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Jul 30 2003 02:49, Wed tooty   Link
houseguest just got a reminder that tomorrow is the live show NT

Jul 30 2003 02:56, Wed tooty   Link
Rob, Jee, Justin, Dana, June hoh room
Rob- come on guys we got to win tomorrow.
Justin- I will be the first one to go. Everybody is talking about how they are scared of me for whatever reason. Im so proud of myself for making it this far. This week one of the people in the orginal alliance are going out and not us.
Rob- Im going to go crazy if one of us get it. Im going to jump up and down.
Jee- Its intensely important for us to get it tomorrow.
Rob- I dont know how you do it Justin, how you can sleep with her like that.
Dana- like what
Rob- you bending over like that.

Jul 30 2003 03:03, Wed tooty   Link
Dave and Dana singing
Dana asks Justin if he is drunk. Justin washing his face in BR sink
Dave yells out, Your a freak Dana Your a freak! and starts singing, freak shes a very freaky girl the kind you dont bring home to mother.
Dana starts singing Juns name. She says I will just sing your name and sings Juunnn. Dana says David is bored. Dana is straighting up the hoh bed.
Dave- I have lost weight and my arse is showing it too.
Dana- tells Dave, you are one hunk of a man and dont let anybody ever tell you different.

Jul 30 2003 03:11, Wed frustratedposter   Link
All feeds in HOH room.... long
NOTE: all text in [] is comments on my updates

F1/F3 Ratebert in chair, F2/F4 Dana sitting on bed, with Just at her feet on floor

they are playing some sort of card game, didn't come in early enuf to know which one

Jee lies on bed behind Dana

Dana is yelling for Jun, asking her if she's gonna sleep in HOH room with her

The boys seem to be waiting for the others to go to bed, since they like to talk at night.

Offscream yelling, likely Jun, "what do i look like, some kind of psycho?"

Justin talking about how he gets along wiht everybody. Rob agrees, says "i know you do, we all do"

BB: Hello houseguests, this is a reminder that tomorrow is the live show

Justin continues shuffling cards, no one playing now

[they are mumbling, so missing a lot of details]

Rob talking about sequester, saying thay they are going to have fun. [they still seem to think they are going to some exotic location]

Robert talking about temp in their room. Blames Just for putting the temp on 70, saying it makes a dif, 69 or 70

Rob saying they have to win tomorrow. Jee can't imagine being in the house alone without you guys. Rob says even without one of you guys!

Justin assumes he is going first. the only way he isn't first is if he gets up and gets the POV. he doesn't care, he is proud of all of them for making it this far. Jee chimes in all of us. just says that's what i'm saying

Just says it's amazing, this week one of them is going out.

Rob is going to jump up and down when one of us gets it [HOH?]

Dana returns, asks what's going on. Jee tells them they are talking about how imp we get this tomorrow. Dana says "yeah"

Rob comments on how he doesn't know how Just controls himself, with Dana bending over the way she is [she is putting laundry away, or emptying her HOH drawers, not sure which]

The HOH group breaks up, with the stoogies leaving

Feed moves to Love room, Dana setting up herself in there. Telling Jun where she put her stuff. Jun is reogranizing her stuff in drawers.

Dana asks the stoogies why they are following her, calls them little perverts. They don't come in to the room, Dana leaves, and now it's just Jun in the Love Room, all feeds on her

Feeds switch to the BR, Justin at the sink, washing face. Dana asks him if he is drunk, he admits maybe to a buzz. Dana walks up to him at sink, kisses him on the cheek. Just says that kiss is out of line.

F1/F3 follow Dana thru the house, heading back to HOH. She detours to the Love Room to find Jun. Calls out to her, then heads back to HOH room, says "holy nikes, it's freezing in here"

Dana organizes the sheets on her bed, makes a comment about her ass bing in someones face not helping much. Off cam comments [dave?] calling her a freak, freak! Starts singing SuperFreak=type song.

Dana calls out then sings out to Jun. Says "i will just sing your name. David's bored"

All cams back to HOH, two views of the room. No one in there.

Now F1/F3 to Dave laying on a couch, complaining he lost weight in his ass. Dana walks up to him, tells him he is one hunk of a man, don't let anyone tell ya different.

F1/F2 now in BR, nate brushing teeth, justin still washing up. Can see, but not hear, Rob/Jee in BY, Jee looks like he's having his before bed cig.

Justin finishes up, tells nate 'alright boss, catch ya in the AM' and goes off camera

All cams now on nate in BR, F2F3 vanity cam. Nate looks close in to mirror, adjusts his hair, and walks off. leaving all feeds unpopulated.

We have now returned to all feeds on HOH. Justin and Dana talking about the Color of Night, Bruce Willis movie, and how it was 7 minutes away from being rated X.

Jun/Dana are now in the HOH bed, Justin/Dav outside the room talking to them about the movie.

Jun says she needs a backrub, and Dana offers Justin's services. Justin goes in, climbs in next to Dana. Justin mentions that he got bit outside bad today. Dana complains that the other room lights are still on. Justin says it's not that late, but Dana reminds him it's 2am [BBT]

Dana says it's so cute how rob sits out with Jee while he has a cigarette.

Jun makes some comment about what his buddies will do if he brings his GF in. Justin says they will deal. Dana says "they like me, they want me there"

Jee says "Jun, 69. don't move it" and Jun calls him a c*cks*cker

Justin asks Rob if they are going to bed, or if they are gonna talk, cause he wants to go in there with them.

Dana asks Justin "what the hell are you doing, feels like you're pinching my flesh off" Rob is now sitting in the HOH chair, just looking at the 3 others in the HOH bed. Justin recommends they say their prayers tonite. Dana talks about how she always does, says a prayer she made up with her mom as a kid.

Now they are discussing religious upbringing. Rob went to Cath school all his life. Justin went to public school. Dana rattles off her prayer, way to fast for me to understand what she's saying. Says her mother and her made it up when she was little.

they quiet down for a little [and this is long enuf, so post]

Jul 30 2003 03:19, Wed max1204   Link
Nate and Ali talking
Nate feeling guilty about Jack(?) being nominated. (Ed. note: I thought Dave was leaving -- must've missed something).

Nate says he's the most-respected in the house, and he hates it that he's going. Ali says don't blame yourself, it's Dana who should be blamed. Nate echoes that later saying, "psychobitch Dana."

Jack apparently knew he was going, according to Nate, and he felt bad about it (being evicted), but he tried to mask it. Nate says Jack's the only person in the house besides Ali who he trusts.

still talking...

