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Jul 27 2003 01:06, Sun Quench   Link
Around the Feeds
F1 on pic of Nate with the Veto medallion hanging under it

F2 Empty messy LR.

F3: Nate on outside sofa talking to Robert.

F4 long shot of the HT - Now as I type Shot of Robert

No audio

Jul 27 2003 01:15, Sun RMU   Link
Earier Dn gave Dv a kiss on the cheek (it looked non-threatening). A gets out of the tub and Jus gets in
after he rinses off in the outdoor shower and sits beside Dn.

Ali comes back in and sits betwen her and Js.

Conversation is hard to hear, but Jun says something about hand jobs (still very drunk and horny apparently). They change the subject after reminding her about the cameras.

Jus hold up his foot and Jun almost nibbles it before he pulls it away. She says let's play a game - guess who's foot this is.

Feed switches to FOTH, comes back for a second and then to the kitchen with N and Ratbert.

Rb is thanking N for listening to him the other day when he was talking about his daughter.

N asks if the others are in the HT. He says something about "Barbie" dolls and Rb says he knew from the 2nd day something (and I missed a lot here but I believe it was about how no girl in the house would tempt him).

He goes outside and N follows him and sits down on the outdoor couch. The hottubbers call him to join them and he half-heartly says "later". They yell back that Ali won't have his children now.

We hear a tidbit from Robert about how he won't fly (again his daughter is mentioned) but I miss most of it. Jk comes out after being in the DR and Er, wearing a robe, joins them (she's not miked).

They ask her if she gets naked when she showers, she says no - they tape everything. What about the bathroom Rb asks, and she says they do see her then.

BB "Erica, please put on your microphone" (thanks BB).

Talking about voices - Jk says the FBI and police always use women's voices on radios (I misssed the reason why though).

Er asks N if they had a nice dinner. N says yes, and they tried not to discuss the game. She asks about the menu and when N describes it she says surf n turf.

Jk says they had a nice meal too, but not comparable to theirs. That it looked romantic.

Er looks over at the HT and yells, Uh oh, they're breaking out the booze.

Talking about sleeping and then about booze and suddenly FOTH (volume so loud I jump out of my seat) but thankfully it's brief. N decides to go to bed - G'nites and heads in.

Jul 27 2003 01:17, Sun kira   Link
Jee: "Girls can act very silly when they're drunk." - Nate: "Yeah, annoying!" NT

Jul 27 2003 01:17, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Erica: "I just want to go on record to say that I think this shoiw is really lame"
Jack and Erica go on to make comments about how Ali brings life to the show...makes it interesting.

Jul 27 2003 01:17, Sun bruhe   Link
feed 4... nate and jee brushing teeth as if they both did a very very bad thing NT

Jul 27 2003 01:19, Sun RMU   Link
N & Jee both brushing teeth furiously. Someone in the shower (Jun?) Now feeds show 2 empty room and 2 long shots of Dn. NT

Jul 27 2003 01:33, Sun kira   Link
Ali to Justin, "I'm NOT leaving...there are other plans." NT

Jul 27 2003 01:37, Sun RMU   Link
Now N & Dn in the HOH - he's half lying down, she's sitting with her legs crossed and she's massaging his hand
He asks her what's the deal with Justin. She says nothing. He doesn't believe it - says he and Mich caught them. She says uh-uh. She has not done that, not even kissed him, she swears to god.

She says she got out of the HT cuz it was so hot it was making her nasecious (sp!!). He says, so what was up with you in the game and they discuss the competition today.

Dn is still massassing his hand - saying it's awesome to have her own room - that it's going to kill her to go back to the other bedroom and she wishes she could compete for HOH next week.

N asks about her family - her mom and step dad will be watching her (she'll be on everyone's screen) and that's she got a step-bro too.

N says he hates feeling all oily after a massage and sleeping like that. He's never had a whole body massage.

Dn asks about his dinner - the menu, how was it - he recaps, then says he was honestly surprised that Ali picked him to go. Dn says she wasn't - she was going to announce prior to the comp that whoever wins should take Jun cuz she cooks but she (now meaning Ali) doesn't care.

Now discussing Jun - how she got drunk today, and N says I know! She was all over me.

D says that she and Jus don't talk about the game - it's just two people getting to know each other.

D says she feels that Ali hates her and that's why she put her up and even told her that. Dn says she did what she did and if she goes next week, she still did what she did.

Talking about how Dn loves to give massages and how everyone tells her she's good at it. If she had a boyfriend, man, he'd be a lucky dude. N asked why she doesn't have a b/f now? Dn mentioned someone named CJ and she's dated 2 guys since then. N thinks Dn needs a submissive man but she disagrees and says she needs someone to tell her to chill when she bugs out.

More explanations about her nom of Ali (ed. note - nothing new here - she's justifying her choice of Ali and her abandonment of the original alliance and that it wasn't right for her).

Massage is over - N thanks her and leaves.

Jul 27 2003 01:51, Sun RMU   Link
Dn walks into the b/room area - Dv in a towel and she kisses his neck - Jun yells what's wrong with you woman and goes and kisses Dv's neck too.
Dn turns around and heads down the hall - Dv goes into the blue bedroom and says they're crazy (or something to that effect). Camera switches and Dv in the hallway and Dn gives him a big hug.

Ratbert comes in and starts to whisper about what's he's overheard - but Jk walks in and the whispering stops. Jun says she's sober now, that she threw up earlier.

More whispered talk - seems "she" said something (I think Er - feeds and sound keep cutting in and out and it's hard to hear). Now Dave in the kitchen and Dn says (with her arms around him) that if you didn't make out with Amanda I swear to god!"

Jun tells us her breast are half a cup swollen because she's about to get her period and they need to be "touched".

Dana says "massaged" and walks over to the HOH looking out the window - says OMG do you see Ali and Justin? Jun follows her in and says she's only trying to seduce him to prove she can.

Feeds switch to Jk and Er outside - Er shakes her head and says "She's such a dumb-ass." A couple of times. Jk says she just sat there and won.

We continue to hear them talk, but feeds pop over to for a second and we see Jus with Ali's hand holding a cork (I think) and waving it around his thigh.

Long pauses in Er & Jk's conversation.

Jul 27 2003 01:55, Sun kira   Link
Justin is putting hot wax on Alison's breasts NT

Jul 27 2003 01:55, Sun Chick   Link
Jun just said to Dave.."what would you do if I crawled in your bed naked? would you hold me, or slip it in? Dave replies..I would get out of bed! NT

Jul 27 2003 01:58, Sun RMU   Link
Now on Jus and Ali - he's sitting on the side and she in it. She's whispering and with the water and not wearing a mike I can't hear what she's saying
Ali grabs his feet trying to pull him in and he resists - says it too hot and that she's trying to seduce him. She stands semi-straddled between his legs and says something I can't make out and he says "Pleeze! It's not like I'm making her my F***king girl friend.

Ratbert comes over and says she's all red. "I'm in the Hot Tub Rob". Discussing how earlier she told them she had an orgasm while working out. Rob says what you thinking about Ali? She says sit-ups. Laughter. Rb stands there silently for a couple of minutes and then leaves.

Jul 27 2003 02:04, Sun Kat   Link
Even though I can't acutally hear what Ali is saying, it is obvious from what Justins is replying to her that she is trying HARD to bring Justin to
her side & he is NOT going for it! And still she keeps trying...

Jul 27 2003 02:08, Sun RMU   Link
Jus & Ali having an animated, whispered conversation
I can barely hear anything... but it appears that Jus is giving out to her for saying he could win the whole game the first week....that Nate's going to take her off the block and if they win HOH he guarantees he and Dn are going up...

Ali suddenly yells at him "Did you NOT hear the story of the week before I came in here??" He knows - she was almost in an accident... again more whispers... he says he's not going to be on her side....he says she told him one thing and he found out she lied.... she's trying to convince him of something, but too hard to hear what. In the middle of this he shakes his finger at her and she playfully tries to bite it.... more whispering... Jus says you are scandalous - so f*cking scandalous....

Feeds time out - posting

Jul 27 2003 02:14, Sun RMU   Link
more whispers in the HT
J - we were f*ck buddies - I ....
A - I never treated you like that...
Ali is playing with wax...

Jus says he's swears to god that since Sept (I infer he means he hasn't had sex since then)... now discussing someone else

(ed: imagine the voice of Charlie's Brown's teacher saying all this)

Jul 27 2003 02:21, Sun RMU   Link
Dave semi-sprawled out on a couch - Jun sitting up beside him. We hear Rb or Jee(?) kinda yelling about "holding off"
something - a brief Foth - Dn comes in and they start horsing around - assuming sexual positions until he has a boner.

(ed: there will be screen caps)

Jul 27 2003 02:22, Sun Stormi   Link
Inside the house, Dave, Jun, Jee, Nate and Erika are talking sex talk, positions, etctera and then
Dana gets on the floor and David demonstrates a position with Dana on her side. After this, David sits back in the chair, Dana rises and straddles his waist and slurps on his neck while the onlookers are cheering it on.

Jul 27 2003 02:27, Sun Stormi   Link
Dana tells Dave: She's excited, she can't lie, she's going a little crazy right now.
She says, "Wouldn't it be great if a luxury item would be a private room with the person of your choice without cameras?" Dave says, "No." He tells Dana she needs a cold shower then states he would take one with her. Dana says the cameras are in there too and Dave announces that he wouldn't be able to hold back if he was in the shower with her.

Dana looks out the window at Ali and Justin in the hottub saying, "They're still out there."

Jul 27 2003 02:28, Sun Stormi   Link
BB is out of toilet paper. Jee is hollering at BB asking for some. Someone calls out for him to use paper napkins and he says, "no thanks." NT

Jul 27 2003 02:29, Sun RMU   Link
Dv complains "My Grandma going to see that sh*t"
He says in his Grandmother's voice "There's David, getting some."

He's not worried though - his grandfather was in the navy. (Now imitating his grandfather's voice) "Yep - I remember those California Girls...Can't get CA girls without working out."

Jee yelling into his mike that they need toilet paper.

Jul 27 2003 02:30, Sun ktan   Link
Ali was just seen naked. NT

Jul 27 2003 02:37, Sun Anonymous ParentRootLink
Justin did it for us!
When someone -- maybe Robert -- complained about not being able to see Ali naked, Justin said, "I wasn't thinking about you! I was thinking about America! The Internet!"

Jul 27 2003 02:36, Sun Stormi   Link
Jun is in bed with Nathan. . . she's wearing his boxers and saying she's PMS'ing.
Jun says Ali will cry if she finds them in bed together. Nate says "Who gives a $hit?" He hates her right now. Jun says they have been best friends for the past few days but Nate says that Ali is an idiot when she drinks and he can't stand it.

Jul 27 2003 02:45, Sun Stormi   Link
Justin, Robert and Dana in the HOH room.
Justin is telling Dana that Ali was trying to f***ing seduce him in the hot tub. He tells Dana and Robert that Ali said Nate is going to use the veto to save Ali.

Dana groans, saying, "If Nate uses that veto, I'll hit him. I'll f***ing hit him. I will."

Justin goes on again about how Ali is trying to seduce him, trying to get him to switch sides. He tells about Ali using the hot wax on him.

They are so freaking Dana out right now. She wants to confront Ali or Nate and Ratbert and Justin are telling her to hold back...not to do anyting.

Dana: "she makes my stomach turn. You have no idea how F***ing sick it makes me."

Justin brings up the fact that Dana was flirting with Dave and she says she was $hitting him.

Justin say, "Ali think she's in the game." Says that Ali said they are not after Justin and for him to switch and come with him. He said f*** all you guys to Ali, I f***ing hate all of you. He says nate loves him as a person, but in this game Nate is a f***ing idiot, a f*** moron.

Gracious...they use the F word absolutely too much.

Jul 27 2003 02:52, Sun Stormi   Link
Justin talking to Robert and Dana in HOH
Justin says that Ali says if they don't get HOH next week then Dana will go up.

Dana: I can't f***ing look at her, she makes my stomach turn.

Justin: I can't believe I ever had anything to do with her (ali)
Never have I had a girl be so agressive to me. Never have I. I told you all about it RObert, didn't I.

Robert: Yeah.

Justin to Dana: I can feel your anger.

Dana: It's not directed toward you. I'm pissed off.

Justin: Why don't you call Nate in here? He's such a little bitch. Call him in here and call him on it.

Dana: I think he's totally intimidated by him (Nate).

Justin: He is. he's going to buckle if we're in here. Talk to him alone or get Jun in here or let Robert stay in here with you and ask him about it. Put him on the F**** spot.

Robert: He'll go out with his tail between his legs.

Justin: She thinks she's in control over there.(ali) Just get Nate in here and f***ing ask him about it.

Dana: It'll be too obvious.

Justin: The veto is tomorrow...we need to do it now.

Dana: It's not happening right now. I have to f***ing calm down. It's not happening right now.

Robert: You crack me up.

Robert leaves. Justin asks Dana why are you mad?

Dana: I'm not mad, just irritated.

Justin: Because I was out there in the hottub with her?

Dana: Because you were rolling around with her out there? No.

Justin: I'm f***ing pissed off because she's going to get veto and I want her gone.

Justin pulls Dana into his arms and hugs her.. . trying to calm her down. He swears to God and on his life that if they go up next week and he wins the veto he'll take her off. I swear it. I appreciate all you do for us.
Kisses her and they leave the HOH room.

Jul 27 2003 02:54, Sun RMU   Link
Jus in the HOH telling Rb & Dn how Ali was trying to make an alliance with him...
how f*cking stupid does she think I am??

(Just a minute ago we heard Ali tell Jk and Er that she tried everything to get him on their side - "I even poured wax on his nipples! You have no idea!" Er and Jk told her they could hear them. Jee comes in the room - Ali left and told Er to come and see her before she goes to bed).

Dn says she'll kill N if he uses the veto.

