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Aug 02 2003 01:03, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Nate mentioning Cheryl Crow ... now he understands the "outsiders" thing. The contact, the outside world. NT

Aug 02 2003 01:08, Sat max1204   Link
Erica and Ali in HoH room conjecturing
Ali says they have to get HoH next week; Erica says they would put up Ali and Nate and Nate would go. Ali says they need Nate for the physical competitions.

Aug 02 2003 01:10, Sat max1204   Link
Nate, Jack, Robert talking about Julie Chen
They're talking about her "summer gig" and how she has to fly in to do the live show, then fly back to NY every week to do the CBS morning news.

Jack says she's hot, and Robert echoes that.

They said they'd like to meet her; Jack says he wants to see Dave's interview with her.

Aug 02 2003 01:14, Sat max1204   Link
The twist
Two of the handlers (Arnold, Nate says) said there will be another twist coming. Robert things the "X" factor is the only twist, but Jack and Nate say there is definitely something else coming.

Aug 02 2003 01:15, Sat max1204   Link
Ali talking about her boyfriend...he cried when he found out about show NT

Aug 02 2003 01:18, Sat max1204   Link
Jun dropped her mic in "pooh" (aka sh*t) NT

Aug 02 2003 01:21, Sat max1204 ParentRootLink
"Justin smelled it," Jun says of her mic of "pooh" NT

Aug 02 2003 01:39, Sat Jovian   Link
Justin throwing ants into the spider web to feed the spider. LOL. NT

Aug 02 2003 01:42, Sat SleeplessOnLI   Link
Jack, Nate & Rob in BY (talk about Julie, fame, Cheryl Crow)
Came in on convo. First time I'm posting other than NT so bear with me. (I suck, that's why I'm an NT type of girl!)

Rob: Gotta give Ali credit for her choice.
Jack: Makes for really good TV.

Rob, Jack and Nate are stir crazy while relaxing on the patio near the dryer. Jack feels like running laps. Nate is ready to work out and is ready for his "fame".

Nate saying that's not what he is all about. (fame)

They begin to discuss Cheryl Crow ... and now they realise how much the "outside" world means to them. Now Nate changes his tune and he is ready for the media.

[BTW, Have you folks seen "DREAMERS" Nathan caps in the PICS forum? ... Nathan fans ... (]

Flustered after Nate ... regrouping. Never knew that boy can look so ...

Talked about the previous cast (BB1) they couldn't figure it out. It was when Curtis had the opporutinity to attend the XX awards. They are hoping it happens for them. (Both awards and a legend (Cheryl Crow) coming to play in their BY.)

Nate back and forth ... he's not all about the mingling, talking .... would rather go to a club and talk at a bar. This is not him here in the house. "There so much you can do with the game and so much that you can do without."

Jack again about the CBS show. Nate and Rob trying to guess what is and what isn't part of the show.

They figure Friday night (tonight) is food competition and Veto on Tuesdays.

Jack likes Wednesdays. Nathan and Rob remind him ... "Yeah, if you are not on the block."

They being talking about Julie and how she commutes back and forth - east/west coast. (Lot's of admiration and respect for her.) How she hosts the Morning Show in NYC, also. Thurs. must be tough for her. (Even Julie agrees. Read her e-mail in "news" forum! She's lovin' it though! Read for yourself.) Discussion about HGs having their "farewell" interview the following moring. They figure that the HG has to be in the NY studio at 3/4 in the morning for CBS to broadcast at 7ct/8et ... (they have the time backwards .. hee hee)

The discuss how Julie tricked Jack ... the way she said .... "Jack .... you can unpack your bags."

Jacks was taken by surprised, etc.

They all agree that Julie is a good host.

Nate says she is beautiful ... he complements her outfit on Weds. (Black halter with glitter.)

Classic Rob: "Don't think that Julie doesn't work her @ss off!"

PS: Now I know why I don't post other than NT ... it took me 1/2 hour to tell you nothing! I try though folks ... ah ... and thunder storm approaching. The window panes are shaking!

Aug 02 2003 02:28, Sat Johnny_Cakes   Link
Three stooges plot against Dana -- vote will be unanimous except 1 sympathy vote
Man Troll is outside with the stooges at 1:00 a.m., but she goes inside to pluck her eyebrows. The three stooges then plot against her and agree that there will be no use of the veto and that Dana will be voted out unanimously except for a sympathy vote from Justin. They say that there is no need to have the vote three to three and have Alison have to vote her out on live television because "Allison has too much respect for her" to want to do that. Robert and Jee pledge each other to vote against Dana.

They agree to all vote against Dana, but not tell her until Tuesday because they are worried that she'll "trip out." Robert makes the point that she has no chance of winning anyway, even if she was part of the final two. They are worried that Dana will "bug out" in the house after learning of their plan (which is why they decide to wait until Tuesday after the vote) and then make their post-eviction life miserable during sequestration. Justin says that he's going to drop her if she is still psycho during sequestration.

Robert says that Dana is ******* up their team because everyone hates her. He tells Jee that it was cool this afternoon when Nathan said that he could respect Jee. Robert says that Jee is doing well in the game because no one has anything bad to say about him and Dana is the opposite which is messing up the team.

Intermixed with this, they also spend a great deal of time watching and discussing a spider killing a fly in a web, wrapping up the fly to eat it, etc. Dana comes back out and says she missed the whole thing.

If she only knew.

Aug 02 2003 02:31, Sat zuzu ParentRootLink
Just said that he would vote for her to stay so she doesn't have all votes cast for her to leave. 1 sympathy vote NT

Aug 02 2003 02:49, Sat zuzu   Link
Jun & Dana in Bed
Dana says last week nobody was speaking, now this week everybody is friends.
What the f**k, you guys are already acting like I'm gone. How do you think that makes me feel?

Aug 02 2003 03:02, Sat Shadow46and2   Link
Dana and Jun in BR
Dana complaining about the situation. D says: why didn't they throw us a twist? Why are they letting this happen to the two most important people in the house? (Not word for word, but very close).

Dana recounting her talk with Justin earlier.

The two talked about how no one let them win the Veto. (Not sure what this means, because we haven't seen it yet).

They are talking about Ali and how she's "all of a sudden best friends" with the stooges.

BB: Robert, please go to the DR.
Dana, to Jun or herself: That's right, tell that mfer to use that f'n veto.

Whispering, hard to hear.

Dana obsessing over "give us a twist, give us some power veto, they don't want to see the two most exciting people go.

{ed. note - um, David??}

MOre whispering.

can't take this anymore, posting.

Aug 02 2003 03:08, Sat Bert   Link
Jun is so amorous
She called it horny. Dana says she is too. Jun said she can't wait to get out of there, to go on a paid vacation for a month-and-a-half and f*ck her *ass off.

Now they're talkin' baby names.
They love the name Amelia, and that you can call her Mia. They both talk about wanting babies. Dana mentions wanting 3.

Dana said that until she got into the house, she loved the name Nathan and now she hates it. Then she said she loves the name Nate for a boy, then exclaims, F'er!

Aug 02 2003 03:30, Sat max1204   Link
Nate and Ali in HoH room
Nate says Ali will get some modeling jobs or interviews, etc. after the show. He's talking about "trusting people" (I think he's talking about Ali's boyfriend - I missed the first part of this conversation).

Ali makes reference to her vegetable bikini and says it was less revealing than last year's peanut butter bikinis. Ali says her parents would "laugh at that," they wouldn't be mad.

Nate (and then Ali in agreement) say David was annoying, not funny. Nate says he told the DR that all the time. "He's so loud and obnoxious. I don't know; I just don't think he's funny," Nate says.

Ali says she had a friend in high school who was the exact same way. "They are a different breed," Ali says.

Ali says she and Dave had a few (2 or 3) good conversations with Dave.


Aug 02 2003 03:34, Sat max1204   Link
Ali says she did NOT make out with Dave
Nate says he told the DR differently -- she did make out.

N: It's not like I'm your boyfriend.
A: It's not like I had one (she says with laugh).

Nate says he didn't know she had a boyfriend. Ali says that she told everyone the first night. Nate says he knew she was dating someone but didn't know it was serious.

Ali talks about her boyfriend taking some "high school girl" to the prom, and he lied to her about it, saying he never went. She says this was a month or two before the show.

Nate says he can't believe she is still with the guy, and Ali says, "I can't either!"

Ali says something like, "You don't know half the sh*t he's done," and Nathan says he doesn't want to know. Ali says she was "f*cking stupid" to take him back and put up with his crap.

Nate says Ali cusses too much. Ali says she misses her brother. "That's who I miss the know," Ali says.


Aug 02 2003 03:34, Sat Bert   Link
Jun & Dana think BB will have to give Rat tranqs for the POV speech ..
This is out of order, but from the same conversation.

They were joking how BB will have to ask Rat to do his POV speech over again because he'll blurt it out too fast or cuss, how he'll be doing all those wild gestures, how he'll be pacing like mad before the meeting.

Dana said she's gonna flip over the dining room table on her way out of the house. Then she added she'd throw all the dishes out of the cupboards too.

Dana brought up the fact that she's kinda annoyed that Justin isn't saving her. Dana believes that if Justin told Rat to save Dana, he'd do it. (Not true at all). Dana approached Justin about her being saved earlier in the evening, (she was saying this to Jun, BTW), and Justin's response to this was to accuse Dana of verbally abusing him. So Dana wound up apologizing to Justin for bringing it up. She reminded Justin as she did with Rat and Jee that she saved all their asses.

Dana is asking Jun to order something really sh*tty like sushi for eviction night to annoy Nate. Of course, Jun doesn't want to order sh*tty food, only good food.

Jun asked Dana if she was really interested in Justin. Dana said 75% friend, 25% attraction. She said there were too many things she didn't like about him, he's too short, has bad hair - can't remember any others. Dana said she wouldn't have anything to do with him if she saw him outside the house and didn't know him. Dana said that she could imagine them hanging out when they get outside the house, getting stoned and maybe having sex. Dana thinks Justin has a very handsome face.

Aug 02 2003 03:39, Sat max1204   Link
Nate: "I'm already fatigued in this game already"
Nate says if the "three amigos" get HoH, Jack and Nate would be nominated and Nate would leave. Jun would put up Nat and Ali, Nate says. They say that Jun will start panicking once the veto is not used.

Nate reassures Ali that her nomination speech was okay. Ali says she just didn't want to seem like a "bitch." Nate says she already is. Ali asks if he really thinks she is one, and Nate says "you are to me!" Nate says he wouldn't let his girlfriend say that to him.

Now they're back on the boyfriend issue again. Nate "can't believe" she "had" a boyfriend. Ali says they had just gotten back together (before the show), and Nate says he would never have "hooked up" with her if he had known. Ali says, "Nathan, you kissed me like twice. Do you want an award?" Then he tells him to stop whining.

