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Jul 31 2003 01:01, Thu max1204   Link
They conjecture on how game will work
They think the cool team will eat cold food, and the hot team will have hot food.

Jul 31 2003 01:03, Thu max1204   Link
Robert says teams are unfair
He says Justin and Nate shouldn't be on same team.

Jul 31 2003 01:33, Thu max1204   Link
Robert: It's crunch time now
The Stooges say they will use the veto on one of the others if they get it.
Justin doesn't seem too concerned with leaving because he will be sequestered "in Mexico," he says.

Jul 31 2003 01:35, Thu max1204   Link
Stooges still talking strategy in the BY
Jee will "flip it" if Erica wins the "f*cking money."
The Stooges say they will vote against Erica if she is in the final two -- no matter who she is up against (even Nathan), although Jee and Justin both don't like the idea of Nathan winning the money.
Jee says he can't believe that saving Ali worked in his favor. He says they must believe "God is on our side."

Jul 31 2003 01:38, Thu max1204   Link
Nate, Ali, Dana Jack playing cards; Jun and Dana in kitchen cutting jumpsuits NT

Jul 31 2003 01:50, Thu max1204   Link
Robert says Jee is lucky to have the other Stooges
Robert says the other "c**ksuckers" would have betrayed Jee. Justin says they don't mind doing Jee's dirty work. They also say that Jee is the funniest guy and gets funnier every day. One of them says they bet Jee has a ton of friends at home.

Now Dana and Jee come out with alcohol.

Justin is still cutting his jumpsuit, and now Dana admits she has "OCD" (obsessive compulsive disorder). She's accusing Justin of having it too.

Jee reiterates his love for his girlfriend and says she wants more of him and then something about "all my other whoes," then quickly retracts the statement after the others say that is definitely going on TV.

Now they're talking about Dave (positive talk, surprisingly). Jee: "He's a guido, he's a musclehead."

Jee says Justin looks like he's from the penitentiary in his jumpsuit. Jee (or Robert can't remember which) says Dana's getting horny looking at him in the jumpsuit, but Dana says he looks "f*cking gay."

Jul 31 2003 01:52, Thu max1204   Link
Jee talks about gay sex while in jail
He says if in jail, he'd never wipe his ass. He says if you're in jail, you either get "ass-f*cked" or beat up, or both. (Note: Jee has been drinking and said he was drunk a few minutes ago.)

Now Robert's going off on the boring conversation the Alliance is having inside. But the conversation turns to bench-pressing and other uninteresting talk.

Jul 31 2003 01:56, Thu max1204   Link
They're talking about drugs
Justin says he "pulls" every once in a while (pot). Jee's "boys" smoke "four-footers." Justin says his "boys" had a four-footer (bong), too, when he came out to Calif. before the shoot. He did partake (but didn't inhale [just kidding]). His friends call all their bongs "Darth Vader."

Jun and Jee used to have a bong called "Big red." Justin says he always named his bongs. One of Justin's bongs was called "Cal Rippin."

Justin now says he's going to be first to go (i.e., the first of the Stooges to leave the house), but he doesn't want to be dogged in the nomination speech. He wants to be told something like "you were a threat."

Jul 31 2003 02:00, Thu max1204   Link
Jee left marks on Jun
Jee says he wanted the marks (apparently his name branded with a knife onto Jun). Dana says all "2 1/2" girls wanted it and Jee "wanted to leave his mark on all his women."

All the others (Robert, Justin, Dana) think it's ridiculous.

Robert says Dave could be watching this all on the Internet and it's cool. They say Dave was "awesome," one of the coolest in the house, and Justin says "he was real."

Jul 31 2003 02:11, Thu max1204   Link
Nate says he sweats easy and says J. Timberlake has nothing on him
He says it's like 61 degrees in the house all the time, plus his box fan is on. Erica says his internal thermometer must be messed up.

The Alliance members are still inside playing cards; Nathan is drinking. Nate says Britney Spears is going to come calling and Justin Timberlake "has nothing on me." Jack agrees (with the Timberlake crack). Nate says thanks and reminds Jack that he didn't vote to evict him.

Sounds to me like Nate is a little drunk (based on his ever slower drawl than usual).

Jul 31 2003 02:14, Thu max1204   Link
Nate getting drunk on wine coolers (a red one right now) NT

Jul 31 2003 02:16, Thu Nerghan   Link
Jee talking about how stoned he will get when he get out and Dana says...
"Well it won't take will take one hit and be like retarded."
Jee says he has a little one hitter and he can grind up a bud and put it in the dugout and it will last him like two weeks. Now they are talking about what Jee will let his girlfriend wear. Jee has been drinking so they are all taking advantage of the fact.

If you can't dazzle them with knowledge, baffle them with bull$h!t.

Jul 31 2003 02:18, Thu Nerghan   Link
Jee going on and on about how "slammin" his girlfriend is. NT

Jul 31 2003 02:23, Thu max1204   Link
Ali says the Dark Side has been stealing alcohol
They were hoarding it in the HoH room, she says. She found it when she went into the fridge in there to find some Gatorade. She said she found 3 bottles of wine (and maybe more, but I didn't catch it). Ali says they have been taking it throughout the week.

Jul 31 2003 02:25, Thu Nerghan   Link
Jee is drunk...
We know she's a good girl Jee, we know she's the bomb we know she is the sh!t. Just tell us like five or six times not thirty...
Jee is apparently hammered tallking out of his ass.

Jul 31 2003 02:30, Thu Nerghan   Link
Jun says that Ali thinks that....
the stooges specifically Jee threw the HOH comp. Jee thinks that is crazy. They ask why the Ali crew thinks that and Jun says so that Ali and Nate could do the dirty work and get rid of Dana.

Justin says that he had never heard about BB until two weeks before the show started. It irks him that someone in this house is going to get a half a million dollars and he hopes that one of them (the stooges) gets the money. And he will probably kill himself if ali wins it.

Jul 31 2003 02:32, Thu Devareux   Link
Ali asks Er,Na,Jk whos in the kitchen, Nat says Freakin' Jun, Ali says why did I ask? NT

Jul 31 2003 02:33, Thu max1204   Link
Justin said he'd never heard of this "f*ckin" show
He said two weeks before he got on the show he'd never heard of it. He says he likes to earn his money. "It wouldn't really bother as much as it would someone else," Justin says. He says he's "coastin til the end of the summer" and he has his job waiting for him. He says Jun and Dana want it more than him.

"It irks me" that someone in the house will be getting $500,000 and he "might commit suicide" if Alison wins the money and he hopes one of the other Stooges wins. Robert says he feels the same way about Erica winning.

Dana says she hates Erica. "I change every five minutes who I hate," she says. Dana's mad about Erica jumping up and down in the backyard after HoH competition.

Jee's mad because they didn't do what he wanted them to do when he was HoH; Erica would already be gone. Dana says she didn't know if she could trust them.

Now they're making fun of the Alliance, saying they are having more fun in the backyard and the Alliance is playing some boring game.

Now they make fun of Erica crying after Dave left. "She's a f*cking actress," Jun says.

Dana says Erica and Jack would be up their "f*cking asses" if one of them (members of the Dark side - Jee, Jun, Dana, Justin, Robert) wins HoH and she hates that.

Jul 31 2003 02:34, Thu max1204   Link
Dana says her group is still strong
Even with one leaving, they won't turn on each other like the other side did, Dana says.

Jul 31 2003 02:42, Thu max1204   Link
The good guys have finished playing cards, getting ready for bed NT

Jul 31 2003 02:46, Thu max1204   Link
Jun and Ali going to talk in HoH room NT

Jul 31 2003 02:50, Thu max1204   Link
Jun and Ali's talk
They are in a lockdown, the loudspeaker says.

Jun says the other Dark Side members will think she's campaigning against them, but she's not.

Ali says they all know how they stand and it's stupid to fight about it. She says that she knows Dana hates her, and that's why she doesn't like her. She says as a person she's "pretty cool," but Dana did lie to her face. She says she feels Dana will go after her.

Jun says Dana hates Nate more than Ali.

Jee and Robert don't like her because of Dana, Ali says. Jun says she's not going to tell Ali Dana likes her because it's not true.

Ali says that Jack and Erica think Jun is "the brains" behind the other side's operation. Jun says she's not "the brains" but she the "f*ckin level-head in the group." Jun admits that she campaigned against Dave because he was the bigger threat.

Ali says none of her allies hate Jun; they just view her as a threat.


Jul 31 2003 02:55, Thu max1204   Link
Ali says her other allies want her to put up Jun and Justin
Because they're the biggest threats. Jun says the only thing about that is that Dana will go after Ali. "Everyone is just playing for themselves right now," Jun says. She says Erica and Jack "play both sides." They come to the Dark Side and say stuff like "Nathan's stabbing them in the back" and they don't feel like Nate and Ali can be trusted.

Ali asks Jun whether she is on the other side now. Jun says she told the Diary Room she's playing week to week. She'd like to make alliances but...

Jee interrupts...

J: At the same time, as far as making friendships, it's not good.

Jun says she'd never nominate Dana, but she would vote her out, and she says she told Dana that to her face, and Dana said the same. As far as the Stooges, they will stick to each other, Jun says.

Jun says like she told the Diary Room, "I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to play the game." She says she feels as long as she doesn't nominate anyone, she feels she hasn't made any enemies.

Ali asks if there's anyone Jun would want to put up. She goes through different scenarios.

She says if Jun and Dana go up and one of the Stooges wins, they won't use the veto. But if one of the Stooges goes up and one of the Stooges wins the veto, they will use it. Dana and Jun won't sacrifice each other for the Stooges, and vice versa, Jun says.

J: Ultimately, you earned it (HoH), you deserve it...but ultimately it's your choice.


Jul 31 2003 03:01, Thu max1204   Link
Ali says it's hard not to play personal because...
everyone was being a "f*cking *****" last week except for Dave. Jun wonders if Dave was pissed at her. Ali says Dave was mad at Jun's group.

Ali says she doesn't know; the only one she's not considering is Nate; Erica and Jack aren't even ruled out. She says all the other ones need to come talk to her (to lessen their chances of being nominated). She says Dana shouldn't bother, and Jun says more or less don't hold your breath.

J: I guess all five of us are under the impression that it could be any one of we are like (we'll just let you) make your decision.

Jun says Ali shouldn't expect her people to come talk to her. She says she should consider if she can trust Erica and Jack's word.

Jun says she would consider putting Nate up on the block next week if she's HoH because he's a strong competitor. But Ali says she wouldn't want that. Jun asks if she's comfortable with Nate being in the house because he's such a strong player, and she says she's ok with it.

Ali says she doesn't want to do the meeting until tomorrow afternoon so she doesn't have to think about it much tonight.

Jun says she doesn't want to jump from group to group (it would look bad, she implies).

Conversation is breaking up now and Nate comes in.

Jul 31 2003 03:02, Thu max1204   Link
Ali recounts conversation with Jun to Nate
She tells him about Jun not promising to put Nate up if she gets HoH but she won't put Ali up if Ali doesn't put her up. They say they pretty much have their minds made up.

Dana is going up, Nate says, and Justin is going up. If one is saved by the veto, Jun can go up.

Ali says Nate needs to win HoH next week, so start studying.

Jul 31 2003 03:04, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali just lied to Nate...
She told Nate that JUN proposed to not put Ali on the block if she wins HOH, but she couldn't promise about not putting Nate on.

It was Ali who did the proposal.

Jul 31 2003 03:06, Thu max1204 ParentRootLink
Not true
Ali didn't really propose it; she was playing the "what if" game to see what Jun's response was (to test her).

Jul 31 2003 03:07, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
However, she said that it was Jun's proposal...which it wasn't. NT

Jul 31 2003 03:10, Thu JulieH ParentRootLink
Absolutely true. Alison suggested it NT

Jul 31 2003 03:13, Thu max1204 ParentRootLink
To clarify
When Ali was talking to Jun, Ali asks Jun if she would put Nate up. Jun says yes she would. Then when Ali is talking to Nate about the conversation, she says Jun would put Nate up -- Jun wouldn't promise Ali that Nate would be safe; Jun would only agree to not nominate Ali.

(Ed. note: The way I interpreted Jun-Ali conversation about Nate first was that Ali might want Nate to go up. But as the conversation progresses, it seems that she's just testing Jun to see if Jun would put Nate up, which she would. Like I said, Ali was playing the "what if" game to get the truth out of Jun but making it sound like she was contemplating nominating Nate or having someone else do it for her.)

Jul 31 2003 03:15, Thu JulieH ParentRootLink
But! Alison made it sound like it was all Juns idea to make the deal NT

Jul 31 2003 03:16, Thu max1204 ParentRootLink
Alison just said Jun would put up Nate - that's not a lie NT

Jul 31 2003 03:25, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
Ali suggested it was Jun's proposal, period NT

Jul 31 2003 12:32, Thu Phantom ParentRootLink
In the a chat between Jun and Ali,
Ali proposed a deal that if she didn't nominate Jun this week, Jun wouldn't nominate Ali if she became HOH. Jun questioned if that was just for one week (Yes) and then asked if Ali meant that Jun could not nominate both Nat and Ali, or just Ali. Ali agreed that the deal was just for her, and implied that she wouldn't be upset if Jun felt she had to nominate Nat; she almost seemed to encourage it. Jun accepted the deal. So, Ali proposed a deal between her and Jun, but Jun filled in the details re Nat and the duration of the deal. Jun has the right to nominate Nat, but did not commit that she would do so. The deal costs Jun nothing in that it is only a limit on her if she wins HOH next week (which she has no intention of doing), but it gets her off the hook this week and tells her that Ali is willing to sacrifice Nat. Jun wins on the exchange, but, at no point did I hear Ali say that she would not nominate Jun this week. The deal only takes effect ~IF~ Ali doesn't nominate Jun this week.

