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Aug 01 2003 01:10, Fri Bert   Link
Dana is a good person ...
Dana wants to win POV so bad. She says to Jee and Rob, you don't understand how much I want it. She doesn't want Ali to get her out when she didn't get Ali out. Then Dana said she's a good person (implying that she should get a break, I'm guessing).

Dan desribing America's Choice again. How one year America chose a pig for the house. Jee saying he doesn't want to sleep with a pig. Rob says he likes pigs. You know how we Cubans are, we raise pigs. Rob says he heard pot bellied pigs are really good pets, except they eat so much. Rob says he's gonna get one. He'll keep it in his huge back yard. He'll pet it and ride it, he claims.

Now Rob says he wants to ask Erika how to train pigs. Rob said that George Clooney has a pig. He thinks Brad Pitt does too.

Jee wants to know what do pigs do? Can you make them sit?

Erika now saying that George Clooney has a huge pot bellied pig. She says people swear by them, that they are smarter than dogs. Jee wants to know what they can do. Erika says they can do anything, you could train them to do anything. E - says parrots are super intelligent too. Have the intellect of a 5 year old kid.

Aug 01 2003 01:18, Fri Bert   Link
We eat cow's fear ...
Erika describing how cows understand that they are going to slaughter. That they get very stressed and release a bunch of hormones into their body from the fear. That we eat that fear when we eat beef.

E to Rob - you always want a pug (dog).

Dana - I don't like little dogs. I had pit bulls my whole life. Hadda Great Dane, Lab.

Jee - used to have a chi (I don't know how to spell it - Taco Bell dog).

Dana telling a story about when her mother's water broke before Dana was born, she wanted to take a shower before going to the hospital. The famiy dog (big dog) went to wake up Dana's dad to let him know the water broke. The family dog slept at the base of Dana's crib.

E tells Rob that she was teaching Ali how to salsa dance. Then Robert and Erika got up and danced. It was very cute (hope it makes TV). They danced very well together. Everybody clapped. Erika said Robert is a great dancer.

Aug 01 2003 01:26, Fri Bert   Link
Ali denying anything happened with David ...
Dana, Justin & Jee playing cards. Rob and E watching. Feed switches to Ali and Nate in the blue room. Ali was saying that all that went on was that David rubbed her belly. She's upset because her boyfriend is going to think something more happened. The only way she says she'll get her boyfriend back is if she wins the $500k.

Ali brings up Nate and Michlle kissing. He says Justin blew that way out of proportion. Ali said Nate is blowing the whole David situation out of proportion. Nate says he kissed Michelle because he didn't want to hurt her feelings.

Nate saying Ali & David hooked up. Ali denying it. She said Nate would have heard if they hooked up. She ways they laid together. She said they cuddled. Can't even hear Nate & Ali now because Dana is so loud from the living room.

Aug 01 2003 01:30, Fri Bert   Link
Nate & Ali admitting they said bad stuff about Erika the first week ...
They said they admitted it to her and apologized. Nate says he loves the person she is now.

Aug 01 2003 01:33, Fri Bert   Link
All feeds on Nate & Ali
They are speculating what the POV competition will be tomorrow. Ali thinks it'll be some kind of elimination or a cognitive competition. Now Nate is slapping Ali's butt. They're cuddling and flirting.

Aug 01 2003 01:39, Fri Bert   Link
Dana & Jun in the bathroom in the orange chairs.
Dan - I want to hit her so bad, you don't knonw.
Jun - Well, suck it up and get over it.
Dan - What's wrong, you seem in a bad mood. If there was a way I could play superhero, I would. You know but I can't. If one of us wins it and one of the guys go up or something. It would be a miracle. That's what it's gonna take right now.
Jun silent and doing her toenails.
Jack walks by and Jun rolls her eyeballs behind his back.
Jun - I walked in the DR and said thanks to them for saving me because Erika was dancing with Robert.
Dan - I know, did you see that?
Dana walks across the floor and says "F'n freaks."
Dana - I guess it's time to go to bed and be miserable for the rest of my life.
Jun - I'm gonna go into drama queen mode tonight.

Aug 01 2003 01:47, Fri Bert   Link
Jun doesn't like the turtles ...
Tonight Jun cleaned the oven. She said the oven cleaner was really nasty sh*t. Her eyes lit up, she smiled and said she thought that sh*t would kill the turtles.

Aug 01 2003 01:54, Fri Bert   Link
Jack says that when Dana sees his DR's, she's gonna send some Italians after him from Bayside ..
Jack also joked that just his luck, he'll wind up sequestered with Dana. She'll go this week, he'll go next week and he'll be down there in Mexico sucking his thumb with Dana.
Erika said that as much as she likes Nate and Ali, she doesn't know if they're the greatest strategists.
Jack comments that he'll be out of the game saying how those people don't know how to play the game.

I don't know what happened, but I could hear Ali scream F Y! really loud to someone. Jack thought it was at Nate.

Aug 01 2003 02:03, Fri Bert   Link
Ali outside making fun of Justin's dancing ...
Outside in the BY, Rob is laughing hysterically at Ali's imitation of Justin's dancing. She does this funny dance around Rob to illustrate. She said he doesn't dance, he pivots. Now Jee is making fun of Justin as he shoot hoops with Dana.

Now Rob is demonstrating to Dana how Justin dances, and is laughing hysterically again. Ali said his head is thrown bad as he pivots. His rhythm is so bad, it isn't even funny. Could be because his equilibrium is F'd up because of his ear, but Ali says she doubts it.

Ali & Jun eating cereal at the kitchen table while Dana sits with them. Jun complained that she didn't get her granola this week. Dana said she didn't get her Smart Start.

Aug 01 2003 02:04, Fri max1204   Link
Dana feels "violently ill" because she had to chit-chat with Ali
Jun and Dana were in the kitchen, and Ali came in apparently for a snack. Ali says she would only be in there for a second, but after Ali leaves, Dana complains that she never came and hung out with Ali last week after nominating her.

Aug 01 2003 02:05, Fri max1204   Link
Dana talking to Erica and Jack NT

Aug 01 2003 02:11, Fri GreenEyes   Link
Jack is talking to Buzzard Crotch. He's telling her to be calm and try to concentrate. Not overthink things. NT

Aug 01 2003 02:13, Fri max1204   Link
Jun disillusioned with Dana
She's talking to Jun. She's bothered that Dana is talking to Jack and Erica campaigning for herself. Robert says she should have seen it coming. That's who she is; that's her immature personality.

Jun says that just makes it harder (because her ally isn't with her anymore). Jun says she doesn't think Dana is campaigning against her, she's just trying to win Jack and Erica's votes.

R: Their goal is to get her out (talking about Alliance).
J: Alison's goal is to get her out. Nate's goal is to get her out.

But Erica and Jack think her "ESP" controls the Rat Pack somehow, Jun says. Shortly after that, Dana comes out into the BY and says "that was interesting."

Aug 01 2003 02:15, Fri max1204   Link
Dana's version of convo with Ja, Er
She said she was not going to campaign against Jun and her only hope is to win the veto. She says she asked them if they feel safe; they said they didn't know. But Dana and Robert both say "they're safe." Dana says she could win that "f*cking veto competition" and she'll use the veto medal to choke Nathan.

Aug 01 2003 02:20, Fri Bert   Link
Dana now in the desert room talking to Jack and Erika ...
Dana asks if either of them feels that they'll be threatened if someone wins POV. They're not giving her much info. Dana does some general chit chat, they chit chat back.
Dana - you guys are so living week to week.
E - who isn't?
Dana - well because david is gone.
Dana - I knew Jun and I were going to get along in finals. Didn't speak a word to her but I knew we'd be friends.
Jack saying he felt the same thing with Nate & Justin.
E saying that she had the same thing with a really buff black girl. Erika said the girl tried to speak with her in the elevator.
Jack - talking about the night the ex's came into the house and when Ali heard about it she started having a panic attack. When her ex walked in, Jack realized it was the guy that he liked.
It seemed as if Dana was trying to get some info, but they weren't giving any.
Erika saying that it's now the Ali & Dana show. Dana said it used to be the Nate & Dana show.
Dan - I'm just glad to make sequestering.
Jack - I looked around the BY today and realized one of these people is gonna win $500k.
Dana left.
Apparently, Dana brought something into the room that Jun gave to her to give to Jack.
After Dana left Erika says that Dana brought this all on herself. Jack said he tried to tell her. Jack asks what has Ali cat done? He jokes it's like using a squirt gun on an elephant.

