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Jul 25 2003 01:03, Fri joannie   Link
Nate telling Allison that he will try to win POV and take her off the block NT

Jul 25 2003 01:05, Fri kira   Link
"The only way we could survive is a miracle." ~Nate, to Alison NT

Jul 25 2003 01:59, Fri kira   Link
"I win it, you're off, it's ON." ~Nate (to Ali) re: POV NT

Jul 25 2003 02:14, Fri kira   Link
Ali said she is gonna pee in the toilet and float the ducks in it the event that she is evicted on Wednesday.

Jul 25 2003 02:16, Fri Minda ParentRootLink
Ali said she was going to pee on the red duck :) NT

Jul 25 2003 02:20, Fri capybara   Link
Ali said she spenty $4K on her nose....... didn't appreciate Nate sayin she's got "a hunk of nose" NT

Jul 25 2003 02:21, Fri Phantom   Link
Not much to report.
The two factions have pretty much gone there separate ways, and the feeds have followed suit. For most of the night, all 4 feeds have been on one group or another, but not both at the same time. The factions seemed to take shifts for use of the HT, and the Rat Pack has pretty much holed up in the HOH for the rest of the night. At the moment,

F1 & 2 are on the Rat Pack, less Jun, in the HOH. I'm not paying attention to what they are saying since whenever I tune in it is mostly repetitive, self-congratulatory stuff that I've heard before. They seem to be happy and enjoying themselves

F3 & 4 are of the back bedroom, where Jun is visiting with Ali and Nat (who have been consoling each other for some time in there). Jun is being chatty and keeping her personal lines of communications open with the remnants of the Original 8 (she also lives in that room, so she has to show some consideration for her own sake and comfort). Jun makes a change of clothing and leaves. Erika was in for a visit a while ago, but I didn't listen in. The conversation between Nat and Ali is also rather repetitive. Sometimes they seem happy, but mostly they don't. Ali seems to have embraced the inevitability of her eviction and is starting to warm to the idea.

Jul 25 2003 02:34, Fri Phantom   Link
Secret Agent Ali
Nat & Ali go on a spy mission by crawling down the hall toward the HOH. They change their minds or lose their nerve. Then, Ali tries to gain access to the SR to listen in, but the room is off limits. She returns to the room then crawls back to the HOH door to listen. Again she returns to the room to report to Nat that they are talking about their families. Ali leaves for the w/c and says that when she returns she will crawl up toward the HOH again.

Ali stops in at the Sand Box and asks about her blue elephant. David says that the last time he say it, it was making some toast. Ali wanders back to the LR and then to the bath. She finds the elephant in the tub with the toaster and screams at David. She says that execution isn't done anymore, and he yells back that it committed suicide. Ali retrieves her elephant and crawls back through the LR until she is up against the HOH door. She listens for quite some time, then gets bolder and moves right up to the door to listen better. Finally she returns to the back bedroom to report to Nat that they mentioned Nat and talked about her some as well about things she has done. Back to the HOH for Ali, still carrying her blue elephant. She motions wildly at the camera for following her, then proceeds. She is not learning much, but the two of them are having a lot of fun. BTW, for some inexplicable reason, she crawls or crouches for the trip to the HOH, when all she has to do is just walk down the hall.

Jul 25 2003 02:44, Fri Phantom   Link
Still carrying her elephant, Ali is back to the HOH for a long mission this time.
She returns to Nat to report that they are talking about DR entries and are saying to watch people when they leave the DR to tell if they are lying. They laugh and don't understand that either. They are giggling and having great fun over this. Nat is trying to talk to BB through his mike to get a warning through the nodding of a camera if someone comes. It doesn't seen that cameraman Bob is co-operating. Ali is back toward the HOH, but scurries away when someone exits. She returns to Nat without being caught. They are having a good laugh about the camera sentinel not warning them.

A fee change gets to the HOH in time for Jee to return and report that he did detect Ali acting suspiciously in the hall. They all think that there are enough mirrors in the house that they should be able to see anyone trying to sneak u on them. Naturally, Duh-na wants to be able to snatch open the door and catch her. Jun reports briefly on a talk she had with Jack that I infer was an attempt by him to recruit her. She says that she replied that Duh-na knows that she can trust her enough to know that she has her vote for that.

Jul 25 2003 02:45, Fri kira   Link
Nathan to Ali, "We're definitely the two best people in the far." NT

Jul 25 2003 03:15, Fri Phantom   Link
From what little we are allowed to see,
it appears that the members of the Disloyal Opposition have settled down to sleep. The Rat Pack have congregated en masse in the bath to prepare for bed as well. Ratbert and Duh-na have stopped in the hall to look at the pictures and comment on Justin's hair and how he should fix it. (Ratbert, guy to guy, you are not even supposed to have noticed his hair, let alone have an opinion on how he should wear it). Dana reflects on the order of the keys and congratulates herself again. Oh, crap, more of their insufferable confidence. Night, night all

Jul 25 2003 03:42, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Just telling Dana that she has
funny looking feet
ugly mole near her belly button
a weirdo

Jul 25 2003 03:43, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Dana: i only had 2 meals today
Dana I should have a bowl of cereal or something

Just that girl on Survivor, she was like 125 when she started, and when she left she weighed 90, it was gross

Dana: Erika is too skinny. She weighs same as i do

Jul 25 2003 03:45, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Justin and Dana discuss Erika's boob job
They don't think it looks good. Has striations

Justin asks how it's done

Dana explains they put in balloons to stretch it out, then put the implants in

Dana's mom had it done, after breast cancer

Just asks if Dana would ever do it. She replies she don't need it. Likes her breasts

Justin agrees

Justin likes Dana's booty. Dana says it's going away, she has to eat more

They wonder how much drama the week will hold. Dana says, after veto, none

Dana loves that she gets to compete for POV

Jul 25 2003 03:48, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Dana says she is so tired. Justin says then go to bed
and he gets up to leave the HOH room

Dana tells her that if he hears Jun awake, tell her to come in here

Dana straightens out the bed, preparing to climb in for sleep

Jul 25 2003 03:52, Fri frustratedposter   Link
all quiet in the house, sleeping HG on all feeds NT

Jul 25 2003 06:09, Fri frustratedposter   Link
for those w/out feeds: all HGs asleep, expect no movement for hours NT

Jul 25 2003 09:52, Fri FrodoLass   Link
8:50 BB Time. Jack uses WC, back in bed. NT

Jul 25 2003 09:54, Fri calgal   Link
jack moves around in bed. then goes back to sleeping arms crossed NT

Jul 25 2003 10:56, Fri Sunflake   Link
For those w/out feeds: Ratbert up in bathroom, all other HGs asleep. NT

Jul 25 2003 10:57, Fri Sunflake ParentRootLink
Didn't wash his hands, still touching his nose, now back to sleep. NT

Jul 25 2003 11:35, Fri RupertFan   Link
The houseguests get their BB wake up call NT

Jul 25 2003 11:38, Fri Lola   Link
Ja to Er about their mistake
Ja says reflecting back they made a mistake not spending any time with Dana and trying to pull out of her slump
Er says the bottom line is that it doesn't matter cause
and they both say She wants Justin
Er goes on to say that Dana wants to be sequestered with Justin if she leaves
they realize the obvious that the next HOH is important
Ja says yesterday was a bad day
Er agrees
Ja again starts with remorse over how this might have been prevented
Er rasies her voice slighty when she says "I'm telling you, take it from a woman, it wouldn't have mattered"
Another male voice echos "I'd rather give it!"

Jul 25 2003 11:41, Fri Sunflake   Link
BB: Houseguests it's time to get up....Jack, Erika & Dave plot and plan...
F1 & 2: Jack says, Erika, you don't have to get up. Erika says yesterday sucked, Dana really hit us at the knees. Jack blames himself. Erika sees the bottom line as "it doesn't matter, she wants Justin to be with her in the sequester, that attraction is soo powerful".
Jack played it all over in his head last night.
Erika says she (Dana) wouldn't turn on Justin, she likes him too much.
Jack says she'll be a hard one to keep in line. He's been kickin things around all night. Anyone who goes up against Dana will win the 500,000.
He thinks its a bad strategy to keep Jee, they have to win the next HOH. They just have to DO IT.
They agree yesterday was a bad day.
Erika is thrown about who to put up. Jack isn't. Erika says "there was no way to change Dana's mind, take it from me, I'm a woman."
David says, "I'd rather give it to a woman." (lol)
They go on to strategize who to nominate if they win HOH.Justin's name keeps coming up. Erika says they need to do to her what she did to them this week. (ed. note: they don't even consider this weeks veto, they're just planning ahead to the next HOH)

Dana now up on F3 & 4 in bathroom and follows her to HOH.

Erika says they can't go after Dana next week. Jack doesnt want to either. Dave isn't saying much.

They're all still laying in bed talking.

On F3 & 4: Jun in bathroom area.

Jul 25 2003 11:48, Fri Sunflake   Link
More wake up announcements....boring morning routine stuff....
BB gives a second wake up announcement.

F1 & 2: Erika asks if Benedict Arnold was executed for treason. They discuss. Erika hears a high pitched noise.