Jul 31 2003 03:05, Thu max1204   Link
Ali says she'd never put Nate up
Ali continues to recount her conversation with Jun. She's not leaving anything out.

Nate says he wouldn't trust Jun because she's strong. He says he'd "almost" want to put her up, and Ali echoes that. He says Jun goes up if he gets HoH. He wants to "scare the hell out of Jun" if he was HoH, and Ali should do it too. Ali wonders about doing that, but Nate interjects saying Justin must go, then they can recruit Jee. He says if Justin's gone, they (remaining Stooges) will come to them.

Erica comes in. Nate says he's ready to go to bed, but he's staying in HoH room.

Jul 31 2003 03:08, Thu frustratedposter   Link
Jun and Ali in HOH
text in [] is my comments/opinions

as i get here, Jee walks in

Jee (to Jun) "you ate my FOTHing cheesecake.

Jun "i did not

Jee "you put Jack's name on it and ate it

Jun "where would i get Jack's sticker... you f&ggot

Jee leaves

Jun explains that she would like to be in an alliance til the end, but she isn't. she is playing week to week. the only thing she has promised is not to nom Dana. says she won't nom or vote for dana

ali says won't?

Jun says, um, won't nom, but would vote

Jun says that the 5 have only made small promises. Dana and Jun would veto each other. the boys would veto each other. but the girlz won't nom boyz and boyz won't nom girlz

ali explains that the only one in the entire house that is safe is nate. he's the only one that has been nice to her. tells jun that dave was nice to her too, talked to her til 4am last nite. she says it's hard not to play personal now.

Jun understands

Ali says it would be good for everyone to talk to her. even justin. jun tells her justin prob won't talk to her. ali says whoever doesn't talk to her is in trouble. except dana, it won't matter if dana tried. jun says dana prob won't try

ali offers jun a deal if she doesn't nom her, she will be safe if jun gets hoh. jun asks if she could put up nate. ali hesitates

jun says the doesn't want to look like someone who switches from side to side each week. they wrap up their talk, as nate comes in

ali explains their talk to nate. tells him jun wants to put him up if he gets hoh. tells him about poss deal. nate says he wouldn't trust jun. she thinks she's just gonna slide in thru to the end. [ali doesn't look convinced] nate says that just has to go. he thinks maybe she should nom jun too, just to scare her. thinks she's had it too easy.

erika comes to door to get help with her overalls, and ali goes, leaving nate in HOH. he tells her to do whatever she wants as she leaves.

Jul 31 2003 03:18, Thu frustratedposter   Link
nate and jack playing cards in LR, but can't hear them
text in [] is my comments/opinions

the rest of the girls are working ontheir overalls. [they sound pretty friendly, even dana, as they work]

the stoogies are in the BR washing up

F1 jack/nate, low or no audio
F2 girls working on overalls
f3 justin/jee in love room bed talking to rob
f4 rob

Jul 31 2003 03:26, Thu frustratedposter   Link
nate talking to jack about where he will be sleeping
text in [] is my comments/opinions

nate is trying to join in the sand box

jack tells him dave's bed was against the wall, he can use that. says "come on in"

ali walks out with her overalls, now cut to short shorts. nat "oh my gosh, it's not even overalls any more"

ali walks out, and in to the love room to doing a runway style walk with her new look

can now see dana in love room on same bed as rob on f4 [may have been wrong before that dana was with the girls as they worked on the overalls] can't hear audio from love room, except when they laugh [i'm on quad]

jun comes thru LR and says nite to jack and nate

nate "they can have the love room i guess"

lights go out in love room, dark for a sec, then IR comes on. jun is in there now

nate "ali, i gotta sleep with you tonite" he wonders about the bed covers in the sand box

f2 is ali/erika still working on overalls

nate says something about two freakin' weeks. jack says he's tired of being under the gun

nate "you never know, they might switch it up on us again"

nate "that freaking thing sucked. it was luck. it was luck. there was no way i could... it was luck"

jack "the wind would blow the balls"

nate "second rehearsal i got 12, the last i got 13 then 2"

jack "where i was i think had the least wind

they aren't actually playing cards. nate is just shuffling over and over.

nate "ahhh, it sucks"

jack "yeah, i know you can't go on another pbj week"

nate "yeah"

jack "we're divided up"

nate "isn't that amazing"

nate "jun is amazing. she's the smart, sneaky snake"

[gonna check on the 5]

Jul 31 2003 03:46, Thu frustratedposter   Link
the love room
text in [] is my comments/opinions

[i come in on the middle of this]

justin talking about wanting to be put up. he'd rather be the first one of them to go, if someone has to go

jun tells them she told ali dana and she would veto each other and the guys the same. rob says that's no secret

dana says that may be the only reason she won't put me up

dana says right now it's 100% that i'm going up

jun mentions jack/erika and that she hates them

jun says she told them stuff bout jack/erika. didn't specifically say anything they said just told her they said bad sh*t

dana says she prob could go talk to ali. jun says she doesn't want you to

jee says she prob hates your guts. it's very personal between you two

dana says she wants to ask if you want me as your friend or enemy

dana says she has to redeem herself and put me up

justin "she's not that kind of person. don't be surprised if she doesn't put you up"

jun says ali will talk to her again tomorrow

they all agree to save themselves

jee "whoever is in this group who can better their position, do it!"

rob "but i'm not gonna lie" and something about not making promises

jun "erika has taken her focus off of rob"

dana says it's good you guys worked it out.

rob "she shoulda FOTHing went... it irks me the way she plays this game"

[all talk at once, don't catch a lot of it]

jun says in HT she said she's a forgiving person. [begin patented jun whisper, so missing details]

Jee "jack has to FOTHing realize he's FOTHing...."

rob "jack doesn't care, he doesn't care"

they agree jack is playing the smartest. dana accuses erika of bouncing around.

dana "jack's a great guy and all that but he's a FOTHing scumbag"

dana looking out, sees jack in mirror, w/nate. conflicting comments about jack continue

jee "is ali alone in the room"

Jun "she might be working on her outfit"

jun says erika said to ali "the comeback kid! that's you ali!"

all gasp in [what eppears to be] utter shock that erika is playing her that way. comments like that's her game. that's her way

justin "if we got it we'd be going after ali"

talk about how jack/erika are playing it safe, knowing that the other teams are butting heads.

Jee "but, you know, assumptions can only go so far in the never know.. you never know... at least we stuck it out so far in this game"

more group talk. jack is well spoken. jee comments that he stomped his foot when he was HOH cause they were trying to pursuade him. [jee's batteries are dying, static in and out]

Justing is cuddling with jun during all of this, his head on her chest, she is stroking the side of his head

jun "ali thinks for herself, so no matter what they say she'll play it her way"

all agree

jun "even while i was sitting there i was thinking what the FOTH am i doing there??"

jee and dana think they could kiss ali's ass right now. jun tells dana she doesn't want her to

jun tells justin she wants him to go in there so bad. justin says if she asks me i wouldn't say no, but i'm not going in on my own

jun whispers again [argh... how did she get so good at that]

jee "the one thing i'm happy about is that she's miserable still. she's FOTHing still miserable, so is nathan"

dana congratulates herself on pulling that on them last week

rob seems to hear something, talk stops while he looks around

jun "i'm not gonna sit in that chair if i'm evicted and blame people. why do you wanna be seen as a petty person. within the house... but why do you wanna seem so petty"

jun thinks dana made a great move in her reply to julie during the show. the first response was the same she would have done, but she cut it short. says it was a good move.

Jee "this room is FOTHing hot. it's FOTHing fabulous. it's dark. you can see out"

dana now talking bout her julie interview. how she knew they couldn't cut it out cause it was live

just asks what she said, and FOTH!

Jul 31 2003 03:51, Thu frustratedposter   Link
love room
text in [] is my comments/opinions

Jee "i don't have any regrets"

dana "i can't say that. i have two. one is that i didn't put nate/ali up. [didn't hear the 2nd]

dana says she's just glad to be here, making more than at her job. justin says we're gonna leave here with like 8grand! but some of it is gonna have to go to bills and stuff. that isn't gonna stop

jun tells jee his rent is so low! jee says it's not low, it's like 1400

"alright, so what are we gonna do?"

jun "we're gonna go to sleep. don't want to give her any power. unless she calls you in, forget it"

rob says she can call me in

jun back to whisper about jack and erika, something about nate going in to the sand box. dana wonders why nate would even want to sleep in here. justin says nate going there will be like a personal victory for him

jun says good night. justin asks where she's going. she says she's going to her bed.

dana jumps on jee, and he yells "oh my god! help me, help me!" they all laugh at this

justin "that was hilarious!. like you're goin in for a piece, dude!"

Jul 31 2003 03:52, Thu max1204   Link
Ali just either spit or blew in Nate's face
She is accusing him of moping and calls him a "spoiled rotten brat." She says he was moping because he didn't win HoH. "We are the biggest competitors in this house right now...They're scared sh*tless," Ali says. Ali says they will jump at the first chance to get them out. Nate's pissed at Jun for being "damn traitor" because she wants to put him up.

Ali says Jun has no one when Dana goes. She says Dana hates Nate more than her. Ali says she thinks she should put up Dana and Justin, but vote out Dana; it's not emotional, she says. Justin hasn't won anything; Dana's won twice. She says that she thinks the Stooges will go after Erica and Jack anyway, not them.

"Dana is the driving force behind them; she's the anger in this house," Ali says. "She's brought a lot of anger and tension to this house."

Nate says he's "leaning towards that way too." He says he knows they're going to put Dana and Justin up, and put Jun's key last to scare her. Ali says she wants to put Jack and Erica's keys near the end to make sure it doesn't look obvious. Nate says no. They want to give Jee a good key position.

Ali warns Nate to lower his voice. He protests at first, but then she convinces him to be quieter because the Dark Side is right outside.

"I know this whole damn house is going after me next week," Nate says after Ali says he's more stressed than her.


Jul 31 2003 03:58, Thu max1204   Link
Justin intimidates Nate
He's the only one in the house who does. Dana doesn't intimidate her. Nate says Justin is due to win something.

Ali calls Jun a bitch.

Nate says he sees Dana and Jun "after my ass" (and not in a sexual way). He says Dana has a lot of influence in this house, and he says she has to make a decision.

Nate suggests making a deal with Justin to secure their place in the house for one week. He says he knows Justin wants Dana gone, too. He says put Justin and Dana up, and "we'll go from there." He says Dana will start campaigning to save her ass right away.

He says he'll put Jun up next week if he gets HoH.

N: It just pisses me off that Jun thinks she can snake her way through this (game).

Nate is upset that he is the biggest target in the house, and Ali says Dana is the "driving force." Nate agrees and says they would be "safer" if they took Dana out. "She has a hate against me. I don't know why she hates me." He conjectures that it's because he used the veto or because he wouldn't fall for her sexual advances.

He says she's really ugly, not only physically but her personality, too. "She talks like a guy" cussing all the time, Nate says.

Nate says he trusts Jack and Erica, "I really do," he says. He says he trusts Jack more. He says he thinks he can turn Justin and Dana against each other. He tells Ali "we've got to put them up no matter what."

As a side note, they are both in the HoH bed. Nate had told Jack he'd sleep in there with Erica and Jack tomorrow night.

Jul 31 2003 04:00, Thu frustratedposter   Link
text in [] is my comments/opinions

nate "if you can work out a deal with justin.."

ali "for you and me?"

nate "yeah, for you and me. cause he wants dana gone too. i think once dana is on the block, she's gonna start campaigning, i really do."

they think that putting dana up, and not justin will split them up. he is amazed that jun can't make a promise not to put him up. he says if he gets HOH next week, he's putting her and justin up.

nate "it pisses me off that jun thinks she can just snake it thru"

nate is amazed that even with ali as HOH, everyone still wants him out.

nate "except jack and erika"

nate talking bout dana hates her guts. maybe cause he called her out on the veto. probably because he wouldn't hook up with her. says he told her she's ugly. ali asks if he really thinks she's ugly. he says yeah, she's hideous. talks about how she talks like a guy

ali asks nate if he really trusts jack and erika. nate says "i do, i do" he trusts jack more than he ever did dave. ali says he (dave) liked me. whatever we do, we gotta talk to jack and erika

nate thinks that now that dana's reign is over, we can talk to jee and rob, and maybe justin. ali wants him to talk before she puts two people up. nate says no, put them up. but we can talk to justin even when he's up

nate gets up to turn off a light. ali says she wants to listen to some music. nate climbs in to the bed with her.

feed switches to sand box. f3 is dana/justin body to body in their bed. sand box is jack and erika, audio just now kicks in

jack talking bout how he [who?] thinks we are driven by so much emotion we are just gonna nominate dana as revenge. erika starts to talk, and my feed freezes

so, post

Jul 31 2003 04:04, Thu max1204   Link
Erica and Jack talk
Erica says she hopes Ali keeps focus on game and doesn't let emotion play into it. Jack agrees. They think Nate and Ali are going to want Justin out.