Ali says she thinks her boyfriend is "doing his fair share" (i.e., cheating).

Now they're flirting and talking about pillows.

Aug 02 2003 03:44, Sat max1204   Link
Ali asks Nate if he's ever been in a long-distance relationship
He says he doesn't know. He says he met a girl at South Padre, Texas, and he met a girl from Indiana. He tried to do the long-distance thing for a month, but it didn't work. He met her the first day there; she was a cheerleader for Indiana University. He says it was the first spring break during which he was single.

Nate says of cheerleaders: "I date 'em all." His first ex-girlfriend was a college basketball player. "I'll probably end up marrying a cheerleader," Nate says. Ali: "That's funny."

"Cheerleaders and football players go together," Nate says. "I know," Ali says. "That's why everyone says we're a perfect couple." (Ed. note: I think she's talking about her and Nathan, but it's not made clear.)

"I hate this house," Ali says. "Geometric shapes make me want to throw up."

"Like I said, dana's gone, I'm sequestered. I'm still going to play the game, but I'm not going to be uptight like I was last week," Nate says.

Nate says he's going to study, and Ali says he better win (or she says he better try). Then Ali quizzes him for a minute about the veto competition.

Nate says Ali takes great pictures. "You do look like a totally different person...when you put makeup on, you do your's crazy," nate says.

Aug 02 2003 03:47, Sat max1204   Link
Nate likes the girls that his black friends like
He likes girls "with meat on their bones." (Ed. note: He seems to be talking about his type of girls lately, ever since he was accused of being gay. Things that make you go hmmmmm....).

FOTH for no reason except when I switched to feed one, a voice said "please tune back during broadcast hours" (?).

Aug 02 2003 03:49, Sat max1204   Link
Ali says she would have won Miss Pennsylvania pageant this year or next NT

Aug 02 2003 03:50, Sat max1204   Link
Nate says he has a lot of "good-looking" friends for Ali to date NT

Aug 02 2003 03:53, Sat max1204   Link
Nate says Michelle looks like his ex
He could have "swore" Michelle was his ex-girlfriend "Natalie" when Michelle walked in because they have the same body. But he says she just got a new "medical job" which prevented her from doing it; otherwise she would have.

Aug 02 2003 03:59, Sat max1204   Link
Ali says she and Nate are Jack and Erica's "shields"
Nate says he believes Jack and Erica will be with them until the end (the final four), and Alison says, "then we'll have to get rid of them...I wouldn't even think twice about it."

Nate says he is "pretty sure" he's going to move to L.A. after the show, and he'll talk to Erica's agent -- someone in the soap opera department "that can get me in." He says he has nothing to hold him back - he's done with school, no girlfriend. Ali says she's not sure, but there's nothing in Pennsylvania for her (Ed. note: boyfriend?).

Nate says he thinks Ali is the star of the show. Ali says, "Really?" He says yeah. "It's kinda fun to see how all this shakes out," Nate says.

Ali asks Nate if he needs more motivation to stay in the game. He says yeah because it doesn't feel good to have a target on his back. Ali says if they win HoH this week, they could clear his name by the next week because Dana is the driving force behind the hatred of him.

Aug 02 2003 04:07, Sat max1204   Link
Ali to Nate: "You might be the biggest brat I ever met besides myself"
Nate says he'll be pissed if Ali doesn't talk to him after the show. Ali says she doesn't like very many people -- "maybe that makes me a bad person, I don't know" -- and she'll keep in touch with him and Erica. She says she's a family girl and her mom is her best friend. She tells her mom everything, Ali says. Nate asks, "Why couldn't you like me then?"

Ali starts talking about Justin (my feeds are jumping so only getting partial conversation). It bothers Ali because Justin knew personal stuff about her. "I'm very independent," Ali says. "I noticed," Nate says.

Ali is stroking Nate's hair (they are still alone on the bed in the HoH room. Nate's wearing a muscle T-shirt and his long-johns). Ali's wearing some type of nightie.

Nate says it's hard to believe Justin's her ex; he says Justin and he hung out while they were being sequestered before the show. He said they would getting in trouble all the time for talking to much. Nate says he didn't like Robert from the start; he thought he was a dork and still does.

Nate says after the show, he'll talk to Justin, Jack, Erica and Michelle. Ali says she'd talk to Michelle and Dave after the show, in addition to the people she said earlier.

Ali says Justin "is sweet." She says he and his friends treat her nice.
"I don't know," she says. "I don't miss him at all. Maybe that's bad of me to say...I'm talking out of my ass now because I'm so delirious."

Nate says he'll leave her alone because she's so sleepy. Ali says, "Thanks for're not safe." (Ed. note: Don't really know what this means since I missed that part of the conversation.)

Aug 02 2003 04:09, Sat max1204   Link
All the HGs are now in bed...Ju and Da in one bed, still talking NT

Aug 02 2003 04:14, Sat max1204   Link
I'm hearing moaning sounds NT

Aug 02 2003 04:16, Sat max1204 ParentRootLink
Camera angles in F3 and F4 bad, so don't know source of moaning NT

Aug 02 2003 04:18, Sat max1204   Link
All is quiet again...Ju and Da no longer in same bed
Justin sleeping in single bed next to Nathan's bed; I think Robert is on other side; that's on F3. F2 is Ali alone asleep in HoH. Jee I believe is sleeping in the double bed across from Dana and Jun (F4). On F1 is Erica and Jack still sleeping in the sandbox.

Aug 02 2003 04:44, Sat Numfar   Link
Can't see this update, and it's kinda relevent, so from the P/X - Dana finally bashing Justin in her cozying up to Robert

5:20am Eastern - by Dustyma:

There it is, wondered how long it would take her. Dana about Justin " he is too short, has screwed up ear, lots of stuff I don't like about him"


Aug 02 2003 05:17, Sat joannie   Link
Someone can be heard snoring loudly! NT

Aug 02 2003 07:26, Sat Anonymous   Link
All still asleep. Feed 4 is facing out window and we can see reflection of cameraman NT

Aug 02 2003 10:03, Sat SimplyTwistedStaci   Link
Everyone still sound asleep, lots of thumps and bumps from BB in the walls. NT

Aug 02 2003 11:28, Sat amhlawyer   Link
Jack's up - going to WC (This is my first live feed post ever!!!!!) NT

Aug 02 2003 11:40, Sat amhlawyer ParentRootLink
and... he's back to bed. NT

Aug 02 2003 11:41, Sat madman   Link
BB:"Good morning houseguests. It's time to get up for the day!" NT

Aug 02 2003 11:42, Sat amhlawyer   Link
BB has given the first wake up call of the day. Er & Jack have agreed there's nothing to get up for and both are going back to sleep. All ignore BB NT

Aug 02 2003 11:46, Sat amhlawyer   Link
Er telling Jack about her dream...
She and a "faceless" person bought a condo together and he left her holding the bag. She paid $265,000 for it but it was only worth $135,000... Jack and Er laughing, Jack says, "betrayal"

Aug 02 2003 11:47, Sat amhlawyer   Link
Ju up doing her daily routine. NT

Aug 02 2003 11:50, Sat nojobny   Link
F1-lights out but Jk & Er talking. F3- Jun in BR NT

Aug 02 2003 12:01, Sat amhlawyer   Link
Ju, Ja, Er up making coffee/etc... now FOTH NT

Aug 02 2003 12:01, Sat amhlawyer   Link
Short FOTH - feeds back up - looks like they're on a lockdown, all closing blinds etc. NT

Aug 02 2003 12:07, Sat amhlawyer ParentRootLink
sorry.. new at this.. it doesn't look like they're on lockdown now - ja just went outside. NT

Aug 02 2003 12:07, Sat valentine   Link
Looks Like Bacon
for breakfast. Jun is carefully laying strips out on a baking sheet. Bread is nearby, so BLTs aren't out of the question.

Jack comes in shirtless and pours himself some coffee. Erica has her hair in a bun and peeps out the back window, on her toes for some reason.

No conversation, that I can hear.

Aug 02 2003 12:09, Sat valentine   Link
Erica is Wearing Shades and
flipping through what looks like some sort of BB4 manual. All the pages are laminated.

Justin gets up and walks down to the BR wearing only his green doctors scrubs, moaning like he has a hangover.

Jun comes out of the storage room with two big potatoes, a tomato, and a green pepper.

Erica is still flipping through the book, turning the pages rapidly.

Aug 02 2003 12:43, Sat talcman ParentRootLink
The only books allowed are the Bible and BB rule book, I believe. NT

Aug 02 2003 12:13, Sat amhlawyer   Link
ja eating a banana... not the way I do
He actually peels the entire peel off the banana, discards it then proceeds to carry the "naked" banana around eating it. Hmmm...

Aug 02 2003 12:19, Sat amhlawyer   Link
Ju telling Nate she saw Justin's "morning wood" she says, "I was looking!" NT

Aug 02 2003 12:34, Sat Sunflake ParentRootLink
and Jun said she wasn't impressed with it. NT

Aug 02 2003 12:22, Sat amhlawyer   Link
Er? (I think) called to DR NT

Aug 02 2003 12:24, Sat amhlawyer ParentRootLink
now jun... meds I presume. NT

Aug 02 2003 12:27, Sat valentine   Link
Jee is Wondering Why Dana
isn't up yet.

Jee: BB is going to tell us to get up very soon. I know that.

Dana: I just can't get up. What am I going to do, make a PBJ sandwich? I smell fuc*ing eggs.

Allie is called to the DR and bounds out of the darkness of the HOH room.

Allie: Ouch! The light!!! And bounds into the DR. (Another pill popper, I'm sure.)

Aug 02 2003 12:29, Sat valentine ParentRootLink
More Jee
Jee comes back in the BR, hands in pockets, kicking at the the beds of Dana and Robert.

Jee: C'mon, time to get up. Get your lazy asses out of bed. Jee is bored.

Lots of moaning and groaning.

Jee: What am I, your bitch?? Get your asses up.

Aug 02 2003 12:45, Sat valentine   Link
Erica and Allie are Laying Out
quizzing each other about all the competitions. Getting all the questions right, too.

Erica: We need to study for HOH tonight. Hardcore. Instead of playing spades.

Allie: I like that idea. Nate is the one struggling, though.

Jee comes outside and does something off camera.

Allie: What's wrong Jee?

Jee: I have a pet spider, and I can't find him.

Allie: Whaattt?

Jee: He had a web over by that camera, and he's not there now.

Nate: Spiders are nocturnal. They build their webs but they don't sleep there.

Jee: How do you know all that Nate?

Nate: Because I'm smart.

