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Jul 26 2003 01:04, Sat kira   Link
Robert to Jee, "I don't like Dave, he scares me." NT

Jul 26 2003 01:09, Sat Jokerette   Link
Jee and Ratbert shmooze about the game, homesickness
Jee is outside! Speech! He's worried about something at home. He says if he sticks around he wants to win HoH again. Rat says only way he can go to end is to get HoH and get news of his daughter, give him motivation. Jee agrees. He brings up America's choice, and Rat sneezes profusely.

Jee thinks they're doing well. Rat sneezes again. Rat says, through sniffles, that in August they'll know they are close. Jee says yes, a milestone. Rat says August 1 will be milestone. They're not at halfway point.. when they are, every day they're miserable they'll know they're close.

Rat says after this week, when they look back, we did good. We turned the house around. Now look at us! Should have been us 3 frst. Jee says we fought and won that battle. You never know. If things go right, we could go very far. Now I'm thinking more closer to the end. Rat says that's too far. Jee says before I thought I'd crack. I want to see my girl and get home.. but days are passing. Before it wasn't. honestly I don't mind.. you me and Justin hang out. People stay the F away. Occasionaly we talk to Dana and Jun.. we're not friends but we are. (huh? LOL)

Rat: all that stuff is real! Jee: we fight like brothers. Rat: even Nathan.. when you call him Justine.. he doesn't have what we have. He has nobody, Jee says, but Erica and then. Jee says he can't get close to David and Rat says he doesn't like David. Jee says David wants this sheet bad.

Rat thinks Dav is in best position, having no one back at home. Jee says I'm not afraid of him but he has nothing to lose. Jack the same, his kids are grown. Erika has a dog. Nothing to go back to. Those 3 are strong, we need to get them out. Nathan too. They're different from us.

Rat says he talked to Jun, who said she wanted to go home. He likes that, he says he's like that also. Not the only one who thinks of home. Jee says now we have a strong alliance. He talks of his girlfriend. Rat was better today, he says. Jee dreads each day. Counting each one. This week we're safe.

Rat says if they get it, it isn't us going up. Dana and Justin will go up. Jee says man this game goes up and down, Rat agrees. Rat says their alliance goes to end of game.

Jul 26 2003 01:14, Sat Jokerette   Link
Justin/Dana hotting up a bit
Justin half lying in Dana's lap. Weird cam angle on them. He tells her come here, I want to tell you something. She's rubbing his chest now. F2 Ally is lying on top of nate who is demanding cookies.

Justin whispering, can't hear over Ally. Dana says something about Michelle being cute. Justin agrees. Wears too much makeup says Dana. Put it on before brushed teeth.

Justin is gently rubbing Dana's arm now. W0000t!

Jul 26 2003 01:14, Sat babyblue   Link
RE: Rat-Pack (Jee,Justin, Robt,Dana &Jun) figures out Jack & Erika's scheme
this was at about 1045-11pm BBtime:
Jee & Robt sitting in hot tub. Erika suddenly needs to be in the hot tub, and she's making nice-nice w/Jee and (suspiciously)Robt.
During the same time, Jack was in LR making nice-nice (but oh, sooo boring)chit-chat w/the others. Then, they switched places. Erika leaves hot tub (which is Jack's signal to go outside). In a couple of moments, Jack is outside and Erika's making chit-chat on her way to clean off and get prepped for bed. [this little scenario was worked out betwn. Jack and Erika earlier while they had a little convo outside on patio after dinner, they are reeeeaaallly feeling wobbly]
Jack's convo w/Robt and Jee is more a mix of chit-chat and gentle prodding re:the game. Jack definitely over-played his hand and Erika is just without an ounce of subtlety.
Jun,Dana and Justin come out to the hot-tub, after Jack left and went toward his BR.
Dana: Did Jack just talk game witchu?
Robt: Yeah, maybe . . .some, why?
Dana: And Erika . . what the? . .
Jee: Yeah! I wondered why Erika was out here . .
Dana: Cause those two NEVER talk to me like that, and Jack was in there talking to Alie about vacation trips, and . .
Robt: Erika doesn't just decide to chat with people, like that. Especially with me, especially now! Yeah, she's up to . . .they're up to something.
Now, that's the most of the convo I heard and the other part I heard before it was finished
Dana: I KNEW IT!! Why would they suddenly be interested in any of us? Jack never said more than 2 words to me before ( I got ) Head of Household. This just makes the veto decision so much easier. So much clearer.
(one has to assume that this refers to her earlier telling Erika she was planning to put her up in Alie's place if Nathan used the veto)
<end post>

Jul 26 2003 01:14, Sat kira   Link
Jee, "It's like a fuc*ing gang war in here...trying to whack each other off" NT

Jul 26 2003 01:15, Sat kira   Link
Robert had sexual dreams about Michelle
"I really wanted to screw her the next night."

Jul 26 2003 01:17, Sat Jokerette   Link
Dana and Justin... distinctly warmer!
Dana telling Ju he had this game planned out. OOPS! Under the blankets they went.. came back out and she cracked up. Whispering. He says what. She says yeah. He says she can't find her underwear… she says let me throw my bra over the window. Oh wait there they are in Justin's mouth, she says.

(I'm tellin ya, catch cam 1!)

Jul 26 2003 01:23, Sat Jokerette   Link
I don't want my family to see me making out on TV..
Justin says he can't wait to go to the DR and cracks up. she mutters something.. he says do you really want that stuff lying around the house.. she whispers then… "I'm dying!" and laughs.

She says I hate these fvcing cameras. I hate them. She's leaning one elbow on him. Tells him not to be an *****. She says she doesn't want her family to see her making out on TV.

She leans over and whispers right in his ear. Can't hear.

Jul 26 2003 01:24, Sat Anonymous ParentRootLink
Dana said: "They have really stimulating conversations" - Ali/Nate NT

Jul 26 2003 01:25, Sat Jokerette   Link
"I gotta tell you something.."
Justin: I gotta tell you something. Under the covers, Dana responds. They giggle. Now she's cracking up.

They are staring at each other now, silent.

Ally starts yapping and I lose this convo. ARG!

Just as Justin starts rubbing her belly… FOTH

Jul 26 2003 01:30, Sat Jokerette   Link
Let's go to the DR and tell them we want to make out..
Dana and Justin remarking on the cams. He gets all the way under the covers.. she said we're not pushing it tonight. Mutters something about going to bed. She's still sitting up near him on bed.

Hell NO, she says. I didn't catch him. He says you better take back everything you said. Fine she says. I thought about and ah… giggle

He says something, she says you can't do that. Obvious omission!

He's yelling you barstids! Pvck! Then does a Dana please go to DR.. they say they want to go the DR and say they want to make out. She says everything they say will be cut into orgt

He says lets go to bed. She says no. he says you scared? And dangit they whisper. He says he's going to talk to the boys. Gives her a huge hug, thanks her for the massage and they leave the room.

Jul 26 2003 01:39, Sat Jokerette   Link
Ally and Nate now wrastling
Dana and Just in the bathroom. He has baby oil on his pant. so does she.

Ally and Nate still curled up. Her dad might have been on tv, playing baseball she says. Her mom was an athelete, gymnast, full scholarship. Took long time get through college. Did every sport. Nate impressed. Ally continues about her sister, her aunt. Ally: where'd they go, to HoH to make out? Nate: I’m sure they did more than that.

Ally why did they do the massage in here? I don't want him. Nate: this place is getting smaller. This is where all the action takes place.

Aly: if Jack leaves, they'll put me and er in one bed, you and da in other.. no they can't because Jun is.. something. Nate doesn't think they'll close down house. Ally is sure. He tells her she has probs.. cause she's so high then so low. She says come again? He says you're an emotional rollercoaster. She says when am I EVER down. He says Oh, OK. Alyy: don't answer that. SHADDUP!

Now they're wrastling and laughing. She' on the floor. She leaps on him. He spanks her butt. She says go put on your shirt. She pinches his nips. He says I'll pinch yours off.

Nate in his boxers throughout this.

Jul 26 2003 01:49, Sat Jokerette   Link
Ally/Nate long convo
Nate: I've saved your ass 2 times. When will you save mine? It's destiny.. she says. I know about IOUs.

Nate; Roddy should have made it. If eric would have came back, he'd have made it. Dani was after him. He was my favorite one.

Ally: Jee and Jun so have an alliance. Nate: you are full of it. Ally: she had an extra beer and gave it to him. That's one. Things like that. When it's time for dinner, she has him fix things. Nate, I don't buy this. Ally: I am telling you right now. I can read it.

Ally: Nathan, I know things. He says he'll give her benefit of doubt. She says they'll go unnoticed and silent. He says she's crazy about his girl. Ally says he can still have alliance with her. I think she's more of a threat than we think. I am tempted to go after her first. Nate says this is suicide. You put her up against survivor of Justin and Dana.. I'd put her up before Ratbert, who can't do anything around here.

Nate: trust me. She already told me. She wants to go with majority and momentem. When it swings her way next week… Ally says she's so fvcking scared. They had nothing to do with us yesterday and woah, they'r eback. Ally: I've one life I used, I have 8 more. Nate; never count me out. I'm a survivor. I had to go on 2 diets. I'm about dead. HoH I freaked and stressed… head spinning. He rubs ally's head.

Nate: if you wan't so high strung I wouldn't mind marrying you. She says he's the high strung. Nate said they'd kill each other. She says she'd kill him.. he says Basic Instinct. Laughs. Now she's lying next to him rubbing his head. He talks of hair cut.

Nate: before you leave, give me a little trim in case you don't come back. I think John is loving this. They love this, how the tables can turn. Dana, you just dug yourself a grave, Nate said. She's gonna be worried this week. I'm not getting close to her. Plus it pisses me off they were talking about us last night. Think I forgot.. trust me. I can play it off good. Punching bag in Justin face. Knocked it off the freaking thing.

Jul 26 2003 01:55, Sat Jokerette   Link
Then I kicked my GF's door down, then the cops showed.
Nate: you and erika scare me intellectually. Dana did well in comps. She needs taken out, says Alli. That would be nice, says Nat who sighs.

Nate wondering about how they're edited, with music and so on. They wonder about the unexpected, nate worried about his GF being brought in. She says there might not be another unexpected this year. He says he'd be pissed if they bring someone back, ally says no new HGs. A visitor can f things up. Imagine if it were your Ex for a few days, or my boyfriend. He would kill Justin, then you, then Rat Jee and Jack just for having penises.

Nate says he can scrap with the best, he whooped ass for someone calling him a pretty boy. A team mate who was 6'4" 340LBS I picked him up and.. did something. Went to town. I f I was sober I woulda really got him. Then I kicked my girffirends door and then the cops showed up.

Ali: you call ME psycho? The sheet you've done! Now you rub my head.

Jul 26 2003 02:02, Sat Jokerette   Link
Nate: we're sequesterd (!!!)
Back outside: Dana, Jee, Rat talking about the questions they missed.

Back to Nate and Ally. He says he saved their asses. He wasn't secure either. "We’re sequestered." )I assume he's using the Veto!)

Jul 26 2003 02:16, Sat Jokerette   Link
Nate and Ally: their exes
Ally says now that if she wins she'd buy him a car. Hmmm. Against rules, this?

Nate says he'd spend 50 large on his family if he wins. She says lot of money. She'd pay college for brother, then put it in CDS until she has a family. He says for us, our education is behind us.

Nate wants to coach, but not teach. He wants to be in show business. Ali's granpa coached. Nate wants to do a movie, ally wants a soap.

Nate: we get a lot of air. 3 days a week on just us. My ex is cheerleader, you'd see glimpses of her. Look at us. She says she was on ESPN for Bull game because she could sing. Take me out to the ballgame. He asks can she sing. He says what can you not do.. take me to bed and lose me forever.

