation. They all seem to be sitting around calmly munching and chatting now. Dana remarks that she couldn't use the veto because you can't use the veto if the HOH doesn't want you to. Ali talks of wanting to go put herself to bed. Dana says, "OK, everybody out except for Jun. She's my consigliari (sp)" They all leave and Dana abruptly calls in Ratbert.

"Come in here, tell me what you got for me." Ratbert seems confused about what is expected. Dana demands that he tell the truth. He confirms that he doesn't care if he is put up. He confirms that everyone but Jee and Justin asked for Dana to be put out. Ratbert confirms that Erika wanted her out but doesn't remember Jack asking for it. He trashes Ali and Erika. He plays dumb about the idea that the dump Dana campaign was a test to draw out if Dana was part of the Stooges alliance. He goes on to say that all the others repeatedly said "don't worry about Dana because she won't be here next week." He singles out Nat and Ali as being after Justin and Dana. Ratbert is talking tough and saying that he doesn't care and will tell the truth and is being very entertaining. Dana is loving it all.

I could go with them, with the numbers and all that. Ratbert agrees that she could. "But," says Dana, "I don't like them." She goes on to say that if she and Jun throw their lots in with him and Justin, then that splits the house and we have to act as one mind. There can be no side alliances or deal. Jun is asking the hard questions and is being a very good councillor. Jun is saying that she only knew about the coup 2 hours before they told Dana. Jun and Dana are a confirmed unit to the end - they repeat it. They say, just like you and Justin. Ratbert is saying that Erika and Jack specifically want Dana out. In all this talk of buddies to the end, Jee's name does not come up at all (Ratbert's soul-mate since their eyes met in the hotel). He is laying it on a tad thick. He would be happy to be put out by her because he respects her. Ratbert trashes Ali and tries to include Erika in that, but Dana is already on that because she says that Erika hasn't talked to her all week but now she won't leave the HOH. They want to discuss the next person to go out after this one because this is the last one that doesn't go into sequester. Ratbert swears to the final 4 that Dana, Jun, Ratbert and Justin will not go after each other. Dana says that she knows it is BS that they ever considered Dana being the next one out after Erika. He lists several others that would have gone long before her. It's all Nathan, says Ratbert. Jun advises that he is weak and they can us him for a week.

Jul 24 2003 03:25, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Dana: "I really want to put up Allison" NT

Jul 24 2003 03:31, Thu Phantom   Link
In the yard, Erika, Jack and Nat are talking.
Erika is on to the fact that Jun is consigliari to Dana. Jack counsels caution and not saying too much that you can be caught up on. They talk about the competition and getting the button pushed first. Then you can pause to collect your thoughts. (there was a lot of that tonight). Erika sees Ratbert come out of the HOH and says that she has to go do damage control. I can't see the HOH door, but Dana is coming out for a drink and lets Erika go in and says don't say a word, I'll be back. Dana gets her drink and sticks her head into the yard to say something. On her way back to the HOH, she speaks to Ratbert (who had said something about Erika being in there with her alone). She confirms that Jun will be in on everything and uses the consigliari label and says, "isn't this the coolest HOH ever?"

It appears that Erika stays in the HOH with Jun, but Dana says to wait, that she has to go talk to some 'she' alone for a bit. Justin is in the back bedroom talking to Ali and explaining what his plan is - to tell the truth about everything. Ali says that is not the way to play. They talk about lying and Justin says that he doesn't lie but she has lied to him. They agree that the 2 most innocent people in the house have been evicted. She asks for a lie and he says that she told him that she would back him to the end and she didn't. Ali thinks that Dana hates her because she is his Ex and she wants him. He rambles on about not seeing her much except at night. Ali gets upset because he doesn't respect her when he rubs up on another woman in her bedroom. Do it, but don't do it in front of me. Mutual accusations of "you're stupid." There is some game stuff in here indirectly, but this is mostly Ex stuff and hard feelings.

Jul 24 2003 03:33, Thu Phantom   Link
BB announces a lock down in the house. Dana says, "Everybody's stuck in the house with me. Woo hoo." NT

Jul 24 2003 03:43, Thu Phantom   Link
Jee has his turn with Jun and Dana.
He denies ever wanting Dana out. He repeats his story about having worked so hard and not getting respect so he just stuck with the original plan. Jun asks directly if he can trust Ratbert and Justin. He says yes, but that he know they might screw him eventually. Jun questions him about the deals that Ratbert and Justin got with Jack and Dave. He confirms that they were acting on his orders and he knew all about it. It was all to protect Michelle and not to go after Dana. She seems to be setting up the final 5 as her, Jun, Justin, Jee and Ratbert. Jee agrees totally. (well, duh)

More pressure on the idea of was the request to veto Erika and substitute Dana a ploy to find out if Dana was with them, or did the Stooges say that they wanted to get Dana out. Jee repeats much of what we heard so often last week, but falls short of actually saying that the Stooges wanted Dana out next, or that they seriously considered putting her up on the veto.

Jul 24 2003 03:52, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Dana: "I don't trust anybody... and its all pissing me off." NT

Jul 24 2003 04:31, Thu babyblue ParentRootLink
Dana follows this up by saying "Nobody's goin to bed until I'm ready! . .I've got a lot to talk about" and strangley, everybody lines up to wait for
their turns!

Jul 24 2003 03:53, Thu Quench   Link
Dana , Jun and the 3 Stooges are in the HOH
Jee: I have put my f*ing life on a line in here. You guys are thinking about yourselves and not what I was thinking.

Jee is telling Dana that everyone wanted him to put her up.

Justin telling them that Nathan told him if Nathan doesn't go up this week that he won't put up Justin

They Stooges leave.

Whispering begins.
Jun telling Dana that Robert and Justin are not 100 percent Make sure that they won't sell you out. I thnk it's smarter to stick with the stooges for now.

Dana says that she would rather be the final 5 .

Dana wants to call in each one of the others.
They want to have a WC break.
Jun says that they are so going to fail their food competition in the morning.


Jul 24 2003 03:53, Thu babyblue   Link
2:51am: Dana in BathR to the mirror: I don't trust anybody and it's all pi$$ing me AWF." (gee, what a shock) NT

Jul 24 2003 03:55, Thu babyblue   Link
Making me wonder about Dana's "orientation": Dana now calling Jun her 'First Lady' and "Vice President' NT

Jul 24 2003 03:55, Thu Phantom   Link
Alone in the HOH after Jee leaves, Jun pulls Dana inside and says,
"Justin and Ratbert are playing Jee,." She explains that Justin and Ratbert lied to them about the side deals with Jack and Dave and that is why she asked what Justin defined as lying. She says that she asked them both the same question twice to make sure that there was no mistake. Jun also thinks that Jee was lying about something because she can read him and when he starts swearing and rambling like that he is lying. The lie was about putting Dana up for eviction on the veto or next week. Jun is essentially saying that Jee should be included in the sub alliance between Jun and Dana.

They are going to call Nat in next because he can't keep his stories straight. Dana takes a w/c break and Jun announces that they are going to be at it till Dana is done. She laments that they are going to lose the food comp tomorrow because they will be up all night. I have already been up all night, and I'm not afraid of Dana, so I'm going to bed. I hope that this doesn't put a target on my back.

Jul 24 2003 03:59, Thu babyblue   Link
2:54am Unfortunately, Dana is STILL stuck on what was and was not told to her both others during last wk (more)
Dana has drawn David in for his one-on one pow-wow. Dave starts off with: "the reason no one told you anything last week is basically the way people see you is "schizo" and paranoid.
Dave tells Dana the stories of how so many people have been afraid to approach her because they feared she would go "off the deep end any minute, no matter what they said" to her.

Jul 24 2003 04:03, Thu babyblue   Link
3:00am: Allie, Jee, Nathan, Robert, and Justin in the Orange Room, chit-chatting while David in HoH w/Jun and Dana NT

Jul 24 2003 04:06, Thu babyblue   Link
Erika & Jack say to ea other they do not feel threatened by Dana at this point, and strategy strategy, blah blah phttttttttt NT

Jul 24 2003 04:13, Thu babyblue   Link
Besides Jun, it appears that, much to his credit, Dave is the only other hg who is not gonna kiss Dana's behind for self-preservation NT

Jul 24 2003 04:21, Thu Quench   Link
David, Dana Jun in HOH.
After Dana goes to the WC she wants to talk to David first. She asks him to come to the HOH. Jack asks

Dana washing her hands says she is glad she got HOH But it pisses her off the situation.

David in HOH and Dana calls for Jun to come in.
Dana: Jun is my whatever. David tell me the truth tell me everything.

David : I told you everything twice. How you appear to the house is your psycho. and that you would run to the 3 stooges. We talked to Jun. After Jee won the HOH. Robert came in my room. And told me they wouldn't put me up if I didn't use the veto on them. And I told I wouldn't put them up this week either. ... Jun overheard some of this and Robert noticed. He didn't tell us that we didn't have to vote Erika out. They had the same deal with Jack. They also approached Ali and maybe Nate. But not Jun.

David: I won the POV - J, E and I need to find out where they stood. He went into the HOH and asked about putting Dana up. He said no she is going up next week. What if she wins HOH. She will try to get rid of Nate and Ali and she will go the week after. He admits that he thought They - 3 stooges - are playing her as much as we thought you were playing us. That is why we waited until the last day.

Jun: Do you think Nate and Ali are tight.

David: Not as much as Nate think he is. I can find out.

David: You notice everytime you were in the room that they were talking about Erika is going. And as soon as you left they would go back to talking about you.

Dana: They wanted me to go so bad that they think that is why you voted out Michelle and are mad at them for it because you didn't use it to put me up.

David : They kept talking about how they wanted to be safe next week but they never mentioned you. That is why we figured you were not with them.

Someone pops in to talk about sleeping arrangements. Leaves.

David: You are still not a target for us. It's Justin and Robert. You got so close with them that we became skeptical.

They talk about the exes and how there is still 3 left to go. And if it wasn't for the original plan Erika would have been gone. Because we are all strong players.

David repeats about the Veto and the conversations afterwards.

Jun says that how Nate and Ali stopped talking to them as soon as the Veto was over and done with. But Dana and I couldn't do that because it would have really been noticed.

David: I was talking with the guys like we all had a guy alliance but I still was true to the original pact we made before they came in the house. We should have kept Amanda and got rid of Jee.The best thing was that Jee put up Erika and Michelle because we still could get rid of an ex. And they were so stupid to do that.

Talking about the original plan. And how that would allow all of them to stay in the house longer.

They are rehashing first days including Scott in the house.

Justin pops in and says it's 3:20 am.

Jul 24 2003 04:23, Thu Phantom   Link
Instead of calling in Nat, Dave comes into the HOH.
Why did not one approach her to ask her if she was in an alliance. He is straight about her behaviour and how they were afraid of what she would do. Jun confirms that is when they came to her to ask her to speak to Dana about calming down. Now about the approach to Dave and what the deal was that was offered to him. Dave tells it straight and is very relaxed about it. He tells them that the odd thing about the offer was that it didn't include a direction to vote out Erika. He concludes that they didn't ask for the votes because they already had everyone elses and didn't need theirs. Moving on to veto and sound freezes. Now Real crashes.

A lot missed. Dave is sceptical about something to do with Dana. He says that he asked to use the veto and put Dana up but they volunteered that Dana was up next week. He realized that the Stooges were playing Dana and that is why they waited till the last min to tell Dana. Jun asks if he thinks Ali will always do what Nat wants. He says no, he doesn't think so, but if he hears anything he will tell her. Dave relates that the conversation change every time Dana entered the room and is very convincing. He realized that Dana hadn't told them about the Original 8 and that meant that Dana couldn't be totally over to their side. (they do now, because she told Ratbert directly). He sticks to the story that all Dave was doing was to work to get out Michelle and stay with the original plan to evict Ex's. Relates the idea to tell Dana at the last minute to give her a chance to come back. Nat sticks his head in to ask if Jun is sleeping in the HOH because he is looking for a place to sleep. Apparently, Nat and Jun have agreed to sleep together when she is done. Back to Dave saying that Dana was not a target by the O8.