F3 & 4: Dana putting in her contacts.

BB gives a third wake up announcement.

Erika is really pissed off. She finally gets out of bed.

Feeds switching. I saw Ali in bed and Jun getting clothes out in their room.

They think they are on a lockdown. Dana still morning grooming. Most HGs still in bed. Erika out of bathroom, washing face.

Ed note: Just morning routine stuff. If anything juicy happens I'll post, you don't need a play by play on this.

Jul 25 2003 11:50, Fri Phantom   Link
In the Sand Box
Jack critiquing their actions over the last 2 weeks to see what could have been done to keep Duh-na from 'going over.' Erika says no, that there was no way. "Take it from a woman." she says. Dave replies, "I'd rather give it to a woman." Erika snuffles acknowledgement and continues.

Justin is still the main target, plus one of the pawns (Ratbert and Jee), maybe Jun, but Jack doesn't think that they want to do that yet. Duh-na is safe for a while, they realize, because they have bigger targets. That's why she did it, says Jack.

Arguments pass back and forth about getting up and if they have to or not. BB has given the wake up announcement twice now. Dave says that they can go back once they art up, that's the rules, but they have to turn on the lights. Erika arises, "OK, the Queen is not messing around anymore," she says as she leaves for the bath. "You don't want to piss her off, do you Dave," comments Jack. Dave has no response. I think he is still trying to sleep.

Erika is up and brushihng her teeth, Jack is now up and off to the bath.

Jul 25 2003 12:00, Fri Sunflake   Link
HGs making breakfast. Just imagine them doing whatever you do in the morning. NT

Jul 25 2003 12:17, Fri Sunflake   Link
F1 & 2: David & Erika in bed, BB tries to trick them out of bed by telling them they need new batteries.....Nate & Ali plan on competitions....
Erika gets up, David wants her to do his mic for him, she won't, she says they have to do their own. He evenutually gets up.

Feed switches to kitchen. Chit chat.

Feed switches to Ali & Nate on couch. Ali says Jun says Nate tossed and turned last night. Nate says cus Jun snored. Ali calls themselves the Ugly Ducklings, Nate says, you, maybe, not me. They laugh.

They go on to discuss the veto comp. Ali saw buckets. She thinks it's physical. They're ready to compete. Nate says it's serious, no playing around.

F 3 & 4: HGs getting breakfast.

Nate and Ali agree they have totally lost respect for everyone in this house. He'll be happy when they get power. Ali says she will be so proud of them if he wins HOH (if she goes.) She says not winning veto is Not an option.
Silence again.
Nate says they have to win HOH to secure things. Ali agrees. Silence. Laughter from the HGs in the kitchen and at table. They overhear and Nate laughs too. ( I can't make it out what they were laughing about). More silence between Ali & Nate.


Jul 25 2003 12:24, Fri Sunflake   Link
Dana said they can wear whatever's comfortable for veto competition, then FOTH. NT

Jul 25 2003 12:43, Fri Amfam   Link
Feeds back but no veto comp yet...HG's getting ready NT

Jul 25 2003 12:48, Fri Sunflake   Link
Back from FOTH, no comp. yet...checking the feeds...
F4: Ali reading something in bed. They just did a close up, I think it's Nate's Bible.

F 1 & 2: Jun going to put on sneakers.Jack & Nate on couch. Nate is laying down wearing black pjs and looks like a priest. They talk about how they slept. Laugh about David and him putting the elephant in the tub with the toaster.

F3: Jun getting ready for competition. Now switched to Robert & Jee in blue circle room

Jun flip flops through the living room. Jack asks if she needs any help with a string. She lays on couch between Jack & Nate. Ali up and into kitchen. Quiet.
Dana comes in, she feels "soft" cus she hasn't been eating. Nate says it's good to be back in a routine. (about food and working out). Dana talks about taking time off from working out to notice a difference. They talk about exercise. Robert walks through.

F3 & 4: Ali & Erika in bathroom area. Ali has been very quiet and depressed this morning. Robert comes out of bathroom, blows his honker, real loud. Asks Erika bout comp. She says she doesn't know what it is. Ali is stretching on the floor. Ali & Erika primping in front of mirror. Erika leaves. Ali rinsing with mouthwash, twice.


Jul 25 2003 12:58, Fri Devareux   Link
Jun,Ali,Nate talking in BR basic veto talk and then Dana shows up looking for something, convo switches to chitchat NT

Jul 25 2003 13:00, Fri Amfam   Link
Jun gave Nathan the pic Michelle left for hiim
They pass it around (Nat, dana, Jun & Allison). Allison take the picture looks at it and says why did she bring a picture of herself? and then tosses it on the floor. Nat picks it up.
Jun and Dana say she is much prettier in person than that picture. Allison says nothing and continues to pout on the bed (sorry ed note)

Jul 25 2003 13:03, Fri Devareux   Link
Evryone is gathering in the LR. They are picking PingPong balls out of a bag and they are calling out their names & the # on the ball NT

Jul 25 2003 13:04, Fri antonio2025bk ParentRootLink
How ironic, Jun got eight get it ate!!! NT

Jul 25 2003 13:04, Fri Amfam   Link
Veto comp now
Dana is going to pass around a bag and everyone says name and ball number. Everyone is gathered in the living room. Dana #2
Erica #4
Robert 7
Jun 8
Justin 5
Jee 3
Jack 1
Dave 9
Ali 6
Nathan 10


Jul 25 2003 13:07, Fri Sunflake   Link
Nat, Jun & Ali about comp......picking numbers.....
and talking strategy in their room. Jun says that the stooges aren't after Nate, but Dave. Ali has a bad attitude. Jun says she still has to play the game and compete. Dana comes in, dries her hands on Nates towel.

They talk about how BB makes them wait for competitions.

Nate asks Dana how she's enjoying the HOH room. (The feed is on Ali, laying in bed, on the verge of tears, but the audio is eveyone else in the room).
They talk about a picture Amanda left that looks better than her BB one and then different words for tennis shoes. Nate says he never heard the word "sneakers" , sneaker pimps maybe, but not that. FOTH.
Dana must have left during the FOTH.
Jun is worried about her association with Dana. Nate says he doesn't want to be the guy who talks behind everyone's backs.
Feed follows them to couches where Robert, Jee and Jack are. They talk about what kind of competition it is.
Dana comes out and they all gather to pick balls out of a bag.

They have to say their name and ball number really slow for BB cus they are writing it down.

Dana: 2
Erika (speaks very slowly): 4
Robert: 7
Jun: 8
Justin: 5
Jee: 3 (they laugh at the rhyme)
Ali: 6
Nate 10

LOL, that's all I got, they spoke faster than I could type. they're sitting around waiting.

Jul 25 2003 13:11, Fri Nicole2112   Link
Order for the veto comp.
Jack - #1
Dana - #2
Jee - #3
Erika - #4
Justin - #5
Alison - #6
Robert - #7
Jun - #8
David - #9
Nathan - #10

Jul 25 2003 13:13, Fri ktan   Link
F4 has helmets(?) on top of blue boxes with names lined up around one corner of the Bball court. Someone walking around. FOTH. NT

Jul 25 2003 14:04, Fri Sunflake   Link
45 minutes into FOTH. Nothing but FOTH. Everywhere you look, it's FOTH. NT

Jul 25 2003 14:07, Fri joannie   Link
Feeds are back! NT

Jul 25 2003 14:09, Fri Sunflake   Link
Veto winner spoiler...........
..........Veto holder is Nate.

Jul 25 2003 14:09, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Nathan won POV> NT

Jul 25 2003 14:10, Fri txbluefirefly4   Link
Nate won POV NT

Jul 25 2003 14:10, Fri Phantom   Link
Looks like Nat won POV NT

Jul 25 2003 14:11, Fri fishinlady   Link
Nathan has POV necklace! NT

Jul 25 2003 14:12, Fri Phantom   Link
Ali asks Nat where is his little award.
She says that if she won it she wouldn't take it off. Nat picks it up and says it's heavy. Then he plays with it. Everyone seems happy and cheerful.


Jul 25 2003 14:18, Fri asdf   Link
Jee is the most insecure person...
He is constantly making comments like, "Do I sound retarded?", "Do I look gay?", "Does this make me look stupid?", "That sounded really dumb, didn't it?"

Jul 25 2003 14:19, Fri Lola ParentRootLink
I heard Je say "He wouldn't use it, would he. You don't think he would?" narf NT

Jul 25 2003 14:20, Fri joannie   Link
It looks like Jun has a shiner. NT

Jul 25 2003 14:21, Fri ktan ParentRootLink
She has ice over her left eye. NT

Jul 25 2003 14:20, Fri Sunflake   Link
Jun & Alison suffered facial injuries during comp. Both applying ice & neosporin. NT

Jul 25 2003 14:39, Fri Sunflake ParentRootLink
Correction: Ali appears to have a leg injury. (She had a tissue on her face, must have been crying instead.)NT

Jul 25 2003 14:21, Fri joannie   Link
Jun is lying on the couch with what looks like an icebag on her eye NT

Jul 25 2003 14:40, Fri Lola   Link
Jun says in a winey voice "It is swollen, it is swollen" Dana "Don't worry it won't be black and blue" NT

Jul 25 2003 14:41, Fri valentine   Link
Allison is applying ice to her injured thigh
in the HOH room while David lays on the bed listening to Dana's HOH CD.