Jee: I don't know about that, Nate.

Justin comes out and mimics Jee in a cruel way. Jee says it's too early for that.

Nate: I'm not laughing at that stuff anymore. Its not funny.

Jee and Nate want haircuts today. Allie wonders if Erica has sunscreen. She does, and she shares it.

Aug 02 2003 12:49, Sat valentine   Link
The Guys are Pissed About
the fact that someone keeps raising the temperature at night from 69 to 70 degrees. They think that extra degree makes a huge difference.

Jee: I wake up hot. I like to wake up cold.

Nate: I think its Jun, she's so sneaky.

Justin: Yeah, I'll bet it is her.

Jack: Do you guys want me to open a case on this? Get the Bureau involved with the temperature-setting situation?

They all laugh.

In the house, Jun is turning the bacon with tongs. Nate has gone in the house and is loitering by the food, wearing his navy blue cut off T-shirt that says OCU on it.

Jee: Today is the third day of the PBJ diet. I can do it. Today is Saturday, August 3rd. We have 5 more days of this??

Dana: They took away that spiderweb. Maybe it was in the way of the camera.

Jee: Yeah, I already noticed that.

Aug 02 2003 12:56, Sat Anonymous   Link
Jee getting creative
He's gonna make a grilled PBJ with some vanilla extract. He thinks it sounds yummy. Jun tells him to put it on the bread & fry it with just a little bit of oil.

Aug 02 2003 13:10, Sat valentine   Link
Nate comes outside and drops a big bag

Justin: What's that??

Nate: Dirty clothes. I need to take care of it today.

Justin: Are you going to do your laundry? (smart boy)

Nate: Yep.

Justin: That's going to take all day, man.

Nate: I've got nothing but time.

Justin: It's going to take Allie all day, man. Ha ha.

The camera gets some good money shots of Nate in his shades, a tight shot of his abs pouring soap in the bucket. Now a phallic shot of him squirting the hose, his orange swim trunks the only thing in the background. He's not perfect, though, looks like a blemish or two on his back.

In the house, the camera gets a close-up of Jee's sandwich. Oh well, Jee, maybe it will taste better than it looks.

Aug 02 2003 13:15, Sat valentine   Link
Jun Cooks for Everyone, But Eats Alone
All by herself at the big table. Squirting ketchup on her plate, starting way up high and then much closer to the food.

She is totally focused on her plate, eating in small quick bites.

Looks like she is having a conversation with Jee while he makes his sandwich, but no audio on the quad cam.


Allie: I know you said you had never seen BB before, but had you heard of it?

Nate: I'd heard of BB, but never watched it.

Jee is now making his bed with the blue checkered spread, visible on two cameras. He's now the star of two screens, and may have made both beds.

Dana is leaning over in a corner of the room, looks like she is putting on makeup.

Outside Again:

Allie: This is so much fun. (all laugh)

Allie: At home, I would probably still be throwing up.... (FOTH)

(Ed Note: Charming, Allie, charming.)

Aug 02 2003 13:26, Sat Ripples   Link
Jee & Jun Convo
In the kitchen while everyone else is out. Jee assures her she is safe. Jun says "you never know". Jee asks who Jun would put up if she gets HOH next week. She said probably nate & Jack or Ericka. Jee said he was also thinking Nate & Jack.

Jun goes outside & Jee goes into the bedroom & looks at his girlfriends pic. He talks to her & tells her he loves safe & he'll be home soon.

Aug 02 2003 13:42, Sat nojobny   Link
Ro & ju in LR talking about Dana & Veto
She seems to think that we're going to vote for her. I don't know where she got that idea.

And she keeps saying that I saved you and you're not doing anything for me. And she doesn't realize that first week she would have been out 9-0.

(Ed: they are talking fast...gotta post)

Aug 02 2003 13:44, Sat nojobny   Link
Rob to Jun - I don' think Jus is going to see Dn after the show. He's never really said, "Oh, I like her alot, or whatever" Ju: I agree NT

Aug 02 2003 13:47, Sat Strange_Brewster   Link
Rob saying he will not use the veto to save Dana. Has pretty much written her off. NT

Aug 02 2003 13:47, Sat Strange_Brewster   Link
Jun thinks there will be a twist soon. NT

Aug 02 2003 13:59, Sat BuzzardsCrotch   Link
Jee was in BR for about 10 minutes, me comes out sniffling and wiping his eyes, was he crying? NT

Aug 02 2003 14:00, Sat Sunflake ParentRootLink
Yes, now he is sitting alone in blue bedroom looking at pictures, sniffling. :-( NT

Aug 02 2003 14:00, Sat nojobny   Link
After being in the DR for a long time, Jee comes out and is sitting in BR looking at GF pic. Wearing sunglasses (crying?) NT

Aug 02 2003 14:06, Sat Quench   Link
Jee feels worse because he forgot it was the 4 yr anniversary today of his father's death.
I will be doing a ceremony later in the day. BB was nice enough to allow me to do that.

Honouring his father - Food that he liked - Picture of him - I will bow to him.

Aug 02 2003 14:09, Sat Quench   Link
Rob telling him don't feel worse because it's this place you forget what the days are in here NT

Aug 02 2003 14:11, Sat Quench   Link
BB called Jee to the DR. His Family contacted BB to remind Jee of the day.
He will want to do the ceremony by himself. Rob saying they could close the blinds. Jee saying that it doesn't matter it's just the honouring part ( I wonder if Jun will participate)

Aug 02 2003 14:17, Sat Quench   Link
Jee telling Rob that if the other HGs ask what is wrong Jee says
It's okay for Robert to tell them what is going on. Jee doesn't really want to have to explain it over and over again. It will just make him feel worse.

Aug 02 2003 14:18, Sat valentine   Link
Robert Just Told the Gang in the Pool
that it was Jee's Dad's 4 year anniversary (of dying). Jee feels really bad and Robert wants the other HG to go easy on him today.

Jee is going to have some sort of Korean ceremony later.

Even BB is respectful, with no cameras on Jee in his grief.

Aug 02 2003 14:22, Sat Quench ParentRootLink
Jee F3 doing dishes. NT

Aug 02 2003 14:20, Sat nojobny   Link
Jee at the sink doing dishes. Ali asks if he's ok then comes over and gives him a hug. NT

Aug 02 2003 14:21, Sat Quench   Link
Jee now in the house doing the dishes with sunglasses on.
Erika comes in to get something to eat. Doesn't say anything to Jee. Then heads back outside.

Ali comes in. Asks Jee how is he doing.

He makes an excuse. Just tired I guess.

Ali says you look depressed. He answers Guess the PB&J is getting to me.

She wraps her arms around him from behind and then leaves him to the dishes

Aug 02 2003 14:26, Sat Quench   Link
Rob comes in. Jee saying he is trying to keep it a normal day. And then think about it
this evening. He thanks Rob for listening and for asking how he was.

He then tells Rob to go ahead outside and have fun. He is cool, okay.

Continues to do the dishes.

Aug 02 2003 14:43, Sat joannie   Link
Jee is in the bathroom brushing the heck out of his teeth NT

Aug 02 2003 14:50, Sat joannie   Link
Jee was urinating with the WC door open and then...FOTH NT

Aug 02 2003 14:52, Sat valentine   Link
Jun is Sacked Out
on the couch in the living room, covered with an orange blanket. Maybe she is remembering Jee's father's death, since she was there, making promises on his deathbed.

Nate is still doing laundry, but Erica is helping him.

Nate: Plunge and scrub. Plunge and scrub. Remember that movie?

Erica: What movie?

Nate: Far and Away?? Plung and scrub (in a pretty good irish accent).

Erica: Oh yeah. But I saw it a long time ago.

Jee is finished rinsing his freshly, obsessively-brushed teeth and is drying his face with a towel. Now he's in the WC with the door open. Might be blowing his nose with TP.

Horse-face man-troll Dana is still hanging all over Justin. First in bed, then touching as they both laid on purple rafts in the mini-pool. Now she is standing in the pool draped over him while he lounges on his raft.

His hand is lightly caressing her back. Looks very cozy, and real. I don't care what she says, she is clinging to him for dear life.

Jee has plopped himself on his blue plaid bedspread and is looking at a framed picture. Now he's up, folding clothes and putting them under the bed. Taking off his mic to change.

All four feeds now on the pool pair, playing and splashing. I think Justin just tried to drown her.

Dana: Sh*t!! (back to her old nasty mouth self)

Aug 02 2003 14:53, Sat joannie   Link
Dana and Justin are now frolicking in the pool NT

Aug 02 2003 14:57, Sat joannie   Link
Jack is telling Rob about his brother's death
Jack's brother keeled over dead while refereeing a basketball game.

Aug 02 2003 15:07, Sat Quench   Link
F3 just kept zooming in and out on Jee. He is lying on the lounger in the sun.
Eyes closed hands behind his head. No sunglasses on.

Aug 02 2003 15:10, Sat Quench   Link
Jack making a PB & Mayo sandwich
I should put a patent on this sandwich he says to Erika.

Erika saying 4 more days Now she is making a PB & Mayo sandwich

Aug 02 2003 15:17, Sat valentine   Link
Nat and Erica Favorites Conversation
Erica complains that Nate now has her singing Jenny From the Block in her head.

Erica: I don't like JLo. Do you like her music?

Nate: Nope. She just doesn't do it for me.

Erica: Me either. Who is your favorite actress?

Nate: I put down Michelle Phieffer.

Erica: Me, too! I put her down too. I put down Tom Hanks for my favorite actor.

Nate: Tom Hanks? I put him down second.

Erica: What's your favorite movie?

Nate: Either Braveheart or Gladiator.

Problems with the laundry wringer stop the conversation. Jack to the rescue.

Aug 02 2003 15:21, Sat Quench   Link
Around the feeds
Nate and Erika doing laundry

Jack in and out of the pool

Jee, Rob Justin and Ali in the pool

Jun and Dana are in the house. Jun still asleep on the sofa, Dana at last check was removing nail polish from her toes

Aug 02 2003 15:33, Sat Quench   Link
Jun rises from the dead. She is talking to Dana about her nails.
Ali is talking to Jun about how her BF leaves his contacts in for weeks.

Dana now over by the kitchen talking to Justin. About how red he is. And that there is finger marks on his arm. He becomes panicked. She laughs and says that my fingers were only there for a few minutes so it couldn't be that. They are talking about tan lines.

Aug 02 2003 15:36, Sat Quench   Link
Rob to Jun do you know what today is for Jee - What? she says
He tells her about the 4 yr anniversary of Jee's dad's death.

Jun: Oh I didn't know that.

Rob talks about the ceremony this evening.