I can't sit still, she says. Play basketball. Be wrong. (A flaw, he says, that's why we'd never work, I'm never worng either.) Apparently I'm high strung.. he says you need someone to put you in your place and she says someone did. He asks is she insecure.. she says I had reason. He cheated on me. I guess.. he could be cheating on me now.. if he's that stupid not to want me after this.. he's a dork.

He says her relationship not normal. And foth.. then he's 20 and it's fun. She says he lives 5 hours away. Nate can't do long distance. He likes being with his GF, while she needs space. She says it's opposite. He likes spending a lot of time. She's selective who she lets know her. She says she has 2/3 close friends cause she was with her BF, her world revolves around relationship. She goes into it looking at for life.

Her relationship with her man if fun because she's been hurt, let herself down. Nate had bad relationship. He's hard to get to know.. but then he gets attached. She says she does too (get attached). Nate and his ex, took forever to quit talking. Ali and her ex tried to quit talking. She changed her # and Justin still got her. She feels like every relationship she had blew except 1, and they're friends.

Nate says you'll meet some dude and you'll click. She says she hates that she told 4 guys she loved them. She regrets that. Loved Donny and doesn’t know how she'll feel. He yawns, says you guys might get back together.

Nate says that's not healthy. She says in DR, if she loses, she comes out and he's there.. it will work. If not she made herself an idiot. Nate says he'll see you on morning show and letterman and he'll want you. Nate would die if he saw his ex on national tv.. he's happy she's seeing him. Aly thought about Justin.. and then he was there!

Nate's Natalie is jealous, he says. Everything was competiion. Ally says that's the worst. He said he hated that.

Jul 26 2003 02:50, Sat ktan   Link
Visible on sleeping feeds: 1: Nate (Love) 2: Erika, Dave (Desert) 3: Rob, Justin, Jee (Circle) 4: Jun, Dana (HOH) Good night, HGs. NT

Jul 26 2003 04:01, Sat omahadude   Link
Someone just farted loudly on feed 1 NT

Jul 26 2003 04:54, Sat frustratedposter   Link
F1 Jun up, to the WC and now sitting in the LR alone, looks concerned NT

Jul 26 2003 05:01, Sat frustratedposter   Link
Jun goes in to HOH room, Dana wakes immediately
Jun climbs in to the bed and under the covers

they stare in to each others eyes (oh wait, that's a dif story! )

no talking yet just lying there looking like they want to talk, but Jun seems to be falling back to sleep

well, if they are just going to lie there, might as well


Jul 26 2003 05:11, Sat frustratedposter   Link
F1 switched to Ali shot, now back to HOH
Jun is a little restless but in fact it looks like they will wind up just going back to sleep

Jul 26 2003 05:18, Sat frustratedposter   Link
dave got up, went in to the K with his sunglasses on
(ed so as not to wake too much) for something to drink, his sleeping pants riding low on his ass

then he heads on back to bed

Jul 26 2003 05:20, Sat frustratedposter   Link
F3 jack up and in to wC, and yes, he does at least rinse his hands before he heads back to bed,face down this time NT

Jul 26 2003 05:24, Sat frustratedposter   Link
on f3, heard Erika mumble "stupid Mantroll, hate her"
feed switches to love room, ali hugs her teddy and falls back to sleep

Jul 26 2003 07:27, Sat Anonymous   Link
All HG sleeping zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz NT

Jul 26 2003 10:16, Sat Poser   Link
Still Sleeping at 9:15AM - Late Night I Guess NT

Jul 26 2003 10:27, Sat RavenLaRue   Link
Jack is up and has gone outside. Now, back inside.
wanders to the WC. He's starting his morning routine.

Jul 26 2003 10:27, Sat frustratedposter   Link
jack is up and wandering around F3 NT

Jul 26 2003 10:40, Sat RavenLaRue   Link
Jack and Erica--Why'd that b!tch have to get HOH
talking about a loud noise outside the wall-sounds like a pressure washer. E doesn't want to get up
E_why'd that bitch have to get HOH
J- Last one standing--she didn't have to answer a question
David is stirring
quiet now

Jul 26 2003 10:40, Sat frustratedposter   Link
jack has returned to bed, looking like a worried mummy NT

Jul 26 2003 10:48, Sat frustratedposter   Link
jun is up, left the HOH room, on way to BR NT

Jul 26 2003 10:50, Sat frustratedposter   Link
jun out of WC, washed hands, and back to HOH room NT

Jul 26 2003 10:55, Sat RavenLaRue   Link
Ja, E, and David --- The whole theme of BB4 will be "Get Dana"
THere were 3 green ? in the ? yesterday. (sorry missed what the objects they're talking about are) Shirts, maybe?
Jee had a really dark green
one was kelley green and one was a loud green.
David is not participating and asks what color Jun's was
Jun's was pink
Dana had bright yellow
Ja's was Kelley green
David had cream or tan
Jack thinks that Robert is up-maybe to do the pool
Jack is going to check to see if it is robert. He comes back but doesn't say anything.
E is starting to get hungry
Jack asks, you are?
E says yes, you?
Ja~ you bet I am. I put on some coffee
Ja-do you hear that sound?
Ja-they're getting ready to gas us and bring in a whole new house
e_ I hope so
Ja~the whole theme of bb4 will be "get Dana"
E- it will be
J~that's how they'll market it
D, ja and E discussing how many parachutes each HG got
now dicussing how many BK chutes each got


Jul 26 2003 10:59, Sat talcman ParentRootLink
They are talking about the balls in POV competition NT

Jul 26 2003 11:06, Sat RavenLaRue ParentRootLink
TYVM! I couldn't hear what they said. :) NT

Jul 26 2003 10:57, Sat frustratedposter   Link
Sand Box occupants discussing house trivia for future competitions NT

Jul 26 2003 11:05, Sat RavenLaRue   Link
Ja is getting up, he says~ f-3
and he's a man of his word.
E stays in bed and has now covered her face with a turtle pillow.
D-still in bed and now has cover over his face
Can hear J getting dressed and leaving the bedroom
changing feeds
f-4 same as 3 (sleeping hamsters)
F-1 is sleeping hagsters Dana and Jun in HOH
f-2 is other BR (ali, jee, nate?)
f-3 is now Ja cleaning pool with pool vac hose.
in the background, we can hear the noise he told E about earlier--sounds like a power washer outside the by area.

Jul 26 2003 11:27, Sat nojobny   Link
Jack is done cleaning the pool. Now he's making coffee. exciting NT

Jul 26 2003 11:33, Sat Janet   Link
Good morning HG''s time to wake up for the day NT

Jul 26 2003 11:48, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
Jun & Dn wispering in wc...couldn't hear for water running NT

Jul 26 2003 11:49, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
Jk, E, Da & Jun are up NT

Jul 26 2003 11:52, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
Jun & Dn in wc...Jun complains of dust in the house. Dana asks if they have pancake
batter? Dana wonders if BB is mad at them b/c they (BB) has done 3 wake up calls and there are only 4 up. June didn't realize...thought they got up on 1st call. BB announces lock down for inside. Jun says they are being punished for not getting up.

Jul 26 2003 11:53, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
Ja, Jun & Dana go outside to pull down shades...hear what sounds like a steam cleaner NT

Jul 26 2003 11:54, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
Dav, Nat, Ali, Jee, Justin & Rat all still in bed NT

Jul 26 2003 11:55, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
Jun goes to dr and we FOTH NT

Jul 26 2003 11:58, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
Jac in K doing dishes, Dana there...they're talking about the noise in BY. Jack says he could hear it from his bed.
Dana says you can't hear a think in HOH room & it's cold in there--but she's not complaining. She says it's too dark in there...can't see when she wakes up and she stumbles all over everything. Basic chit chat about the rooms temp/light

Jul 26 2003 12:01, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
Now Dana & Jac talk about turtles...that they need exercise too
Dana gets some water and chokes...says she has forgotten how to drink water...Jack says "Drink much Dana"...they lol...Jack asks if they have any eggs..."No" says Dana...need switch feeds...Jack is running water in sink & I can't hear!!! ARGH!!!

Jul 26 2003 12:05, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
Nate's up & in shower..put's towel over door...can't see anything...
...Dana wandering around kitchen putting her hands all in her hair and swinging her hair around (yes, over the countertops) as Jun gets ready to fix breakfast...must be med time...Jac is called to the DR

Jul 26 2003 12:08, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
Jun's turn to go to DR, Dana put some Crisco in skillet...asks Jack
if he had a good night...he says no..."Didn't have sex last night"...they laugh...she reminds him about Dav sleeping next to him...they laugh...he says he has his back to Dav when he sleeps, prob not a good idea! they LOL Jun is back chopping meat (Aligator??) Jack says he'll try it...said he tried the goats milk and it wasn't bad. Erika called to DR.

Jul 26 2003 12:09, Sat Quench   Link
Dana and Jack Banter in kitchen
D: Did you have a good nite last night

J: Well I didn't have sex

D: Nobody did.

J: Its hard not to think about

D: David is in there

J: Ya I have my back to him that isn't safe. Maybe I should turn around.

Jul 26 2003 12:11, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
BB says "Good morning HG, it's time to get up for the day"...
Jack says, wonder if we're going to have a lux comp. Dana says...that has to be the 4th call. Erika is called to DR again. Jack said Er was up when he was cleaning the pool but then she went back to bed. Erika comes thru K says "Mornin"....Jun & Dan say Mornin...Nate still in shower...rinsing hair...Erika out of DR...Jack's rummaging in the fridge...gets out mayo...Ali is called to DR...Dana and Jun still cooking...Jack watching.

Jul 26 2003 12:19, Sat Quench   Link
Ali, Justin, Robert up brushing teeth. Nate Shaving. Jee comes in.
The late crew doing the morning routine.

Jul 26 2003 12:28, Sat Quench   Link
BB: 90 minutes until Luxury competition NT

Jul 26 2003 12:31, Sat Quench   Link
Groaner Joke told by Jun to Dana
Construction firm hires 3 guys. A white guy for accounting, a black guy for shipping and a chinese guy for supplies. Each of the guys work on a different floor.

A few days go by and no one has seen the chinese guy. So they hunt around the floors for him. Finally go up to his floor and open up a closet and the chinese guy jumps out of the closet yelling

Supplies Supplies.

Jul 26 2003 12:34, Sat Quench   Link
Jun and Dana are making surpise toasted sandwiches on English muffins with meat and cheese.
Jack, Robert, Nathan and Justin sitting in living room. Talking about how they can hear what sounds like a steam cleaner out in the backyard and it now sounds like the staff are refilling the pool. It needed a cleaning badly. Chit chat about Justin having a pool and how long it took him to clean it.

Jul 26 2003 12:47, Sat Quench   Link
Sitting around the Dining table eating guys talking about Boxers Jones, Tyson, Forman. NT

Jul 26 2003 13:02, Sat Quench   Link
Dana has them gather around in the LR pulling balls out of the bag.. In order is...
david 1
nate 2
dana 3
erika 4
rob 5
ali 6
jack 7
jee 8
justin 9
jun 10

Jul 26 2003 13:08, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
Note those w/out feed...there are still 13 chairs at the kitchen table!!! NT

Jul 26 2003 13:08, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
FOTH now...probably getting ready for Lux Comp NT

Jul 26 2003 13:18, Sat n2deep   Link
Dave is in shower and ali threw water on the door and now you can see Hiney Woohoo NT

Jul 26 2003 13:18, Sat HappyInTulsa   Link
No comp yet...we're back...David in shower...w/out towel over door
Ali/Jun laughing at him...
Nate: saw the package did ya
Girls: lauging...
Jee: sounds like chipmunks...LOL

Jul 26 2003 13:35, Sat CoffeeGal   Link
OHHHHHHHH: Justin just told DANA (in double meaning, while playing cards) that her existance in this game is running out.....
SHE told him THANKS!!!!

