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Jul 28 2003 01:13, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jack not fitting in shot
Cam 3 did a very deliberate pull back -- twice -- from Jack in isolation to the younger guys at the hot tub. Don't be surprised if there's a "Jack not fitting in with the younger guys" type of storyline in a future episode. (Ironically, after this, Jack got up and walked over there.)

(Ed: it's sometimes obvious what the camera guys are going for. My fav was an artistic pan from Michelle sunbathing to one of the giant pawn chess pieces.)

Jul 28 2003 01:34, Mon max1204   Link
Dana and Justin massage
Dana was lying on her stomach, and Justin, with the covers up to her neck was sitting on her butt or lower back and giving her a massage in the blue room. I had the volume down and didn't listen to what they were saying (didn't care really), but I did hear Dana tell Justin that Jee cracks her up. (Ed. note: disgusting!)

Jul 28 2003 01:36, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jack: "It's a poontang thing"
In talking about a conversation he had with Dana earlier, Jack told Erika that Dana said she was unhappy about having to put Dave up. "Which is a poon-tang thing. Because Dana has the hots for Dave."

(Ed: I'm posting this because I think it's cool a guy Jack's age throws around terms like poontang.)

Jul 28 2003 01:36, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jack said "It's a poontang thing" regarding why Dana doesn't want to get rid of Dave NT

Jul 28 2003 01:47, Mon max1204   Link
Jack Erica and Dave talk strategy
Jack tells Erica and David that they should make a deal with the other side; if anyone on that side gets the HoH, they'll put up Nate and Ali and there's nothing they can do. If Ali or Nate get HoH, they're back in the game. They're talking about why the Dark side would believe them -- Dave is said to be pissed at Nate, etc.

They talk about whether Dave or Jack will be told before the vote who will be voted off. Apparently the answer is no; they have not been told yet. They say they're going to wheel and deal a little more -- saying they're pissed at Nate.

Erica: They can all kiss my ass.
Jack says they have to convince the other (dark) side that they are pissed at Nate.

Now they're talking about Jun, saying they know what's going on (Dave now believes Ali -- that Jun and Jee have a secret alliance).

Jack says they may want some type of test of loyalty, but there's really no test that can be had.
E: They're such morons I swear.
J: They're morons, but we've got to win the contest.
E: ...Why would they even come to us for a deal. They have their side, we'll have our side. Go away.
J: They think stepped on his d-ck today, and they see a chance to go for him.

It sounds like they definitely want Dana gone. She is their prime target (the conversation keeps going back to her, although they are categorizing the three stooges as morons repeatedly).

D (laughing): They're so stupid.
E: I have to admit, that if either of you guys were up, I would (use it) on one of you...I would have totally done it.
J: I don't really blame Nathan.
E: I don't either. I don't like it because it doesn't work to my advantage.


Jul 28 2003 01:52, Mon max1204   Link
Dave and Erica talk strategy
Jack went to brush his teeth.

E: I tried to play with Dana's emotions this morning...I know she has the hots for you (Dave)...she has no power, Justin's calling the shots.

D: I wonder what they're going to do, because I have a better chance of winning competitions.
E: I don't know.

Erica says she doesn't know why she hasn't been approached about a deal; she says she thinks she was about to talk about it with someone (Dana maybe?), but Jun interrupted...

E: F-ck that bitch (Jun).
D: Everytime I want to smack her...I need to talk more sh-t about her in the diary room.
E: If you do stay, we'll be sitting pretty for another week, because no one will be after us.

Jack returns. Now they're talking about the way Jack sleeps.

Jul 28 2003 01:57, Mon max1204   Link
Erica mad at Jun
Erica says Jun's on her "sh-tlist now." Then FOTH

Jul 28 2003 02:03, Mon max1204   Link
Feeds back - Jack Erica and Dave talk strategy cont'd
J: Take two people out, and we've got Happyland here. (Two people being Dana and Justin, I think)
D: Let's get them to fight each other.
Dave says Ali pissed Dana off last night while playing towel-ball. They all decide that was funny.

Jack says they need to set their strategy as if both he and Dave are here so that their strategy won't be compromised when one leaves.

Dave says he almost wants to throw the HoH competition, and Jack agrees somewhat, saying that their goal all along was to cover each other's backs (the three of them). Jack adds that he doesn't really want to throw it though; he'd rather them or an ally get it and put up Dana and Justin. He says that'll piss off the other side, but apparently that's okay and that'll work to their advantage in the end.

Now they're going back over the past competition, trying to remember the times in case it's part of the HoH competition.

Jul 28 2003 02:16, Mon max1204   Link
Robert hints Dave's leaving
Jee says he thinks Dana wants to jump on Dave and screw him. Robert replies that maybe she'll do it before he leaves.

Jul 28 2003 02:23, Mon kira   Link
Jee, about Dave: "We can't be blinded by his cool charismatic ways...and his entertainment factor. We gotta block it out" NT

Jul 28 2003 02:30, Mon kira   Link
Jee: "Dana grows on you man...she grows on people." NT

Jul 28 2003 02:48, Mon max1204   Link
After eating ice cream, Nate and Ali going over competitions NT

Jul 28 2003 02:49, Mon kira   Link
"He's such a selfish guy, in every way." - Robert, about Nate NT

Jul 28 2003 02:57, Mon max1204   Link
The bad guys are plotting and bitching
The Dark Side (Dana, Justin, Robert, Jee) is slamming Ali. They say the next time one of them gets HoH, they will put up Ali and Nate, and Nate goes first because "Ali is nothing without him."

Dana says he just doesn't want Nate in there; she's really mad at him. Robert says Nate is really selfish.

Dana and Robert say they gave Nate too much of the benefit of the doubt. They all still can't believe Nate used the veto. Dana says Jack and Erica and Dave are all pissed at him; she says she told Jack the only reason Nate used the veto was because he wanted the Family (Erica, Dave, Jack) to need him. (Ed. note: Again, the idiots are way off on what is going on, and ironically, they say they always think they "have (their) bases covered," but the worst-case scenario happens, one of them says.)

Dana says she wishes she had put up Nate. "I wish I could turn back time," Dana says.

Robert and Dana say they slammed Nate's veto speech in the DR. "What a tool," several of them say. Dana told the DR people "mark my words," when Justin wins HoH "Ali will be up his (Justin's) ass," and when Nate gets put up, Ali will vote against Nate.

Their language and insults are getting heavier. They really, really, really...hate Nate and Ali.

Apparently there is some "little deal" that will be extended to Jack and Erica -- apparently they must vote to get Nate out in exchange for being safe next week. They say that plan sounds good.

still talking...

Jul 28 2003 03:01, Mon max1204   Link
Plotting continues (and they show their stupidity)
Dana: We overestimate (Jack) in many ways, but we don't sleep over him either.
Robert says they almost changed their minds (about what, I don't know).

Jee says they want to put the fear in them (the other alliance); this is in response to them not telling Jack he will stay.

Justin: None of them can f----in look me in the eye anymore...I told him, Jack calm down. You're f----in shaking like a leaf.

Robert, Jee and Dana all agree that they at least get one of the stronger players out this week (Dave).

Dana says they only have to worry about Ali and Nate during HoH. "I'm going to give them looks of death," she says. She says she'll go crazy when one of her little teammates wins HoH. (Ed. note: Again, Dana and others unaware that Erica and Jack are lying about being mad at Nate.)


Jul 28 2003 03:06, Mon max1204   Link
"Great TV" when is Nate nominated
Justin is quiet while the other four are talking about what it will be like when Nate's key is not there. "That's great TV," Jee says.

It makes Robert sick when Nate and Ali are talking in the back room. They make fun of their Bible studies, and Dana says they'll go to hell for their "sacreligion."

Jee calls her a "fu--in slut."

Justin got grilled in the diary room this morning about the episode last night when she poured hot wax on him. He doesn't mention he did the same to her.

Dana says seeing Justin and Ali in the hot tub didn't make her jealous, it just turned her off.

Justin omits a lot of what happened in the hot tub, saying the hot wax and her being all over him was "about all" that happened.

(Ed note: Switching feeds...can't take anymore of this...)

Jul 28 2003 03:07, Mon max1204   Link
Ali and Nate still going over past events in prep for HoH NT

Jul 28 2003 03:23, Mon tooty   Link
ali just told nate that dana is a psychophenic psyco whore NT

Jul 28 2003 03:40, Mon max1204   Link
Jun is already asleep in HoH room
She was not involved in the conversations between Justin, Jee, Dana and Robert. Nor was her name mentioned either (at least to my recollection).

Jul 28 2003 04:07, Mon max1204   Link
Jun and Dana talking after Dana goes into HoH room
Jun says they should leave an "element of surprise," that is, that they are going to vote out Dave. She says this because the stooges believe they didn't win HoH last week because they were so surprised about Michelle being evicted (which spoiled their plans). Jun is suspicious about Jack's motives (she doesn't elaborate on what she's talking about), but either she or Dana says they don't owe "them" (meaning the original alliance) anything.

Jun adds: Nathan's an idiot.
Dana apparently said something really mean about nate in the DR because she says he wouldn't want to be friends with her after hearing what she says about him in the DR.

Jul 28 2003 09:20, Mon txbluefirefly4   Link
Joker's finally up again. All are still asleep. NT

Jul 28 2003 09:23, Mon ilsa   Link
Jack used WC, washed hands, back to bed NT

Jul 28 2003 10:42, Mon calgal   Link
9 41 am big brother time Jack is up using the bathroom and goes back to bed.. NT

Jul 28 2003 11:16, Mon nojobny   Link
1:16pm East Coast - 10:16 BB time - jack up to WC -back to bed. Still sleeps like a corpse. NT

Jul 28 2003 12:04, Mon nojobny   Link
Junzilla is awake. Used the WC - changed her batteries - wandering around the house like she's lost.
Now Jack is up as well.