Back in the HOH Jus says he's sick to his stomach over Ali's action. JUs telling them Ali told him that Jun and Dana are the targets, and they're not after him. Ali said that N loves him - that they all do - Jus says he like N outside the game, but he's f*cking stupid in it.

Jus has totally seen through Ali's attempt - said she was very aggressive. Dn can't even look at her - it makes her sick to her stomache. She's pissed awffff. They want to call N in and grill him about the veto - saying he's ok one on one but with a group he's totally intimidated. If he uses it, he's out next week. Jus really wants to call N in there - Dn doesn't want to let Ali feel that she's got enough power to agitate them. She wants to wait until tomorrow.

R looks outside and heads out. Dn is being very abrupt - Jus asks what's wrong - she's says nothing and then says she's upset about Ali. Jus hugs her and assures her that they have her back and if they go up next week and he wins the veto he'll take her off the block.

Jul 27 2003 02:57, Sun RMU   Link
Rb and Jee in the LR - Rb happy because he's heard from Er & Jk and
it was confirmed by Dn and Jus that if the other side wins HOH he and Jee are no longer the primary targets. If he or Jee wins 1st and the other wins 2nd that'll be ok.

In the background we heard talking, yelling and laughter from the bedrooms.

Jul 27 2003 03:21, Sun RMU   Link
Everyone in the HOH except N, Ali and Dave
Jus telling everyone that Ali thinks N going to use the veto - they think that N could be playing her to keep him off his back, and they'd much rather not have to put Dav up.

They say they tried to get him to come into the HOH but he refused - he was already in bed.

They say that if he uses it he becomes a target for both sides - that he'd be stupid to use it.

Jk thinks he's just playing her to "deflect passion". He says it's too bad they can't all get together and vote against another group. He complements them on how they play the game - says he said that in the DR too.


Jul 27 2003 03:22, Sun RMU   Link
Dn upset - saying they don't have to be that warm and fuzzy with them NT

Jul 27 2003 03:23, Sun Stormi   Link
Dana tells Justin, "You're lucky if I f***ing touch you after touching that bi*ch...talking about Ali. NT

Jul 27 2003 03:25, Sun tooty   Link
erika says she is the most mature woman in the house and jack agrees NT

Jul 27 2003 03:28, Sun Stormi   Link
Justin tells Robert, Dana, Jun and Jee . . .
That Ali told him that Jun and Jee have a secret alliance that no on even knows it. Of course, Jun and Jee act surprised and laugh. . but they don't deny it. No one actually asks either. They don't believe it. It slides right on by. Go figure.

Jul 27 2003 03:28, Sun tooty   Link
nathan wakes up and jack calls him over to talk to him and erika NT

Jul 27 2003 03:29, Sun Stormi   Link
Dana: If Nate has half a brain in his head he'll come to us (stooges) and talk to us about the veto. NT

Jul 27 2003 03:29, Sun tooty   Link
nathan is not garanteeing ericka and jack that he will use the veto he says ali is a loose cannon NT

Jul 27 2003 03:29, Sun Stormi   Link
Jun: David is playing this game harder than anyone. NT

Jul 27 2003 03:30, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Hand movements under the covers between Dave and Alison about ten minutes ago FOH NT

Jul 27 2003 03:30, Sun tooty   Link
nate saying if he does use the veto it will be for a strategic move NT

Jul 27 2003 03:32, Sun tooty   Link
nate is saying that alison has athletic ability and is smart they need her for that NT

Jul 27 2003 03:35, Sun max1204 ParentRootLink
Nate is saying why he would keep Ali
But he says she pissed him off tonight the way she acted around Justin when she was drunk and that she can get emotional. But all in all, he's justifying a future "strategic move" he plans to make...

Jul 27 2003 03:33, Sun tooty   Link
alison is up NT

Jul 27 2003 03:35, Sun tooty   Link
dave tells nate that if he uses the veto and he goes up he will not have hard feelings NT

Jul 27 2003 03:35, Sun Stormi   Link
Jun: I feel so unwanted. None of the men want me. Lots of snickering and laughing going on as she says this.
Jun says this whole f***ing house sucks. Justin offers Jun a massage and she doesn't take it.

Jun: I hate everybody.

Robert: Why would she (ali) say that? (regarding the veto).

Jun: That b***ch is crazy (talking about Ali).

Justin: Ali said she threw HOH deliberately. ::more laughing here::
Justin calls her a lying piece of $hit, saying that she told him that she planned that flub of an answer "the love room" intentionally.

Jun: I hate her when she called me sweetie (ali). I want to f***ing knock her in the head. F*** her!

Jun: If I didn't like cooking, I would make Erika-f***ing-butt-a$$ any food either. That f***ing bi***ch.

Personal Comment here: These people are just EVIL...evil I say.

Jul 27 2003 03:47, Sun tooty   Link
nate and alison on bed together nate tells her he lost respect for her NT

Jul 27 2003 03:52, Sun max1204 ParentRootLink
Nate tells Ali he's not jealous
"We had one night together and you just..." Nate says.
"You're unbelievable," he says under his breath.
"You're so stupid," Ali says under her breath.

Nate says she is doing all this to herself.
"You act like a freakin' idiot...The whole house thought you were a freakin' idiot."
The whole house thought so, he says.
"Why are you so mad at me?"
"I'm not mad at you. I just had higher expectations for you. I thought you were more of a classy girl, I guess," he says.
"You're always like that -- something, or you've got to blow it up...You've got to get piss-ass drunk and act like an idiot and blow your mouth off," he says.

Ed note: He's jealous

Sounds like she's crying now.

Jul 27 2003 03:48, Sun tooty   Link
alison tells nate, fine dont use the veto tomorrow and nate says fine I wont and tells ali she blew it for herself NT

Jul 27 2003 03:49, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali says "if you don't want to use it then don't" Nate says "Okay then I won't" NT

Jul 27 2003 03:50, Sun tooty   Link
nate says he is embarrassed for ali thought she had more class than that but says he thought wrong NT

Jul 27 2003 03:51, Sun tooty   Link
nate tells ali she just cant have a few drinks a chill out she just gets drunk and acts like an idiot and blows her mouth off NT

Jul 27 2003 03:53, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali out of bed and crying NT

Jul 27 2003 03:53, Sun GreenEyes   Link
Alison is crying now. She knows nate is not going to veto her NT

Jul 27 2003 03:53, Sun tooty   Link
alison crying and threatning to walk out of house NT

Jul 27 2003 03:54, Sun tooty   Link
alison telling nate he is so mean and she didnt do anything NT

Jul 27 2003 03:54, Sun max1204   Link
Ali's upset
N: "Justin makes deals every f----- week."
A: "Then what are you mad at me for?...What did I do?"
N: Nothing.
A: Tell me what I did...because I don't understand what I did.

She's crying now for sure.

Jul 27 2003 03:56, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Nate says he WILL save her . Ali moves back into bed NT

Jul 27 2003 03:57, Sun max1204   Link
Ali and Nate still arguing
A:I'm so much smarter than you give me credit're killing me. I can't have a partner that doesn't trust me.

Nate still making excuses and saying the same thing over and over -- you disappoint me, etc.

A: I'll never, ever, ever come after you Nathan.

Ali apparently made a promise with Justin that she will never come after Justin if he will never come after Nate.

Jul 27 2003 04:00, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali scolding Nate now "Don't F'n second guess me" NT

Jul 27 2003 04:01, Sun tooty   Link
ali tells nate she took him out to dinner and nate says he feels she did that out of sympaty NT

Jul 27 2003 04:01, Sun max1204   Link
Ali's flirting bothered Nate
N: You take me out of my freakin' game...It (Ali in the hot tub with Justin) did bother me...
A: Flirting?
N: Whatever you want to call it.
A: ...I took your ass to dinner. ...
Nathan, I feel you're the only one I feel like I have anything in common with. I'm begging you don't second-guess me.

Jul 27 2003 04:07, Sun JulieH   Link
Alison - "Well I guess I'll just go pack my bags then" Nate - "Well go f*ckin pack em then" NT

Jul 27 2003 04:08, Sun JulieH   Link
Nate "I'm gona get you off the block and you do what ever you want to" NT

Jul 27 2003 04:09, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Nate asked what happened with Dave Ali says "SHUT UP" and then "he was just being nice" NT

Jul 27 2003 04:10, Sun max1204   Link
Nate says he'll save Ali and she can do whatever she wants
N: You know what would make me happy, getting his (Justin's) ass out of here.
A: I'd have no problem with doing that....I had to make that deal ... to make sure he wasn't going after us.... You can't be mad. I'm not here to hurt you or me. ... I told them ... in the diary room, you're the only one ... I look out for.

Jul 27 2003 04:19, Sun max1204   Link
Dave, Ali and Nate talking
Ali says they should threaten Jun to vote to keep Dave after Nate uses the veto to save Ali. Ali says that all Justin cares about is being sequestered.

Jul 27 2003 04:34, Sun max1204   Link
Nate and Ali all cuddly again NT

Jul 27 2003 04:35, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Dave Ali Nate
Nate tells Dave his plan was to use the veto and talk to him after then to tell Jun she will be the target if they win HOH to try and get her to vote out Jack. He tells David that they have to vote to get Jack out because he doesn't do anything for the team. Tells him not to talk to Jack about it. They all think Erila will agree. Throughout Ali is saying there isn't anyone that can beat her in the HOH competition

Jul 27 2003 04:40, Sun max1204   Link
Ali and Nate make out under the covers NT

Jul 27 2003 04:43, Sun max1204   Link
Ali and Nate still flirtin' and talkin' in the bed
Ali says she wouldn't be mad if he didn't use the veto. Nathan says (I think) I've got to (they're whispering).
A: You don't have to if you don't want to survive.

Looks like they kiss again briefly.

Jul 27 2003 04:45, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
Another mention from Nate about David earlier
Ali complains that she had to lie next to David earlier
Nate says he heard kissing and Ali denies she kissed him says her back was to him the whole time.

(Ed note: Nate was in the other bed from Ali and Dave. Ali's denial is not quite true, she was on her back and it looked like David's hand moved towards her under the covers. David's head was off the pillow the entire time. After some seemingly quiet minutes Ali turned into a spoon posistion and David readjusted himself up higher and there was definate movement including from Ali. Then it went to FOH)

Jul 27 2003 06:10, Sun Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Update after viewing my recording
I have no doubt David was touching Ali and it looks to be below the waist. At one point David's arm moves and Ali throws her head back. More movement and you hear Ali letting out an exhale. I see Ali's lips moving as if she is saying something but you can't hear her voice.(can still hear rustling of sheets. Then comes FOTH and I stop recording but they come back and this is when Ali moves into a tight spooning position. I restart the recording but after 15 seconds they switch to a long view of the kitchen

Jul 27 2003 04:50, Sun Silver   Link
Jun and Dana talking about how much they hate ALi and want her gone..
Jun saying that last year no one used the veto, except Gerry, early in the game.

Jul 27 2003 04:51, Sun Silver   Link
Jun saying she hates Ali, and wishes she could take her on the street NT

Jul 27 2003 04:52, Sun Silver   Link
Dana and JUn going to storage room......need toilet paper, they are out
and JUn had to use paper towel before

Jul 27 2003 04:54, Sun Silver   Link
DOes'nt look like they got any, Dana has paper towel in her hand (I think)
And Jun says" Nobody ever asks for nothing around here"

Jul 27 2003 04:57, Sun Silver   Link
Jun and Dana are now looking at the pictures of the houseguests talking about
them (sorry whispering, can't hear them) Now they are back in HOH, and Dana is saying she can't believe he kissed her. DOn't know who she is talking about.... DAve maybe (nope it was Justin from the sounds of it)

Jul 27 2003 06:13, Sun mrbwiz422 ParentRootLink
Were saying which order they want them to go NT

Jul 27 2003 04:57, Sun max1204   Link
Nate and Ali still cuddling VERY close
As they cuddle:
A: I was just thinking you were a wonderful date tonight.
N: I was kind of worried there for a little bit.
A: About what.
N: Nothing.
A: I don't understand.

They have been kissing off and on (little pecks) throughout the last few minutes.

N: There's no shame in your game.

They keep kidding each other that they are allies and they'd kill each other if either turned on the other one.

Jul 27 2003 04:58, Sun Silver   Link
Dana is now in the room wher Justin is, sitting on the edge of his bed
giggling and whispering with him....

Jul 27 2003 05:01, Sun max1204   Link
It drives Ali wild to nibble on her neck (she says) NT

Jul 27 2003 05:01, Sun Silver   Link
Justin just pulled her under the she says she is going to bed.
She tells him he is a scary fellow.....he says I am not a scary fellow. She is still under the covers with him, it kind of looks like she is laying on her side almost on top of him. HArd to tell though

Jul 27 2003 05:07, Sun Silver   Link
Justin is whispering something to her, Lots of rustling covers......
Looks like some kissy face going on.....
NOw Dana tells Justin he is funny Then rolls over and says Look at Jee .........Then she went and jumped on Jee's bed , kind of hugged him.....went back to Justin's bed, hugged him,went to Roberts bed Hugged him... then left for the hoh

Jul 27 2003 05:10, Sun Silver   Link
Dana back in the HOH is telling JUn how Jee was watching her and Justin,
and "What did he think was going to happen?"
NOw JUn asks her if she was outside of this house would she hook up with him.....Dana says" How old is he 20... no..well, yes (sorry feeds froze) Talking about JUstin. JUn asks What she is going to do...Dana say nothing, absolutely nothing

Jul 27 2003 05:19, Sun Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Dana said that Justin kissed her by surprise under the covers NT

Jul 27 2003 05:12, Sun max1204   Link
Nate: Dana offered me a hand job
A: Are you serious?
N: Yeah.
A: That's the most disgusting thing I've heard in my whole life.
(Nathan admits it's a joke)
A: I was really ready to go stab her in her sleep.
N: Are you jealous?
A: Just a little bit...Can we not do that again?