Jul 26 2003 13:48, Sat CoffeeGal ParentRootLink
WHILE They were playing cards she said it and she had been flirting with david this A.M. and she is in this game (she meaning card game...Then Justin said it,,seems double meaning to me

Jul 26 2003 13:46, Sat valentine   Link
Jack and Nathan Discuss What They Like
for women's hairstyles. They're sitting in the bathroom chairs, watching Jun shave her legs, perched on the tub. And Allie is hovering around, too.

Nate: I'm not a big pony tail fan. I only like girls with hair longer than their shoulders.

Jack: Yep. You have to have long hair.

Nate: It takes a certain type of girl to have really short hair.

Allie: I always (?) have short hair.

Nate: Oh no, Allie. You would not look good with long hair.

Jack, saving Nate's ass: You have Hollywood hair Allie. You need to keep that beautiful hair.

Nate: Yeah, Jun and Allie both have Hollywood hair.

Jack: Whenever I think of short hair, I think of Julie Andrews, and it makes me want to throw up.

Jun is now shaving her underarms in the BR mirror.

Justin: Don't girls do that sh*t in the shower?

Jun: Why, does it bother you? We've been living together way too long for you to be talking like that.

They are all waiting for something, some sort of competition to start.

Now FOTH. Maybe its on.

Jul 26 2003 13:57, Sat valentine   Link
Allie, No Nutritionist
has just stated in the living room that orange juice has "natural caffeine" in it, and that people that don't drink coffee drink orange juice all day to stay awake.

(Ed Note: Maybe in Pittsburgh, Allie, but no where else.)

Everyone is sitting around, waiting. Brief FOTH's here and there, while we wait, too.

Erica is once again wearing her Hi Mom/I Heart JA tank top, with a pair of $5 sunglasses. Nate asked if they were Gucci, and said he would never have known the difference if she didn't tell him. Erica sits on her sunglasses at least once a week, and won't buy expensive ones anymore.

No sound right now. I wonder why?

David has on the ugly brown newsboy cap that he seems so fond of lately.

Jul 26 2003 14:02, Sat valentine   Link
Nate Proclaims that he Will Not Marry a Girl
who cannot cook. This potentially spells doom for the evicted Michelle.

Now the girls are talking about shaving their thighs. Who does, who doesn't.

Allie gets her whole body waxed once a year. Jun doesn't.

Now Dana is issuing instructions about the contest. "Remember your number", "Run the mike up your shirt". "Its definitely not what we all thought it would be".

Dave wants to know if they will win a car. "Something like that," says Dana. Then she says just kidding.

They are all bunched by the back door, waiting to be released.

Jul 26 2003 14:08, Sat valentine   Link
Dana is Getting Badgered
by the back door by all the curious HG, who want to know what the contest prize is.

Nate: Is it good?

Dana: Yeah.

Erica: But is it Good Good?

Dana: It could be, for the person that wins it. Its like a one shot deal.

Jun: Will we get a visit from home?

David: Is it a masseuse? Hookers??

Dana has a lot of stuff to say during the comp.

Dana: But I'm really good at it.

Nate comments sarcastically on Dana's confidence.

Brief FOTH. They must have been told to get away from the back door, cause now they're in the living room and kitchen. Someone is shuffling the cards again.

Jul 26 2003 14:10, Sat valentine ParentRootLink
More While Waiting
Jack thinks it might be a concert like Sheryl Crow.

Dave mimics that when they walk out someone will announce "It's Carson Daly!!". Then he pretends to punch him and say "******ng Homo".


They joke that the prize may be free McDonalds for a year.

Jul 26 2003 14:13, Sat henry   Link
Looks like FOTH for the competition NT

Jul 26 2003 14:15, Sat henry ParentRootLink
Now they're showing the competition NT

Jul 26 2003 14:16, Sat Judith   Link
Dana is explaining the rules of the luxury comp NT

Jul 26 2003 14:17, Sat Judith ParentRootLink
They are playing for a four course dinner with the guest of their choice NT

Jul 26 2003 14:17, Sat valentine   Link
Time for the FOTHing Competition
We see the HG go out into the backyard, which has been set up in some sort of elaborate playground.

There is a big chair set up on some sort of platform, like a huge LazyBoy.

Nate says something about having to drink, and how he will throw up.

Dana: Now everybody remember your number and go stand by it.

Now FOTH, it looks like FOTH for the long haul.

But, now we're back in action.

Dana is announcing the prize is a gourmet, intimate private dinner for you and the HG of your choice.

Each HG will fill their own champagne glass and head to the "spin-matic" chair and strap themselves in.

They will spin for 30 seconds, after that a whistle blows and they must carry their champagne on a tray across the yard. They can't spill more than a certain amount, or they lose time refilling it.

Here we go.

Jul 26 2003 14:20, Sat valentine ParentRootLink
Allie Sends us Back to FOTH
by asking a question that BB has to answer.

Allie: Does it matter.....FOTH.

This may be like the dinner last year that Marcellas won, and invited Amy to eat with him in the DR. She got very drunk that night on Citrona and made a fool of herself.

FOTH flickering back and forth. They are discussing whether they should keep their eyes closed during the spinning. I guess a lot is at stake here.

Jul 26 2003 14:20, Sat frustratedposter   Link
each HG fills their glass with chamagne
then they go to a chair, which will spin

when it stops, a whistle will blow

they have to carry their glsss on a tray to the podium

when they get there, there must be enuf champagne to reach a red line

they can refill if they need to

fastest time from whistle to filled glass wins romantic gourme dinner for them and HG of choice

Jul 26 2003 14:23, Sat Judith   Link
Dave just took a huge swig of champagne NT

Jul 26 2003 14:26, Sat Judith   Link
looks like they have to spin in a chair then try to walk with a tray with a glass of champagne on it. NT

Jul 26 2003 14:27, Sat valentine   Link
Everyone has Popped their Bottle but Jee
Finally Jee gets it and everyone cheers. Dave is chugging straight from the bottle.

Dave is going first and is filling his glass. He keeps blowing off the foam.

Jun: Allie is a ******ing ice skater--she should be okay spinning.

Now Dave approaches the chair. He spins for what seems like a long time.

He dropped the glass when he got up and wasted some time. 26.82 is the official time.

Now it is Nate's turn.

Jul 26 2003 14:28, Sat Judith   Link
Dave did the course in 26.52 (seconds?) NT

Jul 26 2003 14:29, Sat Quench   Link
David sitting in a chair in middle of blue area. It is spinning with David staring at the sky.
Gets off the chair wobbles off to the grabs the glass of champagne and moves it across the yard on a tray. then goes back across the yard where there is a bell that signals end of round

Dana"s instructions are confusing.

Dave's time is 26.2

Jul 26 2003 14:32, Sat Judith   Link
Nat got disqualified, He didn't fill up his glass full enough. NT

Jul 26 2003 14:32, Sat Judith ParentRootLink
oh, he needed to refill his glass because he dropped it. NT

Jul 26 2003 14:32, Sat Quench   Link
16.25 Dana's time NT

Jul 26 2003 14:32, Sat valentine   Link
No Points for Nate
His glass was not filled to the red line.

Jack is sure he will be sick. He can't even go on the merry-go-round.

Jack: I'll throw up and then I can eat some Burger King.

Erica: Yeah Burger King!!!!

Dana is spinning and says its scary.

Dave: Oh no your boob just fell out.

Dana: This thing is crazy.

Dana did it in 16.2. Jun doesn't want to play anymore.

Erica's turn.

Jul 26 2003 14:34, Sat Quench   Link
14.81 Erika's time NT

Jul 26 2003 14:34, Sat valentine   Link
14.81 For Erica NT

Jul 26 2003 14:35, Sat Judith   Link
when Dana was spinning in the chair, Dave (?) said uh-oh,your boob just flew out! NT

Jul 26 2003 14:36, Sat Kaz ParentRootLink
Dana kept her eyes closed, when they (not sure who, a male) said to open them, she squealed... nooooo! it's scar-eeeeee NT

Jul 26 2003 14:36, Sat Quench   Link
Robert's time 21.03 NT

Jul 26 2003 14:38, Sat Quench   Link
Alison's time 11.4 NT

Jul 26 2003 14:38, Sat Judith   Link
Alison, 11.4NT

Jul 26 2003 14:39, Sat Quench   Link
Just a note the ladies seem to be doing the skaters spin to stop getting dizzy NT

Jul 26 2003 14:40, Sat Quench   Link
Jack falls over then spills the glass tries to refills the glass - No score Jack may have scraped himself in the fall NT

Jul 26 2003 14:41, Sat Judith   Link
Jack dropped his glass, somehow hurt his face. Didn't hear the time NT

Jul 26 2003 14:42, Sat Judith   Link
Dana keeps saying she's still nauseous. still nauseous NT

Jul 26 2003 14:42, Sat Quench   Link
Jee is overreacting for the cameras since he knows he can't win . He is playing it up - time 27.50 NT

Jul 26 2003 14:42, Sat valentine   Link
Jack Fell Hard and is Bleeding
so we go to FOTH while medical attention is received.

Now we're back, and Jee is whining "I can't do this I can't do this."

Jee is screaming and spinning. And he was right. He can't do this. He veered way off course and finally got it done. 27.50

Jul 26 2003 14:44, Sat Quench   Link
Justin's time 20.90 NT

Jul 26 2003 14:44, Sat Quench   Link
No way we can beat Ali's time. Dana - JUN JUN JUN NT

Jul 26 2003 14:45, Sat Quench   Link
Jun is screaming and laughing. OMG OMG OMG NT

Jul 26 2003 14:46, Sat Quench   Link
Jun's time 28.31 NT

Jul 26 2003 14:47, Sat Quench   Link
Ali gets a dinner and takes Nathan (might be an DR dinner)NT

Jul 26 2003 14:48, Sat valentine   Link
Allie is Officially the Winner and Picks
Nathan as her dinner partner.

And now we go to FOTH.

(Ed Note: Would have been nice if she picked Jack, the other nominee.)

Jul 26 2003 14:49, Sat Quench   Link
Everyone heads inside Rounds of "That was fun" Jack is glad he took his glasses off. NT

Jul 26 2003 14:49, Sat Judith   Link
All the HG's grab their bottles of champagne and head inside. Everybody said it was fun. NT

Jul 26 2003 14:51, Sat Quench   Link
Jack definitely scraped the side of his face near the temple NT

Jul 26 2003 14:51, Sat Judith   Link
Jack went to check out his injury, he says it just a rug burn. NT

Jul 26 2003 15:02, Sat Quench   Link
Jee saying to Alison I have seen you do those perriers.
Girls laugh and correct him pirouettes. Women talk about dancing spins and skating spins

Jack gets called to the DR

Jul 26 2003 15:04, Sat ktan   Link
Erika points out the 'champagne' used in the comp is not champagne -- it's California sparkling wine. NT

Jul 26 2003 15:20, Sat Anonymous   Link
Justin cut off by BB
In HoH, Justin starting telling a story to Dana about how he got one of his scars. He was partying with his college roommate, completely drunk, they took a wire hanger and bent it like a -- boom, FOTH, even though I don't think Justin mentioned the roommate's name. When they cut back a few seconds later, all cams were in the livingroom and the tail end of what the producer said -- Justin's name -- was heard.

At least, I'm pretty sure he said wire hanger.

Jul 26 2003 15:23, Sat RMU   Link
Nate, Jack, Dave & Erica sprawled out on the couches
Nate says Er going to pose for playboy when she gets gout and he wants an autographied copy. So does Jack.

Dave tells a story about a friend of his who has a playboy connection.

We see Ratbert, Jee and Justin sitting around the dining table - they're discussing the left over "champagne" from the competition and how they're going to drink it.

Js says that Dana told him she would have taken Jun to the dinner if she had won and Js is totally ok with that.

Jee glad he didn't win, cause he woulda taken one of the stooges and that would have been gay-looking.

Ratbert explaining that only wine produced in the region of Champagne in France is allowed to be labelled "champagne", that's why their bottle say sparkling wine cause it's produced in CA.