Jun washing face. Jack in the loo. Jun brushing her teeth.

Riveting... time to post.

Jul 28 2003 12:06, Mon nojobny   Link
Ali is up. Heading to the WC. I didn't hear the wakeup call, but all the lights are on in the BRs. F3-blue room F4 -Orange room NT

Jul 28 2003 12:08, Mon nojobny   Link
BB: HG, the lock down is over. You are free to move about the house. 2:07pm Eastern 11:07am BB Time NT

Jul 28 2003 12:17, Mon Lola   Link
Ali wants to go out and get some sun... Jun & Ali talk about the weather being cloudy NT

Jul 28 2003 12:24, Mon Lola   Link
Eric is walking around half-whispering half-chanting "Mantrol, Mantrol, da,da,da, Mantroll" NT

Jul 28 2003 12:29, Mon Anonymous   Link
Erika just walked past Dana in the Kitchen...
and went into the turtle room, singing/whispering/chanting "Man troll, man troll, must kill the man troll!" (She did this about 10x)

Jul 28 2003 12:40, Mon nojobny   Link
Justin just held the door on the storage room closed so Jee couldn't get out. LOL F1 showed
Jee pushing & F2 showed Justin pushing from the other side

Jul 28 2003 13:06, Mon RavenLaRue   Link
Ali and Ratbastid talking
A says she'd have to win HOH or worry that Dana would make others put her up. R says not to worry cuz she's safe this week.
R~says he has no idea who he'd put up if he was HOH
A wants to know if D has told R why Dana hates her so much. R says Dan has not said and denies that Dana has it out for Ali or will make others put Ali up.
Ali asks who R is going to vote out this week. He says he hasn't thought of it.
Alis says she will probably vote off whoever Dana tells her to vote off to give the HOH respect.
Ali wants to know if they've made any deals with Rat, he says he hasn't made any deals bec he wouldn't trust anyone except Jst.
Ali tells R that she has promised Justing never to put up Js, R, or Je. R is sure Js will stick to that deal, as he has so far.
They discuss protein shakes.
They wonder where they'll be sequestered -Alcapulco, they wonder? Will it be a house or a cottage or a bunch of hotel rooms. They decide a 12 br house in Alcapulco is just right. R leaves and goes in house.

Jul 28 2003 13:07, Mon bidz_yo   Link
Dana to Jun: "I hire people like you to do my dishes"
Jun (in mock Korean accent): "Okay okay I wash dish now"

(They were kiddin' around)

Jul 28 2003 13:13, Mon RavenLaRue   Link
Jack, Justin, Jee and Nate talking football
Nat says one of his coaches was really prejudice. Jack says that's just really stupid.
now they go to the kitchen for food. Ali and Dana at table. Dana won't make eye contact with Ali. They're eating like breakfast sandwiches with kielbasa and sausage on them.
Nate is wearing his Oklahoma sweatshirt.
Jack is in cream slacks, no shirt
Cut to Sandbox briefly--Dav and Eric in br-Dav just out of shower and Erik in bathing suit
Dv screams at Jun who pops in to "get your pmsing rag ***** off of my *****" in humor.
Back to kitchen~Ratbastud shirtless at the table, finishing his sammich.
Ali is in camo bathingsuit top. trying to be friendly

Jul 28 2003 13:14, Mon antonio2025bk   Link
"Expect the unexpected" messages pops up on plasma screen NT

Jul 28 2003 13:29, Mon RavenLaRue   Link
Dana-i'm gonna eat so much I'm gonna be known as the fat girl by the pool
Ali-It'll take a lot more than a biscuit to get you fat.
Jst~the fat girl by the pool in the the one piece suit with the tutu skirt on it.
Ali is getting a second sammich, splitting it with Erika.
Nate is washing dishes with ja, it looks like.
Jun says at least we have food this week.
Jun is now washing a pan, Nate and Jack having abandoned the kitchen sink job.
Everyone thanks Jun.
Dan, Js, Jee, and Rat in the living room~ Jst and Jee playing with cards-
Robert and Dana are in the HOH
R-you're right you have to get ali out
ali says she's gonna get dana out and asked why dana hated her. Rat basically relays his convo with Ali. Ali asked Ratbert whether everyone hated Nathan and that R told Ali no, no one does.
Dan is saying I'm not gonna try to make up with her. I don't play that *****.
Dan is saying how she should have put A and N up together and how it's her fault she' in this mess.
Rat is saying Ali is just like a highschool kid --that's how she thinks.
Rat is trying to tell Dana things but dana can't shut up about the veto and why is ali still here since Ali said she's so ready to go home.
Ratb says that Ali asked how he feels about Dana and he responded to Ali that she saved my funking butt how do you think I feel.
Rat has said that Nathan is "so gay" about 4 times. Dana claims that N is afraid of her.
Rat is these ***** will f*ck of the game just to go to the end (whut? you mean they'll try to win, too? OHhhhhhh.)
They're saying that erica is a stupid beesitch.
They are children and they should leave (the others)
They are happy they are getting rid of a strong player this week tho.
Dana is ranting that Ali makes me f'in sick. that girl cannot win HOH this week.
if we win, N and A are going up. I feel like we'll win HOH, I know we will.
Rat says that he told Ali he doesn't trust anyone in the house.
Dn~ how stupid is she. I'm a better player than she'll EVAH be.
Rat says ali wanted to know which of the two-ja or david to vote off.
Dana says we're not telling them . We don't have to tell them. No one tells them who we're voting off.
They leave HOH and go back to where The stooges are on the LR

Jul 28 2003 13:38, Mon RavenLaRue   Link
Dana~ I'm going to end up hitting her. (Ali)
the group is now agreeing that they will NOT reveal who they're voting out.
They think that the evictee deserves a little taste of what they got.
Dav is now in the kitchen
They are trying to watch so david can do something "get" nate.
Dana is saying that Ali will rat david out to Nate so it won't work.
Jst just called Nate a F'in faggot.
they were mocking how Nate would complain about his hair getting wet (using a womanly voice)
They are predicting that Ali will absolutely nom Dana. Dana can't stop ranting about ali. (yawn).
Jun is telling Dana to not make it worse.
Dana ~that girl f'in makes me sick. She's that girl in hs who I always hated. The one who like rode the moped thing.
Jac wanders into LR area.
Dav gets Nate good --with water. the stooge crew is cheering.
Dana calls Nate a fag. They say ali didn't even laugh once, what a little b!tch.
Jack stays put so the group doesn't talk game.
constant yammering from Dana about Ali.

Jul 28 2003 13:40, Mon Lola   Link
Dana Robert and Je Jun & Jusin living room
Je is watching secretivly at window watching what the others are doing in backyard. Meanwhile they are trying to figure out strategy. They especially are trying to figure out what Ali would do if she got HOH next week. Dana remarks "She's that girl in High School that I ***** hated driving her little mo-ped"

Dave does a running cannon-ball into the pool and everyone inside cheers as Ali gets wet. They're calling Ali a *itch and they think she's mad. Dana mocking wines like she's imitating Ali "but I don't have a towel"

They're all talking at once about Ali, she comes in so they start talking about playing cards

Jul 28 2003 13:43, Mon bidz_yo ParentRootLink
It was Nate he splashed and Nate they were subsequently mocking NT

Jul 28 2003 13:46, Mon nojobny   Link
Jus, Dana, Rob, Jee, Jun & David in the LR plotting an sneak attack
They're all talking about the game (the usual, no revelations) and David looks outside and sees that Nate is on the hammock.

Everyone starts cheering on Dav to jump into the pool to splash Nate

Dana: You gotta time it just right. Ali's going to warn him
Dn: He' gonna cry, I didnt wanna get wet
(unknown) I didn't wanna get my hair wet today
Dn: he's such a pansy

Dave heads outside, but Nate wakes up. So Dav bides his time and eventually splashes nate to the cheers of the LR crowd

Dn: Look at Ali, she's all pi**ed off. She didn't even laugh.

Jul 28 2003 13:47, Mon RavenLaRue   Link
the frightful five
sit in the lr area doing basically nothing.
Jee is doing card tricks while the others watch.
Dan says she missed the trick. Je hands the cards to Js and says here, you do it for your girl. they protest and want Jee to do it because he does it well.
Dana gets up and walks over to the kitchen area.
Jun is doing her nails and Jee is trying to show her a card trick. She's disinterested and ignores what he does but picks a card and then ignores him more.
Dan cousin is an accountant who does real estate-she used to work at KPandG (?)
Dan says she should be making a million dollars a year after five years of school jn tells her to go back to school and make more money.
Dan says she's happy with her job now even though she used to make 3x the money she makes now.
Jun majored in Sociology but now her major is English.
They are saying that Jee can havce his own show on the Korean chanel.
Switch to sand box- e and ja
can't hear them. something about robert talking to Erica and Dana trying to talk to erica.
back out to the LR.
Jack says he's getting stir craxy.
Now, the f'd 5 are talking about Eddie Murphy Raw--mostly Dana.
Ratbert saying that Pryor set the standard for that kind of comedy. they all got it from him.
Jst is singing Robin WIlliams praises.