Jun defends Dana's position about wanting to know because she was kept in the dark. Dave is candid that she was kept that way because of her own behaviour. They agree. He recommends sticking with the original plan and that will take them down to the final 7, then it is every man for himself and new relationships will have formed by then. Dave is talking negatively about sub-alliances (a favourite topic of Dana's). He is very strong about the natural suspision of Dana's loyalty and that brings back the move to test to see if she was really in an alliance with the Stooges. The implication is that they trust her now. He brings up that they are all nervous because the next nominations should be Justin and Ratbert, but that they know that she won't do that (not Justin, at least). Dave recommends putting up Jee and Ratbert and Ratbert will go. Then she can stay with the O8. Jun asks if all of the O8 are playing for the group and not for themselves. Dave replies that they are all working for themselves but that by staying with the plan they accomplish that and stay a little bit longer. Dave is very, very good, and I'm enjoying listening to him, but I promised to go to bed and you will never trust me if I don't keep my word to you (even though I just broke it - but I have a good excuse this time).

They are comparing levels of paranoia between the Stooges (the highest according to Dave, even more than Dana). Dana thinks she has reason to be paranoid. Lots of paranoia talk about Ali and Nat and others. OK, OK, I'm really going now.

Jul 24 2003 04:28, Thu babyblue   Link
320am: Justin comes to Door of Hoh . . .
and informs Dana "it's 320am . . ." (twice, I might add), and Dana states, yeah i gotta get this finished, cause "they gotta feed us by f**kin 6 o'clock in the morning to get our competition goin . .I'll finish soon . ."
Justin walks away . .. "okay, alright"
Dana has asked Jun to sleep w/her tonight (what's goin on THERE?). Actually, Dana reeeeaallly doesn't trust anybody, maybe not even Justin at this point
Heavy is the head that wears the Crown . . of Paranoia!
[g'nite . . .i must to my bedchamber . . adieu]

Jul 24 2003 04:32, Thu Quench   Link
More HOH talk
Talking about Nate and Ali and how they should go but they could do it at a later date but when the exes are gone.

David leaves.

Dana quick recap. 3 weeks - 2 exes go up one is gone. next week 2 exes one is gone. Then they could put me up against the last ex. But if we stick with the stooges then we have 5 against 5 and have a better chance. I don't know what to do.

Jun: We have to make sure that Alibitch doesn't get it (HOH) so she doesn't put us up.

Jun silent for a while comtemplating what she is going to say.

Jun: Jee says that they could have been feeding me bullsh*t knowing it would get back to you. But if we go with the stooges then they would think that we turned our backs and put us up.

Jun: Alison came to me and asked if she was going up. I told her I don't know.

Dana: She is scared

Dana: I know not to trust Nathan and Ali. At somepoint everyone is going to make an Ass out of everybody else. but thinking they have you

I like Robert and Justin better than Nate and Ali because they are better ppl.

Feeds timed out posting.

Jul 24 2003 04:37, Thu babyblue   Link
330am: Dave dutifully reports back to Jack & Erika and
from what I can hear and understand, it sounds like as of right now, this minute, Dana's considering putting up Robt and Jee, so as not to go against the numbers of the original elite group. However, Jun and Dana head out to the kitchen . . saying ::sigh:: of course, that they haven't settled anything and will sleep on this for now .

Jul 24 2003 04:38, Thu Quench   Link
Last of the HOH
Jun to Dana: Talk to Ali in the morning and ask her flat out stop bullsh*ting you and ask "why did you want me to go up". Ali will probably pee her pants. And she will probably say Nathan made me do it. Then call in Nathan right after and say Ali just said you made her do it. And see him stumble over his words.

They now leave the HOH and the guys are giggling with overtiredness. They so can't fall asleep but all need to because they have the comp in the morning.

Jul 24 2003 04:42, Thu babyblue   Link
Jee, Robt, and Nate are in Blue br discussing, "the Green Mile" (Mr. Jingles :: in Nathan's best southern drawl::)
Now discussing that every "Korean sleeps on their backs! " (this was Justin). Jus also says "Yeah, and they're all stupid too, not one of 'em in Pittsburgh is smart, I swear!" Jee: "Shut the hell up!"
So my guess is it was Ali in the kitchen that Dana and Jun joined a moment ago.

Jul 24 2003 04:45, Thu Quench   Link
Dana: goodnight Turtle ppl - as she opens and passes their room NT

Jul 24 2003 04:49, Thu babyblue   Link
Jun & Dana in BathR, using the old toothbrush in mouth while talking game strategy ploy, and Erika comes in
As Erika shuts the potty door behind her, jun points toward the door, and gives Dana a look with a shake of her head, as if to say " Watch her, she's spying . . .look out for that one"
Is it just me, or do these people not have a really early call for a food competition that many of them would really be "pi**ed awwwff" about if they lose again??
now Allie's back in HoH room (frightened something might be said about you? Dana's rubbin off on everyone!)
GOODNESS, it's getting light here in the Midwest ....i really should sleep
goodnite, all.

Jul 24 2003 04:54, Thu babyblue   Link
Okay, one more: Dana to Allie: If I'm gonna stick with this original alliance
"I have to know that we're not gonna go after ea. other."
Allie: "Absolutely. I've thought it would be the final 3 with you and me, from the get-go. You me and Jun, and maybe Nathan (is that 3?)"
They discuss whether Dana being w/Justin has been uncomfortable for Allie (it has) and whether that has been a concern of Dana's (according to Dana it hasn't).
Thngs that make ya say "hmmm" eh?

Jul 24 2003 05:01, Thu babyblue   Link
Things I know for sure;
1. Allie presently lying to Dana about earlier convo's w/Nathan, Jack, Erika and Dave outside, right after end of live show.
2. Allie says NO ONE, "honestly, honestly, I swear to God has said they would put you up next week".
3. Dana will be soooo "livid, worried, pi**ed awwff, if this backfires", (frankly I still haven't figured out what that is, though).
4. EVERYONE, EVERYONE IN THIS HOUSE (except jun, of course) IS GUNNING FOR DANA'S HIDE NEXT WEEK. (oops, did I forget to make an exception of Justin, too? cause here he is in the HoH, at 3:57am, after Allie vacates)

Jul 24 2003 05:02, Thu Quench   Link
Ali volunteers to go into the HOH laughing about what the guys were talking about.
Dana talks about how she didn't even have time to throw the HOH competition because she won so fast. She didn't know if she wanted it

Ali I don't know what is going on.

Ali: Neither do I

D: I tend to fly off the handle that is why Jun is here. (Jun has gone to bed) There is alot of tension between you and I it not a secret

D: I need to know you are not going to come after me.

A: I will not come after you.I want you me and Jun to be at the end.

A: You me and Jun and maybe Nathan going after Jack David Erika.

D: I am worried about the 2 of us (Jun -Dana) against the 5 of you.

A: I will never go after either of you.

Dana saying the way she is playing is that she would like see at the end either herself, Alison or Jun at the end. Not Erika.

D: If anybody is coming after me next week. I will rip this house apart. I was thinking of putting two of the original elite but now I am not.

The guys are forgetting that we were in here with Nathan telling them we (the harem) wanted Erika gone. But Robert took that over and we backed off.

Robert and Jee to go up because I trust Justin and if one of them save themselves. Then one of the elite will have to go up.

Ali leaves the room. Dana reclining on the bed.

Jul 24 2003 05:09, Thu babyblue   Link
And as the sun rises in the Midwest . . .Dana and Justin in Hoh bed
And ALL they are doing is discussing THE GAME!!!!
Granted, Justin is laying (partially) on top of Dana, but, folks, take my word for it: THIS IS NO ROMANCE!!!
This is all about the game . . .for both parties, i believe
and with that
I bid you a-good morning . . . :::ZZZZZ-ZZZZ:::

Jul 24 2003 05:15, Thu Quench   Link
Justin comes in. Gives Dana a hug.

Dana: Your not getting a massage at 4 oclock in the morning.

He is lying partly on top of her. His head is the level with her chest.

I like you with your glasses on it's so natural. I find glasses sexy.

I don't want you to go up. It's partly it's a selfish reasons.

Justin didn't want to win it the HOH because he wanted to find out what happened. Because everybody was lying to him all week. And Dana says I was telling you that all week.

Now she is saying she doesn't know what to think.

Justin interjects with compliments on Dana's body. You have a washboard stomach.

D: I don't trust anybody in this house. Maybe even you

J: You don't trust me? I told you everything.

He is now twisting the story to his advantage. Same conversation as David slanted to make him look good.

Now he moves up to snuggle in her neck. Now facing each other holding hands.

D: What do you think I should do?

J: Trust anybody in this house would be with Jee and Robert

J: I honestly think that even if they get rid of Jee, Robert and me they will come after you next. Rehashing on how much he was lied to all week.

D: If I don't go with these guys then I am going to go up. They want me to put you up. I just told Alison 5 minutes ago that I wouldn't put (the elite) up.

J: I gave them (Robert and Jee) that if I win the Veto I would take them off.

And Dana replies of course and I would put one of them up. and I would expect if Jee or Robert to use it and I still will put someone the elite up.

She goes on to say she wants to be at the end with him. But they see him as a threat.

He is drifting off. His speech is getting slower. Talking about the Last HOH when Jee won and what has transpired.



Jul 24 2003 05:30, Thu Quench   Link
After rehashing the events of last week. Justin moves to behind Dana
And spoons with her.

J: I will swear on the Bible. Everybody in this house wants you out of here with a passion. You saw their reactions when the Veto wasn't used. They were scrambling.

Dana going on and on about her reaction at the veto meeting on how she didn't look at anybody.

Justin is definitely drifting off. Dana still has her glasses on. Still chatting incessantly.

Jul 24 2003 05:31, Thu Quench   Link
What is this sh*t on my pillow. This is gross. They were suppose to be clean from my house. NT

Jul 24 2003 08:37, Thu Lola   Link
Jun is up, doing her morning routine in bath room NT

Jul 24 2003 09:02, Thu nojobny   Link
11am Eastern, 8am Pacific - Good Morining HG. You have 30 minutes until the food comp. NT

Jul 24 2003 09:03, Thu Lola   Link
BB tells HG to get up (no one up except Jun & Ja), probably waiting for second call NT

Jul 24 2003 09:04, Thu nojobny   Link
HG in various stages: awake, stirring or snooze alarm NT

Jul 24 2003 09:26, Thu PsychoMike   Link

Jul 24 2003 09:30, Thu Anonymous   Link
BB giving intructions the FOTH NT

Jul 24 2003 09:33, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Feeds Up NT

Jul 24 2003 09:35, Thu nojobny   Link
all the HG are dressed in camouflage board shorts and bikinis NT

Jul 24 2003 09:40, Thu ktan   Link
On feed 2, there are red, white and blue striped clear buckets with each of the HGs names in the BY NT

Jul 24 2003 09:43, Thu nojobny   Link
F2 showing BY camera set ups..
Camera panning close up shot of a bunch of clear containers with one of the HG name on on it and a red/white/blue stripes.

Feed switch.

All feeds are showing HG who are inside dressed in camouflage swimwear.

