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Aug 03 2003 01:00, Sun Bert   Link
Jun & Justin talking in the BR ...Rob cracks?
They were going over how Dana is right now (insane). The feed was outside though. I saw Robert get up and make an agressive move and point at Dana. He was obviously very angry. He stood up and appeared to be yellinng. I couldn't get the audio on any of the feeds.

Aug 03 2003 01:06, Sun Bert   Link
Justin tells Jun that Ali said she'd never put him up ...
Just & Jun - They're in the bathroom. Just telling Jun that he and Ali made an alliance from day one, because they never hated each other. Justin thought the alliance was nil because she had lied to to his face several times. Then Justin started talking about how much Ali wanted Dana out. Justin isn't really sure why Ali didn't put him up this week.

(He's implying that maybe the alliance is still good, and he didn't realize it until Ali didn't put him up - I think)

Aug 03 2003 01:18, Sun Jovian   Link
Jee: I normally dont think too much, but Im thinking now, and sometimes the stuff I say is true. (wow) NT

Aug 03 2003 01:19, Sun Bert   Link
Now Jun & Dana discussing the alliance Justin and Ali made ...
Dana asks Jun - don't you you remember? Ali told us that the 2nd day.

Dana is telling Jun what I believe Rob & Jee told her outside. Maybe this is when Rob looked like he was cracking up. They told Dana that Ali told them that she would not put up Nathan. They're now whispering and I can't understand what they are saying.

Dana - my pride is very, very important. It's not right that she is beating me. I take everything so seriously. It doesn't matter if it's a game, it doesn't feel like a game. F'n 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Jun - it's worse because everybody is lying so it's hard to keep track of what's going on.

Dana just told Jun that she, Dana, told them, the stooges, to vote her out and to save Jun.

Now Dana saying she will hit that b*tch. Jun tries to calm her. She doesn't want Ali to have the satisfaction of voting her out on TV.

Dana - I'm just too like much of an honest person to be here, I mean I have no problem lying to people faces, but like this is reality TV. It's not and I just can't live my life infested with lies like this. It's so sickening. I am such an OCD controlling person. These people have power over me. I should be in a mental F'n institution. Know what I mean? ( sure do).

Jun - laughs and changes the subject saying she hopes the DR calls her in.

Aug 03 2003 01:50, Sun Bert   Link
Approx 12:15 am BBT, short BY conversation between Jun, Jee & Rob't - transcribed ...
Jee to Jun - What happened? Did you really like become friends with her?

Jun - No, like, I became friends with her like you 3 are friends, but I knew that she would not go out with out a fight. I just didn't know she was gonna try to do it this strongly. I thought maybe she was going to try to gain votes, but not necessarily campaign against me.

Rob - Oh, but she'll turn the game against you, but it hasn't worked. Don't you understand that everybody sees through that? That's how you don't win this game.

Jun - (heavy sigh) Well, that's what Dave did.

Rob - Huh?

Jun - that's what Dave tried to do.

Rob - I know. And then, and then like we all talked about, if she went to the finals, everybody knows that, she would not WIN! (I have to say that I've never seen Robert this squirmy and twitchy before). So there's no use in her going. She's not gonna go to finals, but you know what I'm saying.

(There was some brief conversation here that I didn not understand at all, so it's not included).

Jun - Justin wants to find a way to tell her, if anything, later.

Jee - F'n, my eyes are swollen. Are they lookin' that bad?

Jun - No. It's not as bad as it was earlier this afternoon.

(Dana comes outside. I'll transcribe that next).

Aug 03 2003 02:03, Sun Bert   Link
More BY convo from earlier - Jee thinks BB thinks he's boring (transcribed) ...
Justin was called in to the DR.

Rob - So why do they call him in now? No one has been called in all day?

Dana - Because everybody is scheming and is scandalous.

Jun talking over Dana to Rob - Who did they call in?

Rob - Justin.

Jun - Why aren't they calling me in? I want to get it over with.

Jee - They never call me in, unless it's for sad moments (Jun laughs) or I get smacked in the face by something (Jun really laughing hard now, Rob smiling) or they want to know what did I fix today. (They all laugh). Cuz I guess they don't really need me.

Jun - You haven't fixed anything in awhile.

Jee - Yeah. (Starts talking and Dana interrupts)

Dana - Cuz you're not scandalous.

Jee - I think I'm like boring. But they didn't really say that.

Jun - did they ask you a lot of questions about what you did tonight?

Jee - Oh yeah yeah, of course.

Jun - I was sitting with Nathan and Alison, and um, they were asking me what you were doing, and I was like it's just something he's doing and I think it's Buddhist. Is it Buddhist?

Jee - Well, I think it's probably related to Buddhism, but I think all Koreans know that.

Jun - I don't know. My family doesn't do stuff like that.

Jee - No, they don't do it, but I think they know about it.

Jun - Yeah, so I was like I think it's Buddhism ...

Jee - It's a Korean tradition.

Aug 03 2003 02:35, Sun Bert   Link
More of the BY convo from earlier, transcribed (LONG) ...
Jun (re: Jee's ceremony to honor his dead father) - Nathan was like, I don't even want to look at it. I was like, "oh why, cuz it's Buddhist?" And he's like yeah because about how like ... because Buddhism is like about idols and statues. And I was like, yeah, that's not my religion either. It's not gonna do anything if you look at it. You can look and be educated about it.

Jee - it doesn't mean I'm a Buddhist.

Jun starts to talk, Dana interrupts.

Dana - I said in the DR that Nathan is culturally ignorant.

Jun - Totally! Totally. He's just everything Oklahoma and nothing else.

Dana - Right.

Jun - (Doing a sort of Nathan impression) So he was like, No, I don't wanna look at it. And he didn't look out the window, nothing.

Jee - Great, that's fine, ya know?

Robert (very angry) - That's what I told you! You had these c*cksuckers in here who don't want to know anything you're doing! They're F'n *ssholes!

Jee - Well, that's like good TV to these people and then on top of it, they say it's for camera reasons also. Whatever, that's cool with me. I don't really care what people think, ya know? I don't care. It's a tradition for my family.

Rob - Hell yeah. I love it. I love that you have a tradition. Do you think these people have any traditions? They don't know sh*t about traditions!

Jun - And Alison's like was out here helping you, but she was in there smirking. (Jun rolls her eyes).

Rob - Don't get pissed about it! (angry voice)

Jee - I never do. (Sounding calm).

Dana - You're more pissed off about it than he is. (Jun giggles)

Jee - Whatever. Ignorance is something I can't control.

Rob - Right.

Jee - So I'm just like (Rob and Jee talking at the same time) ...

Rob - They just don't know any better.

Dana - People are void of emotion and intelligence.

Jee - Well ... I'm not even gonna talk bad sh*t about them, whatever, you know, they're just gonna do it to themselves, so it's fine with me.

Jun - I'm sure they're (BB) gonna call me in and ask me about stuff you did.

Jee - Yeah, I told them it's more, it's probably closer to Buddhism because they asked me which religion is it based upon and I really don't ... maybe I shouldn't be saying that, but I don't know. I know it's closer to Buddhism. I know in Korea, for a lot of people, it is a tradition for them. It's just very well knowm for most Koreans.

Jun - Because Buddhism is huge.

Rob - Exactly.

Jee - But Christianity is also very huge in Korea, it doesn't mean ...

Jun - Right, but most of the Koreans here in America are converted. In Korea Buddhism is still practiced.

Jee - Mmmm, I don't know if you want to say that.

Jun - Not like huge, but it's still there.

Jee - It could easily be 50/50 (50% Buddhist/50% Christian)

Jun - It's, it's, yeah.

Jee - Because I was a Christian when I came to America. My mom was too.

Dana - But she converted to Buddhism ...

Jee - Yeah, when we came here.

(There's some more of this conversation to transcribe, but I'll post this for now).

Aug 03 2003 03:20, Sun Bert   Link
End of BY convo that started about midnight - talking about Nate being racist - (LONG)
Jee - It doesn't mean I'll follow the religion, but ... (Dana interrupts)

Dana - Whatever. It's a very calm religion.