Jul 30 2003 03:20, Wed tooty   Link
late night HOH convo's
Jun laying HOH bed with Dana saying her back hurts. Dana tells her to let Dave crack it and Jun says she hates Dave. Dana says then let Justin do it. Jun says, I like Justin. Jun declines the back cracking idea.
Justin on HOH bed now. Justin holding onto Dana who is in the middle between Justin and Jun.
Dana- tomorrow nights going to be hysterical we will have to go to bed by 8:00. Says she will do exorcist stuff right in his face. ( talking about Nate)
Justin- say your prayers tonight
Dana- ive been saying them since I was 2 yrs old. A prayer my mother and I made up when I was a kid. It starts like this..
Rob- I went to Catholic school all my life.
Dana asks Justin if he is confirmed he says yes.
Dana- May God be with me tonight may all the angels hold me tight.
Rob is sitting in the chair in the HOH room. All lights are off.
Dana is telling Rob not to throw it. If anything they wont win. They are in a smart situation right now, they will just throw it because it keeps them safe.
Rob- they are in a great position they have 2 free weeks.
Justin- they have garanteed 3 weeks here.
Rob- when Dave leaves are we going to go back to the turtle room? Tells Justin he cant even imagine him in there in the turtle room.
Dana says Nate is scared of Justin
Justin- I couldnt have asked for a better situation
Ali walks in the room and says good night.
Justin- I knew she was going to say good night. I know her better than you guys.
Dana- everytime she see's me here with you like this she hates me even more.
Dana- I have a good feeling about it. Im not stressed about it. Its 50/50.
Rob- I have a good feeling too.
Rob says he is getting happy about it now but I am going to miss him. ( talking about Dave)
Justin- when you talk game with him you realize how smart he is. He is really well spoken.
Dana- he was too much of a risk.
They hear people talking and Dana says she cant tell if its people in the walls or people outside talking.
Rob- its going to be good not to have a mike

Jul 30 2003 03:21, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Still in HOH room
NOTE: all text in [] is comments on my updates

Dana says that she thinks that the others are gonna throw HOH competition [not sure if she means some of them, or all of them]

F3/F4 now shows Ali and Jee in bR, Ali brushing, Jee washing up.

Jee reads, them pours mouthwash into his mouth, Ali now in WC

In HOH Dana whispering, something about the first week. Jun made some inaudible comment. Rob and Justin think it all worked out great. Says "couldn't ask for a better situation.

back to BR, and Jee begins his enamel scraping teeth brushing. He sits down [unable to stand for his marathon brushing??]

Dana in HOH says they are all gonna come after them. Justin says we got your back, and Rob agrees. Justin jokes that if she ends up going, he's right behind her [joke, cause he is laying in the bed, spooning with her, him behind her] and they laugh.

Dana comments how it's 50/50 now. Rob says no [cause one of them is leaving??]

F3/F4 now show Nate and Ali in the Love Room, in bed together.

F1 is Rob in the HOH chair [it looks creepy the way he's just staring at the 3 others in the bed]

Rob says the more he thinks about it, he's happy that Dave's leaving. Dana says she agrees, he's the only sane one of them. Justin says when you talk game with Dave you realize how smart he is, he's really well spoken.

Rob says it's good, cause we really couldn't use him for us any more. Dana agrees, he's too much of a risk.

Dana hears voices, says she can't tell if it's people in the walls or people outside she hears. Justin thinks that is so weird, saying "the people in the walls"

Rob says it's amazing how used to it you get. Get used to the mics, the cameras, the people in the walls.

They are looking forward to being outside when they get sequestered [they don'lrealize they will be in almost the same situation]

Talking about being caged for 4 weeks. Rob couldn't take it if there wasn't a BY. If it was just indoors, he couldn't do it.

Dana says it's gonna feel like being released from a mental prison when we get out of here. Rob says which it kinda is.

convesation pauses....

Jul 30 2003 03:22, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Justin getting up from HOH bed
NOTE: all text in [] is comments on my updates

says he's gonna go and lay down. Rob up and out of chair and HOH room. Camera pans on F1 to overhead of the bed. justin gets up, asks if Dana wants door shut. He walks out. Lights out in HOH room.

Jul 30 2003 03:24, Wed JulieH   Link
Nate says to Ali while laying in bed that he almost cried in the shower because he looked over at Jack who was blow drying his hair and thought
Jack looked so disappointed that he was going home. Nate talked about how respectable Jack is and how he helps out all the time. He says he feels like it's all his fault. Alison says, no it's all Dana's fault for putting him up there. They go round and round again with this for a while

(*I'm surprised nate and ali still think Jack is going home when everyone has told them it's the opposite*)

Jul 30 2003 03:25, Wed max1204   Link
Nate and Ali still talking in bed (quietly)
Ali says she can't wait until Dana puts the HoH designation around Nate's neck, and she says he can't worry about it anymore.

"The good-hearted people, they're just so disappointed, the look on their face," Nathan says.
"I know what you're talking about," Ali says.
"I feel like such a freaking pr*ck," Nathan says.
"It's do or die," Ali says. "We have no choice; we have to win."
N: I know.

Ali says they need to sleep. Nate says he's thinking. Ali asks about what. Nate says: "About what's happened. I'll be fine, I'm just disgusted, that's all."

Ali asks if he needs to go to bed. She says something about muscles, and Nathan says, "I wish I could use them in this game, but I can't."

"You can do this; I have a good feeling," Ali says. "I do, too," Nate replies (they're talking about winning HoH.

I hear a quick peck, but I'm typing so I didn't see wear the peck was...

Jul 30 2003 03:29, Wed max1204   Link
The Dark Side can now be heard from Nate and Ali's bed
They (Nate and Ali) quiet down to listen to the Stooges and wicked Stepsister #1 (aka Mantroll).

Nate says he's not tired. Ali says he needs to make himself sleepy. "Don't worry about me," Nate says.

They're quiet again, and doing something with their hands (maybe a massage to Ali's arm or face?).

Dave enters the room.

Jul 30 2003 06:30, Wed Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Dave went to the double bed opposite them. Ali said for Dave to come over here. Nate told Ali to go to Dave NT

Jul 30 2003 03:29, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Jee still brushing! Rob, Jee in BR
NOTE: all text in [] is comments on my updates

wondering about if the BY will be back to normal, i assume meaning that the HOH competition stuff removed.

Jee still brushing.

Jee done brushing, Rob in BR chair, watching yet again.

BB: Justin, please put on your microphone

Justin is next to the sink, washing up. Jee accused him of not brushing. Justin says he did, tells him to worry bout himself and shut the FOTH up.

Jee now wiping face down with alcohol.

Dave wanders in, saying "tooth hurty; tooth hurty" and starts to brush. Erika, Jack Jee and Dave now all in BR

F1 shows Rob climbing in to bed, Jee comes in. F2 shows Dave bouncing on the HOH bed, Jun doesn't react. Dana was up, and in the room with Justin, but returns to HOH, turns on lights. Dave puts on a hat, Dana comments it looks good on him. he thanks her.

