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Jul 29 2003 01:03, Tue rollo   Link
dave looks fantastic tonite...! NT

Jul 29 2003 01:30, Tue FrodoLass   Link
Dana "Erkia has absolutely no style." NT

Jul 29 2003 01:33, Tue FrodoLass   Link
Dana: "Nathan's looks are a '9'." NT

Jul 29 2003 01:34, Tue FrodoLass   Link
Jun and Dana: "Sometimes Erika looks like a man." NT

Jul 29 2003 01:36, Tue FrodoLass   Link
Jun: "Ali's thighs are too thick and she's not pretty." (ed. note HA!) NT

Jul 29 2003 01:40, Tue PeterD   Link
Jun & Dana.....robert is a 5 on looks but personality bumps him up to a 7 NT

Jul 29 2003 01:42, Tue Bert   Link
Dana & Jun trying to convince Justin that Amanda ...
wasn't hot. Justin says she's hot, she's slammin' and the girls are arguing with him, saying she wasn't that attractive. Justin gave her a 9, 9 for personality too.

Jul 29 2003 01:45, Tue Bert   Link
Dana - she's a little thick, if a guy likes that kind of thing ...
referring to Ali. Rob says he likes it thick. Jun said Ali is perfect from the waist to the neck.

Now Jun and Dana saying Erika isn't pretty. She looks like a man. Rob agrees. Jun commented on how bad Erika looks from the waist down.

Now going over Nate's looks. Dana said Nate is a 9 for looks.

Jul 29 2003 01:50, Tue Bert   Link
Michelle rated - guys say 8-1/2 ...
Jun and Dana say 7. Now they're back to Amanda. Complaining about some top Ali wore. They guys tell them to stop focusing on clothes. Guys don't pay attention to that sh*t.

Dan - Mich has to grow in to that face.
Jee - I think she's hot.
Dana - she was kinda thick. She's really flat-chested.
Dana - Nathan has a perfect body.

Jul 29 2003 01:54, Tue Bert   Link
More rating the HGs BS ...
Dana - She was borderline too skinny (Amanda). You could see her spine.
Jun - Last week I could see your spine.
Dana - I was on PB&J
Dana - Ali isn't even in that great of shape. Her thighs are terrible.

Now trashing Ali's wardrobe.

Dana - sometimes she (Ali) looks beautiful, but only with makeup.
Dana - Michelle didn't ever wash her eyes. She never washed her eyes.
Jun - she never took her makeup off, never. she had natural good looks, she didn't need all that.
Dana - Jee, if I was into Asian dudes, you'd be hot. I just am not into Asian dudes. You're a cool dude. You're funnier than hell.
Jee - thanks.

Jul 29 2003 02:06, Tue Bert   Link
Dana - I get really down on myself ...
Dana - sometimes mirrors are your worst enemy.
Rob - the only cool women in the house are you two.
Jee - Erika makes me sick. Everytime I'm in the jacuzzi, I can't stand being in there with her. She really makes me uncomfortable. In here she makes me feel like --- oooo, leave.
Dana - she's scary looking
Jee - just her expressions like when she talks to you ... she's shady, she's real shady.
Dana - Ali - if i made friends with her, my friends would beat my ass.
Dana say all her friends are secure. Don't need to gas each other up.
Jee - My girl is a F'n hottie. Really down to earth. All right that's enough talk about her.

Jul 29 2003 02:10, Tue Bert   Link
They think Julie Chen will ask Justin ...
Justin - I know Julie is gonna ask me something like, how do you feel with your ex-girlfriend on the block, then getting saved ... I'm gonna say, I think Nathan is an F'n a**hole.

Rob - again Robert is talking about how mature they all are.
Jun says she doesn't need any more friends.
Dana has friends in Chicago, LA, St. Louis, Florida, Virginia - she's tight with all them.

Jee - you guys have to stay in touch with me because I'll slack off with that.
Jun - do you guys have drug testing for work?
Dana - No, I work in a F'n karate school. They don't know about it, they'd die if they KNEW (smart Dana). Even when I was in the soccer thing ... (missed too much) had to cover up for smoking pot the night before, was going to have a drug test, drank a bottle of vinegar.
Dana - they almost called an ambulance for me. They sent me home, I was so sick. I was sick for three days. They sent me home sick, I got out of the drug test.

Jul 29 2003 02:12, Tue Bert   Link
Justin said he knows some guy who ate a cottonball with Clorox ...
so he could pass drug tests. He passed every test. Dana said she'd never do something like that (she just admitted to drinking a jug of vinegar).
Jee talking about how he got some stuff from GNC to pass a drug test.

They look out the HOH window and see Nate. They say he's drunk.

Jul 29 2003 02:15, Tue Bert   Link
Ali doesn't have that woman thing going on ...
according to Dana. Only that trashy thing.
Jee - She's gonna look like a giant ho on TV.
Justin - and she always talks about her boyfriend. What a joke. She even made a t-shirt for him.
Jee - saying that Ali if F'n retarded, how can she act like that. You can't hold a conversation with her. I don't think she's stupid.
Jun - she has a lot of cunning.
Now they're saying Ali & Nate have no street smarts.

Jul 29 2003 02:21, Tue Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
This convo started when Robert told them what Dave said about her coming on to him NT

Jul 29 2003 02:20, Tue Bert   Link
Around the feeds ...
1 & 2, Nate, Ali, Erika, Jack finishing up a card game and saying good night to each other (not sure where David was).

3 & 4, Dana brushing her teeth while Jee and Justin watch.

Jul 29 2003 02:27, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
Robert tells Erika that David is definately going NT

Jul 29 2003 02:35, Tue Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Erika goes to HOH crying, asks if she can give Dave her vote
Dana says yes. Erika says she can't deal with the fact Dave's leaving.
Erika tells them she has said if Dave goes that she wants to leave the next week. Dana tells her to channel her anger towards Nate.
Erika says Dave is her mental stability.

Jul 29 2003 02:33, Tue Bert   Link
Erika crying and being comforted by ManTroll?
Erika to Jack outside - I don't want to go to sleep, because tomorrow will suck.

Erika went inside and Dana is telling her she has all of us. Like for support.
Erika is crying - Can I at least give him my vote (not vote against David).
Dana - Of course.
E - it's hard because he makes this place totally bearable.
Dana - he puts a smile on my face ...
E - I just can't believe he's gonna leave, he's not just my ally.
Dana - if someone was taking Jun away from me, I'd be freaking out. I'd want to go out of here.
E - it sucks.
Dana - I don't like having done this.
Dana - channel your anger at Nathan, he's a bastard, he did this.
Dana is apologizing profusely. Says she understand. Sorry she had to do it. If you need to talk, come talk to us.
Dana - he's gonna be walking out of here with a big smile on his face, and we're all gonna be crying.

Jul 29 2003 02:34, Tue max1204   Link
Erica crying in HoH room
She says she can't deal with Dave leaving. Dana is trying to console her.
D: If someone was taking Jun away from me now, I'd be f--king freaking out.

Dana and Jun say none of them are happy about voting Dave out, and Dana says to channel her anger toward the "bastard" Nate. She says she's not going to even acknowledge his existence in the house because she's having to vote Dave out.

Dana says "whatever she (Erica) needs" she'll help out, such as talking with them "without a doubt, without a doubt. And he's going to be walking out of here with a big f*cking smile on his face" because the girls are going to be inside the house crying.

And now they are saying f--- Nate, and Jun and Dana are saying they don't want to vote Dave out but have to, and Erica says she understands.