Dana offers Allie some food out of her basket.

Allie: No, no thanks. I'm waiting on Burger King. I don't know if I can eat that sh*t, though.

Dana: I know. It made me sick yesterday.

(Ed Note: I wonder why McDonalds, a show sponser, didn't provide lunch this week. Everybody loves Mickey D's.)

Feeds all switch to the living room.

Jul 25 2003 14:48, Fri valentine   Link
Jack Announces that He Has Had a Prescription
for Claritin for years. Apparently, he can't breathe without it. He has not had any problems since he has been in California, though.

All feeds now on one of the BRs, where Nate is stretched out and Allie is perched on the same mattress. Nate is drinking some yellow juice out of a glass bottle.

There is some discussion about how BB is reneging on giving them their competition shirts, and potentially changing the order of the winners.

Nate: What are they going to do, take the veto away from me??

Jun: Maybe I will get an extra Whopper.

Lots of laughs at that one.

Allie: No one is contesting your win, Nate, I know that.

I guess the 2nd, 3rd or 4th places got switched, but Nate still one.

Jul 25 2003 14:49, Fri Lola   Link
Na says "What are they going to do, take back the POV?"
Al says "No way, the public would have a ****ing hissy fit"
Then they wonder about them taking back the shirts (I guess from the comp)
They talk about no one contesting that he won.
Na says it was hard cause the first ball that came out hit him in the eye so he was doing it with one eye.
They all laughed and talked about how they kept getting hit.

Jul 25 2003 14:53, Fri valentine   Link
Allie Says that She saw "A Person"
on the roof, wearing a tan hat.

Allie says she isn't homesick, though. They want to write something on their shirts--a message to their parents and friends.

Two feeds are now on the storage room, but no one's in there. The Burger King bags are, though. I guess the fries are getting cold.

Allie has been saying that she's hungry, so I guess the cameras are having a laugh at her expense.

Jul 25 2003 14:57, Fri valentine   Link
Nathan Has Enjoyed Every Competition So Far
and Allie has, too.

Allie: I like the slime one, too.

And more talk of the competitions.

Allie: I still cant believe that there are 200 people working on this show. I smell the Burger King.

Jun: I know. Are they going to let us know??

(Ed Note: While of course we know the fries are cooling in the storage room.)


Jul 25 2003 15:09, Fri valentine   Link
Chow Time at the BB BK Lounge
All HG are gathered at the dining table, eating their lunch out of their brown paper sacks. I guess BB told them not to complain, because even Dana is not complaining.

Allie: Do they, like, have regular cheeseburgers on the menu?

Dana: Yes. But I got a bacon double cheeseburger on sourdough.

I think Allie got some sort of kid's meal, because it came with dessert.

Allie: How far away is the Burger King from here, Robert and Erica??

Robert: There's probably one right down the street.

Jun shoves one fry after another in her mouth, systematically. Someone burps, probably a guy.

Allie: I'm going to (mumbles something) if I keep doing this. Does anybody want an onion ring?

Dana: Burger King has the best french fries ever!! Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm. (exagerating for the cameras)

Justin: The sandwiches actually look nice. When you go there, they just slap the sh*t together.

Dana: Yes, they are put together very precise.

Allie: Does anyone want a chicken nugget??

The clean up starts, as the HG begin crunching up their bags and throwing them away. Jun still eats, though, as well as Dana.

Justin has finished, but is sitting at the table, watching the eaters.

Dave: Have you gues ever been to In and Out??

Dana: YES!!! That sh*t is ******ng awesome.

Jul 25 2003 15:13, Fri valentine   Link
Jee is studying the ingredients
on his wedge-shaped cardboard box of pie. The HG discuss all of the perservatives and how long the names are.

Jee: Scary stuff, isn't it??? But it takes great, though. (exaggerating)

Meanwhile, Allie and Nate are back in bed, whispering. Allie is reciting the results of the veto competition.

Allie: There is no way I'm not winning HOH. I've got it all. There's no way we're going out next week, either.

Nate feels that Jun is scared.

Jul 25 2003 15:17, Fri Lola   Link
Na says to Al the Jun ask him if he was scared. He said
he told her he feel betrayed and he hoped she came back before the tide turned again. He told Al "Did you see her on the couch, she looked scared *hitless"
some small talk and then Na says "Well we can sleep good tonight"
They laugh and are in an extremly good mood. He tells her to play it off and not to let them know and she says yeah she knows.
Al says I made Dana a banquet out of origami (and something I didn't get) but what she doesn't know it that I spit on it and I cursed it before I put it in her room.
then she laughs hysterically

Jul 25 2003 15:18, Fri valentine   Link
Allie has apparently had a religious awakening
because she is telling Nate that she prayed "so hard last night".

Allie: I really did, Nate.

Nate: This is good tv, huh?

(I guess she was praying that someone would take her off the block, and she thinks Nathan is the man.)

She also stated that she doesn't trust Jun "at all. Not at all."

Meanwhile Nate is poring over the book of Revelations, as the cameraman just showed us. Now the two of them are giggling wickedly over what they are going to do to the rest of the HG.

Erica walkes in.

Allie: Hey Erica. My belly is upset again. I had, like, two chicken tenders.

Now they are discussing Dana and how Allie was asked in the DR what her last words to Dana would be?? They are also planning her speech on Wednesday night's show.

Allie is going to address Erica, Nate, Jack and David only, since "they haven't betrayed her". She is going to tell everyone not to give Dana the money.

Jul 25 2003 15:19, Fri Lola   Link
Al says if it looks like she's leaving then at the last minute shes'
going to go pee in the toilet and then put Dana duck in it so the next person who goes will see Dana's duck swimmining in her pee.
Al says "If I go out, I going to go out in a big way"

Jul 25 2003 15:29, Fri valentine   Link
Melodramatic Allie
will "probably kick herself in the ass until the day she dies over the HOH competition".

(I guess because she came so close to winning.)

Erica, Nate, and Allie are having quite a cozy little conversation, reciting the list of people that are leaving after Allie goes.

Justin, Dana, Jun, Robert, Jee......

Allie, on Dana: I hate her. I hate her.

Erica: The only thing that bothers me is that she's nuts.

Nathan: It was funny because when I won the veto, of course Dana had to hug me, but none of "them" came over and said good job or anything.

Allie: I told them last night in the DR, I might be gone, but my group is still alive and kicking and will run this house.

Nate: I told the DR, I'm going to win this thing tomorrow, you just watch.

Jul 25 2003 15:38, Fri valentine   Link
Allie was Eavesdropping
last night and heard the plan of their enemies. She said that Nate is their next target.

Jun told them that David was going to be nommed if someone used the veto, but they think that Jun is feeding them bullsh*t.

Nate says that Jun doesn't even speak to him anymore when she enters a room, and that he kind of threatened her right before the competition started, scaring her "to death".

Now Dana has come into the room, stifling the conversation. They all discuss whether they will get their competition shirts. Dana thinks they will get them.

Allie feels that the eavesdropping initiative was "the funniest thing we've done yet", and "they should definitely put that on tv".

Jul 25 2003 15:43, Fri kira   Link
Dana said she'll put Dave up if Nate uses the POV to remove Alison
Dana: "If they save her (Ali), Dave goes....he's the brains of that organization."

She also said that if Nate uses it to remove Jack, Alison goes

Jul 25 2003 16:34, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
This is totally true

Jul 25 2003 15:45, Fri capybara   Link
dana said she hasn't had b/f for VERY long time..... not since nov. '99 NT

Jul 25 2003 15:51, Fri valentine   Link
Nate is Claiming to Have Never Watched BB
He says that he originally wanted to be on The Batchelor, but his cousin told him to get on BB. He said he looked on the internet and said it looked "kind of gay".

His dad told him that it wasn't a good show for him because everyone would see him naked, but that he eventually got excited when he made finals.

Allison claims that she was "definitely" going to win the Miss Penn pageant, but that she pulled out of it when she got on BB. She told family that she had to do it because she had a chance to win $500K, but she couldn't tell them why.

Her father said "OMG you're going to be on Survivor!!!"

She says that he didn't see her get her crown because he had to stay home and watch the Survivor finale.

(Ed Note: If he was such a big fan of Survivor, he would have known the prize was $1 million.)

Jul 25 2003 16:44, Fri Strange_Brewster   Link
Nate reading Bible in bed. Ali washing clothes. Jack waiting for Ali to cut his hair. Jee and Rob sitting outside. Not much going on at all.