Dana and Dave turn lights back off and leave the HOH

Dana shows up in and climbs into bed iwth Justin. Says she is gonna sleep with him.

Jul 30 2003 03:33, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Robert says before he gets married
NOTE: all text in [] is comments on my updates

he will have his chick tailed for a month, not telling her. Dana says she can forgive a lot, but not that.

Jee says he's a weird man. Rob recommends he do that [tail her] but Jee says his girl is a good one.

FEeds shift. F1 now Sand Box, jack coming in, seems to be packing. F2 shows Erika F3 shows Dana/Justin in single bed, F4 is dave and ali in bed.

Jack asks Erika if it's ok if the light goes off? Jack puts on shirt, and climbs in to bed.

Erika says "my gut still says Dav is going" jack says he's leaning that way also. Says there was a period where he thought this was a sham, and it was going the other way.

switching feeds, as they are not talking

Jul 30 2003 03:33, Wed max1204   Link
Dave's in bed with Ali now
Mantroll and Stooges are dominating the audio in Nate's room.

One of the stooges says something about "I can't believe he's going down on national television." Didn't catch who they are talking about (I'm watching a feed showing Dave and Ali, but the next room is dominating the audio).

Jul 30 2003 03:38, Wed max1204   Link
Erica and Jack discussing who will be voted out
Jack says if they wanted to blitz us, they would vote him out.

They agree that wouldn't "prove anything."

"That was what, three or four hours ago. It's my gut feeling David's going to go," Jack says.
E: Me too.
J: "...I'm going to be tough on them too; I'm going to nominate them as soon as I can" but David would be tougher, Jack says.

They are conjecturing that Justin could be a swing vote (ed. note: I thought this too while watching tonight's votes). They say Justin could choose the lesser of the threats (between Jack and David when he decides who to vote for).


Jul 30 2003 03:39, Wed max1204   Link
F4 still showing Ali & Dave but hearing Stooges and Mantroll NT

Jul 30 2003 03:40, Wed frustratedposter   Link
F4 Dave and Ali
NOTE: all text in [] is comments on my updates

picture is Dave/Ali in ed, Dave playing with Ali's elephant, but audio is from the other bedroom, with Jus/Jee/Dana

Jee comments he speaks english fairly well. Justin says yeah, but you have an accent. Jee denies having an accent.

all the while, can see Dave playing with Ali's elephant, but no audio from them. Dave is whirling, and tossing the elephant around.

Jee asks if Dana is going to sleep. She says she has to get her snuggle in first. Jee tells them he can't see anything.

Rob asks Jee what he speaks to his mom. Jee asks, what the FOTH you think, i speak spanish to my mom?? sounds like they speak Korean/Eng combo. Says that it's tough, it's not spanish, it's Korean. it's tough. Jee tells Rob that Spanish is easier, it looks like english.

Rob comments that Jee and Jun can speak Korean to each other. Jee says yeah, if we want to. But she don't really talk. Says he did say sorry to her once in Korean

Jee says he was a good, faithful loyal guy to Jun. Says he's a good kid. Jee says goodnight guys. Jus/Dana say goodnite. Jee says Rob! goodnight. laughter

they quiet down, so now i can almost overhear Dave and Ali.

[Gonna switch feeds again, this is too weird having vid and audio from dif places]

Jul 30 2003 03:41, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Around the feeds, from Quad view. F1 jack, F2 Erika, F3 Dana/Justin, F4 Dave/Ali NT

Jul 30 2003 03:46, Wed max1204   Link
Dana stroking Justin's chest
Now she's touching his lips with her finger. Now he hugs her, and she turns a cheek to him. Looks like they're whispering, but doing so very softly.

Must change feeds before puke...

Jul 30 2003 03:48, Wed frustratedposter   Link
F1 Sand Box
NOTE: all text in [] is comments on my updates

Jack asks if temp is ok. Erika says it's fine. Jack says don't let it get too hot in here.

The comment on how hard it is to switch back and forth on who's going. The seem to feel David is going, but opinions seem to have been changing, and it's hard on both Jack and Dave. Saying you prepare, and things seem to change.

Jack begins his snore/deep breathing.

[feed switch]

back to F4, Dave and Ali still fooling around in the bed, but still no audio from them. Can hear movement from the Jus/Jee/Rob/Dana room, but no talk.

DAve slips under the covers, seems to be settling in with Ali
[where is Nate??]

now can hear audio from F4, but from a great distance, just the sound spilling over to another room

all quiet, so

Jul 30 2003 03:50, Wed max1204   Link
Dave grabs Ali's butt
Still can't really hear their conversation; the audio is coming from the next room. I can only hear them when they laugh.

Back on F3, Dana and Justin doing a little pecking (and whispering again, too -- too softly to be heard).

Posting and heading for bed (nite all)...

Jul 30 2003 03:54, Wed jangojango   Link
Mantroll and Justing EKKKK!...under covers heaing certain heavy breathing!! NT

Jul 30 2003 04:02, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Conversation seems done for the night, but Nat still not accounted for NT

Jul 30 2003 04:09, Wed frustratedposter   Link
F3 Justin and Dana rolling around now, under covers
no audio tho, so can't really give you much information except they def are NOT sleeping yet

Jul 30 2003 04:14, Wed frustratedposter   Link
F3 Dana leaves Justin's bed
NOTE: all text in [] is comments on my updates

Justin settles in, likely to sleep

Dana returns to HOH and climbs in to bed with Jun

no talk, lights are out, Dana getting ready to sleep

on Quad, Justin now on his back, alone in his bed, [dana apparently done with her snuggles for the nite]

house still quiet, nat still not visible anywhere

Jul 30 2003 04:19, Wed JulieH   Link
Justin is moving very suspicously rythmically under the covers... Dana isn't moving at all. Now the covers are above their heads and they apear to be
kissing. Now dana turns away looking over at Jee to see if he's watching now she turns back and kisses his cheek. Lot's of touchy feely but don't know how far it's going (don't know if I wanta know) Again dana turns to look over at jee and then turns back to Justin who puts the covers over their heads. Oh I see at least one hand sticking up behind a pillow that's out of play. By the way it's bent it looks to be Justins hand. In which case....I would have to imagine Justin was the receiver. I can hear snores now from Jee. They stopped moving for a few minutes now. Justin lifts his head and says "Jee shut the F*ck up" and Dana laughs. Jee on command stops snoring. Covers back over their heads but not much movement now. Oh now I see Justins other hand reaching over and cupping the back of Dana's head. They have been face to face this whole time. Now the covers are over their head again for more kisses. Now the covers were kicked high and dana turns a bit to get into spoon position. Justin is whispering in her ear. Dana turns onto her back instead. After a minute or so Dana sits up and fixes her hair while Justin rolls onto his back now she turns over and is half laying on top of him. looking him in the eyes. For the third time the is and audible "rrahh" or something. They keep looking over across the room but I don't know what or who it is. It seems to be maybe Robert or Jee making noises in their sleep. I can't hear them talking but it seems like they are whispering something they don't have their mics on of course. Dana is leaning on her elbows on top of justin and now Kisses Justin again. Justin sees Jee move out of the corner of his eye and flips the covers over their heads again. Dana is out of the covers again and is now out of the bed and putting her glasses on. Now we have to see if she goes and washes her hands in the bathroom or not. I switched to quad cam and dana just goes and pops in bed with Jun. Nothing really amazing must have happened under those covers because Dana being a neat freak wouldn't have gone straight to bed otherwise. As far as I can tell, all house guests settled down for the night.