Now they're talking strategy a little bit -- either about Jack or Dave (saying he's good at endurance, but in the long-run...), but they're whispering so it's almost inaudible.

Jul 27 2003 05:12, Sun Silver   Link
Jun is telling DAna that the DR asks about them, and that she says , she's
not sure about them...That she thinks DAna likes him. Dana says outside of this ouse, she truly thinks she does'nt want it. He is not her type of guy. He is so F-ing short! JUn says' "hello?"

Jul 27 2003 05:14, Sun Silver   Link
Dana is saying if his body was a lil more stretched out he would be fine, but if she puts on heels she is 4 in taller than she is
also say that she can't get past Justin's ears....
Jun says' she forgot about those ears

Jul 27 2003 05:15, Sun Anonymous   Link
Nate tells Ali about Dana's offer
That she offered a hand job and Ali was about ready to go "stab her in her sleep". Nate then explained how she massaged his hand. Nate asked Ali if she was jealouse and she said yes sort of. Nate called her a jealous freak.

Jul 27 2003 05:15, Sun Silver   Link
Jun and Dana are now quiet, and just lying in the hoh seems JUn is sleeping there with Dana NT

Jul 27 2003 05:17, Sun max1204   Link
Nate and Ali going to sleep in separate beds NT

Jul 27 2003 05:34, Sun Bert   Link
Nate & Ali conversation - approx 2:30am BBT, Part 1 (Long)
I recorded a conversation between Nate and Ali, so now I'm going back over it to transcribe some of it. I missed some of the conversation. Apparently, the best part. I had been listening in on the desert room talk, where Dana and friends were trying to tell Jack and Erika how stupid if would be if Nate saved Ali. Why they were pestering poor Jack and Erika, I dunno. Probably because Nate wouldn't talk to them.

So I switch to the love room where Nate and Ali are in separate beds. She was sobbing. He was lecturing and yelling at her about her getting drunk and stupid and trying to cut a deal with Justin. Then Nate said:

N - Tell you what, I'll get your ass off the block and you can do whatever.
Ali - (screaming very loud) NO, IT's NOT LIKE THAT!
N - if you want to go with them (over to Justin's team), that's fine.
A - You're so f*cking {inaudible).
N - Then you can come after me ... if that's what you want. I just want you to remember, like what we talked about the other night ...
A - Can I come sit over there with you?
N - Yeah. I never said you couldn't.
Ali - Well, you're making me mad enough that I don't want to. (right)
N - I hope they're all f*cking listening.
Ali - They're not. They've over in the turtle room.
Then I missed some but the gist of it was Ali telling Nate that she made a deal with Justin to protect herself and Nate.
Ali - Then they can go after David, Jack and Erika.
N - Do you not frickin' understand. Don't you think he's over there making deals with them? That's what this guy does. (Nate implying that the deal she made with Justin was BS).
Ali - Well, then we'll break it. (the deal she made with Justin I guess).
Nate - God bless, you gotta draw the line. You gotta decide. Who's side do you want to be on?
Ali -I'm on yours!
N - Well then stick with it.
A - I never once left it.
N - Do you think he's not scared to death of you (Justin)?
A - Yes, he told me he was.
A - Actually no. Actually he told me that I was a joke. He basically said he's not afraid of me.
N - Well, I think he's lying out of his frickin' teeth.
A - I know he is.
N - Exactly. Why do you think ... he know's I'm gonna veto your ass off and he's making deals because he knows he's going up next. (Justin wasn't actually making deals, just drilling poor Erika and Jack to find out what Nate was gonna do.)
A - Nathan? Let's clear things out.
N - I'm sorry, sorry.
A - why are you mad at me? Because I spoke to him tonight?
N - No. I'm not mad at you for that.
A - then tell me why you're mad at me.
N - I'm mad at you ... you got drunk, you spilled cake all over me ...
A - I spilled cake all over you because you wouldn't put it in your mouth.
N - Cuz I didn't want any.
A - Cuz I wasn't drunk when I did that. (Well that's great news).
N - I told you I didn't want that.
A - OK sorry ... pissy pants.
N - When someone ... (tries to talk and is interrupted by Ali)
A - You were being pissy tonight, Nathan (pot calling kettle, come in kettle).
Nate tries to talk, Ali interrupts again.
A - After our dinner tonight, you were like ... not even you. It's like you were so wonderful outside (Ali getting a little choked up), then once we came inside ... you were just MISERABLE.
A - I don't know if you're feeling guilty or not. You've not taken me off the block. I've not begged or asked you to take me off the block. So if that's why you're mad at me, because you feel obligated ... then that's f*cked up! Because that's why I feel that you're mad at me.

Let me interject here that Ali was all over Justin in the hot tub earlier, and he was crazy for her. They were talking about how much they had ****ed each other when they were together. At one point he put candle wax on her breasts. Later they were hugging and fighting trying to get towels off each other. Then when she got into the shower, Justin took her towel down and opened the shower door shower door, forcing her to run out after the towel. These two were all over each other, chasing each other around from the bathroom to the kitchen. It was not a one-way street.

Let me also interject here that Dana was all over David at one point in the evening (check out the pics in BB Pics Forum to see Dana mimicking sexual positions with David), so that might explain Justin's behavior with Ali, but who knows.

Back to our regularly scheduled Ali and Nate conversation.

We left off where Ali was accusing Nate of being "not himself" because he felt obligated to save her when he really didn't want to:

Nate - that thought never crossed my mind.

Ali - (talking loud and tough) You know who will win HOH next week (implying herself).

N - Yes. I'm pissed off that you ran over there, blabbing your mouth, making deals with him, and he's the first one who freakin' needs to go. Cuz he's gonna do that every week until he gets HOH and he puts us up.

A - He will not.

I'll post this then transcribe some more.

Jul 27 2003 06:19, Sun Bert   Link
Nate & Ali conversation , Part 2 (Long)
N - it did bother me out there ... with him, you know, as much sh*t as he talked about you and I and you're just out there frickin' ... uh ... you know ...
Ali - Flirting?
N - whatever you want to call it.
Ali - Nathan, you should know better than that.
N - I mean ...
Ali - I took your ass to dinner.
N - I felt like it was out of sympathy.
A - (giggle) Are you serious?
N - Yeah, I really do. I don't feel like (Ali interrupts)
A - Nathan, every night when we go to sleep, I'm with you. I spend time with you. You're the only one I talk to. (she says she has a photographic memory, but apparently it does not work with remembering stuff about herself). I feel like you're the only one I have anything in common with here.
A - Please ... I'm begging you not to second guess me now.
N - You just can't ... he holds that whole group together.
A - I know he does, but if we can't take him out, we have to make sure he can't take us out (Earth to Ali).
N - You know that they do not want me to use the veto tomorrow.

I stopped recording at this point and just listened, then decided to record again. Nate did admit to Ali that she was getting inside his head (translation, that he was jealous of her flirting with Justin).

Long pause while Nate sighs heavily a couple of times.

N - I mean, would you have done this if you were not so drunk? Would you have been out there like that?
A - Honestly? Yes.
N - Well damn (shakes his head). I don't know what the hell is going on with that. You throw me for a loop.
A - You don't understand. I'm trying to make you understand, you don't understand.
N - No ... you know what I don't understand (Ali interrupts)
A - (This is where it gets good). Nathan, I know what the f*ck I"m doing, I'm not f*cking drunk like you. (Nate is about as sober as I've seen him).
A - Please understand that.
A - I'm telling you ...
N - I mean, bar none, besides this ... you know, the whole respect factor as a person has kinda went down the drain tonight.
A - HOW!
N - With you.
A - How?
N - How not, are you kidding me? Did you not see the way you acted tonight? I mean as a friend, Ali?
N - I don't know, I don't know.
A - Cuz I sat in the hot tub flirting and then I went and took a shower and I had the towel ripped off me so now (inaudible)
N - No, it's just ...
A - That's cool (sarcastically). That's cool. Whatever, as a friend, I do (inaudible).
Nate sighs heavily while Ali continues in her wide awake coma.
N - Oh my gawd, Ali.
A - Well, I'm just trying to prove a point to you.
Nate tries to talk.
A - As a friend, as a respect factor, that's BULLSH*T. So feed me something else that I might believe. (I could save these recordings for her, maybe show her some screen caps).
N - almost whispering, oh my gawd. You're impossible to talk to.
A - It's not that I'm impossible to talk to, like you don't understand, I can't think like that. (I honestly believe she's having a conversation with someone in a parallel universe). I DON'T think like that and I can't!

Nate sits up and looks at Ali - I mean we could have had this all secretly done, but now they're in there talking ...
Ali - Let 'em worry! (Did I mention that Ali apparently told Justin that Nate was gonna save her? Sorry, I think I left that out. I didn't hear it myself).
Nate is holding his head as if he has a headache. Now rubbing his face maybe trying to wake up from this.
A - What is that gonna hurt?
N - You're out there running your mouth to Justin so he already knows. Why do you think Dana is paranoid now? Because he ran back and told her. But you could have kept it all a secret. You could have been cool, calm and collected. We could have hung out and had a good time and everything would have been fine tonight. But no, you gotta go act like a moron.
A - So tomorrow (inaudible)
N - It's not gonna be fun anymore.
Ali laughs out loud at Nate.
N - I mean that whole frickin thing we had planned, you know, we had planned. That's down the drain.
Ali sarcastically mumbles something into her pillow about packing her bags.
N visibly PO'd now - F*CKIN' PACK 'EM THEN!
A - All right. Fine. That's fine.
N - God, you're an emotional roller coaster.
A - ME?
N - Yes, you.
A - NO! NO, not me. (She was dead serious).
Nathan sighs, shakes his head, rubs his face. Oh God.
A - This is what they want.
N - Exactly. Exxxactly.
A - Well they got it.
N - Yup, you're right.

I understand they made up later, but I just wanted to take you all on a little ride known as the Ali-Go-Round. ;-)

There's even more to this riveting conversation, but I must go to sleep.

Jul 27 2003 07:22, Sun Bert   Link
Nate & Ali conversation, Part 3 of 3 (Long)
I lied. I didn't go to sleep. I had to finish transcribing because I think this is some amusing and perhaps interesting stuff. Maybe I'm the only one. This is part 3 of 3.

I missed a little conversation between the last conversation Post 2 and this one Post 3.

Ali is almost on top of Nate when she says, You're so full of shi*t. You're so full of sh*t Nathan.

N - I mean. I know you'll win HOH next week. Everybody in this house knows you'll win HOH.
A - Well? (As in, then what's the problem) Everyone is this entire house should be f*cking scared.
N - Me?
A - Everybody in the house except for you. They should be f*ckin' scared.
N - But you made deals with Justin ...
A - NO. NO. They can make f*ckin' deals with me next week. Every last f*ckin one of them, as far as I"m concerned. Every one of them can make a deal with me that they're not coming after you or me. If they DO NOT make a deal, they are f*cking going up.
Looks like Nate's trying not to crack a smile. He says, do whatever you want.
A - Does that not makes sense to you? (Again, Nate looking like he's trying not to smile).
N - Just do whatever you want. I'm gonna get you off the block and you do exactly what you want to do.
A - If that doesn't make you happy, then tell me what will make you happy? (Ali says this as she roughly turns Nate's face toward her face - really close).
N - You know what would make me happy (she's practically on top of him now).
N - Getting his freakin' ass outta here.
A - Well then we'll do it.
N - You don't want to (Ali laughs).
A - Please trust me, I have no problem doing it. Not a one. None. I swear. (Nate smiles). None. None.
A - You have to understand that I had to make that deal because if he won over me (in other words, beat her in a contest), I mean, that he's not coming after us. And he won't. (He being Justin). He does not go back on his word.
N - Well, he's gonna expect you to do the same. (Ali sighs and looks at the ceiling). Well, he can expect nothing from me. Let him think that. If he thinks that then he won't change his mind. Do you understand?
N - Mmm hmmm.
A - Well, then don't be mad. Let him go after Jack or Erika. As long as it's not us, who gives a f*cking sh*t. (Nate shakes his head in what appears to be bewilderment).
A - Please Nate, understand that I'm know what I"m doing.
N - I know exactly what you're doing.
A - Well, then don't be mad. You can't be mad. (long pause). I'm not here to hurt you or me. I might not even be here on Wednesday. But if I am, I'm not going to hurt you or me. I uh ... Just wait. I told them in the DR that you're the only one that I worried for. You're the only one I look out for. I wouldn't take that back. Not after everything you've done. Ali let's out a heavy sigh and rests her head on Nate's chest.
A - I wish you had more faith in me than that.
A - I really do.

David eventually came into the room to talk to Nate. David was worried that Nate might have felt that they (Dav, Erika and Jack) didn't have his back, and maybe that's why he wants to use the POV to save Ali. Nate says he was not worried about that. I think David got the idea that Nate felt like he was all alone with Ali, while Dav, Erika and Jack were together. Nate says again that he was not worried about that.

Ali interrupts Dav and Nate's talk to ask if they're (the enemy) still in the desert room. Dav says they left about 10 minutes ago. Ali asks what they wanted. Dav said they wanted to know what was going on. They wanted to know this and that and whatever.
A - I'm not staying David.
Dav - Huh?
A - I'm not staying David.
Dav - What do you mean?
A - I'm leaving on Wednesday.
Dav - Whoa, whoa, wait just a ... no but, so then, one of us gets HOH - David explains various scenarios to try to show Nate how it wouldn't make any sense for him, Erika and Jack to not be his allies. Nate says he knows that, but it's good to hear.
Dav - I'm pissed off at Jun. She's smart. She's in a good position. Dav goes on to say that he knows Jun has gone to the other side. He caught Dana and Jun talking in the bathroom.
Nate - this has been a crazy night.
A - All because of my f*ckin' mouth.
Dav - About what?
A - Talking to Justin
Dav - Oh that's right. That's all right. Don't worry about that.
A - I wanted to find out sh*t about what they're doing.
Nate (interrupting and ignoring the rambling Ali) - I feel ya, David.