Feed switch again

Long shot of BY on F3

Now FOTH on QC

Jul 24 2003 09:47, Thu nojobny   Link
Erica (heard but not seen): Yeah, we're not eye-candy. NT

Jul 24 2003 09:50, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Ali: RE Bikini Top: "My boobies keep falling out of the sides of these" NT

Jul 24 2003 10:04, Thu Lola   Link
Competion begins: They're outside wearing camaflage outfiits. Theres buckets
they're told that there is different colored capsules representing each food group. They must catch parachutes with capsules and put them in the bucket. The capsules must not touch the ground. Special capsules represents the special foods they requested and a daily Burger King lunch

Jul 24 2003 10:08, Thu nojobny   Link
Going through the food rules
Dana read through all the rules for the competion and BB made them do it over b/c they weren't excited enough when the special food sponsor Burger King was mentioned

Jul 24 2003 10:09, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Food Competition Rules
Each houseguest gets a helmet and there are capsules that are painted different colors. These capsules will be parachuted over the walls and the houseguests have to catch the capsules in their helmets and deposit in their containers. Whatever they catch they will be eating.

Red: Meats, Poultry, Seafood
Green Dairy
Blue: Fruit and Vegetables
Orange: Breads, Cereals
Yellow: Snacks and Desserts
Black: Drinks
Gold: What the houseguests wrote down the previous night (wish lists)

BTW... continuous swearing during the competition, but it is pretty hilarious.

Jul 24 2003 10:10, Thu Anonymous   Link
Burger King
Funny moment... Dana tells everyone they are playing for a week of Burger King as a special prize. There was no excitement and someone even complained, "Burger King?" and they start laughing. Then FOTH for a few seconds and they re-do that part. Dana tells them again and this time they burst into cheers, no doubt told to do so by producers.

Jul 24 2003 10:10, Thu n2deep   Link
Michelle at FOTH NT

Jul 24 2003 10:10, Thu kathryn   Link
Michelle at FOTH NT

Jul 24 2003 10:10, Thu ktan   Link
Michelle, cameraman, and reporters were at FOTH. NT

Jul 24 2003 10:11, Thu Jovian ParentRootLink
woman is Michelle. NT

Jul 24 2003 10:11, Thu PsychoMike   Link
7 People outside FOTH NT

Jul 24 2003 10:12, Thu Lola   Link
There's a lot of laughing, they're scrambeling to catch the red & white parachutes
in their helmets. they can't touch them with their hands or pick them up off the ground. A lot of parachutes are on the ground. I think it over and they're talking about what they caught. Dana says who ask for clam dip? Then she says well we're going to have food it's just a matter of what.

Jul 24 2003 10:12, Thu nojobny   Link
Like chickens without heads...
the HG have to catch capsules attached to parachutes falling into the yard.

Each represents a different food group including the ones listed by the HG last night.

They have to use military helmets to catch the falling parachutes. Theyre all running around trying to catch the parachutes nearly falling over each other.

They calling out the different food groups they've caught just to make sure they have everything.

If they catch the special one from Burger King, they get their choice of BK all week

Jul 24 2003 10:29, Thu Lola   Link
Each HG takes turns
opening the capules that they have in their individual buckets. They're got a lot of food. Good variety. They got a lot of meat capsules like 2 sausage capsules, ground beef, calves liver, 2 steak capsules, veal and otheres. They got 2 shrimp capsules and a few of other sea food. The biggest cheers were for all the Burger King capsules. I lost count cause they got so many of them. They got 2 spagetti and then a variety of vegetables. They also got Bud light and wine cheers. The list goes on. They start going through the capsules that they missed and find out that they missed out on Lobster as well as other things

Jul 24 2003 10:29, Thu PsychoMike   Link
List of Food Items
I may have missed some as the feed would freeze occasionally and there was one FOTH

Missed who this was

Margarine; Skim Milk; Mini Chocolate Bars; Turnips; Sausage Links; Whipped Cream; Cana Pasta; Sports Drinks

Missed this one, too

Fruit Punch; Marshmallows; Tri-tipped Steak; English Muffins; T-Bone Steak;
T-Bone Steak again; Dill Pickles; Halibut; Turkey Hot Dogs; Sausage Patties

Missed this one, also

Pickled Ocra; Chocolate Ice Cream; American Cheese; Eggplant; Pretzels;
Burger King; Tortilla Chips; Burger King; Gala Apples; Raisin Bran;


Calves Liver; Beets; Beer; Non-fat Yogurt; Gummi Bears; Canned Tomatoes; Shrimp; Burger King; Ostrich Burgers; Rack of Lamb


Ground Beef; Kimchee; Burger King; Burger King; Polish Sausage; Corn Beefed Hash; Bananas; Burger King; Pimento Cheese; Bacon; Taco Seasoning; Prunes; Corn Flakes; Parmesian; Cherry Tomatoes;


Alligator; Yellow Cake Mix; Spam; Potato Chips; Artichoke Hearts; White Wine; Spaghetti; Vegetable Boullin; Tereme Soup; Bagels; Short Ribs; Pears; Spaghetti


Pork Shoulder; Red Potatoes; Burger King; Apricots; Sausage; Burger King; Orange Juice; Flounder; Tomato Paste; Burger King; Soy Milk


Ox Tails; Pumpernickel Bread; Succotash; Asparagus; Burger King; Sour Cream; Hot Dog Buns


Bud Light; Raspberries; Goat Cheese; Hot Dogs; Bleu Cheese Dressing; Green Beans; Zuccini; Papaya; Imitation Crab Meat; Wine Coolers; Red Licorice;
Pita Bread; Smart Start Cereal; Pineapple Juice; Fruit Roll-ups; Canteloupe; Shrimp; Low-fat Milk; Carrots


Fettucini; Thousand Island Dressing; Russet Potatoes; New England Clam Chowder; Granola; Mixed Nuts; Mushrooms

Sorry about the spelling... was trying to keep up.

Jul 24 2003 10:32, Thu nojobny   Link
Okay, here what they're eating this week.
(Ed: I missed the beginning. Pardon the spelling)

Here are the capsules the HG caught -

fruit punch
english muffings
t-bone steak -twice
dill pickles
turkey hot dogs
sausage patties

Pickled okra
chocolate ice cream
American Cheese
Burger King
tortilla chips
gala apples
rasien bran

calves liver
non fat yogurt
gummy bears
canned tomatoes
ostrich burgers
rack of lamb

Ground beef
Kim chee (Korean food?)
BK 3x
polish sausage
corned beef hash
pimento cheese
taco seasoning
corn flakes
cherry tomatoes

yellow cake mix
potato chips
artichoke heart
white wine
vegetable bouillon
short ribs

pork shoulder
red potatoes
tomato paste
soy milk

ox tail
pumpernickel bread
sour cream
hot dog buns

bud light
goat cheese
hot dogs
blue cheese dressing
green beans
imitation crab meat
wine coolers
red licorice
pita bread
smart start cereal
pineapple juice
fruit roll ups
low fat milk

biscuit mix (?? mic not working)
thousand island dressing
russet potatoes
new england clam chowder
mixed nuts

Jul 24 2003 10:39, Thu nojobny   Link
Jee: "I Iike Whoppers! Oh, I just sounded like an idiot." NT

Jul 24 2003 10:45, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Its 9:45 a.m. PDT and they're getting Burger King Lunch now NT

Jul 24 2003 10:46, Thu _WatchIt_   Link
Complete list
There was FOTH right at the start of Alison saying what she got, so we might not have heard all of hers.

Ali: margerine, skim milk, mini chocolate bars, turnips, sausage links, whipped cream, penne pasta, sports drinks

Jee: fruit punch, marshmellows, dry tip steak, T-bone steak (twice), dill pickles, halibut, turkey hot dogs, sausage patties

Nate: pickled okra, chocolate ice cream, american cheese, eggplant, pretzels, BK (twice) tortilla chips, gala apples, raisin bran

Erika: calves liver, beets, beer, non-fat yogurt, gummy bears, canned tomatoes, shrimp, BK, ostrich burgers, rack of lamb

Dave: ground beef, kimchee, BK (three times), link sausage, corned beef hash, bananas, pimento cheese, bacon, taco seasoning, prunes, cornflake cereal, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes

Jun: alligator, yellow cake mix, spam, potato chips, artichoke hearts, white wine, gold (optional pick from her list of last night), spaghetti (twice), vegetable bouillion, tiramisu, bagels, short ribs, pears

Rob: pork shoulder, red potatoes, BK (three times), apricots, sausage, orange juice, flounder, tomato paste, soy milk

Jack: ox tails, pumpernickel bread, succotash, asparagus, BK, sour cream, hot dog buns

Justin: bud light, raspberries, goat cheese, hot dogs, blue cheese dressing, green beans, zuccini, papaya, imitation crab meat, wine coolers, red licorice, pita bread, smart start cereal, pineapple juice, fruit roll-ups, canteloupe, shrimp, low-fat milk, carrots

Dana: biscuit dough, fettucini, 1000 island dressing, radishes, russet potatoes, New England clam chowder, granola, mixed nuts, mushrooms

Jul 24 2003 10:47, Thu nojobny   Link
Feeding frenzy in the house
They just let the HG back into the house and there was BK waiting for them on the counter.

Ali is compliaing. Oh this is so gross to eat at 9 in the morning

(unknown) I don't care
(other unknown) Shut up

Jul 24 2003 10:49, Thu KimM   Link
Nate: This makes my day!
He says he's been craving a hamburger.

Ali says it's so gross for breakfast (but she's still eating it.)

Everyone seems to be enjoying thier food.

Jul 24 2003 10:50, Thu katanna   Link
"I hope we get to pick what we get next time" FOTH NT

Jul 24 2003 11:10, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Jun's Nightmare
Jun states that while sleeping with Nate last night, she had a dream that she was covered with bugs. She woke up, whippped her T-shirt off, and ran to Alison's bed.

Jul 24 2003 11:12, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Dave Yells: "Amanda come back" while laying in bed NT

Jul 24 2003 11:26, Thu KimM   Link
Dana to Nate: Honestly, I like Rob and Jus too much to put them up
They continue to talk game. She says her mind is not made up. Nate is pushing for the original alliance. He wants Rob up. Dana is stuck on everyone not trusting her next week. She says several times that you hagve to think of yourself.

Ali comes in. Dana says she hasn't made up her mind yet.

D: I'm not playing this game to think of other people.

N: If you put up the safe bet, Rob and Jee, you get 3 weeks guarenteed. If you don't, you might be put up next week.

Dana says but she has 3 votes in the stooges. Nate tries again, but Dana says Nate doesn't have as much power as he thinks.

Then she says she still trusts Nate, Ali, and Jun. (ed. this woman is nuts)

Nate asks who of the * she would put up. She says she doesn't know, but suggests Erika

Jul 24 2003 11:27, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Dana tells Nate
Dana is talking about putting people up from the O8. Nate is attempting to persuade her to stay with the O8 and put up Robert and Jee.

Dana: "I don't trust any of them over there (O8). I don't have two solid votes from any of them. I'll be the first one they put up."

Nate: "I feel that I can pursuade them not to put you up."

Dana: "I think your not as powerful as you think you are."