Jul 29 2003 02:37, Tue max1204   Link
Dana's wholeheartedness continues
It makes Dana so mad; she says she could deal with Nathan if Ali wasn't around because he "adapts" to whatever group he's around. But it "sucks" that both of them will be around. "It f-cking pisses me off" that Dave won't be sequestered with them. She says she'll "go nuts" (Ed. note: WILL go nuts?) because she didn't put up Nathan.

Jun says that they'd be okay if Erica voted for Dave, but she's the "only" one. Erica says she's asking them permission to vote for David.

Robert comes in...

Jul 29 2003 02:37, Tue Bert   Link
DR asked Dana if ....
she was letting her emotions control her. She said she told them absolutely yes, when it comes to Nathan. He did not have to do that. We were playing a game. He went way beyond the game. I F'n hate him.

Jul 29 2003 02:42, Tue Bert   Link
These people just don't understand the game ... says Dana
Dan - they just don't understand that game.
Erika mentioned that Dave wanted to be in there long enough to get some money for something.
E - he fought for this country
Dana - and Nathan lives at home. This is gonna really hurt Robert too.
E - I was in denial that maybe David could stay, until Robert told me he's going.
Dana - he's a threat in the game, this isn't a humanitarian show. It sucks, it sucks real bad. All day we were back and forth. We'll keep Dave, we'll do this, we'll do this, we'll do this, then realized he's a strong player, have to take out the strong player.
E - I just wish it were after the sequester so he could get paid.
Dan - so do I, so do I.

Jul 29 2003 02:43, Tue max1204   Link
Nate pinched Ali, and Ali says "say you're sorry"
Nate replies: "I'd rather suffocate."

It's all in good fun. Ali says "your head is like..." (meaning he's arrogant)

Jul 29 2003 02:44, Tue max1204   Link
Ali to Nate: "No more booze for you" NT

Jul 29 2003 02:52, Tue max1204   Link
Jee says he used to get beat up a lot when he was little...everyone laughs NT

Jul 29 2003 02:55, Tue max1204   Link
Robert implies his group shouldn't believe anything Erica says NT

Jul 29 2003 02:58, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika returns to Desert room. Starts crying again and says that she doesn't want to say goodbye to either of them
goes out to the hammock for a minute then back to the room.
Tells Dave he makes it bearable for her.Still crying.
While at the hammock she said to herself "Don't know who to hate more"
Leaves again says to herself "Hate this place.Rather go with David"
Back in the room. Tells Jack "Since I know you're staying I'm going to vote to evict you"

Jul 29 2003 02:58, Tue max1204   Link
Dana and Jun are telling the Stooges about Erica
The thing is, Nate and Ali have to be able to hear them (Jun, Justin, Dana, Robert and Jee) because they're in the next room.

They (Stooges plus the stooges' bitches) make fun of Erica's crying spell, and Robert says she's crying because she knows her back's against the wall.

Jun calls Ali and Nate something like "pu**y mother-f*ckers" when Dana tries to shush her because Ali and Nate can hear.

Jun: It's not like we're sending him back to Vietnam or something.

Jun says Erica needs to get over it; Jun says they have to win, they can't depend on Erica and Jack to win HoH -- they won't try because they want the Dark Side to do the dirty work for them.

Jul 29 2003 02:59, Tue max1204   Link
Jun has NO compassion for Erica
"Get f*cking over it," Jun keeps saying of Erica.

Jul 29 2003 03:02, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
Dave doesn't mind. Says it was a fluke he was on the show anyway, a whim.
Plans on calling Amanda. He's 100% fine with it. Happy to have had the exposure. Had nothing to lose to begin with.

Jul 29 2003 03:05, Tue max1204   Link
Mantroll says (again) they only have one person to blame for the situation NT

Jul 29 2003 03:08, Tue max1204   Link
Jack says it's going to be boring around the house without Dave
...without Dave. He says Dave cracks everyone up, and Dave says Jack cracks him up. Dave says it'll be good he can call her (Amanda).

Now Erica, Jack and Dave are blaming Dana again, saying she was so stupid to put up a pawn (Nate) against Ali.

Dave says he can't wait to see what's on the Internet. Erica says everyone will love him: "Why did they vote out the most interesting person -- David?"

Jack adds he's the most fun guy in the house: "The perfect reason to vote you out."

Jul 29 2003 03:09, Tue misspixistix   Link
David is looking forward to calling Amanda when he gets out. NT

Jul 29 2003 03:10, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika blaming Dana for Dave's exit.
Dave worried about what's on the internet.
Erika and Jack said they'll be saying "How could you vote out the most interesting person in the house.

Earlier Jack said he became bored after Scott left.
They both say all the fun has been taken out of the house.

Jul 29 2003 03:31, Tue Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
20 minutes later... Erika say she doesn't know who to blame more Dana or Nate. Jack firmly states"Dana" NT

Jul 29 2003 03:48, Tue Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
35 minutes later...Ericka firmly after Dana. Calls it her goal. Ali and Nate have entered
and both ask "Before Justin?" They think Justin and Dana should be up together. Jun third on Ali's list.
Dave says he would get rid of Jun before Dana. "She's the brains"

Jul 29 2003 03:12, Tue max1204   Link
The final four: Jee, Jack, Erica and Robert
So says Erica (and Jack agrees). Dave says: Don't forget about Jun, she's a big threat.

Jack says that Jun is the reason he's still in the house.

Erica says she doesn't understand the logic as to why they say Dave is the bigger threat because Jack's a great player. Now Dave's analyzing how Jack plays the game.

Jul 29 2003 03:14, Tue max1204   Link
Dave predicts CBS will lose ratings after he's evicted NT

Jul 29 2003 03:14, Tue misspixistix   Link
David helping Jack and Erika strategize
Next week J and E are in a pristine position.
They need to try to work with the three stoodges. They can be front men to get Dana and Jun out for them.

If Nate and Ali get it, it's good too because that's one down on the stoodges side.

After that things will be up in the air from week to week.

Erika says the final four could be her and Jack and Jee and Robert.

Jul 29 2003 03:15, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
David talking strategy with them
May not want to win HOH this week. They must get in with the stooges. When their time comes put up Dana and Jun.
Dave gives Erika credit for getting him started in the game that he was just goofing around at first. That she was responsible for clueing him in about Dana.

Jul 29 2003 03:28, Tue Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
10 minutes later...Dave says Jun is the most intelligent. He would put up Justin and Jun NT

Jul 29 2003 03:17, Tue frustratedposter   Link
the sandbox
Erika pacing, Jack sitting in his bed, Dave on his

they seem quite upset.

talking about how they don't want either to go (ED yeah, right, Erika)i

Dave seems to be set to go. Erika assures him that there will be agents lined up waiting for him after he leaves, so not to worry. Dave is looking forward to the money he's earned while in the house, and keeps saying it's no big deal.

Jack calls himself a boring guy, says he's been staying under the radar. Is afraid the house is going to be very boring once Dave leaves.

Erika tells them about how she said in the DR that the pawn thing never works. It's so FOTHed up. It's so FOTHed up.

Dave is looking forward to seeing what's on the internet. Erika assures him that there's nothing to worry about, that the internet will love him.

Dave figures there will be all kinds of pictures of him from when he was younger.

Jack is so sorry to see him go, and was so sure Jack would be leaving. Says dave is unpredictable, he's funny, he's athletic, so that's perfect reasons to vote him off.

Erika continues her fake nervous pacing, finally climbs in to her bed.