Nate and David did talk about Jack and how he's not really winning competitions, and how he's aware of it. They weren't disrespectful, but factual about how Ali wins comps, Jack not so much.

The end. I stopped recording this conversation.

Jul 27 2003 11:19, Sun RMU ParentRootLink
During this conversation Ali said she told Jus that Jun and Dana would be the targets, not him...
She explained that she told Jus that so he would go and tell Dn and Jun, so that when the veto is used and Dv goes up on the block they can use it as leverage to pressure Jun to vote to keep Dv in and get rid of Jk.

N also told Dv that a while back he discussed it with Er and that Jk, though they think he's awesome, doesn't contribute much to the game. He couldn't speak freely in the Sandbox because Jk was there, but he wanted to assure Dv that they've got his back even though using the veto will put him up for possible eviction.

Jul 27 2003 11:35, Sun Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Regarding catching Jun in the bathroom I think he said she was with Jee not Dana NT

Jul 27 2003 07:28, Sun Anonymous   Link
Jun up and goes to WC, comes back tells Dana everyone out there is asleep NT

Jul 27 2003 10:50, Sun curyy4me2   Link
9:52AM BBT...All Houseguest still asleep NT

Jul 27 2003 11:26, Sun Lawyerman   Link
As Erika returns from the bathroom, she and Jack talk about Nate using the veto.
Jack mentions that if Nate uses the veto to take Alison down, he will be splintering an already splintered group. Jack says that although Ali is capable of winning competitions, Nate just wants her in there for flirtation and comfort. They are clearly not happy about Nate's consideration of using the veto.

Anticipating that BB will give them a wake up call soon, they go back to sleep.

Jul 27 2003 11:41, Sun RMU   Link
Jk up to use the WC - comes back in and says N is going to use veto NT

Jul 27 2003 11:43, Sun Lawyerman   Link
Jack goes to the bathroom and when he comes back, he and Erika talk of Nate again.
Jack brings up that Nate's original power base belonged to the Harem. He laments that he was never able to reassure Nate that he, Erika, and Dave, were always on his side. Again, he's not happy that Nate is probably going to use the veto take Alison off the block. He lies back down silently.

BB: Good morning HG's, it's time to get up for the day.

Jul 27 2003 11:43, Sun RMU   Link
BB "Good Morning HGs, it's time to get up for the day." No one moves NT

Jul 27 2003 11:46, Sun RMU   Link
Er stirs and says yep, he's going to use it today (N=veto). Jus wants Dv out, not Dn.It pisses me off. B*tch NT

Jul 27 2003 11:47, Sun Lawyerman ParentRootLink
Erika said, "B!tch...mantroll!" NT

Jul 27 2003 11:47, Sun angelofmusic27 ParentRootLink
Jack: You never know who Dana is going to put up.
Erika: *angry* It's not Dana it's Justin. He does the thinking for her. It pisses me off. bi*ch.

BB wakeup: Good morning HG's. It's going to be hot out there today. Don't forget your sunscreen. (That was hilarious)

Jul 27 2003 11:46, Sun RMU   Link
Jun up, in the storage room. NT

Jul 27 2003 11:47, Sun Quench   Link
BB: Good morning HG it's going to be hot out there today don't forget your sunscreen NT

Jul 27 2003 12:00, Sun angelofmusic27   Link
The lovebirds aka Ali and Nate have awakened from their slumber
Nate is talking about a nightmare he had where dinosaurs were chasing him through a forest like in Jurassic Park. He's telling Ali that she snored last night and he had to wake her up twice. He threw a pillow at her once and nudged her after that. Jun is coming in and out of the room.

Jul 27 2003 12:01, Sun Quench   Link
The HG's are doing the morning routine. Showering, brushing teeth etc.
Nate and Ali are still in bed.

Erika makes a comment to Jack before leaving the turtle room that she wants to get HOH to do a strategic nomination instead of an emotional one.

Jul 27 2003 12:05, Sun Quench   Link
Ali Nate and Jun in the double bed BR.
Ali: "Wasn't the hottest feeling the other day when I was crossed behind my back"

Jun who is changing into her bathing suit top under her shirt. Giggles.

Ali just looks at her. Then directs her look to Nate.

Jun gets called to the DR. Nate says - Go get your birthcontrol.

Jul 27 2003 12:27, Sun Debra_Kadabra   Link
whispers in the bathroom
Ali telling Erika her plan to pressure Jun. Erika says it has potential. Later Erika tells Nate it's a longshot

Jul 27 2003 12:30, Sun Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Jack joins Erika
Jack telling Erika that Justin and Dana are in a frenzy because they agree with Nate that Allison is the better competitor

Jul 27 2003 12:29, Sun Quench   Link
Nathan has so lost his mic. Can't find it in the BR. Him and Erika in Bathroom.
Erika to Nate. Do you think she would put up Jun. It's a long shot

Nate : I know you are not going

BB: Nathan Alison your microphones needs new batteries.

Nathan - I don't know where it is.

Jack comes in the area.

J: Have you thought about what you are going to do about the veto.
Nathan -It is definitely our interest.
Jack - Alison is the smartest one in the house.

Nathan says that I will be up on the block next week if one of us doens't win HOH. Off Nathan goes to hunt down his mic.

Jack and Erika chat about the alliances and rehash how it will work out.

Jul 27 2003 12:33, Sun Quench   Link
BB: Nathan please go to the DR
David : No Way - boycott the Diary Room

Jack - Guess the houseguest.

We have been watching Jack make Coffee and something to eat.

Jul 27 2003 12:37, Sun Quench   Link
DAna laying out side talking to anyone who will listen. Jee, Robert, Jun
I swear to God I am not being nice I will be the meanest M**F** to that B***.

I swear to God You just watch - I am more of a man than you will ever be.

I am M***F*** pissed awff as SH*T.

(nice language - you kiss with that mouth)

Jee went in, Jun went in.

Jul 27 2003 12:44, Sun Quench   Link
After BB tells Dana and Jun to put their mics on. Robert says are you going to talk to Nate
I am not going to bother talking to Nate.

Jun: don't you think you should warn him.

No because if I ask to talk to him and he says no then that would really piss me awff

BB:Dana please go to the DR - Dana: F*ck me.

Gratutious shots of Jun's feet as she is lying in the sun.

Jul 27 2003 12:46, Sun kira   Link
Erika, to Dave, "This is all the mantroll's fault....can we kill the mantroll now?" NT

Jul 27 2003 12:53, Sun Quench   Link
David says he's going to F*ck around with Dana and see what she knows
Erika says she has already talked to Dana this morning and she doesn't know.

Erika Jack and David have been trying to figure out what is going to happen this afternoon. How Nate will be lost with Ali in the house.

Jul 27 2003 12:54, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Dave and Erica in Desert Room
Dissing on the Mantroll Erica: "Can we kill the Mantroll?" It's all her fault. Dave knocks on the wall and screams, having heard a cameraman. Jack comes in and says he heard that...I believe in reference to their ongoing experiments about how soundproof the room is.

Jack thinks Nate is stressing on using the veto.

Jack: "Nathan has just been very insecure." (note: ref to the tight three in this BR)

Erica: "It goes way before that...from Day 1 when we were in this room."

Erica: "If it were me, I would do the same thing...take one of you guys off."

Jack: "Nate started with a power base of all those women out there...and he's lost them all."

Er: "He's going to feel completely alone without Ali."

Dave seems to think he might not be put up in the event Nate uses the Veto...something in Dana's convo about that.

Silence...the three lost in thought...

Dave says he will go talk to Dana, but Jack says she's in the DR.

Erica: "She's not happy b/c she doesn't want you (Dave) to go."

Dave: "Yeah, but she'll do it." Justin will tell her to.

They get up and leave the room...posting.

Jul 27 2003 13:03, Sun kira   Link
Erika just asked Dana if they'd be willing to oust Jack instead of Dave NT

Jul 27 2003 13:05, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Dana and Erica sunbathing and talking...
Dana asking Erica if she should talk to Nate about the POV. Decides against it.

Erica: "There's no way you'd want Jack to go?" I think feeling out the possibility of booting Jack instead.

Dana: "Are you saying you would rather have David here than Jack?" I think that was what was was quick, and now Erica is up again, leaving Dana alone laying in the sun.

(note: If I got this wrong, please correct me.)

Jul 27 2003 13:09, Sun Devareux ParentRootLink
It was more about sequestering who would you rather have Jack or Dave. Erika told Dana Dv would be more fun. NT

Jul 27 2003 13:05, Sun kira   Link
Dave says, "I'm leavin'!" - because he doesn't think they can get Jun on their side. NT

Jul 27 2003 13:10, Sun kira   Link
Ali told Dave she only had 3 wine coolers last night and was NOT wasted - lol NT

Jul 27 2003 13:10, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Ali and Dave in the Desert Room
Ali: "I told him (Nate) this morning not to use the veto...but he is insecure."

Dave: "He thinks we're going to turn on him."

Ali: "I don't think he thinks that..."

Ali: "Why is Erica so mad?"

Dave: "Because she's losing either me or Jack."

Dave: "Dana made it seem like she doesn't want to put me up at all."

Ali: "Why don't you flirt with her?" (ed: Yeah Ali, THAT will work!)

Talk about last night...that they went nuts after Ali's HT session with Justin.

Dave: "That's 'cause they were all drunk, and being stupid."

Both claim they wern't drunk last night. Dave says he only had two beers.

Ali: "I don't even want to deal with this's just gay."

Feeds out to kitchen now...posting...

Jul 27 2003 13:12, Sun kira   Link
Dana tells Nate she doesn't want to see Dave go - "I like having Dave here" NT

Jul 27 2003 13:13, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Nate and Dana now talking in kitchen...
Dana is calm about it...Nate says he's still up in the air. "It's going to be a last minute decision." Dana seems satisfied with that (though could easily be faking)

Dana: "Is there someone you'd rather see go? This is from an input perspective."

Nate is evasive "It's up to you."

Dana says she doesn't want Dave to go..."he's good to have here."

Nate confirms POV ceremony will be at 1:00.


Jul 27 2003 13:14, Sun Anonymous   Link
veto meeting at 1pm NT

Jul 27 2003 13:19, Sun Kimba   Link
When Dana asks Jack if he wants to stay, he says yes. She tells him okay, he will stay no matter what.
She has uber-confidence that her clique will vote as she wants. He asks her who she is putting up if the veto is used, and she says that she doesn't have much choice--"both" of them are good players, she says. (Obviously meaning David and Erika.)

Jul 27 2003 13:22, Sun SimplyTwistedStaci   Link
Nate asks Dana to put up somone other than Erika and Dave if he uses the Veto on Ali. NT

Jul 27 2003 13:34, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Nate makes a last minute proposal to Dana in HOH
They lie on the bed, and Nate gets all "'s the deal."

He says that if she takes off Ali, and not put up Erica or Dave, he will talk to Ali and make sure she doesn't put up Dana if she wins HOH.

Dana, however, is not biting. She doesn't like the drama, the tension, in the house created by Ali and Dana being around.

Dana knows she's going to be a target anyway next week. Nate: "So why not save yourself."

Dana: "You can't trust anybody but yourself." Nate: "Yeah, but if you do that you're going to get nowhere."

Nate is pretty persuasive, but I don't think Dana's buying it, even if she's sighing heavily in thought.

Dana: "The safest thing to do would have been to put you and Ali on the block....but I promised you I wouldn't put you up."

Nate: "You're making an emotional decision." Dana: "No I'm not!"

Dana: "Why would I leave someone in this house that hates you??"

Rapid convo...tough to get down...

Dana: "I don't want to see you go, and not by my hand."

Nate: "You crossed me in a sense b/c you put Ali and Jack up."

Dana talking about some pact earlier on...that she should have given Ali more reassurance.

Nate: "If you're POed at me for using it, fine, but...I'm looking out for you."

Dana: "She spilled her guts to Justin last night - all saying she'll take Dana out."

Nate laughs, says she was drunk, and that Ali and him got into a huge fight about it last night.

Dana: "I can't believe anyone - not Dave, Jack, Erica."

Nate saying he respects her...she's a competitor, etc.

Nate leaves the room saying "Don't lose too much sleep over it." Dana is left on the bed, with her hand holding up her head.

Nate walks out of the HOH and says "Got her!!!"

Jul 27 2003 13:34, Sun Kimba   Link
Nathan is telling Dana that he doesn't know for sure if he is going to use it...but if he does, he will use it on Alison. (Nathan offers a deal!!)
In HoH room.

He knows that she will do anything he says if he takes her off.

Ooooh Nathan is giving Dana a chance to "redeem" herself: if she puts up one of the Stooges in Alison's place, they will NOT go after her next week. Dana asks, how can she trust that? Alison will go after her next week. Nathan assures her that he will tell Alison what to do and she will, because she will have owed him a favour.

Nathan says this is not a threat, only an offer.

Dana sighs...she doesn't know what to do. She did what she did for a reason. She tells him that if she were in his place and Jun were up, she doesn't even know if she would use the veto. And Dana doesn't think Alison will play the game based on the game--Alison bases her decisions on a personal decision.

Nathan ~guarantees~ her that Alison won't come after Dana. Dana says that is not why she nominated Alison--it is because she won't fit well into the final 7--she is too immature. Nathan reminds her that ~everyone~ in the house is immature. Dana keeps blabbing though saying she has done what she wanted to do and she will hold her head high next week if she goes. She just feels too much tension with Alison. Alison is the "kind of girl" who would vote against Dana just because of Dana and Justin's relationship.

Nathan: You've got me, Jack, Erika...we feel the same way. We know what Alison is like.

Dana: I know! But I know that they are all going to come after me next week.