Jul 30 2003 05:30, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Dave and Ali having (hand)sex now. Switched view to Justin. Lost feed can't get back in
Dave doing his familiar rolling back and forth with an occasional thrust. I beleive this was all hand action. I just checked in and saw about seven minutes before the camera was taken off them. I had stopped watching them earlier tonight because Ali had that striped blanket you can now see over her thigh all the way up over her waist.

Jul 30 2003 05:33, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Feed 3 Got back on. They seem to have quieted down NT

Jul 30 2003 05:43, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
David now leaving Ali's bed NT

Jul 30 2003 05:45, Wed nojobny   Link
Dave just got out of bed with Ali. Headed to the

Swished a bit of mouthwash. Now kind of standing around in the BR

switching feeds

Jul 30 2003 05:46, Wed nojobny   Link
Dave now back in his own bed in the Sandbox NT

Jul 30 2003 06:21, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Jun sleeptalking. Either "Nate, you can win" or "Nate, you can't win" NT

Jul 30 2003 06:27, Wed Debra_Kadabra   Link
Restless sleep for Jun. She has kicked the covers off NT

Jul 30 2003 10:47, Wed I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun up, uses WC, washes hands, back to bed in HOH NT

Jul 30 2003 11:10, Wed nojobny   Link
All HG sleeping on QC but F1 switched to the LR and something other than
The fishtank was on the screen. By the time the feed switch to F1, the camera angle had changed so the plasma screen was not visible.

Jul 30 2003 12:31, Wed frustratedposter   Link
F3 Jack up, goes to WC, rinses off hands....
then heads back in to the Sand Box

Jul 30 2003 12:49, Wed nojobny   Link
F1 briefly showed CBS crew setting up for the HOH competition NT

Jul 30 2003 12:49, Wed frustratedposter   Link
F1 just showed a shot of the BY
the black tubes they were practicing with have been replaced with clear tubes, easier to see ping pong balls piling up. there is some noise, and a shot of the LR there now, but there was a brief flash of the BY moments ago

and ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH, i was just deafened when they went to FOTH

Jul 30 2003 12:50, Wed max1204   Link
FOTH all feeds NT

Jul 30 2003 12:58, Wed ktan   Link
Feeds return to everyone sleeping. NT

Jul 30 2003 13:04, Wed frustratedposter   Link
f1 jun is up, in SR, F3 jack waking up, sitting on his bed NT

Jul 30 2003 13:05, Wed nojobny   Link
All HG are stirring. There must have been a wake up call during the extended FOTH NT

Jul 30 2003 13:32, Wed max1204   Link
Dave , Erica and Jack talking
Caught the last part of a conversation about who's being evicted. "It could go either way," Erica says. "Either way it works for them." They apparently are talking about what Nate and Ali were talking about last night -- that maybe the Stooges and wicked stepsisters are lying to Jack, Dave, Ali, Nate and Erica about who's leaving (that Jack is leaving instead of Dave).

Erica says there is no reason for Jun to lie to her because "either way" one of them is leaving.

Jack joins the conversation, and says "they're going to have to get at Dana eventually." (he's talking about Jee, Robert and Justin). Dave says he doesn't think that they're too worried about it. Jack adds they'll be picked off "one by one" if they don't win HoH tonight.

Erica adds (Ed. note: and gives us hope) that Big Brother could have some big surprise in store at any time.

Jul 30 2003 13:35, Wed frustratedposter   Link
All HG up, in BR and Kitchen, usual morning rituals
Nate plowing in to his beef [BEEF, UHHHHHHHHH]

nothing unusual going on, standard morning in the house

Jul 30 2003 13:35, Wed max1204   Link
Erica: If Justin got HoH and put Dana up, "that would be great TV" NT

Jul 30 2003 13:39, Wed frustratedposter   Link
The HG are doing the usual final day of food ritual
and eating everything they can find in the house... good thinking since later today or tomorrow morning, they have to empty the kitchen into the SR to prepare for the next food competition

(ed: and i am done posting updates for now... hope someone is ready to take over)

Jul 30 2003 13:42, Wed nojobny   Link
David telling Erica about his night with Ali (kind of long)
(Ed note: He was jumping around in typical Dave fashion. I got as much as I could. He was whispering to Erica while they were lying across from each other in opposite beds)

I've totally got Ali now. I've just f*cked with her head. She plays by her emotion.

Er: Don't you think amanda would be upset

I figured, now that I might be staying I saw an oppotunity and i was like f*ck it.

My plan now will be to just play with the girls heads to use it to my advantage.

I have no feeiling for her (ali). It was like kissing my sister. And I don't even have a sister. It was really hard to hide it, I have no feelings for her.

I don't like it but it's just a game.

She' not going to tell anybody. She's not going to tell nate. She might tell you, but you already know. She can't talk to the other girls, so it works to my advantage.

I felt bad about amanda. I totally dig her
Er: But you knew that Ama was going
Yeah but I totally digged her. Am is totally cool, she's 25, she's not going to be like a little girl about it.

It sucked anyway. just doing her like that.
I was lying there next to her, just rolling it around in my head- should i do - should i not- it then it started, so there was no stopping it then.

then afterward she was like curled up next to me and I was just laying there w/ eyes wide open, trying to figure out how to get away. I was like hoping she'd roll over or whatever. Finally I just told her I wanted to sleep in my own bed and she was like, Okay.

My fan base just dropped on the girl side and the guys are like Yeah dude, f*ck that b*tch.

the only other time I've ever done that is when I was drunk.

I couldn't do that with jun. no way.