Jul 31 2003 04:10, Thu frustratedposter   Link
back to sand box
text in [] is my comments/opinions

it seems erika's plan is to stay close to "the kid" (ali) cause she is so emotional

jack likes that plan, and will talk to her too

erika thinks nathan wants justin out too.

jack says yeah, there is some kind of idea that they have some "jock code" but that justin would go for the jugular

erika thinks justin didn't go for HOH this week

jack likes their plan. thinks it is smart. now talking bout HOH comp, and he said he told someone that he knew it would be 7 that would win this thing. he can't seem to remember who he was talking to, but he def knew it would be 7 that wins it. says nate is frustrated that he practiced so hard, and he didn't do well. nathan and he had a terrible rehearsal. they only got one.

erika chuckles

jack "they were, for the actual competition tonite, the cylinders were lined up better. mine, for rehearsal, was kinda lined up different. 2nd rehearsal mine wasn't lined up right, but it didn't have any bearing"

ekika "there's an empty bed over there" [ED i sob at that]

jack tells her nate is coming over tomorrow

jack isn't sure that it's a good place for nate to sleep. when ali comes out of HOH, if she wants to come in, since he gets up all the time, maybe he could move to the bed closer to the door. he is talking about how there hasn't really been 4 in here, except that first night, when justin was in here. he says that's the night the blanket wore on him. was his worst nite here.

jack puts his glasses down. lies back in his bed

Jack "i figure david's gotten off a couple of times by now"

erika laughs

jack "i hope you don't sew yourself into a frazzle and get a bunch of crap"

erika is sitting in bed, working on her outfit

jack settles in to modified mummy position, with hand behind his head

erika chatters about her outfit.

Jul 31 2003 04:12, Thu frustratedposter   Link
sand box
text in [] is my comments/opinions

competition talk

jack was watching nate the whole time. was thinking what the hell is wrong with you? he's competitive. he was down. it even affected his ping/pong game. he was off tonite. julie's commentary really helped him, since he knew that they had nate and ali's back, and ali was in the lead

erika thinks he is hard on himself. he thinks he shoulda had it. jack agrees.

they get quiet for a while

Jul 31 2003 04:21, Thu frustratedposter   Link
love room
text in [] is my comments/opinions

dana and jun sharing a bed. justin was tossing alone in a sep bed on F3

dana and nate talking about korean culture. move on to chinese, with the limit on 2 kids [thought it was 1??] and how they want sons. dana asks if they still have that and what would they do, kill a daughter? what will they do if it's all men?

jun "the pastor at my church has 4 daughters and one boy, cause they wanted a boy, he wanted that boy so bad and he's a pastor and they aren't supposed to be like that. they say that boy come out, and they think he's so special, and he is smart, but he's (something physically wrong with his face) and some people think that that is payback for wanting a boy so bad"

dana asks where jun family is from. i think she said lower east side. they are in an apt, not a condo. they aren't like other korean parents. they don't care about a house. her parents took them on 2 vacations a year, and most koreans are all about work work work and they don't care about family. that's why she's like she is; they raised her to be independant, but she's not married and they don't like that. she was like why would you bring me to this country and give me everything and then expect me to just want to get married and have kids

dana pipes in that she has similar family members. she's not married yet, she's working on her career [career? she makes 450/week in NYC and that's a career???]

dana talking about her youngest cousin is like 12, so at the holidays the family is like "we need kids, where's the kids" and one of her cousins just got engaged and that's great, cause he'll have kids. he's of course wonderful cause he's a man, but then he'll be better cause he will have kids

dana can not wait to invite jun over when the game is over. it will be awesome.

talking about friends. juns best friend is Nami. she's so cute. [blah, blah, blah]

justin is restless and tosses in his bed

Jul 31 2003 04:30, Thu frustratedposter   Link
love room
text in [] is my comments/opinions

dana and jun talking bout family and friends. how outside the house they have friends that love them without condition.

jun talking about her job, and if she was still with jee she could never have that.

dana now talking about how cool this experience is gonna be. her mom said even if you go for a week and leave, you can still say you did it. both jun and dana think that at least they are showing themselves. they have a personality, and you can see it. someone like nate, you don't even know who they are. jun is amazed that people can be like that. dana says they are just a mask, covered by skin

jun whispering now [out of consderation for the ones sleeping, or cause she's talking about the others??]

dana just said something about having "fried shitballs for dinner, with a bowl of urine. hope you enjoy it" jun says it's scary, dana agrees [no idea what the context is, due to whispers]

dana talking about making a hat for herself for the comp. jun asks when. dana says when you were talking to ali. says she was gonna make one for jun. thinks she left it on that thing in the kitchen, what do you call it? an island??

more friend talk and how jun has a friend with a beautiful kitchen who cooks up a storm [mentor for you, jun??]

back to whispers, so going back to quad

Jul 31 2003 04:31, Thu frustratedposter   Link
around the feeds
F1 camera panning across LR, nate is on the couch eating something

F2 stillshot of nate in LR

F3 ali/dana in love room

F4 justin in love room

Jul 31 2003 04:32, Thu frustratedposter   Link
nate done eating, heads back to HOH bed with ali
F2 sand box
F3 dana/jun
F4 justin

Jul 31 2003 04:34, Thu frustratedposter   Link
house is quiet. all HGs trying to sleep NT

Jul 31 2003 05:26, Thu frustratedposter   Link
HOH. ali awake, listening to music and staring at a picture NT

Jul 31 2003 05:34, Thu frustratedposter   Link
HOH.. ali up and looking around, lights on.. NT

Jul 31 2003 05:42, Thu frustratedposter   Link
HOH - ali back to bed, Nate MIA NT

Jul 31 2003 06:20, Thu frustratedposter   Link
for those without feeds... nate is back in bed with ali NT

Jul 31 2003 07:05, Thu frustratedposter   Link
Erika sleep talking? or half awake on F1 NT

Jul 31 2003 09:12, Thu KelliGirl   Link
30 minutes untill food comp. NT

Jul 31 2003 09:22, Thu Lola   Link
Some HG are getting up and dressed (Dana & Jun), can see others still under the covers, Dana is waking up Jus NT

Jul 31 2003 09:28, Thu Lola   Link
It appears that instead of Dana getting Jus up, she ended up cuddling back in the bed with him. Jun doing makeup NT

Jul 31 2003 09:35, Thu Lola   Link

Jul 31 2003 09:35, Thu lucyfer   Link
FOTH on all 4 feeds NT

Jul 31 2003 09:40, Thu Lola   Link
FOTH over, Looks like everyone is up. All moving thru house doing moning routines NT

Jul 31 2003 09:44, Thu ktan   Link
Weird contraption shown in BY for comp with crew members assembling it -- appears to involve water and ping pong balls on a slide. Lots of piping. NT

Jul 31 2003 09:54, Thu Lola   Link
All feeds switch to different angles of kitchen. They're in lockdown...
Rob wonders how long it will be
Someone says 15 min
He says thay always get then up then make them wait
Nate says to Ali as hes leaving HOH "I'm Hot"
Je is discussing which shoes to wear. He doesn't want ot mess up his favorite pair.
He make joke "Hitop owl side" and they all giggle and repeat

Jul 31 2003 10:07, Thu Lola   Link
Ju, Jus, Nate & Ja in blue jumpsuits Ro, Er, Je & Dana in red. They're all sitting in living room
They're making small talk. Not too lively
One feed show someone working in back yard. Screwing blue pipes together, water is coming out.
Ja won't eat anything cause he's afraid to
The others don't think it's a food thing cause they heard construction going on all night
They start naming disgusting things that they might want them to eat (it's early so I won't repeat them)
Jun thinks the red looks better on the girls but they say they cant break it that way cause theres only 3 girls
Jack says "We're running out of bodies"
BB mentions their mikes
Jun sarcastically says "Like we have a lot to talk about right now"
They talk about how Ali is not competing but that she's wearing a suit anyway.
She chose a red one. Again they talk about red being prettier for the girls.
Lots of yawning.
Je says It's taking forever, it must be complicated
Er says like maybe a jungle jim
Sounds like Dana is getting a cold
Jun tells her to pull her act together

Jul 31 2003 10:22, Thu ohclancy   Link
Ali comes out in a life vest with food comp instructions...they are lined up by the back door NT

Jul 31 2003 10:24, Thu ohclancy   Link
They head outside and see the contraption set up NT

Jul 31 2003 10:25, Thu ohclancy   Link
Steam coming off the pipes...a couple of hgs say it smells bad out there...Ali takes her mark to read instructions ...FOTH NT

Jul 31 2003 10:25, Thu Lola   Link
Ali announces "You guys ready for this weeks food comp, lets go outside"
Je's first words "What the ****"
They're all talking at once
They think they're going to have to build something

Jul 31 2003 10:29, Thu Lola   Link
Each team has their own pile of pipes
They must connect their pile of pipes to the water source
they must be consequtivly
Ali warns that once the water is on they might burst
Each team has a duck, either red or blue
first team to get their duck through wins

Jul 31 2003 10:30, Thu ohclancy   Link
Each team has their own pile of pipes and joints...
They must work together to build a connection through the rings (1-8) in order. Connectors are silver, so they can keep track of connections.

They get a head start building their pipes before the water gets turned on full blast. They must get all the pipes connected. Leaks might start and/or connections might burst after water is turned on.

Each team has their own devil duck and cool duck. 1st team to get the connection made with water poured over their ducks to send them down the slide wins.

Winners eat, losers get PB&J

Jul 31 2003 10:31, Thu ohclancy   Link
They must do one connection at a time, in consecutive order NT

Jul 31 2003 10:31, Thu ohclancy   Link
Getting ready to start...intermittent FOTH NT

Jul 31 2003 10:34, Thu ohclancy   Link

Jul 31 2003 10:41, Thu ohclancy   Link
Ready, set - GO! >>>>
Teams scrambling to get connections started...
Blue seems to have early advantage - working quietly.
Jee can be heard shouting for red - one pipe too long...needs shorter

Water started as blue is working over their heads

Blue springs a leak - red springs a leak

A cry of "Oh, $hit!" as another leak starts

Jun standing there holding connectors...boys scrambling to get right size pipes

Red starting on overhead pipes

Jul 31 2003 10:44, Thu ohclancy   Link
Still connecting....
Having trouble getting right sized pipes. They seem to be out of 90 degree connectors already.

Blue through another ring

brief FOTH

Blue hitting a snafu trying to get a hard angle connected. Finally got it!

Blue WINS!!!

Jul 31 2003 10:44, Thu Lola   Link
The teams are ready
Ali says they have to work one at a time
(feed keeps cutting back and forth from comp to FOTH, surprize, surprize)
Ali says "ON you mark, get set, go"
They're selecting their pipes and putting them together
they have several pipes together when the water comes on
(Looks like a few leaks)
Both teams are hustleing
A lot of Holy **** and *** being said
It's hard to tell whos ahead
They only have so many of each types of pipe so the strategy of using the pipe is just as important as getting them together fast
Blue teams wins

Jul 31 2003 10:45, Thu antonio2025bk   Link

Jul 31 2003 10:45, Thu ohclancy   Link
Blue WINS - sent their duck down the slide. Silence from red team NT

Jul 31 2003 10:46, Thu Lola   Link
Ali announce the cool team wins. She then says the red team was close behind, and they were awsome too NT

Jul 31 2003 10:48, Thu Lola   Link
ErJe and Dana look very unhappy NT

Jul 31 2003 10:57, Thu ktan   Link
F3 going over memory wall photos for nom ceremony (already?) NT

Jul 31 2003 10:57, Thu ohclancy   Link
HGs still in backyard...taking down pipes from comp and chit chat about comp....
Nate mentions that he's a meat eater

One of the girls says that blue had more of an advantage having three guys. Someone points out that red had two guys and that either way, there would be an uneven amount of guys. Jun says she was staying out of the way during the comp.

Red team members are looking seriously dejected.

Dana says she took a chunk out of her finger during the comp. She also comments "What, does everything he (Nate, I'm assuming) does have to work out for him? I swear, I'm turning into a f'ing atheist (???)" Dana then comments how she is going to leave so skinny. Jun concurs.

Jul 31 2003 10:59, Thu ohclancy   Link
Rob says "I think I'm going to take a penalty nom and eat...maybe Wednesday....F them!"....
Dana "We used too many small pipes. Look at theirs, they used all big pipes"

Jun: Justin knew exactly what he was doing....look at theirs

Dana cusses under her breath

Jul 31 2003 11:07, Thu ohclancy   Link
HGs allowed back inside - changing clothes. FOTH - crew members seen setting something up NT

Jul 31 2003 11:07, Thu ktan   Link
Camera being setup at FOTH...possibly for David's interview? NT

Jul 31 2003 11:19, Thu ktan ParentRootLink
Confirmed -- David outside with reporters. NT

Jul 31 2003 11:15, Thu ohclancy   Link
Erika and Jee making PB&J sandwiches...Jee says he "had a feeling" he'd be on PB&J this week....
Ali decides to make a PB&J, too. She comments that this is the first one she's had since they got in the house. And "sorry guys, but this is making me sick".

Nate laying down in blue room

Ali (still in kitchen) says she thinks it's back to sleep for her

Jul 31 2003 11:31, Thu ohclancy   Link
Dana and Justin laying in bed (all feeds) - Dana has look of disbelief on her face. NT

Jul 31 2003 11:35, Thu ohclancy   Link
D & Ju still laying down. D says "Holy crap, I can't believe I've been on two losing teams for that crap (PB&J)....
J says he can't believe that he's been on two winning teams. D says that's crap

D says she can't lose any more weight. Ju suggests she eats bread - a lot of it

D can't believe she goes from being HOH to eating PB&J and being nominated. "This house sucks".