Conversation moves on and now we have a brief FOTH

Jul 26 2003 15:26, Sat Jovian   Link
Jee, Justin and Rob talking about pot and how they like to smoke it.
Jee likes it either in a bong or a pipe and Justin likes it in a pipe because it conserves it better. Now talking about one-hitters.

Feeds change

Jul 26 2003 15:27, Sat ktan   Link
BK meals on the dining table. Lockdown over. NT

Jul 26 2003 15:29, Sat RMU   Link
Jus says Dana going to drink tonite and it'll be crazy...
Jee telling a story of how his Dad drinks after work and more too - said he smokes too (not ciggs, lol) and how he found out was a rolled up dollar bill.

Surprizingly, we have FOTH.

Back now and Jee telling us how he takes hits off of bongs and Jus says something (sorry I missed it).

People come into the kitchen and the conversation changes - lots of crinkling of packages as people get Burger King luncheon and lots of talking at once.

Jul 26 2003 15:30, Sat calgal   Link
House guests.. chow down on burger king... mmmm NT

Jul 26 2003 15:33, Sat RMU   Link
Close up of the HGs on all feeds as they eat BK - Dave wearing Amanda's hat NT

Jul 26 2003 15:36, Sat RMU   Link
Now all the HGs hamming it up how like LUV Bking - how they eat it everyday
Dana says BK is DA BOMB

Jack says he never leaves home without it.

Close up of Dana's half-eaten food.

(ed. note - this is stimulating stuff, lol)

Jul 26 2003 15:37, Sat RMU   Link
Nat spilled his champagne on Jack's lap - Ratbert goes & gets a towel yelling Nat's drunk NT

Jul 26 2003 15:39, Sat RMU   Link
Speculating about the romantic dinner Ali won - apparently it's going to be sushi NT

Jul 26 2003 15:45, Sat RMU   Link
Jk has a cut on his knuckle too from the competition
Jun says she can't even handle a merry-go-round.

Ratbert has gone outside and on 2 of the feeds they show him a couple of inches away from one of the mirrors in the back yard - he's shading his eyes trying (and I assume) trying to see what's on the other side - he's careful not to touch the mirror.

He wonders away and after another brief stop at the mirror with some nose touching and fingers through his hair he sits down in one of the comfy lounge chairs and looks rather pensive.

Other HGs are finishing eating, and talking about nothing,

Er comes out and sits down by Ratbert - switching feeds so I can hear.

Jul 26 2003 15:46, Sat calgal   Link
Dana speaks to the camera.. "we have an ant problem.. get an exterminator please" NT

Jul 26 2003 15:49, Sat thor   Link
**OFFICIAL** From Nathan's mouth to Alison, 'I am getting your ass off the block.' NT

Jul 26 2003 15:49, Sat RMU   Link
Er is lying down on the orange couch outside - sneezes and Ratbert says "bless you"
I can hear the hose running so someone else is outside beyond camera range.

No conversation at all for several minutes.

(I take a potty break) and now Jee is outside but Er has left the couch.

Counting off the days and figuring out how it'll be 4 wks in the house.

feeds recycle - posting

Jul 26 2003 15:53, Sat RMU   Link
Jee having a smoke outside. Ratbert saying he's definitely going to NY this year
That Jee's girlfriend can hook Ratbert up at the "W" hotel (I think he said).

Rat asks what's her connection to the hotel and Jee says she works at the botique and we get FOTH.

Jee says today is a good day, and they all slept well. Jee says Dave didn't get up right away though. Ratbert tells him that Dave didn't get up cause he was "hard".

Jee says that happens to him, to all men, but Jus and Ratbert seem to get up quickly (lol).


Jul 26 2003 16:01, Sat RMU   Link
Jee's only going to smoke 3-4 times a day, and that when he drinks smoking comes easier
Ratbert says Amanda chain-smoked the last week. Some talk about a dream Jee had (I think it was Jee)

Jus comes outside and has a drink in his hand - he's started drinking.

Dana's outside and she says she's not drinking till later - says they can drink all day and she'll see them in a couple of hours.

More dream talk - Jus said he told Jee to "shut the **** up" so it's Jee that's been dreaming.

More booze talk - how it's cool that BB gave them enough for everyone. They say Nat is like a girl - bumped into the wall (he's tipsy) and Jus can't imagine him in a club.

Jee says he gets sleezy when he drinks.

They talk about the noise (I thought it was a hose running but apparently it's not) and how annoying it is.

(ed: going to check out other feeds)

Jul 26 2003 16:03, Sat RMU   Link
All 4 feeds on the stooges - they have a bottle of sparkling wine and are pouring - Jee mentions the "w" hotel - FOTH NT

Jul 26 2003 16:08, Sat Michelle_OR   Link
Jee and Robert continue to drunkenly talk outside as Jack appears to be cleaning the pool or spa. Erika is outside as well.
They all appear to be drunk on champagne. Jack sounds sober though.

Jul 26 2003 16:10, Sat Michelle_OR   Link
Robert is rubbing Allison's shoulder as she says, "I am so drunk!"
The guys say they might as well go all the way since they are that drunk already.

Jul 26 2003 16:15, Sat RMU   Link
Discussing plans how all 5 of them will get together in NY at the W hotel. Er is outside and Jun too
Er is looking after the turtles.

Jee says again, what's that sound? Ratbert says it sounds like a pressure washer.

Talking about dancers (as they watch Er). Jus says girls that can dance can usually shag. Jee says his girl can dance. Jee like lap dances.

Er yells isn't that noise bothering you? Jee answers it's better when you're drunk.

Jk comes outside - they say he'll be good for one day (meaning he should drink) and Jk says he's 3 wks over due.

Jus says it's his 6th or 7th drink so far. Ratbert (I remember now he's an recovering alcoholic) not saying much - drinking a soda.

Ali joins them - she's sits on the side of Ratbert's chair and he strokes her back. They ask her about the dinner menus and she says she choose a seafood platter. She says she's had 3 glasses and Ratbert can't believe she doesn't have a buzz on.

Er and Jk talking about how big a turtle's head has gotten.

Ali goes inside and we see Nat now - he's pouring a glass and says this in now his 8th. He heads outside and joins the stooges, but the sound says on Jk and Er who are now in the kitchen.

Jk says Nat has been wasted ever since the spin (from the competition).

Ali comes out of the WC in a bikini.

(switching feeds & posting)

Jul 26 2003 16:21, Sat Michelle_OR   Link
Erika : " yawnnn,.. champagne just makes me sleepy"
Jack: Me too and I don't mind getting sleepy in here, just not so early. Funny that earlier Erika corrected Jack when he called the sparkling wine, champagne, but now she is allowed to call it Champagne.

Jul 26 2003 16:23, Sat Michelle_OR   Link
Allison gets off of jee's lap as he checks out her @ss...
Nathan: jee you are horny as hell when you drink!

Nathan: (I think)..hey do you guys wake up horney? I wake up horny.

The guys agree that they too wake up

Jul 26 2003 16:23, Sat tooty   Link
jee says he wants to get affectionate the guys are saying he is horny NT

Jul 26 2003 16:27, Sat Michelle_OR   Link
"I can see you on girls gone wild" !!!!
Allison says.. I wouldn't!! I have never even flashed!

One of the guys says,.. well you kissed Michelle. She said.. I did not, I kissed her clavical!

Jul 26 2003 16:30, Sat RMU   Link
Talking about spring break - Ali said she "was allowed to go to Canada for 3-4 days"
Jee says Canada - they know how to do it there" and Ali says it was cold and nobody was there.
They say Daytona, Miami, etc. the place to go.

Discussing a calendar (I believe) that Ali made - Jus says she gave a copy to his Dad that was autographed by all the girls. Discussing one of the women in the calendar - she's gorgeous but stuck up.

Jee called to the DR

Jul 26 2003 16:35, Sat RMU   Link
(ed note - this was posted late) Ali now outside - Jus says she's wasted and is peeling off her clothes
Nat giggling, says he never really drinks, except here.

"House guests, Please raise the shades"

Jee says it's because of Ali (in her bikini).

Jee invites Ali to sit down beside him - she says she's got a headache and giggles. Jee says "she's gone" "Girls gone wild"

Jus laughing saying to Nat saying watch out - she'll (?) him! (I think he said crop).

Jus says he's funny when he drinks, but Ali gets violent. Jee yells "Girls gone wild"

Nat says it's like spring break - he's drunk at, like, noon.

Trying to get Ali to speak so they can see if she slurs her words - Jus yells "shslush up Jee" and Ali joins in.

Ali now sittling on Jee's lap, lots of laughter. "That's the ticket!"

Ali says "he's rubbing my belly". Someone says she wants a baby and Ali asks Jee what they'll name they first born.

She goes inside and the guys raze Jee about how horny he is - he gets "sleazy".

Ali's back out with a bottle - pours drinks.

Start discussing the competition - Jus says "Al-Al-Ali" stuttering like someone who's wasted (or else imitating her?).


Jul 26 2003 16:37, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Hammered hamsters
Jee, Justin, Nate, Ali and oddly Rat in the BY. Ali seems pretty gone already - slurring her words a bit sitting on the side of the chair next to Rat, his slimy arm rubbing her back as they chat in that partying kind of way.

Justin brings up that Ali gets very seductive when drunk - so Nate should watch it at dinner tonight!

Nate comments it's like spring break...drinking so early in the day.

Justin: "Jee, you're horny as hell when you're drunk."

Talk about how horny the guys are when they wake up...Nate mentioned having to wait for "it" to calm down before getting out of bed.

Ali mentions a three or four day trip to Canada, I believe as a break from school "It was cold, and there was nobody there." (Ed: we Canucks hate that implication BTW!)

They are chatting about some bikini calendar that Ali was in...describing Ali pictures "I wasn't holding my tits, I was rolling over." About Ali's pics she asserts "They were classy, were they not?" No response from Justin.

Nate: "I haven't been anywhere on the East Coast...the closest was Arkansas."

Some talk then about people Justin's friends figuring out he would be on TV before he was "How the ***** did they figure it out?" Ali says no one knew "I'm mysterious with my friends anyway, so they didn't suspect anything."

Nate: "This is my last glass, I can't handle any more...I'll drunk as hell tonight."


Jul 26 2003 16:55, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
More talk Outside w/Nate, Justin, Ali, Jee, and Rat
Ali pours yet another glass, finishing the bottle of sparkling wine (NOT champagne, of course, as Erica has reminded us)

Jack comes into the convo. Justin "Jack's got some battle scars!" referring to his bruised face from the

Justin: "Jack, you're going to get mobbed by the older ladies when you get out of here...your wife will hate it!" Jack: "I'll have the AARP ladies." Justin: "Yeah, all those thirty-something, late 20s women..." (Ed: Is that your idea of "older" Justin??? Sheesh...)

Jack and Ali talk about the dinner tonight. Ali hopes the other hamsters

Talk about Survivor...Ali has never seen it, but Jack knows the show "Invariably, the strong people get voted off...the people who order people around." Talk about Survivor VI, being men vs. women. Talk about how the men had a great shelter, but lost the competitions. "It's very political." Jack says. Clearly Jack enjoys the show - no wonder he's on BB.

Jack: "Ali can handle her booze." Ali: "I can't handle my booze well."

Ali now promises to bring a calendar for everybody at the wrap party - the one she was scantily clad in, that she mentioned earlier.

Talk about annoyance at the pressure washing of the building...the sound of it has been pervasive all through the day.

Jee, Jack, Ali, and a rather quiet Ratbert in the convo now...all other Hamsters apparently napping (at least according to Jack)

Ali goes into the house, looking for Nate I believe. Yes, she goes in and collapes over a dozing Nate in the Red BR.