Nathan: Exactly, then why not take this deal? We won't come after you if you do it... I don't have any probs with you; this is your opportunity to be safe again. Go with your feelings; do what you need to do.

Dana: The safest thing for me to do would have been put Alison and YOU up together, because you are the only one who would save her. But I told you I wouldn't do it.

Nathan: Your safest move was to stay with us.

Dana: NO! It's split down the middle because of ME. I don't think you guyshave my back any more than they have my back. I did what I wanted to do; I made the best move for ME. When it comes to the final 7, I don't want Alison there to vote.

Nathan: All you are thinking about is the final votes; who says you are going to get that far?

Dana: It is about a fair game. And who wants someone around who hates you?...I don't want to see you go; and I won't be the one to do it--but if I

Dana: If you veto her, it will be hard to forgive, Nathan...really, really hard for me to be okay with.

Nathan: But you betrayed me by putting up Alison and going after our alliance.

Dana: True, but I had to do what I did--I nominated based on individuals, not groups... You do what you feel you have to do, just like I had to do. I will respect your decision in that sense.

N: I am still trying to respect our alliance. I am giving you the opportunity to stay with us.

D: You should have heard what she said last night to Justin--that she is saved, that I will be gone next week..etc

N: She was drunk. I never told her that I'd save her and she knew that...that is why we had a fight last night.

D: Yeah, I know that. Alison told me...I just see how she makes faces behind my back, and tho we all do that, I just don't like it...

N: Well, I respect that you have to do what you have to do, just understand that I have to do what I have to do. Just think about it.

He leaves. Makes some comment about "got her."

Jul 27 2003 13:39, Sun Kimba   Link
Nathan heads back to the room with Alison...
He is laughing and looking smug (thinks he has Dana).

Alison asks him if he "took" a deal. He says yes cautiously (because he din't; he offered one). Alison says very simply and detatchedly, "Fine. Take it." He laughs some more and then says, "You goof. You knew what I was going in there to do."

He tells Alie that Dana hates her guts, but Alie doesn't care. All they want is for a Stooge to be put into her place.

Jul 27 2003 13:39, Sun Quench   Link
After Nate leaves HOH after talking with Dana
a:what offer were you given

n: what do you think

a: you should take it

n: maybe I should

a:shut up

n: I get offered deals every other day

a:what are you trying to say.

a:I never did anything to you

n: I can't let you get drunk again you spill the beans

a:I wasn't drunk fool

n:Talking about how you and Justin were talking last night

a:Did you tell her you knew



n:She hates your guts.

Feeds now to Dana outside doing laundry.

Jul 27 2003 13:40, Sun Nerghan   Link
Nate having a pep talk with Dana on POV Nate reporting to Ali
Just about everyone trying to get in their last minute two cents worth. Nate is in the HOH with Dana discussing the POV which is in about half an hour or so. She says that she did the nominations the way she did for a reason. Nate saying it is totally up to her who she puts up if he uses the POV.

Dana doesn't think that Ali will suit for the game. Dana talking about the final seven and appreciation of the game and everybody needing to be level headed. Nate thinks it is monotone also. Dana dissing on the way that Ali deals with things. Nate says well you have me you have jack you have david...
Dana says you can't trust anyone in the house....Nate says if you don't trust anyone then you really don't get anywhere. He says that he has never had a problem with her he just is saying basically that if she wants to be safe she will follow his lead. Dana laying down a lot of, somewhat, groundwork on how she made the noms....they are getting a little aggressive now. Dana talking about the split house and Nate is pretty much like "no kidding" since her. Dana wants the final seven to be an elite team of her own liking, weird. This is a circle...of wild reasoning and plenty patronization. ..........BB:"Justin please go to the DR."

Dana said that she went over everyone as individuals when she did noms. Blah blah blah...Dana talking about Ali's (I think) gut spilling to Justin.
Justin says she has to go with her gut feeling....circles again.
no such luck...apparently all of the feeds are on HOH.
oh now it goes to Ali in BR when Nate comes to report...
posting anyway.

"IF you can't dazzle them with knowledge, baffle them with bull$h!t."
switching feeds...

Jul 27 2003 13:42, Sun Anonymous   Link
Now Dana is talking to Robert...
... and Dana is telling Robert everything that Nate said to her. Robert is asking Dana if Nate thinks she is stupid... Dana is asking Robert who is will hurt Nate more to go... that is her only concern now, is hurting Nate...

Jul 27 2003 13:42, Sun wrat1010 ParentRootLink
she said it would hurt Nate most to see "the strongest player" go NT

Jul 27 2003 13:42, Sun Kimba   Link
Dana is telling Robert all of it.
Robert is PISSED. He assures Dana that no matter what Nathan tells her, Dana will be their first target next week. He calls Nathan a "stupid mother *****." Nathan must think Dana is stupid to believe a deal like that.

Dana: Who do you think it would hurt him more to see go? Because that is my main goal, to hurt him (Nathan).

Rob: The biggest, strongest player.

Dana: Exactly. And don't worry about what he said, that deal, because I am not doing it. I wouldn't do that and you know it.

Rob: Oh no, I know.

Jul 27 2003 13:42, Sun Quench   Link
Dana and Robert talking in BY
Nathan said to me I promise you that she won't come after you.

I said F*ck you !

Dana says I should have put you up so you couldn't save her.

Dana talking to Robert Who do you think would hurt him the most. Because I want to hurt him.

Didn't hear his reply (Plane flying over)

You guys seriously have to win next week.

Jul 27 2003 13:46, Sun RMU ParentRootLink
Rb said the strongest player, meaning Dave should be the one to go NT

Jul 27 2003 13:44, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Dana and Ratbert talk in BY about Nate's "proposal."
As I suspected, she is having nothing of Nate's idea. Rat is incredulous that Nate would be so stupid as to propose putting one of the Stooges up Rat: "Is he really THAT dumb??!?! He is one dumb motherf****r!" (for once, ITA with Ratbert!)

Anyway, Dana laughed it off...she seems very resigned now to putting up Dave. She goes into the house

Jul 27 2003 13:49, Sun Anonymous   Link
Now Dana and Jun are talking in HOH
Dana is telling Jun how f***ing stupid Nate is, and she is getting really angry, telling Jun that she is HOH and her will should be done.

Ratbert just came in the room, and is suggesting that they tell Nate that if he uses the veto, they will all go after him.

Jul 27 2003 13:52, Sun kira   Link
Dana said her veto speech is gonna make the front page of the daily news in NY NT

Jul 27 2003 13:52, Sun Kimba   Link
They are talking BIG in the HoH room.
Dissing Nathan...saying that Nathan will be the first to go next week. He is a "goner." Dana is pissed that she never nominated him.

"It sucks; it ***** sucks that he is making me do this." She talks about almost hitting him or kicking him in the nuts because he was "giving her a second chance." (I didn't hear that...she didn't sound angry in her convo with Nathan.)

David will be the one to has to be done, even though Dana would rather not...she has no choice.

More big talk (it is SO nauseating). Dana: I swear, my speech will be so big that it will make the Daily News. ***** loser.

Jul 27 2003 13:54, Sun HitmanJuggalo   Link
Dana Practises "David, You Have Nathan To Thank For This" NT

Jul 27 2003 13:55, Sun Quench   Link
Dana and the Manhags with Jun are in the HOH
Dana is so pissed awff.

I swear to god my speech is going to make the front of the daily news in yonkers.

Dana hasn't been called to the DR just incase Nate uses the Veto and since she hasn't been called in he isn't going to use it. But if I get called in then I will know that I have to use it.

You guys have to win HOH with your lives next week.

Robert saying that Nathan is a p*ssy. The f*cking person we didn't need to win it-did.

I am going to say "I am more of man than you will ever be"

Dana is pissed right off and Robert is feeding the flames with agreeing with her.

Jul 27 2003 13:56, Sun Kimba   Link
Robert quotes.
"Nathan is a ***** *****." <<<meow

"Who does he think he is, that ***** *****-sucker!!! To think he is better than the HoH."

"Those ***** ******."

"I knew he'd ***** use the Veto!! That ***** mother *****!"

And on and on and on.

Jul 27 2003 14:00, Sun kira   Link
Justin, "Ali's got him (Nate) so brainwashed." NT

Jul 27 2003 14:07, Sun Quench   Link
David says "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth" to Dana
She is now outside ranting to David and Erika.

Dana says I am more of a man than Nate is . Erika smirk/coughs/laughs under her hand. David just whistles.

She says I want mature levelheaded ppl with me in this house. Erika clears her throat and takes a sip from her cup

Jul 27 2003 14:12, Sun HitmanJuggalo   Link
Backyard During Veto Meeting? NT

Jul 27 2003 14:13, Sun Quench   Link
All four feeds on the BY of course no HG outside. We get to hear the dryer drying clothes. NT

Jul 27 2003 14:16, Sun Devareux   Link
Nate used it, sound like David got put up NT

Jul 27 2003 14:17, Sun frustratedposter   Link
dave replaces ali for sure NT

Jul 27 2003 14:17, Sun Kimba   Link
Alison is vetoed--David is nominated in her place.

Nathan: I did what I had to do. She lied to us; she lied to Alison telling her she was safe juts before nominations. I did what I had to do.

Jack: It was a strategic move on your part. I understand. But you pissed a lot of people off.

N: No matter if you or David survives, we have a better chance with Alison here. I wish I could have gotten both of you guys off.

Jul 27 2003 14:20, Sun Kimba   Link
Jun doesn't understand why Nathan said in his speech that Dana betrayed them all when they were all ready to betray her if they got HoH.
Jun: I'm not upset..

N: It sounds like you are defending her...

Jun: No, no, no, you just...I just feel sorry for her...after what you said. We were all going to betray her... She's upset that you haven't supported her in her decisions...

Jul 27 2003 14:22, Sun Quench   Link
Jun is out doing information gathering from Erika, Jack, Alison, and Nate
She got the information she needed and now she will be reporting back.

Jack - This squeeze happened faster than it was suppose to happen.

Now they are talking about that they need to win HOH next week.

Jul 27 2003 14:24, Sun Kimba   Link
Jack: This kind of squeeze happened earlier than we anticipated.
It's what happens when you lose two HoHs in a row.

N: I know, we can't lose another one. If we lose next week, it is two of us...I talked to Dave earlier and told him it wasn't anything personal if he went up on the block.

Jack: It's okay; we've got a long time to go. If we win to HoHs in a row, we're back.

Alison: Are we going to start studying again? (Facts about the house/competitions/HGs for competitions.)

N: I am sorry if what I said came off as harsh--but it was betrayal.

E: No, I understand. I probably would have done the same.

N: Yeah. Right before noms--5 secs before we went out--told me, Alie and Jun we were all safe. 5 secs later Alie is nominated. I can't hang with that.

J: It's okay, we have your back.

Jul 27 2003 14:27, Sun Kimba ParentRootLink
Jack: The very fact that you did this and they are so angry proves that it really hurt them. NT

Jul 27 2003 14:24, Sun Quench   Link
Now they talking to David about sending Jack out. But previously that they are taking David out. NT

Jul 27 2003 14:29, Sun Quench   Link
Dana talking so fast - Insecure whimpering little man. He is p*ssing his pants right now.
I am not sure if he has a p*nis between his legs. I have seen him squat to pee.

She is talking a mile a minute. With lots of swear words included

I will not be civil to him anymore I will make that b*tch cry every f*cking day. I will throw a plate at him.

We want you to be sequestered with us. to David.

Jul 27 2003 14:36, Sun Bert   Link
Some conversation in HOH betweeh Dana, Rob, and Justin before the POV meeting (approx 1pm BBT)
A conversation in HOH between Dana, Rob, and Justin before the POV meeting (approx 1pm BBT)

May contain repeats, but I transcribed it so I'm posting it. All D's are Dana.

Dana was reporting back re her and Nate's conversation.

D - I didn't use POV because he didn't f'in want me to (Nate 1st week). Dav didn't use it because Jee didn't f'in want him to. Just because I threw a curveball like this, you're gonna use it that as an excuse to go ahead and to whatever you want to, then fine, go ahead. Just know it's not a smart move. It's just not a smart move to do it. You can't put value on someone's life like that. You're saving one person and sacrificing another and that's f'd up.
Rob - God, I wish it was Nate leaving this week. He's such a d*ckhead.
D - (as she rubs her face from the stress) I'm just so pissed that I didn't put him up. I really am. So pissed.
Long pause in the conversation
D - he says to Jun I've never seen people so stressed out about a veto before. Jun goes, that's because every veto holder always talked to HOH about what they were going to do.
Rob - Yeah right.
D - Well Dana ... he's so pissed, he's so pissed that I'm not up his ass, you don't understand. He's like, Dana didn't talk to me about her f'in decision. For nominations.
Rob - F'in poor Dave has got to go home.
Just - Dude, Ali's got him brainwashed. Ali's got him so brainwashed.
Rob - as he scratches himself and twitches- Ya but that shows how weak he is. If she's brainwashing him, he's a piece of sh*t. He's nothing.
Just - Like she has him brainwashed. He honestly believes she is going to win HOH.
D - He said to me, he said I can guarantee you 90% that Alison's gonna win HOH next week.
Rob - You gotta be ... such a d*ck ...
Just - It' not like ... Dude, why would he say that. It makes him sound like such a f'in toolbag.
Rob - if there was 4 people left, she's had 25%. It's such a stupid thing to say.
D - Yawning - Right.
Rob - such a stupid thing to say. She's got less than 8% chance of winning. Boy, this is just f'in dumb.
D - I think he just came out. (Nathan from DR?)
Dana gets up, opens the HOH door, peers out back and forth.
D - what's up Dav. She's in there reading the Bible. It's like such sacrilege.
Jee comes into HOH
Rob to Jee - You're not going into the pool huh?
Jee - After the thing I am. I have to wash t-shirts. I'm gonna try to fix that hose, it's leaking.
Dana - How you gonna fix that?
Just - He's Mr. Fixit.
Dana - and try to fix the wringer.
Jee - Ringer? Yeah, I pushed it down really hard and screwed it really really hard.
Dana - We need to put something in there, a wedge.
Jee - You guys think I can pull out some sort of lumber out of my ass, ya know?
Dana laughs.
Jee - if there was something like that I could use ...
Dana - There's something you can use, there has to be.
Jee - Yeah, I'm gonna look for it but right now I have no idea. The TP holder is good.
Dana - Oh, you fixed that?
Jee - Yeah. It's real good now. You just gotta be careful. The wall is weak.
Just - Jee is Mr. Fixit.
Dana - maybe if you take the tube from the paper towel holder and fold it up ...
Jee - That's true. Maybe we could to that. That's a good idea, not bad.
Dana then proceeds to clap her hands and snap her fingers repeatedly in a nervous manner that annoys my ears.