Dave now talking about how the 3 stoogies are now going to have to do their own dirty work to get Jun/Dana out, once Nat/Ali are gone. Recommends to Jack to get on their good side by making the same offer to them that he did, that he can do the nom of Jun/Dana for them if they keep him around (ED cause that worked so well for David???)

Erika saying how Dana loves Dave, but they consider him a huge threat. She doesn't understand how they don't think Jack is a bigger threat.

Dave explains that Jack started playing the game from day one. Dave fooled around then started to be obvious that he was playing, so they are more on to him. Jack is not seen as one cause he comes across as bland, and of course, he's older.

Dave is looking forward to seeing the footage of his antics, like when he hung upside down on the punching bag. Jack mentions it's stuff like that that makes him more obviously a threat. Dave says that he's looking forward to the tour they promised for when he is evicted (of the BB set, control room????)

Dave now talking about who will be meeting him. Thinks it will be tough on his mom cause it's mid week, and she works.

Dave decides to go to DR right now and make a request about who meets him Wed nite

Erika wept.

Jul 29 2003 03:17, Tue max1204   Link
Erica crying again, saying "either way I lose" (if Jack or Dave left) NT

Jul 29 2003 03:26, Tue max1204   Link
For those needing to gag - Justin and Dana in single bed together NT

Jul 29 2003 03:28, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Jack telling Erika how much he has been pushing to keep Dave in
for Erika's sake. Says there are terrible stresses on her, esp with Ratbert here, and that having Dave around lightens the mood, and that's what she needs.

Erika sobs how she knew Jack wouldn't wind up going. Jack says that Dave is very valuable to their alliance.

Now they are discussing how Dave is totally a different person than they expected. Said they thought he was just never gonna shut up, but then were surprised when he became such a good game player.

Jack and Erika now think they can still go pretty far in the game, with Dave (and I suppose Nat/Ali gone) they will be able to coast a little more. They are less visible. Dave is the obvious threat.

Erika... sob.... feels... sob... horrible... sob...

Dave returns, back from DR. Says Alright, that's done. it's the night guy. I owe that guy a case of beer.

Jack says that Erika is gonna miss you a lot to Dave.

Dave tells them to Keep on Truckin'. He appreciates it, but that's how it works. They have to start winning those competitions. Ali knows the mirrors, windows, plants, everything in the back yard.

Dave explaining they have to either keep wiht Nat/Ali or start playing the other side. Erika thinks if Justin can be evicted, they could get Robert and/or Jee with them. Jun is the smartest one. She is in control, of the game and her emotions. She basically brings the attention of the game to the others.

Dave recommends putting Justin against Jun.

Erika says Jun and she are the 2 most level headed players. That's the reason she called her out when she was in the HOH. Both she and Jun play without their emotions showing.

Ali wanders in, and they shut up. Ali seems to be looking for her mic.

Ali says they accused her of telling Dave he was going, and that's why he went in the DR. Heard them say F this F that, that bitch. Nat told her not to say anything.

Jack saying it shouldn't have happened. Dav and he on block just shouldn't have happened. (ED stopping short of blaming Nat)

Ali: I can't deal with this. This isn't mature now.

Jul 29 2003 03:29, Tue frustratedposter   Link
F1/2 Sandbox. (Dv, Al, Er, Jack) F3/4 Dn Justin in single bed) NT

Jul 29 2003 03:33, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Ali is telling them about their studying
saying they are studying things, actions, all kinds of details. Jack compliments her on her phenomenal memory.

Dave says he's the most relaxed person in the house right now.

(they are talking very low right now, hard to hear the details)

feed dies (and coffee empty) so post

Jul 29 2003 03:35, Tue Bert   Link
David promises Ali that he'll call Dana ManTroll on the live show NT

Jul 29 2003 03:36, Tue max1204   Link
Erica calls Stooges "complete morons" NT

Jul 29 2003 03:38, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali plans all day study session. That Nate won't be allowed outside
Now telling Erika that they are over there calling her a bitch for wanting to tell David. Erika explains why she went (asking to give Dave a vote)and starts crying again (breifly)
Nate enters and explains that is just the way they act. Talking about people and calling them names behind their backs.

Jul 29 2003 03:54, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Sand Box
Discussing how they are going to be picked off one by one.

Ali says they need to get HOH over and over. figure they will be able to pull Jee over to their side if they can hold HOH

Dave has an idea. he thinks he can force being overheard. he wants Dana or Jun to hear him say how the stooges can't wait to get in position to vote out Dana and Jun, since that is their plan. he wants it to seem like they weren't suppposed to hear that.

Nate is now in the room also, laying on Jack's bed with him. Ali is on Dave's bed.

Erika telling Ali that Justin has to be the first one to go. They will have lots more chance to win competitions once Justin is gone. Then they will force Jee/Rob to turn against Dana sooner.

Dave thinks Jun needs to go soon. She's the brains; the rest of them are so stupid. Nat thinks Justin holds that group together and Jun is the brains. The rest are along for the ride. Once Justin is gone, and Jun is either nom'd or out, they will fall apart. (ED this of course means they have to actually win and HOH)

They seem so certain that HOH will be a cognitive game. Thinking about pictures. Questions about how they played the dif games.

Jack thinks they took the shirts (from last comp) because the colors of the shirts will be questions.

Now going over the details of competitions. Who had what when and where, when the whistle blew. Counting balls now (no, not Nat's balls, he don't have any)

Dave leaves the room again. They continue to go over this competition (i assume the one we haven't seen yet, the Veto comp)

Nate says the others think that Nat/Ali are isolated. Don't think that they are still an alliance. More about the number of plants in the house. 175 circles here, how many stripes are there.

Nate now remembering they ask a lot in the DR about phrases. Who said what. What HG said this. Ali hasn't been asked about that stuff. Erika says if it who said "fixin' to do" they know it is Nate.

They figure it will be about times when they are all together. Has to be or not fair. First time they are all together is when they introduced themselves, but then realize that the exes weren't there.

Ali filling them in on some more details that the others don't remember.

(ED. they are NOT at all discussing the evicted HGs. shows they haven't seen the show, since there always are questions about the ones that are gone already)

Toilet flushes, so they whisper even more, afraid they will be overheard.

Ali calls Dana so trashy, then says let's not be catty like they are.

severe whispering now, fear that someone may be listening in

Erika looks toward the door (to use her xray vision to see if anyone is out there???)

Jul 29 2003 03:54, Tue max1204   Link
Erica: "My focus is now the Mantroll" NT

Jul 29 2003 04:01, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Ali on Jun: she will not let you cook, told her i wanted to cook, she won't let you
Ali thinks tonites dinner was bad. too much spice

Nate says that he knew from Day 2 that JUn was going to use feeding as a tool to stay in the house

Ali complaining that Jun was going on and on about a mess, and it was just some popsicle stuff, and she said "i did it jun)

Nat talking about how much the others think they are so in control now.

Dave is glad that he will finally be able to jerk off!