Jul 31 2003 11:35, Thu ohclancy   Link
D says when she was HOH, there were 5 people making decisions...all Ali has is Nate..."that's bad" she says...BB tells them to put on their mics NT

Jul 31 2003 11:42, Thu n2deep   Link
Dana and Justin laying in bed while she Sucks on candy when on PBJ diet! NT

Jul 31 2003 11:45, Thu Lola   Link
Jun says "We have candy????" Dana & Jus "Ssshhhh" Dana smiles and says "I found it" NT

Jul 31 2003 11:46, Thu ohclancy   Link
Dana tells Jun and Justin that she hates that "Golden boy is having a golden week" - she'd love for him to have to eat f'in PB&J...
Jun thinks the comp was totally geared towards guys (she's now laying in bed with D and Jus).
D says that she and Erika were looking like it as a puzzle
She also says the two mistakes were that they used all short pipes and their connectors were too far away from numbered hoops (??)

Justin doesn't understand what she's saying...she tries to clarify

D says BB should give them a lot of fish this week, just to piss off Nat (who prefers red meat)

Justin jokes they should poisin their food this week

Jun says something like "Ali, it's good to leave chicken out on the counter for a couple of hours"

Jul 31 2003 11:50, Thu ktan   Link
Uh oh -- Dana ordered to the DR! NT

Jul 31 2003 11:50, Thu ohclancy   Link
Dana called to the diary room NT

Jul 31 2003 11:53, Thu ktan   Link
Dana leaves DR, says she got in trouble, tells Jun not to say anything about her dream. NT

Jul 31 2003 12:12, Thu ohclancy   Link
Survey around the feeds: F1&2: Jack, Nate, Jee playing cards F3&4: D and Jus in bed NT

Jul 31 2003 12:13, Thu Lola   Link
F1 & F2: Nat , Jac & Je are playing cards
je says that competition did not work out for him but he thought it was fun anyway

(can see Dana & Jus on F3 & 4. Jus is going to sleep. Dana is looking around but her eyes are flying half-mast, she'll be out soon)

Ja, Je and Nat are laughing about the card game.
Ja says "I'm going to get coffee after that disaster" (apparently Jac had a lousy hand or played it poorly"

They're telling Je he can have coffed

Ja says "I'd like to have steak and eggs right now"
Nat smiles and wishfully says "Oh, STEAK AND EGGS"

They continue talking about the game

Jul 31 2003 12:15, Thu Lola   Link
Je ask when the cermony will be. Jack says "It was about this time last week that somebody took my key" NT

Jul 31 2003 12:33, Thu Lola   Link
Nat goes to make a PB&J (he was on the winning team, they must not have restocked the house yet) NT

Jul 31 2003 12:33, Thu Lola ParentRootLink
Nat says "Looks like my refrigerator at home. Bare" NT

Jul 31 2003 12:34, Thu Strange_Brewster   Link
Nobody else posted this so...Justin was seen rubbing Dana under the covers. NT

Jul 31 2003 12:47, Thu Anonymous   Link
N,Je,Ja playing cards..having fun...Ju keeps rubbing da under covers NT

Jul 31 2003 13:25, Thu Anonymous   Link
Je,nate talking in LR
Nate Je talking about girl friends..Nate just said he likes ali, but never be girlfriend because he doesn't trust her, she a flirt. He like the innocent girls, not ali. Je talking about girlfriend, and he likes his girls to be 150% his.etc...they talking girls.Nat just met girl right before he came to house, they went on 2 dates, says she(the girl) is going to be anethesialogist(SP??) and she is awesome girl, he really likes her. ja just came back to LR.NT

Jul 31 2003 13:29, Thu Anonymous   Link
Nat about the girls he attracts..
nat says his first girlfriend in college was the bomb, but was unstable . ...he says"why do I always attract the unstable girls" he says they pretend to be innocent, but turn???

Jul 31 2003 13:30, Thu Anonymous   Link
Je,nate,ja playing cards again...nothings significant..or interesting NT

Jul 31 2003 13:33, Thu Anonymous   Link
Je says if his girl is the right one, he is going to have to give it up and propose to her. he thinks she is(the one)
nat he thinks the girl(from college he met right before he left for bb) is not going to be there when he gets out...he told her he was going to be gone only few days to month(he couldn't tell her where he was going.) she will prob. be with someone else when he gets out he says, but he really likes her alot.NT

Jul 31 2003 13:43, Thu Anonymous   Link
F1on ju,da asleep F4 on someone else asleep(can't tell)F2 F3 on LR
Ali just woke up and said hi to nat,je,ja..then dissappeared,she not on any feeds now..NT

Jul 31 2003 13:46, Thu Anonymous   Link
BB"Justin please go to the DR" Nat"he's asleep man""they always call him when he is asleep." NT

Jul 31 2003 13:47, Thu Anonymous   Link
All 4 feeds on LR with nat,je, ja...don't know if ju got up and went to DR.. NT

Jul 31 2003 14:17, Thu Lola   Link
Lock down is over. They can move around the house. NT

Jul 31 2003 14:18, Thu Anonymous   Link
BB "nat please go to DR"..nat sighs.. NT

Jul 31 2003 14:25, Thu nojobny   Link
Ju & Ali talking noms in the HOH
She wants to put Jus up against Dana, using him as a pawn. She's asking for his feelings about it.

He'd rather not be in that position, but he's willing to go with the flow.

Jul 31 2003 14:26, Thu calgal   Link
justin on live feeds says.. if robert or jee are on the block, there is
no way i'd vote for dana to stay and she knows that.

Jul 31 2003 14:27, Thu Lola   Link
Ali makes a deal with Jus
Ali tells Jus shes' not after him and if he agrees not to come after her then she won't put him up.
She says shes going after Dana so Dana doesn't get her first.
She reasons that she could put up Dana and Jun or Dana and Jus as a decoy.
Al ask if he would vote for Dana or Jun if he had a choice and he said he would vote Jun out.
They toss around combinations. He says If she puts him up then she cant get mad if he ever puts her up. He says he'd rather not go up and she says that she'll work something out.
She says what if she put up Dana against Je or Robert and he says he'll have to vote Dana out
The only way Dana would stay is if she wins VETO that everyone knows that. They all have agreed to honor the origingal alliances. Dana and Jun would stick together. Jus ro and Je will stick together.
They start to talk about her predicting that she would win HOH. The laugh about how that happened.

Jul 31 2003 14:28, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
N, Ja&Jee's convo(re:card playing)is eerily parallel to BB gametalk. Ex:Jee:"I was losing & I've fought my way back."and similar convo from all 3. NT

Jul 31 2003 14:30, Thu Anonymous   Link
Je, is cheating in cards since nat in DR...ju says stack cards where all are"no he'll know, i'll just do a couple". Now je leaves and al
comes to talk to ju and she says who do you want out? and he says i'm not going to tell you. (talking fast..too fast for me to type all, so when convo over i will summarize)Ali telling ju who she thinking of putting up and saying they(ja,nat,e) wants him out, but da more so. says she would put jun and da, but she thinks they would(je,ju,R) would get jun out.ju says yes.. She says she wants to use ju as a pawn and jus doesn't want her to. she says ok. ali say(whispers) "I don't trust Er or Ja" ju "you shouldn't" Ali says what if she puts je up with da, ju says he would vote da out..he has alliance stronger with je. she says(ali) that she didn't have anything against da "that girl" until she started stuff with her. Ali say ju pissed her off last week because ju went and told everyone about the hot tub..ali says one night she got up and heard da say "that bitch" and it hurts her that ju sits back and doesn't stick up for her..(he saying things to cover up and changing subj...playing her emotional side) he just keeps talking etc...NT

Jul 31 2003 14:30, Thu nojobny   Link
Ali told Jus that she was mad @ him yesterday for not sticking up for him during the live show when Dana was bad mouthing her. NT

Jul 31 2003 14:34, Thu nojobny   Link
Jun was just at the door of the HOH listening while Jus&Ali talk about noms. NT

Jul 31 2003 14:37, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali says to just she heard about the deal they made with dave. just says no that was dave and ja idea, they came to us. NT

Jul 31 2003 14:39, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali just said nate is a dumbass NT

Jul 31 2003 14:39, Thu Lola   Link
More on Ali and Jus
Jus says "We were together for 7 months. Obviously you have some good qualities, one or maybe 2". He laughs and says "Just kidding"

They talk about Nat. Ali says she will not put him up cause he saved her *ss. But after next week then thats it. She says she buttered right up to him cause he saved her *ss.

She says that she would not behave scandlously with him (Jus). She was just thinking that if she did put him up to fool everyone else so they wouldn't know they have and agreement. He again reminds her that then if he put her up later she can't get mad.

Ali ask if Jus would get mad if she got his girl friend out. He said no, he'll be more upset if she got Je or Robert.

They're kicking around combinations. Jus says he would not take Dana off with POV cause then she'd have to put in Je or Rob.

Now Jus is spillin his guts that even Ja wanted Nat put up.

Ali tells Jus that Nat hate both Jun and Dana

Jul 31 2003 14:43, Thu Anonymous   Link
ali"does rob and je hate me" just sayd no they hate nathan, because of the hot tub.
ali say nat says he thinks he is the best?? and she says i just won the last 2 comp you ***** retard(about nat)..(they talking alot of ***** about nat..ali is dogging nat bad...)NT

Jul 31 2003 14:46, Thu Anonymous   Link
ali "can you please not run your mouth about stuff we talk about" Just "i never do ali" ali "you go to da and tell her"
jus "i don't ever lie" he says he has never had influenece on any hoh, but people think he does..NT

Jul 31 2003 14:48, Thu calgal   Link
"i don't think jack is very much of a threat" ( allison whispers to justin in the hoh room)
"erika is so f'ing retarded when it comes to competitions.... <snip> she doesnt have a f'ing physical bone in her body"(justin says to allison)

Jul 31 2003 14:49, Thu calgal   Link
"The best part is when dana had to hand me the key"( allison, to justin, about dana) NT

Jul 31 2003 14:54, Thu Lola   Link
Still more Ali and Jus
Ali says Jun is such a flirter from side to side.

Jus says "If it's a last minute decision and I go out don't feel bad".
She says "Yeah... right"
He againg reminds her about the future.

She ask how Je feels about her.
Jus says they only hate Nate.
Ali says the Nat pouted all night cause she won HOH
Jus says that he knew from the beginning that he was marked when he came in.

Ali says "If I don't put you up, you won't put me up??"\
he agrees
Ali "and don't be **** scandalous and use the VETO"

Ali ask him to please not run his mouth
He agrees
She says "You talk to Dana 24/7"
He says theres very few secrets in this house

She lets him know that he was behind Dana putting her up
He denies it (liar) and says that he has never lied since he came into the house.

Jus says he wouldn't use the VETO cause he wouldn't want Je or Rob to go up.

They talk about Jack. Ali doesn't think that Jack is much of a threat even thought he almost got HOH this time.

Jus thinks Er is not a threat cause she comes in dead last on all the comps.
Ali sarcasticly says "She's trowing them, you genious"
he says "Nawh..."
She says "YES"

Conversation goes to how Ali knows Dana is always calling her a bitch. Ali brings up how Dana got p*** at her cause she sat next to him and Jun told her that, that was why.
He doesn't remember it.

Jus explains that Dana just takens things personal and is emotional. And that he has tried not to play that way cause it's a game.

Ali tells him how Dana got mad cause the guys were playing with the rubber bands. that she thought Je shouldn't play with their side.

Jus tells Ali he was happy she got HOH. A little scared but happy.
Ali says if she doesn't win, then theres no one in the house that she would rather have win than him.

Jul 31 2003 14:56, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali to Justin: "I think Nathan is attracted to you. I think he's closeted." NT

Jul 31 2003 14:57, Thu cybercathy   Link
Ali tells Jus that she thinks Nate is gay
Alison is telling Justin that there is no way that Nathan is not gay. Justin says he will never hang out with him again, he thinks its hilarious. Now they are speculating that he is just bi-sexual. Justin says Nate is certainly a fruitcake.

Jul 31 2003 14:57, Thu calgal   Link
Allison and Justin speculate that perhaps Nathan is gay.. Justin says nah.. he's probably bi" NT

Jul 31 2003 14:59, Thu Lola   Link
Ali says to Jus "Where did they get these people....
They begin to trash the other HG. Saying they are Physco. Like Scott and Dana
Ali ask if Jus thinks that Nat is gay. Ali talks about the competiton where the question was were there are any "openly gay" people in the house. She stressed "openly"
She goes on to think that maybe Nat is gay cause he only flirted and kissed her and Michella little and he got a flowered shirt.

Ali says maybe we can work this a little better this time.

Ad he starts to leave then she mentions something about him picking between Ro and Je

Jul 31 2003 15:00, Thu calgal   Link
allison finishes talking with justin and asks him to send robert or jee in.. jee has to "take a leak" first but is coming in NT

Jul 31 2003 15:06, Thu calgal   Link
Justin is now talking to jee and dana and telling them what he and allison talked about NT

Jul 31 2003 15:14, Thu Lola   Link
Je tells Ali hes going to WC before they talk..... when he returns
Ali ask Je straight up "If you could put up 2 people, who would you put up and of course not me"

Je says "He cant say that he wouldn't campain againt her cause he has alliances'
Je then mentions Ja and Er and how they keep swithing sides. He knows eventually that everyone will be for thenselves but that Ja and Er keep doing it now.
Je thinks that perhaps Er is being a little two faced trying to be friendly wiht Ali. He says maybe it is genuine and if it is then thats good but she could just be buttering her up

they talk about how they both were put up and they turned it around

Ali says that she owes Nat this week but after that theres no alliance. He did her a favor and now shes doing him a favor. She points out how everone didn't talk to Nat and her last week and that it hurt.