Jee - Yeah I mean ...

Dana - I admire every one I meet that's a Buddhist.

Jee - You know I just ...

Dana - I need to learn about that. I was actually gonna start reading up on it.

Jee - When you do, you are more ...

Dana - Well, I would never convert from Catholic. That's the way I am, but ...

Jee - Yeah, I mean ...

Dana - Some of the spirituality is just what I really need in my life because I'm so strung out ...

Jee - Yeah.

Dana - I'm so emotionally charged.

Jee - Yeah.

Dana - And they're all about, Buddhists are all about ...

Jee - It's tempting, I don't tell anyone, I don't preach anything, I don't, I don't.

Dana - It's about always forgiving, with no negative energy. Always positive, right?

Jee and Jun agree.

Dana - Always about putting out positive energy and getting it back.

Jun - Nirvana.

Jee - Yup, try to attain nirvana. That's the ultimate goal, you know.

Dana - I need that sh*t.

Jun, Robert and Jee all laugh over Dana's comment.

Dana - I need that sh*t because I'm about shooting someone in the F'n eye. I don't think that's too relaxing. (Ironically, now Dana sounds much more relaxed. Comic relief, I guess)

Jee - There are ups and downs to all religions, I think, really. When it comes to institutions and sh*t, but anyway. I just say to each his own, whatever, do what you want to do.

Jun - I just don't understand some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth (Nathan), it's like ...

Rob - I don't.

Jun - How come ...

Rob - He's getting worse every day.

Jun - He should just keep it to himself.

Rob - Exactly.

Jee - Like the Fubu stuff, you know, that's just one thing that always comes out of his mouth. Every time I say, "Ooo, look at the Fubu" it's like the same thing over and over. Jee paraphrasing what Nate says, "it's funny right because there's no black people in the house. Funny, right?"

(Jun is laughing).

Rob - Gawd. He's such a racist bastard.

Jun - I just don't understand. His father should have told him, keep your mouth shut. Keep it in the house, in the church. Because you know they're all the same back wherever he comes from.

Dana - They would never say keep it in the house. That's the way they are. They're not wise enough to be like ...

Rob - And ya know what else? They're like surrounded by their own blonde and blue eyes. There's never any of us near them. They can talk like that.

Jun - Oooo, right. Of course.

Jee - Talking over Robert - That's true. He's like Oklahoma ... something about pretty people, we all have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Robert yells - He thinks that that's beautiful! What the f*ck! ... I've never seen ... (shaking his head). Ohmygawd.

Jee - I could never F'n go where he F'n lives. He said, you should come over there. There's a lot of pretty girls, all blonde hair and blue eyes ...

Jun - That would want nothing to do with you.

Jee - Yeah. WTF?

Jun - If you came there, his people would probably like round you up and stone you and sh*t.

Jee - No, I don't think they hate Asians as much.

Rob - I think they hate everything.

Dana - They said he had Asians ... he said he had a bunch of you guys on his college ...

Jee - Yeah yeah yea, he's like I have a couple of Korean friends who play soccer. They are funny as hell.

Dana - Yeah, they were nice guys.

Jee - And out of the college, he doesn't know any other races, ya know?

Jun - No.

Jee - Um, sometimes it's weird, because I can see a little bit of goodness in him ...

Rob - I don't at all. I don't see that anymore.

Jee - Because I can see goodness in just about anybody. But he is just truly F'n ignorant. That's the thing. He doesn't know anything about outside his state. He does't know anything.

Rob - I don't see anything good about him.

Jun - He's gonna come here (California) and act?

Rob - He's gonna get ripped! I'm telling you, I know people in this town! I know about acting! He's gonna get killed in this town!

Jun giggles.

Rob - He can't survive a week out here.

Jun - He's so dumb, he can't read, he can't memorize.

Rob - He ain't gonna do sh*t, sh*t.

Silence for awhile.

Jee - He's always lookin' at me funny. If he doesn't like other races, why is he lookin' at me so funny. (Jun laughs).

(This is where I stopped recording the covnersation. Wish I hadn't. Dana had a few threats to make. I missed some).

Dana said she wants to kick Nate in the ass on the way out.

Jun - you want to punch Ali in the face, and kick Nathan in the ass?

Dana - yeah. on the way out I'm gonna tell her to stop cheating on her boyfriend, and I'm gonna tell Nate something about HIS boyfriend.

Party breaks up. Next thing I see is Dana on top of Justin giving him a massage.

Aug 03 2003 03:34, Sun Bert   Link
Lots of laughter coming from the orange and blue bedrooms ...
Jee in one big bed, Jun & Dana in the other. I can hear Justin from the blue room, I believe. Justin is doing Jee impressions and everyone is laughing hysterically. Jee has something on his eyes (John_DK posted a pic). It looks like cucumber slices. He was worried about his puffy eyes earlier. Now Nate (didn't realize Nate was a part of this) is accusing Jee of trying to rape him. More laughter.

Justin - You f*ck me up, Jee!
Jee - You f*ck ME up.
Justin - No, you f*ck me up. You put cottage cheese on me today.
Jee - You do much worse, you make me your ... your ...
Nate - You want to say b*tch.
Jee - You do worse things. You hit me with rubber bands.
Jun - Justin, you are a bully. He got enough of this when he came to this country.

Now the arguing is between Jee & Nate. Nate called Jee, Yow (sp?). Jee said I'm not even Chinese. Why do you keep calling me that? Jee calls Nate ignint. Nate says at least he can pronounce the word, you stole that from Jun. Jee tells Nate he likes Lee Ann Rimes and Lonestar.
Nate says that's Texas. Nate asks if there are any bands in Korea. Jun & Dana can't believe Nate said that. They whisper to each other.

Jee is going to say good night to his girlfriend. Now he's getting razzed for that. Justin asks if he can say goodnight to Jee's girlfriend.

Aug 03 2003 03:48, Sun Bert   Link
Jee gets the last laugh ... for once
Jee - Nate, do they gas you up back home?
Nate - What?
Jee - Do they gas you up where you come from?
Nate - What ... I can't understand a word he's saying.
Jee - Do they gas you up in your town?
Nate - What?
Dana - I'm sure they do. There's probably a big Nate statue in his town.
Jee - Nate probably shaves his statue.
Laughter all around.

(Not verbatim, but close)

Aug 03 2003 04:25, Sun frustratedposter   Link
all HG sleeping... NT

Aug 03 2003 07:22, Sun frustratedposter   Link
Jun up and to the WC...washes (with soap)
quick mirror check on way to kitchen where she surveys the mess, gets some water, and heads back to bed in love room

Aug 03 2003 08:27, Sun frustratedposter   Link
nate up for a quick empty/refill of the bladder, a snack, tehn back to bed NT

Aug 03 2003 09:57, Sun SimplyTwistedStaci   Link
All HGs still sleeping,...Dana very restless...moving around alot. NT

Aug 03 2003 11:03, Sun SimplyTwistedStaci   Link
Erica and Jack awake talking now...
Just idle chit-chat about the game. Talking about how Jun and the 3 stooges didnt go for HOH and how it worked out for them and for the stooges.

Talking about how when they tried to warn Dana of the stooges going after her a couple weeks ago and she didnt believe them.

Now talking about how they are off in space and unattached to any alliance. Erica thinks Robert suspects her and Ali have an alliance.