Jul 30 2003 13:44, Wed nojobny   Link
Just heard Nate say "How'd you sleep Dave?" Did not hear a reply NT

Jul 30 2003 13:45, Wed max1204 ParentRootLink
Sounded like Dave replied "Don't know" NT

Jul 30 2003 14:20, Wed Lola   Link
Jun is trying to get close to Rob in living room. He's sitting up and she's laying down with her head on his shoulder. Dana, Jus & Jee there also NT

Jul 30 2003 14:42, Wed Lola   Link
Ali & Nat in bed. Ali asks "What are you thinking?" Nat says
"Just thinking about my victory speech"
She acts like that's cool then really Looooong silence

feed switches to sandbox
Dave and Jack & Er are laying around
Jack had just finished saying something I didn't get and
Dave says "They better think that if they know whats good for them"

The converstion goes to the turtles and how they're fighting over a carrot
(All feeds are on this, exciting stuff)
Er says "They're boring little animals"
Ja "They don't say much"
Er "I miss my dogs"
Ja "That's some big *ss dogs, do you take them to the park and let them run?"
Er "I keep them on the leash ususally"
She mentions the 2 shepherd mixes are hers and the one in front everyone says looks like her
She goes on to say that they all came from the shelter and how gratefull they are.

Dave talks about some pitt bulls that came up to him & friends whyen they were hunting and were friendly. The owners weren't there but the dogs appeared trained because when they shot the dogs would run out like they were used to it.

Ja says he's going to make use of the time and take a shower
He leaves, Er starts to sing and then remembers and stops

Feed switchs back to Ali & Nat
Nat is asking her what's wrong and she says (like a typical woman in an unbleiving voice)Nothing...."
long silence then FOTH

Jul 30 2003 15:08, Wed Lola   Link
Every feed on everyone in BY with Burger King lunch. They talk about the heat (it's also unusually humid here) NT

Jul 30 2003 15:27, Wed Lola   Link
They're finishing up eating. Je mentions that they get to have that dinner tonight. They mention the heat again NT

Jul 30 2003 15:27, Wed joannie   Link
Dave is sitting on the edge of Ali's lawn chair. Neither one is speaking NT

Jul 30 2003 15:41, Wed mommamia   Link
2 feeds on the tutles, one on any empty chair, one on table outback with audio of who knows what! NT

Jul 30 2003 15:43, Wed mommamia   Link
Correction the table is also empty, audio of hamsters playing!! But we don't get to see that. Now FOTH NT

Jul 30 2003 15:45, Wed joannie   Link
FOTH, and then everyone comes inside (lockdown?) NT

Jul 30 2003 15:47, Wed joannie   Link
Mantroll is moving her stuff into the Love Room NT

Jul 30 2003 15:49, Wed joannie   Link
Ali is lying on her bed, staring at a picture of her boyfriend (?) NT

Jul 30 2003 15:50, Wed bruhe ParentRootLink
shes reading the bible. NT

Jul 30 2003 15:52, Wed joannie   Link
Nate plops down on the bed next to Ali.
Dana busies herself in the background

Jul 30 2003 15:56, Wed cutiecat   Link
The guys are flicking hair ties at each other as they are playing cards. NT

Jul 30 2003 15:56, Wed joannie   Link
Dana is whispering in the Blue Room with Rob
Dana: "I shaved yesterday, I'm not gonna shave today."

Robert strokes her leg. "Yeah, you don't have to."

Jul 30 2003 16:00, Wed joannie   Link
Jee and Nate are having a rubber-band war
Dana gets p*ssed. "I'm about to lose my f*ckin' marbles!"

Jul 30 2003 16:02, Wed joannie   Link
Brief FOTH, and now all feeds are on the turtles. NT

Jul 30 2003 16:02, Wed Mikkie   Link
Dana sitting on the edge of Ratberts bed, she says she isn't going to shave, or
she asks, should she. Robert feeling her leg says no, she doesn't need to.
In the LR, there is a card game going on, and fun horseplay between Nat, Justin and Dave and Jee. Dana to Robt, Why is he playing, he's not a part of us? Dana goes in and tells Jun and Jun asks why Jee got up (he had been napping?)

Dana returns to HOH

Ali and Nat remain in bed, reading the bible;

They show the empty Dessert room then onto the turtle aquaium.

Jul 30 2003 16:05, Wed Sunflake   Link
F1 showed the HGs in backyard, looked like it's HOH Practice time! FOTH NT

Jul 30 2003 16:41, Wed JulieH ParentRootLink
It was a large orange rectangle about 15 or so feet in the air and it had a waist high fence around it. The poles were probably 2 or 3 feet below the
floor of the solid orange platform. It looked as if they would have a shaking distance of about 6 feet give or take. It looked to be a very difficult comp.

Jul 30 2003 16:38, Wed Sunflake   Link
Rubberband Fight!
Feeds came back from FOTH to the guys gathering in the living room.

(Earlier Nate & Jee had had a rubberband fight. Dana was sitting on Robert's bed talking to him. Jee and Nathan both kept running back and forth past her on the bed, occasionally brushing the bed. Dana got so pissed awf because Nate was doing this and got up and went into HOH complaining to someone. Jee was doing it too, she was prolly just mad cus Nate was having a good time with Jee.) the guys, Nate, Dave, Jee, Justin start having a rubber band fight. They are all bare chested and it really stings. They play commando rubber band style and are having a lot of fun. Poor Jee screams a lot and uses a pillow to protect himself. Jack watches and laughs. I don't know where Robert is. They run all over the house and jump on the couches and just shoot each other with rubberbands. They are laughing a lot! Definately the most fun they have had in a while. I don't see women anywhere.

Eventually the game breaks up and they all start picking up rubberbands. Justin and Dave are sitting across from each other yet continue to shoot at each other.


Jul 30 2003 16:43, Wed GreenEyes ParentRootLink
Dave and Nate were on one team and Justin and Jee were on the other. Jee finally called a truce cuz he was getting demolished...

Jul 30 2003 16:49, Wed GreenEyes   Link
FOTH for the last 20 min and still going... :( NT

Jul 30 2003 17:21, Wed Sunflake   Link
Non Feed Viewers: Still FOTH and most likely same until after 10:00 pm est when the show is over. NT

Jul 30 2003 17:30, Wed Sunflake ParentRootLink
BB loves to prove me wrong....Erika and Justin talking on F1 in sandbox, he is cleaning the windows. NT

Jul 30 2003 17:31, Wed Anonymous   Link
No more FOTH; Jack, Jee and Ratbert in washroom f2 NT

Jul 30 2003 17:31, Wed MsB0808   Link
My feeds are back on
Nothing much going on, Jack, Jee and Rob sprucing up in the bathroom, Erika lying on her bed looking sad.