She asks him point blank if he would put up her next week if he had HOH and he said no
She says ok and she says you probably know one who I will put up next week and then goes on to how bad Dana treated her. she ask if Je would vote Dana off
Je ask what did Jus say.
Ali says he would vote the other one off.
he says it would depend on who the other one was and she says she was considering Jun
Je says him and Jun are not really together, except for the numbers

Ali says that she knows the Je,Ro & Jus are together and Dana & Ju are together

Ali says it made her sick the way they waited on Dana last week when the week before they wanted her out.
Robert is in the room, I'm not sure when he came in but he mentions that Dana saved them last week
and that was why


Jul 31 2003 15:15, Thu Jovian   Link
Robert starts to eat some cookies and we get FOTH. (tsk tsk Rat) NT

Jul 31 2003 15:15, Thu Bert   Link
Robert asks Ali if he can open her Chips Ahoy bag, she says yeah, he opens it and we get FOTH.
He's only allowed PB&J.

Jul 31 2003 15:24, Thu Lola   Link
Dana and Jus try to second quess what will happen
Dana says don't count me out on the **** VETO. I hope it's something I can win

Jus says that if Jun goes up that she would go
That if Je Rob goes up then Rob would go

Dana mentions how no one wants to put Jun up but and no one is after Jun but that they're coming after her every **** week

Jul 31 2003 15:32, Thu mkemp   Link
Dana was telling Jus that when she gets evicted she is going to find some "weed", she knows people
she hopes they sequester her to somewhere like Hawaii, she knows someone there too! She talks about how she's been without "weed" longer than Jus has.........sounds like they're both having with drawals!

Jul 31 2003 15:34, Thu Lola   Link
Ro, Jus, Je and Ali in HOH
They are asking each other how it will go down if Dana and Jun are up together.

They're reasoning that know one will use VETO on the girls.
They discuss who they would vote out. Jus says its ok to vote out Dana to save the guys.

They try to figure out how to keep it from Dana until it's too late

Je won't vote against Ju.

Jus says if she asks to say they don't know.

Ali says "ROBERT YOU ATE A COOKIE... She laughs hysterically as she says she's sorry"

Jul 31 2003 15:34, Thu bruhe   Link
Ratbert just ate a $500,000 cookie. Penalty nom? apparently not. NT

Jul 31 2003 15:34, Thu mkemp   Link
Ali says "Robert, you ate a cookie!", Robert looks at the camera and smiles and tells Ali to hush..puts finger to lips! NT

Jul 31 2003 15:43, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali says " I almost went off on nat last night because he was pouting because he didn't win(hoh) NT

Jul 31 2003 15:44, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali "I miss my boyfriend.I cried alot today" Er "you'll see him soon" NT

Jul 31 2003 15:46, Thu Lotus   Link
Ali and Erika are both totally convinved that Jun and Jee have an alliance......
Ali said she caught them talking privately, and Erika said she caught the two in the bathroom whispering something about "Isnt it funny what Ali said" but she didnt say more.

Jul 31 2003 15:48, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali and Er talking
Ali says she wants da gone then June (hard to hear alot they whispering) she dsays somethings about hearing june and jee talking in bathroom one day. BB says "ali, stop obstructing your microphone" Ali calls ja into hoh and says how about june and dana, vote dana out..ja says how about ?? and justin, justin threat. she(ali) doesn't want that..(she whispering again)NT

Jul 31 2003 15:53, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jack and ali
Jack is working really hard to convince ali to put just and dana up. just is biggest threat. telling her when just goes it will be suprise to stooges and tell dana they did not have it out for her and she would have to give them iou and prob would not put ali up because she would be greatful they didnt evict her...NT

Jul 31 2003 15:59, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali tells ja
It is a great move to take justin out but would you guys get upset if i change my mind last minute, dana is unbalanced(?) and she (ali) feels threatened by dana..NT

Jul 31 2003 16:02, Thu Lola   Link
Ja and Ali (late post, transferred from wrong board)
Ali says "Dana and Jun, tell me what you think"
Ja says they should go after Jus, then Dana

Ali says that Je said he would vote Jun out but she thinks thats fake

Ali says she doesn't want to Dana to come after her.
Ja says Jus is the biggest threat to the alliance but that he understands the anxiety about Dana and that she has to do it for herself.

Jack says if they get Jus they break their right arm. He says they can then tell Dana they don't hold grudges and that she can come back to the alliance cause they understand she did what she had to. Jack says if they don't put Jus up they play right into the hands of the stooges. jack says they should tell everyone that Jus is a decoy and play that right along. then when Dana stays they tell her that she was in her alliance once and that they helped her out.
Ja says that Jus has out manervered them from the beginning and that Jus is his primary target
Ja thinks that they should get the big Baracuda first and then get the little fish. Ja says Dana only won last time by default.

They talk about how important winning is each week.

Ja says if they nom Jus and Dana and then Jus gets the veto he won't have animosity cause he was told he was the decoy and then they can blitz him. Why stand in the way of something that everyone wants to believe anyway that would help them.

Jack says "Jus and Dana, the two love mates will eat each other alive"
Ali laughs

Jul 31 2003 16:02, Thu Anonymous   Link
jack and ali talking about suprising
saying they nom just and dana and make just and dana think dana is going and laughing saying wed. when they announce just leaving how shcked they all will be. Saying taking dana out is exactly what stooges want them to do. NT

Jul 31 2003 16:09, Thu Anonymous   Link
Rob got in trouble
For eating cnady(he says he didn't) and they told him not to do it again. nat says he almost ate a grape he had in his hand, but realized he couldn't (they on pbj diet)NT

Jul 31 2003 16:11, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
Correction: it was a cookie, and Rob didn't deny eating it ... he denied eating it intentionally NT

Jul 31 2003 16:12, Thu Anonymous   Link
ER and nat
Nat'She is pissing me off, i knew she was do this" (try getting rid of just instead of dana)
Er "she is thinking of putting jun and dan up"
he is upset with this, goes to talk to ali.NT

Jul 31 2003 16:28, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
Sorry, dana instead of just...typo. NT

Jul 31 2003 16:25, Thu Anonymous   Link
Er and nat trying to convince ali
to nom dan and just and evict just. ali doesnt want to evict just, says he is not a threat to ali, nat and er say don't believe that just has your back, he does. nat says you are so easy to be manipulated, he (just) comes in and charms you, and ali says no he does not and nat says "i'm done, do what you want" ali laughs and tells er "i should put his ass up, wouldn't that be a suprise". Ali says to er "i'm not going to lie to you , i want her (dana)." er says so do i.NT

Jul 31 2003 16:31, Thu Bert   Link
Earlier conversation between Ali & Jee in HOH, before the cookie monster (LONG) ...
Jee & Ali in HOH

A - what I will ask if is if you could put two people up on the block, who would you put up on the block. of course not including me, cuz I'm not leaving (she laughs), not this week. And you can be honest. I know all of you are after nathan and me.

J - Nah it wasn't like that, it's you know, basically, it's judgment, it's basically on the whole house. You know how they feel about things, you know. And it's not like I'm agreeing with everyone, but at the same time I can't stand alone, ya know?

A - Right.

J - it's not like I'm saying I'm gonna campaign against you, though. It's obvious, you know, who I'm with.

A - Right.

J - you know what I'm saying, you know. I'm not gonna campaign against them. It's kinda like they're my friends, ya know? (Feeds goof up for a few seconds).

J - If I would have to go up against anyone, I mean, ya know, my thing, ya know, like I really don't trust ... I mean Jack's a really a great player, I mean he plays this game very like, professionally and you know (feeds goof up again) ... he's just going for the game.

A - Yeah.

J - That's why he's gonna be a threat in that sense. What bothers me about Jack & Erika is that they both just keep swinging back and forth.

A - I agree.

J - It's not that ... at least ... it's not that I'm sticking up for my people ... in a way I am so, but at least we're honest to each other and we're like in it together kind of thing. You know, we will have to turn against each other eventually.but that's part of the game.

A - Right

J - But I just don't like the way Erika and Jack keep switching sides whenever ...

A - Right

J - whenever

A - Whenever (inaudible) HOH.

J - Yeah, exactly. Cuz one team has the power. They've done the same thing to me, they did the same thing to Nathan ...

A - No, I agree

J - Basically whoever has it they're gonna ...

A - butter up to

J - Yeah, exactly. I don't want to say kiss up, but that's what they're gonna do.

A - Right.

J - And I don't want to sound like, like I'm trashing Erika, cuz honestly in this house I can't really judge anyone. Cuz I don't know them outside of this house.

A - I know, it's so hard, isn't it?

J - Exactly and like, that's why when like people say bad things, of course I'm guilty of it as well, but I never say that. Outside of this house they could be great and wonderful, ya know?

A - I know.

J - So like, I don't like the way Erika has been like ... I understand that you guys probably getting together, kinda close now, and that's great. If it's genuine, then I'm happy for you, but I don't know ...

A - Yeah, you don't know if it is.

J - I don't know, I just can't see that happening because, you know, when does she ever been that way. You know, all of a sudden, you guys (inaudible) ...

A - Right

J - done a really good job (inadible). Obviously she happy, you know, being that she kinda didn't perform ... I'm not gonna say friendship, but you guys, you know ... you guys have been getting closer together.

A - Mmm hmm.

J - And if that is the case, that's beneficial for you, that's great, you know. But from me watching, you know, watching her ...

A - Right.

J - That just seemed a little two-faced to me, ya know? And I'm not saying she's a bad person, you know?

A - Yeah, I know. I know exactly what you mean.

J - I mean in a game sense, you know what I'm saying, that's the way I'm thinking about it.

(skipped some Jee "you knows" and "you likes"

J - I know you've had some personal problems with Dana and like, you know, I don't think you've had any real problems with anyone else. Like when you came up to me, Justin and Robert and askd why do you guys hate me ... like, it's not about hate. It's not. I don't have you. And I don't think I've ever treated you that way.

A - No, you haven't.

J - I don't like to treat anyone that way, really.

A - You don't. I have more respect for you in this house, than I think I do for anyone else. I think you're a really wonderful person.

J - Thank you.

A - So don't ever F'n second guess that.

J - Yeah. And even if that's the case, that doesn't mean I'm not liable to be put up, because I've already been put up the first week.

A - I know, it sucks, doesn't it? (Ali laughs). I know all about it from last week. (Jee smiles).

J - You made a really good move. That's why like, you know, I mean I'm not like saying this to butter up to you or anything like that. I tell you how it is, you know, you really did a great job. You really turned it around.

A - Thanks.

J - It was like the way I did it, but it was even like a hundred times better. (Ali laughs). It was so much better for you because ...

A - Thank cuz I was leaving.

J - (inaudible) you were leaving, that's what everyone thought.

A - I know.

J - And you turned it around. Be careful. I'm not saying ...

A - Well yeah.

J - it's hard to trust anyone in this house.

A - No, I know.

J - That's why like on your side, it's really tough, you know, because if you think about it ... at least we have, you know, this strong sense of team on our side, but on your side ...

A - It's not a team, at all.

J - It's just ...

A - they all play individually and Nathan did use the veto on me and save my butt, I do feel like I owe it to him - this week, not to nominate him.

J - I understand

A - But I told him after that ...

J - That it's game from then on?

A - Yeah. I mean, because I know everybody is after him. Everyone thinks that he and I have this alliance, and really, it's just like he did a favor for me and I'm doing a favor for him this week by not putting him up, but after that there really isn't anything, because I know he's a strong player, a strong competitor and I know everybody wants him out.

A - And everybody honestly, except for you and Robert and Justin, but like Dana and Jun were being so mean to him, and not talking to him. And because I was being nice to him, people quit talking to me. And it sucked and it hurt and like, like, we all have to live together. You know what I mean?

J - is nodding in agreement and saying yeah

A - and that really stinks.

J - Yeah.

A - But I told, I don't know if you remember it was when ... either you or Nathan was HOH, but you mean Robert and Justin were outside by the hammock, and I had told Justin that I was not putting him up, was not going after him if he was not going after me. And a big thing about me is I don't lie (help me!). And I told him I want to stick with that. And I told you and Robert the same thing when we were out there, and I really want to stick by that.

J - I respect that if you do, but then again if you you wanna, if you have your reasons to do something else ...

A - I just wanna know, would you put me up if you were HOH next week?

J - No.

A - You wouldn't? Then I want to respect that and I don't want to nominate you. (Then she mumbled some stuff I couldn't understand). I mean we all disliked her about a week ago. And yeah, she turned it around. You guys, I understand that you think she saved you, and in reality, I guess in a way she did (Ali scowls), but not really, ya know? You guys think that you owe her and totally feel like no one should owe her anything because she has really made this house miserable for a lot of people to live in. And the comments that's she's made, and the names I've heard her call me and Nate, I'm not, I don't do confrontation real well, ya know what I mean? But I mean like ... and snapping at me on national television, like that just does not work with me very well. So I'm gonna hafta ... I wanna know if you would vote her off.

J - What did Justin tell you?

A - He said he would vote the other person off ... that I would put up, because obviously Dana & Justin, you know are together, whatever, but he said that he thought that you would vote Dana off and that Robert would maybe vote Dana off too.

J - It kinds depends on who you put up with ...

A - I was considering Jun, because I know Jun stabbed me in the back as well. And those were the two that I actually trusted in the beginning so I feel like stupid me.

J - Yeah, I know. It's obvious you two talk ...

A - And I know Jun is your friend too, and you guys are getting along now ...

J - Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything, quite honestly, because I know she's ready to do whatever the hell she wants to do to ...

A - Yeah, I know. (Ali biting her lip).

J - Just because we're in an alliance .. it just kinda happened that way, you know? It doesn't mean there's an alliance between her and I.

A - that's what ....

J - (inadible type mumbling) It's just like you know, it's freakin' like, I worry about her a lot.

A - Right. Do you think she's a big threat too?

J - Yeah, of course. The way she turned on you, she could turn on anyone.

A - I know.