Jun just talks about the food in the kitchen

Aug 02 2003 15:38, Sat Quench   Link
For the Feedless. The island counter is covered with Food. Jars containers, packages
Jun talks about the mess.

She is sitting in front of the fridge with the door open

Aug 02 2003 15:41, Sat valentine   Link
Robert Just Told Jun about Jee's Dad
She claimed she didn't know. She told them part of the Korean tradition is to put out food and liquor for the dead.

Now Allie, Jun, Robert and Justin are snacking in the kitchen. Well, I guess Robert is having PB&J--the other are making sandwiches, talking about hummus, etc.

Both Allie and Justin have purple striped towels around their waists. Lots of conversation about how red Justin's belly is.

Jun has actually pulled one of the kitchen stools in front of the open refridgerator door, and is scrounging furiously. Clanking, clicking, and banging.

What is she doing? Cleaning? Looking for ingredients?

Justin guesses that Robert spends about $200 a week on going out to eat, especially when he has his daughter. He doesn't confirm the amount, but agrees that its a lot.

Robert: When I'm not working, I'm always out.

(Ed Note: According to Erica, he can't seem to work very long without getting fired.)

Now Nate comes in and gets the gallon jug of milk from the open fridge. Jun says she is rearranging the food. Allie watches Erica watching all of the eating and tells her not to look.

Aug 02 2003 15:45, Sat Quench   Link
Robert is eating a ceasar salad dressing, mustard and mayo sandwich
He says that the it tastes like the next bite has the turkey in it.

Aug 02 2003 15:56, Sat Anonymous   Link
Robert and Jee playing basketball...
Robert is lending an ear as Jee talks about his dad on this the 4 year anniversary of his death.

Aug 02 2003 15:58, Sat Quench   Link
In the kitchen about Rollercoasters and not wearing seatbelts on the ride
Ali says she didn't wear one once and she nearly fell out of one.

Nate says that's too bad

Aug 02 2003 16:02, Sat Quench   Link
BB will provide Jee the necessary items for the ceremony tonight
Jee's family told BB what items were needed to be purchased.

Fruit and alcohol.

They are playing basketball

BB told Jee that he could do it outside. And told him he could move furniture if he needs to.

Rob said he would lock the back door so he could have privacy

He is thinking of moving the coffee table outside. And asks Rob to help him carry it out later.

Jee: your like my brother man Your a very compassionate man

Rob saying I am not doing this for anything. Jee says I know.

Jee saying how Rob hasn't been fake with him at all. Not like the others.

feeds timed out - posting

Aug 02 2003 16:05, Sat Fritomade   Link
AARRGG...BB jus did an EXTREME close up of Jun breasts... NT

Aug 02 2003 16:11, Sat Quench   Link
Erika prepping the veggies for Cuff and Link
Jun I used to feed my fish naked. That was the only time they came to the top of the tank is when I was naked.

Aug 02 2003 16:11, Sat valentine   Link
The HG Think David Stole the Shirt
that Jack gave Justin during the first week. He gave him a navy long-sleeved T-Shirt that said Birmingham FBI on the breast. Justin gave Jack a long sleeved T-Shirt that says Pittsburgh in return. Perhaps you've seen him sleeping in it, coffin-style.

Anyway, Justin can't find the shirt. They think that Dave may have taken it.

Erica: I'm sure it was by accident--it's so dark in that room. (yeah, right)

Justin: Jack, you know I'm going to hit you up for another one, right?

Meanwhile, Erica and Jack are putting together the turtles' dinner and looking for the vegetable peeler.

Erica: I think Dave took the vegetable peeler, too.

Lots of laughs at that one.

Jun: This will make good tv. It will be the missing potatoe peeler episode.

Jack found it in the drawer, where it was supposed to be.

Aug 02 2003 16:12, Sat Fritomade   Link
Jun in kitchen, just handling meat and wiped her hands on paper towel(did not wash)
and then put her hand on her hair to push it back.Then opened cabinat and got out a box of ziploc bags, pulled bag out.(am I the only one the see's how dangerously unsanitary that is?), then she takes the first sanitary move and turns the bag inside out to pick up meat and flip it back to close it...(I have never watched her cook before, but I hope she is not always this careless when cooking..)NT

Aug 02 2003 16:22, Sat Quench   Link
Jun spilled something on her white tanktop.
She starts washing the stain off

She says Let's have a wet t-shirt contest.

Erika says We will start with Jun

Robert watching Jun rub her shirt with a wet paper towel.

She turns to the sink and takes handfuls of water to wash the stain away

Aug 02 2003 16:24, Sat Fritomade   Link
Jun's areola
Jun got her shirt dirty, she gets a paper towel(wet) and starts scrubbing her shirt,(the breast area) and BB zooms in very close(far too close for me) she is wearing a white tank top with no bra on and let me just say that you could see it all ,areola, nipple.(yes, not a pretty sight. I guess so much for Jun trying to avoid naked pictures of herself being plastered all over the internet as she complained last night huh?)NT

Aug 02 2003 16:29, Sat Quench   Link
Erika is outside giving Cuff and Link a bath with water and a toothbrush
The are covered in their own poop

Aug 02 2003 16:38, Sat Quench   Link
Jun on the Jee's Ritual tonight
She is talking to Rob in the kitchen

You know that ritual thing Jee has to do. He has partake so he must have gotten permission from BB

It's a Buddist thing. I never participated I just watched. His mom is Buddist.

Rob he is doing it alone

Jun yes.

Aug 02 2003 16:44, Sat Quench   Link
Jun just stuck her hand down the back of her bikini bottoms
Then went into the fridge to get some food to prep.

Aug 02 2003 16:46, Sat Quench   Link
Jun telling Erika about after Jee's father died
He didn't have any insurance and it was rough on the family for awhile afterwards.

Erika saying you think he wouldn't smoke knowing how his father died.

Jun saying He says he smokes because of stress.

Aug 02 2003 16:48, Sat Quench   Link
From before - Justin is really burnt. Was lying on a floating mattress
in the pool. Burnt himself good. Dana put some salve on it. He is now under the covers on the sofa. Rob told Dana that maybe they could get some Solarkane for it from BB.

Aug 02 2003 16:54, Sat mosiegirl4   Link
June and Robert outside talking about the POV
June just asked Robert if Dana talked to him about him NOT using it, and he said no, that she hasn't ... Robert had said earlier that his mind is made up already not to use it, and he's wondering if BB will make him draw it out for the "anticipation factor" or what..

Aug 02 2003 17:01, Sat mosiegirl4   Link
ali sitting on chair in bathroom while Nat....
.....does some strange grooming ritual at the mirror... he's plucking stray hairs on his face, chin... and she's saying she's so bored she's counted her fingers and toes so many times... and that they've played the same games so many times.. she's really bored. He's putting some sort of cream on his face now.. she's just sitting there in the chair watching..

Aug 02 2003 17:04, Sat mosiegirl4   Link
robert just came out from using the toilet....
And surprisingly enough, he DOES wash his hands at the sink... but he didn't bother to dry them, just shook them and off he went... Ali is still talking to Nate and says, "you looked cute in the shower".. He's now brushing his teeth.. He's been standing infront of that mirror for quite some time now. He asked her if she ever had braces on her teeth, and she said she did.. he says he didn't.. but that his brother and sister did, but he says he carries the gene for bad teeth.

Aug 02 2003 17:06, Sat mosiegirl4   Link
nate leaves the bathroom...
but ali is still sitting in the chair...with her feet up on the other chair ..

Aug 02 2003 17:44, Sat Quench   Link
Jee goes into the Blue dot room to try and get Justin up. Justin is on Jee's bed
Dana follows. He calls Justin to wake him up.

Jee grabs Justin's ankles and Dana tickles Justin's feet

Jee saying that Dana wants to play 3 handed Spades.

Dana then jumps on top of Justin. He is on his stomach. Jee takes off his flipflop and smacks Dana's ass. She screams. Why are you hitting me. Jee says I am trying to get him up.

Justin tries to wiggle his butt from under Dana and offers it to Jee to smack. Which Jee does. Jee asks if Dana is coming. She giggles. Well.

They are trying to get him to wake up. Justin is having a hard time waking up. Dana and Jee leave

Jee yelling into the BR. Get up if you don't I am going to give you a wet willy.

Aug 02 2003 18:02, Sat Bert   Link
Jee won't let Jun play piano at his wedding ...
Jee, Dana & Justin playing cards. Jun eating. Everybody around the couch. Someone started singing Imagine and we didn't get FOTH. Jun said that was the song for her graduation from junior high (she called it something else). She said she played the piano for the ceremony. Jun mentioned how she doesn't play much anymore, except when she's at her parent's house where there's a piano. She said her dad always suggests she play and they all sing a song. Somehow the conversation got around to Jun playing piano for Jee's wedding. Jee said no. Jun asked if he thought she wasn't good enough to play at his wedding. He said he knows someone who has played longer than Jun. Jun said she's been playing since 14.

Jun is going to make potato salad. Justin and Dana (who's on PB&J) were trying to convince her to make egg salad. Jun said they only have 6 eggs left. They have to conserve eggs.

Jee took off the cap he's been wearing all day and his hair was plastered onto his forehead. Jun started laughing at him. She said she's gonna call him Jackie. (Speaking of hair, it looks like Dana hasn't even bothered to comb her hair today. She probably has, but it's a mess).

Aug 02 2003 18:20, Sat ClueLiss   Link
quick spin around the feeds.
jee, justin and a dark haired female are in LR playing cards.

Ali is out on the patio giving hair Nate a cut.

Looks like Robert and Jun are in the hammock.

Ah - darked haired female in LR is Dana

(another exciting afternoon in the bb house :::yawn:::)

Aug 02 2003 18:27, Sat ClueLiss   Link
Jun and robert in the hammock
Robert says something about if she wants to be true to herself (and then my rp goes blinky )

Jun mumbles something about Jack and ?? (I'm assuming Erika) using it on her.

Robert says no.

jun says any kind of secrecy you want in the house is completely blown out by here.

Ro agrees and says she sees you talking to someone and comes up to you and says I know you were talking about her

(missing part here due to typing)

Ro - they did a good job of casting because they put someone in here like Nathan who is so die hard.

Ju - talks about being in the dr yesterday. had to go pee so went to the bathroom. coincided with Robert coming out of dr or soemthing and when jun came back she asked how was the br.

ro - I know

Ju - and i was just going to the bathroom

ju - blah blah it was soo soon after the veto I thought she couldn't think it but

ro - but she did.... but we all see that. Ju, je and i. How could she me ???

ro - and let's say she goes to the end and then waht? ro says he's not going to be disappearing and stuff. What wuld you get out of it if she won. A couple of phone calls. probably not.

ju - she probably doesn't like the fact that I'm here with you.

ro - I don't care. I told justin she can yell at you I con't care.

and mumbling from nathan takes over.