Jul 30 2003 17:33, Wed Sunflake   Link
F1 & 2: Rob, Jack, Ali, Jun, Dana, Jee primping for tonite's show. F3 & 4: Erika alone in sandbox laying on bed. NT

Jul 30 2003 17:53, Wed cubbie   Link
gross....Dave just coughed up a loogie, swished it around, and swallowed it back there's some class NT

Jul 30 2003 18:14, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Dana dressed, showing her clevage to David, (fishing for compliments). Dana: "If I get excited, it will be easy to see!" NT

Jul 30 2003 18:16, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Erika now suggesting that Dana wear a beige bra. Dana: "This is the kind of shirt you don't wear a bra with...clingy." Both say nipples are "in". NT

Jul 30 2003 18:18, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Erika appears to be wearing lime green satin pants, with an Asian inspired shirt. NT

Jul 30 2003 18:20, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Nate & Ali practicing past competition stats (for HOH). Ali looks cute in casual wear, (shorts or skirt.) NT

Jul 30 2003 18:22, Wed SleeplessOnLI ParentRootLink
Erika joins and they discuss how much pressure they are under, hard to stay focused. Dana into the room and Nate says she looks nice. Dana said TY. NT

Jul 30 2003 18:26, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Ali now reading the bible. Nate deep in (prayer?) thought. Head down - visible pressure. NT

Jul 30 2003 18:26, Wed calgal   Link
feed 4 allison reading the bible, nate sits on the bed looking tense, jun is folding clothes.. very little talk going on NT

Jul 30 2003 18:27, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
LOL, Jun in a white/beige halter with long fringes, black pants. (Sorry, fashion police updater tonight.) NT

Jul 30 2003 18:31, Wed Johnny_Cakes   Link
Jee applies deodorant by reaching into his shirt without taking it off. (where do they find these people?)
There are general compliments among the group about how nice each other looks, even across team lines (Erica complimenting Man-Troll, etc).

Man-Troll says that she feels naked (she's not wearing a bra) and that its a strange feeling. Her outfit, however, pales next to Jun, who appears to be wearing only a bra which has tassles hanging down over her stomach. Justin says she looks like a supermodel and they have a brief kiss.

Jul 30 2003 18:31, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Nate now reading bible. Earlier, Jun 2' in front of him adjusting top/mic making him antsy/uncomfortable. She loved it! NT

Jul 30 2003 18:38, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jun looking for hairspray - asks Jack for his, "I packed it", he says. They giggle. NT

Jul 30 2003 18:41, Wed calgal   Link
Dana , looking at herself in the mirror says "gawd, my raised areolas" NT

Jul 30 2003 18:41, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Dana upset that the mic is taking away from her "seductive cleavage thing" and her "raised areolas" NT

Jul 30 2003 18:43, Wed SleeplessOnLI   Link
Most HGs taking their positions on the LR couch ... and FOTH! NT

Jul 30 2003 18:44, Wed Johnny_Cakes   Link
Man Troll discusses her breasts
Man-Troll has spent a great deal of time discussing her breasts with anyone who will listen. She has commented to two HG that the microphone is interfering with her "low neckline, seductive cleavage look." While Jun assists her with the mic, Man-Troll comments (twice) about her "raised areolas" and that they are "inflamed." She continues to talk about -- to use her words -- "my boobage."

It is clear that Man-Trol thinks she is hot, which is laughable.

Jul 30 2003 19:42, Wed Barb   Link
Just watched Dave walk out of the FOTH. Darn it! NT

Jul 30 2003 19:57, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Ali is HOH, beats Jack by 1 ball NT

Jul 30 2003 20:12, Wed bruhe   Link
ALERT! Something NEW! Jun is eating. ok ok more inside that matters
dana was ranting about "f-ing nathan" and the smirk on his and our collective faces. erika was walking directly by her and it was impossible for her not to hear that.
now the guys are talking about the competition and im waiting for dave to do something hilarious and .. well.. u know...

Jul 30 2003 20:15, Wed Quench   Link
Justin and Dana sitting in the living room right after the feeds kick back on
Dana saying either her and Justin are up or her and Jun

Justin:I am so sick to my stomach right now

Dana:Do you see the look on Nathan's face I want to punch him

Dana: It just sucks because one of us is leaving.

Justin: I let you down

Dana: No you didn't let me down

Justin: We will see each other when this is over

Justin: If I get the veto I will take you off

Just dawning on Dana that it's a tie week. And Ali can be the tie breaker.

Dana:I was very nice giving her the key but I am not going to kiss her ass.

Dana: It's a fluke she won it wasn't based on skill

Justin is still stunned he is grunting answers back to Dana

Jul 30 2003 20:15, Wed bruhe   Link
jun and justin...
talk about the possible nominations. and the food comp. funny moment. jun shoveling food in her face ... justin says i dont want to do a competition. i dont want a physical competition... and jun says i do. i might lose weight. lol munch munch munch.
now back to the strategy... justin talking about the veto and what it might mean in the coming days... if he is nommed.. he has to use it on himself.. if he isnt nommed... (he trails off ... perhaps torn on who to save or even if he should use it if he gets it).
jun says, in a moment that shows she might still be with the stooges, they probably wont even think that far ahead. (not. they already have!)

Jul 30 2003 20:19, Wed Spiderprints ParentRootLink
Jun says she won't mind eating PB&J, then she might lose weight
Of course she says all that between mouthfuls of food.

Jul 30 2003 20:17, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Jus and Jun sitting in LR talking about who they think Ali will put up
Jun asks who do you think it will be, me or you up with her(Dana. Just says she won't put you up. It would be stupid. If I'm not up and I get veto, it will be just like this week. If I'm up with her and I win, I'll have to take myself off. Jun says of course you would have to (all the while she eats)

Jul 30 2003 20:18, Wed Quench   Link
David ordered up if he was staying for his meal Gourmet PB&J sandwiches. NT

Jul 30 2003 20:19, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Dana offered Jun cookies. Jun said "i can't eat anymore!" NT

Jul 30 2003 20:23, Wed Quench   Link
Where they think they will be sequestered

Jee wants it to be Acapulco
Not Cancun.

Jack hasn't brought any clubbing clothes.

Jul 30 2003 20:25, Wed Spiderprints   Link
LR talk about Dave. He probably humped Julie's leg. NT

Jul 30 2003 20:27, Wed PsychoMike   Link
I think Jun just showed her butt changing clothes. NT

Jul 30 2003 20:29, Wed Quench   Link
Quick snippet with Dana and Jun
Dana:Alison is so talking sh*t about me in there I want to punch a hole in the wall


Dana:In the DR

Jul 30 2003 20:31, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Jun stopped eating long enough to go change her clothes and we got to see NT

Jul 30 2003 20:33, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Jun stopped eating long enough to go change her clothes and we got to see
her butt (EEEWWWW) Both her and Dan are getting changed in the BR taking their time so they can talk without their mics on. Dana puts her on and says:"SHe(Ali) is in there (DR) talking so much S*it about me. I just want to punch her face through the wall."

Jul 30 2003 20:36, Wed Quench   Link
Justin and Dana in the BR
Justin:I am miserable They are getting rid of us. It's not so much going out of the house as the way it will happen

Feeds timed out

Dana : Jun and I will have that whole room (double bed room) because Nathan will be in with her.