J - and it's not like she's really with me right now, it's just for the numbers.

A - She's already been in here twice fighting for her life, basically.

J - Then what has she told you?

A - She just told me that Dana has talked a lot of sh*t on me and Nathan. And that you guys are all about Dana now. And you guys don't think you could ever turn on Dana.

Robert enters room.

J - Yeah.

(I'll do the short Cookie Monster Robert portion after this)

Jul 31 2003 16:36, Thu Lola   Link
Nat comes to the HOH door Alia says "Are you done pouting pussy pants" NT

Jul 31 2003 16:39, Thu Lola   Link
Nat & Ali in HOH
Nat says you got to put both of them up. If Jus gets off then you put up Jun.
They both leave HOH

Jul 31 2003 16:40, Thu mkemp   Link
HG's are going on Lockdown outside. NT

Jul 31 2003 16:40, Thu Anonymous   Link
Nat is upset he says
they have to put dan and just up, if just gets veto then put jun up. they are in lock down outside BY.NT

Jul 31 2003 16:43, Thu Lola   Link
They're on the patio
Ja asks Ali wether she looks like her mom or dad.
She says some people say one, some the other but she thinks definitly her dad.
Ja ask "Are you a daddy's girl"
Ali "yeah, I guess I am"
Jack says "That's good. that's what daddy's want to hear"
Ali "Good, I hope I made him happy"
Note: I doubt he's happy about the way she's carried herself in the house

Jul 31 2003 16:48, Thu Lola   Link
Robert is saying how he ate the cookie by accident and that they were pretty cool about it in the DR NT

Jul 31 2003 17:00, Thu Lola   Link
Ali in the hammock with Nat
Ali says "He promised me he would not use the Veto"

Nat says "What I said is why don't we all work togheter instead of the taking the stronger one out"

Nat thinks that theyr'e after him and Ali says that he should know that eventually someone will put him up

Ali says "Don't be mad at me cause I'm not going against you"
Nat says "You choose, it's just that we always said if we got here we would put up Jus and Dana"

She says "I can't stand how everyone is talking about you. It make me sick"

Nat finally relutantly gives in that it's ok to put up Dana & Jun with Jun going in if theres a VETO

Ali says Jus told her that Dana is such a genious that she's been planning her strategy for 4 **** years and that it took her 45 min to plan the order that she would place the keys. Ali says "I thought fine if she's such a genious, then lets take her out"

Jul 31 2003 17:05, Thu Bert   Link
The rest of the Ali, Jee, Robert convo in HOH/earlier/transcribed/LONG ...
Conversation right after Robert entered HOH where Ali & Jee were talking.

Ali told him he could come in.

A - (telling Jee what Jun had said to her) That you guys could never turn on Dana, and that you guys would vote Nathan out and then vote me out. That you'd put us both up on the block, things like that. So, that's what she told me and she said vote how ever she needed to vote, and that if she got the veto, she would take Dana off the block. If Dana got the veto she would take Jun off the block. And if you three would take each other off the block.

R - I want to make something clear that, that Justin was just saying. And I think you already know. If it's Dana or Jun against one of us (3 stooges) ... if we win veto we'd take each other off, but let me tell you one thing that I think you already know (Rob stands up from chair and gestures broadly while speaking), BUT, I'll tell you one thing, we're not gonna take one of them off. (Jun & Dana)

A - That's what I think.

R - I'm not gonna take Dana and have his ass put up there.

A - That's what Jun told me as well.

Both Jee and Robert talking over each other.

R - We're all clear on that. (Robert sat back down at some point).

A - the thing is, about a week ago, whether you were fake or not, when you had HOH two weeks ago, you guys all expressed that you wanted Dana gone.

R - Yeah.

A - And now you guys like, last week you guys made me sick to my stomach because you were kinda like were waiting on her hand and foot.

R - Do you understand that she saved us? Do you understand that me and Justin could have been gond. I mean you do understand that. Just forget about everything. If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't be here. Because we have to be, we had to because all you guys were gonna vote our vote us out. You saw what happened. You gotta look at it that way.

J - I'm not gonna speak for other guys.

A - Don't speak for me on that, because I had told, I just told Jee ...

R - I thought it was an alliance. I thought it was 8 against the 5 ex's that walked in, that's what we thought.

A - it was bullsh*t, though.

R - Oh, that's all I thought, that's what I thought. That's all I knew.

A - Because I told, I just told Jee this. I don't know if you remember, but the night that you me and Justin (addressing Robert) sat out by the hammock ... do you remember ...

R - Yes, of course I remember.

A - I told you ...

R - I can't believe everything you guys said.

A - I told you guys that I would not put you guys up. Justin asked me not to put you two up. Because Justin and I, we don't ... we dont' want to go after each other (giggle).

R - Can I have, can I open this? (picking up her Chips Ahoy bag of cookies).

A - Yes, ohmygawd yes. And I told Jee I want to stick with that, but I want to know that you guys will too.

(Hear twitchy tearing at cookie bag off-camera).

J - Just to let you know ...

A - I mean if you don't ...

(camera pans to Robert's hands as they struggle to open the cookie bag)

R - the thing was that, all I know was that, (he stops tearing at the bag to address Ali. Rob uses his hands while he speaks). All I know is that one day you guys (he whispers inaudibly) you guys, the whole alliance, we can't trust any of them because they did switch the votes on us. Justin and I said, OK we're next. So we, we thought from that point on we couldn't trust anybody. It wasn't that I hated ... you know how I've always felt about you.

(Robert is back working on the cookie bag).

A - I know. The thing is, I don't want you guys thinking that I'm in an alliance with them because Nate did take me off the block. And I'm not gonna nominate him this week, but

(I took my eyes off the feed so I can't say for sure, but it sounded like there was cookie bite-age)


Jul 31 2003 17:32, Thu Bert   Link
The Korean education system is cruel - said Jun
Jee talked about how when he was living in Korea, he ran away from his family. They were out looking for him. He returned the next day, I believe, with some friends. In school the next day, they were made to stand with knees bent and arms out until they cried. That's when Jun commented. Jee said that if you get 9 out of 10 questions right, they hit your hands with a ruler 9 times. Dana asks for what? Jee says because you only got 9 right. Dana seemed surprised about the hitting. Jee said they hit the kids on their knuckles with a ruler. Jun said just like Catholic school. Jun said when she'd get 96% on a test, she'd get yelled at for only getting 96%.

Jul 31 2003 17:35, Thu Bert   Link
Jun & Dana start singing Beach Boys, no FOTH
Jun sings a line that they're gonna get into trouble. Dana said she don't give a f*ck, she wants to go there (Bermuda, Jamaica).

Jun saying she wishes they had a volleyball.

Talk about TV shows. Hawaii-5-0. They're teasing Jee. Jack asks Jee to say "book 'em, Dano." Jee accomodates Jack. People laugh.

Justin always says something in Chinese to Jee, and Jee asks why he always says that to him.

Jul 31 2003 17:36, Thu Anonymous   Link
Justin is a Homophobe
Justin has a lot to say about gay people. Faggot, and ***** like that.

Jul 31 2003 17:37, Thu Bert   Link
Jee says he's gonna lose a lot of weight (on PB&J). He can already feel himself losing ...
Dana said they should have a platinum veto now.

Jee bouncing basketball blocking out much of the conversation.

Justin makes fun of Jee for his belly button. Jee says it's the black hole. Just asks why. Jee asks why Justin is so interested in his belly button.

Jul 31 2003 17:41, Thu capybara   Link
jun says she might not cook for every1 if she's put on the block, tonite might be last meal for now NT

Jul 31 2003 17:41, Thu Bert   Link
Justin making fun of the way Jee talks.
Dana thinks Justin's key will be pulled last and Nathan's first.

Jun says to I don't know who, Why you got to put your dirty man feet in the pool.

Dana saying what she's gonna wear next week for live show. If she doesn't' look like an Ethiopian (sp?). Jun's gonna wear pure white. Dana asks her why she doesn't wear something else. Jus said she wants to wear white ... if it still fits her.

Jun - if I'm put up on the block, should I still cook for everybody?
Dan - oh hell no.

Jee being harassed by Jun & Dana.

Jul 31 2003 17:43, Thu Bert   Link
Dana wonders if she should wear her pretty dress if she's evicted ...
or should she save it for press stuff. She thinks she gonna have her cousin send her a dress.

Jun - there wasn't a lot of cattiness last year.
Dan - because they have all F'n kids up in here. put us with some adults and I probably wouldn't be like that, ya know.

UH OH - Ali called everybody in - Nominations!

Jul 31 2003 17:43, Thu ktan   Link
Ali calls everyone in -- it's nomination time!! NT

Jul 31 2003 17:43, Thu Anonymous   Link
jun is considering not cooking for eveyone if she is put on the block NT

Jul 31 2003 17:44, Thu Amfam   Link
All inside time for Noms NT

Jul 31 2003 18:00, Thu bruhe   Link
back from foth.... no word yet NT

Jul 31 2003 18:02, Thu bruhe   Link
Dana is a nom NT

Jul 31 2003 18:04, Thu Kalina   Link
I think it's Dana and Jun....
From the way Ali keeps asking Nat if he's mad that's the impression I get.

Jul 31 2003 18:06, Thu Strange_Brewster ParentRootLink
Yes Dana and Jun NT

Jul 31 2003 18:13, Thu Anonymous   Link
Official: It's Dana and Jun
Nathan said Jun was shocked about being put up, but tried to hide it. And we know Dana was the other one.

Jul 31 2003 18:20, Thu Anonymous   Link
Jun: "Things don't always go as planned around here. So I'm going to prepare for the worst."
It would seem Ali's nomination speech spun it so that Jun was a "decoy" -- even though Ali does want Jun out (just not before Dana).

Jul 31 2003 18:39, Thu luvBB4   Link
Ratbert is digging away at his snozzzzz.......ewwww LOL NT

Jul 31 2003 18:47, Thu luvBB4   Link
Around the feeds......F1,F2 Er, Nat and Ali and Jack
talking stadegy and giving each other pats on the back for their intelligence.

F3 Jun is cooking everyone dinner after telling Ali earlier that she was going to keep doing everything the same as always.

F4 The 3 stooges and Dana playing cards and cutting up.

Jul 31 2003 18:54, Thu luvBB4   Link
ALi tells Nate.....
"Please understand, and hey, if it's going to be your last week, at least you can go out peacefully!!" LOL (since she is convinced that Dana will go THIS week.)

(Nate has been worried that he will be the next to go due to the veto last week.)

Jul 31 2003 18:58, Thu luvBB4   Link

Jul 31 2003 19:06, Thu luvBB4   Link
Nate and Ali in HOH
Nate teasing Ali saying she is a bad catch, that he would have thrown her back...after a little taste.

She responds by telling him that her boyfriend is sooo much better looking than him.
Then she takes a vote with the other HG as to who is better looking!
Looks llike her BF won!

Jul 31 2003 19:13, Thu Anonymous   Link
Erika tried to go to the DR and BB says
"The DR is temporarily closed, we will let you know when it re opens. Everyone kind of laughs .NT

Jul 31 2003 19:17, Thu luvBB4   Link
Most of the HG now playing cards talking....
about who has been kissing who.

Everyone seems to be getting along really well.

Ali SWEARING she didn't do anything with David...LOL

Nate saying he walked in on them and she is still denying it!

Jul 31 2003 19:19, Thu luvBB4   Link
Jun sitting with the other HG playing it cool....peeling something for dinner NT

Jul 31 2003 19:19, Thu capybara   Link
Nate tells on ali.......
Nate tells dana, justin, erika, jun, ali, jee that ali was making out with david the other night in bed. ali completely denies it and yells at nate, then denies it again saying dave just layed in bed with her is all.

Jul 31 2003 19:21, Thu luvBB4   Link
Ali talking about her BF back home watching the feeds and thinking she has been unfaithful...LOL NT

Jul 31 2003 19:22, Thu Anonymous   Link
Da,Ali,Er, Je,just,nat in LR telling ali she kissed made out with
Dave, she is saying no i did not(her face is beet red) and nat saying yes you did..she getting worked up saying no I did not, nothing happened. nat says when i walked in, ya'll were humping(?).ali gets more worked up. (ali is denying she did anything with dave except when he left he kissed her) She is getting upset because nat keeps saying she did. she just said something about her BF getting upset because the internet people can see/hear them saying she has sex with dave and her BF might find out???NT

Jul 31 2003 19:29, Thu JulieH ParentRootLink
She then quickly found her way to the HOH to lay in bed. Nate told her not to lie NT

Jul 31 2003 19:28, Thu luvBB4   Link
Ali saying she is not a liar
after Nate tells her you are such a liar.....I totally saw you making out!!!

Jul 31 2003 19:31, Thu JulieH ParentRootLink
She then says, " I guess I should have broke up with him before I came in here" NT

Jul 31 2003 19:30, Thu Anonymous   Link
ali, nat in hoh
ali says she didnt do anything with dave..nat says stop lying, i know you did..i'm not mad about it..ali says she should have broken up with her BF before she left.(she did not say another word about dave after nat said i know you did, don't lie) she changed the subject.NT

Jul 31 2003 19:36, Thu Anonymous   Link
all 4 feeds on Just, da and je in LR playing cards..just talking , nothing interesting NT

Jul 31 2003 19:37, Thu Anonymous   Link
Now all 4 on ali, nat NT

Jul 31 2003 19:39, Thu luvBB4   Link
Nate asks Ali to stop talking about her BF
She says "why? Can't you handle it?"