Jack : Dana was giddy last she had something to be happy about.
Erica: maybe she thought she could get us.
Jack: She was high on her own venom.

quiet now...posting

Aug 03 2003 11:05, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Erika and Jack are awake and talking, but not out of their beds yet. NT

Aug 03 2003 11:09, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
Good Morning Houseguests, it is time to get up for the day :) NT

Aug 03 2003 11:10, Sun bruhe   Link
BB says at 10:10 am BB time: Good morning House Guests, it's time to get up for the day. NT

Aug 03 2003 11:21, Sun SimplyTwistedStaci   Link
F1 of Ali making her bed, no audio NT

Aug 03 2003 11:27, Sun bruhe   Link
F1: Ali looking sad in hoh bed. F2: close up of her BF pic... zoom out.. now zooming in on ali with elephant. NT

Aug 03 2003 11:28, Sun bruhe   Link
jack then jun called to dr probably for morning meds/vitamins/ etc. erika moving around doing her hair. Ali with closed eyes in lit hoh room. NT

Aug 03 2003 11:30, Sun bruhe   Link
while all of the movement of jun, jack, and erika, there is no audible talking as they pass each other.
jack doing dishes. erika brushing. f1 on ali still. f2 on jack. f3 and f4 on erika.
jun is out in BY

Aug 03 2003 11:34, Sun bruhe   Link
now erika and then alison called to the DR. erika picking up a bit. jun doing dishes now. no 1else is up. BB called for wake up but no others did NT

Aug 03 2003 11:34, Sun valentine   Link
Jun's Pink Sweater
that she's walking around in this morning is a cardigan. And only the top button is fastened.

Yes, that's right, Jun is semi-flashing us every time she moves.

Aug 03 2003 11:36, Sun bruhe   Link
im chasing conversation on each feed but they change. nothing but typical early morning action. jun prepping bacon on cookie sheet w foil NT

Aug 03 2003 11:42, Sun bruhe   Link
Ali says:
i want to hear bb say "justin, nathan, and jee, get your fat asses up"
jun quiet talking that i cant hear.
ali celebrating her BF's birthday by wearing nathan's oklahoma sweatshirt.
jun says she hates lying esp. to her but i dont know who "her" is.
clatter of dishes and water in the sink. jun laments there is no bread but ali assured she asked for some.
jack: got to have bread.
Jun: im still sleepy
ali: I waited for the third wake up call for your lites today robert.. i gave you some extra time.
nothing else really interesting. except ali wants the guys to be yelled at.
coffee is ready.

Aug 03 2003 12:01, Sun bruhe   Link
feed scan
feed 1 and 2 showing man troll on top of jee in the blue room. he has the comforter on him and the uncomforter (dana) on top of that . he doesnt look comfy
feed 3 jack in BY straightening up
feed 4 robert, nathan, and erika sitting by the door to the kitchen.
i can hear jun preparing food in the kitchen.
no talk right now

Aug 03 2003 12:11, Sun Fritomade ParentRootLink
I believe the man troll is on top of justin NT

Aug 03 2003 12:05, Sun bruhe   Link
switching to feed 4 where jack, erika, nate, and robert are...
they are silent except for jack's offer to fetch coffee. no takers. looking very uncomfortable. jack goes into kitchen. nate a few moments later follows.
jun exits to by, grabs something, propping door open (she probably burned something accidentally).
robert is in easy chair area. erika about 20 feet away in her regular chair. no talk. she empties ashtray into trash ... walks right by robert. they say nothing. she returns to her chair. jack emerges again, takes nathan's chair.
erika says it is nice in the shade. the two men agree.
they all look very much either bored, in thought, nervous or all three.

Aug 03 2003 12:21, Sun Fritomade   Link
Ali walks thru the kitchen on her way outside, mantroll mumbles something to herself as she watches ali go outside
Ali sitting on a chair by herself out side and starts talking either to the camera(for attention) or herself, either way, it is hard to understand what she is saying, but I notice a sour, pouty look on her face and hear her last sentence to herself "In here with people I hate".(I believe she said yesterday her BF B day is today..)

Aug 03 2003 12:23, Sun Fritomade   Link
Jee wakes from the dead, coming thru house to kitchen, everyone saying Good Mornin Jee NT

Aug 03 2003 12:27, Sun Fritomade   Link
Rob outside puttin Sunblock(?) on ali's back(he seems to be enjoying himself) when
he gets done he says"How bout' your lower back, she says does it need it? he says ya, so he moves the towel and puts it there, then Je makes a funny comment to Rob about(he wanting to do more on ali(?) not sure what it was) then Rob says, yea, can I put it on your ass? They laugh.

Aug 03 2003 12:32, Sun bruhe   Link
rob and nathan trashing dana and questioning how justin could go for her..
typical talk about how shes gross and not a person anyone wants around them outside the house in real life.
now they talk about their so called "fame" and exposure they get for staying in the house. they also predict the sequestering in some great big beach house and how many other tv shows they will get to be on after this.

Aug 03 2003 12:32, Sun Fritomade   Link
Rob telling Jee Dan acting like B!tch and making it easy to get rid of her. Now
he telling Nat(I think) that she (dan) is making it easy and she is whacked out. He says he doesn't care(if she mad) because he isn't attracted to her at all. He telling nat that when he was in Bathroom dana asked him if he was attracted to her he said no, and she was shocked. Says he (rob) doesn't know what Jus see's in dana, he(rob) asked jus if they were on the outside would he hook up with dana and just said no. Now rob and nat talking about show deals wtc when they get out

Aug 03 2003 12:40, Sun strkaholic   Link
Nate to Jack: Jack..what is your ideal woman? Jack..anyone who will go out with me! NT

Aug 03 2003 12:41, Sun Fritomade   Link
Jack(from nat) what is your ideal women?
Ja "anyone that will go out with me"(LOL)
Nat "No, I mean size, shape etc."
Nat saying red headed women he is not attracted to them, they just don't do it for him..He says except julianne moore. not nicole kidman, too skinny, too tall. Jack seems to like red haired women. Nat asks Jack about women's eyes(what he prefers) and ja says he likes big brown eyes..

Aug 03 2003 12:43, Sun Fritomade   Link
nat says his wife will be blonde hair and blue eyes..he wants a virgin wife. NT

Aug 03 2003 12:55, Sun Fritomade   Link
Ali Quote "We are so much smarter than last years cast" NT

Aug 03 2003 12:56, Sun bruhe   Link
rob calls a meeting in the hoh
jee and justin sit in. they talk about rob not using the veto. robert wants to do it in a way that doesnt anger anyone or target him. the feed changes. nothing we didnt know already.

Aug 03 2003 12:57, Sun bruhe   Link
rob says the meeting is in 20 minutes NT

Aug 03 2003 12:58, Sun nojobny   Link
Rob: We're going to have the meeting in 20 minutes. NT

Aug 03 2003 12:58, Sun Fritomade   Link
Rob, Jee, Jus talking about Rob's speech today at veto meeting. Veto meeting in 20 minutes. Rob saying
that maybe he'll say(making sure it seems he is saying it to both da and jun, that the stooges decided along time ago for strategy reasons not to use veto's.

Aug 03 2003 12:59, Sun bruhe   Link
erika plays with cuff and link. jack says that cuff, the boy, has good taste: he likes erika..
nate whispers to jack that the two of them might be put up next week. jack says they have to make the swings in alliances in the house work for them.
keep emotions undercontrol and never let them see you sweat.
now back to turtle talk
nate calls cuff "mr. Jingles"
feed changes to kitchen

Aug 03 2003 13:02, Sun Fritomade   Link
I am switching around feeds because I hear someone eating, but can't see. I am looking because it sound like a pig rooting around(LOL) NT

Aug 03 2003 13:03, Sun Fritomade   Link
Jee works at Old Navy NT

Aug 03 2003 13:07, Sun Fritomade   Link
All 4 feeds on Je and ali talking(Boring).. which sux because in the back ground I heard Rob saying to Jun(?) "she comes up to me and"(thats all i

Aug 03 2003 13:08, Sun nojobny   Link
Ali - when I get out of here I'm doing 3 things
Jee- You're going to pose for playboy
Ali- no, I'm going to buy new tennis shoes, buy some clothes, and get my hair relaxed. It's getting to curly

Jee- you sound like Nate. 'I'm going to get electrolysis' Do you hear how you sound.

Ali- my hair is too curly

Jee- it's fine, why don't you just go natural?

Aug 03 2003 13:10, Sun nojobny   Link
Ali-My mother doesn't have a big butt. Jee: So where did you get your's from? Ali: My dad's side. NT

Aug 03 2003 13:11, Sun nojobny   Link
Ali: who's cleaning BR this week
Jee, Jus, Nat: You are. You and Dana. (all start laughing) one of them says: " Oh that ought to be fun!"