Nate now back to how 2 minutes before noms Dana told Ali she was safe. 2 minutes! that's why he was so pissed off.

feed failing, yet again, so post

Jul 29 2003 04:02, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
Trading stories about Dana and Jun making comments about them
Ali tells them she said to Dana " This licorice is better than what we had in sequester" and that Dana did not reply. Then Ali walked away and she heard Dana say "How dare she say that to me"
Jack tells Nate that Dana and Jun went ballistic this morning when Nate made some bacon. Nate asks why?
Jack says because they were making sausage and said he had NO RIGHT to be making bacon.
Everyone having a pretty good laugh at Dana and Jun for their pettiness

Jul 29 2003 04:09, Tue Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Jack says Robert was trashing one of their handlers
says it was a bunch of No Class Horsesh*t.
Laughing about Robert telling Justin that he has contacts with Warner Bros. and that Justin will kick his as* when he comes out to visit and finds he lied.
Ali talks about her talks with Robert, asking about what he drives, his house and such. Erika tells them he has no car, it got repossesed and that he has no house, he lives with his parents in a home owned by his grandparents

Jul 29 2003 04:12, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Ali walks out of house, saying "i love her. i'm so inviting her to my wedding" (sarcasm noted)
Erika asks Dave if she can go instead of him. Dave says sure

Dave now adjusting a blanket around his waist/legs, hiding himself while he puts pants on

Erika discussing Robert is a con man. Saying see how he was going around today with the whole earthquake thing. Nat says he can see how insecure he is by how much he lies about things.

Erika says she's been telling everone he's a phony.

Erika is calling him on his lies. About the car he drives (his parents, his was repossessed) his house. Saying how nothing is really like he's been telling everyone. Erika saying all the exes are all around him, cause he's a perfect con man. he's perfect for this show. Erika has nothing to hide in terms of Rob, she was a perfect GF, nothing to hide

Ali now talking about how she will never turn on anyone in this room. The final four will be from this room

Ali tried to talk to Rob this am, then miss what she says

Dave guarantees once Justin is gone, Dan/JUn will turn on them.

Ali says they are the meanest people. Doesn't want to live with them. She and Nat emphasize that they will never stoop to their level. Dave recommends you kill 'em with kindness.

NOw talking bout Dan/Jun getting upset when Erika and Ali were splashed before. Nat talking bout Jun now, how she's pissing him off. how she talks sh*t behind peoples back. and her ass hanging out of her shorts. disgusting. jsut disguting.

(ED good thing they aren't gonna be catty, imagine what they would say if they were)

Nat saying he and Ali always had Erika's back when it came to noms.

more heavy whispers, hard to follow

Jul 29 2003 04:17, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Nate: we have to get em off guard again
we gotta do it. gotta get em off guard again

Ali wishes the spinning chair was an HOH

nate will get the veto this week, as long as it's athletic

Erika can't wait til .... fades to whispers (this is getting worse)

Nat says Dana thinks Jack has no athletic ability. Nat can't wait til he gets to see Dana put the HOH key on Ali's neck. laughing all around

Jul 29 2003 04:27, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika: "It's the We Hate Dana Show"
Talking how the public must be rooting for their side. The TV viewing public must all hate Dana because everyone in the house hates her.
Most of the talk on studying for the competitions

Jul 29 2003 04:37, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Dave planning his answer to Joooleee about being on the block
how he's gonna go off on her

they remind him live means 5 sec delay, so it won't go out over the air

More HOH comp talk, Nat sure it will be a memory game. He is sure, whatever it is, athletic or smarts, they got it for sure.

Ali mentions expect the unexpected. says dave there may still be hope for you.

Ali now talking about wanting to move in to the Sand Box, she can't stand the fact that "they" are sleeping right next to her.

Nate tells them the tide is gonna change. All chime in "it has to"

Ali saying if they (stoogies) win one, and we go out, the viewers are gonna be pissed

Erika talking about how it has become the "we hate dana show" referring to her Dr entries, i think

Erika says she would pay money to see Ali deck Dana

Ali talking about a dream, the nite before Nat won the veto. She threw something down, and Dana decks her. And she says she told her that Dana, you just bought yourself a one-way ticket to NYC!

Yet more discussion about shirt colors, and duckball questions. Going over the details again.

(ED looked back to week 4 HOH last year, and was based on evicted HG and Roddy, as outgoing HOH. They are not studying up on the evicted HGs, just detail about the house and the remaining HGs, so they better beware)

all quiet now. Dave has Amandas hat on, and is lying back in his bed. Erika also seems ready to sleep. Ali/Nat stay in place, Jack still sitting up

NOw discussing the shock factor at last eviction. HOw Justin was sure Joooolee misread the results. How he thought they voted for who should stay, not who should go.

Discussing who they will be nominating. Dana or Jun? they are not sure yet. Jun can't do anything athletic. Now talking how Dana screwed up by not putting up Ali/Nat, cause she was so mad at ali, she wanted to be sure she left. Was sure the veto wouldn't be used.

Nat saying how Dana will vote for JUn, Rob for Justin if they put Jun/Jus up. They wonder if it will be a tiebreaker. Justin has a good chance of winning veto, with his athletic ability and his massive intelligence. Ali says he is very smart.

Dave says ya gotta get rid of Justin.

Back to how Dana didn't win HOH, they lost it. Came down do that d*mned button. Comments on "good job Dana!:

Ali/Nat decide time to go to sleep, and they leave, ali saying sleep tight guys

The Sand Box crew settles in to bed. Dave says he still has 2 full days to pull as many pranks as possible. Jack says yep, 2 full days.

Chatter about the DR people, Sean relays messages, night guy wants a case of beer. Don't really follow this.

they are getting quiet now, Jack climbs in to sleep position (can see him in mirror, as F1 is aimed at Dv/Erika)

all quiet in the sand box, so gonna switch back to quad

Jul 29 2003 04:38, Tue frustratedposter   Link
around the feeds: F1,2,3 on Sandbox, F4 is love room, not sure who is in the bed we can see NT

Jul 29 2003 04:40, Tue Debra_Kadabra   Link
Meeting breaking up
Erika "I have a good idea, let's sneak over there in the night and kill them all"

David "I'll do it for the prizemoney"

Nate " Just the look on their face when we win will be satisfaction enough"

Talk of who to put up again
Nate says Dana will have a mental breakdown if she's put up.
Ali still wants Jun up and Nate counters that Jun isn't athletic at all.
They all end up agreeing that they have to go after Justin first.

Jul 29 2003 04:44, Tue Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
After Ali and Nate leave Erika asks David if he thinks she should go after HOH now
David doesn't know yet.
Jack thinks they should still lay low but it depends on events as they happen in the contest. It would be better for Ali or Nate to win but if it looks like they aren't going to win he is willing to break his agreement, win and put them up.

Jul 29 2003 04:55, Tue Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
About all deciding on Justin
Erica tells Jack it's about who do we hate the most, Jun or Dana?Jack tells her that we control our anger and get even. Keep an even temperment, that's how we get even.

Dave says he trying to think of a way to go out with a bang
and Erika suggests he call Dana an ugly Mantroll to her face, adding "Please!"

Jul 29 2003 04:48, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Erika and Jack think they will lay low for this HOH yet again
they seem to feel it best to have Nat/ali get it. they can sit back and get a better read on the situation, and give them some cover.

if they see Nat/Ali go down, they will be in much better position to break their agreement. If they win it, can put Jus/Dana up. but they still think it is best that they lay low again.

will this backfire on them??? tune in to see

jack goes out for some advil. erika likes the idea, does the same. they start to settle in for sleep, yet again

Jul 29 2003 04:54, Tue frustratedposter   Link
Dave now lying in bed, legs in the air
(OH MY!)

David considers putting the group down as a whole in his speech. Erika chastises him

David wants to make an impression on America.