Jul 24 2003 11:28, Thu Lola   Link
Dana tells Ju that nobody's got her back
Na comes in and says I won't sit on your bed but she tells him he can. I think Jun left.
Na asks Dana if she is really mad at him. She seems to be ok. He thinks they ought to stick to the original alliance.
Dana says that everything Ja, Er and Da says is a ***ing lie. She's not playing this game for other people. Dana says she knows they're after her to go next and for not to think that he wouldn't be too far behind her and he chuckles. she goes on to says that if she thinks someone is after her she'll get them before they get her. He continues to support the alliance and suggests that if she goes against them that she might be put up next week.
She talks about looking out for herself.
He suggest putting up Je and Ro and they vote Ro out. That Je would stay and he's a honorable man.
Da says she won't vote Jus not because she loves him or anything but because she knows he would vote for her in the end. It's that simple.
Al comes in leaves something and then leaves.
Dana says she hasn't made a decision yet and then goes on to say that she looking at how many solid votes she would have.
Na says that he could persuade the others and she replys that she thinks he thinks he's a lot stronger than he really is.
she again says she hasn't made up her mind. That you can't trust anyone and that she probably shouldn't even trust them. She can't wait to see the tapes.
She reminds them of how she was alone most of last week and was miserable, ***** miserable. She says none of them talked to her except Jun who gave her half *ss answers because she didn't know anything either.
Na says I tried to talk to you and she agrees saying "That's why you're here right now"

Jul 24 2003 11:29, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Nate keeps saying "if we stick to the original" (at least 4 times now). NT

Jul 24 2003 11:29, Thu KimM   Link
Dana ranting
Dana complaining about last week. Says she had no one to talk to. (ed. ?!) Says she wants to f*ck over people before they can do it to her. She doesn't care anymore, will get sequestered.

Back to game talk. Nate is trying very hard to convince Dana to stick with the original plan. Dana is still sounding like she wants to go with the stooges. (ed. This is driving me crazy to listen to...don't know how much more I can take)

Jul 24 2003 11:47, Thu KimM   Link
Nate working hard to convince Dana to stick with the original 8
If you trust me, stick with us. Jack, etc.. won't put you up next week. He says, he'll go on the block for her.

Nate is trying really hard to get Dana to listen to the numbers and that she's safe, but she's going on and on about trust and thinking about herself.

Now she's back on last week again.

They keep saying the same things over and over again.

(ed. All 4 feeds are on this and I can't take it much longer.)

Nate now saying that she should listen to her music, nto talk to anyone else and think about it.

Jul 24 2003 11:51, Thu bidz_yo   Link
Alison: I'm gonna go throw up
"Don't give me a fuc**in whopper and onion rings at 9:45 in the morn..." FOTH


Jul 24 2003 12:07, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Jun and Dana discussing nominations
Currently they have decided that it will be Jack and Dave. "Unless something changes between now and 6:00 o'clock."

Jul 24 2003 12:09, Thu Lotus   Link
Jun: "I need to stop eating" LOL NT

Jul 24 2003 12:24, Thu Orwell   Link
Jokers is upgrading our primary server.
Not much will change: for a few days, no new AVIs. You will soon note an increase in speed. There might be an occasional burp but we believe this should lessen server outages at peak times (like eviction nights!) If you have problems, send an email to

Jul 24 2003 12:26, Thu kekejet   Link
Dana just said she has to nominate in two hours!!!! NT

Jul 24 2003 12:26, Thu Lola   Link
Jus in the HOH
they've been talking about options and are considering putting someone on the darkside
She ask Jus who he recomends and he says Ja & Al or if she concerned more about veto then Ja & Na
He thinks Al is strong because she could win HOH. and that Na & Al are both dangerous because they're wildcards who will say anything to go with the numbers.

Jul 24 2003 12:38, Thu kekejet   Link
Jun, in a way was trying to warn Jack, they should be worried about getting put up. NT

Jul 24 2003 12:41, Thu Lola   Link
Ja and Jun in sitting in the back room area
Ju says bothe sides were going to put her up but she believes them more.
Ja says well you can believe the first messenger or you can beleive the second messenger
Jun tells Ja how Dana doesn't trust them from the alliance and that she trusts the stooges more because they talked to her a little last week.

Jul 24 2003 12:50, Thu nojobny   Link
Nat & Ali talking in bed
Ali: Does your 'wang' have a name?
Nat: Yeah
Ali; What is it?
Nat: Anaconda

Ali laughing hysterically

Jul 24 2003 12:52, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Nate and Ali in Bed...
Nate (holding Ali's elephant): "Its got a wang."

Ali: "It doesn't have a wang!"

(Nate laughing)

Ali: "Do you call yours a 'wang'?"

Nate: "Yup."

Ali: "Does your wang have a name?"

Nate: "Yeah... its called the 'Anaconda'."

Jul 24 2003 12:55, Thu Phantom   Link
Jun just reported that she talked to Jee and there is no question in her mind that they (the Stooges) wanted to put her up.
Dana says, "fine, but it's a whole new game (now)"

It's not clear who's side Jun is really coming down on. She is good.

Jul 24 2003 12:55, Thu thor   Link
HOH room, Jun now trying to sway Dana to stick with original alliance NT

Jul 24 2003 12:58, Thu thor   Link
Dana sticking to her guns. I wouldn't say Jun is failing, but Dana is hard up decided. OK now Jun is failing with her BS NT

Jul 24 2003 13:00, Thu bidz_yo   Link
Jun goes from one course to another
Now it's Wheat Thins, it was apple pie less than an hour ago!

"I wouldn't say she's fat, but she's definitely pushing maximum density."

(name that movie)

Jul 24 2003 13:10, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
Breakfast Club -- slightly misquoted NT

Jul 24 2003 13:06, Thu thor   Link
It's official Dana said to Ally and Jun that the stooges are safe. (no message) NT

Jul 24 2003 13:09, Thu bidz_yo   Link
Dana says she forgot to take her "pill"...
Justin says, "Ya better take two"

Jack: "Don't worry, I'm shootin' blanks."


Conversation between all the guys continues with Jack regaling them of his story of getting "fixed" (vasectomy) in great detail. After his sixth(!) kid, he figured it was time.

Jul 24 2003 13:10, Thu PsychoMike   Link
Jack states that he had a vasectomy after his 6th child was born. NT

Jul 24 2003 13:17, Thu Peachy720   Link
Girl talk
Dana telling Ali it has to get selfish at some point. She can't trust anything about anyone, and that is what she has to consider right now. Said EVERYONE except Jun is up for grabs, because she's the person who least lied to her. She said she has to be a cold-hearted b*tch right now, the same everyone was to Michelle.
She's looking at everyone on an individual level at this point.

She says she needs a nap right now. She said she didn't mean to wake them up, she just came in to talk.

7 remaining people in the house-if she makes it that far-will be the people voting. So individual level-how much they trust her, have lied to her, who would vote for her, etc...

She needs to think about it NOW because she needs to get some sleep. She's starting to wish she hadn't won.

Dana says she unfortunately she can't think that the group will do anything for her. It's time for her to be selfish.

She'd rather be true to herself. If they come after, they come after her. As long as she can look at herself, and say she played the best she did.

She tells Erika she can't put her life in the game in 6 people's hands.

Erika says yesterday put the perspective on the strength of an alliance. It was a leap of faith.

Ali asked if she wasn't going to stick with the alliance, why did you vote with us.

Dana said it was so sudden, she felt like she had to. She felt nobody was with her, and also she DID want to be with the group at that time.

However, she will not feel bad about breaking the alliance, because this IS A GAME. It's not about who's going to make the best alliance.

Erika asks wouldn't she rather get further. She says she'll know what Dana will do what she wants to do. Erika says, but I've had a little more sleep, and have a better grasp. Asks Jun what she thinks.

Jun says with every person that talks to Dana, Dana will feel better about that last position.

Girls agree.

Dana says everyone wants to save their ass.

Now they're back to whispering where I can't here.


Jul 24 2003 13:22, Thu Peachy720   Link
More Girl Talk....
Dana says I DON'T have an ex in this house, unlike you guys.

Erika says Robert talks a good game with his hands. She fell for it too. Dana says she's not falling for anything.

Dana says she doesn't trust anyone more or less than anyone else in the house. Talks again about an individual level.

Ali tells her she needs to look at who's a threat. Dana interrupts and says ..To me! That's what you guys need to understand.

Erika says Dana needs to stop thinking you're safe.

They're telling her to get some rest and not letting anyone talk to her.

She promises she's not letting personal feelings get in the way. She has to think about who she can trust.

Erika and Ali in bed. Jun in bed.

Dana leaves.

Er says she's running herself in circles, she's so tired.

Al wonders if hammock is back.

Jun is doing the "Charlie Brown whisper again."

Ali says I'm sorry Jun that's stupid of her.

Jun says she's not budging, and she doesn't think she's going to stay with the 08.

Sorry you guys, I'm REALLY trying to hear Jun.

Jul 24 2003 13:24, Thu kira   Link
Alison: "I brought him into this house, I'm gonna fuc*in' take him out!" NT

Jul 24 2003 13:26, Thu Peachy720   Link
The end of Girl Talk....and letting Jack in..
Ali says Justin is going to TURRRRN on her.

Jun says she doesn't think so.

Ali just wants to jab Justin in the jaw. She F*n brought him in the house, and she'll f*n take her out.

either Ali or Jun says "Bulls*it"

Erika says Dana will be a target next week.

Jun says she thought Dana was smarter than that. Ali agreed.

Erika and Ali scatter. They join Nate outside.

They got the pool back.

Ali tells Jack he HAS to talk to her. She says that the LAST person she talks to is the person she will go with. Jack says he'll talk to her.

Jul 24 2003 13:31, Thu MLTV   Link
Dana And Robert in HOH
Dana: we made the deal 5 minutes after coming in and I dont like any of those people
Dana: I want to put up jack and ali. erika will vote for jack and as long as you and justin vote ali will go.

Jul 24 2003 13:31, Thu Peachy720   Link
Dana's putting Alison up.
Justin playing cards alone. Jack and Nathan join him.

Jack asks how much time until nominations.

Nathan says he has no ideas when noms even are.

Feed switch to Erika and Dave.

Now Rob in HOH with Dana.

She says she doesn't even like any of the people here.

Rob says he would not be surprised if Nathan and Ali win.

He tells her all the 3 Stooges have are her.

He says Ali has talked so many times about holding back from hitting her.

Dana says she's gotta go, b/c I don't want her having a say in the end.

Her plan is to make sure Ali goes.

What would suck if she won the veto, because she is the only person that would save herself.

She's going to put her up against Jack.

Alison will not get more than 1 or 2 votes.

Tells Robert they keep trying to get her to stop the 3 stooges. Robert easing her mind..

Dana said Alison doesn't appreciate the game. She's too immature. Takes things personally.

Dana says the girl thing doesn't matter to her.


Jul 24 2003 13:37, Thu Maria   Link
Jack in HoH with Dana with last ditch effort to save the Alliance NT

Jul 24 2003 13:38, Thu Maria ParentRootLink
Dave comes in too. Double teamin' her. NT

Jul 24 2003 13:43, Thu Maria   Link
Dana responds to Jack
You don't get to be HoH every week. I am not looking out for 6 other people. I am not looking out for 3 people. I am not looking out for Justin. I am looking at what is best for me. The game is ***** right now. (ed. I have to respect her integrity)

Jul 24 2003 13:46, Thu Maria   Link
Dave is telling Dana about what Robert said right after the HoH competition
Where he said, you guys played us good. But just promise me one thing... that that b!tch doesn't get in and Dave said who and Robert said Dana (ed. I heard him say it but I figured he was just playing the Alliance).

Jul 24 2003 13:49, Thu Maria ParentRootLink
Robert just totally lied to Dana and said he didn't say it!!!! NT

Jul 24 2003 13:48, Thu Maria   Link
Dave and Jack are pressuring Dana really hard
Dave says... well just know if you put one of the Alliance out this week, we'll all be after you.

Jul 24 2003 13:48, Thu Peachy720   Link
Dana, Jack and Dave in the HOH!
Justin joins Robert and Dana.

They all laugh that the 08 has been saying that THEY can't be trusted all week.

Dana is mocking Erika for saying that Robert is such a charismatic guy.

Erika comes in and sits on the floor (ed: trying to make Robert get out?)

Justin and Dana play-fight about socks. She says he's embarassing her with his dirty socks.