Jul 26 2003 17:03, Sat tooty   Link
nate is passed out on the bed NT

Jul 26 2003 17:04, Sat tooty   Link
alison is now back on the bed with nate NT

Jul 26 2003 17:11, Sat curyy4me2   Link
Camera panned from Pick of Ali and her boyfriend to Ali and Nate in bed. NT

Jul 26 2003 17:24, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Feeds switching - HOH, Jack, Nate and Ali
Justin is spooning Dana (ew!) while Jun lies next to them. They are all aware, just small talk.

Jun was going to leave, but Dana and Justin told her "Hey Junbug, stay." She lies back down.

Can now hear Incubus on Dana's headphones. Oddly, no FOTH...

Instead, the feed switches to outside with Jack, who is talking to Rat about BB1. He's describing Mega from BB1 - how he was forceful, and wanted to be the first voted out, which he was. Jack: "I got on the phone and voted against him." He then mentions that BB2 was much better, though he seems to have still liked BB1. (ed: BOY he knows this show!!!)

Now F3 on Ali and Nate, lying in bed draped over each other...Nate is joking that "I hold your destiny in palm of my hand." Ali: "You like that, don't you?" They laugh. More chit chat, flirting, goofy laughing. Nate: "I was so dizzy in that damn chair."

Nate playfully tugs at the strings to Ali's bikini top. Ali: "Don't do it!" Nate: "I've seen 'em" Ali: "You have NOT seen them!"

They now have the comforter pulled over their heads. Murmurs and whispers. Camera swings back and forth between their hair peeking out and their bare feet sticking out from underneath the comforter.

Movement under the covers. Ali murmurs "Don't do that.." Can't see what Nate's being warned against doing.

until next post...

Jul 26 2003 17:26, Sat Strange_Brewster   Link
Camera now on Jun and Dana in bed together in the HOH NT

Jul 26 2003 17:37, Sat Quench   Link
Jack talking about Survivor Australia. Robert hasn't watched any of them.
David says that Water is the worse thing to put on Mike from Survivor's hands.

Robert asking what kind of ppl would be picked for Survivor. Jack saying guys like Dave would be on.

Robert picking his nose diligently listening to Jack describe the how Survivor works.

Feeds switch to Dana and Justin in HOH.


Jul 26 2003 17:40, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
More feeds switching...Nate and Ali, HOH, Jack on Survivor
The usual talk of "We HAVE to win the next HOH." (the 10347th utterance of that phrase this season so far) Dana: "It's all mental."

Jun is now murmuring...tough to hear, she's such a good whisperer. Something about Nate I think. Dana's hand is resting on Jun's shoulder over the covers on the bed.

Ratbert comes scurrying in. Jun is ordered to the DR.

Now Dana is up and folding a sheet on the bed. Rat has scurried back out.

Feeds now back to the monkey grooming with Nate and Ali. Dana comes in and asks "Where the hell is Alison?" Dana didn't see her under the covers. They laugh. Dana leaves, and the feed stays on the two blondes.

Thankfully, feeds switch outside. Back to Jack talking about Survivor "Even out in the middle of nowhere, they bring in their families." Rat: "What???" Jack: "They had to eat some pretty gross stuff to have their families get to spend a night."

Jack: "You gotta spend 39 days with sand in your underwear." He speculates they must give them survival training before they go out there (Ed: They do.)

Jack: "The one I remember most was Austrailia..." Relating how the press looked so hard to find the location. Now relating the story of Mike Skupin (though Jack doesn't mention his name) and how he fell into the fire.

Dave is saying that jumping into the water would actually have made Mike's injury worse...wrapping it would be better.

Jul 26 2003 17:40, Sat tooty   Link
dana and justin all huggy huggy on house bed NT

Jul 26 2003 17:43, Sat Quench   Link
Justin lying on the bed with his arms outstretched. Please give me a hug.
Just like a whiny kid. Give me a hug. She is saying no I already gave you a bunch.

She gives him a hug and I can hear a kiss in there. Then she leaves the HOH and goes outside. Justin lying on the HOH bed.

Jul 26 2003 17:45, Sat tooty   Link
nate and alison passed out together on bed all i hear is snoring NT

Jul 26 2003 17:45, Sat Quench   Link
All four feeds now on Ali and Nate under the covers passed out. NT

Jul 26 2003 17:48, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Justin and Dana flirting away...
F3 unfortunately switches to Dana and Justin in the HOH, They are in an embrace, rolling around on the bed (eww!). Ratbert scurries in to relate that Jee is passed out in the BY. Leaves again.

Dana is now on top of a barechested Justin...will she kiss him???

No, she gets up and they chat as Justin lies on the bed. Dana seems nervous about doing anything hot and heavy with Justin. But she does acquiese, hops on the bed, and kisses Justin...but it's quick, and she goes out into the LR. She runs into Jun and invites her out to have some pistachios outside with her.

F3 switches to WC where we can just hear the sound of Jun peeing (thanks for that BB!!).

Now it switches to Nate, who seems to be sleeping...breathing hard, sort of whistling a bit through his nose. Ali is passed out next to him, pretty much cheek to cheek. The feeds linger on these two sleeping...not sure why. Jun comes in and puts on a top, as well as some eyemakeup I believe. She leaves, and the cam is back on Nate and Ali sleeping.

Jul 26 2003 17:50, Sat Quench   Link
The guys are going to dump Jee in the pool Oh No NT

Jul 26 2003 17:51, Sat Quench   Link
Jee woke up. Didn't quite get him to the pool. Everyone is laughing NT

Jul 26 2003 17:53, Sat bruhe   Link
that was almost classic...
jee passed out on a deck chair and the guys were going to lift him up chair and all and dump his drunk @ss in the pool... they had to conspire to save his microphone and when they all started carefully lifting him evenly and slowly, moving towards the pool.. jee snoring away... everyone starts giggling more and more (they have been drinking champagne all day)... jee stirs and realizes what is happening and starts going no no no no no no no no no no no no and he tumbles off the chair with everyone going into hysterics.
one of the funnier moments this year. lets have more like it.

Jul 26 2003 17:54, Sat Quench   Link
Jee: How long was I laying there? Am I a dork? NT

Jul 26 2003 17:55, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Snoring Jee...
Jee is passed out snoring on a lounger in the sun. He is audibly snoring.

Ratbert has a plan to pick up the lounger and dump him in the pool. They gingerly remove his mic and Dave, Dana, Rat, and Jack pick up the lounger at the corners. They almost succeed, but their laughter wakes up Jee at the last second, and he clings in sudden shock to the chair. They don't manage to get him in.

Dana: "One more second, and he would have been in the pool."

Everyone is laughing, including Jee. It was actually rather a funny scene...I just wish they got him!

Jul 26 2003 17:56, Sat bruhe   Link
now jee, the brainiac, is going back to sleep in the same chair that is now even closer to the pool.. the plot continues NT

Jul 26 2003 17:56, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Prank ... Jee sleeping on lounge chair in BY, Dana slowly removed his microphone ...
and Jack, Justin, Robert and a few others gently lift the lounge chair closer to the pool so they could dump him in.

Their contained laughter, and movements finally woke up Jee who said rather disoriently, "What the ***** is going on ... no, no, no, no .... no, no, no, no,".

HGs were unsuccessful.

Lot's of laughter! They can't believe how far they moved Jee without him waking up. Jee taking it like a good sport.

Hope this prank makes the TV show. Was funny!

Jul 26 2003 17:57, Sat Quench   Link
Jee goes back over to the lounger that is right beside the pool to lay back down. NT

Jul 26 2003 18:01, Sat Quench   Link
I do believe David just kick the ball or something right over the wall. Jack and Robert are talking about it
Dave says ya I didn't mean to kick it like that I think the wind caught it

Jul 26 2003 18:03, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Jack: "It's 5:00...I can start drinking now." - Hee!! NT

Jul 26 2003 18:06, Sat SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Jack asked Erika if he could buy a bottle of champagne for her tonight. They agreed to drink it together (later.) NT

Jul 26 2003 18:11, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Dana talking about America's Choice in the LR
Dana has found out that there will be no America's Choice this year...that there may be a couple of online polls, but otherwise nothing.

Dana says it's actually a brand name...for dairy products or something. And they didn't sponsor this year, so no AC. She speculates that maybe there will be a BK Choice "Have their customers choose something." There's the usual contemptuous tone when talking about the good folks at Burger King. LOL

Jul 26 2003 18:13, Sat n2deep   Link
Dana tells robert that Bb says No Americas Choice this year she says maybe it will be..
A Burger King Balloting like you go in there and do things (ed. Yeah Right)She said BB said there will be online polls.

Jul 26 2003 18:13, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Dave seems to have new plan to dump Jee in...
Jee, idiot that he is, has fallen asleep again by the pool this time...will be easier to dump him in. Talk about how they can't conk him with the chair.

Dana: "Just make sure he doesn't hurt himself."

Jul 26 2003 18:16, Sat bruhe   Link
with jee now sufficiently passed out, the plot to dump him in the pool is back in action...
dana is concerned jee will get hurt.
apparently jee isnt as he stupidly falls asleep in the same chair that is now directly next to the pool.
they are concerned about how to dump him without knocking him and also getting his microphone wet... they move in. like a swat team.
carefully, they all use hand signals to move into position. very very minimal whispering...
moving in slowly and lifting.. Jee wakes up again. "dont do it dont do it"
and of course, he lays down again

then the guys quickly try to lift and dump in a fast motion.
jee scatters stupidly near the shower and they yank the chain barely getting him wet.
the producers apparently yelled at dana in the DR about this because they wanted it to succeed lol. jee is pretty wasted right now.
another funny moment.

Jul 26 2003 18:19, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Doh!!! He woke up again!!
Dana seemed to wake him up...she couldn't shut her big trap when around him. Jee: "Aw guys...can't you just let me get some sleep?" he says in a half joking, half serious way.

Jul 26 2003 18:25, Sat Quench   Link
Nathan talking about how he misses his little sister....
Skyler Elizabeth 9 years old and of course FOTH

Jul 26 2003 18:30, Sat Quench   Link
David and Dana are playing Oklahoma Gin David explaining the rules as they play.
Jun is doing Robert's nails on one side of the sofa and Jack and Erika on the other side of the LR watching D & D play cards.

Jul 26 2003 18:55, Sat Quench   Link
Nathan goes to find out when the Dinner for him and Ali is. Ali has passed out again. NT

Jul 26 2003 18:58, Sat Quench   Link
Jun goes with some canned whipped cream. Puts some on Jee's hand. He is in the Blue BR. Everyone is watching NT

Jul 26 2003 18:59, Sat bruhe   Link
more fun with jee
now jun and the other HGs are going to put whipped cream on jee .. lots of giggling.. not sure if they are trying to get it on him and then tickling him a bit so he has to scratch himself and get it all over his face or something... the decoration continues. with giggles and laughing... jee wakes up and mumbles.. man u guys.. man...
hes like "what the hell is this on my ear!!" hes yelling like a beligerent drunk "gimme napkin!!!" "watda hell is this?!"
"gimme napkin!" "HELP!"
feeds all cut to nathan lifting. thanks BB.. not

Jul 26 2003 19:18, Sat Whistle17   Link
Dave holding Jun & Dana in Storage Room NT

Jul 26 2003 19:32, Sat ktan   Link
Not a lot going on. 1/2 shows Dave/Dana playing cards in LR with Rob watching. 3/4 BY Jack/Nate exercising with Erika sitting NT

Jul 26 2003 19:36, Sat Quench   Link
Erika: Talking about Ali to Nathan and Jack in BY - She is a great girl and a great player
Too bad she is going to have to go. The ManTroll made a mistake.

Nathan and Jack agreeing. Nathan saying that Dana is going to be nervous the next few weeks. And we can't blame Justin.

Erika :No I don't blame Justin its Dana's doing.

Erika: Nathan well you know that Veto's are going to be your thing because they will be physical and HOH is more cognitive.

Nathan: Veto has more power than HOH

They are chitchatting while Erika is eating some fruit. Nathan doing weights and Jack is doing situps/pushups

Jul 26 2003 19:42, Sat Quench   Link
Nathan: What intrigues you about this show
Jack: The personalities.