Posting this late.

Jul 27 2003 14:40, Sun Quench   Link
Now Jun is in the HOH and now they are yet again rethinking of who has to go
David or Jack

Arguments for keeping David and for keeping Jack.

Jul 27 2003 14:43, Sun Kimba   Link
David is in the HoH room--being very buddy-buddy. DEAL! (long)
It looks like he has convinced them to vote Jack out instead of him.

Dana: Watch your back David. You see what Nathan did to you.

David: If Erika is down, I am down (looks like he took a deal. It sounds like Dana and her cronies have agreed to not vote out David as long as he promises to get Alison and Nate out next).

Dana is telling the rest not to talk to Nate over the next few days--make his life miserable. Make him regret it.

Rob: Nathan is a ***** idiot.

Justin: I know how persuasive Alie can be...especially when they are as stupid as Nathan. He's not a ***** man. She puts her t*ts in his face, rubs his b*lls, and he can't make the right decision.

No one understands Nathan's logic.

David: I understood it in the beginning. But not anymore. His decisions are whack--so what good is he on my side now?

Dave joking about Jee being a stupid-ass (Jee is in the is all in good humour).

Will they tell Jack? Dana says yes--she has to do it. The day of or the night before. I don't want to get him on TV, but I also don't want him to live the next three days in here knowing he is going...I swear I wanted to hit Nathan in the face with that veto--smash his pretty little face in. I swear to you... So crazy, as opposed to saving David, it is ***** crazy.

Justin: Alison really believes that she will win the next HoH and any competition she wants. She is smart, but she buckles under pressure.

Dana: Nathan is so on my *****-list. He better not even try to talk to me... It was a stupid move.

Robert and Jee: We have to tell Jun; she has to be in on this.

On and on and on about what a dumb move Nathan made...he is so stupid. He is "guaranteed" to be out now.

Justin: To David...Nathan obviously thinks that David is the best competition on their side and wanted to get rid of him over Alison.

Dana: EVERYONE, including David and Erika, will put up Nathan and Alison next week if they win HoH. That is how it is (they have David's word; they think Erika will follow along no problem).

Jun is there now: Telling them about what she said to Nathan outside about being upset how he talked about "betrayal" in his speech... Is Dave pissed off?

Dana: David is pissed at Nathan and wants him out now. He's not stupid.

Robert: But we need to think about this. Will David and Erika really vote Nathan and Alison out before us?

Jun: I agree, are you sure they will.

Dana is convinced they will. They will go with the numbers--with 7 instead of 4.

Robert: WANTS DAVE OUT--seriously--I know he is nice, but he's a threat. Everyone but Dana is actually agreeing with this...

Jun: Is he really going to be on our side? I guess between him and Jack it's not a big dif...but Jack doesn't win competitions, Dave does...we have to think about the game.

Dana: But he really thinks Nathan is really stupid for what he did.

Jun: But we have to stick to the plan. We have to get Dave out. He's a bigger threat--and he could easily turn on us.

Dana: It is NOT a joke, we HAVE to win HoH next week!!!

Erika comes in.

Dana: How are you doing?

E: Shitty!

Dana: Are you mad as hell? (At Nathan)

E: Of course!

Dana: Was it a strategic move for him to do what he did on his part? (Obviously expecting them to say no.)

Erika: Yes. If he wanted to get Dave, his competition, out.

Dana: That is true. I just made it a level playing field... It would have been a game and the best man would have won each week. But he messed up...he messed it up.

And on and on about how stupid Nathan pissed they are...etc.

Jul 27 2003 14:46, Sun Kimba   Link
Jun being a bitch!
Dana asks Erika who she'd rather stay, David or Jack? (Is she willing to target Nathan?)

Jun: Is there any point in asking her? (Right to Erika's face.) You don't give us anything, so why should we sit here and pretend to share info with one another?

Dana: Jun?!

Jun: Well, I am serious. (Being really cocky.)

Erika: I really don't know. I can't pick between the two right now.

Jul 27 2003 14:49, Sun Kimba ParentRootLink
After Erika leaves...
Jun: We know she was going to sacrifice Jack... They want David and we can't give her him. We ~have~ to get rid of David. We want to ***** Nathan and that is playing by emotion. Dave is a strong player--he has to go.

Jee: I agree with her. We have to split them up.

Jul 27 2003 14:46, Sun Quench   Link
Erika now enters the HOH
Erika says she is mad as hell.

However Jun keeps jumping in and keeps answering Dana

Erika is doing more listening than talking. And of course Jun is eating again.

Do you think Nathan turned on you guys.

Erika : No. They only giving the money to one person at the end.

Erika: I don't know I am as surprised as you guys are

Jun: Do you think we are you going to tell you our plans.

Erika: I don't know who I want to keep David or Jack both have their strengths. I am not her to gather information I am here because I am just as lost.

Jul 27 2003 14:47, Sun Anonymous   Link
Jun, "They want Dave in the house. We can't give them that." NT

Jul 27 2003 14:50, Sun Bert   Link
Funny kitch convo between Ali, Jack, Er & Nate - we internet nerds were brought up ...
Ali - They got me nude. They told me that in the DR. That sucks.
E - they saw it on the internet too.
Ali - Yeah like it's gonna be still shot.
E - No, it is. They still shot that stuff. I don't know how they do it.
Jack - Yeah.
E - The nerds ...
Ali - (giggles, Nate laughs), The nerds ...
E - The nerds that hang out on the internet, they blow that sh*t up. Like I don't know how they do it. They capture it and ... it's ... and you're done.
Ali - Great, can't wait.
E - sorry to burst your bubble.
Ali - I'm fine. I hope my dad doesn't wig out on them. Can they legally do that?
E - They can do whatever they want. You're a public figure. If you're naked, then you're naked.
Nate - Yup. Don't you remember signing that clause?
Jack - Erika's got the strategy for that, though. (She showers and bathes in her bikini).
E - I will never be nude, dammit.
Ali - yells defensively, I wasn' trying to be. It wasn't on purpose. That's the last thing I wanted.
E - (ignoring Ali's outburst) I mean I have my morals. I only get naked for money.

Jul 27 2003 14:50, Sun Anonymous   Link
Jun: "Dave's always gonna talk a good game. He's used to having fugitives in his face." NT

Jul 27 2003 14:52, Sun Quench   Link
Jun: David is a strong player and he can differeniate from personal and game
He will go with Nate and Alison.

They talk in a circle.

Dana now says Fine David goes.

Robert jumps up and agrees right away with Dana

Dana: If they were bleeding out their f*cking livers I wouldn't save them

Jun and Robert leave the room
Dana says Now I know how you felt last week to Jee. Jee says it nevers goes how you want it to go. Dana says Well it went the way Nathan wanted it to go. I f*cking hate him.

They (N/A) are 2 pissy little players. They ruined the whole game.

Feeds run out


Jul 27 2003 16:09, Sun Quench   Link
Been awhile but the group had some BK for lunch. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.
David made reference to it.

Ali is cutting Jacks hair.

Jun is talking to Nate and Ali but reporting back to Dana with everything.

Jul 27 2003 16:11, Sun Bert   Link
2:30ish BBT - Jun - I AM enjoying my meal ...
While they were eating the BK,
Jun - you guys have to clean the bathroom. Current HOH and previous HOH.
Dana - I know.
Jun - Today
Jee - Why can't you just enjoy your meal?
Jun - I AM enjoying my meal.

Apparently, Ali's going to cut Jack's hair today.
Dana is going to clean the bathroom before her shower to make sure it's clean.

Jul 27 2003 16:14, Sun Quench   Link
Jun walks by Jack with her bathing suit on. You have nice thighs Jun. Ali stops cutting and looks at Jun's thighs NT

Jul 27 2003 16:15, Sun Quench   Link
Basketball back in the yard. (bouncing noises) NT

Jul 27 2003 16:16, Sun Bert   Link
Approx - 2:35 BBT to 2:45 BBT Feed switching on me. Various convos, Nate, Ali, Jun, Jack ...
Feed switches to HOH where Dana is practically on top of Justin, sighing heavily. (I can't watch that anymore so I switched feeds).

BY, Ali and Nate
Ali - She's like, don't talk to me, I want them to think I hate you (I assume this is Jun).
Nate - You're pretty good with math, aren't you?
Feed switches to the sound of Jun eating and smacking her lips.

Feed switches to Nate & Ali in the yard
N - Ali you have to win.
Ali - but then you have to win next week.
Nate - Damn, it is us against the world.
Ali - How many people who have lived in Pennsylvania that have lived in this house? Trick question, 4. Feed goofs up, don't hear the explanation. Something about Jack, Amanda and Ali.
Nate - I think Dana's so scared of you right now. She's sweatin'.

Feed switches to Jun washing her hands, now talking to Jack
Jun - That's why I never made deals to begin with. (missed some). That's why I'm blunt to begin with.
Jack - Yeah, exactly.

Dave re: Marcellas's one-handed solitaire ...
Feed switches to Dav on the couch fiddling with the cards (one-handed solitaire). Jee watching.
Jee - Is this actually a game?
Dave - Yeah, I saw this played on last year's show. I think it was Marcellas. (missed some Marcellas wisecrack by Dave, sorry).
Jee - I'm going to have a too-young-to-die cigarette.

Jul 27 2003 16:17, Sun Bert   Link
2:45-ish BBT, Feed switches to Jun, Ali and Nate in BY, talking about Survivor Amazon...
Ali - Didn't Jenna lift her top for peanut butter? (missed some).
Jun - Isn't she in Playboy? How much did she get?
Ali - I dunno. Are they supposed to talk about that?
Jun - what?
Ali - I mean talk about how much they're getting?
Jun - I think she's getting a set amount, then a portion of how many mags are sold.
(Not sure exactly who said what here, but that was the gist of the convo).

Jul 27 2003 16:19, Sun Bert   Link
2:50ish BBT, Nate asks Jun who's she' voting out ...
Jun who do you want to go, Jack or Dave?
Nate - I don't want anybody to go.
Jun - So you don't care who goes?
Nate - I don't have a preference. How about you?
Jun - Jack makes good coffee. Dave doesn't do much, but he makes everybody laugh. Jack is a bigger threat in HOH, Dave a bigger threat in physical.
Nate - Who you gonna vote for?
Jun - Dave.
Nate - In or out.
Jun - Out. (missed some) I knew that's what she was going to do if you took Ali off. (Dana flipping out).
Jun - I kinda snapped at Erika. She only comes around HOH if she wants something. (Ali interrupts)
Ali - She's pissed at me.
Jun - Why is she pissed at you?
Ali - Because I'm off (the block).
Jun - She said she didn't want you to go. No, you guys did the right thing. I'm not mad at you in the least. Dana's mad at you. Maybe I'd be PO'd if I were HOH. She's mad because you didn't tell her what you were going to do. I'm diplomatic. I tried to explain to her that she didn't tell anybody what she was about to do.
Jun - I had to stop people from waking you up last night. People needed to just chill out and calm down.
Ali - Yeah, everybody was wigged out.
Jun - I feel so stupid for following them in there (going into desert room to drill Erika and Jack about what Nate was gonna do re: POV). It was dorky.
Nate - Yeah, hy did they do that?
Jun - Justin was drunk, Dana was spontaneous. Rob and I were like, we didn't want to do it.

(Talking too fast for me, my hands are tired - posting)

Jul 27 2003 16:27, Sun Bert   Link
Post POV meetg convo - earlier when I couldn't get on Joker's. Nat, Jak, w/Dav outbursts (Long) ...
Dav - Here we are.

Jack (laughs) - Sorry to bring you down with me Dave.

Dav - It's all right, I'm a champ.

Nate - Sorry Dave.

Dave making odd noises off camera

Nate - I wish it didn't have to be this way.

Jack - I know, Nate. It's a game. It's gonna work out.

Nate - But you know I ...

David - Turtle!

Jack - but you know I'm gonna get called in there (Dana's HOH) and they're gonna ask me ... if I get HOH next week, to put ... whether I'll put you up so ... otherwise they'll vote me off. But the thing is ...

Nate - We'll have numbers next week.

Jack - Justin doesn't trust me anymore because he knows I lied to him.

Dave talking baby talk to the turtles.

Nate - Yeah.

Dave to no one in particular - wonder if he'll bite.

Nate - Jack, we've got to take them out next week.

Jack - Yeah.

Nate - Got to. If I get HOH, I'm taking them out. Justin and Dana.

Jack - You'll have to exercise the tie-breaker to do it.

Nate - Yeah, and I'm hoping I can campaign their group where I can split 'em. Ya know what ah mean?

Jack - Yeah. If you don't split them, they've only got 3 votes. We got 3 and you're the tiebreaker.

Nate - Yeah, exactly. How does Erika feel about all this? Was she kinda pissed. I figured she would be. I understand.

Jack - She's pissed, but she also ... I talked to her this morning and I showed her the strategic necessity for you, as a player to do this, and she understands. You know how close she is to David.