Jack starts to snore, dave settles in with Amanda's hat, and Erika sighs and turns over to sleep

so, post

Jul 29 2003 04:58, Tue frustratedposter   Link
all quiet around the feeds, looks like the nite is over NT

Jul 29 2003 08:13, Tue Anonymous   Link
All still sleeping in the house NT

Jul 29 2003 08:39, Tue Anonymous   Link
Jack is out of bed feeds not on him now NT

Jul 29 2003 08:41, Tue Anonymous ParentRootLink
Went to WC, now back in bed NT

Jul 29 2003 09:44, Tue frustratedposter   Link
still asleep all around - and feeds keep popping in/out for me NT

Jul 29 2003 10:01, Tue frustratedposter   Link
BB: good morning HG, time to get up for the day NT

Jul 29 2003 10:02, Tue nojobny   Link
BB: Good Morning HG, it's time to get up for the day- Noon Eastern - 9am BBT Good morning. This is
a reminder that today you must cast your eviction votes in the DR

Jul 29 2003 10:03, Tue frustratedposter   Link
BB: good morning HG, just a reminder, today you must cast your eviction votes in the DR NT

Jul 29 2003 10:03, Tue Strange_Brewster   Link
Reminder from BB they will be casting theit eviction votes today in the DR NT

Jul 29 2003 10:11, Tue Strange_Brewster   Link
Jun up, Robert up, Dana up NT

Jul 29 2003 10:17, Tue frustratedposter   Link
BB: Attn HGs there are fresh batteries in the SR.... etc NT

Jul 29 2003 10:38, Tue nojobny   Link
Robert just told
Jac, Jun & DN in the HOH that the game for the next HOH is out in the yard for them to practice. It's a physical comp with water jugs and balls.

(Ed: so much for Ali's studying)

Jul 29 2003 10:39, Tue nojobny   Link
Jun, reacting to the HOH comp
It's kind of gay. They could have come up with something better.

Er: who thinks up these things

Jul 29 2003 10:42, Tue nojobny   Link
Ali & Er are the only ones in the BR practicing. Ali is trying all types of angles & techniques NT

Jul 29 2003 10:47, Tue Sunflake   Link
HOH Competition Info:
There is a water jug filled with blue ping pong balls.
The HGs have to stand on a platform, and empty out the ping pong balls into these black tubes that are on the ground. It looks like maybe 10-15 balls will fit in the tube on the ground.
Basically they have to shake the balls out of the water jug and into the black tube. The balls get stuck a lot in the water jug and won't come out easily.

I don't know about how high you have to hold the jug or any of that yet.

Allie just mentioned it is timed. Jun said two hands must be on the water jug at all times.

Jul 29 2003 10:54, Tue Sunflake ParentRootLink
They went to FOTH when Ali asked a question about it....more comp info:
Ali asked if they had to hold it at a certain angle. FOTH while BB answered her question. They HGs think this is "gay" (their word, not mine).
Justin, Ali, Jack, Jun and Erika are all practicing.

On F3 & 4: Dana in HOH with Robert, Jun has joined them to give her opinion of the competition.

Jack asks if it says how far off the platform it has to be.
Ali tells Jack that Nate & her figure Dave is leaving, so they are voting for Dave to stay.
Nate comes out and Ali says he can't do anything until he masters this. They have to hold the jug straight up and waist height or above

Jul 29 2003 10:55, Tue Jana_aka_ioksco ParentRootLink
Have to hold jug above waste - with 2 hands NT

Jul 29 2003 11:16, Tue Sunflake   Link
Not much going on.....
All the houseguests (except Dana & Dave) are trying the competition and sucking equally at it. They are trying to develop a strategy for playing.

Dana seems to think that it will be Q & A and for each question you get right, you get a ping pong ball. She is trying to figure out the competiton. Her, Justin & Rob are trying to figure out what angle BB has planned for the comp. they don't believe that what they see is it. They are convinced there is more to it.

Dave is up and into kitchen. Rob, Dana and Justin tell him they got HOH comp. stuff, and that it's stupid. Dave doesn't "get it", he says, "that's it?" and goes out to investigate.

Jun says, I can't stand them. (I think Ali & Nate), Rob says, I can't see both those people.

Jul 29 2003 11:25, Tue Sunflake   Link
Ali & Nate watch & critique others....
...Erika is practicing a lot too. I have this on all 4 feeds now. Alison got up and is practicing too. BB tells her to put on her mic, she is looking for it.
David was told to put on his mic, and has returned to try his hand again at the comp.

Erika broke a base off one of the black tubes. "Oh Uh, I broke it", Dave, "sure did". ( I noticed earlier Justin banging it like crazy trying to get out a stuck ping pong ball)

Just the 4 of them practicing (on all 4 frickin feeds). (Nate, Ali, Dave & Erika), Dave comments on the noise. He and Erika leave.

Nate & Ali are shaking less and swirling more. Ali is using a broom to sweep up the ping pong balls.

Finally something different on F 2 & 4, Justin & Dana at kitchen table, dang, I spoke too soon, back with all 4 feeds on backyard.
Nate thinks that this will give them the advantage, I think he's getting the hang of it. Ali says she isn't doing very well. Nate suggests she tries spinning the jug.

(The pain in the a$$ that a HG already mentioned, I forget who, is not the practicing, it's the picking up all the ping pong balls you missed. lol)

Still just Nate & Ali on all 4 feeds. Boring.


Jul 29 2003 11:31, Tue Sunflake   Link
Only Nate & Ali practicing so far. They are tenacious. Dana watches out window from kit. table. NT

Jul 29 2003 11:33, Tue Sunflake ParentRootLink
Erika has now joined them. (Not sure how long they have the stuff to practice, thought I heard till tonite.) NT

Jul 29 2003 11:44, Tue wrat1010   Link
After giving another technique a whirl, Dave to Nate: "Whatever. whatever. good luck with this sh#t" NT

Jul 29 2003 11:46, Tue Sunflake   Link
Practice, practice, practice, practice..... (boring)
Ali hates this game, Erika finds it very frustrating.
As I stated before, this has been on all 4 feeds, with occasional switched to the kitchen table where I saw Dana & Jee watching them out the window,

Jack has come out to sit with his coffee. Robert is sitting there too. (In the backyard where the "couches" are). He asks Robert, "So what the hell did people used to do?" Rob laughs.

Robert asks Jack about money competitions, Jack says something about a competiton where HGs could have their stipends increased to 1500/week. But don't hold him to that.

Dave has come over to practice with Nate & Ali.

So far I have yet to see Robert try it. Jun, Justin & Jee all tried it earlier and deemed it dumb and stupid.

Ali thinks that HOH will be a variation of this, like duckball was. Dave is whacking the ping pong balls like hockey pucks with the broom. Jack tells Ali to "shake & manipulate" her container. Ali says there has to be an easier way. Nate says they come out faster when you twist rather than shake. The aim is very inaccurate.

Dave is looking for loopholes, he is crouched down on the platform saying, "it has to be at your waist, right?" but Nate and Ali say "you have to STAND up."
He is now trying to figure out what BB means by holding it straight up. He wants to flip it upright, then straight down, that way it will be straight down when he shoots. He gives up saying, "whatever, whatever...good luck with this sh*t".

Jack comes over again. Dave thinks the variation is that the container is huge and YOU are the ball. Erika is called to the DR.

( ed note: This is STILL on all 4 feeds, sorry guys there isn't more to post, have to go to the doctors, BUH bye.)