Nathan asked: Well what were you like when you were younger?

Jack: I am between you and David. I married at nineteen

Nathan talks about 3 stages for relationships:
HS stage - Settle but will it be right
College stage - Settle but it could be rushing it
Work stage - The relationship will last longer

Jack: I can relate to you guys not that there is someone my age but you guys are my childrens ages. They are 26 21 19 and my boys are 37 36 31

Jul 26 2003 19:48, Sat FrodoLass ParentRootLink
I think he said he was "between you and Justin." NT

Jul 26 2003 19:54, Sat Quench ParentRootLink
Thanks NT

Jul 26 2003 19:56, Sat Quench   Link
Nate and Ali's dinner is at 8:30 BB time.
Nate drinking a protein shake and trying to get Ali out of bed. She still not with it. Nate telling her to get up because she has to get ready. He is going to take a shower soon.

Jul 26 2003 19:58, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Working out
Nate is doing lifts out from his body with two barbell weights. He stops as Erica comes out and comments how it's a nice night.

Nate doesn't know what day it is. Jack fills him in to say it's the 26th.

Jack does ten bench press reps on a rather heavy looking barbell. Go Jack!

Erica comments it was '98 when she broke up with Ratbert "98!" Nate says incredulously "I was in high school that year!" (Yeah, so were many people in the house Nate...) Erica: "Yeah...I was a different person back then."

Nate comments how he won't talk about the game with Ali during the dinner. It will be nice to get away from it, he says...better if they have some music. (Any bets on the fact that they WILL talk game?)

They talk about how Bunky got away from the house. Jack says "I liked Bunky...I thought he was a good guy." (Go Jack again!)

Nate comes inside to the kitchen. Starts to fix a protein shake, I believe. Dave comes in. FOTH.

Feeds come back to Ali and Nate in the red BR. She seems to be waking up. Nate says "Wake up! We have to be ready to go by 9:30."

Again he implores of Ali "Wake up!! Gawd..." She hasn't spoken or stirred...she's awake, but laying with her eyes closed. They sit silently.

Jul 26 2003 19:59, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Jack comes in...Nate is admiring...
Jack describes his workout. Nate gives a good compliment "You look great...I hope I look as good as you at your age."

Jul 26 2003 20:01, Sat Quench   Link
Nate undoing the ties on the back of Ali's top. "Wake Up" Then calls Jun
Jun come here. Jun comes into the room. He hands her his empty glass. She says "Lazy college boy"

She walks to her dresser. "Where is my straw?" Nathan had taken it to use in his shake.

Feeds timed out. Missed the reaction.

Jul 26 2003 20:05, Sat Jovian   Link
Jun says to Nate, sex with her is like sweet honey. NT

Jul 26 2003 20:08, Sat Quench   Link
The Mantroll is holding court with the Manhags in the HOH.
David saying that the house is a Sh*thole and he will write a book about the place in a few years.

Dana saying David-David - I will sound like Michelle. David groans.

Talking about Seattle. It's good - it's bad. Each have their opinions.

Jul 26 2003 20:12, Sat Quench   Link
Jack talking about how he handed in his badge and they mounted it and gave it to him to keep.
He got no special treatment if he was in his own car. But if he was in a Bureau car then he would flash his badge because he was working.

Meanwhile on the bed Dana and Justin are wrastling (like teenagers)

David, Robert, Jack talking about cops in general.

Ali is out of bed stops in to grab something and announces how she has the worse hangover ever.

Jul 26 2003 20:15, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
In the HOH...boxing talk...
On F1, they are talking about boxing. Justin comments on how southpaws are dangerous because they hit the kidney side. Dave, Dana, Ratbert and Jack standing at the door. FOTH.

Feeds back to more boxing talk. Joking back and forth. Dave seems to be somehow teasing Dana, but I can't see as it's out of the frame. Dave: "This place is a sh*thole!!!" in that offhanded, I'm-bored-out-of-my-mind way that Dave has.

Dana: "I'll be like Michelle...*nagging voice* DAVID!!!" Again, I can't see what he's doing.

Talk about if Jack got stopped for a ticket. He says he has no pull as ex-FBI to get out of ID to show he's ex-FBI. Dana: "God, I have more pull than you!" He does say in an FBI car though he'd have no problem.

Ali is up and pops in to the HOH to grab something from Dana's bar fridge, Ali: "I have the worst hangover I've ever had in my entire life, to be perfectly honest." He goes back to the red BR. (That's a wine drunk for you Ali!)


Jul 26 2003 20:27, Sat Judith   Link
Alison in the shower....someone throws water on the glass..a struggle over the towel that is hung over the door... NT

Jul 26 2003 20:27, Sat Quench   Link
Teasing Ali in the shower. Took the towel from the door. NT

Jul 26 2003 20:31, Sat Judith   Link
Dana in the kitchen, making fun of Jee. Can't understand what she is saying, she is eating cantaloupe with strawberries. NT

Jul 26 2003 20:35, Sat Jovian ParentRootLink
She was imitating him saying "I just want to sleep!", "Gimme a napkin!" NT

Jul 26 2003 20:33, Sat Quench   Link
Jun telling Ali she could see her boobies jiggle when she was trying to grab for the towel NT

Jul 26 2003 20:33, Sat Judith   Link
Dana just says, "Justin, why couldn't you win the f***king dinner"? NT

Jul 26 2003 20:34, Sat kira   Link
Dave wiped his hair on Ali's towel and saw her bare butt in the process NT

Jul 26 2003 20:35, Sat Judith   Link
They are trying to remind Jee of everything they tried to do to him when he was passed out. Jack says several times, I was not involved NT

Jul 26 2003 20:37, Sat Judith   Link
Everyone is being very supportive of the date, giving advice of what to wear, offering stuff. NT

Jul 26 2003 20:44, Sat Judith   Link
Dana opens a bag of chips, is sharing them with Justin. Says, "I wish they were dark (or was it black?) russet!" NT

Jul 26 2003 20:46, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Nathan ironing a shirt for his date in the LR...
In the spirit of what has been a day with a fair amount of camaraderie and very little game talk, they are encouraging Nate and Ali to have a good time.

All inside the house. I would speculate it's lockdown.

Small talk in LR as Jee and Dana munch on chips. Ratbert nibbles away too.

Nate is now trying to get out something from the shirt...I think he sprayed too much water from the iron.

Jee, about the throwing in to the pool: "I don't even know how you got the friggin' mic off of me!"

Someone says "Let's play Rummy!" Dana: "I'm Rummyed out!"

Nate: "Every time they threw you in the pool, they woke me up to do it." Jee: "Why did they have to wake you up to do it?" Ratbert picks at his nose.


Jul 26 2003 20:46, Sat Judith   Link
F3&4 Erica doing Alison's hair for the date. NT

Jul 26 2003 20:50, Sat Judith   Link
Jee giving Dave a hard time about going to listen to music again. Dave says something about his ex putting the whipped cream on him. Jee asks
Was it her?" Dave says, "maybe, maybe not. maybe it was me.
Jee says, "I'm gonna get you man, I'm gonna get you" nauseum

Jul 26 2003 20:53, Sat Quench   Link
Nathan asking Jun for some foundation to cover the red on his forehead and nose. NT

Jul 26 2003 20:55, Sat Judith   Link
While Jun is cooking in the kitchen, Nathan seems to be flirting heavy with her. He did this earlier when she was in the kitchen NT

Jul 26 2003 20:57, Sat Judith ParentRootLink
They go back to the BR to do Justin's makeup- he's too red. Jun says," I'm a pretty girl, even though I'm Asian, I'm a pretty girl!" NT

Jul 26 2003 20:59, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
More small talk in the LR before date...
Jee, Justin, Dana (others?) are playing cards. I wish I knew what they were playing - I really love card games!

Nate seems to be asking if Jun at the sink in the kitchen if she can put some makeup on him...that he looks red or something. June appears to be pulling the stocks off of mushrooms.

Jun: "I'll be right back, I have to touch up Nathan."

Yes, Jun is indeed applying makeup to Nathan! Nate: "This will look so goofy on TV...I just look red all over, in my face."

Jun: "It just looks like you have colour on your cheeks." It took two minutes, and Nate looks in the glass of one of the camera windows, with a look of approval on his face. Nate pulls off his shorts revealing long boxers. Puts on a pair of pants. Goes to Blue Grotto.

Rat jokes to Nate that he convinced Jee they would take him out of the house. Both agree that would rock as a reward.

Jul 26 2003 21:02, Sat Judith   Link
Feed 2 zooms in on Nate's to speak NT

Jul 26 2003 21:03, Sat Quench   Link
Robert lying in a bed talking to Nate while he is putting on his belt.
Roberts eyes keep shifting to the belt to Nate's face. To Nate's belt. Then Nate turns around and Robert is looking at Nate's ass in jeans.

All the while talking about what Nate ordered to eat. Peppered Steak. Better than PB&J of last week.

Jul 26 2003 21:03, Sat Judith   Link
Gee ( I think) keeps talking about BB putting a helicopter pad in the backyard...."mark my words, you are getting out of here for dinner" NT

Jul 26 2003 21:04, Sat Quench   Link
Robert heads into kitchen leans over the butcher counter and asks Jun what is imitation Crabmeat.
He leans over the food and starts scratching his head over the counter.

Jul 26 2003 21:09, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
More date prepping...
Speculating with Rat in Blue Grotto on what food they will get. Nate thinks pepper steak, caesar salad, and potato. It seems actually that he has heard the menu for tonight.

Nate: "I'm going balls out...I'm feeling good." Whether this is about the food or Ali is unclear...*snerk*

Jun and Rat in the kitchen. Rat: "Imitation crab meat - what is that??" Jun: "It's fish." They look at the package, find it's 2% crab (I guess BB couldn't spring for the Real McCoy, like on BB2)

Rat peers quizzically about as Jun chops up some sort of food. Rat: "C'mon Sun!" as if waiting for it to go down.

Jun (to Nate, who walked in): "What did you order for dinner?" Nate says something, and Jun comments on not being Chinese...not sure why. He then says "The most expensive steak on the menu."

F1 is evidently the main Nate-cam as it follows him to the Red BR. He then comes into the LR to watch the card game. Nate: "My face is friggin' beet red!"

Jul 26 2003 21:20, Sat Quench   Link
10 minutes until dinner. Ali thanks Erika for the makeup and hair.
Ali is still in a towel.

Jul 26 2003 21:35, Sat Judith ParentRootLink
Dana whispers to Justin "she wanted to wear my black skirt
...I was like no way! She can use the black shoes, but not the skirt, she'd stretch out the skirt."

Jul 26 2003 21:29, Sat Quench   Link
Just finishing up getting ready and Jack says you 2 look like a story book couple. NT

Jul 26 2003 21:31, Sat Quench   Link
Everyone complimenting Ali on how she looks and Justin is dead silent
He looks up sees her but says absolutely nothing.

Ali is hungover. Doesn't plan to drink. She ordered Lobster tail

Dana playing cards saying that she is a ManEater.

Jul 26 2003 21:31, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
As F1 is the Nate date prep cam...
So F3 is the Ali date prep cam.

Erica is applying makeup to her in the WC. Pretty much no chatter, concentration on getting it right. She's working on eyeshadow. Ali looks a little queasy from the hangover, in my judgement.

Jun comes in to say it looks good. Erica: "I would kill for some eyeliner though."

Ali now looking at the finished product in the hallway mirror. Erica asks if she likes it. She seems to. Ali now using an eyelash curler on herself, and applying mascara.

Ali has a little black dress on BTW...very simple, and very sharp. He fluffs her hair, and puts on earrings. And then fluffs her hair more, running her fingers through it continuously.

Ali now trying to figure out how to work the battery pack of the mic into her emsemble. Erica comes in to pin it under the dress at the back. Nate comes in his newly-ironed grey shirt to preen in the mirror. He says "You look like a million bucks."