Aug 01 2003 02:37, Fri Bert   Link
Jun outside says to Rob ...
Sporadic conversation. Jun mentioned to Robert that she saw the look on his face when he had to dance with Erika (implying that he was uncomfortable). He said that when they are sequestered, they can totally ditch them (the HGs they don't like). We don't have to hang out with them. It's not like we're gonna meet them anywhere. (chuckle)

Jun comments that she was surprised that David made out with Ali.
Robert sounded surprised. Robert asked what day. Robert said if it was Monday, David said he pushed Ali away. Jun said it was Tuesday night in Ai's bed. Jun commented how beet red Ali's face became when people were talking about it. Ali said they only made out, and Ali said that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Jun making fun of comments made earlier by Erika about cow's fear. She makes some comment about if that's true, don't our (human) bodies have antibodies to fight that sh*t? Robert calls Erika a F'n dumb b*tch.

Aug 01 2003 03:24, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Love room
note: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Jun walks around saying "it's freezing in here." Justin says "it's not that bad" Jun disagrees, says it's freezind, dude. Jun sits on Justin's bed and cuddles a little.

Jun and Justin sitting, Jun says todays was tough. Justin agrees, asks Jun if she thinks today was the worst day in the house. Jun says for the house as a whole, the worst day was Tues. Justin says noms? Jun says no, when we were all voting off Dave. Justin agrees.

Justin asks Jun if she thinks he has a bubble butt. Jun says "a bubble butt? you have a very nice butt" Just "thank you" Jun "it's very nice, it's not too big" Justin tells her Dana is always telling him his butt is too big, makes him self conscious. Jun says "Really??"

Dana comes in, and Jun gets up from Justin's bed. Jun moves to another bed, and Dana climbs in with Justin.

Jun under covers. some more conversation about Justin's butt; Justin seems to think they (d/ju) are saying that they took turns talking about Justin's butt when they would sleep in the HOH room. Eventually, Jun laughs and says she's kidding.

[long pause in talk, so switch to quad]

F1/F2 is Jee in BR, ends his enamel scraping ritual with a mouthwash. F3/F4 are still on Love Room with F3 Just/Dana and F4 Jun, all under covers. Jee goes in to WC. Yes, he does wash his hands when he is done, then heads on over to the Love Room.

F1/F2 switch to Sand Box, Erika and Jack in their respective beds.

Erika "that was a pretty intense week
Jack "you figured that out?

[both appear to have a look of concern on their faces]

Jack is in mummy position, arms crossed over his chest. Erika is on side, hugging a pillow.

they are not talking much

Erika "you have to start breathing...
Jack "so you can fall asleep
Erika "i always wait for your breathing, i fall asleep to your breathing

Jack "i'll do what i can
Erika laughs, closes her eyes

[since they appear to be going to sleep, back to Love Room for me]

Room is as we last saw it, with addition of Jee in the middle of the floor, watching Justin and Dana [kinda creepy actually]

Jun asks Justin at his age, how does he not get emotional and hard? Justin says he does. Jun asks if he thinks of baseball?

Dana reaches in says there's nothing here. Justin kids about what Dana and Justin have done. Says he can't believe she hasn't told them everything. Justin has a hard time with names, calling Jun Jee, or Dana. Jun says "dude, get my FOTHing name str8!"

now talking about an ep of Real World where some girl kept getting names wrong. Dana says "that's the one with the Lesbian?" Jun "she was freaky! don't know why she would walk around nude"

Dana and Justin are now making fun of Lisa/Erica last year. Dana "that was so weird. Oh, you're the love of my life. You said Hi to my peanut butter! I've always dreamed of a man saying Hi to me"

now they discuss that Lisa was so tall, she was like 5,9. then on to Chiara, how she looked very hippy

Jee is still sitting there, staring at Dana and Justin.

Jee makes kissy kissy noises. Dana "we're talking, Jee, stop making that noise"

Jun "you guys gonna kiss again

Dana " we didn't!

Jun "you did!

Dana "well, once.

Jus says they need to beat out what Dave and Amanda did [she must be doing some kind of movement, but can't see her as she's offscreen, as dana says "stop it! they're gonna take pictures of that"

Jee now talking about some other girl, Jun says she used to be a fat chick, like me, except i had confidence. she comes from a FOTHed up family.

Justin goes under the covers, Dana gets a very BIG smile on her face. Dana complains, says she's going to her bed now. Justin complains. Dana says "they don't know we have clothes on and stuff"

Jee comments on all the sexual tension. Dana says there is no tension. Jee says "i'm frustrated, sexually frustrated" dana says "you are?"

Dana aks Jee if he is tired. She isn't. Jee says he's gonna lay with Jun, but she vetoes it, says she's going to bed. Jun says Justin can't sleep in with them, there's not enough room. Dana complains they don't take up much room.

Jee continues to stare at Dana/Justin

Dana "i'm going into my bed, right now"

Justin comments that the temp is very comfy. Dana says it's nice right now.

Aug 01 2003 03:36, Fri Bert   Link
Long (transcribed) earlier convo in BY with Jun, Rob, Jee and later Justin/Dana, Part 1 ...
The conversation is between Jun and Robert. Jee joins them.

Jun - She said you did bad stuff to her (Erika) and she didn't do anything to you.

Rob - I know that, all my family can prove, I know, I was never, the only thing I ever did was telling her to leave the house, but as far as who stalked me, she did all this sh*t ...

Jun - she didn't mention any of that.

Rob - Oh, I have all that stuff. When we go into sequestering I'll tell you all that stuff.

Jee - I think you're being big about it because you're not saying anything.

Rob - Nah nah, and like everything I'm gonna tell you is gonna be like a truth, on my families's life. It's not nuthin' I have to lie about.

Jun - But everyone in the house believes her over you. I believe you.

Rob - What she say I did to her?

Jee to Jun - Are you serious?

Jun - That's the thing, she could never specifically say what it was.

Rob - That's what I thought.

Jun - Because there's nothing to say. But like we're like yeah, we asked, we were like what's the bad blood between you two, and um because Alison had said how she got Donny (her current boyfriend) to beat up or whatever, Justin or whatever ...

Rob - Yeah.

Jun - so we asked Erika and she's like well ...

Jee - So Donny and Justin fought?

Jun - something like that. Supposedly Donny and some people kicked Justin's ass or something.

Jee - Oh sh*t, I never knew that.

Jun - Beat the sh*t out of him, apparently. I don't know. So were were like, oh OK, what about you Erika and she was like ...

Jee - Justin is a tough kid ...

Jun - (continuing) I never did anything to Robert, Robert did everything to me, and we were like (Jun makes a sort of surprised face).

Jee - I thought you were pretty F'd up too (to Jun about their relationship).

Jun - why?

Jee - It was time, it was time (for the relationship to be over).

Jun - Dude, it was way time.

Jee - Yeah, it was time, it was time.

Jun - Don't even make me go anywhere with that sh*t.

Jee - You know what?

Jun - Please just don't, let's not bring that up. End it right there.

Jee - It was time, it was good that you, you had the balls to do that.

Jee - Thank goodness though ...

Rob - I'm glad she's gonna be sequestered (back to Erika) cuz I'll know where she is. I don't trust the b*tch outside of this house.
Jun laughs.