Jul 29 2003 11:53, Tue max1204   Link
Lovely pic of Jun's rolls on F2 and F4...and I mean closeup NT

Jul 29 2003 12:14, Tue calgal   Link
erika is crying and talking to jack and said why's robert pissed off at me now? what'd i do NT

Jul 29 2003 12:18, Tue calgal   Link
erika says "this has gotten really dirty.. this game has gotten dirty.. it doesnt have to be this dirty NT

Jul 29 2003 12:39, Tue fishinlady   Link
Jun's Brothers advice
Jun tells Robert that her brother told her not to p*ss off the white girls because they'll always vote together. She says she already has.

Jul 29 2003 13:08, Tue jaylight   Link
Robs letting Justin stay at his house
Jee asks if Justin will sleep in the pool house robert says in the house .
Jee asks if they will be f*** buddies

Jul 29 2003 13:16, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Nathan asking if the sirens he hears are tornado or earthquake sirens. NT

Jul 29 2003 13:42, Tue SleeplessOnLI   Link
Dana gushing over how great "awesome" David is. She would date him right now (@ age 21) but in 5yrs., great BF/Dad, etc. NT

Jul 29 2003 13:52, Tue Bert   Link
What would you have done if Jun was put up?
Er & Dana in HOH talking. E was crying

E - asks Dana what she would have done if Jun was put up on the block and she won POV.

Dana said it would depend on the situation. She went on and on about it, how it would depend. Then she said she would definitely save her.

Then she said she would talk with Jun, it again would depend. (Going on and on). Now criticizing Nathan again. Saying "how dare you ..." about Nate.

I came in late on the conversation, but I believe Erika was trying to illustrate to Dana, Nate's thinking as far as saving Ali. I've seen both Jun and Erika both try to illustrate this to Dana, but there seems to be a disconnect with Dana between what she would do and what others will and have done.

Jul 29 2003 14:01, Tue SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Dana also said she was upset with Nate for not allowing HER to use POV (so that Scott would be put up.) "How dare him" for doing it to ME! NT

Jul 29 2003 13:56, Tue Bert   Link
Dana & Erika talk about what it will be like with Dave gone ...
Dana - it's gonna be bad for a few days. The intial shock of Dave being gone is gonna be bad.
E - I know, it was bad after Michelle left.
Dana - cuz he's like 4 people. He counts as 4 people.
E - he totally does
Dana - he knows I'm not happy about this, right?
E - he knows.
Dana - cuz that makes me feel better.
Dana says she wants to salute Dave in her farewell speech.
E - said she told the DR the world is a better place with Dave in it.

Jul 29 2003 13:58, Tue Bert   Link
David lying in bed, Erika comes in and jumps on his bed with him in it.
She was being funny with Dave. She thanks him for making her laugh. Talks about some specific silly thing he did yesterday with a bowl on his head and some gloves. How it will forever be imprinted on her brain. She laughs as she tells David this, but also sounds a bit choked up.

Jul 29 2003 14:00, Tue Bert   Link
Dana & Jun talking about Erika
Dana tells Jun that Erika is soooo pist at Nate, and won't forgive him because David is leaving. (Erika is playing Dana. I know this from a conversation in the sand room last night). Jun tells Dana that Erika might not forgive Nate, but she'll forget for awhile to get further in the game. Jun is in her patriotic bikini looking in the mirror in the HOH room. Dana left to go play cards on the couch with Justin.

Jul 29 2003 14:04, Tue Bert   Link
Erika & Ali practicing HOH comp ...
Justin comments that he's gonna ask the DR how long that sh*t is gonna be in the BY. He seems annoyed that it's still out there. Ali and Erika practice. Robert comes in and reports that they're practicing and not doing very well.

Just is explaining that the people who watch the BB show think that the HGs are voting essentially live, and that they (we) don't know they vote the day before.

Apparently, it's muggy and cloudy outside the BB house today.

Jul 29 2003 14:13, Tue Bert   Link
Practice, practice, practice ...
Ali, Nate and Erika continue practicing the HOH comp in the BY while Jun suns herself. Dana watches them out the window, trying to analyze what seems to be working. Robert & Jee just came outside. I hear them off-camera. I hear Jack outside off camera too.

Jul 29 2003 14:27, Tue Bert   Link
The practicing has stopped - around the feeds ...
1 & 2 - Dana and Justin playing cards, talking about how tired they are. Erika just came in to eat. Rob came inside too. Rob told Dana & Justin they should go outside, it's nice. Just - F*ck that, it's too hot. Dana - it's too muggy.
3 & 4 - Jee working on something with Ali looking on and talking to him. Perhaps writing text for a t-shirt? Jun sunning herself. Cant see anybody else

Jul 29 2003 14:36, Tue Bert   Link
Robert in the hammock, before he sat down, he moved the pool floats ...
Whenever someone is in the hammock, other HGs plan and strategize how to run outside and jump in the pool, splashing the hammock victim. Justin was considering doing this too Robert a little while ago, but stretched yawned and changed his mind.

Apparently, Robert thinks the pool floats, placed in the pool closest to the hammock might prevent some of the splashing if he is splashed.

You can almost hear a pin drop outside and in, with the expecption of Dana and Justin comments while playing cards. Seems like Justin is mostly just shuffling the cards, while Dana watches. Erika just went to lie down on the couch, pulled a blanket over her. David is sleeping. Jack and Nate are on the patio furniture that's off to the corner by the dryer. I think Ali and Jee are still on chaise lounges in the shade, and Jun sunning. All feeds are on Nate and Jack right now.

Jul 29 2003 14:41, Tue Bert   Link
Erika is crying again ...
There's no conversation. She and Dana are on the couch. Erika is wearing David's army cap. She's lying down on a pillow with a blanket. She has David's cap pulled down over her eyes, but you can tell she is crying. Dana is eating something.

Now there's some discussion between Dana and Jee about the vaccuum.

Now Er & Dana talking about food. E asked Dana if she's an emotional eater. Dana said yes, now elaborating about her binge eating.

Jun walked across the screen. I believe she came in to get something to eat. Hard to tell, all feeds on Dana & Erika on couch.

Jul 29 2003 14:48, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Dana complaining she might be next to leave
She states if Nate wins HOH, he splitting her and jun/justin up and she is going to win the m fing veto like a m f-er

Jul 29 2003 14:50, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Nate is telling Ali that she's safe and he has saved her
but twice, he can do it again, she says "you better!" Ali is sunning in the pool and Nate is staring off, no convo.

Jul 29 2003 14:59, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Burger King lunches arrived, and Jun walks over
and says "Oh my god you have to try this it is so tender" looks like she is carving a roast beef, HGs are eating her cooking with their BK, all settleing in for lunch now

Jul 29 2003 15:04, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Jack called to DR, then FOTH, now he is still at the table eating NT

Jul 29 2003 15:17, Tue joannie   Link
Erica is on the hammock rocking slowly. She is wearing Dave's hat
She is petting the turtle. I hear a voice (Rob's?) say, "She's on the hammock, Jee. Erica. Let's do it."

Jul 29 2003 15:18, Tue Bert   Link
Erika, on the hammock, talks to a turtle while Rob is off in the distance ...
stalking her, planning to splash her by jumping in the pool. He tried to get others to do it, but no takers.

Now Erika is getting up.

Rob - Sh*t, I was about to get you. I was just finishing my Coke.
E laughs a little.

Jul 29 2003 15:20, Tue joannie   Link
Robert and Jee are sitting outside by the dryer. They say they have to make up a name for Justin.
Something that means "pussy-whipped."