Jul 28 2003 13:48, Mon Lola   Link
Jun and Er talk about their careers
Dana says she used to make 3 times what she's making now but she loves what shes doing.
Jun says she can't give up the money she's making and doesn't understand how Dana did it.
Dana says "You don't know how hard it is"
Jun says "But now you're happy???"
Dana "Yeah, but I'm pourwa" pronouning it like she was uneducated

Jul 28 2003 14:03, Mon Lola   Link
Dan & Je discuss nationalities
Je says that he thinks asian people are good with their hands because they use chop sticks
Dana says that she's good with chop sticks and he questions how good she is. He says he uses the meatal ones and she says she does also. That she has her own pair at home. Hre mother made her learn when she was a kid.
Je says her mother must have date an asian man at some time.
Dana says no but that in her family they used to make jokes about dating a black man. One day her grandmother says "I always wanted to date an asian man" They all laugh that that was funny.
Dana says her grandmother was beautiful.
One of the guys (not sure who) comments about their grandmother being beautiful and then they make fun that he must be having a fantasy about his grandmother and that it was sick.

Jul 28 2003 14:18, Mon Lola   Link
Je goes to the bathroom to shave his toes with an electric razor NT

Jul 28 2003 14:27, Mon Lola   Link
Er & Dave talking strategy
Dave is hinting about how Er feels about the game
Sounds like Er is going more on the side of Dave cause he's a stronger player.
Er says she really likes Ja and she never thought this would happen this soon in the game but Dave it the stronger player

Jul 28 2003 14:34, Mon Bert   Link
In the BY, Jack, Er, Nat & Ali studying & strategizing ...
I'm posting this a little late, because I transcribed much of it. Can't type fast enough. :-D

Just a random thing I remembered, Jack has published articles in 5 different magazines. I don't which ones. I think he said he did his undergrad at American University.

A - Who has been star athletes in HS? Justin, You (to Nate) Did Robert do anything in high school (to Erika). No? Jun didn't. Jack, did you?
J - - Yeah.
N - You (to Ali)
A - David. Did he do anything?
N - No.
A - How long was he in?
E - He joined the army at 17.
(semi-inaudible because of helicopter) still talking about David, how he just got out, Ali asking if a tour is 4 years.

Erika is waving to the helicopter. Later it hovers back around and they think it might be checking them out in the BY. Erika comments that some helicopters have horns and they've honked at them. Ali said the horns sound weird.

Jun apparently came outside, though she was off-camera. Jack says, "Wake up, Jun." Must be yawning.

N - the only one who hasn't lost a chess game is David.
A - He hasn't?
N - He hasn't lost a chess game.
E - He's brilliant.
N - Huh?
E - He's brilliant, you guys. He's a very briliant kid. Huge loss ... if we lose him.
N - I just wish he would stay focused more.
A - David?
N - Yeah. He's smart ...
A - I think he is in his own way (focused). I think (inaudible) underestimated him.
A - How many plants are in the house?
N - 22. Well ... they took 3 cactuses back, so that's 19.
E - they took the 3 cactuses out of our room. I think they were in the way. I'm like, I can't see that camera so I know they can't see me.
A - There's 8 mirrors
N - And remember, there's 1 plant in the DR. If they ask which room has the least amount of plants, it's the DR.
E - Ooooo. (as in good question to pose)
A - What about HOH, doesn't it have just one plant?
N - It doesn't have any.
A - Yes it does
N - Except what you (HOH) put in there.
A - I'm telling you it has a plant.
N - No.
A - Maybe Dana put it in there because there's a plant in there.
N - There was never a plant in there when I was in there. The only thing they'll put in there is what you order, like the roses.

N & A talking just to each other at the pool.

A - We have to be careful what we say. Last night Jack came into ... (deafening helicopter noise).
Much background noise at Nate tells Ali he thinks that Jun has some kind of deal with Justin.

N - Just like Justin has a deal with everybody in the house. She has yet to say that Justin needs to go. I've tried to bait her. She has yet to say anything about Justin. I've tested her.

Again, too much background noise, but I hear Nate say that Justin was the only one who defended Jun the whole time.

Posting because of FOTH and circling helicopters.

Jul 28 2003 14:43, Mon Bert   Link
Boring afternoon in the BB house ...
Dana doing laundry in BY
Jee by pool where Nate is on the float
Justin in BY also.

David, Erika and Jack inside playing cards.
3 Stooges now sitting next to each other out by the pool.
Nate still in float.
Justin - Nate, play footsies with me.

Jee started splasting Justin, Justin returns the favor. Robert gets the heck outta the way.

Jul 28 2003 14:53, Mon Lola   Link
BB just called Dav Er and Ja to storage room NT

Jul 28 2003 14:54, Mon Lola   Link
Burger King lunch is here NT

Jul 28 2003 14:57, Mon Bert   Link
Justin gets hosed ...
Justin was threatening to throw Dana in the pool. Jee encouraged him.
Dana - No, that would be a bad idea if he wants to get an f'in piece of ass later.
Jun - Oh so you are considering giving him a piece of ass?
Justin grabbing Dana while she's doing laundry.
Dana - Stop it. Stop it! Stop, I don't want to wash my hair today!
Justin is laughing. Jee is standing under the BY shower with his hand on the handle ready to aid Justin when the time comes.
Dana & Just struggling.
Jee - Are you gonna throw her in the pool?
More laughter and struggling.
Jee - Damn, she's like a freakin' ultimate fighter. What ... are you gonna throw her in the pool? What ya gonna do? Why don't you just carry her?
Dana to Justin - why don't you just let go and we'll call it a day?
Just - Let's get wet.
Dana - No.
Just - C'mon, let's get wet.
Justin picks up Dana, legs kicking, brings her under the shower, Jee pulls the thingie and showers Dana and Justin.
D - OHHHHH, MY CLOTHES! (Her laundry bucket got turned over)
D - You f'in dickhead, you are so done! You are so done!
Justin laughing.
D - Giggle. Giggle. I hope you enjoy it.
Dana turns the hose on Justin. Robert again gets the heck outta the way. Justin isn't fazed, just smiles at Dana. He jumps in the pool where Nate is still on the float.

Jul 28 2003 15:02, Mon Bert   Link
Dana in pool, justin by the side of the pool.
Jun gets up to go in the house to get Burger King maybe?
Dana yells across the year to Jun - Don't eat yet! Don't eat if you're not hungry! One of the rules of weight loss

Jul 28 2003 15:06, Mon Bert   Link
Dav, Ali, Jack, Nate eating BK at the kitchen table. Erika joins them. NT

Jul 28 2003 15:14, Mon Bert   Link
Justin tells Jee he's tempted to save David over Jack because of sequestering ... NT

Jul 28 2003 15:52, Mon Bert   Link
Lunch convo outside ...
I'm always late with this stuff, because it's transcribed.

Just, Jee and Rob at the patio table eating BK.

Just to Jee and Rob - Dude, I'd rather have David going after Nate and Jack. What the F is Jack gonna do? I'd rather have Dave go after Nate.
Ro - Yeah, but I'm worried about Dave coming after us.
Dana gets up from her towel sunning to come over the the guys eating.
Jun is around, but when she speaks, she's mouthing words so I have no idea what she said.
Jee - Do you guys want any of this, the chicken tenders?
Dan - Did you have any of it?
Jee - No, but I don't want it.
Dan - You could .. Honestly? You could probably take them out of the box and put them in a bag and heat them up later. Put them in like a sandwich bag and later you could heat them up. (Genius!)
Jee - Sounds like a good idea
Dan - you could probably do that with everything, really.
Rob - What you get Justin, what you eat?
Jus - nuthing' much. A double burger
Dan - wit cheese.
Jus - wit cheese.
Dan - you can eat my chicken sandwich if anybody wants it.
Jee - No way.
Rob - Why are you on a diet, Dana?
Dan - I'm not, I'm just not hungry. I just ate, Dude. I'm full.
Dana goes to lie back down in the sun.

Jul 28 2003 15:56, Mon Kat   Link
Interesting how the stooges are running by keeping Dave to Dana cuz she's HOH, & Jun keeps telling them what to do. NT

Jul 28 2003 15:57, Mon Bert   Link
Dana & Jun raising the level of discourse - not really ...
Dana out in the yard talking very loudly to Jun as Jun walks to get more food, then back to Dana's sunning spot.

Dan - I'm not even hungry. I'm like so full. You had like 4 pieces of _____, Jun.
Jun - Shut up.
Jun walks back to table to get more food, says to guys at table - Ali is thanking everyone for everything they do. Like thanking you and Jack for doing the spa.
Rob - Yeah.
Jun - then like thanking David for taking out the trash. I'm like that's his F'n job, ya as*hole.
Rob - Right.
Jus - Dude, it's so funny that they're campaigning against each other. (not sure if he said they are or aren't)
Rob - Huh?
Jus - Jack and Dave.
Jun - F*CK DAVE.
Jee is trying to get Jun so clean up some spilled food that she dropped.
Jun jiggles and eats her way back over to Dana.
Jun - So like Ali's like Dave's taking out trash ...
Jun doing Ali impression - Dave's taking out the trash (Jun has big smile on her face).
Jun - So that's her new thing now? That's his F'n job!
Dan - Yeah. (Dana's mic is not working well)
Jun (about Ali) - F'n bitch!
Dan - I can't handle any more please. Don't add any more to this.
Jun - But it's fun!
Dan (now very loud) - It's not fun, Dude, because when I F'n blow up, people are gonna cry and sh*t.
Jun - It's fun, it's fun (as if singing a song).

Funnier than heck, the camera/sound peolple panned to Nate who is sitting in the hammock away from everybody, all confident, glaring at Jun and Dana, while Jun and Dana are gossiping.

Jul 28 2003 15:59, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Dave in HOH tap dancing for his life
Dave is in the HOH with Jee, Justin and Robert offering to put up Nate and Ali in order to stay. The 3 say that they have to talk it over with Dana and Jun.

They want Nate and Ali first then Dana and Jun out next, and will take Dave with them to the final four. But they have to convince Dana and Jun first (?)

The deal with Erika: they want Dave to bring her over to their side, for awhile anyway.