Jul 25 2003 16:51, Fri Lola   Link
Dana, Jus and Je are hanging out in the LR. Dana is hanging all over Jus
They're all talking about being tickelish. Dave walks in and the feed switches to BY.
(going to Quad cam)
All feeds on BY
Al is doing laundry in a brown bikini
Er is in hammock and her and Al are making small talk (too boring to post)
Sounds like one of the guys is there (perhaps Je) yep now I can see him
Can't hear any voices (switching to F3)
A close up of Je looking at Al as she walks by
The camera goes in close on Ratbert.
Rat says to Al "You're getting really dark"
Al says "Really?"
more small talk
Rat says "I like when you call me Bobby, it reminds me of back home in Cuba they call me that"
Nice camera shot of Al bending over (front shot)
Dana is out there now too.
The camera is going around the yard zooming in on each
Dana is on her back sunning, Je is puffing a smoke
Dana mentions like accents and never hearing one like that
Conversation switches to tomorrows luxury comp. Al would like a cardio machine
Al says it would suck if the reward was food
They remember that when Daniel won she got to pick
They're showing some excellent shots of Al. I'll bet there's a lot of you guys who would like copies. She actually looks really good.
Rat is still playing with his noise (but I guess you already knew that)

note: I know this is boring but it is mainly for the people who don't have feeds so you know you're not missing much

Jul 25 2003 17:13, Fri DressageRider   Link
Feed four shows Ali doing her laundry. She has a bucket full of water and is using the hand crank. NT

Jul 25 2003 17:15, Fri DressageRider   Link
Feed one shows an empty Sand Box room. NT

Jul 25 2003 17:15, Fri DressageRider   Link
Feed two show and empty Sand Box from from a different angle. NT

Jul 25 2003 17:18, Fri DressageRider   Link
Feed Three shows David on the ground outside on his hands in knees writing on what looks like a shirt. To hard to tell. NT

Jul 25 2003 17:19, Fri DressageRider   Link
All feeds are now on David on his hands and knees. Yes he is writing on a shirt with nailpolish? NT

Jul 25 2003 17:21, Fri DressageRider   Link
Ericka and Jack are talking about how they(??) are due. Jack says if his brother was watching him, he would be laughing his a$$ off right now.
Apparently Alison is washing everyone's towels. She just offered to wash Jee's towel and he said no he would take care of it himself. Jack just asked Ali if she was getting tired. Dana wants Ali to just hang her towel on the work bench and let it dry in the sun.

Jul 25 2003 17:28, Fri DressageRider   Link
Erika just said that she thinks that Nate will win HOH next week. Jack agrees with her and then adds that Nate if very motivated.
Erika told Jack that she asked Nate to move into the Sand Box room if he wanted to. It would make studing for the HOH contest easier if they were all together. Jack jokingly says if he wins HOH, they will move into his room.

Jul 25 2003 17:30, Fri DressageRider   Link
Erika is not talking about a big a$$ crow that they see. She is calling to it and asking it to come down and play with them. NT

Jul 25 2003 17:33, Fri DressageRider   Link
Jack just asked Dana if she was going to jump rope. Dana said she was. Jack then commented that it makes for good tv.
Ali is complaining about that nasty a$$ Burger King.

Jul 25 2003 17:34, Fri DressageRider   Link
Jee is now telling everyone how he told his employer that he was leaving. He said that he couldn't tell them that it was for BB, but he did tell
them that it was for a reality tv show.

Jul 25 2003 17:36, Fri DressageRider   Link
Erika, Jack and Jee are discussing how the turtles need to be cared for and what they need outside. Erika says the turtles have grown since they have
been in the house. Now Dave and Erika are looking at them and Erika is saying one of their heads is bigger.

Jul 25 2003 17:37, Fri Jet   Link
Feed 2 and 3 Dana jumping rope....quite well actually NT

Jul 25 2003 17:40, Fri Jet   Link
feed 1 and 4 Jack and Erica sitting silently staring off in the distance NT

Jul 25 2003 17:41, Fri Jet   Link
Not much happening right now. Yawn! NT

Jul 25 2003 17:41, Fri DressageRider   Link
Jack just said that Nate and Jun are sleeping. BB asks Jee and Robert to please put on their microphones. NT

Jul 25 2003 17:42, Fri Jet ParentRootLink
Ooops! Great minds think alike DR NT

Jul 25 2003 17:42, Fri Jet   Link
Jee, Robert please put on your microphone NT

Jul 25 2003 17:43, Fri Jet   Link
Dana still jumping rope. Erica checking out the turtles in the yard. NT

Jul 25 2003 17:44, Fri DressageRider   Link
Nate just came outside. Erika asked him if he had a nice nap. Jack and Nate are going to do something. Maybe play basketball. NT

Jul 25 2003 17:45, Fri DressageRider ParentRootLink
No, they are putting on the boxing gloves. Looks like they are going to the punching bag. NT

Jul 25 2003 17:45, Fri Jet   Link
Nate and Jack getting ready to box with the bag. NT

Jul 25 2003 17:46, Fri LauraLizz   Link
Nathan and Jack hitting the punching bag...Jee is standing nearby. Not much talking NT

Jul 25 2003 17:47, Fri DressageRider   Link
All four feeds - We are now being treated to the grunts and groans of
Jack taking 20 jabs at the punching bag. Now it is Nate's turn but he is jut going to take it light. He is still sore from lifting weights yesterday.

Jul 25 2003 17:49, Fri DressageRider   Link
All four feeds - Nate is now going to use his south paw and take 20 jabs at the bag. NT

Jul 25 2003 17:50, Fri Jet   Link
Jack packing a pretty good punch for an older man NT

Jul 25 2003 17:51, Fri DressageRider   Link
All four feeds - Nate is taking one-two combos on the punching bag. Nate is taking it easy, not throwing as hard as he can. NT

Jul 25 2003 17:56, Fri Jet   Link
David does a cannonball into the pool, wetting Ali and Dana NT

Jul 25 2003 17:56, Fri Jet   Link
He woke up all the Hampsters now! NT

Jul 25 2003 17:59, Fri Jet   Link
Everyone up and talking now. David cheering Jee 's solitare game. Go, go, go... NT

Jul 25 2003 18:23, Fri deVinePoet   Link
Jun and Dana on the Bible...
Jun overheard Ali tell Nate she found the perfect Bible scripture...Dana said Justin told her Ali doesn't even own a Bible at home.

Now Dana is reading the bible looking for the passage about the 'evil people' that Ali referred to..

Jul 25 2003 18:23, Fri joannie   Link
Justin in BY thinks he hears someone yelling over the fence NT

Jul 25 2003 18:24, Fri deVinePoet   Link
Dave eating at the table..jun sitting there like a lump..
Erika snacking on sumthin

Dave asks what's for dinner
Steak and fish on the gril..

Jul 25 2003 18:26, Fri deVinePoet   Link
All feeds on Dave at the table...
No one is seems strained between Jun, Erika and Dave..Jun yawns. Erika eating a pie from BK.

June looks at Erika.
Dave looks at his plate.
Jun said she's tired.

Jul 25 2003 18:28, Fri deVinePoet   Link
Jun telling Dave how to make a sauce for the pasta...
Erika done..she puts her stuff in the trash and washes her spoon. Dave asks how to make shrimp scampi

Ali comes in from outside and goes to the bathroom

Ali asks Jun if she's going to work out...Jun said she'll do abs now and a full workout later..
she said the BK is sitting in her stomach..Dave suggests she takes a $hit..

Jul 25 2003 18:33, Fri deVinePoet   Link
LR - Dave, Ali, Jun
Ali lying on the floor, trying to talk Jun into working out
Dave playing cards
Ali starts talking about a movie and we cut to the ever popular FOTH.

Jul 25 2003 18:34, Fri calgal   Link
Allison doing what she knows best.. lying around showing off her body...
the guests are in the living room playing went to the subway diet and so we saw foth

Jul 25 2003 18:34, Fri deVinePoet   Link
Dana joins them in LR...
Dana, Ali on floor
Dana: I haven't done any karate since I've been in here
Dave playing cards doing some crotch watching
Dave said 'Dana you're all wet' (he splashed her earlier)
She said that's ok, Nate licked it off..

Jul 25 2003 18:35, Fri deVinePoet   Link
All 3 girls on floor exercising...
Dave watching them...they are all aiming their crotches at him..

Jun complains her eye hurts..

Jul 25 2003 18:35, Fri Jet   Link
June Ali, and Dana exercising in Living room NT

Jul 25 2003 18:36, Fri deVinePoet   Link
Jee joins Dave who tells him to get lost...
girls counting as they exercise..Jun working out half way behind the sofa, can't see that she's not really working out..
Dave called to the DR.

Jul 25 2003 18:38, Fri nojobny   Link
Ali just noticed that Jee's shirt is
green, not black.

(Ed: Ali's been taken a mental note of all the aspects of the competitions in case they're used for future HOH comp)

Jul 25 2003 18:40, Fri deVinePoet   Link
Jee tells Jun she 'ain't going to get anywhere' if she doesn't exercise...she's not doing well at all.. NT

Jul 25 2003 18:46, Fri Denise   Link
Dana and Ali on the floor together (they're not fist fighting if that's what you thought) they're exercising together
Ali is showing her some exercises (hopefully Ali won't cause Dana to strain a muscle and Dana will need surgery and have to be airlifted out of the house)

Jun is also there (currently not munching)

Ali actually gave them a rough warm-up

Jee is there but not adding much to the conversation, just mumbling

All 4 feeds are on the living room only, not sure if others are in the BY or napping

Ali is doing a very strange exercise which looks very hard but honestly can cause a hamstring pull if done wrong (note: she has Dana doing this hehehehehe)

Jee doesn't think guys should be doing this exercise

Jun just laying there doesn't seem as though she's participating.