Dana whispering very low :Julie asked me about him(Nathan)

Jul 30 2003 20:40, Wed DC1   Link
Dana gripes to Jun in kitchen: Dana: don't they know anything besides steak and chicken to eat? I swear I'll never...
marry a white man. How about some beans and rice or chicken parm (she means parmesian). There's more to eat than steak and chicken. Then she goes in bedroom and is griping about it to Justin...I wanted something ethnic, or maybe shrimp scampi or something. [ed note: Jack picked Filet Mignon steaks, baked potatoes, salad etc for the dinner since he's staying.]

Jul 30 2003 20:40, Wed Quench   Link
In the Blue bedroom Dana, Justin, Robert
Dana: look at how pretty the back of my hair looks

The guys don't answer she leaves the room

Robert: Me you or Jee need to win the POV

Justin: it would be retarded to put Jun up.

Robert chewing his nails.

Justin: no sense bitching it's over now.

They leave the BR and head to the LR.

Group talking about credit cards and how much they have ran up their totals.

Jul 30 2003 20:46, Wed Spiderprints   Link
Jun announces "I'm not eating anymore!" Then promptly goes into the BR and grabs a bag of chips from her stash
under the bed and starts eating.

Jul 30 2003 20:52, Wed DC1 ParentRootLink
Yes and now Jun is eating cookies. yum yum Jun says I don't even like Filet outside of the house I like more fatty meat and Dana says...
yeah why not tacos or fajitas or even pizza at this point.

Jul 30 2003 20:46, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Jun and Dana now discussing upcoming nominations
Dana will be shocked to see her key come out of the box

very hard to hear over the crackling and crunching of the [no longer hungry] Jun eating cookies

Jul 30 2003 20:51, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Jun expects that she [crunch crunch] and just will go up
because just is a strong player and jun will slide on by

dana bets her house that it will be her any any of the rest of them

ali walks in "hey kids"

dana "what did they say, you can't go in yet?"

ali "no, still getting my stuff in"

Jun "i had cereal, now cookies. i don't even like filet, i like fatty meat"

now more griping about the lack of variety in the food requests

Dana and Rob trying to count votes. Rob thought Dave had 3, they are correcting him that it was likely only Erika and Ali that voted for dave to stay

Rob "we were saying outside, it's still not over"

Dana "i'm still a winner. i get to go to the beach, i double my salary, i only make 450/wk at my job, i'm a winner, and i don't have to work"

Jul 30 2003 20:51, Wed Quench   Link
Dana thinks she is a winner
I am a winner.

I am only making $400 a week as a karate instructor. I am making more here.

Jul 30 2003 20:56, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Jack is commenting about Julie as a host
Dana says 4 years of julie is enuf [ed: i agree]

Jack saying how she looks down to make sure what she's reading. says she got him when she said his name

now talking about how they did it last year with will [ed: it was amy actually]

talking about how will was never HOH. saying he still lives here

rob talking about some guy who was a doctor.

dana telling him that was will. she seems to think he was a lawyer also. talking about how he gets everything he wants. wasn't born rich, made it all himself. he's young, and rich

all seem quite impressed

Jul 30 2003 21:00, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Dana wanders in to the love room
says you know nate won't sleep in here with us.

then comments on how it's freezing in the room. "i gotta lower this *****"

Jul 30 2003 21:03, Wed luvBB4   Link
Dana just said Jun is sleeping.....
Did she eat herself into a sleep coma?? LOL

Jul 30 2003 21:04, Wed DC1   Link
F1 Ali looking at pics of HG on wall..Nate walks up. Ali says look one gone from each shelf. Nate: yeah. Ali:I hate them ALL I want them all gone. NT

Jul 30 2003 21:05, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Nate and Ali
Ali "i want them gone"

Nate "yep"

Ali " i want them all gone, esp her & him & her & him"

Jul 30 2003 21:08, Wed frustratedposter   Link
BB:Alison, please do not obstruct your microphone
Ali: i'm not, that's my tit!

Jul 30 2003 21:08, Wed PsychoMike   Link
Nathan and Alison discussing noms
Nathan is trying to convince Alison to put both Dana and Justin up... and then offer Dana a deal. The deal would be if Dana wins HOH next week, she wouldn't put either of them up.

Alison states that she doesn't trust Dana... and she wouldn't even offer a deal. Alison also states that Dana is DEFINITELY going up.

Jul 30 2003 21:09, Wed luvBB4   Link
Ali told not to upstruct her Mic....
She says "I'm NOT. Thats my tit" (ed:classy!)

Jul 30 2003 21:10, Wed Quench   Link
Ali and Nathan by the wall of pics - David is still in colour
She wants Dana Justin Jun and Robert gone.

And they are talking about after the veto. If they win it Nate will go to Dana with a deal just to see her squirm.

She is talking about her DR session and about Dana going up and they asked her why she says it will be an Involuntary Exit.

BB: Please don't obstruct your microphone

Ali: I am not it's my tit. It's stuck in my bra

Jul 30 2003 21:12, Wed Anonymous   Link
Ali just said the DR asked her if there was any way she would not
nominate Dana and she said "Yeah, one way ..... A voluntary exit!!"

Jul 30 2003 21:15, Wed luvBB4   Link
Ali talking about her HOH stuff... NT

Jul 30 2003 21:20, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Rob and June in love room
Rob saying they won't nom jun

jun comments that if she goes, it won't hurt them

Rob yeah, i know, it won't hurt them

Jun now commenting on the steak. "what's wrong with these people. no variety!"

Rob "dana must be regretting not putting nat up

Jun "ya think

Rob "but you can't think like that in this game

Jun "it's so funny how we all liked each other in the beginning

Rob "what, the whole house? we did

longs gaps in talk. [ed: they are NOT happy hamsters]

Jul 30 2003 21:20, Wed luvBB4   Link
Rob and Jun talking about noms
Robert is sure Dana will be put up, but not sure who against.

Jun says it's unbelievable that Ali won HOH.

Complaining about the food in the house.

Jun says something about funny how we all.....(lost sound)

Rob says "you mean the whole house?"

Jun: yes

Rob: me too

not sure what they are talking about...anyone hear it?

Jul 30 2003 21:26, Wed frustratedposter   Link
More Rob and Jun
commenting on how everything gets blamed on Dana, and Ali's comment about the lies in the house. Things couldn't have gone worse for Dana. Rob comments that things like this are gonna happen when you play as hard as Dana does.