Rob - I don't. I'm not saying that because ... cuz seriously, I was already worried about that, but now I'm cool because I know when I get out, I'll be at my house (ed note: What the heck is he talkin' about? This guy wins, I'm swearing off BB for good). She knows where I live. She's done sh*t to me ...

Jun - Do you really think she'd do something to you?

Rob - She has already. That's what I'm trying to tell you guys. When I tell you in sequestering, you guys are gonna go holy sh*t, I can't believe she's that F'n crazy.

Jun - What the f*ck is her problem?

Rob - I don't want to say right now, because, that's what I, that's why half of me was, is happy because I'll know where she is, until I get out. (Justin joins the group).

Jun - Right.

Rob - but if I don't, then my ass will be up. (Rob looked really angry).

Aug 01 2003 03:39, Fri Anonymous   Link
Just, Je, Da, Jun in love room
da- I am so happy to be(?) with you guys
je- shut up(they laugh)
da- I was actually kind of serious.
je- me too(laugh)
Da- I was about to tell you i love you guys
Jun- I told myself I was never going to say 2 things here. I love you and like family, i ***** hate that when they do that.NT

Aug 01 2003 03:43, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Love Room
note: text in [] is my comments/opinions

Room shift, as Dana moves to Jun's bed. they say they should get Rob so noone sleeps on their own. Jun aks if Jee and Rob are really gonna share a bed. recommends that he get his own blanket.

Dana is inspecting cameras in the room.

Dana"see that thing? that red thing?
Jee tells her it's an IR thing

Dana says "that's crazy. i actually thought the IR was that camera there (and points to the camera currently aimed at her)

Jun talking about Bob. Jee asks if her parents like him. Jun says they LOVE bob

Dana climbs into bed with Jun.

Dana "FOTH it's cold. move closer girl, i need body heat"

cam zooms in on Justin and Jee in a bed. they have proprly wrapped themselves indivitually in their own blankets [they look like wrapped candies, or maybe condom wrapped dicks. wouldn't want to accidently touch in the night after all]

MOre kidding around about snoring, then they begin to quiet down.

Dana "if i do go out, i really appreciate all of you

Jun "shut up

Dana "i was kinda being serious. i was for real

Justin "are you two getting mushy?

Dana "NO i'm not getting mushy. oh god, i hate you guys now. i was just about to say i love you guys

Jun "i'll never say that. i hate that. i said when i came in i wouldn't say that

Dana "but really, you guys are just like my friends at home

Jee and Jun are discussing people outside the house. dana asks how they know these people. jun says old navy. dana says did you both work there? jun says no. dana asks how they met again, jun says at church. dana says that's right

Dana now is either joking around or trying to say korean phrases. must be the latter, cause Jee says that's very good. Dana asks if Jee got a blanket, or just the sheet. Jee says just a sheet. Dana says he's gonna be freezing, and then says you guys are gonna be all sorts of cuddling. Jun says i don't think this is what they were expecting in the love room [i think meaning two girls in one bed, two boys in the other]

Jee asks Justin if he's asleep yet. Justin say s "No. Jee is never going to sleep. already got like 8 hours of sleep today"

whispering heard, justin asks what they are talking about

Dana "how i need a miracle

Just "what kind of miracle

dana "like a time machine

Jun "or an immaculate orgasm

Dana "for all i know, you could be rubbing against me all night. i sleep deep

Dana "stop that!

dana asks if they ever did bloody mary when they were kids [huh] Jee that's sick *****

dana talking about how her mom would play with them when she was young. they were FOTHed up. something about turning the lights out, splashing cough syrup around, then turning the light on and there would be this red ***** all over the mirror

Dana "dude, did you see the scary guy in the mirror today?

Jun "no! shut up

Dana "real scary, pointy face. the BB house is haunted

Jun "shut up!

Dana now talking about the Candy Man being real scary. Jun is getting freaked out. "stop it! ooooooh!

Jee used to close his eyes when he would wash his hair, and he would expect to see someone when he opened them. Dana was more afriad of him than Jason. that's why she never goes camping.

Dana telling some scary story about going to Crystal Lake. was the place they filmed Friday 13th. cabins and things. big assed lake with wood and cabins and things. one night 3 of them were walking back to the cabin, with only one flashlight. it was very dark. the guy walking them back was shining the flashlight around, and they saw this dude standing there in a hockey mask. says she just ran screaming and it turned out it was just a camp guy who got in trouble. but it was so scary, seeing that guy just standing there like that

Jun says she is one of those people who when she's alone in a house gets freaked. Dana would go after anyone if he was a little dude, but not if it's a big Jason kinda dude.

Aug 01 2003 03:44, Fri Anonymous   Link
Je,jun,dan talking
about candy man, freddie krouger(sp?), scary story now by dan. looks like just fell asleep, he hasn't spoken in a while. (they are actually making me laugh) just jun freaking acout scary stuff and stories, saying she is going to have nightmares. dan just said she likes weird people(LOL) je says well then he doesn't feel special anymore.NT

Aug 01 2003 03:45, Fri frustratedposter   Link
around the feeds. F1 Erika F2 Jack (both asleep) F3 Just/Jee in bed, F4 Jun/Dana NT

Aug 01 2003 03:57, Fri frustratedposter   Link
love room
note: text in [] is my comments/opinions

babbling about antonio sabato and his wife. Bo Derek who's dating Aiden (john corbett) and other unimportant things

Jee doesn't like older women. Dana says seriously? Jee says maybe a little older but not like, over 30 [30?? FOTH you, Jee!]

Dana asks what's the oldest woman she's been with? Jun says "dude, he's only had like 2 women" Jee "i'm a good boy"

Jun "shut up, go to sleep

Dana "i can't go to sleep when i'm hungry

Jun "go eat bread!

Dana gets up

more useless babble. then they realize it's like 3am there, and think they should get some sleep

Dana comes back in [i assume from kitchen, but i didn't follow her] sets something down next to bed, then goes out again. Jun is laying on her side, trying to sleep

Dana clomps through the house [can hear the noise in the bedroom]

all quiet in the love room, then dana comes back in, PBJ in her hands, eating while sitting on the bed next to Jun

Jee laughs. Dana "what?" Jee "your chewing is making me laugh" Dana "i'm trying to chew quiet." jee "how many pbj you had?" Dana "4, you?" Jee "i lost count" dana "i don't know why i'm not tired, it's pissing me awf"

dana finishes her sandwich, throws herself into bed, takes off glasses.

a quiet fills the room

Aug 01 2003 04:04, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
Dana just got a piece of bread, no pbj.. she walked to the kitchen kind of funny(like she was in a fashion show, perhaps shaking it for the camera's)
i have never seen her walk like that before..(LOL..think she was trying to look sexy maybe..LOL)NT

Aug 01 2003 03:59, Fri deVinePoet   Link
2:56 a.m. HG time...someone is snoring...we have 4 different cameras so I'm not sure..
who it is without checking feed by feed. Dana is awake. She sits up and looks around. Goes to the bed where Justin is and cuddles with him a second. The snoring doesn't stop so it must be someone else. Jee is sleeping next to Justin (aww). Dana then goes out to the kitchen. The camera follows her as she bends down to get something out of the cupboard. It's a slice of bread. She walks back to the bedroom eating it. She drinks a glass of water and then lays back down. The snoring continues.

Aug 01 2003 04:03, Fri frustratedposter   Link
all quiet in the love room, sand box. looks like the end for tonite (or this morning here) NT

Aug 01 2003 04:12, Fri Anonymous   Link
F1 shows Er (not her snoring) F2 Ja(sounds like is he who's snoring) F3
is just and jee looks like. F4 can't tell, looks like 2 people..(possibly) jun and dan, one of them is snoring lightly.NT

Aug 01 2003 04:23, Fri Bert   Link
Long (transcribed) earlier convo in BY with Jun, Rob, Jee and later Justin/Dana, Part 2 ...
(Warning: This is pretty boring stuff).