Aug 02 2003 18:31, Sat Bert   Link
Jun & Rat on the hammock ...
My feeds are choppy. The gist of their conversation is Dana and her paranoia. Jun talked about going to the bathroom yesterday and it coincided with the time that Rat (who won the POV) came out of the DR after winning. Dana said to Jun - have a nice pee? It was implicit that Jun was scheming with Rat. Rat talks about how when the 3 stooges are talking, Dana will come up to them and accusingly say, oh, boy talk, huh? Again, the implication being that Dana is assuming that they're talking about her or against her.

Robert does not like Dana even one little bit. Rat did comment that BB did good in picking Dana for the show because she's so over the top.

Aug 02 2003 18:35, Sat ClueLiss   Link
sounds like erika is asking nathan what he would do if his daughter brought home a black man
na says it would be hard for him to deal with but he doens't know

ali mumbles something.

erika - it's good that you're open.

ali - my great grandfather was so something. He's dead now. But when I was dating a filipino I wasn't allowed to bring him around. But when I was dating a native american, they were here first so it was okay. She continues babbling along about how her family is so strict. She has some relatives who aren't allowed at family gatherings because of things they've said or done or places they've gone. One of them had a jewish wedding and isn't allowed back.

nathan says his family is that way. You screw up and you aren't allowed back.

Erika - isn't that closed minded.

ali/nat - yes

nat says he's dating filipino girls.

ali says her parent just want her to be happy. When she brought Justin home they didn't think it would last long.

nate - in LA it's different..... he goes on to say that it's different back home.

erika tells her he seems like an intelligent person. and is open

ali asks nathan if he could go to a family event if he had a black girlfriend.

nathan says probably not.

ali - my family isn't like that.

natahn - now if she was a friend it woulbe probably be okay. I don't know

nathan - it just seems hard on the kids. They would have to chose I side......I don't condone a interacail relationship. .... Amanda was very good looking. I like her a lot.

erika - most mixed race people are gorgeous. They get the best features.

ali - My family jokes around with my boyfriends. He boyfriend from pitt when she took him to thanksgiving, they wore penn sweatshirts and decorated in penn colors.

and they electric clippers drown out most sound.

Aug 02 2003 18:39, Sat Bert   Link
Erika, Nate & Ali talking race ...
I came in late on this conversation, but I heard Erika saying to Nate, after he said, "that was the way I was raised," that he doesn't have to be a product of how he was raised (with regard to race). Nate mentioned that he wasn't attracted to black women. He said he brought home some black friends who played sports with him. That was OK. Nate doesn't condone interracial marriages. Nate said something about how difficult it would be for interracial children. Ali & Erika comment how beautiful most mixed people are. Ali agrees. Erika had sort of an astonished look on her face listening to Nate's ideas about race, and about dating outside one's race (doesn't sound like approves of it). Nate did ask if Amanda was mixed, the women said yes, Nate thought she was beautiful. (This is somewhat out of order and I missed stuff, just going by what I remember).

Now Ali is cutting Nate's hair/or shaving his neck.

Aug 02 2003 18:42, Sat ClueLiss   Link
moved back inside. dana/jee/justing playing cards still
I've seen jack walk through. Then Jun walk through.

Justin yells something about someone getting their hair cut and it's over after this (don't ask me, I just type it)

per the quad cam, looks like erika slamming the basketball around.

Aug 02 2003 18:43, Sat ClueLiss   Link
Dana won at cards. Sounds like bad haircut talk. and my feeds get jerky NT

Aug 02 2003 18:45, Sat Bert   Link
Nate looks like a monkey lost from the 70's ...
I believe that's just what I heard Jun say. Ali is outside cutting Nate's hair. Jun is also commenting on the bad job Ali did with Jack's hair today on the left side.

Dana - I see it, what the hell happened?
Justin - I'm gonna say something.
Justin - yells Jack!
Jun - Nate looks like bouffant style. He should put on a ??? hat.

Feeds 1 & 2 - in the kitchen, Dana, Jun, Justin, Rob.

Feeds 3 & 4 outside with Ali cutting Nate's hair. Jee's up next for a haircut.

Aug 02 2003 18:47, Sat Bert   Link
Jun - OMG, Nate looks so hick!
commenting on Nate's hair. Dana says Jack hairs look really bad from the front. Now dana saying Ali should have just put a bowl around Nate's head and cut around it. Rob said he almost laughed in front of the (the haircutters?)

Now Jee trying to convince Jun to cut his hair instead of Ali. He sounds kinda scared.

Aug 02 2003 18:50, Sat Bert   Link
Jack to Ali ...
Jack - I used to wear my hair like this for a long time. You did a very good job. I like it.
Ali - Really?
Erika shooting hoops.
Now Rob negotiating a hair cut with Ali. He said he liked the job she did last time.

Aug 02 2003 18:52, Sat ClueLiss   Link
jun is beginning meal prep
jee babbling about ali edging off his hair

Jack is outside next tot he dryer.

erika is shooting baskets

jee comes back in and says I don't think she knows how to do it and talks about holding something (assuming bad haircut talk again)

dana is in kitchen

ju - I do have a heart you know

da - I know you do

ju ???

da - I can't handle stuff like that, especially my family.

ju - I totally took charge of that.

feeds get jerky, miss stuff

nathan if futzing with his hair in bathroom mirror

da - when my uncle died he broke up with his girlfriend. They went out for 7 months.

Je wanders through saying I found a little comb. He heads outside.

da - still babbling about the girls somebody dated. Cousin Joey. He's engaged to bridget now (if you care)

ju - they were like ohhhh they ice is melting between you and jee - you cut his hair today..... He looks like a dumb fat hick - which is what he is.

da - yeah

dana - what happened - she woke up one day and said I can cut hair

ju - yes

da - it just happens that way

and feeds get jerky yet again

Justin - I'm going to ask for a half inch clip (:::shrug:::)

da - I'm going to marry daniel, no i'm going to marry ralph

and we cut out again (grrrrrrrrrrr)

Aug 02 2003 20:16, Sat _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
Jun's line was funny, talking about Ali waking up one day and deciding she could cut hair...
"It just happens that way for people who are loved by God"

Aug 02 2003 18:52, Sat Bert   Link
Ali to Nate - it looks better ...
Rob agrees despite the fact that Rob was just in the house laughing at Nate's haircut. Rob's in the hair cutting hair at the moment.

Jee thinks he could cut hair if someone gives him a chance. Jee asks who will give him a chance. Ali said she would. She doesn't care. It'll grow back.

Ali said that Robert has wonderful hair.

Aug 02 2003 18:59, Sat Bert   Link
Jee is surprised BB doesn't send a stylist in there to cut the HG's hair ...
Others are surprised that Jee thought that BB would do that.

Aug 02 2003 19:11, Sat Bert   Link
Justin to Jack - when did you notice your hairline going back?
Jack - In high school. Both my dad and grandfather were bald. I never had a chance.

I believe they're gonna grill tonight. Hot dogs for sure, I don't know what else. Justin doesn't like hot dogs.

Ali just told Rob to go check and see if he wants it (his hair) shorter. She hasn't done the top, only the sides and the top. Rob sounds pretty happy with the job so far.

Jee asked Jun if she thinks she could cut Jee's hair. She said she thought she could. Jee tells her not to mess it up because he has something to do tonight. Jee sounds nervous. He says the key is to go really little by little when cutting his hair.

I hear someone eating. Must go find out who. ;-)

Aug 02 2003 19:19, Sat Bert   Link
The 20-minute theory ...
I missed part of this because I was switching feeds hunting for the loud eater. I found her.

Jun said somthing to the effect that women only have 2 decent weeks a month because it's either pre-period or post-period. Erika says her mother has the 20-minute theory. That there's only 20 minutes in a month that women are either not getting it or not getting over it.

I think Nate started this conversation mentioning what it was like growing up with sisters.

Looks like Jun's ready to cut Jee's hair. He's nervous. She is doing little to comfort him with her giggles over his nervousness.

Aug 02 2003 20:15, Sat _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
re: 20 min theory was "getting it, having it, or getting over it" NT

Aug 02 2003 19:24, Sat Bert   Link
Jee is hilarious!
He's so nervous that he's stuttering more than I've ever heard him. He needs constant reassuring from Jun that she's not gonna mess up his hair. He kept telling her not to cut any off the top. Don't give him a bowl cut. You're not gonna mess this up, Jun? Jun? Jun? Jun giggles. Finally she says OK.

Jee - Not straight like a bowl.
Jun - OK. Carmen's gonna be pissed. I'm cutting your man's hair.
Jee - You shouldn't have said it like that. What the hell did you talk like that.

Jun is using the clippers. Jee is sitting in front of one of the reflective windows so he can check the progress. His eyes dart nervously to keep track of what's going on. He can't see a thing because she's working on the back.

(Dinnertime for me).

Aug 02 2003 19:32, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Dana asks Justin to feel Jack out for her...
Not sure what plan they're trying to hatch now. Justin tells her that the plan is a long shot at best. Tells her that she needs to talk to him herself. She again brings up how she 'saved' them last week and he cuts her short telling her that Jee and Robert are uncomfortable with her 'saving' them talk, when they 'saved' her the week before.

She says 'well I'll see you when you're evicted then!'

Aug 02 2003 19:35, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Dana to Justin: Jun thinks you have an alliance with Allison.
Justin's doing a lot of back pedaling. "She just figures that if she put one of us (Jus, Rob, Jee) up, one of the other two would put her up the following week."

Aug 02 2003 19:40, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Dana: I really need to apologize to them...
(Dana and Justin in Hammonck, cont'd)

Talking about making Robert and Jee feel uncomfortable about wanting them to save her in gratitude for her 'saving' them last week. Justin: 'Well when you brought the whole thing up to me to begin with, my stomach just dropped. This is why we discussed the veto thing before nominations'

Dana: Well I feel bad. I didn't wan't them to feel uncomfortable.

Aug 02 2003 19:42, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Around Feeds
F1 Justin and Dana in hammock: Justin: My ex-girlfriend, the one I dated for ten years, she used to lick my eyeball. Dana: She's crazy!
F2 Jun cutting Jee's hair with clippers
F3 and F4 Ali and Ericka dancing. Looks like Allison is teaching Ericka the choreography.

Aug 02 2003 19:57, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Dana and Rob in hot tub, eaters go in for dinner NT

Aug 02 2003 19:59, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Dana talking game to Rob in tub. Hard to hear over H20 jets NT

Aug 02 2003 20:04, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Dana talking, Rob
agreeing: of course! absolutely!
Dana assuring Rob that she would never do that to Jun (what she's doing now??)