Ali now brushing her hair. This is becoming a comment on how much more women prep for dates than men do.

Jack comments from LR "You two look like a storybook couple."

Still, Ali says "My head is just throbbing right now" and mentions she ordered wine but might have to pass. She ordered lobster for the dinner.


Jul 26 2003 21:35, Sat nojobny   Link
Cam show card game in LR, and Dana upset
at a move he messed up in cards repeats over & over. I am so f**king stupid! I am so f**king stupid! I am so f**king stupid!

Game ends temporarily so they can go eat dinner.

Jul 26 2003 21:35, Sat nojobny   Link
Jus got into the sand box to put on a shirt for dinner NT

Jul 26 2003 21:36, Sat nojobny   Link
Nate & Ali are standing around in the kitchen while
everyone else is going prepped for dinner

Jul 26 2003 21:38, Sat nojobny   Link
Dana; Oh you're gettng all dressed up for us for dinner. At first I thought she was talking to Nate but
actually she was cracking wise to Jus who been wandering around w/o his shirt.

Jul 26 2003 21:42, Sat nojobny   Link
Ali & Nate are in the LR killing time until BB calls them for dinner NT

Jul 26 2003 21:55, Sat Quench   Link
Ali says this makes good TV us waiting here. We are the stars of the show right now
Nathan saying Because of this?

Alison - because of everything that has happened over the last 3 days

They are talking about the competitions and how some of the questions seem to be asked in a way that some will know them right off.

Jul 26 2003 21:56, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
"How TV is this??" Ali says...
To Nate, as they wait for their dinner in the LR. Ali: "They're going to love this (note: I think she means the producers, not us)...we are the stars of the show this week."

Nate is commenting how they adjust the comps to different people's TPTB arrnage it like this.

Comments on they put up questions that they know Dana could answer.

Nate: "They kind of like for people to advance or people to get out." Comment how POV was physical, and thus Nate won.

Now as Ali so smartly does, they are going through the scores today in the ongoing prep for future HOH comps.

Jul 26 2003 22:01, Sat nojobny   Link
Lovely. A tight shot of Nate's shoes while we get the audio of Ali ..
peeing. Thanks BB

Jul 26 2003 22:06, Sat Quench   Link
Ali and Nate have pet names for each other
AlleyCat and NateDog

Jul 26 2003 22:07, Sat nojobny   Link
Ali's revelation that..
Ali: Wow, you're not supposed to take aspirin during your last 3 months of preganancy

Nate: Are you pregnant?

Ali: Yeah (Nate looks slightly puzzled) I'm due next week.

Nate: who's the father?

Ali: Jee

Jul 26 2003 22:08, Sat Quench   Link
Alison Nathan please go the DR. Just before going in Justin says something and Ali yells
Shut up Justin

Jack says Ah the beauty of having Exes in the house.


Jul 26 2003 22:08, Sat n2deep   Link
Foth NT

Jul 26 2003 22:13, Sat ktan   Link
Nate/Ali outside in the BY having their candlelight dinner. He proposes a toast to victory in BB4. NT

Jul 26 2003 22:13, Sat Quench   Link
Back from FOTH . Going on about the Jee almost in the pool NT

Jul 26 2003 22:14, Sat RMU   Link
Nate & Ali in the B/Y. Ali says she hopes they're jelous & that she'd love to rub Dana's face in her cheese bread NT

Jul 26 2003 22:15, Sat nojobny   Link
Sorry, no helicopter
The gourmet dinner is in the back yard.

Feeds come back on as Nate is opening a bottle of Champagne (Ed: acck!)

Ali; I hope they're all jealous of us. I would just love to rub Dana's face in this.

Nate hands ali a glass of champagne Ali; Oh yeah, that's what I need, more of that!

Jul 26 2003 22:15, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Nate pops a cork on a bottle of champagne and the dinner starts...
Ali: "They're jealous, and I hope they are...I would love to rub Dana's face in some cheese bread."

They make a toast..."To Big Brother 4." They drink. Ali comments "Just what I need...more of that!" (the champagne that is...or rather the 'sparkling wine' as Erica says)

Nate: "Alright...what are we going to talk about??"

most posts to come...

Jul 26 2003 22:16, Sat RMU   Link
Nate tells how Dana told him to snag that A1 (steak sauce). Nate laughs and says "Sure, anything for you Dana" NT

Jul 26 2003 22:18, Sat KimM   Link
Dave, washing dishes, says...
I could use a sugar Mama. Attention internet sugar mamas!


Jul 26 2003 22:20, Sat KimM   Link
Dinner prep in the kitchen.. HGs wandering around. Dave being...Dave. NT

Jul 26 2003 22:29, Sat KimM ParentRootLink
Seems it wasn't dinner prep...just Jun messing around as usual. Now HGs are sitting in the LR. Not much going on. NT

Jul 26 2003 22:29, Sat Anonymous   Link
And this girl aced the LSATS?
Al and Nat making small talk, talking about where they are from. Ally describes Pennsylvania as "colonial." She asks "Do you know what that means?" He says no. She says its like "civil warish."


Jul 26 2003 22:29, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Ali and Nate dinner talk
They seem to have a hell of a spread...veggies, steak, even some sushi.

Ali lost her license for "Driving too fast according to her

Nate: "Would you move out here?

Ali: "I don't know...I want to raise a family, and this isn't a good place to raise a family....and I like the snow. Have you ever been in snow?"

Nate: "Yes. We get snow in Oklahoma. You like snow? We could never be together."

Ali: "Don't you like curling up by the fire?"

More talk...about where Nate lives, what his little universe is like.

Ali: "How big is Oklahoma City? How many clubs do you have?'

Nate defends his town.

Ali: "it's like Kansas to me. Have you ever been to Penn?"

Nate: "No.

Ali: "Don't knock it 'til you try's very colonial. *condescending tone* Do you know what that means?" meaning the word colonial. Goes on to describe how it's full of history...

Comments about the win...that they gave them two bottles, and they don't need it after this afternoon.

Ali: "Dana's plan just went down the drain...but we're not going to talk about that..." meaning the game.

I think I will switch feeds to go inside...posting...

Jul 26 2003 22:31, Sat Quench   Link
It's too hard not to talk about the game. They have chatted about the food, where they live,
what their plans for the future.

Ali thinks that they might have won a trainer not a dinner.

They talk about the competition. How he didn't want to win the competition and he wanted her to win so she would pick him (laughs). She says what if I didn't pick you. He laughs and says you would be on the plane to PA. She says Oh poor Dana. Oh I said I wouldn't talk about the game.

They go back to non-game chitchat.

Jul 26 2003 22:31, Sat RMU   Link
B/Y dinner conversation...
Talking about the trip to Vegas they're all going to take. Ali says wouldn't it be funny if one lost BB only to hit the Jackpot in Vegas.

Nat asks Ali if she'd ever move to California. She says no, she wants to have a family and L.A. isn't good for that. N says there's Orange county and other places near that she could live in but Ali counters with she likes the snow. N says they definitely couldn't get married.

(Apparently they were instructed in the DR not to talk about the game because when they mention it they also say they shouldn't be and that it's hard not too).

N thought that Ali might take Dv or Er on the gourmet dinner - she asks what he would have done if she would have? He says you'd have a plane ticket home, mildly laughing.

Ali wonders out loud about Amanda and Mich - if they were taken somewhere or just sent home. N says you never know.

Ali asks N if he "knew" he'd be on the show - he said he didn't. A says she just "knew".

Ali mentions Arnold's name and we get FOTH

Jul 26 2003 22:32, Sat ktan   Link
Man at brief FOTH carrying 2 buckets NT

Jul 26 2003 22:42, Sat Quench   Link
Alison - I bet they are in there plotting our death
Nate: If you don't win next week then at some time we will be but up together. At some time in this game.

They now switch to children. Alison wants to have twin boys and a girl

Nate wants a boy to pay for his retirement.

They are now full. But looking at the dessert. Nate: Go with the cake. Alison they all look like cakes to me.

Jul 26 2003 22:45, Sat RMU   Link
More B/Y conversation.....
Making plans for after the show - they'll go to the wrap party and then to Vegas for 3-4 days.

N wants to go to club rock (I believe he said).

N wants to know if she'll go back and "be" Miss Pennsylvania - she says no, not after the stuff she's done.

A expresses awe that she here in the BB house - how she never thought she'd do something like this.

Ali says they're probably inside plotting their death.

N "If we don't win next week we're out of here"

He asks how many kids she wants - "3" and which first "a boy". She'd like twin boys and a girl. N wants a boy but isn't sure about twins.

Talking about the sweets that are there - A says they're good for their sweet tooth, but what they really wanted was a dentist.

N asking if A still wants to be a lawyer. Ali says she doesn't care, sure, if nothing better comes up.

N laughs and calls her a female version of him. A says he's a male version of her.

A asks N what would he do if acting doesn't work out. N laughs and says he can't see any school taking him. He'd like to work behind the scenes in entertainment and then...


Jul 26 2003 22:53, Sat Quench   Link
Ali- Can I sleep with the Veto thing on tomorrow night? NT

Jul 26 2003 22:55, Sat Quench   Link
Nate - if I were to bring Dana home they would be like "What are you thinking son?" NT

Jul 26 2003 22:56, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Filling out orders for tomorrow's BK lunch
They seem to be trying for atypical BK items. They want cookies, chicken sandwiches. "Do they have strawberry shakes?" Jee asks. Jun and Justin are filling out the order form.

Rat orders a Chicken Caesar Club, with OR. And an apple pie. "

Jee wants extra bacon on whatever he's getting. "And put avocado on it." They sneer. "Do you think they have avocado?" someone says.

Dana comments that she wants to play a drinking game. So much for the BK considerations.

Any bets on whether Burger King will submit themselves to this ridicule as a sponsor next season??? *snerk*

Jul 26 2003 23:02, Sat ktan   Link
Nate/Ali done with meal, wonders to BB what to do. Both leave table and walk around. They take one more glass of champagne. NT

Jul 26 2003 23:02, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Drinking game prep...
Jee: "We don't have a competition tomorrow?" Someone: "No." Jee: "Good."

They are gathering up booze for a drinking game. It sounds like they have wine coolers (they did win that) and some Amstel, which they realize isn't twist off (Amstel! Good beer!)

Now pouring it around LR table.

It would appear they are going to play some drinking game revolving around cards...Justin is dealing them out. Will try to figure this out (as I drink with them...I will update as long as I can...glug glug....)

Jul 26 2003 23:07, Sat RMU   Link
(Long) Back from FOTH, N says so, you wouldn't move to CA. Ali agrees, N says
he can't see her leaving PA. She doesn't necessarily agree - she'd miss her parents (or take them with her) and would miss the 4 seasons.

Saying she's really close to her parents and they're awesome - her mom goes to watch her at her practices and her dad calls her at work all the time.

Unlike Dana, A says, she knows her parents are watching and doesn't need letters to remind her how much they care - D very insecure.

Asking N about his family - his grandma was a singer, that his dad's side has a lot of entertainers.

A's dad's side is very intellectual and her mom's is physical - wrestling chammpions and she had a lot of expections to succeed athletically.

There's a helicoptor flying over head and N wants to know what's going on - what's happening in the world and if they're being bombed.

N says if A left it'd be boring - they couldn't do the commando thing. She laughs and asks if she can sleep with the Veto necklace tomorrow nite.

N says his parents are very protective - if he brought Dana home they'd be "what's going on Son?"

A says her parents are protective as well. Her first relationship was bad. N has a hard time picturing A with a wrestler. She says her friends hated him. A says she didn't really cheat on him but would go and see Donny.

A looking back on some of her relationships and can't believe how childish they were. One of her ex's lived with her family and was more like a brother than a boyfriend (from high school).

She's had 2 relationships - one for 4 yrs in HS and another for 3½ that carried over into college - the second b/f is the reason she got involved in pagents.