Jul 25 2003 19:01, Fri kira   Link
Jack and Erika discussing who to put up if they win HoH next week
"Put Jun against Justin - Justin gets veto, put Dana up.....Justin comes off, put up Dana, Dana goes."

Jul 25 2003 19:02, Fri Jet   Link
Jack and Erica scheming on who to put up if they get HOH...thinking about June and Justin with Dana as a backup. NT

Jul 25 2003 19:05, Fri Jet   Link
Erica and Jack join them. Discussing who to put up NT

Jul 25 2003 19:06, Fri Jet ParentRootLink
Yep so far Justin and June and if the veto is used, Dana goes up and is OUT NT

Jul 25 2003 19:06, Fri calgal   Link
allison says " jun is a really good player. she keeps her eyes open and her mouth shut" NT

Jul 25 2003 19:10, Fri Jet   Link
Jack and David say Ali has a photographic memory. They are quizzing each other on facts of different hgs NT

Jul 25 2003 19:12, Fri Jet   Link
Ali telling the group about putting Dana's duck in the john after she uses it right before eviction. NT

Jul 25 2003 19:13, Fri Jet ParentRootLink
Meaning she will get her revenge before she leaves. NT

Jul 25 2003 19:14, Fri Bilbo   Link
ali gonna pee on dana's duck before she leaves...
and say don't let her win on the way.
dave erika jack in room
now trying to remember trivia about past games and why is BB asking them particular questions.
talking about selling some of the stuff BB has given them on ebay
Dave...who would by that stuff.

Jul 25 2003 19:17, Fri Bilbo   Link
Rob, Jee, Dana in backyard
Rob.."even though it's even they feel they're (08) are fkd.

Jul 25 2003 19:19, Fri Bilbo   Link
Dav in Dana's room listining to music NT

Jul 25 2003 19:20, Fri RavenLaRue   Link
Jee flexing his ab-saying he can't go home to his girl without muscle

Rob~ saying that the * feel like they are defeated and are acting like losers

D~ can't understand


D-but we have more votes so it doesn't amtter

D-I'm due up for a shower

D~ eeeeeks about someone putting a moth on her---Js or N?

Js is asked to put on his mic by BB
Dn says it's a good thing I didn't do that (throw water?) when you were wearing your mic?

Js or N-what are we having for dinner?

Dn-Steak, T-Bone steak, it's been marinating in whatever since yesterday, almost 24 hours


Jul 25 2003 19:20, Fri Bilbo   Link
Ali starting to pack...Jack asking about workout to Ali NT

Jul 25 2003 19:25, Fri Jet   Link
Erica doing Pilates. Dana and Justin talking and flirting at the table outside. NT

Jul 25 2003 19:30, Fri Bilbo   Link
Justin says it's gonna be hard for him to nominate Dave and others
that dave is fun to be around and he WILL nominate him..but it will be hard.
Says Rob won't have any problem voting anyone out because Ratbert doesn't like anybody.

Jul 25 2003 19:32, Fri RavenLaRue   Link
Dana, Js, Jc, and Nat

Yeah we have a comp tomorrow --a lux comp
N- jack do you know who Jay Wilder is?
N-the weight lifter
J-oh, yeah- I haven't thougnt about him in years
N-he sells stuff, like weights

Js and Dana-talking about Js tlking sht to Dn. D-are you talking sht to me:?
Js-no, I wouldn't on TV
Dn-Oh, you're showing respect for me?
Dn and Js ==can't understand but seem to be talking DR chitchat
D- I feel like a friggin' 6th grader
Js- yeah, like a frigging 6th grader--got the friggin baby oil out. D-laugh- Js-I don't know what you were doing in sixth grade but
D and Js talking about D getting really dark and how she has a lot more freckles.

Js wonders how much "they" (BB) are focusing on us

D and Js speculate about the focus

June please put on your mic

Js-as far as the game is concerned, we're all on the same page

d and Js----Rob won't >>>> Rob doesn't really like anybody-he's so emotional.

D and Js--I wouldn't really get along with any of these people around my friends at home.
D to js--you are just like my friends at home

Js talking about a Dr. who came around before hand and asked is there anyone from you life who was like a bully to you or who you didn't get along with? Js was "like" I don't have a bully in my life

Js and D both feel like they are friends and D says Js is just like friend at home, guy friends.
Js and D talking about how they both said the same thing about each other in DR session, same wording
now D and Js are talking about the O8 v. the exes at first. D- don't tell anyone!

Jul 25 2003 19:33, Fri Bilbo   Link
F1 goes from erika picking her eyebrows to Rob picking his nose :) NT

Jul 25 2003 19:36, Fri RavenLaRue   Link
F4- D is taking a shower, Js- me too, Jee to them both, Why don't you just do it
Robert looking for flipflops.

Feed changes to N and Ja
N is pumping iron.

Now, R and Js are making fun of Jee's accent (gag)

nOW making fun of Jewish people and saying ==I have a couple of Jewish friends, everyone should have a couple of 'em.


Jul 25 2003 19:37, Fri Bilbo   Link
Feed Scan
F1: Erika plucking eyebrows
F2: Ali reading bible...(ed: probably Psalms 64 again)
F3: Nate lifting weights and calling Justin "Jewustin" and saying "My Jewish friends are gonna like that.
F4: didn't get there before the dreaded FOTH

Jul 25 2003 19:38, Fri RavenLaRue   Link
FOTH guys are cleaning, chemicalizing the front waterway NT

Jul 25 2003 19:39, Fri Jet   Link
FOTH . Two guys and a girl out front adding water to the moat and checking it out. NT

Jul 25 2003 19:40, Fri Jet   Link
Dana lying on her bed in HOH...Dave on the floor in there too. He's listening to her cd. NT

Jul 25 2003 19:46, Fri Jet   Link
Ali and Nate whispering about Jack possibly leaving instead of Ali. NT

Jul 25 2003 19:48, Fri Jet   Link
Ali to Nate: Erica said I was a better player than Jack. NT

Jul 25 2003 19:49, Fri Bilbo   Link
Don't even think about talking with them about HOH's about survival now...if we make jack realize that it's for the best he'll understand???
Nate "talk to Erika about it...she thinks jack is strongest.
Ali "wait until right before or explain after..."
guess they're talking about if they use POV Dana will put up Erika as she said she would to Erika
but better not say anything until they know who dana puts up.
Nate-Jack is not that smart..I've beat him at chess..
Ali-how did he get in FBI

Jul 25 2003 19:49, Fri RavenLaRue   Link
F2 D asleep in HOH
D on floor w/headphones
change to Jee and Jun speaking Korean for a sec?
Jun is applying makeup
Erica is doing mirror stuff --plucking eyebrows?
SOmeone in shower but can't see who.

f3--Jee working out, he's wearing his burnt orange trunks from UTexas
f4--long shot of Jee. Jack is walking around BY

Jee goes to find out what time it is. It's 6:40
Jee-what time are we having dinner? (?)
Jee wonders when abclass is--asking Jun
Jee- aren't you doing abclass? Jun says she just showered or else she would but not since she showered.
Robt is picking nose.
Jn is in SR--she's yawing.She asks jee to come help her carry stuff after he gives something to Jack
Jn and Jee in SR--What is this? alligator. Jee why don't we have stuff we dont' want first? Jn-because we alreayd seasoned it.
Jee-what is this? Jn-oxtail
Jee won't eat it
Jee- I'm gaining too much weight because I'm eating too much of your good food.

Jul 25 2003 20:05, Fri RavenLaRue   Link
Orig 7 wrapping up chat and leaving sandbox(?) Cam stays for a prolonged shot of elephant
then goes to Kitchen and LRoom. We see jack come in from by, then go right back outside.
He's looking for his towel. Speaks to Js in shower to see if he knows where towel is.
now to Jn in K preparing food.

Earlier, D came out of HOH and went outside.
D is going to lead ab class
D asking where Js is. is he in shower? what? forever?Dn-is he taking a chit? Jn-no he's jacking off in there.
Dn goes back there and discovered its actually R in the shower, now
Dn finds js changing. Js yells at Dn, what? are you checking me out?
Dn and Jn are talking about Js.
Js calls dn--jun says, go ahead wifey (to dn). Dn goes to back and rubs lotion on js.

Jul 25 2003 20:08, Fri CoffeeGal   Link
Dana and Jun convo at kitchen center bar
DANA just whispered it to JUN,,JUN asked her if Justin wants her, and DANA said YES BUT she would rather have DAVID

Jul 26 2003 00:05, Sat Lotus ParentRootLink
hehehe! oh the webs that girl weaves NT

Jul 25 2003 20:14, Fri jangojango   Link
DANA just let the cat out of the bag
WOW SHE IS BACK TRACKING SO FAST??robert is like what the hell?

Jul 25 2003 20:16, Fri jangojango ParentRootLink
she is trying to explain when she found out about michelle leaving pissed! REAL PISSED!