Shoot. Feed timed out. Loading.

Now feeds on Nate and Jun. He asked her where she's falling in. She pauses and says she's sticking with the numbers. He says he knows they're losing one of theirs this week, leaving them with 5 against 4.

Jack is in to talk to Dana. He says last week when all the controversy of both sides not trusting Dana. He said he was the last person in the HoH. He says when he got in there to argue that Michelle should be voted off (Er more competitive), the Stooges had already been talking {Dave comes in and asks if he can be there~everytime Jack tries to start back up, Dana changes subject }conversation was not whether to vote off Er or Michelle but when DANA would be voted off. He knows how tight she is with both Justin and Robert..he says they wanted Erika gone, and you gone. Jack's thought is they needed Dana in the alliance, but couldn't be sure, and you can't fault someone for covering their ass. He says "no kissy-swapping spit" with Justin. He understands you might be attracted to Justin, but it will not cloud your head. She agrees. He says in terms of your future vote..Dana interrupts, and says the game is turning into a big sack of $hit..she's gotta think for herself. She's not worried about Justin, or Alison, but just herself. She might not have a chance to do anything to defend herself later on. So now, she's looking at everyone individually. Who do I want to be the 7 people coming back to vote for me? Who do I trust the most? Well that's nobody right now, so I guess it would be Who do I trust the least vote?

At some point everyone has to look out for themself..If it happens a week earlier, so be it. I know there are sub-alliances.

Jack says that Justin is the single-most strongest competitor in the house. Dana says he hasn't won a competition. Jack says he's always at the top. Jack says look at the people you have come into the house initially. You have beat all of us. If you ride out with the people you came in, you have a better chance of going further, than if you trust Justin, because he's liable to win every other competition. He's a hearbeat away, just that close.

Dave says Robert was telling him after HoH, promise me that Dana will not go to the end. B*tch gotta go. Dave says he feels Dana can't read people very well. Dana disagrees. Jack says if she is..Dana said, if I call Robert in right now, you'll say that right now. Dave says absolutely, he'll probably lie his ass off...Dana says, that's all I have to go on anymore..

Dave echoes Jack that she needs to follow the alliance. He says after the week, she'll realize her judging of people's a little off. Jack says if you're looking out for yourself, look at d, ja, er, al, ju, and n as votes, and as people she beat in competition.

Dn says she can't take it anymore..She wishes she hadn't won.

Dave said if you put one of the o8 up, we'll be after you next week. Dana said no $*it. It's all about the numbers.

Dana's still dying to know if Robert said that. The guys assure her he did.

Jack asks who she wants to be in the final 3. Robert and Justin will gang up on her. Right now, you're the strongest competitor...

oooh! she's going get robert..FIIIIGHT!


Jul 24 2003 13:54, Thu Peachy720   Link
Confrontation with Dana/Robert/Dave..end of Dana/Jack talk
Robert is adamantly denying saying he called Dana a $itch and saying that he didn't care what happened, but not to let her win.

Dave said it's everyone's own word.

Robert said he'd rather have it this way.

Jack said if she has any questions, ask.

Jack says he saw him tell Dave that, Ali.

Robert said of course, you're going to have your own people.

Robert says do what you have to do. Either way, you'll be alright.

Dana is actually speechless. Hands over mouth, just staring.

She really thinks she needs to sleep.

Now just Jack and Dana in room. He says that he told the alliance, if you don't think you can trust Dana, put that behind you. She's a vote, we'll pull her back in. She's covering her ass, nothing wrong with doing that, part of the game. He said both sides didn't trust you. You can't give them credit for filling you in with lies.

Says she has to think about herself, and nothing wrong with that. Look at the alliance.If you form an alliance with Justin, you'll have a hell of a time beating Justin in the final 2. and robert and justin will beat up on you and you'll do no better than 3rd.

If you think we're against you, fine, beat our asses in competition.

First chance Justin gets, he'll put you up. He wants you to think that he and Rob are with you. I did NOT hear that conversation , you just confronted him about. But I've heard him NUMEROUS times saying you're his #1 target after Erika.

He says think, who do you think you could beat at the end? Me or Justin? Dana says you have to think about votes.

Jack says no, you have to think about competitions first.

They disperse.


Jul 24 2003 13:59, Thu Phantom   Link
Jack, Dave and Dana in the HOH.
Jack calmly presents the idea that sticking with her original alliance is in her best interests. He recommends that she take someone to the end that she can beat (mostly spoken in the context of beat in competitions). Dave pitches in to say that Ratbert just recently spoke against Dana and said that she cannot be allowed to win. (Ratbert is reported to have said at the HOH comp that no matter what happens make sure that that b****ch doesn't win) Dana asks if he will say it to his face. He says fine, call him in, but then it becomes a he said, he said thing. Jack is making the mistake of specifically targeting Justin to be put up. Dave says that if she puts one of the O8 out this week then she will have all of the O8 against her next week. "I know that," she says. But, Dave says, there are more of us than them, and, if it turns out that they aren't as trustworthy as you think, then you will have the entire house against you. Dana is concerned about what Dave says that Ratbert said and goes out to confront him. Ratbert says no; Dave says yes; Jack just nods; Dave says ask Ali, she was there. "Well of course," says Ratbert, "she is with them."

They break up with nothing decided and Jack returns to the HOH to finish his argument. He argues against Justin because he might beat her in comps, and turns it around to point out that Justin is thinking that way. He wants to take someone along that he can beat and he hasn't been able to beat her yet (so he will target her ASAP). Jack does not try to confirm the Ratbert statement. He admits that he was not there, but, he has heard him say things like that before. They finish and Dana goes out to the yard to talk to Jun. Jun says that the reported statement doesn't sound like something Ratbert would say, but that it sounds like something that Dave would say to make him look bad.

Jul 24 2003 14:02, Thu Phantom   Link
Dana goes to Jee for reassurance (which she gets, of course)
then into the HOH with Ratbert. He swears that he didn't say it but challenges her to put him up against (Jack? Dave?) and she will see that she will be the one to go next week. Justin comes in to agree and Jun comes in to "put her foot down" that they should get out and "let this girl get some sleep." Jee is in the HOH and they are discussing who to put up against Ali.

Jul 24 2003 14:12, Thu dianasto51 ParentRootLink
erica put her foot down NT

Jul 24 2003 14:12, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
It was Erika who came in NT

Jul 24 2003 14:07, Thu kira   Link
Robert, about Erika: "What a whor*. She tells me ___, I'm gonna fuc*in' slap the bitc*!" NT

Jul 24 2003 14:49, Thu Lola   Link
Ja & Er in BY
Ja says he talked to Dana and appealed to her that who would she want to take to the end, some one like him or Ju and Ro. If she took them she would finish 3rd. He also said that Dana did question Ro about lying.
Er said that was interesting and wondered if there was a motive behind it.

Jul 24 2003 15:01, Thu SusieCat   Link
Ali told Dave her but smells like roses.....
Dave said "Yeah, dead roses decaying in sh*t."


Jul 24 2003 15:19, Thu JulieH   Link
Dana's taking a shower and told the camera to turn around "stop being all up in my business" she then said
you better more or I'll sing. I'm gona sing. Then sure enough she sings so we go to foth. She's manipulating those bathroom cameras LOl

Jul 24 2003 15:24, Thu n2deep   Link
Robert laying on bed CRYING with a tissue talking to Erica (Gaggg) NT

Jul 24 2003 15:38, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali & Dave say they call them the 3 Stooges in DR! NT

Jul 24 2003 15:42, Thu Bert   Link
Ali and David called Dana ...
Ali says she always refers to Dana in the DR as ManTroll. David said she looks like a wombat. Ali said she looks like Minnie Mouse on crack. David said BB probably doesn't have one take of him not calling her a bitch or psycho bitch.

Jul 24 2003 15:45, Thu Bert   Link
Ali is warning Erika to be wary of Jun ...
Ali said that they need to put up Dana next, and probably up against Jun. Jun is the one feeding Dana all the info. Erika seemed kinda shocked at the idea of putting up Dana and Jun together. Erika is saying that her focus of the game is really shifting, because Dana is really starting to piss her off a lot.

Ali also said that she'd be fine if anyone but Dana, Jee and Ratbert won. Even Justin would be OK because Ali said he's a good guy.

Erika is saying that no way should they have to go through this kind of sh*t again, with Dana getting HOH. It's driving everybody crazy.

They both worry about David, and both say they have his back.

Jul 24 2003 15:49, Thu babyblue   Link
Allie & Erika talking in BY
Allie: She could put Jun up against whoever, and no one would vote her out. And I hate to say this but she's (Jun) just sliding right thru this game.
Erika: Oh my.
Allie: Well, I'm about to put an end to that.
Allie: You know I would be happy if anyone but Jee, Robt, or Dana won the 500K. Even Justin; I wouldn't mind even if he won it.
Erika: You know I don't usually let my emotions get the best of me, but she's really beginning to piss me off! (earth to Erika: you only have one emotion, right? you just hide it better than anyone else)
Erika: I think you're safe this week
Allie: Yeah, I'm sure you are too.
(they talk of doing "mad-lunges", because, Allie says: "I have so much cellulite" and Erika, fish-hooked again by Allie's constant compliment fishing, states: "Your body is just fine")
Allie: I just hope if Dana is falling for Justin, that he just throws her ass out onto the curb when this whole thing is over. that's what I'm hoping for"

Jul 24 2003 15:50, Thu Bert   Link
Ali saying she needs to lose some weight. Asks if Erika help her work on certain areas?
Erika said she's perfect the way she is. She has nice curves. Ali goes back to cutting down her body. Erika telling her she looks great. Then Ali discusses all the compulsive eating, how there's nothing to do and it's a way to deal with nerves.

Erika saying that she doesn't want to hold grudges (with regard to Ratbert). She says that she hate to see anybody suffer.

Here comes Dana. She came out to apologize to Erika for yelling at her. I didn't hear the yelling incident.

Ali asked if anybody has any silver cleaner. Dana is saying how ashes work. How her mother used to use her cigarette ashes to clean her silver jewelry.

Dana going to hunt for food and I'm posting.

Jul 24 2003 15:51, Thu Lola   Link
Al & Er on patio
Al is talking about if Dana puts one of them up then what they have to do is put Dana & Ju up against each other.
Er goes "eewh...."
Then Al continues "As much as I love her (Ju) she sliding her *ss right through this game and I'm about to put an end to that"
Al says mayebe they should just get Dana now so they don't have to go through this anymore
Er agrees that she could take Dana being HOH again and putting every body through this sh*t
They agree that they're probably alright this week and are concerned about Ja but agree that they both have his back
Al ask what Er and Ro were fighting about.
Er says they weren't fighting, he was sad and apologized and is missing her daughter.
Then the talk goes to their figures. Al doesn't think she has a great figure.
Er tells her that she has a great figure, nic and curvy.
(missed some)
Dana comes out and they all start talking at once.
Dana says she missed so much when she took her 20 min. nap.
She apologizes for something
Al says can we just not talk about the game for a while.
They agree.
Al ask if they have silver finger nail polish
Da tells them a trick about using cigarette ashes

Jul 24 2003 15:55, Thu Bert   Link
Erika saying to Ali that she's sorry that Michelle had to leave ...
Ali said she'll get over it. Ali is sorry that she was wearing her clothes when the got evicted. Ali said she put her dress in storage to give it back to Michelle.

Ali said someone had to go and she was a good one to go. Erika said can you imagine if Michelle was here today (referring to they psycho-ness in the air).

Now they're saying they don't want to be sequestered with Dana.

Now they're saying that if Dana f*cks up, she's outta there. (Implying that if she puts up the original alliances, they'll target her).