Continued from Part 1 in another post:

Rob - when I tell you guys stories (about Erika), you guys will sh*t.

Jun - if there's so much drama, why would they put you two ...

Rob - every time I put, every time I went to an interview, I said if it has anything to do with her ... uh uh ... I mean, I don't know. No, I didn't tell them the stuff ...

Jee interrupting and asking if Dana has come of the DR. (seems like Jee and Jun have lost interest in Robert's story)

Jun - I don't know. Why don't you do your mating call and see if she'll come running.

Jee makes a bird noise.

Jun - that's between you and her (to Jee about Dana).

Jee making some funny about pheromones as he reaches under his arm.

Rob - We'll see, we'll see when I get out of here.

Jun to Jee about Dana - she came out?

Jee - Mmm hmm.
(they can't figure out where Dana is, though no one gets up to go look).

Justin - I can't imagine her being in HOH.

Rob - she's not out of the DR, bro.

Justin - she is, I saw her come out.

Jee - they called her to the DR, then she came back out here.

Jun - Yeah and then they called her back.

Jee - Oh.

Justin - she's stupid.

Jun - there's no way she went into HOH room. She can't stand to look at Ali and Nate.

Jee to Justin - you gonna sleep in your bed?

Justin - Nate's already in that bed.

Rob - F'n sh*t! How did that happen, man, we shoulda never let that happen. We had it perfect. Us three and it was fun and we bullsh*tted every night.

(Some inaudible banter between Justin and Jee). Then a bunch of who's sleeping where. Jee offers his bed to Justin and Jee says he'll take th big bed).

Dana comes out swearing at Jee for smoking.

Jun - Yeah, I'm like I don't even think I could smoke if I wanted to.

Dana - it's all that working out, then you smoke, it's like squashing it all. I don't even want to come over there and sit with your stinky assed cigarette.

Jun - Wow, like I don't think I could smoke. It's like invading my lungs right now.

Dana - Puff it puff it, take another one. Aww, it's so gross.

Rob - you never smoked, huh, Justin? (Justin shakes his head). I didn't think you did.

Dana says she did, but even when she did, she couldn't hit that filter like that (smoking her cigarettes down to the filter like Jee does).

Jun - I can't believe there's only one person that smokes in this house.

Dana - I know, I totally thought I would start smoking again.

Jee - but you know, I'm not that bad in this house. I'm doing pretty good. And I've been disciplined with the weights, working out.

(I'm skipping some stuff about how pretty nails are and who should sleep where).

Dana telling Jee he can't sleep in her room because he snores too loud.

Justin - yeah, you can't sleep in there, you snore too loud.

Jee - What do you mean, you sleep with her.

Rob - all you have to do is say, "shut the f*ck up Jee real loud" and he'll ...

Jee - Yeah, I'm I'm polite even when I'm sleeping. I'm like sorry, sorry.

Jun - sleep next to Nathan so it bothers him.

Jee - No, it F'n bothers me too.

Dana - But bother him with your snoring. Snore loud.

Jee - I know, but the f*cker just throws a pillow at me and pretends like he's sleeping.

Jun - he's such a p*ssy that way.

Dana doing that laugh that sounds like a donkey.

Jee - why you being fake, why do you try to f*cking hide it after you throw a pillow ...

Dana to Justin - did you just change and put shorts on or did you have those under your sweats.

Justin - No, I changed.

Dana - are you going swimming or something?

Justin - Nah, I'm all washed up and ready to snooze.

Rob - So am I.

Jun - I can't even imagine what he F'n did to me when I was sleeping (Nate). I used to wake up 4 or 5 times a night. I used to go and pee.

Jee - He told me he used to roll you over, like he would actually push you over.

Jun - Nah, I never saw that MF go ah, just like a b*tch (??), trying to hurt me.

Jee - and then he throws pillows across the room at Ali's face.

Jun - He's fo F'n rude.

Dana - I just wanna ... uh, do bad things to him. Like stick a pillow over his face while he's sleepin'.

Justin - Calm down girl.

Jee - that was very WOP-ish.

Justin - you're crazy, lady.

Jun & Dana giggle.

Then there's some discussion about I don't know what, Jee's accent? Some DR talk, and Dana is being told not to talk about DR conversations. She said she couldn't help it, she had to say something, she didn't want to be bashing Vietnamese people (no idea).

Dana - I live in Queen's, ya know.

Jun - I talk about the ignint people in the house.

Jee - I have to wash my hands, brush my teeth, that'll take me a good 30 minutes (it's true).

Jun - he takes a half an hour to brush his teeth

Jee - not that long, 10 minutes.

Dana - it's ridiculous.

(Congratulations if you got all the way through this without losing consciousness, because I barely did. Don't know why I transcribed all of it).

Aug 01 2003 06:17, Fri frustratedposter   Link
all still asleep....
note: text in [] is my comments/opinions


[updating is over, go in peace]

Aug 01 2003 07:13, Fri nojobny   Link
QC: F1,2,3, -All HG asleep. F4 in BY - BB adjusting cameras NT

Aug 01 2003 09:17, Fri Sharky   Link
HG still sleeping. Camera 1-Ali?, 2-Ja on his side; 3-Justin & Jee together; 4-? can't tell NT

Aug 01 2003 10:46, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Good morning HGs it's time to get up for the day NT

Aug 01 2003 10:48, Fri pixiegirl   Link
jack and erika talking in sand room, small talk about reading (?) reminded again by bb4 to get up
jack and erika make comments how they are only one up right now

Aug 01 2003 10:54, Fri pixiegirl   Link
jack and erika
talking about how jun hasn't come in the sand box yet, erika says we took the wind out of her sails yesterday, jack says ali really wants dana to go, feed cut out, jack states we made it thru july, erika says they had one causelity and jack says he's probably in new york. talking about they need a twist to the game joking about veto power twist, and how maybe they make them nom themselves.

Aug 01 2003 10:56, Fri pixiegirl   Link
Double Veto? good idea
jack and erika say they should be able to take 2 people off nom block, F1 & 2 jack and erika talking, F3 jun in BR, F4 i believe is jee still in bed

Aug 01 2003 11:03, Fri Sunflake   Link
Jack and Erika want Dana to win veto.... hopes that Ali will then put up Justin. Erika says she feels safer with Dana and that Dana is so after Nate & Ali that she won't bother with Jack & Erika.
Jack seems to agree.
Erika gets called to the DR.

Jun and Dana up. Boring morning routine stuff. Y'all know the drill.

Aug 01 2003 11:19, Fri Debra_Kadabra ParentRootLink
Erika also whispered that she had reservations that Ali really would put up Justin NT

Aug 01 2003 11:06, Fri gypsy888   Link
Jack and Er so cute with Turtles, talk to them like they were their children"Good Morning"in baby voice. NT

Aug 01 2003 11:07, Fri Sunflake   Link
Erika playing BB with the Turtles: "Good Morning turtles, it's time to get up for the day" NT

Aug 01 2003 11:11, Fri Sunflake   Link
For Non-Feed Readers: Morning routines going on....just imagine them doing whatever you do in the morning. NT

Aug 01 2003 11:23, Fri calgal   Link
Jun's makin bacon, erika is there in the kitchen with sunglasses on and jack's lookin on NT

Aug 01 2003 11:58, Fri Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
Alli just told HG to wear what they want for Veto - what ever shoes they want - Nate, Erika and Jack
took this to mean it would be a mental contest

Aug 01 2003 12:01, Fri livefeedwhore   Link
Erika just told the other HGs that she was in the movie "Dance With Me" she had a small part as a dancer (duh) NT

Aug 01 2003 21:59, Fri PsychoMike ParentRootLink
Erika Landin listed in movie credits for "Dance With Me" - WWW.IMDB.COM NT

Aug 01 2003 12:24, Fri Jana_aka_ioksco   Link
HG - go to lock down in Desert Room NT

Aug 01 2003 12:32, Fri max1204   Link
Dana told to go to DR...don't talk to anyone on the way NT

Aug 01 2003 12:33, Fri frustratedposter   Link
BB: HG i need dana next, don't talk to anyone as you come thru...
and Erika, could you adjust your hair

NB: they are in lockdown in the Sand Box

Aug 01 2003 12:36, Fri Lola   Link
Lock down in Sandbox
HG are talking about the turtles
Jack said they didn't eat the carrots.
Er said Yes they did she saw them

Dana says she thinks they will be called out one at a time
some one guessed alphabetical
They're calling out which number order they will go in

small talk about what they're wearing

Er says something I didn't get all but it was about some lady saying something about what she was wearing some time and Er told her she wasn't there to take pictures but to look at dogs

BB calls Dana to go to DR. Instructs her not to talk to anyone on the way thru and ask Er to adjust her hair

Aug 01 2003 12:47, Fri mrsb   Link
Still waiting around in the sandbox, just random conversation and Dana has not returned! NT

Aug 01 2003 12:56, Fri mrsb   Link
Dana has exited the Diary room...
Goes into the living room, where Ali is sleeping and starts to play cards.