Aug 03 2003 13:12, Sun Fritomade   Link
All 4 feeds on Jus, ali, Jee in LR...pretty boring NT

Aug 03 2003 13:15, Sun Fritomade   Link
Jee says he like thongs because he says
"When you slid your hand down there(her pants) and you feel it(the thongs), he goes "OOOOO" (lol) Now Je talking about Camel toes(LOL Jee is being hilarious)

Aug 03 2003 13:15, Sun madman   Link
Jee and his friends rate camel-toe as though it was fish, i.e., "that's a seven pounder". Everyone laughs. Ali says, "That's funny!" NT

Aug 03 2003 13:22, Sun bruhe   Link
veto time coming very soon everyone. NT

Aug 03 2003 13:26, Sun Fritomade   Link
Nat "Girls and their periods, that's the story of my life" Je,nat, Ja talking about women and their periods NT

Aug 03 2003 13:28, Sun Fritomade   Link
HG are very slowly gathering to LR for veto meeting NT

Aug 03 2003 13:30, Sun Fritomade   Link
Veto meeting...FOTH NT

Aug 03 2003 13:30, Sun amhlawyer   Link
FOTH for veto meeting. NT

Aug 03 2003 13:31, Sun bruhe   Link
veto meeting starts:
robert is directing where ali as hoh should sit . he has the medallion around his neck. people are shuffling.
he says: ready? and the expected FOTH yet I can see the video still. now the video on FOTH.

Aug 03 2003 13:32, Sun Anonymous   Link
FOTH over, 4 feeds on BY NT

Aug 03 2003 13:34, Sun nojobny   Link
Great: Rather than give us FOTH for the Veto, BB has switched to 4 different BY feeds. NT

Aug 03 2003 13:35, Sun Anonymous   Link
I hear laughing and clapping in the house NT

Aug 03 2003 13:35, Sun bruhe   Link
Veto meeting going on... all feeds on exterior shots of BY.. hear reactions/some clapping/ laughing by HGs inside NT

Aug 03 2003 13:39, Sun bruhe   Link
more laughing and clapping and reactions inside with 4 feeds on back yard loud plane overhead. NT

Aug 03 2003 13:40, Sun Fritomade   Link
Back to FOTH NT

Aug 03 2003 13:40, Sun bruhe   Link
now foth: with music and video of the foth. NT

Aug 03 2003 13:42, Sun Fritomade   Link
Meeting over
Er "yea" (?)
she goes to lay out, someone else out there, don't know who

Aug 03 2003 13:43, Sun bruhe   Link
veto used on
no one.

Aug 03 2003 13:43, Sun bruhe   Link
robert returning veto box to DR. it was not used. NT

Aug 03 2003 13:44, Sun bruhe   Link
dana is in bed under covers.
ali jee robert were in LR. Robert takes Veto box back. erika and jun were outside but jun came in and said "i cant believe you didnt use that Sh-t" and a quick foth.
now back. ali now talking to jee about her "BF's" birthday.

Aug 03 2003 13:46, Sun bruhe   Link
dana emerges.
"today is a sleep day" she is walkin around.
ali asks was it hard for you robert?
"no it wasnt"
jee: he knew.. he knew he wasn't going to use it.
rob: every one knew.
someone: expect her.
they laugh

Aug 03 2003 13:46, Sun bruhe   Link
ali says nate isnt talking to her. jee says. hes acting like a girl. NT

Aug 03 2003 13:47, Sun nojobny   Link
Jun: That was so funny (re Veto) I hope they have blooper reel NT

Aug 03 2003 13:47, Sun bruhe   Link
ali and nate
hes putting on shoes outside. she approaches him.
"you gotta problem ali?"
ali: yes. why aren't you talkin to me.
they both mumble a bit. didnt catch answer.

Aug 03 2003 13:47, Sun Fritomade   Link
Jun "that was too funny"
Dan "what"
Jun "robert"
Dan "yea, I almost cracked up the first time"(?)

Aug 03 2003 13:50, Sun Anonymous   Link
Dan "did I studder during my speech"
She says she always feels nervous when she speaks, Jee says really> you don't act like it.

Aug 03 2003 13:51, Sun bruhe   Link
dana: did i stutter during my speech?
she says shes nervous when she speaks and jee says you sound so strong when you talk.
shes in bed now with justin. jee is on the other bed with his shades on.
dana asks for a little something from justin
jee offers to give them some time.
dana laughs no. theres no need for that
jee: hes not gonna give you nothin anyway
dana and justin and jee agree on this.
dana says "it looks like you know something"
justin says i do.
now talk of jee's eyes and a tangent on age and if jee looks his age or not. switching posts.

Aug 03 2003 13:54, Sun bruhe   Link
dana called robert "papi" on national television
she asks about if her speech was good robert said it was good. classy and to the point.
dana said she had to take a little cheap shot because "you know me"

Aug 03 2003 13:55, Sun bruhe   Link
jee: "I was a good lookin baby. I'm not concieted really. But I was. I looked better then than i do now" NT

Aug 03 2003 14:30, Sun Denise   Link
Not much going on Robert and Nate are talking, Robert asking about States.............
Wants to know what States Nates been too, also Robert wanted to know which States surround the HG's States.

Jun doing the dishes.

Erika in the sandbox, either folding clothes or getting ready to do laundry.

Alis voice is in the background, can't make out what she's saying to Jack.

Robert wants to go to NY.

Nate can't wait to go to Vegas.

Robert loves Las Vegas (I'd really love to go there also, I love gambling)

Jack has never been to Vegas.

Ali has never been there either.


Aug 03 2003 14:38, Sun Denise   Link
Still not much going on, Jack and Robert just general chit-chat, Erika brushing her hair, that's really it. NT

Aug 03 2003 14:39, Sun Denise   Link
Jack talking FBI, mentioned that the FBI realized that terrorists were in flight schools but never put 2 & 2 together. NT

Aug 03 2003 14:40, Sun RavenLaRue   Link
Jun and Robert discuss why Dana won't and shouldn't win~ (repost from P/X)
R was saying that he's never seen a person like Dana who was so convinced she was going to win that she completely lost sight of playing the game. He said Dana and Jee are opposites-Dana is a lying, manipulative, self-possessed, annoying, whiney b!tch (ok, maybe I took it a tad farther than R did ) who lies to everyone's faces. Jee, R said, is calm, laid back and completely honest and nice to all the hgs. For that reason, he wouldn't vote for Dana in the end, anyway. Jun agrees with R's opinion and adds that, sure, it's ok to be confident--don't be overly confident to people you're competing again but who you must depend on to carry you along. Jun implies ~who wants to keep a player who is convinced she's going to kick your a$$? R seemed to be talking to Jun in furtherance of an alliance.

Aug 03 2003 14:51, Sun Denise   Link
Jee & Robert head to the kitchen to make PB & J, Ali already there, Jack comes in to get something to eat
Cam 3 & 4 has Dana and Justin napping although Dana is awake, she looks extremely down (of course)her eyes look puffy, not sure if she's been crying (haven't seen her cry at least)

Erika, Nate & Ali in BY playing cards.


Aug 03 2003 15:10, Sun TheBigSista   Link
Junzilla just admitted to reading every web site re reality tv..
scheming too much scheming to little and she says she wants to do that when she leaves as she loves to write.

She has also said that they are gonna make a bigger deal of this yrs hgs - taken loads of pics etc.

ratbert junzilla and jee talking about how dana totally scr#wed herself and how she totally played the game wrong

Aug 03 2003 15:11, Sun TheBigSista   Link
ratbert saying that she brought it on herself and the way she is going out is her fault...
junzilla agrees saying what goes around comes around - jee is slightly relucatant to say anything bad

Aug 03 2003 15:14, Sun Michelle_OR   Link
June: I don't drive
Jun: I don't drive

Jee or Robert: you dont like to drive?

Jun: I don't drive, I don't have a license, I let it expire.