Dana comes into HOH. They ask her where Jun is so that they can talk all together.
Dana leaves to get Jun.

Jee wants to know what the deal with Erika. Dave says he'll be the one to put up Jun and Dana.

Jun opens door directly onto Dave. He leaves and they recap. They claim that Erika has control over Jack, but that Dave has control over Erika.

Jun and Dana are skeptical. The three are trying hard to not ruffle the females. Jun: Nothing's changed. Justin: Erika is really mad at Nate, wants him out before Justin, Jee and Robert.

Jun: Dave won't do it. He'll stick to the original plan. Unless something drastic changes we should stick to getting Dave out.

Dana: If we give him the one opportunity to f**k us, he will.

Jee: I'm still with you that he tried to d**k us and he'll still lie.

Dana: he can't handle when girls get all upset

Jun: it's the same s**t over and over again.

Talk about razor burn..

Jun: Once anger passes about Nathan, and it will, he'll be back to getting us all out again.

Jee, Robert, Justin: You're right, you're right (ed note: greek chorus???)


Jul 28 2003 16:00, Mon Lola   Link
Dana Rob Jus Je & Jun in HOH meeting
they're going in circles about who's controling who. Dave has Er, Er has Ja.
Most of them believe they're willing to give up Jack but also remember that they were fooled before.

Jul 28 2003 16:03, Mon joannie   Link
Three Stooges + 2 plotting in the HOH room NT

Jul 28 2003 16:05, Mon joannie   Link
Dana: "Every person who has left the house has been a weak little sh*t" NT

Jul 28 2003 16:05, Mon fishinlady   Link
Dave deals
Dave meets with the three stooges and agrees to be the scapegoat to put up Jun and Dana after Ali and Nate leave. They agree and the whole group meets to discuss and sell the plan to keep Dave to Jun and Dana.

They tell Dana and June that Erica has control of Jack but Dave has control of Erica. Justin says he is convinced that Dave will get Nate and Ali out. Jun doesn't believe him. Robert hasn't made up his mind yet. Dave has said that Erica is really pissed at Nathan. Jun tries to reason that Dave is not needed. Dana says that makes sense. The boys encourage Jun and Dana to hear him out.
Robert talks about Dave wanting to be sequestered. Dana says he should have made more of an effort to get Nate to not use the veto.
Dana is so po'd at Nathan that she does not want to have anymore regrets. Justin is pushing to keep Dave, Robert and Jee are on the fence, Jun wants to get rid of Dave-Dana changes her mind with every other statement.
Dana's only concern is leaving him here with the opportunity to team up with Nate. They think Dave is "trained" to convince people.
Jee now declares that he doesn't think it's a good idea to keep Dave. Justin's gut is telling him to keep Dave here.
Dana agrees to "put him in the hot seat". Dana's concern is that not one strong person has left the house. Every person that's left the house has been weak.

Jul 28 2003 16:05, Mon capybara   Link
HOH meeting, jun & dana asking - is that all Dave had to say.......
the 3 stooges are tap dancing around that question because part of Dave's offer was to help get jun & dana out after ali & nate. Of course the 3 stooges can't tell dana & jun that & jun can feel something is missing. unfortunately jun is thinking it's dave's lack of an offer that's missing instead of realinzing the truth that the stooges aren't telling her & dana the whole story.

Jul 28 2003 16:06, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Five in HOH
Jun: Jack needs us more than we need him.

Jee: I have a gut feeling it's not a good idea to keep Dave.

Justin: My gut is telling me to keep him here.

Jee: He'll say whatever it is necessary.

Justin: Things have changed

Jun: Things haven't changed that much. In their minds it's always been them against us and it still is. We can't be gullible against Dave--he lies for a living.

Dana: Not ONE f**king strong player has left this house yet.

Jun: we can't pass up an opportunity.

Dana: I'm sitting on the fence.

Jee: The worst case scenario always happens here. Worst case scenario: We keep him and he d**ks us over again.

Justin: Dave is much more comfortable than Jack.

Jul 28 2003 16:06, Mon joannie   Link
Dana: "Jack is SCARED. David is not scared." NT

Jul 28 2003 16:09, Mon joannie   Link
Jun: "We want scared people around where we can see it in their faces!" NT

Jul 28 2003 16:10, Mon joannie   Link
Dave is called into the HOH room by Jun and Dana. NT

Jul 28 2003 16:13, Mon Anonymous   Link
Dave begging for his life
Dave: "I can swing Erica more than Jack can."

Jul 28 2003 16:16, Mon Bert   Link
Rob talks about his drinking ...

Dana lies back down to sun herself. Jun goes back to the patio table to get more food. Jun then walks into the house while eating.

Jee, Just and Rob chit chat at the patio table. (I transcribed this so it's getting posted late)

Rob - I drink this all day at home and at work.

Just - What? Coke?

Rob - since I stopped drinking I started slamming Coke.

Just - Did you used to drink at work? (He means alcohol).

Rob - Oh yeah. I tried to wait until the night was winding down. You know how it is. You have drinks with employees, but then it started getting earlier and earlier and I was F'n hammered before I closed.

Justin laughs.

Rob - You guys ever drink Yagermeister (sp?)?

Both Just and Jee say yeah.

Rob - I would drink that like it was medicine. Get to work, drink two shots ... start my ... like be on the floor, then you'd feel like ... you'd feel F'd up. And you know all the people, what do you call it, like regulars that alway come in? They'd say, come on Rob, let's have a shot. So you have a shot with your friends, you come in (Rob pointing to Justin for example) and we have a shot, and by the end of the night, man, I'm 10 shots down, I'm small ... Every night, every night.

Rob - I'm talking about shots, not like let's go have a drink, let's go. Petrona (sp?), I always drank good tequila. $40 bottle or Yager ... yeah, but since I know everybody who comes in a night, and for them, if they come twice a week, I still drinks with those guys too. Whatever comes in ... so every night it's a new party with different people.

Rob - And people don't realize that. They're like, why aren't you drinking tonight. And that stopped, I go I can't drink tonight. But then you have to have one drink, you have to have one shot. You open a bottle of Kristol (sp?) champagne ... of course, I'm gonna drink Kristol $200 bottle, of course.

Je - Who wouldn't want to, ey?

Rob - And I don't pay for it. I sell it to 'em and they let me have half a bottle. So it's just a lotta ... like there's just so much you can get involved in. Especially with drinking, especially if you like it.

I stopped recording here. Rob then brought up how people would give him a $100 bill to get a good table. Just or Jee asked if he would bump people from their reservations. Rob said F'n right, I'd bump you chumps for that.

Jul 28 2003 16:18, Mon bidz_yo   Link
Dana to Dave (with Jun in HOH room)
Jun will cook your balls and I will eat em

Jun: She wont eat spam but she'll eat yer balls

Jul 28 2003 16:25, Mon I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Dana to Dave, after he finishes long explanation of deal...
So, you wanna make out? Have you had any sexual dreams about me yet?

Jul 28 2003 16:27, Mon Lola   Link
Dave in HOH, I can swing Er more than Jack can...
Dana ask if he knows Nat wants him out and he says yes.
Dana says then you're agreeing that it'll be Nat and Ali next and then everyone for themself?
And Dave agrees. (He's being very convincing)
Dave says Nat is playing with emotion and he is not.
(missed some)
Dave says It's a long shot. If I stick to the plan I'm secured a couple more weeks but then...
Dana says yeah but then it's everyone for themself
Dave says Nat and Ali are marked
Dana says that seriously he is not her targert that the next 2 weeks will be more comforting if it is Nat and Ali go
Dana starts counting the numbers and weeks until it's everyone for them self but
she doesn't know if he(Dave) will turn later
She jokes "can I get you to sign in blood?"
They talk about so far only weak players have been eliminated
She goes on to say that she is concerned to leave him and Ju to gang up later
Dave says now the game can go either way and they talk about history of what has gone before.
Dana says she made the game a more level playing field. She says after the original alliance she hated Scott 5 minutes later and then others came in that she would rather have been in alliance with so she decided to do her own thing and that people would be loyal to her
Dave is thinking on how to get further down the road.
Dana jokes " You have to agree to be our sex slaves, just joking"
Dave laughs nervously "It could be fun though" (NOte: he didn't say it like he meant it)

Jul 28 2003 16:37, Mon Bert   Link
Erika in HOH with Jun, Dana ...
Jun said to Dana that they had to find out who Erika wanted to save, and find out why.

Erika comes in and all that happens is Dana talks. Erika says, right right to what she says. Dana goes on and on how stupid Nate is. Erika parrots back essentially what Dana is saying, without giving anything at all away.

Jun sits in the corner listening and eating.

Jul 28 2003 16:39, Mon Anonymous   Link
Jun: "Would you put up Nate and Alison if you got HOH?"
Erica: "Can I give you an answer in an hour?"

Jul 28 2003 16:47, Mon tooty   Link
Dana, Jun Erika hoh room
Dana says my only concern here is leaving Dave here and having Dave and Nate to team up against us. Part of me wants Dave here. Dana goes on to say that Nate is only playing with emotion.
Erika says it was a dumb move.
Dana- I have to be leary of it. I want to beleive Dave. I dont want him to go I want him to stay here.
Erika= It wasnt like Nate didnt know. We all discussed it. I see both sides. Nathan would feel totally isolated it Ali left. It was emotional.
Dana= My move was strategic
Erika= yeah but you didnt do it right. Thats why I told you to please get some sleep. Nate is paronoid. Of course he is grasping at straws.
Dana= I know that you dont want to team up with Robert in the slightest bit so that makes me paronoid.
Jun= asks Erika if she would be willing to put up Nate and Ali next week?
Erika= could I give you guys an anwswer in about an hour?
Dana= tells Erika I can garauntee you will not go next week.
Jun= wants to know why everyone is using betrayal as an excuse, we are already betraying eachother.
Dana= everybody was lieing to me telling me everybody was voting Erika out. I dont know who to beleive anymore.
Jun= Nate and Ali are making stuff up.
Dana= nothing I have said to anybody in this house has been a lie. We all did what Nate wanted like freaking fools and got rid of Amanda.
Erika= I never trusted Nate from the get go because he always gets so paronoid with me.
Dana= Ali does nothing but lie. She is to pissy and to immature. Michelle was to immature mentally. She tells Erika, I did not think of putting you up for a second.
Erika= I definately want to stay for 2 more weeks so I will agree.