Erica now called to the DR.

Somone from DR speaking to Dana saying that they want the table cleared, so could she put away the cards.

Dana clears the table and then sits down.

It looks like she is holding on to something white, a t-shirt or towels maybe?

Feeds back to the sandbox

Aug 01 2003 13:02, Fri MsB0808   Link
Erika has now exited the diary room and is in the living room with Ali and Dana. No one talking. NT

Aug 01 2003 13:03, Fri mrsb   Link
Erika exits the DR...
I don't know if this is coincidence, but when Dana came out she picked up the white thing off the floor, and now Erica has come out and picked up a pillow that was on the floor.

Jack called to the DR...

They must not be allowed to speak because Jack walked by and Erica just smiled, not even looking at him.

Aug 01 2003 13:03, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Erika out of DR Jack called in
Ali Dana and Erika are sitting on the couches as far away from one another as possible.

Aug 01 2003 13:04, Fri Fritomade   Link
ER left Dr went to LR sat down and looked across and she and Da smiled at each other. don't
think they are supposed to speak to each other. BB called Jack to DR, he walked through the LR, saw the others and said "There you are", then said real quick "Done talking" Er keeps looking at Al and Da smiling NT

Aug 01 2003 13:07, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Justin telling those left in Desert room that Donny's family is messed up
Donny is/was Ali's BF. Says he shouldn't be saying this but Donny's uncle killed his father. Robert adds "You know that runs in the family"

Aug 01 2003 13:14, Fri mrsb   Link
Jack has exited the DR...
Camera angle is only on the couch, and Jack just walked passed, can't tell where he is off camera.

Jack comes back and sits down, no idea where he went after exiting the DR.

Jee called to the DR.

Aug 01 2003 13:15, Fri Peachy720   Link
Justin on Donny and Donny's family
I had the feeds on the Ali/MT showdown but could hear the SandBox convo perfectly.

Jusdisgustin was telling everyone in the room about what a psycho Donny is..something about him having to go into a courtroom in shackles and handcuffs.

Then he said, just to give you a TASTE of how #foth# his family is, listen to this. His(Donny) uncle killed his father. Then for some unknown reason, he and the 3 stooges started laughing...

[ed keep in mind, Jusdisgustin has told the Stooges before that Donny beats her. Also, when Ali was nominated and saying she'd be home in time for his b-day, Justin laughed to the hagulous 5 "that's perfect! he can beat her 21 times!"]

Aug 01 2003 13:15, Fri Fritomade   Link
JE called to DR(JA in LR) he walked through and da glanced at him and smiled NT

Aug 01 2003 13:22, Fri mrsb   Link
Jee is out...
Goes and sits down next to Dana.

Jun called to DR.

Aug 01 2003 13:23, Fri Fritomade   Link
Je in LR..Jun to DR(those flip flops of hers are LOUD and NT

Aug 01 2003 13:31, Fri mrsb   Link
Jun is out, painting her toenails on the couch next to Jee. Justin called to DR. NT

Aug 01 2003 13:33, Fri Fritomade   Link
Rob screamed what is taking so ***** long(they are restless in sand room) Nat or Jus says what are you going
to do by yourself(to ROB) in here "squeeze one off"(gross..they are talking saying one of them they are gonna drop out comp?, and they joke they telling BB they have to go Bathroom etc. except in more obscene way)NT

Aug 01 2003 13:39, Fri Fritomade   Link
Ali and Er are asleep on sofa's, Je and Da sitting so still they look like statues
Jun painting Finger nail(?), Ja moves arm every now and then..Pretty quiet in Sand room with nat and Ro..nat says he thinks everyone in LR, because he can hear when DR door closes.NT

Aug 01 2003 13:41, Fri Fritomade   Link
Jus just came out and went behind one of the couches, looks like he trying to pick something up NT

Aug 01 2003 13:42, Fri Fritomade ParentRootLink
he hasn't come back up, maybe he laid down behind the couch..can't see him.. nat
called to DR.NT

Aug 01 2003 13:42, Fri mrsb   Link
Rob leaves sandbox to get a tissue (FINALLY) and NAthan is called to the DR! NT

Aug 01 2003 13:45, Fri Fritomade   Link
LOL Rob blew his nose right next to his microphone. NT

Aug 01 2003 13:51, Fri mrsb   Link
Nate and Justin need to be seen by the camera, need them to move out from behind the couch. NT

Aug 01 2003 13:51, Fri Lola   Link
BB tells Nat and Jus they must be were the camera can see them and that Nat must drop his ping pong ball back to DR NT

Aug 01 2003 13:54, Fri highheels   Link
Roberts turn last one to the DR. NT

Aug 01 2003 13:54, Fri Lola   Link
BB tells HG not to be appearing to be motioning to anything (he says hes not inferring anything though) NT

Aug 01 2003 13:54, Fri mrsb   Link
BB tells HG's not to play with anything as if they might be "showing" something...
Says they are not inferring anything.

Rob called to Dr.

Aug 01 2003 13:54, Fri Anonymous   Link
BB to HG, Please don't be playing with anything so as not mistakenly thought(by BB)
that you are showing anything(clues i guess), Rob come to DR, last HG to DR.NT

Aug 01 2003 13:59, Fri mrsb   Link
HG's ask to hold tight while they set things up...
No movement, don't play with items, and please keep their mics on.

Aug 01 2003 14:09, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Can hear BB hammering away (in BY?) HGs sitting quietly in the LR ... although getting a bit restless at times. NT

Aug 01 2003 15:33, Fri n2deep   Link
Ali shouts Robert how bout u use that Veto and we put Nate on the block I Think Robert has it! NT

Aug 01 2003 15:33, Fri kathryn   Link
Ali just said Rob won NT

Aug 01 2003 15:33, Fri txbluefirefly4   Link
Ally just said Robert use that veto on Nate Confussed NT

Aug 01 2003 15:33, Fri highheels   Link
Ali said "Robert why dont you use that POV and I will put up Nate NT

Aug 01 2003 15:34, Fri Debra_Kadabra   Link
Ali to Robert "Robert how about using that veto and I put up Nate" NT

Aug 01 2003 15:35, Fri nojobny   Link
Ali screaming: Robert, how 'bout you take that veto and but Nat up on the block. (said half-jokingly) NT

Aug 01 2003 15:42, Fri madman   Link
Jack patted Robert on the shoulder and said, "Congratulations, Robert." Robert said, " Oh thanks" NT

Aug 01 2003 15:42, Fri highheels   Link
Jack said "Congrats Robert" NT

Aug 01 2003 16:14, Fri frustratedposter   Link
FOTH, then FOTH on F1/F4, Erika alone in Sandbox on F2/F3
then switched to Ali in HOH on 2/3

then FOTH

now back

Aug 01 2003 16:17, Fri frustratedposter   Link
all feeds on Jack and Erika
whispering too low to hear tho

Looks to me like the Sandbox is empty now... beds gone

Aug 01 2003 16:22, Fri Lola   Link
Je & Nat on patio
Je says "That's whats scary about this game. Not scary but you know what I mean..."
Nat says "Unpredictable"
Je says "Yeah and they (BB) know that. That's why they make all these games this way"

they talk some about Je getting a stiff neck while sleeping and Nat tells him to sleep flat or
sleep with out a pillow
Je says "Yeah but they won't let me. They throw pillows at me and tell me to shut up"

Ali is nearby and Nat says how much of a genious she is for the way she has played
Je agrees

others join them and they start eating and small talk

Aug 01 2003 16:24, Fri angelofmusic27   Link
Dana/Jun Convo Earlier
Dana said to Jun that they could walk out together. I didn't see it, but I heard it and Jun was laughing. Dana said that her and Jun could be together. She said she would find out about it for them. (Dana sounded REALLY serious during this whole conversation.)