Ali said she feels sorry she fought with Justin last night. Ali making midget jokes about Justin's height.

Jul 24 2003 16:00, Thu Bert   Link
Ali asked if Erika would hang out with Dana outside the house ...
Ericka said no, that Dana's too brash. Ai said she'd never hang out with Dana. Ali said that Jun said she wouldn't even go shopping with Dana, that maybe Jun would do a short lunch with her.

They're talking about how Justin is gonna win if they don't get rid of him.

They are now studying how many foods they caught today, and who caught how many in case these questions will be asked re: food comp in the next HOH.

Jul 24 2003 16:11, Thu bidz_yo   Link
Jee makes a funny!!!
Him and Dave are just lounging around the LR with Dave playing solitare.

Dave goes, "Where's Jun?"
Jee: "I dunno, but I bet when the food shows up, she'll come out."


Jul 24 2003 16:18, Thu Anonymous   Link
Justin "scratching" Dana's back in the HOH Room
I am sorry ed note: it is making me sick.....Justin is scratching her back and asks her to roll over so he can go underneath her shirt (on her back).

They can hear the others in the storage room talking about the food they got.
Justin talking about how Erica keeps coming in and driving them both nuts.

Jul 24 2003 16:21, Thu Anonymous   Link
Justin and Dana in the HOH
Talking about how cool Rob is and how they believe that he is a big man like he says.
Justin saying that his relationship with Allison was nothing. Justin says that they didn't really have a relationship like she said. He said he kept telling her that it wasn't a relationship. He said he went in the diary room and told them that he didn't consider her a girlfriend until he came on the show. He said that he only considered he a f$%k buddy.

Jul 24 2003 16:40, Thu Lola   Link
Je pronounces Al name as Al-leeee-son and then chuckles. He says he thinks that sound cute NT

Jul 24 2003 16:47, Thu Lola   Link
Da & Ju
Da says they all hate it that you're in here
Jus They just all hate me, they hate my face
Dana leaves and Jus is left alone stretched out on the bed
feed switches to BY hammock

Jul 24 2003 16:56, Thu Lola   Link
Al is talking to Er in BY, they're doing the girl-talk thing (bonding? or playing each other)
Al says she had a wide circle of friends but theres only a few that she lets close. I go the bars sometimes with a few but I can live with out them. Maybe thats wrong I dont know
Er is saying yeah a-huh no etc
Then Al says to Er that in the beginning she didn't know what to think of her and now thinks that maybe she was shy or conservative
Er says she was is shock
Al agrees about the X-thing
missed some
Then they talk about doing Playboy and both said they'd do it
Al says she wants to drop 15 pounds
Er says she doesn't need to
Al ask Er how she stays slim, diet, exercise?
Er says she wished she had more, it's just the way her family is
Er suggests drinking tea to fill her up
(note: they seem to be enjoying their chat)
now they talk about pimples, birth control and periods

Jul 24 2003 17:00, Thu frustratedposter   Link
FOTH (noms?) NT

Jul 24 2003 17:22, Thu frustratedposter   Link
back now, F2 playing with the Memory wall
showing pics and keys

maybe a clue

Jul 24 2003 17:23, Thu Liann   Link
Camera man keeps focusing on Jee and Juns pics and keys. Are they treying to tell us something? NT

Jul 24 2003 17:23, Thu frustratedposter   Link
still 10 keys on wall on F2, so noms may not have happened NT

Jul 24 2003 17:27, Thu Liann   Link
Now some woman is talking into a two way to BB straitening pics for key pull. NT

Jul 24 2003 17:29, Thu Anonymous   Link
Looks like the HGs are in lock down outside so the camera crew can get shots of the photos on the wall. Because of glare problems, one crewmember with a walkie talkie entered the house and adjusted the pics.

Jul 24 2003 17:46, Thu antonio2025bk   Link
Dana called to DR, Brief FOTH NT

Jul 24 2003 17:58, Thu bidz_yo   Link
Jun to Nate outside while awaiting the wrath of Mantroll...
Jun: "Knowing Dana, she's gonna put the keys in the box in the order of the people she likes." (giggle)

Nate: "Yeah"

...brief foth...

Jul 24 2003 18:00, Thu bidz_yo   Link
Everytime they complain about the food this morning or that it was Burger King, we get FOTFH! NT

Jul 24 2003 18:19, Thu antonio2025bk   Link
FOTH, this might be it NT

Jul 24 2003 18:47, Thu bruhe   Link
feeds back with jun and dana in the SR NT

Jul 24 2003 18:49, Thu Sharky   Link
I think Jack is one nomination; he commented about the pretzels, "you know what, I'll eat all of them before next Wednesday" NT

Jul 24 2003 18:50, Thu Sharky ParentRootLink
the other camera shows Ali lying in bed with the covers up to her neck so I bet the other nom. is Alison NT

Jul 24 2003 18:49, Thu Anonymous   Link
Dana: "Ali wouldn't even talk to me." Guess she was nominated. NT

Jul 24 2003 18:49, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Ali and Jack are noms NT

Jul 24 2003 18:50, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali got it too
Ali is the other nominee

Jul 24 2003 18:51, Thu Sharky   Link
Dana to Justin "Let there be no mistakes made. All 4 of you vote her out." NT

Jul 24 2003 18:51, Thu bruhe   Link
dana just whispered to justin how they have to keep going till the four of them are gone. i presume jack ali nathan and maybe david? NT

Jul 24 2003 18:53, Thu bouvluvr   Link
Its ali and Jack NT

Jul 24 2003 18:53, Thu bruhe   Link
nathan is betraying jack by telling ali jack is weak and she is better stronger faster. NT

Jul 24 2003 18:55, Thu bruhe   Link
nate now telling ali to be cool.. ali kind of blew up at dana after meeting. N says david is now very mad at dana. nate working her to trust him....
and he seems to be trying to tell her not to go for the veto for some reason

Jul 24 2003 18:58, Thu kathryn   Link
Nate thinks that Jun is still with them, but Ali thinks she is with Dana and the 3 Stooges NT

Jul 24 2003 19:03, Thu Bert   Link
Ali to Erika - I will make this very ugly tomorrow. I will. NT

Jul 24 2003 19:16, Thu Muse   Link
Spoiler Nominations
It is Ali & Jack that Dana nominated. Ali said Dana came in to try & talk to her, Jack said he just said to Dana it is a game, i understand.

Jul 24 2003 19:25, Thu Bert   Link
Ali - either way we're losing one.
Ali I'm not gonna campaign against Jack. I'm 22, he's 58, that would just be disrespectful.

E - I can't wrap my head around this right now. I have to sleep on it. F*ck that sucks so bad.

Ali - this is personal after me. Not against Jack, but against me. She (Dana) made this sh*t personal.

E - I hate to say this but your ex-boyfriend might be evil.

They laugh.

Dana and Justin playing cards on the couch. Ali & E sitting outside. I believe Jack and Jee are working out in the yard. Don't know anybody else's whereabouts.

Jul 24 2003 19:28, Thu babyblue   Link
Erika to Allie: It's so personal
" . . .last week it was my ex responsible for my nom and this week i think it's your ex responsible for yours. It's so personal"
(Erika gets up and leaves BY, goes to kitchen w/Jun)
Allie (as E leaves): I wanna get off this ride .
(poster ::: rolls eyes, a'la Dana :::)

Jul 24 2003 19:29, Thu Bert   Link
Everybody's whereabouts at this moment.
E to Ali - I think I know how you're feeling. I felt this way last week. It was my ex that was responsible for me being put up. It's your ex who's responsible for putting you up. It's so personal.

Ali lying on lounger looking very forlorn. Nate next to her hanging his head. Dav, Jack and Jee in the BY with them. Jun cooking with Erika chatting with her, Ratbert wandering. Dana & Justin playing cards.

Jul 24 2003 19:29, Thu Phantom   Link
Late Update
Nat enters the back bedroom where Ali is sulking in bed. Ali says that she is so going to win the veto tomorrow. "This is the plan," says Nat. If I win veto, we're going to keep it the same." Babble, babble. Ali refers to Dana having the tie breaker. Can no one in this house count? The plan is to get Jack out because Ali is a so much better player, he says. They don't seem to have counted the numbers on the other side.

Jul 24 2003 19:33, Thu Bert   Link
Jun sez that she's going to make the steak tips she made the other day & the pasta since some of the HG's didn't get to eat it last time. NT

Jul 24 2003 19:33, Thu babyblue   Link
Erika whispering w/Jun in Kitchen
Apparently, what I get from this and previous convos of Erika's w/Nate-Allie esp., E is more than willing to give up Jack in eviction just because she suspects Allie's nom (as well as her own last wk) was engineered by ex's.
I think we are beginning to see, finally, Erika's true (icy cold) nature coming into play

Jul 24 2003 20:00, Thu _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Can you post what's actually said? Erika has said she will vote out Ali, and Ali is gone.
She just said it again to Dave.

Jul 24 2003 19:39, Thu bruhe   Link
dana told Er. she put nathans key in the last position as...
a message to people.. if you veto anyone then nathan is going up in their place.
jack says we will keep our cool and we will get even.
before this was a silent pause... then david broke it by saying "...b-tch..." about dana.
they are tryign to learn from last nites hoh competition with having to react properly instead of blurting an answer out. david wants an endurance comp. (hes a student of this game im sure)
they start to go over the capsules caught and the food items and stuff... to remember.

Jul 24 2003 19:40, Thu jangojango   Link
waite..these people dont know the rules
NATE CAN NOT BE NOM if he wins VETO..dana can not put him up!

Jul 24 2003 19:46, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
Please explain.

Jul 24 2003 19:57, Thu frustratedposter ParentRootLink
true, but nate already said he's not going for POV NT

Jul 25 2003 02:50, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
the winner of the veto CANNOT be nominated. If nate won the veto, he could not be put on the block this week

Jul 24 2003 19:42, Thu bruhe   Link
david makes it clear.. there is no way to win the veto and force dana to
put up one of "the three stooges" (first time ive heard them say this i think).
it sounds like the veto is going to be avoided (thats the goal) at all cost. ed note: if they were smart theyd cut a deal with a stooge for the veto
they sound like they are ready to bite the bullet and take the loss (they think ali) and then go for revenge before.
they talk of justin being the ringleader (moe)
david says its their own fault (the O8) for letting the amanda deal happen as well as last nights vote (should have forced the veto on them).

Jul 24 2003 19:48, Thu Bert   Link
Dav, Erika & Jack talking in desert room
Talking about answering questions at HOH competitions.

E - It will either be Nate or Ali, because you're obviously the pawn (Jack).

Group agreeing they can't use the veto to save Jack. If Ali uses it, they believe Nate will go up.

E - I told Ali to calm down. She's walking around saying "I hate her."

Dav - It's all my fault.

E - Yeah, we should have used the veto.

Dav - screwed up on the Amanda vote too.

Dav - Jun is in a prime position.

E - Yeah she is. We could put her up against Dana, break up the two swing players. At least then we'd know what side everybody else is on.

E - The tide has turned

J - Overnight. That's how the game goes.

D - I suggest Justin and Robert go up, but it's too early to say now.

Nate entered the room.

Jack - we must win next HOH to get Dana or Justin out. We don't want to exercise the veto. I'm the decoy. Telling Nate that he'll be put up next ...

E - or one of us others.

Nate and Jack leave to lift weights.

D to E - Guess we just have to start riding it out.

E - Who goes? Ali?

D - Yeah. I dunno. Who's better at winning.

E - Ali, that's why I'm torn. she might be better at winning the competitions against Jack ... Ali walks into the desert room. Conversation stops.

Jul 24 2003 19:49, Thu FuggyBootnling   Link
It was like something out of a war movie...rallying the troops after they lose a man. Or in this case a woman.