Jul 28 2003 16:53, Mon Lola   Link
Ali is now in HOH with Dana Er & Ju. They pretending to be nice to each other with small talk NT

Jul 28 2003 16:53, Mon bruhe   Link
semi long summary of hoh talks with david, stooges, jun, dana, and erika...
erika goes on board with dana and jun (and by proxy also robert, jee, and justin). They will target nate and ali for the next two weeks. But at this moment they have not said anything about keeping jack or keeping david.
before this, david talked first to the stooges and then to jun and dana. He stuck to his story that he will play ball on their side to get nate and ali out. jack apparently played this card earlier as well.
they obviously are torn between dave or no dave. the thought hasnt been much towards jack as it is trusting david or not.
Nate clearly destroyed himself by using the veto. Dana admits she should have nominated differently.. either just putting dave and jack together anyway but more so to just put up nate and ali and get it done.
dana defends her nominations thinking she had put two threats up (confirming shes switched sides). she thought she had splintered the votes of the O8 at the time but regrets not doing it differently.
erika begins to agree with what dana and jun are saying. they were concerened about why erika would come on a side with ratbert. but they believe her (it seems) that she and robert are more civil. They echo erikas statements that the fences were mended by saying robert said the same thing before.
dana also says that nathan had screwed the game and the O8 with his initial nominations and then trying to get Jee to nominate erika thus betraying his own side anyway.
there has been a ton of talk in the last hour and a half. but there is just too much to transcribe word for word. these are the major thoughts.
still, there hasnt been any talk between jun dana and erika about david or jack staying. ali came into the room and whines and the game talk stops for a bit.
but the overall plan by the stooges etc is to target nate and ali for the next two weeks and then the glove come off between all of them. hope this helps

Jul 28 2003 16:55, Mon Anonymous   Link
Dana spills the beans to Erika
One of the most interesting things that happened in the HOH meeting with E was that D told her about everyone (well she made it just seem like it was Natan) wanting to vote out E in the beginning. E was shocked but she hid it pretty well. Interesting to see what she does with that info, if anything...

Jul 28 2003 16:59, Mon Anonymous   Link
Erika tells David
about what Dana said about Nate wanting her out in the beginning. Right now they say that they cant believe anything Dana says...

Talk about the boy who cried wolf syndrome...

Jul 28 2003 17:07, Mon nojobny   Link
Erica telling Dav & Jac
That according to Dana, Nate did not trust the 4 of them (incld Scott) from the jump. Right from the beginning.

Jul 28 2003 17:08, Mon nojobny   Link
Jack just said that "Dana is thinking with her panties". Direct quote! LOL NT

Jul 28 2003 17:15, Mon nojobny   Link
David on his way to the living room to play cards tells Erica..
..hang on, I gotta grab something.

He proceeds to grab Ali's butt cheeks a couple of times.

Absolutely no protest from Ali

Jul 28 2003 17:17, Mon bidz_yo   Link
Dave has to grab something
Erika and Dave leave their bedroom after strategy session.
Erika goes to LR so they can continue their card game. She asks if he's coming, he says, "Hold on, I need to grab something." Alison's cleaning in the kitchen, and he grabs her butt!

Jul 28 2003 17:18, Mon bidz_yo   Link
Alison pouts
She pouts to Dave and Erika that neither D nor Jack asked her for her vote. Both D and Er were like, cuz your vote DOESN'T MATTER! We're in the MINORITY!

Jul 28 2003 17:19, Mon nojobny   Link
ali prying for info
Ali to Dv: Are you staying?
Dv: I don't know
Ali: Well nobody asked me for my vote
Er: Because your vote doesn't matter. Neither does mine. We're in the minority. Our votes don't matter

Jul 28 2003 17:26, Mon Bert   Link
Part of the earlier convo in HOH - Dave, Dana & Jun (Transcribed & Long) ...
I came in late on a conversation between Dana, Jun and Dave in HOH. I transcribed this so it's being posted quite awhile after the fact (as fast I can can type and listen).

Dana lying on the bed on her side facing David. David on his back looking at the ceiling and sometimes over at Dana. Jun in the corner chair.

Dana - So have you had any dreams about me lately?
Dave - I don't dream ... except maybe for right when I wake up and if I tell someone the story right when I wake up, then I remember it. Like me with the little clown, trying to kill the little kids.
Dana - have nathan and ali approached you, discussed the game with you at all since since like yesterday?
Dave - Yeah, they're like what's going on, you guys getting us the deals to get us out? I'm like, ya know it, Dude.
Dave - I mean they know, they're now stupid, ya know?
Dana - Right.
Dave - they know they're F'n marked. Nate knows that he's marked.
Dana - are you even telling them in the slightest bit that you're going with them just to keep them ...
Dave - Yeah
Dana - you're telling them that you're still with them or whatever?
Dave - Yeah. Why not?
Dana - OK.
Jun - they would have too.
Dana snaps back - I know. I know. I'm just askin, just askin'.
Dave - You know (he's grinning trying not to laugh). F*ck.
Dana - Just in case they get HOH.
Dave - if they get it, they won't put me up. I'm looking out for myself again ..
Dana - Absolutely
Dave - But they don't know ... it's funny because they're smiling with it, like all right Dav (talking about Nate & Ali)
Dana - Cuz I want to smack their F'n cocky smile right off Nathan's face.
Dave - Yeah.
Dana - Hes an a**hole.
Dave - If I get it, I'll put him up. I got no problem with it. He looks over to Dana smiling - I got no problem with it whatsoever.
Dave - It'll just further me along in the house. This way you guys can trust me and I can start worrying about ... starting to form new sh*t.
Dana - Right.
Dave - And then people can actually go ... (Dana interrupts)
Dana - Because that's what eventually has to happen for all of us.
Dave - No, exactly.
Dana - once the numbers get smaller

Dead silence for awhile. Dav looks like he might laugh, but doesn't.
Dana - Are you just ... (she sighs heavily) ... We can't keep saying I wish I wish. But I wish I would have just put the two of them up.
Dave - You should have. You should never use a pawn.
Dana - (defensively) I didn't use a pawn. I mean cuz I was lookin' at it as either one of them goes, I don't care. Alison or Jack, it was one or the other. It was one on your side (to Dav), you know.
Dave - right
Dana - so it didn't matter to me.
Dana - (she covers her mouth for a second) Ummm ... my thinking was that you and Erika would obviously vote to keep Jack in so there were two guaranteed votes against Alison. And the only one who would have voted for her (to keep Ali) was Nathan, but I thought he was smarter than that ... smart enough to side with 3 instead of instead of one, ya know ...
Dave - right.
Dana - To stay with you guys.
Dave - Hmmm, OK.
Dana - you jack and erika, and as much as he would hate to see you go, he would be smart enough not to ... I cannot believe he did what he did.
Jun - But he knows Jack, Dav and Erika are strong.
Dana - Right.
Jun tries to speak, Dana interrupts
Dana - and he knows if he was left with you 3, that you 3 would go against him in a second.
Dave - Yeah.
(Ed note - OHMYGAWD, this is painful for me!)
Dana - And he knows by getting rid of you, he knows that Jack and Erika will need him. He's so insecure, he needs people need him.
Dave (sees an opportunity to get a word in edgewise) - Yeah. I've seen that from the beginning about him. I'd come, I'd walk out of this room he's like, what's going on, what going on.
Dana - right.
Dave - And he'd come in here all worried about ... am I going up?
Dana - right. I shoulda put his stupid ass up. (Dana is rubbing her forehead like she has a headache. Dave pulls down his brown hat to cover up the big grin on his face).
Dave - I figured him to be a lot smarter.
Dana - Me?
Dave - Him.
Dana - Oh I totally did. From the jump I did. From the first week ... he ... his decisions were crap.
(Dave's face is almost completely covered by the hat)
Dana - All right so he hadda make a deal with Justin and Robert, but ... and he didn't want to stir the pot too soon. To me that's bullsh*t ... Put the two of them F'n up if you had a plan, so what if you made a deal.
Dave - Yeah. (visibly turning his body away from Dana as if he's about to get off the bed.
Dana - Everybody lies, put one of them up. Piss one of them off, who cares, they're gonna go ...
Dave - Yeah.
Dana - If they're gonna go, they're gonna go.
Dave - Yeah, exactly.
Dana - He puts up Amanda and Jee. We've lost 3 ... I mean Amanda and Michelle are two weaklings.
Dave - Yeah.
Dana - votes nonetheless, but weak.
Dave - and hot.
Dana - and hot (half-hearted laugh).
Dave - OK, I"m gonna go ... so Jun can tell you how much she doesn't believe a word I'm saying.

Jul 28 2003 17:45, Mon Asiina   Link
Erika and Dana cut a deal in the HOH.
Dana said that Erika would be safe for the next two weeks if she puts up Nate and Ali if she wins HOH.