Dana: If (something, something) everything would be different. (daggone water jets!)
Rob: Of course it would be, but we already talked about that. (Obviously not buying into her game plan here)
Dana: Oh, right, I know, I know.

Talk shifts to her pedicure. And thoughtful silence.

Aug 02 2003 20:28, Sat _WatchIt_ ParentRootLink
I only heard a little more than this, Dana was saying she couldn't campaign against Jun...
At the beginning of the conversation, it sounded like she was apologizing to him (she'd told Justin in the hammock that she would apologize to Jee and Robert for making them feel bad when she talks about "saving" them) then later in the conversation I heard her again say something about the veto, and I *thought* she said something about what she did for them last week. Was very hard to hear though, and I could have misheard. But it sounded like right after apologizing to Rob she again did the very thing she just apologized for doing (but I couldn't tell if she was working him for a vote or wanting him to use veto).

They did talk about voting during the convo. Dana brought up that she wanted all 3 of the ex's to vote for her, unless they wanted her out. (Justin told her earlier in the hammock that he thought she wouldn't want it to be a tie because Ali would "have the pleasure" of voting her out, and he (Justin) didn't think Dana wanted to give Ali the "satisfaction" -Dana told Justin no, that she wanted the votes. Justin told her she had his vote, and he also told her she should fight the eviction, not just throw in the towel.)

Dana didn't specifically say Justin told her they weren't all going to vote for her, at least not that I heard, but did bring it up, and basically said she wanted all 3 votes, because all she'd need is one more from Jack or Erika to stay. Rob wasn't very talkative, beyond "right, right" and his usual agreeing.

Aug 02 2003 20:22, Sat Quench   Link
Rob is really p-o'd at Nathan
Jee is planning to do the ceremony at around 8 pm BB time. He plays one more game of Basketball because Nathan asks for one more game.

Nathan wants to play after he eats. He goes in to get his running shoes.

Robert in the HT with Dana. Robert cursing about how selfish Nathan is. And how they are all going into the house to let Jee have his time. And Nathan has no respect for Jee. That Nathan is self-centred and he wonders how he gets along in the world.

At some point during this rant Ali comes over and sits on the edge of the HT.

Ali offers Jee the HOH to do the ceremony and Jee says no BB wants him to do it outside.

Aug 02 2003 20:30, Sat Quench   Link
Ali sitting against the wall on the edge of the HT
Dana moves away from her. Ali keeps glancing at her. Dana watching Justin, Nate, and Jee play basketball. The game talk has come to an absolute standstill. Dana glances to see what/who Ali is looking at.

Robert sitting on the side of the tub closest to the court. Keeps turning around to watch the guys play and he is silent except to ask Ali what time is it. She says when you asked before they started it was 7:18. She doesn't even move to go and find out the time.

Dana looks like she is enjoying watching the guys however every time she peeps a look at Ali she has a foul look on her face.

Aug 02 2003 20:37, Sat Bert   Link
Ali & Jun planning on getting into the hot tub ...
Ali said Dana's in there and she'd probably rather see me drown than get in the tub. Jun laughs. Then Jun said something to the effect that their conflict is girl on girl action. Ali said that's why she doesn't hang around with many girls (I'm assuming Jun meaning that girls can be catty against each other). Then Jun says that's why you put her up, right? Ali said she put her up because she's ... then Jun finishes the sentence, "because she's a threat? To you?" Ali said, "Yeah, she wants me outta here! Why would I not put her up?"

Aug 02 2003 20:42, Sat Bert   Link
Dana should write a book, "How to Get Kicked out of BB"
Erika made the above comment. Erika and Jack talking at the patio table. Erika mentioned how she saw Dana mouthing that she hates Ali.

Now Dana is talking to them. Dana asking, "you guys all right?" Erika is hungry. Now Dana is talking about how bad it is being on PB&J. Erika says that no matter how many sandwiches you eat, you never get full.

Aug 02 2003 20:44, Sat Quench   Link
BB: Jee please go the DR NT

Aug 02 2003 20:52, Sat Bert   Link
Hot tub chit chat ...
Ali, Dana, Jun & Rat in HT. For awhile they were discussing how Jun's boobs float. Someone wondered if fake boobs float. Dana the expert on the subject said that fake boobs don't float, only real ones because they are hollow. Then Ali commented how her boobs don't float.

Then the girls talked about missing sex (I believe - my feeds are horrible tonight). Jun really misses it. Ali, not so much. She can't understand why.

Then talk goes to manicures. Dana looks for Jun's approval for her manicure. Before Jun has the chance to comment, Dana said she knows they're shorter than what Jun likes. Then Ai said she was gonna ask BB for more nail polish remover. Jun said she already has. Jun said she'll give BB until tomorrow. I don't know what she plans to do then.

Now Jun is talking about Buddhism. I'm missing what's being said because of my bad feeds.

Aug 02 2003 20:56, Sat Bert   Link
Dana's aunt ...
(Still choppy feeds).

Dana was talking about her aunt, how she never does anything. Her aunt is 55 and had been married for many years. I believe her uncle left her aunt. Her aunt didn't know how to do anything. She never even learned to drive, never had a job. Ali asked if she has a job now, yes with one of Dana's relatives. How the aunt can't hang out with the couples old friends because it reminds her too much of her ex, so she doesn't go anywhere and doesn't do anything.

I just heard Dana say that her grandmother has had 3 kinds of cancer.

I think Ali said she had two friends and a great grandfather die within 4 days. She almost went crazy.

Aug 02 2003 20:57, Sat LINDY   Link
Jack regrets that he and Justin are not on the same side. Wished it had not worked out that way. NT

Aug 02 2003 21:07, Sat Bert   Link
Bat story ...
Ali said they got a bat in her house. Her dad chased it around with a tennis racket. He hit it down, put the racket over it and punched the bat dead.

Dana got out of the hot tub. They were talking about rules being under parent's roofs. Rat said his sister who is 19, isn't allowed a door on her bedroom. When her boyfriend is over, they have to be in the living room. Jun said she was allowed a door when she lived at home, but her parents wouldn't give her a lock to her bedroom.

Jun said she stayed with her folks not too long ago for 3 months. Her parents wanted her in at a certain time. Jun said she only stayed there for storage and a bed. Her mother would ask her why she had to go out every Friday and Saturday night. Jun said because she worked hard all week.

Aug 02 2003 21:08, Sat LINDY   Link
Jee showered and is shaving, getting ready for his ritual. Seems to be alone in the house. NT

Aug 02 2003 21:11, Sat Bert   Link
Talking about bad relationships ....
Ali & Rat talking about bad relationships. What I heard, was Rat talking about someone who he asked advice from, I believe. And whoever gave him the advice, said that he didn't have the answer how to make a relationship work, but what's important is to know when it's over. People can waste years of their lives in bad relationships. It's important to know when it's time to give up.

Ali talking about her Native American boyfriend's name. That is has been Americanized. His real name is Tecumseh (means chief warrior or something like that - Ali's words). His grandma calls him little papoose.

Robert had his daughter when he was 26.

Aug 02 2003 21:13, Sat Quench   Link
Jee now out of the BR. and heading to the kitchen for some water.
Now getting iron and board out of the storage room.

Aug 02 2003 21:16, Sat Bert   Link
Around the feeds ...
Rat got out of the hot tub. Jun must have earlier. Ali alone in HT. Erika chatting with her. Feeds 1 & 2 on Jee, getting ready to iron.

Rat ranting very angrily to Jee about how selfish Nate is. How Nate wanted to play more basketball, being inconsiderate of Jee's ceremony tonight. Jee saying don't worry about it, bro. Rat saying he'll F'n kick everybody out of the house (for the ceremony). Sounds like Jee is gonna do it outside.

Aug 02 2003 21:17, Sat Quench   Link
Rob comes in. Jee says everyone could come out to see it.
Rob: I wouldn't mine seeing it but there are others out there who don't care like Nathan.

Jee: It could be a learning lesson for everyone

Rob goes on about Nathan. Jee just listens and still says it doesn't matter. Rob heads outside and Jee continues to get his shirt ready to iron.

Aug 02 2003 21:24, Sat Bert   Link
Ali & Erika's dance routine from earlier ...
I didn't see this posted. Before dinner Ali was teaching Erika a dance routine. Erika was a very fast learner. It was enteraining to watch (unless you hate those two, then I imagine it was obnoxious).

It sounded like they're going to work on it some more at some point, and Ali said she has a lot more dance routines she could teach Erika. Erika commented that she wished they were doing jazz, she does better with jazz.

Aug 02 2003 21:25, Sat Quench   Link
Jun is in talking to Jee. What are you planning
Basic thing. Just put out fruits.

Are you allowed to eat.

Jee says no I am not allowed.

Jun saying that's F**cked up because it's a ritual. Did you plead your case. It's not like your having a whole meal you are suppose to share with him (his dad)

BB has changed their minds.

Jun asks are we in lock down

Jee says no can watch if you want to. I don't want to put anyone out. They are part of this house

Jun goes outside

Aug 02 2003 21:27, Sat Quench   Link
Jun outside talking to Justin and Jack and Robert .
He is suppose to partake in it that is the whole point and they won't allow him to.

Jack asking how long is it.

Jun says no more than 10 or 20 minutes.

Jun says I asked if he pleaded his case. She says he said no not really.

Aug 02 2003 21:28, Sat Quench   Link
Robert saying that he has a toothache
And that his dentist is like 3 exits away.

Aug 02 2003 21:28, Sat Bert   Link
Around the feeds ... again
F1 - On Rat & Justin on the patio furniture watching Erika shoot hoops. Can't see her shooting hoops, but can hear her.

F2 - Jee ironing.

F3 & F4 Ali alone in HT with Nate sitting on the edgs.

BB - Nathan, put on your microphone (no please, never heard BB comment like that before).

Now F1 & F2 are Jee getting drressed.

Aug 02 2003 21:29, Sat Quench   Link
BB: Nathan please put on your microphone. Then a few minutes later.

Aug 02 2003 21:35, Sat Quench   Link
Jack saying to the group but speaking to Robert in particular outside:
There could be many religious practices in here and they can't get into it. So just drop it

I would do it in a heartbeat.

I really feel sorry for him

He is still young enough to be affected by the lost of a parent. There is nothing worse than losing a parent. Well there is losing a child is worse.

Aug 02 2003 21:36, Sat Bert   Link
Rat says he can't wait to get out of there ...
It's so sh*tty. Such a catfight in there. Can't wait until he and Justin live together. There will be so much to do.

Justin reminding him that this is just a short time that may pay dividends. Just think that another week is 3 more episodes you're on TV. The longer you're in here, the better it will be out there.