Aug 03 2003 15:27, Sun TheBigSista   Link
ratbert, junzilla and jee discussing what junzilla is gonna order on weds...
said i'll order thai as the only person who wont eat it will be nate.
then they go on to discuss other spicy foods - she definately wants spicy food as is fed up with steak every week

ratbert says he will order sushi.

jee asking junzilla about different korean dishes, junzilla saying how can you not know this stuff your korean, jee replies i just forget!!

ratbert says i know i'm gonna like korean food.

Aug 03 2003 16:00, Sun bruhe   Link
jun said to robt: i can believe dana said to you
in her speech that she knows that you (ratbert) are going to (or want to) use the veto on her (dana).
Jun said she couldnt believe that dana would think that robt didnt even consider jun about the veto.
they laugh at dana's stupidity.
as i typed this jack talks tatoos and mentioned a tweetie bird on his ass.

Aug 03 2003 16:12, Sun bruhe   Link
Jee considers a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich to be "slammin' " NT

Aug 03 2003 16:22, Sun Bert   Link
Rat & Jee talking about the turtles ...
Saying that if they can eat carrots, they could probably bite pretty hard.

Jee - He likes me, he senses I'm a good person. (Referring to the friendlier of the two turtles). Maybe he's running away from your ho-ish ass.

Rat - I gotta take a p*ss, man.

Rat walks over to talk to Justin.

Rat is now talking about how the 3 of them are the dream team to Justin.
Rat - Is she feeling better or is she still being a f*cking b*tch all day?

Justin - Nah, she's OK.

Now Dana walks up, and she & Rat are talking about getting skinny on PB&J.

Rat says he'll eat turtle sh*t and drink turtle p*ss to win.

Aug 03 2003 16:24, Sun Bert   Link
They see that Buddy the spider is tucked away ...
(Rat, Dana, Justin) Rolled up into a ball with his web. Rat can't believe he does that every day (makes a web at night, rolls it up by day). Rat says he's getting fat.

Rat is planning on getting Jee. I think Jee is in the hammock and Rat is planning to splash him. He says he's gonna take a p*ss first then do it

Aug 03 2003 16:25, Sun Bert   Link
Jee is rocking on the hammock, humming Star Spangled Banner ... NT

Aug 03 2003 16:26, Sun bruhe   Link
robert splashes Jee (as david would have) NT

Aug 03 2003 16:27, Sun Anonymous   Link
Rob just pulled a Dave
Jee was sitting in hammock and Rob jumped in to splash Jee.

Aug 03 2003 16:27, Sun Bert   Link
Rat splashed Jee ...
Rat didn't make much of a splash. Jee said he's hardly wet. Rat asks Jee if he's p*ssed, he said no he's not.

Dana & Jee are both in their pajamas still.

Aug 03 2003 16:31, Sun Anonymous   Link
BB "Justin please come to the DR" NT

Aug 03 2003 16:32, Sun Bert   Link
If he didn't have that pool, he'd have nothing ...
Jee said that Robert would have nothing without the pool. He doesn't like to play cards, he doesn't like nuthin'.

Justin gives Robert a cue to splash Jack. Jack realizes what's going on and says, "Don't splash me, I'm holding a defenseless turtle.

Now Jack is saying how much Cuff has grown. He's saying they (turtles) step in and eat sh*t all the time.

Aug 03 2003 16:32, Sun TheBigSista   Link
junzilla is.........................

i guess she has held off quite well today but she is now partaking in her favorite pastime.

Aug 03 2003 16:37, Sun Bert   Link
Dana suggested that Jee should use Nate's shaver ...
to shave his b*lls. (Jun, Dana talking to Jee). They say that the reason Nate's b*lls are so red, is because he shaves them. When the topic of Nate's b*lls comes up, people say to stop talking about it (Erika this time). Dana thinks they should talk about Nate's b*lls all the time.

(A couple of days ago, people saw Nate's, well you know, because he was in loose shorts and kept lifting his legs. Almost everybody saw them. Nobody told him until well after the fact).

Aug 03 2003 16:38, Sun bruhe   Link
jee asked dana
do u ever want to marry dana?
she says hell yeah thats all i want to be.. a wife and a mutha... take care of my man and my babies, packin lunch and sh-t... fresh baked goods each day...
jun interjects taking kids to pta meetings (those are not for kids jun)...

Aug 03 2003 16:40, Sun bruhe   Link
this particular group (jee, dana, erika) have an epiphany..
they are hamsters and we (internet people) call them that.

Aug 03 2003 16:41, Sun Bert   Link
Jee asks Dana is she wants to be married ...
She said yes. She wants to get married and have kids. She wants to take care of her man. She said she'd cook for him everyday, have dinner on the table 3 times a day, fresh laundry done. Jun comments about going to PTA meetings and taking the kids to play dates.

Dana says she can't believe they've been locked up in there for a month.

Jee says they're like hamsters. Jun says that's what they call us on the internet, hamsters.

Aug 03 2003 16:44, Sun Bert   Link
Jee wants to be a guidance counselor ...
Jun said he won't make much money. Jee said he thinks that would make him happy. He has a double major, media and sociology. He said he can day trade to make more money if he has to. Jun said that Carmen (Jee's girlfriend) will have to work if he's a GC.

Jee, Dana & Jun now talking about Jee's media classes. Jun said it's hard being a man. You have to take care of your wife and your family.

Aug 03 2003 16:46, Sun FuggyBootnling   Link
Discussion of being like an "experiment"...
Jun is commenting on the how the whole experience of being in the house is like a big experiment (with hamsters Jun??? Heh heh) "They put hormones in our food."

Jee now talking about wanting to be a guidance counsellor "The hours would be great." Also considering something in the media. Jun: "Want to be a handler for three years?" Jee shoots her a look and she says "Why are you looking at me like that? I'm trying to help you."

Dana now asking Jee about a media career. Still, Jee returns to the guidance counsellor idea "There's good money in that." Jun talking about how certain scholarships are available for that sort of thing.

Jee says though that "There are a lot of ways to make money...but I would be happy being a guidance counsellor."

Aug 03 2003 17:14, Sun Lola   Link
Jus & Dana in orange room
Jus standing up, starts jumping on the bed then he tells Dana "Let's grapple"
He grabs Dana and they start wrestling on the bed.
Dana's laughing and says "I don't know how to grapple"
Lots of laughter.
This goes on for a few minutes before it slowly starts to wind down.
Dana hollars "You're a *** cheater. You're not wrestling a 400 pound expert."
Jun is watching and she says "Why don't you two just do it"

Aug 03 2003 17:51, Sun Lola   Link
Nat in HOH with Ali (He's mad at her)
feed comes in wiht Nat saying that Ali is playing both sides
he starts saying how the strategy is and whos after who
He's worried for himself
(Their voices are getting louder)
She says he's being selfish for being mad at her
He know that he's Jus target and she says again that he's being selfish cause she wanted someone else out more that Jus
He says that he can't even talk to her.
He leaves and outside he says "She calls me in there and then I can't even talk to her"

Aug 03 2003 17:55, Sun Lola   Link
Ali just told Jus about how Nat is mad at her and how Nat is being selfish NT

Aug 03 2003 17:58, Sun Fritomade   Link
Noticed this wasn't posted..took place @ 3:40 with Je, Dana,Jun convers.
They started talking about marriage, careers, etc. Dan says she wishes they have a BB challenge like they do with Road rules/real world. I think jun says no they won't do that. mantroll says then she is going to try out for road rules, jun says no, we can't because we are to old and mantroll says no way, jun says yes, the age limit is 24 she thinks. Than Jun says, yes, I wanted to try out for Real world when Je and I were together, but he wouldn't let me, control freak.She says she kept wanting to send in audition tapes, but he would get mad and wouldn't let her. Je says "well you are your own woman, you didn't have to listen to me"(man troll is laughing at this all and so am is hilarious, they are not mad, just's funny)Jun says bullsh!t I didn't, when I wanted to go out somewhere(she telling Man troll as Jee is trying to defend himself) he (Jee) would Pout and whine about it so much that by the end of the week, I (jun) would say forget it, because I was tired of listening to him(LOL, the whole time she is telling man troll this jee is yelling "I was young, I was young and dumb") They say a couple of more things back and forth and then Jee says "You were 19 and I was 15 yrs old." (LOL, I hope they show this exchange on TV, I was cracking were they..It was hilarious.)