Nate: "yeah, but your depressing ME! Just trying to tell you the facts of life!" ( ? )

Jul 31 2003 19:44, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali says I know you want to touch me
to nat(they are playing around)
Nat says you've been touched by everyone in this house, except jake, even he has limitations.NT

Jul 31 2003 19:47, Thu Mirage   Link
HOH Room - Allison and Nathan
I have not had a chance to watch a lot of BB4, so am still trying to figure out names. Can you believe it?

I think that it is A and N in the HOH. N referred to A as the 'Queen of Hearts' and shortly thereafter slapped her on the butt telling her she had a big ass. He, also, said that she would not be seeing her bf, again. When A, asks do you think so? He responds by saying he was just stating the facts of life.

After a FOTH, they seem to be talking about a mole or something on N. He says that it has been there, since the day he was born. "Yes, I am flawed." He tells her.

Can you get off of me? Am I that desirable.Go shave your legs.(asks A)
I am going to do it tonight.(N responds)
I believe that A mentions that N was given the option of sleeping with her.

Erika has just showed up. Everyone's giggling and A and N are eating. Erika mentioned that she can't.

(If I have the names wrong, please let me know.)

Jul 31 2003 19:48, Thu Anonymous   Link
nat got on top of ali
and says "does this look familiar dave...(erika in hoh with them) nat says and everyother guy in this house. just in the hot tub. ali screams shut up nat..(they were playing wrestling when he got on top of her.)NT

Jul 31 2003 19:50, Thu Anonymous   Link
nat says you can tell when ali is lying
because she gets so defensive and she starts calling names.NT

Jul 31 2003 19:57, Thu ktan   Link
Ali and now Erika were dancing to music on the HOH bed with Nathan lying on it before FOTH. NT

Jul 31 2003 19:58, Thu wrat1010   Link
Alison teases Nate about pulling Justin's key and Justin overhears Nate's response
Nate: because he's a Juuu.... (Jew??)
doesn't complete the sentence because Justin is standing at the door of the HOH... doesn't look amused.

Jul 31 2003 20:07, Thu ktan   Link
Ali to N: "Did anybody tell you your mom was ugly?" N to cam "Get me out of here, please!" NT

Jul 31 2003 20:08, Thu ohclancy   Link
R, Jee, Jus talking in blue bedroom - agree not to use veto if they get it...
All agree it would be too risky since one of them would replace the one removed by the veto

They also agree that they will all go for it, if anything to keep Dana or Nate from getting it (and possibly using it)

Jus points out that this is just going to "even things up" with the numbers - 4 on each side after this eviction.

Dana comes in and lays down next to R - puts her arms around him and smells his shoulder - asks if he was in the pool or working out. He asks if he stinks. She says no - he smells like "Active man". Jus asks if it's more like "Sweaty man" - D says no - "active, outdoorsy man".

D finally goes and lays with Jus on the other bed.

Convo turns to condoms...D not crazy about them

Jee says that you two would be safe (D and Jus)

Jee points out that they've both taken blood tests - they could just do it and they'd be safe. Jee gets a little more graphic and Jus says "why you being like that with my girl". Jee stops.


Jul 31 2003 20:09, Thu ktan   Link
Ali hiding under dining table. Nathan oblivious to her. He finally notices her and A chases N to HOH before she runs back out. NT

Jul 31 2003 20:12, Thu ktan   Link
Man at FOTH steps into cam view to move the little pool filter thingy (it was stuck at the bridge) NT

Jul 31 2003 20:52, Thu Anonymous ParentRootLink
It's a chlorinator NT

Jul 31 2003 20:13, Thu ktan   Link
Nathan hangs Ali's stuffed elephant to hose in BY. Ali doesn't notice. NT

Jul 31 2003 20:21, Thu Peachy720   Link

The eaters are acting very giddy tonight. Joking around and lots of laughing.

Dana comes in, makes a PB&J, and says she can't eat in here..she doesn't want to smell all the good stuff...

Nate and Alli joking around. He goes to sit next to her, and she says she doesn't want him setting next to her. She assures him she's kidding, yet he still moves a chair down.

Nate says the cameras are getting on his nerves.

They think it's crazy that it's just about the same group that's on PB&J again.

Ali says they could have done the same groups. Nate says "It's the WORST thing, I'm telling you."

Feeds just cut to Erika and Dana.


Jul 31 2003 20:31, Thu Peachy720   Link
Dana/Erika on the basketball court
Dana and Erika playing basketball.

Dana is wondering why Jun is put up. It sucks because she's in the pawn position. Dana says no one will put her up again.

Erika says it wouldn't be her choice.

Dana said she knows SHE was going up, since she put her up last week, she just figured it would be against a guy.

Dana says they both suck at this (b-ball)

Dana says she put have put Nate's #FOTH#-ing ass up.

Erika says everyone is playing an emotional game.

Dana says if she wins Veto, maybe Ali will put up (Nate or Justin)

Dana says she understands if Erika doesn't want to tell her, because she knows she and Erika aren't best friends.

Erika says her and Jack are in a situation. She likes everyone in the house. Everyone has good points. It sucks that everyone was broken into 2 teams.

D says she said in DR that it's funny before the exes walked in, they were going out the door, and now there are two groups.

Dana says she sees Alison as emotionally-charged and hated her. She was playing the game. She doesn't like #FOTH#ing Nathan. She doesn't like a lot of people in the house.

She says she will not campaign against Jun. But she doesn't understand all of it. It's another woman out of the house. She will work her @ss off tomorrow. She will not come after Erika. She has a hit list this long.

Erika says she did her best in HOH competition.

Dana says she wishes someone would have shook her and said "put up Nathan & ALison." We all learn from our mistakes, I guess.

Erika says she knows she's not going down without a fight.

Dana says she does feel sorry for Jun. Who wants to see someone slip through the cracks.

Erika says everyone's put here for their strengths and weaknesses.

They both suck at the game..Dana says it's just something to pass the time. She can't have another PB&J sandwich.

Talking about PB& mayo sandwich..Says a lot of southern guys do it(Nathan)

Dana says she knows Nate will be fighting tomorrow. Dana says she knows everyone's p.o.'ed that Justin's not up. Dana says she's surprised. Erika suggested maybe it's better for her. Dana agreees, and says her decision benefitted herself. Talks about the Nathan/Dana talk before noms last week. She says next week if here, she'll go after him with a full head of steam.

Erika wishes game was a bit lighter. That's why so upset with Dave leaving. They agree it's going to be sooo intense from here on in. Dana says people fail to realize that the house is getting smaller. Ali doesn't realize how many people she alienated today. She says Jun wasn't Ali's biggest fan, but not biggest enemy. Says the 3 stooges are together to the end. She says the Hagulous 5 are very honest to each other, and she knows that they won't use POV cuz one of them will go out.

She says it's not over til the fat lady sings.

Robert comes out.


Jul 31 2003 20:45, Thu ktan   Link
Ali apparently caught Nathan red-handed with her elephant before dinner and Nate threatened to pull shower lever down. It's still hanging there. NT

Jul 31 2003 20:54, Thu Lola   Link
Dana to Jun "If I go, promise me that Nat goes the next week" NT

Jul 31 2003 21:03, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
Dana to Jun:I wish there was a "Platinum Veto", this way the winner can take off, & put up their choice"(Hmm. Heard that before, here @Joker's!) NT

Jul 31 2003 21:18, Thu BBwannabe   Link
Al and Er in HOH
Er telling Al that women in the house take everything personally while the men play it as a game (something like this). Er says that teaming up with a strong women is the best way to go but it just doesn't seem to work out that way. They discuss the "Kiara and Amy" from last year where each were going after each other because of personal reasons.
Al and Er discussing that Dana will play hard for the veto. That everyone will play hard for the veto.

Jul 31 2003 21:20, Thu BBwannabe ParentRootLink
More on Dana
In HOH, Er and Al say that if Dana doesn't win the veto that she will be playing everyone very hard to stay in.

Jul 31 2003 21:23, Thu SleeplessOnLI   Link
D,R,Just in HT. Ali comes out to BY, D immed. gets to work on flirting w/Just. Legs up on him, wants to "plant" one on his lips, she yells YAHOO! NT

Jul 31 2003 21:26, Thu Lola   Link
Dana, Jus and Rob in hot tub
small talk
Dana stretches across tub to put her feet on each of Jus shoulder.
Jus goes under the water and Dana says "Why are you going under this water, that's gross"

Jul 31 2003 21:34, Thu pixiegirl   Link
Ali is the "dancing queen" dancing on chess board outside NT

Jul 31 2003 21:37, Thu pixiegirl   Link
dana sitting on jets in hottub, saying this is invigorating... NT

Jul 31 2003 21:42, Thu pixiegirl   Link
hardly able to hear the boring convo of rat, dan, and jun in hotub, so boring... NT

Jul 31 2003 21:52, Thu fishinlady   Link
Jun starts winning tomorrow
Jun tells Dana, Robert and Justin that she will try to start winning tomorrow. She is going to cut her nails, put her hair up in a ponytail, and put vaseline all over her face and win the POV tomorrow.

Jul 31 2003 21:53, Thu Bert   Link
Ali to Erick and Jack outside ...
A - Jack, did you like how I had Jee give you your key? Because he wanted me to put you up.

J - Everything has meaning in here.

A - to E - and I made Robert give you your key. She (Dana) made you give Robert his key last week on purpose, Justin told me. So I did it too.

They were speculating on how Dave might have behaved on the live show.

J - He brought a blow-up monkey and a red wig in here. We didn't even know ... until one night we hear (Jack makes inflating noises). Jack speculated that Julie might have even asked to see Dave's monkey (LOL, struck me as funny).

(I've missed a lot here and some is out of order)

Ali - You know when I went up to that memory wall to get ready to do nominations, I looked at all the black and white photos and I realized they all hated Dana.

Jack and Erika agreed. One of them said that they probably all were happy when they heard Dana went up.

All Feeds change to hot tub with Dana, Jun, Rob & Justin (sorry, can't listen ... still trying to overcome the trauma of last week)

Jul 31 2003 22:14, Thu ktan   Link
The gang of four (Nate/Ali/Jack/Eri) are going over every possible veto scenario in LR. NT

Jul 31 2003 22:17, Thu fishinlady   Link
Nathan thinks that the best POV scenario is....
for Jun to win (if everybody "tanks" it) and for Jun to take Dana off making the stooges mad at her for getting Justin nominated.

Jul 31 2003 23:30, Thu Anonymous   Link
Ali in HOH, dancing on the bed in blue bikini with her headphones on...
(ed note - she doesn't like to watch herself too much)

Jul 31 2003 23:30, Thu Bert   Link
Apparently, Dana has been campaigning against Jun ...
I didn't hear it, but Jee and Robert are discussing it outside. They are PO'd. Justin said Dana wanted the guys to work on Jack and Erika to vote to evict June. Rob is mad. He says no way. Jee is surprised that Dana was already campaigning against Jun, because she said she wouldn't. She didn't waste any time

They realize that if Dana went against Jun like that, she surely would turn against any of the stooges in a heartbeat.

Robert told Justin no way. Justing said he had to ask. Rob & Jee think that if Dana or Jun are saved, justin will go up

Jee - I can't believe she did that.
Rob - I don't.
Jee talking about Dana asking him if he thought Dana should plead her case to Ali. Jee said he didn't know.
Jee saying it bothered him. Robert said it bother the f*ck outta him.

Last I saw inside, Dana and Jun are making some kind of toast for the PB&J people.

Jun came out and complained that nobody cleans the damn grill. How when she comes out and grills it catches on fire.

Jee give Jun a hard time, she gives it right back to him. She said she's not gonna stop picking on him just because she's on the block.

Jun commenting that someone asked Ali the nationality of her BF. Ali said he's a red man? Jun said doesn't she know they stopped being called that a long time ago?

June went in and Rob commented that they have to keep Jun around so she can cook for them for a couple more weeks.

Jul 31 2003 23:34, Thu fishinlady   Link
The stooges decide what is in their best interest
Robert, Justin and Jee in the BY decide that it is their best interest for Dana to go this week and to keep Jun. They say they have to get the POV to keep their "strong" group of three together. Earlier, Robert tells Jee that Dana was trying to make a case for turning Erica and Jack's vote against Jun. Jee says that they had said they would never campaign against each other and that is what Dana was doing. Robert agrees and says if she would do it to Jun she would do it to them.

Jul 31 2003 23:43, Thu Bert   Link
Dana and Jun in the kitchen arguing over white bread ...
Jun is gonna make breadcrumbs. I don't know for what. Dana sees that she's using the white bread instead of the wheat and asks her why she doesn't use the wheat.

Jun jokes - why you gotta campaign against the white bread eaters.

Dana doesn't like wheat bread for her PB&J. This was an issue previously, and she doesn't like when non-PB&Js eaters use white bread. They run out at times.

Jun went to the storage room and Dana hollered to her to GET MORE WHITE BREAD! Jun said she was gonna.

Now Dana gives Jun more crap about white bread, and Jun yelled to her - I got hamburger buns! (All light-hearted).

Jul 31 2003 23:49, Thu Bert   Link
Jun talking about how ignorant Ali is ...
Jun brought up the story again how Ali said her boyfriend is a red man (Indian). Then Rob added that Ali said something about them having some chili, the implication being that Rob and Dana would like chili because they're Cuban. Then Rob launches into an explanation that Cubans don't like spicy food, that they don't eat chili. He says he and his family like chili and spicy food, but Cubans as a whole do not.

Then Jun adds a story that Ali said that when her boyfriend was talking about making a family tree, Ali supposedly joked that he needed to make a family teepee. Then there were comments that he must have been hurt and why is he with her anymore.