Jul 25 2003 20:55, Fri Bert   Link
F1 - Ali exercising in the yard, various people in and outside
Ali - why does Robert use women's deodorant?

E - I don't know. Maybe he's a girl.

(I actually know the answer to this. BB picked up some things for Robert before they rushed him into the house, and one of the items was women's baby powder deodorant. He didn't ask for it. That's what BB got).

Jus getting charcoal ready for BBQ (I assume). He told the people outside to spread the charcoal out after 15 minutes. People outside, Er, Nat, Ali, Rob, Jun)

Now Nate advising Ali to bend more for her squats. Talking Olympics now.

N - I just can't believe any guy would figure skate.

Jun commented on Ali's bruises. A - this is the least amount of bruises I've had on my body since last April.

Now Dana is outside watching the fire. Says she loves the smell of charcoal. Ali says she's concerned about where the black smoke is going. She thinks right into her little pink lungs.

Nat & Rob staring at the fire. Now they've decided to play handball. Nate says they have to figure out some kind of net.

A big assed spider almost landed on Erika's shoulder (her words).

Nat - I just know our luxury competition is gonna be an elliptical or a treadmill.

Audio breaking up so I'm posting.

Jul 25 2003 20:59, Fri Bert   Link
Around the feeds ...
Feeds 1 & 2 in BY. Nate watching fire talking to Erika about meat. Nate going to take a shower, but Er told him Ali just went in to take a shower. He has to wait.

Feeds 3 & 4 - Dan, Jus, Dav & Gee playing cards on the couch. Jun cooking, I assume, and Ali must be in the shower.

Jul 25 2003 21:02, Fri Bert   Link
Nat complaining about PBJ week.
R - they sure gave us a lot of food this week.

N - they sure did. maybe they did it because we're boring when we're starving.

Jack came outside.

E - Did Ali cut your hair?

Jack - No, she'll do it tomorrow.

Er to Jack - she's so paranoid. she walks by (the window to look out) just because we're out here.

Nat asking how people want their steaks done.

Dan - came out to put stuff in the dryer, and back in.

Now FOTH so I'll post this ever-so-riveting post.

Jul 25 2003 21:13, Fri Bert   Link
The steaks are on the grill.
Robert sitting and watching them. Jack comments that the charcoal doesn't look very hot.

E - It will take forever for the steaks to get done.

Jack - Didn't use the whole bag, did they?

Rob - No, they wanted to save half the coals. Not sure why.

Plane overhead.

Jun came out and observed that the steaks weren't cooking fast.

Jun - what should we do?

E - we should flip the meat, it's getting dark on that one side.

Jun - no, we shouldn't flip it yet. The more we flip it the tougher it will be. This is gonna take forever.

Jack commenting on how they needed more charcoal. Jun asking if she should add charcoal. Jack says no, it's too late now.

Another plane overhead.

Jun - I just put potatoes on for mashed potatoes. Going inside, says to ?Dana the steaks are gonna take forever. Audio inside, video outside on Robert.

Jack went in and came back outside.

Rob - should I turn them over?

Jack - go ahead and flip them over.

Jack - is that how you'd eat yours right now.

Rob - yeah I think so, but I can't really tell.

Jack - we didn't get all the coals right. Should have put them on sooner and used the whole batch.

Rob - yeah.

Jack - want something to drink? Rob, yeah a Gatorade. Jack goes in.

Feed switches to Jun and Dan at kitchen island.

Dan - they gave us a big garlic this time.

Jun - yeah, because we use that more than anything else.

Dan - should we make biscuits tonight?

Jun - no we need to eat that pumpernickel bread. It's kinda stale. Have to use stuff up.

(Oh boy)

Jul 25 2003 21:18, Fri valentine   Link
Dana and Jun are Talking About
people they know in common in Manhattan. One of their cousins knows one of their friends, and they think both of them are watching the show and figuring it out.

Dana said something about both of them cheating on their husbands and/or boyfriends.

Jun freaked out: "you know about that? I can't believe it!"

Dana: This is defamation. We have to shut up.

Jun immediately started talking about some guy related to the situation she was supposed to go out with twice, but chickened out. Something to do with work.

Then Dana asked if Jun worked with Bob (?), and we get FOTH.

This should be interesting in the future.

Jul 25 2003 21:18, Fri Bert   Link
Jack opened a bottle of wine. Offered some to Er. She wants some.
E - may as well get drunk. (E has t-shirt on that she painted Hi Mom on).

Jun - that's what they want.

Jack - Jee, want some wine.

Jee - yes please.

Feed switches. Jun talking about someone named Bob that she has just started dating. FOTH.

Feed switches outside. Some debate over the steak situation. Jun is gonna put the well-done steaks in the oven.

(I just fell asleep momentarily).

Jul 25 2003 21:28, Fri babyblue   Link
Allie and Dana talking
Dana:I don't hate you
Allie: I don't hate you, either
the only thing that made me mad is you said right to my face you would never put me up
Dana: i know, i shoulda, i kinda wanted to but i didn't make enuf effort to.
Allie: the only time i've felt bad was this morning when I woke up and I heard people talking like they knew i was leaving
Basically it's turning into the biggest phoney "love"-fest ever.

Jul 25 2003 21:30, Fri fishinlady   Link
Ali talks to Dana
Ali says the only time she felt bad here was when she woke up this morning and no one would talk to her. Dana says she may have handled the nomination wrong. Dana says she felt like Ali felt this morning all of last week. She said Jun would not even talk to her. Ali feels like people hated her. Dana says that is how she felt too and is sorry that Ali is going through that. Dana says that other than Scott she would like to know what is going on with everybody in the house for the rest of her life. Dana explains that her nominations created an even playing field. She warns Ali that everyone is thinking as a group and you can't play like that. She could not put Erica up again because I might backfire again. Dana wants to make sure that Ali is cool with her being nice to her. Hugs....hugs... Dana says this game will kill you because if and when you go I'll cry and insures that Ali will get to be with her boyfriend on his birthday.

Jul 25 2003 21:41, Fri Bert   Link
Dana & Ali talking in HOH
Ali told Dana that she's not mad at her. Dana said that once the group thought she went to the other side, nobody had anything to do with her. (She repeats what she's said many a time about how she didn't have a group, that the original 8 was in little subgroups. How she didn't have a subgroup).

Dana - I made the house on an even plane.

Dan - everybody is thinking like a group. You can't do that, you can't.

Dan - I don't want to get rid of them (stooges), I like them.

Ali - I know exactly what you mean. I understand why you did you did. I don't hate you. If I did (hate you), I'd tell you to your face.

Now they are hugging. I missed a lot of stuff. Fast talkers.

Ali - I still have a couple of days.

Dana - I'm gonna cry when you leave and I'm gonna cry when I leave.

Another hug.

Ali - if nothing else, I got to hang out with some real cool people.

Dana - at least you can see your boyfriend for his birthday.

(I missed a lot. The gist was that they love each other, have nothing against each other, best of buds, [uh huh], etc.)

BY now. Jack, Robert, Nate and Justin talking cards. Justin talking about the card game Rummy.

All 4 men watching the steaks.

N - I appreciate it rob (because he's cooking the steaks). This wine is good.

Jack - there's more in storage, a bottle of white. Why don't you go open it up. We get another batch tomorrow so we may as well drink it up.

Jack to Rob - can you taste? Can you taste when you're all stuffed up like that. (Rob sounds very congested).

Jun comes out to check the steaks - asking if certain steaks can be put around the edges of the grill.

Justin is not happy with how his steak has been done. Not sure if it's too well or too red. I think it's too well done for Justin. He lectures a little as to what is well done is.

Rob - they have to eat them now or else they'll be cold.

Justin fiddling with the steaks, cutting into all of them to see what is what as far as done-ness.

I'm switching feeds to look for something interesting. Wish me luck.

Jul 25 2003 21:42, Fri valentine   Link
I have lost count of the number of times Robert has
said that "the steaks won't taste good if they are cold."

He and Jack are babysitting the T-Bones on the grill and he keeps repeating himself and sniffling.

Both Dana and Nate want their's crispy well done. Allie wants hers medium-rare.

Jun is also marinating ox tails for grilling. Dana sees grill smoke somewhere in the distance and starts freaking that someone else is grilling out there, too.

Nate points out that it is their smoke, drifting back.

Allie says they heard someone cheering on Justin in the background the other day.

Dana wants to get drunk with Jun tomorrow night, for some reason.

And so on. The steaks still sizzle on the grill.

Nate repeats AGAIN that he wants his crispy with A-1 Steak Sauce.

Allie is happy that they're not being cheap with the food for a change. Nate agrees, "these are the good ones." And apparently there are 10 more in the freezer. "Maybe we'll eat them on Monday night," he says.

Jul 25 2003 21:48, Fri valentine   Link
Hungry Man Justin
could no longer wait for the others to start eating. He tore into his steak while standing at the kitchen counter.

Jun: Can't you sit down to eat like a normal person?

So now he sits and Jun reminds him that mashed potatoes and asparagus are coming up. OCD Dana continues to obsess about how she wants her piece of meat well-done, and searches the kitchen for leftover packets of Burger King Bar-B-Q sauce.