Nate - Yeah, I understand. And you know, honestly and all, I know it's not me, but I would totally understand if it was you guyz's situation. If I were a weaker player than Ali, because I am. She's so smart.

Jack - Well ya know if Erika would have had the veto, she would have taken one of us off.

Nate - Yeah. And you know, Jack, I tried to wheel and deal in there with her (Dana in the HOH room) before this. I was like, you know Dana. I was like here's your chance to redeem yourself. I went in there, I tried to save you and David. I tried to save us all. Cuz like if I veto one of them off the block and you put somebody else up there, we get the votes to get one of our players off, and you're back in Dana. This is your 2nd chance. I even presented it to her. Just to secure you guys (inaudible as Dave made loud yard noise) and she didn't do it.

Nate - She hated Ali so much that she wouldn't, you know, wouldn't go with the numbers.

Jack - It was emotional, yeah.

David walks up to them. Has been off camera. Nate laughs and looks at him.

N to Dav - It gets intense, doesn't it?

Dav - What's that?

Nate (smiling) - It's intense.

Dav - Dude, this whole thing is awesome.

Nate - You can't beat it, man.

Dav - (highly amused) Dude, it's only week 3 and it's already friggin' like this, this is excellent.

Nate - Great TV.

Dav - They've never had a season like this.

Nate - Nah. (Nate laughs).

Dave - They're making bank right now.

Nate - Yeah, they are.

Jul 27 2003 16:28, Sun Quench   Link
Jun talking to Dana outside more how dumb Nathan is. Jun readjusts herself. NT

Jul 27 2003 17:43, Sun Mack_E_Avelli   Link
Robert in HOH, with June and Dana...
They seem to be agreeing that Dave wll be the one to be voted off this week. He's too strong a player. Dana still kicking herself for not putting Nate up on the block when she had the chance. They all agree that both Nate and Ali have to go next week.

Jul 27 2003 17:50, Sun Mack_E_Avelli   Link
David wanders into BY and grabs Ali's a$$...
walks back inside, then runs out to do it again., this time also smacking and slapping and jiggling it. Jee and Robert also there, encouraging Dave. Ali's only involvement is that she is providing the prop by which Dave can focus his fun. She seems to be enjoying the fact that her posterior is the focus of the attention; giggling and half-heartedly saying 'stop'.

Jul 27 2003 17:51, Sun Bert   Link
Various chit chat in BY w/ Ali, Dav, Jee, Rob ...
Ali finished cutting Dav's hair. She also cut Nate's and Jack's today.

Rob was commenting on how all of them come from sh*thole states. He says, "why don't you move to a real state, like California."

Then Rob talks about Black Beach (a nude beach). Dav said he's be willing to go topless there.

Now Rob telling Ali how great her body is. She squealed and giggled. They were talking about how nice her ass is, and various other body parts. Dav came out and grabbed her ass. She squealed again. Now he's slapping it.
Jee - I can't do that. My girl got a booty too, Bitch.
Ali - there is no way I'm not single. It doesn't even matter.
Jee - you said your BF is a little psycho ...
Ali - I don't know about that. Dav rubbing my ass like that.
Feeds change to bathroom where Dav, I think, took off his shorts and put on only a towel.

Now back in BY, talking about who drives what. Posting.

Jul 27 2003 17:59, Sun Bert   Link
Dave had 2 wisdom teeth pulled to avoid a 20-mile march ...
Ali's brother lost his license for driving too fast. (She said this about herself last night). Apparently, the punishment for Ali's brother was for their father to buy him an Explorer.

Someone said Ali's family must be rich. Her dad's a lawyer. A divorce lawyer. Her mother is a phy ed teacher. She travels around teaching?

Now Ali talking about always getting A+'s. Now talking about a spelling bee, where her mother told her to spell steam without an A. Ali spelled it that way for a test and got 9 out of 10. Ali still yells at her mother for that.

Rob about his daughter, "Mommy, you get a lot of A's" How many have you gotten Daddy? Only a couple. In your whole life, Daddy? Yeah, mamma, only a couple says Rob.

Ali - Nathan must have a cavity.
Jee - Why?
Ali - He's seeing a dentist right now.
Dave doing an impression of Nate - It only hurts when I bite (doing a little drawl).
Jee (I think) - aren't your teeth f'd up?
Ali - I'm next to see the dentist.

Dav said he had two wisdom teeth pulled out just to avoid a 20-mile march (LOL!) He still has two.
Jee - My dad had a circumcision in the army with no anesthetic. You have to serve in the Korean army. That man used to put fear in me. You don't want to F with my dad. He was one of those old grumpy guys.
Dav - Buddy of mine just had that procedure done. He said the worst part was the next day when he had morning wood.


Jul 27 2003 18:03, Sun Mack_E_Avelli   Link
Ali Jee Robert and Dave in BY, idle chat...
They mention that a dentist has been set up in the DR, and is now working on Nate because he thinks he has a cavity. Other dental discourse happening. Mostly idle chat. Oh, and Jack is there, too, but being invisible as usual. Jack gets up to get something from the storage room, and now the guys are placing their orders for him to fetch them some Gatorade {tm}. Now Jack is back, has served the other boys, and has faded once again into the background.

Jul 27 2003 18:15, Sun DC1   Link
Jee just said that he is not a US Citizen..that he never applied but his sister did..he was talking about when he lived in Korea..the others...
Jack, Dave, Robt, tell him he needs to go ahead and become a citizen so they won't try to send him back..Jee says I don't know why it matters I'm a student here and resident..but he said when he gets out he will probably do it.

Jul 27 2003 18:19, Sun Quench   Link
Nathan saying he saw 3 ppl in the DR about his teeth. Dennis is the new guy in there. NT

Jul 27 2003 18:54, Sun Bert   Link
Approx 5:30BBT, All feeds outside - Jee in hammock, Nate & Jack lifting weights, Rob washing laundry ...
Jee - Dude, you don't know how to do laundry, do you?
Rob - No.
Jee - You just want them to smell good, right?
Rob - You think i give a f*ck how I do this?
Jee - Why don't you use the washing board?
Rob - I will. I'm using it. Look how f'ing clean it is now! You think I give a F how I look? How I look for you?
Jee - You're dirty.
Rob - Only bitches do that.
Jee - What? Wash like that?
Rob - Yeah.

Jee to Nate - you gained some of your weight back, huh?
Nate - Yeah about 5 pounds.
Nate lifting weights.
Rob struggling to wash laundry. Lots of breathing, splashing sounds and sniffing.
Jee lying on hammock shuffling cards, watching the guys. Jack was working out, then brought the turtles in. They had apparently been out for a long time, according to Jee who reminded him of that fact.

Rob to Jee - Look, I do it just like a machine washer. Look, I put my arm in there and spin it, spin it around. Off camera lots of splashing is heard.
Jee - You're an idiot.
Rob - no look, it works great (sarcasm). Look!
Jee - you have to wash with the washboard, up and down ... How do you do laundry at home?
Rob - I use a f'in washer just like everybody else.
Jee - My girl hooks me up.
Rob - Huh?
Jee - My girl does my laundry.

Ali comes out and says she doesn't have a cavity. Her bite was adjusted and the dentist lectured her about never flossing her teeth.

Jul 27 2003 18:59, Sun Quench   Link
Justin comes out to the back yard with Jack and Robert
Justin jumps into the pool splashing Jee.

Jee is asleep on the hammock and rolls off the hammock
Jee is trying to get to his sandals. Justin splashes him again.

And Jee is now beaching about how his shorts are wet.

Now Robert is saying we have to bait Jun into coming outside so we can get her.

Jul 27 2003 19:08, Sun Quench   Link
David is talking to Erika in the Sandroom
He is telling her about his conversation with the group in the HOH earlier today about them keeping David and getting Jack out. (He has believed what they said. )

He says that he told them he would put up Nate and Ali if he or Erika won HOH next week. He thinks that she should say something to the girls (dana and Jun) to that effect and he would talk to the homos (jee, justin, and robert) later.

Then he plays with the camera in the corner of the room and heads outside

Jul 27 2003 19:10, Sun Quench   Link
Jack and Nathan talking about other news channels and no FOTH
MSNBC-Pat Buchanen and his cohosts
Fox News -OReilly.
CNN and
ABC- Tom Brokaw.

Jul 27 2003 19:25, Sun Quench   Link
Jee's girl is so cool. He can go to his bud's with her and she will sit and
read a magazine while he is playing computer/PS games and she won't say anything.

That's good isn't it.

Robert says it won't last.

Jee says no we have been together for 2 years. Not like that other one. He makes hipitch complaining noises.

Justin: I have never known a girl to eat sunflower seeds. That's cool
Dana:"I will be the coolest girl you will ever know"

Jul 27 2003 19:28, Sun capybara   Link
Jee, Just, Dana talkin joining the FBI & if you'd have to give up drugs & smoking joints.... BB turned off the audio on feeds NT

Jul 27 2003 19:30, Sun capybara   Link
audio wasn't off long, came back & the 3 are talking movies etc NT

Jul 27 2003 19:37, Sun Quench   Link
Erika is in the kitchen prepping food. Jun is now up. NT

Jul 27 2003 19:40, Sun Quench   Link
Jee just called Jun a Hamster with a little pouch. NT

Jul 27 2003 19:52, Sun max1204   Link
Dave and Erica playing cards, whispering
It was hard to hear what Dave said (it was almost inaudible), but they were talking about how to save Dave's a$$, and Dave said they have to be careful that the stooges don't do the opposite of what they want. Maybe they are thinking about using reverse psychology?

Others come in and they stop whispering strategy.

Jul 27 2003 20:13, Sun calgal   Link
jun and dana are out back using weights.. NT

Jul 27 2003 20:20, Sun max1204   Link
Sounds like the Dark side is voting out Dave
As they're lifting, one of the stooges asks Dana what they should do about Dave. Dana said they should tell him the day of (Wednesday). Before that, they'll say they haven't made up their minds.

Jul 27 2003 20:43, Sun Kelly   Link
*BIG BROTHER 4 SHOCKER* Jun is doing stomach crunchies NT

Jul 27 2003 20:46, Sun calgal   Link
boys out back talking about how it will be nice to meet new girls when they are out of the house NT

Jul 27 2003 20:49, Sun Mack_E_Avelli   Link
Robert Jee and Justing in BY are (prematurely) deciding on the end-game
Robert saying that the three of them need to stick together till the end, they need to make sure they don't f**k anyone when they 'send them out' because they need to make sure those voted out will vote for one of them in the end. By way of example, Rob says they shouldn't have the 'f**k-you' attitude that Dana has. (Ed. -- seems to me that the three of them don't have much loyalty to Dana except as a tool to get the three of them to the end).

Still talking, Justin brings up his reservations about voting David out because that is "what Nate wants" and he thinks they should do whatever it takes to make Nate's life difficult. More Nate-bashing.

Jul 27 2003 20:50, Sun max1204   Link
Justin and Ratbert talk about Dave and Nate
Justin says he'd prefer Dave stay so that Nathan wouldn't get what he wants (apparently unaware of what the other side is plotting).

J: It's going to be very easy on him (Nathan) when Dave's out; he's going to be able to run that whole side.
R: But it's better than him AND David running that whole side...I know I know what you mean.

Jee comes outside.

R: Nathan f----- up our whole game...
Justin: He really thinks Ali's going to win HoH next week.

They want to know what was going through his head and whether it was his "manhood" thinking for him.

Jul 27 2003 20:56, Sun calgal   Link
Jun's in the kitchen cooking up something.. .. guys are exercising NT

Jul 27 2003 20:58, Sun calgal   Link
OMG guys are saying dana's anal.. a weirdo....
"that's how it's gonna be when you have sex with her too" She was outside... got something on her hands.. sorry couldn't tell what... and one of the guys said watch her go in and wash her hands now... and that's exactly what she did

Jul 27 2003 21:01, Sun calgal   Link
Robert is sitting in the by picking his nose and the guys talk about a bird who just sh@t on the court.. or is it turtle sh#t they say NT

Jul 27 2003 21:21, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Robert and Jee and Justin are talking about drugs again. Robert likes the white stuff and used to do it every day. The guys talk about how Robert must have an addictive personality.

Justin says he can try anyone once and stop at that if he wants.

The men are discussing that the "white stuff" makes a person @#it. It makes your metabolism speed up and things move.

Jee talks about Nathan and says he acts like a little biatch when he doesn't do well. (gossip!)

Jul 27 2003 21:23, Sun max1204   Link
Ratbert and Justin on kissing Dana
While Robert, Justin and Jee are playing basketball:
Robert asks Justin about kissing Dana. Justin says he hasn't done so yet; he hasn't tried.

Jul 27 2003 21:24, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Discussion about kissing Dana
Jee and Robert and Justin talk about kissing Dana. Justin says he has not kissed her yet. Jee and Robert do not believe him. Robert asks why he would like to them about it?

Jee or Robert, not sure which..says they saw Justin squeeze Dana's pec. Justin says, "yeah I done that.. lol".

Jul 27 2003 21:24, Sun SimplyTwistedStaci   Link
Dana cleaning...
Dana is cleaning the bathroom - she said something about how the HOH is supposed to clean the bathroom, ...Jee apparently didnt and she is, "going to stick her foot up his ass". (one of her fave comments) So we just get to watch her clean the bathroom - basically complaining as she does so. At one point she walks from the kitchen after getting paper towels and points to something on the memory wall and says, "I hate f'ing seeing that." NOt sure exactly what she meant.

Feed switches to Dave, Erika, and Jack playing cards in the living room. Nothing too exciting. Dave being his comical self. Jokingly calls Erika a skank. Kind of boring...going to switch feeds..

Jul 27 2003 21:28, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Jee is being a total jerk to Jun!
She asked him over and over.. "can you get me the ..." "can you get me the..." he would interupt and say..i gotta fix the _________hole? bowl?" she finally got pissed and threw a pan towards him. Jee asks her why she has to be so effing nasty...