Or maybe a man. This is going to be a bit of a fight.

Jack is right...if she was going to flip, maybe now is the time. And her choices were good - she puts together a member of a pair, and a member of a threesome. Bound to be internal divisions there.

She made a smart decision.

Jul 24 2003 19:49, Thu bruhe   Link
nathan comes in and jack tells him what they were talking about
they are in the blue room. jack nathan david and erika.
the point is not to use the veto and sacrifice ali (ed: they seem certain jack is the pawn? or being over confident)
jack states the truth: we have to play well now and win, instead of just talking about it.
they adjourn to working out. nathan needs jack as a spotter tho it seems he wants to minimize the plotting.
david and erika are now left.
they are now talking about who of jack or ali is more valuable to them. erika says ali is better at winning.
ali then comes in and they kind of stop talking. ali says "this sucks"
ali says "itll be alright" she has a bowl of something to eat with her.
now just the clink of spoon against bowl.
ali: why are you so upset? dont be upset?
da and er says they are just pissed at dana making this move.
ali says its the dumbest move dana could have done.
dave says its funny that dana believes ....
erika : yeah
ali: what?
dave says that dana believes what ratbert is telling her.
they agree his a pursuasive con man.
ali: what ever. im not gonna die
da: oh yeah
ali: ill just go home.... i mean shes just F-ing stupid when it comes to this game. she just put her @ss up.
now inaudable whispers.. posting.

Jul 24 2003 19:51, Thu bruhe   Link
oh and by the way, feeds 3 and 4 have jun working on food. again. typical. lol NT

Jul 24 2003 19:56, Thu bruhe   Link
david and erika are now conspiring on their own....
david kind of looses it in a comic moment when erika says "she wanted to turn the tide in the house" david says "she didnt turn S---"
but they want ali out now. they want nathan in the house to pull the targets off of them.
erika says its "awwwn" lol monya!!!

Jul 24 2003 19:56, Thu bruhe   Link
david just supposed that jun and jee have an alliance?? :) smart egg NT

Jul 24 2003 19:58, Thu bruhe ParentRootLink
correction i think: they were talking ali and justin working together . oops NT

Jul 24 2003 20:28, Thu RMU ParentRootLink
Ali told them earlier that she thought Jun & Jee had a secret alliance - Er asked Dv about it and he agrees it's prolly true NT

Jul 24 2003 20:00, Thu Bert   Link
Ali's boyfriend's birthday ...
Ali - I'll be out in time for my boyfriend's birthday. If I still have a boyfriend.

D - That guy sucks, you should be single. Single is better.

Ali - I'm gonna.

Jul 24 2003 20:00, Thu Phantom   Link
"I hate being out-smarted by someone not as smart as me," says Erika.
Ali says later that she will make it home in time for her b/f's 21'st. Erika muses that, "she wanted to turn the tide, she turned it." Erika, Dave and Ali were in the Sand Box, but Ali has left now. Dave plans for Ali to be gone and Nat to be the target after that. If we pull Ali off to put Nat on, then we're targets. The agree that Ali has to go. Dave calls Duh-na a slut and Erika asks him to calm down. If they are going to get out of this they need him calm. "You can't go around calling anyone slut." Dave says that he is OK and wouldn't do that in the open. Dana says that it sucks because they lose a really strong player. They discuss numbers and decide that it is their 4 against the 5 in the Rat Pack. They wonder about Jun and think she may go with whoever has the power. They agree that Jun is unreliable.

Dave says to not worry, Duh-na is gone next week and if they get it, he'll get them to evict Nat. Not sure how he plans to control this all, but it quiets Erika.

Jul 24 2003 20:01, Thu Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Dana to Ali: "I just did something that no one in this whole house had the balls to do...It was a 'game' decision." NT

Jul 24 2003 20:02, Thu bruhe   Link
davids puppet theatre...
he finds a window/camera next to his bed and starts doing a back and forth with the camera... we see him giving the finger to the camera hopping to the left.. and then to the right. all we see is his hand doing the middle finger thing and a brief do-da-do song. lol

Jul 24 2003 20:02, Thu bruhe   Link
david now says "slutslutslutslutslut" like the bad drag racing commercials. erika plays it off like hes talking about her not dana NT

Jul 24 2003 20:02, Thu _WatchIt_   Link
Erika: "Imagine my surprise when my key came out of the box second" NT

Jul 24 2003 20:03, Thu babyblue   Link
Ali / Dana in Kitchen
Allie: I'm disappointed in you
Da: I'm disappointed in you
Allie: I'm just saying ..
Dana: . . and I did what I wanted to do, and if you wanna bust my f'ing head in, FINE!!!!
and on and on and on
basically, Dana claims she's considered everyone for noms, but after receiving her note from a friend back home she did a "reality check" (hello? your reality Dana?) and decided there was one person above the rest who has disappointed her most
and, basically, Alisons position is that it's Justin's influence that has caused Dana to nom Ali.
this semi-cat fight ends with no solution and no smoothed-over feathers.
both stand their own position, and neither cares how the other sees the situation.
Question: do we?

Jul 24 2003 20:04, Thu Phantom   Link
"It's just a waiting game now, until the next HOH," says Dave.
Pause, "Slut!, Slut!, Slut!", he yells. Erika asks him calmly to stop calling her a slut. Dave says he can't.

Jul 24 2003 20:05, Thu Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Ali to Dana: "I'm NOT going for the Veto." Says she doesn't want to be sequestered so she can be with her boyfriend on his birthday. NT

Jul 24 2003 20:10, Thu bruhe   Link
ali asks justin: u voting me out? will u do what she (dana) says?...
justin says yes.
and ali says the night before i leave i will tell you everything i know.
he says no.
she says they are being stupid. as a group and justin in particular.
jus. says their backs were against the wall and danas move made it a 180 turn.
she brings up the so called alliance they had. this is dismissed.
its the fast bickering on ali's part.. fast talking hard to transcribe. but i got the good game points i think

Jul 24 2003 20:14, Thu bruhe   Link
justin either really or pretend claims dana saved his butt because "i was on my way out of here" ... either
this is a stooge thought or he is playing her to cover himself though it occurs to this poster .. why would he look to gain her support when she is target number one to leave? the meeting adjourns and ali is left to inspect her nails for a moment in silence.. and then she flails into the blankets asking for a chance to win the GD veto. now she covers her head. aw poor baby girl.

Jul 24 2003 20:15, Thu babyblue   Link
Ali to Justin in orange BR, I know you were behind this . . .and I think it was really rude that you didn't even tell me
Justin: I had no influence over this, i swear to you
it was a surprise to everyone at that table.
All I knew was she said she wasn't gonna put me up.
Ali: She is so gone next week
Just: What? umm well, yeah

this convo's going nowhere . . .Allie fishing for some love strokes from Justin, offers to "tell Justin everything" the night b4 she leaves; Justin declines.
Allie: so make me understand, you had her do your dirty work for her . .
Justin: No obviously, you're the brains of the (original elite group) bunch, and that's why you were nom'ed (whooo, ::waves away all the smoke J's blowin up Allie's a$$)
Allie: she f'ing hates me because of you . . .although I don't know why . .
Justin: you campaigned against her! you were so fake! with her and about her , saying "i just wanna kick that b!tch's a$$!"
I was on my way outta here, and now I'm not and it's because of her.
Allie: so you're not gonna use the veto if you get?
Justin: No, absolutely not
(justin leaves room) Allie: i have to get that g.d'ed veto . . .
and . . .end of scene~! (clappers) cut! that's a wrap . . .and now to the kitchen . . . .

Jul 24 2003 20:17, Thu n2deep   Link
Juston leaves ali and she said after he walked out to herself "My only chance is to win that G-damn veto" then she pulled the covers over her head NT

Jul 24 2003 20:26, Thu Denise   Link
Dana and Justin playing cards
Danas eyes are popping as she looks at Justin (her way of acting sexy I guess) Ali talking to Nathan, switching feeds.

Nathan and Ali talking, Ali is looking for someone to use the POV, Nathan says he'll do whatever it takes to keep her, try to get Jun, Nathan says he won't switch to the other side.

I can hear Shemp (the 4th stooge (Dana) in the background)

Nathan tells Ali not to quit on him now, Ali feels like Justin used her, Nathan says he'll be next if the competition is physical, Nate promises to put up Dana and Justin if he wins next week, Ali mad because Dana promised her she was safe, Nate playing Ali a little, saying that if she wins the POV to use it on herself even though they'll put Nate up.

Nate mad the stooges didn't put Dana up last week.


Posting........Ali is 1 smart cookie.

Jul 24 2003 20:27, Thu ohclancy   Link
Ali and Nate talking in bedroom....
"Nate, trust me when I tell you this - Jee and Jun have an alliance. You might not choose to believe me, but I tell you, those two have an alliance. I know these things. You'll see."

Jul 24 2003 20:27, Thu Knowledge_Seeker   Link
Nat to Ali: "Jun is the smartest player in the house." NT

Jul 24 2003 20:31, Thu babyblue   Link
OMG! Ali to Nathan: There is no one else in this house who is, honestly, smarter than me . . . NT

Jul 24 2003 20:32, Thu Denise   Link
Ali tells Nate she's not supposed to even be here, she never even watches this S**T, Nate
hopes it's physical, Nate tells Ali if he does get the veto Ali will be taken off, Nate says he's not telling anyone, Nate says he's playing every side now.

Ali not sure if she can do it.

Ali says she knows darn well she can win HOH next week.

Nate tells Ali trust him, he'll win it and Ali will be off, Nate thinks he and Ali could win.


Jul 24 2003 20:35, Thu ohclancy   Link
Ali and Nate hatching plan regarding veto comp....
Nate tells Ali "Let me get it...I'll take you off the block. If you get it, do what you have to do (earlier they determined that if Al wins it, and takes herself off, Dana would put up Nate in her place). But let me get it and we'll both be safe."

Ali "I'm not going to go for it. I don't trust myself. But if you get veto and take me off, you'd be safe, too. Then next week, I'll get HOH because truthfully, I don't think there is anyone in this house smarter than me. And you are the most athletic."

More of the same discussion

Nate: Just trust me. Let me win it and I'll get you off - I swear to God.

Someone talking to them. Nate says he'll be right back.

David has Ali's elephant. He is holding it hostage, holding the hair clippers to it's throat. Ali screaming, chasing him, telling him to "Stop it, stop it!"

Jul 24 2003 20:35, Thu babyblue   Link
Dave take's Alie's blue elephant hostage and threatens to "shave" it w/electric razor NT

Jul 24 2003 21:10, Thu Anonymous   Link
Erika says that Julie Chen is dating Les Moonves (head of CBS) then instant FOTH!! NT

Jul 24 2003 21:21, Thu RMU   Link
F1 &F2 Er, N, Jk, Dv & Al outside dissin Dana; F3 on Turtle; F4 Close up of wallpaper in Sandbox NT

Jul 24 2003 21:26, Thu kathryn   Link
F3 Close-up of one of the tortoises just yawned (so cute) NT

Jul 24 2003 21:29, Thu RMU   Link
In the backyard..
They're all speculating on what they'll say when Julie asks them questions during the live show:

Dv: "This show sucks - it's Boring" He mimics talking into a walkie talkie "Go to commercial!"

They all laugh and Ali says something about what she'll do (BUT I MISSED IT!- My sound cut out)

Wondering when dinner will be done - shrimp only takes 2 min to cook.

Dave goes inside yelling, "Get the Shrimp on the Barbie, Bitch!"

Jack says to Ali that he admires how she's played the game and it's a tough break how things are working out.