(Ed Note: That is so selfish. She probably will hate Jun if she wins this game. Dana's friendship comes with stipulations. I wanted everyone to see how desperate Dana is getting in this game)

Aug 01 2003 16:26, Fri Lola   Link
Ali to Er about Jus
Ali "He hates his mom"
Er "Not good"
Ali "At least that what he told me when we first met"
Ali goes on to say that his family was pretty messed up and that his father was murdered by his brother (or something like that)

Aug 01 2003 16:29, Fri Lola ParentRootLink
Correction, the above post was not about Jus but instead about Ali's new BF NT

Aug 01 2003 16:31, Fri Anonymous ParentRootLink
Re: Ali to Er about Jus
I read a few pages back that Justin said that Ally's BF is the one who's Uncle killed his father...
I wonder which it was?

Aug 01 2003 16:33, Fri bruhe   Link
justin hid Jees snake now all 4 feeds showing jee on a search NT

Aug 01 2003 16:34, Fri bruhe   Link
the snake is
hidden on the shower curtain and jee has gone past it several times. he can't find it. asks justin again. now he's outside in the by
ed: the elephant murders are more fun.

Aug 01 2003 16:35, Fri bruhe   Link
poor jee walks right by the snake doesnt even think to look up. NT

Aug 01 2003 16:36, Fri bruhe   Link
the camera guys are having fun with jee. hes searching the entire bathroom while they have the snake on cam at the same time as he searches NT

Aug 01 2003 16:37, Fri bruhe   Link
justin gives a clue: its in the bathroom area. jee goes to the bedroom. doesnt even try the actual bathroom area. still no snake. back outside again
he says he found it that its back in his bag now.

Aug 01 2003 16:38, Fri bruhe   Link
jee lied. said he had the snake but didnt. he's kinda given up on it. they are laughing at him. he seems semi amused semi frustrated. NT

Aug 01 2003 16:45, Fri frustratedposter   Link
Ali: nate, why are you humping the inner tube? NT

Aug 01 2003 16:47, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Some HGs in BY. N laying on an inner tube, rocking back & forth. A: N, why are you humping the tube? N: I'm not-THIS is humping! And he gets to it! NT

Aug 01 2003 16:50, Fri Lola ParentRootLink
To which Je chimes in "Thats hummping????" and everyone laughs NT

Aug 01 2003 16:49, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
"YOU don't know ME! It's been 3yrs." says Jun & Jee visa versa (Jee making fun of Jun for always saying that.) NT

Aug 01 2003 16:51, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Justin, Jee & Robert planning a golf trip. Rob's father lives on a course. Just plays well, Jee video golf only, and Rob doesn't know how. NT

Aug 01 2003 16:54, Fri Lola   Link
Nat is saying that he'd like to be married in the next 2 years if he found the right one NT

Aug 01 2003 16:56, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Feeds switch to LR where Ali, Erika, Jack, and Nate are playing cards, again. zzzzzzzz NT

Aug 01 2003 16:58, Fri Lola   Link
Je spills the beans...
Nat is saying the other that Je said to him "Nat I like you but you're on every bodies hit-list"
Nat laughs and said to Je "Thanks for telling me something I don't know"
They all laughed and Ali asked "Je really said that to you"
Nat laughs again and says "Yes, he's so honest"

Aug 01 2003 17:01, Fri Bert   Link
Nate talking to E, Ja, Ali about a funny Jee conversation they had in the yard ...
Jee told Nate, "I like you, Nate, but you're on everybody's hit list." Nate laughs because Jee is so funny and honest. Ali talks about how she called Jee into the DR to find out who he'd put up if he were HOH. He said Erika and Jack and why. Ali laughs because she meant on his team, not on her team.

Aug 01 2003 17:01, Fri SleeplessOnLI   Link
Dana's folks were married for 2/3 years. Someone says, assuming Rob, "That how Cubans do it". (Odd statement!) NT

Aug 01 2003 17:03, Fri Bert   Link
Justin talking about a buddy's grandmother who got a divorce after about 70 years ...
She went to live with her daughter (Justin's buddy's mom). Jee wonders why get a divorce after all the time. Why not stay together. Rob says he's known people that got remarried at 70.

Aug 01 2003 17:05, Fri Bert   Link
Justin said BB should have hooked them up with a Penthouse ...
with a real pool, Rob adds real bedrooms, etc. (Justin & Rob obviously haven't seen the show).

Aug 01 2003 17:24, Fri Bert   Link
I don't see this posted re: POV comp, so I'll mention it from memory ...
Nate & Jack were saying that they weren't targeting Robert or Justin during the POV competition. They were only watching to see if Jun or Dana were going to win. The competition had something to do with removing each other's masks. They said when Robert removed his own mask when he won, I think, he was making a statement about how he wasn't going to use the POV.

All feeds on the A, E, Ja, N card players.

(I don't understand the POV competition since I didn't see it. Sounds interesting).

Aug 01 2003 17:28, Fri Bert   Link
Jack, what would you do with the money?
Jack says he'd invest a lot of it and I believe he said he'd pay for a wedding.

Ali said she'd go to law school, but she had to pay off undergrad loans first.

Nate saying he'd like to go to school to be a physical therapist.

(In the past Erika has said she'd open a wellness center).

(My audio is going in and out.)

More spades chat.

Aug 01 2003 17:41, Fri Bert   Link
Want me to jump your bones real quick?
Nate asking Ali what's wrong. She says she's tired. He asks if she wants him to jump her bones real quick to make her feel better.

Nate said he doesn't like blonde-hair, blue-eyed girls. Ali says, that is so 3 weeks ago.

They joke about types they like.

Erika (I believe) said she had a handsome brother.

Ali said Oooo, I've never dated an older man.

Nate pretending he's BB interviewing Robert about winning POV.

Jack says it's called backfiring in your face.

Jack - motorboat, motorboat, putt putt putt, we got a team that'll beat your butt. (Alabama cheer)

Now talking about the movie Sweet Home Alabama. About when someone said, "You have a baby in a bar." Ali said she didn't remember that. Nate said it's because you were either drunk or having sex (light-hearted). Nate reminded Ali that she told him she likes to have sex during movies.

Two feeds finally swtiched outside where there is no conversation.

Aug 01 2003 17:44, Fri ohclancy   Link
Nat, Jack, Ali, Erika discussing movie "Sweet Home Alabama"....
Nat says he loved that movie - it reminds him of his home town. Jack says it has all the "Alabama" stereotypes in it, for sure.
Nat quotes a line from the movie where Reese Witherspoon's character, when seeing someone she hasn't seen in a long time "You have a baby!.....In a bar!"
The line gets repeated a few times.

Ali says "I must have missed that line - how did I miss that?"
Nat replies, "Well, you were probably either drunk or having sex"
Ali: "WHAT?!?! Are you on crack??"
Nat: "Well, you said you like to have sex while you watch movies".