Jul 29 2003 15:23, Tue joannie   Link
Dana and Justin are lying on the HOH bed. He has his head in her lap. NT

Jul 29 2003 15:23, Tue Bert   Link
Jee cracked a joke - dental floss is a blindfold for Asians ... NT

Jul 29 2003 15:24, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Dana and Justin in HOH, talking about Justin's hair and how he better
get Dave to cut it short tonight because who knows tomorow

Jul 29 2003 15:24, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Michelle and Davids pics and keys are being shown on F1 and F3 NT

Jul 29 2003 15:24, Tue joannie   Link
Feeds 1 and 3 zoom in on Dave's picture. NT

Jul 29 2003 15:26, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Nate and Dave in LR and Erica walks in with a huge blue blanket wrapped around her, she looks funny. NT

Jul 29 2003 15:36, Tue joannie   Link
Erika, Alison and Dave play cards in the LR. Nate lies on the couch watching. NT

Jul 29 2003 15:38, Tue joannie   Link
Dana holding court in the HOH room with Justin and Jee.
Jee talks about spanking girls. "I love it when they ask me to."

Dana: "I like a little hair-pulling."

Jul 29 2003 15:44, Tue joannie   Link
Jun and Dana in the HOH room dissing Ali. NT

Jul 29 2003 15:47, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Nate called to DR, Dana in HoH
Dana mocking BB questions stating they are asking "how do you feel now that you betrayed you alliance...answers as Nate "well, feeds cut out on me, now all feeds are in BY showing peeps practicing for competition

Jul 29 2003 15:52, Tue mommamia   Link
Queen Jun laying in the sun...
telling the stooges how to do the balls

too funny!!!

Jul 29 2003 16:17, Tue pixiegirl   Link
F1 just showed a close up of Jun's back tatoo NT

Jul 29 2003 16:28, Tue Phantom   Link
Ratbert's future plans.
"We did this for 3 months. If I get recognized for like a year, it'll be worth it. And a couple of commercials." Later he says that 'they will think you are something special, but won't know.'

No further comment required.

Jul 29 2003 16:29, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Justin and robert in BY at pool
talking how no will remember what's her name (Amanda) because she was evicted first, they are saying to be remembered the most is to stay in the house the longest, Jun comes out, questioned did she s*ck Jack off and replies yeah, he's in bed, needs his heart meds. Chit chat about Erica and what she is doing inside, Jun says playing cards

Jul 29 2003 16:31, Tue tooty   Link
lockdown announced NT

Jul 29 2003 16:31, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Dana, Rob, Justin talking about how the house will be boring with
out Dave around and BB interupts stating they are in lockdown, please remain in the house untill further notice.

Jul 29 2003 17:07, Tue pixiegirl   Link
David to Ali "what's this" and unties her bikini top NT

Jul 29 2003 17:38, Tue pixiegirl   Link
HGs share their stories on how they found there keys
Jack found his on his desk and they filmed his reacation, Erica according to Jack got hers at home when she was with her dogs, Nate was at a buddy's house and his friends brought out a bag full of water bottles and he grab his last and never noticed the key...don't remember what others said

Jul 29 2003 17:40, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Dana please go to DR, she yells to Jee stop it they will tell me your cheating NT

Jul 29 2003 17:43, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Robert asks Jee about his life
Jee says his dad left him, his mom and sister in Korea and came to the US to make money for them, he opened and owned his own constructuion business and he and the rest of his family came to US and his dad did not speak much english

Jul 29 2003 17:57, Tue pixiegirl   Link
Jee, Robert and Justin talk about college and how they have to postpone this sem do to being on BB4 NT

Jul 29 2003 19:50, Tue Anonymous   Link
Justin has a b*ner
Dana and Justin have been cuddling in the HoH bed for awhile. Dana went to look out the window to see who was up and about and positioned her bottom right on top of Justin's, er, happy area (trying to keep this clean). After she got off, he said, "I was about to get up, but now I have to wait."

Jul 29 2003 20:22, Tue bidz_yo   Link
Direct quote by Jun:
Jun: "Jack and I sniffed it, and it smelled like fish!"

(okay they were talking about something in the fridge) )

Jul 29 2003 20:32, Tue Sunflake ParentRootLink
For non feed watchers, what "it" was...
...a bag of red potatos. A lot of the houseguests were complaining that it smelled like fish in the house.

Jul 29 2003 20:45, Tue nojobny   Link
Whoa!! lock down is over!
The back yard is set up for the HOH and the platform for them to shake the balls from is MUCH higher than the practice platform.

Everyone is trying to figure out new strategy

Jul 29 2003 20:47, Tue nojobny   Link
Lockdown is over and some of the boys ran outside to play basketball b/c they were stir crazy NT

Jul 29 2003 21:53, Tue Denise   Link
Dana in HOH alone, looking at pictures, head down, Justin in the LR alone shuffling cards.......
Wonder if they had maybe a fight? Justin looked toward the HOH room but did nothing

Dana just sighed, now sniffled, now spraying deodorizer, there's a fly in her room (Man Troll Gnat maybe?)

She's listening to music, not sure why Justin isn't in the room wit her though (as Dana would say)

Feeds 1 and 2 are Dana, Feed 3 and 4 is Justin (alone)

Someones talking now to Justin not sure though who it is, looks like a woman but I actually think it's Robert, oops it's Ali, sorry.


Jul 29 2003 22:04, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Ratbert in the hot tub alone. Oh he's picking his nose too NT

Jul 29 2003 22:07, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Dana an Jun in LR talking. Dana appears to be bad mouthing Nate
(WHat else is new.) Hard to hear because Jun is eating and the sound of ogf the bag rattling and her chewing , lip smacking keeps drowning out Dana's voice.

Jul 29 2003 22:12, Tue Spiderprints ParentRootLink
Now they are talking about working out and Jun says her shoulder
and arm hurts. Dana goes on to explain why Jun is sore. She says they will work out again tomorrow and Jun says uh huh between mouthfuls of food.

Jul 29 2003 22:21, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Jun, Dan, Er in LR talking about Dave going. Er says he only lives an hour away from me
so I will see him. Dana says he is so going to take me on a date.(She doesn't have clue) I just want to kiss him. Er says, you're not the only one. She then goes on to say that all the girls watching will cry when he goes.

Jul 29 2003 22:22, Tue Spiderprints   Link
Dana: "Oh my God i am so in love with David." NT

Jul 29 2003 23:12, Tue Jokerette   Link
Nate and Ali are sure that David is staying >
They're saying that the others are telling them he's going. Ergo he's staying.

Ali said a bit earlier that they need to start lying. She went in the DR, told BB she was too innocent and didn't lie. According to her, BB siad "Why don't =you= lie?"

Jul 29 2003 23:13, Tue Jokerette   Link
Nate goes to tub to try to find out who's staying.
He tells them they're bsing him saying Dav is staying. He tries to make nice.. why are we fighting each other?

Jul 29 2003 23:18, Tue Jokerette   Link
Nate tries to con the stooges
Nate sees Jun making it to finals. He's talking with stooges. He says he's not as stupid as they think.

Justin says they could have been emotional, kept David, but would it have helped them?

Nat says Dana will turn on them too. They say they were on way out anyway. Nate says 'he' would put Dana up and do their dirty work.

Alli hates her, he hates her (dan), Nate says. He's trying to talk stooges into putting her up against Jun.

Just says big prob putting up Dana.

So, don't go for HoH, Nate suggests. Nate says "I know you have somthin goin on, but she drives me nuts. I know you made a deal to put ME up but that’s fine."

Justin says no. Jack came to us. We can't listen.. they lied to our face.