Aug 03 2003 18:05, Sun Fritomade   Link
This is how the nat and ali fight started
Ali goes up to nat and asks him if he is mad at her because he hasn't been talking to her and he says yes in a way he is upset with her, because he thinks she is sneaking around behind his back. She says, you think I am the sneaky one compared to the other people that are in this house, he says yes, why is jus always in your room/bed(?) she says you don't trust me(?) (a few more words exchanged) nat is pretty worked up by now and so is ali...nat walks away and ali follows

Aug 03 2003 18:06, Sun luvBB4   Link
Ali in HOH dancing w/headphones on and little else (bikini bottoms and t-shirt) yikes NT

Aug 03 2003 18:08, Sun Fritomade   Link
Rat tells Jus that it will be better for Jus when man troll leaves because
Jus head will be better in the game, Rat says not that it isn't now but you can better focus on the game when she goes. Jus says yes, it will be different, but different in a good way.

Aug 03 2003 18:19, Sun ClueLiss   Link
quick spin around the feeds
(and okay since I've got one of those 2 & 2 things of the same scene this won't take long)

Nate, Erika, Jack playing cards in the backyard.

Nate just made some comment about darth vader. Then says the old fat one.

Jack ribs him about saying "the old one"

Then silence of card playing.

Aug 03 2003 18:27, Sun Fritomade   Link
Er ,Nat and Jac playing cards ..Er asks Nat
"whats on your mind"
Nat "just (?) she (Ali) cares more about her safety than ours"
Jack "Yea, we are going to have to pay more attention, keep our eyes open"
Er "yea, I don't blame you, I would be too(nat, for being mad) You used that veto on her"
The feeds switched, then came back and hear nat say
"They are using her to do their dirty work"

Aug 03 2003 18:29, Sun SizzleRI   Link
Jack and Ericka talking to Nathan outside saying how ungrateful Allison is after Nathan saved her.........
They are throwing fuel onto Nathans anger at Alison to further their position.

Aug 03 2003 18:29, Sun Fritomade   Link
Jus, Jee getting something to eat and Jee puts an M&M on his bread..They laugh, Jee"An M&M would taste so good" LOL NT

Aug 03 2003 18:32, Sun Fritomade   Link
Ali has joined nat, jack, and Erik at the table..she is uncharacteristically
quiet and in thought...Er says something to her(ali) and she says."I'm about to start drinking"(guess she is going to let the booze wash her troubles away and she will make a fool of her self again everytime she gets boozed up)

Aug 03 2003 18:48, Sun Fritomade   Link
Je,Man troll, Rat and jus in kitchen
They are talking about food comp. Jee is being funny. dan and jee saying they should have had jus on their team, they would have had food this week instead of PBJ. Jee is yelling a jus because he is having some normal food to eat(looks like a bagel) He(jee) is saying, why are you atking your time eating it and pushing it with your finger, just eat the sh!t"(lol)(he is looking at jus food in envy, he looks very hungryLOL) this goes on for a little then jee says "i'm gonna go smoke a cigarette) Jus comes out and jee says"Why are you doing that sh!t, purposely eating slowly with your mouth open(?)"(they laughing and jee says"and your drinking apple juice , my favorite juice" (pbj diet getting to jee)

Aug 03 2003 18:55, Sun PsychoMike   Link
Jack: "I saw a doctor before I came in here... he told me not to come in here (chuckle)." NT

Aug 03 2003 18:59, Sun Fritomade   Link
Mantroll to jun "What are you doing you blonde haired B!tch" she was saying
before that , that ali has/took something..couldn't understand what she said.

Aug 03 2003 19:04, Sun Fritomade   Link
ali just walked into the room man troll and jun are in and
i guess returned what ever it was dana was calling her a B!tch for and dan had an evil grin on her face watching her and when ali left dan says "not even a thank you, for something you didn't even ask to use, did she ask(to jun)"
Jun "no, I was asleep"
Dana "for something she took when you were sleeping?"

Dan says she doesn't really care for the money, she didn't have 500 thous. dollars when she came in..she would just like to see ali's face if they say dana is staying.

Aug 03 2003 19:07, Sun Fritomade   Link
Around the feeds...
F1- close up of Erika
F2- table where Er, nat, Jack,ali playing cards
F3, F4- Jus,Rat,Jee Lifting weights

Aug 03 2003 19:22, Sun Fritomade   Link
Jun has started to prepare dinner in the kitchen...They are having
Pork chops..Fish..Mashed potatoes

Aug 03 2003 19:24, Sun Fritomade   Link
Nat is laying on a lawn chair..Ali is layed down beside him (cuddling) with her head on his chest..(I think she is in heat..she acts like it) NT

Aug 03 2003 19:29, Sun Fritomade   Link
Nat "Jee, You ignoring me?"
Jee "I'm ignoring your ignorance"
Nat doesn't seem to get the hint, they say a couple more sentences back and forth about weights/working out.
then BB"Jee please come to the DR"

Aug 03 2003 19:30, Sun Fritomade   Link
Man troll sitting in a lounge chair watching the guys lifting weights and play Basket ball NT

Aug 03 2003 19:32, Sun Fritomade   Link
Camera man switched to kitchen
and first thing heard is Ali(talking to jun) "not unless he got the feeds.."
Jun "you think he did"
Ali something.."probably my parents"

Aug 03 2003 19:37, Sun Fritomade   Link
Jee to jun "that looks like a maternity shirt"
Jun "WTF you trying to say that I am preg."
Jee "no, look you know I wouldn't say stuff like that"
Jun "Calm the Fuk down"

Aug 03 2003 19:41, Sun Fritomade   Link
Dana telling jun she feels like she has the plague
she asks if she (jun) and jack(?) are avoiding her. Jun says no. dan says she wanted to talk to her and ja last night but they weren't left alone for a second. She says some other stuff , then low and behold she tells jun, that when she is gone keep her eyes open because when dan is gone jus and them will put her up in a heart beat(she trying to turn jun against stooges?)

Aug 03 2003 19:50, Sun TheBigSista   Link
how low can mantroll go - she is desperate to stay and is talking to erika
she is saying that if jun makes it to the end she will win and that nate and ali will sell jack and erika down the river. she is really peeved at nate for using the veto and trying to emphasise that he showed no disregard for anyone in his alliance and she is still under the delusion that ratbert would have used the veto to save her but she understood why he didnt and then goes onto say that it was her last hope him using it. now she is saying that if she is going she wants to know if she is going and she really doesnt want a tie, she is a scheming little #?''@#

Aug 03 2003 19:50, Sun bruhe   Link
dana and erika.
dana is petitioning erika for a vote. she tells erika she could have gone just as easily when she was on the block as david did.
shes speaking fast and trying to build the idea that erika cannot trust her alliance. she mentions allisons alliance with justin
she says shes not campainging.. shes just trying to reiterate that people do what THEY want to do and not what others try to lead them to do (hehe )
she says she is a strong focus.. the eyes are on here.
"why do you hate nathan" ask E
dana cites that nathan doesnt like justin (despises). that nathan talks about not being personal but he is taking it personal. she says at least she doesnt lie if she gets emotional or personal.
dana also says shes pissed awf as all hell because nathan changed the game with the veto. she wanted it to be played as it stood.
she also says ali made it personal for putting up dana against jun. part of her wants to go but she thinks the look on faces if she stayed would be priceless
every move affects the rest of the game.
erika says this one is the hardest one strategically while last week was more emotionally hard.
dana says this is huge strategically because of the house division. she notes e and ja and dana and the stooges.
she bets her life that nat and ali will offer jack and e as sacrifice. but dana thinks its nathan vs erika next week and that erika will leave based on no veto. but its up in the air with the veto next week.
she admits that the stooge alliance agreed ahead of time what they all would do with the veto
she continues to make her case and erika seems to listen to every word (smart) but doesnt seem to be on board with dana's efforts to swing things.
they cite the veto as the biggest factor yet in the game.
dana admits that she is too passionate.
she claims she doesnt call out names in speeches yet she did today with the veto. (calling robert papi).
dana then says the tie is the problem for her. she doesnt want ali to vote her out on live tv.
dana says she just wants to know if e and the others are considering the game in game terms, not emotional or personal.
it starts to get circullar. posting. will add more if anything new happens.