Aug 01 2003 17:55, Fri Bert   Link
The feed switch outside was momentary ...
All feeds still on card players.

The latest highlight was BB saying, "Dana, Robert, Justin, please put on your microphones.

Now the feeds are outside. I hear no conversation.

Aug 01 2003 19:09, Fri Bert   Link
All 4 feeds on Jun & Dana in kitchen ...
I can hear the basketball outside.

J- it's hard to think of anything else when you're up on the block. I'm trying to think about sex. Jun said it would be great to get laid. Dana mentioned that they all got tested for STDs before they came into the house. Jun is wondering if the sequestered ones will get to see family after being eviction.

Dana - is thinking that they'll get a video from home, and that they'll do media. Erika and Jun disagree with the media idea.

Jun tells Dana that the worst thing she called her was a nutcase.

Jun - I don't feel the need to go into there (DR) all the time like Marcellas did last year.

Dana - telling Jun or BB how much she hates "you." Jun is making some good food and Dana is very jealous.

Dana couldn't handle being in the kitchen with the food preparation so she went outside. Jun going on and on how good the food smells.

Jun commented to Erika that it's funny how she and Dana get along so well, but that they are so different from each other. Jun says she calls Dana a whackjob to her face, and how Jun means it.

Dana came back in. Jun is commenting on the fact that neither Jack nor Erika are talking to her. (Erika just was).

Jun - what the f*ck, what am I insvisible, MF'er? Don't let them see you upset.

Aug 01 2003 19:11, Fri Bert   Link
Now Jun & Dana are talking about how ugly Ali is ...
Jun said that Ali totally looks like her mother, which is sad, sad.

They commented how they looked so cute today, but that everybody else looked butch. That Ali looked so ugly. That Erika looked worse. Jun brought up how she was watching Ali sleep on the couch and noticed how ugly she is. How ugly her mouth was, how ugly her nose was.

Aug 01 2003 19:14, Fri Anonymous   Link
Robert alleges secret Erika connection??
This happened earlier but no one else posted so here goes. Robert was laying out in the BY and told other stooges they would never believe who Erika's current boyfriend was. He said someone with initials J.A. with a connection to the show. One of the others (poosibly Jun) says "I thought you couldn't be on the show if..." and then FOTH!!! When feed came back, no one was talking. Can anyone else confirm I heard this correctly? Happened between 4pm-5pm BB time.

Aug 01 2003 19:38, Fri valentine ParentRootLink
Yes, I Heard This Little Bombshell
Just like Anon said. Robert said this. In the background, someone, I think it was Erica, was joking that "J.A." is Jason Alexander (George from Seinfield).

Robert said, "No no no, its no one big. But wait until we get out of here and I tell you guys who she is dating."

(Ed Note: Maybe a former contestant? Or other CBS reality player? It can't be someone too on the inside, or they probably wouldn't have put Erica in such a bad situatio with Robert.)

Aug 01 2003 19:16, Fri Bert   Link
Dana talking about how Justin might put himself up to save her?
Dana - he already said he was going anyway. She says something about him maybe making a deal so he can go instead of Dana? (I'm not following).

Jun wants to know why she was put up instead of Justin.

Whispering - Dana said that if Jun & Jee were up on the block, they'd vote Jee off. Jun disagrees. She says she's more threatening to Nathan than Jee.

Dana - it's all gonna come down to Justin (dang audio keeps going out) ... robert is a good guy, he'll realize she's (Dana) going out because of us. If Justin told them to just do it (save Dana), Robert would.

Jun doesn't seem to agree. Now they're talking about how Ali would be so caught off guard ... (again, not following their logic and I can't type fast enough).

(I'm recording some of the convo, and I'll transcribe it in a bit)

Aug 01 2003 19:30, Fri fishinlady   Link
Dana in Robert's Lap
Dana goes outside and sits in Robert's lap. No conversation for about 10 minutes. Allison is on lounge, Ja and Er on patio. Boys playing basketball. Dana does discuss the hair on her arms-she trims it every summer because she does not like hair. Still no conversation. Start talking softly about if he uses the veto FOTH

Aug 01 2003 19:39, Fri FuggyBootnling   Link
Dana in Ratbert's lap in the BY...
They are watching the basketball game going on. Discussing a bit about strategy. Hard to hear and to follow.

Dana: "Last week he wasn't talking to any of the guys, now he's out there like he's their best friend." I believe she is referring to Nate.

Shot of Ali asleep on a lounger.

Both Ratbert and Dana have been sitting with their hands held in a fist in front of their faces...they look identical.

Ratbert goes into the HT, but Dana puts her foot in and hesitates. She instead takes a water shower outside.

Feeds go to Jun and Jack outside. JUn: "I'm pretty much leaving Robert alone...I'm not going out like that."

Jack says something about reading Alison...and that it's difficult.

Jun: "As far as what most people wanted, she didn't go with what people wanted."

Jack: "It's gotten emotional."

Jun: "Yeah."

Now feeds on Dana cleaning out the HT with the pool net, and going in with Ratbert (ed: I've never seen them go into the Ht so early...with daylight no less)

A plane flies overhead...the basketball goes on.


Aug 01 2003 19:55, Fri valentine   Link
Turtle Show
Justin, Dana, and Robert are in the hot tub,watching the turtles crawl across the chess board.

Erica and Jack are narrating the turtles' crawl, like two proud parents.

Cuff takes off across the huge chess board. Erica and Jack comment on how much Cuff has grown since they've been in the house, and how he's leff Link behind on the growth scale.

Cuff always goes first, and Link follows. That's one reason why they think Cuff is the male, and Link the female.

Cuff starts peeing as he walks across the board. Dana thinks its gross. Cuff is starting to poop, too, and has to sit down sometimes while he is doing it.

Dana: With all that roughage, it's no wonder.

Link starts coming over, and sniffing at the trail Cuff leaves behind. Cuff also starts doing something gross with his own poop, and the cameras are now just focusing on the HG faces, rather than the gross wildlife display.

(Ed Note: All this is yet more evidence that Cuff is a man, indeed.)

Erica: They're such little dinosaurs, you know?

Aug 01 2003 19:58, Fri valentine   Link
Screams Are Heard Outside
the back yard. Erica says, "Did you hear that? Someone just screamed my name!"

Some heard that, some didn't.

Jack: That won't be the only guy screaming your name when you get out of here.

More screaming occurs. Its difficult for the hottubbers to hear over the sound of the water. But Dana heard someone scream this time.

Dana is now right up on Justin in the hottub, leaving Robert on the other side, with Jee somewhere in between.

Erica and Jack are watching Cuff and Link like proud parents.

Aug 01 2003 20:06, Fri Bert   Link
Earlier kitchen convo between Jun & Dana, transcribed, LONG (6-ish PM BBT)
Dana was talking about Justin saving Dana, by telling Robert what to do. Here's how she thinks the conversation between Rob and Justin might go:

Dana - You know, Rob use the veto, I know they're gonna put me (Justin) up, I wanna go. Like I knew I was gonna go anyway.

Then Dana switches to her own conversation instead of the imaginary one

Dana - he has been saying it (that he wants to go). If he uses the veto and she (Ali) doesn't put up Justin ... it'll never happen. She'll never put Jee up because Nathan, Erika and Jack will hate her for not putting up Justin. And then Jee is gonna be the one to go. For sure, Ali picks you because (audio messes up) ... that's the way I think that'll go. I dunno. Yeah, no, that'll be the way it goes. (Long pause). Dude, I personally think that Jack & Erika ...

Robert comes in and interrupts the conversation asking about the time - 6:12 BBT, then discussing hot tubbing, I believe. Dana said something to the effect that she didn't care if it was too hot to go in, she'd go in, so I'm thinking they were referring to hot tubbing.

Dana leans in closer to Jun and whispers - Because I think that ...