Jul 28 2003 17:53, Mon Asiina ParentRootLink
Three stooges, Jun and Dana in HOH: Dana explains what just happened to them NT

Jul 28 2003 17:53, Mon PsychoMike   Link
Three Stooges give Dave up
The three stooges (Jun, Justin, Robert) are in HOH with Dana and Jun. They tell Dana about the "seperate" deal that David offered them if they kept Dave. Specifically, that David would put up Dana and Jun after Nate and Alison have left the house.

Dana says that is why he has to go now. Jun reitterates that she hasn't trusted him since the beginning.

Jul 28 2003 17:55, Mon Bert   Link
Transcription of the Dana/Jun earlier convo after David left HOH ...
As David leaves the room, Dana says to him, "I still think you're a piece of ice."

Jun looking for her water. Then they both get situated on the bed.
Jun - you know neither Nathan or Alison are gonna put up anyone of their side .. as nominees, they're not stupid.
Dana - Nathan and Alison never would?
Jun - Yeah, they'd rather have Jack, Erika, Dave pissed off at them than us pissed off at them. They know we're pissed at them, they know they're (gesturing outside the room) pissed at them ...
Dana - Right.
Jun - But nate and ali wins, they'll put us up before they put up Jack and Erika and Dave. Dave knows that.
Dana - Right.
Jun - Jack knows that, Dave knows that so he leaves the opportunity to join them? No. No f*cking doubt about it.
Dana - Really?
Jun - Dana, listen to him. He doesn't want to play with emotion. He's all about strategy. He'll get over the whole Nathan thing.
Dana - But he, but ... but the only point he makes that really gets me is that if he does that, he knows he's going out the following week.
Jun - He doesn't care. He can convince people just the way he convinces everyone else. He knows by the next two weeks people will be scrambling, making new alliances. We can't trust him.
Dana - I differ with you on that one too. I honestly think think that all they'll be be concerned with is the 5 of us getting as far as possible. I do. I truly believe it.
Jun - The only person I believe - believe in in this house is you. I don't believe anybody else.
Jun - Dave's not stupid. He's gonna continue to play the game with or without promises from me. This game is not about promises. (Dana interrupts)
Dana - Should we listen to what Erika has to say? I don't even care but ... I don't even wanna hear it .. but let me get her in here anyway.

(Ed note - I have to comment about a strange phenomenon when Dana and Jun were talking. Dana was lying down on her back with her hand by her mouth. Jun sat upright and looked down at Dana. Dana spoke very differently from the way she normally does. She sounded almost childlike, soft-spoken, looking up to Jun, the wise one. I've seen this before and I find it interesting).

Jul 28 2003 18:39, Mon Bert   Link
Erika is crying, Ali comforting her ...
The game is getting to Erika.
A - it's the way things are done around here that feel so bad
E - it just feels dirty, everything feels dirty.
Ali talking about how she was treated like a pariah today, how she spoke to Dana and Dana just gave her a dirty look and walked away. Then Ali heard Dana say to someone that she couldn't believe that "she" tried to talk to me.
Ali said something to the effect that she might be the youngest one in here, but at least she knows how to treat people.
Feeds breaking up, Ali calling Dana a she-devil. Talking about them working out together.

Jul 28 2003 18:41, Mon Bert   Link
Erika and Ali decided to work out in about an hour ...
Jun was out jumping rope, she came in, the conversation stopped, and Jun's now digging in the fridge.

No conversation between her and Ali, who's standing there munching on something. Ali left now, Jun is counting things in the fridge.

Jul 28 2003 18:47, Mon Bert   Link
Rat, Jee, Justin shooting hoops, Nate & Ali in bed talking ...
Ali - I F'n hate her. I hate when people talk behind people's back. I hate when people go around and conspire, especially when they're not doing anything. I hope she looks like the evil b*tch on TV.
Nate - the best thing you can do is act like it doesn't bother you. Act confident. We know one of us is going to win.
Now Ali quizzing Nate on shelves in the bathroom, colors in the house.
N - you're gonna win babe, then you can sit and watch her sweat. On top of putting her on the block, you can watch her go without food.
Ali - I would love that. I would eat prime rib in her GD face. I wouldn't mind being in PB&J.
N - No you wouldn't You wouldn't think straight.
A - Trust me, I would. I need to hit the punching bag tonight. I need to put her picture on it. Gawd, I'm so mad.
N - why is she getting to you ali.
A - it's not that she's getting to me, I just want to hit her. I want to knock her flat on her back. Her and her little groupies don't bother me.
N - trust me she won't have any groupies after this week. Expect Jun.
A - she's stab Jun in the back in a heart beat.
A - I'd never ever join forces with that evil b*tch.
N - I know you wouldn't.

Jul 28 2003 18:53, Mon Bert   Link
More Ali & Nate talking ...
N - We have the Lord on our side (little laughter).
A - It's not about the money either.
N - I even told them that in there (DR). I don't care if I win, I just want to be here when she walks out.
A - someone's in the house. I can see someone walking by the fireplace.
Nate fiddling with cards.
A - did we count fake plants too?
N - did we count vases?

Feed switched. Rob talking to Erika.
Erika - Sit down. What was Nate like in terms of like when Jee had HOH. Did he want him to put me up?
Rob - Yeah. No, yeah. I heard it come straight out of his mouth.
Erika - I always had a feeling, he was always suspicious of me and Jack. I was like Dude, I'm not coming after you.

Jul 28 2003 19:03, Mon Maria   Link
Nate's telling Ali she can't drink tonight. NT

Jul 28 2003 19:46, Mon Spiderprints   Link
BB just thanked Justin for washing the windows NT

Jul 28 2003 19:53, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Alison exercising in the LR and Dana steps around her like a she's a piece of garbage NT

Jul 28 2003 19:56, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Around the feeds
F1 Jack doing situps
F2 Nate lifting weights
F3 & 4 Erica sitting in the WC

Jul 28 2003 20:01, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Dana telling Ratbert what she is going to cook as he holds up the counter NT

Jul 28 2003 20:05, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Jun in WCsays she has gained at least 10 pounds since
she came into the house. Dana then says she has to wash her hair again and is so p**sed. FOTH

Jul 28 2003 20:07, Mon nojobny   Link
Jun just tried to put on the only pair of jeans she brought with her into the house. Suprise, they don't fit. I must have
gained 10 pounds since I came into the house.

(Ed: I will refrain from saying the obvious)

Jul 28 2003 20:11, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Dana having a shower and Jun now all clean in BR trying to find some clothes that still fit NT

Jul 28 2003 20:14, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Erika is actually eating some food as Dave plays with the cards NT

Jul 28 2003 20:19, Mon Spiderprints   Link
BB just gave them beer and wine coolers. Looks like another night of drinking. Let the fun begin. NT

Jul 28 2003 20:20, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Ali: Jun they have wine coolers for you! June : Great. NT

Jul 28 2003 20:38, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Dave and Dana in the SR. He throws everything Dana is holding back into
the the freezer and grabs her. He lifts onto the frezer and goes between her legs and says: "this could work." She starts laughing and he puts her down. Then Jun comes in the room.

Jul 28 2003 20:39, Mon Spiderprints ParentRootLink
After they leave the SR, Dana says making out just gets me started NT

Jul 28 2003 20:48, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Dana and Jun are making dinner. Dave keeps slapping Dana's **s. She seems to be enjoying it
Then Jun starts to whisper to Dana about him and his attempt to make a deal with them (stooges??) without them...

Jul 28 2003 20:51, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Jun says he (??)might try sleep with me to sway my vote. NT

Jul 28 2003 20:53, Mon cutiecat ParentRootLink
She was sarcastic. She said if I get drunk someone might try to sway my vote. NT

Jul 28 2003 21:01, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Dave seems to be flirting and jack says
Dave needs to chaparoned. Dana replys He needs something

Jul 28 2003 21:05, Mon avichaiyl   Link
Dave put shower scrubbies on his head, so one is over each ear.
And is now in the process of looking for more "props" around the house.

He just discoverd cleaning gloves in one of the bedrooms. and is wearing them.

Comes out in the Kitchen and to show his new outfit.

(ed: hope someone got a screen cap of this )

Jul 28 2003 21:06, Mon Spiderprints ParentRootLink
Then he says I need more props and goes into the BR and finds some gloves
Someone asks him where he go them..

Jul 28 2003 21:06, Mon avichaiyl   Link
Dave now puts a translucent yellow bowl on his head like a hat and walks outside. NT

Jul 28 2003 21:08, Mon avichaiyl   Link
Dave shoots some hoops in his new "outfit"
Says he's bored out of his gourd.

Robert? reports that he saw lightning and heard thunder. That he can feel it in the air.

Nate talks about the movie Twister. Says OK is Tornado Alley.

Dave goes back inside (so will i)

Jul 28 2003 21:13, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Rathbert talking about the weather
He said the sky means an earthquake is coming. He said to Jee you better come into my bed all scared. Jack walked up and said to Ratbert: "you aren't coming into my bed."

Jul 28 2003 21:16, Mon Spiderprints ParentRootLink
Now jack is saying this is the darkest shy he has seen in LA. "I have only seen about 20 nights so far" NT

Jul 28 2003 21:14, Mon kira   Link
Robert says, "You guys will be crying to go out the front door." (he thinks there's a chance of an earthquake) NT

Jul 28 2003 21:14, Mon avichaiyl   Link
Dave returns to normal Dave and puts all his props back.
Sits at the bar to put together a puzzle (i think, or it could be a game of some sort)

He sorts the pieces rapidly.

Some guy (not sure who, off camera) is talking about the storm or earthquake that's coming. Talking about sleeping under the table.

Dave is asked if he has every experienced one (earthquake?) and he says that he has twice when he was 10 in California and he was scared. They were a couple hour apart.

Dave is putting together the puzzle, edges first.