A describing the process of applying for a pagent - interviews, evening gown, bathing suit, etc. Says BB had her dress up in an evening gown and parade around.

For N, BB wanted to follow him to a club - how cool would that have been. Ali says she's afraid of the people who'll come after them when the show's over. Her ex was obsessed with her after the pagent.

Now asking if they can bring the left-overs in for the others. Ali says so she can rub it into Dana's pillow. BB doesn't answer. They walk to the HT and share a friendly hug.

A says they have 2 more bottles of champagne and N says they'll stay out for another 5 minutes. Says it must be killing Dn & Jus that they didn't win.

It's beautiful out there - N wishes he could see some stars. They drink champagne and N asks A if her tooth is hurting. N still wants his helicopter.

A says they can take the stuff with them and N says they can go go in.

Horsing around a bit - calling each other "jerk" and "punk" and N says it's nice to see you're back Ali.

N speculating that they're in there playing drinking games. A says let's bring our bottles. A says lets bring in the leftovers - N doesn't want too - but A says it might be a vote (laughter).


Jul 26 2003 23:09, Sat RMU   Link
A & N back in the house w/o food or drink - BB announces lockdown. NT

Jul 26 2003 23:09, Sat Quench   Link
Ali and Nate have finished up and they are debating on whether to take the champagne and the A1 into the house
They ask BB but no response. And then FOTH (Guess Daniel is answering them)

Back - No couldn't bring anything in.

It is now a lockdown.

Robert is in the shower.

Jul 26 2003 23:14, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Nate and Ali are back...
They comment that BB wouldn't let them bring back any of the wine. Dana asks "Are you loaded again?" Ali says "Getting there." They are told to change to get into the drinking game with the rest of them.

The drinking game seems to revolve around the cards coming up, and playing various games of rhyming, brand name identifying (they are naming cigarette brands right now) and the like depending on what type of card comes up. Dana is the one who knows this game...she said that if they were drinking the same thing they would pour part of their beers into a central glass with a certain card, and eventually someone would end up drinking it. But considering there are people drinking the champagne, beer, and wine coolers, they aren't about to do that. (that's a good idea...I did that in high school...NOT a good idea!!!)

Jul 26 2003 23:15, Sat RMU   Link
Dv, Er, Jk, Jun, Jee, Jus & Dn playing cards and drinking in the LR - Nate sits down but apart from the others.
Rb out of the shower and walks by in an orange towel. All talk is centered around the game they're playing.

Jul 26 2003 23:18, Sat Kaz ParentRootLink
the game (circle of death according to roseydeb.....):
someone says a sentence, the next person has to say another sentence, with the last word rhyming with the last word of the sentance before...

Jack: I like to drive a truck
Dave: I really want to f*ck
someone: I'd like to have a duck

if you get stuck (ed:LOL) you drink.

It is really hard to hear, this is all i got

Jul 26 2003 23:15, Sat Quench   Link
They are doing a rhyming drinking game.
Justin - Dana is a great Dame (not dane)
Dana - Ali and Nate just came
Erika - it's doesn't rain.

They make a note that Jack didn't make a rhyme

Jack drinks and says State capitals.

Dana misses and drinks

now they have to rhyme *uck

Jul 26 2003 23:20, Sat FuggyBootnling   Link
Jun just pounded an entire Wine Cooler "I'm going to get so drunk it's not even funny!" NT

Jul 26 2003 23:23, Sat joannie   Link
Nate and Ali are in the bathroom. Nate is rehearsing his veto speech
Sounds like he is going to save her.

Jul 26 2003 23:29, Sat RMU   Link
N back in the bathroom area w/ Ali who's changed out of her dress...
A doesn't like her curly hair - N can't understand that.

Talking about how much they drank today. A had 5 glasses of wine. A whispers she wants to sleep with the veto necklace on tomorrow.

N going over his speech he'll say tomorrow at the POV meeting - how he didn't agree with the noms, and he thought it was a betrayal. Coaching A not to be too over the top when she speaks. He's going to tell A that she was lied to her face, and that she deserves a second chance and he'll rip off the veto necklace and give it to her.

He says he's not going to go over the top and they thought "they" had it all figured out. He adds, just like we did.

Now asking A potential HOH quesitons:

How old was Am? 24.

Where was Scott from? Illinois?

(I missed a ? - sorry)

N asking A the colors of everyone's duck during duck ball.

Now reciting the order the duck ball players (she gets it right).

She wants N to keep going. N asks how many food items everyone got - A spurts out answers quickly and confidently and N jokingly says "you suck. I don't want to go up against you in any cognitive!"

N trying to come up with some more questions, but he can't. A rattles off the order and color of everyone during the POV competition. N says he's glad she's on his team.

A then rattles off the order of today's luxury players and then their scores very quickly. They disagree about the total scores so A begins counting scores and adding them up.


Jul 26 2003 23:30, Sat tooty   Link
jack says that champagne is good stuff NT

Jul 26 2003 23:33, Sat tooty   Link
ali has joined the drinking game NT

Jul 26 2003 23:33, Sat Quench   Link
Lockdown is over - HG are free to move about the house. They are all in the LR doing the drinking game NT

Jul 26 2003 23:34, Sat Judith   Link
Nate and Ali just joined the game, the only one not playing is Rob NT

Jul 26 2003 23:35, Sat RMU   Link
Ali explains to N that she imagines herself back in a situation, and that it helps her recall details
but she really doesn't have a good memory. N disagrees - says her's is much better than his and he wouldn't even attempt it.

N complains he has a headache. A gets up and pulls him out of his chair - saying let's go make nice with the others. As they stroll down the hallway, A still going over possible HOH competition questions - how many weeks to go? 8 until we win. They laugh and join the others.

Jul 26 2003 23:37, Sat Numfar   Link
During the game, Justin called Robot "RatBastard!" NT

Jul 26 2003 23:41, Sat tooty   Link
somebody says all the champange is gone, jack says they went thru 10 bottles today NT

Jul 26 2003 23:42, Sat joannie   Link
Jack: "We went through 10 bottles of champagne today!" NT

Jul 26 2003 23:44, Sat kira   Link
Jun is extremely giddy and admittedly drunk NT

Jul 26 2003 23:47, Sat Quench   Link
Dana was sitting on the floor beside Justin
When Ali and Nathan came to join the game Nathan sat on the couch between her and Justin. Causing her to sit beside Alison.

She gets up goes to the WC comes in a squeezes herself by Nathan and sits at the feet of Justin.

Jul 26 2003 23:56, Sat Quench   Link
Jun is extremely drunk
Look David how red my chest is. And opens her shirt to show him

Just said to Justin "Want to suck my t*ts"

Jul 26 2003 23:59, Sat tooty   Link
dana says she will throw up if she has to drink a whole beer NT

Jul 27 2003 00:05, Sun tooty   Link
jun has brought out a can of whipped cream for another type of game NT

Jul 27 2003 00:05, Sun Quench   Link
David on Dana's preference for outside or inside

OCD on his Dick with napkins and water.

Pull out and step outside the room.

Here have a plastic bag.

The group laughs like crazy.

Jul 27 2003 00:07, Sun Quench   Link
Jun has a game in mind. Erika is in the DR and Jee has disappeared
Jun says she doesn't have an enzyme that doesn't break down alcohol and makes her turn red.

Jul 27 2003 00:12, Sun tooty   Link
alison just jumped on jee NT

Jul 27 2003 00:14, Sun Quench   Link
Erika comes out Nathan has decided not to play the game and BB calls Jun to the DR. NT

Jul 27 2003 00:17, Sun kira   Link
Alison sucked whipped cream out of Dave's mouth NT

Jul 27 2003 00:26, Sun kira   Link
Robert, "If she (Jun) had a slammin' body, I'd do it...I'd be in it right now"
Robert said he'd take advantage of Jun (she's VERY drunk) if she had a better body.

Jul 27 2003 00:28, Sun Quench   Link
Nathan, David and Jack are out giving Robert moral support

Erika comes out in her Pink bikini to go into the hottub
The guys start saying the lines from Pink from Aerosmith.

Justin and Jee are still inside.

Jul 27 2003 00:29, Sun katanna   Link
Jun: "This (chocolate) is so much more important than those guys!!" NT

Jul 27 2003 00:32, Sun Quench   Link
Jun comes out gets a chocolate dessert from a plate beside the hottub
Erika says stay with me. Jun says I am going to feed this to David. She goes over and he doesn't want any. Fine I will go away leave you to your f*cking guy talk

Ali comes out with Jee now they are eating the desserts from the "dinner" Jun wolfing them down as fast as she can.

Jul 27 2003 00:34, Sun Quench   Link
Mics very low. Jun asked Erika by the hottub
Jun asks Are we really going to be on in the UK?

Erika replies yes on the 27th


Jul 27 2003 00:35, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Convo in the BY
Cooments on how out of control Jun gets while loaded. Robert shakes a drink in his hand.

Robert comments it will be good to get out of this month...mentally better to know it's that much closer, basically.

All are hammered...Dave, Nate, Jack outside, still drinking. Only Robert of course, sober. That's why I call him by his name now - I admire his strength here.

Nevertheless, he goes on to talk about some power-lawyer, who gets a lot of chicks. He's still Ratbert, really.

Jun is bloody hammered. Wandering about the BY, firing convo back and forth between Erica. She tries to cut in on the guy convo, but doesn't succeed. She says jokingly "Fine...f*ck you!" and leaves their convo.

Now Ali, Jun, and Jee are eating something off of what looks like a silver serving tray. Set up by the HT. Erica is in the HT also eating this stuff. Cam anyone tell what it is???

Jul 27 2003 00:39, Sun Quench   Link
Jack says to Erika who heads into the house "Thanks for the walk"
We can say that Erika is the only "woman" in here.

David: If Jun gets into the hottub I am not getting in there

Nathan: She called me gay tonight

David she called me gay today.

They are so nice to each other's face but they way they talk behind each other's backs.

Jul 27 2003 00:43, Sun RMU   Link
Jack says the Er is the only woman in the house - the rest act like they're in junior high
N, Dv and Rb agree. N says he's not going in the hot tub with them - that he's afraid of Jun. He said earlier when she was on top of him she tried to grab his package and when he resisted she called him gay.

Dave says when he was lying down in the HOH she was all over him too and again, when he wouldn't play along, Jun called him gay too. Dave says "I'm not gay" (we know, Dv, we know, lol)

Jul 27 2003 00:45, Sun RMU   Link
Dn, Er & Al in the hot tub - no Jun in site so Dv gets in NT

Jul 27 2003 00:49, Sun RMU   Link
Uh oh - Jun comes out, eating ice cream in a bikini (her rolls visibly jiggling) and gets into the hot tub - Dv whispers "keep her away from me"
she also has a cowboy hat on.

Jul 27 2003 00:50, Sun RMU   Link
Ali's top is slighly askew - can almost see the edge of her nipple NT

Jul 27 2003 00:53, Sun Quench   Link
Alison Dana Erika and David in the hottub (adult)
Dana gives David a kiss. Sits with her arm around him.
Then Alison says she had an orgasm while working out the other day

Alison to Dana give him another kiss. Dana No he did it with Amanda. Dana moves away from him.

Alison asks You didn't did you?

David : yes

the girls are shocked

David: She was Hot !

Dana: What and I am not? I am not?

David:You're all talk

Jul 27 2003 00:58, Sun kira   Link
The girls have been making fun of Nate all evening...
They keep inferring that he's gay - using derogatory words (both to his face and in private conversations). Jun got down on the floor next to him when they were in the living room (apparently to blow on his stomach), and he moved away. Dana, Ali and Jun proceeded to make fun of him (saying no real/heterosexual male would move away when a woman puts her head near his wang). When Alison was in the hottub with Dave, Jun, Erika and Dana, she made fun of Nate's boring/nonsexual conversation during the dinner date.