Jun - Uh huh

Dana - E & Ja would get rid of Jee because he's (inaudible) them. (More inaudible). But let's just says you and Jee are up there, how do you think Nathan would vote?

Jun - Me, out.

Dana - Really.

Jun - Yeah. Because he is purely going on who is more threatening to him. And to him I'm threatening.

Robert comes back in to say it'll be ready in 10 more minutes

Dana - it'll all come down to Justin because you know, he leads that whole group. And they, they, if he truly doesn't care ...

Jun - Robert's smart.

Dana - Robert's smart, I know, but Robert's also a good guy (audio goes out again) ... (Believe Dana is having another imaginary conversation about what Justin might say) Guys, she's going out because of us ... Cuz I am! Jun laughs.

Dana - So I think it would get to him enough that if Justin said do it, that's what they would do, and then it would just be all out chaos if Alison didn't put up Justin. It would just be a nuthouse.

Jun - I don't even, I don't even ...

Dana - Don't (inaudible), don't even worry about it ...

Jun - No, no, no, I'm actually going to think about it as an option because anything can go in this F'n house.

Dana - I think it would be worth it (loud bowl stirring, missing some) if they turn around and blasted it in her face, it would be so priceless!

Jun - she would be so caught off guard

Dana - so caught off guard. And if she didn't put up Justin, she'd have nobody! She'd have nobody. I mean they'd keep her (loud noises with a bowl), but she'd be walking around here even worse than she was last week. If she turned around and put up Jee, Nathan would be like what the hell are you doing?

Jun - Hmm (sounding unconvinced)

Dana - And I don't think they, I don't think Erika and Jack would vote you out. And I for sure wouldn't, so it would come down to 3-3 and it would be Alison's decision.

Jun - Umm hmm.

Dana - heavy sigh

Jun - Oh deary my ....

Dana - and I think Nathan at that point, for the sake of sticking to the original alliance would vote Jee out instead of you, just to look good with Erika and Jack.

Jun - True true.

Dana - I'm gonna work it. I'll do the best I can.

Jun - you gonna work Justin or Rob?

Dana - Justin, it's the only way it's gonna work. I don't even want to do this.

Jun - Just don't ...

Dana - Overkill, nnnno no no. No no no, look at me, subtle, simple

Jun - You would turn them off them

Dana - I would never (audio goes out yet again) ... He'd have to try to save us, you know what I mean? I'm gonna be like, I'm scared to go by myself.

Jun - laughs

Dana - (imaginary convo with Justin). I don't want to go it alone. I'll meet you there next week (in sequestering).

Jun - laughs some more. Dana laughs as well.

Dana - but truth be told, seriously, the whole world will think that the 3 of them (the stooges) have F'd up if they don't (save Dana).

Dana - ya know?

Jun - Mmmm hmmm.

Dana - And I will straight up look like an *sshole to the entire United States of America, including my friends and family because I went to bat for you guys (another imaginary convo with the stooges this time). I took a chance, I went out on a limb, and you guys had the opportunity to do the same, so I'm like getting evicted because of youz guyz.

Jun - Mmm hmm.

Dana - I'll. say that. And that's like it. I won't beat a dead horse.

Aug 01 2003 20:06, Fri valentine   Link
Nat Tells the Group That Allie
is taking a nap inside, probably thinking about her boyfriend.

Jack mumbles to Erica: Her boyfriend?? Is that the one that sits around and watches all this on his computer at work??

Nat tells Jee that he is going to start "nutcasing" him in the DR.

Jee: What dude?

Nate: I'm going to tell them that you keep staring at my ass.

Jee: Whatttt????

Nate: Well, how could you not stare at it? Your ass is as flat as my back!

A mechanical issue with the hot tub has occurred. Jack is upset because he wanted to get in there tonight.

Close up on camera #1 of one of the turtles, strutting on his stubby little fins across the giant chess board. Now two cameras, two angles.

(Ed Note: I think I want a turtle now.)

Aug 01 2003 20:09, Fri JulieH   Link
Jun was in the kitchen continuing to cook after dana left and Jee came in. Jun told Jee all about what Dana said. She told Jee that
Dana was mad and felt like the boys owed her from last week and therefore should take her off the block. Jun was obviously annoyed at Dana's audacity. Jun says "Does she think I'm stupid"

Aug 01 2003 20:12, Fri Bert   Link
Ali trying to nap, Nate wakes her up ...
Nate wakes up Ai and asks what's wrong with her. She says she's tired. She wonder how it is that he's not tired. He replies that he got some sleep last night. Ali comments how he was off the hook the night before. Ali says that Dana hates her. Nate asks why. Ali says because she's sending her ass home.

Aug 01 2003 20:15, Fri valentine   Link
Allie Napping in the HOH Room
or maybe just laying there, listening to Ashanti.

Nate comes in and puts a long stuffed snake on her. She takes it from him and just lays there, kind of pouting, with no energy. Kind of unusual for her.

Nate stretches out on his stomach, "What's wrong with you?"

Allie: Nothing. I'm just tired.

A minute later: "Dana hates me".

Nate: I know. She did it to herself.

Allie: I didn't get any sun today.

Nate: How come? Your're becoming a bum. All you do is sit around and mope and cry all day over your boyfriend.

Allie: No I don't, you jerk off. I was upset over him for one day and that's it.

Nate thought Scott was his big competition on the basketball court. Nate is bored. Allie doesn't know what's wrong with her.

Nate: Are you starting or something?

Allie: I'll let you know that when its any of your business. I'm off the pill now, so this month its kind of up for grabs. Kind of like head of household.

Nate: I'm just trying to be nice.

Allie: My friend is supposed to be here today. She's late. Eat some of my food Nate. I can't eat it. It makes me sick.

Allie is upset because they bought her big chocolate chip cookies. She wanted the little Chips Ahoy.

Aug 01 2003 20:24, Fri Bert   Link
Hot tub talk, Jee, Rat, Dana, Justin ...
Justin was saying that he has been with two women, but not having sex, just messing around.

Rat asks Dana if she's ever been in a bed with a man and a woman. She pleads the 5th. She did say she's never kissed a woman. Rat, I think, tells her her comments won't make the show. She says that doesn't matter, what goes out on the internet matters.

Rat saying they'll hook Jee up with two girls.

(I missed a lot)

Aug 01 2003 21:13, Fri Fritomade   Link
Dan and Jun in HT with Er, Je, Rob, Jus. Dan talking about photo shoots(?) saying
they looked hot..Jun says they were making her bend over(?), rolling on the floor(?)she says she felt like she was doing a porno with clothes on. Dan says they would not let her show clevage and told her to wear a pont tail. Jun says their pictures are prob. plastered all over BB website.NT

Aug 01 2003 21:20, Fri Fritomade   Link
Same people in HT..Talking about veto comp. today...Dan said she was in there longest (DR)and
that she was looking on the map( They are saying they had to look at a map and I think that they had to plot on a map where to hide their masks(?) in BY) That is what I am getting from the conversation. That is why they were each in DR so long, they had to each go in(DR) and look at a map of BY and They mentioned like E4 F7(kind of like battleship)and seems like when they had to wait BB using their maps hide their masks. Not sure how they had to find them though they didn't really go into that..(sorry if this is long and confusing, just trying to summerize what I heard.NT

Aug 01 2003 21:31, Fri Fritomade   Link
They are talking about hiding when changing..
Er says she has shoered with a top but no bottoms on.. (they are talking fast and back and forth i can't get all of it) Jus says one day he only had his towel on and he was sitting down and was putting his socks on first and the camera zero'd in on his crotch area(he pointed there). someone asks if the internet people can see in the shower, they say no, jun says that you have to be careful because the internet people always post pictures of naked HG, she saw picts. of Tonya(some others but can't remember who) and then jun says internet people start these web sites and posts all of the naked pictues, she said after that those internet people make it there life...(i guess it's a good thing the public doesn't do the evictions huh?LOL)NT