Aug 02 2003 21:39, Sat Bert   Link
Buddy the spider is back ...
and has built a big new web tonight. They thought that BB took down the web, but Buddy took it down himself, according to Jun. They say they have to feed him tonight. Jack comments that Buddy will be spoiled, he'll starve when they leave. Jun says, "yeah, no more takeout."

Last night they fed Buddy a moth, a bee and some ants. Jun wants them to feed Buddy moths tonight. Justin said, "you do it! Moths are gross!" She said she will. I believe she is moth hunting now.

Aug 02 2003 21:44, Sat Quench   Link
Jee has to go the DR to get the items. Rob saying he is going to close the windows
Jee is telling him he doesn't have to.

Rob goes outside and closes the blinds.

Aug 02 2003 21:45, Sat Bert   Link
BB again reminds Nate to put on his microphone ...
Jee teases him and asks why he can't follow directions. Nate says because he's getting in the shower and trying to finish his beer up.

Last I checked, everybody but Jee & Nate were watching the spider web. Someone must have put something in Buddy's web because they were all watching Buddy go after their bug gift. Someone said it was too big and that it was getting away from Buddy.

Ah, it's a moth according to Justin. Rat says he's taking Buddy with him when he leaves.

Aug 02 2003 21:46, Sat Quench   Link
Jee comes out and tells he doesn't really want them to close the blinds
He goes back in and the guys talk about does he want them down or not.

Rob makes the executive decision. He said it doesn't matter so lets close them.

Aug 02 2003 21:47, Sat Quench   Link
Jun has been haphazardly exercising this evening. A few skips with the rope
A few rolls with the hand weights.

Aug 02 2003 21:48, Sat Quench   Link
Justin and Robert bring out the round coffee table into the centre of the basketball court NT

Aug 02 2003 21:56, Sat Bert   Link
Jun & Dana outside ....
Jun told Dana that Ali is realizing her boyfriend is bad. Jun said that Ali said, "Justin is right. He may be bad for me."

Then Jun compliments Dana on her boobs. Dana said thanks, they get much bigger before her period, and they're at their smallest right now.

Dana - why would Jack & Erika do what they wanted to do when ... this is kinda bad against you, but why would they do what Nate & Ali want?

Dana thinks it must bother Jack and Erika to see Nathan buddying around with everybody.

Dana asks if she'd get in trouble if she hit Ali on the way out. Now Dana says she's gonna say "stop cheating on Donny" to Ali on the way out of the house.

Aug 02 2003 21:58, Sat Quench   Link
Dana and Jun taking advantage of the Blinds being down.
Dana telling Jun that her breasts are at there smallest.

Jun thinks that they look great.

They are perky.

Jun and Dana talking about Robert not using the Veto. Dana is pissed awff because everyone is paling around this week It pisses me off that Nathan is playing with everyone I know Justin is pissed off and I know that Jack and Erika are. But I hate him more than they do.

Dana says Do you think I am allowed to hit Ali on the live show. Jun saying no don't be stupid you will lose all the money. Dana oh ya well then I could say on my way out Stop cheating on Donny. It's a live show and she can't stop me

Aug 02 2003 21:59, Sat Bert   Link
Robert feels sick ...
Robert looking perfectly miserable leaning on the kitchen island. Jun asks what's wrong, he's says he's so F'n sick. Jun asks, "of not eating?" I think he nodded. She suggests Alka Seltzer, he say she has a F'n headache. He goes off to find the Advil.

Aug 02 2003 22:03, Sat Bert   Link
Ali in HOH staring at Donny's pictures, says Oh Gawd, I'm not there for your frickin' birthday ... now crying NT

Aug 02 2003 22:04, Sat Asiina   Link
Ali crying in the HOH and she whispers to herself "What the F*ck was I thinking." NT

Aug 02 2003 22:04, Sat Quench   Link
Ali goes into the HOH looks at the pic of Donny and says
I am not there for your F**cking Birthday. His birthday is tomorrow Now she is crying looking at his picture

Aug 02 2003 22:04, Sat ktan   Link
Jee getting fruits from storage room. FOTH. NT

Aug 02 2003 22:06, Sat Quench   Link
Jun and Jee getting the fruit from the SR. comes out and says BB wants
them to raise the blinds.

Aug 02 2003 22:09, Sat Asiina   Link
Jee wants the others to eat the food when he is done because he can't NT

Aug 02 2003 22:09, Sat Quench   Link
Jee out at the table kneeling. then comes back into the house to get a bowl of rice heads back outside NT

Aug 02 2003 22:10, Sat Bert   Link
Jee getting a bowl of rice for the incense ...
He was already outside at the table looking at his father's picture. Sounds like he was sniffling. Came inside for the rice. Jun is peeling fruit for Jee. Jee tells the group that they should eat the fruit when he's finished, since he can't eat it.

Aug 02 2003 22:12, Sat Bert   Link
He rarely laughed, but when he did, everybody laughed with him because it was so rare ...
Jun describes Jee's dad. Jee shows around a photo of him as a baby with his father. Justin tells Jee he looks like a troll. Someone comments that Jee's father looks so serious. That's when Jun made the above comment.

Jee can't believe his family sent such a bad picture of him for the ceremony. He says he looks retarded in it.

Aug 02 2003 22:17, Sat kathryn   Link
Jee has apples and oranges for the ceremony. Looks like we may be able to watch. He's carefully arranging things. NT

Aug 02 2003 22:31, Sat Asiina   Link
The Whole Thing (the rest is posted)
Jee kneeling in front of the table. He's on the pillow and his father's picture is on the table. He goes into the house, gets a bowl of rice and kneels again. He places three sticks (of incense?) into the rice and positions them.

He then goes back inside where the others are looking at baby pictures of Jee. Jee seems embarrassed, and Jun tells stories of how his father used to be. Never really smiling.

*feeds cut for a minute*

Jee asking if Jun could peel one more apple. There are 4 apples and several oranges on plates.

He goes back outside and puts a picture (of himself and his dad?) in front of his dad's picture. He crouches, positioning it for a while. Then he prepares the pillow correctly for him. He gets back up and positions everything else.

Dana leans out with the 5 oranges and 4 apples and Jee takes them from her. She asks if he needs anything, he says no, and she goes back inside. He positions the oranges on the plate, rotating them. Then he moves everything around a little more.

Gets up...gets rid of the pillow completely, and moves the towel longways. He repositions the table and things on it...again. He steps back and looks, then moves everything a little more.

Then leaves the area and goes back inside. He heads to the WC and drinks something...mouthwash (well, doesn't drink it :P).

Justin asks if he brushed his teeth and Jee shakes his head no. He fixes himself up a bit more then heads back outside. Then back inside. Grabs some paper towel, then back outside again. He puts it in his pocket (to act as tissue)

He puts the bottle of liquid on the table, and lights the incense in the bowl. Blows on it to make it go out.

He opens the bottle and pours it into a small glass (looks like a sake glass to me). Then stands up and walks away again. Throws something away, then returns.

Repositions the towel and the fruit a bit. He kneels in front of it.

He moves the incense around inside the bowl a bit then brushes himself off and the table. (ED: He seems reluctant to start) *sighs*

he stares at the picture for a while.

Then picks up the glass and moves it around the bowl with incense clockwise. He stands up, positions himself, kneels, bows down to the ground. He repeats this, then stands and bows.

Gets the pillow and kneels on it, positioning himself.

He looks down, sighs again and then begins saying something under his breath. (I'm not sure whether it's in English or's too quiet). All the while, looking at the picture.

He sits cross legged and looks at the picture for a long while, saying nothing.

(feed was about to time out so I reloaded. Nothing appeared to have happened. He is still staring at the picture)

He whispers again under his breath.

Aug 02 2003 23:00, Sat Asiina ParentRootLink
The rest of it
Again, he is just sitting. The camera pans to the table. The incense is still going strong, and a little of it has gone.

Jee sighs, and scratches his face, but other than that stares at the picture. Every so often he will look away, usually down. This lasts a few moments. Looks up for a few seconds, but then back.

Something distracts him for a moment and he looks away. (Just for time purposes, he hasn't really moved other than what I've mentioned for over 10 minutes)

He whispers again. The incense has burned about 1/4-1/3 the way down.

Jee looks up for a long while. Then finally back down. This continues.

Cut to roughly 15 minutes later.

He stands up, moves the pillow away. He picks up the sake glass and moves to side, throwing the liquid away. Then he refills it, moves it around the rice bowl 3 times, clockwise (as before). He stands, kneels, bows to the ground, repeats, then stands and bows.

He picks up the towel and moves it aside. He kneels again on the ground and whispers to himself for a few moments.

His hands are clasped together and resting on the edge of the table. He looks down for roughly a minute, then picks up the incense, turns it around and puts it out in the bowl.

He stands back up and (camera is too close to him to see) He appears to be moving things around.

He takes the food and brings it back inside.

He drops an apple and goes "Sh*t" He goes back outside and washes it off. Then returns it to the pile. Someone asks if he is okay and he goes "yah, I think so."

He returns outside and gets the extra incense and rice bowl. He blows on the incense a little, then throws it out. He puts it inside and you hear from him "Yah, I'm okay". Goes back outside, and dumps the contents of the glass off to the side. He puts something in the drawer and goes inside.

He asks Robert to come outside for the table. He wanted to clean it off a little first.

Robert hugs him and goes "how do you feel?"

Jee: A lot better now. Thanks.

Jee picks up the pillow and says he'll clean off the table. Justin just wipes it off with his hands and Jee goes "Okay, I guess that works too."

Robert: I guess we'll do it Justin's way.

Jee is in his room and puts something away. He walks back through the LR and the Kitchen and thanks everyone for being understanding.

He says that they can eat the apples before they go bad, but nobody wants any. He asks around, but nobody wants any. so he says "I guess I'll just throw it away. Okay, I'll just put the oranges away."

He asks Jun if he should throw away the rice. She says no, but he tells her it has incense in it. So he throws it away too. Then he washes out the bowl.

He takes the wine (I think that's what it is) and bring it to the SR.

FOTH! Then to Robert, Justin, and Dana in the WC

Aug 02 2003 22:50, Sat Nicole2112   Link
Jee is finishing his ritual NT

Aug 02 2003 23:02, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
After he comes in, Dana yells at Jee
You left plates out here? Don't we have enough of an ant problem?

Aug 02 2003 23:14, Sat kathryn ParentRootLink
I believe she was yelling at Jun NT

Aug 02 2003 23:09, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Justin, Rob, Dana, Jun and Allison in Bathroom
Talking about Ali's boyfriend's birthday, that he's out celebrating now. Talk turns to whether or not Ali 'made out with' David. She denies it, and someone notes that she blinked 'like 6 times in ten seconds'. She laughs, but continues to deny anything happened with David.