Aug 03 2003 19:54, Sun bruhe   Link
dana explains her switching sides.
she thought nate and ali were drifting and it was her best ploy. she thought the O8 was wavering and that it would be a level playing field for all esp. with herself.
said she felt the stooges had her back more. but she regrets the whole thing that cost david a spot. she realizes she could have stayed longer if she stood with the O8.
erika biting her fingers... not making eye contact that much.
dana also admits that she has been overthinking the game and every little thing in the house.
dana then kisses butt by saying that "you three" (meaning jack erika and david from before) wouldnt have been vindictive.
erika finally speaks up about her own wonderings why nathan would have used the veto to save ali. dana continues dominating the conversation.

Aug 03 2003 19:57, Sun bruhe   Link
dana and erika talk about how ali getting hoh after being saved was just total luck.
erika says "these deals" are weird because anything can change.
dana quickly says "im not offering a deal" ed: she has nothing to bargain with.
erika clarifies.. the situations.
they comment that ali is playing the game and nate might be missing the fact that shes out there for the money too.
more self defense by dana for her position.
she does have a good take on the game. but shes floundering in deep waters and says she expects to walk out the door.
she is asking for a bone as far as the vote goes.. microphones switch to distant mode and feeds cut out.

Aug 03 2003 20:01, Sun bruhe   Link
as soon as erika and dana adjourn...
dana goes directly to jun and tells her once again that she is not campaigning against her.

Aug 03 2003 20:08, Sun bruhe   Link
erika tells jack ...
what dana told her.
they see through dana's efforts and attempts to scare erika with words. whispering too soft. but jack is resetting the bounds of the alliance and feeds cut out.

Aug 03 2003 20:09, Sun Fritomade   Link
Man troll is grasping to save herself. She takes Er to a Bed room to speak with her
They were talking really fast and I wrote down convers. as fast as I could. Did not write much of Er comments because Man Troll did most of the talking with Er saying "uuh huh" When I don't write a response from Erika its because she just said uuh huh or yea.
Dan "I am not campaigning against jun, I wouldn't do that"
Dan " They(ali nat) always get what they want, they are budding up with justin"
Dan "They want me gone so bad, they are scared"
Dan "Last week when dave was put up in ali place, it was my decision for dave to go. they were going to vote anyway I told them too. I decided for jack to stay"
Dan "ali and nat will turn on a dime(on jack and erik)"
Dan "ali did not put jus up because he will prob win hoh and so he won't put her up since she did not put him up"
Dan "like I said I am not campaigning, I'm just telling you"
Dan "Everyone has someone they want out, I am not out to get you or jack, I am a strong focus right now.
"Er(her first sentence LOL) Why do you hate nat"
Dan "because he used the veto, he wasn't even one is supposed to take things personal, practice what you preach. I am pissed at nat because he changed the game. I would love to see the looks on peoples faces if I stayed ..priceless"
Er says something but i missed it
Dan "If anyone went against jun(in final 2)...I would vote for her (to win)"
Er "I don't know about that(she kinda smirked to herself)"
Dan "My money is on you and nat being put up next week, not if I was here, but.."
Dan "me being gone will make their lives easy(ali nat)
Dan "look I am not laying down in front of a train for you, but I am not going to come after you"

I did miss some of the conversation, even on Man trolls side because I was having to write convers. down as they talked and they talked really fast. As I was starting to type this in, I heard Jun say that as soon as(?) either dan or er came out of DR dan took her to Turtle(?) room, she says something to the fact of they been in there for while and she knows Dan is trying to get erik vote. feed goes outside Jack says should be interesting to talk to erk after she done talking to dan..Jee and Rob also saying dan trying to save her butt...trying to get votes to stay..June says "Well, it's not over till it's over(that she june may or may not be here after wed. never know.) ok, postng now, prob missing alot more convo...

Aug 03 2003 20:10, Sun Fritomade ParentRootLink
This one is long..tried to get word for word from dana NT

Aug 03 2003 20:17, Sun max1204   Link
Next week's nominees
If Jack or Erica get HoH, they will nominate Justin and Robert, and the replacement nominee (if one of them is taken off the block due to the veto), they would put up Jun or Jee with the other nominee.

They're still talking about Dana's conversation with Erica; they're conjecturing about who the other side would put up. Jack said he'd like to work with Justin, but Justin has too much "package" to trust him -- especially while Dana's around. Jack says it's going to have to be "week to week" about people they trust. All they know is that they will tell the other before doing anything.

Nate comes in.

Aug 03 2003 20:19, Sun max1204   Link
Erica and Jack talk with Nate
Er says "they think we'll pull the ol' switch-a-roo on them." They continue to recount Erica's conversation with ManTroll.

Aug 03 2003 20:20, Sun max1204   Link
Ali's in the room with Ja, Na, Er now NT

Aug 03 2003 20:22, Sun Fritomade   Link
Man troll in the HT with Rat lying about her convers
with Erik. saying all she said was she did not want a tie and ali to decide on TV that Dana leaves. She is sucking up to Rat, not telling what all she really said to erik.

Aug 03 2003 20:24, Sun Fritomade   Link
Man troll talking with rat..... grumping about ali ,nat... NT

Aug 03 2003 20:24, Sun bruhe   Link
nate, ali, jack, and erika in desert room.
they seem to think they see the whole scope. dana trying to stay at any cost, the 3 stooges being set and targeting the final three while trying to keep jun at their side.

Aug 03 2003 20:28, Sun Fritomade   Link
Dan "I already have my speech ready for Julie wed.
I am gonna take the high rode, I always take the high road(complementing herself) I am going to leave here wed. night a sophisticated woman."

(LMAO...You call that sophisticated...LOL)

Aug 03 2003 20:31, Sun Lotus   Link
Erika says "Jun wont try to win HOH, she is sitting pretty between our two groups, she wont want to look bad" Ali, Nat, Ja agree. NT

Aug 03 2003 20:34, Sun Fritomade   Link
Rat talking about all of the opportunities
they(like he dana, the go getters, the (?)) [he is always talking about getting opportunities(show business) when they get out] They are discussing how great life will be for them with TV shows, talk shows etc... They are just really having high hopes on how famous and crap they are going to be..getting complementary hotel stays, free drinks etc etc..(what a couple of boneheads..they are expecting to have much more than the standard 15 minute fame..LOL)

Aug 03 2003 20:37, Sun Sharky   Link
Er, Ja, Na & Ali strategize in BR while others outside . . . more (9:20 pm until 9:40
They think the 3 stooges with Da and Ju don't think they (E,N,Ja,A) are a foursome; they think E and J are still mad at N and A because N using the veto got Dave voted out.

They decide whether or not to get June on their side after Da leaves, but would need to talk to her a few days before HOH competition (now!) Er thinks Ju won't get HOH, she'll throw it so she doesn't make waves; she's safe with both sides.

Ja: "We started 8 against the 3 stooges and now it's 4 against the 3 stooges. How the hell did that happen?"

Na: "Da and Ju; that's how."

Er swears to Ali that she doesn't have to worry about her vote; Dana is gone. No matter how Da tries to twist things, don't believe it; she's gone.

Talking a lot about how fast the Original 8 became 4. Also, how important HOH this next week is.

Still talking about how to get June back, Na suggests telling her it's "three amigos to the end"

Dinner time, posting.

Aug 03 2003 20:39, Sun Fritomade   Link
Dan asking Jun if all are in Bed room (ja , nat, ali, er)
Jun tells her yes and dana laughs(jun is not responding much) and says "they are so scared"..Then they talk of the food, then dana says "I could have left the door open when I was talking to erika, I was no big deal, It was not big secret"

(LOL, yea Mantroll..right...)