Dave comes back out (my feeds recycle)

Now only Jack, Er & Nat outside now, talking again about how Dana really has done herself in by breaking with them all. They have to win HOH next week, they can't trust Jun now (same old, same old)

Ali opens back door and yells "Dinner's ready"

Jul 24 2003 21:40, Thu RMU   Link
Everyone sits down to eat dinner...
Jun's prepared pasta and sauce, steak and clam chowder (maybe more things)

In the storage room Dana tells Jack she only put him up to ensure that Ali goes, as she is the target. Jack says he understands and it's a game.

Now back at the table, Jus eating and saying "it's off the hook" as in yummy.

Lots of close ups of the HGs chowing down.

Ali says it's Jun Food - you don't know what it is, but it's always good.

Not a lot of talking going on.

Interaction between the two factions is stilted and they really don't look at each other - they talk to people in their own alliances, but don't cross-talk much, with the exception that everyone talks to Jun.

Now a little more interaction when Dana says Dv is gonna go home and burn his pic (I think she said, as her mouth was full). Dave replies (with his mouth full too as I couldn't catch what he said).

More food talk - how was it prepared? Dana asks Jun.

Talking now about who won what in the food competition. Teasing Jee for dropping the salad. Speculating on how good aligator is.

Ratbert hasn't said a word so far.


Jul 24 2003 21:48, Thu RMU   Link
More dinner conversation
Dave saying what is Nat going to do for the live show now that Mi is gone with all her makeup (ed: she bronzed him for the show)

Nat half smiles and says everyone's gonna think he's gay.

More food talk - this is good, that is good...

Ali asks "do you eat gnochi (she pronounces it NAH-KEY)

Ratbert, Jus have finished eating and are in the kitchen washing up - Dana bringing them utensils to clean. Dave now done too and brings his plate over.

Everyone now done and clearing up.

Ali wants to do tie-die.

Jul 24 2003 21:50, Thu RMU   Link
All feeds on the B/Y - Er getting stuff ready to tie dye NT

Jul 24 2003 21:52, Thu RMU   Link
Now all feeds back in the house - Nat sitting at the table, Dv washing and Jk & Jun clearing NT

Jul 24 2003 21:54, Thu RMU   Link
All feeds: Dana & Jus on couch getting ready to play cards but sound is Dv & Jk washing dishes NT

Jul 24 2003 21:55, Thu RMU   Link
Now we can hear Dn & Jus - but they're just talking about cards (boring) NT

Jul 24 2003 22:05, Thu RMU   Link
Jun washing hands and Ali comes in and says his birthday is next Saturday (I don't hear whose, but maybe Nat's?)
I think Ali is asking Jun to do something special as she won't be there and Jun says don't worry. Ali goes into the WC and the feeds all follows Jun into the B/Y.

Jee is outside and Jun says how funny was Dana today about Dave and his key.

Asking about where they think they'll be sequestered and a brief FOTH.

Now Er and Al outside too. Dave comes out also. Talking about what they can do for the tie dye. Jun is putting rubber bands on the t-shirts in preparation.

A plane overhead drowns out the sound.

Ratbert is outside now, and saying something about the DR, don't f*ck with the Dream Team. He's telling Jun that the 5 of them need to stick together until "they're gone"

Jun says they really messed with Dana - Ali comes out and it's back to tie-dye talk.

Ratbert goes in, Dv comes out and takes the cover off the hot tub.

No conversation.

Jul 24 2003 22:06, Thu Sunflake ParentRootLink
The birthday boy is Allie's boyfriend outside the house. (If he still is, that is) NT

Jul 24 2003 22:06, Thu EdSikes   Link
Jee looks depressed NT

Jul 24 2003 22:09, Thu RMU   Link
Dv yells who needs TV when you got Dave Vision - try changing the channel
He's got his t-shirt around his arms and framing his face like a box.

Jun asks him if he's ever played Toyoko (TV I think she said) but Dv says no, never played it (whatever it is).

Dv now in the hot tub - Ali joins him - "It's HOT - Holy Sh*t!"

(Sound keeps cutting in and out)

Now quad-feeds all on the card game w/ Dana and Jus inside.

Jul 24 2003 22:26, Thu RMU   Link
(back after rebooting) Dn, Jus & Jun on the couch
Jun laughing, telling them that Ali is asking them to throw her a going away party.

Jus telling them how Ali pulled him in the room and asked him how he was going to vote - against her (laughter) and how he wouldn't use the veto (more laughter).

More laughter, then card game talk.

Jun mimics Ali saying one minute she's ok, then she'll all "Nahnah". Dana says she should have known she'd be up because Dana spoke to her twice.

Robert comes in.

Jun says Nat is scared that Ali will win the veto. Dana says he should be and he's gotta try hard to get it(!). Jus says they'll all try to get it.

Dana says where are they? Jun says in the hot tub. D - "All 5? Good, let them say good-bye to each other."

She says she couldn't be happier with the way things have worked out. Jee has come in and he agrees.

"Dana, please come to the DR"

Jee doing sit ups and counting outloud.

Dana out of the DR in the kitchen with Jus and now we have FOTH.

"Nice guys finish on the Block"

Jul 24 2003 22:40, Thu RMU   Link
Jun called to the DR
Feeds keep switching between the hot tub and LR.

Dana telling Ratbert & Jus how she arranged that the person who least wanted them to say in the house would pull the key, Dv pulled Jus, Er pulled Ratbert, etc.

Dana says her original plan was to go after Nat and as much as she doesn't like Er, she hasn't lied to her face. She didn't know where Ali stood - acting friendly, but backstabbing her.

Ratbert says he's surprized how stupid they are. Dana talking about the original 8 deciding to vote out the ex's and Rat saying the ex's wanted the originals out. Dana saying that she and Jun never really bought into it.

She says that she wanted them out (I think she's referring to the older people) so then they could chill and hang out but they wouldn't go for it (Nat & Ali) and that's why they targeted her.

She says she's been with the stooges since the first veto.

Dana cautions Ratbert about spilling that he knows about the original 8 cause it could still turn.

Discussing how "the bait" was a "fake" ploy.

Dana says she doesn't want to be their puppet and is playing the game for herself, not for the 6.

Dana telling them about her conversation with Dave saying the stooges are playing her - the stooges say he must have attributed what Ali said to them.

All agreeing that the originals are done for... that it's now the 5.

Jee joins them - brief talk about work out.

Dana says they have to win HOH next week.

She thinks no one will use the veto unless it's one of the nominees.

Nathan goes next week she says - if they win HOH, he'll be all over them, trying to align with them.


Jul 24 2003 22:45, Thu RMU   Link
Still in the kitchen - more talk about how foolish the others are & how smart they are
Ratbert says "they're idiots"

Feeds now switch to the hot tub.

They think they can persuade Jun (or Jee?) to join them

(water drowns out alot of the conversation)

Nat says that he honestly thinks their only chance is Jee - that he still trusts him. Their backs are against the wall.

Nat says he knows he'll go up.

Er - OMG we have to get HOH next week.

Feeds recycle - posting

Jul 24 2003 22:47, Thu RMU   Link
Nat says, it definitely makes good tv - it's like a soap opera NT

Jul 24 2003 22:49, Thu LittleOldLady   Link
Jee would be best to woo over; knows Jun voted against him re Erika; Jee 1-up Jun by crossing over and
Jee does look a bit introspective tonight. The Dark Side (woowoooI'm scared-NOT) just mentioned they might work on Jee. This could be their chink in the 3 Stooges and Demon Dana's armor.

Jul 24 2003 23:05, Thu RMU   Link
Conversation in the hot tub slows as Jun is outside (for tie-dye). Dv gets out and jumps into pool.
Jee outside now too.

I can only see 3 people in the HT now - Er must have got out and I missed it.

very little talk.

Ali gets out too and runs and jumps into the pool.

BB "Er please put on your microphone"

Dv and Ali horsing around in the pool (very calmly though - all 4 feeds on the pool).

Dv whispers something to Ali but we can't hear what.

Both get out of the pool and head back to the HT.

In the background we can hear Jun saying something to someone, but we can't hear what she said. Er is outside too - we can't see hear but we hear her voice (indistinct).

Ali says let's get this party started - she's gonna go to the veto competition wasted (earlier Dana told Jun not to drink - to grab some coolers, put them in the HOH so they could drink tomorrow).

Dave yelling "Give me that ice cream". We see that Dana has come out and is eating ice cream at the table. She offers some to Jun who says "later"

Dav asks Ali if she won "Miss Pennsylvania". She says she was supposed to be in "Miss Pennsylvania." She says she can try it next year - next yr is the last yr she's eligible. She talks about the Miss America pagent - says to compete you can't have done anything immoral, including having a man stay overnite - stuff she's already done.

Talking about what kind of booze have.

Jus and Ratbert now outside too. They have flat, yellow squares and markers - Jun says they're gonna keep the markers but then says BB will get them back.

Jack brings beer out for the 3 hot tubbers.


Jul 24 2003 23:32, Thu livefeedwhore   Link
10:35 pm hamster time
Jack, Ali, Dave and Nate in hottub
Ali seems tipsy
talking about how she doesnt care if they win the luxury competition
smalltalk about beer, cavities (teeth you pervs)
Ali explaining beauty pageant rules
(switching feeds)
(damn all feeds on hottub)

Jul 24 2003 23:34, Thu joannie   Link
Ali, Dave, Nate and Dave are in the hot tub
Ali is discussing how in the Miss America pageant, you can be disqualified for doing anything the judges consider "immoral".

ALi: "Miss North Carolina got disqualified because her ex-boyfriend took nude pictures of her. You could tell by the look on her face that she didn't even know he took the pictures."

Jul 24 2003 23:43, Thu joannie   Link
Jun and Dana whispering in the Orange Room
Dana: "No one's going to use it (the veto) It's PERFECT"

Jul 24 2003 23:51, Thu joannie   Link
Queen Dana is holding court in the Orange Room with Robert and Jun
Dana: It was so awesome watching their faces when they pulled the keys!

Jul 24 2003 23:53, Thu livefeedwhore   Link
Dana, Jun talk 10:53pm hamster time
Dana - God, I could just see the show on friday, its gonna be like the twist of the week
tuesday is veto and luxury, wed, eviction
Jun - man your friends are gong to love that you f*cked Ali
Dana - I know (laughs)
Robert walks in
Dana thinks her friends are going to be excited for her
Robert agrees
he thinks its great
Robert says that Ali and Nate are all over eachother in the hottub
Dana laughs and says Ali will get the "peck" the night efore she is evicted
Jun says Ali is so unattractive
ratbert thinks nate is stupid
jun says ali's playing the game as a spiteful b*tch and nate is just scared
dana says that is why she voted her because she wouldnt handle things with a level head
ratbert says nate and ali are off in their own world
dana says she didnt realize how BIG an impact her decision would make
more talk about nate being a dumbass
more redundancy

Jul 25 2003 00:34, Fri joannie   Link
Justin is giving Dana a backrub on the HOH bed NT

Jul 25 2003 00:39, Fri KWren11 ParentRootLink
Dana is lying on her stomach in a red T-shirt, sweats and 'granny panties' (underneath) she says...
Justin in blue t-shirt and sweats straddles her, sitting over her butt and massaging under her shirt up and down her back. He changes position to sit between her legs and then back to over her bottom again... boring chit chat between--no real topic.. just comments every now and then...
all four feeds have this...
ok, feeds changing--

Jul 25 2003 00:42, Fri joannie   Link
Dave just put the toaster in the bathtub!? NT

Jul 25 2003 00:44, Fri joannie ParentRootLink
I think Dave said, "There. Now Dana can take a bath!" NT

Jul 25 2003 00:42, Fri KWren11   Link
Erika and Dave chit chat in the bathroom area... while camera zooms in on a toaster in the bathtub... NT