Jul 31 2003 23:53, Thu Bert   Link
Justin is a gwop ...
With all the ribbing Justin gives Jee about being Korean, Jee finally called Justin a name. A gwop. Jee didn't know the expression was wop (they said this, not me). They think it's hilarious so now they call Justin a gwop. Now Jee calling him a dirty little wop. Justin said he likes greasy wop better, that Jee should call him that.

Now Jee is saying fung goo (Italian for F U?), you greasy wop. Justin said that was a bit harsh. Jee, Justin and Dana playing cards. Don't know where others are. Must go look.

Aug 01 2003 00:03, Fri Bert   Link
Nate, Ali, Jack & Erika in hot tub talking about guess who ...
Nate realized that having Dana go is probably even a better idea than having Justin go because she has actually won competitions. He says she's a good competitor. Nate speculates that once Dana sees that no one is gonna save her (assuming she doesn't win POV), she start going insane in the house. Start acting like she did before.

Jack - she has done herself in.
Nate - she lost the money when she crossed us.
E - Yeah.
Jack - Dumb move.
Nate - so dumb.
Missing some because of hot tub sounds.
Nate - she's so obvious.
Jack - she's on the make when she's talking.
E - I changed my mind, I really want her to go.
Nate - Me too. It would serve such a great purpose to see her go after all she did.
E - I mean we have to win HOH anyway next week.

Now they are studying a bit, about how many ping pong balls were in yesterday's competition, 27 total were won, and various other info.

Aug 01 2003 00:06, Fri Anonymous   Link
Ali running through little quizzes again for HOH/Veto competitions...AGAIN. NT

Aug 01 2003 21:33, Fri Fritomade   Link
Dan, Rob, Jus have left the HT...Ali, Er, Jun,Je are left.. NT

Aug 01 2003 21:33, Fri Fritomade ParentRootLink
Jack there too. NT

Aug 01 2003 21:37, Fri Fritomade   Link
Switching is boring..Go to WC Rob,Jus,Dan Rob says to them take a shower together
Dan says "no way" Rob says "come on they won't show it on TV, They won't show you naked" Dan says will still be naked(?)NT

Aug 01 2003 21:45, Fri Fritomade   Link
Dan is in the shower,Jus and Rob sitting in chairs in Wc(hope i am using right letters for bathroom) and Rob keeps telling Dan "take the towel off "
(The door of shower)..She keeps saying hold on and he keeps says come on take it off, can't see anything. Fianlly she does and they are saying they can see some. Jus says "looks like you are washing your legs" They can see shaving cream on her legs. She says I am shaving a sensitive area, so don't come up to me and throw water on me(to jus), and he says can't I just go to the bathroom? Er comes in talking to Dan and Rob. She(Er) goes to the bath tub cleaning it out . Rob keeps telling Er "are you getting in Er?"(the tub). He keeps saying it a few times, I did not hear her answer him.(He seems pretty desperate to see the girls shower and bath) Ali just came in.NT

Aug 01 2003 21:51, Fri Fritomade   Link
Jun came into WC..she goes over and looks over shower at Dan(there is alot of background noise hard to hear everything) Ali asks Jun if she has ever
had sex in front of someone and jun says no, but that it was offered(they were talking alot about sex, i am sorry i couldn't get it all, it was the shower that was so loud, was very hard to hear) but I hear jun and ali say sex a couple of times and it sound like jun was talking about a girl(she said she) asking her maybe if she(jun) wanted to do something(sorry all i could get)NT

Aug 01 2003 21:57, Fri Fritomade   Link
Rob and ali talking..ali says(they are talking cuban and ali says what is that cuban song macarena(SP)
and she is doing some arm movements, asking how does it go..Rob says thats not a cuban song and ali says "yes it is because I heard it in a cuban restaurant. Rob says "you have a Cuban restaurant close to where you live " and she says no she thinks it was maybe in Ft. Lauderdale.NT

Aug 01 2003 22:01, Fri Fritomade   Link
Rob and Jus talking about how BB wakes them up. Rob say BB comes on and says"Nat,Rob,Je,Jus, time to get up it's a beautiful day" They
laugh and Jus(he's in shower) says he never hears them(BB) the first time..Ro says he looks around and they(Nat,JE,Jus) aren't moving, so he thinks ***** it, he is going back to sleep.NT

Aug 01 2003 22:04, Fri BuzzardsCrotch   Link
R watching Just put lotion on after his shower. NT

Aug 01 2003 22:09, Fri Fritomade   Link
Ja,Je,Nat inHT Je asks the"So with the voting, how do you think it is going to play out, like on ya'lls side", Ja and nat kind of skate around it, Nat
says he knows who he is threatened by. Nat says he has a target on his back..Je says everyone does really, but yea nat does a little more right now. Ja says that things change week to week. Je says yes, look at first week Er had a target and now she is pretty safe. They are talking a little about how things change etc.. Je leaves HT.NT

Aug 01 2003 22:18, Fri Fritomade   Link
Nat, Ja whispering really low(they are in HT without Micro on)...I keep hearing "she" Ja says "she wants our votes"(in middle of sentence)
(The noise Of hot Tub and no mics makes it hard to hear.Trying to read their lips but they are talking fast..I hear many single are the words I hear) four..Justin..amazing..dana__survive..she ...Erika..Thats all I can get..sorry(I would love to hear this whole conv. if anyone else gets this convo post it. ) Wait..I heard something nat says "she's stupid"..."She said I'll watch your back and you watch mine" ..."when I was hoh I was looking out for us(?)" "That was hard , I didn't want to be isolated"..Ja gets out of the HT.NT

Aug 01 2003 22:32, Fri Anonymous   Link
Ali saying that she was a mess over Justin and had just gotten over him..
and now he is living in the house. She said she was even a mess over him during her first interview for BB.

Aug 01 2003 22:33, Fri Fritomade   Link
Jus and Dan in Love room playing cards Jus says something about her acting down(?) Dan says
Yea she is thinking
Jus "Your in a difficult position right now"
Dan "I know we already talked about the veto thing (pause)There's part of me(pause) I don't know *****.I don't want to campaign against june..I don't know.
Dan "Bunch of sh!t going on in my head because everyone is so nice and happy, last week nobody had sh!t to do with each other.(pause) I just don't want to talk about it with you guys. I'm wasting my breath talking about it with you..
Jus "no your not, I just(?) I know you are in a difficult position right now"
They start talking about card game, dana throws cards on bed and says "I quit" Jus gets on top of her, they do a little smoochy and now are playing cards again..Talking, but nothing interesting.NT
(Changing feeds to see other HG) NT

Aug 01 2003 22:37, Fri Fritomade   Link
Came in on Je,Jun,Ali and Nat(working out) and first thing I heard
was Je saying to Jun"you have nice boobs" (LOL) Jun says "Yea, but I wish they were higher, to lift them"
Ali is helping Jun lift (bench press)NT

Aug 01 2003 22:41, Fri Fritomade   Link
Ja comes out and says Er is sleeping, she isn't feeling well...(earlier Er was saying she felt sick ..nausiated) Ja says her head is hurting.NT

Aug 01 2003 22:41, Fri Fritomade   Link
Ali says she teaches old people how to lift weights. NT

Aug 01 2003 22:43, Fri Fritomade   Link
Ali teaching Jun how to properly lift weights..boring..changing feeds.. NT

Aug 01 2003 22:55, Fri Anonymous   Link
Dn talking to Js saying that she sacrificed herself from the six of them to...
help out you three and now I'm out the door and you three are sitting pretty.

Aug 01 2003 23:15, Fri okay   Link
Jus to Dn about Ali: She's trying to win my trust back. I thought for sure my key was in the box. For some odd reason she wants me around. NT

Aug 01 2003 23:15, Fri Spiderprints   Link
Just switched to F1 with Just and Dan talking. Sounded like he was telling her
all about his conversation with Ali in the HOH room. This after he told Ali he wouldn't tell anyone what they talked about.

Aug 01 2003 23:22, Fri okay   Link
Jun to Jus & Dana : Oh my god you guys aren't even hiding it any more. Dn: What, we aren't any doing anything (they were snuggling).
Jun: That's so Erotic
Dn: Maybe to you you ****ing horndog.

Aug 01 2003 23:35, Fri okay   Link
Nathan: I want a visit from Britney Spears <Jake laughs> NT

Aug 01 2003 23:36, Fri DandR   Link
Didn't see this so I am going to post. Dana and Justin talking in Love Room
Dana stated she saved them last week so they owe her. Justin said Jee saved you when everyone wanted you to go up in Erika's place and they wouldn't do it so they saved her first.

Aug 01 2003 23:39, Fri okay   Link
Nat: I guess all there is to do in this house is eat. Jake: yeah, unless you're on PB&J. NT

Aug 01 2003 23:39, Fri Fritomade   Link
Dan and Jus convers.(LONG) Over about 20 minute(approx) conversation
Dan and Jus laying on bed.. Quiet..Then
Dan "Ironic"
Jus "huh?"
Dan "whole situation"
Jus "what"
Dan "How it worked out"
Jus "ummm"
Dan "Who would have thought , ya know"
Jus "yea"
Dan " I don't know"
Jus "wish there was something we could do about it though"
long pause
Dan "sometimes I don't care and sometimes I do care"
Dan said a few words I didn't catch then says
Dan "everywhere I turn Ali is there, it's so Fk (?)"
Long pause
Dan "She's up, then me and I leave then she's will still be here...(?) see what I mean"
Jus " I guess I know what you mean"
Dan "It's so FK ironic"
They silent for a little..then..
Dan "In the DR they want to piss you off, I hate to talk about this with BB"
Dan ""
Jus "I know"
Dan lays there in deep thought
Dan "They(BB) say what(?) talk about Jus...(missed some words)..and Ali"
Long pause
Jus "Ali told me she(before nom when she hoh) told me from day 1 she wouldn't put me up...(didn't catch all of it) she said if you(Jus) get hoh,are you gonna try to get nat out of here, and I said I don't know yet"
Justin said something about not to stress because she(Dan) is already been nom.
Dan " If you were in my shoes you would too"
Jus "no"
Dan "Yes, cause you didn't ask to be here"(?)
Jus "I know"
Dan "That FK drives me nuts"
Jus "I FK know it does"
Long Pause
Dan "I sacrificed 6 of them for you 3 and now you guys are sitting FK pretty, and I am going to be out the FK door"
(jus says something, but was talking low)
Dan "Everybody's happy, it's all fake for internet people"
She says something else whispering
Dan "And I am in this ballsie mood"
Dan "I am dying for a piece of candy"
Whispers real fast but I hear Dan say "I want to shoot her"
Nat comes in rumaages around says hi, how doing..walks out..Jus laughs..
They start listening to others somewhere else in the House..Ali and Nat..
Ali saying Nat has hairy balls. Nat and ali kinda arguing/playing about this. Jus laughing.
Long pause
Dan "So what do you think? I don't think I have a chance"
Jus "Except that thing I told you earlier, but that would be a Ballsie thing to do."
Dan "yea, but I can't ask you to do that, why would ya'll do that for me"
Dan talking saying Rob use veto and they will put you(Jus) up, then Je, Rob, and Dan vote Jun out and asks Jus "How do you think Ali would vote? Jun?
Jus "yea, she told me(??)"
Dan "What if she put Je up?"
Jus "No, she told me she doesn't worry about Jee"
They are talking scenerio's
Quiet and Dan is in deep thought.
Dan "What I really want to do is walk out of here"
Jus "no"
Dan "I'm not eating and am leaving..all this for nothing"
Jee comes into the room eating PBJ, Dan says she only ate one or two today.
Je "Nat keeps saying to me, Why are you looking at my A$$, WTF?"

(Ok, Thats all I got before I decided to post it) NT

Aug 01 2003 23:51, Fri okay   Link
Erica says she's feeling better. "Just tired I guess" NT

Aug 01 2003 23:52, Fri okay   Link
Nat to Jus: Talk about being gay, you're looking at my balls. NT

Aug 01 2003 23:53, Fri okay   Link
Jus: they're like tomato balls. Nat: How's everybosy seen my balls? Ali: You wear shorts and throw your legs up in the air everyone can see 'em. NT

Aug 02 2003 00:03, Sat okay   Link
Talk continues about Nathan's balls, Jun doing Ro's nails, everyone laughing and having a good time. NT

Aug 02 2003 00:11, Sat PsychoMike   Link
Nate: "I'm Straight!... I'm Straight!... I'm not gay!... I like women!" NT

Aug 02 2003 00:12, Sat okay   Link
Nate says: Get it straight - I'm Not Gay! like Jee. I like Women! Jee: Why point at me, I have a girlfriend. Jun: It's called a beard. NT

Aug 02 2003 00:14, Sat okay   Link
Jee: We need to stop about these gay jokes. Dana: Yeah, we'll have these GLAAD attacks. ... Jee: When did it turn from Nathan to me? Why?
Jee: I think I am extremely manly.

Aug 02 2003 00:57, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
BB ends Sept. 17/18th? Per Robert.
Nate: feels like it's been a half a year.

Robert: take it week by week, done before we know it... three weeks, ends the 17, the 18th.

Nate: yeah, plug it one day at a time

Rob ... jun do you have stuff in the dryer ... end of convo!

(At least we know when the house guests think they think it ends, we think!)

Aug 02 2003 00:59, Sat max1204   Link
Nate talks to Robert about who's going out
Robert says he's voting to get rid of Dana; Jee was going to vote out Jun (for personal reasons, Robert says) but now he's voting against Dana. Robert was concerned that he wanted to make sure that Nate was voting that way too, and he reiterates he is. Robert asks about Erica and Jack because Dana was campaigning in there with them. That really turned Rob off because she was supposed to be really "tight" with Jun.

Jack comes out. Nate says he believes the vote will be unanimous.