Jun recaps what the guys said. It rains at night and an earthquake will happen at 4am. One of the guys seems to think this is going to happen (Robert). Erika says, whenever someone says an earthquake is going to happen, it happens.

Dana seems scared about the earthquake.

Jul 28 2003 21:15, Mon HappyInTulsa   Link
Jac, Jee, Rat & Nate comment on how odd the sky looks...hears thund & lightening...
...Nate says he wishes they would kill the lights just once so they can see the stars...Jee says you can see stars even in NY.
Jac-that's the darkest dang sky I've seen in LA; of course I've only been here 20 days

Jul 28 2003 21:16, Mon HappyInTulsa   Link
Jac says Dav kicked a ball over the well and that the ball hasn't come back! NT

Jul 28 2003 21:20, Mon HappyInTulsa   Link
Erica goes to backyard to get orders for tomorrow BK lunch...
Jac-Chicken Whopper w/no mayo, fries, Coke & cookies for Jun
Jee-Whopper, no pickles, cookies & coke
Nate-Chicken Whopper w/just mustard

Jul 28 2003 21:20, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Jee smoking and Jack asks him how many is that? Jee says:
This is only my second one today. I will only only have three all day. Jack says good for you. Then Erika comes out to take BK orders for tomorrow???

Jul 28 2003 21:28, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Ratbert talking about an earthquake coming tonight. He is convonced that
one will come. He said If it happens and the house shifts you won't be able to open any doors, so keep all the doors open. Then FOTH

Jul 28 2003 21:39, Mon Spiderprints ParentRootLink
He tells Ali to read the earthquake instructions..She reads them
Go into the BY, no one is to laeve unless told to. Watch out for breaking windows. Ali says:"OMG this whole house is windows"

Jul 28 2003 21:36, Mon fishinlady   Link
Earthquake Instructions
After FOTH, Ali reads an instruction sheet for what to do in case of an earthquake. They are to gather in the back yard after it is over but cannot leave unless instructed to do so. Watch out for breaking windows. Ali so- OMG, this house is all windows.
Food preperation continues.

Jul 28 2003 21:42, Mon Spiderprints   Link
Jun telling Ratbert about her last BF
All his friends suddenly became quite single and he decided that he needed more "guy time". His Dad was uset

Jul 28 2003 22:18, Mon mrsb   Link
HG's have just finished dinner and are now cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes! NT

Jul 28 2003 22:20, Mon mrsb   Link
A few minutes ago Dave and Rob were plotting how to scare Jee in his sleep...
Saying they will have to throw things around or yell at him to get up since they cannot shake his bed. Erica interupts the conversation, but Rob repeatedly says, "Dave we have to do that."

Jul 28 2003 22:25, Mon mrsb   Link
Around the Feeds....
Jack and Erica are setting up Pink Pong on the kitchen counter. However they think the balls have been taken or have disappeared.

Justin and Dana talking about massaging each other tonite. Each saying that the other owes them.

F4 doing close-ups of the oragami that the HG's made.

Jul 28 2003 22:27, Mon mrsb   Link
Justin is teaching Jee to play Clock in the LR! NT

Jul 28 2003 22:37, Mon mrsb   Link
Dana and Justin cuddling in HOH
Lights are off and both are complaining of the cameras being a mood killer.

Dana talking about how tired she is. Again complaining of the cold in the room.

Dana says that when the lights are off you can see out perfectly but no one can see in

Dana saying she hates him (?) and that he is up her ass. Nathan came up to her and said "Hello Dana..." Rob and Jee walk in and interupt.

Jee talking about the clicking and the people taking pictures. LOL!

Back to Nathan.... Nathan waited for her, and said Hello Dana, and she said Hello Nathan. Then Nathan said nice to hear your voice. She said ugh and walked in the house.

They think that Nathan realizes that he screwed up. They say that he is so glad that the made is to getting sequesterd.

Ewwwww.... Dana is talking about her snot and how she has a constant whistle in her nose but no buggers!

Talk has turned to not telling who they are voting out. They talk about paying the others back for not telling them next week.

The queen is complaing about not wanting to give up her room. But then she says that she will jump up and down and rub it in Nathan's face if one of them wins HOH.

Ugh... My sound is so shotty, So I'm going to post.....

Jul 28 2003 22:49, Mon Jokerette   Link
Dana rants about Nate
Da ranting about Nate. He's a wimp she says. He makes the women do his laundry and so on. And he went against her. Justin feels badly because Na is sitting by himself at the moment. Dana says she'll feel badly for him when he's out the door. Jee says they'll be friends when sequestered.. Dana says she flat doesn’t like him as he lacks a spine.

Jul 28 2003 22:49, Mon mrsb   Link
More game talk from Jee, Dana, Justin, and Rob...
Dana calls Nate a weak squirmy little man. Saying that he has pissed her off to the point that she doesn't even like him as a person.

Dana and Rob talking about Cuban relatives.

Jun joins the conversation...

Jun says that she isn't going to join the others for dessert (Tiramisu) because she needs to lose weight.

Jun says that Ali is lonely and Nathan is outside alone. Jun feels bad because she is a compassionate person. Justin wants to go talk to Nate because he feels bad and Dana says that there is no room for that sh*t. Justin tells Dana that she has to have a heart.

Dana says that Nate completely went against what she wanted. And she will not be forgiving. The thing she said to him, "Do not cross me, you want me as a friend not an enemy." He purposed pissed her off.

Ed note: What is it with HOH's that they constantly repeat the same thing over and over and over again???

More Nat bashing.... he's not a man, blah blah blah.

Talk about Ali kissing a**. Saying she is being so poliet. Ali was asking were Rob and Jee were and then said nevermind they are probably in the HOH room.

Jee constantly shuffling cards! So loud!

Ali asks for the cards, and tells Jee to let her know when he is done. They all laugh when ALi leaves because they were just talking about her.

Talk about where everyone is....

Jul 28 2003 22:53, Mon Jokerette   Link
Cards, rants and cuddles
Jun is saying David is acting like Scott earlier, losing it. Jee says he's scared he's leaving, and the others say he wants to be sequestered. Jun says he won't be as grateful as Jack, for saving his arse.

Nate knocks and asks Jee to come play. Others tell jee that nate thinks he's a chump. Rob says how many people want to play 4? Dana wants the other cards, and wants to go raise hell to get them. The whole room kind of rocks. No one wants to go find the cards, dunno why. Da trying to force Justin to go.. they're all laughing.

Dana saying you guys suck! Jun says you're a whackjob. All this over playing cards.

All during this, Da is cuddling up to Justin. (ed: stay tuned tonight. HA!)

Jul 28 2003 22:54, Mon mrsb   Link
HOH group thinks that Dave knows he is going....
They say that he will do anything or say anything to get sequesterd.

They say that earlier he was acting as crazy as Scott was. Being annoying and in their face.

Nate comes in to ask for the cards. The others tell him to keep the cards all night so that they others can't have them. Dana is being such a b*tch about the cards, telling Jee not to give them up. Dana asks if she has to go out there with an attitude to see where the other deck is.

Justin has his hand on Jun's breast. Dana comments that now he has gone further with Jun then he has with her. Justin replies "uh yeah."

Justin and Rob leave to play ping pong....

Jul 28 2003 22:58, Mon mrsb   Link
Jun tells Jee to leave so she and Dana can talk...
Then she says that she is only joking.

Jun says that she is going to say something if Ali doesn't stop kissing her ass. Nate has also been offering to help in the kitchen but Jun says that he only buns stuff.

Rob really likes Dave for the entertainment value. They think that Rob is really upset that Dave is leaving because Rob doesn't like to do anything else, not play cards, work out, or play basketball.

Feed is stuck... posting....

Jul 28 2003 23:00, Mon mrsb   Link
Around the feeds before bedtime...
F1 & 2... of HOH room with Dana, Jee, and Jun talking/hangin out.

F3 & 4 of Erica, Jack, Nate, and Ali playing cards in the LR.

*Rob and Justin playing ping pong in the kitchen.

Jul 28 2003 23:12, Mon SimplyTwistedStaci   Link
Study Session in HOH
I log on to Dana, Jee, and Jun in the HOH. They are having a little study session about past competition in case they are asked about them during the HOH competition. Jee is playing with cards this whole time. Going over what color t-shirts everyone had during the Veto. Now going over the luxury comp. - discussing times of each competitor. Adding up the times in case they are asked total times for each the women and men.
Very boring...going to post while I scan the feeds...

Jul 28 2003 23:21, Mon Jovian   Link
Dana says Ali's birthday is Thursday. F*** that b**ch, we aint doing anything for her she says. NT

Jul 28 2003 23:26, Mon SimplyTwistedStaci   Link
Ping-pong and cards.
Justin and Dave are playing ping pong in the kitchen. Justin seems to be winning. Robert is watching and cheering them on. Jun comes in and is fiddling around in the sink. Jun: Dude, what is a pork butt roast??

Dana comes in and Justin mentions how he is sweaty and wants her to put her hand down his sweats. Ratbert takes over for Justin in the ping pong. Dave seems to be doing better against Rob than Justin. (ed. note: they just seem kind of restless and bored.) I believe the others are in the living room playing cards. I switch feeds to see Erika, Jack, Nate and Ali playing cards on the couches. No game talk going on at all.

Absolutely nothing exciting happening.

Jul 28 2003 23:51, Mon SimplyTwistedStaci   Link
Dana wanting weed and yet more Ping Pong
Dana says, "I wish I could send subliminal message to my friend Jody so she can bring me something. I need something to smoke." Earlier she said something about wanting some weed and hoping when they are sequestered that she is sent somewhere where she can get some.