(Ed Note: What's the point of a T-Bone if you nuke it and put BK sauce on it?)

Meanwhile Justin is chewing his meat with his mouth open, vaguely reminiscent of early Neandrothol man.

The asparagus is out of the oven now, and Allie is "sooooo excited about it".

Jul 25 2003 21:48, Fri Bert   Link
Dana talking to Jun in kitchen.
Going over the conversation she had with Ali, how Ali said she wasn't angry.

D - we had an adult conversation.

Jun - you can't have an adult conversation with a person who's not an adult.

Justin just dug into his steak. Jun seems upset that he's not waiting. She asks if he could at least eat it at the table like a normal human being (was standing at the kitchen island). Justin said he's fine where he is, then he moves to the table to eat.

Ali setting the table. Justin inhaling his steak alone.

Some card player got rummy. Jun still cooking, Er, Jee Dav still playing cards, Ali waiting, Rob still outside watching steaks.

Jack called everybody to the table to eat.

Jul 25 2003 21:52, Fri PsychoMike   Link
Robert cooking steaks... Nate picks three of them up off of the grill to flip them... with his bare hands. NT

Jul 25 2003 21:54, Fri valentine   Link
Allie is Announcing to the World
that there is "no way" she can eat a whole steak by herself.

(Yeah, I'll bet.)

She mentions that she'll have "Burger Nasty King" tomorrow, then asks if they have order forms for tomorrow.

Justin says that in the DR they told him to act happy and excited about carrying out the BK food to the house. He asked if they struck some sort of big deal with BK, but they couldn't answer him.

Sleuth Justin thinks they did, and that "they should sell BK for BB".

Unbelievably, no FOTH during this conversation.

Jul 25 2003 22:07, Fri PsychoMike   Link
Dave says the C Word at the dinner table. NT

Jul 25 2003 22:07, Fri valentine   Link
Dinner Tidbits
David is picking up his T-Bone and eating it with his hands, all the while making strange comments. When his roomies comment on his table manners, he says, "it's not like I'm eating on tv or anything".

Dana asks the others if they eat the top of the asparagus stalk. She never does, and calls it "the bush".

David: Yeah, I eat the bush.

Jee tells the group about a friend of his that keeps a salt shaker next to his bed because he loves it so much. Jun confirms this and says that he shakes it on his hand and licks it.

Nate: Jun, these mashed potatoes are awesome.

Everyone agrees. (If Country Boy Nate knew that Jun put soy milk in them, he might spit them out.)

Robert tries to make Jee say the word "pumpernickel" so he can make fun of his pronunciation, but Jee doesn't take the bait.

They are all happy that all of them can eat together, instead of last week, which was hard on everybody.

A 2-liter bottle of Sprite spins around on the lazy susan, accompanied by the sound of full mouths laughing and lots of wet chewing.

Jee: I don't like fatty steak.

Allie: Dude, beef is beef as far as I'm concerned.

Nate, sighing: Oh Man this is good.

Erica has stopped eating for a moment, and has her hand in front of her mouth, watching the carnage around her, the Sprite bottle in front of her.

Jun spins the lazy susan and takes some more asparagus, while Allie puts enough butter on a piece of bread to choke a horse (even Dana!).

Jul 25 2003 22:13, Fri Bert   Link
Various dinner conversation and observations.
Someone comments how it's nice that they all get to eat together again.

Justin's steak was all eaten before anybody got to the table.

David is eating his steak with his hands. Dana said that's how she used to eat steak when she was a kid.

Rob came to the table late. He was out waiting for his steak to be done.

Dana said the dinner is awesome, sure beats PB&J.

Dana likes putting her own salt on her food. Dan's mother uses too much salt. She mentions how her mother sprinkles salt on the plate and licks her finger to pick it up and eat it.

Ali's mother uses no salt.

It appears they are having t-bone steaks, asparagus, mashed potatoes and pumpernickel bread.

Justin thanking Jee in advance for doing the dishes. Jee says no no no. Now they're arguing about who does more dishes, Justin or Jee. Justin thinks he does more. The girls say Jee. Justin said, "for real?" Jee says, "for real, son." Laughter.

Dana - I'm surprised they didn't call Erika to the DR during dinner.

E - they call me to the DR about 3 times a day.

Ali - they always call me when I'm in a bikini.

David said something obscene and Jun blushed.

Ali - innocent guys are the best, huh girls?

Jun - not if he's ugly.

Ali - but virgins can be taught.

Dav - I don't think women like nice guys.

Jun (I think) - I always love it when men say what women want.

Now talking about when Michelle flipped out. Jun and David gave her a terrible time. Justin said she flipped out on him once. They're talking about how they'd always laugh at Michelle when she was angry.

Jee for some reason is talking about how hobbits are shy.

Justin doing dishes. Jee going out for a cigarettes and then will help Justin. Jee said it's only his 2nd cigarette of the day.

I missed a lot. They talk faster than I type.

Now discussing steak types so I'll post this ...

Jul 25 2003 22:23, Fri Bert   Link
Jun talking about her handler
Jun said she really liked her. She called Jun once and said, "I don't know if you remember me, this is Lisa." Jun said she hollered, LISA! She absolutely remembered her because she liked her so much.

Dana said - why didn't that bitch call me?

Jun - she wasn't your handler.

Dan - She sure as f*ck was.

More handler conversation that went too fast. No FOTH, Go figure.

Jun's gonna sleep in Dana's room. Nate has a bed to himself.

Now talking about haircuts. Jack needs a haircut. David said he has had two haircuts since he got out of the service.

Now singing Welcome to the Jungle (Dana and David)


Jul 25 2003 22:26, Fri Bert   Link
Dana said no other BB group ate like they do. She also said they didn't have a grill. BB4 folks are the first ones to get a grill. (yeah right) NT

Jul 25 2003 22:36, Fri Bert   Link
David starts whistling Welcome to the Jungle - FOTH then back.
David is massaging Dana's butt as she does the dishes.

Jun - I cook all the time and get nothing. She does a few dishes and gets an ass massage.

Dana - I do the kegel. I do it while in the midst of {implying sex).

Dav - a guy can do that. A guy can raise his dick.

Just to Dav - you're a freak.

Dav - I can lift up a 10-lb bowling ball.

Just - Oh I kinda know what you mean. It's like a grundle (?)

Earlier David said something about having a hard time for 45 minutes this morning. Jun said you should have called us. Dana said, yeah, don't waste that.

Dana says her fav man body parts are teeth, hands and shoulders.

Jun - what were all those scars on Michelle's back.

Dav - yeah, that was me. all that sex we had. No, I think it's from being in the sun so much.

Dan - she takes some kind of medicine for it.

Dav - she has AIDS.

Dead silence.

Dav - she doesn't, it's a joke. I'm joking. it's a joke. ha ha ha.

Jul 25 2003 22:43, Fri Bert   Link
Dana had a marshmallow in her mouth. Justin wanted a bite from it.
She said no, get your own. Back and forth about sharing the marshmallow.

D - you'd actually do that?

Just - What?

Dan - take food right out of my mouth?

Just - yeah, it would be fun.

Dan - yeah, that could be fun. Let's do that tonight! Let's do that tonight!

Some discussion on the ox tail that Jun prepared.

Then Jun, Dana and Justin talk about Jun sleeping with Dana. Dana said she'd lend out Justin to give Jun a backrub. Just told Dana he's not a piece of meat. (At that point, I stuck a knitting needle in my ear to stop the pain of her voice. Sorry, I daydreamed that and missed some stuff).

Then there was some discussion that she, and I don't know who they were referring to, would eat her own ass if she could. David came back in the kitchen and singing an "eating ass" song for a bit.

Jul 25 2003 22:44, Fri Bert   Link
Dana was just hugging onto Dave from behind while Justin watched intently from the couch. NT

Jul 25 2003 22:46, Fri PsychoMike   Link
Jun complaining about not being able to have sex...
Dana: "So this is your idea of a good time?" (talking to Jun while she is preparing meat and cleaning in the kitchen)

Jun: "Yeah... since I can't have sex!"

David: "Okay guys... Don't eat the zucchini."

Jul 25 2003 22:49, Fri ktan   Link
Dave AGAIN singing "I Love Rock and Roll" Dana says stop that we got in trouble... FOTH. Feeds 1/2 return to taking BK orders for tomorrow. NT

Jul 25 2003 22:49, Fri PsychoMike   Link
David starts singing...
David (with paper towel tube to his mouth): "I love Rocky Road... so put another..."

Dana: "Stop singing... we got in..."


Jul 25 2003 22:56, Fri Bert   Link
David is talking and yelling through an empty paper towel holder.
He addressed succubus and the evil one (he's referred to Dana with these names before).

David - Rob, do something even if it's wrong! (Rob was just sitting on the couch.

Dav - Hello Alison's ass. Starts singing I love rock and roll

Dan - Stop singing, we got ... FOTH.

Dav - this curse of hell brought upon us.

Just taking orders for BK for the tomorrow.

So much talking at the same time regarding BK food. Dan, Just, Ali, Dav, Rob on the couch talking while Just takes orders.