Jul 29 2003 23:24, Tue Jokerette   Link
Rob gets a bit pissed.. Nate still trying to con them into nomming Dana >
Nate is telling them Dana wanted to get the stooges out, and how she's gonna turn. Just says they know, but not till everyone else is out. Nate understands. Justin says he won't throw HoH, but everyone wants Ali out as much as they want him (Nate) out.

Nate ignores this and stresses put Dana up. I think you want someone to put her up.

Robert says we have the numbers in the house, she's good for us. Nate says not after HoH. They say not if we get it. Nate says if I get it, Dana goes up and you guys safe for one week. He's pissed she lies to him. Justin says EVERYONE did it. Robert says the whole fvckin house did. Right to my face.

Nate, still calm, says everyone will try to win Hoh. Ju sayx if one of you guys get HoH, one of us don't want to leave. Nate says I don't think she has any class as a girl. But, it's how the game is played. Rob you said you didn't want that b1tch to win the money. She knows you said that. Rob says everyone has f'd me over. One of these guys is leaving and I'm not.

Nate says if one of you put me up, I won't go out bad. Let's have good time.

Jul 29 2003 23:30, Tue Jokerette   Link
Nate and Justin discuss Ally
David walks out. Starts playing basket ball and I do instantly deaf. ARG! Rob is saying something about 'when we get out of here.'

Nate has that pondering look on his face. I know she's your ex but why did you put up aly?

Rob, heated again, says I found out how full of sh1t you were (???) I missed something.

Jus says she lies so much. She called me in room. She lied to me, then claimed she tried to talk to me.. and he was inside, available. Then he tells Nate she said he thought HE was so smooth. Nate says he knows she said that. She also said she guarenteed she'd win HoH the next time. Just says if I had a nickle for every… I wouldn't need the half mil.

Just says the personality of a liar is.. vain. Nate says I don't know her like you do. Just says she's smart. She came up to him and offered an alliance first day. Then he found out she went against him. Lets her emotions take over.

Rob says he would vote for who played the game the best, to win.

Nate says he wont vote for someone he can't stand.

Jul 29 2003 23:38, Tue Jokerette   Link
Now ally and Erika hop in, Rob bails >
Nate says we'll all be sequestered together. The others say that's too far away. Nate says someone's gonna float right by.. he isnt giving up on them nomming Dana. He tells them the bigger threats arent leaving.

Rob gets up and bails the hot tub, Justin watches. Ally and Erika get in.

They are discussing standng on a rail to do something (I saw a set of steps earlier, not sure if that's what they're talking about.)

Ally is eying Justin intently, trying to get some kind of signal if the ploy worked.

Jul 29 2003 23:45, Tue Jokerette   Link
Rob went right in and spilled the whole thing to Ally, and she AIN'T happy >
Jun dana inside. Dana threatening to hit someone, cussing him. It's because Rob, in shower, is telling her what just ensued, I bet. Yep. Dana says he's so scared of her (Nate) and oh she is PISSED.

Dana says she won't say anything. (This could make interesting viewing.) Dana says everything he says gets back to her. She says she's so mad she didn't put him yp against Ally. Are we sure he has a penis between his legs? Jun says maybe, but no balls to go with. BWAHahahah

Rob tells her his statement about them having stronger numbers. Dana is saying hes a worthless human being. Rob and Just were laughing, he says. Dana erupts. Who hasn't lied??

Jun says she doesn't like the lies. Play the game the way it is. Dana says this is the test. I have to let go. He's talking about people I like. Big part of me wants to call him out on every single thing in front of Justin. Rob says no no!

Dana says but you guys no, so I don't have to defend myself.

Jul 29 2003 23:50, Tue Jokerette   Link
Dana on a rant still..
Now Dana is ranting. The others are trying to calm her down. Big bug in the HoH freaks them out right about then, Rob is dancing around on it. Dana grabs it and throws it out. Stalks through the house.. back to HoH. Out again. (Will she go off?!?) She's cussing to herself now. This mf talking sh1t about me. He's got balls. She repeats this a few times.

Jun says they so think they can get Jee on their side. Dana is saying I don't want to hear it. Jun thinks it's funny. Dana says he feels like women where he comes from are sh1t. Jun says he tried same thing on me. Da says tell him actions speak louder than words. He thought he'd lead the whole house.

Jun calls Dana a Will. LOL

Jul 30 2003 00:02, Wed BBwannabe ParentRootLink
Dana still on a tantrum
Dana and Jun in HOH
Dana telling Jun that this has turned into the Dana vs. Nathan game.
Jun: "We'll eat his f****ing head for breakfast"
Dana:"I saved his a$$! How am I gonna share a room with him?!"
Dana: (For the millionth time) I am gonna let this go and stop trying to react.
Dana: "I am such a good person"
Jun just agreeing
Jee walked into the HOH and Jun asking if "they" are trying to sway him over to their side. Jee says No.
Dana: I'm gonna kill everyone with kindness tomorrow!
Robert walks in and the discussion changes to Nathan and how he thinks that Dave is staying. Jee and Robert leave HOH
Jun and Dana (mostly Dana) continue to gripe about Nathan
Terrible sound...need to post

Jul 30 2003 00:03, Wed Jokerette   Link
Stooges in HOH discussing Nate >
Dana says he can put me on the block, he can't stop me from getting veto. If I go, I go. Dana wants to know if David saying anything. Jun says bait him into an argument, if you want to, can't hold anger in. don't blow up Robert and Justin.

Da: this has become the Dana vs. Nathan show. Jun says that's why we're getting rid of Dave. Give him a chance.

Jun says Na thinks he can intimidate people. Win HOH. We'll eat his hick boy ass for breakfast.

Da ranting that she saved his ass. How is she gonna share a room with him? Jun says he feels same. Da says she filled up all the drawers and she'll make him more miserable. Now she's saying she's not going to react. She says she's such a good person. Etc.

Jee walks in. says nothing else was said. Justin left him alone with them. They told him they respected him.

Rob says he talked with Dav and he's cool. Jun wonders why they think Dav isn't leaving: Nate thinks they're too vengeful.

Now all stooges in HoH. Saying nate overthinking the game. "Just when you think he can't get any stupider", Dana says.

Just says he said "Why should we get Dana out? So it will be 4-4 instead of 5-4? He's going to be shocked tomorrow night." Then they're cracking up over nate saying they were 'blowing sh1t up his ass" about David leaving, did they think he's stupid?

Jee saying they need HoH to put Nate up.

Jul 30 2003 00:13, Wed Jokerette   Link
Big long FOTH for no reason NT

Jul 30 2003 00:19, Wed _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
I think it's because N,A,J,E were speculating how the ball game can be changed
and talking about different parts of the equipment they got opening up, something about there being a gate, Jack talking about how it could look during comp and FOTH

Jul 30 2003 00:36, Wed Anonymous ParentRootLink
I think it's because the stooge group told how they voted. NT

Jul 30 2003 00:52, Wed MsB0808   Link
Feeds back....HoH gangsters chatting.
Nothing much different, dissing ali and nate, laughing about Erika and jack being so dumb, they are the stupid ones and the H0H bunch are the brains....(editors note--if they are the brains, give me stupidity!!!)

Jul 30 2003 00:58, Wed DC1   Link
F4 Ali just asked Erika if she thought Nate might be gay. Er says no why do you think that..Ali says because he's so pretty..Ali says he..
kissed Michelle and he gives me kisses on the head...he reminds me of my brother?? [O. K.]