Talk about horse sh*t and bull sh*t.
Ali: Life s*cks right now.

Dana and Jun leave. Allison doing nightly ritual stuff while Justin and Rob watch. All four feeds switch to Jack and Nate.

Aug 02 2003 23:11, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jack and Nate talk about previous BBs
Jack was rooting for Will, his wife for Nicole in BB2. He thought that Danielle played the game really well last year, but she didn't win anyway. Feeds change (again...)

Aug 02 2003 23:26, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Dana plotting in bathroom with Rob and Justin
Looks like she's strategizing. Came in middle of conversation. Voices very low. Talking about Nate winning HOH first week because 'we gave it to him'. Dana whispering to Justin to ask Erica for her vote, that Dana would be her best friend--for at least the next two weeks. Rob is looking everywhere but at Dana. He's stuck in the corner of the room, Justin and Dan have him kind of boxed in. He looks very uncomfortable. He gets up to go see what Jee is doing.

Dana and Justin alone. Idle chit chat.

Justin starts to say something about Jack and Dana chokes on her drink (coffee?). Once she recovers, back to silence.

Rob comes back with news that Jee is in the diary room. He talks about perspiration. Erika comes in to take a shower.

Conversation about last year's BB again. (DR talk?) Rob said that (someone) asked him who he would equate himself to in last year's BB. Rob said the ethnic person(?) Didn't seem too pleased about the conversation.

Erika leaves to get toothbrush. Dana, Rob and Justin stare at each other.

Dana whispering again "I swear to gawd, she hates me. I'll do anything, I swear."

Something about tomorrow morning. Rob says they have to agree that he's got to be the one up on the block Dana says yea, and then he's out. And after this week it's everyone for himself (Ed. note: she is really full of glee here, she obviously thinks whatever this plan is is going to happen. Is Rob really considering using the veto???)

Aug 02 2003 23:30, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Rob to Jun: Dana's trying to get me to use the veto. It ain't gonna happen. NT

Aug 02 2003 23:31, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Rob: Dana's a thing I don't want in this house. NT

Aug 02 2003 23:41, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Jun: She tells me this sh*t like I'm not the one up on the block against her!
Rob: Me, Jee, Nathan are gonna vote against her.

Jun: It just upsets me because she's the one being fake and she says she hates that.

Jee joins them (he's been smoking and crying).
Rob: wanna talk game, or what?
Jee: yeah.

Rob: Dana's convincing Justin to talk to Ali about letting me use the POV and putting up Nathan. But I'm not gonna do it. But your cool with my not using it right?

Jee: yeah! But why would she even really want to do that?

Jun: ...Ali would not let her use it (I'm synopsizing here, they're talking fast!)

Rob: Me and Jee have known what she's like since the beginning, she's been talking about not campaigning and look what she's doing. I'm not liking what she's doing right now, but I can't get them apart, she has him in the bathroom. I had to leave...

Jun: She's going into the turtle room all the time now, started talking to Nathan tonight, It's so weird!

Rob: And the part about 'she should stay she's a stronger player' What does that say about Jun, now?

Allison comes out: Do I have ankles?

Jun: Is that what Nate said that you don't have ankles??

Ali: Yes. I hate him. I told him he's a closet f@g.

Dana comes out and asks about eating. Jee leaves to change and eat.

Aug 02 2003 23:44, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Dana telling Jun that using veto was Ali's idea so she could put up Nathan! NT

Aug 02 2003 23:58, Sat I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Outside Justin to Rob and Jee
If you use the veto, it's not because I want Dana to stay, I want Nathan out of here. If Nathan stays and they get HOH, they're gonna split us up.

Rob: If I use it and she decides to put one of you motherf*'ers up, I'll be so p*ssed.

More talk about Alison playing with emotion, if she

Justin won't even talk to Alison if Rob and Jee don't agree to the plan. Justin will lie to Dana about talking to Ali.

Ali comes out and asks Justin what he wants to talk to her about.
He asks her if they can talk later.
She says she's not sure, she has so much to do...(they all laugh)

They decide that Justin should say to Alison that they had decided to make a deal with her, that they won't put her up if she'll help them put up Nate and Erika (They need her help with this?)

Talking about Jun's conversation with Rob earlier (that Dana's campaigning against her) Justin defends Dana's position, that her life in the house is on the line.

Talking about whether they can trust Ali, that she could replace Dana in their alliance, that Justin could control Ali. Jee has grown to like Dana, but the way she's doing things, right now...Justin leaves to get food.

Feed switches to Ali, Jack, Erica and Nate in the house.

Aug 03 2003 00:06, Sun I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Justin proposing to Ali in back yard
If you want to work with us, (the three and Ali) we get out Jack and Erica...Ali interrupts, no, Jun goes first.

Ali: Yeah, no problem. But you guys have to know, Jack and Nate have had an alliance from day one. You were right, Justin.
You guys are HOH, I'll vote however you want. Just don't put me up on the block.

The 3: Yeah no problem.

Dana bashing begins. AAAck. Feed times out...

Aug 03 2003 00:15, Sun I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali changing sides
Agrees to work on the sly Justin, Jee, and Rob and tell them all what the others are doing.

They point out that there's no way that she can win this thing if she double crosses them, because they'll control the numbers of the jury.

Justin would rather go somewher 'nice' than stay in this house if there's no chance he can win.

Ali: Next week if they win they're putting up you (Justin) and Jun.

All four are trying to work out what the votes will be if Justin and Jun are put up against each other.

Aug 03 2003 00:20, Sun bidz_yo   Link
Direct Justin Quote
"We're not throwing HOH's. We just suck at 'em."

Aug 03 2003 00:22, Sun I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali: I thought you were asking out here to talk so that Rob could use the veto
I thought FOTH 'em. I'll tell em that I'll put up Nathan, but at the last minute I'll put up Justin.

Rob and Jee laugh hysterically at this. (Just confirms their choice to not propose to Ali to use the veto)

Ali: I didn't know if you were mad at me for putting her up.

Jee and Rob: NOT AT ALL!

Aug 03 2003 00:34, Sun Bert   Link
Dana is noticing that she's being treated like she has the plague ...
She came outside and told the stooges that she came out of the DR and the house was empty. She went into the desert room and Jun was in there. Jun told her they pulled her in there (Jack, E & Nate). Dana started talking about this, and the 3 stooges get up and go in the house. Funny. Jun then came outside to eat, and is now talking to Dana. Then Justin came back out.

Justin was just in the kitchen with the Jee & Rob who escaped Dana. Justin said he's just gonna tell Dana the truth, or part of it regarding the conversation they had with Ali. Ali did say that if Robert used POV, she'd have thrown Justin on the block. So Justin is planning on telling Dana that in the hopes that she'll back off.

Robert said he wanted to kill Justin for even suggesting that he use the POV to save Dana. Not that Robert considered it. But Justin was fed this idea from Dana in the bathroom earlier that they could somehow save Dana and have Justin talk to Ali to convince Ali to put Nate up.

Sooooo, the plan now is to tell Dana that Ali said outright that she'd throw up Justin or one of the stooges to replace Dana.

Hope this makes sense. Lots of fast talkin' going on.

Aug 03 2003 00:40, Sun capybara   Link
dana said she took so much acid she was up to taking like 4 hits at a time NT

Aug 03 2003 00:41, Sun bidz_yo   Link
BB to Ali:
BB: "Alison, please do not obstruct your microphone."

Ali: "I'm not, weiner-boy! Oh there it is in my armpit..."

Aug 03 2003 00:41, Sun capybara   Link
dana said all her bad drug trips came from looking at herself in a mirror while high. .......... lol NT

Aug 03 2003 00:43, Sun I_Should_Be_Working   Link
Ali to Nathan, Erica and Jack in the Sandbox: I would NOT turn my back on the three of you. NT

Aug 03 2003 00:44, Sun Bert   Link
I've done a lot of sh*t, but I've never tried that K sh*t ...
Dana talking about drugs. About some friends who were cooking cat tranquilizer in her apartment making K. She had all these little boxes with cats on them on her counters. She said she never did it.

Justin has done, acid, mushrooms, candy flipping thing.

Dana has done acid - usually took 3, then started taking 4, has taken X.

Dana - took a hit of acid and some mescaline and drove her friends into the city. Her car got towed. "8 people tripping out of their heads, walking around Manhattan looking for their car (Dana's car)."

Justin told Dana she's too unstable to be doing all those kinds of drugs.

She said she could handle it.

Dana - Scary Mary story - she and all her friends were high. They became freaked out by Mary's shadow, so they tried to get Scary Mary to freak out. They tried to scare her and it worked, then Scary Mary started beating on her boyfriend.

Aug 03 2003 00:49, Sun joannie   Link
Dana thinks the vote is going to be 3-3 NT

Aug 03 2003 00:50, Sun joannie   Link
Dana is trying to fish for information from Jee and Rob NT

Aug 03 2003 00:50, Sun capybara   Link
jee & robert in yard saying She's got to go. she's starting it up again she's got to go. I can't believe she almost fooled justin. NT

Aug 03 2003 00:54, Sun Bert   Link
Robert is stressed out ....
He and Jee are now sitting outside on the patio furniture. Jee is finally having some PB&J sandwiches. He only had 2 today. They talk about Dana and how she's driving everybody nuts.

Jee - when she starts getting stressed out, she turns into an F'n bitch!
Robert sat there pulling at his hair for about 5 minutes straight.

Now Dana came outside. They ask how she's doing. She says she's being treated like she has the plague.

Dana is upset because she heard Jack thanking Jun for being a part of saving him. Dana thinks that's BS. Jun didn't save Jack.

Now Dana saying she wants to know what will happen. She said she'll freak out on live TV. She just said that if it's not gonna be 3-3 ... heck, I can't follow her.

Now Dana saying that she doesn't want it to be 3-3.

Now ranting about Nathan, complaining.

Rob tells her to forget about that, they're an alliance.

Dana - I don't think that Jack and Erika are that stupid. They were so heated when Nate saved Ali. (I can't type fast enough nor can I follow her logic).

She seems to want Jee & Robert to tell her what the vote will be. Now she's warning them that they (the other side) are coming after them. Robert says they already know that. (Wow, she's desperate).

Dana - Nathan is so pissed off at Alison because she didn't put up Justin. When Nathan thinks he's losing control, he F'n freaks out (pot calling kettle black).

Jee - no one knows what's going on in here. No one.

Dana is now reliving history again, what she should have done instead.

Aug 03 2003 00:56, Sun joannie   Link
Dana gets up to go get a glass of water
As soon as she's gone, Jee tells Rob, "Everytime she opens her mouth she makes it worse for herself."