Dav - hello Ali's boob, can you hear me?

Ali - David! you're talking to my kitty cat!

Then some talk about names for the kitty cat area.

Dav - I could eat a peach for hours.

Just to Dan - you have hairy assed feet!

Dan - I DO NOT!

Just - you should shave those.

Dan - Stop it! Oooo, I could have hurt your unit!

Dana is reading the BK menu to Ali now.

Ali said she ate so much that she's gonna throw up.

David suggests that she throw up in the empty paper towel holder (that goes to his mouth). Then he repeatedly chants that he's losing his mind. (I believe he's reading mine).

Jul 25 2003 23:10, Fri kira   Link
Erika: "David is kind of falling under the spell of Justin"
Jack: He needs to get a grip. He's in and out of that kind of orbit...David was a little down today, I guess we all were. He was staring into space when I walked into the he's bored.

Jul 25 2003 23:13, Fri Bert   Link
Just came in on a conversation between Erika and Jack outside ...
Jack - Ali is fun, she's a good competitor.

E - Well, what if the strong players take out the strong players?

Jack - Maybe I could weasel my way through to the end of this.

E - I don't think Danielle won one HOH last year.

Jun nearby.

Now Jack, Jun and Erika talking about the food competition.

Jee yelling to Jun off camera. I don't think he has a mic on, can't understand a word he says. Jun goes inside.

E to Jack - let the big fish duke it out.

Jack - I've turned into a jellyfish. I'm just floating around among the other fish.

E - Best thing in this game is not to be perceived as a threat.

E - some people are so competitive, they just have to win.

Jack - I was about peeing in my pants during the HOH.

E - I think David is kinda falling under the spell of Justin.

Jack - he needs to get a grip. He's in and out of that kind of ???

Jack - David was a little down today. I guess we all were. I went into the room and he was just staring at the wall. Plus, I think he's bored. Everybody's bored. It really affects you mentally.

E - totally.


I'm totally posting.

Jul 25 2003 23:15, Fri momxsfour   Link
David staring into camera for long time says he is putting a curse on anyone who is watching NT

Jul 25 2003 23:19, Fri Bert   Link
David & Ali rinsing their tie dye shirts in the BY with hose. Dav got water on him. He shows ppl outside how it looks like he peed his pants. NT

Jul 25 2003 23:21, Fri kira   Link
Robert said he'll walk if BB won't let him talk to his daughter when sequestered NT

Jul 25 2003 23:31, Fri Bert   Link
Jee & Robert in hot tub talking - Long post
Rob telling Jee what a great guy he is. Very reminiscent of when Jee had HOH.

Rob comments how things have changed for them. Jee said he's kinda happy about it, but kinda not. He doesn't know what's going to happen.

Rob saying no way in hell he'll stay sequestered if they (BB) don't let him talk (and see?) his daughter.

Hard to hear them talking because of hot tub noise.

Rob said that if Jee gets out after him and he's not there (sequestered), it's because they wouldn't let him talk to his daughter.

Erika just got into the hot tube with Rob and Jee. She and Rob are discussing the temperature in the hot tub.
Now discussion about sore muscles from today working out.

Rob - David gets bored easily.

E - he needs a lot of stimulation.

Missed some.

Rob - I think everybody goes a little crazy in here.

Talking about how bored David is.

Rob - what if Jun didn't have her cooking? She's be so bored.

Jee - if we didn't have working out and the basketball court, we'd go crazy.

(Not verbatim. Just typing best as I can).

Now Jun yelling about playing some fruit game.

Jee asked Er about her dogs. She says they're all mutts. Rob said they all rock (?).

E - one of them is kinda crazy.

Jee - why

Not sure of her response. E - remember when she went after your daughter?

Rob - yeah.

Rob you know Babba Lou (sorry for bad spelling) died, right?

E - Ohhhhhhhhh. What happened?

Not sure what Rob said. He's saying the dog was 10 or 12 when he/she died.

Rob - the purebreds don't last as long as the mutts.

Plane overhead. E talking about one of her dogs died. Telling Rob all her dogs that died. One was 16. she couldn't see, wasn't eating, very old, very thin. It was bad.

Rob surprised that she was so old. R - what about the cats?

E - still have the cats

Jee - You guys sure like pets.

E - I don't have cats, my mom has cats (Erika lives next door to her mother). I can't have cats because one of the dogs will attack the cats.

Jee talking about how he'd really like to have a dog, but he's not sure.

E - Lots of people get dogs and don't really want them.

Jee - how do you do it?

E - I really made a commitment to them because I love dogs so much.

I think this is getting too long.

Jul 25 2003 23:41, Fri Bert   Link
Erika asks Robert what he's gonna say to Julie next week ...
Erika says you know Julie is gonna ask you about what happened. He doesn't know what he's gonna say. Said he's not scared of Julie. E says Rob will have the opportunity to redeem himself.

Rob - I think that was the best move ever made.

Jee saying that he suspected a little bit. He knows nothing is 100%.

Feeds cut out ...

Jee says something about it's not even definite that Ali will go this week.

Rob - yeah, nothing is 100%.

E - I'm really gonna miss her. I really like spending time with her.

Feeds goof up.

Robert - Ali feels like a little sister. I'll miss her.

E talking about how she'd miss David if he left. He's like her little brother.

Jee says everybody would miss David. He's their entertainment.

Feeds goof up again. Missed a lot.

They are speculating about upcoming twists.

I need a break from posting.

Jul 25 2003 23:52, Fri Peachy720   Link
Line of the night (after Ali rubbed lotion on his back): "This little guy down here's a little dry too. Wanna take care of him?" -Dave NT
sorry, I forgot to say who said it! **blush**

Jul 26 2003 00:11, Sat Anonymous ParentRootLink
Thank you! NT

Jul 26 2003 00:00, Sat momxsfour   Link
Dana eating cookies and cream ice cream, David wanted some...when he found out it was out of Danas fridge he almost didnt take it...
she told him to take it, he did but wouldnt get another spoonful. She keeps telling him to take another spoonful...someone yells stop it you two.

Jul 26 2003 00:04, Sat AprilAnn   Link
Nat and Ali scheming down to the wording they want to use for using veto! NT

Jul 26 2003 00:05, Sat Anonymous   Link
Nate and Allie
are trying to figure out what they're going to say when Nate uses the veto on her. She wants to pretend like she doesn't want it and say something like 'no, don't use it on me, my mother taught me not to be selfish...' gag, give me a break. That's the best that 'brain' can come up with?

Jul 26 2003 00:10, Sat Anonymous   Link
Nate and Allie talking about how great they are
and how this year's hgs are better than last year's and how they don't see how next years hgs could ever surpass them. Can they get over themselves? For a minute or two at least?!?!?!?

Jul 26 2003 00:11, Sat DC1   Link
F1 - Ali says to Nate "last years group s*cked so bad" "there is no way that next years group can....
surpass us" [Ed she thinks they are the best BB group...excuse me while I wretch]

Jul 26 2003 00:36, Sat ktan   Link
All feeds in Circle Bedroom with Dana oiling and rubbing Justin's back (again). NT

Jul 26 2003 00:48, Sat Jokerette   Link
Rub, groan
Seeing Dana rubbing on Justin, massage city. Hearing the others discuss fooseball.

Justin saying that Dana scares him.. grabs his hand and puts it on her boob. Hard to hear the others. Jun is lying in the HoH bed. Dana says she turned the light off for her.

She's rubbing up his legs, he's just a-moaning and a-groaning. Weird noise from outside. Dana says WTF is that? They're playing, she says. Robert comes in and leaves. They're teasing Jee about something. He's being called. She asks Ratbert and Jee have they brushed their teeth, then Justin says she could brush his.

She bitches about the cams, he says do you understand this is TV show? They're everywhere. He says not under the covers.

Jul 26 2003 00:50, Sat peteinvegas ParentRootLink
correction, it was Nate that said Jun scares him cause she puts his hand on her boobs. NT

Jul 26 2003 00:54, Sat Jokerette   Link
Massage and boxers
Ali talking about hockey. She dated a wing on a hockey team. Someone says so you don't date defensive players. We are stilling seeing the big massage all this time.

Ratbert walks in and says it smells good. Dana mutters that she's getting the massage tomorrow night.

Dating, according to Ali, does not include sex. Justin laughed.. she's pissed. She yells laugh all you want. He claims he can voucher (sic) for her all she wants, and Dana cracks up. Voucher! She laughs at him.

Now Robert is lying next to them, watching. I hear Ally saying You want your legs done?

Dana tells Justin his ass is a double wide. Ally announces Nate is in his boxers, Da calls Jun to tell her that.

Feeds timed out, posting.

Jul 26 2003 00:54, Sat peteinvegas   Link
dana rubbing down Justin. Gee in shower. Rob watching dana and Justin. Nate getting rub down from Ali. desert room being ignored. Jun in HOH.

Jul 26 2003 00:59, Sat peteinvegas   Link
Jee and rob outside talking
talking about missing loved ones again. Also said they were jealous of Ali because someone will be waiting for her. It doesn't appear that they think Nate will use the POV.