Jun was preparing the roast but now is playing ping-pong with Jee. Dana says she wants to see the "Korean Powers". Jee sucks so much that she actually scores a couple. Jee scores a couple and she calls him a "cheesy f*ck". Camera switches to Dana...looks like she is getting tea. Back to Jee and Jun and the score is 9-10 and Jun looks like she is sweating. Justin and Dana are now at the table watching. You can definately tell the house is divided... One group in the living room, the other in the kitchen...Dave floating between the two for a while..not sure where he is now.

Posting..looking for some action on another feed...

Jul 29 2003 00:05, Tue Bert   Link
Jun, Jee & Dana talk about w*t dreams & various other chit/chat in HOH from earlier ...(Long)
(All kinds of giggling going on during this part of their conversation)Jun, Jee and Dana are in the HOH.

Dan - what happens if you guys have a wet dream, doesn't that get all messy?

Jun - it's not like a volcano

Jee - I think right now it would be, sh*t, none of us has touched ourselves or released ourself in over a month. It would be like a F'n explosion up in here.

Jun - I wonder why they don't. (masturbate)

Dan - it just gets in your pants, it's doesn't really come out of your pants.

Jun - No.

Jee - it doesn't come out of our pants, but it's not a good feeling.

Jun - it's gonna be a little mushy.

Jee - Oh Lord.

Jee - if you see Robert or Justin walking a little funny ... it might be that.

Jee - maybe that's why Justin always pretends he's bumping into sh*t.

Jee - He's got it F'n dripping down his thighs.

Jee - I've been really good though.

Jun - that's probably why Dave and Nathan shower first thing in the morning, because they have to clean that sh*t off their ...

Dana (let's guess her response and who it might be about) - He probably doesn't even c*m. F'n immaculate conception boy over there.

Jun - Nathan?

Dana - Yeah. Probably doesn't even ejaculate even.

Jee let's out a heavy sigh.

Jee - he wants to marry a virgin. Good luck.

Dana - I got so mad at Justin when he felt bad, I was like ...

Jee - why'd he switchin' emotions and sh*t.

Dana - All of a sudden he's fine wit Dave goin and he's feeling bad for Nathan? Give me a F'n break.

(As an earlier post stated, Justin was feeling badly for Nathan when he saw him sitting alone).

Dana - There no feelin bad heeah. No crying in baseball.

Jun - I feel kinda bad for him, it doesn't mean I'm gonna act on it. I do feel bad.
(Can we guess what's coming next?)

Dana - I don't feel bad for sh*t. Stick your thumb up your ass and have a good night. You put yourself there.

Jee - Exactly. he must realize the consequences, so why feel badly. He knows (Jun interrupts)...

Jun - I'm not saying I'm gonna be going up to him and well whatever, I'm not gonna act upon it, but I just do feel bad for him.

Jee - F*ck it, ya know.

Dana - I don't give a sh*t. He's be putting my ass out that door quicker than anything. (from her lips to ...).

Dana - there's no feelin bad heeya.

Jee - I mean if people are hanging out with him, what's to feel bad about.

Dana - He's got Alison.

Jun - Not really. Ali is trying to save her own ass.

Dana - Nope, see ya.

Jee - that's probably why Nathan feels even more stupid ...

Jun - yeah, he doesn't know if she'll turn on him.

(Just then the camera person focuses on Dana's food. Honest. Her foot was shaking like crazy. Nervous tension).

Dana - Ohhhh, you guys gotta win HOH so bad.

Jun - I wonder ...

Dana - I mean I don't give a sh*t, if I get put up, I'm winnin the veto, but it just pisses ... I don't want one of us to go. (No! Really?)

Jee - Do you feel like you can do it Jun?

Jun - Yeah.

Dana - Seriously. You need to step up to the plate. Just step it up. I've had enough of this sh*t.

Jun is timidly saying yes.

Jun - I can't win vetos. They're all physical. All right, fine, I'll file my nails down and be more boyish.

Dana - No, don't worry about the veto. HOH is important. Very important (pronounced like impor-ant). At this point, if anyone won the veto, we'd have people to put up. It's not ... you know?

Dana - Actually not true. If we make this deal wit Erika and Jack (Dana giggles, Jun does a maniacal laugh). A pawn, another pawn. Were putting you up, we just need to fill the seat. You're not going anywhere. (Dana is talking is having a practice conversation with an imaginery person from her group. She does that a lot). We'll stick to that part of the deal, I have no problem with that.

Then the strangest thing happened. Jun brought up the fact that Ali & Nate were asking about the color of the ducks, then Jun and Dana got this wild idea about studying and practicing all the details of competitions. This went on for a good long time. They had one wrong. If the question was how many days of Burger King parachutes did you win, they'd say 6, when in fact it was 7. At least according to the studious other group.

Jul 29 2003 00:09, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
Robert tells Dave he sells Viagra for $10 a pill NT

Jul 29 2003 00:14, Tue Bert   Link
Viagra conversation between Rob & David ... (graphic)
At least I think it's a viagra conversation.

Rob saying he takes it if he wants to f*ck all night.

Rob - You gotta try it Dave. Lot of people say, "I'm too young for that sh*t, but now I'm telling you, you gotta try it." I sell it sometimes for $10 a pop.

Dude, it gets so hard, you won't believe how hard it gets. It's staring up right up at you all the time.

Rob - Oh, when I get home I'm gonna do so many chicks. I want to bring some to the cast party. You can f*ck, c*m and stay hard. It's still hard in the morning.

Dave - does it make you go longer too?

Rob - Yes. you do things you wouldn't normally do.

I missed so much. I can't keep up with this conversation, wow - posting.

Jul 29 2003 00:30, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
Dave tells Robert that Ali was the aggressor the other night
As I posted then, they were tightly spooning when the camera cut away. Dave just said that Ali turned over and started kissing him. He said he didn't want to do anything and left.

Jul 29 2003 00:57, Tue Bert   Link
Transcribed some of the Viagra conversation - you may be offended (ADULT CONTENT)
(I decided I had to record some of the Viagra conversation so I could transcribe it word for word to the best of my ability, for you).

At first the conversation was between Rob and Dav. Dav was alone in the hot tub and Rob was talking to him. Then Jee came outside and joined the conversation. I missed a lot of this conversation before I started to record.

Jee to Dave - Everytime I heard him F'n describe it, I laugh.

Rob - Dude, the thing is no matter how I describe it, it doesn't compare to how it is.

Jee - Yeah?

Rob - that's why I can't, the guys goes Dude just do it, and when I did it, man ... Some call it the cape. You were just like Superman. It's another (he gestures wildly outward) ... it's just a man, Dude. You are the man.

Jee - But can you live up to it, though, afterwards?

Rob - no. (Jee giggles)

Jee - why would I want to do that with my ...

Rob - that's where it comes into ... well, you can still f*ck as good or whatever, you know what I mean, but you never be that hard unless you're on that. I guarantee it. That's what I'm saying. Whatever hard on you think you've had in your life, it's not gonna be like that when you're on that. It's not. Medically proven, it's gonna be pumped up with blood. So it's the hardest it's ever been.

Jee - All right so hit me off one, I'll try it.

Rob - Your chick's gonna think you suck after that, Dude.

Jee - she doesn't think I suck already ...

Rob - Yeah, but after that Dude, she F'n might want more. Can't be popping them every day.

Jee - I guess once for her birthday (Rob interrupts) ...

Rob - Once a month is cool. It has to be a girl that's a slut. That you f*ck all night, like you turn her over and f*ck her. Not like, honey you're in the mood. Not a girlfriend bullsh*t.

Jee - I wouldn't do that.

Rob - It was all sluts that come and f*ck me, that's all it was about.

Dave - I'll betcha you still have those on call.

Rob - Oh no, I do. I have 'em on call, definitely. But like you said, though, when I'm not in the mood and they're like "how come you don't want to" I just work on sending them home, I'm not gonna f*ck 'em.

Rob - and they never know, no one knows. They're like (as Rob does a girlie voice, "Ohmygawd, I can't believe it's so hard ... how do you." That's the way it is. I just walk around the house F'n naked, I do. I go in the F'n kitchen and my F'n neighbors see me. You'll see when you come to my house. (audio goes wacky). Everybody sees me. I put the towel over my d*ck and F'n walk around the house and sh*t. After I take a shower. Oh, it's so great.

Jee is laughing, David smiling broadly.

Jee - it makes me want to F'n try it now.

Rob - you have to try it.

Jee - So send it out to me.

Rob - No, probably at the wrap party I can go home and get my clothes on. I can just bring you ... it's in my drawer. I just gotta get 'em

Dave - they will, they have to. (Dave is saying that BB wll let Rob go home to change)

Jee - good deal, Rob, good deal. You're gonna hook me up. You said 100 milligrams for me, right, for my body weight.

Rob - yeah for you guys a hundred. If you're gonna do it, do it right. Do 100 and don't drink that much. You'll kill somebody.

I hear a voice across the yard, I think it's Erika asking if she can get into the hot tub with David, he says yeah.

Rob - use it once a month, man. You know who lives by it and swears by it and will guarantee everybody should use it? Obviously, Hugh Hefner. I mean he's 70 ... he's so old ... I mean it's the best thing you can do. My dad uses it. It's f*ckin awesome. My brother uses it. It's great, it's good sh*t.

Jee - All right, Dude, hit me off and I'll use it.

Rob - But what if you suck at f*cking now, and all of a sudden you become good?

Jee - Aw please.

Rob - that's not gonna be good for you. I don't want to do that to you.

Jee - Nah, it's not like that. It's not like that for me.

Rob heading for the house to get some tiramasu (sp?) he jokingly yells to Jee, what if you suck?

Jee - I'm not into myself, bitch.

(Now I must go shower for a couple of days).