Jul 27 2003 21:29, Sun Silas   Link
Dana's a clean freak, Jack Dav & Erika playing cards, Jun is mad at Jee (sloppily transcribed)

Feed 4: Dana walks out of the WC, probably cleaning the toilet.

D: "Don't use the toilet yet. I have stuff on it."

Feed switches to group in the kitchen.

Rob: "The smallest man that's ever lived is 4 inches tall. But I go wow, 4 inches long."

Feed switches back to Dana cleaning the toilet. A flush is heard.

D: "Alright, jack! Just clean the f**king toilet.

Robert walks in.

R: "Why are you in such a bad mood?"
D: "Because the head of household cleans the toilet. Too bad I'm changing the bathroom garbage. What, did we forget about the bathroom garbage, garbage man? huh, garbage man?!" We don't have to change the bathroom garbage any more?
Jun: "Garbage picker..."
Dana: "Erika do we still have a vacuum?"
Erika: "I don't know" Dana: "Alright."

Dana starts spraying that white bowl in the WC, then starts spraying the shower. "I'm not vaccuming s**t. Oh, there's ants on the paper towel. Isn't that attractive? God! That's gross."

Dana: "Oh give me something to clean some of this s**t. I can't stand it. I can't f****n stand seeing that stuff. You guys drive me nuts. Nuts!"

Dana continues cleaning the bathroom counter around the white bowl.

Dana: "Are those all your brushes? Oh it's yours? I like that blush brush."
Jun: "Yeah, it's mine."

Dana wipes the bathroom counter clean, then wipes the white bowl, puts the cleaning spray away in the water closet, then."

Dana turns on the shower briefly and scrubs the shower floor again. D: "uhhh, god...". somebody says, "Are you cleaning the toilet?" Then Dana says, "Big J, do the sink. Big J.."

Feed switches to Jack. "What a revolting development." He says. He continues quietly playing cards with Erika and Jack.

David: "Are you heating those ribs up? They were good."
Erika: "you don't like them?"
David: "I don't eat very much of them. YOu know that saying? Do you know what I mean? Do you *know* what I mean?"
Erika: "My hair is getting *really* black."
David: "Is taht your natural color?" Erika nods, then Jack says, "That's a nice color."

Jack: "Another revolting development."
David: "Dam* skippy. Yeah yeah!! Erika's like, squawk what could I do? It's one big earraise."
Erika: "At least it's not one big EYE!"
David: "Skank. Well at least I don't have black toes. like these. When you buy white stuff." David suddenly says, "No way! Get out of town. I'm not scared, you know?"

Erika: " you can't play it. You can't play it! "
David: "I grew up barefoot."
Dana: "At home I walk around barefoot. That's why they're hard as a rock."
David: "I just walk across the beach in my bare feet carrying my surfboard. I'm game, you're up, black hair."
Jack: "and you don't have to wear them here either." Dana: "Yeah it's just a little weird."

Erika: "These are 15 each, right? 30, 45."
Jack: "I have zero."

Feed switches to bathroom. Jee and Dana talk.

Dana asks if that is Jee's Head & Shoulders.
Jee: "I'm going to fix the hose. Some tape and a rubber band about it, I wanna see if it works."
Dana: "That's hysterical."
Jee: "I gotta work out and s**t". Dana: "Yeah, me too." Jee: "Some internet feed wants to catch it."
Dana: (in shower), why is this camera on me? It's p**sing me off.
Jee: They like you. They want to catch your poodle.

Jee walks into the kitchen, looking at food.
Jun: "Can you get this other bill thing?" Jee interrupts, and says, "I gotta fix the hose. I gotta fix the hose!" Jee: "Breathe! What the fudge .. why do you gotta be like that?"

Jun is really angry at Jee for interrupting her.

Jee: "Where's the protein cup?" but Jun ignores him and leaves.

Jee: "Are you p***ed?" Jun: "No."

Jul 27 2003 21:32, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Dana takes a shower, shaves.. and Jun is talking to her. NT

Jul 27 2003 21:35, Sun max1204   Link
Ali's constipated
She tells Dana, who's in the shower, that prunes aren't working, and she asked Dana if there were any Gatorades left. Dana said she doesn't know (or didn't think so), but that she might be freezing some but tells Ali she can check her refrigerator and get them if there are any in the fridge. (Ali and Dana making nice?!)

Jul 27 2003 21:48, Sun ktan   Link
There is apparently something wrong with the BY hose and Jee is trying to repair it. NT

Jul 27 2003 22:04, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
David is walking around the house babbling.. "mmonkey mother lovers... monkey mother monkey lovers... spam..spaaaaam.. spam spaaam." NT

Jul 27 2003 22:06, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
David walks into the HOH rooms, blasts the music and then flips off the camera..twice.. NT

Jul 27 2003 22:31, Sun mommamia   Link
HG's eating, playing nice nice to each other..Nothing exciting NT

Jul 27 2003 22:33, Sun Nerghan   Link
Jee and his hose...Ali works out...Jack assists Jee...Kitchen banter...then dinner commences
Ali just got done lifting and puts the bar away....Jee is fiddling with the water hose very quite in BY.
Jee: Damn...(irritated with progress of hose repair)
A plane is heard overhead and a dog can be heard barking in the distance.

Jee: It's better than before
Ja: put water in the hottub
Jee: oh you can def do that...oh yeah
Ja: well not if your...
Jee: no yah we can do that
Ja: how much water do you think we need?
everyone: ha, hey hey hey whoa
(anyhow they are pondering how much they need to fill hot tub with the gimpy hose...funny)
Ja:bout time to eat
Jee: yeah ready to eat....I thought I had it (hose) it just cant' handle all the water pressure.
Ja: yep too much pressure...I think we are o.k. we'll turn it off.
Jack goes to turn the waterhose off...and rolls the house up and puts it on the rack and then Jee tells him to leave it after Jack telling Jee good time....Robert came out to check on progress during this and so did Justin
Ali now in the grass on a towel doing stomach crunches with her arms behind her shorts and a two tank top variation gray/black on.

Off to the kitchen:
Dinner preparation...Jack talking about when he used to recruit...blah blah..he appears to have semi-undivided attention. Dave and Erika tinkering in the kitchen...Jun and Nathan in kitchen as well, also Robert. Jack and Justin are just holding down the kitchen bar and BS-ing while the chefs keep it up.

Ali outside seemingly alone and then goes into the kitchen with the other Houseguests.

"IF you can't dazzle them with knowledge, baffle them with bull$h!t!"

Jul 27 2003 22:52, Sun Anonymous   Link
Dinner is over, Nate/Robert/Justin doing the dishes NT

Jul 27 2003 22:54, Sun lj32 ParentRootLink
Dave also on dish duty NT

Jul 27 2003 22:59, Sun lj32   Link
Shocking twist, Jun is the last at the table still eating!
Minutes ago, Ali said 3 days of BK is enough, and Jun agreed she can't eat any more. Don't know if she meant BK, or referring to the dish in front of her before moving to the next.

Jul 27 2003 23:06, Sun lj32   Link
Jack announcing he had Robert's coke today. Pretty sure he meant the drink. NT

Jul 27 2003 23:23, Sun lj32   Link
Around the rooms
Dana goes to HOH room; Dave follows her and asks to listen to music. Justin comes in, then he and Dana leave.

Living room
Jack and Justin wish there was a chess board inside.
Jee states that he doesn't see the big deal about letting them go to a club for a night (I swear, he understands the game so well)
Nate and Justin talk about local bars they visited during finals. Nate went to a Maxim party

Allison taking a shower. Comes out, Erica talks to her.
Allison: "are you allowed to talk to me now"
Erica: "Don't care. She (Dana) is more pissed off at Nathan anyway"
Erica says she doesn't want Ali or Dave to go, but Dave was her bunkmate
Ali suggests she moves rooms
Discuss possibilities if Jack leaves and if Dave leaves in terms of rooming situation

Jee and Robert at the hot tub

All 4 cams FOTH

Robert talk about being friends for life with the stooges. Jee agrees as always

Erica joins them in the hot tub (but Erica, Ratbert is here!)

Dana/Justin/Jack/Nate/June in living room
Justin has his head in Dana's lap. Girls talking about guys taking cold showers in the morning. Jun states Dave has the most (horniness? cold showers? both?

Jul 27 2003 23:40, Sun Lawyerman   Link
Erika, in the hot tub with Jee and Rob with Ali watching, announces that the show ends on September 25th, then FOTH. NT

Jul 27 2003 23:45, Sun max1204   Link
Jun is stroking Dave's butt
She says "I'm playing piano on your ass Dave." The two of them are in the HoH room (Ali's in there too) with Dave listening to music.
Jun says she gets lonely...and horny.
J: Damn Sunday night. The late-night booty call before work.

Jul 28 2003 00:12, Mon max1204   Link
Jack and Dave talk strategy
Dave says there's no reason to choose one over another (Dave over Jack or vice versa). Jack says that's what happens when you don't win.

Now they're going outside.

Jul 28 2003 00:20, Mon max1204   Link
Dave and Jack talk strategy part 2
D: "Dana's doing it because she thinks Nate wants (me) out. ... They want to do us justice by him. There you go -- more emotion. That's why I would have rather gotten rid of Ali" because Nate would have his head in the game instead of his groin. Erica wanted Nate up next "in the heat of the moment."
D: "I know where to separate it...Most people don't know where to separate" emotion from the game.

Jack says to stick with Erica and watch each other's backs. Dave agrees.
J: That may not hold true for more than a few weeks.
D: It may be beneficial this week if Ali or Nate win HoH...It would make me kind of the middleman.
J: The only thing that will play around with that is the veto.

D: That's the really good thing about Jun. If it looks like Nate and Ali are going, because these people want...Nate and Ali going in the next two weeks. Let's say that goes to play. Who they're wanting to play against, we can'd probably be me or Erica.

Dave says the stooges are stringing Jun and Dana along for the ride and will cut them loose when they have no more use for them.

Dave says he almost told Dana that she was making these decisions based on the notion that (the stooges) are on her side. They talk about whether they are trusted by the stooges and Jun and Dana.

J: I know Justin doesn't trust me.
D: Me neither.

still talking...

Jul 28 2003 00:21, Mon wrat1010   Link
Jack: "nate's play is characterized by a lot of fear and a belief of being ambushed" NT

Jul 28 2003 00:27, Mon Jokerette   Link
David and Jack shooting the bull >
David says nate is not as paranoid as Dana. He's talking to Jack. They think if they'd won contests, they'd not be where they are. David doesn't get pawns. Says Allison and Nate should have been up.

Dav says they saw everyone as smart as them, gave them too much credit. They're laughing, thinking the Exes don't get the alliance of 8.

Jack knew Justin from the finals. Dav says this is a shitty deal. Could drive someone insance.. jack says it DID throw scott insane. Dav says he could have stopped him. Thought it was funny.

Jack says Scott told him he should have left the 2nd night. He seemed unstable. Dav says everyone wanted him gone, so he got emotional. And all the others cheering and clapping when he left. Jack says emotional level in there is junior high. Neither can believe it's only 3 weeks. Dav says it goes fast, but it's early yet.

They chatter about Michelle and how she nearly beat Jack at ping pong, then go silent.

Dav thinks next HoH, no matter which, their stratefy should be similar. Tells Jack he can't go flirt with Dana. Jack says I can't go be you guys. You'd see right through it. Dav is surprised Dana doesn't see it. Dav says whenever Dana goes by or hugs him, he makes a face at the camera.

Jul 28 2003 00:27, Mon max1204   Link
Dave and Jack part 3
Jack blames himself because of not winning the competitions.
J: "Nate's play here is characterized by" fear.
D: He's not as visibly paranoid as Dana, but his mindset is very similar.

They should have nominated Nate and Alison, Jack says, if they (Dark side) wanted them two out instead of using a pawn. J and D both agree that using pawns is stupid and doesn't work.

Dave says they gave the exes too much credit when they came in (i.e., they are stupider than the Elite 8 thought).

Now they're talking about the episode with Scott. Dave said he was "right there" and could have stopped him, but at first he thought it was funny.

Jack says Scott should have left the second night when he said he wanted too.

D: Who are these people?
J: The emotional level in this place is junior high....It's been a hell of a three weeks though.
D: ...It's still so early in the game. There seems like so many less people in here since the beginning.

Now they're talking about Michelle. It seems, from what they are saying, that they miss her (as in her company).
D: I think the next HoH, whether it's you or's strategy...The only thing different (between D and J) is our personalities -- the way we approach things.
J: I can't go and be you guys. It'd be condescending. Everybody would see right through it.
D: I can't believe Dana doesn't see through it now.

Dave says he hopes some of his reactions to Dana make the TV shows.

still talking...

Jul 28 2003 00:33, Mon max1204   Link
Dave and Jack continue game talk after FOTH
Back after FOTH

When it comes to this he (don't know who he refers to) doesn't see, he takes everything for face value.
I've been surprised who they've gone after, Jack(?) says.

Dave says he was sure that he would have been nominated the other day, and Nate was surprised too. Dave said he said in the DR that he was sure Nate would use the veto. Jack says Dave had a better read on the situation than Jack did.

Now they're talking about who each group would put up if he each gets HoH. Sounds like Dave's plan is to allow everyone else to self-destruct and he just goes along for the ride.

D: Everytime Jun touches me I want to slap her and tell her to get the f--- off."

Now they're talking about sequestering.

Jul 28 2003 00:37, Mon max1204   Link
Sex talk on F3
Nate won't tell how many girls he's had sex with. (I missed the beginning of this conversation.)

Jun gets called into DR and says she having a "horrible period."

Ali calls Nate a pansy.

Now Dana, Justin, Nate and Ali are left on the couch. Justin and Dana are playing cards. Nate has Ali between his legs, gripping her.

Jul 28 2003 00:53, Mon thor   Link
Dana and Justin tell Jack they are leaning towards Dave being gone. NT