Aug 03 2003 20:39, Sun bruhe   Link
the "4" talk (nat, ja, er, and ali)
they spun wheels over scenarios. jack and nathan left and ali is bothered that nathan is taking things out on her and hes being paranoid (this could signal a switch). the two girls talk about game their way... ill try to transcribe all i can...

Aug 03 2003 20:40, Sun Fritomade   Link
Dinner is ready they are all in kit preparing to eat
That's it for me tonight..enjoy and see ya tomarrow...night.

Aug 03 2003 20:48, Sun bruhe   Link
robt and jee.
robert wants to "bag" (tease) justin when dana leaves: aww you miss your girl?
jee smoking. outside ht. robet in ht stroking his beak.
they talked earlier about food. nothing really good here. just talk of justin perhaps getting too tied into dana and the guy girl thing. dana comes out with some food. robert eats the food like a spaz. (bending over edge of ht).
small talk. erika is out side with them silent. feeds time out.

Aug 03 2003 21:05, Sun max1204   Link
Nate is a Trekkie
He likes the old crew like "Spot, Bones, Captain Kirk -- all those guys." Erica is a Trekkie, too.

Aug 03 2003 21:22, Sun TheBigSista   Link
erika jack and junzilla in kitchen - erika asking junzilla how she feels knowing the stooges are .....
blatantly lying to dana's face and can junzilla really trust them!

Aug 03 2003 21:25, Sun TheBigSista   Link
jack on dana 'you can have your brains in your underwear but you have to take the consequence'! classic jack NT

Aug 03 2003 21:59, Sun pixiegirl   Link
Erika is talking to Ali saying how "she" is such a fool. (I believe it's Dana) NT

Aug 03 2003 22:47, Sun max1204   Link
Justin's going commando after taking a shower
Justin took a shower, and Dana wanted to join him. Robert was in there too, and after Justin had gotten out of the shower and Jun came in, Robert told Jun that Dana finally got to take a shower with Justin and "pull his dick" (I think that's how he put it). Jun didn't believe him, and Justin said that her jerkoff skills were "weak."

And for all the Justin-lovers, he is wearing nothing under his sweatpants.

Oh, yeah, and Dana played with her boobs (Ed note: ewwwww).

Aug 03 2003 22:50, Sun max1204   Link
FOTH for no apparent reason as Dana lubes up Justin NT

Aug 03 2003 23:02, Sun max1204   Link
Feeds back NT

Aug 03 2003 23:03, Sun ktan   Link
We return to the BY where Rob and Jus are staring at Buddy again and the "4" are playing cards. Just saw text on F3: "14 SPIDER WEB" NT

Aug 03 2003 23:57, Sun KWren11   Link
Dana and Jee sit out on the patio discussing things like 69... and disease...
cures for cancer... smoking...
Dana says her mother has been sick for a while...
fragmented conversation...
Jee asks Robert if he still feels sick, when he walks by, then starts to sing "girls just wanna have"--oops, can't say that..
then Dana tosses something of Jun's in the dryer...
now Jee's chatting with Robert
and feeds change

Aug 03 2003 23:59, Sun KWren11   Link
Feed switches to Dana who walks into the bedroom with Jun...
Dana begins practicing her 'exit speech' with Jun
...something like having more of an appreciation for her friends and family...
she repeats this then heads back out to the patio still practicing and she tells Jee and Robert she has to practice
Jee says just say it off the top of your head...
and Dana says she can't do that

Aug 04 2003 00:03, Mon KWren11   Link
Jun and Robert sit out on the patio discussing Dana's eviction...
Jun says Dana thinks it's gonna be a tie...
Robert has a smirk on his face and says, "she thinks it's gonna be a tie?"
then Jun tells him 'they've already approached us about switching sides'

Aug 04 2003 00:14, Mon KWren11   Link
Jack and Erika are in the hot tub...
She is wearing a pink hat...
Erika: Too bad we can't pry Justin away from them...
comments from Jack...
Erika: We literally had three people gone just like that!
We were blindsided...
more chit chat...
Jack: David ought to be back from New York, making his fortune here in LA...
some more brief chatter...
then Erika yawns and it's silent for a few minutes

Erika: They asked me if Jee is a weak player or a strong player... She says she told them you can't really judge who's weak or strong, what does weak mean, what does strong mean, how do you judge that?
Jack says they asked him that too...
Then Erika asks him 'Are you taking my stuff?'... (laughter from them both)
Then more chat about weak and strong players

Aug 04 2003 00:19, Mon max1204   Link
Nate's starting to get drunk
And he's on the floor flirting with Ali and Jun, who are working out on the floor (doing situps). Jun says Nate's face is always red because he's sexually frustrated.

Aug 04 2003 00:21, Mon max1204   Link
Ali to room: Nate is trashed!
He's semi-wrestling Jun. Ali asks Nate and Jun if they'd like to borrow the HoH room. Nate says yes. Jun says, "What? So you can pass out on me?"

Aug 04 2003 00:39, Mon Phantom   Link
Nat & Ali on the chess board having a skipping competition.
This started with Ali mimicking how Nat skips. At every start, Nat not only out lasts her but totally outclasses her. Oh, now That Ali is starting to look bad, she starts to push it and gets much better, except that she loses her mike pack and may have damaged it. She remarks that that is the 6th one. Nat is challenging Ali at different techniques. She says that she can do them all, but laughs when she fails at some. Nat is pressing and Ali is being good natured; however, she says that she can beat him at anything, and calls him a fag-something (if I heard that right). Jack & Erika are in the HT watching and egging them on and thoroughly enjoying the show.

Aug 04 2003 00:41, Mon max1204   Link
N and A are literally on top of each other NT

Aug 04 2003 00:44, Mon max1204   Link
Ali threatens to "pinch the sh*t out of your (Nate's) nuts" NT

Aug 04 2003 00:49, Mon max1204   Link
Ali got something on Nate's shirt and he's pissed
She's cleaning the shirt in the bathroom sink, and the trash talk between the pair continues. "I can beat you in anything," she says.

Aug 04 2003 00:52, Mon Phantom   Link
I missed a bit while posting, but Nat now has Ali on the ground.
At first it looked like he was necking with her, but it now seems more like a wrestling match. Ali is challenging him to get her into a position that she can't get out of, and she will escape. They struggle a lot and periodically go quiet. Erika keeps yelling "Don't hurt her", but I think that it might be Nat to get hurt if she stops laughing and really gets angry. Ali has struggled and is now on her stomach under him. Nat declares victory and lets her up. Naturally, Ali immediately attacks. Nat ends up picking her up and carrying her to the end of the court and pinning her against the Bball upright and Ali grips, or threatens to grip, his sensitive region. Nat lets Ali go and she repeats "are you done" until he agrees that he is. Ali immediately says, "I won" Nat apparently had his shirt ripped or damaged some way in the melee and goes in. Ali eventually follows him to the bathroom. She now seems to be washing his shirt in the sink and telling him to quit whining, it's coming right out. Both are still smiling and appearing to have fun. Ali is talking macho about being able to beat him at anything, while he sits on the edge of the tub and examines a bruised elbow and shoulder. Ali continues to rub it in and saying how wonderful she is and that he should be grateful to know her.

Aug 04 2003 00:53, Mon KimM   Link
Ali and Nate wrestle in the BY
Lots of laughing and lots of yelling from Erika in the HT "Don't hurt her!" "Someone's going to end up crying!" etc... Jack and Erika laughing at the show despite the warnings.

Nate pins Ali several times, but she refuses to give up. Jack and Erika talk about this briefly. Erika says she would have already given up...and Jack finishes her sentence with "and then kicked him in the butt." Erika laughs and says yes.

Nate finaly stops pinning Ali. She asks if he's through. When he says yes, she announces she won (because she never gave in.)

Now Nate and Ali are in the bathroom and nate is announcing that he's drunk too much tonight.

Aug 04 2003 00:55, Mon max1204   Link
Nate brushing teeth - keeps peeking as Ali takes shower NT