Dana joins them, says she's not worried. everyone does things with a plan, and so far no one's plan has worked

Dana "the only thing for sure is that one of us will go

Jul 30 2003 21:27, Wed luvBB4 ParentRootLink
Thank said it way better than I!! LOL (still learning) NT

Jul 30 2003 21:26, Wed luvBB4   Link
More Jun and Rob
Talking about how Ali will nominate Dana because of their little tiff.
How Ali takes everything personally, just like a little girl.
Jun says Ali is so fake, talking about her rubbing up against Rob and getting in their faces.

Jee walks in, saying that it's getting awkward out there (the LR where the rest of the HG are playing cards)

He says he just doesn't want to be out there.

Dana enters, asked why he walked away, trying to tell him that everythings cool.

Justin in the room now too....

See F1

Jul 30 2003 21:30, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Dana "they asked me if they think god is on their side. i'm like, no! god has more to worry about than this game. they think they are so holy, i bet i've been to church more than them

dana still going off about how it was a fluke. wondering what they did to fix this thing. did she have a magnet. it's like a movie

the stoogies have gathered together, planning to play cards. rob says he's too tired. jee can't believe that in half an hour it all ended up like this.

Just "it feels like a kick right to the balls

dana wondering who they may offer a deal to

rob "erika and jack are safe, no one else

Dana "i shoulda put FOTHing nathan up. i'm so mad. it's all my fault

not they are taking bets on who it will be. dana thinks her an justin

jun says it doesn't matter what she wants, it's what nathan wants

jee says she made herself look so petty on the show

dana chuckles and says "she lied to me. i can't believe that sh*t

Jul 30 2003 21:32, Wed frustratedposter   Link
even more
Dana "erika is outside jumping up and down clapping

Jee "you serious

Dana "clapping!

Jee "of course, she's safe

asking dana, who is looking out, what is jack doing?

Jul 30 2003 21:33, Wed Goddess200xxx   Link
MT and stooges pissed at Erika because she outside jumping up and down clapping!! NT

Jul 30 2003 21:34, Wed MsB0808   Link
OMG, are those 5 pathetic or what??? Fussing about the others.....
being so happy at Ali winning and dissing them when the SAME thing happened last week, in reverse. How quickly they forget....and for the record, I am posting this as I WATCH the feed of the 5 stooges in the bedroom in the house.

Jul 30 2003 21:35, Wed jinxy   Link
camera 2 & 3 not showing anything??? NT

Jul 30 2003 21:35, Wed frustratedposter   Link
Jee wouldn't mind if jack wins, but any of those others
i'd be so pissed if any of them got any of that money

jee "i'm so disappointed in myself

dana "let's FOTHing play cards. i don't wanna deal with this any more

taling about how this is now their room. nate won't sleep in here with them.

Jun "the power is up for grabs

Jee " she grabbed it alright. i can't believe she FOTHing did it

Jul 30 2003 21:36, Wed luvBB4   Link
Dana "!@#$%^ it couldn't have gone any worse!!!" LOL NT

Jul 30 2003 21:40, Wed luvBB4   Link
Dana still ticked
Sitting there shuffling cards and mumbling "it still killls still kills meeeee."

Jul 30 2003 21:43, Wed ktan   Link
HOH room is ready for Alison with stuffed toy and 08 shirt. NT

Jul 30 2003 21:44, Wed luvBB4   Link
Ali has her stuff
see basket and a stuffed animal (cat).
Camera zooming in and out ...
no sound

Jul 30 2003 21:45, Wed Serenity   Link
"I will not beg. I won't make any deals or any f'n thing. I'm promising you guys." (ed. note: Won't do you any good anyway, Trollee)

Jul 30 2003 21:45, Wed luvBB4   Link
more stuff
pics of Ali with her boyfriend I assume and family pics...

still no sound

Jul 30 2003 21:48, Wed luvBB4   Link
Camera zoomed in on Ali and her (now ex most like likely ) BF NT

Jul 30 2003 21:50, Wed luvBB4   Link
"Allison, please go to the Diary Room" NT

Jul 30 2003 22:28, Wed TIGRESS_1108   Link
Ali in hoh listening to headphones and crying why looking at boyfriends or familys picture NT

Jul 30 2003 23:20, Wed ktan   Link
Everyone (including Nathan, who finally came in from the BY) enjoying the steak dinner from BB. NT

Jul 30 2003 23:29, Wed ktan   Link
Ali dancing to music on HOH bed while holding her stuffed animals. NT

Jul 31 2003 00:03, Thu sheridan999   Link
R Ja Nat Er Al discussing in hot tub NT

Jul 31 2003 00:05, Thu fishinlady   Link
Peppered eye shadow..
Jun suggests they put pepper in Ali's eyeshadow. Dana says she would do it if no one would see her. She then tells Justin and Jun about her diary room converstion with Julie about Nate. Much laughing (while Jun and Dana eat ice cream)
Feeds switched back to hot tub where Nathan, Ali, Erica, Jack and Rob are rehashing the HOH competition. Jee is in the diary room.

Jul 31 2003 00:20, Thu ktan   Link
Ali's talk of a sequestering house brings FOTH which then goes to LR. NT

Jul 31 2003 00:22, Thu Paul8148   Link
Earlier Jack and Erica was talking..........
They said they picks will be about the game and not personal and people will be shock. This was after they feeds was on everyone but Jack, All, Nath, and Erica. I think they going to put up Justin and Jun which is what Jack and Allsion talk about last week and keep Dana off the block.

Jul 31 2003 00:39, Thu fitty_little_me   Link
"You were real mean to me Jun, real mean." - Ali NT

Jul 31 2003 00:52, Thu Jokerette   Link
Ally calls all the HGs to the living room. NT

Jul 31 2003 00:53, Thu max1204   Link
They are dividing up for food competition - "hot" and "cool" team NT

Jul 31 2003 00:58, Thu Jokerette ParentRootLink
Equeal teams. Hot and Cold. Hot red, Cold Blue coveralls. Can cut them up. Make sure they fit first. Can't tye dye them or anything. Ally doesn't have to compete. They ask her to divide teams. She just goes around 'red blue' etc.

Trying them on now. They look like mechanic overalls.

Jul 31 2003 00:58, Thu ktan   Link
The two teams get red and blue jumpsuits to wear for the comp. Ali has a red jumpsuit. NT

Jul 31 2003 01:01, Thu cubbie ParentRootLink
team members
red: Dana, Robert, Jee, Erica
blue: Jun, Justin, Jack, Nathan

Jul 31 2003 00:59, Thu max1204   Link
Teams for food competition
Nate, Jack, Justin and Jun on one team and everyone else (except Ali) on the other. Ali does not compete (they don't explain why). Nate's team is blue (cool team). The other is red (hot team).

Jul 31 2003 01:01, Thu ktan ParentRootLink
HOH is exempt from food comps. NT

Jul 31 2003 01:09, Thu Brathead ParentRootLink
The teams have to have the same number of players on both teams
besides the hoh eat no matter what.